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Whitfield Lovell (My) Precarious Life, 2008 ContĂŠ on wood, wheel

Cuppetelli and Mendoza

Director's Message I’ll remember this year’s springtime as a season of movement and fresh perspective. Museum guests fully engaged in the interactive PULSE Art+Technology exhibits and the buzz surrounding the opening of Marilyn: Celebrating an American Icon. The Telfair Ball was a magnificent evening that evoked the rich history of Spain, while The Art of Great Fashion has triumphed by coupling Marilyn with Marc Jacobs’ MARC BY MARC JACOBS spring fashion line. Contemporary art lovers delighted in the expanded installation of the beloved Kirk The Ambassador of Spain Ramón Gil-Casares, Lisa Grove, Alice Varnedoe Collection while thousands Jepson, and Cindy Edwards at the 34th Annual Telfair Ball. expressed sincere interest in learning about Slavery and Freedom in Savannah by visiting the exhibition and the Owens-Thomas House. And the galleries were lively and full of the sounds of students on our fourth grade school tour program, which has been bringing students to the Telfair to experience the joy of art since the 1930s. As we move into the summer, we’re balancing the fun and flirty with some weightier fare. Helen Levitt: In the Street is a collaboration with Atlanta’s High Museum of Art that displays the work of one of America’s ground-breaking photographers. Complementing the Levitt display is contemporary artist James Nares’ riveting “Street” video, observing today’s New York. In July, the Telfair Academy will host Romantic Spirits: Nineteenth Century Paintings of the South from the Johnson Collection, an exhibition of verdant canvases that present an evocative glimpse into nineteenth-century Southern life. At the Jepson Center, we explore the meaning of the river to our collective history in two intriguing exhibitions. Whitfield Lovell: Deep River, opening in August, features work by nationally-recognized artist and MacArthur “Genius” Fellow Whitfield Lovell. He has designed a haunting installation for the Jepson Center that references the history of slavery through the metaphor of the river. And, opening in early September, Port City: The Savannah River Through Artists’ Eyes will feature over a century of works from our permanent collection that illustrate the enduring role of the river in our city’s history and economy. The elegant, Spanish-themed Telfair Ball was the perfect send-off to our Spanish Sojourns exhibition and the most spectacular fundraiser in museum history, raising almost $500,000 in support of Telfair’s exhibitions and education initiatives. This record-breaking year is due directly to the generous support of our Director’s Circle members, Ball patrons, and corporate partners, including Delta Air Lines, Georgia Power, Jepson Associates, and SunTrust Bank. I particularly wish to thank Cindy Edwards, Telfair Ball Chair, and her entire committee for their hard work and creativity. We are deeply honored that these dedicated volunteers chose to utilize their incredible talents on behalf of the Telfair. I am also profoundly grateful to each of you—our members—for providing critical support to the Telfair each year. Thanks to your generosity, more than 10,000 children will now have the chance to experience renowned art from around the world, as well as create their own masterpieces in our art studios. You have given a child his or her first experience with portraiture, have helped groups of students discover a love of sketching, and have introduced whole families to Telfair galleries for the first time. Thank you, again, for supporting this community’s art museum. I hope to see you in our galleries soon! Best regards,

Lisa Grove, Director/CEO




Street by James Nares Through September 21, 2014 / Jepson Center Just as photographer Helen Levitt first began drawing her inspiration from the streets of New York City in the 1940s, contemporary artist James Nares takes today’s New York streets as his subject in his mesmerizing 61-minute high-definition video Street. Nares, a native of London who came to New York in 1974, describes Street as “a love letter to my adopted home.” To make the video, Nares shot 16 hours of footage with a high-speed camera that is normally used from a stationary position to capture fleeting subjects, such as hummingbirds and speeding bullets, at a rate of between 500 and 1000 frames per second. Nares reversed the process by positioning the camera to film out of the back and sides of a moving SUV. He recorded his footage in six-second snippets, the maximum length of time that the camera can record at such a high resolution. He then greatly slowed his source material, and edited down the results to 61 minutes of steady, continuous motion—which, if shown in real time, would last only three minutes. Nares’ friend, guitarist and Sonic Youth co-founder Thurston Moore, composed and performed the video’s musical score on a 12-string acoustic guitar.

The street and street life have served as inspiration for painters and poets, filmmakers, and photographers since the birth of modernity. Nares’ inspiration for the film came from viewing actualité films by the turn-ofthe-century pioneers of cinema Auguste and Louis Lumière and Thomas Edison—who themselves used the moving image technology that they invented to magically capture the street life of their own time. In the early stages of the development of Street, the artist considered subtitling the piece “A film to be viewed 100 years from now.” This desire to record the present, as if from a great distance in the future, resonates with earlier chroniclers of the street, such as Walker Evans or Helen Levitt. Nares’ inventive use of the most modern technology available at the time of production resulted in a distinctive visual look that harkens back to the simulated three-dimensional effects of 19th-century stereographs, while also being utterly upto-date in its evocation of increasingly isolated, virtual, and image-suffused existence in the 21st century. James Nares was born in London in 1953. He lives and works in New York. His oeuvre encompasses painting, sculpture, drawing, film, and video. In his paintings, he seeks to capture the very moments in which he is creating them; individual paintings are most frequently made in single brush strokes that record a gestural passage of time and motion across the canvas. Nares’ films and videos reference many of the same preoccupations with movement, rhythm, and repetition, while also ranging further afield in their scope. Street by James Nares is presented at Telfair Museums courtesy of Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York.

