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November 30, 2016


EPCC Women National Co-Champions The Tejanas tie for first place at the NJCAA half marathon championship


(L-R) Felix Hinojosa, head coach, Sholly Jeruto, Kelli Kirkpatrick, Shalet Mite, Ocean Stevens, Damaris Jepkorir and Miguel Bonilla, assistant coach. Not pictured – Rose Jebet.

Staff report Tejano Tribune For the third time in the last four years, and for the fourth time overall, the EPCC women's cross country team has captured the National Junior College Half Marathon Championship. The team shared the title with Iowa Central. The cochampions tallied 16 points apiece at the Gulf Shores, Ala., event held on Nov. 19. For the women, who also finished third at the NJCAA Cross Country Championships a week earlier, the 2016 championship trophy will be placed beside those won in 2007, 2013 and 2014. But just like asking a parent to pick a favorite child, coach Felix Hinojosa is reluctant to compare title teams. “All the teams are the different; all different

individuals,” he said. “So some have different strengths, different weaknesses, they’re all different but all champions.” Earning All-American honors for the Tejanas, were Rose Jebet, who finished second individually with a time of 1:20:57 and Shalet Mitei, third place at 1:21:22. EPCC’s other runners were Sholly Jeruto, 11th, 1:28:11; Ocean Stevens 16th, 1:31:07 and Damaris Jepkorir, 25th, 1:35:28. “It feels good knowing my training and practice have helped much,” said Mitei, who is a native of Kenya and a freshman who will return to run for her sophomore season. “We’re going to try our best to win a national title again next year.” Hinojosa is looking forward to next year as well. “I’m going to have half the team back next year so

we’ll have no rebuilding, just reloading,” he said. “We have a lot of great talent here and were fortunate enough that they want to come here. “Hopefully we can repeat again next year.” And his team’s accomplishments on the field is not the only thing he’s proud of. “I’m so proud of what they are all achieving in the classroom,” he said. “They are all above a 3.5 GPA; I love it.” With all the success the team has had, a coach could be persuaded to move on. “No, no, I’ve received offers but I’m not going anywhere,” said Hinojosa. “It’s better to be somewhere where you’re needed than somewhere where there’s a lot of fluff. It comes down to fighting the good fight and I love this town.” -Victor Alvarez contributed to this story. ARCHIVES:





CAMPUS NEWS Laura Bush visits NW campus library

2 November 30, 2016

Tejano Tribune

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Staff Victor Alvarez Damon Smith Jazmin Chavez FABIOLA TERRAZAS / TEJANO TRIBUNE

Former first lady Laura Bush visits the Northwest campus library with EPCC president William Serrata at her side.

Fabiola Terrazas Tejano Tribune Two days after one of the most tumultuous elections in American history, former first lady, Laura Bush, made EPCC one of her stops during her visit to El Paso. On Nov. 10, visited the Jenna Welch and Laura Bush Community Library at the EPCC Northwest campus, which is named after her and her mother. The last time she visited the library was in 2007, and since then there have been many improvements to the facility. As soon as Bush arrived she read to children that were expecting her. Bush read her latest book, Our Great Big Backyard, which she wrote with her daughter Jenna. “It’s a thrill to have a library named for me and for my mother, who grew up here in Canutillo right down the street,” said Bush. “It’s so terrific to have this place that has always felt like home to me because my grandparents lived here and I came here every summer to visit them.” Bush earned her master's degree in libary science at the University of Texas at Austin. She was a community and school librarian in Austin until she married the former U.S. President George W. Bush. She took a tour of the Northwest Library with head librarian Monica Wong, EPCC president Dr. William Serrata, associate vice president Keri Moe, Adair Margo, and others. “I just saw one of my favorite parts [of the library] and that was reading with the children,” said Bush. “And then the pets that were brought here for the children to play with; it really looked like so much fun. The best part was seeing their faces. They are thrilled, they laughed.” The library operates as a partnership between EPCC and the El Paso Public Library. Its purpose is to serve the community in a part of the city where there are less resources. “I don’t see anything else that can be done [in the library]. I think it’s really terrific,” said Bush. “The main goal is to have people come here and check out books, learn to read, and use the computers that are here for students who might not have computers at home.” There have been many improvements

