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Vol 3 issue 2 • Summer 2009

One pimple is one too many.

So get clear skin, fast. Gentle exfoliation open pores, evicts, evicts acne-causing bacteria. Medicated ingredients rush in to accelerate treatment.

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EDITOR’S NOTE Candice talks about




getting ready for summer.

you laptop with a be.ex LArobe Allure.

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IN THE STARS See what’s in store for

HE SAID, SHE SAID What to do when a parent brings many girl/boyfriends in and out of your life.


WEBCRAWLER the lowdown on twit-


DR. JULIE Everything you need to


POP QUIZ Find out who you will be in


JACK IE’S JOURN AL Jackie talks


COLLEGE 101 What you need to


GET INVOLVED! Create a dog show to


ONCE UPON A TIME Sara talks about


know about swine flue.

10 years.

about getting ready for graduation.

know about paying back college loans.

raise money for local animal shelters.

making a college decision that was not what her parents expected.



Island, off the coast of California, is a great vacation spot.

Summer with horoscopes by Psychic Azure.


LISTEN UP Faryl Smith the new voice


SWEET HANGOUT Six Flags amuse-


VANESSA HUDGENS Vanessa talks to us about her next project “Sucker Punch.”


CHART A COURSE Learn what it’s


BOY NEX T DOOR Jason Earles talks


BROKEN ROAD A new tv/web show created by a teen for teens.


ST YLE FILE Tips on finding the per-


SUMMER CAMPS Tips on finding a



WRAP IT UP Where to find the fashions and enter the contests in this issue. Also find the Summer Graffiti and Directory of Services.

of classical music

ment parks are great for summer fun.

like to be a club DJ.

about playing alongside the world’s most popular teen.

fect bathing suit.

summer camp that’s right for you.

that’s right for you.

editor’s NOTE

Getting ready for summer I love the summer. To me, summer means freedom. There is nothing like walking on the shore of the beach, the tide tickling your feet, watching the sun sink into the horizon. The smells of the ocean, barbeques, suntan lotion, even chlorine and bug spray all evoke thoughts of summer. Check out this issue’s Style File, starting on page 26, to find out your best and most important summer outfit—The swimsuit that is best for you. To recent graduates, however, the summer after high school can translate to anxiety. What is going to happen this Autumn? Am I going to stay in touch with old friends? Will I like college? Can I cut it on my own? There are a lot of questions hanging over new grads, and a lot of stress that comes with it. Check in with our newest grad Jackie in Jackie’s Journal (page 35). Speaking of graduation, how will your classmates remember you ten years from now? How much will you change? Take out Pop Quiz, starting on page 18, to find out how you are perceived, and what you can do (or not do) to change how people view you. A lot of people like to travel during the summer. If you are anywhere on the West Coast, visit Catalina Island. This fantastic vacation destination is profiled in this issue’s Off the Beaten Path (page 41). Then again, with the outbreak of the H1N1 virus (AKA the swine flu), some people are a bit leery or traveling. Read all about this pandemic according to Dr. Julie (page 16). Whatever you decide to do this summer, be safe. Take lots of pictures. Most importantly, have a blast.

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DJ Hero Activision’s new DJ Hero will feature “diverse music genres including hip-hop, R&B, Motown, electronica and dance” and will include the turntable controller. Players are transformed into DJs who rule the club scene by creating original mixes of popular songs and music from the world’s most exciting artists and DJs. Due out late 2009.

Pogo Stylus Are you tired of cleaning off the touch screens on your iPod and cell phone? Then, you need a Pogo Stylus. Designed specifically for the iPhone 3G but compatible with other phones and MP3 players, the Stylus keeps your greasy, dirty fingers off of your screen. It acts as a pen does, only with a soft tip that protects the screen. It even comes with a handy clip that attaches it to your device, so you don’t have to search for it.

be.ex LArobe Allure If you are one of those people who just can’t leave the house without your laptop, you are going to need some serious protection this summer. The LArobe Allure by be.ez is the perfect carrying case. Although it was designed for the Mac, it is perfect for any laptop. It is padded very well for extra protection, and it is totally cute.




he said SHE SAID My mom passed away when I was 4. My dad got remarried two years after she died, then divorced two years after that. I’m 17 now, and sick of the parade of girlfriends that keep coming in and out of our lives. I don’t want anything to do with him — or them — anymore. I’m going to college, but I feel bad about cutting him out of my life. What do I do to handle this gracefully? — Living Single in Orlando, FL He Said… I’m not sure grace is the issue. The real problem is how you will feel about your relationship with your father for the rest of your life, whatever you choose that to be. Based only on the few words you have written, it sounds as though you are angry with him, but not necessarily ready to “…cut him out of (your) life.” It also sounds as though you may not have completed your grieving process for your mother. Clearly, the thirteen years since your mother’s death have been difficult for you. They have been difficult for your father, too, and you are both entitled to put your lives together. Rearing a daughter as a single father is very stressful; obviously it has been for both of you, but you are each other’s history and there is no replacement for either fathers or daughters. However, you do not need to be intimately involved in all of his issues and relationships any more than he needs to be involved in all of yours. You are on the threshold of adulthood, already describing yourself as “Living single.” In the natural course of growing up, you will become more independent of your father anyway and able to choose what parts of your lives you may wish to share. There are many steps between total involvement in each other’s lives and no relationship at all. Do you and your father talk to each other? Have you told him how you feel about “…the parade of girlfriends”? Do you want to lose him, or just not be involved in all of his problems and relationships? You don’t sound at all sure that you really know what you want to do; so, before you do something you might regret, a “heart to heart” conversation with your father might help you both understand your feelings better. You might learn something about his, too. I suggest you try to arrange this meeting in a way that involves only the two of you. Could you invite him to visit you at school or your home, without bringing anyone else? Perhaps you could write down your feelings and thoughts before this visit to help you clarify what you want to say. You might even write him, helping explain why you want to meet with him alone. Growing up and becoming independent always involves difficulties and pain. In your case and your father’s, the loss of a mother to you and a wife to him have made these difficulties greater. I hope that the problems you are now experiencing can lead to a lifelong fulfilling adult relationship for the two of you. 8



She Said… Wow. Tough one. It sounds like you have quite a bit of anger towards your father, and that is something you need to figure out. Once you discover the roots of your resentment, you will be better able to handle your father and the situation that you wrote about. Why do you feel that you have any say on what your father does or doesn’t do? Why can you mandate who he does and doesn’t see? After all, I’m sure that you get a little bothered when he tells you who you are allowed to be with, whether friends or relationships—and he is your father. That being said, the way to handle this with grace is to step back from the situation and take a good look at it. Try to put yourself in your father’s shoes. Why do you think he has had a “parade of girlfriends”? Do you think that he is trying to replace your mother? Perhaps not. Maybe he is just comparing the women that he is dating to your mother, and feels that they do not measure up. Perhaps he feels as though none of the women are good enough to become a fixture in his life – or yours. Take your father’s feelings into consideration. It can be very lonely being a single parent, especially if you lost the love of your life. Think of what your dad went through when your mom passed away. I’ll bet he misses her as much as you do. You should know better than anyone that life is too short to let differences such as this get in the way of a relationship with anyone – especially your father. You only have one dad. Let him know how you feel. Be honest, but be gentle. Let him know that you feel his relationship pattern is hurting your relationship with him. Your relationship will survive, if not get stronger.




he Twitter craze is sweeping the nation. Much like MySpace and FaceBook, Twitter is the latest craze in staying connected to people on the internet. Phrases like “Tweet me!” and “I’m Tweeting” are becoming a common part of the English language. It is a connection phenomenon with celebrities and newscasters, who do interviews on Twitter and even send messages to fans that Tweet at them.

BUT WHAT EXACTLY IS TWITTER? In short, Twitter is a mini-message board where you can send quick notes to people and let others know what you are up to. Users can only use up to 140 characters per Tweet, so all messages are pretty short. The messages are posted like a thread, with one message after another. The new term for this type of messaging is “micro-blogging.” Only people who are following you (those who can read your Tweets) can read what you have tweeted to others. You can follow your favorite celebrities and public figures. People from John McCain to Britney Spears, P.Diddy to Barbara Walters all are members of Twitter and update their status often. Many celebrities actually tweet to fans. Users can also post links in their Tweets, which automatically hotlink to the URL that they refer to. Besides messages and links, that’s about all that Twitter members can share. There is no room on Twitter to post photos, except for the avatar used to identify the member. No games, no apps, no frills. Yet, it is still really, really cool. According to whom you are following and who is following you, you can access a section in “Find People” that will suggest other users for you to follow. You’ll be surprised at the people who end up following you, too. The first person who followed me on Twitter was 10



Britney Spears — No joke! (You can follow me, too… I’m WifeOf486.) Search for your friends and favorite celebs through the Find People tool. Trending Topics will be suggested for you to follow on your home page. You can doctor your profile and design however you’d like, as long as it is offered by Twitter. Nothing fancy, though — no animations or html. Twitter is awesome in its simplicity. Don’t worry about not knowing what to say in your messages. All you have to do is answer the question at the top of the Twitter page: What are you doing? Post your answer as often as you want, use whatever links you’d like, let everyone know what you’re up to. It’s that simple. Tweet!

