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mar 2016

justin bieber How he saved his career


Spring Summer 2016 Fashion and Beauty Trends

hot list

EXO, The Vamps, Sia, Walk The Moon and more!

How To For Your Listening Pleasure Make Your

The Best Audio Gear


A MUm’s Woes:

March Holidays

“I am my daughter’s Best New Makeup Palettes More Productive punching bag.”



MAR 2016




| $3 (inc GST)


Contents Lifestyle 10 Hot Picks 12 Don’t Stop The Music The best audio gadgets for the best sensory pleasures 16 Coffee O’Clock The complete guide to coffee and where to get the best cups of joe. 20 Making Music The best mobile apps for all things music


Beauty 26 Beauty Hot Picks 30 Perfect Palette We introduce the season’s best makeup palettes!

42 Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Trends

Fashion 22 Weekend at JCube Follow Andrea, Chantalle and Glenn through JCube! 32 March In Line Report for duty in these utilitarian pieces 40 For The Love Of Music Music-themed gems off Etsy!

Teenage Plus

The deets on this season’s makeup looks and essentials

48 Go-Go-Gadget

Our picks of the top beauty tech items worth investing in!

50 Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends


Get stylish with the hottest looks of Spring Summer 2016

54 Perfect Sole-mates

Stylish bag and shoe options for your outfit

60 Fest Fash

Inside Scoop

8 Ed’s Note 9 Your Say 80 Radar 82 Calendar 102 Dear Kelly 110 Astroscoop 112 Snaps

The perfect music festival looks from our fave Instagram babes

62 Mix & Match

How to get Justin Bieber and Gigi Hadid’s off-duty styles

64 Gig-Ready Carryall


The bare necessities in any musicians bag






Cover Cover image courtesy of Universal Music Singapore

Celebs 65 At A Glance Justin Bieber’s stunning statistics 66 The Comeback Kid The moves that Bieber pulled to save his entire career 70 St Jerome’s Laneway Festival How our experience at Laneway Festival 2016 went down 72 Vamping It Up Read all about The Vamps’ first show in Singapore! 74 We Are One Why we’ll never forget EXO’s sizzling two-night show here 76 They’re Gonna Write You A Love Song Find out which artistes have also written hit songs for other singers 78 This Is Sia We take a look at the industry’s most enigmatic musician 79 Walk The Talk Inspirational soundbites from our interview with Walk The Moon






84 Confidence Check The basic rules to follow for a quick feelgood boost! 85 Where To Study?! Kaplan shares the best spots to mug 86 What’s The Theme Song Of Your Life? Find out which tune best describes you 87 Navigate Towards Success How the MaritimeONE scholarships can help your future 88 One Week To Success How to make the most out of your March holidays 90 Local Learning Global Outlook Why Issac Lim chose University of London 92 High Notes Celebrities give sound advice 93 Teenage Campus Run 2016 A recap of all the fun activities that went down during this annual event! 98 A Whole LOTTE Fun Sweet treats for everyone at the Poly Open House 99 Poetry In Motion What you missed at NYP Groove! this year 101 What’s Your Jam? NYP Jam! finalists share their fave tunes

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It may be the third month of the

year, but the fashion calendar

The signature Korean straight brows calls for a voluminous arch with defined ends, and the L’Oreal Brow Artist Chisel Straight ($19.90) allows you to achieve that without having to use multiple products. Use the brush to fill in sparse areas, and the specially designed felt tip to shape your brow to perfection.

has only just begun. We kick

off the first Teenage Plus of the

year with the hottest spring

summer fashion (p. 50) and beauty trends (p. 42) of 2016. For the uninitiated, Teenage Plus is your

consolidated guide to what’s hot and what’s not for this season.

Take inspiration from our military-

inspired fashion spread

(p. 32) shot at the cool new AeroHub at Singapore Polytechnic, and check out some cool bag and shoe

combinations (p. 54) to plan your accessories for the season. Want

great-looking skin? Our list of high-

tech beauty gadgets (p. 48)

might just be what you’re looking for. March also spells the first school

holiday of the year, and we

have some ideas on how you can

spend your term break more productively (p. 88). If you’re just

looking to cafe-hop your way through the holiday, no self-proclaimed foodie should be without our coffee guide –

it teaches you all that you need to know about a cup of joe as well as where you can get the best espresso, cold brews, lattes and drip coffee in Singapore (p. 16). Happy March holidays!


Your Say Letter of the month Hi Teenage, I have been a loyal reader of Teenage since three years ago. I have never missed an issue since then. It has been my companion for most of my weekends and during my holidays. I will share the hot topics covered, such as skincare myths, new and hip cafes, and celebrity news with my friends, and we will talk about it for weeks! Lookbook

Floral cap, $21.30, Fashion.LAB Seoul pink houndstooth jacket, $199, W.E. Workshop Element Cropped top, $19.95, TEMT White pants, $39, The Editor’s Market Round cross-body bag, $66.90, CHARLES & KEITH Nike cut-out wedge sneakers, $249, L.E. Ball Park and New Era

On him: Maroon bomber jacket, $20, Denim jogger, $49, Forever 21, Printed T-shirt, $19.95, Brown cap, $12.95, Cotton On, adidas polka-dotted sneakers, $219, Limited Edt Vault On her: Coral top, $34, Suede vest, $59, Forever 21, Denim mom jeans, $59.90, UNIQLO, Dolce & Gabbana red sunglasses, $680, Spectacle Hut, Gold ribbon bracelet, $7, Forever 21, Grey boots, $69.90, CHARLES & KEITH


