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“Getting sticky black spots on your hands is unavoidable during the holiday season, when you’re handling materials like evergreens and pepperberry,” says Teleflora Education Specialist Gerry Toh AIFD. Soap alone isn’t strong enough to remove pine pitch or other kinds of sticky sap.

Name: Carlos Corral Office: Los Angeles, California Title: Assistant Manager, Florist Marketing Time with Teleflora: 2 years Department: Florist Marketing What do you like most about your job? I love connecting with florists and finding new ways to help them grow their business. What do you do at Teleflora? At Teleflora, I work on marketing projects that connect Teleflora with its member florists. I also help develop products and services that help florists grow their businesses. What are your hobbies? Cycling, drinking delicious coffee, automobiles, web development, and conquering Los Angeles one restaurant at a time. What’s your favorite Teleflora Bouquet? Teleflora’s Peaceful Zen Garden

Many florists use Crisco vegetable shortening, followed by soap and hot water, to clean their hands during the season. But Gerry has another idea: “Use a hand sanitizer, like Purell. Since it is alcohol based, you only have to clean once, and without soap.” TRY IT! For more great tips, from Teleflora’s Education Specialists and from fellow florists, attend one of our many educational programs sponsored by Teleflora throughout the year. To learn more, visit the Floral Event Calendar in the Design & Education section of

design ideas from Flowers& Magazine from the archives: november 2012

Curves and angles A little geometry goes a long way in making the most of your materials. Here they are few but long-lasting. A tall pine branch lends height and serves as a backdrop for red carnations, planted in a base of pine and hydrangea, with Christmas ornaments that include diamond-shaped ornaments from Kurt S. Adler. The final, whimsical touch: cotton batting used for snow.

For peat’s sake

Floral design by Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, PFCI, AZMF

Floral design by Jim Ganger AIFD

oct/nov 2013 | myteleflora news

For a natural, woodsy holiday theme, start with inexpensive peat pots—used for planting, available from any garden center or home improvement store, and perfect for the look. Fill them all with the same materials, but in such a way that each design is slightly different from the others: white spray mums, green hypericum, variegated holly, chocolate-colored baubles (from Accent Décor), cedar sprays, and tufts of ribbon streamers on picks.


MyTeleflora News October 2013  
MyTeleflora News October 2013