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Impact Report 2012/2013

making a dierence to cancer patients and their families in the heart of the community

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Impact Report 2012/2013

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Message from the Chair and the CEO


Our achievements and plans


There when you need us


Supporting you in the community


Time to listen


Real research for real people


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Prevention and early detection


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Message from the Chair and the CEO The past year has proved to be extremely successful for Tenovus and it is also a particularly special year that concluded with the start of our wonderful 70th birthday celebrations. It is incredible to think how much the charity has evolved over the last 70 years but more importantly to see how we have adapted to suit the needs of cancer patients and their families.

Tenovus continues to have success with our ‘Sing with Us’ project. Three years ago, we carried out research with Cardiff University to measure the health and psychosocial benefits of singing. The results were astonishing and demonstrated that each singer benefited from an improvement in their mental health and wellbeing; a huge success, which now with the help of Lottery funding means we can support even more patients and their families. Our choirs are being rolled out across Wales enabling us to actively provide cancer care and support where they are needed – we are different in that respect. We go to where the patients are and integrate ourselves within their local communities. As the financial pressures of the global economy continue to cause concern, the burden on cancer patients and their families is proving to be an ever increasing problem. Financial support is not always easy to access, the benefits system is complex and difficult to understand and the recent changes in Welfare Reform have resulted in a big increase in demand for support. Our Cancer Support Team have claimed over £1.3 million in benefits for cancer patients and their families right across Wales this year and have been instrumental in relieving some of their pressures. We know that money worries are one of the greatest causes of concern for patients following a diagnosis of cancer and can have a devastating impact.

Thank Impact Report 2012/2013

with your help we have made a difference to so many people

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Over the last twelve months, we have expanded our services throughout Wales. We continue to work hard to ensure that Tenovus is active within local communities, offering our services where and when people need us most. Most importantly, we are taking our cancer support services directly to patients to prevent the unnecessary stress and expense of travel. Our vision is to offer support to patients closer to home and work with each local community to ensure that we are truly representing patients’ needs.

Since launching the Tenovus Institute for Cancer Research in Cardiff in the 1960s, Tenovus’ research programme continues to bring about fresh approaches to cancer treatment and support services, not just in Wales but globally. In the last twelve months we have continued to fund the next generation of cancer researchers and now have 16 PhD Studentships running across Wales. As we celebrate the last 70 years, we remember our founders, the 10 volunteers who came together to establish Tenovus. In that same vein, volunteers continue to drive the organisation forward and are an important part of our future. This year we saw an increase of over 30% in volunteer numbers, meaning we are involving more people within the charity and giving them the opportunity to make a real and lasting difference. Our volunteers are at the heart of everything we do.

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We are extremely humbled by the incredible commitment from our staff, trustees and Patrons. They are passionate and dedicated to their work and they help ensure that we deliver the best possible support and treatment to those that need us most. We would both like to say a heartfelt thank you to you all. Our primary aim is to help cancer patients, their families and carers. As cancer continues to touch the lives of so many, our need for your support and help continues.

We are in this together

Claudia McVie, Chief Executive

Richard Sims, Chairman


Our achievements and plans Our Impact Report updates you on what we’ve been doing over the past financial year and what we plan to do next year to ensure our services provide cancer patients with the best possible support and care.

Over the past year we have worked really hard to close the gaps in service delivery for cancer patients across Wales. Here, more than anywhere else in the UK, there is an increasing need for our services as the incidence of cancer is 20% higher than in England, and social deprivation is above the English average. Outcomes are worse in areas of social deprivation and mortality is higher. The distance to travel for treatment and the increasing costs mean that patients are spending more and having to travel further to get the hospital treatment they need. There is also a lack of funding channelled into research projects focusing on cancer prevention and early diagnosis. At Tenovus we have four simple aims To provide support and enable treatment to cancer patients and their families closer to home in unique ways. To represent the needs of cancer patients and their families. To conduct and fund research to improve cancer outcomes and experience. To work with communities to develop and implement realistic cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle programmes.

