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Polynesi~n Paradise

Theme For Formal "Polynesian Paradise" is the theme for Palomar's Spring Formal this year. The freshman class is in charge of this annual event, to be held at the Catamaran in Pacific Beach, May 5,

No. 12


fmm 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Polynesian decorations will

fi ll


~~~er~~:~e~:iw~~o:e· p~~~id~~~u~; '~I rica Michele Church, Mia Boxman, and Houmberto Jun co, all students at Palomar. Dance music will be provided by the s ix piec-e band or Ch arley Parnell, and the dance floo1· will include the balcony overlooking Mission Bay. Raising mon ey for the event. the freshman class hM had a cake walk a·nd a booth at the recent Spring Carn ival. " \Ve have pu t a great deal of work into the preparation of this dance, and we hope that ev.eryon e will come out," says Jessi Lomellie, Freshman Class President. · - - -0 - - -

Music Department Performs Concerts Palomar's band and chorus performed" two conee1·ts Tuesday and will be performing again today for high schools in the surround ing area. Tuesday Palomar's band and choru s went to San Dieguito to perform a concert at 9 .a.m. After the finish of that concert they traveled to Ramona to perform again. Today the band and c-horu s will be going to Vista for a concert at - 10 a.m. and tllen on to Fallbrook for a 2: 30 coneert. The barrd under the direction of Mr. Burrel Monk. will play for about 3o minutes. They marehes. a.n overture. a Spanish rhythm. some popular music. and will feature an instrumental solo. The choJ"Us which is directed by Mr. Howard Brubeck will featu1·e some sacred and contemporary music a will as an ancient number that dates back to third century Greece. ---()---

International Club To Visit Bay Area Palomar's International Club will make a tour of the San Francisco Bay Area by bua starting Tuesday, May 9, and returning the following Sunday. The group plans to visit the campusea of the University of Cal ifornia at Berkeley and Stanford University. The · purpoce of the trip ia to fa· miliarize foreign atudent• w ith some of the more impertant parts of the Bay Area.

And Asia I~ Ferment' Subject Of lnd·san Lecturer -


Dr. Eddy Asirvatham. Professor of Political Science at Jabalpur University. India. will speak at Palomar College on Friday, May 5, at 10 a.m. Dr. Asirvathem, widely known author and lecturer, on his third tour of this count1·y , rec eived his education at • the Uni\·ersity of Madras. Hartford Theological Seminary. a.nd Edinburgh and Harvard Univer siti es. Prior to his present assoc-iation, h~> wa.s with the faculty of Boston l'ni>ersitr, and before that was . President of the Indian Political Science Association at Nagpur University. as well as Sectional Presi-


All-India Educational

The remaining assemblies for the year are scheduled as fo llows: The El Camino College Choir will put on a conce1't May 19, at 1 p.m., in the SU. There will also be a debate tournament. A c-ampaign assembly for the ASB elections will be held May 22, at 10 a.m. May 26, at 20 a.m., academic awards will be given for the year. and athletic awards for men and women will be presented Friday, June 2, at 10 a.m. - - -P - - - -

Patrons Of Palomar Elect President Mrs. L. \V. Vidler of San Marcos was elected pres id~t of the Pa· trons of Palomar recently at a m eeting on c-ampus. Other Officers Other officers includes Mmes. Da l'id Preschern, first Tice president; Ralph Fleming, second vice president; W. Gordon White, recording secretary and M. C. Prine. treasmer. These new officers ";11 be installed at the May 23 meeting. Mrs. H. C. Colfman was chairman of the nomination committee. Make Donations


