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ETZETERA February 2021

2020: The Year TEC Took on a Pandemic (see details on pages 10 - 11)

President - Shari Mark The older we get, the faster it seems that time flies. The pace at which a month speeds by is highlighted by the fact that once again, my Etzetera article is due. This past year had days that seemed like an eternity but, reflecting back, the months did swiftly fly by. In the beginning of March 2020, your TEC leadership team talked about potentially closing the campus for two weeks, with plans to deep clean and disinfect. We had heard that other temples in the area were planning to close for four or five weeks; if you could have seen our faces! How crazy to think we would close for that long. But here we are, over ten months later and with the exception of our infant center, preschool and the few glorious weeks that we came together to daven in our parking lot, our campus remains closed. So much has changed and we have adapted. Online and virtual learning opportunities have become a “thing”. It has been really wonderful and enriching and for me, greatly appreciated. I’ve spent many hours participating in webinars on a variety of subjects. Most recently, I attended a webinar discussing the much-talked about vaccine, the science behind it, how it works, and how it fits into Judaism. Another webinar that a few others and myself took part in was from AJU which talked about “Medical Ethics and Judaism”. Fascinating, is the word that comes to mind. If you missed it,

don’t despair, our Social Action and Community Outreach commities are currently creating an evening program for us to come together and learn how medical breakthroughs and Judism fit together. You will not want to miss this program. By the time you are reading this, we will have just finished Tu B’Shevat and Purim will be upon us. Following suit after the successful roll-out of our High Holiday programming, our amazing TEC team is again reimagining our upcoming holidays in innovative and creative ways. A drivethrough Purim carnival sounds like fun, right? Certainly we are living through some hard times. However, I hope you are finding some lightness in your TEC community with virtual or socially distanced (stay in your car) programming and our continued and consistent uplifting spiritual services. With vaccines a reality, we share a renewed sense of optimism that we can return to some semblance of normalcy in the near future. I very much look forward to the day that our campus is reopened and we can finally join together, in person, again. Gratefully,

Shari Mark President

Shari Mark can be reached at president@templeetzchaim.org


Rabbi Ari Averbach The Torah finds us wandering in the desert, the great unknown. It takes a long time to acclimate - an entire generation comes and goes before the people, our ancestors, understand their new position in life.

changing the spirit of the program. It is perhaps better than ever, with new classrooms opening and more families joining, comforted that we are taking so many precautions. The Religious School - under Joyce’s leadership, with the help of Sarah and, of course, the incredible teachers - has changed everything about teaching Judaism. It is interactive, using several layers of technology to engage students from kindergarten through high school, never forgoing the breadth or depth of the syllabus. None of this is what we could have dreamed or imagined, but Joyce and Debbie have taken incredible and innovative steps to make sure our little world keeps turning. It is because of their tireless efforts that the BJE is honoring the two of them this month in an out-of-the-box gala. We are so proud to be working with them as they continue to bless TEC with their ideas and presence every day.

When life happens, we need time to adjust, but we usually do not receive forty years. Twentyfour years ago, journalist Mary Schimch wrote, “The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind.” How true. A year ago, had you asked us what we were worried about in the future, I doubt anyone would mention a global pandemic that alters the course of everything. In comparison, the worries of our minds last year seem tiny. And yet, we must march on. The prophet Isaiah reminds us to be like a reed that bends with the currents, not breaking by a sudden gust of wind or rush of water. I am amazed by the incredible work our community has done to be like that reed, how our entire staff has taken on these challenges with each opening and closing and with each new regulation. Especially our two schools. Debbie - with the assistance of Kathy, Linda and the staff of the Early Childhood Education Center - has redesigned the layout and the curriculum of our preschool, without

Rabbi Averbach can be reached at rabbiaverbach@templeetzchaim.org

Hazzan Pablo Duek Last High Holy Days I chose an alternative English text to the traditional Hineni, the Hazzan’s prayer on behalf of the entire congregation. There is a passage of this beautiful Hineni, written by Rabbi James Stone Goodman, that I want to share with you today.

How much we can learn from only looking at them. “Let me love purely”, this is the key of life. Learning to give and to receive love in the most mature way, as we grow, as we age. “To my community”, as much as we hurt others for what we say or do, let’s be aware of how much we hurt them for the words left unsaid.