done at the library since Bush’s last visit, including the availability of iPads for the kids to use, as well as an interactive smart table. “The best way to improve any library is just to encourage more patrons and I think that’s what they do here at the Jenna Welch and Laura Bush Library,” said Bush. “They welcome everyone. The main thing is just to make sure lots of people come and to get the word out about all the things that are offered here, which Monica Wong does for sure.” The former first lady has always been concerned for the next generation and what can be done to help with their future; she thinks that books can certainly help children with their learning. The Jenna Welch and Laura Bush Community Library offers about 400 programs each year. Last year, there were close to 15,000 teens, children, babies, parents, and grandparents that participated in these programs.

President Serrata thanked the former first lady for taking the time to visit and read to the children. “Any time that we can get someone who has a passion for serving children through books and through the library is wonderful,” he said. “Having the former first lady here is extraordinarily joyful for us, for the community, for our students, and for everyone that’s associated with El Paso Community College. The visit concluded with Bush and the library staff taking a photo. After that she went on to thank everyone for the great work that they have been doing so far. “It’s so important to learn to read, it opens your world,” said Bush. “And of course it’s very important for adults to set the example for their children. “That’s certainly what Jenna Welch, my mother, did for me. She loved to read and she read to me all the time.”

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3 November 30, 2016

Tejano Tribune

Voices around campus Jazmin Chavez Tejano Tribune

What’s the coolest gift you've recieved for Christmas? "The coolest gift I’ve gotten for Christmas was an iPad I thought it was cool, it was about a year ago, I think when I was 18."

Can we really voice our opinion?

Alondra Avila Nursing


Faby's Footnotes Fabiola Terrazas

A few years ago I remember listening on the radio how our society was becoming more and more sensitive. I started thinking about it and was amazed of how it was actually true. We live in a society were they tell us that it’s okay to speak up and say what’s on your mind, but they don’t actually want you to. People are becoming more sensitive when it

comes to certain topics, I can understand that, but isn’t it everyone’s right to say what they want without the fear of being attacked? In the last American Music Awards, model Gigi Hadid imitated Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention speech. However, later on Hadid started getting complaints about people being insulted by her comments and her imitation. After all the craziness on Twitter about this topic, Hadid wrote an apology letter to everyone that was insulted by her comments saying that it wasn’t her intention to insult Melania. There have been many incidents similar to that one in which people had to apologize publically

because of what they think. So the question here is, are we really free to speak up without someone getting insulted by our opinion? There are two ways to look at it, either you don’t say what you think, or you stop caring when people lash out at you when giving your opinion. When you’re in college you understand the importance of saying what you think, a lot of people may not agree with your point of view, but that’s the great thing about college. In college we are encouraged by our professors to express our way of thinking, but then someone comes and tells us that our opinion is wrong. There is always

going to be someone that disagrees with your way of thinking and you’re also going to disagree with others. Especially now with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media, it’s both difficult and easy to share what you think. It’s easy since it’s just so simple to share what you think and everyone will see it, but the difficult part of it is what comments will your opinion raise. Things are quickly changing, and it’s clear that people will still take it personally no matter what. We have to learn not to take everything personally. I really doubt that someone is specifically directing that comment at you, if they are, let them talk. You can also voice your opinion.

Joel Andrade Business

"The coolest gift I’ve gotten was my 2014 Honda Civic which was my birthday and Christmas gift because my birthday is on Dec. 24."