Impact Report 2012/2013

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Our ambition is to create a future where fewer people get cancer and that all those who do, have equal access to the treatment and support they need, no matter where they live.

Cath Jones, Caerphilly

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Cath Jones from Caerphilly was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2013. Following her treatment on our Mobile Cancer Support Unit, Cath joined our Cardiff Sing with Us choir as well as volunteering in our Warehouse, helping to get clothes ready to sell on eBay.

"Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in late January 201, my life changed completely. My family and friends have been an enormous source of help and support, along with our 6 month old English Pointer puppy, Mr Beau Jangles. Beau gives me a reason to get up each day and smile, along with the need to be outdoors and active. Joining the Cardi Sing with Us choir was a huge step for me to take, but one which I am so glad I made. I look forward to weekly rehearsals, not only for the sense of well-being that singing gives, but also for the opportunity to meet up with so many caring, strong and supportive people, all who understand how cancer changes lives."

Our Cancer Support Team is there to help anyone affected by cancer, offering financial advice, counselling, support and treatment closer to home on our Mobile Cancer Support Unit. Our aim is to support every person who makes contact with Tenovus by providing access to free services for as long as they need them and encourage them to make use of as many services as required. This cross-referral ensures that we can help cancer patients and their families, every step of the way. We are only able to provide our range of services free of charge to cancer patients and their families because of the generosity of the public and the support of our partners and funders. 2012/2013 has been a fantastic year with a number of new developments and achievements.

86% of our respondents rated Tenovus services as...

GOOD 16% 70%


Impact Report 2012/2013

An evaluation carried out by our Research Team in January 2013 revealed that 86% of respondents rated our Cancer Support Team’s services either as excellent or good.

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There when you need us

“Following a diagnosis of breast cancer, chemotherapy and breast reconstruction, I appeared to everyone positive and confident about my future. My husband and children were devastated about my illness but I tried hard to be upbeat, never appearing without my wig and full makeup to mask my insecurities and fear, but I saw no future. I started counselling sessions with Tenovus a few weeks later. It felt so good to express my fears to someone who understood and the sessions gave me the confidence to think differently about myself. I’m so very grateful to Tenovus for this.”

Pamela Titley from Pontypridd was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2009. Following her treatment, Pam came to see one of our counsellors to talk through her worries and fears with someone who understands. These sessions gave her the confidence to look ahead to the future.

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Pamela Titley, Pontypridd

There when you need us In March 2013 the quality of our work was confirmed when we secured the Advice Quality Standard. This mark verifies that the legal advice given by our Cancer Support Team is accurate, reliable and of a recognised high standard with our clients receiving timely, confidential, and appropriate advice. Tenovus is the only cancer charity in Wales to hold the Advice Quality Standard and we now use the AQS logo on all materials, promoting the fact that we hold this standard whenever we can. Our Freephone Cancer Support Line has been doing well over the past year, receiving over 4,000 calls, an increase of 33% on last year. The line operates 7 days a week, 8am – 8pm and is open to anyone in the UK affected by cancer.

Our Cancer Support Advisors secured £1.3 million for our clients in the last financial year, handling over 800 applications. Our success rate on appeals against Welfare Benefit decisions was an impressive 81%. Our Cancer Support Advisors are also fully trained in delivering welfare benefits courses which were attended by almost 100 people in the last year. Our volunteers assist the Cancer Support Team in a number of ways such as helping on the Support Line and as Listening Ear volunteers with the Counselling Team. A new volunteer role was created this year, the Cancer Advice Assistant. These volunteers assist our Cancer Support Advisors in providing welfare rights and benefits advice across Wales. In September 2012 we launched Tenovus Cancer Callback, in conjunction with Velindre NHS Trust and the University of South Wales, with funding received from the Burdett Trust. The service means that recently diagnosed cancer patients can receive regular calls from one of our specialist nurses, throughout their treatment to see how they’re getting on and help with any concerns or worries. In just seven months, the scheme has supported 320 patients.

Impact Report 2012/2013

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In September 2012 we launched Tenovus Cancer Callback.

