Etzetera - May/June 2023

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Letters from Our Leaders Renovation Updates Meet Our B’nai Mitzvah


Rabbi Ari Averbach

Interim Cantor Kenny Ellis

Rabbi Emeritus Richard Spiegel

Rabbi Emeritus Shimon Paskow


Executive Director Gideon Manzur

Early Childhood Education Director Debbie Blumenthal

Religious School Director Joyce Bronstein

Early Childhood Education Asst. Director Keri Loventhal

Programming & Youth Director Cindy Goldberg

Programming & Events Coordinator Shane Silverstein

ECE Administrative Assistant Linda Starr

RS Administrative Assistant Sarah Karamas

Accounts Receivable Jessica Jacoby

Clergy Assistant Jill Rosenberg

Musical Director Mariano Dugatkin

Board of Directors

President Eric Feigenbaum

Executive Vice President Felicia Toporoff

Immediate Past President Shari Mark

Treasurer David Yodkovik

Corresponding Secretary Elissa Lazarus

Recording Secretary Rachael Pugh

VP, Building & Grounds Dan Wachs

VP, Communications Rachel Carmona

VP, Early Childhood Education Chad Hampton

VP, Personnel & Legal Josh Hopstone

VP, Project Funding Wendy Margolis*

VP, Religion & Worship Benny Sommerfeld

VP, Religious School Education Adya Riss

VP, Social Action Pam Friedman

VP, Youth Ilana Sweet

Trustee, Bingo Marshall Scherr*

Trustee, Community Outreach Mark Goldstein

Trustee, Governance Steve Plotkin

Trustee, Programming Dan Lubetkin

Trustee, Sustainability Ely Jacobsohn

President, Men’s Club Irwin Barney

President, Women of TEC Linda Hutchings

Past President, Board Member Sherri Finn-Werber

Past President, Board Member Gary Katz

Past President, Board Member Myles Simpson

*Past President

This Month’s Spotlight: Let’s celebrate Shavuot together! See page 20 for details.
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JUNE 11, 2023 | 6:30PM
Temple Etz Chaim in its newly reopened state-of-the-art sanctuary and social hall for a night to remember, as Cantor Kenny Ellis invites Mostly Kosher & Nefesh Mountain Band for an entertaining evening of great music! Doors open at 6pm, 6:30pm show begins. May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783 3

Letters from Our Leaders

For the past eight months, we have been “making do” in our temporary dwellings. With the overwhelming success of our capital campaign, the building where I used to spend most of my time has been under renovation.

From the pictures, it looks like it is coming along beautifully, to open in just a few days. I am grateful that Rabbi Spiegel is allowing me to use his office, to sit at his desk, to learn from his books, and to eat the candy he has stashed in his drawers!

I am aware of how these past several months have impacted our community. Some have a difficult time finding parking, others don’t feel quite comfortable in our interim prayer space. (Although we have been getting a wonderful turnout at services recently!)

But most of all, I am aware of the incredible work of our maintenance staff. Ricardo and his team seem to be working around the clock to set-up and break-down our limited space.

On a typical day, the Wolfson Auditorium is turned over from an adult-ed classroom to a preschool song area to a gymnastics studio to a sacred prayer space and dessert hall. In the blink of an eye, the coffee maker is gone, tables and chairs go in and out with swift ease, the orientation is turned on its axis.

The constant work of making our sanctuary, chapel, social hall and offices look beautiful and refreshed will all be worth it. But when you see our indefatigable maintenance crew, make sure to thank them for the behind-the-scenes work they are doing to keep us afloat with the Wolfson Auditorium as our only place of communal gathering.

Eric Feigenbaum, President

On May 7th Temple Etz Chaim kicked off its new “sister synagogue” relationship with Temple Etz Hayyim of Hania, Crete. In a Sunday Stickaround, we had the opportunity for video conversation with TEH’s leadership and educators in which we met and learedn about them and they got to know us.

Why a “sister synagogue” program? Why is this important?

