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Hanukkah Hanukkah Shabbat Blues SHABBAT AND


Friday, December 15


Friday, December 15

EcoPeace Middle East

The Water Crisis: Building Bridges through Peace, Prosperity, and Security Wednesday, November 8

God: A Human History Reza Aslan in Conversation with Rabbi Sarah Bassin Monday, November 20

Shabbat in the Park For Families with Pre-Readers December 2


December 12–20

With Jewish Blues Musician Saul Kaye

Upcoming Events Roven Family Shabbat Unplugged

Friday, November 3 & December 1 8:00 pm, Corwin Family Sanctuary

Temple Emanuel’s signature in-the-round service features uplifting meditation and poetry. Our congregation can't help but sing to the groove and energy flowing from our acoustic band. Enjoy a thoughtful short teaching by our clergy, or diverse and engaging special guests.

God: A Human History

Reza Aslan in Conversation with Rabbi Sarah Bassin

In Partnership with Chevalier’s Books—A Behrendt Conversation

Monday, November 20 7:00 pm, Corwin Family Sanctuary Complimentary Valet Parking is Available We center our religion around God, yet rarely do we talk about who and what God is. Join Reza Aslan, best-selling author of Zealot, and Rabbi Sarah Bassin, as they dive into the idea of God from its prehistoric origins, to the way we relate to the divine today. A copy of the book, God: A Human History is included in the price of admission, with a book signing after the event. Guest tickets available. Buy tickets at

Reza Aslan

Rabbi Bassin

EcoPeace Middle East The Water Crisis: Building Bridges through Peace, Prosperity, and Security

Wednesday, November 8 7:00 pm, Corwin Family Sanctuary Please join us for a presentation, panel discussion, and audience Q&A to understand and discuss the dire and urgent water and environmental challenges in the Middle East. For more information, visit To RSVP, please email

Shabbat in the Park

Hanukkah Shabbat: A Blues Service and Celebration With Jewish Blues Musician Saul Kaye Friday, December 15 *6:15 pm, Greer Social Hall Join us for a special Hanukkah Shabbat and celebration with a performance by pioneering Jewish blues musician Saul Kaye, a delicious dinner, games, and fun for the entire family.

Special for Our Families with Pre-Readers! Saturday, December 2 9:00 am, Beverly CaÑon Gardens Our newest hands-on Shabbat experience that will have your child(ren) singing and dancing in the beautiful outdoors. Bring friends, a picnic, and a smile!

Saul Kaye combines the sounds of the struggle endured by African slaves in America along with the history of Jewish enslavement in Egypt. With a similar style to Muddy Waters and Shlomo Carlebach, Saul uses his modern Jewish music to bridge the gap between the Delta and the Torah. Learn more about Saul and his unique take on blues at RSVP online for this fun-filled event at *For our eight years and under set, join us at the Kids Zone at 5:15 pm for food and fun activities geared especially for younger families.

All of Temple Emanuel's Friday night services are now offered online at 2

Temple Topics

November – December 2017

Calendar of Services & Special Events November

Friday, November 3

Shabbat Unplugged 8:00 pm, Corwin Family Sanctuary

Saturday, November 4

Expression of Soul 10:00 am, Belle Chapel Shabbat Morning @Emanuel 10:00 am, Bess P. Maltz Center

Friday, November 10

Veterans Day Simply Shabbat 6:15 pm, Belle Chapel

Saturday, November 11

Expression of Soul 9:30 am, Belle Chapel Shabbat Morning @Emanuel 10:00 am, Bess P. Maltz Center

Friday, November 17 Simply Shabbat 6:15 pm, Belle Chapel

Saturday, November 18

Expression of Soul 9:30 am, Belle Chapel Shabbat Morning @Emanuel 10:00 am, Bess P. Maltz Center

Friday, November 24 Simply Shabbat 6:15 pm, Belle Chapel

Saturday, November 25

Friday, December 15

Expression of Soul 9:30 am, Corwin Family Sanctuary Shabbat Morning @Emanuel 10:00 am, Bess P. Maltz Center Metivta Chant Service 10:30 am, Corwin Family Sanctuary