Sincerely, Min

Dear Teenage,



He was my first real boyfriend, and my first taste of heartbreak. I was a wild child, doing whatever I wanted with whomever I pleased, staying out till goodness knows when. In retrospect, it’s ironic because I honestly couldn’t care less about him in the beginning, this guy who’s obviously bad news. He drank, smoked and gambled, and was kind of a jerk. But it made me feel special, the way he only cared for me. We were obviously different, but he offered me a glimpse of the dark and

During the two and a half years we were dating, I was the one who stuck around when his friends and family abandoned him, I was the one who was there no matter what. We should’ve ended our relationship long ago, but like him, I didn’t know how to cut my losses.

He took to drinking a lot more at seedy places where girls were paid to provide company. Of course he cheated. He didn’t know where to draw the line, and I obviously didn’t either. I naively thought that if I helped him out with his debt, everything would work out. Because whenever he hit rock bottom, he’d come crawling back to me. So I tried, by giving him money

My first love ended off with a lie. “I need to focus on getting my life back together. Don’t worry, I won’t see anyone else.” Two weeks later, I found out that he was attached, from his new girlfriend.

The 5 stages of a relationship



ing a cou






re n


Finding oneself

o ces start t










Power Struggle


g thr gh tog ou










I earned from my part-time jobs, borrowing money from friends, and whatever else I could. By this time, he had started borrowing money from unlicensed money lenders and ended up ‘helping’ them out with illegal activities to stop them from decorating his doorstep with paint. He would eventually get sent to jail years later because of this. I was mostly unaware, more focused on trying to get his attention back on me. But the gambling didn’t stop, and neither did his cheating.

I didn’t realise it then, but our relationship started falling apart as soon as we got together. His gambling problem was the biggest issue. I say problem because he couldn’t stop. He was addicted to the rush of gambling – be it online soccer betting, poker games, mahjong, you name it, he’s bet on it. And he didn’t know when to cut his losses. A few hundred dollars turned to thousands, to tens of thousands. Even an adult would cave under that huge amount of debt, much less an eighteen-year-old. I couldn’t do anything but watch as he spiralled endlessly.

o W

Furthermore, I was surprised that the Dear Kelly section is still around. With how the magazine evolves, I am really pleased to know that this section is kept unchanged as it really helps and educate the readers in one way or another.


seedy world he came from. To me, it wasn’t dangerous. It was exciting.


I came across Teenage while I was at at the Poly Open House this year. I am certainly impressed with how Teenage has evolved through the years! To be honest, I have not been reading magazines for the longest time. However, while I was flipping through Teenage, I found that the sections are still so relevant to me! I’ve always wanted to know about skincare and beauty trends, and I am always interested in celebrity news, and this is one magazine which covers everything!

THE ONLINE CHEATER Being with Samantha was a nightmare. Don’t get me wrong – the first three years with Sam were great. She was fun to be with, and even though her dramatic tendencies kept me on my toes, we could even play online games together, so all was well. Then she started becoming distant and secretive, spending way too much time on her computer and phone. I did get a bit upset, but knowing her personality, I didn’t pry too much and hoped for things to go back to normal.


Going through a bad breakup or suffering from unrequited love? You’ll be glad that you’re single after reading these relationship horror stories.


This month’s ‘Letter of the Month’ wins Aéropostale Spring Shopping Gift Cards worth $120!

Good job!


Please include your name, NRIC no., address, contact no. and email address.

Congratulations Min, your letter has been picked as the ‘Letter of the Month’!


Most importantly, I love the fashion Lookbook the most! I am always troubled on what to wear, how to match my outfits and where to


Send your letters to TEENAGE Magazine, 20 Bedok South Road Singapore 469277 or email to

Besides reading, I am also hooked onto Teenage’s social media, mainly Instagram and the Teenage website. The team has been constantly updating, be it product launches, events or concerts, and I feel that we are not left behind.


Holler at us! We want to know what you think of Teenage, how our stories make a difference in your life, and where we can improve. Here’s how!

buy them. I would say this section definitely aids me a lot! I’ve just started to consolidate the Lookbook pages into a sketchbook as I am planning to use it as a fashion guidebook. Apart from Lookbook, I am starting to gain more interest on the Beauty section. With all the updates of the latest beauty trends and introduction of the new beauty products, I will be equipped with enough knowledge to take care of my skin.

d l re s pect an



It didn’t. Right before we graduated from polytechnic, Sam wanted to “take a break from us”. She was taking a long vacation in the US and she wanted to use that time to clear her head. Of course, I begged her to change her mind, but Sam cried and told me how stifled she felt

while in our relationship. So I let her go. While she was away, I tried to pick up the pieces. My friends told me I was better off because apparently Sam could be “quite annoying”. For the most part, I was doing alright. Because we had stopped talking to each other, I slowly even stopped missing her so much. But like a disease that keeps coming back, Sam returned from her trip and promptly texted me, apologising and claiming that she “regretted breaking up”. Not quite over her, I caved in and we got back together. Everything went back to before she left (and broke up with me). Happy ending? Not really. Fast forward two years later, Sam starts acting weird again. It felt like deja vu when she told me that she wanted to break up with me – for good this time – because she was permanently moving to the US. I was devastated, but I forced myself not to behave like the previous time, where I tried ways and means to change her mind. It was certainly easier to get over Sam after her (ex) good friend told me that was leaving me for a guy in America who was five years younger than her. They met through that very same online game we played years back, and he was also the reason why she took that long ‘vacation’ in the US.

