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Looking at cute boys never gets old…

Hey dear readers, Usually, I’d say I’m pretty calm and cool, but today, I met the boys from Wong Fu Productions and I just turned into mush. Oh my gosh, the YouTube stars are so much cuter and charming in person, and I’ve been such a big fan since they started slightly more than a decade ago. *goofy grin* You can read more about them in the April issue, but I’m so excited I just had to share my encounter with them this month. What can I say? Cute guys are our weakness over here at Teenage, and if you can’t resist them too, you’ll love our spread of impossibly gorgeous boys (flip straight to p. 40)! We’re also heaping on the celeb love with exclusive interviews with Avril Lavigne (another fave of mine), Hebe Tien and the Ah Boys to Men: The Musical cast.

Fan-girling beside the Wong Fu Productions boys! I watch their videos all the time and wrote to Philip once to tell him he’s cute (which of course received no reply). Haha. Self-high-five.

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What I’m Loving this month!

Etude House Face Conditioning Cream ($19.90)

combines all the steps of my morning makeup prep into one – it’s a moisturiser, base, provides sun protection and keeps my skin nicely matte.

The Nikon Coolpix AW120 camera is perfect. Looks good, can withstand drops of 2m (I need that) and can shoot underwater too! No way! Urban Decay combined my two fave shades into the Naked 24/7

Glide-on Double-Ended Eye Pencil in Perversion + Pistol ($25, Sephora). I will use

this every day.

Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Concealer ($14.90,

BHG and selected Watsons) is among the best. It’s not cakey, conceals well with just a little dab and lasts for quite a few hours.

06 MAR 2014




r nde e ff ? yo ooks y aut l e b r ou ull eat ref ng y rep a i ve c g a a pro les you m bot i i a e f s r A an f se ou c ty o gh the y l i w o gu ou on h thr s d e a u ne! Re d cl uti n o i r y to f aut e b r you

24 FEB 2014



time to go

Do you have some beauty overstayers in your makeup bag? Give them marching orders or suffer serious repercussions! By Yuen Yi Ying Bacteria is introduced when you pump the wand in and out of the tube. After three months, not only will the mascara look clumpy and dry, you’ll risk stinging and itching.

A little blush or bronzer tends to go a long way, so they tend to hang around. But toss them if you don’t want rashes across your face, and wash brushes weekly.

Mascara Visa valid: 2-3 months Stayed: 1 year Eyeshadow Visa valid: 3 months Stayed: 2 years You bought purple, but your eyes are now bright pink and swollen. When you hang on to eyeshadow, which often touches liquids from your eye, you’re at higher risk of developing sties and conjunctivitis. When lipstick or lipgloss is old, it’s dry, hard to blend and can make you sick. Pick a new trendy shade instead.

Lipstick Visa valid: 1 year Stayed: 2 years

Blush Visa valid: 1 year Stayed: 3 years

These are bacteriabombs as they touch the waterline too. As eyes are extra sensitive, you’ll be suffering soon after putting old products on.

Liquid Foundation Visa valid: 6-12 months Stayed: 2 years

Blemishes carry a ton of germs, and applying the product with fingers or applicators will further contaminate it and make the zit larger.

Eyeliner Visa valid: 3 months Stayed: 1 year Most are made with water, which bacteria love. So the longer you use it, the more you’ll have to cover up. If you’re using powder foundation, it can stay for up to two years, but sponges have to go after two uses (once front and back).

Concealer Visa valid: 1 year Stayed: 2 years

Look out for this logo on the packaging. It shows how many months you can keep a product for once it’s opened.




Crimes Against Beauty

We’ve all broken these beauty rules at some time, but Amanda Tan and Yuen Yi Ying explains why you should stop now before things get worse! When your kisser is chapped and dry as a desert, licking them might seem like such a good idea. But after a few seconds, you’ll be feeling even worse than before. Unlike the rest of the face, our lips can’t produce oil to keep it moisturised, and swirling your tongue along your pout can break down its thin protective barrier.



Many of us can’t resist the temptation to scratch or squeeze pimples when they pop up. But as alluring as it may be, doing so is extremely damaging to skin’s surface and inner layers. Not only can trying to pop a zit cause scars, the blemish might also worsen due to further infection, leading to more severe problems like nodules, cysts or scars.

Corrective Order:

The only thing you’re going to do with your hands, is put some treatment on the spot, like Mentholatum Acnes Point Clear ($9.90, Sasa and personal care stores) and Dermalogica MediBac Concealing Spot Treatment ($55, AsterSpring Origin of Beauty Centres). Trust us, this will make the problem go away much faster.

18 MAR 2014


Corrective Order: A rich lipbalm

that will keep your pucker moisturised for hours is what you need. We like PURE by Phytocare Papaya Ointment ($14.90, personal care stores), which softens, soothes and hydrates quickly.


CHANGING HAIRDRESSERS Though you may be disappointed when the new hairdresser gives you a cut that doesn’t fit, do give him or her a second chance. Each stylist needs time to adjust to your hair type, shape, texture and lifestyle for a cut that’s truly amazing.

Corrective Order: Bring a

picture of your desired cut and tell the hairdresser all your concerns, like if you want a low-maintenance cut that doesn’t need styling or if you’re trying to grow out your locks.


CRIM E SCENE DO NO T CRO S S If you’re nervous, angry or agitated, remember to keep your fingers away from your mouth. Biting your nails makes them sore, infected and can even inhibit future nail growth. Also, all the bacteria that you pick up when touching things are then transferred to your mouth and can make you sick. How gross is that?!

Corrective Order:

Manicare Bite No More ($15.15, Guardian Health & Beauty) has a non-toxic bitter taste that will turn you off your bad habit. And it’s clear too, in case your school doesn’t allow nail colours. After you’ve stopped gnawing, strengthen your digits with essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener ($3.90, selected Watsons).





Whenever we purchase a new facial product, don’t we always hope that the effects are immediate? Here’s some news for you: our skin takes at least 28 days to renew itself. That means that any change you’d like to see will require month of waiting and patient application of the product.

Corrective Order: Finish up the

bottle of product first before ditching it, or at least give it 4-8 months to prove itself. However, if you experience any allergic reaction, it’s best to consult a dermatologist before continuing.

Unless you want to constantly look surprised or angry, be careful when grooming your brows yourself. When a particular area is constantly plucked at, the hairs will grow back slower or not at all. Over-plucking will also throw your facial features off and make you look weird.

Corrective Order: It’s best to go to the

professionals, but if you insist on doing it yourself, stay away from magnifying mirrors, which tempt you to pluck every stray strand. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer ($33.40, grip unwanted hairs precisely so you don’t accidentally pull out extra strands.

