Temple Emanuel 5782 Book of Remembrance

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Yizkor: Book of Remembrance 5782 • 2021

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.”

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As you view this Book of Remembranc e and participate either in person or virtu ally for out Yizkor Service, our Clergy Team - Rabbi Joseph R. Black, Cantor Elizabeth Sacks, Rabbi Emily Hyatt, and Cantoria l Soloist Steve Brodsky; our Executive Director Steven Stark, and the entire prof essional team would like to say, “Welcom e Home.” We are pleased that you have chos en to be part of this Yizkor Service. Temple Emanuel is the largest and olde st synagogue in the Rocky Mountain regio n, with approximately 2000 member hou seholds. We are a Reform congregation in the mainstream of liberal Judaism. We strive to be a welcoming, Jewish com munity. Whether you’re single or partnere d; gay or straight; Jewishly involved or seek ing Jewish connection; from an interfait h or a Jewish home, you will find a comforta ble place in our congregation. Our clergy and teachers help congrega nts exercise the responsibility and freed om to pursue the Jewish way of life most com fortable for them. Each member is encouraged to create a personally fulfilling expression of his or her Judaism on a life-long spiritual venture of discovery and reward. We believe that Jewish consciousness inclu des support for the larger Jewish community and for Israel. We regularly participate in activities to help strengthe n both. If after visiting us, you are interested in learning more about Temple Emanuel, contact Sarah Brown, Director of Adult Engagement at 303-388 -4013 or brown@emanueldenver.org. This Book of Remembrance will be arch ived here on the Temple Emanuel website so you can view it in the future. L’Shalom (in peace) Joseph R. Black Senior Rabbi


Few ceremonies in Jewish life have more spiritual power than the Yizkor, or Memorial Service. This is a time to remember our loved ones who have departed this world and entered the peace of eternity. At Yizkor, we give thanks for the precious souls that have been intertwined with our lives. We pay tribute to those who made the world better because they lived. Remembrance has always played an important role in Judaism. It has linked the generations through time. It has kept our traditions alive and rooted us in our heritage. It has also given us hope in our darkest hours as we remember the courage and dedication of those who came before us. We inherit their legacy and we strive to pass it on to future generations. Yizkor refers to the special prayer that begins, “God will remember”, signifying our faith that our loved ones will not, indeed must not, be forgotten, even as we pray that we will not be forsaken by the Divine Spirit of the universe. Historically, Yizkor began as a prayer for the martyrs of our people who perished during the First and Second Crusades in Germany. Eventually, this service became part of our ritual for remembering all our dear ones. Yizkor is not only recited during Yom Kippur, but also at the end of Sukkot, on Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah, on the last day of Pesach, and on Shavuot. Hanna Senesh, an Israeli poet and heroic resistance fighter, wrote: There are stars up above, so far away we only see their light long, long after the star itself is gone. And so it is with people that we loved — their memories keep shining ever brightly though their time with us is done. But the stars that light up the darkest night, these are the lights that guide us. As we live our days, these are the ways we remember. Just as the light from distant stars has traveled countless years to reach us, so too the memory of our loved ones is preserved and carried forth through countless generations. The radiance of their memory nourishes us with the warmth of their love and the inspiration of their guidance. The memory of the departed helps us to know who we are and where we are going. We thank God for the gift of their lives and the blessings that they have bestowed upon us.


5782 Roll of Remembrance Blessed is the memory of those who have entered into the peace of Life Eternal— The Departed of the Past Year Michael Altenberg

Eileen Goldstein

Florence Barotz

Marcia Mendelson Gordon

Benjamin D. Battock

Fay Greenspan

Herman Bauer

Anne Clemons Harrison

Robert Bendalin

Jason Howe

William Bernstein

Idette Hunt

Trude Bershof

Mary and Robert Hunter

Florence Blager

Janet Jacob

Leonora Breig

Paul Kamensky

Kathie Carr

Gerald Howard Katzin

Dr. Ned Chalet

Joe Kaufman

Richard “Dick” Cook

Roslyne Kaufman

Sondra I. Cook

Howard Korman

Jacqueline Davine

Donald Kortz

Katherine Diamond

Carole Leight

Ed Diner

Mark B. Levey

Trudy Dock

Sheldon Levy

Norman Francis

Bennie Litvak

Irving J. “Fritz” Friedland

Dr. Philip Lewis

Marvin Friedman

Arlene “Sue” Lubeck

Eugene Gladstone

David Alan Lustig 3

Isabelle Make

Larry Spitler

Fred Malver

Bill Spitz

Betty S. Mendelson

Henry Strauss

Natalie Mozer

Leonard Strear

Sandra Myers

Rita Sulett

Lewis Neiberg

Howard Tavel

Steven L. Newman

Thelma Teitelbaum

Dee Rosenblum Paul

Betty Tremblay

Stacey Pepper

Robert Tucker

Arline Raabe

Sherwin Turner

Howard Rosenberg

Pauline Tyo

Reva Rosenbloom

Mikhail Vaysman

Sharon Runyan

Sidney Wais

David Sher

Arlene Wedgle

Milton Sherman

Walter Weinberg

Traci Shimel

Beth Weisberg

Irwin Harold Silverberg

David Weisberg

Helena Rosenbaum Silvers

Eleanor Winn

David Sklarevsky

Charles Zandel

Marvin B. Solomon

Jack Zelinger

Daniel Spira

Sheila Zemel

Doris Springfield


On Lighting a Yahrtzeit Candle For the First Time… – Rabbi Joseph R. Black - November 11, 2011

This glass jar Should be filled with Jam – Made from plums plucked from trees Planted by those who never thought they’d taste The fruit of their labors. This candle Should be saved for when the power goes out – Bringing light to the darkness Warming the hearts and souls of all who gather round its warmth This match Should be lighting firecrackers, pinwheels and whizzing gewgaws Spreading delight in the eyes of children and those who love them. These tears Trace a path down my cheek Etched in Memories of eternity. Yitgadal V’yitkadash 5

Psalm 23 Revisited – Rabbi Joseph R. Black - July 2, 2019 Those who walk through the Valley of Shadows wear no shoes. Their feet are cut and torn as they stumble through the darkness. With no time to pack a bag or say goodbye, they begin their journeys unprepared. Some are dressed in finery: jewels gleaming like stars in the dim light. Others are in pajamas, work clothes, prayer shawls or bathing suits. Some clutch briefcases, papers, blankets or teddy bears. And everyone wears their grief. With each cautious, painful step, they move further into the abyss. The chasm narrows. Stretching out their fingers they trace the grooves carved by previous pilgrims - handholds hewn into the cold canyon walls. Sometimes they march in silence. Other times, singing hauntingly beautiful melodies, their voices echo to the very vaults of heaven. The river that created this place does not flow from on high: It was formed and filled by the tears of those whose bruised souls traversed the trail. No one walks alone here: Stumbling pilgrims are quickly caught and held aloft by those who travel beside them They are caressed and carried through the brambles and branches that, unexposed and hidden from sight, add to the chaos and confusion of the journey. In time (for some) a light appears in the distance - piercing through the veil of darkness. Hope - long buried, rises to the surface like a beacon And with it, the weary marchers ascend to find a world that has been changed forever by their absence. They return with pale faces and broken hearts. But now, as experienced travelers, they will always have a suitcase packed and ready.


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” WE REMEMBER MEMBERS OF OUR COMMUNITY. the following pages list those people who have departed below those remembering them.

Douglas Antonoff; Wendy & David Berman; Josh & Brenna Berman; Lauren Antonoff; Katie & Zach Stein Gary Antonoff

Steven Abelman Jules Abelman Adrienne Marks Ellen Abrams & Family Dr. Harvey Zucker Robert Mintz

Dr. Steven R. Antonoff Ben H. Antonoff Florence R. Antonoff Sandra Antonoff Lackner Gary L. Antonoff

Jennifer, Blake & Sydney Ledden David Ledden

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Arlen & Family Dr. Monroe -Chick Arlen Jack Paller Marjorie Paller David Drucker Rose Arnovitz Estelle Wigser Michael Arnovitz Merle Arlen

Carole & Robert Adelstein Bertha Adelstein Morris Adelstein David Ledden Marian Nogg Irving Nogg Robert & Deborah Ahrenholz Adolph Nord Zelda Nord

Natalie Aronson Benjamin Aronson

Elisabeth Anderson Dr. Violet Franks Dr. Cyril Franks

Jonathan & Shirley Asher Lester Asher Corinne Asher Dr. Paul Joseph Irene Joseph Hella Langer Max Silverman Sarah Silverman

Donna Torrey Antonoff Gary Antonoff Ben Antonoff Florence Antonoff Sandra Lackner Fern Torrey Lloyd Torrey


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Bob & Linda Averbach; Adam, Robyn & Liam Averbach; Amy, James, Brooks & Bryn Schwager Leo Peskin Beatrice Peskin Solomon Averbach Sylvia Averbach Sophie O’Lesker

Jeffrey A. Felker Marilyn J. Wright Fred Wright Bob Pfeiffer Denise, Evan & Aron Baugh; Jennifer, Nick, Adam & Zachary Kohl; George & Nancy Collins Steve Baugh Sylvia Collins

Geri & Meredith Badler & Alison Faber Ralph Zabitz Irene Zabitz Hy Badler

Karen Baum & Family, Nancy & Ken Shwayder & Family Robert Baum Sam Baum Patty Baum Mathilde Jacobs David Jacobs

Diane Balkin & Bruce Edward Balkin William Curtis Wise Dr. Gilbert Balkin Jeanne Elbe Balkin Steven Elbe Balkin Bessie R. Balkin Elik “Harry” Balkin Ida G. Straus Harold C. Straus Sigmund G. Elbe Augusta G. Harris Fred D. Harris

Mark, Judy, Matt & Sally Bell Raymond Bell Ellen Theresa Beller Barbara Claster Beller Seth Beller Ignatius Beller Blanche Eschelbach Beller Henrietta Herschfeld Eschelbach Sigmund Eschelbach Feigel Rabinowicz Beller Marcus Beller Evelyn Steinhardt Claster Theresa Arndt Steinhardt Gustave Steinhardt

The Barotz Family Sam Fine Joseph Barotz Barbara Barotz Florence Barotz Shirley Barton & Family Jack Barton Leslie Barton Fishbein

Elizabeth & Ron Bendalin & Family Robert Bendalin

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Battock & Family Benjamin D. Battock Benjamin H. Battock, M.D. Bertha C. Battock Richard D. Battock Robert J. Holland Jean A. Holland

Eileen, Benny & Moriah Bennett, Cynthia Auer & Michael Buffum Naomi Bennett Nancy Neusteter

(continued in next column)


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Rabbi Eve Ben-Ora & Family Avi Ben-Ora Marcia Ben-Ora

Paula P. Bernstein & Family Dr. William E. Bernstein William Bernstein, Alfred Bernstein, Wendy Bernstein M. Jack Bernstein Miriam Alexander Bernstein Rowanne Bernstein Spector Helen Ephraim Alexander Alex Alexander Sadie Rosenthal Bernstein William Bernstein Frances Alexander Shapiro Stanley Shapiro Jean Alexander Levy Irwin H. Levy Milton Bernstein

Ross & Kathleen Bensman Marvin Bensman Andree Bensman Jim & Wendy Berenbaum, Amy & Mike Goodman, Katie & Carl Szanton Penny Berenbaum Joseph Berenbaum Norma Shafner Kazman Dan Kazman Kathy & Jerry Berenstein Louis Berenstein Ruth Berenstein Jeanette Fedman Phillip Rollnick Joann Rollnick Al Rollnick Dora Rollnick David Gluck Norman Gluck Helen Gluck

David, Kathryn, Alexander & Ariya Birnbaum Mildred Birnbaum Milton Birnbaum George Birnbaum Mark, Stephanie, Mason & Hannah Bliss Bonnie Sunshine Handler

Karla & David Berman Earl M. Light Nina Light Louise L. Light Mollie Berman Hyman Berman Mickey Light Edward Berman Paul Light

Gerry Bobrick & Family Albert Bobrick Lewis Bobrick Bertha Friednash David Friednash Gordon Friednash

Francie & Al Bernier Edythe Pallin Ralph Pallin Helen Bernier Camille Bernier

The Borus Family Joe Borus Selma Rose Albert Rose Ceil Krinsky

Libby Bortz, Patricia & Richard Bortz Michael Altenberg


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Marilyn Boslow & Family Norton Boslow Sam & Emma Goodman

Alice & Arnold Brodsky, Julie Borodkin Howard Borodkin Meryl Brodsky Pelda Levy David Brodsky

JoAnn Boss Arthur S. Boss Stella Baskin Dr. M.J. Baskin Johanna Boss Nicholas Boss Betty Berris Dr. Robert Berris

Herb & Enid Brodsky Samuel S. Brodsky Dorothy H. Brodsky Emelyn B. Karson William G Karson Edwin Henikoff Meyer J Miller Reva Miller Morton Neal Miller Brett D. Karson

Ed, Kathy & Alex Boyle Bruce Katchen William Boyle Junita Reichert

Peggy Brody & Patty Figel Dora Mintz Marvin Mintz

David Brahinsky & Joan Beldock Paul Fischbach Blanche Fischbach Dasha Brahinsky Nathan Brahinsky Henry Brahinsky Pauline Brahinsky Hannah Brahinsky Martin Brahinsky Helen Shulik Morris Shulik

Barbara & Ed Brooks, Amy & Brad Brooks, Robyn & Todd Schiff, Jodi & Rodney Allen Deena Brooks Sidney Brooks Beatrice Smith Joseph Smith Roni & Ronald Brown, Craig, Kim, Dylan & Carson Brown, Kim, Adam, Jeremy & Madison Gubner David Bloom Frances “Frankie” Bloom Richard Paul Bloom Joe E. Brown Rose Brown Irv Brown Gail Okner Julie Gordon-McCoy

Aaron & Ellen J. Bregman Mendel Bregman Dora Bregman Sydny Druckman Rosabel Druckman Cathy & Jack Breig Pauline Schlesinger Americus Norman Americus Bruce Americus Donald Breig Leonora Breig


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Marlene, Brian & Jen, Stephen, Shayla, Brenna, & Emry Brubaker, Sharon Platt & Mona Rosenberg Abe Rosenberg Rose Rosenberg Jack Platt

Lenny Sachs Eddie Gordon Esther Gordon Sam Sloven Bernie Naiman Ted Pomeranz

Cathy & Peter Buirski Jack Krown Sophie Krown Kevin Krown Mike Krown Pearl Buirski Physil Buirski Florence L. Brummer

Samuel Cheris & Susie Perlman Minnie Wolf Dave Wolf Herman Kaufman George Kaufman Martin Perlman Paula Kaufman Elaine Kaufman Yetta Perlman Meyer Perlman Hyman Cheris Gertrude Cheris Joseph Goldstein

Jodi Burrows & Family Donald Fingerman Margo Butner Edgar Shirley Welty

Janet Claman, David Claman & Sunita Vatuk Henry Claman Ruth Claman Jenny Claman

Michael & Judy Campbell & Family Charles Campbell Barbara Campbell Chet & Kathy Cedars Nathan Cedars Marie Cedars Harold Jacobs Dolly Jacobs Nancy Jacobs James Pollack

Candice & Mashuri Clark & Family Alvin Cushlen Millie Cushlen Paul Boyer Lyda Boyer Doug & Amy Cohan; Hilary & Matt Lufkin Lendon H. Cohan Jay Cohan Pearl Zelinger Max Zelinger Esther Cohan Leonard Cohan Arthur Medow Myron Cohan Mark S. Medow

Barbara & Jay Chapman Estelle Friedman Jerry Friedman Betty Mendelson Revella Chapman Paul Chapman Hannah Gottelson Sam Weisman Michael Radlove Rock Rosen (continued in next column)


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Alissa & Jim Cohen Linda & Donald Rubin Dorothy & Aaron Cohen Nancy Cohen-Nicoll Michael Edlin Norma & Jack Edlin Ethel & Robert Wolfson Frances & Ralph Rubin

Dan, Kathy, Jessica, Derek, & Megan The Conn Family Zel Greene Mel Greene Marion Conn Milton Conn Howard Bloom Bobbe Cook Richard Cook Al & Tillie Susman Cathy Gordon Dan Gordon Skip Sigman Davd & Jane Cook Ben Newman