Supporting you in the community Our aim is to provide treatment and support to cancer patients and their families, closer to home, reducing journey time and stress.

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In the last year, our face-to-face outreach services were delivered to over 1,200 people. We delivered up to 55 hours of outreach services each week, in 15 different communities across Wales. The highest numbers of outreach visitors were from Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board.

% of people receiving treatment on our Mobile Unit were either...



We trained 24 staff and volunteers to become Cancer Support Ambassadors during the year at eight of our shops. This included training on how our Cancer Support Team works, in basic listening skills and on what support is available for individuals worried or affected by cancer. This allows our shops to be a vital link to our services for the public on the High Street.


Supporting you in the community

This year, following a pilot project, we expanded our lymphoedema services on the Mobile Cancer Support Unit to two days a week, thanks to support from the Pfizer UK Foundation. Our Mobile Unit is now operating to capacity, delivering chemotherapy and lymphoedema treatments, five days a week.

Our Mobile Unit serves up approximately...

cups of tea every year

Our Mobile Monday events have meant we were able to take our Mobile Cancer Support Unit into even more communities across Wales. These events give people the chance to meet our team, have a tour of the Unit as well as taking a free health check. This year we have travelled to Merthyr, Bangor, Cardiff, Swansea and Newport. We’re thrilled that 92% of our Mobile Unit clients were ‘very satisfied’ and 7% ‘satisfied’ in our survey conducted in January 2013.

In December 2012, we received the exciting news that we received funding for our second Mobile Cancer Support Unit!

In December 2012, we received the exciting news that we received funding for our second Mobile Cancer Support Unit. Thanks to monies from the Welsh Government, Walk the Walk, The Wolfson Foundation, The Simon Gibson Charitable Trust, The Rank Foundation and The Dorothy Howard Charitable Trust, we’re aiming to have our second unit launched in October 2013. Our second Mobile Unit will allow us to deliver lymphoedema treatments at least 4 days a week, and in a greater range of places across Wales, allowing us to treat an extra 25 people a day.

Impact Report 2012/2013

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Our innovative Mobile Cancer Support Unit has been working hard this year, travelling over 7,600 miles, bringing advice and treatment into communities across Wales. It has welcomed over 4,000 visitors and delivered 2,343 treatments.

Margaret Jones, Cwmbran

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Margaret Jones from Cwmbran received her chemotherapy on our Mobile Cancer Support Unit, which saved her travelling time to hospital.

"Being able to have my treatment on the Mobile Unit in Cwmbran, meant less travelling to hospital, so that I could still fit day-to-day life around my sessions. The Mobile Cancer Support Unit team are welcoming, supportive and informative. Being greeted by the same people every week is a real comfort plus they're always ready with a cup of tea or coee!�

Susan Carter from Tonteg received counselling as well as financial advice from our Cancer Support Advisors. Her Tenovus counsellor was there for her when she needed, helping her through some really tough times.

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“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2011, which left me feeling incredibly low. My Tenovus counsellor has been fantastic and has helped me through some really tough times. With her help I was able to feel like I’d have a life again. I can’t thank Tenovus enough.”

Susan Carter, Tonteg

Impact Report 2012/2013

Time to listen Since March 2012, our counselling services have been extended into 12 different outreach settings across South East and South West Wales.


hours of counselling

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We have also started to deliver more counselling sessions by telephone and Skype as well as making greater use of our Listening Ear service which is run by volunteers. 77% of all our counselling sessions this year were delivered directly to cancer patients with the remainder to family members affected by cancer.


Working together for you We continue to see the value in partnership working and during the year have developed new relationships with local groups, Local Authority Associations of Voluntary Organisations, Citizens’ Advice Bureaux, Communities First organisations and other charities. In addition, we’ve built on our relationship with the NHS by employing an NHS Liaison Officer to assist with promoting our services across a range of NHS Wales sites. We continue to play an important role in the Wales Cancer Alliance and during the year have jointly developed position papers and responded to government consultations. We have also worked closely this year with the Patient Information Forum.