Our Temple Etz Chaim is relatively young and thriving. We have more than 220 children in our Early Childhood Education Center with a waiting list. We have more than 420 families and a robust religious school that includes confirmation and post-confirmation programming. This month, we complete the renovation of our synagogue building. Whatever concerns, worries and complaints we have from time-to-time, we are a growing, dynamic Jewish community.

Temple Etz Hayyim of Hania Crete has a much longer history than us – it was constructed in the 14th century and became a synagogue in 1669. It is part of a 2000 year-old tradition of Judaism and Jewish life on Crete and is filled with rare texts including a Sefer Torah completely in Greek. Cretan Judaism was largely nonTalmudic and has all kinds of fascinating layers. In 1944 the Nazis wiped the entire Jewish population off Crete and most every other

Greek island. And Temple Etz Hayyim became the last standing shul on Crete – being used as a garbage dump.

Thanks to the hard work of Nikos Stavroulakis, a Jewish man from Crete, whose family successfully fled to England when he was a child, Temple Etz Hayyim was restored and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. During summers, there are enough Jews to consistently have services and minyans in-person. And during the rest of the year, a community of Jews from around the world – who know and visit TEH in the summers – continue to have services and remain a congregation.

Almost 80 years after the Holocaust, Temple Etz Hayyim is still just beginning to recover. I was fortunate enough to meet Nikos Stavroulakis when visiting Hania in 2010. He explained that he had a choice whether to make Etz Hayyim a Holocaust museum or to try to make it an active shul despite the odds. “The world doesn’t need another Holocaust museum,” he said, “we defeat the Nazis when we live on.”

I hope you’ll join for the upcoming events with Temple Etz Hayyim and the courses they will offer us as we try to bring our two very different – and similar – Trees of Life together, expanding our Jewish communities.

4 May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783

Construction Update

After seven months of diligent work, the renovation that has transformed our Bet Midrash is finally drawing to a close. The scaffoldings are coming down, the hard hats are being put away, and the dust is settling, revealing a magnificent new space. This endeavor, which has required the concerted effort of a diverse team of designers, congregants, and construction professionals, marks a new chapter in Temple Etz Chaim’s story. The end of construction is not simply a conclusion, but a beginning – a symbol of progress and a testament to our community’s love. We look forward to the ways this new Bet Midrash will enrich and contribute to the vibrancy of our community. May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783 5

TEC Education

Debbie Blumenthal, Early Education Director

We are counting down our last weeks of the 2023 school year! In the month of May our early childhood parents are spoiling our staff with a week-long Teacher Appreciation Event. The teachers are enjoying daily breakfast, a day of flowers, luncheon, and ending the week with gifts from the families. What a beautiful week and the teachers are feeling very appreciated.

We have a “touch-a-truck” event planned for the children. We are going to have a fire truck, garbage truck, city bus, and other emergency vehicles here for the children to explore. This is going to be exciting for the young ones. Our older students will take a field trip to the Thousand Oaks Public Works Open House to learn all about the jobs our Thousand Oaks Public Workers do around our hometown.

Our May Tot Shabbat is on Friday, May 19th at 6:00 p.m. We have a delicious dinner planned, Shabbat blessings, songs, and lots of family fun for all!

We are ending the month with a Family Shavuot Day! On Friday, May

26th all preschool parents are joining their children for a morning of activities, a Shavuot brunch and finally a school-wide Shabbat singalong! School will close at 12:30 p.m. that day.

The month of June will go by quickly as we prepare for the preschool and kindergarten graduations and the end of our 12-month school year. We look forward to the start of our 2023-24 school year on Wednesday, July 5th. Parents will be invited for a Parent Orientation before school begins.

We sadly say goodbye to Aliza Stokelman, a beloved Gesher teacher who is retiring from Temple Etz Chaim after 30 years of teaching. We have loved Aliza’s Judaica and Hebrew lessons and she has shared so much with so many children over the years. We wish her all the best in her retirement.

