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Customers First Year 1 | Issue 2

Global insights on strategy & innovation

Ten years of giving The global impact of a caring culture | P.16

Balancing digital and traditional customer service How to keep the human touch present in every digital interaction | P.4

IoT and the contact center Why the Internet of Things will require more agents, not less | P.7

Engaging in the business of multilingual Interview with Dave Lowther, Director of Operations for Koodo Mobile | P.11

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The importance of balancing digital and traditional customer service



Corporate Social Responsibility

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A snapshot of the Philippines

Ten years of giving

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The IoT contact center

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An apology with a personalized approach

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Rave reviews for our team members


Customers are receptive to connectivity Engaging in the business of multilingual but are not fully utilizing their devices Interview – Dave Lowther

We are in the early stages of true IoT penetration and ability to 14 19 use IoT devices effectively Center for excellence

The big picture

The workhorse of the contact TELUS International at the Consumers know they aren’t using their digital email Metro Manila Pride Parade assets to their fullest, but they don’t knowcenter: how to do This underutilization of digital assets presents an it, they are concerned the technology won’t –work, Grégoire Vigroux Publisher and Contributor // Sarah Sikorski – Editor-in-Chief opportunity for brands to provide proactive customJennifer Bach – Executive Editor // Jeffrey Gangemi – Managing Editor based // Katyaon Hernández – Creative Director er support segmentation, device data and and they aren’t sure of all the possibilities. behavior and usage analytics.

For editorial opportunities, please contact

Degree of Utilization of Digital Assets



TELUS International

“do good” in our communities. Caring for others is why we exist. How (we fulfill our purpose): Through our spirited teamwork, agile thinking, and caring culture that puts customers first. What (we do): We sell solutions focused on customer experience innovation, like contact center and IT outsourcing. Positioning ourselves in this manner gives us purpose and creates meaning. And this sentiment has permeated our entire global organization. Whether it’s building schools from the ground up in Central America, refurbishing orphanTELUS Days of Giving – Marilyn Tyfting and her family helping to build a school in Guatemala

Welcome message –

and profit is transforming the global

entire villages for the homeless in the Philippines, thousands of our team

A shared sense of social purpose Today, the desire to combine purpose

ages in Eastern Europe or constructing

and often greater profitability.

members feel compelled to volunteer their time and participate in our TELUS Days of Giving events. Over the last 10 years, over 40,000 TELUS International volunteers have positively impacted more than 70,000 individuals and their communities around the world. Our “We give where we live” philosophy demands that we

For example, at TELUS International,

care for others and is an important part

business landscape. Successful com-

we’re a company that provides contact

of our global brand. It’s also a compel-

panies increasingly pursue more than

center and IT outsourcing solutions

ling reason why both team members

just revenue, because they recognize

to some of the world’s most respect-

and clients alike choose to partner and

the business benefits of creating a

ed brands. But reframing our reason

grow with us—our great combination of

greater sense of purpose within an

for being in terms of a social purpose

profit and purpose.


unites us around a shared mission:

As leadership guru Simon Sinek

Why (we exist): We’re committed to

Please read on, and enjoy!

explains, creating a shared understand-

changing the face of the BPO industry,

ing of the “why,” also defined as the

bettering the lives of our team mem-

Marilyn Tyfting

“purpose, cause, or belief that inspires

bers, their families and their communi-

Chief Corporate Officer

us to do what we do,” motivates teams

ties. In order to do well in business for

TELUS International

to achieve higher levels of performance,

both ourselves and our clients, we must


Customers First - Noteworthy

The importance of balancing digital and traditional customer service

expectations consumers have today. While technology can help check off a lot of these boxes, customers can sometimes balk at overreliance on digital channels. Want proof? A recent study by Accenture found that 83% of U.S. consumers prefer dealing with hu-

