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ETZETERA Growing Forward, Rooted in Tradition

June & July 2019

Iyar, Sivan, and Tammuz 5779

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Rabbi Spiegel’s Message

Rabbi Richard Spiegel

Well, here it is. After 43 years as a

Wendy Margolis and her committee for the magnificent gala

pulpit rabbi and after 19 years as

you put on in my honor. It was truly one of the great

rabbi of this wonderful Temple, this

moments in my life and I can not overstate how wonderful I

is my last Rabbi’s column. Someone


recently asked me how many Bar and

Thank you to my beautiful wife Linda for joining me in my

Bat Mitzvah services I have officiated in my career, and I

rabbinical journey 16 years ago and making the past 16 years

answered that I really have no idea. But, as for rabbi’s

the best years of my life.

messages, I can do the math. It is somewhere between 400

Finally, I want to reiterate what I stated at the gala. I am not

and 500 articles written. A lot of words, a lot of thoughts, and

going anywhere. Linda and I are redoing our kitchen this

a lot of ideas!

summer. We would not take on this arduous task if we were

But for this last column, the message is simple. Thank you!

moving- that is for sure. I look forward to sharing many more

Thank you to our staff- to Hazzan Pablo, to Religious School

events with each of you.

Director Joyce Bronstein, to ECE Director Debbie Blumenthal,

Thank you for being such a big part of my life. May the

to Youth Director Shannon Tepfer (and before her Karen

future be bright for all of us.

Garelik and before her Linda Fried) and to all of our many

Rabbi Richard Spiegel

office staff personnel and religious and preschool teachersthank you to all of you for being such a joy to work with- so dedicated and devoted to the sacred tasks of synagogue life. Thank you to all of our Temple Presidents, Board Members, Committee Members, volunteers, and donors for all of your time, energy, and commitment to making TEC such a special place. Thank you to every single member for letting me be your Rabbi- for letting me be part of your life- for allowing me to join you in your religious and spiritual journey. Judaism is such a magnificent faith with so much to offer the world. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts on the sacredness of Jewish life and for also letting me be with you at the most precious moments of your life. Thank you to the congregation for the honor you have bestowed upon me these last several weeks. From the USY, to the Preschool, to the Religious School, to the Board, to the congregation at large. I have been overwhelmed with your outpouring of love and kindness. Special thank you to


Rabbi Averbach’s Message

Rabbi Ari Averbach

I know a five-year-old boy whose

them throughout our lifetimes. At the Pesach seder we

parents are both rabbis. When I

remind ourselves and each other that we were all slaves in

asked him what his Abba does for

Egypt. We all were held down by the heavy burden of

work, he replied, “He teaches Torah.” When I asked what his

servitude and pain, being a stranger in a strange land, and

Ima does for work, he said the same. “She teaches Torah.” I

we all bravely escaped to freedom. During Sukkot we all

thought this was a sweet way to explain the work of a rabbi.

imagine that we were in the desert, residing in temporary

We teach Torah. We take the ancient tradition of our people,

tents, feeling the impermanence of constant wandering, of

our holiest texts, and pass it all to others so that they can be

the natural elements against our skin.

recipients of Torah on a daily basis.

Some of the American holidays are the same. It seems that

But just then, a maintenance worker walked by pushing a cart

every day on the news, especially when looking at what is

to clean, to repair, to take care of the building. The five-year-

happening in so many other countries around the world, we

old waved and said, “That’s Edgar. He teaches Torah.”

are reminded what it means to live in a free country. On July 4th, even Americans who don’t usually feel outwardly

It took me a second to process what he had said, but then I

patriotic revel in what makes this country unique, feeling a

fell in love with it. He, too, teaches Torah. Torah comes from

closeness to our foremothers and forefathers who made this

the word for teaching (see also morah, teacher, and horah,

existence possible. We relive their triumphs, as if we are

parent). Anyone who brings forth deep teaching, who

watching their winning battles, as we see the fireworks

inspires and points us in the right direction, that person is

explode over parks around the country. For it to be real,

teaching Torah. It is not limited to the rabbi giving a sermon

history has to live within us. Just as the Torah says we were

on the bimah.

all standing at Sinai, the Preamble to the Constitution begins

Shavuot (which begins the evening of June 8th and continues

with words, "We the People...," as if it counts us in its

through Monday, June 10th) is the holiday to celebrate the


receiving of the Torah. We do not think of it as a one-time

My family and I look forward to growing with you, to hearing

event that our ancestors experienced thousands of years ago.

your stories, and to sharing Torah. I hope to learn with and

We believe that we were all standing at Mount Sinai, all of us

from all of you. I invite you all into my office (not all at once!)

receiving the Torah. And we all have a duty to pass that

for coffee, a schmooze, and to share deep Torah.