Real Research for real people For the past 40 years Tenovus has gained a reputation for funding world-class research. Today we work incredibly hard to ensure that we fund not only research of the very highest quality but also research that is most relevant to people who are aected by cancer.

Patient and Public Involvement in Research We passionately believe in putting the needs of cancer patients at the heart of everything we do. This includes setting our research priorities and ensuring that the research we fund will have meaningful benefits to people with cancer.

We passionately believe in putting the needs of cancer patients at the heart of our research.

To help us achieve this, we established a new research advisory group (RAG) comprised of people who have had a diagnosis of cancer or been a carer for someone with the disease. The RAG helped us to develop the year’s Innovation Grant Call and with the support of rigorous academic peer review, select a number of research projects to be funded in the coming year. This innovative use of patient and public input in research has been presented at the National Cancer Research Conference in Liverpool and the Involving People Annual Conference in Cardiff as an example of best practice.

Impact Report 2012/2013

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We fund research that covers the whole journey of a cancer patient from prevention through to treatment, survivorship and end of life care.

Funding Innovation Perfect Bound

Our Innovation grants are a fantastic way for us to fund innovative, people-focussed research projects that cover the whole cancer journey.


This year we received 36 expressions of interest for the grants, from which 18 projects were invited for full application by the Research Advisory Group, these were reviewed by experts. A final 11 projects from across Wales were recommended for funding by the Research Advisory Group. This year, one of our projects, ‘Let’s Talk About Genes’ funded through the Innovation Grant scheme, allowed Dr Rachel Iredale and her team from University of South Wales to explore the issue of families, genetics and health with school children in South Wales through the use of stories, games and creative activities. The children worked with an animator and some musicians to produce a rap that would convey to other children of the same age what they should know about cancer, inheritance and the role that families play in health and disease. The 'Let's Talk About Genes' rap written, performed and directed by the students at Stanwell School in Penarth can be viewed at

Funding the next generation Each year Tenovus invests around ÂŁ00,000 supporting earlycareer cancer researchers through our PhD Studentship programme. This scheme is vital in training and developing the next generation of cancer researchers with the very best and most innovative ideas in cancer treatment and care.

Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK. Below are two examples of PhD projects that are looking at how our genes, and changes in those genes, can influence whether we develop bowel cancer or not.

PhD Studentships: Charmmy Ka Ian Lio Investigating the role of specific genes in the development of bowel cancer. Charmmy is analysing the role of a gene called Cbx3 (found in the intestine) in cancer development, growth and spread with a view to finding new ways to detect and treat bowel cancer and help influence the design of future drug trials that seek to improve cure rates.

Impact Report 2012/2013

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This year we selected a further 10 PhD Studentship projects which will commence in October 2013. Our PhD Students are currently researching projects in a range of cancers including breast, colon, rectum, prostate and uterus.

...People receive a cancer diagnosis

Where we fund research...

every day in Wales Perfect Bound


PhD Studentships: Meera Raja Identifying potential new drug targets for “difficult to treat” bowel cancers. Despite advances in treatment for people with bowel cancer, a large proportion of bowel cancers don't respond well due to the presence of a mutation in a gene called K-Ras. Meera is using a novel model that mirrors these K-Ras mutations seen in humans, and is exploring a series of proteins known to be altered in colorectal cancer to identify new targets in these difficult to treat cases which might be used to fashion new intelligent drugs.

Prevention and early detection We know that as many as four in every ten cancer cases could be prevented if we followed healthier lifestyles. This includes being safe in the sun, drinking alcohol only in moderation, eating a healthy balanced diet, taking regular exercise and most importantly not smoking tobacco.

Here Comes the Sun Between 2007-2011 the incidence of malignant melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, increased by a third (32%). Skin cancer is very strongly linked to over exposure of the skin to ultraviolet radiation, whether from the sun or from sunbeds. This year we’ve continued to spread our sun care message with our Suncream van attending key events in Wales including The Big Cheese in Caerphilly and the Urdd Eisteddfod in Caernarfon

Impact Report 2012/2013

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We ran a number of campaigns this year highlighting prevention and early detection. These focused on skin cancer prevention, male cancers, breast cancer and helping people to stop smoking.