James Nares Street (stills), 2011 Music by Thurston Moore 61 minutes Courtesy of the artist and Paul Kasmin Gallery

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Helen Levitt: In the Street Through September 21, 2014 / Jepson Center For more than seventy years, Helen Levitt (1913-2009) used her camera to capture fresh and unstudied views of everyday life on the streets of New York City. Roaming through the Lower East Side, Spanish Harlem and other urban neighborhoods, Levitt began her career equipped with a handheld Leica with a right-angle viewfinder that allowed her to remain unobtrusive as she documented life in the city. Only a few years after Levitt took up photography, the Museum of Modern Art selected her work for inclusion in the inaugural exhibition of the museum’s photography department in 1940. Levitt’s meteoric rise within the world of photography was affirmed when MoMA subsequently honored her with a coveted solo exhibition in 1943. Levitt’s photographs, first in black and white and later in color, document neighborhood matriarchs planted on their front stoops, pedestrians negotiating New York’s busy sidewalks, and, perhaps most famously, boisterous children at play. Her revealing work observes people of every age, race, and class, without attempting to impose social commentary. Sojourns in New Hampshire, Mexico, and even Savannah added variety to Levitt’s oeuvre, but New York remained at the heart of her work. This exhibition is organized by Telfair Museums and the High Museum of Art, Atlanta. The photographs in this exhibition are drawn from the permanent collections of both the Telfair and the High.

This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of Mrs. Robert O. Levitt. Top to bottom: Helen Levitt (American, 1913-2009) New York, c. 1940 Vintage gelatin silver print Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Robert O. Levitt, 1998.6 New York (Children with Broken Mirror), c. 1940 Gelatin silver print Gift of Mrs. Robert O. Levitt, 2002.3.1


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Romantic Spirits: Nineteenth-Century Paintings from the Johnson Collection July 25, 2014–February 15, 2015 / Telfair Academy

Spanning the years 1810–1896, this exhibition examines the core concepts of the romantic movement as it unfolded in fine art of the American South. Having originated in European literature and art, romanticism found its way to America. The same ideals found in the canvases of the Hudson River School also colored the art of painters who found their inspiration and audience in the South. In this study of thirty-two artists—including William Dickinson Washington, William Thompson Russell Smith, Gustave Henry Mosler, Thomas Addison Richards, Joseph Rusling Meeker, Robert Walter Weir, and Thomas Sully—the exhibition delineates the historical, social, and cultural forces that profoundly influenced their aesthetic sensibilities. An insightful catalogue containing illustrated biographies on the featured artists, as well as extensive bibliographic resources, accompanies Romantic Spirits. The works in this exhibition are drawn from the Johnson Collection, founded by George Dean Johnson, Jr. and Susan (Susu) Phifer Johnson of Spartanburg, South Carolina. The Johnsons are passionate philanthropists committed to enhancing the educational environment and cultural vibrancy of their hometown, state, and region. Their collection began as an interest in paintings by Carolina artists in 2002, and has since grown to encompass more than eight hundred objects with provenances that span the centuries and chronicle the cultural evolution of the American South.

Opposite, top to bottom Andrew John Henry Way (1826-1888) Still Life with Fruit on Silver Salver,1880 Oil on canvas, 24 x 20 inches Above: William Charles Anthony Frerichs (1829-1905) Falls of Tamahaka, Cherokee County, North Carolina, after 1855 Oil on canvas, 31 x 54 inches

04 / VIEW

Thomas Satterwhite Noble (1835-1907) Forgiveness, c. 1872 Oil on canvas, 50 x 65 inches Gustave Henry Mosler (1841-1920) The Lost Cause, 1868 Oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches

RELATED PROGRAMS Telfair Academy Director’s Circle Preview Dinner July 23, 6 pm, Dinner to follow at 45 Bístro Preview paintings from 32 artists representing the lavish romantic movement as it unfolded in the South. Seating at dinner is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. Cost is $95 per person. Reservations and pre-payment required by Friday, July 18. RSVP to Catherine Renner at 912.790.8844 or

Presented by Delta Air Lines.

Free Weekend at Telfair Academy August 1–3 The community is invited to enjoy three days of free admission to the Telfair Academy.

Funding is provided by the City of Savannah.

Free Family Day at Telfair Academy August 2, 1–4 pm We invite families to enjoy a day of hands-on activities related to the Romantic Spirits exhibition.

Funding is provided by the City of Savannah and Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.

Romantic Spirits Lecture by Estill Curtis Pennington September 11, 6 pm Mr. Pennington, noted scholar of southern art and author of the catalogue for Romantic Spirits, discusses key works and themes in the exhibition. The lecture is free to members or with museum admission.

Sponsored by the Telfair Academy Guild.