Beauty Boo-boos

Celebs open up about their own grooming mistakes.



“I moisturise twice a day – in the morning and before I go to sleep. Sometimes I forget to put it on at night, and I notice the next day that my skin is dry.” – Miranda Cosgrove

“I used to be kind of careless about it, [but] now I realise how important it is to wash your face morning and night, and to wear sunscreen.” – Emma Roberts


TOUCHING HAIR Who would’ve thought there was anything wrong with this? Turns out that by touching locks – such as stroking, brushing, or running fingers through – the cuticles on hair may get raised and damaged, leading to loss of moisture, roughness and split ends.

Corrective Order: Liese Hair

Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum ($15.90) adds shine and bounce while smoothing frizz. Your mane will look so lovely you won’t want to touch it and mess it up.

“Because [my] hairstyles change so often, I use a shampoo that helps take care of my damaged hair.” – Yoona

MAR 2014





The Seven Suspects

Causing you to

Break Out

You’ve been extra diligent with your skincare but still prone to zits. What’s up with that? Yuen Yi Ying susses out the factors you might be overlooking.



Your K-dramas

Your Style

#Swagcheck: You’ve got your sunglasses, hats, watch, necklace and backpack. All the accessories any fashionista will own. But not only do we never wash them, they trap sweat, mixing it with bacteria and our natural oils for a full-on blemish fest. In addition, the constant rubbing irritates skin too, worsening zits.

Fix it: Be more diligent with your skincare around the

Staying up to watch Pretty Man, chatting with pals or anticipating a cool date can get you excited, which the body interprets as stress. Wait what?! Yep, exams and tense situations aren’t the only causes of acne. Basically, anything that makes you freak out (whether for good or bad), triggers your body to produce more oil, increasing your chances of clogged and inflamed pores.

Fix it: If you break out, be wary of the knee-jerk

areas that the accessories touch. And on top of trying to keep your items clean, give them a wipe-down with antibacterial wipes if they can’t be washed. • Dettol Anti-bacterial Wet Wipes, $1.80 for a pack of 10, Guardian Health & Beauty stores • Kleenex Sanitizing Wipes, $1.55 for a pack of 10, Guardian Health & Beauty stores

Your Vanity

(makeup, hairstylers and overwashing)

reaction to constantly clean and scrub your face or attack it with strong products. This messes up skin’s natural pH balance, making it easier for acne bacteria to thrive on skin, says Dr Calvin Chan, Director of Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic. Instead, stop your skin from flaring up with gentle products that will soothe and quell redness and spots. • Belif Problem Solution Green Essence, $57 • The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Gel, $24.90

Ironically, the more you try to doll up, the worse you might look in the long run. Putting on thick makeup, especially those that contain mineral oil, is just looking for trouble as skin risks developing clogs. Plus, if you don’t take off your makeup properly, never wash your tools or use expired products, zits are only a matter of time.

Fix it: When you’re buying makeup, check the label and make sure it ays noncomedogenic or hypoallergenic, says Dr Hazel Oon, Consultant Dermatologist, Head of the Acne Clinic at the National Skin Centre. The term, ‘dermatologisttested’ is not regulated, so it doesn’t really mean much. Also, if you use hairstyling products, the ingredients may block pores too. Choose hair products that are less oily and be sure not to let your locks brush your skin.

20 MAR 2014

Fashion style closet


The Fun Stretch your money and your wardrobe! Get two very different outfits out of the same star piece.

Star Item

Top, $59, Miss Selfridge

DAY Denim crop top, $17.90, H&M, Blue shorts with belt, $39.90, Lowrys Farm, Necklace, $3, Forever 21, Bracelet, $13.90, Shoes, $33.90, New Look

Night Jacket, $59, Forever 21 Skirt, $35, The Editor’s Market Necklace, $29, Miss Selfridge Bracelet, $33.90, Accessorize Clutch, $39.90, New Look Heels, $56.90, Charles & Keith

26 MAR 2014

Rocker Tee




Go casual or glam with this comfy and stylish staple.









1. Jumper, $49.95, Cotton On 2. Sunglasses, $36.90, Accessorize 3. Bag, $33.90, Accessorize 4.Shoes, $45, Forever21

Top, $39.90, New Look

1. Check Skirt, $39.90, New Look 2. Clutch, $46, Miss Selfridge 3. Necklace, $19, Topshop 4. Bracelet, $36.90, Accessorize 5. High Heels, $59.90, New Look

Blazer 1 Photography: Justin Loh Assisted by Vicky ANDHIKA Sourcing & Styling: Angie Ng ModelS: Michelle lim, faisal hamid


Throw this on to make any outfit look more pulled together instantly.


3 2

1 4



DAY 1. Floral Dress, $35, The Editor’s Market 2. Necklace, $36.90, Accessorize 3. Bag, $46, Topshop 4. Pumps, $33.90, New Look

Blazer, $49.95, Cotton On

Skirt 1

1. Jeans, $49.95, Cotton On 2. Bag, $59.90, Charles & Keith 3. Top, $39.90, Lowrys Farm 4. Heels, $56.90, Charles & Keith



Show off your legs and figure in this body-hugging skirt.

2 3


5 3 5


NIGHT 1. Check Blouse, $29, Forever 21 2. Bangle, $10, Forever 21 3. Bag, $45, Forever 21 4. Sneakers, $59.90, Converse 5. Hat, $39.90, Accessorize

Pencil skirt, $15, Forever 21

1. Top, $33, Forever 21 2. Clutch, $36.90, Accessorize 3. Heels, $59.90, Charles & Keith 4. Gold Bangle, $15, Forever 21 5. Necklace, $19.90, New Look

MAR 2014



022 JAN 2014



This March holidays, dress up in f lirty cute outfits, then grab your pal and explore the city for plenty of photo opportunities.

Photographers: Long Fei @ T2 Pictures assisted by Stanley Low Fashion Stylist: Evon Chng assisted by Edel Ang Hair and makeup: Gigi Sng using Urban Decay Models: Alina Gracheva, Cami Halasz / Mannequin On Alina (left): Top, $35, The Editor’s Market, Jeans, $99, American Apparel from Preview, Necklace, $19.90, New Look, Olympus Pen E-P3 camera, stylist’s own On Cami (right): Jacket, $89, Miss Selfridge, Top, $29, The Editor’s Market, Skirt, $99, Topshop, Bag, $59.90, New Look

JAN 2014


Top, $59, Miss Selfridge Necklace, $39.90, Prowlwow Shorts, $76, Topshop

32 MAR 2014

Jumpsuit, $96, Miss Selfridge Top, $19, Necklaces, $29 each, Topshop Clutch, $58, Wicked Laundry

MAR 2014




In their decade-long career, the K-pop royalty have encountered record-breaking highs and devastating low moments when their future seemed bleak. Now performing as a duo, they’re more focused than ever and armed with exciting and fresh ideas. Here, Priscilla Wu sheds light on how far the band has come and what they have in store for fans.