Famous people like John McCain, Britney Spears, P. Diddy and Barbara Walters all are members of Twitter and update their status often. You can follow Candice at WifeOf486

listen UP

Faryl: The New Voice of Classical Music BY KAYSEE MITCHELL


hat do you get when you cross a thirteen year old girl, classical music and jaded American Idol judge Simon Cowell? Why, a superstar, of course. Just ask British singing sensation Faryl Smith, who just released her self-titled debut album. Smith was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent, where Cowell hailed her as “literally one in a million ...the most talented youngster I've ever heard.” Americans can now experience her beautiful voice through her classical CD, Faryl. The CD features a variety of classical music, show tunes and opera songs, including Ave Maria, Shennendoah and Amazing Grace. While most teens aren’t really into the classical music scene, Faryl sings in a way that makes it relevant to teens today. The musical arrangements are contemporary, and the songs are very relaxing. It is just the music to play when chilling out after a day at work or partying at the beach. A sense of calm comes over the listener as Faryl’s voice floats through the air. The great thing about Faryl is that the music doesn’t get “old”. The album will stand the test of time, as the songs are all classics. Yes, all of the songs have been recorded by a variety of artists before Faryl Smith, but she is one of only a few artists that have been able to make this type of music appeal to teenagers. All of the songs on Faryl can be classified as ballads. There are no techno effects, no overpowering bass, no electronic gimmicks; just soft music and Smith’s pure voice. Faryl will leave listeners relaxed and satisfied.

For more information on Faryl or to purchase her CD go to




sweet HANG OUT

Six Flags Amusement Parks

BY ANNA OWEN Summer’s here and that means one thing: all fun can be had outdoors. So grab your sunscreen and head to the Six Flags amusement park nearest you. Each park offers a little something different, but they have plenty to keep you busy all day — water rides, thrill rides, even animals (for those adventurers in New Jersey or San Fran). And oh yeah, all the funnel cake you can handle. Before you go, check Six Flags’ web site for ticket pricing, but your options are daily tickets or a season pass. The season pass includes unlimited visits to your choice of 15 parks — and water parks — across the country, a value book that includes free tickets for your friends (on select days only), plus discounts on the park’s food, games and other goodies. Even if you don’t opt for the season pass, still sign up to be a Six Flags Funatic; it’s free, and you’ll get all the news and even some deals for your nearest park via email. If it’s thrills you seek, you’ve 12



come to the right place — there are roller coasters galore at each park. Check out the Six Flags web site ( where they rate each ride for you. Choose from Mild (easy, breezy), Moderate (more breeze, less ease) and Max (your easy screams will be lost in some serious breeze), and make sure y o u r

friends are on the same page — convince a mild child to try the max and, well, there might not be enough funnel cake in the park to make it up to them. Love the rides, but don’t want to wait in line? Try the Six Flags Flash Pass. Check to see if your park offers it, and if so, use it to hold your place in line — electronically. Sound too good to be true? Well, you still have to wait your turn to get on your ride of choice, but you don’t have to be there — you can be on another ride or grabbing some food (but no funnel cake before any Maxrated coasters!). When it’s almost your turn, the Flash Pass sends you an alert to get back to the selected ride. Want the electronic notification and a shorter wait time? Buy the Gold Flash Pass and it will chop your wait time by more than half. Flash Pass price varies from park to park and day to day, and extra riders can be added to your Flash Pass for an additional charge. To learn more about Six Flags or (The Flash Pass is in to find the one nearest to you visit: addition to your

sweet HANGOUT admission ticket, so it begin to describe them! can get pricey, but if Here’s what’s coming to a you’ve got limited time park near you: and want maximum Sasquatch at Six Flags rides at a busy park it Great Escape (Lake could be worth it.) George, New York) is a All that roller coastercrazy drop ride. You ing works up an appetite shoot up two 19-story and fueling up is key if towers in less than three you’re going to take seconds and then plumadvantage of all the park met back down — at a 2 has to offer. While you G-force! can get standard amusTe r m i n a t o r ® ment fare (funnel cakes, Salvation™: The Ride: a hot dogs, cotton candy, wooden roller coaster is a milkshakes and more) at classic choice. However, the parks, there’s also with hi-tech special more substantive food to effects, the ride puts you be had. Look for Papa right inside the movie, John’s for pizza, Panda but at a speed not found Express for Chinese in any theater! Food and Johnny ABOVE: Roller-coaster riders experience “Dark Knight,” at Six Flags Great At Great America in Rocket’s for old-fash- Adventure in Jackson, N.J.. The ride features hairpin turns, sudden drops Chicago, Buccaneer ioned diner fun. Each into darkness and video from the latest Batman movie. LEFT: The Tidal Battle opens mid-May. A park offers a little some- Wave attraction delivers a deluge of water at Six Flags Magic Mountain pirate-themed water thing different, so check theme park in Santa Clarita, Calif. BOTTOM: Shane Araujo, 7, and Vitoria ride, it’s totally interacyour park’s web site Poejo, 7, of New York City, pose with superheroes Robin, The Green tive: As the crew of a before you go. ship, you’ll do battle Lantern, and Batman at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J. Arcade games are Photos by AP Photo with soaker guns as you also a big part of Six try to hit targets along Flags fun and a nice the way, and onlookers break from the rides. can participate too! Plus, you can challenge In Georgia, look for a band to gain admission to the concert. your friends — loser buys funnel cake! renovation of the Monster Plantation — Almost every park will unveil a new Skee-ball is a classic and personal fave, it’s a new twist on an old favorite, and at ride this summer, mostly in that “thrill” but there are also water gun races and Six Flags New England, the Superman: category — and rollercoaster doesn’t even long range basketball. If you’re not into games, but want a ride break, there’s shopping to be had at all the parks. Souvenir photos and caricatures are the fun, silly ways to capture your adventure, but you can also find cool summer-worthy splurges like rice necklaces and crazy beach hats. But Six Flags offers more than just its rides, food and games. There’s also a long concert list all summer long, that features some of the country’s hottest new talent, and this summer look for more with the Summer Concert Series sponsored by STARBURST®. The concert series features a variety of artists including Disney Channel favorites Raven Symoné (of Cheetah Girls and That’s so Raven fame) and Miranda Cosgrove (aka iCarly), plus the dynamic twin sister duo from Down Under, The Veronicas. Check out your park’s web site for more info on the concerts, which are free with admission to the park. Some parks have limited seating, so be sure to check to see if you need a wristSUMMER 2009



Vanessa Hudgens breaks her mold High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens plays a singer in a high school rock band in the upcoming movie Bandslam. She picked up a new skill while filming the movie — she learned to play the guitar. But Hudgens admits her musical talents are limited to the film. “I actually get to rock out on the guitar. I learned how to for the part,” she said. “Unfortunately the song in the movie is still the only song I know how to play!” While she is doing press for Bandslam we spoke to her about the next movie she is doing called Sucker Punch. This movie will be a far departure from anything she has ever done and will most certainly cause controversy among her fans. Sucker Punch is directed by Zack Snyder, whose films include The Watchmen and 300. Snyder describes Sucker Punch as, “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns.” The $100-million-budgeted, 1950’s-period action movie tells the story of a girl named Baby Doll (Amanda Seyfried) who is confined to a mental institution by her evil stepfather, who intends to have her lobotomized in five days. While imprisoned, she imagines an alternative reality to hide her from the pain. The movie stars Seyfried (Mama Mia), Hudgens, Abbie Cornish (Stop-Loss), Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler, Across The Universe), and Emma Stone (Superbad).

TT: Do you think younger fans will be surprised by Sucker Punch? VH: I don’t know if the younger fans will be able to watch it. TT: The movie has an “R” rating… VH: It was originally R but I think they changed it to PG-13, so more people will see it. It is different and I’m thoroughly excited because it is so different and it’s another side of me that no one has really seen before and I hope people are not frightened by it. TT: Director Zack Snyder has done some pretty risqué and bloody movies… VH: It’s a bunch of girls in a mental hospital and they think it’s a brothel and then they go into these fantasy lands and they end up fighting people or killing them with machine guns. It’s pretty out there. TT: Will you be learning how to fight or use weapons? VH: No weapons training yet, but I am going to start. It is very exciting. I think it’s going to be fun. We’re women kicking butt. It’s empowering. I can’t wait. TT: What about your relationship with Disney doing certain roles with nudity? VH: I have that for myself (laughs) but not because of Disney. Right now I have the clause for myself because that is something that I do not want to do. People assume that we have some sort of closed contract with Disney but there was never anything like that. TT: What about on-screen kisses…are you comfortable doing that? VH: As comfortable as I think I can be. It’s such a weird thing because everyone is starring at you and it’s just awkward…but hey, it’s OK, it’s for the love of our movie. SUMMER 2009




The facts of swine flu The swine flu is all over the news. It started in Mexico and has since spread all over the United States. Several high schools and entire school districts have shut down in New York because students were infected. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is even involved with trying to get the virus under control. For people who don’t know anything about the swine flu, it can be really scary. H1N1, commonly known as the swine flu, is one of three main strands of influenza. This is the flu virus that is found in certain birds

freak out over the swine flu. Although this mutated flu strand (H1N1) is rarely found, the mutated forms have been popping up rapidly and passing from human to human. It is said to have started in a village in Mexico, down wind from a pig farming plant. However, this is not a proven story — just a theory. It is now spreading throughout North America. Here are some questions I have been asked. How is the flu transmitted? The H1N1 flu is transmitted thru direct and indirect contact of people and/or animals that are infected with the virus. What is direct contact? Physical contact or touching between an infected person and/or animal is considered direct contact. This can be petting, kissing, hugging or anything related to being in contact with someone’s fluids.