A friendly gym without pressure

Guest Column Damon Smith

EPCC’s gym and weight room are great. I’ve been to both of those facilities several times and it’s been pretty fun working out and playing basketball with other students. If I weren’t so busy with my classes, I’d definitely be there more often. When I feel like playing a game of

basketball, I hit the gym and look for other players to play pick-up games with. It takes me back to my high school days where I played pick-up games every day with my friends. The gym at EPCC is pretty big. It’s twice as big as my old high school gym. The games I’ve played at the EPCC gym have been fun. Unfortunately, I’m not in the best shape anymore, so sometimes it’s even harder for me to keep up with some of the players who are in better shape than me. The guys I’ve played with are pretty good, which makes them hard to compete with. I hate

losing more than anything, but after I’ve lost a game or two, I was still in a good mood because I had fun and I played a good game. Sometimes I want to play basketball in the gym and other times, I want to be in the weight room getting stronger. Ever since I started working out at EPCC’s weight room, I’ve gotten stronger and better at weight lifting. I mostly do squats and bench presses because those are what I’m especially good at. The equipment in the weight room is a lot like the equipment I used when I was in high school, but the environments are completely different. Weight lifting sessions

in high school were tough because my coaches were always angry, so it was pretty tense sometimes. However, the weight room at EPCC is a friendly environment where you don’t have to worry about being judged or getting yelled at. I’ve also met a lot of great people who taught me a lot and helped me get better. The guys who I’ve seen in there act like they’re a team and they help each other out, which is what makes it a friendly environment. I even have a Planet Fitness membership that I don’t use anymore because of how much I started liking EPCC’s weight room.

ag r ee? d isag r ee? sen d a "Letter to th e ed ito r" to: lead ed ito r@tejan otr i b u n m

"The coolest gift I’ve gotten for Christmas was an Xbox One, I feel that I played a lot of video games and knowing that I got that gift really felt special to me."

Samantha Lechuga Paralegal

Emmanuel De La Rosa Computer Science

"The coolest gift I’ve gotten for Christmas was a drum set when I was 5 years old. I used it all the time but suddenly I had to stop ‘cause they were annoyed by the noise."

What's your favorite holiday movie?

SPORTS EPCC Tejanas take 3rd at cross country championships 4

November 30, 2016

Tejano Tribune

Staff report Tejano Tribune

The EPCC women finished third at the National Junior College Athletic Association’s Cross Country National Championships in El Dorado, Kansas, on Nov. 12. The Tejanas actually finished in a tie for second with Central Arizona College, the final point totals are made up of a school’s top five runners, but because Central Arizona’s sixth-place runner finished ahead of EPCC’s sixth-place runner, it was awarded the tie-breaker. EPCC had two runners finish in the top-10, Shalet Mitei and Rose Jebet and thus earned NJCAA All-American honors. Other EPCC runners were Kelli Kirkpatrick, 17th, 18:44; Sholly Jeruto, 48th, 19:34; Ocean Stevens, 53rd, 19:41; Michelle Renteria, 99th, 20:21 and Karla Enriquez, 169th, 21:18.   Next up for the EPCC cross country runners is the NJCAA Half Marathon Nationals this Saturday, Nov. 19, at Gulf Shores, Alabama.


EPCC's Kelli Kirkpatrick (85) takes the lead at the NJCAA Cross Country Nationals in Kansas.

Hinojosa named Coach of the Year Staff report Tejano Tribune For leading the EPCC women to the national half marathon championship, coach Felix Hinojosa has been named the Region V 2016 Western Junior College Athletic Conference (WJCAC) Women’s Coach of the Year. Hinojosa was honored as part of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Cross Country Region Awards. “It’s insignificant really. It's all about the kids, it's about them,” said Hinojosa. “It’s nice to get recognized but at the end of the day the smiles on their faces when they have the trophy that means more to me. It’s something they can take home and something that will be a part of their lives forever, national champions.” Also, the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) announced their seasonending award winners in NJCAA Division I, where the EPCC women finished in third place nationally, elected Hinojosa as the West Region Women’s Coach of the Year. Five EPCC women were named to the WJCAC All-Conference team: Shalet Mitei, Rose Jebet, Kelli Kirkpatrick, Ocean Stevens and Sholly Jeruto. The EPCC men finished second in the region and three EPCC men were named


Felix Hinojosa has coached the EPCC women to four half marathon national championships.

to the WJCAC All-Conference team: Juan Vazquez, Elias Villegas-Ponce and Michael Flores. “Coach Hinojosa makes a powerful impact on athletics and academics at EPCC,” said William Serrata, EPCC President. “The strong performance of the teams he coaches is evidence of his commitment to excellence.”