Torah along to others.

Rabbi Ari Averbach

In fact, most historical events aren’t simply couched in the past. We relive them constantly, figuring out our place in 3

Thanks from Rabbi Paskow

Rabbi Shimon Paskow, Rabbi Emeritus

Many thanks for the cards, notes, letters, and boxes of candy and cookies during my stay at the convalescent home. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. Of course, your visits are most enjoyable and rejuvenating. You are fulfilling the mitzvah of bikur cholim, visiting the ill. Hearing the latest news is always refreshing. Zei getzunt. Be well and I look forward to more visits. Also, it’s good to hear old and new jokes.

Rabbi Shimon Paskow

18 ways to get to know Rabbi Averbach

Rabbinic Search Committee

Sign up to attend one of the many home-hosted small group parties that are designed to give you a chance to meet and talk to Rabbi Averbach. ‘Friend’ Rabbi Averbach on Facebook (Ari Averbach). Attend any (or all) of the wonderful events planned for Rabbi Averbach’s installation weekend, August 23rd – 25th! Experience Shabbat services and introduce yourself to Rabbi Averbach at the Oneg or Kiddush. Sign up for Rabbi Averbach’s adult education course this summer. Drop Rabbi Averbach a note (handwritten or email Enjoy bagels and coffee at TEC after Sunday school drop-off (date TBA). Schmooze at TIFA in Agoura while enjoying ice cream (date TBA). Make an appointment to see Rabbi Averbach in his office. Come to a Tot Shabbat and meet the Averbach family. Lend a hand at Mitzvah Day on November 3rd. Come to Minyan on Sunday mornings, or Monday or Wednesday evenings. Enjoy ice cream and conversation with Rabbi Averbach at Little Calf Creamery (date TBA). Follow Rabbi Averbach on Instagram (@rabbi_averbach). Attend Tailgate Shabbat on August 16th. Shake hands with Rabbi Averbach at Preschool drop-off. Schmooze at Stonehaus in Westlake Village (date TBA). USYers can hang with Rabbi Averbach at a Lounge Day (date TBA). Keep an eye out for emails with updates and finalized dates! 4

Jeff Solomon, President

President’s Message Endings and Beginnings,

committee, led by our Treasurer, David Yodkovik, has worked hard to create a workable budget for 2019-2020. I want to thank Shari Mark (Executive VP), Sherri Finn (Immediate Past President), Joe Zwicker (Early Childhood Education VP) and Felicia Toporoff (Religious School VP) for the many hours they each dedicated to this process. We believe we have a very functional budget that will allow us to continue to provide meaningful religious services, entertaining programming and a wide range of educational opportunities to all of those who belong to TEC.

Usually, we talk about beginning before ending. However, often when one thing comes to a close (an end), another starts (a beginning). For example, June brings the end of the school year and then, immediately following, we have the beginning of summer. As we enter into June and July 2019, I have the opportunity to celebrate a few endings and beginnings. For example, June brings to an end my first year as President of Temple Etz Chaim; July ushers in the beginning of my second year. Over the past year, much has been accomplished and I have heard from many of you that there is a sense of change that I have attempted to bring to TEC. An example of this is the overwhelming success we have had with streaming services that many of you have availed yourself.

As the 2018-2019 year comes to a close, the Board will say goodbye to a few of our Board members; with the start of the 2019-2020 year, we welcome some new faces to the Board. I offer a huge Toda Rabbah to Sherri Finn, our Immediate Past President, for the hard work she has put in identifying and contacting the new talent we are bringing on board. At the time of this writing, we have yet to ink all the new members of our Board, but I am already excited by those congregants that have stepped up to take on a leadership role in our community. It will be an ending for some and a beginning for others.

At the end of July, Rabbi Spiegel’s long tenure as Senior Rabbi of TEC comes to an end; then he begins a new role as Rabbi Emeritus. This will require an adjustment on everyone’s part. While Rabbi Spiegel may not be as visible on campus every day, he is not leaving and will play an important role as we move forward.

For those of your traveling this summer, my wish for you is for safe travels and enjoy your time away. For those not traveling, we are open all summer. We will have our annual Shabbat Under The Stars services on Friday nights, the final Shabbatot under Rabbi Spiegel’s direction and likely something new as Rabbi Averbach takes the reins.

The end of June will bring to a close Rabbi Averbach’s time at Congregation Beth Shalom in Northbrook, IL; at the beginning of July, he starts what we all hope is an extended run as our new Senior Rabbi. First you end, then you begin again.