In this 1918 photograph, influenza victims crowd into an emergency hospital at Camp Funston, a subdivision of Fort Riley in Kansas. (AP Photo/National Museum of Health and Medicine, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology)

(avian) and pigs(swine). This strand of flu can mutate and people who work with these animals can get it from direct contact, but it can also be transmitted indirectly when it spreads from person to person. When it is passed to people, it can then be spread by person to person contact – the same way the regular flu virus would be transmitted. The first time this flu was seen was as early as 1918, when there were five different forms of the flu virus in soldiers during WWI. At that time, it was deadly. There was a scare that this flu would come back in the 1930s, again in the ‘50s, and most recently in 1997. However, no major outbreak occurred. In 1976, several soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey also got the swine flu. A vaccine was then found for it, but the consequences of taking the shot caused more health problems than the risk of getting it. Thousands of people were paralyzed or had breathing problems from the vaccination. In December of 2008 in the Midwestern United States, there was an epidemic of flu that killed off many pigs. It is unclear as to whether the transmission started with a sick person or a sick pig. Now, in 2009, there is a complete 16



What is indirect contact? Some examples of indirect contact are sneezing, breathing, someone infected sharing food and drinks, blowing their nose and touching a door knob and you touching it then touch your face, or rubbing their eye and you shaking their hands, and so forth. What are the sy mptoms? The symptoms of swine flu (H1N1) are similar to that of any other flu virus. This includes chills, fever, sore throat, muscle pains/ body aches, headache, coughing, weakness/fatigue, runny nose and occasional breathing difficulty. This current strand has reports of diarrhea and vomiting. Is this a fatal disease? Although there have been deaths associated with the H1N1 flu, it is no more likely than dying from the regular flu. It just makes you uncomfortable for many days. Hydration and trying to lower body temperature is important. This means to drink a lot of water along with power drinks, eat when you are having diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. If you have a fever, lower it through icing in armpits, behind the head, and groin. Tylenol can be taken if you are not allergic. YOUR DOCTOR NEEDS TO BE CONSULTED IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS — ESPECIAlLY WHEN RUNNING A FEVER GREATER THAN 100 F. How do I avoid getting sick? Wash your hands frequently, especially

People wearing protective face masks to prevent infection from swine flu in Mexico City. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

before and after meals. Don’t share your drinks or food. Wipe railings and doorknobs. Limit shaking hands and kissing people— especially those that have been ill or feel under the weather. When coughing or sneezing, use a tissue — do not do it in your hand. If you feel ill, stay home! Not only is your immune system down, but you can spread your symptoms to others. Avoid flying and public transportation, or wear a special mask due to the close contact and circulating air Is pork safe to eat? Pork is safe to eat! Pork is cooked at or above 128 degrees, which means that the virus would not survive under extreme heating. You will not get sick from pork, unless you undercook it. The meat should be white when it is properly cooked.

A worker, wearing a bio-hazard protection suit as a precaution against swine flu, cleans a classroom at the National Pedagogical University in Mexico City. (AP Photo/Miguel Tovar)

pop QUIZ

Who will you be in 10 years? We all know that high school graduation is a big deal. You finally get to prove yourself, possibly move out of your parents’ house. Many of you will go to college. Others may decide to go straight to work. You can explore new interests, travel and find new friends. Now is your chance to decide what you want to do and the kind of person you want to be. The things you decide upon in the next few years will influence who you are and who you will become. You could be a completely different person in 10 years! Take this quiz to find out your potential. 1. You’ve finally graduated! Now you’re going to live:

a) in the fraternity/sorority house — it’s a great way to make business connections. b) in a large rental house with friends — we’ll party every weekend! c) in a small studio apartment on my own — I don’t like roommates. d) in the dorms — that’s where everyone else is going. e) in my parents’ basement. Or the attic. Or my old bedroom. As long as I don’t have to pay rent. 2. Are you more likely to:

a) act before you think b) act up c) think before you act d) not think much at all e) do what someone else tells me to do 3. When working on a project at school, you tend to:

a) think things through in your head then assign work to a group b) think out loud and brainstorm with a group c) work on things alone d) work in groups, but let someone else lead e) let someone else do the work and write my name on the project 4. Which activities do you plan to be involved in after high school?

a) I’d like to explore new activities after high school b) I was involved in sports or performing arts and plan to continue c) I’d like to be involved in more advanced academic classes and groups d) I’ll probably do the same things I did in high school e) Video games. Lots and lots of video games. 5. Do you like to explain things:

a) generally with the main points b) with drawings, or using demonstrations c) detailed descriptions using facts if possible d) with metaphors and analogies e) with annoyance and one word answers. 18



6. When you are asked a question in class, do you:

a) ask your friend for the answer and then raise your hand b) respond quickly and improvise c) hesitate, think things through and then answer d) you know the answer, but let someone else answer for you e) look at your hands, the desk, or anywhere else to avoid the teacher’s stare.

7. According to your parents you, have one whole summer to be free before deciding what to do. You:

a) get a summer job at the mall and save up for school or a car b) save up some cash and travel Europe with your friends c) start school early with some summer classes d) hang out with friends, as long as someone else makes the plans e) veg out in your parents’ basement, watching TV and playing video games

pop QUIZ 12. When making decisions, do you:

a) get the important information and make a decision b) base my decisions on what I feel is right c) analyze everything and weigh up the evidence d) let someone else make the decision e) play eenie-meenie-miney-moe. The outcome doesn’t really matter to me. 13. For classes, meetings and appointments you are generally:

a) early — it’s always good to be prepared b) late — always running a few minutes behind c) exactly 3 minutes early d) punctual — always on time e) absent — unless someone reminds me or brings me. 14. Are your friends and family more likely to describe you as:

8. Would you rather be:

a) generally involved in lots of projects b) creating your own projects c) deeply involved with one or two projects d) not involved in any projects e) sleeping 9. When you’re with your friends do you tend to:

a) talk a lot and listen less b) I listen to my friends and contribute to the conversation equally c) only talk when I have something relevant to say d) listen more and talk less e) no one really talks. We either listen to music or play video games. (Have I mentioned that I like video games yet?)

a) insensitive b) dreamer c) smart d) dependable e) lazy 15. When in a conversation with people, you tend to be:

a) general — I don’t care much for the details. b) random — I bring up random ideas to spark new conversations c) specific — I think details are important to under standing d) consistent — I tend to keep the conversations to things I know e) uninterested — I just don’t care.

10. Do you find yourself more:

a) determined — you like to get things done and do it your own way. b) spontaneous and fast moving — you can’t stay still and like to multi-task c) meticulous and goal oriented — you like to make sure things are done right d) go with the flow — things will get done on time, but you don’t overdo it e) laidback — I let other people worry about dead lines. If I don’t make it, whatever. 11. Do you like new ideas:

a) because you like new things b) because they are fun and challenging c) only if they make sense d) I prefer things that are the same e) sometimes. It depends on how it affects me, and if I have to do anything. SUMMER 2009



pop QUIZ

ANSWER KEY Mostly A's — THE LEADER At your 10-year reunion, you’ll be coming back in style! Only because you’ve earned it — you’ve worked very hard to become successful and you want to show it off. You’ll be the top advertising executive, stock-broker, or PR agent in your firm, or possibly even managing your own business. You are a take-charge kind of person. You are always looking for bigger and better and don’t mind taking risks in order to receive the rewards that can go along with it. You are very independent, direct and to the point. You focus on the task at hand, but can be insensitive to others if they get in your way. You hate being stuck doing the same things and would be good at assigning routine chores to someone else. However, you will only explain things once before you move on. Somehow you will always wind up on top! Mostly B’s — THE SOCIALIZER

Chances are there’s a 10-year reunion because you planned it! If you didn’t plan it, then you’ll be the life of the party! You’ll probably become a very successful club promoter, performer, or even politician. You thrive on attention and love to party! You love excitement and the limelight! But your high energy might result in you getting impatient and demanding. People enjoy being around you. You’re a true performer, but it is important for you to be liked by others. Try to avoid taking rejection too personally. In the next 10 years will most likely have established yourself in a career involving public relations such as: marketing, public speaking, event planning, hospitality, or travel — anything where you can have a “good time” while working! You like to have people around you people like being around you. Who knows perhaps you will become the next big Hollywood star! Mostly C’s — THE CRITIC

Although many people didn’t notice you in high school-they certainly will now. You’ve made more money than all of them combined! Your work and development on the latest operating system software has made you a millionaire! OK, maybe not quite that extreme, but you know all those pictures of really hot girls/guys on the arm of some real nerd — well, you’re the nerd. And yes — chances are you’ll probably make more money than the rest of your current classmates. With your critical eye and attention to detail, you’ll probably end up as an accountant, an engineer or a computer programmer or analyst — anything that deals with information and procedure. You thrive on details, facts, and accuracy and take just about everything seriously. You will continue to be very calculated and precise in just about everything you do. You are somewhat predictable, but dependable which will provide you security in whatever career you choose. Your room or house is always clean, but you will learn to dress fashionably. Mostly D’s — THE DEPENDABLE

You’ll be at your 10-year reunion to see all your old classmates and have a night out. Also, you won’t have to drive more 20



than a few blocks to get there. Chances are you’ve stayed at home and are working in the family business. That’s not a bad thing, you’ll be happy and content with the life you choose. But you probably haven’t strayed too far from your hometown. You don’t like change, preferring instead to have a set of guidelines from which to follow and you don’t mind doing the same thing over and over. You prefer security and would prefer to stay working for a company for a long time if the company can provide the security — you are likely to get the “gold watch” and will be recognized for being punctual or your consistent performance. You are very supportive of others and co-workers will turn to you when they have a problem. Mostly E’s — THE SLACKER

Will you even bother going to your 10-year high school reunion? You need an attitude adjustment, and fast. People have probably labeled you as a slacker or worse, since you have such an apathetic attitude toward everything in your life. Life is worth living! Grab the bull by the horns and start living a little. Broaden your horizons. Take a class. Get a job. Grow up already! That being said, you have a lot of hidden potential. For some reason, you just haven’t tapped into it. Is it a fear of change or rejection? You never know what you can achieve until you put yourself out there. You are a pretty private person, and no one is going to take that away from you. Just take a little leap of faithAnd that’s faith in yourself, not in anyone else. Your future is in your hands and your hands alone. Make something of it!



annah Montana is one of the most popular television shows today. With the April release of Hannah Montana: The Movie, even more attention is being brought to the television show and the cast. One such cast member is Jason Earles, who plays Jackson Stewart (Miley’s big brother). Jason took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions just for Teen Trend.