“Remind me to empty myself of all that separates me from You. Play me like a vessel, a flute, a harp. Empty me, open me, to forgive and be forgiven. Let me love as purely and as wholly as I know I can. To my community: if I have done or said anything in the past year that has hurt you in any way intentionally or unintentionally I am sorry and I ask your forgiveness. As I forgive you if you have done or said anything to hurt me.”

May the words of the “Hineni” (Here I am), awaken us as we lift ourselves up to a new and bright day.

Hazzan Pablo can be reached at hazzanpablo@templeetzchaim.org

I invite you to read these words more than once. They are powerful as they convey great meaning. Surely, it has a different meaning to each of us. How can I hug you if a wall of resentment separates us? How can I look in your eyes if you don’t talk to me with truth and respect? Empty myself from the anger and deception that gets in the way so we can smile and blend in the truest embrace. “Play me like a vessel”. I feel played like a harp when I sing, when there’s no effort or intention applied to the task, just music and words flowing from my heart. Open me, empty me, so I can travel light and be able to jump and run if I feel like it. Observe our children, they are easy to forgive and ready to engage in the next adventure.


Education at TEC

Debbie Blumenthal - Early Childhood Education February 2021 will bring four weeks of non-stop fun around Temple Etz Chaim ECE Center!

We are also closed on Monday, February 15th in observance of President’s Day. On Friday, February 26th, our Facebook Shabbat Live at 11:00 a.m. will be focused on the holiday of Purim! Tune in to Temple Etz Chaim Preschool Facebook page at 11:00 a.m. and tell us what your Purim costume is! Our children always look forward to hearing the story of Queen Esther and reenacting the Story of Purim. The classes will be singing songs, baking hamantaschen and dressing up in Purim costumes!

During the next four weeks, we will be celebrating our 100th day of school, Groundhog Day, President’s Day, Chinese New Year and ending the month with the Jewish holiday of Purim! Our ECE Center will be talking about the Jewish Middah (Jewish value) of honoring your elders in the month of February. Previously, we invited our grandparents to school with us; however this year we will find other ways to celebrate and honor our grandparents and other elders.

Chag Sameach! Debbie Blumenthal, ECE Director Debbie can be reached at debbieb@templeetzchaim.org

On Friday, February 12th, Temple Etz Chaim ECE Center will be closed for a teacher in-service day. Our entire staff will be updating their CPR/First Aid/AED training.

Joyce Bronstein - Religious School Many parents at the Religious School have heard me say, “It really is a short amount of time that you have to teach your children whatever it is you want them to learn and value.” As parents, my husband and I had only a few years while our children were young to teach them the things we felt were necessary and meaningful. We often reflect on the importance of those years and the moments our family shared. We did our utmost to impart good values, impressions, knowledge and religious education.

I hope that you enjoy this short window of time in your children’s lives! Stay safe and stay well, Joyce Bronstein, Religious School Director Joyce can be reached at joyce@templeetzchaim.org

In that brief window of time, all of us who are parents have to truly foster what we feel is essential so that, as adults, our children will have the experiences and tools to make good decisions and lead meaningful lives. So, parents, I am thankful that you have continued your children’s Jewish education in our amazing ZoomRooms. The staff and I love making a difference in your children’s lives. We are aware that we have only a few years to teach and educate your children to feel comfortable with and knowledgeable about their Jewish heritage and traditions.



Shannon Tepfer - Youth Department We are so excited for Purim! We have created two new experiences for the TEC community.

B’shalom, Shannon Tepfer, Youth Director Shannon can be reached at shannon@templeetzchaim.org

Our first exciting addition to Purim is the TEC Mishloach Manot Fundraiser! Mishloach Manot is one of the mitzvot of Purim and enables families to send festive Purim greetings to other members of the Temple Etz Chaim community. Thanks to our generous donors: The Rosenberg Family, The Warren Family, WOTEC, and Merrill Lynch Miller/Asher group, we were able to put together Mishloach Manot bags for each TEC community family that are full of intention and care. Everyone should have received an email with a personalized log in to participate in our fundraiser. If you have not, please let me know so I can get that sent over to you ASAP.