In the modern era, communicating with

They overlook the importance of human

man beings over digital channels when

consumers requires technology. Digital

interaction at their peril. Direct per-

it comes to solving customer service

customer service channels like web,

son-to-person communication enables


chat, social media, email, and forums

us to understand the customer’s emo-

offer a convenient, cost-efficient manner

tion and offer a sympathetic response,

social media, self-help or community

to communicate with customers, partic-

something that automated digital chan-

management is a mistake. On the con-

ularly Millennials. According to Forbes,

nels, like chatbots, simply can’t do.

trary, digitalization of customer service

this attractive group of consumers is

Thus, the significance of digitalization

This doesn’t mean that investing in

provides even more options for custom-

predicted to spend $200 billion annu-

in customer care is not just about the

ers to interact with brands. What is vital,

ally in the U.S. by 2017. They are also

adoption of new technologies; it’s also

however, is ensuring that the human

notoriously averse to using the phone

about adapting to changing customer

element, which customers still expect,

to contact customer service.

expectations and demands. Conve-

remains a core component, regardless

nient, easily accessible, personalized,

of their changing channel preferences.

dency to over-rely on digital capabilities

seamless, omnichannel, instant and

Here are some considerations to ensure

in their customer service strategies.

self-help availability are just some of the

the human touch remains present in

Many brands, however, have a ten-


TELUS International

66% of U.S. customers expect a same-day response to online requests, and 43% expect a response within an hour.

Fast facts:

Lithium Technologies, 2014

Changing customer expectations 73% of consumers wish companies offered more ways for them to solve customer service issues on their own.

83% of U.S. customers who have switched brands report that if companies could provide them with better live or in-person customer service, it would have impacted their decision to switch providers.

Aspect Omnibus survey, 2014

Accenture, 2016

Only 10% strongly agree that companies effectively converge interactions across digital, social, mobile and traditional channels.

By 2018, more than 100 of the 500 largest global businesses will introduce video-based chat for customer-facing interactions.

Accenture, 2016

Gartner, 2015

your company’s digital customer service

questions, solicit ideas and solve cus-


tomer problems.

Omnichannel customer care

Integrated CRM technology

With customers shifting between devices, implementing an omnichannel customer service strategy can help ensure positive interactions across all touch points. The most successful

83% of U.S. consumers prefer dealing with human beings over digital channels when it comes to solving customer service issues.

Humanizing the customer relationship requires knowing who is at the other end of the exchange. Agents should have access to comprehensive customer information in real-time, from a single source, in order to better connect with

strategy, however, doesn’t rely solely on availability across mediums but also

Text analytics

the customer. Utilizing integrated Cus-

on incorporating the human connection

With social listening tools, brands can

tomer Relationship Management (CRM)

where and when a customer needs it.

combine artificial and human intelli-

technology allows agents to provide

For example, Amazon has introduced

gence to proactively solve customer is-

a better level of personalized service,

the ‘Mayday’ support button on their

sues, fostering a more positive custom-

regardless of the channel.

Kindle Fire, putting a live agent at their

er experience. By using text analytics to

customers’ fingertips whenever they

identify keywords, themes, sentiment

people shop, communicate and engage

need help. This instantaneous con-

and language on various social media

with brands. While the different chan-

nection to live support offers a great

platforms, companies can determine

nels of interaction may seem endless,

example of how to combine technology

the most important issues and respond

it’s important to remember - how you

and the human touch in a logical and

accordingly. Agents can interject in the

make the customer feel is what will

seamless manner.

conversation to proactively address

have a lasting impact.

Technology today dictates how


Customers First - Section name!

Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. Boracay has been named as one the best islands in the world by international travel magazines.

The Mayon Volcano, located in the province of Albay, is considered to have a perfectly symmetrical cone.

A primarily Catholic country, San Agustin Church in Manila was built in 1589 and is the oldest stone church in the Philippines.

A snapshot of the Philippines Made up of more than 7,000 different islands, the Philippines is known for its hospitable culture, gorgeous beaches, fresh mangoes and a national passion for karaoke. The capital city of Manila is one of the oldest in the country, and metro Manila is home to over 17 million people. The city itself is an impressive array of modern skyscrapers intertwined with historical 16th century landmarks, and serves as the home to an incredibly youthful and vibrant population. With strong English-speaking and well-educated citizens, the Philippines has become a world-leading outsourcing destination. The BPO industry is now one of the fastest-growing

Manila offers a sophisticated mix of Spanish colonial style architecture and modern skyscrapers.


sectors in the Philippines, and has played a significant role in the positive growth and development of the country.

