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The Strategic Service Vision (Macro Level View)

April 2008

Part 1 of 2 MHR Marriott’s Iconic Business Brand

RHR Body of a Full Service, Soul of a Boutique

JW The New Face of Luxury

Brand Positioning

Inspiring Performance: The Marriott guest wants to stay at a performance brand – one that delivers on the details, is made for winners and thinks differently. MHR is the only brand designed to ensure guests accomplish as much as possible during their stay. In everything the brand does, in every way it can fathom, it is constantly working to “inspire performance”.

Target Customer

The 24/7 Achiever: Serious about their work and are high energy performers. Highly motivated in both business and personal life; are straightforward optimistic and take care of challenges with a can-do attitude; when they travel for work they are intensely focused on the job – they work hard to be prepared. • Genuine Care • Engineered for Success • Recharge • Modern Classic

Stay Interesting: To the Renaissance guest, there is always time to play, even when traveling for business. RHR is the only quality tier life-style brand designed as a place to return at day’s end to “chill”, engage others and experience the micro-local scene. These guests want to enjoy access to new experiences inside and outside the hotel, always moving and discovering, so they “stay interesting”. The Discoverer: Intellectually curious, always looking for something different and new. Serious about both business and pleasure; view business travel as an opportunity to work and collect interesting stories. They have a need for rich experiences and to connect with people that “get it”. • On/Off Stage • Provocative • Savvy Service • Local Treasures

Luxury Performance: To the JW guest, JW Marriott is the place where they can concentrate only on what is essential – that is, the harmony of a client relationship, the pleasure of everyday living, the touch of materials, or the subtlety of scents. The hotel is highly sophisticated so that it disappears, leaving nothing but its enabling aspects to keep the Accomplished Achiever’s life as fluid and streamlined as when at home. The Accomplished Achiever: Negotiating deals, cultivating clients, focusing on the big picture is the essence of my job and THE reason I travel for business. Maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle is central to my daily routine. I need a hotel that enables me to advance on both dimensions and compromise neither when traveling. • Seamless • Invisible • Purposeful • Authentic • Crafted • Connoisseur Service • Connoisseur Experiences • Eliminate Distractions and Clutter • Be Purposeful, Authentic and Private • Vibrant Health TBD

Experience Pillars

Strategic Direction

Brand Voice



Brand Initiatives Marriott Proprietary and Confidential

• • • •

Lead on Genuine Care Enable Personal Productivity Better Equip for Social Business Tools for recharging

• Refreshingly Human • Purposeful • Optimistic • Straightforward • Energetic Private spaces in public places to ease loneliness; guest room with a clear work zone - ergonomic chair, functional desk/work space and cutting edge technology; public areas conducive to meeting and networking; small group spaces in public places; fresh modern design reflects a home-like style. Genuine Care: Associates create an environment that inspires them to perform at their best and allows our guests to accomplish as much as possible. They empathize by understanding that travel is tough, flights are delayed and guests miss their family. Delivering the little things is important – a wake up call, room service delivered still hot and on time. Local Area Knowledge; Business of Meetings TBD, Red

(considered RHR pillars) • Expressive Destinations • Delightful Luxury • Savvy Service • • • •

Sophisticated Imaginative Appetizing Multidimensional

Distinctive décor; design that is risk-taking and multisensory; energetic and vibrant public spaces with a focus on the iconic bar, street restaurants and social opportunities; warm, inviting, provocative and relaxing private spaces where it is ok to put one’s feet up after a long day. Savvy Service: Associates are ‘in the know’ and provide guests with the enrichment they are looking for, even when they are traveling for business. They should understand how to feed the guests inherent appetite for interesting things. Cocktail Culture, Platinum Pass, Arrival Ritual, Plum

Calming design and décor; discreet presentations avoiding flash and indulgence; spacious uncluttered guest rooms; public spaces for personal, small group productivity; state of the art technology and fitness centers. Perfect Service: Associates give guests exactly what they need – no more, no less. Their actions help guests feel calm, secure, balanced and focused. Associates showcase their knowledge and skills in areas such as the Lounge and restaurants. Their tone reflects the local culture and is purposeful and authentic. Guests feel the staff’s presence, but do not feel over-serviced. JW Life/Wellness (food and 24/7 fitness centers); Learning & Development Template

The Strategic Service Vision (Macro Level View)

April 2008

Part 1 of 2 Coat Program, 5/10/20, Plug In, 24/7 Fitness, Concierge Lounge

Perfect; Public Space Activation, micro LAK, Guest Room Delivery, Renaissance Pour, Customized Wake Up Call, Guest Room Delivery, Savvy Refresh, Fond

Uncluttered Guest Rooms; Executive Lounge; Connoisseur Service (wine); Guest Turn down 2x/day, 24/7 Room Service

Farewell, 24/7 Fitness, Club Lounge

Marriott Proprietary and Confidential

Learning & Development Template

Renaissance pitch deck  
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