February dates to remember: February 4th - Jr/Sr Amazing Race Lounge: 7:00 pm-9:00 pm February 11th - Kadima “Costume” Ball: 4:00 pm-5:30 pm February 21st - Machar “Chag Purim”: 12:00 pm- 12:45 pm February 23rd - WOTEC and TEC USY Hamentashen Bake: 7:00 pm February 24th - Volunteer bag packing for Mishloach Manot (volunteer sign ups available) February 25th-26th- Mishloach Manot delivery (volunteer sign ups available) February 28th - Drive-thru Purim Carnival: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

Through innovation and partnership with our very own TEC Men’s Club, we are happy to announce our second new experience, our first ever drive-thru Purim Carnival! On Sunday, February 28th we will be having games, treats, music, photo opps, knish pick up, and more. Safety precautions will be taken, the only thing you risk is missing out!

Sharsheret will speak to our TEC community during our Hamantaschen Bake about Purim’s message of self-care and caring for our community.


Purim 2021


Religion and Worship Benny Sommerfeld - VP of Religion and Worship

Let us know what social media platform works best for you. We cannot only rely on numbers from social media but rather have your feedback on what you are using. Say hello and send me your thoughts: religion@templeetzchaim.org

TEC has been providing virtual services for almost a year now, and I am curious to hear your feedback about them. Nothing can compare to in-person services, but we are so thankful that we have been able to continue to worship online. We are always trying to improve the services and I welcome your feedback to hear what your experience has been and what you think we can do differently.

Purim is around the corner and I invite you all to take part of our special Purim programs and hear the Megillah reading. Bivracha,

Our services are simulcast on Facebook and YouTube. Which one do you prefer?

Benny Sommerfeld VP Religion & Worship

Men’s Club

Colin Pullan - President of Men’s Club We are having a busy and productive year in spite of the pandemic. I am still kvelling over our drive-thru Sukkah. In that vein, Youth Director, Shannon Tepfer, came up with a great idea for Purim. A Youth Department/Men’s Club joint program, a drive-thru Purim Carnival with games! On Sunday, Feb. 28th, come wearing your costumes and masks. The games will be played from the comfort of your car and all safety precautions will be taken. I anticipate lots of smiles and laughter from the kids as well as the adults. We will be collecting canned goods for our local Manna Food Bank.

He frequently steps up and takes charge when we have a task to perform. Jonathan richly deserves this honor. Ruby Wasserman, Mazel Tov to you for being selected as our TEC Men’s Club Youth of the Year. Shannon Tepfer nominated Ruby for all of her contributions to TEC USY. Sunday, Feb. 7th, is going to be a busy day. At 8:15am, via Zoom we will have our annual World Wide Wrap. This is when Jewish men, women and children from all generations around the world figuratively come together to wrap tefillin and participate in the morning service. At 11am, we will hold our Man of the Year and Youth of the Year event, where Jonathan and Ruby will be honored. We hope to see you there!

Scholar in Residence, Mens Club’s signature event, will be held Feb. 19th - 21st. Our scholar is Rabbi Norman Cohen, an outstanding speaker. Due to the pandemic, all of his sessions will be via Zoom. Every session will be interesting and intellectually stimulating.


Mazel tov to Jonathan Hops. He is our Man of the Year! His contributions have had a significant impact on our club.

Colin Pullan, Men’s Club President Colin can be reached at mensclub@templeetzchaim.org


Scholar-In-Residence Temple Etz Chaim Men’s Club Presents Our 20th Annual

SCHOLAR-IN-RESIDENCE February 19th - 21st, 2021

“The Changing Jewish Lens Past, Present, and Future.” Evolving Jewish Perspectives Friday, Feb. 19 at 8:00 pm

Looking Through Our Lens of Midrash and Commentaries at our Texts and How we Interpret some Well-Known Stories

Rabbi Norman M. Cohen

Saturday, Feb. 20 at 10:00 am

Founding Rabbi Emeritus of Bet Shalom Congregation in Minnetonka, Minnesota

How Others Look Through Their Lenses of the Christian Scripture at Our Biblical Heroes, and Why This Matters.