If you would like any information about our Infant Program or Preschool, please contact Debbie Blumenthal or Keri Loventhal at 805-497-6852. Have a great summer! Debbie Blumenthal

Joyce Bronstein, Religious School Director

Drum Roll Please: I am beyond proud to announce that the BJE has selected two Religious School Teachers to receive prestigious awards from the Builders of Jewish Education. The BJE determines recipients based on established criteria and an in-person observation. Ultimately, they are responsible for selecting the recipients.

Laura Dugatkin received the respected and noteworthy Sara and Simcha Lainer Award. This award is extended by the BJE to the most deserving teacher for excellence in Religious School Education. Laura is in her sixteenth year teaching at the Religious School. She has taught many grades over the years and currently teaches Hebrew to fifth and sixth-grade students. In all the years of observing and working with Laura, I am always amazed by her ability to teach creatively and innovatively. Her students love her and look forward to learning with her.

Maya Tenenbaum received the distinguished Smotrich Award. Maya has completed her fourth year of teaching Religious School. She teaches first-grade students and Confirmation students. Her students adore her and love her enthusiasm and love of teaching Judaism.

Both Laura and Maya are committed to excellence and dedicated to teaching and learning. They are both extremely skilled and talented in

preparing slides that enhance their teaching skills. It is quite remarkable, to say the least, to watch their techniques in teaching the curriculum to their students. Their ability to connect with their students is impressive. Because of their innate teaching skills, they bring Judaism to life. Laura and Maya’s students are mesmerized as they explain concepts and creatively pique each student’s interest in the day’s topic. TEC Religious School is so fortunate to have a staff of extraordinary and exceptional teachers who genuinely make a difference.

Please join me in congratulating Laura Dugatkin and Maya Tenenbaum for being selected to receive this most deserving recognition. Religious School Lainer Recipients: Laura Dugatkin, Heidi Birnbaum, Barbara Budish, Maureen Axelrad, Claire Maultasch, Lesley Schneider, and Joyce Bronstein. Smotrich Recipient:s Maya Tenenbaum and Randee Paller.

The staff is incredibly excited and proud of the Religious School. As a team, teachers create a nurturing educational atmosphere for all grades. Our children represent our Jewish future, and together we strive to strengthen and enrich each child’s Jewish experience and create a love of Judaism that they feel in their hearts and soul... l’dor v’dor!

B’shalom, Joyce

6 May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783

It’s a busy time here at TEC! (When isn’t it??) Thank you to those of you able to join us on a tour of the Auschwitz exhibit at the Reagan Library. For those of you unable to make it that day, I encourage you to take advantage of this meaningful, important local opportunity. This exhibit is scheduled to run through August, but there are discussions about extending through January.

At our Yom Ha’atzmaut/Israel’s 75th Birthday BBQ, we held a taste test of various Israeli sodas. The results are in. In order of preference:

1. Prigat Strawberry Banana

2. VitaMiniks Red

3. VitaMiniks Grape

4. FuzeTea

5. Prigat Mango

6. Prigat Lemon Lime

7. Prigat Orange

Events like this don’t just happen without a lot of volunteer support. Thanks to our volunteers: Men’s Club representatives Mark Goldstein and Marshall Rosen, as well as Dave Abamovicz, Heidi Birnbaum, Mike Wellin, Ely Jacobsohn, Eric Feigenbaum, Dan Lubetkin and the whole Lubetkin family.

Our ComeAround/StickAround series continued with a special Tuesday edition on May 2 where marriage and family counselor Lori Allen discussed how to navigate screentime for kids (and ourselves). For those who missed it, we will be making the zoom/slides available.

As I write this, we will be celebrating tonight (May the 4th) in traditional Jewish style with another offering in our film series, Great Films from Great Jewish Filmmakers, with Mel Brooks’ immortal classic, Spaceballs; A good time will be had by all.

Families with preschool aged children/grandchildren! Join us for Bim Bam Shabbat with Mr. Steve on May 6 and June 3 at 10:30 AM on the Gesher yard!