Photos by Keith Munyan 22



boy NEX TDOOR What ma de you want to get into a cting? There are a few reasons. I am the middle of 5 kids and it was really hard to stand out and get attention growing up. I realized pretty early that when I was on stage all eyes were on me and it was a way to separate myself from my brothers and sister. I also come from a working class family and we never had money for cool clothes and toys. Kids can be cruel and being sort of a small guy didn’t help either. Instead of feeling too sorry for myself, I realized that if I liked myself and made people laugh, they would forget about the fact I wasn’t wearing expensive clothes or a star athlete. Thankfully, it worked. How old were you w hen you first star ted a cting? My first unofficial acting gig happened when I was about 4 years old. My uncle left an empty beer bottle on the table and I grabbed it and pretended that I was taking a drink. Then I set it down and held my head like I had a headache. My parents laughed at me and said it was the first time they realized I was going to be a character! From elementary school on I did school plays and took drama class, and the rest is history! What is your b est memor y? I think the one that really sticks out in my mind is the day Hannah Montana premiered for the first time. We had been shooting the show for like 4 months before it hit the air. It felt like we were doing a 22minute one act play every week, not an actual TV show. When I saw it on TV for the first time I almost cried because it was suddenly very real. I was very proud of what we were doing and knew it was going to be a great run.

and not be bored to tears. I am really flattered every time a fan comes up to ask for a picture or an autograph. It’s cool that they love the show enough to come up and talk to me. And it is a little weird being famous and liked so much, especially considering growing up I never really felt that popular. What is your favorite char acter that you have e ver played? Why? I actually played Alan Strang in Equus. It was easily the most intense role I have ever experienced. I was really moody the whole time the show was up. I think it was probably the most committed I have ever been in a role and it was cool to end the show each night and hear people in the audience crying because they were so affected by it. I love the goofy roles I get to play but this one really sticks with me. Where did you go to scho ol? I graduated from Glencoe High School in Hillsboro, OR. Loved it! Go Crimson Tide! Where do you se e yourse lf 5 years from now? 10 years? I hope that I am still acting! My goal is to never have to get a “real” job. I feel very lucky to be a working actor. In 5 or 10 years I hope I can look back and have a career close to Michael J Fox. He did a great job bouncing back and forth between TV and movies, funny and serious. I think we are similar types and I would love to fill that sort of a void in Hollywood. Hopefully, I

will still be making people laugh! Who are your role mo dels? Why? I would say my biggest role model is my dad. He worked so hard all his life to take care of all 5 of us kids. Times were tough but he always made sure we had food, shelter and clothes on our backs. He not only works harder than anyone I have ever met, he also treats people with kindness and respect. My dad would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He’s a great dad, a great husband, and twice the man I’ll ever be. Who are your acting inspir at ions? Why? I love Michael J Fox, like I said before. We are similar types and he’s a great person to try and follow in his footsteps. I also really like George Clooney and Brad Pitt. They are both very diverse, underappreciated actors. They can do the big budget blockbuster movies, but they can also star in movies like The Assassination of Jesse James and completely carry the story. They are also surprisingly funny for such cool guys! Is there any thing that you would like to say directl y to our Teen Trend Rea ders? I know actors say this all the time, but for me it is so true. Without the fans of this show I would have nothing. You have embraced our little show and helped my dream come true of being a working actor. I am proud of what we do on the show and am so grateful that you continue to watch our labor of love. Thanks.

Jason’s Favorite Fact Sheet Favorite food? Crunchwrap from Taco Bell

Wh a t i s y o u r m o s t e m b a r r a s s i n g moment? I don’t really get embarrassed. If you watch the show you know that almost every week I do something ridiculous. You really have to swallow your pride to play a role like Jackson. You can’t worry about looking like the cool guy. It’s all about being funny. Often, being funny involves doing things that would normally be embarrassing. What is it like b eing so famous? Now that is actually a little embarrassing. I am humbled every day by how nice people are to me because of the show. Parents are excited because there is finally a show they can watch with their kids

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? MooseTracks Lucky Numb ers? 7, 16, 26 Favorite Mov ie? Lord of the Rings Favorite Tele v ision Show? Lost Favorite S ong? Your Ex-Lover Is Dead by Stars or Nothingman by Pearl Jam Favorite Musical Ar tists or Bands? Pearl Jam, Modest Mouse, Angels and Airwaves Favorite Color? Blue Favorite va cat ion sp ot? Whistler, BC (British Columbia), to go snowboarding! Favorite B ook? The entire Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Epic, that’s all I can say. SUMMER 2009






reviews WEB/T V

Teenage girl creates tv/web show BY MARISSA BROE For most teenagers, managing school, extracurricular activities and a social life is enough. But for 17-yearold Courtney Haigh, creating a nationally viewed television series ranks right up there with a day’s algebra homework. Haigh, a high school student and avid fan of teen drama series like Gossip Girl and Degrassi, wanted to fill the void she feels exists in American television. This void is the lack of real-life teen dramas based in the Midwest United States. Shortly after moving to Topeka, Kansas, Haigh went to work writing the GG of the Midwest small town. Haigh spent two weeks during the summer of 2008 writing 13 episodes of her new series, which she says eventually turned into 18 due to rewriting and editing. The result was Broken Road, “the first teen drama based in the Midwest written by and starring local teens,” which airs every Sunday on a local ABC affiliate and simultaneously on the show’s website Since its creation shortly over four months ago, more than one million people worldwide have visited the Broken Road website, and the audience is still growing. To build her authentic teen cast, Haigh worked with a local country music radio station in Topeka to stage a casting call. Teens from throughout the state of Kansas responded, and after a long audition process, a cast of primarily Topeka county teens was formed. The teenagers were for the most part complete strangers, but Haigh says they became like a family once filming began. A large leading cast (7 girls, 6 guys) features typical teen characters like the popular, meangirl group, “The Triple Threat,” in which Haigh’s character, Libby Stone, acts as ringleader. The main story surrounds sisters, and new Kansas transplants, Sophie and Chloe Tanner. The girls’ father is sent to fight in Iraq, which uproots them from beautiful Hawaii to small town Huntington, Kansas, with their mother, with whom they have a semi-dysfunctional relationship. The story is loosely based on the real life of Haigh, who, like the Tanner sisters, comes from a military home and spent her own life living in different parts of the country due to her father’s profession. Using personal events and real-life occurrences is what the creator hopes allow teens to truly connect with Broken Road.

“It was just so great to finally see it on television and know that there were people all over watching it, and they loved it. Probably the coolest thing was to know that there were fans out there.” — Courtney Haigh

For more information and to watch online go to:

“I’m telling a story based off real things that I have gone through,” she says. “I hope that when teens watch that one person may be affected and may look at it and go ‘Hey, she wrote a TV show and she still went through all of this and look at where she is now,’ and hopefully it will give some inspiration to others to go out and do stuff and make things happen and don’t just sit around and wait.” So, how similar is Libby Stone and the real Courtney Haigh? “Besides her fashion, me and Libby are complete polar opposites,” Haigh says.“She’s so mean and conniving and I’m a nerd and goofy, so it’s fun to be able to play someone who is completely opposite of myself.” Haigh’s television career began early when, at age 10, she wrote for, acted in, and produced a comedy sketch show called Tabby Tales TV in Hawaii. Since moving to Kansas in 2006, Haigh has participated in local theater, and the same summer she sat down to write Broken Road, she also helped produce a local independent film, The Key. For her recent project, Haigh enlisted the directorial help of Wesley

James, who worked with the teen on The Key, along with her mother who serves as one of the show’s producers. One of the biggest obstacles for Haigh and her Broken Road team was shooting the first season with limited production cost. Programs like what we see on TV typically shoot with three or four cameras and multiple lights, but Haigh and her production crew shot the entire series with one camera and one light. Scenes had to be filmed over and over again just to get the different angles for each shot, a task which Haigh says was one of the biggest challenges of the project. Other challenges for the production team of Broken Road was getting everyone together to film.“Sometimes it’s hard because everyone is so involved in their schools and they have different schedules,” Haigh says. The team took advantage of weekends, shooting Friday nights, and all day Saturdays and Sundays as well as weekdays that the students had off from school. The 18-episode first season was shot between last September and the end of January, just making the show’s February 1st premier date. Despite a hectic schedule and grueling hours for filming, Haigh says the cast loved every part of the filming process. The entire cast, including Haigh, watched the premier episode together at a cast member’s house, which happened to be one of the locations used for a few party scenes from the season. A strand of text messages, phone calls and Facebook messages let the cast know that they weren’t the only ones viewing the episode. Haigh explained how she was feeling that night. “It was just so great to finally see it on television and know that there were people all over watching it, and they loved it,”she says. “Probably the coolest thing was to know that there were fans out there.” Since airing, Broken Road continues to receive national press. Next season the crew welcomes former child star Corey Feldman on as a producer, which Haigh says she hopes to debut next fall. As far as managing to be a teen while running her own television series, Haigh says it’s a challenge but nothing too difficult.“It’s totally great and I love it,” she says. “I’m like Hannah Montana, best of both worlds.” While most of her focus is on the success of Broken Road, Haigh still leaves time for extracurricular involvement. “I’m going to try out for cheerleading,” she says. Who knows, maybe she’ll write it into Season Two! SUMEMR 2009



style FILE







If you’re petite, definitely skip anything with horizontal stripes. They will just make you look shorter than you are. ( A c t u a l l y, every body type might consider skipping the h o r i zo n t a l stripes. That’s one pattern best left to the elementary school set.) Instead, go with solid bright colors or a dark print. If you’re tall or just have a long torso, tankinis are also great. Often times, the “tall” one pieces still come up short. Other tips for those with long torsos: Look for details that break up the body line. Think belted Bond Girl suits or even metal detailing.

t’s summer! Finally! Whether you’re headed to the neighborhood pool, family camp or long days at the beach, having the right swimsuit can make all the difference. And, sure, shopping for that elusive perfect suit can be a chore, but embracing your body type and shopping accordingly will no doubt help you put your best, pedicured and sandaled foot forward. The first thing to keep in mind is that every body is different and not all suits are created equal. Manufacturers make the same suit in sizes 0 to 16 and beyond – whether or not that style is right for all the shapes that fall into those sizes. So it’s up to you, savvy summer shopper, to decipher all the straps, stripes and strings to decode what works for you and what works only on the runway. Because every body is different, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to commit to shopping for your body type rather than what’s trendy. You’ll want to enjoy the sand, surf and socializing without being self-conscious or on constant guard for a wardrobe malfunction. So, first and foremost is the suit’s fit. Fit is so key, no matter your shape or size. Too small and the suit pinches at the seams – causing bulges where you really don’t have or want them. And then the flip side get a suit that’s too and big you’ll constantly be readjusting and onguard for slippage. That’s too much work when there’s surfing to be done. It may sound silly, but opting for a few jumping jacks in the dressing room isn’t out of the question – you want to make sure your suit will hold up as long as the summer sun.