Main components of a relationship




Common Interests

THE STAGE FIVE CLINGER up for 10 minutes or so, but these precious moments made me realise how much I was missing out – I told him that I wanted to hang out with my friends, only to have him ask me, “Wasn’t that enough?”

My relationship with Aaron started out like any other school romance. We were friends for a year before getting together in our second year of polytechnic, so we were used to seeing each other everyday in class, and hanging out after school. It was great in the beginning, but Aaron started getting weirdly restrictive after our class schedules started clashing. He started criticising my outfits, complaining about how “low cut” or “short” my clothes were, and began demanding for more time with me. It got to a point where he’d be the only person I communicated with, as I shuttled between school, home and Aaron. I also felt pressured to seek his permission before doing anything because he’d flare up, and it was always easier to be ‘obedient’. This went on for months, but the last straw was his reaction when we bumped into my friends outside. We were only able to catch

It was bad enough that I had started feeling left out amongst my classmates because there were so many inside jokes that I missed simply because I couldn’t spend any time with them after school, for fear of Aaron’s wrath. His response? “If I can give up time with my friends, so can you.” I eventually broke up with him, but it took months filled with tearful phone calls and slightly creepy stalker-like behaviour – he’d camp outside my place trying to get me to change my mind – before he got the message.


Also, my favourite article in the February issue would have to be the relationship horror stories. The sad stories shared really helps me to know what mistakes to avoid in my future relationship. I also like the suggestions on dating ideas, because even though I don’t have a boyfriend, I can always go to these places with my friends! Thanks Teenage! With love, Alexis


Don’t Stop The Music Audio gadgets are dime a dozen, but if you’re real serious about music, these are the best-sounding ones for your listening pleasure. By Chew Hui Ling


1 2




Photography: Vicky Andhika / SHINING HEAD MEDIA Styling: Chew Hui ling and michelle lim Props: Bricksworld / Lego


With the ultra-portable UE Roll ($149), now you can truly take your soundtrack on the move. Shaped like a rugged saucer, it has a waterproof shell that not only braves the occasional splashes, but is also handwashable so you can take your tunes to the muddy pit and have it as good as new after a rinse – it’s practically made for your outdoor escapades.

Sound Off!


The Nakamichi MyMaiku Bluetooth Speaker ($89) is basically the hybrid offspring of a compact speaker and a classic microphone. It features a solid suction stand that holds it in place, allowing you to channel your inner rockstar for five hours straight and even pick up calls while at it. Fun fact: there’s no power button on this little guy – all it takes is just a light tap on the mic to activate it!

The coolest novelty gear we can find in the market.


For the audiophiles who don’t mind shelling out a little extra, the Bose SoundLink Color Speaker ($199) is one solid option to invest in. This workhorse packs in enough power to kick out the jams in all directions, promising impressive sound chops from a range of 30 feet. What’s more, it lets you switch between two Bluetooth devices at the same time. So fuss-free!

Part personal speakerphone and part wearable speaker, the Native Union MONOCLE ($49.90, HipVan) allows you to conveniently take calls wherever you are, and when you’re done, simply twist the wheel and it’ll transform into a handy boombox. Voila!


Despite its deceptive form factor, the Sony SRS-X11 Portable Wireless Speaker ($99) certainly doesn’t have an issue with delivering superb volume. This palm-size dynamo is equipped with dual passive radiators for surprisingly deep bass, and provides 12 hours of power to keep the music pumping throughout the day. Plus, it’s about as light as an apple, so you can easily fling it in your bag and head out.


Fancy hearing music through beautiful pipes? Look no further than the Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini ($139) – it’s a downsized version of the original Sound Piece, but with the same awesome sonic output in a compact body. The beauty of it is that it’s available in a spectrum of designs from marble to pantone, which means you can easily switch out the grill to match your style.


Watch your music come to life in a rainbow of colours with the JBL Pulse 2 ($329). This portable speaker emits pulsating lights and turns wherever you are into a snazzy light show. It’s splashproof and blasts tunes for up to 10 hours so you can even hold a disco party by the pool!


You’ll definitely need these cuties when you sing in the shower. With suction cups that stick onto walls and a splash-proof exterior, the GoGear Splash n Dash ($49.90) fills your bath routine with your favourite tunes in crisp clarity. And BTW, doesn’t this and MyMaiku sound like a dream team?


Coffee O'Clock Here’s everything you need to know about the art of coffee, and a list of bean counters where you can sip the best java in town. By chew hui ling

We recommend:

Cold Brew If you like your beverages cold, you’ll enjoy sipping on this iced coffee alternative. It boasts a punchier flavour and offers twice the caffeine rush than an average cup of joe. But here’s the real kick: you can leave it in the fridge for a week and it’ll still taste fab. To bring out the beans’ hidden nuances, grounds are steeped overnight on the counter to work its magic – a general rule of thumb is to not go beyond 18 hours. The ideal cup of cold brew is robust and full-bodied, yet less bitter and acidic on the palate.

