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2010 Annual Report



WORS spectators lining the Trek Fire Lane Drops were deafening in support of local and regional racers during the Subaru Cup Pro XCT, presented by Trek. Here, WORS Series racer T.J. Woodruff is cheered on by fans. Photo by Dave Reich.

America’s largest state mountain bike racing series



“WORS is a great group of people that make racing fun and exciting”. T.J.Woodruff, Trek Store of Boulder.


Established in 1992, WORS is one of the longest running mountain bike racing series in the world. WORS has promoted and staged 204 mountain bike races. Over the last 19 years, WORS races have averaged over six hundred entrants per event. Every year, WORS events attract more than 8000 entrants and an estimated 10,000 spectators. SERIES RACERS Over 800 WORS racers per year register for the Overall Series. Racers who register their annual Series number declare their intention to compete in six or more events during that year to earn their Overall score. WORS COMMUNITY WORS is America’s most successful grassroots mountain

biking organization because WORS events are oriented toward the recreational mountain bike racer. Over sixty-five percent of WORS participants compete at WORS in Sport and Citizen categories. Through the years, WORS events have evolved from one-day races into weekend social events. Many racers arrive on Saturday to pre-ride the course and share a healthy outdoor experience with families and friends. LOCAL FLAVOR With twelve distinct venues throughout Wisconsin, WORS races have significant exposure in - and draw participants from Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and other Midwestern states. Every WORS race is run in

partnership with a local organizing committee for great local support and flavor. By pairing this with the high profile reputation of the WORS Series, each event is able to garner maximum local and regional recognition. ALWAYS BUILDING Over the years, WORS races have fostered the development of numerous mountain bike trails and helped support and legitimize biking in local recreational areas. Every year, proceeds from WORS events support the maintenance and expansion of numerous existing trail systems. WORS also supports trail building the oldfashioned way - with sweat equity.


A message from the director Don Edberg Dear Sponsors, Racers, and Friends, 2010 will be remembered at WORS as one of our most significant years. The strong support of our sponsors, hard work of our race directors, countless contributions from dedicated volunteers and the devotion of WORS racers enabled WORS to make the best even better. For 2010, we are happy to report an average increase of over fifty racers per event over 2009. Reports from sponsors of increased return on their investment in WORS, as well as the thousands of expressions of gratitude received from participants, spectators, and communities fuel our passion for what WORS is today, and can be tomorrow. To be able to present a mountain bike series that has both a high level of competition and a welcoming, family-friendly environment is a dream come true.

“Don and the WORS crew run a series like no one else in the country and set the benchmark high for sure.” Jay Richards, racer, local race promoter organizer and for the Minnesota journalist, Maplelap, Mountain Bike Series MN

In recent years, WORS has experienced a steady increase in recognition on the national stage. We were truly humbled by the success of our first USA Cycling Pro XCT event at the 2010 Subaru Cup, presented by Trek. It was wonderful to read the glowing comments of North Americaʼs top professional racers about our home-built course and the WORS organization. We were blown-away by the enthusiasm with which Wisconsin welcomed this event and by the deafening cheers of WORS spectators for top Pros and, perhaps more so, for our local competitors. The delight of our WORS amateur racers at being cheered by top Pros during their own races, or posing for photos with a cycling hero or heroine was just as sweet. The successful incorporation of a USA Cycling Pro XCT event into the WORS schedule was possible only with the

“For nearly 20 years, our mission at WORS has been to grow participation in mountain bike racing as a fun, recreational activity enjoyed by as many people as possible. I am extremely thankful to a great many individuals who have contributed to our success. As WORS heads into our twentieth year, I ask for your continued support.”

contributions of our WORS Series racers and volunteers. When combined with the tireless efforts of Media Coordinator Claire Cannon, our sometimes overlooked series has risen to national prominence. Even as the Subaru Cup, presented by Trek, was showered with accolades from pros, the majority of the credit goes to the amateur racers and spectators that took the event to a level not seen on the national mountain bike circuit for many years. Many thanks to Subaru, Trek and all of our other fine sponsors for the financial support necessary to make this event happen. For nearly 20 years, our mission at WORS has been to grow participation in mountain bike racing as a fun, recreational activity enjoyed by as many people as possible. I am extremely thankful to a great many individuals who have contributed to our success. As WORS heads into our twentieth year, I ask for your continued support. Sincerely