On May 7, our community had the chance to meet and interact with some of the key members of the Etz Hayyim congregation in Hania, our sibling shul in Greece. This was the first of many opportunities to learn with and from this beautiful, historic congregation.

Also on May 7 was our last Machar Lounge of the year and May 23 will be the last Kadima Lounge of the year. Come join your friends after religious school!

On May 10th, we hosted a fun Parent’s Night Out at Tarantula Hill. This was also a fundraiser for TEC, and we hope to repeat gatherings like this in the future.

The second annual BYO Family Picnic is back on May 21 at 11:30 AM immediately following Religious School. Kona Ice will again be on hand to help usher in those summer vibes.

May 25 will usher in Erev Shavuot. We will begin with dessert after Confirmation at approximately 7:15 which will be followed by an evening of learning about “The Six Most Important Words in Judaism” with Rabbi Michael Raileanu, “It’s A Stretch” led by Coby Field, and “All In Good Time – the Jewish Calendar” with Joyce Bronstein.

Mark your calendars and get tickets now for these great events:

June 11: a spectacular evening celebrating Jewish music with Cantor Kenny and Friends, featuring Mostly Kosher and Nefesh Mountain, here at TEC. Enjoy great music and friendships in our newly remodeled sanctuary! Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information, see the TEC website (https://www.

July 16: The first in our Global Thought Leaders Speaker Series, with Pulitzer Prize winning author Professor Jared Diamond , at the Scherr Forum in Thousand Oaks at 7 PM. For more information, see the TEC website ( Tickets will be available soon!

July 30: Meatology, an evening of learning, grilling and eating with Pitmaster Danielle Goldblatt from Holy Smokes Kosher BBQ. Watch for more information!

And stay tuned: Sundays in the park with TEC – We will meet at the Splash Pad in Oak Park on Sunday morning June 25, and July 23 at 10 AM. More information to come! May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783 7

TEC Community

Looking to Get Involved and Make A Difference? WOTEC needs you!!! We are looking for a Membership Chairperson. This rewarding volunteer position has you welcome new synagogue members to WOTEC and help plan our annual paid up membership luncheon. In addition, the Membership Chairperson puts together our WOTEC Membership Booklet. We have helpers who can assist with the booklet and luncheon. This is a great way to be involved and meet new synagogue members!

We are also looking for a new Programming Chairperson. Want to be in charge of planning WOTEC events and working with our WOTEC Board to coordinate some fun and engaging events? What a rewarding way to have fun and interact with our synagogue community.

Have great technical skills with Excel that are not being put to use? We are looking for helpers to assist with our High Holiday Booklets. This is our biggest fundraiser for the synagogue every year. Your help will make a true difference!

Game Night is Back by Popular Demand: Tuesday, June 6th (6-9pm). Enjoy Mahjong and other games like Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, etc. Refreshments provided. Please RSVP to

Hello Temple Etz Chaim!

The Clergy Search Committee had a sad set back when Cantor Noah Rachels accepted a position in Northern California to be close to his family, rather than accepting our offer, but we’re a resilient group! We picked up right where we left off, and started making calls! It’s very late in the year for the search committee to expect that a candidate will miraculously materialize, but we’re not giving up hope. We’re continuing to interview and vet potential candidates.

We’re also working on a plan which will help organize the cantorial duties and roles for next year while we continue our search. This would allow us to help distribute some of the administrative tasks and help lighten the load for Rabbi Ari. We realize that the search hasn’t been as easy as any of us have hoped for thus far. But, persevere we will!

Wishing you all a wonderful summer of fun and relaxation!

In April, the Men’s Club and WOTEC coordinated and participated in services for Shabbat Chol HaMoed Pesach. Both Friday evening and Shabbat morning services were well attended with about 50 people participating in the services. Yasher Koach to Jonathan Hops, Cynthia Koepcke, and Linda Hutchings for arranging such a meaningful and enjoyable Shabbat celebration.