Results of the r ecent honon; day contest are as follows; first place " ·inners were: Katherin Griffin, biology. FaJlbrook; Judy Garlow. business administration, Escondido; Mike Tuynman, foreign language, Escondido; Margaret Tiefenthaler, journalism, Vista and Diane Galindo. Escondido; Nick Hinchliff, rna thematics, Fallbrook and J eJTY Henning, San Dieguito. Connie Mae Conrad and Stephen ,~·h eeler, music . of Vista and Gary G. Vix, music. Fallbrook. Rich \Valker, pbysic·al srience. Escondido: Dana Sue Corlett, retail sales. ista ; aud Elinor Toll, secretarial training, Vi sta. Awards were donated by A. D. Porter· of ''Palomar College, two \Valker S r ott Co. scholarships, Rotary Club of Itamona. Optimist Club of Eseondido, Kiwanis Clubs or Vi.· ta ami Escondido, Rotary Clubs of Escondido and San Marcos, the San Dieguito Women's Club, the Patrons of Palomar and Sears, Ro ebuck and Company of Escondido. A joint s chola1·ship was also donated by the Firesid e Res taurant of E scondido aud the Business Club or Palomar. ---o------

Drama Department Presents Readings

. The Pa~ro~s of Pa~omar, a sen·-, Students from the drama depart. 1re o1·gamzatwn serYmg the needs ment ";11 present a collection of ot the college, donated $200 ~o t~e readings on !\lay 26.. a.nd June 2, Pa.lomar_s~e-ech team for thelJ' tnp in the Student Union. according to tot the · t 1.uckt ?\atwnal Speech Contest in "y 'JCtOI. H 6)·d en. d rama. ms S oc. on . tor. "Why, what is man ?"-a ReadA.ecording to M1·s. C. M>~.rk Reed, the Patrons a.cthities for the 1960- e r's Theatre AntholOgy, is the title 1961 include the a wards· or $953.44 of tbe presentation. Some original in sc-holarsnips fo1· Palomar stu- material from Mr. Mikelson's crea.ti\•e writing. class will be read dents. along with "'prose and poeU'y of a.c<:epted literary quality, both serious and humorous, dealing with man and the human eondition," says Mr. Heyden. Prose selertions will include some by James Thurber f1·om ·''Thurber's l<"'ables." a fable by ~amuel Johnson, and a yarn by Mark Twain. Poems by Whitman. Sandburg, Frost. Auden. F eaJ"ing, and Yeats are also ineluded. Richard B01·evitz. l\ficbele Chnrch, Waide Dixon, Poll y Marshall. Mary Sue McGonnell. Craydon Kaeding-, Pete1· Stevenson, Gary Ritter, and Robert Jones, drama students, will re;ul the selections. "The Skin of Our Teeth,'' a comedy by Tbomton Wilder. originally announced as the spring drama production, has been cancelled, according to Mr. Heyden , and th e readings will take its place. The readings will begin at 3 p.m .. RoN HILL and la st until about 4:30.

Ron HiH Take~- Publicity Director Post Vacated Recently By Bob Anderson Ron Hill. 19-yell.l·-old freshman. ha s been appointed to the student publicity diret:tor's post. it was announced last week. Hill, a business administration major, v.·ilJ coordinate and publicize student a.etlvities with campus and outside officia Is, as director of publicity. He has been actiYe in sports, drama, and speerh. and was formerly ed itor of a high school newspaper. Prior to c-om in g to Palomar, he was a. member of the Freshman Class Council and Intra-Fraternity Council at the university of Califomia .

HS Studen ts w·In Honors Day Awards

Wednesday, May 3, 196 1>

Vote On Constitution

Elect:ionsSet: May 24 The ASB has tentatively planneq to hold two elections this month, reports Ron Smith, ASB President. A special election which will present for student approval the newly revised constitution, the new ca mpus code of condu ct, and a new financial code. The second e lection to be held on May 24, will be a balloting for candidates seeking ASB offices. Smith said two separate elections would ena ble eolle'ge students to be better informed about what they ";n be Yoting on. Tentatively. there are plans a lso being c-onsider ed for a preliminary election. should there be three o1· mo1·e cand idates seeking any· one of the offices. A preliminary election. if h eld, would be conducted to determine the two most popular candidates for the offires. Should thjs occu)·, it woulcl be the first time in the history of Palomar College tl).at such an election would be held. Smith urges everyone who is eligible a.nd willing to be a nominee for an ASB office to see him or ,.ice P1·esident John Diepersloot.