TVXQ Over The Years 70FEB 2014

4 200 Hug

4 200 ngle Tri-A

5 200 g Sun Risin


n.Ha 6 200 Jung.Ba “O”

PAST Milestone



Naming The Band

TVXQ definitely has one of the coolest names in showbiz, but not many knew they had initially settled on Dong Bang Bul Pae (which stands for Invincible East) before it was rejected by S.M. Entertainment? Their current band name Dong Bang Shin Ki was chosen by a friend of their producer, Lee Soo Man. Milestone


Official Debut


TVXQ did not exactly breeze their way to the top, but their first shot at fame was, by rookie standards, quite successful. Following their debut appearance at a BoA and Britney Spears showcase, the then-five-member band released their first studio album, Tri-Angle, which peaked on Korean music charts and was one of the best-selling records of 2004. Milestone


Breaking Into Japan


Although TVXQ is now hugely popular throughout Asia, the boys recently revealed that they had a pretty rough start in Japan. Prior to their endeavour, most Korean artistes (with the exception of BoA) had failed in their attempts to break into the Japanese market, making it crucial for them to start right from the bottom. Their maiden gig in Tokyo was a modest affair with only 100 fans in attendance! Milestone



Two Years Of Tours and Accolades

Every musician knows the importance of connecting fans through live performances, and TVXQ spent most of 2006 and 2007 on the road for their international tours. Besides making history with their Rising Sun Asia Tour by becoming the first Korean artistes to stage a concert in Malaysia, the success of album “O”-Jung.Ban.Hap won the band coveted prizes at Mnet Asian Music Awards, Seoul Music Awards, Golden Disk Awards as well as their first recognition at MTV Video Music Awards Japan. Milestone




It took the boys four years to cement their status in the Japanese music scene and after dropping three number-one singles, ‘Purple Line’, ‘Beautiful You/ Sennen Koi Uta’ and ‘Doshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandaro?’, they returned to Korea to record their fourth studio record, Mirotic. With over four million downloads (the release date had to be postponed due to overwhelming pre-order requests); the album officially became the biggest hit in their career.

and 6 200 rt, Mind Hea

l Sou

7 200 ’ You Lovin

7 lack 200 in the B Five

8 200 T

8 200 tic Miro

orld 9 200 re The Wre!


Sha We A

FEB 2014




With the recent explosion of gorgeous male celebs whose looks easily rival that of their female counterparts, Priscilla Wu joins the craze and picks out 20 impossibly pretty boys. Pretty Boy \`pri-tē, `b˙ oi\ — noun 1. A man who is physically attractive. 2. A man who has delicate, feminine facial features. 3. A man whose hair is usually kept long or impeccably styled.

Insta Pretty Boy Moment

40MAR 2014

Lee Min ho 26

Where is he from? South Korea What is the buzz? We don’t know if it is those earnest eyes or the charming roles he portrays in Boys Over Flowers and The Inheritors, but there is something simply irresistible about Min Ho. Plus from what we’ve heard, he has a down-to-earth personality that makes him every girl’s dream come true. What are his prettiest features? Eyes, Skin Why do we love him? “I can’t take my eyes off his perfect complexion!” – Lavonne, Asst Business Manager


Insta Pretty Boy Moment

Where is he from? South Korea What is the buzz? A face like Geun Suk’s certainly doesn’t come around every day. And while most idols with outstanding looks are rarely seen as serious performers, he has charmed Asia with his musical ventures with Team H and roles in You’re Beautiful and Bel Ami. What are his prettiest features? Hair, Eyes Why do we love him? “In addition to having amazing skin, he has a gorgeous and delicate bone structure that most girls would love to have.” – Yi Ying, Deputy Editor


Photos: Universal Music, Warner Music, Amuse Inc


Insta Pretty Boy Moment

Where is he from? South Korea What is the buzz? We honestly thought Jaejoong couldn’t be any prettier on the cover of his first solo album, WWW. Those alluring eyes, that amazing body and those blonde locks… this JYJ member is definitely the epitome of a pretty boy. What are his prettiest features? Eyes, Jawline Why do we love him? “We heard that he’s really tidy and is great at keeping the house clean. Plus he has an amazing, masculine body in contrast to his feminine face.” – Angie Ng, Associate Art Director

MAR 2014


Takuya Kimura


Take r u sato 24

How can we forget these eternally beautiful boys?

Where is he from? Japan What is the buzz? We haven’t been able to get this hottie out of our minds since we saw him in Bloody Monday. And it’s not all about looks for him. Takeru showed off some serious acting chops in his recent works, Rurouni Kenshin and Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru.

Takeshi Kaneshiro

What are his prettiest features? Lips, Eyes Why do we love him? “Only

Takeru can make a masculine samurai look so drool-worthy!” – Priscilla, Writer

Jerry Yan


Takuya Kimura

Where is he from? South Korea What is the buzz? This cutie

Insta Pretty Boy Moment

from Super Junior should be hot on your radar if you are into boys with a thing for cats and manhwa. We can’t wait to see him in the new season of We Got Married – Global Edition – we just hope his ‘bride’ will be as gorgeous as he is!

Tom Cruise

What are his prettiest features? Eyes, Lips Why do we love him? “He has

a unique personality and who can resist his sexy moves on stage?” – Peiling, Executive

42MAR 2014

Won Bin

Insta Pretty Boy Moment

Where is he from? South Korea What is the buzz? BIGBANG’s leader, GD, stole our hearts from the day the band broke the scene with debut EP Always. Apart from his ever-changing image, his surprisingly coy personality makes him the kind of boy you will love to bring home to your parents. What are his prettiest features? Petite Frame, Lips Why do we love him? “He’s a fashionista who’s charismatic on stage yet demure off-stage.” – Maggie Mok, Asst Manager (Marcom)

GDragon 25

Bii 24

Where is he from? Taiwan, South Korea

What is the buzz? This Show Luo doppelganger looks so exquisite up-close, we were afraid of breaking him with our stares. And as he slowly moves away from his soft-spoken self on stage, we are certainly hoping to see more of him in the future. What are his prettiest features? Lips, Skin Insta Pretty Boy Moment

MAR 2014



How To Date

Lee Jae Jin

During our recent chat, the FTISLAND bassist dropped a bomb when he revealed he is taken! But how does one get close to someone like him? Priscilla Wu reveals hints.