Pat, Steven & Andy Cohen R. Robert Cohen Laurie Cohen-Ringler & Robin Margolin Shirley Ringler Irving Ringler Helane Ringler-Woodall Edna Staskin Eugene Staskin Howard Margolin Francine Lerman Allen Kolb Justin A. Leir

Rabbi Julian & Susie Cook Dr. Harry Cook Eunice Cook Dr. Abraham W. Brown Sally Glueck Brown Dr. Samuel Elgart Rabbi Jonathan Brown Henrietta Sklar

Lisa, Rich, & Avi Cohn Allene & Sam Cohn Bernice & Albert Reckler Vivian & Bill Singer Esther & Jack Tzinberg Alex Tzinberg Marcia Light Anne Rubin

Bob Damashek Claire Damashek David Damashek Seth, Alison, Brody, & Sawyer Davidow; Judith Whitman; Wendi Whitman Allan Whitman Randi Freedman Anne Freedman Ray Freedman Florence Freedman Bessie Freedman Ben Freedman Bessie Tabachow Ben Tabachow Helen Whitman Murray Whitman Wanda Stauber

The Colodny Family Dr. Stephen Colodny Eva Colodny Harry Colodny Morry Gaynor Betty Gaynor Frances Tittmann


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Bob & Susen Davidson Daniel H. Davidson

Jon & Amy Dobrin Albert Lopatin Beverly Lopatin

Alan & Gloria Davis Morris Davis

Kathy, Scott, Lauren, & Kallie Dock Kenneth Meer Trudy Dock Stanley Dock Lilian Penn Edward Penn Ethel Meer Bert Meer Pauline Forman Joseph Forman Jack Forman Alfred Held

Jordan, Kathy, Sam, Adam & Alana Dechtman; Lenore Dechtman Barry Dechtman Fannie Dechtman Herman Dechtman Marcia Dechtman Rose Matlaw Al Matlaw Rene Sutor John Sutor Melford Stanfield

The Beverly & Dr. Eugene DuBoff Family Rose & David Berney Ruth Berney Esther & Harry DuBoff Alice Berney Paul Williams Arthur Berney

Nancy Deifik, Jordan & Ben Deifik, Amanda, Matthew & Madeline Witheiler Bruce Douglas Deifik Felicia Diamond & Gene Bloom Charlotte Diamond Bernard Diamond Stephen Diamond Louis Altberger Celia Altberger Joseph Diamond Jenny Diamond Louis Bloom Bertha Bloom

Heidi, Shane & Margaux Dufrene; Zelda & Les Prince Terry J. Dufrene Charles I. Prince

Lora & Randy Diner, Marla & Jim Diner, Jackie & Marty Diner, Nancy & Matt Gordon Jeanne Diner Ed Diner Sherry Diner Charles Diner Fanny Diner Leone Diner Neimic Trudy Leopold Robert Leopold 13

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Michael, Julie, Andrew & Matthew Eber & Nancy Nowak Michael Nowak Bruce Cohen David Gordon Daniel Sally Nowak Norman Nowak Bernice Cohen Emil Cohen Nancy Springberg Charlotte Bloom Joseph Bloom Isidor Eber Roselle Eber Richard Eber Frances “Pinky” Eber Bette Ann Bloom Anna Deitch Isadore Dietch Milton Deitch Sol Z. Schwartz

Ellen & Anthony Elias & Family Dorothy Roy Seymour Roy Julius Elias Thelma Teitelbaum Terry Patinkin Kathy & Bob Emerman Stanley Emerman Marjorie Emerman Ida Galasso Demeo Frank A. Quartaro Margaret Galasso Quartaro Anthony Demeo II Peggy & Merrill Emmett Alvin D. Lichtenstein Robert Emmett Shirley Emmett Sidney Fieman Lee & Lori Erickson Al Wilensky Barb Wilensky Ben Wilensky Dr. Ted Underwood Rose Johnson

Jim & Susan Rubin Eichberg Robert L. Eichberg Robert S. Eichberg Jane K. Kugelman D. Jack Kugelman Marjorie C. Rubin Dr. Harry Rubin Robert Rubin

Scott Esserman & Mieke Thorson & Family Melvin Strassner Elinor Strassner Frances Reed Joan Slein

Sandie, Adam, Jen, Ella & Theo Eichberg Robert S. Eichberg Robert L. Eichberg Marion T. Eichberg Henry Greenberg Sylvia (Sis) Greenberg

David & Ben Faingold Bernie Faingold Genevieve Faingold Sandra (Sandy) Faingold

Freddie Eisenstat & Family Lillian Hollander Julius Hollander Sadie Luby-Scribner Arthur Eisenstat Bernie Eisenstat Stefani Eisenstat 14

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Leslie, Howard & Grant Farkas Jacob Farkas Gizella D. Farkas Lawrence S. Farkas Arnold B. Farkas Raymond Brazil Marcia Bryan Brazil Margaret Bryan William Walker Beatrice Walker

Sheldon & Janet Fisher Reuben Fisher Rose Fisher Howard Fisher Suzie Fishman & Tom Cain & Family Dr. Arthur Fishman Barbara Fishman Richard, Josh, Jason & Emily Fleischmann Rose Feingold Bess Fleischman Isaac Fleischman Julie Fleischmann

Amy N. Feldman & Michaela & Stephen Vogt Arielle Finkelstein Arthur & Lee (Gallup) Feldman Allan Gallup Meyer & Eva (Drazen Gollub) Gallup Max, Sadie & Josephine Gollub Samuel & Sadie (Hirschfield) Feldman Marvin & Charlotte (Siegel) Feldman Ira Feldman Nancy (Feldman) Pottruck Harry & Jean (Marion Feldman) Dubman Linda (Dubman) MacRunnel

Lynne & Lance Forstot, Michele & Darren Nadel, Talia, Tzvi & Liora Nadel; Jordon Forstot & Risa Friedman, Isaac Forstot & Jonah Forstot Sheppard Forstot Edith Forstot Janie Forstot Morris Bitton Lillian Bitton Pearl Graime Marshall Forstot Sarena Buckwald Sidney Buckwald Gary Buckwald Helen Dahab Susan Friedman Ezra & Jane Dahab Jacob & Dora Bitton Joseph & Ida Forstot Leon & Ida Milberg

Millicent Fieman Elizabeth Schultz Albert Schultz Bonnie Milstein Sidney Fieman Tom & Susie Finley, Braxton & Vaughn Reimer Roberta “Bobbi” Beeler Sara Jo Fischer, Isaac White & Liz White Novitsky Laurel J. Fischer Seymour Fischer Charles S. Fischer 15

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Rabbi Steven & Joyce Foster, David & Allison, Danny & Becky & Debbie Foster Beverly Cohn Bender William G. Cohn Miriam B. Foster Milton E. Foster Bessie Buchbinder Sigmund Buchbinder Sam Cohn Sarah Cohn Aaron Futowsky Sarah Futowsky Hyman Sclamberg Gittel Sclamberg Abe Bender Peter Cohn Steven Berg Dr. Julian Newman

Carol Jean Friedman & Family Jerome S. Friedman Alice E. Stuhlbarg Harold E. Stuhlbarg Rose F. Stuhlbarg Sam Stuhlbarg Jane & Don Friedman Estelle Friedman Jerry Friedman Ida Seff Sol Seff Brandon Friedman Marla Seff Ted & Lana Friedman, Amy, Ben & Jack Rice, Brian Friedman J. Leonard Levy Myra Levy Sheldon Levy Florence Glick Al Glick Anna Levy Abraham Levy

Barbara Freis & Shari Freis Rose Reiner Irving Reiner Alan Freis Esther Freis Milton Freis Anna Wasko Harry Wasko Martha Levin Bonney Levin Moreland Fink Pearl Bundy Sandy Kahn

Arlene & Herb Galchinsky Rose Gvirtz Ben Gvirtz Sarah Galchinsky Max Galchinsky Larry Singer Mickey & Nancy Gart & Family Bebe Gart Nathan Gart Jerry Gart Melvin Gart Joseph Lewis Selma Lewis

Cynthia Friedland & George Lupiba Dr. Joseph Friedland Sophie Goldberg Alberta Friedland Samuel Goldberg Anita Kauffmann Gary & Janet Friedland Samuel M. Goldberg Sophie F. Goldberg Joseph D. Friedland Alberta Friedland Leora Perrish

Tom & Margie Gart Jerry Gart Judith Schechner Melvin Gart 16

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Alan Golin Gass, Peter & Dana Merrill Gass Brown Sally Rae Speken Gass John & Loretta Golin Gass Herman & Jessie Greeberg Speken Chuck & Faye Greenberg Schayer Silas & Rosalie Golin Kobey Joyce Furstmann Meyer R. Stephen Berry Lenore Payne Brown Dr. Robert & Betty Lou Einstein

Steven Glick, Bobbie Reinhardt, Debbie Bagby & Family Fay Glick Sylvan Glick Florence Glick Lena Rapp Alan Glickman/Nanette Santoro Maxwell E. Glickman Leah Gluskoter Hal Gluskoter Samuel Levin Rebecca Levin Luna Boosoff Norman Levin David Levin Ann Gluskoter Samuel Gluskoter

Louis Gelfand & Elliott Family Marian Gelfand Beverly Francis & Family Norman Francis Margot Gilbert Frank & Family M Allan Frank Sandi Paula Rosenthal Phyllis Frank John J. Gilbert Margaret R. Gilbert Gertrude Frank Moses Frank

Michael Goffman Benjamin Goffman Anne Pearl Goffman Sarah, Neil, Alie & Andrew Goldblatt Lawrence Meskin Arnold Goldblatt

Jane Nogg Fruchtman Adalynn Nogg Ernie Nogg Kenneth Weinberger

Brian Goldstein & Family Tammy Goldstein Charles Goldstein Sonia Korman

Shelley Gilman, Stephen Brake, & David Brake Sid Gilman

Caren Goodman & Giorgio Lambruschini B. Paul Goodman Ellen Gladding

Toby & Stanley Ginsburg Frances Ginsburg Florence Ginsburg Jake Ginsburg Alvin Itkin Betty Itkin Albert Itkin Harry Lewis Irene Lewis

Hava Gordon, Lael & Oliver McKain Jason McKain Sharon & Gary Gottesfeld Estelle Gottesfeld Burt Gottesfeld


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Lorna S. Gray & Family Gerald (Jerry) Gray Phillip Gray Mary Gray Norman Gray Barbara Gray Isador Sadie Anne Sadie Jacqueline Landers William Landers Patricia Charmatz Lester Charmatz Matthew Landers Jack Robinson

Daniel & Pamela Greenholz Ellen Barbara Greenholz Hilda Ball Marian & Larry Greher & Family Aranka Greher Ludwig Greher Mildred Schulman Milton Schulman Jeffrey Schulman Gloria Schulman Bob Schulman Dan Grossman, Robin Koenigsberg, Leah Grossman & Adin Grossman Beverly Koenigsberg Kay Chorley Byrne Mary Jane Katzenstein

Ed & Dianne Green & Family Frances F. Green Stanford J. Green Mildred G. Wilner Bernard I. Wilner L. Leonard Frankenthal Denis R. Williams Dorothy M. Katz Dr. Morris Katz Ida Wilner Dorothy Wilner Albert Wilner Leonard D. Furman Meyer Greenstein Rose Greenstein Faye D. Walker Cecil Walker

John & Pamela Grossman William M. Grossman Beatrice Grossman Harold W. Grant Beverly J. Grant Lee & Toby Gurney Joseph Gurney Dorothy Gurney Lita Friedland Abe Sedley Doris Sedley Joel Sedley

Lynne & Andy Greene & Family Barbara Gray Norman Gray Melvin Greene Zelda Greene Dora Rollnick Al Rollnick Mary Gray Phillip Gray Phillip Rollnick Joann Rollnick Gerald Gray

Carl & Gaye Harris Sam W. Harris Dorothy Harris Herman C. Harris Freda Gordon Raymond Engel Mildred Engel


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Howard & Michele Harris & the Rest of the Family “GV” Jerry Harris Leona Harris Richard Harris

Roslyn Hepner Grueskin Harold Grueskin Shirley Strait Jim, Caryn, Josh & Alex Herman Albert Herman Rita Mae Herman

Eilene Harris, Susan Harris, Mindy Harris, Richard Podoll Alexander Sol Eldredge Perry M. Harris Sol Felsen Ann Felsen Jack Harris Anne Harris Arthur Podoll Rena Podoll

Owen, Deb & Noah Herman Joseph Herman Selma Herman Howard Robisin Joan Robisin John & Maggie Hillman Samuel S. Hillman Edith S. Hillman

Leslie & Andy Heins Julius Heins Mary Heins Natalie Sue Miller Alan Miller

A. Barry & Arlene Hirschfeld Gertrude Friedman Hyman Friedman Dorothy Hirschfeld Edward Hirschfeld Hadley Hirschfeld

Cantor Regina & Matthew Heit Marion Yarchever Gilbert Yarchever Max Heit Edyth Katz Yarchever Thelma Heit

Ed, Ana, & Louie Hoffenberg Daniel Hoffenberg Marvin Hoffenberg Edward & Robin Hoffman Elizabeth Brodsky Hoffman Irving Hoffman Gertrude Nolte Long Robert A. Long Denise Long Elliott Dr. Lawrence James Pass

Stuart & Judy Heller Benjamin Heller Goldie Heller Robert Versman Rose Versman Irwin Heller Louise Heller

Emmy Hornstein, Lisa, Greg, Zachary & Samuel Ostravich; Debbee, Julio & Bryce Montes Israel Hornstein Adele Hornstein Rhoda Youngman Harry Youngman Marshall C. Hornstein

Michelle & Michael Hepner Matthew Aaron Hepner Harold J. Hepner Jennie Litvack Sam Litvack Forrest H. Vean (continued in next column)


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Dr. Lon, Mindy & Hannah Horwitz; Dr. Brittany Staples; Ian Staples Ilene H. Weiss Sidney William Horwitz, Esq Jackie Horwitz Henry A. Rossen Doris L. Rossen Louis A. Horwitz Ida B. Horwitz Nathan L. Horwitz Tyler Love

Sylvia Jacobs & Family Robert Jacobs Samuel Jacobs Fanny Jacobs Louis Neiden Bertha Neiden Hal & Susan Jacobson & Family Ruth Metzler Richard Jacobson Barbara & Paul Jaffe & Family Edith Chordock Henry Chordock Barry Chordock Jack Jaffe Sophie Jaffe

West, Mindy & Joey Huddleston Joseph Kusic Larry Hunt Idette H. Hunt Ben Rubin Mary R. Rubin

Jewish Family Service of Colorado Henry Strauss Lewis Sapiro Eleanor Will Maxine Davine Richard Cook Leonard Strear Edwin Diner Steven Chotin Michael Altenberg Don Kortz

Marshall, Robin, & Dana Huss Erica Huss David Braeger Donna Braeger-Zimmer Sarah Huss Arthur Huss The Hyatt Family: Bob, Emily, Dan & Mandy, Hannah, Mason & Neil Sheila K. Hyatt Annette W. Hyatt

Judy Joseph & Mark Greenberg Leonard Joseph Harriet Joseph Sam Greenberg Florence Greenberg

Benita & Arnold Idelberg & Family Sam Dunevitz Dena Dunevitz Jacob Idelberg Gertrude Idelberg Morey Idelberg Burton Dunevitz Jamie, Mark, Lindsey & Adam Idelberg Rita Stone


Kathy & Art Judd, Richard & Dana Judd & Gina Judd Gertrude Solomon Gerson Solomon Min Judd Royal Judd Donald Kaufmann Adele Sollender Fred Sollender Joann Eisenstadt

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Phyllis A. Kadison Jacy Marley Kadison-Marshall

Bess Katchen Louis Katchen Sadie Stein Howard Katchen Judy Katchen Patti Jean Ross Linda Sigman Jerry Sigman Marcia Heller

The Kaplan Family Laura Kaplan Donald & Jean Kaplan Sol Kaplan Nettie Kaplan Samuel Sussman Anna Sussman

Glenda Kaufman & Family Joe Kaufman Adolph Kaufman Elsie Kaufman Toni Kern Dave Finkelstein Betty Finkelstein Hub Finkelstein