Hanukkah Shabbat with Saul Kaye 6:15 pm, Greer Social Hall

Saturday, December 16

Expression of Soul 9:30 am, Belle Chapel Shabbat Morning @Emanuel 10:00 am, Bess P. Maltz Center


Friday, December 22 Simply Shabbat 6:15 pm, Belle Chapel

Friday, December 1

Shabbat Unplugged 8:00 pm, Corwin Family Sanctuary

Saturday, December 23

Expression of Soul 9:30 am, Belle Chapel Shabbat Morning @Emanuel 10:00 am, Bess P. Maltz Center

Saturday, December 2

Shabbat in the Park 9:00 am, Beverly CaÑon Gardens Expression of Soul 10:00 am, Belle Chapel Shabbat Morning @Emanuel 10:00 am, Bess P. Maltz Center

Friday, December 29 Simply Shabbat 6:15 pm, Belle Chapel

Saturday, December 30

Friday, December 8

Expression of Soul 9:30 am, Belle Chapel Shabbat Morning @Emanuel 10:00 am, Bess P. Maltz Center

Simply Shabbat 6:15 pm, Belle Chapel

Saturday, December 9

Expression of Soul 10:00 am, Belle Chapel Shabbat Morning @Emanuel 10:00 am, Bess P. Maltz Center

Visit for our full schedule of events


In our Strive to Make a Difference feature we will highlight member involvement in causes near and dear to their hearts. If you have a connection to a charity and would like to share it with us, please email

Perhaps there is no elegant way to e ​ xplain why Barry and I got involved with, and have remained​ardent supporters of Concern Foundation for Cancer Research. Simply Put, Cancer Sucks. J​ oe Biden once​said, “This is personal for me.” Well, it is personal for us too! Barry and I have seen Cancer wreak havoc on too many family members and dear friends, which is why we got involved with Concern Foundation over 35​years ago.

major research project, specifically targeting and seeding talented young scientists, Concern Foundation helps bridge the gap that exists in the worldwide cancer research community. We are sure everyone personally, perhaps intimately, knows of at least one person if not many, many more who have been struck by cancer. Sadly, cancer affects everyone… women, men, and children. No socioeconomic group, nor religious or political affiliation is exempt from this malicious disease. Cancer simply does not care. It is in loving memory of t​ oo many family members, o ​ ur dear friend Beth and many other friends who have fought courageously that Barry and I say to Cancer "We will hunt you down and one day we will find a cure!"​ Please join us as we strive to make a difference and get involved!

Concern Foundation is an independent,​volunteer driven,​ non-profit organization founded in 1968.​Their mission is clear—to make sure 9​0–9​5% of every net dollar raised is awarded to cancer research—so that one-day we can find a cure for this devastating disease. ​ or almost 50 years, Concern Foundation has raised more F than $60 million dollars and funded more than 750 cancer research scientists. ​Concern’s grants focus on brilliant young cancer researchers who are seeking funding for their first

Temple Members Care

Barry and Sue Brucker are Temple Emanuel’s current and former Board Presidents, respectively. They and their family have been members for over 20 years

Temple Topics

November – December 2017


Our Temple Family Welcome to our New Members

Brandon Baer Megan Baer Sayra Moran and Eric Beard David Block Katie Cohen and Nim Cohen Sabrina Fett Eric Frank Marnie Glass Bianca and Kevin Goldfein Wennie Lu and Noah Greenwald Melissa Sconyers and Joshua Greenwald Ethan Hamilton Joanna Hill Megan Hiramoto Rosalie and Noah Kaplan Louise Kershman Whitney Kirk and Lindsey Arnold Alaina Bell and Jason Klarfeld Juliet Markowitz Yasi Aryanpanah and Jonathan Maslin Georgia Mercer McKenna Kerrigan and Scott Miller Erica and David Moran Jesse Pepperman Justine and Gleb Petrov Roxana Pourshalimi David Pourshalimi Isaac Reback Leah Roston Alix Sakai Rachael Shapiro and Sean Moran Devon Strauss Ashten Waks and Alex Dickson Yvette Yodeem

Mazel Tov to Our B'nai Mitzvah

Aden Lepp November 11, 2017 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Claire Paul November 11, 2017 “If you can dream it, you can do it!” – Walt Disney

Charlotte Massey December 2, 2017

To learn more about membership visit

Mazel Tov to...