Step 1: Hit The Friend Zone

Didn’t they say all great couples start out as friends? This may be particularly true for Jae Jin, who expressed regret at having little friends in school. “One thing I am envious of my peers is that I didn’t really have a lot of friends. I debuted at a young age, so I could only mix with my primary and secondary schoolmates. I didn’t have many friends at university.”

Step 2: Hang Out

When the 22-year-old revealed that building chemistry between the members is an important stage for a band like FTISLAND, we’re guessing the same strategy works magic on his heart. “You need to play hard as a group. We gather and do activities together in order to bond. Pretty much just hanging out.”

Step 3: Don’t Be Shy

Girls are generally more bashful when it comes to romance, but if you want to snag a dreamboat like Jae Jin, you will need to be gutsy. Quizzed on the difficulties he faced as a rookie, the bassist admitted that it took him a while to ease into his rocker role. “Training wasn’t the hard part. We practised a lot as a band, but after our debut, we have to deliver live performances on stage and that was something I couldn’t really adjust to. Stage fright is not something you can control as a rookie. I have to overcome that to become a better artiste.”

Step 4: Take It Slow

We know. You need to act fast before someone takes him off the market (sadly, some girl already did). But someone like Jae Jin would probably appreciate taking things at a slower pace. “I wish I debuted when I was older. I would have had more time to develop my talents. I did a lot of things in my trainee days, but I wasn’t entirely sure why I had to do them. I was too young.”

Uh huh, never kiss and tell. Apparently, spilling secrets on screen is what gets the FTISLAND members fighting. “We fought several times because we kept spilling [each others’] secrets on TV. We were angry at first, but we just laughed it off as time passed. We really quarrelled a lot in the beginning. When I’m on variety shows and one of them starts revealing my secrets, I will say a bad word or name a specific brand, so the producers will edit that part out (laughs).”

46 MAR 2014

Photos: channel M

Step 5: Be Discreet

The Star Next Door She may be one of the most successful solo artistes in Mandopop, but Hebe Tien reveals she is just a regular girl-next-door. By Priscilla Wu The album Insignificance

continues the ‘Hebe Tien’ musical style that everyone is familiar with. The producers had a discussion with me, and they decided to include elements from the music genres I usually listen to. The lyrics too, focused on the contradictions of my personality and reflections on life. We wanted to produce something that sounds completely new and close to my current psychological state. I had to record ‘You Better Not

Think About Me’ several times. In the end, I thought it would be better to interpret it in a straightforward manner. After all, it is a song that requires emotions to run high.

The songs that are closest to my heart are ‘Contradiction’ and


I feel contradicted about trivial

stuff. Like whether I should get up in the morning. Or if I should stay in bed for a little longer.

‘The Most Important Thing in Life’ is my family.


When we were filming the music video of ‘You Better Not Think About Me’, I slipped and

fell at the bowling alley! Plus, I didn’t know the male lead

well, but we had to appear as though we were passionate about each other. When I am working as a member of S.H.E., I get to play around with

Selina and Ella. I am quieter when I am promoting as a solo artiste because there is no one else to have fun with (laughs). Working alone gives everyone a chance to get to know me better too.

The most difficult thing about being a solo artiste is communicating with

the media and others.

What people don’t know about me is that I am just a regular girl.

Just like everyone else, I enjoy watching movies and going out with friends. I am very different from my onstage persona.

My ideal boyfriend is someone whom I can talk to. I am attracted to guys who are kind, doting and interesting.

What are Hebe’s plans for 2014? “I hope to do more to help the less fortunate. I would love the chance to collaborate with charity organisations. I have also planned to go on a vacation with my BFFs in Europe. It will be great if I can bring my family along too.”

MAR 2014



All Jazzed Up


en-J is truly passionate about music. Bringing his Piano Man world tour to the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 25 January, the mandopop artiste belted out tracks with the sort of effortlessness and self-assurance that comes only from genuine passion.

numbers like ‘The Year 2000’, ‘Donna Lee’ and ‘Love Is Curry’, before moving on to his grand piano for ‘The Building Next Door’ and ‘The Days That I Am Without You’. Even though the tempo got slower towards the middle, he remained gleeful as the night went on.

The three-hour show, which included six costume changes, embraced an oldworld sheen one would associate with the jazz-pop tunes on his studio albums. Throughout the show, Yen-J never lost momentum, opening the set with fast

In truth, the 25-year-old’s voice sounded a lot stronger in person, but the heartfelt emotion in his delivery was probably the main reason why his performance was so captivating. There were several moments when it felt like the lyrics he was singing meant the world to him. And when he wasn’t charming the crowd with his own creations, Yen-J showed off his nimble fingerwork on the trombone and guitar. He also paid homage to industry veterans with reinterpretations of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Sir Duke’ and Wakin Chau’s ‘Flower’s Heart’. His performance was matched by the enthusiasm of the 300-strong crowd. Stopping for a quick banter with the audience, he related the story of his musical beginnings and fans lapped up his impromptu B-boy routine before the fivetrack encore which included ‘Good Things’, ‘Trapped in Taipei’ and ‘Cleanliness’.

50 MAR 2014

Photos: Rock Records/Marcus Lin

In town for his first full-fledged concert, Yen-J delivered a 28-song set that sounds as enchanting as he looks. By Priscilla Wu

Lessons From


Beyonce, the symbol of feminism worldwide, explores themes of self-empowerment and insecurities of womanhood in her brand new self-titled album. So what exactly can we learn from the queen of American pop? Priscilla Wu finds out.


fter a year of anticipation, Beyonce has finally dropped her eponymous fifth studio album on iTunes (in the middle of the night with absolutely no warning!). Choosing to waive the usual preview-and-singles fanfare and deliver the full content in one blow, the introspective musician translated the 15-track record into a celebration of all things womanly. And while the themes may seem too sombre for a pop record, fans and media peers lauded her efforts to incorporate issues of self-empowerment and female sexuality in tracks like ‘Blow’, Drunk in Love’ and ‘Jealous’. Here we round up four lessons we can learn from the fabulous Mrs Carter.

Lesson Two: Be Responsible

Lesson Four: Just Be Yourself

How many times have we seen mega celebs going off the rails? Queen B spent most of her life in showbiz, but while her peers were spilling out of the nightclubs and rehab, she remained the sensible adult who still gets home before midnight. Even American President Obama said she “could not be a better role model” for his daughters.

When Beyonce unraveled her life before the cameras for HBO TV-movie Life Is But a Dream, viewers saw glimpses of the private moments that define who the megastar truly is. Even in difficult times like her split from her business manager (aka father, Mathew Knowles), or when speaking about gender equality, she stayed honest to her feelings, “Equality is a myth, and for some reason everyone accepts the fact that women don’t make as much money as men do.”

You can definitely have Lesson a bit of fun while you Learnt: are young, but always remember to stay away from anything that might distract you from fulfilling your responsibilities.