In March 2012 we ran a month long pilot where we provided free “Quit Kits”, advice and signposting to customers wanting to give up smoking.

In addition, during the summer we worked in partnership with Wales’ largest independent pharmacy chain Sheppards, to deliver sun safety messages on the High Street. We worked with 25 of their pharmacies as well as four of our own shops. The majority of customers felt that both our shops and the pharmacies were good environments to receive information and advice around health issues and left with a greater knowledge and understanding of the signs and symptoms of skin cancer.

This project showed the huge potential for using our retail chain as a way of getting health messages to the general public. Perfect Bound

Quit with Us Smoking is estimated to cause nearly a third of all cancers and over 90% of lung cancers which are still the UK’s biggest cancer killer. Tenovus is committed to helping support people who wish to give up smoking whilst also ensuring that children and young adults are prevented from starting to smoke in the first place. Following on from the success of the project with Sheppards Pharmacies for No Smoking Day in March 2012 we ran a month long pilot where we provided free “Quit Kits”, advice and signposting to customers who came into a number of our charity shops and expressed a desire to quit smoking. In addition, we’ve continued to work with ASH Wales, as they developed their youth cessation programme as well as on individual projects and campaigns. We’ve also worked with the Welsh Government on their ‘Fresh Start Wales’ campaign which aims to reduce children’s exposure to secondhand smoke by raising awareness of the danger it poses. We helped launch the campaign with our Mobile Cancer Support Unit carrying out health checks and signposting people to smoking cessation services.


Tenovus Health Check The Tenovus Health Check was developed to raise awareness of the risk factors associated with cancer as well as to help people understand the signs and symptoms that may require further investigation.

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In the past year we have carried out 12 community-based health awareness events and carried out over 500 Health Checks. The Health Checks have allowed us to capture relevant information which is being used to develop a call-back service, capturing outcomes and supporting people in the future. During the year, we will be working with Cardiff University researchers to identify a number of key markers which will help us determine the effectiveness of the Health Check in the role of prevention and early detection.

Show Us What You’re Made Of Tenovus believes in taking what we do into the community. This has always been tricky when it comes to the laboratory research we fund. But in 2012 with the support of Dr Karen Reed from Cardiff University we developed the world’s first ice cream van laboratory! This initiative called “Show Us What You’re Made Of” was designed to help children learn more about how the cells that make up their body work and how things like smoking, drinking and using sun beds can damage these cells and cause diseases like cancer. Whilst designed for children, unsurprisingly a large number of parents also asked to take part!

Impact Report 2012/2013

Our support groups

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As survivorship becomes a key issue for people affected by cancer we have identified the need to offer support to people to help them live with and beyond cancer. This year we have increased the scope and number of support groups we offer, to include Create with Us (ceramics), Draw with Us (drawing) and Walk with Us (walking).


These groups offer people opportunities to engage with different activities, distracting them from their cancer experience, but also to spend time with others going through similar difficulties.

Sing with Us This year we launched new ‘Sing with Us’ choirs in Carmarthen, Bridgend and Abergavenny, bringing our total number of choirs to 7 with nearly 400 cancer patients, survivors and their families now singing with us every week. Each of our choirs have become a key part of their local communities and they have performed in public over 50 times this year at a wide variety of events, from shop openings to awards ceremonies and numerous fundraising events. This year was also the year of the Big C Choir, which we set up for the Channel 4 documentary ‘Sing For Your Life’. The programme followed the choir, made up exclusively of cancer patients going through active treatment, from their first rehearsal to a very special performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

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Our support groups

Our research continues to show that singing in our choirs reduces anxiety, depression and even pain for people affected by cancer. Themes emerging from the Sing with Us research study highlight that, as well as being a fun and uplifting support service, our choirs provide patients with a distraction from their illness, giving them an Our research identity other than cancer and helping them to cope better with the effects of their treatment. continues to show

that singing in our choirs reduces anxiety, depression and even pain for people aected by cancer.