! Don Edberg Director, Wisconsin Off Road Series


“Mountain bike racing, especially WORS racing, is not just for the highly trained and talented. It is a great physical activity that can add to your health and quality of life. WORS is as much about fun, shared experiences and making new friends as it is about the racing. WORS is open to all and welcomes new female and male participants of all ages and athletic abilities.” From the WORS Mission Statement Photo by Jared Brodjeski

WORS by the numbers Focus on amateur excellence Sport and Citizen categories at WORS are designed for recreational enthusiasts and entry level cyclists. Our lasting commitment at WORS is to provide safe, fun, highly-organized competition for racers at every level. At WORS, our commitment to amateur racing is founded on our passion to share a great experience of mountain bike racing with as many people as

possible. This passion has helped WORS to become America’s largest, and one of the world’s most long-running mountain bike racing series. By never losing sight of the importance of high-quality amateur competition, WORS has created a unique opportunity for our sponsors to reach beyond the more specialized demographic of other racing series. The vast majority of WORS racers make their bike and accessories purchases through their local bike shop, at retail prices. Many will decide to buy a new bike or make accessories decisions based on the opinions and advice of fellow WORS racers. Product demos at WORS events are highly successful in driving business to highlighted products and programs.

2010 WORS participants by age group First Timer (all ages) Junior (12 & under) 14 & under 15-18 19-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+ Clydesdale (men only) Singlespeed (men only) number of women

number of men 442 200 46 308 We care about our numbers!

Sixty-five percent of WORS racers compete in our Citizen and Sport categories. Junior competitors at WORS are equal or greater in number than those who participate in youthspecific leagues elsewhere in the nation. Women’s participation is steadily increasing, especially in our new “First-timers” category.

73 72





343 427


10 90

139 544


Photo by Jared Brodjeski




Every year, proceeds from WORS events support the maintenance and expansion of existing trail systems throughout Wisconsin. WORS also supports trail building the oldfashioned way - with sweat equity.

Left, Don Edberg and Gary Fisher discuss the future of mountain bike racing. Photo by IMBA Midwest Regional Director, Hansi Johnson. Below, Don and WORS volunteers build a section of trail at Nordic Mountain for the Subaru Cup Pro XCT. The trails that host the Subaru Cup were built entirely by Edberg and local volunteers. Photo by Claire Cannon.

WORS: Building for the future, today

WORS and local organizing committees growing together Hansi Johnson, IMBA’s Regional Director for the Upper Midwest, will tell you that Wisconsin has hundreds of miles of singletrack more than neighboring states, including Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa. For nearly 20 years, WORS has worked in partnership with local communities across the state of Wisconsin to support silent sports and local trails. Just a few examples of the efforts of local organizers during the 2010 WORS season include: • The Chippewa Off Road Bike Association (CORBA) organize the WORS Chippewa Valley Firecracker. The race is a primary fundraiser to maintain the trails in Lowes Creek Park in Eau Claire, WI. • The Metro Mountain Bikers work in cooperation with the Alterra Mountain Bike race team to organize the

Alterra Coffee Bean Classic at their local trails near Milwaukee. Proceeds are returned to support team members and local trail building and maintenance. The Fat Katz of Sheboygan hosted their 16th annual Wigwam Mountain Bike Challenge as the traditional season finale of WORS on Oct 10, 2010. The Fat Katz’ long partnership with WORS and their outstanding event organization continue to fuel ongoing trail work and rider access in one of Wisconsin’s best urban trail systems. Trail fees paid by WORS and WORS racers at the Trek Big Ring Classic at 9-mile State Forest outside Wausau and Reforestation Camp outside Green Bay, WI support yearround maintenance and trail upkeep.


