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WORS continues to produce the highest quality mountain biking experience for riders of all ages and abilities. Events are family friendly and known for their a safe and welcoming environment. Photo by Tom Marty

America’s Largest State Mountain Bike Racing Series!

“I have been racing bikes for over 30 years and have been a USA Cycling Race Director for 6 years. WORS is by far the most organized, well run race I’ve paticipated in.” Chad Dean McFarland, WI

With a twenty-four year history, WORS is one of the longest running, largest and most recognized mountain bike racing series in the world. WORS has promoted and staged over 260 cross country mountain bike races. WORS events attract over 8,000 entrants and 10,000-12,000 spectators annually.

SERIES RACERS Each year, nearly 600 racers declare their intention to compete in a minimum of six or more WORS races and, by doing so, compete for overall awards in the series through WORS Series Registration. These individual display a loyalty to the series and our sponsors, as over 50% have participated for more than five years and report a preference for the products of companies sponsoring WORS.

WORS COMMUNITY WORS is America’s most successful grassroots mountain

WORS Report 2015

biking organization because WORS events are oriented toward recreational mountain biker providing high value healthy outdoor experiences, entertainment and activity for them and their families. Through the years, WORS events have evolved from one-day races into weekend social events. Many racers arrive with their families on Saturday to pre-ride the course and to share the experience with friends they have made as a result of their participation in the series.

Regional Powerhouse With ten distinct venues throughout Wisconsin for 2016, WORS draws participants from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and other Midwestern states. Every WORS race is run in partnership with a local organizing committee for great local support and flavor. Through partnership with WORS, each event is able to garner

maximum “Wisconsin local and sure knows regional how to put on a Mountain recognition. Bike race.” Every year, proceeds Georgia Gould, 2012 Olympic from WORS Bronze Medalist e v e n t s support the maintenance and expansion of numerous existing trail systems. WORS also supports trail building the old fashioned way - with sweat equity. Most important, WORS actively supports successful programs to increase the participation of Juniors and Women.

Support for our youth WORS is lending its full resources to support interscholastic mountain biking in Wisconsin as platinum level sponsor and partner of the Wisconsin High School Cycling League.


“Mountain bike racing, especially WORS racing, is not just for the highly trained and talented. It is a great physical activity that can add to your health and quality of life. WORS is as much about fun, shared experiences and making new friends as it is about the racing. WORS is open to all and welcomes new female and male participants of all ages and athletic abilities.” From the WORS Mission Statement

WORS by the numbers Our focus on amateur excellence

Sport and Citizen categories at WORS are designed for recreational enthusiasts and entry level cyclists. Our lasting commitment at WORS is to provide safe, fun, highly-organized competition for racers at every level. At WORS, our commitment to amateur racing is founded on our passion

to share a great experience of mountain bike racing with as many people as possible. This passion has helped WORS to become America’s largest, and one of the world’s most long-running mountain bike racing series. By never losing sight of the importance of high-quality amateur competition, WORS has created a unique opportunity for our sponsors to reach beyond the more specialized demographic of other racing series.

The vast majority of WORS racers make their bike and accessories purchases through their local bike shop, at retail prices. Many will decide to buy a new bike or make accessories decisions based on the opinions and advice of fellow WORS racers. Product demos at WORS events are highly successful in driving business to highlighted products and programs.