English Prof Sees End To Prejudice

Smith stated, "the purpose o! th& student council is to serve as a representative body of a ll Palomar College students, JH>t just a minm·ity of those who hold offices and the few who are willing to co me -ont and vote." Smith continued, "the student council trys to b fair in all or its aetions, but it needs yom· paJ·tieipation and support in student government in ordet· to do the best job possible.'' --(}---

Trustees Announce New Students Dean Palomar College trustees hav ' the contract of a new dean of stutlents and a reorganizatio'n of the pres e nt college admiuistration . Dr. Terrel Spencer, former vit·e president in cha.rg e of !.'tudent a . tivities at the University of Houston, bas been named to the dea.n ot students post. Dr. Spencer is pre . ently vice principal of a Houston high school. · The ne" · dean is expected to teach psycholog here next Fall. He received his doctorate at the University of Chicago and has attended Han·anl University for special study in th field of student personnel. Trustees a lso appoin ted Mr. ViJ·giJ Ber·gman dean of ins tru ction. Dr. John Dodds. present clean or inst1·nction, resigned recently to aceept a teaching assignment at Califomia Western University. P1·esent Dean of Student Personnel, ~Ir. Robert Durton, will a.s:;um the d ea.n of admissions post. A ne''' four-year contrat·t '" a.s a lso approved for eollege President Dr. John Dunn .

approv e~!!

Racial prejudice could become non-exi stent according to PaJomar English profess01·, Robert Mikkelsen. l\lr. Mikkelsen advanced thls the• ory in a ta lk before approximately 35 students in the third Alpha Gamma Sigma sponsored cultnraJ progTam last Wednesday. New developments in science, said Mikkelsen show blood types. genes and other physiological factors to be as important as physical ....,.----()--appearance in classifying races. "Just t1-y and exe1·t p1·ejudice against blood type AB," said Mikkelsen. Spealdug on "Race a nd Popular l\lisconeeptions of Rac-e," he said, ":!'\o rac·e has superior intelligence Palomar coed Jacomina Sue potential. . . . There are no biolo;:;ica.I setbacks in intenacial ma.r- Jones won first place in the recent riage. . . . There is no Jewish short story contest sponsored l:rx_ race." the Oceanside Blade-Tribune.

PC Co-ed Wins Writing Contest

"Anyon e ran be a. Jew." he said, "s imply by joining the religion." Mr. Mikkelsen said tba.t Negro genes can now be d·e tected in 1-ed eorpus c-les. "E,·entually, if we hav e a. cla.ssirication of race, it will not be based on superficial obse!'Va.tions;· he said.

Miss Jones wins a prille of 25 . doJI.ars for her stol'y, which is. "Leaving What To Go Wh-ere? t · Don't Know." The story was one of several cultmitted by members of Mr. R&llert: Mikkelsen's Creative Writing class.

Sigma Omicron, WRA Co-Sponsor 'Collegiate Spring Around The ;World' "Collegiate Spring AJ·ound the World" w1JI be tbe theme o[ the annual Senior Girls Tea to be held Tbm·sday afternoon f1 :6m...-. 3:00 to 4 :30 in the Student Union. Sigma Omicron a.nd the Asso- , ei11ted Women Students are co-sponsming the afl'air. This tea will be held fo r senior girls fmm the high sch~l'l! in \"j sta, Escondido, Fall brook, R..."lmona. and San Dieguito. It.'! purpose is to welcome them to our campus and show them what life at Palomar is like. Jill Rumbaugh, h ead of the decoration committee, has planned to d e pict college dress in severa l co untri'es of the world. Paloma1· coeds _w_ill model th.ei1· own clothes appropriate for every type of activity. Those ass istin g will be Judy Toyias. Suzy 'Vearne. Maryann Cuzenza. Carolin e Richard, Jo Ellen Corzine. Ba.rbara Sturgell, Rosa Blandforrt; Martha P1·ine and Susan Holtz. Miss Richard is in charge of the~brief fash ion show whic·b will emp hasize the "rigbt" and •·wropg" way to dress for campi!><. Commentator for tb e show v.·lll be Brenda Reed.

.,\ 'I

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Campus Grumblers

Will They Vote? Editor Says No

Bob M·ackey's Observations Toda)-, with conflicts existing throughout t he world, perh aps we shou ld question the reasons for tl•eir· existence.