TIP TOP If you’re smaller on top, choose a bright, fun pattern or some sort of embellishment (ruffles are a good one – but on only top! – or inlaid beads, just make sure they’re more earth-toned than bedazzled). Also, even if you feel like you might not need the support of under wire; it’s actually there to add shape, so look for suits that have a more structured top.

A structured top with under wire or a built-in bra is key for anyone looking for the extra support or to keep the top in check. If you’ve got a larger bust, steer clear of bandeau or string bikini. They just don’t offer up enough coverage or support – and you don’t want to have to say no to jumping waves or impromptu Frisbee because you’re worried about some indecent sun exposure. Opt instead for suits with wide straps and crisscrossing for extra support. For the most support, choose a one piece. With all of the bright colors and detailing available this season, the one-piece never looked so good.

SLIM FAST Looking for an all-around sleek silhouette? A black one-piece is a classic choice and also the most slimming option around. Interesting cutouts or colorful piping can add cute, modern details to keep this choice young and fresh. An empire waist on a one-piece will also help balance hips, and adding that beaded detailing to the top can also catch the eye. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your middle, choose a one-piece with a bold pattern on the torso. It may be counterintuitive, but the pattern actually distracts the eye from your body. If you’re not interested in a one-piece, choose a bikini with tie bottoms to prevent any tugging and pulling of elastic. The tankini is also a great option if you want a two piece, but like the coverage of a one-piece.

ATHLETIC Being active and fit is great. If you’ve got an athletic body, it’s tempting to choose tiny suits. But this year, forgo the teeny bikinis and opt instead for something with wider straps up top or even a bandeau – try it in a bright color or bold pattern to add shape and depth. And in your bottoms look for something belted, it will also help add to your body’s shape. SUMMER 2009



style FILE BOTTOMED-OUT If it’s your bottom that’s causing beach anxiety, opt for a suit that’s higher cut (another counterintuitive swimsuit rule) in the leg. This allows your legs more room for wave jumping, but will also help them look more toned. Just don’t go any higher cut than your hip bone. For tankini or bikini bottom choices skip the boy short, prints and ruffles. Those all serve to enhance your bottom. Opt instead for darker colors paired with a lighter top, mixing and matching bikini tops and bottoms is also a great way to switch up your swimwear wardrobe. Also check out suits that offer a skirted bottom. Just a little skirt can be a fun, flirty way to cover up. With detailing, such as a belt or bright color, it won’t look too much like mom.

FOR THE BOYS While it may be true that men have fewer style options when it comes to swimwear, fit and comfort is no less important. And while the board short reigns supreme in most swimwear circles, you can play with length and pattern to find what




suits your height and body the best.

THE BOLD BOARD SHORT T h i s Hawaiian print longer short has become a staple on the beach. Bright reds, blues and oranges call attention to the wearer. If you like the look, but want something a bit more low key, opt for shorts that just have the Hawaiian or bold print on the sides and waistband. The solid colors in the middle even offer a slimmer look without sacrificing the overall surfer look.

SHORT SHORTS Not itty bitty, but there are shorter board shorts out there, which is great for shorter guys. Don’t feel like you have to buy shorts that go to the knee. These shorter shorts are a bit more retro for sure, but with some cool patterns they can look great and offer a bit more mobility than the long short.

And, there are even short shorts out there if board shorts just don’t work for you. Choose a dark solid color for these, though, as their short length will be statement enough.

PATTERN BEHAVIOR While the Hawaiian floral is everywhere, guys do have other options. Stripes are also popular, and while they should be considered carefully (yes to horizontal stripes if you’re long and lanky, stick to vertical only otherwise), don’t be afraid to mix it up.

ITTY BITTY BIKINI The Speedo, or the Mankini, is generally a no for guys unless you’re say, Michael Phelps, or cruising San Tropez. If you do choose a Speedo, well, there aren’t really any style rules. Just swim fast or work on that European accent.

% / & ) ? % jackie’s JOURNAL

s ’ e i k c a J l a n r u o J


uation! Crazy t, I said it, grad gh ri t’s ha T n. ur life. But let’s aduatio w chapter of yo e weeks until gr ne or a m kn w gi fe a be y to nl ard to before ta its time Woohoo! O gs to look forw almost out and in ’s th ol t ho an rt Sc . po ow im thought, I kn ere are still very , the picof ourselves, th . om pr ol; the shopping not get ahead n, ho ea sc m I , gh at hi r th te e en And by the moment w ing the “walk.” d to prom from ar rw fo ok lo l We al party. Prom urse, the after t loose tures, and, of co t that seniors le gh ni e on e th is night t despite rules apply. Bu no if as t ac and think, it is friends might ur yo r ve te ha lig htly. w to be taken ng hi et m so t no s for taking s are infamou Underage teen unprotected ng, drugs and part in drinki le they never night and whi sex on prom hap, the risk ought of a mis consider the th e’re all not e . It’s not lik w nd ha at s ay w is al the idea “it risks, it’s just e th of e ar aw ems to overppen to me” se ha r ve ne d ul co during prom Did you know, shadow them. fic fatalities rcentage of traf weekend the pe es between l related rang that are alcoho s stay out en t, ever y year, te 58%- 70%? Ye meanors. de is mitting m m co t gh ni al l h? ation,” Pretty dumb, hu the word “gradu he When you ar think of the I want my ink of? Do you an end, I know think of what do you th u to yo es m do co of ol e ve mad thrown the high scho you guys have memories you’ ink of both. As of th e I m ? so xt re ne su en happ by. I’m ors pictures what’s going to remember me ... Giving seni to ith w ng hi up et e m m so co have ns I’ve tive and makclose friends to some suggestio out getting crea u ab t yo ha ve w gi t e bu m s, t le ol and middle lar idea idea around so from high scho ways been popu es al ur ve ct es pi ha s e os ok ap bo e good old tim and juxt and signing year ll laugh about th friends together u’ ur yo yo er et th G ge k? To ly. ing a scrapboo rs, anything real new captions, sticke re forever. ng su di ea ad tr a new school, , ll ol u’ ho yo sc ing to be. With memories go of best is y ok m ar bo ye a ith g w xt e l stay clos different ne while creatin I’l w if r ho t de ou on w ab I king r. And the lming. It’s tough thin pretty overwhe from each othe y be l tr al un n co ca e it th . asses.. across ing to work?! friends, new cl wind up clear ow’s that ever go H e know, we’ll . w l .C of the most D al r in Fo ay s. friend t college is one nd miles aw gh sa ri e ou th th g a in be os na y. Cho cision to attend boyfriend? Gon does the anxiet e made my de so I’v s, , ld ly fo nt un ce Re ar g to be the best essure). As senior ye t I think it’s goin ur life (no pr bu , yo on sed of si s ci de on si sy ci rrow it down ba asn’t an ea important de ur time and na in Boston. It w yo E! H ke ity T ta rs , EA ve So ni BR t. U an n to member ost import re Northeaster m st t’s Ju ha . w or ’s aj at m ntial e end, th and your pote fit for me. In th promise! size, location, ’s] all work out. I ty si ll er it’ iv d, un en e th in on [the so , ens for a reason Everything happ ! ong ra t ulat ions lass of 2009, C To my fellow C e it! We final ly mad





college 101


tudent Loans Will Come Back to Haunt You


ollege is a wonderful experience, and usually a very costly one. Unfortunately, not everyone can get — much less qualify for — grants and scholarships. So, what do college students do to pay for their education? Why, they get student loans, of course! All of the money up front, and you don’t have to start paying them off for at least a year after you graduate.