TELUS International

The Internet of Things and the complex contact center

By connecting previously disconnected systems and enabling data to flow between them, the Internet of Things (IoT) will transform how organizations make decisions, view business processes, design products and deliver services to customers. For the IoT contact center, highly skilled agents are the key to success, since they must solve more complex customer cases and provide cross-channel consistency of service. Companies whose support teams are able to deliver superior service to the IoT-connected customer will be those that thrive. TELUS International recently com-

Preparing your support team for the IoT-connected consumer. Click here.

missioned IDC to write an InfoBrief on the topic. Some excerpts follow:

Customers are receptive to connectivity but are not fully utilizing their devices We are in the early stages of true IoT penetration and ability to use IoT devices effectively Consumers know they aren’t using their digital assets to their fullest, but they don’t know how to do it, they are concerned the technology won’t work, and they aren’t sure of all the possibilities.

This underutilization of digital assets presents an opportunity for brands to provide proactive customer support based on segmentation, device data and behavior and usage analytics.

Degree of Utilization of Digital Assets


32% 16%

For our purposes, my household takes full advantage of all of the capabilities of our digital assets

For our purposes, my household uses most of the capabilities of our digital assets, but we could be using more

Our digital assets have capabilities that I know we could use, but I don’t know how to set them up

10% Our digital assets have capabilities that I know we could use, but I am concerned that they won’t work reliably or that they will be too much of a hassle

24% I think our digital assets have capabilities that we could use, but I am not sure what they are

IDC Infobrief, Sponsored by TELUS International, “Preparing Your Support Team for the IoT-connected Consumer,” September 2016 All IDC research is © 2016 by IDC. All rights reserved. All IDC materials are licensed with IDC’s permission and in no way does the use or publication of IDC research indicate IDC’s endorsement of TELUS’s products/or strategies.


Customers First - Industry focus

Driven by top management, customer experience is in transition Connected consumer applications means managing devices/services across multiple vendors, with consumers uncertain where to turn when problems arise. This poses new customer service challenges in problem identification and resolution for vendors. Service issues expand from optimizing a customer’s product experience to integrating products securely and reliably. Customer experience led by top management is in transition as it evolves to embrace IoT and other digital trends.

Digitalization Mobile Solutions

Self Service Internet of Things Digital Channels

Process Integration

Who Drives Customer Experience? 26% 26%

Strategic goal, led by CEO

48% 46%

Strategic goal, led by senior executive(s)

20% 18%

Operational goal, led by other manager(s) e.g., HR, call center manager Marketing strategy goal, led by CMO


6% 9% 1% 1%

• Total respondents (n=799) • Customer experience respondents (N=419) (Percentages do not total 100% due to rounding)

Source - IDC EXPERIENCES Survey, January 2015 8

TELUS International

IoT requires investment in contact centers and people With the rise in self-help and more digitally-savvy consumers, there’s an assumption that investment in contact center agents can decrease in the age of IoT. But data shows that investment in contact center agents is not on the decrease. A majority of IDC survey respondents anticipate increases of between 10%-50% in the agent population. What is changing is the nature of the calls and the agent skill set.