Ricki & Michael Kaplan & Family Sherman Minkoff Jerry Kaplan Corinne Ehrlich Susan Karsh, Greg & Ali Karsh, Casey & Brett Perry, Chase, Cooper & Kash Perry Randy Karsh Alfred Selix Janice Selix Joseph Karsh Freda Karsh Judith Karsh Katchen Rusty Selix Avery Blankfort

Henny Kaufmann Donald Kaufmann Min Judd Royal Judd Rose Kaufmann Richard Kaufmann Patti Robinson Kaufmann Adele Sollender Libby Sollender Fred Sollender Norton Freyer

Dr. Stuart & Gail Kassan, Michael Kassan, Eric & Merrill K. Ross Dr. Stanley Karesh Dr. Robert Kassan Rosalind Kassan Jason Ross Gilda Tanne Florrie Katchen & Family Bruce Katchen Ken Heller Randy Heller Seymour Heller Doris Jacobs Heller Lilien Jacobs Weintraub (continued in next column)


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Jen Gilbert-Kaufmann & Rob Kaufmann, Brandon & Yael, Marissa, Rachel & Alyssa Norton Freyer Aaron Gilbert Pauline Gilbert Robert Gilbert Min Judd Royal Judd Amy Kanner Don Kaufmann Patti Robinson Kaufmann Richard Kaufmann Rose Kaufmann Arthur Lederman Beatrice Lederman

Ricky, Susie & Michael Kornblatt; Larry, Carol & Todd Diamond Jeremy Ryan Kornblatt Minnie Kornblatt Samuel Kornblatt David Kornblatt Ella Knaster Harry Knaster Gertie Greaser Charles Greaser Robert Greaser Leroy Meyers Johnny Meyers Eva Diamond Charlie Diamond Joey Perlmutter Sheila Brown David Brown Roy Dallmann

Steven Kaufmann Patti Robinson Kaufmann Donald Kaufmann Rose Kaufmann Richard Kaufmann Min Judd Royal Judd

Rick Kornfeld & Julie Malek Irwin Kornfeld Ozzie Malek Helene Malek Andy Boxer Rose Miller Israel Miller Dan Kornfeld Roslynn Kornfeld Max Boxer Ruth Boxer Charles Malek Helen Malek Diane Dinner Mel Dinner Jeannie Blanc

Mickey, Caryn, Andrew & Jaymes Keenan Howard Korman Liliya Khari & The Gelman & Skhisov Families Zinoviy Gelman Bella Khari Leonid Khari Phil & Susie Kleinman Marvin Kleinman Edith Kleinman

Mary Lou, Zoey, Bob, Gary & Kathy Kortz Donald L. Kortz

Harold & Loni Koller & Family Ruth Koller Philip Koller


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Leonard Kramish Doris J. Kramish Tillie Kramish Louis Kramish David Kramish Morris Kramish Aaron Kramish Albert Kramish

Loretta & Ira Langenthal Max Langenthal Jean Langenthal Eric Langenthal Jerry Langenthal Pam Langenthal Leonard Roth Lillian Roth Adele Roth

Steven Kreisman, CPA & Family Edward H. Kreisman Mary B. Kreisman

Trudy & Steve Lasky Sharon Lasky Ronald Lasky Aaron Skora Martha Skora

Doris & Cindy Lackner Edward J. Lackner Max Lackner Anna Lackner Lillian G. Kornfeld Jay Kornfeld Edwin H. Kornfeld Jerome S. Menaker Thelma K. Menaker

Judith & Robert Layton & Family Jacob Wiener Beatrice Wiener Morris Bohrer Minnie Bohrer Samuel Bell Celia Bell Samuel Layton Reba Layton David Bohrer Dorothy Bohrer Irving Layton Charlotte Layton

Bob & Patricia Lackner & Family Sandra Lackner Jamz Lackner Hersh Lackner Kathryn Rice Eugene Rice Gary Antonoff

Gary Leavitt Laura Stein Leavitt Edward Leavitt Pearl Leavitt Charlotte Leavitt Spilka Eileen Leavitt Marsh Harvey Leavitt Carol Leavitt Lt. Col. Robert Marsh, USAF Rose Winer Paulette Weinberg Hugo Stein Fanny Stein

Lee & Pati Lampert Lena Burg Morris Burg Phillip Burg Ann Lampert Ben Lampert Herbert Schiff Celia Schiff Florence Bilett William Bilett Terry Ruth Bilett Joseph Bilett Tsai Bilett 23

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Joel Lederman Nadine Lederman Jack Lederman

Allen & Hannah Levy Ronald Bruce Greenberg Joseph & Anna Abelovich Rifkin Frank & Alice Dyck Kaufmann

Dr. Philip Jay & Donna LeNoble Faye Komisarow David Komisarow Joseph LeNoble Tillie LeNoble

Burton & Lee Levy & Family Mandell Levy Gertrude Levy Joe Litvak Gert Litvak Jay Levy

Blanca T. & Howard A. Lerman Oscar Baylin Elizabeth Baylin Charles Lerman Clara Lerman M. Michael Lerman Adele B. Lerman

Leslie Levy, Mariah, Jeremy, Avi & Sadi Kutner Sheldon Levy Eli Milstein Margaret Milstein J. Leonard Levy Morton Londer Florence Glick Al Glick Abraham Levy Anna Levy Abraham Londer Lily Londer

Joe, Scott & Micah Levi, Cassandra Perlmutter & Braden Polster Sara Levi Manfred Levi Leonard Perlmutter Kerry Forbes Richard Polster Marc & Karyn Levin, Aaron & Justin Levin, Michael, Heather & Brody Shure Dr. Isador Levin Sarah Levin George Shidler Eleanor Shidler

Marvin & Beatrice Levy & Sandy & Lois Wohl Milton Levy Diana Levy Lawrence Epstein Benjamin Levy Louis Jultak Frieda Jultak

Scott & Laure Levin, Rachel Levin, Rebecca & Joseph Dubroff Reid Levin Maxine Levin Melvin Levin Mary Levin Robert Levin Evelyn Shore Herman Shore Patricia Glass Victoria Glass

Michael & Julie Levy Stanley Silver Donald Goldstein Kenneth Levy Arleen Levy Mark Levy Irwin Zwick Carol Alpiner


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Raymond & Harriet Levy Eli Katz Ethel Katz Philip Levy Madeline Levy Harvey Katz Joel Levy

Joyce & Gary Lozow Louis Berenstein Ruth Berenstein Jeanette Fedman Myer Lozow Rose Lozow Seymour Lozow Don Lozow

Alan & Linda Lewis Earl B. Lewis Lillian M. Lewis Sherrie Lynn Lewis

Janet Lozow (Janey) & Family Donald Lozow Noah Atler Dorothy Atler Greta Horwitz Irwin Horwitz Myer Lozow Rose Lozow Seymour Lozow Bob Simmons Robert Simmons

Carmen Lichtenstein Alvin D. Lichtenstein Elizabeth Schultz Sidney Fieman Albert Schultz Anna Lichtenstein Arthur Lichtenstein Bonnie Milstein

Becky, Zeke & Ariana Lubin Dr. Harlan Lubin Juliet Lubin

Mark & Susan Linkow Bryn Sara Linkow Sylvia Siegal Ben Stellor Gary Stellor Edward Linkow Esther Linkow

Rebecca & Gregg Lurcott Dr. Rose Malach Sexton Shirley Malach Bockoff Mari Lurie & Family Walter Lurie Maisie & Solly Behr Ruby & Abe Luri

Joni & Larry Litvak & Family Ann Iskow Grimes Joseph D. Iskow Celia Litvak Isador Litvak Rebecca S. Friedman Dr. Emanuel Friedman Henrietta Radinsky Dr. John Litvak Adrienne Litvak Robert Safer

Dale & Tom Lyneis; Susie & Bill Curry Harold “Sonny” Garber Ruth Goodman Samuel Goodman Sallie Siegel

Patty Lorie Mel Kupetz 25

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Charles & Kim Malek & Family Ozzie Malek Helene Malek Andy Boxer Ruth Boxer Max J. Boxer Jeanie Blanc Charles Malek Helen Malek Molly Berkowitz Emil Berkowitz Nat Schneider Min Schneider

Deb, Wayne, Carli & Lauren Mastin Ruth Kolker Lily Weich Aaron Weich Gertrude Kolker Carl Kolker Alice Mastin Robert Mastin

Peggy & David Marks, Judith Gordon & Sharon Nantell, Richard & Juli Gordon, Debra & Ben Nichols Esther Yudas Gordon Harry Gordon Anna Katz Morris E. Katz Pauline Gordon Chamberline Inez Band Herman Band Rose Marks Graham Marks Sylvia Snyder Manuel Snyder Edward J. Gordon Marion. Gordon Harriet S. Gordon Ethel Katz Jean Nichols Selma Lee Gordon Leonard M. Hubbell John Brooks Hubbell Lynn Marks

Deb & Jim Mayworm Jack Barton Bette Kamlet Sam Kamlet Phil Koller Leslie Fishbein

Susan Mathews, Lindsey, Jonathan, Jeffrey & Adrienne Mildred Cashman Myron Cashman

Joanie & Wyatt McCallie, Kari McCallie & Alex Schwartz, The Robinson Family Charles Schwartz Blanche Schwartz T. Hooke McCallie Eleanor McCallie Barbie & Steve McDonald Michael Altenberg Roslyn Altenberg Ann Reinstein Jack Perlmutter Leonard Perlmutter Ellie Perlmutter

Ann & Manuel Martin Jennie & Judah Aronson Rose Aronson Miller Minna Aronson Judith Aronson Suzanne Buckanoff Davis 26

Micky & Louann Miller Judge Charles Rosenbaum Louise Rosenbaum Israel J. Miller Rose K. Miller Diane Dinner Melvin Dinner Irwin Kornfeld Stanton Rosenbaum Marjorie Hornbein

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Lisa, Molly & Noah Mintz Robert Mintz

Marty & Mary Lee Mohr Paul Mohr Felice Mohr Floyd Howard Millie Howard Stephen Howard

Francie & Sally Miran Belle Miran Sol Miran David Miran

Marty, Carol, Joey & Lani Morris Donald & Esther Morris Harold Loveman

The Mishell Family Dr. Jeffrey Mishell Richard Landsman Herbert Landsman Pauline Landsman Florence Mishell Sam Mishell

Amy & Steve Morris Michael Morris Diane Morris Hershel Pesner Joan Pesner Shelley Pesner Shlomo Yaacov Wiesel Mindel Leah Wiesel Shaindel Wiesel Yaacov Wiesel Shprintze Wiesel Abraham Wiesel

Laura & Garrick Mitchell Dr. John Geiger Arlene Mobell Philip Mobell Harvey Kaminsky Ann Kaminsky Dinca Kaminsky Itzrik Kaminsky Rose Pringle Suletsky Morris Pringle Rose Mobell Morris Mobell

Susie, Perry, Alison & Steven Moss Arthur Moss Alan L. Rosenberg Dorothy A. Senior Robert Senior Amy Kappel

Gary Mobell Philip Mobell Harvey Kaminsky Ann Kaminsky Dinca Kaminsky Itzrik Kaminsky Rose Pringle Suletsky Morris Pringle Rose Mobell Morris Mobell Hank & Judy Mohr, Michelle E. Burcham Paul Mohr Felice Mohr Michael Arthur Mohr 27

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Sharon Mushkin, Brian Cook & Families Larry Mushkin May Mushkin Richard (Dick) Cook Sondra Cook Dave B. Cook Jane Cook Minnie Barsky Esther Barsky Mary Barsky Julia Mushkin Elaine Himovitz Herb Barsky Herbert Cook Mollie Grinstein Sam Fireman Helen Fireman

Buzz Neusteter, Katy Neusteter, Thad Kurowski, Brule Kurowski, Priscilla London, Richard London Nancy Rambar Neusteter Naomi Bennett Myron D. Neusteter Shirley R. Neusteter Meyer Neusteter Bernita Neusteter Joseph Levie Lillian Levie Samuel Rosenthal Nettie Rosenthal Ernest F. Rambar Shirley K. Rambar Harry Kupperman Rose Kupperman

Milly Nadler Dr. Maurice Nadler Florence Nadler

Marcee Newman Donald Gordon Cathy Gordon Al Susman Tillie Susman Ben Gordon Blanche Gordon Viola Silverberg Shanie Goodman Jack Goodman Jeanie Nisenson

Linda & Andy Nathan S. Leonard Berenbeim Joan Berenbeim Axelrod Adolph Axelrod Babette Simon Dr. David Berenbeim Joshua D. Nathan Samuel J. Berenbeim

Dan Notov, Sandi Katz & Shari Zimmerman Harvey Notov Selma Notov

Don & Linda Neuman & Family Abe Levine Mollie Levine Mark Neuman Peg Neuman Barry Levine Gary Levine Dalton Levine

Fredi B. Novin Jack W. Novin Marcelle C. Novin Susan K. Nowick & Dr. David A. Nowick Dr. Martin E. Nowick Phillip M. Nowick


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Sam Okner Abe Okner Grace Okner Miriam Hellerstein Sylvia Wikler Randy Okner Adrian Okner

Carol F. Plotka & Judy R. Farrell Benjamin Golder Minnie Golder Sadie Golder Cohn Harry Cohn Abraham Plotka Diana Plotka Norman L. Plotka Daisy P. Silverman Harvey Joseph Silverman Bernard Silverman Rabbi Arnold A. Silverman Helen Golder Plotka

Susan Patston; Ashley, Chris & Connor Aquino; Art, Barb & Scott Masarky; Brett, Rachel & Oliver Masarky Hank Masarky Bobbe Oberfelder Masarky Ruth & Isaac Masarky Murray Masarky Naomi Masarky Judi Stern

Judy Altenberg, Bruce, Jeremy & Gabrielle Plotkin Michael Altenberg Roslyn Altenberg Stanley Plotkin Carol Plotkin Jerome Altenberg Goldie Altenberg Phil Perlmutter Belle Perlmutter Jack Perlmutter Ellie Perlmutter Ann Reinstein Sam Reinstein Leonard Perlmutter Ruth Gold Raymond Plotkin Bill Plotkin

Pearle Kortz Levey Jess Kortz Rose Kortz Alan Laff Mark Levey Nancy & Adolfo Regalado, Elaine Perotin, Alex Regalado Sheldon Perotin Gerrie Peters Henry A. Zelinger Ida E. Zelinger Clifford (Pete) Peters Cydney Lee Wax Shirley Francis Goldstein

Ladeen & Jim Pluss Frank Pluss Frances Pluss Max Fogel Ida Fogel Karen Pluss Feldman Sam Pluss

Rabbi Aaron M. & Janese Petuchowski Dr. Jakob Josef Petuchowski Paul Spanbock George E. Mayer Debbie & Frank Piazza & Family Rita Sulett Edward Sulett Betty Feldstein Sol Feldstein 29

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Zondra Pluss Sam Pluss Gertrude Pepper Joseph I. Pepper Frances Pluss Frank Pluss

Ron & Barbara Pred Joe Kaufman Elliott Husney Nelson Goldman Ronald, Barbara, Rory & Josh Pred Daniel Pred Rose Pred Nancy Shaw Oscar Shaw Raymond Kauffman Dolly Kauffman Sheldon Ginsburg Alan Bloom Evan Stutman Susan Loshbaugh Jim Loshbaugh

Andrea S. Pollack Joseph B. Singer Ann G. Singer Norman P. Singer Barbara & Jerry Pollack; Adam, Julia, Kamiki & Anna Pollack, Drs. Jonathan & Lisa Pollack, Penelope Pollack Julia Pillersdorf Arthur Pillersdorf Frances Pollack William Pollack Arnold Pollack Meadow Pollack

John & Amy Israel Pregulman & Family Merv Pregulman George & Matilda Pregulman Julian & Ruth Pregulman Julian & Mary Winston Milton & Martha Brenner Sue Ellen Brenner Garrison & Goldin Sishin Mary & Julius Israel Louis Israel

Helene Pollock David Pollock Bertha Simons Alfred Simons Dr. Herbert Simons Dr. Louis Pollock Saralee Pollock