Norman M. Cohen is the Founding Rabbi Emeritus of Bet Shalom Congregation, in Minnetonka, Minnesota. He received his bachelor’s degree from Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts, and earned a Master’s degree, Ordination, and a Doctorate of Divinity from HUC in Cincinnati, and has served on the faculties of St Olaf College, St Catherine University, Macalester College, Xavier University and United Theological Seminary. Rabbi Cohen is the author of the book Jewish Bible Personages in the New Testament He also wrote the book Sacred Architecture: The Building of Bet Shalom about the intentional symbolic architecture of his congregation. He has authored numerous published articles and sermons including chapters in the book Keeping the Faith in Rabbinical Education and in Text Messages, and an essay he co-authored in Society and Business Review: Leviticus on how to make and distribute profit. He is working on a book, Stereotypes and Misconceptions Jews and Christians Hold About Each Other. He has appeared as scholar in residence in over two dozen cities across North America.

Saturday, Feb. 20 at 7:30 pm

Jews Looking at Christians and Christians Looking at Jews Through Our Lenses of Stereotypes and Misconceptions Then and Now, and How This Impacts Our Lives Today.

Sunday, Feb. 21 at 10:00 am

Looking at Ruth Through Our Lenses for Lessons of Today – What We Can Learn to Address Key Issues of Our Time.

Please join us in a Virtual Format SIR Weekend where Rabbi Norman M Cohen will discuss and engage us in following topics. No RSVPs required. Zoom Details will be provided. Mark your SIR Weekend memorable with one of our SIR Nosh and learn Basket Sponsorships. See the Temple Website for more details.. Further information: mensclub@templeetzchaim.org or 805-497-6891


20 Ways TEC Took On 2020


2 3

Introduced High

Distributed over 400 High Holiday gift bags filled with prayer books, religious items, apples, honey, and challah that complemented the virtual holiday experience.


– Our Clergy and Religion & Worship Committee worked overtime to create and produce six virtual High Holiday services rich with spirituality and meaningfulness that were specifically designed for an online format and included a new element where congregants shared their original poems and stories.

Re-opened our Early Childhood Education Center

on June 1st with new health and safety protocols to serve our local families including numerous essential workers (doctors and nurses, hospital personnel, and firefighters) giving them the peace of mind they needed to focus on their work.

5 6

Launched outdoor Shabbat evening services with COVID safety protocols (social distancing and mask wearing) as permitted under State and Local guidelines. Provided customized professional Zoom training to all Religious School teachers


Early Childhood Education Center added their first

ever Kindergarten level classes for the 2020-2021 school year. These classes provide an option for parents whose young children need the structure of a live classroom setting as well as a childcare option for working parents.


Expanded TEC’s YouTube channel presence with enhanced content featuring holiday services, music programs and concerts, cooking demonstrations, and personal reflections. The TEC channel has over 300 subscribers and over 20,000 views, some of which have come from as far away as the UK, Israel, Argentina, Ireland, France, South Africa, Brazil, and Australia.


Launched TEC Explores - a weekly on-line video series where TEC members provide their insights on diverse topics such as the environment, Tikkun Olam, Re-dedication, the beauty of community and Temple membership, among other topics.


allowing them to develop and execute an interactive virtual learning environment for students in grades K-12. The rich experience found in our ZoomRooms ensures that our children will continue to receive a quality Jewish education.

Coping with COVID programming series

offered by Community Outreach was tailored to various audience demographics and provided helpful insights on how to manage stress and stressful situations caused by the pandemic. Stay tuned for additional programming in 2021.


During a time of enormous need, TEC delivered. Under the leadership of our

Social Action Committee, our generous members donated money, food, and household items including blankets, jackets, toiletries, gift cards, toys, cell phones, and blood (literally) to various charitable organizations such as Harbor House, Many Mansions (where we were the single largest donor), Meals on Wheels, Midnight Madness, Medic Mobile, Westminster Free Clinic, and Vitalant.


11 12


The virtual

Challalujah program encouraged

home observance of Shabbat by handing out over 400 challahs at each of two special drive-up events. TEC’s first drive-through Sukkah, designed and built by TEC’s Men’s Club, allowed congregants to experience the holiday of Sukkot from their cars and also gave members the opportunity to say the blessings while shaking the Lulav and Etrog in a socially distanced COVID safe manner.


Maintaining a presence in our national and regional dialogue, Rabbi Averbach appeared on CBS News where he offered insights on his first virtual community Passover Seder and the podcast The American Rabbi where he shared his opinions on the changing Jewish landscape including the impact of the pandemic.