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Whitfield Lovell: Deep River August 15, 2014–February 1, 2015 / Jepson Center Artist Whitfield Lovell is internationally renowned for his thought-provoking portraits and signature tableaux. In this exhibition, Lovell utilizes sculpture, video, drawing, sound, and music to create an environment that fully engages our senses and emotions. His art pays tribute to the lives of anonymous African Americans and is universal in its exploration of passage, memory, and the search for freedom. Born in the Bronx, New York in 1959, Lovell was interested in art from a young age. As a teenager studying painting and sculpture in Spain, he experienced an epiphany during a visit to El Museo del Prado in Madrid. Lovell stated, "I knew I would go into some form of art, but I wasn't sure which....But while I was standing in front of a Velázquez painting, I had an amazing spiritual experience. The painter had communicated with me through centuries and cultures, and I suddenly understood the role of the artist. I ran from room to room. Goya, El Greco, Reubens, and Picasso all began to speak out to me. Whatever they were doing in those rooms was what I wanted to do with my life." The large scale of the current exhibition allows the viewer to experience three distinct and compelling aspects of the artist’s work, including examples of Lovell’s trademark tableaux, work from his Kin series, and the extraordinary Deep River installation. The multi-media Deep River installation converts a 2,500-square-foot gallery into a unique environment, which the viewer enters and experiences as a personal journey. The darkened space, which Lovell designed specifically for the Jepson Center, surrounds the viewer with projected images of a flowing river, as the sounds of chirping birds and the river’s rushing currents fill the air. The center of the gallery contains a massive mound of dirt, strewn with everyday objects seemingly abandoned by past inhabitants of the space. Dozens of reclaimed wooden discs, each containing a portrait of a single figure, surround the mound of dirt and populate the installation. Together, these elements create a haunting and mesmerizing passage. The exhibition also features tableaux that Lovell has produced since 2008. The artist creates these unique works by drawing life-sized charcoal portraits on wooden objects such as sections of walls, fences, or barrels. He juxtaposes these drawings with everyday found objects—including clocks, irons, frying pans, and bed frames. Tableaux such as Pago Pago and Autour du Monde (see below) feature uniformed soldiers, referencing the service of African Americans through two world wars for a country that still did not acknowledge their civil or human rights. Billie Holiday’s rendition of the song, “I Cover the Waterfront,” plays softly from Pago Pago. A collection of globes is placed in front of Autour du Monde, invoking both the adventure of travel and the dangers for soldiers of fighting abroad.



RELATED PROGRAMS / Jepson Center Opening Celebration August 14 This event is free and open to the public.

Funding is provided by the City of Savannah.

VIP Preview 5 pm Complimentary drinks for Contributing and Director’s Circle levels of membership.

Conversation with the Artist: Whitfield Lovell 6 pm Acclaimed artist and MacArthur Fellow Whitfield Lovell joins Telfair Director and CEO Lisa Grove onstage for a conversation about the Deep River exhibition, his artistic practice, and his approach to working with historical subject matter.

Also included in the exhibition are a number of mixed media drawings from Lovell’s ongoing Kin series (see above). Each of the Kin works features a portrait along with a single object. The pairing of the two creates intriguing narratives that are left open for the viewer’s interpretation. The images come from mug shots, photo IDs, passport images, and photo booth shots that Lovell has collected. Whitfield Lovell’s artwork is filtered through his personal history and memories. His father constantly took candid and posed photos of family and friends. These family photos, combined with Lovell’s extensive travels throughout Europe, the Americas, and parts of Africa, inform much of the artist’s work. In 2007, Lovell was named a MacArthur Fellow. The prestigious fellowship, commonly referred to as the “genius grant,” is bestowed on “individuals who have shown exceptional creativity in their work and the promise to do more.” Lovell’s work has appeared in numerous solo and group exhibitions at national venues such as the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Reception 7 pm Includes light appetizers and cash bar for beer and wine.

Blank Page Poetry Performance October 16 This latest performance in the Blank Page Poetry series is directed by Savannah-based artist Jerome Meadows and includes river stories read by local artists and students.

Free Family Day November 1, 1– 4 pm We invite families to explore Whitfield Lovell’s earthy installation, create wooden art, and dig for artifacts and learn about what they mean.

Funding is provided by the City of Savannah and Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.

Whitfield Lovell: Deep River was organized by the Hunter Museum of American Art, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Opposite: Whitfield Lovell Autour Du Monde, 2008 Conté on wood panels with globes 102 x 189 x 171 inches Courtesy of the artist and DC Moore Gallery, New York Top to bottom: Kin XLVI (Follie), 2011 Conté on paper, shooting gallery target 30 x 22 1/4 x 4 inches Courtesy of the artist and DC Moore Gallery, New York Deep River, (detail) 2013 56 wood discs, found objects, soil, video projections and sound size variable Courtesy of the artist and DC Moore Gallery, New York


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Continuing Exhibitions / Jepson Center Marilyn: Celebrating an American Icon Through July 27, 2014

Sponsored in part by South magazine.

RELATED PROGRAMMING Marilyn Classics Film Screening: The Misfits (1961) May 15, 6pm Michael Chaney, Professor of Film and Television at SCAD, will introduce the film. Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable each gave moving and nuanced final performances in this western drama written by Arthur Miller and directed by John Huston. In the film, Marilyn plays a recent divorcee who falls in with an aging cowboy (Gable), two younger men (Montgomery Clift, Eli Wallach) and a scheme to capture wild mustangs in Nevada. Images taken by Magnum photographers during the filming of The Misfits are included in the Marilyn exhibition.

Sponsored by the Telfair Academy Guild. Image: After Andy Warhol; Marilyn; Published by Sunday B. Morning, 1967/82; Screenprint.

Contemporary Masters: The Kirk Varnedoe Collection Through July 20, 2014

Presented by Bank of America

RELATED PROGRAMMING Free Family Day: Print It! May 3, 1– 4 pm / Jepson Center Free admission! Funding is provided by the City of Savannah and Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.