Old Hen Coffee Bar 88 Rangoon Road, #01-03, Singapore 218374

Chye Seng Huat Hardware 150 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207563

Know Your Coffee We consume ESPRESSO 30ML









500 billion coffee cups of

every year




ESPRESSO 60ML chocolate 60ML vanilla ice cream 90ML










Espresso Newsflash: espresso is neither a bean, a blend nor a roast! It’s simply a loose term for the method of preparation, in which you force hot water through a basket of finely ground beans at high pressure. When properly brewed, you should get a well-balanced shot with a caramelised aroma and a layer of rich golden crema on top. But if it tastes sour and smells like burnt rubber, you’ve probably got a bad batch. Espressos are commonly served in a ristretto, single shot, lungo or double shot – depending on the level of caffeine intensity you desire.


We recommend:

The New Black 9 Raffles Place, #01-23/23A, Singapore 048619

Toby’s Estate 8 Rodyk Street, #01-03/04, Singapore 238216

dot of foamed milk ESPRESSO 60ML








dot of foamed milk

brewed coffee 120ML






black eye

flat white


With a wide range of sauces ranging from cream, tomato, aglio and cheese, have pasta the way you like it at PastaMania. 13

Follow us


March in Line

Photography: Vicky Andhika / Shining Head Media Art Direction: Arissa Ha Stylist: Sharon Tan assisted by Naomi Tham and Nicole Lim Hair and makeup: Gigi Sng using Urban Decay Models: Diego E and Anna S / AVE Location: Singapore Polytechnic AeroHub


On her: Green button up dress, $79.90, New Look Cream bodycon dress, $19, Brown belt, $14, Forever 21 Green backpack, $76.90, Topshop Nike black sneakers, $209, Star Three Sixty On him: Khaki sweater, $59.90, New Look Long T-shirt, $59.90, Drawstring bag, $26.90, Topman Khaki pants, $79.90, H&M Timberland brown boots, $329, Star Three Sixty



For The Love The coolest audible treats off Etsy for the muso radicals in your life. By Chew Hui Ling

Headphones Earrings, $21.96

IluLe So this is what happens when a pair of earrings and earbuds have a baby: just how adorable is this quirky trinket? It looks like the real thing, but those pink earplugs you see dangling are actually made with polymer clay. We can’t stop swooning over these cuties!

Personalised Guitar Pick, $17.57


You’ll be the envy of your jamming pals with these made-to-order guitar picks. This wood engraving service allows you to customise your item with a quote of your choice, but if you don’t have a design in mind, you can always take your pick (no pun intended) from the array of templates provided. Plus it’s crafted from exotic hardwoods, so rest assured you’ll be able to work up a nice strum.

Map of the world, $20.49

Temporary Wavelength Tattoo, $4.21

Tablet cushion stand, $$26.32




We love the idea of a world map made from old sheet music, and this vintage art print by SeasonsSpace would make for a characterful centrepiece in your room for the wanderlust-starved souls. What’s more, the artist claims that it will not fade for at least a decade, making it a perfect keepsake!

Wear your love for music on your sleeves (er, wrist). If you’re not a fan of getting inked, here’s your PG-13 solution. This hipster-esque temp tat comes in a super rad frequency design, which makes it the perfect gift for Arctic Monkeys diehards or any avid concert-goer to rock at a gig.

Graphic cushions are an obvious choice when it comes to options for music lovers, but we chanced upon this stylish little guy that actually has a practical purpose – a sturdy cushion stand that supports your tablet! Adorned with musical notes, it helps to prop up your devices so you can read, watch and browse in comfort.

*Prices accurate at time of print


03/16 ISSUE 4

spring summer 2016 Stripes, frills, denim or grunge â&#x20AC;&#x201C; this season sees fashion trends everyone can wear.

Dorothy Perkins Spring Summer 2016 Denim dress, $73.90 White off-shoulder, price unavailable White sandals, price unavailable

plus 41

spring summer 2016 eauty tren s

Highlighter, red lipstick and coloured eyeliner – this season’s must-have beauty essentials for looking fresh-faced and glowy.

By Arissa Ha

g summer 20 rin 16 sp •

about a boy

Who would’ve thought that bushy brows and glowy skin would make such a good pair? Instead of contouring, use highlighters to create the appearance of higher cheekbones.

Get the look Brush your brow upwards using brow mascara to create a fuller, masculine brow. Use either radianceenhancing primer for a subtle glow or go for full-on luminosity with cream or powder highlighter. Brush or pat on the highlighter, concentrating on the areas where light will hit (nose bridge, cheekbones, Cupid’s bow) for a more intense glow.

(From Top, Left to Right) Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in Brilliant Strobe Light, $59 Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo in Warm Glow, price unavailable Tarte Amazonian Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel in Taupe, $35 BECCA Backlight Priming Filter, $58 Eyeko Brow Gel, $32 3CE Eyebrow Mascara in Gold Brown, $16 Stila Aqua Glow Serum Concealer, $46 Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, $42

plus 42

plus 43

Styling: arissa ha Model: anne sophie / ave

Photography: vicky andhika / shining head media Makeup: Larry Yeo using nyx Hair: alvin foh / Mosche Salon using Redken

spring summer 2016 tren s Plunge head first into this seasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hottest fashion looks. By Arissa Ha

White mock turtleneck top, $99.90, Topshop

Top, $49.90, ZARA

frill seekers

by Alexander McQueen

Add a touch of romance to your outfit with pretty frills and flounces.