Regional and national recognition Other

2010 WORS participants by home state

Minnesota Over the years, WORS has Michigan worked hard to garner Wisconsin attention outside of Wisconsin Iowa for our events and outstanding Illinois competitors. In an effort to increase regional and national recognition for WORS, we became affiliated with USA Cycling in 2004. In the summer of 2007, WORS Director Don Edberg was elected to serve a three year term on the Board of Trustees for the North American Off Road Bicycling Association (NORBA). This group is composed of athletes, race organizers, industry representatives, land access representatives, sponsors and race officials with a mission to guide, service, and promote mountain biking as a competitive sport and recreational activity. Don’s involvement at NORBA has allowed him to contribute his experience and vision for amateur racing at the national level, and work to improve the experience of all USA Cycling members. In addition, Don helped to develop the USA Cycling Pro XCT format, which has allowed an event like the Subaru Cup Pro XCT. Don has worked hard to contribute towards a vision of outstanding mountain bike race events that combine the highest level of competition with the participation and Front Page

Images of the 2010 WORS Subaru Cup, presented by Trek, were highlighted by USA Cycling in their announcement of the 2011 Pro XCT Schedule in September ‘10

6,338 40 158


515 104 enthusiasm of amateurs at all ages and ability levels. Don was re-elected to a second three-year term on the NORBA Board of Trustees in August, 2010. In September of 2010, Don was elected to a twoyear term on the USA Cycling Board of Directors. Don is working to bring his WORS-based philosophy to the direction of our national governing body, to help balance improved member experience and lower hurdles to participation with the operation of a business with the size and scope of USA Cycling. “Change sometimes comes much slower than I would like,” reflects Edberg. “But being involved and trying to help sure beats sitting on the sidelines and complaining.”


Praise for the 2010 Subaru Cup, presented by Trek

“The Subaru Cup in Mt. Morris, Wis. on June 25 looks to be one of the [2011 Pro XCT] calendar’s most exciting race experiences. Part of the well-established Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS), the Subaru Cup is traditionally crawling with thousands of enthusiastic fans.”

The WORS Subaru Cup Pro XCT, presented by Trek, was the first national Pro Tour race to be held in the Midwest for nearly a decade. Quotes from racers and media: “I have always heard that the WORS series was one of the strongest mountain bike series in the US and it didn't disappoint. In some sections the spectators were three deep and screaming loudly. This race definitely had the best fans of any race I have been to.” - Andy Schultz, Kenda and Felt racing

USA Cycling, from the official announcement of the 2011 Pro XCT Schedule

I can't remember a race in the USA with that many people watching and cheering. Maybe [the World Cup Championships in Canada at] Mont Saint Anne tops this but that is at a whole different level. Good Job WORS! Keep it up and come back next year. :)” Max Plaxton, Specialized / Sho-Air

Photo of Sam Schultz and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Subaru Trek) at the Subaru Cup 2010 by Dave Reich

XCT this season. The WORS organization seemed well-oiled and free of the glitches that often plague first“Overall, I was very impressed with the time Pro XCT races. event. The course was great, there were Many of the top professional racers tons of spectators and lots of amateur raved about the course, comparing it to racers and kids. I'd say it was the best World Cup courses in terms of lap national series race we've been length, punchy climbs, and the fact that to in awhile - hopefully we'll be back next year. Thanks to everyone who came there was virtually nowhere that you can out and cheered - it always helps me dig rest on the course. "They did a fantastic job on the course," a little deeper!” said Gould. "There is plenty of room to Georgia Gould, Luna Pro Team pass and it was spectator friendly. It had technical stuff and power stuff. It was “The race certainly had a festival really fun to ride." atmosphere, and there were more spectators than at any other Pro Dave McElwaine, cyclingnews.com “The crowds on the course today were large, and as enthusiastic as those you find at World Cup races. Adam Craig said, "This is the biggest crowd we’ve seen in a long time at a national series race. WORS…they love it." Dave McElwaine, cyclingnews.com “I had heard that the WORS series had big turnouts, but I was really impressed with how many people were out at the race. It was like the old days (or what I imagine the old days were like)!” Georgia Gould, Luna Pro Team Georgia Gould of the Luna Pro Team Gould won the Subaru Cup Pro XCT women’s race and the hearts of WORS racers and spectators through her amazing engagement throughout the weekend. Photo by Gary Frost.