Teen Night: Telfair Pop! May 17, 6 – 8 pm / Jepson Center Free admission! Funding is provided by the City of Savannah. Image: Terry Winters; Territories, 2000; Acrylic on Paper

Karrie Hovey: ...the Garden Grows: Inside and Out Through August 17, 2014 Image: Karrie Hovey; ...the Garden Grows; site-specific installation; recycled materials

Slavery and Freedom in Savannah Through August 31, 2014

Art à la Carte / Jepson Café Enrich your visit to the Jepson Café by enjoying Art à la Carte, a fresh new series of homegrown exhibitions. Featuring work by emerging local artists and group shows by Telfair staff and volunteers, Art à la Carte installations are changed out seasonally.

Docent Exhibition Through June 22 This installation includes work in a variety of media by the talented and dedicated members of Telfair’s team of docents.

Todd Schroeder June 25–September 21 View a solo installation of work by local artist Todd Schroeder.


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Saturday Explorer Series: Oil Paint Sketch Class 10 am–1 pm, JC

Free Family Day: Print It


Telfair Dance Series: Swing Dance Class 6–7:30 pm, TA


William Jay Society’s Garden Party 5 pm, OT

1–4 pm, JC

FAAA meeting


Jepson Café Chef’s Studio

The Art of Great Fashion–Marilyn & Marc: Celebrating American Icons

6 pm, JC

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8:30 am–4:00 pm, JC

Telfair Dance Series: Swing Dance Class 6–7:30 pm, TA


Melchers Society’s annual meeting

TEDx Creative Coast


Free Sketch Walk class, Inspired by Helen Levitt 1–4 pm, JC and Downtown

6 pm, JC, followed by dinner at the Chatham Club


TAG meeting and program 10 am, JC


Telfair Dance Series: Swing Dance Class 6–7:30 pm, TA


WiBiTAG meeting


Juneteenth lecture by Whittington Johnson 6:30 pm, Second African Baptist Church


Saturday Explorer Series: First-Time Figure Drawing class

5:30 pm, JC

10 am–1 pm, JC


Ages 10–18; 10 am–12 pm, JC

Toddler Third Thursday

10:30 am–12 pm, 1–2:30 pm, JC

Art on Tap 5 pm, JC

Marilyn Monroe film: The Misfits 6 pm, JC


Teen Night: Telfair Pop! Hosted by the Teen Council 6–8 pm, JC


Art Museum Day 1–4 pm, JC


Telfair Dance Series: Swing dance class 6–7:30 pm, TA


Telfair Museums annual meeting 6 pm, reception to follow, JC


Youth Pop-up Paper Craft Class 1–4 pm, JC

Kalimba Workshop for Youth Free Family Day: Juneteenth, show by Georgia Sea Island Singers 1–4 pm, JC


Summer Camp: Master Artist Photography Camp

Ages 10–12; 9 am–3 pm, JC and Downtown


Toddler Third Thursday

10:30 am–12 pm, 1–2:30 pm, JC

Art on Tap 5 pm, JC


Summer Camp: Master Artist Photography Camp Ages 13–16 9 am–3 pm, JC and Downtown


Art à la Carte: Todd Schroeder exhibition opens Through Sept 21, Jepson Café


FAAA meeting 6 pm, JC






Saturday Explorer Series: Color Theory class

Free Weekend


10 am–1 pm, JC


Summer Camp: Techno-Jewelry & Fashion Accessories Ages 13–18; 9 am–3 pm, JC

Summer Camp: Video Game Development

Ages 14–18; 9 am–3 pm, JC


WiBiTAG meeting 5:30 pm, JC


TA only


Saturday Explorer Series: Drawing Basics class 10 am–1 pm, JC

Free Family Day: Romantic Spirits 1–4 pm, TA


Summer Camp: Pre-K Camp: Creative Transformations Ages 4–6; 9 am–12 pm, JC



Ages 6–10; 9 am–3 pm, JC

6 pm, TA


Telfair Dance Series: Shag Dance Class

Summer Camp: Motor-Driven Art

Art on Tap 5 pm, JC


Contemporary Masters: The Kirk Varnedoe Collection Last day on view, JC


Summer Camp: Art with the Pros! Ages 6–10; 9 am–3 pm, JC


Romantic Spirits Director’s Circle Preview

6 pm, JC, followed by dinner at 45 Bistro


Romantic Spirits exhibition opens

Telfair Dance Series: Shag Dance Class


6 pm, TA


Whitfield Lovell: Deep River Opening Lecture and Reception

5 pm, VIP viewing and drinks; 6 pm, Free Lecture by Mr. Lovell; 7 pm, Opening reception, JC


Whitfield Lovell: Deep River exhibition opens Through February 1, 2015, JC


Telfair Dance Series: Shag Dance Class 6 pm, TA


Through February 15, 2015, TA

Toddler Third Thursday


Art on Tap

Summer Camp: Contemporary Creative Explorer Ages 8–12, Through August 1 9 am–3 pm, JC, TA, and OT