Enjoy your endings and your beginnings,

Jeff Solomon

June brings with it the end of our fiscal year; July brings on a new year and with it, a whole new budget. The budget

Gideon manzur, Executive Director

Executive Director I am honored to be the next Executive Director of Temple Etz Chaim. Four years ago, as a perspective parent and congregant, my family and I were welcomed with open arms to the TEC community. While my eldest daughter was learning and growing in the ECE, I was building new friendships and becoming part of a tight knit Jewish community. Over the last 4 years our community has not only been a part of our family’s simchas, including my youngest daughter’s baby naming and my wife’s bat mitzvah, but has been a source of strength during difficult times, with the recent loss of my father. No words can express the feeling of love and support that the TEC community has shown through all these events.

inspiration and further drives my desire to help our community continue to thrive.

For the past fourteen years, I have been working in the private sector for a fortune 500 company. During my tenure, I was responsible for risk analysis, process improvement and development, and relationship building with an emphasis on strengthening the efficacy of business strategies. All of which, I believe, will help Temple Etz Chaim move into the next chapter of its storied history.

I hope that over the next several months those of you whom I have not had the opportunity to meet, will stop by the office and introduce yourself or at future events to also meet my wife Elisha, and my two daughters, Eliana who is an incoming 1st grader at Red Oak Elementary, and Ariella who is a preschooler in our very own ECE. For those whom we already know, we look forward to getting to know you better and working to strengthen our community.

To the board of the directors, thank you for your overwhelming vote of confidence. As the VP, Communications I feel we have developed a seamless working relationship that enabled us to move forward with new communication media and helped us to move into our next phase. Rabbi Averbach, I look forward to building on the relationship developed during the Rabbinic Search. I know that working together we can usher in new and exciting times ahead.

Thank you to Rabbi Spiegel and Hazzan Pablo for your support and words of wisdom as I move into this role. Your experience, wisdom, and love for our congregation is an

Gideon Manzur 5

Early Childhood Education As we move into our final weeks of school. Shavuot is our last Jewish holiday of this school year. We will be celebrating the time the Jewish people received the Torah on Mt. Sinai. We will be decorating the synagogue and

Debbie Blumenthal, Director of ECE

2019. Information for all our summer programs is available in the school office. I personally want to thank our Vice President of Early Childhood Education, Joe Zwicker. Joe has been representing and supporting our preschool for the past year. He has been seen greeting families at Summerfest, Back to School Picnics, Tot Shabbat services and other family events. We are so thankful for his leadership during the past couple of years as our preschool and infant programs have been flourishing. We look forward the next year working together and building relationships with all our TEC families! We look forward to an exciting year ahead. As we say goodbye and Happy Retirement to our beloved Rabbi Spiegel, we look forward to welcoming and getting to know our new Rabbi Ari Averbach and his family. Rabbi Averbach will be joining us in July and we look forward to a summer of fun activities and events together. We have all had a wonderful year and we are anxiously awaiting summer camp so that we can greet our returning

our classrooms with flowers, greens, and enjoying dairy treats. For many of you, your children are now completing the first years of their Jewish learning and those Gesher children and children going to TK will be graduating preschool, on Wednesday, June 12th. We look forward to celebrating in the sanctuary with our Gesher children, Rabbi Spiegel, Hazzan Pablo, and teachers. Room C TK children will be celebrating in their classroom that day also. Hopefully June 12th is not your last day at Temple Etz Chaim. We hope to see our preschool families become members of Temple Etz Chaim and your children continue their Jewish learning at TEC Religious School. Summer camp begins on Monday, June 17th and continues for 10 weeks until August 23rd. Camp enrollment is open for children between the ages of 18 months -5 years old and we hope that you will be able to join us for some summer fun! If you have a child younger than 18 months, we are also offer Parent and Me classes all week long during the summer! Parents and their toddlers can join us for some social interaction, songs, Shabbat celebrations, and art activities and outside play. You can call the school office for a schedule of classes. We are offering a School-Age Summer Camp this year for children entering First-Third grades in fall

and new summer friends. Thank you to all our preschool and infant parents for all your support and positive energy. We had the best Teacher Appreciation week ever! We had an amazing year together. June is always bittersweet however, we always look forward to the future with new friends, continuing friends and exciting changes and adventures in learning! Have a fun, safe summer!

Debbie Blumenthal 6

Religious School

Joyce Bronstein, Director of Religious School

A little over nineteen years ago, we were in a Rabbinic Search for the next Rabbi of Temple Etz Chaim. I still remember meeting Rabbi Spiegel when he came to interview. I knew from that moment that he was impressive, humble, personable, kind, knowledgeable, and had a great sense of humor. During the following weeks, I worried if Rabbi Spiegel would be offered the position and if he would accept it. You see, I truly felt he was the only Rabbinic Candidate for TEC. Needless to say, these past nineteen years have flown by. During that time, I can attest to the fact that my initial feelings about Rabbi Spiegel were correct. I watched as Rabbi Spiegel took the helm of TEC. I observed his sense of duty to help others in both stressful and trying moments, as well as very sad times. Because of his leadership abilities, he was able to navigate through so many services, programs, and life cycle events. It was impressive to see the way in which he would build a program, paying attention to every detail. They were always so meaningful because of the care he took in planning them.