“Wisconsin and WORS put on a great event, I hope we go back next year. The course was fun and challenging, the spectators were awesome and the weather was good. I

would say it's the coolest course on the PRO XCT circuit this year.” Todd Wells, Specialized Factory Racing “We pre-rode on Friday and I was really happy with the layout and course design. The whole WORS staff did an A+ job. Everyone I talked to really liked the course, which is not usually the case.” Jack Hinkens,Trek Mountain Co-op “The course is pretty far out there at Mt Morris Nordic Ski area but it is awesome. It has short twisty single track climbs and descents with a few open areas for passing. It is so much fun to ride I could have done laps all day.” Todd Wells, Specialized “Summary: great course, great fans, great organization as always from Don,” Brendan Moore,Trek Mountain Co-op “I had a great time in Wisconsin and so far it was the most organized National of the year in my opinion. The course had plenty of singletrack and also many places to pass, but best of all were the tons of spectators cheering everyone through the whole course. I truly believe in the power of cheering and there is nothing better than that, so a BIG thank you to the Wisconsin crowd for a wonderful atmosphere :) We will be back for sure.” Aleksandra Mooradian, K.Bedfor/Verge/Spin Professional Cycling Team



WORS: fun for everyone! WORS Women WORS Women is an organization of women who race at WORS. Encouraged and supported by WORS, WORS Women is the latest effort in a series of successful campaigns to encourage the participation of women and girls. WORS supports efforts to increase participation of - and recognition for women and girls in mountain bike racing. WORS also actively seeks increased recognition for our BelGioioso Elite Series “The Wisconsin Off-Road Series is women competitors. one of the most successful and Race reports submitted to the largest mountain bike series in regional and national the country. It’s very apparent media highlight the from the couple WORS races I’ve womenʼs race with equal been too. The spectators are coverage. WORS also dense, there’s energy, the fields awards equal payouts for are large (even the women’s), Elite men and women there are 12 races a year, and the (based solely on entry fees are sub $30!” participant numbers).

Chloe Forsman, Tokyo Joes.

WORS has a long history of supporting womenʼs racing. WORS even organized a womenʼs-only Midwest Regional Race in 1993 - perhaps the worldʼs first womenʼs only mountain bike race?

WORS Women mission statement

We are a group of women who enjoy the sport of mountain biking in the upper midwest. Our goal is to encourage more women to share our sport.  Some of us are racers, some of us just ride for fun and many of us are beginners just learning the sport.  Come ride with us!

In 2010, WORS Women grew to over 250 members and subscribers. We held a successful outreach event the Lapham Peak Spring Fling - before the start of the 2010 Series. We also held a womenʼs clinic, sponsored by Trek Women, at the season finale in Sheboygan.


“Our son... grew up with WORS. He started racing at 5 in the kids races and 10 years later is racing Junior Open. We are at every race and are there for encouragement and support.” Steve and Amy Beach, of son Myles. Myles Beach won the hotly contested Junior Open Overall title in 2010.

“WORS really gave me a place to develop a passion for the sport of mountain biking. Great people, excellent competition, and well run events all added to the appeal of mountain bike racing from the start for me back in '97. When it comes to bike racing, WORS feels like home to me.” T.J. Woodruff, Professional Mountain Bike Racer and coach, momentumendurance.com

WORS: fun for everyone! WORS Juniors Races just for kids and juniors, easy access for families to on-site ammenities, and a safe, fun environment make WORS events a favorite summer destination for many. For many juniors, the race weekend begins with the preride on Saturday afternoon. The course is open and marked after 12:00 PM, and the whole family can hit the trails at whatever pace they choose.

themselves as the first race of every WORS event. A dedicated sweep team follows the race to lend a helping hand, if needed. Youth also participate in age-class racing at every ability level, from Citizen to Elite. For advanced Juniors, WORS offers the option to race during the Elite race for a shorter distance as a Junior Open competitor.

For beginners, WORS offers a Saturday afternoon “Learn Great family values can be found at WORS venues, with to Race” clinic that is popular with first-time racers, young an easy and economical dinner often served on-site. Camping is a popular option, or the hotel pool might and old alike. beckon. Sunday can begin with an on-site breakfast, or a For our youngest WORS racers, the everyone-is-asmoothie from WORS Sponsor the Muddy Cup Cafe. winner Kidʼs Race is a great option where parent WORS strongly supports junior racing by encouraging participation is allowed and encouraged. The Citizen youth participation in well-organized, safe, fun Junior racers have a specially-designed course all to competition for riders of all ages.