10:30 am – 12 pm, 1- 2:30 pm, JC 5 pm, JC


Telfair Dance Series: Shag Dance Class


6 pm, TA

6 pm, JC

FAAA meeting

FAAA meeting


6 pm, JC

SAVE THE DATE! September 20

Monte Carlo casino night: Presented by the William Jay Society

October 9

A Collectors Evening: Presented by the Gari Melchers Collectors' Society

October 23–24

Rooms with a View: Presented by the Telfair Academy Guild

November 14–16

Telfair Art Fair and Arty Party ART + HISTORY + ARCHITECTURE

Events subject to change. Visit for the most up to date information. TA–Telfair Academy 121 Barnard St. on Telfair Square OT–Owens-Thomas House 124 Abercorn St. on Oglethorpe Square JC–Jepson Center 207 W. York St. on Telfair Square



Classes Enhance your artistic skills at the Jepson Center! Contact Kip Bradley at 912.790.8823 or to reserve your space now! Scholarships are available to Telfair classes and camps for qualifying students based on financial need. These scholarships are made possible by a generous grant from the Margaret F. Perryman Charitable Trust, with additional support from Kathy Von Hollen. For more information on scholarships, please inquire with Kip Bradley at

Saturday Explorer Series Ages Teen–Adult First Saturday each month, 10 am–1 pm, JC Instructor: Kip Bradley Each class, Members $65, Non-members $75 May 3: Oil Paint Sketch Class—Build your own sketch kit and become familiar with materials. Get comfortable with creating quick sketches, without being an expert at painting. June 7: First-Time Figure Drawing—This class teaches students the basics of figure drawing and provides the opportunity to work from a clothed model. July 5: Color Theory—Explore the fundamentals of color interaction such as color intensity, temperature, and value. August 2: Drawing Basics—Focus on the basic drawing skills of sighting measurement and rendering form to achieve the illusion of depth on a twodimensional surface.


Helen Levitt-inspired Sketch Walk Saturday, May 31, 1– 4 pm Free, registration required Meet first at 1 pm at the Jepson Center to tour the exhibition Helen Levitt: In the Street and discuss her use of composition, value, and narrative before setting out on a 2 1/2 hour tour of downtown Savannah with your sketchbook. Moving as a group, we will stop at three downtown locations and seek out opportunities to produce Helen Levitt-inspired sketches of people in Savannah. We will conclude with a review of sketches.

Pop-up Paper Craft class Ages 8–12 Saturday, May 24, 1– 4 pm Members $60, Non-members $75 Look to the Helen Levitt exhibition and create your own large pop-up card portraits. This class makes students more comfortable when drawing with pencils by transforming noses, eyes, and ears into bright colors and shapes of paper. Simplifying forms using color, value, and shape helps students paint surprising portraits that leap off the page.


Summer Camps Telfair Museums’ summer camps are wildly popular and lots of fun! Contact Kip Bradley at 912.790.8823 or to sign up. Please note that cancellation less than two weeks prior to the start of your camp incurs an $85 cancellation fee.

Master Artist Photography Camp Members $200 /Non-members $235 Session A: June 16–20 / 9 am–3 pm Ages 10–12 Session B: June 23–27 / 9 am–3 pm Ages 13–16 This intensive week-long program focuses on blackand-white and digital photography, as well as the basic functions of 35mm manual cameras. While instructors emphasize the advancements of digital media and Photoshop, they also cover conventional methods of film photography, including pinhole cameras, to supplement the experience. Students use both manual and digital cameras. Inspired by the work of world-famous photographer Helen Levitt—now on exhibit at the Jepson Center—campers participate in on-location shoots in the historic district and more! The camp culminates with a reception and exhibition of the students’ work at the Jepson Center.

Geek Bling, Techno- Jewelry, and Fashion Accessories Featuring 3D printing with our new MakerBot 3D printer!

Ages 13–18 July 7–11 / 9 am–3 pm Members $175, Non-members $195 Learn basic jewelry-making skills and explore accessory design by transforming outdated technology into wearable art. Students create unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even handbags using recycled computer parts, LEDs and electro luminescent wire. This class is ideal for middle and high school students with an interest in jewelry design and fashion. The camp culminates with a reception and exhibition of the participants’ work at the Jepson Center.

Video Game Development Ages 14–18 July 7–11, 9 am–3 pm Members $175, Non-members $195 In this week-long camp, students explore, play, and develop video games while learning computer programming from scratch using Game Maker. Students build their own video game, and the camp culminates with a reception and exhibition of the campers’ work in the Jepson Center’s Morrison Community Gallery.


Motor-Driven Art Featuring 3D printing with our new MakerBot 3D printer!

Ages 6–10 July 14–18, 9 am–3 pm Members $175, Non-members $195 Go beyond pencils and crayons and learn to work with simple motors to create moving art and art that makes itself. Explore the fundamentals of line, shape, and color to create exciting contemporary works of art. Learn to make your own “doodlebot” drawing machines, draw with lasers using extended photo exposures, and create paintings with moving parts. The camp culminates with a reception and exhibition of the campers’ work at the Jepson Center.

Art with the Pros! Studio Camp Featuring 3D printing with our new MakerBot 3D printer!

Ages 6-10 July 21- 25, 9 am-3 pm Members $175, Non- Members $195 Each day this camp features a different local artist providing a unique lesson based on his or her medium. Lunch in Telfair square (weather permitting), breaks & games in ArtZeum, and special tours of the galleries are all included. Students learn to give constructive criticism on their own and their peers’ artwork. The camp culminates with a reception and exhibition of the campers’ work at the Jepson Center.