We look forward to bringing this support to hundreds more people affected by cancer as we roll out another 10 choirs across Wales next year. This year the Sing with Us programme won the BUPA Foundation Vitality For Life Award for best initiative for older people and was Highly Commended by the Charity Awards in their Healthcare and Medical Research category.

Impact Report 2012/2013

Walk with Us

Next year we will be piloting Walk with Us with patients at Velindre Hospital to measure the benefits of walking to people currently undergoing treatment for cancer.

There is an increasing amount of evidence that gentle exercise can not only help prevent you developing cancer, but can improve quality of life for those living with it and delay or prevent cancer returning in those who have been successfully treated.

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Therefore we have developed a walking pack called ‘Walk with Us’ that can be used by anyone who wants to benefit from some gentle exercise. Next year we will be piloting Walk with Us with patients at Velindre Hospital to measure the benefits to people currently undergoing treatment for cancer and will be reporting our findings.


Campaigning & lobbying

This has included being closely involved in the development of the Welsh Government’s All Wales Cancer Plan, ‘Together Against Cancer’ which gave us the opportunity to highlight how Tenovus services are already helping to meet some of the plan’s strategic aims. In late 2012, we provided evidence to a Welsh Government consultation looking at business rates and the rate relief charity shops in Wales currently receive. We have been working closely with the Charity Retail Association (CRA) the voice of charity retail in the UK, to oppose proposed recommendations which, if adopted by the Welsh Government, could seriously damage charities in Wales. The proposals will not only stop charity shops from opening in some locations but reduce rate relief which is granted in recognition of their significant philanthropic benefit to Welsh communities. Warren Alexander, Chief Executive of the Charity Retail Association

Impact Report 2012/2013

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This year we’ve continued our work to keep cancer firmly in the minds of politicians, Local Health Boards and stakeholders across Wales. We’ve developed our relationships with AMs and MPs further by working in partnership with Welsh Public Affairs consultants and have worked closely with the Welsh Government on a number of consultations, steering groups and workshops.

Working with the CRA, we secured press coverage to highlight our position, submitted evidence to the consultation, took part in a series of debates and Q+A session with Assembly Members (AMs), and contributed to the submission of one of the largest ever petitions to the Assembly's Petition Committee with 22,600 names, thanks to huge support from our shops and those in the community. Perfect Bound

South Wales Evening Post 26th November 2012

In January, we presented evidence to the Health & Social Care Committee on the Asbestos Bill and have supported the ‘Right to Know’ campaign, which is calling for the creation of a central accessible database that registers asbestos in schools throughout Wales. 85% of schools in Wales are stated to contain asbestos, and currently, parents do not have the right to know if it is present in their child’s school.

Cenric Clement-Evans, Right to Know


Hitting the news This year we’ve had some great PR successes, with campaigns and stories hitting local and national news. Our expanding services, unique treatment delivery on the Mobile Unit and research discoveries continue to keep us very much in the headlines.

This award-winning campaign focused on raising awareness of the value of donated goods to our shops, while repositioning them as a go-to place for fashion. We staged a photo-shoot with our staff and volunteers who modelled donated items of clothing that were currently in our shops, and highlighted that just one bag of clothing could raise as much as ÂŁ20 to help support cancer patients. This campaign received huge support from national and local press as well as the fashion blogger community, who featured their favourite outfits from the fashion photo-shoot and helped us to reinforce a new way of thinking about donated clothes and charity shops. The campaign was a huge success and we received nearly 1,700 bags of stock in just three weeks. We also won a Chartered Institute of PR award!

Impact Report 2012/2013

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Worn by you, Loved by Us

Our Big C choir performed live on Channel 4 to an audience of over five million!

The Big C choir In October 2012, the ‘Sing for your Life’ documentary aired on Channel 4, which featured a choir of cancer patients, created by us, following their journey from the very first rehearsal in Cardiff, to the Royal Albert Hall. The documentary resulted in extensive UK national press coverage for the choir members and for Sing with Us, helping us to raise the profile even further of our on-going innovative support for cancer patients.