Marisa, Jill and Tom Radow Murray Shapiro Rena Bohack Seymour Radow Ruth Radow Mannie Shaw

The Pollyea Family Ida Rose “Skipper” Feingold Leo Feingold Miriam Pollyea Samuel Pollyea Joel Porter, Susan Dozier, Brad Porter, Kim O’Connor, Paris Porter Bradley, Calder Porter Bradley Ruthe Porter Elliott Porter Terry Porter May Orell Max Orell Esther Porter Joseph Porter

Rina Rashnitsova,Leon & Sima Nemirovsky Isaak Rashnitsov Rosa Nimirovsky Isaak Nemirovsky


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Renee & Henry Reckler, Lisa, Rich & Avi Cohn, Alison, Devin, Etti, Noa & Jonah Cooper Bernice Ruth Reckler Albert Harold Reckler Esther Shafferman Tzinberg Jack Tzinberg Sylvia Tzinberg Alex Tzinberg Anne Rubin

Merrily & Steve Reflow & Family Gayle Ann Weinstein Bonnie Rae Handler Evelyn Sunshine Isadore B. Sunshine Simon Reflow Corinne Reflow Sadie Rivlin Harry Nachis

Dr. Solomon Herbert Bassow & all Bassow’s before of blessed memory Seymoure Simon & all Simons before of blessed memory Marilyn Beth Bassow Simon Ralph Rell & all Rell’s before of blessed memory Nora Mazur Rell & all Mazurs before of blessed memory Lynn Rell Grego

Steve & Dottie Resnick C. Richard (Dick) Koepke Martin Resnick E. La Rue Koepke Linda Resnick, Michael & Keith Neeves David Resnick Ann Resnick

Michelle, Gary, Melanie, David, & Brian Reiff Ben Reiff Arlene Kleinman

Fredric & Lundy Reynolds Ruth Feinberg Reynolds David Jacob Reynolds Helen Lundy Hoopes William H. Hoopes

Maxine Reiff Bernard “Ben” Reiff Eddie Friedberg Bob Friedberg Eva Fractman Ida Reiff Max Reiff

Lois & Sherman Rich Selma Menachof Oscar Menachof Jennie Rich Jake Rich Ben Rich Herschel Rich Trude Menachof Bershof

Scott, Trina, Jonathan, Caroline & Sam Reisch Sidney Reisch

Frayda Richman, Dr. Louis Rappoport, Brandon Friedman & Tayler Mitchell, Lauren & Gabe Friedman Suit Nessie Klein Rappoport

Cathy & Irv Rell; Amy, Einav, Naor, Alina & Zachary Segev; Julia & Gary Key Samuel Isaacson & all Isaacsons before of blessed memory Bertha Rosenfeld Isaacson Bernice Mae Bassow Isaacson (continued in next column)


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Myra Rieger Arthur M. Frazin Frieda & Ben Friedman Isadore Friedman Bob Friedman Godeanne & Marvin Friedman

The Rottler Family Marion Slavsky Stan Slavsky Steve Slavsky Dora Wolf Max Wolf Mary Slavsky Harry Slavsky Marie Rottler John Rottler

The Ritvo Family Rabbi George B. Lieberman Sylvia K. Lieberman Mike Ritvo Mikki Ritvo Jim Ritvo Debra Robinson & Jon Duvall Patti Robinson Kaufmann Robert Silverberg Donald Kaufmann

Sandy Shur & Bev Rouleau & Family Fannie Shur Harry Slack William Shur Abe Shur Roslyn Shur Mo Rouleau

Susan & Eddie Robinson Sam M. Robinson Helen S. Robinson Patti Robinson Kaufmann

Mark, Sharon, Brett, Brandon, Gina, Vivienne & Barrett Runyan Julius Perotin Ruth Perotin

The Saks-Robinson Family Gertrude Pinkas Lemon Saks Blanche Robinson Dr. Roger Robinson

Phil Sachs, Melissa Sachs Fitzpatrick & Family, Heather Robbins & Family Shelley R. Sachs Vivian Kaufman Connell & Laurie Saltzman & Family Connell I. & Dorothy Saltzman Sr. Dr. Eric & Nancy Saltzman Herman & Sondra Saltzman Stephen Saltzman Helen Carlson Anna Louricas James Louricas Mark Louricas Babe & Ruth Kornfield

Tedd & Lisa Rose Sadatte Rose Gabe Rose Stan & Cindy Rosenberg Pearl Rosenberg Blum Abraham Blum Dr. Jeff Rosensweig, Cheryl Spector, Mariah & Carmi Rosensweig Bernard Rosensweig Harriette Rosensweig Solomon Marvin Solomon


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Richard Sampson Ely Seff Anne Seff Jerry Seff Patty Messer Ira Sampson Lil Sampson Adeline Pomerantz

Sharon Schonhaut Shirley Schonhaut Irving Schonhaut Stanley Feuerman Sylvia Goldberg-Gross Chet & Louise Schwartz Donald Schwartz Ruth Schwartz Adeline Davidson Rose Failer Ben Cook Lenore Schwartz Sam Davidson

William Sandler & Molly Sandler Klein Joanne Sandler Patti Marsico Sandler Nathalie Sandler Larry Sandler Richard, Shelly, Tyler, Kelly & Grant Sapkin Donna Sapkin Gloria Cook Mort Sapkin Herbert Cook

The Sedgwick & Knaster Families Sam Knaster Estelle Knaster Sally Fried Bobbi & Jim Seff Sol Seff Ida Seff Sara Walpin Jack Walpin Marla Seff Bessie Ilmer

Sylvia, Barry & Suzi Scher Rabbi Gunther Gates Gretel Gates Jeanne Goldberg Marshall Hornstein Susan Schick & Leonid Feldman; Barbara Schick-Silman Dr. Peter M. Schick Dr. Walter R. Schick Zella Schick Macey Schick Gersh-Ber Feldman Sara Chafit Ida Klein Vladimir Feldman

Shelly & Judie Seidel David & Goldie Lerman Aaron & Martha Seidel Franki Lerman Allison Seidel Marion & Lester Holtzer Arthur L. Seiden Julie A. Seiden Burton Seiden David Seiden Miriam Seiden

Pat, Larry & Tara Schoenwald Jerry Schoenwald Pauline Schoenwald


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Cindy, Robert, Todd, & Angela Shaiman, Darcey Shaiman, Kori Shaiman Gold & Brian Gold Sidney Brooks Jay Levy Marion Shaiman Philip Shaiman Deena Brooks Randy Heller Nancy Weinreich Arden Wandel

Janet & Ron Shiroff Ellie Pepper Irwin Pepper Florence Shiroff Joseph Shiroff Ilene Shiroff Judith & Martin Shore Benjamin Matthew Rosoff Pamela Rosoff Burrows Gertrude Isaacson Shore Abraham R. Goldman Edward R. Goldman Max & Sophi Isaacson Morris Shore Anna Shore Pomeranz Isadore J. Shore Beatrice Travis-Cole

Susan K. Shaner Evelyn Shaner Meyer “Tim” Shaner Steven Shaner Dorothy Abrams Joseph Shaner Erwin Abrams

The Family of Dr. Gerald & Marcia Shpall Dr. Gerald Shpall Marcia Shpall

Beth, Ben & Noah Shanker Sheila Goldstein Alvin Goldstein Vicki & David Sharp, Cindy Niblo Doris Weinrich Johnny Weinreich Bernice Sharp Morey Sharp Mildred Reflow Sheree Dachman

Allyson Shuldberg, Phyllis Shuldberg Johnson & Family Dr. Arthur Shuldberg Robert Johnson Meyer (Mike) Shuldberg Rose Berenson Dianne Zlotnick Kirkpatick Abbott Berenson

Jack Shendleman & Family Max Shendleman Rae Shendleman Marlene Shendleman

Patti Shwayder-Coffin & Steve Coffin, Richard & Caroline Coffin, Pamela Shwayder Richard Shwayder Elizabeth Shwayder-Kelly Benjamin Shwayder Reva Shwayder Helen Baum Arthur Baum Marie Coffin-Dudley Francis Kelly

Elaine “DeDe” Sherman Aaron Ritchie Edward I. Sorkin C. Leon Sherman Jean Morrison Cindy Fowler Alan Groussman Cynthia Rush 34

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Mark, Leslie, Leah & Hannah Sidell Donald Kaufmann Patti Robinson Kaufmann Elizabeth Heckman Louis Heckman Min Judd Royal Judd Norton Freyer Carol Groussman Alan Groussman Cindy Fowler Adele Sollender Fred Sollender Richard Kaufmann Rose Kaufmann

Lori & Louis Sigman Mottie Brooks Anna G. Brooks Abe Brooks Sidney Tepper Zelda Tepper John Sigman Gerald Sigman Linda Sigman Marjorie Tepper Susie Sigman & Family Burton R. Mannis Barbara W. Mannis Howard M. Weinman S. Frank Weinman, M.D. Rosabelle S. Weinman

Barby Sidon & Family Myron Sidon Mollie Burnett Hirsch Milton Burnett Harry Sidon Yvette Sidon Zelda Sidon

Jay & Langdon Silberberg & Family Harold Silberberg Adele Silberberg Pat & Ralph Silversmith Morris Glaser Edith K. Glaser Joseph H. Silversmith Rita F. Silversmith

Bobbi & Gary Siegel Harold Gardenswartz Albert Siegel Rose Siegel Ruth Yoches Marcia Baum Richard Baum Carol Goldstein

Scott Silverstein Jerry Silverstein Steven Silverstein Ellie Silverstein

Beverly Sigman & Family Stephen N. Sigman Robert (Bob) Radetsky Ben & Ruth Kupetz Jerry & Joni Kupetz Morris Sigman

Marty, Jon, Zach & Hannah Sloven Rose Leder Freda Sloven Sam Sloven Howard & Polli Small Ethan Small

Dana Sigman, Jim Sigman, Tom Sigman Alan “Skip” Sigman Richard “Dick” Cook


Lucy & Sheldon Smith Julian Silverberg Jeanne Silverberg Marvin Smith Gary Smith

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Andrew Sobel, Liz Sobel, Eli Sobel & Ivy Sobel Arthur H. Sobel

Arnie & Karen Stein Family Phillip Gray Mary Gray Dora Rollnick A.C. Rollnick Phillip Rollnick Joanne Rollnick Barbara Gray Norman Gray Gerald Gray Nathan Stein Selma Stein

Sheldon Spector & Family Rowanne B. Spector Ida Spector Cantor Jack Spector Miriam Bernstein M. Jack Bernstein Julie Spiegleman, John Spiegleman & Families Donald Spiegleman Rose Spiegleman Jane Gidwitz Charlotte Spiegleman Edward Spiegleman

Ben, Susan, Louis & Ethan Stein Louise Stein Gilbert Stein Rita Schneider Burton Schneider Sheldon Schneider Deborah Moss Daniel Moss

Susan Stark & Batya Stark Ruth Marx Stark Maurice Marx Alexander A. Stark Bette Kamlet Sam Kamlet Andy Kamlet Herbert Stark

Frances & Ralph Stern Dr. Aaron Mintz Lillian Mintz Jeffry Mintz Fred Stern Ena Stern

Wesley & Sherry Stark; Steven & Deborah Stark Rose Richtel Ben Richtel Ilene Kanowitz Rebecca Richtel Moshe Richtel Ida Dubner Sol Stark Martha Stark Jack Stark Estelle Stark Rose Gordon Jacob Gordon Harry Stark Minnie Stark

Ernest Stone & Family Rita Stone Fanny Stone Nathan Stone Sadye Olesker Sam Olesker Joan Strauss & Entire Family Henry Strauss Florence G. Strauss Erna W. Strauss Adolph L. Strauss Jenny M. Wallach August Wallach


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Allan & Helena Striker Irwin J. Striker Elizabeth Fine Striker Moshe Brystowski Sara Szhinblum Brystowski Leon Brystowski Mandel Brystowski Fay Greenspan

Risa Tatarsky Fred Tatarsky Norma Jeanne Freedman Martin J. Freedman Carol Berger Peggy Lehmann, Jon & Sarah Lehmann, Susan Rifkin, & Adie, Ian, Henry & Owen Tate Adolph Kiesler Max Rifkin Joan “Raisie” Rifkin Mildred Williams Naomi Sheftel Lynn Lehmann

Steven & Loraine Summer Harry Son Ingrid Son Merwin Summer Ann Summer Lin & Gary Sunshine Jerome & Shirley Ginsberg Joyce Sunshine Aaron & Lillian Gottlieb Morris & Dora Ginsberg Louis & Esther Sunshine Frank & Kathrene Cohen Jill Friedman Fixler

Marilyn, Apryle, Daniel & Ari Tepper Dorothy Tamarkin Oscar Tamarkin Anne Tepper Joe Tepper Nanette S. Timbel Leo Simon Henrietta Simon Leslie Bethel

Lisa, Eric, Sarah, Aaron & Rebecca Surrey Dr. Edith Surrey Harold Surrey

Beth, Jay & Alyson Tittman Joseph S. Tittman Elyce Rae Tittman Barbara Vicksman Okner Oscar Tittman Nellie Tittman Joseph Vicksman Rose Vicksman Julius (Spotty) Waterman Bess Waterman Larry Ted Cohen Sylvia Tittman Levin Harold (Pip) Kay Pauline Kay Arnold Vicksman Edith Vicksman

Meyer & Judy Sussman Beatrice Sussman Albert Sussman Betty S. Silverman Col. Louis Silverman Joan, Paula & Ann Sussman Karl Sussman Paul Flah Ruth Flah Abram Sussman Sadye Sussman Avery Sussman Max Sussman


“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Claudia & Karen Trevithick Barry Trevithick

Diana Weiner & Family Dr. Norman Weiner David Weiner Sam Weiner Lillian Weiner Arthur Marderosian Mary Marderosian

Laurence Freeman & Alanna Tzarfati Daniel Freeman Jonathan Mishler, Jeanette O’Grady, Alanna Tzarfati, Rebecca Oliver Frances Solomon Mishler Jerome Solomon Florence Solomon Honorable Jacob Mishler David Berman

Stephen & Enid Wenner Joe Wenner Ann Wenner Abe Venger Sally Venger Gordon Wenner Bennett Hornstein Sara Galanter Jerry Venger

The Vigoda Family Libbie Vigoda Dr. Louis Berk Johanna Vigoda Julius Nussbaum Rose Nussbaum Al Holbert Freida Holbert Dr. Philip Vigoda

Janice & Jim White & Family Jules Fink Zelda Fink Freda Lecach Geraldine Reiley Bertus White Virginia White Michael McGill Leonard Samson

The Volin Family Andy Volin Adeline Davidson Sam Davidson Ester Volin Irving Volin Debbie Hirschbein Bill Bach Ben Cook

Judy & Alan Wigod Lisa Gayle Wigod Estelle Lipner Lader Anne Wigod Simon Wigod

Richard Wedgle, Julia Wedgle, Ron & Ellen Wedgle Dr. Susan Mason Joseph Wedgle Lillian Wedgle Dr. Edward Mason Ina Mason Simon Moret Norma Moret

Fred, Patti, Michael & Jenna Winocur Milton Winocur Anna Winocur Mandell S. Winter Jr. Family Mandel S. Winter Sr. Gladys “Babs” Winter Henry A. Winter Esther S. Winter Edward M. Silverberg Sara M. Silverberg 38

“In the rising of the sun and in its going down, we remember them.” Judi Wolf Marvin Wolf

Michael Zeitlin Eugene Louis Zeitlin Sylvia Weiss Zeitlin Philip Zeitlin Bertha Zeitlin Jonas Weiss Ettie Weiss

Laurie, Les, Daniel, & Carly Wolf / Elizabeth & Ben Barefoot Moe Wolf Roslyn Wolf William Saltz

Julie & Howard Zemel & Family Sheila Zemel

Stan & Liz Wolfson Dorothy Goldstein Ben Goldstein Marshall Wilner Pearl Wolfson Meyer Wolfson

Kal Zeppelin & Liz Marin Morris Zeppelin Ruth Zeppelin Nata Jean Schachet Ed Fratti Sylvia Fratti Ed Towbin

Kathy Knaus & Family, Gary Yabrove & Family, James Yabrove & Family Edward Yabrove Janet Yabrove