Rabbi Spiegel’s door has always been open to all. I have been in his office many, many times when someone has stopped by. Rabbi Spiegel drops everything to speak with and counsel them. Sometimes, in the middle of a discussion, a call would come in about someone in the hospital. Rabbi Spiegel would run to his car to go see them. Distance did not matter, he just wanted to offer prayers and assist them and their families in whatever way he could.

Rabbi Spiegel was always available for the Religious School. He loved talking to students and answering their questions. I observed his kindness to parents, students, and teachers. I enjoyed brainstorming with him very much and respected his sense of direction. Rabbi Spiegel supported and encouraged me to move forward with many ideas I proposed. About eighteen years ago I asked him if he would teach a class for students in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Without hesitation, Rabbi Spiegel agreed. These teenagers have always told me how much they enjoyed how Rabbi Spiegel spoke to them with honesty and humility. Rabbi Spiegel truly made a difference in these students’ lives and his impact is immeasurable.

Rabbi Spiegel, over the past 19 years that I have known you, your influence and sense of care to all has been, is, and will continue to be very appreciated and deeply felt. I thank you from my heart and soul for being an amazing Rabbi. As Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Etz Chaim, I am so happy that you will continue to be part of TEC. Enjoy the many years to come and know that you have made a difference in so many ways, for so many people. I wish both you and Linda peace, happiness, good health, fun travel and so much more as you continue on your journey.

Joyce Bronstein


Shannon Tepfer, Youth Director

USY & Youth We hope everyone is having an awesome summer! Don’t wait until Fall to sign up for USY, Kadima, or Machar. We have so many awesome things planned for you next year and we can’t wait to get started.

June events: June 2: Summerfest USY Bake Sale on the Warren Lawn from 11:30am-2:30pm June 9: Summer Fun Party/Board installation for 7th-12th graders

My name is Shannon, I am the Director of the Youth Department here at Temple Etz Chaim. This is my 5th year as Director and my 13th year working at TEC, and I am currently working toward my MAed in Jewish Education. I have the privilege of working with kids at TEC from grades Kindergarten to 12th and I love every minute of it!

Coming Attractions in September:

In the Youth Department your child/children will learn leadership, a love of Judaism like no other, connect with friends old and new, and get to participate in amazing and unforgettable experiences on and off campus. We have four programs available for our TEC’ers: Machar K-2nd grade, Kadima 3rd-6th grade, Jr USY 7th-8th grade, and Sr USY 9th12th grade. All of the groups have special programming that is age appropriate, engaging, and fun! The Youth Staff and I work hard and take pride in being your child’s home away from home. To join our Youth Group, or for more details and information, please email You can also check out our website at (under Youth Department) or call (805)494-3648.

Yom Kippur discussion series for 8th-12th

We are already planning our 2019-2020 Machar/Kadima/USY calendar year! Don’t wait until the last minute, sign up to be a TEC Youth Group Member today.

Feeding the Hungry at Calvary Church

Welcome Back Kick off lounges for Machar, Kadima, Jr’s, and Sr’s Disney Day with USY (more info to come about prices) Rosh Hashanah Tashlich Walk at Conejo Creek Park 8th-12th Operation Isaiah Canned Food Drive USY Junior and Senior Out Night Sampling of activities throughout the year: L’dough V’dough: challah baking with Holocaust survivors and families Sushi in the Sukkah Chapter Shabbat Potluck Dinners Into the Night Social Action Projects with JWW

Shannon Tepfer


Women of Temple Etz Chaim Early in May, I was lucky enough to attend the regional (Pacific Southwest) conference for Women's League. The keynote speakers talked about how to protect our environment -- recycling, reducing fossil fuels, etc. I attended seminars about programming and Torah Fund. I was able to network with presidents of other Sisterhoods and share ideas.

Cindy Scherr, WOTEC President

Sonnenberg-Rhim), who put in many hours to find the best people for our board. I look forward to seeing you there. On June 23rd, we will have our transitional board meeting, where we will thank those ladies who are stepping down from our board after finishing their terms, and will install our new officers. We will enjoy a brunch at my home. Invitations will be coming soon -- keep an eye out for them. Please note -- we will NOT have a board meeting in July, although our budget and programming committees will be busy planning for the coming year.

In the fall, we'll talk more about Torah Fund, but I'm very excited about this year's theme of "Chesed"; I hope to incorporate that theme throughout the year in our activities.