Judging hom p a st experience, two-thir ds of the stu de nt b od y Socialism will not bother to oo to the polls at the coming ASB elections. .• Election day~ May p romises to be a repeat of P a lom a r's TI1e one we are most concerned t~adition : M inority candidates elected to office. wi th exists bet\Yeen ca pita lism and socialism (or communism); but there are minor con flicts fac ing us Campus Gr umbler in our everyday existence. Is the re · d ISSahs " · fi e d some facet of such a thing as an equality of man. .. A "orumbler ·on campus w h 0 IS or is one race s uperior to an other? _tudent government- is not hard to find ,' except at election <ime. Should our · mora l valu es be de,... . Through~ut the semester the grumbler ~ oices his opinions on pendent on the doctrinE\s of religion or on those of t he modern the legislation p a ssed in elections an d b y t Ile e Iecte d stu d ent b o d y discove ries of science? Th.e cause


-9fficers. 1,

. The 'T elescope IS d edicating May 24 to the grumbletS ; an All -Grumb lers D ay. W e recommend, h~wever, th a t all attend the h on May 22. candid a tes' speec es Telescope Commends The Telescope also commends the present Palomar regime for the mature and competent handling of student affairs this semest er. They h ave done more thari an uninterested student body could exped. They ha ve e ven ke pt the interests of the grumblers. in. mind. It has been a gift on the part of worthy student body officers. The particip a tion of the student body at large in campus elections alienates it from any right to expect good student government.

It is· one to h ave le ~ders worthy of the college, but anothe r to ha ve a stude nt b ody worthy of their government.

·Shouild Red China Be Admitted To u·N? Should Red China be ad mitted to the United Nations ? This question, in the last few months, h as received much attention and has been a point for many argume nts. The reason b ehind this is tha t many people of the world are waking up to _the fact that the UN has been ~.gnonng about one-third of the w orld's population. Arguments The arguments against admitting Red China seem super.licial, for it is evident that she will be admitted, if for no other r e azon than to include her in disarmament talks. .Then the question must be answered: When should the Communist country be admitted ? · ··A. .t the present tune t_h~ U.S.S.R. is making a move to oust . the head of the UN, Dag Hammarskjold, and repiace him with a three man · ttlumverate; one' of them being a CommunisL If Red · China · was . admitted at this time she would support the Russian bid for -'control of the UN; for that is exactly w h at a three man triumv~rate would ~e~ult . in. Russia Russia 'Would control 'the UN because under her proposal a unanirnpus vote by the three men would '"be required before any action co~ld rbe_.taken. A;ny ~ction that would further the causes · of freedom w~uld : inevitably be oppo; ed by the Commlmist bloc.

Wednesday, May - 3, 1961


Best Offense

Keep Youth Informed

- On Red Tactics

Military men have a saying; the best defen e is a good offense. Our legislators could take some adYice in this direction, r egarding Communism in the schools. They are presently considering a bill which ,\·ould prohibit any mention ol Communism in schools. . .Certainly we don't wish e>ur youth to turn to Communism, but to make this bill a law would increase that possibility. We cannot treat Communism like the neighborhood brat, ignoring it in hopes that it will go away .

If we do. we 11-re doing what the Communists want us to. Unless " ·e educate our you th to the fa llacies of Commu ni sm, t hey will not recogn ize Commun ist propaganda as such. We have to educate our 'young people about the lies of Comm unism, or the ·communists will tell · them the story in thei.r O\Yl1 tw ist ed way. This "·e are tr ying to prevent. of these questions lies deep within · Why then should we try .to hide this evil? When we made it rough man and should be calle d his sense fo r them a few years ago, they simply went underground, making it of tolerance. Wben the ex traneoue harder to watch t heir movements, We don't say they should be a . legal definitions are removed, tolerance group. We say to guard against lies and fur ther inroads into our in the practical sense means enter- society, we mu st tell our you th- what commupism is and what to expect tai nin g the thought that wh at you - when someone tells them about the good life a Commu nist leads, believe may · be wrong. Lack of t his Force and lead lunches are our recommendation for the comrades, sense of tolerance led to more but we can't go around purging suspect instructors and teachers. deaths and at rocities than all the The nex t best defense is to lay bare all the secrets and ·Jies of Commun ism to the youth, and to the pu blic. Ex pla in to t h.e m just ·what other causes combined. it is and how the Communist doctri ne is a ble to flourish. Cause them to have no secrets; and tell the yout h how they cheat, lie and kill , if Quirks they th ink you h~ve n ' t been a good party membe r . · We a ll have our personal ity Tell these things