Telfair Museums’ Contemporary Creative Explorer Featuring 3D printing with our new MakerBot 3D printer!

Ages 8–12 July 28–August 1, 9 am–3 pm Members $175, Non-Members $195 Stave off summer doldrums! This summer Art Colony takes students on a journey, exploring Telfair Museums’ three sites and numerous exhibitions. Find inspiration with instruction in drawing, painting and printmaking. Students immerse themselves in innovative arts lessons taught by professional artists. The camp culminates with a reception and exhibition of the campers’ work at the Jepson Center.

Creative Transformations Pre-K Camp Ages 4– 6 August 4– 8, 9 am–12 pm Members $100, Non-Members $125 Students in this camp meet a creative challenge each day. Inspired by current DIY trends, we will encourage your Pre-K student to turn the everyday into art. Campers explore craft, sculpture, and fine art materials to make their own ingenious nothing/something. Projects include making your own watercolor kit and sketchbook, building the best paper airplane, creating sculpture from light with LEDs and making a DIY paintbrush set. The camp culminates with a reception and exhibition of the campers’ work in the Jepson Center’s Morrison Community Gallery.

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Teen Night: Telfair Pop! May 17, 6 –8 pm / Jepson Center Pop into the museum for our first annual Teen night, a FREE event that’s by teens, for teens! Telfair Museums’ Teen Council, comprised of 18 high schoolers from throughout the Savannah area, has spent the past nine months learning first hand about art and museums. On May 17, teens take over the Jepson Center with music, art workshops, games and refreshments highlighting pop art from the Kirk Varnedoe Collection. Teen Council members also unveil the product of their months of work and research—audio and print guides to accompany The Kirk Varnedoe Collection exhibition. Funding is provided by the City of Savannah.

Teen Council is Recruiting Telfair Museums is currently recruiting for next year’s Teen Council. Students who will be in high school as of September 2014 are eligible. Visit for more information. The application deadline is May 30.

Art Museum Day Sunday, May 18, 1– 4 pm / Jepson Center Celebrate the Association of Art Museum Directors' Art Museum Day 2014. Our education department offers hourly docent-guided tours of current Jepson Center exhibitions at 1, 2 and 3 pm. We also extend what can we make?, our drop-in studio activity, to Sunday afternoon from 1–4 pm with a family hands-on project linked to current exhibitions. Art Museum Day programs are free to Telfair Members or with admission to the Jepson Center.

Congratulations, Docents! Welcome to the Telfair team! After completing an extensive six-month training program, you are prepared to teach museum visitors how to better appreciate and understand the Telfair’s architecture, permanent collection, and traveling exhibitions. The museum is grateful to have docents participate in and promote the arts in our community, leading tours and assisting with educational programs for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Thank you for your dedication to Telfair Museums!



Saturdays (once a month), 1– 4 pm Family Days are fun, educational and FREE! Enjoy hands-on art projects, gallery exploration activities, story time and much more, designed to engage the whole family! Create DIY masterpieces, play art detective, use our mobile Art Cart or explore the interactive children’s ArtZeum. Everyone can get in on the art and the action. Stay a little while or enjoy the entire afternoon.

Funding is provided by the City of Savannah, Georgia Power Foundation, Inc. and the AGL Resources Foundation.

Print It! May 3 / Jepson Center How do you make a print? Let us count the ways. Explore the art of printing in our selection of modern art from the Kirk Varnedoe Collection and make some prints of your own.

Juneteenth June 7 / Jepson Center Juneteenth is the celebration commemorating of the ending of slavery in the United States. Learn more about Savannah’s history in our Slavery and Freedom exhibition and join us for hands-on activities—learn how to make haint blue paint and try your hand at basket weaving.

Drawing from the Past August 2 / Telfair Academy The Telfair is turning back the clock - about 200 years back. Join us for an afternoon of 19th century entertainment – full of music, dance, storytelling, and of course, art. Enjoy our Romantic Spirits exhibition on a hot summer day.

Toddler Third Thursdays 10:30 am–12 pm and 1–2:30 pm / Jepson Center Ages 3-5 Due to high demand, we are adding an additional session. Admission remains $5 per child, $12 per adult, and Telfair member adults are free. Registration is required. To register, please contact Kip Bradley at 912.790.8823 or Sponsored in part by JCB, Inc. May 15 – Kids’ monoprint June 19–Helen Levitt and street photography for kids August 21– Moody landscape drawings

what can we make? 1–4 pm / Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays Jepson Center Enjoy our art studios and let your creativity run free! what can we make? is open to adults and to children accompanied by an adult caregiver. Free to Telfair members and open to guests with museum admission.


LEARN / 15


Juneteenth Celebration June 5 & June 7 This annual celebration of freedom takes place at the beginning of the month to kick off Juneteenth in the city and celebrate the Geechee Gullah heritage of Savannah and the coastal region. The programs begin with a lecture on Thursday, June 5 at historic Second African Baptist Church by Whittington Johnson, author of Black Savannah, a milestone book on the city’s history. For youth, Telfair Museums offers a Saturday morning workshop on making the traditional African thumb piano called the kalimba, taught by artist and musician T.J. Reddy. Students will perform on their kalimbas at the Juneteenth Free Family Day later in the day. The family day event also includes hands-on activities for all ages and a 3 pm performance by the Georgia Sea Island Singers, a group that has kept African American traditional song since the early 20th century.