Our Scholar in Residence weekend took place on April 28 – April 30. This year’s scholar was Rabbi Daniel Cohen. He speaks nationally inspiring people to maximize every moment while leading a life of impact and legacy. He shared his thoughts on the subject at four sessions held throughout the weekend. I hope you were able to attend all the sessions and am sure that you learned a great deal from those that you were able to. Thanks to all those that helped with the weekend activities. Also, on behalf of all that attended, a special thank you goes to Mark Zucherman whose work began in June 2022 to arrange for and coordinate this weekend of learning.

Plans are underway for a Hollywood Backlot Tour event to take place on May 21. More information will be provided as the plans are finalized.

Last, May 14 is Mother’s Day. As you know, the traditional Friday night blessing for a daughter is “May G-d make you like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah” in honor of our four matriarchs. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!

Feeding those in need is something that Social Action has been doing for years. This is a need in our community that keeps growing. With recent reductions in State and Federal food assistance programs, families in need in Ventura County are receiving half the amount of subsidies they received in the past. This reduction of funds has had a devastating effect on our families and seniors. Obtaining food has become a daily struggle for many.

Harbor House is a community support group that provides meals and services to the Conejo Valley. They provide food for those in need every day of the year. Each day ninety sack lunches and fifty hot meals are provided. Social Acton supports Harbor House’s Feed the Hungry program with the help of the congregation. Once a month, we reach out to you asking for donations of food, money and volunteers for this important program. We package meals and deliver them to Harbor House for distribution.

The Harbor House Feed the Hungry program makes a huge difference to those who are food insecure. For those that are hungry, knowing that they can get food every day without judgement means everything. Support this mitzvah by committing to donate food, pledge money or help package meals. Look for the Constant Contact email coming your way and in the weekly Shabbat handouts. Our next Feed the Hungry dates are Tuesday, May 30th and Tuesday, June 27th.

Linda Hutchings President, Women of TEC Pam Friedman VP, Social Action Andrea Arons Chair, Clergy Search Committee
8 May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783
Irwin Barney President, Men’s Club

A Very Special Shavuoth

Years ago, in the 1970’s, classes for adults were held one morning a week at our temple. They were known as M.I.D., Multi Interest Day. And so, after sending our children off to school or preschool the adults came to school here.

One class many attended was Hebrew reading, some for the first time, others refreshing or relearning, as well as a Torah study. This first class was taught by Rabbin Shimon Paskow, our Rabbi.

The 2nd class (after a break and a nosh) was History, Culture, Holidays - and much diversion about our families, backgrounds, and other things that came up in discussion. This teacher was Julius Lipnick (obm), a teacher in religious school, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutor, a roller of the Torah for the coming parsha, and so much more, as he was here most every day. And now was teaching this adult class.

After several years of attending these classes, a classmate suggested the class should have a culmination, a celebration of these learning years. As many agreed, suggestions were made. Then Rabbi made one, why not a joint B’nai Mitzvah. It turned out to be a very agreeable idea. And now, when? A date was needed. After discussion again Rabbi said - this class had been studying Hebrew, Torah, History, and Culture for years. Why not the day of the receiving of the Law – our Torah, celebrated on Shavuoth.

Many in this class had been bringing our children to religious school for years – 3 days a week, 2 weekdays of Hebrew, 1 day of Judaica on Sunday and often multiple trips in a day, as some classes were held in the evening 6-8 PM to accommodate the classes needed. And here we are, going to classes as well.

As it turned out the number of classmates wanting this numbered 7, and all-were women. As so, serious studying ensued in preparation for this event. There were different degrees of formal religious school among us in our past- some had more - some very little. But, none of us had a ‘Bat’ Mitzvah. For some it simply didn’t exist – yet –for others there were very personal reasons.

Now - no invitations were sent out. This would be for our families and our congregation family. No one had a new dress. What we did have was our own personal Avnate, made by one of our Bat Mitzvah sisters, Barbara Fefferman (obm), who was Temple Etz Chaim’s 2nd religious school principal for many years.

And so, on Shavuoth morning, 7 women ranging in age from 17 to just past 40, each with her own Torah portion, said the blessings and read from the Torah scroll. We shared blessings and the Haftorah.