Lesson Three: Find a Balance Lesson One: Wow your Critics


So the media made a big fuss about Beyonce lip-syncing the national anthem at President Barack Obama’s second inauguration ceremony? She silenced her detractors by singing ‘The StarSpangled Banner’ in a pitch-perfect live performance at the Super Bowl press conference 10 days later, saying she didn’t have enough time to prepare before and wanted a flawless performance. The next time someone Lesson throws a criticism your Learnt: way, take it in stride. Work on your shortcomings and impress them with a new and improved version of yourself.

One thing that Beyonce did best after the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy, was juggling her private life and a jam-packed work schedule. It was not without difficulties as she admitted in a recent interview, but according to her BFF, Iron Man’s Gwyneth Paltrow, B makes every minute count by often letting the two-year-old tot join her in the recording studio and on concert tours. Many teenagers have busy Lesson lives, but maintaining a Learnt: well-rounded schedule doesn’t have to be a juggling act. Set priorities and manage your time to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by one particular area of your life.

Forget faking it till you make Lesson it. The most confident person Learnt: is not the one who pretends to be someone else.

OUR FAV MUSIC VIDEOS! ‘Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)’ Really, what’s more adorable than some mother and daughter interaction from the Carter clan? ‘Pretty Hurts’

Beyonce tells us that being the prettiest isn’t always easy.

MAR 2014


Entertainment radar

what's on our playlist? Our choice of music, movies and books for the break you need from school! Labor Day (13 Mar)

On The Big Screen

When 13-year-old Henry and his depressed single mother offered a mysterious wounded man a ride, they never expected him to be a convicted murderer that escaped from prison. But when the new family forms a surprising bond with each other, will they succumb to reality?

Divergent (21 Mar)

The Wind Rises (20 Mar)

Possibly the next movie craze, the story is set in a dystopian world where people are sorted into factions based on their personalities. Results reveal Tris to be a Divergent and she is warned to hide this fact or get killed. She learns that this secret might be an antidote for her loved ones, or the cause of her destruction.

Animation legend Hayao Miyazaki will be leaving behind a cinema legacy with his final Studio Ghibli production. Not too big on romance, this film features an aspiring aircraft designer who soars above odds and braves through historical events such as The Great Kanto Earthquake in order to realise his dream.

On The small Screen

Model Mayhem

Singaporean babes Nicole Lee and Poojaa Gill went from being regular girls to leggy beauties on Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2. And it was all fun and laughter as both spilled behind-the-scenes secrets. By Chew Hui Ling arises between us, I’d confront them and clear the air there and then.

#3 Iconic Challenges

#1 Psychological Test

us. We’d be all mic’d up and cameras would be everywhere. So [this] will inevitably take a toll on a person who’s not strong enough emotionally.

Poojaa: [During the second casting], we had a two-hour test with a psychologist to make sure we were mentally fit and would not go psycho halfway during the show (laughs).

#2 Friends or Foes?

Nicole: It’s difficult to see from a viewer’s point of view, but there was a lot of pressure on the contestants. We were kept in a bubble without our loved ones, and everything we depended on was taken away from

Poojaa: Having to live in a house with so many other girls was definitely difficult at the start, but it got easier with time. We all have different habits, but eventually we accommodate and set house rules. I don’t invest any time in drama. When trouble

58MAR 2014

Poojaa: [One shoot was done] in -5 degrees Celsius [temperature] to see how we’d perform in a winter climate. All the challenges are really tough and not things a typical model would do. That’s why we’d advise those interested in joining the competition to be aware that it’s not just modeling. Nicole: You’re going to fall straight away if you’re not emotionally strong enough and let your previous failures or doubts take over. We were basically all walking on a tightrope the entire time. Catch Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 every Wednesday 9.40pm on Star World, SingTel mio TV Ch 301, StarHub TV Ch 501

spin this! Bop away to the newest music releases.

4.5/5 BACK 2 LIFE

Beyonce Taking her fans entirely by surprise, Beyonce released a self-titled visual album with no warning and wowed us with an additional 17 music videos! Her songs convey meaningful and dark themes like self-image in ‘Pretty Hurt’, empowerment in ‘***Flawless’ and innovation in ‘Ghost’, showing a different side of her with each number. She also never fails to show off her strong vocals and wide range in the electro-R&B tunes, living up to her reputation as one of the biggest female artistes in the world.


Most Creative AvatarStar Design – Month of February

After Sean Kingston nearly lost his life in an accident, he gained a new perspective on life and music, naming his third album BACK 2 LIFE. Describing his album as having an “organic and evolved” sound, the record features a funky combination of genres like pop, reggae, electronic and R&B. The song list begins with ‘Back 2 Life (Live it Up)’, a track about how he felt after the harrowing experience, but most numbers are lighthearted and carefree.


Congratulations to TERENCE LIM for winning the Most Creative AvatarStar Design for the month of December! You have won yourself a 1-year subscription to Teenage magazine!

You can send your avatar design to us and get featured in Teenage magazine! Featured Designs: (L-R)Felix Poh, Chiang Kah Peng, Elva Tan


Jason Derulo is all about catchy and groovy beats in TATTOOS, which starts off with addictive tune ‘The Other Side’. The other tracks have varying styles like rock in ‘Talk Dirty’ to electronic dance in ‘With The Lights On’, boasting Jason’s vocal versatility. ‘Vertigo’ also features his current girlfriend, Jordin Sparks, where they sing a sweet duet together. Do also give a listen to party anthems like ‘Fire’, an energetic number that will surely make anyone dance along to.

Love Lesson Though this Mandarin pop album from Diana Wang begins with sad tunes like ‘Ni Hao Ma’ (‘How Are You’) and ‘Wo De Wo Zi Ji’ (‘Me and I’), it picks up to more upbeat and cheerful tunes such as ‘Don’t Say Don’t’, which is also our favourite track. Its playful 3.5/5 rhythm prevents the album from becoming another mellow compilation of songs. ‘Skinny Love’, an English number, wraps up the album on a nice bittersweet note.

Follow these steps and send your designs to us now! 1. Sign up for an AvatarStar online account and download the game client from 2. Select the class of your preference 3. Design your avatar 4. Take a screenshot of your avatar design and email it together with your particulars to Particulars: Name / Gender / NRIC Number. / Email Address / Address / Contact Number / Occupation or school Subject Title: Teenage Mar issue 303 – Avatar Star Design

Download the game from and get started now!