Our first meeting of the 2019-20 will be on Tuesday, August 6 at 7:30, in the Adult Lounge. Please join us as we kick off our new year! Also please save the date -- Sunday, October 27 is our Paid-up Membership Luncheon, and our membership committee is already busy at work planning a great afternoon of food and entertainment! This event is free to all paid-up members of WOTEC, and is always one of the highlights of our year. More information will be coming as we begin our new year of programming and activities.

On June 4, we will host a special program, open to the congregation. We will be hosting a book launch for a biography of David Arben, a violinist for 35 years with the Philadelphia Philharmonic. He was a Holocaust survivor, and one of the violinist who played in the camps. The program will include a violin performance from the authors of the book, who studied under David Arben. The program will begin at 7:30; after the program, we will have refreshments.

It's an exciting time to be part of Women of TEC. If you are interested in serving on one of our committees, or volunteering in our gift shop, please feel free to contact me at There are so many ways to become involved! I look forward to seeing you all at TEC, whether at a WOTEC event or at services. Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

An important note -- prior to the program, at 7:00, WOTEC will have a short meeting open to all members, at which time we will vote on the slate of officers for the 2019-20 year. Please be sure to attend -- a quorum is necessary to vote. A special thanks to Elissa Lazarus, chairman of the nominating committee, and the committee members (Linda Leon, Shannon Tepfer, Linda Hutchings, and Jen

Cindy Scherr

Community Outreach

Tami Wank, Trustee-Community Outreach

Bereavement Support Group

On hiatus for the months of June, July, and August

If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, this community-wide support group can provide you with an opportunity to share your feelings free of charge. The 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month (9:30 am10:30 am) at TEC in the library. Pleased be advised the support group is on hiatus for the summer. Meetings will resume in September. The Bereavement Support is led by Lori Oberman (MFT),

Order Scrip Gift Cards Our current inventory has Amazon, Gelson's, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Office Depot, Regal, See’s, Sephora, Shell, Sprouts, Target, Albertans/Vons and Whole Foods. You can order and pick up in the same day! So many others are also available by special order. Pay for things you are already buying using scrip (gift cards) instead of your debit card! We are all putting gas in our cars, buying groceries etc. By purchasing scrip, you are supporting TEC. Call Jessica, in the office, 805-497-6891 or email and then upon pickup simply give Jessica a check. It is that easy!

Happy Father ’s Day From Community Outreach and everyone at Temple Etz Chaim, have a happy Father’s Day. Take some time to show your father, grandfather, and the special gentlemen in your life that you love and appreciate them. 9

Social Action Happy summer! The goals of Social Action at TEC are to help those in our community and learn more about our neighbors while enriching ourselves. We will resume regular meetings this summer with guest Rabbi Averbach. Watch TEC email for the meeting announcement. Please join us as we discuss the below opportunities, plan for the below teams, and plan for Mitzvah Day in November.

Mark Goldstein, VP of Social Action

Conejo Pride / LGBTQ+ Team is planning a Pride Weekend at TEC highlighting informative speakers as services in coordination with Conejo Pride this fall. Visitor Welcome Team guides those visiting Shabbat services or TEC for the first time. Learning Seder Team provides educational Seders to other faiths in our community at their places of worship. Feeding the Needy Team participates with Westlake Village Calvary Church in feeding those less fortunate or homeless on the second Tuesday of the month. For more information and to volunteer please contact Lynne Katz at

Interfaith Opportunities Conejo Valley Refugee Welcome Team Conejo Valley Women’s Interfaith Network TEAMS

Garden and Bird Sanctuary Team maintains and enhances the garden and bird area behind the temple.

Bimah Benefits Team provides alternatives to flowers for those sponsoring bimah decorations.

Mark Goldstein

Women of TEC Gift Shop

Ann Moore-Ross, Head of Gift Shop

For any occasion, including weekly Shabbat observance and B’nai Mitzvot, we have inventory to meet all your Judaica needs. Our selection includes Kiddush cups, candle holders, and jewelry.

The gift shop is open on Sunday (9:30-11:30 am), MondayWednesday (3:00-5:00 pm), and Thursday and Friday (by appointment). Please call the front office to schedule an appointment at (805) 497-6891 or the gift shop directly at ext. 130 during its hours of operation.

See a picture below for a sample of our merchandise.