Perfect Bound

The choir also performed live on Channel 4, to an audience of over five million people, as part of the ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ telethon in October 2012.


Tenovus Cancer Callback In September 2012 we launched our new service, Tenovus Cancer Callback, to the public and healthcare professionals with press activity centred around the nurses who would be running this unique service. We were supported in the press by Royal College of Nursing Wales which helped us to secure all Wales coverage in the national newspapers, online and across TV and radio, resulting in a high profile launch for this brand new service.


,St eps

Happy Birthday Tenovus

Perfect Bound

Our 70th Birthday is a huge opportunity to celebrate the last 70 years as well as looking ahead. To celebrate, we welcomed a new member to the Tenovus family. Following an online vote to choose a name, Delilah the Tenovus mascot was born and has since attended exclusive openings and events, helping to support our fundraisers. During this year we’ve taken the opportunity to look at our brand, and how people see us. We undertook an awareness tracking survey in 2012 which ranked our unprompted brand awareness at 12%, within Wales. Over the next five years we will work at increasing this so that even more people are aware of our services and the way in which we can help cancer patients and their families. Andrea Byrne the with @mariclarecj all We did it @cardiffhalf sed! cer 2 hr 30 !! Very plea an sc vu no te @ r fo y wa /ZO2DPFcz Phew!! Susan El Carter Just finished my sessio n with my fantastic@tenovuscan cer Counsellor Claire you rock girl xx #FF @teno vuscancer Rory Bremner and #ff @tenovuscancer great Welsh cancer charity doing inspiring work providing support for cancer patients and their families. Brilliant.

Jean Phillips @tenovuscancer You've done a grand job Tenovus. <Many thanks to all of your team for what you've done for my husband - it's changed his life


Perfect Bound

Raising funds and having fun

In communities Communities really are at the heart of our organisation and we are delighted that hundreds of fundraisers across Wales as well as our 23 Friends of Tenovus groups, have continued their vital support to raise the money needed to keep our services going. Community fundraising events this year have included concerts, coffee mornings, fashion shows and quizzes. We even had an official London 2012 Olympic Torch donated to us to raise funds through eBay! This year, two new Friends of Tenovus groups were established in Merthyr Tydfil and Torfaen & Newport. In addition, a group ‘Allovus’ was set up in Cardiff. Whilst slightly different from our usual Friends of Tenovus format, ‘Allovus’ is a group of individuals who have joined together to support our work.

Impact Report 2012/2013

During the year we’ve started to re-energise our Lottery scheme, by trialling the use of canvassers in local supermarkets to encourage take up. The results were so successful we intend to re-launch the Tenovus Lottery in the coming year, which promises to be a valuable and substantial income stream over time.

Perfect Bound

Our Tenovus in London Committee now has 10 members, drawn from a number of professions. During the year, the committee began work on raising our profile in London, as well as a number of events for the year ahead including a Christmas Ball. In November 2012, we were chosen as the official charity partner of the 2013 Snowdonia Marathon Eryri. We’re thrilled to have this on-going partnership, especially as it has been voted the best marathon in Britain. Events including the Ten and Three Peaks Challenges, sky dives and the London Marathon, have continued to help raise money whilst pushing our participants to the limit.

Corporate partnerships We have continued to build corporate relationships with a number of key partners. This has included event sponsorship, donating gifts for fundraising, gifts in kind, submitting teams for our Challenge events and payroll giving. We have so many organisations to thank for their on-going support, without them we wouldn’t be able to continue providing our vital services. This year, our corporate events included our Breast Cancer Awareness Ladies’ Lunch and competitive a Corporate Golf Day.