WORS and social media We’re serious about our friends The WORS website has been state-of-the-art since the early years and registers over 1,000,000 visits annually. WORS also reaches out to our community through additional channels of communication. The WORS social media plan is based on best practices that keep us in touch with our contacts, Fans and subscribers for maximum impact and value to our racers. WORS is a community of friends who love to ride bikes and talk about riding bikes. When we share something with our racers, we are sharing with friends. We donʼt abuse their trust, or waste their time. We are happy to work with our great sponsors to create special promotions through our social media networks. When WORS introduces a sponsor to our racers, we introduce them as a friend.

Average racers per event 800 658





Total racers per year 9,000








2006 2007 2008 2009 2010


7,900 7,893 7,786 7,917


2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

The WORS email newsletter is a great way for racers to keep up with America’s largest mountain bike racing series. Our subscription list is entirely voluntary!

WORS Photo Contest The WORS Photo Contest, begun in 2009, attracts hundreds or thousands of individual photo entries after each WORS event. We post finalists at our Flickr photo sharing site, which typically registers over 1,000 unique page visits each day and can spike to over 5,000 visits in the days immediately

following an event. We also post selected finalists and winners to the WORS Facebook page.

WORS Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo sharing community

WORS Facebook Page

Fans of the WORS Facebook page more than doubled in 2010.

The WORS Facebook page, which has been regularly maintained since February 2010, currently has over 1,700 “likes” and yields an average of more than 3,000 impressions per post. The number of regular visitors, interactions and impressions continues to grow at a steady rate, and we expect to exceed 3,000 Fans by the end of the 2011 season. WORS also maintains a social network for photographs of WORS

events at Flickr, and videos of postrace interviews and “racer-cam” footage from WORS events at Vimeo. The @TeamWORS twitter has a smaller following of tech-savvy younger professionals, and a more cycling-oriented content and audience.


WORS Sponsors Our bedrock

WORS needs great sponsors, and we have them. WORS works very hard for our sponsorship partners and we are grateful for their support in 2010.

CycleOps is the sponsor of the WORS Sport Series and provides trainers for pre-race warm-up.

The sponsor of our WORS Citizen Series is Wisconsin-based Hayes Disc Brakes.

WORS Series Sponsor


Check out our “WORS Loves Subaru” sponsor appreciation book. We're grateful to Subaru for their support over the years and we're happy to work hard to make sure that those who attend WORS races know what an outstanding company Subaru is.

Wisconsin-based Trek Bicycles is one of the worldʼs largest - and best bicycle companies. The Trek Top Fuel was the Official Bike of WORS in 2010 and Trek was the presenting sponsor of the 2010 Subaru Cup.

Wheaties Fuel was the presenting sponsor of the Pro Shorttrack at the 2010 Subaru Cup. BelGioioso are makers of fine Italian cheeses based in Wisconsin. A true patron of the sport of cycling, BelGioioso sponsors the WORS Elite Series.

Bontrager is the sponsor of the WORS COMP Series and the official wheel and tire sponsor of WORS. The Bontrager free wheel and tire demos were a big hit with WORS racers in 2010. Our Bontrager sponsor appreciation book is here.

WORS Product sponsors


WORS 2011 Season

Powerhouse favorites and fresh talent The 2011 Series will once again begin the first Sunday in May at the Iola Winter Sports Area outside Stevens Point, WI and finish the second Sunday in October in Sheboygan. WORS is excited to welcome a new event, the Battle of CamRock hosted by Madisonʼs Capital Off Road Pathfinders.

“For nearly 20 years, our mission at WORS has been to grow participation in mountain bike racing as a fun, recreational activity enjoyed by as many people as possible. I am extremely thankful to a great many individuals who have contributed to our success. As WORS heads into our twentieth year, I ask for your continued support.” - Don Edberg

After the success of 2010ʼs event, the Pro XCT tour will race to a finish at the WORS Seriesʼ Subaru Cup as a part of our annual mega-event. If you attend only one WORS event in 2011, we hope to see you at the Subaru Cup, presented by Trek!

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WORS 2010 Annual Report  

Our end-of-year wrap-up for those who would like to learn more about America's largest state mountai bike racing series, the Wisconsin Off R...

WORS 2010 Annual Report  

Our end-of-year wrap-up for those who would like to learn more about America's largest state mountai bike racing series, the Wisconsin Off R...

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