We Proudly Congratulate our B’nai Mitzvot Avah Morton

June 1, 2019

Shalom. My name is Avah Sue Morton; Hebrew name Levana. My parents chose Levana since it has a similar underlying meaning to that of my great-grandmother’s name - Selma. I began my religious journey at Temple Etz Chaim in pre-school many years ago and recently visited Israel. Thru many years of religious studies, I now will take part in becoming a Bat Mitzvah on June 1, 2019. I very much enjoy about anything creative and artistic and typically carry my sketchbook with me. I also love reading, especially adventure novels. When not reading or doing art, I focus on my school studies but also my dedication to the Israeli Martial Arts Academy. I have been training at IMAA since age 4 and now proudly hold a brown-belt in that system. In addition to all that, I have a close circle of friends and family who also keep me busy. I’d like to thank my family, my Nani, uncles, aunts and cousins, Rabbi Spiegel, Hazzan Pablo, my Hebrew tutor Marv, the amazing staff at Temple Etz Chaim who have all had a critical part in my Jewish learning and preparation for my Bat Mitzvah. I look forward to crossing the important Bat Mitzvah milestone and continuing my Jewish studies in the Confirmation program.

Mark Heirshberg

June 15, 2019

My name is Mark Heirshberg and I am a 7th grader at Redwood Middle School. My favorite sport is basketball. I love basketball! I have played in CYBA for 8 years. I enjoy playing football, soccer and anything that keeps me active. I also enjoy playing my guitar, reading many different types of books and cooking. I have worked hard for my Bar Mitzvah, studying almost everyday for the past 6 months. I would like to thank Joyce Bronstein, Rabbi Spiegel, Hazzan Pablo and especially my tutor Rhawn Friedlander for helping me prepare for my special day. I would also like to thank my dad, mom and sister Sophia for supporting me in my studies. Judaism is very important to me and I look forward to becoming an attributing Jewish adult.

Isaiah Bowens

June 22, 2019

Hi! My name is Isaiah Bowens and I will become a Bar Mitzvah on June 22nd. I am an honors student at Sinaloa Middle School and have been part of Temple Etz Chaim since I was 2 years old in pre-school. I really enjoy being part of the Temple Etz Chaim Family. I am a competitive tap dancer and one day hope to become a professional tapper. I love dancing, drumming, dj’ing, photography and playing video games with my friends. I would like to thank Rabbi Spiegel, Hazzan Pablo and Joyce Bronstein for their support and encouragement. I would also like to thank my tutors Marv and my aunt Mindy for teaching me everything I need to know so I am able to enjoy my big day. And lastly a special shout out to my parents for keeping me on track and making sure I am always where I need to be and my sisters for putting up with my practicing. Looking forward to celebrating with all of my family and friends!

Revi Goren

June 29, 2019

My name is Revi Goren and I am a student at Sycamore Canyon. I play tennis and the violin. In my free time, I like to do art. I have been at TEC since preschool and I am very excited to become a Bat Mitzvah. I would like to thank all of my Hebrew School teachers, Joyce Bronstein, Rabbi Spiegel, Hazzan Pablo, and especially my tutor, Marv. Thanks to my brother Ben and my parents for supporting me.

Alan Kriger

July 15, 2019

My name is Alan Kriger. I just finished 7th grade at Medea Creek Middle School. To me becoming a Bar Mitzvah means becoming an adult and taking on more responsibilities. Ever since I can remember I couldn’t wait for my Bar Mitzvah, but once I started tutoring I became very scared that I would mess up and freeze from stage fright, but now I realize it will be one of the most significant days in my life. I would like to thank Marv Friedman for his help, patience and encouragement, Hazzan Pablo for his support, the Sunday Morning Minyan crowd for being so welcoming and supportive, everyone at Religious school for all the years of learning and fun and to Rabbi Spiegel for always being there for my family. 11

Contributions to our Synagogue Rabbi Richard Spiegel Discretionary Fund

Hilda Mann

In memory of: Edward Bernstein

Barbara Harris

From Deli and Herb Weisberg From Karen and Michael Roberts

Allen Kanner

From Larry and Judy Mayer

Fannie Zamkoff

Robert Peisner Kate Shaw

From Julie and Kenneth Saul

Jean Kanner

Sandy Pfefferman Evelyn Peisner

From Sandy and Arthur Pfefferman

Ruth Kaplan

Shari Mark Virginia Moore

From Phyllis and Joe Bayewitch Beau Mann

Jotkowitz Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund

Pauline Kaplan

In memory of:

Emily Safani Carla Shaw

Sheldon Friedman Heywood Friedman Belle Rothenberg Marsha Rosenblum Fannie “Nana� Markowitz Bonnie Garfinkel Rose Kumin

Julius Kaplan Michael Safani

Janet Kaller

Jack Gorman

Esther Scop

Sandy Rosenfeld Our condolences to: Jacqueline Stern

Sarah Orlin

From Robin Oberman

Evie Alpert

From Liz and Ron Groden The Schoenkerman Family

Errol Berk

Mark Scop Evie Alpert

Judi Gill Get well soon:

From Sandra and John Lutzker

Ed Jotkowitz

Our condolences to:

From Susan and Alan Flaschner

Wendy and Peter Margolis

From Carolyn and Neil Bordofsky

Inbar Israel Travel and Education Scholarship Fund

From Liz and Ron Groden

In memory of:

From Janice and Yaakov Orlowski

Albert Goldenberg

From Jan and Janice Orlowski Gideon Manzur From Debbie and Les Feldman The Schoenkerman Family From Debbie and Les Feldman From Leland Shapiro Heidi Birnbaum From Debbie and Les Feldman Thanks for my Yizkor honor: Rabbi Spiegel From Herb Wexler In appreciation of: Rabbi Spiegel From Lorne Label and Sarah Orlin From Shirley and Alan Lipkin Mazel tov on your retirement: Rabbi Spiegel From Debbie and Les Feldman Rabbi Spiegel From Judy Sneed Hazzan Pablo Duek Discretionary Fund In memory of: Edward Bernstein Shari Mark Murray Bass Sharon Seiden Lazarus Falk Beryl Mann Murray Bass Sharon Seiden

From Sarah Orlin

Robert Peisner

Merrill Goldenberg

From Liz and Ron Groden Gideon Manzur

Religious School Fund In memory of:

From Liz and Ron Groden

Jerry Maze

Temple General Fund

Heidi Brinbaum

In memory of:

Eva Maultasch

William Horwitz

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Elisa Feldman Memorial Religious School Scholarship Fund In memory of:

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Dorothy Schoenwald Jeff Schoenwald

From Hattie Wolf, Cheryl Wolf, and Family


Contributions to our Synagogue Harry Altman

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In memory of:

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Lynne and Gary Katz From Wendy and Peter Margolis Lipnick Religious School Scholarship Fund In memory of: Yetta Edelstein Judi Gill Natalee Sharon Gurien Harvey Gurien Sandee Tischler Religious School Scholarship Fund

Lisa Eidman and Family

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Patty and Jerry Kaye

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Roni and Avrum Rosen


June 2019 Sunday






Saturday 1

27 Iyar

10:00 AM Shabbat Services Avah Morton Bat Mitzvah


28 Iyar 3

8:30 AM Minyan 11:30 AM Summerfest


29 Iyar 4

8:30 AM Lifeline Clinic

10:00 AM Tuesday with Rabbi

6 Sivan 10

7 Sivan 11

Shavuot Day 2

8:30 AM Minyan

10:00 AM Second Day Shavuot Services (Yizkor)

10:00 AM Tuesdays with Rabbi

Father’s Day


20 Sivan

10:00 AM Shabbat Services

5:00 PM Bingo

7:30 PM Kabbalat Shabbat

8:00 PM Erev Shavuot Services and Program Theodore Bikel Documentary and Guest Speaker

9 Sivan 13

10 Sivan 14

11 Sivan 15

Shabbat Under the Stars Begins

5:00 PM Bingo

7:00 PM Shabbat Under the Stars

16 Sivan 20

17 Sivan 21

8:30 AM Minyan

Mark Heirshberg Bar Mitzvah

18 Sivan 22

7:30 PM TEC Board Meeting

7:00 PM Al Anon 7:15 PM Minyan

22 Sivan 26

6:00 PM Tot Shabbat 5:00 PM Bingo

23 Sivan 27

Isaiah Bowens Bar Mitzvah

7:00 PM Shabbat Under the Stars

24 Sivan 28

25 Sivan 29

26 Sivan

10:00 AM Shabbat Services

10:00 AM Tuesday with Rabbi 7:15 PM Minyan

19 Sivan

10:00 AM Shabbat Services

10:00 AM Tuesdays with Rabbi

21 Sivan 25

27 Sivan

12 Sivan

10:00 AM Shabbat Services

9:30 AM Melton Adult Ed. Class

8:30 AM Minyan


5 Sivan

Erev Shavuot Shabbat Honoring Rabbi Spiegel

Last Day of Preschool ECE Closes at 12:30 PM

15 Sivan 19

7:00 PM Book Club


4 Sivan 8

7:00 PM Jeff Finn Scotch, Steak, Cigars, and Talmud

Preschool Summer Camp Begins

7:15 PM Minyan

3 Sivan 7

7:15 PM Minyan

7:00 PM Al Anon

14 Sivan 18

8:30 AM Minyan

7:00 PM Al Anon

9:30 AM Preschool Graduation

7:15 PM Minyan

13 Sivan 17

5:30 PM Entertainment Committee Meeting

8 Sivan 12

7:00 PM Religious 7:30 PM 10th Grade School Education Confirmation Service Committee Meeting


