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l0 April2004


MEMORANDUM FOR Commander,United StatesSouthernCommand,3511 NW 9lst Avenue, M i a m i ,F L 3 3 1 7 2 . SUBJECT: Recommendationto Retain under DoD Control (DoD) for GuantanamoDetainee, ISN: US9LY-000727DP(S)

1. (FOUO) PersonalInformation: o o Gul. Abu o o

First, Middle, Last Names: Omar A Deshays Aliases: Omar Amer Deghalyes.ZeeshanAhmed. Abu Sulaiman.Al Shamakh.Jan Jandal.Azar. Abu Bakr. Abu Hafs. and Aban Khul Placeof Birth: Tripoli. Libya (LY)Date of Birth: 28 November 1969

o Citizenship: Libya (LY) 2. (FOUO) Health: He is in good health. 3. (S) DetaineeSummary: a. (S) Background and CaptureData: o Prior to travelingto Afghanistan(AF) in mid-1999,the detaineeclaimedhe lived with his family in Brighton, United Kingdom (UK), as Libyan exiles, having moved there in 1986. o While in the United Kingdom, betweenthe years 1993 and 1999,the detainee claimed he attendedHolton College, Huddersfield University, and Hampton University from which he obtained a law degree. The detaineeprayed at the RegentsPark Mosque in London, [JK, where he met Azzam,a Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) member who eventually paid for detainee'stravels to Afghanistan. o Detaineeclaimedto have alsoparticipatedin Jihad in Bosnia in 1993and traveledto Madrid, Spain (SP), twice where he and traveling companion Abd Al AzizBenyaich aka Gerald Frost visited with Abd Al Aziz's brother, SalahaddinBenyaich aka Abu Mughen aka David CharlesBurgess(currently detainedin Spain). Abu Mughen and Abd Al Azizmetwith CLASSIFIEDBY: MultipleSources 1.5(C) Section E.O.12958 REASON: 20290410 ON: DECLASSIFY sECRETll20290410

SEcRET I 120290410 JTFGTMO-CG Detainee, to RetainunderDoD Control(DoD) for Guantanamo SUBJECT: Recommendation (S) ISN:US9LY-000727DP Abu Darra. It is Al-QaidaSpanishcell leaderImadEddinBarakatYarkasassociate, suspected likely the detaineemet Abu DarraandBarakatYarkasduringthis trip aswell; although,it has not beenconfirmed. Like the detainee,Abu MughenandAbu DarraareBosnianJihadveterans. to help o Thedetainee in 1999,ostensibly claimedhe decidedto travelto Afghanistan provided with him contact and travel for the detainee's Azzam ananged the lessfortunate. informationfor a mannamedAhmedin Islamabad,Pakistan(PK). o Accordingto the detainee,afterthreedaysin Karachi,PK, andIslamabad,PK, AF, to Kabul,AF, wherehejoined an PK, andJalalabad, Ahmedtook the detaineevia Peshawar, (Sanabil), in the Wazir AkbarKhan area. NGO, SanabilCharitableCommittee LIFG associated This areais a knownAl-QaidaandTalibanstronghold.Sanabilis run by confirmedmembersof Al-Qaida. Both groupsusedthesefrontsfor recruitingandfinancingtheir recruitingefforts. Both thesegoups werein Afghanistanbeforeandafterthe war, supplyingmoneyandfighters. o The detaineeclaimedhe workedfor Sanabilwithoutpay andthenjust quit, ashe was wealthyenoughto supporthimself. o The detaineeclaimedthat he fled Kabul,AF, whenthe city wasin jeopardyof falling AF, with a mannamedAbu into NorthernAlliancehandsin late 2001. He fled to Jalalabad, Malik who arrangedfor him to be smuggledinto Pakistan. o The detaineeclaimedhe fled to Lahore,PK, wherehe was eventuallyarresteda US9LY-000709DP, US9LY-000708DP, alongwith detainees couplemonthslaterat a safehouse membersof the reported on 30 May 2002. LY-708andLY-709areboth andUSSEG-000716DP LIFG. Bay transportedto Guantanamo b. (S) Transferto JTF GTMO: Detaineewassubsequently 2002. NavalBase,Cuba,on 05 AUGUST informationon: for Transferto JTFGTMO: To providegeneral-to-specific c. (S)Reasons o Libyan IslamicFightingGroup(LIFG) personalitiesandactivitieswithin United Kingdom. o PossibleJihadrecruiternamedAzzamat RegentsMosquein London,UK. o His knowledgeof procedures andpersonnelinvolvedin falsetraveldocuments, within theUnitedKingdom. includingpassports, o His knowledgeof SanabilNGO personalities andactivitiesincludingfinances. o Locationsandpersonsassociated in AfghanistanandPakistan. with Arab safehouses o Ingressandegressroutesfor Arabsin AfghanistanandPakistan.