Sounds terrific, right? WRONG! Getting money up front is always terrific. You feel liberated. You can pay for college. You can pay for books. Heck, you might even be able to pay for a few extras. What you don’t realize at the moment is that you have to pay these loans back in the future. Sure, it may be far in the future, but YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THEM BACK! And believe me, this usually occurs at the most inopportune time in your life. Then again, when is it an opportune time to pay back hefty student loans? It is very important for you to be prepared for when the student loan payback period begins. Try your best to set aside some money every week into a savings account. Even $10 a week starting from your first week in college will help more than you can imagine. You usually start paying back loans a year after you graduate college. Let’s say that you set aside $10 per week for 40 weeks per year. That’s $400 per year. You would have a total of $1600 in that bank account, just to be used for your student loans. Another good idea is loan consolidation. I balked at it at first, because a lot of people told me it would be a mistake. Now, I regret not doing it right after I got out of college. For example, my payments used to be $245 per month. I consolidated my loan and got it down to $122. Granted, I stretched out the life of the loan, but it is SO much easier for me to manage. Things may get sticky for you, as they did for me when I moved out to Los Angeles. You can work out something with your loan company called forbearance. Basically, you let them know the financial issues that you’re having, and you don’t have to make loan payments for a year. Usually, this has no repercussions. You must talk to your loan company about it. Remember that this does 30



Communication with the loan company is very important. If you can’t pay or need lower payments, they will work with you. not relieve you of paying back your loan— It just delays it a bit longer. Also, if you are enrolled in school, you don’t have to pay back your loan immediately. Usually, you don’t have to start paying back your loan for another year after your last class. Keep this in mind if you are going for your Masters Degree or other advanced degree. You could also take a class or two at a local college if you want to delay your payments further. Remember that missing payments on your student loans CAN and WILL hurt

your credit score. Your credit score will become increasingly important as you make major life decisions and purchases. It is imperative that you make your student loan payments on time. If you can’t do that, make sure that you COMMUNICATE with your student loan company. They are not going to hunt you down. Believe it or not, many student loan companies are very easy to deal with, not to mention very understanding. Learn how to budget. This is something that truly needs to be learned, or you can create your own system. Whatever works for you. If you don’t have a plan to follow — or a budget, in this case — you will find yourself in trouble later down the line. It is amazing how debt just accrues. As you tame the student loan beast, you will be able to learn to keep other debts in check. (Um, no pun intended...) While you have all of these different options to put off paying back your student loan, it is definitely a good idea to pay them back as soon as possible. You don’t want these hanging over your head later in life. Get them paid of and enjoy life later!

It may be great to have your tuition and books paid for but you will have to pay back those college loans.


With shows like Animal Cops, an event is being thrown in their honor Dogtown and The Dog Whisperer, dog they can use their lists to call around). lovers more than ever are becoming Don’t forget local dog parks and putaware that it is important for humans to ting up signs at local pet stores and step in to help. Raising money for anisuch. Approach pet companies to mal charities is well within reach in fun donate food, water bowls and poopie and imaginative ways. bags. Animal lovers looking to reach out to Another must is a great emcee. Try a their community sometimes have challocal radio or news celebrity. It doesn’t lenges figuring out how to raise money hurt to get in touch and tell them what for charities they believe in. Shelters you’re doing. You might find that they never have are willing to do enough funds it for free! Don’t Shelters never have for all of the aniforget about enough funds for all of mals they take your judges, too. care of. There Try again for the animals they take are never local celebrities. care of. A wonderful enough homes They usually for pets without talk about what way to raise money for homes and so they are doing any animal charity is a much suffering and the free can leave somepress is great. dog show. one thinking, Those are the “How can I must haves, also help? I’m just consider some one person.” extras. Contact local businesses who A wonderful way to raise money for might actually pay to have a table there any animal charity is a dog show. Dog to sell any items they have. Make sure to owners love to be involved with helping tell them if they need to bring everyanimals as well. They love events that thing themselves. They will be fine with they can bring their dogs and families that if you tell them ahead of time. The to, especially if there are prizes availmoney taken in from those vendors is able. extra for the charity or money to put Before becoming overwhelmed with towards renting chairs or a sound systhe project as a whole, it is important to tem if necessary. Secure those businessbreak it up into steps. Make lists of what es early and make sure to get a (nonwill be needed and start from there. refundable) deposit. That way, if any Some key things to include are: A charmoney is needed up front it will be ity (pick the charity, or charities to available. receive all proceeds), A venue (try local Another extra is a bake sale. Contact camps, dog stores, or parks with leash any clubs or religious groups that are laws-be sure to get permission when already organized and share the goal using even a public area), Prizes (local and again inform the charity that a bake companies are always willing to help sale is on the agenda. Volunteers are out with local events, it is good publicigreat at baking! ty for them and frequently they will When planning an event such as this, even serve as judges), and Volunteers it is important to get as many people to (try asking the charity, if they find out attend as possible. Charging an entry 32



get INVOLVED fee into the event will be where the majority of the money is made. Consider an adult ticket price and a child ticket price, or even all kids under a certain age free. Call your local newspaper and news station. Explain the project, the reasons for doing it and give them a biography. The more they know about how special the person throwing the event is, the more they will talk/write about it in the media. They may even show up at the event! Because this is a charity event, it is very important to keep the expenses down so that every dime raised goes towards the charity. When doing things like printing fliers or renting sound equipment, explain clearly what it will be used for. Ask for donations. Don’t be shy! When it comes to the event, creativity is key. Events such as softest ears, longest tongue, loudest bark, longest howl etc. are events even untrained dogs can take part in. Don’t exclude anyone based on lack of training! Try to make best in show creative! Perhaps a photo shoot that a photographer has

donated, or a picture in your local paper that is pre-negotiated with the publication. The big prize should be something that draws people in. Make sure to decide the events ahead of time and put a sign up sheet in the entry. It’s a good idea to limit the number of entries or else people will be there all day. Depending on the amount of people expected, 10-20 entries per category should be fine. A talented emcee will keep things going and remind people to buy from the vendors that have paid to come to the event. Get any important information that the MC should share together ahead of time printed out in large print. The judges’ biographies, any sponsors of the event, any companies that have donated prizes should be thanked aloud. If you turn it into a program, you can always sell ad space! Although this goes without saying, it is illegal to plan an event for charity, present it as such, and keep the money. If this is part of the plan, don’t do it. Besides the Karma points lost, it is a crime and punishable by law. Most of all, have fun. Keep in mind




summer camp FOCUS

Choosing the right summer camp


een summer camps offer unique opportunities because they focus on topics that are especially important to us, such as growing up and learning about real life and gaining a sense of independence. We want to experience being out on our own.

One place to get information on the best summer camp for you is is a Web site designed to improve the way you find summer camps and teen travel programs online. Teens can now access reviews, descriptions, recommendations, photos and videos for hundreds of summer camp and youth travel programs throughout the world. publishes each program’s session dates, activities, facilities, accreditations, safety standards and more. Each profile also features testimonials from other families, camp director biographies, dozens of camp photos and more. If you are looking for a more “nontraditional” type of camp, check out teen summer enrichment programs at At SuperCamp’s teen summer camps, students in grades 9 to 12 can learn valuable life skills that help them with their confidence, leadership and communication abilities, and preparation for college. As a college prep camp, SuperCamp provides high school students with powerful learning skills to go along with the enriching life skills and character-development instruction that is a hallmark of its 10-day program. SuperCamp also caters to older teens with a college summer camp of their own, called Quantum U, which is targeted to students about to enter college. Note to Parents: When considering what summer camp is just right for your teen, be sure to make him or her part of the decision process. We will not only enjoy the chance to pick our own summer camp but we will appreciate you treating us as adults — which is the point of the teen summer camps anyway. Nothing is worse than a teenager who feels like a baby because you refused to send them to a teen summer camp but instead sent them to a regular summer camp where they are truly treated as a child instead of the young adult they are. 34



Summer camps offer an opportunity for teens to meet new people and grow together.

Water skiing and horseback riding are two popular activities that many teens can only experience at summer camp.

summer camp

Go beyond the traditional idea of a summer arts camp with our unique program catering to campers ages 10 to 16 who wish to immerse themselves in a PERFORMING ARTS and FINE ARTS CAMP.


At the

University of Virginia

4 Star Camps

199 Washington AVE., Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

1-800-767-7111 LONGLAKECAMP.COM

Discover Your Future...


Instruction in: jazz, tap, modern, ballet and hip hop dance; performances, Dance on Camera, “non-dance” movement styles 1 Ballibay Road, Camptown, PA 18815










Established in 1993, Education Unlimited¨ provides residential and commuter summer camps, summer programs and summer study opportunities for students entering grades 4-12.

Located at over 60 pr estigious universities in 2 6 s tat es nat ion wi de and Canada.

We focus on diversity and communication skills in a fun atmosphere - uniting girls of varied backgrounds and providing them with essential empowerment and community-building skills.


1-888-709-TECH (8324)

418 Houghton Brook Road, Putney, VT 05346

DMA is ideal for kids and teens wanting exposure to the most relevant software used in the entertainment industry and professional world. Discover the DMA Difference!



for high school students (ages 14 to 17) on a beautiful hilltop farm in Southern Vermont






R 36

Teenagers Abroad







Teen Summer Arts Creative Writing ESOL programs

Language Culture Excursions

Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies

Our programs include a full immersion, language lessons, cultural activities and excursions with other international students of a similar age!

Nature studies interwoven with hikes, music, arts



Small camp in secluded WV wildlife sanctuary.

RLT is an ACA accredited camp that offers wilderness adventure and community service and global perspectives programs in the most spectacular areas of the world.




and games. Caring, knowledgeable, dynamic staff build community, support individuals.

An extraordinary opportunity for teens to experience and learn about the cultures and archaeology of the Mesa Verde region of the American Southwest.


Located at universities nationwide, our computer, tech, and digital media camps offer courses in game design, game modding, web design, animation, video production, and more.