The following names have been memorialized in perpetuity by purchase of a memorial plaque in our Meditation Room. May their memory be a blessing. David W. Aaron Ida E. Aaron Moe Aaron Rochelle Lois Aaron Harold H. Aarons Harry Aarons M. David Aarons Mary N. Aarons Jerome B. Abelman Max Arnold Abelman Robert Abelman Bernice (Bunny) Abelson Edith Abelson Jerome (Butch) Abelson Joseph Abelson Celia B. Abosch Adolph Abraham Bessie L. Abraham Lillian A. Abraham Morris A. Abramson Ruth Abramson Louis Adelman Rae Adelman Bertha P. Adelsstein Morris E. Adelstein Lissy (Dena) Adler Louis Adler Marion Ehrlich Adler Sir Jacques H. Adler Sheila Akers Terry L. Akers Irving Albert Helen Ephraim Alexander Johanna Alexander Leon Alexander Marcus Alexander

Susan Alison Arnold Benjamin Allen Helen Elenbogen Allen Herman Elenbogen Allen Arnold Burton Alpert Betty R. Alpert Esther B. Alpert Eugene V Alpert Francie Alpert Joe Alpert Josephine Rose Alpert Morris I. Alpert Celia Altberger Louis Altberger Roslyn Altenberg Albert Ambrose Emanuel Ambrose Dulcy Amter Gershon Amter Hattie Amter Helen Kohn Amter Isidore Amter Sara Amter Essie Anfenger Fred C. Anfenger Harold L. Anfenger Joe Anfenger Louis Anfenger Louise Anfenger Max Anfenger Milton L. Anfenger Esta Bloom Angerer Ben H. Antonoff Florence R. Antonoff Anita M. Anzman Maxine Anzman


Frieda Appel Marvin V. Appel Simon Appel Bernita Archenhold Bill Archenhold William Archenhold, Sr. Benjamin Arkin Rebecca ‘Betty’ Arkin Corinne S Asher Lester Asher Dorothy Robinson Atler Charles A. Atler Noah A. Atler Sara M. Atler Eli Atlivaick Getel Atlivaick Adolph S. Axelrod Joan Berenbeim Axelrod Reuben Axelrod Felix Baer Hildegard Baer Phyllis M. Baer Sadie L. Baer Ben Balaban Hattie S. Balaban Louis Balaban Yetta Balaban Geza Balazs Helen F. Balazs Ida Balazs Dr. Gilbert Balkin Jeanne Elbe Balkin Steven Elbe Balkin Herman Band George Barany Susan Barany

Joseph Barer Julia B. Barets Samuel Barets Ben Barnes Irma Rose Barnett Kallman Sanford Barnett Marcus D. Barnett Joseph David Barotz Carolyn Shraiberg Bascom Steven Ira Baser Rose Baskin Emile Bassel Dr. Sol H. Bassow Bertha C. Battock Dr. Benjamin H. Battock Richard Battock Annie Bauer Emil Bauer Fred Bauer Ricka Bauer William Bauer Michael J. Baum Patty Baum Robert Baum Rubie S. Baum Sam Baum Michael J. Baum, Jr. Fanny G. Bauman Anna Hubscher Beck Ira M. Beck Paul Ralph Raphiel Beck Boris Bederak Tatyana Bederok Robert Begner

Ben Belstock Fannie Belstock Faye S. Belstock Harry Belstock Sylvia ‘Cissy’ Belstock Abraham Bender Beverly Cohn Bender Candice Lynn Bender Naomi Rae Bennett Sol Benowitz Thelma Benowitz Jessie H. Bensev Theodore Bensev William Bensev Agnes Berenbaum Dona Berenbaum Harry O. Berenbaum Joseph Berenbaum Mandel Berenbaum Penny Berenbaum Robert Paul Berenbaum Zelie Berenbaum Dr. David Michael Berenbeim Dora Berenbeim John Berenbeim S. Leonard Berenbeim Louis Berenstein Ruth M. Berenstein Eugenya Bereysofsky Steven Michael Berg Carol Cohan Berger Casriel Berger Effie M. Berger Aaron Berkowitz

Hyman Berland Lena Berland Philip H. Berland Edward Berman Ervin Berman Herman C. Berman Hyman Berman Mabel Berman Maxine G. Berman Mollie Berman Norman E. Berman Rickley Berman Raymond B. Bernard Bernard S. Bernstein David Mark Bernstein Elizabeth Bernstein Heloise D. Bernstein Louis Bernstein M. Jack Bernstein Miriam Alexander Bernstein Natalie M. Bernstein Samuel Bernstein Samuel J. Bernstein Sandra Bernstein Sylvia Bernstein David Scott Berry Hannah Shwayder Berry Harry I. Berry Lawrence H. Berry Morris Berry Nat Berry Ray S. Berry Lillian Bershof Philip R. Bert

Frances B. Beigel Alan S. Beinhorn Belle L. Beinhorn Milton J. Beinhorn Arthur Jay Beitscher Dana Cheryl Beitscher Col. Marvin L. Bell

Bertha Berkowitz Harry Berkowitz Jacob Berkowitz Jean Doris Berkowitz Jennie Berkowitz Jerome I. Berkowitz Thelma L. Berkowitz

Evelyn Betz Tzuriel Billingham Gertrude Simon Bitman Simon Bitterman Kevin Scott Blacher Mary Blacher Phil M. Blacher


Sidney Blacher Sidney Nelson Black Sophie Koven Black Celia R. Blanke Erwin F. Blanke Aaron Blankfeld Esther Blankfeld Bessie E. Blecker Irving Blecker Stanford D. Blecker Gussie Bloch Andrea Lynn Block Babette Block Dr. Leon Block Lily S. Block Marcia Stein Block Melville L. Block Morris H. Block Paul Lazarus Block David Bloom Frances ‘Frankie’ Bloom Richard Paul Bloom Shirley Bloom Tillie Heitler Bloom Will Bloom Harold ‘Hal’ Bloomenthal Hazel O. Blumenthal Harold S. Bobb Trixie A. Bobb Sam Bock Larry Bodaness Shirley Bodaness Harry Bodney Carl Lee Bomash

Moishe Borstein Benjamin Borwick Charles M. Borwick Hattie D. Borwick Maurine Shwayder Borwick Sylvia Davis Boscoe Arthur S. Boss Johanna S. Boss Nicholas Boss Andrew S. ‘Andy’ Boxer Jack Boxer Mary Boxer Morton L. Boxer William Lloyd Boxer Gertrude Boyce Hattie Braham Helen Brenman Joseph M. Brenman Ruth Brenman Marcus N Bressler Sondra K. Bressler Charles Brickman Yetta Brickman Leopold Brin Barbara Brockman Fannye Brody Louis Brody Diane R. Hoffman Broida Elaine F. Bromberg Eva S. Bromberg Harry Bromberg William Bromberg Dr. Isadore David Bronfin Elizabeth R. Bronfin

Deena Brooks Joseph Brooks Leon Brooks Rae Kaufman Brooks Sidney Brooks Solomon Brooks Bessie Stein Brown Dorothy Gray Brown Edith Dinner Brown Ethel Mae Brown Evelyn D. Brown Freda Ehrlich Brown Harry Joe Brown Herman S. Brown Joe E. Brown Mathilda Brown Morris Brown Philip P. Brown Rose A. Brown Sarah Brown Max Buchmann Eleanor Lillian Buckstein Ted Buckstein Abraham Bugdanowitz Jack B. Bugdanowitz Mildred R. Bugdanowitz Robert Bugdanowitz Sadie Bugdanowitz Sam Bugdanowitz Sheila Rae Bugdanowitz Ludwig Buka Sophie S. Buka Ida Burke Morris H. Burke

Berthold Bonem Etya Bor Benjamin I. Bornstein Bruka Bornstein Doris Bornstein Regina O. Bornstein Sam Bornstein

Leon Milton Bronfin Max Bronstine Rose Bronstine Helen Hilda Brook Margarete Brook Walter H. Brook Bertha Brooks

Ida Burwick Joseph Burwick Leo I. Burwick Albert Butler Harry C. Butler June Skeer Butler David Cahn


Sarah Cain Bluma Aarons Caldwell Martin David Caprow Lillian Kaufman Carman Esther A. Castle Lucille Castle Meyer Castle Rhea H. Castle Morris Catalan Pauline Gordon Chamberlain Revella W. Chapman Ida Rose Sher Chappell Irma Charak Patricia Sadie Charmatz Nathan Charsky Rosa Charsky Gertrude P. Cheris Hyman Cheris Dr. Maurice Chernyk Gusta Chisdes Jacob Chisdes Steven B. Chotin Arnold M. Chutkow Leonard J. Citron Lily S. Citron Dr. Henry N. Claman Fannie Clar Irving Clar Esther S. Cohan Jack Cohan Lendon Harris Cohan Leonard B. Cohan Maxine K. Cohan Miriam Cohan

David Cohen Dorothy F. Cohen Ethel Cindy Cohen Eva Cohen George Cohen Gertrude R. Cohen Harold J. Cohen Helen Cohen Ida Mintz Cohen Irving Cohen Isidore D. Cohen Jeanette L. Cohen Judith Kay “Judy” Cohen Lena Cohen Leon Willnau Cohen Louis Cohen Mattie Brooks Cohen Monette Hene Cohen Nettye Cohen Rachel Monis Cohen Ruth L. Cohen Samuel Cohen Shirley Ann Cohen William H. Cohen Bella L. Cohn Charles S. Cohn David Cohn Dorathy H. Cohn Dr. Maurice L. Cohn Esther R. Cohn Harry O. Cohn Louis S. Cohn Minnette S. Cohn Morris Cohn

Sam Conner Albert H. Cook Amanda Hillary Cook Anthony Jon Cook Ben Cook Benjamin Scott Cook Dave Cook H. Stanley Cook Harold V. Cook Jennie Cook Julian L. Cook Leonore G. Cook Margaret M. Cook Marvin Victor Cook Max Cook Rose Lipson Cook Irene G. ‘Trudy’ Corske Rose Corske A.B. Cowen Robert Jon Crain Albert L. Cramer Anna Cramer Herbert M. Crane Adrianne Crohn Michael David Crohn Bert F. Crown Florence M. Crown Alfred Eddy Custer Jonathan David Cutler Ray S. David Adeline Davidson Daniel H. Davidson Edith Davidson Jennie Davidson

Pansy Cohan Richard G. Cohan Rose Cohan Sam B. Cohan Susie Cohan Aaron L. Cohen Albert Cohen

Norman V. Cohn William G. Cohn Sam Coleman Maurice Colton Milton Conn Edna E. Conner Emma Conner

Nina Davidson Sam Davidson Abraham David Davis Evelyn G. Davis Jack Davis June Doctor Davis Morris Davis


Norman Davis Anne Boxer Debber Martin J. Debber Barry M. Dechtman Bessie S. Degen Lehman Degen Louis Degen Pauline Degen Bruce D. Deifik Julius Deutsch Lucille Deutsch Rachel (Rae) Deutsch Robert Deutsch Bernard Diamond Charlotte Altberger Diamond Esther Diamond Jack H. Diamond Jennie Diamond Joseph M. Diamond Stephen H. Diamond Belle Dicker Reuben Dicker Jack Dillon Carl Dinerman Ida Dinner Louis Dinner Ben Disman Stanley I. Dock William Drexler Charlotte Dreyfuss Joseph S. Dreyfuss Morris Dryfoos Olga G. Dryfoos Anne Dubin

Elizabeth Echt Willi Echt Judith Ehrenberg Phillip Ehrenberg Benjamin S. Ehrlich Bertha Ehrlich Irene Porges Ehrlich Mitchell D. Ehrlich Louis M. Ehrlich Rachel Ehrlich Sanford Ehrlich Saul Ehrlich Leona L. Eichberg Marion T. Eichberg Robert L. Eichberg Eleanor J. Eisen Harvey Eisen Sigmund G. Elbe Alexander Sol Eldredge Benjamin Elenbogen Jean B. Elenbogen Florence G. Emanuel Jerry Emanuel Eugene Engel Louise Engel Ben F. Englander Sadie Englander Harold Epand Carol Epcar Minnie Epcar Max Epstein Bertha Epstein G. David Epstein Maurice Epstein

Paula J. Erdman Dr. Arthur Esserman Pauline Esserman Charles M. Ettenson Isadore Z. Ettenson May Berger Ettenson Callie J. Faber Janet Farber-Litvin Harry A. Feder Arthur A. Feiner Bernice Feiner Jacob Feinstein Nathan P. Feinstein Abe Feldman Alfred A. Feldman Bobette Striker Feldman Clara R. Feldman Helen Feldman Rose Feldman Stacey Malman Feldman Ann Felsen Donald L. Felsen Sol Felsen George Feri Mella Beck Feri Sidney Fieman Ann Sigman Fine John S. Fine Milton Fine Noah Fine Pearl Jacobson Fine Sara I. Fine Albert J. Finer Dorothy Finer

Annie D. Dubin Charlotte Graber Dubin Frank I. Dubin Israel Dubin Dr. Louis I. Dubin Marcella Rae Dubin Ida Eber Morris H. Eber

Sadie Epstein Warren G. Epstein Adolph Erdman Bernard (Bert) Erdman Clara Erdman Irvin A. Erdman Miriam S. Erdman

Isaac Finesilver John J. Finesilver Judge Sherman G. Finesilver Sarah Finesilver Betty Finkelstein Dave A. Finkelstein Joseph L. Finkelstein


Shirley E. Finkelstein Martin Fisch Bud Fischer Doris Fischer Max Fischer Samuel Fischer Leslie Ann Fishbein Ralph Fisher Rosalyn ‘Roz’ Fisher Yolanda Fisher Gladys L. Fishman-Tennyson Hermine Fiske Louis E. Fiske William Fitelson Charles S. Flaks Eva Friedman Flaks Eleanor Cohan Flatow Bernice Flax Dr. Morton Flax Leo Flax Irvin Fleisher Sylvia (Simi) Fleisher Amanda Flesher Berthold Flesher Dorine Fogel Elizabeth Hannah Fogel Irving Fogel Dr. Burton L. Forbes Daniel R. Fortner Betty I. Kramish Foss Milton Foster Miriam B. Foster Cindy Fowler Dorothy ‘Duddy’ Fox

Phyllis Mae Frank Simon Frank Henry Frankel Leona G. Frankel Lulu Frankel Markus Frankel Max Frankel Serel Frankel Zelda Frankel Bertha Frankle Henry Frankle Leah Sarah Frankle Lillian Frankle Arthur Mitchell Frazin Samuel J. Frazin Alfred A. Freedheim Carrie H. Freedheim Dr. Marshall H. Freedman Helen Burke Freedman Irving I. Freedman Joseph Freedman Lena Freedman Louis Freedman Martin J. Freedman Max J. Freedman Norma Jeanne Freedman Rose Watman Freedman Samuel Freedman Benjamin Freeman Ethel Freeman Harry Freeman Pauline Freeman Robert Freeman Clarice G. Freiberger

Sally Fried Toby M. Fried Zelda Lasky Fried A. Leo Friedenthal Hattie S. Friedenthal Henrietta Friedenthal Isidore Friedenthal Rena Friedenthal Sigmund Friedenthal Alberta “Babe” Friedland Anna Friedland Joseph D. Friedland Marilyn Dee Friedlob Wilfred Leon Friedlob Aaron Friedman Ada G. Friedman Alan J. Friedman Alvina M. Friedman Ben Friedman Carrie S. Friedman Celia Friedman Dr. Emanuel Friedman Estelle Friedman Gerald H. Friedman Hannah Krone Friedman Hyman Friedman Ida Friedman J. Freyhan Friedman Jack H. Friedman Jacob Friedman Jerome S. Friedman Jerry Friedman Juliet Freyhan Friedman Julius H. Friedman

Leonard S. Fox Matthew Fox Ella Francis Phil I. Francis Shirley Francis-Goldstein Gertrude Frank Moses Frank

Irwin ‘Fry’ Freiberger Caroline Freund Eugene Fried Kate Fried Mary Fried Morris Fried Norman Zander Fried

June Butler Friedman Myer J. Friedman Miss Pauline Alma Friedman Perry Friedman Rebecca S. Friedman Sally B. Friedman Sam M. Friedman