Ainslie Forsum & Jacob Reichman on their wedding Amy & Thomas Millstone, on the birth of their daughter, Rebecca Millstone Colleen & Sol Rabin & family, on the engagement of their daughter, Eva Rabin to Brandon Nichols Alissa & Warren Roston and family on the wedding of their son, Matt Roston, to Schuyler Sorosky Rebecca Steel Roven & Sean Oakley on their wedding Schuyler Sorosky & Matt Roston on their wedding Grandparents Karen & Sandy Weiner, and parents David and Marieke Weiner, on the birth of Miles Weiner

Condolences to…

Perri Ellen and Frederick Berne, on the passing of her father, Donald Lewis Levine Afshin and Marjaneh Etebar and family, on the passing of his father, Nasser Etebar Helene Hale and Charles Andy Hale, on the passing of her cousin, Suzanne Albert Kristin and John Jameson and family, on the passing of her father, Ben Lillegraven The Shirley Karton family, on her passing Sharon Levine, on the passing of her husband, Donald Lewis Levine Amanda Mansour and family, on the passing of her grandmother, Betty Rothkopf Paris, Lucy, Alex, and Hadley Rosen and family, on the passing of their father, Glenn Rosen Julee and Kenny Shapiro, on the passing of her mother, Linda Binder

Adam Lutz—Our New Rabbi Educator As a child my favorite pastime was LEGOs. What excited me about LEGOs was not only that I loved building something out of nothing, but also that I got to create and play within an entire universe of my own invention. I could push the limits of my imagination and explore different worlds, albeit from the safety of my living room. Continuing my ABCs from the last two Temple Topics, just as I believe in the necessity of authenticity and the importance of betterment, I believe in creativity. It gets us outside of the world we know, venturing out into the unknown corners of imagination and possibility. Today, our world is moving faster than ever. New discoveries about our universe, biology, and technology pop up every day, challenging our ideas about who we are as human beings. Judaism must engage with these relevant issues, helping ignite the creative spark within us all. Creativity, as it did for my younger self, allows for safe and playful exploration. Our rabbis exercised their creative genes when they adapted archaic Temple Judaism into the Rabbinic Judaism that we all experience today. In the same way, our religious school students exercise their creative genes when they explore the ways in which Judaism is meaningful in the twenty-first century. Judaism has a rich history of creativity, guaranteeing its existence for the next generation. So then—to round out my ABCs—creativity energizes me each day to playfully explore what meaningful modern Judaism feels like so that I can constantly work on the betterment of myself, in order to one day can become my best authentic self. I am so looking forward to continuing this conversation with those of you whom I've met, and starting it with those whom I have yet to meet. Please share your ABCs with me, so that we can continue to build this creative community which lives Judaism daily to bring our world closer to shalom—to peace.


Temple Topics

November – December 2017

Temple Emanuel in Photos



1-2 Tashlich on the Beach 3

Sukkot Baby Blessings

4-6 Simchat Torah with Mostly Kosher 7

Animal Blessing Shabbat

8-9 Shabbat Spark and Little Sparklers

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7 8


7 Temple Topics

November – December 2017


Contributions Early Childhood Center General Fund

Rabbi Aaron’s Discretionary Fund

In appreciation From Peri Ellen & Frederick Berne, in memory of her father, Donald Lewis Levine From Sharon Levine, in memory of her husband, Donald Lewis Levine From Belinda & Jeffrey Pop From Brett & Erica Wasserman, in honor of their daughter, Zoey Wasserman’s, Hebrew naming

Rabbi Bassin’s Discretionary Fund

In honor of The engagement of Eva Rabin, the daughter of Colleen & Sol Rabin, to Brandon Nichols, from Penelope Rosenberg In memory of Gladys Natalie Bloom, from Penelope Rosenberg & family