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5 November 30, 2016

Tejano Tribune

FEATURE EPCC Winter Fashion Show helps grant wishes 6

November 30, 2016

Celeste Monroy Tejano Tribune

EPCC along with the Make-A-Wish Foundation put together the 2016 Winter Fashion Show to fundraise money to grant wishes for children with life threatening medical conditions. The fashion show was hosted by EPCC, office of Student Leadership & Campus Life, on Nov.16 at 7 p.m. at the Valle Verde campus. A check for $3,500 was fundraised and presented to the Make-A-Wish Foundation towards the end of the event. Make-A-Wish Development Officer, Natalie Eckberg, said that it didn’t take hundreds of people or a lot of money to make a difference, and EPCC along with other participants proved it that evening. “What it takes to make a difference in a child’s life is one thing and one thing only, that is passion and a desire to make an impact on that one individual…hope, strength, and joy is what every single child, especially those fighting a life


Make-A-Wish kids with their mom.

threatening condition need in their lives,” said Eckberg. Kezhal Dashti, News Anchor, from KFOX 14 was the master of ceremony, and as she spoke, she shared why she was involved with Make-A-Wish. “I had ovarian cancer. It was one of the hardest things my family and I went through…I see these families and I’m always so in awe of their strength and their poise and how they deal with, you know, what I’m sure is the hardest part of their lives. And that’s why I wanted to get involved with Make-A-Wish,” said Dashti. “At Make-A-Wish, we do the work that we do for one reason and one reason only and that is because we believe that every single child deserves to have a childhood," said Eckberg. "But for the children that we work with, so often their childhoods have been stolen from them by medical treatments that are painful, hospital visits that are scary, in and out of stays at medical treatment facilities, sometimes away from home. And that is the diagnoses and situation that affects an entire family." Eckberg mentioned that while they can’t change the diagnoses, what they can do is say, “we’re going to be with you in the only way that we can and that is through love and support of your child and your family. We are going to give you a magical moment that you can hold on to for the rest of your lives.” The Winter Fashion Show was indeed magical with the support of many participants. Fashion was sponsored by Macy’s, Rue 21, Uptown Cheapskate, Dressbarn, Davinci and Old Navy. Participants included: Ten wish kids, 36 EPCC student models, EPCC Tejanos and Tejanas from different departments, musical performance by Ryan G, Geny’s Dance Team, Gymnastics


Model struts her stuff at the EPCC 2016 Winter Fashion Show in collaboration with the Make-A-Wish foundation, at the Valle Verde campus on Nov. 16.

Elite Cheer Xtreme, Pro Studio Hair Salon, HB Electronics, Make-A-Wish representatives, KFOX 14 news anchor, Kezhal Dashti, fashion show coordinator, Raul Hernandez and the rest of the fashion show staff. “Every single person who is out here, who gave up their night to come and support us, you all are now partners in the beautiful work that we do, just like our founders are. Thank you so much

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for believing in hope, for believing that every child deserves a childhood, and for making that possible for El Paso wish kids,” said Eckberg. As the event was ending, fashion show coordinator, Raul Hernandez thanked everyone at EPCC that came together in helping Make-A-Wish and thanked Eckberg for being a part of the team and for letting everyone come together in helping such a wonderful cause.