to our young people so they won 't be fooled qu irks that make us intolerant in by lies when they he a-,_ them . some aspect, but the sacrifices that We must educate our youth to know the fa llacies of Communism, we make to our integrity by being or we will be h el ping Mr. K . rea lize his boast: "ou r grandchildren intolerant are far more t han those . unde~· Communism." we. make by being tolerant. Toler-H . G. Rezac ance leads to lack of certainty, but intolerance brings r esistance- to change, a closed mfnd, and little or no progress. Perhaps the best example of intolerance can be seen in Christian churches, today and in the past. Recen tly a famo us psychologist stated t hat all changes in chu rches have- not come from the cl ergy but from the church For several weeks now, the Judicial Committee of Palomar College mem bers themselves. This would has issu~ parking tickets to delinquent campus drivers. Realizing that indicate that intolerance breeds students have formed attitudes toward he committee and its practice, from cer tainty of belief and the the TELESCOPE has sampl~ some of the ideas and opinions in thil> actions of the recent national t:?lec- edition's EY~ WITNESS column. tions indii cate t hat it feeds upon itself. Baptist and Methodist congregations were told how to vote, Freshman Dan F orill said he was "all for" and Catholic parishioners were told the Committee and its work. "The parking space the same thing; however, the advice was entirely different. here is limited, " he said. "We shoul<! use it as efficiently a s possible." F orill said that he feels Problem the committee did not warn students adequately This problem has been talked before it began issuing tickets. a bout before and will be again, but if we consider tolerance to be im_portant in form ulati ng our moral 'standards, we must have ·o pen eyes, .. Barbara Sturgell. a 1%0 graduate of EsconopeJ;l mi nds; we must always be dido Union High School, said . she has "noticed a ware and always perceptive, for an improvement in student parking since the Judiwhat we believe today we may not believe tomorrow. cial Committee began issuing tickets. If a student can not park corr~ctly :· she said, "he c~ park off campus."


Student Suggests Literary M·agazine

Dear Editor : I would like to recommend U1at the school consider in next year's budget the proposition tha t an outlet in the form of a liter ar y ·-Norman Brarchftower magazine be established under .·-: . th.e supervision of the English The T ELESCOPE iS' the offi cial bi·w ~kly publication of the Asso- Department. ·-{!ia ted Students of Palomar· ·College; San Marcos, California, Telephone As long as Focus is taking t he SH&wo<Xl 5·5711 (Es-condido ~ea ), and PAlace 7-7529 (Vista area) . place of the annual, I think it The Raper Is pr<Xluced . by the col~e ge journalism class . should be r es tricted to campus Opinions e.."~: pressed in t his . newspaper refl ect those of the ~-rit ers activity. Instead of combining two a n_d no·t pecessarily t hose: of the college or of the students. All un- differ ent types of material, I ned editorials are those of the editor. Lette{s to the editor ar e lieve that it would be a gr eater ·v;elcome; however, the editors r eserve the right to cut letters to suit credit to th e college to have a '~!pace. All letters of this nature mus-t be signed . pu rely creati ve outlet . Member Intercollegiate Press and JAJC -Judy Toyias Bob · Newman ...............................:................................................ Editor-in-Chief Norma'n Branchflower, Glenn Duncan ........... :................ Associate Editors Sue Sch~e-nberger .................................................................·..... Feature Editor ..Jim Stone .:..................... :........,. ..................................................... Sports Editor • Imagination disposes of everyDon Be rry .............................................................................. BusinesS Manager thing; it creates beauty, justice. Norman Bran<:hflower .................................................................... News Editor happiness; which is every thing in Ca ro.l Baudy, Rick Burns ............................................ Circul ation Managers this world. - P ascal

Sheila Ryan, freshman, favors the committee•s work but says "the old park'ing area ·is not . m"a.Tked into spaces like' "t he new . ~~e< . Tick~ts should not be issued for cars in this lot. •• She said. "Palomar· parking has improved considerably shtce the Fall semester.''

. Sam Yusko said he favors the ticket 1ssumg practice because "it parallels· the laws of -- our state." . He feels, however, "that" first~offenders should be given warning tickets, just as highway patrolm~ri- often issue warning c;tations to persons deserving a break."

Kathy Ratdings, also in favor of parking _ tickets, said, "Motorcycles should not be allowed to use a whole parking space. There are several cycles on campus. Why can't they share a space or park in a special place?" Kathy is a freshman at Palomar.


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May 3, 1961

'Grunion' -- Myth Or Fact?

