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annual review and directory 2010



20 years in the field

For over 20 years, Magstim has been a leading company in the field of Neuroscience. Selling into over 60 territories worldwide from our base in Wales, Magstim has helped advance scientific research into brain function. Magstim is also the manufacturer of the Neurosign range of intra-operative nerve monitors, which are designed to reduce the risk of nerve damage during surgery. Although we have expanded significantly in recent years, we believe that there is still a great deal more to be accomplished. If you would like to be part of our continuing success, please visit our website at T: +44 (0)1994 240 798 E:

annual review and directory 2010


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Structure & Management


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Members’ Directory


Our Annual Review and Directory looks back over the last 12 months and summarises our goals for the year ahead. This Annual edition marks the beginning of the publishing year for the MediWales Review, which features information about our member companies and key life science industry developments. The Review has two main functions: it provides our readers with up-to-date information about our diverse and growing sector from varying perspectives. It also provides a platform for organisations within Wales to promote themselves and their products and services. If you have a product, project, or research activity that you would like us to write about, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you. Jess Fisher Editor

The Magstim Company Limited Spring gardens, Whitland SA34 0HR, UK 7 Schooner Way, Email: +44(0)1994 Atlantic Wharf Cardiff CF10 4DZ 240798 Tel: 029 2047 3456

Gwyn Tudor, Forum Manager: Responsible for strategic direction, business planning and lobbying roles with Welsh and UK bodies.

Debbie Laubach, Project Manager: responsible for events, project management, financial administration and the life science advisory group.


Jessica Fisher, Communications Manager: Editor of the MediWales Review; responsible for membership services, the MediWales website, events organisation and market research projects. Jo Daniel, Project Coordinator: responsible for advertising and production of the MediWales Review, events organisation and market research projects.

Navigating choppy waters Government budget cuts are leaving a cloud of uncertainty over all sectors. The Welsh life science industry, however, need not panic just yet - the Welsh Assembly has identified us as a priority sector, one that will stay strong in the face of adversity. MediWales, as the sector’s forum, is determined to see through these potentially hard times, keeping close all stakeholders that make this sector so successful.

A consequence of new governing – and emerging from a global recession - the Welsh Assembly Government is restructuring. This move has prompted a total rethink on the way economic development and business support happens in Wales. In July 2010, the Assembly published the ‘Economic Renewal: a new direction’. This strategic plan identifies the life science sector as one of six major economic drivers worthy of investment. This new strategy makes the shift from regionally organised business support to a sector-by-sector approach, whereby teams of experts have one priority focus each rather than being spread thinly among several sectors. Giving MediWales’s perspective, we believe the economic renewal plan is by and large good news. However, the devil’s in the detail and how these changes will be delivered is yet to be seen. What we do know is that there’s a wealth of activity supporting Welsh life science that needs to be recognised and continued into this new political and financial era. During these frugal times, industry stakeholders will also need to invest in themselves, so that the life science industry remains an attractive investment prospect when premium funding opportunities return. When considering the affects this new era will have on our members, MediWales identified six priority focuses of its own to develop: clinical access and engagement; maintaining a critical networking role; developing promotional opportunities for members; communicating the needs and value of the sector; improving the forum’s communication and reach; and becoming the definitive source of market intelligence for the sector.


Building upon last year’s progress, MediWales is supporting industry to access clinical expertise. Over the coming year, the forum will publish an online route map for industry, identifying the specific service providers and centres of expertise to engage with. This correlates with MediWales’s wider objective: to develop relationships with health providers – people who are delivering the medicine and care – to encourage collaboration between these experts and our industry members. One such relationship that MediWales has developed over the past year is with the National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR). NISCHR is the Welsh Assembly Government department responsible for policy and strategy of health and social care research and development. Recently, NISCHR has initiated discussions with MediWales to ensure that the requirements and capabilities of the medical technology industry are taken into account within the R&D strategy. The MediWales 2009 Innovation Awards dinner was an example of our collaboration with NISCHR, resulting in two new awards categories: ‘Innovation within the NHS’ and ‘NHS collaboration with Industry’. This event creates an opportunity for new technologies and developments within the NHS and Welsh companies to be recognised and rewarded. The ceremony was a great success that brought together key clinicians, industry members and academics in Wales. Building on this success, MediWales is again collaborating with NISCHR for the MediWales Innovation Awards 2010.