• Coed, relaxed, non-regimented atmosphere • Freedom to choose your own activities • Special teen only trips and evening programs • Make great friends and have an awesome summer. 51 Coughlan Cove Rd., Raymond, ME 04071

800-480-1533 High Rocks is a small traditional camp for boys focusing on adventure activities in a non-competitive setting, founded in 1958. Activities include rock climbing, whitewater canoeing & kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking, horseback & many more!




he beats are pumping, the lights are flashing, bodies are jumping around on the dance floor. There are a lot of things to choose from for a career, but it is difficult to find something that allows you to party all night long. A Disk Jockey, or DJ for short, is one of the few people who really get paid to have fun, entertain, and keep the party rockin’. We’re not talking your typical radio DJ here. No, we’re talking about club DJs—those who spin the turntables, mix the beats, scratch the records and pump the party. TT: So how long have you been a club DJ and when did you star t? 101: I’ve been a DJ for 10 years. Unlike some, I just started at 21 when I was old enough to get in the clubs. There was a local underground club that was looking for someone that was good with music and they took a chance on me. I was lucky I suppose, a newbie with no experience and an interest in music. TT: What is your background in music? 101: I’ve always been into music, every type of music. Well… mostly. I don’t like country. I was in band in high school. I played the drums, so I guess you could say I was already good with beats. TT: Did you get any special training to be a club DJ? 101: No. There aren’t really schools for this type of thing. I learned all on my own. I had to figure out the equipment, learn how everything worked. It took me awhile. I lived in a small town. There weren’t any real clubs where I am from so I had to teach myself. I didn’t have anyone to teach me tricks or to mentor me really. TT: That must have been difficult. 101: Probably more difficult than most. I knew kids that had started when they were in high school. They had bought their own equipment and played the school dances and stuff. I kinda felt like I was a bit behind and had to catch up. I looked up things on the Internet and found some DVDs that helped. . I’ve spent a lot of time doing research, looking up

charting A COURSE videos, watching people on You Tube, talking to people on DJ forums. But really it just came down to practice and determination that I was going to do it. I would go down to the club early on nights I would play and practice mixing for hours. Every day I would learn something different that I could do. I just started getting good at it. I learned tricks, how to use the player to do different things. Gear gets updated all the time so I have to keep learning new stuff, but I like it. TT: What type of equipment/gear do you use? 101: I started out on some really basic CD turntables. American DJ had put out some really inexpensive DJ equipment that the club I worked at had purchased. I’ve upgraded quite a bit since then. I own a couple of Pioneer CDJ-800 players and a DJM-909 mixer along with a variety of DJ toys…midi controllers, keyboards, my Mac Powerbook. It’s a complete system now. I’d like to get into Photos by the traditional turntables – you know Mechelle records. Old school style. I’ve played with Martz-Mayfield them a bit when I’ve been to parties with whole set up with me. That’s more of a pain, people that had them. It’s different, and it but I’ve been doing it long enough now. Set would take me a bit to learn it. The feel of ups are easier, and depending on the club working with a record turntable and a CD and their system, it usually only takes about turntable is different. I’m sure I could do it, 45 minutes. but it would be a bit like starting from scratch…. Ha ha. No pun intended. But TT: What type of music do you play? really, I’d have to start over with buying 101: I started out with techno, but I play music, learning how to work with the mostly hip-hop these days. There’s a lot of records… it wouldn’t be easy or cheap either. arguments back and forth about what is betI respect the guys that can work with records, ter, but I like them both. I can mix either. It though. really depends on what the club you work for TT: Why didn’t you star t out on tradiplays and what they want you to play. I’m tional turntables? not as lucky as some to be able to travel 101: That’s not what the club I was workaround and just play my kind of show at a bunch of different clubs. ing at had. They had the CD system. I I’m a house DJ, which means I have a regthought about buying regular turntables ular gig. That’s nice, but it’s almost harder when I started buying my own equipment, than being a touring DJ. It means I have to but realized that transporting around mix it up every weekend. I can’t play the records is much more difficult than carrying same show over and over again. The people around CD cases. So I stuck with the CDs. at the club would get bored and wouldn’t Plus I wanted to get better with the equipcome back. I can’t just practice one set and ment I was using at the club so it made sense do it over and over. So I’m always looking for to buy the same stuff. new music and new things to incorporate. I TT: Do you take your equipment w ith have to create a new party every weekend and you to the club? keep people coming back. It is more time 101: No, I’m lucky. I’ve been working at consuming and means I spend more time researching new music and trying new the same club for long enough I convinced things. I kinda think it’s more fun that way them to buy the equipment I wanted. That though. makes it nice. But I still take in some of my own stuff: my laptop, my music, the midi TT: Can you make a living being a DJ? controller and my wireless mic. However, if 101: Sure. I don’t get paid as well as some I work different clubs, I have to take my

of the big names do. DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Tiesto, James Zabiela…you know the famous guys. They tour around make some big money and get famous. I just get to be famous in my hometown. But I get a steady paycheck every week. I’ve been at my club long enough I get a pretty decent pay rate. I don’t know that I’d be able to live off of what I make at the club alone, but since I have my own equipment I can play parties, weddings, birthdays, that kind of thing, and make a pretty decent living. If I worked at a bigger club I could probably make more, but I like where I am. It’s a smaller club, I know the people I work with really well and know most of the people that come in on the weekends. I have fun with it. TT: Do you have advice for anyone interested in becoming a Club DJ? 101: It’s not easy. Though a lot of kids try to make it that way. There are quite a few iPod DJs that go around and play for cheap or free. It’s not entertainment though. Those are the guys who just play song to song. There’s not much to it and it’s not what real clubs are looking for. Just like learning an instrument, you have to practice. You have to learn your equipment and know what it can and can’t do. There’s an art to mixing beats and learning what songs work well together, what does and doesn’t sound good. Working for a club means you have to deal with requests, often stupid ones. But, it’s learning what people want and knowing how to read a crowd. Scratching is a whole art on its own and I’m still learning that. There are some really great scratch artists out there. DJ Scribble, Grandmaster Flash… there’s scratch competitions and stuff. I do a bit, but I’m nowhere near that good. That takes some serious practice and talent. The scratch DJ thing is a bit different from regular club DJ work. It really is working with the music to make something different out of it – very cool, but not as easy as you might think. The professional guys you see scratching are so good they make it look so easy, but watching it and trying to do it are two different things. Mostly, I’d say save up and get some good equipment and then spend time practicing. There are a lot of websites and videos out there that will help you, but ultimately how good you are depends on how much time you spend doing it. It’s easy to get frustrated and want to give up, but you have to keep at it. It’s just like any other job. It’s more fun, I think, but it’s still a job, though I still can’t get over the fact that my job is to party all night and make people dance. I mean, how cool is that?! SUMMER 2009



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Follow your heART ♥ ♥ ♥ once upon A TIME

Every year, the Cape Cod Gazette publishes the top 10 from each town’s class. With accompanying senior photo, these overachieving students outline their high school accomplishments and future plans. There are always a few surprises — the “edgy” kids whose future plans include “dealing Black Jack in Vegas” or “organic farming in South America.” Translation: They blew off senior year and not even their safety school would have them. But in small everyone-knows-you-and-yourbusiness towns, proud parents allow their children these final acts of rebellion before shipping them off to prep school in the White Mountains. For the most part, everything is very cookie-cutter: the Ivybounds, the super athlete-scholars, the performing artists. And then there’s Sara Henderson. Sure, her photo and bio smacks of sameness: Faux cheerleader smile, check. Field hockey captain and national merit scholar, check. Book award, model UN, check and check. But, wait! What’s this? Future plans…blank? No. Worse. Worse than any




accidental omission of her future goals and plans was a single word, seemingly in larger font and bold, too: Undecided. Was undecided even a correct descriptor? Sara blinked at the newsprint, feeling as though “too many choices” or “currently experiencing parental difficulties” would be more appropriate than “undecided,” which was just so…final. That implied that after all her accomplishments and preparation for college entrance Sara couldn’t close the deal. That she’d all of a sudden decided to stop achieving. Irked by the barely-out-of-college-herself news reporter who’d pushed her to fill in the full questionnaire, and when Sara politely explained that she was STILL deciding, not UNdeciding, it apparently mattered not. What would her parents say? Oh, the fallout from a tiny free newsweekly. And yet, it would happen. Perhaps she should have conveyed the truth to the reporter, that in fact she’s going to two colleges. Or, at least, two colleges are expecting her. While her parents had put in a deposit at

their small, prestigious alma mater for her, Sara had quietly liquidated her summer babysitting fund for a deposit of her own — art school on the West Coast. But with this news release and graduation hours away, she knew it was time to tell the parents. With her outside scholarship money and a modest grant from the art school itself, plus some work-study, she could, in fact, make going to school there work. And while her parents already had the window decals and the Proud Parent Of sweatshirts, she had every confidence that her little brother, Matt, a sophomore and pretty cookie-cutter himself, would take up the family banner at the beloved alma mater. Now, just what to say? How to say it? Sara and her mom had always been close, but she couldn’t help but feel like she’d be hurting them. Then again, she knew, too, that there was no way she was enrolling anywhere that didn’t have a strong art program, no matter how much the Montreal Ski trip of 1984 and Homecoming 1985 had changed her par-

once upon A TIME ents’ lives. As she scrolled through her newsfeed, she realized her high school friends were all becoming fast friends with their fellow prospective, soon to be actual, freshmen and everyone’s status reflected interesting thoughts on the upcoming grad. Hannah, her lovely but

“Jur y’s st il l out, but leaning to le ft coast. How to tell t h e p a r e nts ??” overdramatic eco-friend: “Our caps and gowns might be from the evil plastic! Sign my petition for organic cotton sashes instead!” Or, the itching-to-get-out-ofhere crowd had already started their countdown: “Later CCHS! 75 days ‘til Brown!” “Status really is everything,” Sara muttered to herself as she typed, “Jury’s still out, but leaning to left coast. How to tell the parents??” A flurry of comments hit her status, some with actual advice, and then, scheming Hannah, “Converting my parents’ minivan to biodiesel! X-C road trip, baby!” And, of course, the classmates who aren’t really friends but just love the drama of an approaching good-bye. “Cali is way too far, I’ll never see you! Beach post-grad will be so sad! Can’t wait! Xxoo.” But perhaps the most helpful was that cookie-cutter brother of hers, who never even acknowledges their real-life connection, let alone electronic one. “Gotta do what feels right, sis. Follow your heART.” Okay, so Matt was always making cheesy puns, but this one was right on. And, in light of that, she knew just how to break the news… As she sat down, adjusting her organic cotton CCHS sash, Sarah hoped her parents had a good vantage point for the top of her cap. Hannah had a mini-fit over the administration’s refusal to replace the caps with dried flower wreaths, but Sara was happy for the compromise as it provided a canvas for her most controversial work to date: “Art School or Bust!” emblazoned on the top of her cap for all — but mostly her parents — to see. Was it the most mature way to break the news? Maybe not, but she was still in high