097 89

JAN 2014 FEB 2014

CAMPUS RUN! Teenage Goes to School After the three-day open house extravaganza at Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic, Teenage has successfully wrapped up Teenage Mission: Campus Run 2014! Hope you joined in the activities! Special thanks to:

On 9-11 January, the various polytechnics threw open their doors, revealing the vibrant campus life that awaits potential students. At each of the schools, Teenage had booths to engage visitors with lots of cool activities! There was no shortage of fun or chatter as the stations drew a fun-loving crowd of curious individuals and dedicated readers alike. Looks like all had a blast! Here, we present to you the highlights from Teenage Mission: Campus Run 2014!

FUN FEST Between fringe activities and attractive freebies, the Teenage booths garnered amazing support! Everyone was such a good sport when asked to vote for the Favourite Teenage Cover of 2013 by posing for a pic with their preferred covers. And they could even choose to print out the shots with the LG Pocket Photo Printer! We were also accompanied by Sally Hansen and The Body Shop (featuring the super huggable Tea Tree

mascot!), which treated students to express manicure sessions and makeup trials respectively. How awesome would it be to look like a beauty queen among friends? That was just part of the fun – those who dropped by also stood a chance to win Deuter bags and walk away with a b.liv sample!

LOVE NOTES With the year’s most romantic holiday right around the corner, visitors penned down lovey-dovey messages for their sweethearts on Post-it® Big Pads & Super Sticky Notes – and based on the flood of dedications, it sure seemed like there was plenty of love in the air. Big hugs from the Teenage team to everyone who swung by our booths to say ‘hello’. We’re already looking forward to seeing new and familiar faces during next year’s edition of Teenage Mission: Campus Run!


Supporting Partners


Look! It’s G-Dragon on the cover! Love it!

Go Ahead, Love BIG with Post-it®

“Are we going to win the perfect school bag for the new year?” *cross fingers*

Snap & print with LG Pocket photo printer. It’s that easy!

Write love dedications to your loved ones using Post-it® Big Pads & Super Sticky Notes!

TEENAGE@NYP #nomnomnom on Pick Up biscuits!

FreshKon has trendy cosmetic lenses!

Teenage RAWKZ!

Say what!? It’s Teenage@NYP!

I The Body Shop! Happy students with their free goodie bags!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil mascot

Free makeup trial by The Body Shop.

“Ooo... Look at my pretty nails!” Thank you Sally Hansen for the awesome manicure!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil mascot trying to fit in with the hip hop group.


Plenty of curious onlookers.

I’m Awesome!

“I love my family and friends!”

Deuter bag giveaway

Looking pretty using The Body Shop makeup.

Lucky Teenage fans will get to win a Deuter bag during Teenage Campus Run!

YEAH! All of you should totally be here!

TEENAGE@SP Free makeover by The Body Shop

Mother and son - so sweet!

The boys would also like to have alluring eyes with FreshKon cosmetics lenses.


TEENAGE@TP Freebies! Freebies! Oh, so many glorious freebies!

I TEENAGE Life's Good!

The Body Shop makeup artist working her magic... turning every customer into a beautiful angel.

Pampering treats for your nails by Sally Hansen

10 Focus

Communicating With Your Parents Adolescence is probably the most difficult period in anyone’s life. With pressure from school and peers, many teenagers distance themselves from their parents when they feel their folks have no idea what they’re going through. Without proper communication, conflicts can arise to strain the relationship.



Teenagers Should Know How To Do

Learn how to live your life to the fullest! By Priscilla Wu

Tip 1:

Set aside time for them. Go shopping with mum or play your latest video games with dad. Spend a day every week to reconnect and do something special with one another.

Tip 2:

Give them your full attention. Ever felt disrespected when pals remained occupied with their smartphones when you were talking to them? Never do that to your parents.

Tip 3: Educate them on social network systems. Giving them a peek into your digital life can help them understand you a little better and set their mind at ease.


GIVE A KILLER PRESENTATION Stage fright is the most common phobia experienced globally and many surveys show that “most people would rather die than speak in front of a live audience”. So how can you conquer this anxiety?

DO… push your nerves. Don’t skip out on presentations just because you’re afraid. You’ll never conquer your fears if you remain in your comfort zone.

72MAR 2014


Here are some tips to rebuild the connection:

DON’T… forget to make eye contact and smile. You will look friendly and approachable to the audience.

DON’T… think negative thoughts. Positive thinking and a good posture can help you appear more confident to others. If you mess up, a small dose of humour will help diffuse the situation.

19% of people worldwide have a fear of public speaking, reports a US study.

DO… practise. Train in front of a mirror or ask a friend to give you feedback on how to improve. That said, don’t memorise the speech or you’ll seem robotic and get stuck if you forget a line. DON’T… be afraid of being judged. No one is perfect.



Do you have problems striking up a conversation with someone you just met? Here’s what you need to be the popular kid in school.

#1: Join A Club



The ability to whip up a dish or two can come in handy when you’re home alone or studying abroad. Start by mastering a simple dish like fried rice, which can be easily reworked into other dishes. Check out these simple step-by-step YouTube tutorials. Cantonese Fried Rice by yellowsaffron

Easy Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe by Eugenie Kitchen Lemon Baked Salmon Recipe by April Mckinney Recipes

You are more likely to find like-minded people in a co-curriculum activity you’re interested in.


Making Up Your Own Mind Not all of the information that we hear is constructive, so how do we snap out of negative talk? Here’s what to do when:

#2: Organise An Outing

Peers talk about their luxury buys

Invite everyone in class to a BBQ gettogether or movie session at your house. Such gatherings give you ample time to chat and get acquainted with one another through ice-breaker games.

Every teen worries about fitting in, but you don’t have to get something you can’t afford nor like in order to avoid being judged. True pals respect you for being who you are.

#3: Be Nice and Be firm Notice how the popular ones are always friendly and generous with their compliments? People like those who are genuinely nice. But don’t be overly accommodating. Sometimes you need to say no to be appreciated.



You’re trapped in a gossip session Nobody likes to be talked about. So if someone’s trying to engage you in gossip, excuse yourself by saying you have some work to do, or if you’re out for lunch with a group of people, break away from the gossiping folk by chatting with others at the table instead.

People criticise you Criticisms are never easy to swallow, but don’t be too quick to get all defensive. Everyone has flaws and you don’t always analyse yourself close enough to identify areas you should work on. Take time to digest what you have heard and work on a plan to address it.

So you’re falling hard and have a solid friendship with your crush. Is it time to ask them out on a date? Keep these golden rules in mind:

Rule 1: Determine if they’re into you. Start by observing their eye contact and body language. Do they seem to have a good time when you’re together? Rule 2: Groom yourself. Make sure you don’t have spinach stuck in your teeth or stinky breath.

PhotoS: Getty Images

Rule 3: Approach the person when they’re alone. Some people may feel embarrassed when they are with friends.

Rule 4: Be confident and polite. But be prepared for rejection. Think of what you are going to say if the person says ‘no’ – nothing mean, please.