Contact Center Agent Population Anticipated to Increase 100%



8% 10% 19% 27%


not plan to add any

23% 25%



33% 27%



25% 20%



20% 11% 4% 3%


All responses (n=351)

currently do not have any • We customer care agents and do



2% 2%

3% 4%


1,000 - 4,999 (n=121)

5,000 - 9,999 (n=108)

10,000+ (n=122)



• Decrease by 50% or more • Decrease by 40% to 49% • Decrease by 30% to 39% • Decrease by 20% to 29% • Decrease by 10% to 19% • Decrease by less than 10% • Stay the same • Increase up to 10% • Increase by 10% to 19% • Increase by 20% to 29% • Increase by 30% to 39% • Increase by 40% to 49% • Increase by 50% or more

U.S. Agent Population

Demands on the contact center increase in an IoT world Example: Consumer IoT Ecosystem Device: Wi-Fi enabled sprinkler system

A problem occurs with a customer’s IoT sprinkler system. The contact center needs to:  Understand the device

Environment: Municipality water use guidelines

 Understand the environment in which the device is used

Programming: Water lawn, Mon, Wed, Fri, MaySeptember

 Know the device’s technical requirements and connected elements

Connections to other information systems like The Weather Channel: “Rain forecast – do not water today.”

 Train agents in diagnostics for all devices, town regulations, and conflicting hardware and software

“The impact of IoT should be viewed not just by device, unless a device truly operates independently of all other devices, but by an ecosystem of integrated and interrelated devices and environments.” IDC Infobrief, Sponsored by TELUS International, “Preparing Your Support Team for the IoT-connected Consumer,” September 2016 All IDC research is © 2016 by IDC. All rights reserved. All IDC materials are licensed with IDC’s permission and in no way does the use or publication of IDC research indicate IDC’s endorsement of TELUS’s products/or strategies.


Customers First - Success stories

An apology with a personalized approach When it comes to customer service, mistakes are bound to happen. What’s important in these situations, however, is how the apology is delivered, since it could turn that negative experience into a positive for the customer. Nothing hurts the sincerity of an apology quiet like a diatribe of excuses delivered via an impersonal email. And in the digital era, where customer interactions are often conducted behind the veil of a computer screen, it can be difficult to achieve a personalized approach to saying “I’m sorry.” The company known as Sorry as a Service has capitalized on customers’ desires to be treated as individuals rather than as numbers. Billing itself as a customer retention solution provider,

Sorry as a Service – Examples of personalized apologies sent to customers

Sorry as a Service sends personalized

standard monetary compensation to

gifts to customers - flowers, chocolates,

sending displeased customers a box of

cookies, handwritten cards and more

personalized chocolates. They estimate

- to increase customer engagement

that, for every US$11 spent on choco-

and loyalty. Sorry as a Service promises

late, TransferWise received US$35 back

to delight customers at every stage of the customer experience lifecycle, from ‘hello’ and ‘welcome’ to ‘thank you’ and ‘congrats.’ Customers of the Estonian start-up have seen a 34% improvement in complaint retention rates, according to the company. For example, one of their client’s, TransferWise, switched from the 10

Nothing hurts the sincerity of an apology quite like a diatribe of excuses delivered via an impersonal email.

in value from their customers. Receiving a small gift and a handwritten note makes customers feel uniquely valued and appreciated in a way that a tweet, Facebook post or an email never could, proving once again that a personalized approach can make all the difference when it comes to the customer experience.

TELUS International

Engaging in the business of multilingual

Dave Lowther is the Director of Oper-

Customers First: How does Koodo fit into the overall

ations for Koodo Mobile, a Canadian

wireless market?

telecommunications company. His team

Dave Lowther: The wireless business in Canada is very

is responsible for Customer Care, Tech

similar to most in that it’s a crowded market with several

Support, Loyalty and Retention, and

services (a value carrier) and is a brand known for being fun.

Channel Support for Koodo; operating

We aim to provide clear and simple messaging, products,

providers. Koodo is positioned in the second tier of wireless

and services - all while offering great customer service.

four contact centers in three countries, with 900 team members. We had the

CF: How do you make sure the key elements of your

chance to ask him some questions

service culture?

about delivering effective multichannel, multilingual support in a highly competitive market.

brand experience make their way into your customer

DL: At Koodo, we want all our team members to live up to our “Choose Happy� brand promise. This message is the Continued on page 12 11