2 Sivan 6

9:30 AM Melton Adult Ed. Class

5:30 PM Mah Jongg 6:30 PM Women of Class TEC Election of Officers 6:30 PM Adult U 7:00 PM David Arben 7:15 PM Minyan Book Signing

Shavuot 10:00 AM First Day Shavuot Services

1 Sivan 5

7:00 PM Al Anon

5:00 PM Bingo

7:15 PM Minyan

7:00 PM Shabbat Under the Stars

Revi Goren Bat Mitzvah

SAVE THE DATE August 6 Women of TEC Board Meeting

August 11 Tisha b’Av

August 16 Tailgate Shabbat 14

August 23 Rabbi Averbach Installation Program

August 25 Installation Picnic at Conejo Creek Park


July 2019 Sunday

Monday 1


28 Sivan 2


29 Sivan 3


30 Sivan 4

1 Tammuz 5

The Fourth of July 10:00 AM Tuesdays with Rabbi


9:30 AM Melton Adult Ed. Class


2 Tammuz 6

Rabbi Averbach’s First Shabbat Service

3 Tammuz

10:00 AM Shabbat Services

7:00 PM Al Anon


4 Tammuz 8

8:30 AM Minyan

5 Tammuz 9

6 Tammuz 10

7:00 PM Religious School Education Committee Meeting

11 Tammuz 15

8:30 AM Minyan

7:15 PM Minyan

12 Tammuz 16

13 Tammuz 17

18 Tammuz 22

9 Tammuz 13

10 Tammuz

10:00 AM Shabbat Services

5:00 PM Bingo

14 Tammuz 18

7:00 PM Shabbat Under the Stars

15 Tammuz 19

16 Tammuz 20

9:30 AM Melton Adult Ed. Class

7:45 PM Men’s Club Board Meeting

19 Tammuz 23

7:15 PM Minyan

20 Tammuz 24

17 Tammuz

10:00 AM Shabbat Services

7:00 PM Al Anon

7:00 PM Book Club


8 Tammuz 12

7:00 PM Al Anon

Alan Kriger Bar Mitzvah

7:15 PM Minyan

7 Tammuz 11

9:30 AM Melton Adult Ed. Class

7:15 PM Minyan


7:00 PM Shabbat Under the Stars

7:15 PM Minyan

7:15 PM Minyan

10:00 AM Twelfth Grade Blessings and 7:00 PM Shabbat Under Wishes the Stars 6:00 PM Tot Shabbat

5:00 PM Bingo

21 Tammuz 25

22 Tammuz 26

23 Tammuz 27

8:30 AM Minyan

24 Tammuz

10:00 AM Shabbat Services 7:00 PM Al Anon 7:15 PM Minyan

7:15 PM Minyan


25 Tammuz 29

26 Tammuz 30

27 Tammuz 31

5:00 PM Bingo

7:00 PM Shabbat Under the Stars

28 Tammuz

8:30 AM Minyan 7:15 PM Minyan

7:00 PM Al Anon 7:15 PM Minyan

SAVE THE DATE September 3 Women of TEC Board Meeting

September 17 Book Club

September 18 Men’s Club Board Meeting 15

September 20 Tot Shabbat

September 29 Erev Rosh Hashanah

Non-Profit U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 131 Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Temple Etz Chaim 1080 E. Janss Road Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Temple Leadership Clergy

Board of Directors

Elissa Lazarus, Corresponding Secretary

Rabbi Ari Averbach

Jeff Solomon, President

Larry Slomowitz, VP Building and Grounds

Hazzan Pablo Duek

Shari Mark, Executive Vice President

Felicia Toporoff, VP Religious School

Rabbi Emeritus Shimon Paskow

Sherri Finn, Immediate Past President

Tami Wank, Trustee Community Outreach

Rabbi Emeritus Richard Spiegel

Debbie Cohen-Sitt, VP Youth

David Yodkovik, Treasurer

Mark Goldstein, VP Social Action

Joe Zwicker, VP Early Childhood


Robin Kahn, Trustee Business Services


Gideon Manzur, Executive Director

Benny Sommerfeld, VP Religion and

Terri Zwicker, Trustee Strategic Planning

Debbie Blumenthal, ECE Director


Ken Leon, Men’s Club President

Kathy Sharp, ECE Assistant Director

Wendy Margolis, Financial Secretary

Cindy Scherr, WOTEC President

Joyce Bronstein, Religious School Director

Beth Meyer, Recording Secretary

Gary Katz, Past President

Shannon Tepfer, Youth Director

Tom Milhaupt, VP Personnel/Legal

Marshall Scherr, Past President

Michael Roberts, Trustee Bingo

Myles Simpson, Past President


Profile for Temple Etz Chaim

Bulletin June-July 2019  

Bulletin June-July 2019