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Government and business as partners—are you serious?! Growing up, I used to think that as long as government leaves business alone, business will thrive; the more they avoid each other and mind their own “business,” the more they would individually succeed.

The recent US recession, however, proved this idea erroneous. Government does have a stake in how business should operate and vice versa—just recall the massive amount of dollars the US government used in bailing out Big Business. As an entrepreneur in the Philippines, I find it very timely that we should be having our Presidential elections in May 2010. As the global economy has just started to recover from the world-wide recession, it is critical that we vote for a government run by competent people to ensure that we are one of the first countries to rise up from this downturn. This edition of our Visionaries List gives you a chance to be informed of the candidates and kingmakers who will be our “partners” in business. Welcome!

Richie Yang

Executive Editor

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The year 2010 is the future. Changes are inevitable. We are looking at a gradual but radical metamorphosis. And the results depend on how we move and decide as individuals and as a people. As we approach the most anticipated and perhaps the most decisive event of 2010, the Philippine national elections, we are left with a question: What will happen to us?

There’s only one way to find out. Lay down the cards. Investigate. Analyze. Hence, we decided to create an undeniably demanding and distinct list that brings together 100 names to reckon with in May 2010. But this time, we view politics in a different light. The list is a coverage of visions, not controversies; visionaries, not celebrities. The Visionaries List, presented in sectors and in alphabetical order, challenges you to think and discover. The roster of presidential and vice presidential candidates, for instance, presents different colors. The legislative race, on the other hand, has a number of new faces with promising ideas. But what inspire us most are the efforts of some of the most progressive cities and provinces in the country. Our journey while producing this issue led us to real visionaries with sincere motives. The good politician still exists. Furthermore, 100 magazine recognizes the significance of the private sector in the elections. The most successful and determined entrepreneurs and personalities affect public opinion, while government influences their professional lives. The Visionaries List is only a proof that we are all connected. After the success of 100 3rd Edition, we now present the first-ever Digital 100, which highlights the best of the current printed issue. Get to know our eight visionaries through this collection of digital photographs. Let us embrace the new decade with a vision!

Carlo Velasco Editor-in-Chief

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1st edition, 2010


risa hontiveros, p11

behind the scenes, p7

adel tamano, p12

camsur governor L-ray Villafuerte, p8

liza maza, p13

taguig mayor Freddie tinga, p9

sonny angara p14 mon-mon mitra, p15

teddy casino, p10

visionary event, p16

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behind the scenes P H O T O G R A P H E R T E K S PA B U AY O N

BEHIND THE SCENES: C a m a r i n e s S u r G o v. L - R a y Vi l l a f u e r t e / Location: CamSur

Watersports Complex, Pili,

Camarines Sur / Photographer: Jake Verzosa Stylist: Mara Reyes / Art Directors: Carlo V e l a s c o a n d Te k s P a b u a y o n / Assistant: Jan Ylagan Ta g u i g M a y o r F r e d d i e T i n g a / L o c a t i o n : Bonifacio High Street and Bo Concept High S t r e e t , T h e F o r t , Ta g u i g C i t y

/ Photographer:

Jake Verzosa / Stylist: Charmaine Palermo / A r t D i r e c t o r : Te k s P a b u a y o n / Sittings Editor: Carlo Velasco / Assistant: Marice Lupoy

W h at d o y o u t h i n k a b o u t t h e v i s i o n a r i e s ? E - m a i l us at 1 0 0 @ o c tobe r e i g h ty. c o m


l-ray villafuerte Camarines Sur | | |



freddie ti単ga Taguig City | | |


teddy casi単o

Party-List Representative, Bayan Muna

P H O T O G R A P H E R T E K S PA B U AY O N | | |


RISA HONTIVEROS Party-List Representative, AKBAYAN Senatorial Candidate, Liberal Party | | |


adel tamano University President, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Senatorial Candidate, Nacionalista Party

P H O T O G R A P H E R T E K S PA B U AY O N | | |


liza maza

Party-List Representative, Gabriela Senatorial Candidate | | |


sonny angara Lone DIstrict, Aurora

P H O T O G R A P H E R pae l o pe d r ajas | | |

mon-mon mitra Senatorial Candidate, Nacionalista Party

I AM A VISIONARY: 100 magazine 3rd Edition Party

P H O T O G R A P H E R T E K S P A B U A Y O N & P ae l o pe d r ajas

Venue: Bonifacio High Street Oval, Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig City Guests of Honor: Taguig Mayor Freddie Tinga and CamSur Gov. L-Ray Villafuerte Partners: Province of Camarines Sur, City of Taguig, Sledgers, Brittany, Vistaland, Beam Global, UniSilver Time, Beverly Hills 6750, Flip Video, Jam 88.3, Urban Zone, BusinessWorld and High Life.

100 magazine 3rd Edition: Visionaries List Out now in all major Philippine bookstores and stands. “100 magazine�

DIGITAL 100: Best of Visionaries  

After the success of 100 3rd Edition, we now present the first-ever Digital 100, which highlights the best of the current printed issue. Get...

DIGITAL 100: Best of Visionaries  

After the success of 100 3rd Edition, we now present the first-ever Digital 100, which highlights the best of the current printed issue. Get...