Navy maxi dress, $196, Topshop

Sky blue playsuit, price unavailable, ASOS Grey skirt, $39.90, Stradivarius

by Balmain

Sheer asymmetrical mid-waist belt, $33.90, CHARLES & KEITH

Blouse, $49.90, Stradivarius

plus 50

blueâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s clues

Chase the blues away with practical and trendy denim wear.

Denim jumpsuit, $99.90, Dorothy Perkins

by Alexander McQueen

Denim slip dress, $69.90, Stradivarius

Denim top, $49.90, New Look

by fendi

Denim robe, $89.90, Dorothy Perkins

Denim pleated skirt, $49.90, ZARA Denim dress with raw hem, $69.90, ZARA

Denim dress, $73.90, Dorothy Perkins

Denim dress, $89.90, New Look

plus 51

Striped longsleeve top, $39.90, Stradivarius

line it up

Create an illusion of height with flattering stripes.

Striped romper, price unavailable, ASOS

by Ralph Lauren

Striped box bag, $59.90, CHARLES & KEITH

by milly

Striped top, $49.90, New Look

Striped top with scallop hem, $89.90, Topshop

Striped cropped top, $39.90, New Look Striped pants, $59.90, New Look

plus 52

Striped skirt with scallop hem, $89.90, Topshop

Slip dress with lace, $69.90, New Look

slipping away

An ode to the â&#x20AC;&#x2122;90s trend, go grunge or romantic with slip dresses.

Black and white T-shirt slip dress, $56.90, Topshop

Faux leather slip dress, $139, Topshop

by Saint Laurent

Floral print slip dress, $69.90, ZARA

Pinstripe slip dress, price unavailable, Topshop

by Saint Laurent

Striped slip dress, $77.60, ASOS

Grey jersey slip dress, $45, ASOS

plus 53

Photography: Vicky Andhika / Shining Head Media Art Direction: Aris Lai and Johanna Teo Styling: Michelle Lim and Johanna Teo Model: Michelle Lim

Perfect Sole-mates Effortless bag and shoe pairings for any stylish outfit. By Johanna Teo

plus 54

’90s Grunge Babe Shearling backpack, $179, Topshop Salome boots in shiraz, $199, Dr. Martens Socks, Stylist’s own

plus 55

in the bag

gig-ready Carryall

The basic necessities in a musicianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bag. By Johanna Teo




4 5




9 7


1. Eyelet bag, $126, Topshop 2. Foldable ballet flats, $69, Pedro 3. Moonshot Powder Fixer in 202, $53, Sephora 4. Tarteist Lip Paint in Bae, $28, Sephora 5. Chain necklace, $23.90, Topshop 6. Drumsticks, $13, Yamaha 7. Transparent shades, $14.90, H&M 8. Apple iPhone 6S in Rose Gold, from $1,048 9. This & That Luxe notebook, $15.90, The Paper Bunny 10. Frixon pen, $1.80, Pilot 11. Coin purse in Tan Inuck, $39, Dr. Martens 12. CX 5.00G earpiece, $139, Sennheiser

plus 64

Photography: Vicky Andhika / SHINING HEAD MEDIA Styling: johanna teo


At A Glance

justin Bieber

The lowdown on Bieber’s stats. Justin Bieber was years old when he shot to international stardom with ‘One Time’.


He has a reported net worth of

$220 million as of 2015.

Bieber’s latest album Purpose sold

55 2,000 Purpose landed him his

6th number one

copies in its first week, making it his biggest sales week ever.

Despite the rumours of him being a ladies man, Bieber has only officially dated one girl, ex-beau Selena Gomez.

Bieber has won a total of

140 awards.

JB has a total of million followers on Instagram, making him the 6th most followed person on that platform.


*All facts accurate at time of print

Photo: universal music singapore

album on Billboard 200.



They’re Gonna Write You A Love Song Famous musicians that penned other artistes’ hit songs. By Johanna Teo


It’s obvious that Bruno Mars is super talented, but boy were we surprised when we found out that Mars wrote songs for acts like Adele, Lil’ Wayne, The Vamps, The Cab, Sean Kingston, Adam Lambert and more. Works you may recognise are ‘Forget You’, CeeLo Green’s biggest hit to-date, ‘Young, Wild & Free’ for Snoop Dogg, and Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’, amongst many, many others. But the biggest shocker is that the music man has even written a song titled ‘Knockin’’ for Taiwanese singer/actor, Vanness Wu, back when Mars was still known as Peter Gene Hernandez. Mind. Blown.

Despite being one of the music industry’s most enigmatic acts, it’s no secret that Sia’s got the hitmaking formula down pat. The songwriter-turnedsinger has penned over 56 songs for huge names like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Rita Ora, Lea Michele, Rihanna and Beyonce. The latter two received gems like ‘Diamonds’ (pun intended), and ‘Pretty Hurts’, both of which propelled to charttopper status, to no one’s surprise. Sia has described song-writing for others as “play-acting”, where she chooses a melody that fits the singer before choosing a concept and writing the lyrics, which is a interesting insight into her creative process.


Bruno Mars

Aside from being the world’s favourite musical redhead/romantic mood maker extraordinaire, Ed Sheeran’s been keeping busy with song composing! You may have heard his works, from One Direction’s ‘Little Things’ (and many other 1D songs), Taylor Swift’s ‘Everything Has Changed’, and more recently, ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber. Ed Sheeran’s style is pretty obvious – with his love for acoustic guitar and romantic-as-hell lyrics – and it adds a nice touch no matter who the singer is.