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CAMPUS NEWS EPCC pushes to become totally smoke free November 30, 2016


Tejano Tribune

Luis Gonzalez Tejano Tribune

Peers Against Tobacco, a student-led initiative at the college, is pushing to make EPCC tobacco and smoke free within six months. In addition, the college received $20,000 to implement this initiative, during the Great American Smoke Out on Nov. 17. The college received the $20,000 grant as part of the American Cancer Society and the CVS Health Foundation’s Tobacco-Free Generation Campus Initiative (TFGCI). EPCC is one of the first 20 colleges and universities to receive a TFGCI grant. “We are proud to be recipients of the CVS Foundation grant and look forward to all EPCC facilities becoming smoke and tobacco free and thus making our college healthier for all,” said Robin Kitchen, EPCC Campus Life Representative. The grant will be used to educate students, staff and faculty about the risks of smoking and provide support for those who want to quit, as well as pushing for a 100 percent smoke and tobacco free college. Raul Hernandez, co-organizer of the event, that happened at the Valle Verde cafeteria annex, said that the event’s purpose was to promote a healthy environment for the students. However, the most important reason for the event was “to educate students about smoking.” Raul Hernandez said that students have a right to be in a safe environment. Although people have a right to smoke, he looks forward to making the college tobacco and smoke free. According to the city’s department of public health, there are short and long term effects about smoking.


Silicone model showing the devastating effects that prolonged smoking can have on teeth and gums.

Within a couple of days or weeks, smokers will develop bad breath and yellow teeth, as well as cigarette smell in their clothes and hair. Some of the long term effects include: mouth cancer, lung cancer, shortness of breath, heart disease and emphysema. “Before the age of 27, your brain is still developing, thus it is harder to quit and the addiction develops faster,” said Rosy Medina and Sarai Gutierrez from the Department of Public Health, who continued to state the

decline of the sense of smell and taste after smoking. Robin Kitchen commented on the future of the initiative; she believes that “There may be a small number of students who still smoke after the policy passes.” She continued on to say that the “policy and the rules are being written,” and by the end of this semester or beginning of the next one changes will be made to the college’s policies.

EPCC Campus Life and Student Leadership sponsored Veteran's Day activties on Nov. 9 at the VV cafeteria.

Be Prepared for Emergencies at Home Knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency is a critical part of being prepared and may make all the difference when seconds count. What type of emergencies could we have in El Paso? What should you prepare for? How should you prepare? Physical safety is a concern for all hazards and may involve sheltering or evacuation. The shelter may be your home or another building. There may be conditions under which you will decide to get away or there may be situations when you are ordered to leave. Check out for more information

Happy Holidays from the Tejano Tribune family. See you in the new year!

ENTERTAINMENT Redmayne's performance is worth watching November 30, 2016

I am part of the Harry Potter fandom; so from the moment the Warner Brothers logo comes out, I feel that my Potter family will feel like they are back home. The movie begins with the Harry Potter theme. I did get emotional when Newt did spells like Accio and Alohomora. I have to say that the Fantastic Beasts film did not remind me so much of the Harry Potter series, only the spells were the same. There is a shocking twist at the end, I won’t tell you


Demiguise, peaceful creature which resembles an ape that can also turn invisible.