Active Student Body




by Victor Mroz

In Southern California, the grun- The fish are tumbled up on the ion rates more space in newspapers bea c h and the fem!lle immediately digs a hole in the sand with her and magazines than the famed tail by spinning rapidly arou-nd and cli mate. around. At the same t ime. she To most people the . grunion is exudes the r ipe eggs and" the faitha mytl1, a figment of the imaginaful male dances with her, fertilizingtion of some super-publicity man. the eggs. The next wave pick up But not so. In fact it is carefully the grunion, carries them back tD protected by Ia w and the method of the sea. Theil· work accomplished. capturing it is restricted to the use they depart to await another spawnof bare hands only. ing period and another high tide. There is also a season w-ben they The weird gyrations of the grun~ may be taken. And if you still think ion. male and female dancing in the grunion non-e.'l:istent, all you the moonlight as they lay and have to do is to get in your car fertilize the eggs. have given rise at n ight during the runs and drive to t he legendary tales of these . dowh to the beach and see for mysterious fish. It is then the yourself. Yott will f ind the r~(ld .gnmion hunters seek them. Armed lined with cars. most of them only with their bare hands theY pointed seaward so that the headdash hither and yon, striving franlights can fall on the beach _before · tically to catch the slippexy li t tle them. and you will see thousands silYer fish. 1'\o nets or strainers. no of people all intent on catching the colanders or other catching devices elusive grunion. may be usect . Grunion are found only along the Student Government Convention The California Fish and Game shores of Southern California ·ancl Department will issue an invit ation their extraordinary spawning habits W h at ma k es a student govern - says, "is only as strong as the "th e strength of student govern- are what attracts crowds of people. to appear before some judge for ment depends on the students [.Iny violation of the laws pro tecting ment ? Is it only an organ ization student body that backs it. I also Spawning season exte~ds from grunion. Asked about the be lieve," says Bi ll, " that a thor- themselves.'" ~larch to August, and it . is only wi t h li m ited power or is it the ough k nowledge of the d ut ies of achievements of this semester's then that th e l ittle fish makes its tota l co-ope r ation of the studen t t h ei r off ic e s Is mand a tory for AS B council. he mentioned the recent spectacular appearance. The eggs body produc ing effects t h at lead off ice rs and n ece ssar y f or a n ef- Spring Festival which was held this ripen in the female every two For Gifts to benefi c ia l ach ievements? Those fi c ie nt counc il." year for the first time in three and weeks during tl1is· time and, so rewh o hav e wo r ked with student gov~ half years. The overall internal Last -semester. ASD officers atmarkable is nature, that this r ipenernme nt as officers and adv isors tended the student government con- structure of the council has been ing period occurs only during the w ill tell us that it c an be both . improved with the addition of codes vention in San F1·ancisco and three or four nights when the tide With the approach of ASB elec- brought back with them knowledge r evisions and r egulation. is exceptionally high. 113 N. M ain Fallbro<>k tions at Palomar, attention will be \\·hieh could be put into practice By the ~nd of this semester the Spawning takes place only at focused on prospective candidates. at Palomar. Such topics as campus council will have completed a revinight when each succeeding night their qualifications, their ideas, a1~d publicity, athl etics, social activities, siotl of the constitution, the setting has a tide lower than the preceedtbeir personalities. ·' finance, and .council organization up of a new financial code (regu- ing night. What act1.1ally happens F or All C!>ccas ion s Look1ng oYer the developments we1·e thoroughly discussed in fre· lating expenses), a partially revised i.s that the grunion, male and feof last semester 's council ~s w~ll quent workshops. code of conduct, and an offisial em- male, lie outside the breaker line as those of the present council , awaiting the peak tide and when H.on Smith, ASB president says, blem or crest. into what category might we place SH 5-3132 it is- at its highest point, and only student government at Palomar? . then, the grunion ride the waves 237 W . Grand Escondido Has it remained an organizat~on in, much as does your surf rider. purely in name without effechY~ results, or has it wor ked as a umfying ·force · needed to meet the student body's demands? B ill Qu inby, last semeste r' s ASB . New at Palomar th is semester ..,•. ·•·· p r esident feels that the . ~ ey to from V is t a is Baller ina Michele s trong student government IS suppo rt . " Student government," he Churc h w ho is interested in organ!....-------F-rr·d-ay____S_a_tu-r-da__y__N_i_le_______ Op e n Da il y 7 a .m . izing a dancing troupe. _ Escond ido Mi chele's formal training began w hen she was five and continued irreg u larly unt il 1959. She has danced mainly in the Los Angeles a rea a n d was a member of the Phone SHerwood 5-2331 Dav i Djo Ori ental dance t roupe· for Open 7:00- Start 7 :45 two years·. GENERAL ADMISSION 75~


Schmeltz_Patio Florists

Ballerina Michele Church Interested In Organizing ADance Troupe

~~!~!; INN



ESCONDIDO DRIVE-IN THEATRE Wednesday - Thursday May 3, 4

'The Sundowners' Robert Mitchum & Deborah Ker r - Als o -

"The Accursed" Jane Griffiths & Donald Wolfit

Friday - Saturday May 5, 6

"Sayonara" Marlon Brando & R~ Buttons -Also-

,"Thunder Over Hawaii"

Thursday - Frida-y· - Saturday .