Ed Sheeran

Not many people recognise the value of song-writing, but not Jessie J. The ‘Bang Bang’ singer has publicly revealed that the royalties she earned off writing Miley Cyrus’s pre-Bangerz hit ‘Party in the USA’ was enough to pay her rent for more than three years. In fact, the multiplatinum recording artiste admits that song-writing pays her more than singing does, which leaves us wondering how much she actually earns...

With Kanye West’s knack for antics, it’s easy to forget that he’s actually a talented musician, producer, songwriter and (now) fashion designer. And that he’s racked up sweet tunes for A-listers like power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, The Weeknd, Alicia Keys, and even Madonna herself. West’s upcoming album is expected to be phenomenal – the dude co-wrote Rihanna’s ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ – which makes us glad he took a break from designing $2,000 T-shirts, to work on his music.

Kanye West

Jessie J





Here’s a reminder to those who are constantly beating themselves up: you’re awesome and you deserve to feel good ‘bout yourself. But first, you’ve got some basic rules to follow: By Chew Hui Ling

Rule 1

Rule 2

Rule 3

Rule 4

Be the boss of yourself

Prove them wrong

Nix the negative thoughts

Reward yourself

You know what’s even more toxic than society? Those dark thoughts that creep their way into your mind when no one’s watching. The most common answer would be to think positively, but the trick is how you go about doing it. Try getting your emotions out of your system by talking it out with a close pal, finding a creative outlet, or taking a solo trip around the city to clear your mind. Ease yourself into slowly filtering out the voice in your head.

Now that you’ve emerged stronger than before and are properly loving yourself with your newfound confidence, it’s time to treat yourself to some TLC. Made a new friend? Great, plan a night out with ‘em! Stood up to bullies for the first time in school? Awesome! Now get yourself that new book you’ve been eyeing. Conquered your fear of heights? Wonderful – now go ahead and tick bungee jumping off your list (this is not a punishment, we promise you). You deserve it.

Even on days where you think you’re a straight-up mess, that’s okay because these are all just part of the package that comes with being a genuinely amazing human being. We often succumb to society’s expectations and allow others’ opinions to shape us into who we’re not – because nobody likes boring, or being normal – but in actual fact what makes us interesting is when we embrace who we really are. So start being control of your own life and make the mundane memorable.

The next time someone belittles you or tries to make you feel worthless, consider it a challenge to turn your lack of confidence into the determination to go beyond expectations. Don’t give them the opportunity to attack your insecurities, because you’re gonna flip the tables and prove to them that you’re better than they think you are. That’s the best kind of revenge, no? Stand up and show them exactly how it’s done – you’ve got this.

Quicks confidence boosters that you can achieve in…







Sit up straight. With good posture comes greater confidence.

Stand in front of the mirror, and give yourself a big smile.

Make someone’s day with a nice compliment or two.

Strut down the street like you’re about to take over the world.

Crank up your fave playlist to shake away your nerves.

Break a sweat and release those happy endorphins!



where to


For those hitting the books this March holidays, Kaplan shares the best off-campus study spots where you can get your brain on.

For ticking deadlines

For creative inspo

Community centres are seriously an underrated gem of a humble study spot. Most CCs are well-equipped with a multitude of air-conditioned classrooms and dedicated study areas for young residents to clock in serious study time. Some of them also come with partitions so you can conquer that pile of homework without any distractions. You might be required to pay a small membership fee per year, but the productive environment is definitely worth it.

Public libraries provide a wealth of knowledge that will get your creative juices flowing, which makes it perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle when you need a break from the screen. There are a total of 27 public libraries around, so there’s no excuse not to leave your cave. They’ve got squishy couches, quiet reading corners and private study booths where you can get some peace and quiet. However, it tends to get busy during peak hours so make sure you snag a table early.

For free and easy studying

For late-night mugging

Hear us out before you shun the idea. If you think void decks of today are still dark and dingy with only one or two stone tables, think again. They are now revamped into new community spaces with spacious tables where you can spread out your books without fear of being chased out. You won’t have access to Wi-Fi and neither is there the luxury of air-conditioners, but it definitely makes focusing on your work a lot easier. Just don’t forget some headphones in case the neighbourhood kids come by to play.

Aside from satisfying your wanderlust, Changi Airport is truly a conducive study hub with plenty of little nooks and crannies so you’re sure to find the right spot to cosy up with your stash of books. There’s no lack of power sockets dotted around the various terminals to keep your devices juiced up, plus a decent selection of F&B offerings to help you power through the long study hours. The best part? It operates 24/7 so you’ll be able to really pull those seemingly impossible all-nighters.

For project meetings

Ideal for brainstorm sessions with your comrades, co-working spaces like The Hideouts at *SCAPE and The Study Area at Oxley Bizhub allow you to rent a desk at a booking rate of half a day, full day or even on a monthly basis. Open round the clock, these private workstations provide a spacious environment with ample sockets, speedy Wi-Fi, and some places even offer a free flow of beverages to keep you fuelled till late. A space can set you back from as low as $10 to a few hundreds a month, so be prepared to shell out the cash.