Customers First - Success stories core DNA of our advertising and carries through to how we approach customer service. To validate it, Koodo leads the country with an 88% Likelihood to Recommend score (Net Promoter Score), and we were recently recognized with the JD Power “Highest in Customer Service Among Wireless Providers” award for all of Canada. CF: What are some of the keys to achieving great multilingual customer service, and how does outsourcing play a role? DL: Canada is a multilingual country with two official languages – French and English – so a multilingual strategy is a must. Outsourcing allows us to service

Dave Lowther – Director of Operations for Koodo Mobile

both markets while maintaining great

business with us, and will it help reduce

customer experience, a lowered cost

call volume to our contact centers?

structure, and robust business continuity. The most important element of great

We began with just voice calls, but

a given decision. 2. Communicate – link your actions back to how they are driving en-

as the market changed and our cus-

gagement, and continually recog-

tomer base grew, we’ve had to adapt

nize accomplishments.

multilingual customer service is to have

to their needs. We started offering email

an ultra-focus on solving the custom-

and then moved into social media.

won’t try to innovate if they aren’t

er’s individual problem. Far too many

We’re now pushing our self-serve ap-

allowed to fail.

multilingual contact centers spend time

plication and website in order to divert

trying to neutralize accents or hide the

calls from the contact center. We built

days, sports and community

fact they are serving customers from

a very robust “Koodo Community” of

events, lip sync battles and lots of

abroad. We’ve found that, if you can

customers that provide great tips, tricks


help the customer, provide solutions

and support to our customer base.

and make a personal connection, they don’t really care about accents. CF: How did you decide on a

DL: When we look at new channels, we

4. Have fun – we offer ice cream

CF: What are some of your most CF: What are some of the creative

important KPIs, both internal and

ways you engage your frontline team


members? DL: At the agent level, we measure

multichannel strategy for customer service?

3. Allow people to fail – people

DL: For me, there are four key pieces to

performance with KPIs that reflect the

engaging team members:

customer experience. For example, we

1. Leverage fair process – always

leverage Customer Satisfaction Surveys

try to answer two questions: will this

seek the input of those team mem-

and Repeat and Transfer rates as a

make it easier for our customers to do

bers whose role will be impacted by

good indicator of how well the


TELUS International

Choose Happy – The Koodo Mobile brand promise

customer is served by the first agent. What we don’t do is measure Average Handle Time (AHT) at the agent level, as we always want our frontline team to take care of our customers’ require-

We’ve found that if you can help the customer, provide solutions and make a personal connection, they don’t really care about accents.

ments, regardless of how long it takes. All KPIs, however, take a back seat

just for the sake of achieving numbers.

self-service when possible. I also look

to overall team engagement. A great

If your leadership team can manage,

at much smaller companies for great

customer experience will only happen if

lead and inspire people, the numbers

examples of customer service. It’s easy

you have a people-friendly culture that

will continue to meet the target. When

to call out the big names, but for me,

allows the team to thrive and grow.

our Repeat Call Rate was getting too

it’s the way the local paint store creates

high, we brought together agents and

a relationship with their customers, or

CF: What are some of the ways you

team leads to brainstorm recommenda-

how the small hotel chain remembers

gather and/or analyze data to

tions to improve. We didn’t talk about

the last time you stayed there. The

continuously improve the Koodo

the number but focused on what was

challenge for us is to establish those

customer experience?

causing customers to call back. With

personal connections on a larger scale.

our agents’ great ideas, we lowered our DL: As you can imagine, we have no

Repeat Call Rate by 22%.

shortage of data to review! The chal-

At Koodo, we lead our industry in customer experience, so we aren’t looking at our competitors for ideas, but

lenge is determining the overall trends

CF: What other companies/brands

rather, are looking for creative ways to

that are appearing across a number of

do you think are doing customer

maintain our lead. One way is to focus

data points. You need to understand

service particularly well?