"Village of the Damned" George Sanders & Barba ra Shelley -Also-

"Tess of the Storm Country" Sunday - Monday - Tuesday May 7, 8, 9

"Gone. With the Wind" Vivian Leigh 3 p.m. & 7 p.m.

Tuesday 8 p.m.

MEN & BOYS' WEAR EScondido


the Vista

·DEANO'S .PIZZA Italian & Spanish Food


Bqwling at its B.est . ' .





511 N. EScondido Blvd. SHerwood 5-8180


Orders To Co '

705 E. Vista W ay


· Fallbrook



Dia ne Baker & Lee Phill ips

Cl a r k Gable & Sunday, 2 shows Monday & 1 show -

Your B est in Camp us

Phone SHerwOQd .5-0Sl)l. B'lx Office Opens 6 : <v,; .."·-. Sunday Continuous from 2:30

May 4, 5, 6


Michele organized and co-ordinated the dance groups which per· formed at the Spring Festival held at Palomar last Saturday. Those included in the various dances were i\Iia Doxman, Humbe r to Junco, l\Iary Sue McGonnel, Sissy Good, Ann Von Hayden and Dave Hawley. Michel e feels . that there a1·e marly students · ~:ho · are · interested in dancing and who would l ike to become part of a troupe. She I s asking a ll girls interested in a troupe to contact h er as soon . as possible.

Valley Near Midway ESCONDIDO

BOARDS by Allen ll!ll!lll1Ullllll111111111111!1111Ullltlnl'tllllllllll!lilllllllllUIIImnmullllll1tiJilfllllllllllillllllllll1


Me f)oligtlll's PHAR M ACY

In f ormation -- Factory Showroom

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Wednesday, May 3, 1961


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·Comefs Lodge In Second; Smash Week's Opponents· ON THE SIDEUNES --------------------------· League Golf Match . . . New League Foe


as though Coach Brennan's campus recrUJtmg has finally paid off for his Comet track . team. Bren!1aD was able to field a 31-member squad against lmperial Valley and .Oceanside in a recent triangular meet. This contingent came -through with Palomar's first track victory dating back to 1952 when the school 6e!ded its first track team. The thinclads scored very few firsts but mana~ enough seconds and thirds to claim the win.

Comet Mound Staff Provides Potential For League Title

On the golf scene, Palomar will host the South untral Conference golf match on the Circle R course tomorrow. Coach Bob Bowman Will enter his top five men headed by -sob Madey from Fallbrook. Bruce Coulter and Mickey Powell, currently on the Comet diamond crew, will also bolster Palomar's chancr$ in the golf match. New League Member?

Thinclads Prepare For Finale, SCC League Finals Saturday




After several dual and triangular meets, including the Citrus and Mt. Sac Relays, Palomar's track team may be ready for 'the big one- the SCC League Meet at Santa Barbara next Saturday. Coach Brennan's squad reached its peak in beating a strong Impe•·ial Valley t eam ago (see column) .