| 120290410

SECRET | 120290410 JTF GTMO-CG Detainee, to RetainunderDoD Control(DoD) for Guantanamo SUBJECT: Recommendation (S) ISN:US9LY-000727DP for ContinuedDetentionat JTFGTMO: d. (S)Reasons o Detaineehasbeenon a Law EnforcementAgency(LEA) hold for an extendedperiod and and,assuch,hasnot beenactivelyengagedby DOD teamsto clearintelligencerequirements gaps. o Abu ZubaidahhasstatedthatAl Shummakh(variantof detainee'salias)camefrom stayingat oneof Abu Zubaidah's theUnitedKingdomin 1998on a falsifiedpassport, guesthouses beforemovingon to otherlocationswithin Pakistan.He notesthatthe detaineewas a memberof Al-QaidaandthenjoinedtheLIFG. o Thedetainee visitedAbd Al-Aziz's brotherin Spain,Abu Mughen,a reported to Abu Darraandcell leaderImadEddin SpanishAl-Qaidacell memberwith connections BarakatYarkas. o The detaineewasarrestedin Spainin November2001for extremistactivitiesand 2001 the 1l September of supporting linksto anAl-Qaidacell basedin Spain,andaccused of ImadEddinBarakatYarkasaka terroristattacks.The detaineewaslistedasa known associate (formerleaderof the network aka Salah Salah Cheij Mohamed Adnan and Anwar Dahdad, Abu which recruitedfightersin Spain),andwasaccusedof beingan activeguerrillaleaderof the mujahideenmovementand,alongwith Abu Mughen,a memberof the Military Councilof the IslamistGuerrillasin Chechnya. o The detaineewaslikely recruitedfor Jihadby the UnitedKingdombased-Libyan IslamicFightingGroupmember,Azzarct. Sanabilcharity r The detaineeworked,workedwith pay, for the LIFG associated with high-rankingLIFG organizationin Kabul,AF, asa financialmanager,a positionassociated member,SaifAl-Libi. within o The detaineehasfailedto adequately detailhis timelineandassociates AfghanistanandPakistan. o The detaineeremainsuncooperative anddeceitfulduringinterrogations. is of high intelligence thatthisdetainee Value:JTFGTMO hasassessed e. (S) Intelligence andknowledgeof: valuedueto his associations o Spain-based Al-QaidaYarkascell personnel(includingAbu Darra,Abu Mughen,and cell leaderImadEddinBarakatYarkas),andactivities(to includecriminal fundingventures, recruitmentwithin Spain,supportto foreignoperationsin BosniaandAfghanistan). o UnitedKingdom-based Libyan IslamicFightingGrouppersonnelandactivitiesto jihadist supportinfrastructurewithin theUnited veteran Bosnian and includerecruitment KingdomandSpain. o Libyan IslamicFightingGrouppersonnel,activities,andfundingresourcesand financialdistributionwithin Afghanistan. a J


SEcRET I 120290410 JTF GTMO-CG Detainee, to RetainunderDoD Control(DoD) for Guantanamo SUBJECT: Recommendation (S) ISN: US9LY-000727DP o SanabilNGO personnel aswell as includingSaifAl-Libi, activities,andassociations with tieredNGO's its supportto the LIFG andAl-Qaidawithin Afghanistanandits associations includingAl Wafa. and overallbehaviorhasbeengenerallynon-compliant 4. (S) Detainee'sConduct: Detainee's actsnotedto aggressive.ISN 727hasnumerousfailuresto complyandseveralaggressive assault. include on 24February2004,and statuswasreassessed enemycombatant 5. (S) EC Status:Detainee's he remainsan enemycombatant. 6. (S) JTF GTMO Assessment: is a memberof Al-Qaidaandits global thatthisdetainee a. (S) Summary:It is assessed a commitmentto jihad. Detaineehaspersonallinks terroristnetwork.Detaineehasdemonstrated to key operativesandfacilitatorsin both the EuropeanAl-Qaidanetworkandthe Libyan Islamic FightingGroup. He likely hasparticipatedin terroristtrainingandpossiblyfundedtheir or NGO affiliation. In addition,he hasprovidedactive operationsthroughpersonalresources andprobablyparticipatedin foreignfighting. Detainee supportof notedterroristorganizations maintainsthe capabilityto continuehis activeparticipationin terroristactivities. The detainee with the LibyanIslamicFightingGroup,which maintained hasadmittedto an association NGO, Sanabil,basedin guesthouses within Afghanistanandits sponsored trainingcampsand posesa high risk,ashe is likely to posea thatthedetainee Kabul,AF. It hasbeendetermined andallies. threatto theUS, its interests thisdetainee be retainedunderDoD JTF GTMOrecommends b. b.(S)Recommendation: control. TaskForce(CITF)of this 7. (S) Coordination: JTFGTMO notifiedtheCriminalInvestigative not 2004. has evaluated. 6 April CITF on recommendation

MITCHELL R. LECLAIRE BrigadierGeneral,U.S. Army DeputyCommander CF: CITF-JTFGTMO 4


Omar Deghays  

SEcRET | 120290410 DEPARTMENTOF DEFENSE o Citizenship: Libya (LY) 1. (FOUO) PersonalInformation: 3. (S) DetaineeSummary: 2. (FOUO) Health: H...