General Fund

In appreciation From Leah & Leonard Bassin From Debra & Abraham Carnow From Jay Golding From Rose & Susan Kaplan, in memory of Alfred Roffman From Ladan Shams & family, in honor of Leon’s Bar Mitzvah From Julee & Kenny Shapiro, in honor of Sally Shapiro & Naomi Ortiz’s & B’not Mitzvah From Shiva Elahi & Benjamin Shprits, in honor of their wedding

Cantor Weiss’s Discretionary Fund

In honor of Sue & Barry Brucker, & in thanks for the beautiful music of the High Holy Days, from Michele & Alan Krapf In appreciation From Michele & Alan Krapf, in honor of the High Holy Days From Rhonda & Ruben Ortiz, in honor of Naomi Ortiz & Sally Shapiro’s B’not Mitzvah

Rabbi Geller’s Discretionary Fund

In honor of Miles Weiner’s birth, from grandparents Karen & Sandy Weiner Richard Siegel’s birthday, from Taly & Yitzhak Ginsburg In memory of Shirley Karton, from Pearl Councelbaum Betty Rothkopf, from Pearl Councelbaum Jeffrey Stone, from Joan Harrison & Michael Janofsky

Gus Pollet Memorial Fund

In memory of Elizabeth, from Alys Pollet Rabbi Jay Kaufman, from Alys Pollet Gus Pollet, from Alys Pollet


In honor of Lisa Shapiro’s Bar Mitzvah, from Sherri & Rob Shreiber Lisa Shapiro’s Bar Mitzvah, from Michael & Lisa Tudzin In memory of Sam & Sooky Goldman, & Maurice Lurie, to David Goldman & Myra Lurie, from Helene & Michael Harris

Yahrzeit Fund

Hyman Bachner, from Samuel Bachner Bernard Bear, from Michael, Debbie & Brianne Bear Lillian Beckenfeld, from Harvey & Linda Monastirsky & family Dara Susan Becker, from Rona Becker Sadelle Bernstein, from Marla & Richard Seff Ester Blachman, from Rochel Blachman Benny Borys, from Lawrence, Tillie, Geoffrey & Alexandria Borys Malcom Brook, from Joy Brook Ann Davidson, from Linda & Gary Goldfein Steven Davidson, from Linda & Gary Goldfein Arnold Degen, from Esther Degen Helen Dorn, from Joy Brook Bernice Esenoff, from Ronda & Stanley Breitbard Bernice Esenoff, from Belinda & Jeffrey Pop & family David I. Flanzbaum, from Lynn D. Flanzbaum Hedy Gerstl & Josef Gerstl, from Judy Kandel Sari Glickman, from the Toplitzky family Hildreth Harrison, from the Toplitzky family Paul Hirsch M.D., JD, from Harriette Hirsch Jerome S. Jaffe, from Sunnye & Richard Tuch Russ Kavanaugh, from Nadine, Nicki & Jessie Kavanaugh George Klein, from Sylvia Alberts Rabbi Berthold Kleinberg, from Connie Bennett Karl Kleinberg, from Connie Bennett Bert Knaster, from Ronda & Stanley Breitbard Bert Knaster, from Belinda & Jeffrey Pop & family Arthur Laub, from Helene, Randolph, Debbie & Julie Laub


Board of Directors

Jonathan Aaron, Senior Rabbi Sarah Bassin, Associate Rabbi Lizzie Weiss, Cantor Laura Geller, Rabbi Emerita Adam Lutz, Rabbi Educator


Senior Staff

Temple Topics

Kristin Jameson, VP Governance & Synagogue Operations Bonnie Nissenbaum, VP Marketing Eric Muhlheim, Treasurer

Directors – Committee Chairs

Eric G. Reiter, Executive Director Julie Macht, Director of Development Stacy Kesner, M.A., Early Childhood Center Director Alex Kojfman, Director of Communications & Membership


Barry Brucker, President Myra Lurie, Executive Vice President Farhad Novian, VP Legal Affairs Mark Schwartz, VP Development & Secretary

