What is Call Barring and how to Use it?

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What is Call Barring, How to Use it? technicalkanu.tech/2019/04/what-is-call-barring-how-to-use-it.html

What is Call Barring and how to Use it? In today's date, mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. Without it, we feel like we have forgotten something. But do you know, there are so many features on mobile phones. Only a few people know about it. One of the features is that of Call Barring. This is a feature that is within every mobile phone. If you do not even know what is the call barring on the mobile then no problem. In today's post, we will know what is call barring and how to use it?, How To Activate And Deactivate Call Barring In Mobile? What is the default call baring code?

There are so many unnecessary calls come on our phones. We are getting quite upset for this of call. Especially when you are doing an important job. So, in such a way, it would be nice to be outraged due to the call of these extravagant. In such a situation, it will surely come to your mind that somehow block these calls. Apart from this, if you want to get incoming calls only but no outgoing call on your phone. That means no one can make a call from your phone. So you can pick up all these things using call 1/4

barring. Let's first know that what exactly is Call Barring.

What is Call Barring? Call baring has a direct meaning, to stop the call. You can block any incoming calls coming to your phone by calling barring settings. You can also close the fake call or unknown number coming from the International number. Actually, after the call barring setting is activated in the phone you can get rid of an unknown number of the fake international call. With the help of call barring, you can also block outgoing calls going out on mobile, block outgoing international calls, block all incoming calls. Even at roaming, you can block the call.

When and Why is Call Baring done? This happens many times with us. When we do not want anyone to disturb us by phone. In such a situation, we can stop incoming call coming with the help of Call Barring. Along with this, there are many times happen with us. When we do not want to have any kind of outgoing call from our phone. So, even in the situations, the Call Barring Feature can be of great help to you.

Features of Call Barring 1. All Outgoing Calls: After giving this option on, you can not call any mobile number. Whenever you call, the number will be dialed. But no calls will be taken or no voice will be heard. But in a few seconds, the call will be automatically cut. 2. International Outgoing Calls: After you enable this option, you can call only in the local number (India). You won't be able to call on the international number. 3. All Incoming Calls: After this option is turned on, all incoming calls will stop coming to your mobile number. Whether it is a local call or international call, no one call cannot connect to your number. 4. Incoming Call when Roaming: If you are Out of State, i.e. Your Mobile Number is in Roaming. And in such a situation, you do not want anyone to call your number. So in such a case, this is the best option for you. After you turn on this option until you reach your area until then no one will be able to call your number.

How to turn on call barring on the phone? To use call barring, you have to activate the call barring with your mobile setting. Let's learn step by step, How to Activate and Deactivate Call Barring.


Step 1: In order to activate and deactivate the call barring feature on your phone, first you go to Call Settings of your phone. If you are an Android user, then open Dail in your phone and go to more / advanced settings. Apart from this, you can also open call settings by going to mobile settings. Step 2: Here you can tap on call barring. When you create a tap, you will be asked to select a SIM card. Select the SIM card you want to block, and select it. Step 3: Once the SIM is selected, you will start making all of the show bars of Call barring for that SIM card. Such as All Outgoing Calls, International Outgoing Calls, All Incoming Calls, Incoming Call When Roaming, etc. You can select the option according to your need. As I have told you about all these options above. As soon as you select an option. Then you will be asked "Enter call barring password". Here, let me tell you that the default code of your mobile phone will be the call barring code.