All Juneteenth programs are FREE and open to the public. Project funding is provided by the City of Savannah and the Georgia Power Foundation, Inc.

Lecture by Whittington Johnson: "Savannah’s First Generation of African American Elite in the New Republic, 1790-1830" June 5, 6:30 pm / Second African Baptist Church, 123 Houston Street, on Greene Square

Kalimba Workshop June 7, 10 am–12 pm / Jepson Center Workshop for youth ages 10–18. Free with advance registration, call 912.790.8827.

Juneteenth Free Family Day! June 7, 1–4 pm / Jepson Center 3 pm Performance by the Georgia Sea Island Singers

TEDx Creative Coast May 30, 8:30 am-4 pm / Jepson Center The fifth annual TEDx Creative Coast takes the podium Friday, May 30. Savannah's spin-off of the internationally renowned TED conference brings together the area's brightest, most forward-thinking visionaries to explore and inspire action around this year's theme: Exploring R/Evolution. It's an entire day fueled by 12-minute blasts of pure genius and imagination! For more details and tickets visit



The Art of Great Fashion– Marilyn and

Marc: Celebrating American Icons

May 5, 7 pm / Jepson Center Celebrate The Art of Great Fashion’s 15th Anniversary with a unique interactive experience showcasing art, fashion, photography and video.




The Jepson Center will roll out the red carpet amidst the flash of cameras in tribute to Marilyn Monroe’s and Marc Jacobs’ significant influence on pop culture. MARC BY MARC JACOBS’ Spring 2014 collection will be presented in innovative “live photo shoots” throughout the museum while guests immerse themselves in Marilyn: Celebrating An American Icon, a major traveling exhibition. Telfair Academy Guild’s annual event is sure to dazzle as cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are served amidst the pop of camera flashes and the glitter of live photo shoots happening throughout the museum. Individual tickets are $95 and include open bar. Patron tickets are $150 and include program recognition and access to an exclusive VIP Reception at 6 pm. To purchase tickets visit or call Marcya Burton at 912.790.8866.

PLATINUM: Marc Jacobs International; Cannon Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; South magazine; Wells Fargo: The Private Bank GOLD: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Larsen; Miller Dental Group SILVER: Atlantic Records Management Co; kathi rich; Mickey Rountree Insurance Agency; Ron Melander,; Kelly Newberry, Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC; Mr. and Mrs. Randall A. Stolt; St. Joseph’s/Candler; Yates-Astro Other Generous Support: 24e; Anonymous; Halo Talent Savannah; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Knoll; Mrs. Robert O. Levitt; PDK Sounds; Robs at Drayton Tower; W Salon

Telfair Dance Classes Swing Dance Lessons 6 pm–7:30 pm, Tuesdays: May 6, 13, 20, 27 Telfair Academy The Telfair Dance Series continues with Swing in the Spring! We invite dancers of all levels, beginner to expert, to enjoy lessons in the magnificent Telfair Academy Rotunda. Dancers may pay in advance to attend the lesson block at or drop in to take one or two lessons. Price per lesson: $5 students / $10 Telfair members / $15 non-members. Space may be limited. A small reception follows the May 27 class.

Shag Dance Lessons 6 pm–7:30 pm, Tuesdays, August 5, 12, 19, 26 / Telfair Academy The Telfair Dance Series beats the heat with Shake n Shag! As always, we invite dancers of all levels, beginner to expert, to enjoy lessons in the magnificent Telfair Academy Rotunda. Dancers may pay in advance to attend the lesson block at or drop in to take one or two lessons. Price per lesson: $5 students / $10 Telfair members / $15 non-members. Space may be limited. A small reception follows the August 26 class.




Member Groups Membership provides art lovers and Telfair supporters with a wide array of opportunities to enjoy unique social, cultural, and educational benefits that come with participating in important museum support groups. For more information on Telfair's member groups, please visit our website at telfair. org/support or call 912.790.8866.

Telfair Academy Guild (TAG) TAG supports the goals and activities of Telfair Museums through volunteerism. Membership is open to anyone who is a member of the museum.

The Art of Great Fashion Monday, May 5, 7 pm / Jepson Center

Monthly TAG meeting and program Monday, May 12, 10 am / Jepson Center

WiBiTAG (Women in Business in TAG) program Wednesday, May 14, 5:30 pm / Jepson Center Jonathan Stalcup, owner & tour guide of Architectural Tours of Savannah, will illuminate the architectural styles of each of Telfair Museums' properties: Jepson Center, Telfair Academy, and Owens-Thomas House.

Sponsors: Cynthia Creighton Jones of Cape Creations Catering; Marjorie Weibe-Reed of Access Design Group

WiBiTAG program Wednesday, July 9, 5:30 pm / Jepson Center Judy Mooney creates portraits and figures through ceramic and metal sculpture. They reflect a rich palette of regional inspiration. Learn more about Low Country influences on fine art and about the transitions and market-making in this fine artist’s career. Sponsors:

Adele Rubin and Sharon Wadsworth

William Jay Society (WJS) WJS is comprised of young professionals aged 21 to 40 who support Telfair Museums. Society members present art-related social activities and volunteer their time and creativity to broaden the influence of the museum in Savannah and the surrounding community. The WJS's signature event is September’s Monte Carlo, one of Savannah’s most anticipated annual fundraisers. Join WJS and join the fun!