Our shops

This community focus prompted us this year to expand our retail chain and open four new shops and refurbish three. These were located in Cardiff, Neath, Maesteg, Cardigan, Pembroke and Henleaze. These shops incorporated a new look, which combines a small boutique feel with a modern-looking style. The shops’ design reinforces our messaging as Wales’ leading cancer charity, featuring quotes from clients and branding to emphasise our community focus. During the year we increased our number of Gift Aid donors to over 50,000. An increase of 40%, allowing us to claim back nearly £300,000. Donated goods increased by 6% on the previous year, partly in thanks to our award-winning campaign ‘Worn by you, loved by us’ focused on raising awareness of the value of donated goods and repositioning our shops a ‘go-to’ place for fashion. During the year our shops have been key in delivering our community blueprint message by holding fundraising events and delivering advice and health messages. This included volunteers training as Cancer Support Ambassadors and supporting our No Smoking Day activity by providing free “Quit Kits”.

Impact Report 2012/2013

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Our community engagement strategy aims to put our shops at the heart of communities, as hubs for our services and links to the local area. By increasing this engagement we’re aiming to reach more people, increasing awareness of our work and the services we provide.

Our Volunteers As we look back over the past 70 years and celebrate our achievements, it is easy to forget that we were started by 10 volunteers. Volunteers remain at the heart of what we do and we wouldn’t be here now without their support.

Perfect Bound

 2012 saw us stage our second Volunteer Awards which were kindly sponsored by Valero and hosted by long-time Tenovus supporter and ITV Wales newsreader, Carl Edwards. Six volunteers received the coveted prizes, with the Volunteer of the Year prize going to Llandeilo Friends of Tenovus volunteer, Dot Evans, who has raised in excess of £400,000 for the charity over 27 years. Recognising the contribution volunteers make to Tenovus is crucial to us, and we will be celebrating once again in 2013. The numbers of volunteers at Tenovus has grown by a huge 32% this year, meaning that even more people have the opportunity of giving something back to us. But not only that, our volunteers are able to access an excellent training package, development opportunities and make new friends in the process. From fundraising to service delivery to research, volunteers continue to be involved in every area of Tenovus and we cannot say thank you enough. Volunteers are donating 247,000 hours (over quarter of a million) to us every single year. By donating this time we are able to grow our work right across Wales and England. We really couldn’t do it without them!

last year our

volunteers gave

hours of their time

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Impact Report 2012/2013

A big thank you We would like to say a huge thank you to each and every person who has helped us over the past year â&#x20AC;&#x201C; every person giving up their time, helping support our patients, abseiling down the side of a building or challenging themselves to the maximum with events like the  Peaks â&#x20AC;&#x201C; everyone matters. There is not enough room to include everyone, but you know who you are and we thank you. Our Royal Patron HRH Princess Anne Perfect Bound

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Our Trustees Richard Sims - Chairman Prof. John Lazarus - Vice Chairman Geoffrey Bates Guy Clarke Robert Cozens Gareth Jones Dr Howell Lloyd Jeffrey MacWilkinson Elaine Morris Prof. Ruth Northway Elizabeth Parkes Fiona Peel Roger Pride Howard Rees James Robinson

Thanks to our Tenovus in London Committee and our Tuesday Club members.

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Impact Report 2012/2013

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Thanks to our charitable trusts Walk the Walk Worldwide The Burdett Trust for Nursing Pfizer UK Foundation The Wolfson Foundation The Kidani Memorial Trust The Jane Hodge Foundation Garfield Weston Foundation The Bower Trust Joseph Strong Frazer Trust BIG Lottery People & Places Scheme BIG Lottery Fund AdvantAGE

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Thanks to our friends, community groups and partners Susan Carter Jodie Emes Mike Evans Sharon Gardner Kim Higgins Margaret Jones Cath Jones Sandra Norton

Linda Rafferty Terry Richards Anne Shingler Kevin Weaver Hannah West Mayor of Torfaen Pontypool Round Table The Open Hearth

Thanks to our Friends of Tenovus groups Aberdare Allovus for Tenovus Bala Barry Caerphilly Cardiff Ladies Crofty & Llanmorlais Dinas Powys Letterston Llandybie Llandeilo Llanwit Major

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Tenovus Impact Report 2012-2013  
Tenovus Impact Report 2012-2013  

Our Impact Report for the financial year 2012/2013, updating you on our achievements and our plans looking forward.