Samuel Friedman Tillie Friedman William S. Friedman Gordon Friednash Emanuel Friend Dr. Alvin Frosh Ethel Frosh Gust Frosh Dr. Henry B. Frosh Pearl Frosh William N. Frost Benjamin Frumess Clara Charsky Frumess Fannie Frumess Harry H. Frumess Darrick Egan Furer Dolores H. Furman Irvin Furman Leonard D. Furman Oscar Galanter Sara Galanter Dr. Robert R. Galen Rose F. Galen Hazel Gardenswartz Lester Gardenswartz Sam Gardenswartz Morton Lewis Gardner George Garel Joseph H. Garel Jack Garell Sara Garell Bebe Gart Jerry Gart Nathan Gart

Mary K. Gass Mollie Gass Sally R. Gass Sally Rae Speken Gass William Gass Ginda Gelfand Jack H. Geller Jack J. Gelt Lillian Gelt Louis Gersten David M. Gerstle Eliza Gerstle Max Gerstle Jane Spiegleman Gidwitz John J. Gilbert Margaret R. Gilbert Robert Alan Gilbert Sol M. Gilbert Hannah Gilinsky Phil Gilinsky Julius Gilman Rachel Gilman Sidney L Gilman Norman A. Ginley Roberta S. Ginley Jeanette C. Ginsberg Julius I. Ginsberg Samuel S. Ginsberg David L. Ginsburg Jeanette Ginsburg Leland ‘Lee’ Ginsburg William L. Ginsburg Frieda Perlov Gladstone Samuel Gladstone

Jeanette F. Goalstone Joseph Goalstone Charlotte Rose Gold Sam Goldben Abe Goldberg Dorothy F. Goldberg Edith Kallman Goldberg Ethel N. Goldberg Gary Lee Goldberg Gertrude Goldberg Harry H. Goldberg Jacob M. Goldberg Jeanette K. Goldberg Jennie Z. Goldberg Lassie Goldberg Louis B. Goldberg Marvin Harold Goldberg Mary Goldberg Morris Goldberg Nathan E. Goldberg Rose Goldberg Rose Sophie Goldberg Samuel M. Goldberg Sophie Frumess Goldberg Stephen Paul Goldberg William Goldberg Arnold Lawrence Goldblatt Leo Goldblatt Meyer Goldblatt Rose G. Goldblatt Sarah Goldblatt Arnold Bud Goldburg David Golden Ruth Golden

Adolph Gass Esther Gass John Gass Joseph Gass Lillian Gass Loretta E. Gass Mary Gass

Dr. Joseph L. Glaser Al Glick Fay Glick Florence N. Glick Sylvan G. Glick Robert Edward Glickman Norman Gluck

Stephen S. Golden Abraham A. Goldhammer Carrie Goldhammer Ida Ruth Goldhammer Morris Goldhammer Robert J. Goldman Francis M. Goldsmith


Fred Goldsmith Herman Goldsmith Abraham L. Goldstein Alvin Goldstein Bernard Goldstein Bessie Goldstein Emma Goldstein Goldie H. Goldstein Harry E. Goldstein Jennie ‘Jena’ Goldstein Lena Goldstein Nathan Goldstein Ronald Mark Goldstein Rube Goldstein Seymour S Goldstein Sheila Shapiro Goldstein Vernon Irving Goldstein Gabriella Goldsticker Albert Golin May Margaret Golin Mollie Golin Jerome Gonzer Agatha Blum Goodman Alvin F. Goodman Ellen Sue Goodman Fannie Goodman Harold L. Goodman Harriet Goodman Isidore Goodman Jennie Goodman Joseph Goodman Ruth Garber Goodman Samuel Arnold Goodman Sidney Goodman

Dr. Gary N. Goralnik Julie Ann Goralnik Sandra J. Goralnik Blanche L. Gordon Cathy Ann Gordon Donald Gordon Edward J. Gordon Harry A. Gordon Leonard M. Gordon Marilyn Schwab Gordon Ben E. Gordon Selma L. Gordon Flora Goslinski M. Ray Gottesfeld Marion Rosenbaum Gottesfeld Dr. Theodore Grannick Rae Grannick Alfred A. Grauman Kate K. Grauman Leon Grauman Libbie Ornauer Grauman Selma Fist Grauman Barbara Gray Gerald “Jerry” Gray Mary Gray Norman J. Gray Philip B. Gray Edward A. Green Florence W. Green Stanford J. Green Anna J. Greenbaum Ellis L. Greenbaum Henrietta Greenbaum

Lt. I. Jack Greenberg Julia Miller Greenberg Manny Greenberg Max David Greenberg Sylvia Greenberg Ann Greenberg Seff Charles Greenclay Fannie T. Greenclay Gerald M. Greenclay Anna Greene Jacob Greene Melvin I. Greene Zelda C. Greene Emma Lieder Greenfield Ethel I. Greenfield Maurice M. Greenfield Meyer Greenstein Rose Greenstein Ruth Erdman Greinsky Ann Iskow Grimes Anna K. Grimes Ben Grimes Lt. Charles A. Grimes Cindy Beth Grimes David Grimes Fannie Grimes Harold Noel Grimes Isadore Grimes Joe Grimes Marjorie Bernick Grimes Max Grimes Raymond L. Grimes Samuel Grimes Harry Grinspan

Louis Goodney Monya Goodney Chester M. Goodstein Dora Goodstein Morton M. Goodstein Barry Goralnik Dr. Cynthia H. Goralnik

Joseph Greenbaum Simon N. Greenbaum Wallace A. Greenbaum Aaron Greenberg Carrie C. Greenberg Gwen Gardner Greenberg Henry Greenberg

Ray Grinspan Adele K. Gross Alex B. Gross Barney Gross Daniel F Gross Ida E. Gross Jacob S. Gross


Janice G Gross Julia Gross Leslie A. Gross Lillian Callif Gross Lisbeth C. Gross Mamie P. Gross Martin Gross Monroe B. Gross Norman E. Gross Paul Wolfgang Gross Rose Gross Werner M. Gross Albert Groussman Carol Jean Groussman E. Stuart Groussman Ernest Groussman Harry Groussman Sophia W. Groussman Jean Ann Grubbs Victor Gruber Charlotte Grueskin Roslyn Hepner Grueskin Barbara M. Guggenheim Hattie W. Guggenheim Amy Friedman Guldman Bertha S. Guldman Leonard H. Guldman Milton D. Guldman Sarah Guldman Wilda K. Guldman Max Guzofsky Rebecca Guzofsky Ben Gvirtz Frieda Hacker

A.J. (Jack) Harris Anne Harris Gerald “Jerry” V. Harris Harry Michael Harris Leona L. Harris Martha Harris Minnie Shibko Harris Perry Harris Richard A. Harris Sara Katz Harris Esther A. Harrison Joseph H. Harrison Babette B. Hart Hortense I. Hassenbusch Isadore I. Hassenbusch Nathan J. Hattenbach Sophie Hattenbach Fanny Hausman Alex Haytin Bessie Haytin Bernice E. Hayutin Robert Hayutin Joseph Heidingsfeld Max Heit Thelma Weiner Heit Abram Heitler Charlotte Heitler Dorothy Shwayder Heitler Emanuel Heitler Emmett H. Heitler Julius Heitler Minnie G. Heitler Dorothy Helfer Doris Jacobs Heller

Florence Hene Minnie C. Hene Zelda Henkin Henkin Henry Henoch Minnie Henoch Rose Henoch Harold Joseph Hepner Matthew Aaron Hepner Florence Borwick Herman Louis Herman Stephen C. Hermann Robert L. Hertzman Estelle Borwick Herzstein Sigmund E. Herzstein Nehemias Heyman Edith S. Hillman Samuel S. Hillman Evelyn Paper HimelgrinRodman David J. Hindlemann Fannie Hindlemann Harry Hindlemann Phyllis R. Hindlemann R. David Hirsch Edward Hirschfeld Esther R. Hirschfeld Hyman I. Hirschfeld Gilbert Hirsh Harry Hoffman Ida Hoffman Mosa Heller Hoffman Selma Holz Flora Anfenger Hornbein Louis A. Hornbein

Louis Hahn Mary Margaret Hahn Anna Haisner John Hale Frances Halperin Joseph Halperin Louise Hanchett

Leonard Julian Heller Seymour Mitchell Heller Simon Joseph Heller Marvin H. Hellerstein Miriam Hellerstein Bernard L. Helstien Charles Hene

Marjorie Hornbein Philip Hornbein Philip Hornbein, Jr. Marshall C. Hornstein Fannie Horowitz Philip Horowitz Greta Lou Horwitz


Marvin A. Horwitz Molly Horwitz Sam Horwitz Leo Hotz Jason Alexander Howe Belle V. Hurst Fannie Hurst Terry R. Hurst Alexander R. Hurwitz Ida Hurwitz Rebecca Hurwitz Max Huttner Annette W. Hyatt Sheila K. Hyatt Abraham M. Hyman Bernard Hyman Dorchen Hyman Pearl N. Hyman Samuel Michael Hyman Ada A. Idelson Bessie Ilmer Louis I. Isaacs Bertha R. Isaacson Geraldine E. Isaacson Harry E. Isaacson Henriette Isaacson Isaac Isaacson Jewel Isaacson Louis C. Isaacson Max Isaacson Minna Isaacson Sam Isaacson Sophie Isaacson David Iskow

Harry I. Jacobs Hattie Stein Jacobs Howard Jacobs Irwin L. Jacobs Jack Jacobs Jerry Jacobs Mathilde G. Jacobs Rachel Frank Jacobs Rose G. Jacobs Shirley A. Jacobs Sidney S. Jacobs Abraham L. Jacobson Alma S. Jaffa Joseph S. Jaffa Ronald J. Janoff Edna Jarecki George M. Jarecki Mary E. Jarinkes Moses Jarinkes Isham Jesselson Olga Steuer Johnson Hans Hugo Joseph Harriet Joseph Leonard Joseph Rosemarie Joseph Min Judd Royal Judd Samuel Judd Harvey Kadish Albert Kahn Amanda Kahn Laskar Kahn Marcella Kahn Marsha Beth Kahn

Pauline Kallman Robert Kallman Anna Kaminsky Samuel Kaminsky Bertha Kamlet Ilene Rita Kamlet Issac L. Kamlet John Kamlet Sam H Kamlet Gladys Kamm Albert Kane Harold Kanstor Anna Kanter Max Kanter Norman Karden Herman Dale Karlan Gladys Karlsberg Richard Allen Karner Albert S. Karsh Randall Allan Karsh Steven Evan Karsh Sy Z. Karsh Bess Katchen Howard M. Katchen Louis Katchen Dorothy Morris Kates Anna S. Katz Gertrude Evelyn Katz Hirsh J. Katz Dr. Maurice Katz Morris E. Katz Norma Z. Katz Rae Katz Rosalie Katz

Joseph David Iskow Molly Iskow Samuel H. Iskow Albert Israel Adolph Israelske Minnie W. Israelske David Jacobs

Max L. Kahn Maxwell M. Kahn Rose C. Kahn Ruth Lutz Kahn Sterling Kahn Harold Kal Lester E. Kal

Abram Kaufman Adolph Kaufman Elsie Kaufman Maurice Kaufman Susan Kaufman Sylvia M. Kaufman Thelma Kaufman


Vivian Kaufman Donald Kaufmann Patti Robinson Kaufmann Richard Kaufmann Rose Kaufmann Harry Kawin Phillip W. Kawin Reta B. Kawin Sadie Levey Kawin Dora Kobey Kay Edith S. Kay Marcus S. Kay Sholem Kay Jeanette L. Kayser Rosalind L. Kayser Dan Kazman Norma Shafner Kazman Dorothy L. Keller Sidney J. Keller Marcia ‘Missy’ Kelne Steven Mark Kelne Bernard Kemper Linda Kendrick Ann R. Kentor Charles Kentor Louis B. Kentor Nancy Kentor Toni Kern James Kessler Pauline Kessler Lawrence K. Kirsch Melba Diamond Kirsch Zoe Tova Kislowitz David Kivel

Rebecca Klein Rose Klein William N. Klein Bertha Fried Kleiner Bertha H. Kleiner Maurice Kleiner Arlene Kleinman Edith Kleinman Marvin Kleinman Albert Klingstein Ann B Klingstein Anna B. Klingstein Samuel Klingstein Bertha Weiner Kobey Harris Kobey Leah Sheftel Kobey Leon Mark Kobey Philip Benjamin Kobey Rosalie June Golin Kobey Ruth Sarah Kobey Silas M. Kobey Aimee H. Kohn Anna Kohn Carrie Kohn Isaac Kohn Max Kohn Samuel E. Kohn Sidney P. Kohn Dorothy Joseph Koin David Komisarow Faye E. Komisarow Sophie Konigsberg Aaron A. Kopff Felicia L. Kopff

Benjamin Kortz Jess R. Kortz Juliette Kortz Max Paul Kortz Rose D. Kortz Samuel J. Kortz Floyd W. Kramer Stanley H. Kramer Aaron Arthur Kramish Albert Kramish Allen Joe Kramish David Kramish Doris J Kramish Louis Kramish Minnie Schuman Kramish Morris E. Kramish Tillie Kramish Bernard E. Krantz Hazel Snyder Krantz Sheila Fine Kraut Edward H. Kreisman Mary B. Kreisman Frieda S. Krieger Ben Krim Jo-Ann Krimmer Samuel Kris Abe Krivcher Marie Cohen Krivcher David H. Krohn Esther Mashe Krohn Florence S. Krohn Capt. Joseph A. Krohn Laveta B. Krohn Morris J. Krohn

Max Kivel Minnie Kizenska A. Teah Klein Albert R. Klein Esther Klein Pauline D. Klein Rachel P. Klein

Dr. Joseph E. Koplowitz Dan J. Kornfeld Jay Kornfeld Lillian G. Kornfeld Roseline Kornfeld Irving A. Kornfield Ruth Jeanette Kornfield

Rev. Samuel Krohn Henry Kubitshek Milton Kuffler Ida Kurland Isaac Kurland Maurice L. Kurland Rose Kurland


Ruth L. Kurland Abe Kurtz Ethel Kurtz Helene Kurtz Leonard Kurtz Max Kurtz Nancy Kurtz Nathalie Sandler Kurtzman Reeva Rae Kurtzman Anita Kay Kurzinger Clarence C. Kusick Laurence Edward Kusick Robert Kusick Gloria Steinhardt LaBate Anna Lackner Edward J. Lackner Goldine E. Lackner Jamz D. Lackner Max Lackner Miriam Sissy Lackner Moe Lackner Sandra A. Lackner Estelle Lader Jack G. Ladmer Alan D. Laff Seymour G. Laff Neil E. Lander Jacqueline S. Landers Rose Landers William S. Landers Herbert Landsman Pauline Landsman Fred Lang Samuel Lang

Philip J. Lasky Ronald Lasky William Lasky Edward L. Lazar Anna Lazovsky Jacob Lazovsky Justin A. Lear Evelyn Kaufman Learner Fred Learner Laura Stein Leavitt Julius Leberstein Rebecca Leberstein Jack S. Lederman Joshua Mordecai Lee David S. Lehman Louise Lehman Babette Lehmann Joseph Lehmann Lynn W Lehmann Minnie J. Lehmann Samuel Lehmann Charlotte Lehrburger Daniel L. Lehrburger Elkan Lehrburger Regina Lehrburger Solomon Lehrburger Tillie Lehrburger Abe J. Lehrman Morris Leib Rose K. Leib Marko Leibovitch Esther Leibovitch Earl Leiser Louis L. Leiser

Stanley M. Lester Joseph B. Levie Lillian Levie Marianbelle Levie Elaine S. Levin Reid Michael Levin Sam Levin Leonard H. Levin Alan Robert Levine Anna Mintz Levine Barry Levine Betty Lou Levine Bobby Levine Gary Lee Levine Harold Levine Irwin Levine Lillie Levine Morey Levine Muriel S. Levine Mollie Katz Levine Abe Levine A. Jack Levy Abraham S. Levy Adele A. Levy Alex Levy Anna Levy Barbara Levy Doris G. Levy Dr. Robert Levy Ed Levy Edward Levy Ferdinand Levy Fred Levy Gertrude Levy

Bertha Langer Louis Langer Normand Langfelder Matilde Lankin Emily Lasker Sarah Laskowitz Goldie Lasky

Rose Sarnoff Leishin Joseph LeNoble Tillie LeNoble Betty White Lentzer M. Michael Lerman Dr. Belden W. Lerner Sylvia Lerner

Gertrude Pellish Levy Irwin H. Levy Isaac Levy J. Leonard Levy Jack C. Levy Jay Robert Levy Jean Alexander Levy


Joe Levy John M. Levy Julia Levy Lena G. Levy Lesser Levy Mandell Levy Marianbelle Levy Mary Levy Mathilda S. Levy Myra Betty Levy Pauline F. Levy Rae I. Levy Rebecca G. Levy Regina W. Levy Richard C. Levy Ruth G. Levy Samuel Levy Selma H. Levy Seymour Levy Shirley A. Levy Syd A. Levy Theodore Levy Albert Lewin Cora Lang Lewin Dora R. Lewin Edward Lewin Harriet Reuler Lewin Jennie Lewin Julia L. Lewin Lewis E. Lewin Lewis H. Lewin Philip Lewin Earl Bernard Lewis Leonard A. Lewis, M.D.