on coaching, where team managers

your business metrics as a whole in order to be successful. It’s also important not to put pressure on agents to achieve numbers

work with their agents to discover what DL: Outside the industry, I look at

they’re doing right and encourage that

companies like Apple that are good

behavior, rather than looking for what

at getting their customers to leverage

they are doing wrong. 13

Customers First - Center for excellence

The workhorse of the contact center: email When it comes to computer technology, few trends have truly stood the test of time, and rightfully so. As information advances, our tools and resources evolve. Floppy disks were made obsolete by CDs and eventually USBs. Dial up internet made way for cable and then fiber optic networks. Even the standard issue PC solitaire has laid the groundwork for the likes of Minecraft and League of Legends. But there is one technology that has remained steadfast for years, if not decades, as the contact center workhorse and go-to support channel for customers around the world: email. Technology market research firm, Radacati, estimated that as of 2015, 205 billion emails were sent per day. Broken down even further, that’s 2.5 million emails every second. And there doesn’t appear to be any signs of slow-

Microsoft’s 2016 Global State of Multi-

or posing a question at a time that is

ing down. The number of emails sent

channel Customer Support report.

convenient for them.

annually is expected to grow by 3% per

For contact centers, email has huge

year over the next four years, surpass-

The big benefits of email

time and cost-savings benefits. Utilizing

ing 246 billion by the end of 2019.

There are a number of reasons why

templates and an automation system

email has remained such an ideal op-

can reduce redundancy and optimize

chat and other support channels en-

tion, both from a consumer and a con-

efficiencies. When it comes to basic is-

tering the customer service landscape,

tact center perspective. For customers,

sues or concerns, the growing capabil-

one might imagine that email would

it’s quick, efficient and can be sent

ities of intelligent inputs sometimes can

take a backseat to these modern play-

easily from any device (PC, smartphone

even rival human interaction.

ers. However, email is more appealing

or tablet). There is no waiting on hold,

than ever, ranking as the number one

or being bounced around from one

fixes where an auto response designed

option for customer support for those

agent to the next – it’s simply a matter

well with intelligent inputs can be as

under the age of 55, according to

of customers writing down feedback

effective as a direct engagement with

With the likes of social media, video,


“There are some benefits for simple

TELUS International

Best practices for personalization While the benefits of automation are clear, speed and efficiency do not always equate to a positive customer interaction. Finding ways to cater to the individual and deliver a personalized experience through email remains a key to success. Here are some best practices based on insights from customer service experts: Be human Agents should utilize email templates but should also add a personal touch so the customer knows there is a real person on the other end. Acknowledge the problem Summarize the issue right at the start to ensure everyone is on the same page. Offer solutions If possible, offer two or three solutions so that the customer has a choice and feels empowered. Be concise Present information in the email so name, contact information, transaction details and the summary of the issue don’t take too much time to read. Leave the door open Let the customer know they have the option to continue the conversation, and that the agent is available for anything else they may need.

a human,” says Jason Nagle, Head of

being mentioned in emails). These are

Strategic Operations and Programs at

all in addition to the basic benefit of

Google Cloud. “The advent of more

having a clear record of what has been

predictive insight from machine learn-

communicated in the past for agents to

ing tools and systems will continue to

reference in the future.

evolve this space with far more targeted

With a long list of of obvious benefits,

content in auto responses,” Nagle says.

email is one tech tool that isn’t at risk of

There are also the advantages that

becoming obsolete anytime soon. But

come from text analytics, allowing for a

running a successful email customer

greater identification of sales opportu-

support program is not a given. Rather,

nities, effective key messaging and the

creating a world-class email program

opportunity to conduct a competitive

requires a smart utilization of best prac-

analysis (e.g. measuring how often

tices and continuous learning within the

competitors and their products are

contact center.

For more information on best practices and ways to improve your email support program, check out TELUS International’s latest white paper, “The workhorse of the contact center: Optimizing email for the modern customer service environment.” 15

Customers First - Corporate Social Responsibility

Ten years of giving At TELUS International, we give where we live. Our TELUS Days of Giving (TDOG) are annual volunteer events that unite thousands of our global team members around a common cause. We're proud of the scale of the impact we've created together with our partners around the world.


40,000 volunteers

Watch our 10-year anniversary video.

have helped

more than

70,000 people

Philippines Over the past 10 years, more than 5,200 families and over 35,000 students have benefited from the projects carried out by our volunteers in the Philippines.