MAR 2014





GOING SOLO Seriously, what is wrong with being alone? Doing stuff by yourself can be pretty awesome too!


Knowing the rules of first aid can help you save a life in an emergency.

Here are the steps: 1. During an emergency, assess the situation before taking any action. Make sure you are in no danger before starting first aid. You will not be much help if you’re injured too. 2. If someone is injured, check for a response. 3. Do not try to move the injured person unless absolutely necessary. Moving them may injure them further. 4. If the person is unconscious, check for breathing. 5. If there are no signs of breathing and perform CPR immediately – but only if you know how to do it properly. Otherwise, your risk breaking their ribs if the procedure is done wrongly. 6. If you are not trained in CPR, use mouth-tomouth resuscitation techniques instead. 7. If the person is bleeding, apply direct pressure with a cloth to the wound. Try lifting the bleeding limb if it does not cause additional pain.


Money Matters

With over 40 per cent of Singaporeans under 30 having monetary liability, learning good financial habits can help you remain debt-free in adulthood.





74MAR 2014

Offer to help your parents write checks or buy groceries. This will help you learn the importance of budgeting. Share your luxuries. If you really want that expensive video game console, get your friends to pitch in and take turns to use it.







Start saving. You will never know when you will need extra cash for emergencies. Say no to excessive spending. Impulse buys online is often the biggest budget deal breaker. Keep track of your financial status. If you often spend more than you save, you need to rethink your shopping habits.

Be Spontaneous When you’re out as a group, you often end up standing in the middle of a crowded mall, waiting for your friends to decide where they want to go or what they want to eat. Things are a lot simpler when you’re alone. You get to be creative and try things on the spur of the moment.

Pick & Choose

Do you know what it means to be single? You are a hot commodity now! There’s no hurry; take your time to carefully choose someone who’ll suit you best.

Nobody, But You

Drama-Free Yep, life is complicated, so it certainly helps not having to deal with the extra drama that comes with a partner or drama queens in your life. With all that free time, you can focus on being a better you!


Without having to spend your allowance on dates, you have more moolah for that big-ticket item you’re eyeing. What’s more, now that you’re not trying to dress to impress, you’re free to shake up your style and try the newest trends!

Hello, my name is ..........................



It’s definitely rude and embarrassing to forget someone’s name. If you are particularly bad at it, try…

… listening. Sometimes we forget simply because we weren’t paying attention in the first place.

… repeating the name throughout the conversation. … getting the person to spell it for you. This is helpful for uncommon names.

… associating their moniker with a rhyming word. … making connections between their names and their interests. For example, Mike likes to ride bikes.

… writing them down. Bring a notebook and jot down (discreetly!) the people you meet as well as their characteristics.

Get on the Web and Save! Don’t fancy braving the crowds for shopping deals? We’ve swept the web for the best apps and sites that bargain hunters will love. By Chew Hui Ling



Carousell (Available on Android and IOS)

Some of us sell off unused stuff for cash every now and then, which means cheaper steals for those on the other side of the coin. From beauty products to little oddities, Carousell displays everything in neat photo grids to make browsing easier. The app also lets you find items near you so you don’t have to travel from one end to another.

main Photo: GETTY IMAGES

NoQ (Available on web, Android and iPhone)

You’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth at this online bookstore as prices are slashed incredibly low. Everything will be delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy. And lucky us – locals need not pay any shipping fees or delivery charges if orders are $20 and above.

REAL DEALS iLoveDeals (Available on web, Android and iPhone)

Booroos (Available on web)

With so many online shops popping up, it’d be useful to know which are the good and bad ones. This trusty companion gives you unbiased reviews from other shoppers so you can choose products from the right stores. To prevent getting sucked into frauds, there’s a rating system that gauges the shop’s product quality, delivery time and more.

ShopSavvy (Available on web, Android, IOS and Windows)

Scan the barcode or type in items from your favourite brands and it will churn out where you can get them at the lowest prices. Most of the shops listed are from the US, but you can get items from sites that offer free shipping such as Nordstrom.

From fashion to tech toys, the site compiles deals from various coupon sites so you don’t have to comb through several to get the most bang for your buck.

AllDealsAsia (Available on web, Android and iPhone)

Although similar to iLoveDeals, AllDealsAsia leans more towards travel, lifestyle, entertainment and cool events across Southeast Asia. The payment process is easy and only requires you to show sellers the e-voucher that will be delivered to your mailbox.

COUPON THRILLS RetailMeNot (Available on web, Android and IOS)

Home to thousands of in-store and online discounts, RetailMeNot tops the bill as the most popular coupon contender. Not only will their free codes save you big bucks, you can set alerts for your favourite stores so you can get the best firsthand deals.

SnipSnap (Available on Android and iPhone)

Paper coupons are a hassle to bring out, especially when they’re in bits and pieces. SnipSnap allows you to redeem printed coupons on your mobile phone – just snap a picture of the coupon and bring it to the store! What we also love is the notifications when the offers are about to expire.

MAR 2014



DEAR KELLY This month, I want to share with you “snippets of news”. If you don’t have time to read the newspapers or follow world news, here is information that should interest you. Some snippets of news need to be read because they relate to our well-being, some stories are heart-warming and are good for the soul, some carry a warning.

Foreign workers turn volunteers

Rating: - I highlighted the ‘Riot in Little India’ last month. This month, it’s time to pay homage to foreign workers who give back to society. The Straits Times recently reported that on their day off, some foreign workers volunteer their services. For example, a gentleman who spends the week cooking professionally, volunteers his services as a cook for the needy on his day off. Bravo! Three others offer their services at Willing Hearts, and two ladies from the Philippines who work here cut the hair of patients at a hospital. Some migrant workers help the police and grassroots leaders by volunteering to go on neighbourhood patrols. Many others, not highlighted, spend their day off serving the community. They said they wanted to give back to society. This is really heart-warming and commendable. God bless them for caring.

More men being charged with putting compromising photos of – ex-girlfriends online Rating:

the regular warning I give urging female readers never to agree to pose or send compromising photos of themselves to anyone, even those they are in a relationship with, needs to be constantly highlighted. The number of men being charged in court for uploading nude photos of their exes on the Internet is on the rise. Girls, please pay attention. When a relationship is going well, it’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security and believe your guy would never betray you. Hey, he may believe this too. But the problem arises when the relationship turns sour – should the girl dump the guy or should there be a quarrel, then some guys take revenge by posting the embarrassing photos online, regardless of the consequences. Recently, a man was charged with uploading nude pictures of his ex. Another guy took photos of his girlfriend without her knowledge, then when the relationship ended, he posted the secretly snapped photos online. What worries me is that a reputation once lost cannot be regained. One’s future can be

90 MAR 2014

adversely affected by rash decisions and poor judgement.