team t.o overtake leader Imperial------------~ \'alley ( 4-0) as the Comets trail by Friday at 3 p.m. Palomar returns two games. horne for a 1·eturn game with the Forill Wins Fourth Navy nine Saturday at 1 p.m. Big Dan Forill picked up hi s - -a -fou rth win of the year over Antelope Valley. The righthander fanned six a.nd walked only three in upping his South Central Conference record to 2-1. Forill has given up only April Tatro, Palomar freshman . nine hits in loop action. ha.s been selected as one of 12 Jim Gabbard, Bruce Coulter, finalists in the Miss San Diego conDave Galindo and '.Yiland each test. She is now entitled to a screen banged out two hit s for P.alomar test and "'' ill make a televisiou as the Comets were rapping three appearance. Antelope Yalley hurlers. The Comets exploded for three --a--runs in the third, seventh, eighth and ninth innings. The losers e Imagination is more important picked up their only tally in the than knowledge. - Albert Einstein first frame without the of a base hit. Paloma•· came ba ck with th•·ee markers on four bits in the SPRING FASHIONS third to take the lead for good . Coach Myers ' Comets chalked at up win numbe1· foUl· by; beating Santa Barbara 9-5. Paul Castro went all the the to pick up the win. This was a revenge victory as Santa Ba~·bara bumped Palomar for theil· first loop loss of the year.

April ·Tatro Finalist In Miss San Diego Fete

SCC Golf Meet

Palomar's athletic teams may be facing a new foe next semester in the form of the ne~ Sweetwater Junior College. The school, being built in Nation-a l City, is applying for membership in the .South Central Conference. The SCC presently consists of Palomar, .Santa Barbara, Antelope Valley, Imperial Valley and Oceanside junior colleges. · Tom Parker, presently head grid coach at Sweetwater High School, has been named athletic director, chairman of the physical education department and head football coach for the new school.

Palomar's Comet bats exploded for 25 hits and 21 runs to batter Antelope Valley 21-1 and Santa Barbara 9-5 over the spring festival weekend. The Comets, I 1-9 on the_ year and 4-2 in loop action, in a solid second place. Palomar must have help from a league

two weeks

Go·lfer Keeps Cool; Score Does Same

Marco Stanisieh will probably be the big g'llu for the locals. He has deared 13' 6" last week in the pole Yault and should improve. Brennan plans to ente1· Stanisich in several One Comet catblete has learned track and field events, prepping that "keeping cool'' In competition him for a decathalon pe•·formance can be disasterous. in the State Junior College Track and Field Championships at ModesBob Markey. top-run g Comet jACK WILAND to, May 29. golfer, tested the ruie during a recent match. In Bermudas, he waded kn ee deep into the Circle R Let's ha>e a look at the Palomar Golf Course lake, tempted there by pitching staff. The three top hurla lost golf ball. -ers, Jack Wiland, Paul Castro and For Milady But the mucky floor was slip- Dan Forill h ail from the midwest. pery. Bob sunk deeper into t he cool Wiland and Castro are from Daven- v.-ater than he ha.d intended. port, Iowa while Forill 740 So. S.rtta Fe Vista " I couldn't stop sliding," Bob in Minnesota. said, "and I slipped in up to my Together these men have PAlace 4·3972 s houlders." the Comet baseball team in He h&.d been leading his opponent contention tor the. South Ce to that point, but "My unexpected Conference title. swim didn't help my game; I tied During the summer Castro a.nd have you heanl the the match ," he gTinned. Wiland keep in sh&pe by pitching for a local squad in the moving semi-pro tournaments. F'orlll SOUNDS pitched for the Escondido ('onnie Mark team. Coach Myers is pleii.Sed ,,·itil t he Jaz~ work of these pitchers aUt.! is coun tREST AURAN·T ing on them to pitch the Comets Clas~ics Catering to Parties, Banquets to the titl e. Castro and Forill will t7th at Hwy. 395 - Escondido be back next yeQ.r while Wiland Popular SH 5-2932 \\ill attend Iowa State.

Noe Hair Stylist

Coulter Hits Homer lll'llce Coulte 1· hit a three-run homer in the first. as the Comets rattl ed the fence f01· fiYe runs in the first inning. The big sticks f01 Palom ru· were Gabbard, Galindo, Wiland and Murphy. Micky Powell collected the fir!'t extra base hit, a screaming double down the left field line followed by a. triple by Galindo: Wiland walked, then Gabbard singled. Then Coulter bla ted his fir·st home run of the year, a. 350 shot ave.· the left field wall. The ~omets next South Central Conference game is at Oceanside

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The Telescope 13.12  

The Telescope 13.12 The Telescope Newspaper / Volume 13 / Issue 12 / May 03, 1961 /

The Telescope 13.12  

The Telescope 13.12 The Telescope Newspaper / Volume 13 / Issue 12 / May 03, 1961 /