Pauline Lazner, from Leslie Lazner & Doris Lazner Sarah Levine, from Rabbi Joel & Susan Levine Herb Lieberman, from Rabbi Beth Lieberman Ben Luffman, from Esther Elfenbaum Paul Minsky, from Jody Minsky & family Dora Mintz, from Mitzi Costin Esther Molnar, from Jan & Alan Block & family Stanley Muskat, from Belinda & Jefffrey Pop & family Joseph Najdicz, from Eileen, Graham & Lindsey Markley Gabriel Nichols, from Diane & Michael Solomon Marika O'Dell, from Jan & Alan Block & family Marika O'Dell, from Esther Degen Ethel Polsky, from Michael & Diane Solomon Samuel Pop, from Bernice Esenoff, & Leah Silverman, from Ronda & Fred Rose Samuel Pop, from Belinda & Jeffrey Pop & family Philip Raby, from Mickey Keys Nettie Robman, from the Robman Family Phil Robman, from Susan Robman & Robman family Joe Rosen, from Yuko Onaka Alice Ross & Helen Sapper, from Al & Bobbie Sapper Joseph Schanzer, from Lisa Gilman & Orven Schanzer Mania Schwartz, from Nison & Elisa Adeff Sol Seff, from Marla & Richard Seff Bernice Sheinart, from the Ronald & Shelley Singer family Meyer Solomon, from Michael & Diane Solomon Margaret Springer, from Diana Springer & family Sylvia Stein, from Mickey Keys Mollie Sternig, from Sandra Sternig Babcock Mollie Sternig, from Michael, Debbie, Daniel & Brianne Bear Irwin Topper, from Muriel Kreeger & family Leo Turkell, from Renée Turkell Brook Henry Unger, from Leonard Unger Roger Wakefield, from Muriel Kreeger & family Albert Wallen, from Martin Wallen Rachel Weltman, from Marilyn Weltman-Wizenberg Abe Zeitz, from Susan & Rabbi Joel Levine Anne Spektor, from Harriette Hirsch Bianca Stroock, from Gloria Stroock Stern Louis Tabak, from Steven, Mark & David Robman Lillian Topper, from Muriel Kreeger & family Edward Trostler, from the Trostler-Schwarzkopf family Albert Weiss, from Sandra Weiss Borak

Scott Stone, Facilities Tony Storm, Religious School John Adler Jan Block Harold Brook

November – December 2017

Judie Fenton Bunni Fischer Noah Furie

Lewis Rudzki, Human Resources Eric Muhlheim, Finance Talia Hassid Julian Javor Jackie Kassorla

Nancy Lee Lilly Lewis Dr. Jack Quinn

Peter Siegel Jennifer Stempel Jeffrey Wolf

Pillar Members Bonim (Builders) Kathy Javor and Julian Javor Malachim (Angel) Sheryl & Jon Sokoloff Tzadikim Sari and Shahram Melamed L’dor V’dor Nadine & Harold Davidson Barbara Coyne & Jeffrey Hendel Marilyn & Jeffrey Katzenberg Helene & Arthur (z"l) Laub Shana & Don Passman Sylvia Price Kate Capshaw & Steven Spielberg Marcie & Howard Zelikow Sustaining Anonymous Lili & Jon Bosse Sue & Barry Brucker Toni & Bruce Corwin Myra Lurie & David Goldman Blanche Howard Abby & Alan Levy Julie & Ken Moelis Cathy & Steve Needleman Belinda & Jeff Pop Marcia & Dick Schulman Ron & Shelley Singer Laurie Goodman & Don Spetner Double Chai Renee & Harold Brook Jay Glazer Bonnie & Bernie Goler Janice White (Gene Krieger (z"l) Marcia & Ron Levenson