The rest of the service participants, led by Rabbi Paskow, were our 18 (at the time) children with the youngest being held up to put the crowns on the Torah. After the rabbi’s blessing over us, there were many tears of pure relief but also much joy.

Our celebration was a lovely kiddish prepared by sisterhood, followed by singing and and dancing with our families - our rabbi, and our congregation to the merry magical music of our resident Temple accordion player, Harvey Dunaire (obm).

Our B’not Mitzvah class of 7 were: Barbara Ann Fefferman, Sybil Goldstein, Myrna Stelman, Joyce-Ruth Bunkin, Barbara Freeman, Randy Gilson, Lori Roach. Sadly we lost our sister Barbara Fefferman (obm). Lori Roach our youngest moved away-raised her family in another area.

From this class, of the 6 women, 20 of our children and 5 grandchildren attended Temple Etz Chaim’s religious school, were Bar/Bat Mitzvah, most confirmed, most attended our own Hebrew High School, with a couple going on to LA Hebrew High at the UJ, now AJU. 5 of our B’not Mitzvah sisters are still in and around TO, and get together as often as we can.

This Shavuoth is the 45th anniversary of our B’not Mitzvah, And Temple Etz Chaim’s First ‘Adult’ B’nai Mitzvah. In commemoration of these and in honor of our teachers Rabbi Shimon Paskow and Julius Lipnick obm, a fruit tree is planted in our community garden – Tikun Olam, as well a donation is made to the Lipnick religious school fund, whose creation was to insure that a tutor is available for every Bar/Bat Mitzvah student. And a donation is made to help sustain our community garden.

Yes, a very special Shavuoth, June 11, 1978-May 26, 2023 May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783 9
B’ Shalom, Myrna Stelman Top row, left to right: Rabbi Paskow, Barbara Freeman, Joyce-Ruth Bunkin, Randy Gilson. Bottom row, left to right: Lori Roach, Barbara Ann Fefferman, Myrna Stelman, Sybil Goldstein

B’nai Mitzvah

Ethan Borochoff May 20

Hi, my name is Ethan Borochoff.  I am a 7th grade student at Viewpoint School in Calabasas and have grown up at TEC starting with preschool.  I enjoy playing tennis, soccer, flag football, hanging out with friends and I also participate in middle school orchestra (violin), Jewish Students Union, and the robotics team.  I am excited for my Bar Mitzvah, and am so thankful to Rabbi Ari, Betty Zonshine, Cantor Kenny, Joyce, my religious school teachers, the TEC community and my family for always cheering me on and helping me prepare for my big day.

Elijah Lubetkin May 27

Hello! My name is Elijah Lubetkin, and I’m incredibly excited to celebrate my Bar Mitzvah with my community. I’m currently in 7th grade and go to A. E. Wright Middle School. My favorite subject is Robotics, where I get to 3D print items, create games and more. I love playing basketball at AYBA and Sports Academy and editing YouTube videos for my channel @idolij. I’ve been going to Temple Etz Chaim since I was in Preschool and now I’m in 7th grade, ready to become an adult in the Jewish community. I want to thank my tutor, Rivka, and all of my teachers in Religious School who prepared me for my Bar Mitzvah. I also want to thank my sisters, Tova and Ayla, and most importantly my mom and dad.

10 May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783


Hampton June 3

Hi, my name is Milena Hampton. I’m in 7th grade at Medea Creek Middle School and my favorite class is New Media Art.  I started Etz Chaim when I was 3 years old and attended the pre-school program where I met my closest friends. I’m also on the gymnastics team at Monarchs where I spend 18 hours a week practicing. I also love animals and volunteer at the pet shelter when time permits. I want to thank all of the teachers who helped me prepare for this special day, including Cantor Kenny, my tutor, Betty Zonshine, Rabbi Ari, and of course, Joyce, who is always there to answer all of my mom‘s questions.