ABOVE: “Art School or Bust” LEFT: Sara Henderson is just a Cape Cod girl with her entire life in front of her.

school, right? And as she felt her stomach untie for the first time in months. she knew it was right. As she winked knowingly at Hannah, she felt her cell vibe in her pocket. New text, from Mom: Art school or bust, huh? We’ll talk, but I agree with Matt, gotta follow your heART. Groaning at the prospect that bad puns run in the family, Sara couldn’t help but break into a smile as she scanned the sea of parents for her mom. Finding her, she held up her cell and waved. As her

mom waved in return, Sara realized just how exciting this was all supposed to be — that no matter what choice she made, grad and the beginning of college were adventures she wanted to celebrate, not worry about. And this was just the first of many decisions she’d get to make on her own. So as the Pomp and Circumstance played out, Sara flipped open her phone and updated that pesky status: “Verdict: Art school it is! But first, grad. And Summer!” SUMMER 2009




BY LORI LEIDIG wenty-six miles off of the coast of Los Angeles is an island called Catalina. Catalina Island used to be owned by the gum tycoon, Wrigley. However, he sold 86% of Catalina Island to conservationists, who have since preserved the island as much as they possibly can. Avalon is the largest town on Catalina Island. It is right on the water, where all of the visiting cruise ships bring their passengers. The docks are filled with different things for you to do: scuba diving, snorkeling, island tours, glass-bottom boat tours, and so many other activities to choose from. Most of the tours are patronized by the different cruise lines that come into port. There are plenty of shops and restaurants on this street. Buoys and Gulls is a nice little store for beachwear. However, expect to pay an arm and a leg for merchandise. Catalina Island is one of the few places in the country where bald eagles live. This is a habitat for the bald eagles, and there are





currently 32 living on the island. All of the eagles are tagged and tracked in an effort to get them off the endangered species list. Catalina Island is actually the top of an underwater mountain range. While they don’t have major earthquakes there, they do have a lot of movement with the tectonic plates. One side of the island has steep, jagged cliffs and deep drops into the ocean. For this reason, the ocean on this side of Catalina Island is sometimes home to great white sharks. The other side of the island has sandy beaches and really good surf. The tip of the side with the jagged cliffs is called Long Point. At the very end of Long Point, there is a cave with a space out to the other side that has an opening the exact shape of Catalina Island. WAY cool— especially if you can get a photo of it. There are 4,000 full-time residents on Catalina Island. The main place to live is in Avalon, but there are some houses in other areas. There are many children’s camps on the island. Kids usually go out for a week to learn about the various wildlife there. There is no emergency

room in the hospital on the island, so don’t get hurt. For example, a kid broke his arm and had to be flown to a hospital on the mainland via helicopter. Women can’t have their babies there, either. It’s off to the mainland for that as well. There is, however, a health clinic of some sort. People aren’t buried on Catalina Island. Pets are, though, which explains the crosses you see on the mountains. The island itself moves an inch every year. It is also turning at the same time. This is due to plate tectonics. Apparently, the island has already rotated a full 180 degrees. The island is also moving north due to plate tectonics. Supposedly, Catalina will be in the San Francisco area in about 1000 years. Catalina Island is a little piece of paradise right off of the southern California coast. It is a wonderful way to spend a day or a weekend during the summer. If you happen to be on a cruise in the area, make sure you head to shore for an amazing experience. Catalina Island is unlike anywhere else in the United States.




March 21 - April 20

You’ve been waiting for summer, Aries, but maybe all of the planning has limited your possibilities. Be ready to be spontaneous! That last minute invite could come at any time. There is such a thing as too prepared.

TAURUS April 21 - May 20

Taurus, people are getting the point. Make sure the next time you give advice, you also know when to drop it. No one wants to spend their summer getting lectured. If they don’t get it, that’s their problem.

GEMINI May 21 - June 22

It’s hard to make a decision, Gemini. You’re the worst of the worst when it comes to flip-flopping. Pick something and stick to it. You’re going to lose out on a lot this summer if you spend your time trying to make up your mind.

CANCER June 23 - July 22

The devil is in the details, Cancer. Let go of nitpicking. Keep your eye on the prize, and keep the big picture in mind. If you spend your time trying to be perfect, you’ll miss all the fun!

July 23 - August 22

Leo, you’ve already got your bathing suit on under your clothes.You’re ready for fun! Keep your eyes open, though. Someone is going to need your help and, if you’re always looking for the next party, you won’t be there for them. Be careful, or your friendship will suffer.

SAGITTARIUS November 23 - December 21

You’ve worked a lot on having an open mind this year, Sagittarius. This summer is going to be testing that more than ever. Make sure to have boundaries and stay safe, but also take risks! Go to a different beach, pick a different bathing suit, try new foods… it’s fun!



August 23 - September 22

December 22 - January 20

You’ve been dreading summer, but it’s finally here. It is time to let go of all of your worries and go with the flow. You’ll soon realize you’ve been spending months worrying for no reason.

You’ve been working too hard, Capricorn. It’s all work and no play. This summer is a good time to find your inner party animal and let it out. There will be time for work another time. Learn to enjoy!



September 23 - October 22

January 21 - February 18

Remember to do good for others this summer, Libra. You are going to get caught up in a lot of fun, and it will be easy to lose focus. Plan some volunteer time to keep yourself grounded, or you will end up partiedout before the summer is over.

SCORPIO October 23 - November 22

Wow, Scorpio! This summer, you are going to be on fire! You’re going to have important decisions to make because of all of the invites. Try to be diplomatic, and make sure you let people down gently. Make appearances everywhere you can.

Celeb Leo Daniel Radcliffe July 23

Shed that downer attitude that’s been dragging you down, Aquarius. Where you have been seeing only the negative, look for positive. If you’ve found yourself saying “no” too much, try a “yes” once in a while. It’s all in how you look at it.

PISCES February 19 - March 20

Pisces, it’s your season! Get that bathing suit ready and get in the water. As a water sign, it will center you and help you get back to your true self. You’ve been feeling lost, Pisces. Use the summer to get back to basics.

Celeb Leo Joe Jonas August 15 SUMMER 2009





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get the good stuff! We are giving away all sorts of

get the stuff! in thisgood issue! To enter, goodies We are giving away all sorts of goodies send a postcard with your name, in this issue! To enter, send a postcard address phone number to: with your and name, address, email address Teen Trendto: Magazine and phone number Ct. Dr. 323 106 Cobblestone (Contest Name) Teen Trend Victor, NYMagazine 14564 POcan Boxsend 567 an email to OR you Middle Island, NY 11953 OR you can visit our website, with the contest name as your, and fill subject line. Only one (1) entry out the forms there to enter. Only one per person per contest by any entry per person, per contest. Contests

means. Contests Sept. will 1, end on December 1, end 2008.on Winners 2009. Winners be notified no be notified aroundwill December 15, 2008.

POWER OFSept. YOUTH later than 15. (p. 1) One (1) B lucky reader will receive the CINDA OVERNIGHTER (p. 8) celebrity gift bag given out at Variety’s Two (2) lucky readers will receive Power of Youth event. This bag The cinda b Overnighter! includes all of the items featured in POGO ST YLUS (p. 8) Flavor of the Season: Bye Bye Blemish Five (5) lucky readers will receive Drying Lotion, Disney Channel Scene a Pogo stylus for your MP3 playIt Game, Smith’s Rosebud Salve,

ers. Emergen C, and the NPower Fission.

DJ HERO Also in the (p. bag8) is a diamond star pen-

ENTERTAINMENT DJ Vegas (702)325-3123 - djvegas711@hotmail FORMALWEAR Elegance Weding & Formalwear (702)395-8798 - fax (702)395-8692 PHOTOGRAPHERS Altenburg Studio (702)252-7557 - Nature’s Signature Photography (702)898-5476 - STORYBOOKING Kathleen Pellissier, Heritage Makers Ind. Consultant - 702-343-5225

BALLOON DECORATIONS Balloons & Baskets (631)667-6333 ENTERTAINMENT After Hours DJ Entertainment (631)736-2921 Would you like to advertise in the directory of services? Email for info.


Changing the world, one magazine at a time. Teen Trend Magazine presents Chari-Teen, a way for readers to bring joy to those less-fortunate. Thank you to five generous donors:


Visit to contribute! 46 28


dant, nail Two from (2) lucky readersNic’s willSticks receive polish pen from Nacho Loco card Activision’s DJOPI, Hero For XBOX game, Variety Magazine, Cluster 360 Statement Ring from Avon and more,


all in a beautiful rollaway backpack. (p. 8) Two (5) lucky readers will O COLBY! (p. 9) receive the LARobe laptop case. Five (5) lucky readers will receive a


poster and Colby O CD.

97 THINGS (p. 10)

Five Don’t (5) luckyforget readers to willgive receiveus a

new copy ofyour 97 Things To address: Do Before You

Call: 1-800-932-4557 OR GET YOURWrite CHAT ON us (p. at:12) Trend One Teen (1) lucky reader Magazine will receive a 106 Cobblestone Ct., Dr. ZipIt 2 Wireless instant messaging unit. #323 KUNG FU FIGHTING (p. 13) Victor, NY 14564 Three (3) lucky readers OR will receive a usPanda. at: two disc set Email of Kung Fu

Graduate High School.

Teen Trend Summer Issue  

Teen Trend's summer 2009 issue is jammed packed with info.

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