Pearle Rae & Mark Levey Lilly & David Lewis Anne & Harold Mills Jill & Dennis Roach Nancy & Stephen Paul Kathleen & Larry Paul Brian Rosenstein Lisa & Mark Schwartz Bunny & Jerry (z"l) Steinbaum Susan Resnick West & David West Elisa Newman-White, M.D. 
 & Andrew White Chai Isa & Bill Aron Denise & Terry Avchen Arleen & Sam Bachner Lynda Barrad Cynthia & Neal Baseman Roberta & Elliot Berkowitz Alberta Stahl Bilson Robert Bird Jan & Alan Block Barbara & Morton Bowman Ronda & Stanley Breitbard Deborah & Gabriel Brener Barbara Bruser & Richard Clark Iris & Gordon Cutler Brad Donenfeld Allison & Michael Druyanoff Rita & Izzy Eichenstein Lorraine & Jerry Factor Jane & Max Factor III Bonnie & Ronald Fein Jessica & Ben Feingold Bunni & Murray Fischer Elayne Garber & John Forbess Leslie & Clifford Gilbert-Lurie

Milton Golden (z"l) Linda & Gary Goldfein Patty & Larry Goodman Andie & Larry Harrow Roberta Holland Kristin & John Jameson Judy & Ron Kabrins Aviva & Aric Kadosh Gloria Kaplan Terri & Michael Kaplan Vickie & Fred Kaplan Judy Karlan Ruth Karp Jackie Kassorla Fran & Don Kates Joyce & Harvey (z"l) Kates Michelle & Alan Kaye Sue & Bob Kazdan Linda & Ross Kemper Lauren & Richard King Barbara & Stuart Klabin Char & Sandy Kornblum Joyce Krawll Nancy & John Lee Rochelle & Richard Maize Jeanne & Leonard Marks Stacey Mickell Jody Minsky Lauren & Eric Muhlheim Farhad Novian Corinne Auge & Laurent Opman Vicki Reynolds & Murray Pepper Ondania & David Pick Alys Pollet Elizabeth & William Quicksilver Jack Quinn Cathy Costin & Mitch Reback Carol & Jerry Redston

Claudia & Bruce Resnikoff Ronda & Fred Rose Sally & Ron Rosenblatt Alissa & Warren Roston Lois Roston (z"l) 
 & Ellsworth Roston (z"l) Mary & Robb Rothman Paula & Allan Rudnick Louise & Robert Schwab Karen Breslow & Bobby Schwartz Diane Vanette & Sander Schwartz Marla & Richard Seff Leslie & Scott Shlecter Phyllis Shlecter Hope Stevens & Peter Siegel Marilyn & Edgar Simon Linda Smith Terri & Michael Smooke Annika & Abe Somer Lisa & Adam Stoll Lorrie & John Stone Susan & Peter Strauss Holly & Ronald Toplitzky Sunnye & Richard Tuch Wendy & Bryan Turner Cathy & Len Unger Halina Wachtel Sheila & William Wasserman Karen & Sandy Weiner Estelle Weisberg Penny & Bob White Joan Cohen Wilson & Chuck Wilson Marilyn Weltman Wizenberg 
 & Howard Wizenberg Leah Bishop & Gary Yale

Community Engagement On Rosh Hashanah, we challenged the congregation to make a mountain of diapers to rival Mount Sinai for resettling refugee families here in Southern California. In late October, a caravan of six SUVs, minivans, and cars, filled with more than 50,000 diapers that you brought arrived at the storage warehouse of our partners at the refugee service organization Tiyya. As each car pulled up, the staff members of Tiyya could not hold back their surprise. "This was the largest single donation of diapers we have ever received," one staffer said, as our congregants unpacked the diapers. Over 300 families that Tiyya serves will be helped by this donation. Diapers, while essential to families with babies and toddlers, are not covered in the resources provided to resettling refugee families. This amazing contribution from our community has led Tiyya to highlight the work of Temple Emanuel with a keynote speech at their upcoming gala on December 2nd in Orange County. In the coming months, our partnership with Tiyya will extend well beyond the diaper drive as we help them launch their efforts not just in Orange County but in Los Angeles proper. If you are interested in getting more involved, contact Pete Siegel, volunteer leader of our community engagement group, Na'aseh V'nishmah, at Temple Topics

November – December 2017


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Temple Topics: November–December 2017  
Temple Topics: November–December 2017  

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