Meredith Goodkin June 10

I am Meredith Goodkin, a 7th Grader in Simi Valley. I love reading, writing, playing video games, spending time with friends and family, and watching movies. I enjoy creating art and stories, and I want to be an author when I grow up.  I love to be active in my community, as both a former Student Ambassador for the American Heart Association and a current member of the National Junior Honor Society. As a member, I currently make beanies and pack supplies to send to our troops, make no-sew blankets for youths in need, and help around my school when I can.  I would like to thank all my family, teachers, Rabbi Averbach, Cantor Kenny, and Joyce for helping me prepare to become a Bat Mitzvah.  I’ve been at Temple Etz Chaim since I was in preschool, so I’m really excited to celebrate my special day at a place that has been such a large part of my life!

Cameron Friedman June 17

Cameron Levi Friedman, son of Toni and Paul, brother of Taylor and Hudson, is excited to become a bar mitzvah on June 17, 2023.  Cameron is just finishing a wonderful 6th grade year at Colina Middle School. He enjoys club basketball and spending time with family and friends.  Cameron is grateful for his teachers from Etz Chaim, Joyce Bronstein, Rabbi Averbach, Rabbi Spiegel, and his bar mitzvah tutor, Betty Zonshine, for helping him to reach this huge milestone. May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783 11
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Geoffrey Bugaisky Dina Pineda Carole Firestone Tracie Beaulieu Justin Borla Sennen Feigenbaum Sophie Cohan 9 Phil Cain Adam Ellis Joshua Von Hoffmann Max Hops 10 Matty Munowitch Merrill Kaminsky Bonnie Rothman Alexandra Toporoff Julie Koppel Savanna Meza Shane Silverstein 12 Makayla Landes Michael Stelman Andrew Cohen 13 Amelia Welch Michael Lazarus Sandra Lutzker Adam Goodman 14 Mikaela Koutal Lisa Malchicoff Shari Cohen Forsythe David Wilkoff Charles Schwager Evy Mc Cauley 15 Elijah Fenton 16 Richard Engler Joe Domingo Zoe Wolf 17 Jonah Polkes James Rosenfeld Maureen Levine Darren Perlmutter 18 Edward Peisner Pamma David Clarice Gerstel JoAnne Riss 19 Rachel Leitner Cynthia Urbach David Harris 20 Emily Malchicoff Laurel Warner Irwin Barney Christopher Chaffee Avah Morton Samantha Groden Darcey Groden 21 Asher Malone Judith Weiss Marissa Borochoff Shimon Paskow Ethan Fenton David Dryman Richard Spiegel 22 Cameron Friedman Logan Stokols Ilana Sweet Randol Curtis 23 Cheryl Wolf Jenna Shechter Liam Landes Barbara Anik Eynat Atia-Zimon 24 Christina Raskin Gary Levine Phyllis Bayewitch Elyse Schoenwald Joyce Katz 25 Alexis Pomush Mark Katz Evan Gorowitz Laura Withrow Yael Alon Sydney Sharon 26 Adrianna Heber Sarah Sterling Beth Silverman Rachel Salant Jonathan Kay Beverly Ashcraft Marc Abrams A.J. Harris 27 Rebecca Stelman Samuel Scherr Zachary Breverman Karen Garelik Hadar Dvir Leah Neiderman Kimberly Winthrop David Isaacs 28 Adam Kane Reed Arons Scott Smith 29 Jeff Roberts Marla Ben-Tov Stan Rosen Mitzi Jacobsohn 30 Matthew Blumenthal May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783 15 June 1 Daniel & Lori Lubetkin 2 Sam & Judy Koutal Irwin & Ilene Barney Zvi & Yola Kalinski 3 Arthur & Barbara Harris 5 Alan & Monika Mendelson Lee & Susan Simowitz 7 Andrew & Ellen Smith 11 David Harris & Melinda Garabedian Marc & Randi Cohn 14 Carl & Linda Friedlander 15 Tobi & Jay Love 16 Jack & Judy Gindi Harold & Cindy Rosenfeld Pablo Wolf & Laura Dugatkin 17 Stephen & Elinor Fienberg Joyce & Leo Bronstein 18 Chuck & Penny Sterling 20 Nathan & Cindy Stelman 21 Stan & Lynne Rosen Steven & Ilana Ormond 22 Joseph & Terri Zwicker Devin & Julie Sterling Michael & Laurel Lichtman 24 Gil & Lynda Kessler 25 David & Beth Silverman 26 Steven & Jennifer Golove Phil & Lisa Cain 27 Bernard & Melanie Gero Martin & Donna Lichtmann Alan & Shirley Lipkin Israel & Beth Perel Arnie & Jackie Blitstein 29 Richard & Linda Spiegel Ronald & Lynn Freeman
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Paul King