Earl M. Light Nina Light Paul Light Dora Lindner Florence Lindner Herman Lindner Irving P. Lindner Milton Lindner Douglas E. Link Evelyn Kanter Link David A. Lipan Dr. Edward M. Lipan Michael J. Lipan Willa Farabaugh Lipan Marcia Brooks Listig Lyn W. Littman Al Litvak John C. Livingston Khaya Livshits Betty Halff Llewellyn Gertrude B. Lohman Jack M. Lohman Sarah C. Lohman Abraham Londer Gertrude C. Londer Lily Londer Morton Londer Nathan Londer Dora Lonstein Hyman Lonstein Dorothy Lopata Jack H. Lopata Albert Lopatin Beverly Morrison Lopatin

Moritz Lowenheim Adelaide P. Lowenstein Max Lowenstein S. Morris Lubow Ruth Shwayder Luby Vera H. Luby Connie Hilb Lundquist Joseph Lustig Harold Lutz Leona Lutz Mae L. Machol Isabel Rose Make Helene D. Malek Ozzie Malek Ruth Malk Monita Levy Malkove Florence D. Malman Saul Malman Ruth Mandell Ethel Weinberger Mann Joseph L. Mann Joyce Cook Marcks Albert Marcus Amalie Marcus Charles Marcus Florence Marcus Reeva Aarons Marcus Joann Goldsmith Markowitz Bernice Viener Marks Floyd Marks George Marks Leo M. Marks Adolph A. Marvany Maurice Marx

Lillian Minnie Lewis Sherrie Lynn Lewis Edna Licht Alvin D. Lichtenstein Arthur Lichtenstein Lawrence H. Lieberman Doris Rosen Kortz Light

Arthur Lorber Frances Cohn Lorber Milton Bryan Lorber Estelle K. Loup Herman Loup Helene S. Love Harold Loveman

Mose Marx Rosetta L. Marx Bobetta O. Masarky N. Henri Masarky Dr. Edward Mason Dr. Susan R. Mason Ina Cohen Mason


Eva May Wolf May Meta Mayer Morris Mayer Morris S. Mayer Sam Mayer Tillie Mayer Lillian H. Maymon Victor H. Maymon Arthur Medow Hyman Medow Earl J. Meer Edward Mellicker Ruth Mellicker Arthur H. Melnick Eva S. Melnick Jay Melnick Robert Alan Melnick Oscar Menachof Selma H. Menachof Helen L. Mendelsberg Max Mendelsberg Sylvia Mendelsohn Fanny Menkofksy Sam Menkofsky Allan L. Merken Bernice Francis Metzger Ruth Weichmann Metzler Annette E. Meyer Augusta G. Golin Meyer Celia Meyer Charles R. Meyer Donald H. Meyer Dora Meyer

Wilmore Meyer Irma Meyers David Michael Stella A. Michael Betty Flaks Michaels Lillian Winter Michelson Mark J. Miklin Alan Miller Annie Miller Benjamin K. Miller Bess E. Miller Betty M. Miller Edward Miller Morris ‘Moe’ Miller Philip Miller Ruchiel Miller Samuel B. Miller, Jr. Scott M. Miller Simon Miller Adolph D. Milstein Dora Milstein Eli Milstein Henrietta Bonnie Milstein Isadore J. Milstein Joseph A. Milstein Jules Milstein Margaret Milstein Max A. Milstein Morris Milstein Philip Milstein Robert G. Milstein Sadie Milstein Esther E. Minkin Bella Mintz

Sol S. Miran Florence Mishell Jeffrey Mishell Sam Mishell Frances Cecile Mishler Philip M. Mobell Gerta Moch Marjorie F. “Marge” Moch Meredith ‘Muffy’ Moch Wilhelm Moch Felice Mohr Michael A. Mohr Paul Mohr Amalia Moos Joshua Mordecailee Dr. Donald Ira Morris Ernest Morris Esther Ann Morris Frances P. Morris Harry Morris Jean Wohlgemuth Morris Jessie R. Morris Lillian Morris Mary C. Morris Max Morris May E. Morris Milton Morris Percy S. Morris Sarah Morris Walter W. Morris Gertrude ‘Sis’ Moses Kenneth D. Moses Leo S. Moses Sylvan Moses

Emil Meyer Forrest G. Meyer Ida L. Meyer Max Meyer Mose Meyer Sam L. Meyer Stella Toffler Meyer

Dora Mintz Harry Mintz Marvin Mintz Robert Mintz Rose Mintz Manfred L. Minzer, Jr. Belle Miran

Esther M. Mosko Harvey G. Mozer Natalie Zerobnick Mozer May B. Mushkin Louie E. Myerson Nina H. Myerson Marvin Naiman


Sol Narlinger Joshua D. Nathan David A. Nearon Irvin Sonny Nedler Lizzie Nelson Norton Nelson Jean Kohn Neufeld Mark B. Neuman Antonia Neumann Franklin James Neumann Johanna S. (Hansi) Neumann Wyatt Levi Neumann Bernita G. Neusteter Edward Neusteter Harry Neusteter Max D. Neusteter Meyer Neusteter Myron ‘Bud’ Neusteter Nancy R. Neusteter Shirley R. Neusteter Carolyn M. New Nelson New Fan Feinsten Newberger Dena David Newhouse Jacob Newhouse Anna Newlander Dr. Edward L. Newlander Robert Newlander Charles A. Newman Henry Newman Julian J. ‘Bud’ Newman Phillip H. Newman Bertha Newmark Nancy Cohen Nicoll

Nathan Novitch Dr. Martin E. Nowick Philip M. Nowick Chaya Judith Nimsovitz Noy Grete Nunn Louis Oakner Arthur Oberfelder Hannah Oberfelder Hazel M. Oberfelder Joseph Oberfelder Robert S. Oberfelder Adrian Gail Okner Gail Okner Randi Annette Okner Hyman Olcovich Pauline Olcovich Dorothy Oliner Max Oliner Sherry Rae Oliner Ludwig Oppenheimer Marianne Oppenheimer Joyce Zobel Opper Lena (Tzena) W. Optican Gustave J. Ornauer Harris Ornauer Sallie Ornauer Rose Lee Ostrow Daisy G. Ottenheimer Dr. Albert Oxman Freida Padzensky Max Padzensky Marjorie J. Paller Herbert A. Patterson Marie S. Patterson

Robert Pellish Samuel Pells Cecilia R. Pelton Elias Pelton Eveline Pelton Herbert Pelton Naoma Pelton Abe David Penn Dora Pepper Eleanor Pepper Freeman Richard Pepper Irwin Pepper Joseph W. Pepper Louise M. Pepper Marvin I. Pepper Meyer Pepper Milford “Miff ” Pepper Miriam R. Pepper Morton L. Pepper Oscar Pepper Sally Lutz Pepper Sayde Pepper Belle Perlmutter Bret W. Perlmutter Eleanor Grace Perlmutter Jack H. Perlmutter Phil H. Perlmutter Leora G. Perrish Doris Peyser Robert Peyser Frank Philippe Mary Philippe Richard Philippe Theodore Philippe

Sam Nides Minnie Nierenberg Morris Nierenberg Arthur Nitzberg Doris Nitzberg Jack W. Novin Marcelle C. Novin

Pearl B. Paull Fanny Payne Edith Yaloff Peck Leatrice K. Peck Etta Pellish Harris Pellish Jane Pellish

Pam Fine Pickard Margaret Piehl Arthur Pillersdorf Julia Pillersdorf Gertrude Pinkas Seraphine Pisko Annalee Chappell Pizer


Hattie Pizer Joseph N. Pizer Celia Esther Pliskin Morris Pliskin Helen Golder Plotka Norman L. Plotka Joseph Plotkin Nettie Plotkin Samuel Plotkin Stanley Bert Plotkin Arthur C. Podoll Rena Podoll Norton Polivnick Alice R. Pollock David Pollock Julian G. Pollock Dr. Louis A. Pollock Saralee Pollock Dr. Julius Pomerantz Sophie Wilson Pomerantz Anna Shore Pomeranz Lester Popiel Amalie Porges Sigmund Porges Jack B. Pozner Wilma Leah Pozner Marian Weiss Price Samuel Price Arthur Prince Bettye B. Prince Dr. Morris Printz Henry Printz Esther G. Quiat Ira Louis Quiat

A. H. Radetsky Bessie G. Radetsky Gerson B. Radetsky Harriett R. Radetsky Jeanne M. Radetsky Max Radetsky Morris S. Radetsky Robert L. “Bob” Radetsky Sara S. Radetsky Eleanor S. Raffeld Leonard M. Raffeld William Floyd Raffeld Ernest F. Rambar Shirley K. Rambar Lena Rapp Ida Sinton Rappaport Harriet E. Rascower Philip Rascower Raymond Rascower Rose G. Rathbone Elsie Ratner Phillip Ratner Lillian Friend Ray Gus Rechnitz Sarah Rechnitz Albert Harold Reckler Bernice Ruth Reckler Phyllis Appel Reckler E. Betty Reeves Ida J. Reichart Jerome E. Reichart Bernard (Ben) Reiff Sara Reingold William A. Reingold

Maurice Reuler Sarah Reuler Izrail Reyfish Albert Rich Charles Rich Rebecca Rich Lester H Richard Betty (Becky) Richman Harry Carl Richman Bella Rifkin Doris S Rifkin E. Meyer Rifkin Evelyn Rifkin Joan ‘Raisie’ Rifkin Max Rifkin Morris Rifkin Pearl Rifkin William B. Rifkin Fannie Anfenger Rinds Arthur A. Rindskopf Rosa Rindskopf Rosie Rindskopf Samson M. Rindskopf Shirley Ringler Morris Ripley Alex Rittenbaum Amelia (Mickey) Rittenbaum Joan Rittenbaum Jane Rhodes Rittenberg Theodor F. Rittenberg Dr. Arthur H Robbins Elinor S. Robbins Flora Robbins John L. Robbins

Pauline Quiat Simon Quiat Paul L. Raabe Sadie Raabe Simon Raabe Abraham Rachofsky Etta Rachofsky

Ann Reinstein Sam Reinstein Lewis R. Reis Louis Reis Pauline P. Reis Dr. Oscar Kully Reiss George C. Reuler

Marcus L. Robbins Dr. Milton L. Robbins Sara E. Robbins Steve Sim Roberts Edna Porges Robins Bobette Minzer Robinson Helen S. Robinson


Jack S. Robinson Lena Zinik Robinson Lewis J. Robinson Lottie Robinson Morris H. Robinson Sam M. Robinson Barney Rodman Bessie Teresa Rodman Evelyn Paper Himelgrin Rodman Josephine Rodman Julius Rodman Morris K. Rodman William ‘Bill’ Rodman George Evan Rogers May Parkinson Rogers Mark A. Rolfe, III Albert ‘A. C.’ Rollnick Dorothy Rollnick Phillip J. Rollnick Albert Rose Marion L. Rose Samuel Priest Rose William R. Rose Belle Samuel Rosen Elizabeth Lee (Bette) Rosen Lt. Col. Harry E. Rosen Hersey Edward Rosen Justyn C. Rosen Lillian B. Rosen Norman R. Rosen William Rosen Lt. Alvin L. Rosenbaum Benjamin Rosenbaum

Henry Rosenberg Jack Rosenberg Marlene Rosenberg Rebecca Rosenberg Armin N. Rosenblum Bertha M. Rosenblum Harry Rosenblum Joel Rosenblum Rita Rosenblum Adrian Rosenfelder H. Alex Rosenfelder Bernard Rosensweig Anna S. Rosenthal Fannie Rosenthal Fanny Rosenthal Harry Rosenthal Max L. Rosenthal Minna A. Rosenthal Rachel Rosenthal Samuel G. Rosenthal Sophie Rosenthal Susan M. Rosenthal Sylvia Pelton Rosenzweig Hilda Ross Sam Ross Anna Hannah Rostowski Elaine Roth John P. Roth Abe Rothberg Celia Rothberg Vera M. Rothchild Ruth Leibowitz Rothenberg Ira C. Rothgerber Reina G. Rothgerber

Nathan Rothstein Rose Rothstein Leon M. Rottman Maria Rozycki Jack Jacob Rubenstone Louis Rubin Max Rubin Rita Pepper Rubin Hilda Rubinsal David Rudd David Rudolph Donald Rudolph Edna Rudolph Gloria J. Rudolph Louis Rudolph Gertrude Rushin Kurt Rushin Edward Stral Rusman Dorothy Sach Leah Sach Esther Garell Sachs Jacob W. Sachs Rachel Stern Sachs Rae Sachs Shelley Robin Sachs Bertha Saenger Max Saenger Sarell M. Saffer Lemon Saks Adolph Z. Salomon Matilda Salomon Connell Saltzman, Sr. Joseph Salzman Ann Samelson

Edith Rosenbaum Harry Rosenbaum Jacob P. Rosenbaum Judge Charles Rosenbaum Louise M. Rosenbaum Robert Blake Rosenbaum Rose S. Rosenbaum

Patricia Rothman Tibor Rothman Nathan Rothschild Saidee Rothschild Abraham Rothstein Isadore J. Rothstein Julius Rothstein

Arthur Samelson Mary Samelson Max Samelson Morey A. Samelson Raleigh B. Samelson Saul Samelson Leonard Samson


Louis Samuel Sally Hope Brown Samuel Florence D. Samuels Isadore Samuels Joseph E. Samuels William D. Samuels Gladys Sobol Samuelson Joseph N. Samuelson Arthur J. Sanders Norma P. Sanders Sallye B. Sanders Ferne Sandler Harry Sandler Irwin L. Sandler Lawrence Sandler Rae Sandler Harry A. Sandman Nettie P. Sandman Abraham Sands Saidee H. Sands Eva Berger Saphro Donna S. Sapkin Josephine Steuer Sarf Milan Sarf Nata Jean Schachet-Zeppelin Elliott Lewis Schachter Jenny W. Schaefer Nanette L. Schaefer Samuel H. Schaefer Leo Schatz Michael David Schatz Rose Schatz Charles Milton Schayer Elsie R. Schayer

Miriam Schenkein Morris Schenkein Solomon Schey Abe Schiff Edith Schiff Ann N. Schiffer Ethel Schiffer Joseph J. Schiffer Morris Schiffer Sidney H. Schiffer Abraham Schlesinger Harry Schlesinger Lester Schlesinger Samuel L. Schlesinger Sarah Schlesinger Abe J. Schloss Mollie Schnitzer Harry U. Schockett Rose Schockett Edna Schoen Gladys E. Schoen Henry Schoen Louis J. Schoen Mildred Schoen Morris Schoen Ruth Betty Schoen Dudley C. Schoenberg Elias F. Schoenberg Jerry Schoenwald Pauline Schoenwald Clara Schott Jesse M. Schott Abe Schoyer Reva Schraiberg