Challah Bake




Zoom art project (one of several developed by TEC’s youth program) taught resiliency and the wonderment found in each day by making a “unique to us” calendar out of recycled grocery bags. During this interactive session, students discussed the holiday of Lag B’Omer and the importance of living each day to the fullest.


Jewish Arts and Movement (JAM) Series

led by Hazzan Pablo encourages kids to explore music in alignment with Jewish observance. Due to the pandemic, this highly popular program was transitioned to an online format.

sponsored by Women of TEC gave participants an opportunity to learn how to make challah and provided a quick lesson on the history of challah making. Other interactive Zoom events included a movie night, Bingo, and Hanukkah candle-making.


To partially mitigate lost revenue as a result of the initial stay-at-home order and the decision to cover the entire payroll for all TEC employees during the shutdown period, TEC successfully applied for and received a Federal Government PPP loan as well as grants for PPE and security coverage.



pizza and ice cream drive-up events helped

support local businesses and provided another COVID safe touchpoint with our Temple community.


Where’s Rabbi Averbach? Under

water? On a bike? Rabbi Averbach’s videos for TEC@HOME have been filmed in unusual locations all over the Conejo Valley providing thoughtful insights with a healthy dose of positivity and good humor.


We are blessed with wonderful and caring congregants! Several members of our TEC community generously provided additional donations and other support which helped TEC expand financial consideration for members hard hit by the pandemic and to give back to others in need. We truly are a family of families!


Tikkun Olam Social Action - Judy Gindi

SAVE THE DATE! On Tuesday, February 9th at 7pm, Social Action along with Community Outreach will present an evening on Covid-19: “Jewish Ethics and the Vaccine.�

The Social Action Committee meets the fourth Wednesday of the month after Minyan at 7:45pm. Everyone is invited to attend. Please contact Judy for a zoom link. Judy Gindi VP Social Action Commitee Judy can be reached at socialaction@templeetzchaim.org

This will be led by our own Rabbi Averbach followed by a medical specialist that will provide current guidance on vaccine efficacy and potential risks. Up to date information will be given as to where and when you can sign up for your vaccine followed by Q&A. Please check your Temple Etz Chaim email for the zoom link in the near future. Contact Judy Gindi at socialaction@templeetzchaim.org or Mark Goldstein at outreach@templeetzchaim.org for further information.


Temple Etz Chaim Presents

The Covid-19 Vaccines: Why, How, Where and When A Virtual Webinar

Tuesday, February 9th, 7:00 PM

The Ethics

The Vaccines

The Distribution

TEC’s Rabbi Averbach examines

Dr. Barry Statner MD, Infectious Disease Specialist, answers

Barry Zimmerman, Chief Deputy Director, Health Care Agency, County of Ventura addresses where, how, and when we can get the vaccine. Please stay informed at www.venturacountyrecovers.org

the ethical implications and obligations of the vaccine

questions about vaccine safety and efficacy

LOCAL EXPERTS EXPLAIN THE RAPIDLY CHANGING INFORMATION Submit questions to our panelists no later than Thursday, February 4th via outreach@templeetzchaim.org

Click HERE to attend the webinar! 1080 East Janss Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 805-497-6891 • templeetzchaim.org https://www.facebook.com/templeetz • https://www.youtube.com/c/templeetzchaim


Advanced Planning


Torah Fund


Women of Temple Etz Chaim is excited to announce our 2020-2021 Torah Fund campaign raising funds to ensure our legacy to future generations of Conservative Jews by providing: Rabbis, Cantors, Educators,  Administrators, Social Workers, Scholars, Professional and Lay Leaders, Researchers and more. Torah Fund  supports higher Jewish learning at:   

JTS - The Jewish Theological Seminary (New York) Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (Los Angeles) Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem)  Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano (Buenos Aires)  Zacharias Frankel Seminary (Potsdam, Germany) 

You are Torah Fund at any Level: KETER KAVOD …….(14K special pin)………..$5,000 SCHOLARSHIP PATRON…(Emerald)…………$2,500 PATRON ……………………(Diamond)…………$1200 ASSOCIATE PATRON………(Ruby)……………$600 GUARDIAN …………………..(Pearl)……………$300 BENEFACTOR …………………………………….$180

B’YACHAD TORAH FUND PIN FOR  5781 (2020-2021)   