Tejano Tribune

what it is but you will notice it as soon as it comes up. It was however, a well-hidden twist that I myself didn’t see coming. The movie itself is filled with surprises and plot twists through the entire movie. One of these being that the deathly hallows, a giant clock that resembles the Weasley’s clock. They also mention names like Hogwarts professor, Albus Dumbledore, and Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts, Rubeus Hagrid. One thing that I was not too keen on was “No-maj’ use instead of the term “muggle”. (No maj and muggle refer to someone that has no magical powers.) Eddie Redmayne is the perfect Newt Scamander. I could not imagine someone else playing the COURTESY IMDB.COM role of the famous Hufflepuff, Newt. He is such an inspirational character who is extremely Eddie Redmayne as British wizard and protector passionate about his poorly misunderstood of magical creatures, Newt Scamander. collection of beasts. All Newt wants is for people to realize that the way they both fell in love with each other. the beasts are nothing to be afraid of. Newt is a loving There were times where I almost forgot Collin character all through the end of the movie. Ferrell was even in the movie. I guess the main focus Throughout the first half of the movie you feel like of the movie was of Newt trying to get all of his beasts Porpentina (Tina) is such an annoying character but to safety. toward the end you realize she is not as bad beause she Overall my favorite characters were Newt and means well. I spent the entire movie shaking my head Queenie. I would most definitely see this movie again whenever Porpentina did something remotely idiotic. in theaters. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them The relationship between American witch, Queenie is a perfect movie to watch with your family. I give this and muggle, Jacob Kowalski was so refreshing. I liked movie 4.5 out of 5 stars. COURTESY IMDB.COM

Elizabeth Salazar Tejano Tribune


Arrival keeps you thinking

Sebastian Reyes Tejano Tribune

I believe Arrival is neither good nor bad, although I can say I did not get bored and was entertained during the entire movie. It is full of mystery and strange scenes coming from present to past and future. It is one of those movies that keep you constantly thinking what the message could be. I think the argument that the movie suggests is valid, since it is somehow plausible that in a future aliens come to our planet and search for new life. I think the landscapes are really good and elegant. So if you want to



Amy Adams as "Dr. Louise Banks" investgating a spacecraft that landed on Earth.

have a time to take a look at a different perspective in films this is the right movie for you. The protagonist is always trying to find new issues and questions to the aliens, such as askingwhy are they here? And what is their purpose? I think the soundtrack

of the movie is really scary and creeped me out, but it’s also helpful when it comes to creating suspense. For being a sci-fi movie this is actually a good film, I don’t think you will be disappointed if you go and watch it. I give this movie 4 out 5 stars.

Daniel Kaluuya guest starring as Bingham "Bing" Madsen in S1E2 entitled Fifteen Million Merits.

Black Mirror casts dark reflections Juan Granados Tejano Tribune The Sci-fi anthology, Black Mirror, is sure to satisfy your cravings. The third season’s first half of the Twilight Zone-like phenomenon comes roaring back to Netflix, as an original series with as much social commentary and grounded characters in new concept world’s as seen before. The exposition of over indulging in the breaking wave of the potentials our modern technology allows is at times difficult to watch, but much needed and is consistently done justice by the revolving door of guest talent that keeps spinning. The first episode, which happens to be the weakest as it is the lazy man’s Black Mirror episode, written by Mike Schur and Rashida Jones, is a very obvious rip off or interpretation of Community S5E8 in which people rate each other from daily interactions in a 1 to 5 scale system. When a sitcom writer and actor rip off another sitcom, it Fortunately, J.J Abrams new protege, Dan Tranchtenberg steps for episode 2 and reminds us all to be on the lookout for these eccentric video game designers as we enter the era of VR. The train keeps steaming as

Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones) guilds a teenager to the brink of insanity as they rage against the downside of anonymous online extortion. Episode 4, contains the substance of an Indie Film that would win Sundance but doesn’t get enough time to let the audience sink into the emotional center of the beautifully scripted connection between the 2 characters. The only thing episode 5, Men Against Fire, suffers from is the studio’s need to appeal to everyone in the room as they allow Micheal Kelly (House of Cards) to go out of his way in explaining what is going on. The season concludes with a premise straight out of a Sherlock episode and is spearheaded by the on screen talent of Kelly Macdonald (Boardwalk Empire) and Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange). Of course this is Black Mirror so the scifi trumps the investigation (no subtext) and the world is once again finding itself questioning the good and impunity of progress by the senseless fractions of people and “mundane” side effects it leaves behind in its trail. When a s how goes from 9 to 8.5, it’s still a player in the game. I give this TV show 4.5 out of 5 stars.

November 30 | Tejano Tribune