Ida Shraiberg Schwab Maurice M. Schwab Benjamin D. Schwartz Blanche Schwartz Charles Schwartz Clinton Z. Schwartz David M. Schwartz Elizabeth D. Schwartz Esther Schwartz Fred L. Schwartz Henry Schwartz Henry J. Schwartz Julia Schwartz Louis E. Schwartz Max Schwartz Mollie K. Schwartz Norma Schwartz Philip K. Schwartz Rachel N. Schwartz Sam Schwartz Charles Schwarz May Arno Schwatt Sadie Luby Scribner Beatrice Seeman Edgar G. Seeman George Seeman Julius F. Seeman Edgar C. Seeman, Jr. Abraham W. Seff Anne Greenberg Seff Cecil R. Seff Ida Greenberg Seff Lena Brodkey Seff Max M. Seff

Jane Schayer Max S. Schayer Milton M. Schayer Morris Schayer Pauline D. Schayer Faye G. Schayer Anna Schenkein

Anna Schriber Nathan Schriber Dr. Arthur Schuldberg Leo Schulman Albert Schultz Elizabeth Schultz Harry Schumann

Sol F. Seff Gerson I. Segal Hugo Segal Rose L. Segal Max Segel Sara Segel David Seiden


Julie A. Seiden Joseph Selbst Maurice Selene Johanna Seligsohn Sigmund Seligsohn Marion Shaiman Philip Shaiman Evelyn A. Shaner Meyer ‘Tim’ Shaner Steven I. Shaner Saralee Pollock Shaper Don Martin Shapiro Frances Alexander Shapiro Harold Shapiro Hyman Shapiro Ida Shapiro Jack S. Shapiro Lillian N. Shapiro Robert C. Shapiro Irving Sharoff Sylvia Sharoff Bernice Sharp Morey Sharp Murray Shaw Sarah Shaw Minnie Sheflan Samuel Sheflan Alice Sheflin Edward Sheftel Joseph D. Sheftel Naomi Sheftel Seymour Sheldon Marlene B. Shendleman Max Shendleman

Sidney Sherman George D. Shidler Leah Shiffner Florence Shiroff Joseph Shiroff Fannie Shoenberg Frances R. Shooker Gertrude Isaacson Shore Isadore J. Shore Morris Shore Lillie Shradsky Abe M. Shraiberg Barnet Shraiberg Samuel G. Shraiberg Sarah Shreiber Benedict Shubart Harry E. Shubart Dr. Arthur Shuldberg Meyer Shuldberg David H. Shulkin Eleanor Shulkin Erwin Shulkin Anna F. Shulman Dave H. Shulman Emma Ruth Shulman Gladys Cohen Shulman Leo Shulman Nathan N. Shulman Nettie Shulman Douglas Paul Shwayder Herschel R. Shwayder Ida Shwayder Irving J. Bud Shwayder Isaac Shwayder

Ruth K. Shwayder Solomon Shwayder Elizabeth Shwayder-Kelly Dr. Myron A. Sidon Nathan Sidon Sylvia Stellor Siegal Dora Siegel Florence G. Siegel Harold J. Siegel Isadore D. Siegel Sallie Kay Markovitz Siegel Alan L. ‘Skip’ Sigman Ida Sigman John Andrew Sigman Rita J. Sigman Sam S. Sigman Stephen N. Sigman Emma Sigmund Joseph Sigmund David Paul Silver Sam Silver Dr. Frank C. Silverberg Edward M. Silverberg Fred S. Silverberg Harry G. Silverberg Jennye S. Silverberg Rose Molly Silverberg Sam A. Silverberg Sara M. Silverberg Viola Silverberg Robert A. Silverberg, Jr. Arnold Silverman Marie K. Silverman Ruth L. Silverman

Rae Shendleman Harvey Sher Ruth G. Sherbok Evalyn Shere Oscar M. Shere David Allan Sherman Grace Rose Sherman

Jesse Shwayder Maurice B. Shwayder Mollie Annette Shwayder Muriel Shwayder Nellie Shwayder Rachel Kobey Shwayder Richard Michael Shwayder

Samuel Silverman Saul M. Silverman Frank R. Silversmith Joseph H. Silversmith Rita F. Silversmith Rosa Silversmith Jerry Silverstein


Betty Jane Simmons Lee Simmons Nancy Simmons Pearl B. Simmons Reuben Simmons Sarah Simmons Seymour Simmons, Jr. Alice R. Simon Ann Farber Simon Anne M. Simon Dr. Herbert J. Simon Dr. Saling Simon Edward E. Simon Henrietta C. Simon Irwin Harold Simon Leo M. Simon Marilyn Bassow Simon Richard L. Simon Rosa Simon Sara L. Simon Seymoure Simon Walter Simon Walter M. Simon Alfred Simons Bertha Simons John Simpson Julia Kaichen Simpson Sarah Simpson Berta Singer Gordon C. Singles Abraham Sisack Harry Sisack Eugene Slade Karen Jean Slade

Sam S. Sloven Edith Smernoff Eva Smernoff Katie Smernoff Nathan Smernoff Edythe Smookler Harry I. Smookler Marlene Louise Smookler Arthur J. Snyder Evelyn R. Snyder Herman Snyder Irene Milstein Snyder Joe B. Snyder Lena Snyder Sadye L. Snyder Z. Ben Snyder Arthur Sobel Rita Sobel Celeste Lewin Sobol Chester Sobol Elsa Sobol Harriett Sobol Harry Sobol Howard J. Sobol Maurice Bernard Sobol Sara ‘Sis’ Sobol Sarah Gross Sobol Adele Sollender Fred S. Sollender Libby Rubin Sollender Israel Soloff Ann W. Solomon Harriette Rosensweig Solomon Hattie N. Solomon

Sol Solomon Stanley L. Solomon Efrim Soltanovich Harry Soltz Irene Schiffer Sommer Gussie Gerson Sondock Samuel H. Sontag Rowanne Bernstein Spector Annie Finesilver Speyer Fanny Speyer Herman Speyer Anna Spiegel Ben Spiegel Charlotte P. Spiegleman Donald E. Spiegleman Edward L. Spiegleman Etta Berry Spiegleman Rose Marie Spiegleman Morris Spishakoff Emelie Spitz Salomon Spitz Benjamin A. Spitzer Hattie A. Spitzer Norman B. Spitzer Dr. C. D. Spivak Jennie Charsky Spivak Stanley Springer Alexander Stark David R. Stark Herbert R. Stark Ray Jacobs Stark Ruth Marx Stark Sadye Gladstone Stark Sol Stark

Claudia Ambrose Slater Marion Slavsky Milton Slepyan Lawrence C. ‘Larry’ Sloane Lillian C. Sloane Marc Sloane Freda Sloven

Helen Solomon Leonard A. Solomon Lewin F. Solomon Milton G. Solomon Morris Solomon Benjamin L. Solomon Ralph Solomon

Anna Stein Benjamin Stein Bessie N. Stein Betty Esther Stein David H. Stein Eva Stein Lena Stein


Lena Joseph Stein Leon Brandt Stein Louise Grant Stein Mary Stein Morris Stein Rebecca Stein Sadie Stein Samuel Stein Samuel J. Stein Selma Stein William E. Stein Benjamin M. Steinberg Harry Steinberg Jay Steiner Gary Evan Stellor Clarence E. Stern Jacob L. Stern Leanna Stern Louis Stern Rose Stern Sally G. Stern Dorothy Steuer Julius Steuer Karolina Steuer Roza Steuer Samuel Steuer Leo Stillman Sidney Stillman Ben L. Stone Bertye Stone Rabbi Earl S. Stone Herman H. Stone Judith W. Stone Kathryn Stone

Don Spivak Strauss Erna Strauss Florence G. Strauss Herman G. Strauss Joan ‘Noni’ Strauss Melvin G. Strauss Herman Strauss Sophie G. Strauss Irma Strear Morris Strear Sophia Strear Alex Striker Belford Striker Elizabeth Fine Striker Esther F. Striker Harriet Amter Striker Irwin J. Striker Isadore Striker Mark Striker Paula Gladys Striker Samuel Strouse Alice F. Stuhlbarg Harold E. Stuhlbarg Rose F. Stuhlbarg Sam Stuhlbarg Eula Bunny Sugarman Sam R. Sugarman Dr. Irwin Sunshine Marion Ruth Sunshine Max Sunshine Edith Surrey Harold Surrey Albert Susman David Susman

Tillie Susman Karl E. Sussman Kiel David Swartz Muriel Culton Sweezy Annie S. Taichert Joseph A. Taichert Dr. Louise Taichert Bertha Talpers Elsie Talpers Dr. H. Melvin Talpers Henrietta M. Talpers Dr. Herman Talpers Samuel J. Talpers Rachel Dorothy Tanur Harry Tarkoff Lilie M. Tarkoff Loretta Plotkin Tarkoff Bessie Tatarsky Fred Tatarsky Gerald Tatarsky Max Tatarsky Sam Tatarsky Howard Tavel Ruth Tavel Archie L. Taylor Paula R. Taylor Ann Tepper Arthur Tepper Gregory Alan Tepper Jacob J. Tepper Henry Tescher Matilda Tescher Maynard K. Tescher Samuel Tescher

Louis I. Stone Irene Strachman Rubin Strachman Lillian P. Stratta Peter J. Stratta Aimee P. Strauss Deena Spivak Strauss

Ethel Susman Fan R. Susman Graham Susman Helen M. Susman Jean J. Susman Joe Susman Rose Susman

Emily Thalheimer Louis Thalheimer Mona L. Thall Vicki L. Thorn Henrietta G. Tishler Morris Tishler Walter L. Tishler


Toby Lea Titman William Titman Elyce Rae Tittman Joseph S. Tittman Beatrice G. Tober Albert Tobias Barbara Ann Barnett Tobias Berta Tobias Curt Tobias Ida Tobias Nathan Tobias S. Charles (Toby) Tobias Marilyn Tobin David Todorofsky Rose Todorofsky Magalie Maria Torres Edith Stein Towbin Nat C. Trifon Martin Trotsky Sarah B. Trotsky Carl L. Tucker Charlotte Eisen Tucker Harry Tucker Hy Tucker Louis M. Tucker Rhoda L. Tucker Richard B. Tucker Rose Tucker Sylvia Tucker Dr. Harold S. Tuft Edward W. Tuft Tillie Tuft Janet Twersky Boris H. Tytell

Simon Wachtel Jack R. Wagner Louis H. Wagner Morey Wagner Sylvia L, Wagner Dr. Rolf Wagschal Margarethe Waldapfel Richard Waldapfel Gertrude Friedman Waldman Julius Wallbrunn Jacob Walpin Minnie Walpin Sara L. Walpin Davidah Anna Walton Jennie Washer Bess Waterman Julius ‘Spotty’ Waterman Haruda Watman Cydney Lee Wax Jack J. Wax Yetta A. Kramish Wax Theodore Wayne Joseph M. Wedgle Lillian E. Wedgle Ruth Wegener Bernie L. Weiker Fanny L. Weiker Loeb Weiker Martha Weiker Max Weiker Beatrice Baum Weil Felix L. Weil Frances L. Weil Geraldine Robins Weil

Esther L. Weinberg Faye Weinberg Nat Weinberg Pearl Weinberg Adolph Weinberger Bettie Weinberger Brandon Alexander Weinberger Fannie Weinberger Minnie Weinberger Simon Weinberger J. Burt Weiner Louis M. Weiner Dr. Norman Weiner Pearl B. Weiner Rosa Weiner Doris Weinreich Johnny Weinreich Hubert T. Weinshienk Lester Weinshienk Rose Troy Weinshienk Bettye B. Weinstein Bruce H. Weinstein Dorothy Davidson Weinstein Louis B. Weinstein Dr. Louis J. Weinstein Rowena Mae Weinstein Sam Weinstein Sophie Weinstein Abe Weinstock Miriam Gloria Weinstock Fannie Weintraub Lilien Jacobs Weintraub Eugene W. Weisberg

Rebecca Tytell Rudolph Valas Fred Vidler Rose Viener Victor Viener Herman Vorenberg Samuel Vorenberg

Jack A Weil Matilda Weil Seymour L. Weil William Weil Augusta F. Weinberg Augusta W. Weinberg David Weinberg

Joseph Weisberg Selma Weisberg Aaron Weiss Abraham Weiss Adolph D. Weiss Celia Berman Weiss Della Weiss


Jeanette M. Weiss Leo H. Weiss Martin Weiss Mildred I. Weiss Minnie S. Weiss Norbert S. Weiss Sol Weiss Libby Friedman Weissberg Samuel Weissberg Archie A. Weissburg Margaret Ruth Appel Weissman Ann Wenner Joe Wenner Charles A. Wertheimer Gertrude Weisman Wetherhorn L. Lester Wetherhorn Marguerite G. Wexler Max H. Wexler Sarah White John W. Whitney Harry D. Wiessenberger Rae Wiessenberger Anne Wigod Lisa Gayle Wigod Simon Wigod Edward M. Wikler Abraham Wilan Saul Wilan Ben Wilensky Doris E. Wilmore Bernard I. Wilner Mildred G Wilner Robert L. Wilson Hilde Wimmer

Esther S. Winter Gladys ‘Babs’ Silverberg Winter Henry A. Winter Lillian Winter Mandell S. Winter William Curtis Wise Benjamin Wisebart Edwin J. Wittelshofer Babbette Wohl Edna W. Wohlgemuth Harry Wohlgemuth Irma D. Wolf Julius Wolf Lori Marsha Wolf Melvin Wolf Albert B. Wolfe Bertha N. Wolfe Lillie B. Wolfe E. J. Wolff Henry Uri Wolff Jacob L. Wolff Leonard H. Wolff May Wolff Aileen M. Wolfson Anna N. Wolfson Meyer Wolfson Lanie Ringler Woodall Charles Yale Janis Lynn Yale Eleanor Yale Ambrose Maurice M. Yaloff Judge Gilbert B. Yarchever Marion Cohen Yarchever Anne Kleiger Young

Aaron Zaterman Joseph Zaterman Judit Zaterman Benjamin Zeidman Eugene Louis Zeitlin Fred S. Zekman Sybil Block Zekman Anne Zelinger Henry A. Zelinger Ida E Zelinger Jack B. Zelinger Max A. Zelinger Pearl J. Zelinger Goldie Zerobnick Joseph Zerobnick Marton Ziegler Dr. Andrew Ziner Irene Ziner Al R. Zinn Eugenia S. Zinn Joseph Zinn Martin Zinn Robert S. Zinn Edna Kean Zivin Morris Mandel Zivin Arthur ‘Gus’ Zohn Betty Zohn Doris C. Zohn Elaine Taichert Zohn Fred Zohn Joseph Zohn Reva Zohn Anne W Zubrow Reuben A. Zubrow

Helene Wincor Annie Winkler Sam Winkler

Bertha H. Yunker Daniel F. Yunker William Zall

Annie R. Zwetow Samuel R. Zwetow


“The food that I enjoyed and the shade I sat under were provided to me by those who came before me. As my ancestors planted for me, so do I plant for my children and my children’s children.” Talmud Ta’anit 23a Did you know that you can now make legacy gifts to protect the future of both Temple Emanuel and Shwayder Camp? For five generations, Shwayder Camp has provided a place where Jewish values and traditions can flourish and grow. We now ask for your assistance to continue the Shwayder Magic. It’s not just time to provide “A Summer to Build Your Life On” but to use your legacy to provide “A Lifetime of Summers.” Our legacy donors recognize the impact that Jewish camping has on adult participation in the Jewish community and, in actuality, the continuity of the Jewish people. They recognize the value of an immersive Jewish experience for our youth, young adults and themselves and want to ensure that continues for generations to come. You can also support Temple Emanuel through your legacy plan. The very future of the Jewish people depends on the strength, vitality and the relevance of our synagogues. As we have been for 145 years, so shall we continue to be the heart and soul of our community. The Live On Society honors those who have made a commitment to the future of Temple Emanuel with an legacy gift. These gifts will help ensure that our synagogue remains a vibrant, unifying force in our community. All of us, regardless of age, wealth, or affiliation have the ability to leave a legacy. Your legacy gift can be customized to fit your lifestyle, family and financial interests. The most common method of leaving a legacy is through a will or estate plan, but you can make a beneficiary designation on a retirement fund or life insurance policy. Please contact Francie Miran at 303-388-4013, ext. 335 or miran@emanueldenver.org if you are interested in making a legacy gift to Temple Emanuel or Shwayder Camp.