WJS Annual Garden Party Thursday, May 29, 5 pm / Owens-Thomas House Enjoy libations and hors d’oeuvres in the OwensThomas House garden and take a tour of Savannah’s most-visited historic home. Also, learn more about Monte Carlo, taking place on September 20.


Friends of African American Art (FAAA) FAAA increases knowledge and awareness of African-American art and history, promotes the private acquisition of African-American art, promotes the acquisition of African-American artworks for Telfair Museums, and supports the mission of the museum.

Monthly Meetings May 29, 6 pm / Jepson Center June 26, 6 pm / Jepson Center July 31, 6 pm / Jepson Center August 28, 6 pm / Jepson Center

Gari Melchers Collectors’ Society The Gari Melchers Collectors’ Society supports and promotes the expansion of the museum’s permanent collection and provides its members with exclusive programs and educational opportunities that enhance their enjoyment and appreciation of art. To RSVP for events, please contact Asa Davis at

Annual Meeting and Dinner Thursday, May 8, 6 pm Jepson Center (meeting) and Chatham Club (dinner)

Private Collection Tour July 2014, date TBD, 6 pm For further details and location of private collection, please contact Asa Davis at

Friends of the Owens-Thomas House (FOT) FOT is dedicated to supporting the Owens-Thomas House. Located on Oglethorpe Square, the site encompasses the main house, urban slave quarters, a carriage house, and a parterre garden created in the mid-twentieth century to replace the original working garden.

JOIN! Membership to Telfair Museums brings you closer to the art, events and special programming that enliven our three unique sites all year round. Consider upgrading your membership this year and expand your benefits! Please join our Director’s Circle and enjoy exclusive access to artists and behind the scenes events! Or join at the Contributing level and come to VIP hours before exhibition openings and lectures. Telfair members get extraordinary access to the best art in town— join us now! Call Marcya Burton at 912.790.8866 to join, upgrade, or learn more! TELFAIR.ORG

Art on Tap Third Thursday of every month, 5–8 pm / Jepson Center May 15: R  iver Dog Brewing Company; Ridgeland, SC

July 17: T  errapin Beer Company; Athens, GA

June 19: S  ervice Brewing Company; Savannah, GA

August 21: C  arolina Brewery; Chapel Hill, NC

Join us for Happy Hour and experience the sights, sounds, and latest exhibitions the Jepson Center has to offer. The Jepson Café will be featuring a different brewery or winery each month and will be on hand to answer questions about the beers and wines. Tickets are $10 for members and $15 for non-members; pricing includes one drink ticket, light appetizers, and museum admission. There will also be a cash bar for beer and wine and the Jepson Café is open for dinner. Get your tickets at Sponsored by Connect Savannah

The Chef’s Studio Selected Thursdays, 6:30–8 pm / Jepson Center May 29: Patrick Gilpin from Soho South Café

June 12: Jacob Hammer from Local 11ten

The Jepson Café also launches this exciting new guest chef series. For more information, go to

Georgian England with Telfair Museums September 17–23 Capture the grace and grandeur of 18th-century England in this captivating week-long tour, exploring exquisite silver and decorative artworks of grand houses throughout London and central England. Led by international author and broadcaster Christopher Hartop, this trip provides in-depth lectures, fine dining, and first-hand glimpses of some of the greatest treasures from the Georgian period. Meet distinguished scholars and curators, savor historic art collections, and stroll through the halls of regal estates. Highlights include a study day at Blenheim Palace, a behind-the-scenes tour of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, and a private visit and reception at The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace. For reservations or inquiries about pricing, please contact Linda McWhorter at 912.236.2840 or, or Meg MacDonald of Travel Muse at 1.877.716.1776 or

Call for Entries! 20th Annual Telfair Art Fair! Applications due June 7. To apply visit The 20th Annual Telfair Art Fair will be held November 15th and 16th in the heart of historic downtown Savannah, Georgia. An opening night preview, the ever-popular Arty Party, will take place on Friday, November 14th. This outdoor art fair attracts thousands of high-end art collectors, tourists, area residents, and families and is open to artists displaying and selling works in various artistic media including painting, printmaking, drawing/pastel, digital media, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics/pottery, photography, furniture, glass, textiles/fiber, and mixed media. Telfair Museums will select approximately 80 artists for the 20th Annual Telfair Art Fair and will award $12,000 in prizes.





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20 / SHOP




SHOP! 1 Mary Telfair Tee! $18.95 2 Notecards in keepsake magnetic box. $12.99 3 Remember pick-up-stix? Display this big-kid version somewhere special. $39.95 4 Napkin Art. $ 9.95 5 Splish Splash. Stay dry in colorful rain boots. $48


6 Matching pen and pencil set. $24.99 7 "Create" Copper Jewelry collection made exclusively for the Telfair by talented Savannah artist Tinka Smith. prices vary 8 Marilyn Monroe Central! Magnetic fashion boards, scarves, books, puppets and more! prices vary 9 Flowers are growing and so are the kids! Record their progress with whimsical growth charts. $15.99 9

10 Hello Dali! Great new art mugs in stock. prices vary



SHOP / 21



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Whitfield Lovell; Deep River, 2013 56 wood discs, found objects, soil, video projections and sound; size variable; Courtesy of the artist and DC Moore Gallery, New York

Telfair Magazine - May-August 2014  
Telfair Magazine - May-August 2014