High Notes Musicians teach you how to be yourself. By Johanna Teo

Taylor Swift

No one will

No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind It’s much more interesting to embrace who you really are

Tak e c are

rather than waste energy pretending to be someone else

you don’t Tak e c are

If you’re able to look yourself in the mirror every day with the decisions you make, that’s where the power lies

o f you i f of yo urself Alicia Keys

At the end of the day, you won’t be happy until you love yourself

Lady Gaga

Adam Levine

Selena Gomez

Smile and let everyone know that today, you’re Drake a lot stronger than you were yesterday

Never be ashamed

of what you feel.

You have the

right to feel any

emotion that you want and to do what makes you

happy Demi Lovato

If you’re presenting yourself with confidence,

Katy Perry you can pull off pretty much anything

You don’t need to look like everybody else.

Love who you are Lea Michele




This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Campus Run saw three days of fun-filled activities at Nanyang Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic. We hope youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you next year!

From 7 to 9 Jan, the Polytechnic Open House played host to various activities and offered prospective students a glimpse at the vibrant student life. The Teenage magazine booths at each polytechnic drew huge crowds with exclusive goodie bags, free makeovers and Instagram contests. Here are the highlights from each polytechnic. Sponsors


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Nanyang Polytechnic

Getting makeovers from ETUDE HOUSE!

The power o f mak ETUDE HOU eup fr om SE!

Looking gorgeous!

The LOTTE PEPERO props make our #Flatlays super pretty!

Welcoming us w ith ar ms (hands)


Who says guys canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t rock makeup?


Republic Polytechnic

Have you go tten Passpor t To your copy of our Your Futur e ? All smiles for the camera

Our fave Teenage covers!


FA Show ing love for THE

Goodie bags fo

Having tons of fun!

r ever yone!

DearKelly Teenage couple engages in sexual intercourse on staircase landing, girl becomes pregnant, baby left on doorstep, both charged in court. Dear readers, In early January 2016, The Straits Times and The New Paper carried an article about two teenagers engaging in a sexual relationship resulting in the underage girl getting pregnant. All of us at Teenage, as well as our readers, should look more closely at this case, as there are many lessons we can learn from what happened regardless whether you are a teenager or an adult dealing with teenagers. Here is a summary of the case – the headline in The Straits Times – teen

admits to abandoning newborn

while teen dad convicted of dumping baby was the headline on The New Paper. The couple met at a mutual friend’s home in January 2015, when the girl was 14.

They had sex on the staircase landing at her block of flats. They had sexual intercourse a second time but decided they should concentrate on their studies and meet less often. A few months later, the girl discovered she was pregnant. She informed her boyfriend. Unsure of what to do, they decide to keep quiet about the pregnancy. It was reported that the 14-year-old girl gave birth to a premature baby in

the toilet. Apparently the girl suffered excruciating pains and while sitting on the toilet seat, she heard a baby cry. Looking into the toilet bowl, she saw a baby. She picked up the baby boy, washed him in the washbasin and then called her boyfriend. The boyfriend arrived but both didn’t know what to do with the infant.

Eventually, the guy put the baby in a bag, and put the bag outside his parent’s home. A note he wrote stated, “… help to take care of this baby as I cannot afford to take care of him”. The baby’s name was stated and it included the following promise, “… if I have extra income I will send money monthly”. The teenage parents waited at the void deck to make sure the baby was found. At about 4pm, the guy’s mother heard crying on the doorstep and informed her husband. They discovered an abandoned baby and contacted the police and their son. Not long after, an ambulance arrived and the teen couple saw several Singapore Civil Defence Force officers going up to the flat. Later that evening, the couple went to inform the boy’s parents that the baby was theirs. DNA tests confirmed this.

The judge ordered the guy to appear in court in February 2016. There were several charges including committing a rash act, and he was also charged with having intercourse with a minor. The girl has been charged in the Juvenile Court for her part in the offence. Both are secondary school students – he is in secondary 3 and she is in secondary 1.


What do we learn from this report?


Teenagers are not mentally, emotionally or financially equipped to engage in sexual intercourse. Note the offhand manner they had sex on a staircase landing where a passer-by, including her family, might see them. There are no feelings of romance or a need for privacy. So sad… It was reported that after two sexual encounters, they decided not to see each other too often and concentrate on their lessons. There was no expression of love, caring or bonding. Sex was just a casual encounter between two willing teenagers. This is not how it should be. Worse is both of them not knowing what to do with the baby. It is heartbreaking to read that the baby was born in a toilet bowl.


We at Teenage do not condone pre-marital sex. But I have

to admit that pre-marital sex is not uncommon so I urge sexually active teenagers, if you won’t abstain from a sexual connection, then PLEASE use a condom to prevent an unplanned pregnancy and as protection against contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

BUT remember – it is against the law for anyone to have sexual intercourse with a minor.


Please note both teens were in court to face charges.

Always here for you.