The Torah Fund theme for 2020–2021 is B’Yachad, which means ‘Together’. This theme signifies the joy of sisterhood members working together year-round to make important contributions to the Jewish community through their volunteer efforts at synagogues across the United States and Canada. Our pride in being Jewish shows in everything we do. We are high achievers in our professional and personal lives, and we accomplish even more together! Each of us is one small nugget of gold, but together our small gifts reflect and refract the light inside us and help each other shine. Together, since 1942, the modest contributions of thousands of individuals to this grassroots fundraising effort called Torah Fund have helped to educate and train each generation of rabbis, cantors, scholars, educators, summer camp directors, chaplains, campus Jewish life staff, and committed lay leaders. These are the people who guide and teach, console and uplift our people, one soul at a time, whether in person or remotely, during these challenging times. We make this happen together. Please join us!

Your minimum donation of $180 will give you this beautiful Torah Fund pin as your gift.

Donations of any amount to this much needed and necessary fund for the preservation of our future are cherished. This year donating is a little different, but easier. DIRECTIONS FOR DONATING ONLINE BY CREDIT CARD: 1. Go to the International Torah Fund website at JTS:​ ​CLICK HERE 2. Fill out the Donation Page. 3. In the box that asks, “​What city is your sisterhood located?” type ​THOUSAND OAKS​.

4. In the box, that asks, “What is the name of your sisterhood?,” type ​TEMPLE ETZ CHAIM​. 5. Email or call Esther or Phyllis to alert them that you donated online so they can confirm the donation.

DIRECTIONS FOR DONATING BY CHECK: 1. Write the check payable to ​TORAH FUND​. 2. Send your check to the Temple and ​write Torah Fund on the envelope​. Please contact us with any questions. B’Shalom and Todah Rabah, Esther Radom Pullan | 818.585.6890 | ​esthercolor49@gmail.com Phyllis Dankberg | 805.499.6370 | ​phyllis@dankberg.com VP Co-Chairs Torah Fund, Women of TEC


Weekly Schedule* Sunday

8:30 am Morning Minyan Service

Monday 7:15 pm Evening Minyan Service

Tuesday 10:00 AM Tuesdays with Rabbi Spiegel

Wednesday 7:15 pm Evening Minyan Service

Friday 7:00 pm Kabbalat Shabbat

Saturday 9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service 7:00 pm Community Havdalah

* Visit TEC@Home for updates


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Staff Gideon Manzur - Executive Director Debbie Blumenthal - ECE Director Joyce Bronstein - Religious School Director Shannon Tepfer - Youth Director Kathy Sharp - ECE Assistant Director Shane Silverstein - Programs/Events Coordinator Jessica Jacoby - Accounts Receivable Lindsey Alpert - Administrative Support Board of Directors Shari Mark - President Eric Feigenbaum - Executive VP Jeff Solomon - Immediate Past President Jennifer Elson - VP Membership Sherri Finn-Werber* - Trustee, Adult Education Mark Goldstein - Trustee Community Outreach Judy Gindi - VP Social Action Elissa Lazarus - Corresponding Secretary Dan Lubetkin - VP Communications Wendy Margolis* - Financial Secretary Beth Meyer - Recording Secretary Tom Milhaupt - VP Personnel/Legal Colin Pullan - Men’s Club President Michael Roberts - Trustee Bingo Cindy Scherr - Women of TEC President Larry Slomowitz - VP Building and Grounds Benny Sommerfeld - VP Religion and Worship Ilana Sweet - VP Youth Felicia Toporoff - VP Religious School David Yodkovik - Treasurer Joe Zwicker - VP Early Childhood Education Terri Zwicker - Trustee Strategic Planning Gary Katz - Past President Marshall Scherr - Past President Myles Simpson - Past President

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Temple Etz Chaim Live Stream! At Temple Etz Chaim, all Shabbat Services held in the Paskow Sanctuary are live streamed. Live Streaming allows those in our community who otherwise cannot physically come to the Temple to participate in the Shabbat experience. It also affords B’nai Mitzvah families with out-of-town guests who cannot make it to services the opportunity to participate in the simcha. Please know that if you ascend the bimah, light the Shabbat candles, have an Aliyah, or open the ark, your image and voice will be broadcast on the live stream. Services can now be viewed live! Visit our Facebook page or streamspot.com.

*Past President


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Etzetera - February 2021  

Etzetera - February 2021