Guys are not spared harassment. A local gay guy who possessed sexually explicit photos of his Caucasian male ‘friend’ threatened to post them online. The man made a police report and his tormentor was charged in court. The bottom line – why expose yourself to the hassle of being in a vulnerable position. Why risk your good name? Why subject yourself to blackmail? Be prudent; you will save yourself so much heartache.

Molest cases on the rise

Rating: – both boys and girls must be aware of their surroundings, especially in confined spaces like the MRT and when they are on buses. There are molesters just looking for a chance to get their hands on unsuspecting commuters. If you carry a backpack, it might be prudent to position it on your chest, rather than on your back. It will frustrate molesters. If you think someone is purposely pretending to collide with you or rubs against you, move away quickly. If you are molested, then you have the right to ask for help or say: “Don’t touch me!” in a loud firm voice. Take note – make sure it is molest and not an accident as when the bus jerks or comes to a sudden stop and people get thrown off-guard. You could be molested anywhere, as one teenager discovered, even in the lift, by a neighbour in the presence of his wife. The girl told her teacher and a police report was made. The man had the cheek to claim it was a “joke”. Yeah, a really sick joke! The man was jailed for seven months.

I urge readers to keep abreast of the news. Reading the newspapers is important because important information is communicated and if we do not know what is in the news, then we could expose ourselves to hazards that could have negative effects on our health and well-being. Always here for you.

Do you have a problem you wish to share? Something to get off your chest? Kelly’s responses take into account age, experience and needs of writers. Those writing in know and seek her tough love, no-nonsense approach. Readers wanting a different type of response should seek advice elsewhere. Older and more experienced readers knowing the answers to questions need to exercise patience. Not everyone knows what you know. After qualifying as a teacher, Kelly Chopard went on to attend several counselling courses. Over the past 30 years, she has been invited to sit on panels and discussion groups, give talks and has taught modules dealing with youth issues. She counsels primary and secondary school pupils. She also engages in parent-pupil counselling sessions. In the 1970s, she was a member of a People’s Association Team counselling young adults in areas like drugs, smoking and other health and social issues. From 1979 to 1983 she had a counselling column in a local woman’s magazine. Since 1996 she has been responding to Teenage readers in her Dear Kelly column.

IMPORTANT When writing to me through the Mail or Online, state your Full Name, Age, I.C. No.,Telephone No., Gender and Pseudonym. There is no length restriction. Send your letters to: Dear Kelly, Teenage Magazine, 20 Bedok South Road Singapore 469277 or Dear Kelly online via Letters will be treated with the strictest confidence. I cannot respond to requests for personal responses.

Sad… Abused… Disbelieved… Death thoughts… I started reading your column when I was in primary 6. I am now in secondary 2. I have lots of problems. From: Crazy? 1. Brother issues – I have a brother in primary 5. He has a violent temper and keeps beating me and spitting at me. I hate him. What should I do? Kelly: Your parents should be immediately informed. If he gets into the habit of spitting at people, he’ll get into lots of trouble. Your parents need to immediately take steps to break him of this filthy habit. As for hitting you – your parents must ensure this ceases immediately. Could your brother be jealous of the close relationship you have with mum and this is his way of venting his frustration? Regardless, the boy needs firm handling because if this kind of behaviour manifests itself at school, he might get into big trouble. Parents won’t take kindly to their children being spat at, while hitting is a definite ‘no-no’! 2. Mum & me – My friends really envy me because of my close relationship with my mum. We are more like friends than mother and daughter. However, I always think she is biased towards my brother. When my brother passed all his exam subjects, she gave him a reward. When I pass my tests, I get nothing. I feel so sad.

I think of death even at school, in the bus and in class. Sometimes I laugh out loud. I think I’m crazy. 3. Art class – Every Thursday, we have art lessons. Once, when I was away from school for about a month because I had undergone surgery, my art teacher accused me of lying to her when she asked about my long absence. From then on, I go to art class with my eyes red from crying as I recall being called a liar. Kelly: Instead of being upset when the art teacher called you a liar, you should have asked your mum to write her a letter informing her about your operation and requesting she apologise for calling you a liar. I am surprised the art teacher didn’t refer to your form teacher who would have been informed of your hospitalisation. Sometimes, problems can be solved so easily. Writing to me enables you to take action so no more tears need flow.

Kelly: It is wonderful you and mum are more like friends than mother and daughter. Never let anything come between mum and you. Treasure this relationship. It is precious.

4. Thoughts of death – I don’t know why I keep having thoughts of death. I think of death even at school, in the bus and in class. Sometimes I laugh out loud. I think I’m crazy.

I will guess why your brother gets a reward when he “passed all his subjects”. Could it be because your parents want to encourage him to do well? Are you one of those high achievers who regularly scores? If yes, mum knows you are a winner, so there may not be a need to use rewards to encourage you to study.

Kelly: I suggest you ask your loving mum to take you to see a doctor. I don’t think you should call yourself “crazy”, but you do need an examination. It’s not usual for young people to “keep having thoughts of death”. Both of us don’t want this situation to continue. I want you to seek immediate help. Not to worry, mum will be concerned and understanding.

If you understand this, you won’t be resentful. You could gently tell mum one of these days that you feel unappreciated and “sad” because you study hard but get no reward, unlike your brother. She will probably tell you the same thing I did.

Do write to me and let me know how you’re doing. Address your letter to Dear Kelly c/o of Ms Emmeline Lee. (The Teenage address is in the magazine.) I wish you good mental health and much happiness.

MAR 2014



Exclusive inside scoop on what the Teenage team did for Campus Run 2014!

It’s a wrap for yet another successful Teenage mission: Campus Run! The Teenage team with the awesome The Body Shop ladies. Teenage loves The Body Shop! The Body Shop loves Teenage!

The very excited Pei Ling back at her alma mater, TP. *psst* She was so overwhemled that she even felt like tearing when she first walked in! Yes mdm...

Teenage@SP’s booth filled with so many awesome freebies!

Fun-sized Audre can still pull off being a polytechnic student.

Ok! Just a few more final details before we ‘open shop’.

Credits to our doodle intern, Amanda. All you need to do is to pass her a pen and she will doodle away...

Yes Lavonne, we know you are awesome at multitasking. Working on-site, working everywhere.

Darran catching a moment with the very cute The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil mascot.

All set up and ready for Day 1 at the NP open house. Let’s go!

Some were busy attending to customers, while others packed goodie bags. We make such a great team!

100 MARCH 2014

The crowd was so good that we could only grab a bite on the go!

Teenage Mar issue 303 (Preview)  
Teenage Mar issue 303 (Preview)  

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