Early Childhood Education Fund

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Feeding the Hungry for Harbor House

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Phil Ganz

In Memory of Lillian Fleishman

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Merrill Goldenberg

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Michael Safani

Jotkowitz Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund

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Judith Feldman

Kiddush Fund

In Honor of Peter Margolis’ Biggest Birthday (So Far)

Bert & Carol Schoenkerman

In Honor of the Saturday Lunches that Wendy & the Crew Make for Everyone

Steven & Pamela Friedman

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Mark Cher

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Judi Gill

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Michael Bunkin

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Men’s Club Scholar-in-Residence

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Alan Lipkin

Men’s Club Silverstein

Humanitarian Fund

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Myrna Stelman

Men’s Club SIR 2022-2023

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Rabbi Averbach’s Discretionary Fund (cont)

In Memory of Abraham Ratzan

In Memory of Harvey Levine

Jerome & Dawne Ratzan

With sincere appreciation of Rabbi Averbach

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Jerome & Dawne Ratzan

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16 May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783

Ritual Fund

In Memory of Leopold Sommerfeld

Nomi Freed

In Memory of Leopold Sommerfeld

Zvi & Yola Kalinski

In Memory of Leopold Sommerfeld

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Sandee Tischler RSSF

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Jack & Judy Gindi

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Wendy Halpert

In Memory of Betty Welsh

Wendy Halpert

Zerlin Library Fund

In Memory of Helena Dain

Cherie Wrigley

Congratulations to the Gindi family on the birth of

Aiden Shane Owen

Born on March 22, 2023


Jeanna Gindi and Dylan Owen

Grandparents: Judy and Jack Gindi

Great-Grandmother: Renee Holland

We extend our congratulation to Temple members

Shari and Captain Ron Mark on the marriage of their daughter

Kelly Mark to Sean Murphy

Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023

Parents of the Groom: Kiersten Murphy and Joe Stubbs May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783 17
18 May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783
Dinner cost per family is $25 (family of 4) RSVP below by May 12th tot FRIDAY MAY 19 6:00pm - 7:00pm Join TEC for RSVP & Pay for DInner For more information contact Debbie Blumenthal at (805) 497-6852 or Join us for dinner followed by songs, blessings and a Shabbat story. May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783 19
ACTIVITIES HAPPENING ON THURSDAY, MAY 25, 5:30 - 10:00PM All ages welcome! Confirmation & Service Thu., May 25, 5:30pm Tikkun Leil Shavuot/ Night of Learning Thu., May 25, 8:00-10:00pm Shavuot Morning Service Fri., May 26, 9:30am Shabbat/Shavuot Service Fri., May 26, 7:00pm Shabbat/Shavuot/ Yizkor Services Sat., May 27, 9:30am Confirmation and service at 5:30 P.M. Stay for dessert, served at 7:30 P.M. Celebrate Shavuot with TEC! H a p py Shavuot A Night of Learning Join us in the Wolfson for this 3-class series, starting around 8:00pm after dessert. Rabbi Michael Raileanu The 6 Most Important Words in Judaism The power behind every blessing we say Coby Field It’s a Stretch Join us for an all-abilities stretch class Joyce Bronstein All in Good Time Learn about the Jewish calendar
20 May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783
Leil Tikkun Shavout May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783 21



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22 May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783




thunder May - June 2023 | Sivan-Tammuz 5783 23
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