350 volunteers participated in the first TELUS Day of Service.

The Philippines Community Board was founded, donating US$500,000 to health, housing and education projects to date.

2009 With partner Gawad Kalinga, volunteers built 42 homes for families. TELUS volunteers continue to return on an ongoing basis to tutor schoolchildren, to provide healthcare education and to help beautify the community.


2016 A record 2,400 volunteers joined TELUS Days of Giving.

2012 Partnering with Hands on Manila, our team members refurbished a school attended by 9,000 students.

TELUS International

Central America More than 22,000 volunteers across Guatemala and El Salvador have helped improve the lives of over 17,000 people through TELUS Days of Giving.



A total of 1,500 volunteers participated in the first event.

Guatemala and El Salvador Community Boards were founded, donating US$500,000 each to health, housing and education projects so far.

2011 & 2015 In Guatemala, the team built a school each year from the ground up in just one day!

2013-2015 In El Salvador, partnering with TECHO, our teams built over 60 new homes, two football fields and a community garden in the poorest areas of San Salvador.

2015 More than 3,500 volunteers attended the TELUS Days of Giving in Central America.

United States Over the years, more than 1,000 volunteers have helped over 2,000 people in communities in Nevada, Texas and Arizona.



TELUS International U.S. team members held their first event with a few dozen volunteers.

The number of volunteers increased to more than 500.


Team members “adopted� Vegas Verdes Elementary School, renovating, painting and beautifying the campus, in addition to ongoing volunteering throughout the year.

Team members renovated a clubhouse for the Boys & Girls Club, Las Vegas.

Europe More than 3,600 volunteers have helped over 5,000 people in Romania, Bulgaria and the UK, many of whom are children.



TELUS International Europe held its first Day of Giving with a total of 500 volunteers.

TELUS International Europe Community Board was founded, donating US$200,000 since its inception. In Romania, our teams renovated schools in both Bucharest and Craiova, replacing furniture, painting and improving the schools for over 400 children.

20132015 In Sofia, Bulgaria, our team revitalized a school for visually impaired children. In Plovdiv, we helped refurbish an orphanage.

2016 Independent Bulgaria and Romania Community Boards were created, and more than 1,200 team members volunteered for the TELUS Days of Giving.

Learn more: 17


Rave reviews for our team members Myra Umali

Andrea Lopez

Jose Garcia “What an amazing experience from the initial sales and discovery call to deployment! Jose Garcia, our deployment counselor, was always there for us, whether via phone or email. He was

“I spoke with Andrea who was very pro-

“I just had to write this email to you so

fessional. She was very patient with me,

that you would know what a fantastic

provided me all of the information that I

employee Myra is. My mother in-law

needed and answered all the questions

also deals with [your company] when

that I asked. She really turned what

I myself can’t help her. We even do

could have been a bad experience into

three-way conference calls, and as

a really nice one. Thank you, Andrea!”

always, Myra resolves her issues with

Electric utility customer

the utmost kindness and professional behavior.”

courteous, knowledgeable and very

Telecom customer

professional during the support period.” Business services customer

Miriam Cabrera Dennis Sapinoso Daniel Poitevin

“That fabulous young lady that I was

“Let me tell you what a blessing Dennis

just talking to, if you could clone her,

“I am over the moon with how [your

is. With just two precise steps on my

she is a dream. She was calm, patient

company] and Daniel in particular han-

remote he was able to save me from

and really clear and concise about what

dled my case. For starters, every time

tears, and I was already crying when he

I had to do. I’m going to tell everybody

that I’ve made contact I’ve had a reply

picked up… Please do me a favor and

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Metro Manila Pride March

TELUS International

The Big Picture

Our team members in the Philippines took to the streets to share a positive message of love and equality during the 2016 Metro Manila Pride march.


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TI Customers First magazine - Year 01, Issue 02  

Introducing the premier issue of Customers First magazine by TELUS International.

TI Customers First magazine - Year 01, Issue 02  

Introducing the premier issue of Customers First magazine by TELUS International.