Do you have a problem you wish to share? Something to get off your chest? Kelly’s responses take into account age, experience and needs of writers. Those writing in know and seek her tough love, nononsense approach. Readers wanting a different type of response should seek advice elsewhere. Older and more experienced readers knowing the answers to questions need to exercise patience. Not everyone knows what you know. After qualifying as a teacher, Kelly Chopard went on to attend several counselling courses. Over the past 30 years, she has been invited to sit on panels and discussion groups, give talks and has taught modules dealing with youth issues. She counsels primary and secondary school pupils. She also engages in parent-pupil counselling sessions. In the 1970s, she was a member of a People’s Association Team counselling young adults in areas like drugs, smoking and other health and social issues. From 1979 to 1983 she had a counselling column in a local woman’s magazine. Since 1996 she has been responding to Teenage readers in her Dear Kelly column.

important When writing to me through mail, state your Full Name, Age, I.C. No.,Telephone No., Gender and Pseudonym. There is no length restriction. Send your letters to: Dear Kelly, Teenage Magazine, 20 Bedok South Road, Singapore 469277 or via email at: Letters will be treated with the strictest confidence. I cannot respond to requests for personal responses.


& ignored Dear Kelly,

No one associates with me in class. If my classmates want help from me, I help them because my English is good. But when I ask them for help, they tell me to “shut up!” Embarrassed, I laugh and act as if it’s a joke.

But inside I feel useless because I can’t stand up for myself.

Let me give some examples of how I am treated.

Kelly: It is strange that your classmates have no problem approaching you in a civil manner when they need help with English, yet are rude, mean and ostracise you at other times. Of course you can stand up for yourself. It’s easy! The next time any of them approaches you regarding English, say politely but firmly, “I’d be happy to help if you tell me why you all treat me badly until you need my help?” This will shock them as you previously meekly helped them regardless of how they treated you. They may see you in a different light.

You have nothing to lose by adopting this strategy and you will be pleased that you stood up for yourself.



The girls would sit together during math lessons but if I went near them, they would shout, “There is no space here.” They say this even if there are many empty seats. I walk away and sit by myself.


If I forgot my math book and needed to share, I’d go to the girls but they’d say, “Share with the boys”.

If I approached the boys, they’d shout, “No way!” I am not exaggerating.

I feel isolated and ignored.

From: Isolated

They probably see you as a pushover and someone unable to stand up

for herself.

These people are bullies and you are the target. They will be taken aback when you ask them why they treat you badly. I hope you will learn something about why you are isolated and ignored. Should they continue to isolate you, yet still come for help with English, you say politely, “I only help friends”.

If nothing else you will no longer be a pushover. You will feel empowered. Consider forming friendships outside the classroom. Many students hang out with friends they met at CCA. Best wishes.


Never a dull moment Lotsa fun and laughter at the Teenage office all day every day!

Bite-sized chew!

Laneway 2016 We had an awesome time at the fest! Check out what went down on p. 70! What you see vs what really happened

You shoot me? I shoot you too! Good music, good company!

Rojak making in the house Was it worth getting our shoes ruined? YEP!

Hipsterapproved outfits!

hard at work

Justin says hi!

We may play hard, but we work hard too!

Anything for a good shot!

Everything must be perfect!

Prepping for shoots

Stockist • Admire, JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-29 • ASH, Scotts Square, Level 2 • Bagbox, JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-28 • Buyaway, JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-52 • CHARLES & KEITH, 313@somerset, #02-46/47/48/49 • Closet Palette, JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-32 • Cupid, JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-22 • D’Style, JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-98 • Dr. Martens, Wheelock Place, #02-17A • Forever 21, 313 Orchard Road , #01-10/11/12/13, #02-16/17/18/19/20/21, #03-16/17/18/19/20/21 , 313@Somerset • H&M, 1 Grange Road, Orchard Building • Levi’s, JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #01-26 • Moda, JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-23 • New Look, 313 Orchard Road, #B2-34/35/36/37, 313@ Somerset • On Pedder, Scotts Square, Level 2 • Pedro, Ngee Ann City, #B3-10 • STAR, JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-94 • Star Three Sixty, 501 Orchard Road, #02-08, Wheelock Place • Topman, 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-02, Ion Orchard • Topshop, 2 Orchard Turn, #B2-01, Ion Orchard • Urban Girl, JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-04, #02-31


Adventure • Sports • TRAVEL

15-17 April 2016 Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 404 Organised By

COME ON DOWN TO THE ADVENTURE, SPORTS & TRAVEL FAIR FOR AN EXPERIENCE YOU WON’T FORGET! Enjoy great deals on sports equipment and apparels from 2XU, GoPro, Key Power, Outdoor Life, The Bag Creature and many more! Come to learn more about unconventional sports! Enjoy exclusive offers on adventurous trips and expeditions!

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What’s more, come listen to our speakers share about their passions,

achievements and journeys at the main stage.

Our speakers

Farris Rahman Singapore’s No. 1 skateboarder and one of the top 50 skateboarders on the planet

Joanne Soo

Member of the Singapore Women’s Everest Team, who successfully summited Mt Everest in 2009

Sasha Christian

Singapore’s top female wakeboarder and more.....

Visit the Asia Xpedition website and Facebook page for more updates and giveaways!

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LAST CALL TO JOIN OUR vlog and travel writing contests, closing 15 Mar 2016! Details can be found on our website. daily lucky draws! There are more than $8,000 worth of prizes up for grabs! End the day by picking up a memento of Asia Xpedition: your very own, limited edition Asia Xpedition T-shirt, available in 3 eye-catching designs!

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Teenage Mar issue 327 (Preview)  

Justin Bieber may have gotten plenty of bad publicity, but our cover story explores how he managed to turn his career around. Check out ou...

Teenage Mar issue 327 (Preview)  

Justin Bieber may have gotten plenty of bad publicity, but our cover story explores how he managed to turn his career around. Check out ou...