2015 Male Participants 7%


18% 8%


14 & under 15-18 19-34

WORS Entrants by Ability Category



45-54 25%

55 & over


3% 1%


9% 3%

2015 Female Participants 11%




14 & under 15-18 19-34




31% First Timer








45-54 55 & over


WORS Report 2015


Numbers & Demographics 2015 Entrants per Event 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0

Participant % by State

924 798 668

649 521


683 536




582 468





2015 WORS Event Total Attendees

Minnesota Michigan

3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0



1% All Others

6% WORS Race

Kids Race


Total Number of Entrant by Year 15 year average 8638 15000 10000

10141 9560 9786

8721 8446 7900 7893 7786 7917 8573 8339 8456 8259 7412 7613

5000 0

Average Number of Entrants by Year 10 year average 681

750 700 650

714 658







674 634

600 550

Summary: • Continued increase in alternative events • Slow but noticeable effect as those introduced to the Sport by Wisconsin High School Cycling League discover WORS

Initiatives for Growth in 2016: • Strong new participation initiative for women • Continued partnership with the Wisconsin High School Cycling League • Increased local promotion of events

WORS Report 2015


WORS Sponsors

Our Foundation of Greatness

WORS has found great companies to partner with. Their support and WORS work for them is the foundation of our success.

WORS Presenting Sponsor - Trek

Wisconsin-based, Trek Bicycle Corporation is one of the world’s largest - and best - bicycle companies. The Trek Superfly is the Official Bike of WORS, and Trek the presenting sponsor of the WORS and the WORS Cup.

Love, it’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru. WORS loves Subaru and works hard to makes sure those who attend our events know it. Subaru is the official vehicle of WORS.

Comp Series Sponsor - Bontrager Elite Series Sponsor - BelGioioso Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, BelGiososo has been the top category sponsor WORS for 16 years.

Sport Series Sponsor - Hayes Components is based in Wisconsin

and consist of the Answer, Manitou, Sun Ringle, Hayes Brake, and Wheelsmith brands.

The exclusive wheel and tire of WORS and the presenting sponsor of the WORS Cup Short Track.

Citizen Series Sponsor- CycleOps Providing the CycleOps warm-up area at WORS events, CycleOps is the podium/ category sponsor of WORS Citizen Series.

ONE FOR ALL - Higher durability, pin power, and shifting performance. KMC is the title sponsor of the King of the Mountain Challenge events held at select WORS races and is the official exclusive chain of WORS.

WORS Product Sponsors

Official Energy Food of WORS

Custom Racewear of WORS

Outdoor Clothing of WORS

Official Rack Sponsor of WORS

Official Helmet of WORS

Official Photographer of WORS

WORS and WORS Racers Love Our Sponsors! Because of WORS highly social nature, participants are influenced and influence others when it comes to purchasing decisions. WORS racers demonstrate familiarity with and positive feelings toward WORS sponsors and their products. They are also likely to share their preferences with and influence the purchases of others.

WORS Report 2015


1 Iola Bump & Jump May


Iola Winter Sports Area, Iola, WI

2 Battle of CamRock June

5 CamRock 3 Park, R ockdale, WI

3 Mount Morris Challenge June

12 Nordic Mountain, Mt Morris, WI

4 Red Flint Firecracker June

26 Eau Clare Co. Expo Center, Eau Claire, WI

5 Colectivo Coffee Bean Classic July

10 Minooka Park, Waukesha, WI

6 Midwest MTB Championships p/b Trek 2016 USA Cycling Regional Championship July

22-24 Cascade Mountain, Portage, WI

7 Hixon Forest Epic August

7 Hixon Forest Park, La Crosse, WI

8 Reforestation Ramble August

21 Reforestation Camp, S uamico, WI

9 Treadfest


11 Grand Geneva, L ake Geneva, WI

10 Sheboygan MTB Challenge October

2 Evergreen Park, Sheboygan, WI

Great Venues Covering Wisconsin


as it has for most all of its twenty-four years, continues to evolve in 2016. The schedule, dominated by proven favorites and growing new comers, displays some variation of placement with many events returning on their traditional weekends. The WORS Cup continues on the top tier national calendar as a Pro XCT in late July and will be feature onsite camping this year to add to its festival atmosphere. From series opener to our 2016 finale, we will be working hard to produce high quality mountain bike experiences for our participants and the best possible exposure and return on investment for our sponsors.

WORS Report 2015


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2015 wors report  

2015 wors report  

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