annual review and directory 2010

In order for the life science sector to thrive, MediWales understands that academics, businesses and clinicians (ABC) must work together. Our long term goal is to represent, communicate and network with, and for, these different groups, to enable them to collaborate and build invaluable relationships. Continuing with the ABC model, the MediWales quarterly magazine - The MediWales Review is another platform whereby these groups can attract each other. Using The Review as a promotional vehicle, stakeholders can communicate their services, either through a written article or an advertisement. Our aim is to increasingly become more health focused in order to widen our audience to clinical groups. In line with our desire to reach broader audiences, MediWales’s national publication, the Medilink UK Review, has been re launched this summer as the UK Lifescience Industry magazine. Published on behalf of the UK’s Medilink organisations, the magazine has evolved to cover more scientific fields and create a clearer brand and purpose. Each edition of the magazine has a readership of more than 10,000, both through print and online viewing. In a tech-savvy world, where social networking has evolved into a mass communications tool for businesses, it is important to keep up. In light of this, MediWales is giving its website a complete facelift. will shortly be relaunched, becoming a resource that our members use and value day to day. The site will be updated daily, giving our users Welsh, national and global news about the life science sector. The aspiration is for the MediWales website to become a ‘favourite’ in our members’ regularly used links, where with just a click of their mouse, funding opportunities, news, and advancements in the sector are immediately visible. MediWales is also expanding its position within the sector and diversifying the services it offers. The forum, drawing on its eclectic mix of expert directors, extensive knowledge, and excellent working relationships, is feasibly one of the main sources of sector intelligence in Wales. To this end, MediWales will be updating the Welsh Assembly

Government, Department of Technology and Innovation’s 2009 bioscience sector mapping figures, which include information on all the companies and NHS and academic groups that operate within the sector. In times where resources are scarce, and future funding is uncertain, it is more important than ever for industry to have current data to support funding applications. Complementing this quantitative resource, the forum is in the midst of forming a life science advisory group. This medley of academic, clinical and industrial experts will advise the wider Welsh life science sector on how to navigate successfully through these inauspicious times. This group will also join MediWales in providing a collective voice for the needs of industry members, from the startup, to the SME, to the large pharma corporations. So why is the life sector worth investing in? Starting with MediWales, our membership has consecutively grown in the past eight years. We currently have 130 members, showing that companies are surviving the recession. Taking a more bird’s eye view, this sector is worth £1.3bn to the Welsh economy, employs over 15,000 people, and has seen 19% growth over the past three years. In the UK markets, life science has small and big players. Most lucrative is the pharmaceutical industry that turns over more than £16bn per annum, and employs nearly 70,000 people. Close behind is the medical technology sector, where many of its sub sectors in Britain are leading the way globally, such as wound care, in-vitro diagnostics, and single-use technology. Globally, the med tech industry is set to grow by 10% per annum in the next 5-6 years. The drivers behind this are strong: people are ageing, putting pressure on the human body to keep going that much longer. Rates of cancer, dementia, and chronic care come hand in hand with this phenomenon, giving the broader life science industry much more food for thought. As Wales continues to utilise its excellent mix of people, skills and resources, it can create a fiercer position in global markets, project a well–groomed picture of Wales as a country worthy of investment, and most of all, demand and retain the strong government support that the sector’s had to date – and deservedly so.    


Events Preview MediWales Innovation Awards Dinner 2010 Over the last five years, our annual Awards dinner has grown consecutively, becoming a key feature within the MediWales event’s calendar, allowing us to recognise the hard work, dedication and successes of our members. Application forms for the 2010 Awards will go out at the beginning of September, with judging commencing in October. Winners will then be automatically entered for the Medilink UK National Health Awards, where earlier this year, MediWales members Invacare won the award for Partnership with the NHS.

MediWales Joint Events MediWales regularly collaborates with other organisations such as the Welsh Wound Network, the Health Technologies KTN, and the UK’s Office for Life Science to develop shared events. Already this year we have worked with the Institute of Life Science in Swansea University on our Partners4LifeScience event. Building our relationships with Welsh universities, MediWales is running a collaborative event with Cardiff University’s Department of Innovation and Engagement.

MediWales Core Seminars Each of our forthcoming MediWales seminars will focus on current topics or areas of interest for the life science sector. The content and style of these seminars will be shaped and influenced by feedback from our members and from the regional and national networks that we work with.

THIS YEAR’S MEDIWALES EVENTS: MediWales Members Showcase – July 2010 This event was our members’ opportunity to showcase their own examples of commercial expertise, to explore the contribution companies make in working with healthcare providers and academic organisations, and to promote closer links between the three activities. This event included a small exhibition of companies that provided expertise to the sector.

Surviving and Growing: where money issues meet IP Rights – Sept 2010 This event will give legal and financial top tips in order to navigate these choppy waters. The event will include presentations from, and one-to-one meetings with, Wales’s top financial and IP experts.

Awards Dinner – Dec 2010 Our fifth annual Awards dinner will allow us to recognise and celebrate the achievements of both companies and NHS personnel working in the life science sector in Wales. MediWales Innovation Awards invitations will be sent out shortly. If you have any questions, please contact Jess Fisher at

Health Technology Innovation and Clinical Access – Jan 2011 This event will give a platform to NHS clinical research units, hospital R&D departments, device testing facilities, and companies in product development, to discuss their current activities and possible collaborations.

THIS YEAR’S EXTERNAL EVENTS: Advamed – 18 to 20 Oct 2010 Advamed 2010 is the premier MedTech conference for business executives, policy-makers, financiers, media, and industry stakeholders from around the world. At AdvaMed you can network with more than 1,500 key MedTech companies in every sector of the industry. Register at

Medica – 17 to 20 Nov 2010 Medica is the world’s leading exhibition for the medical sector. Each year it draws in excess of 137,000 visitors from over 100 countries. Over the years Wales has established a significant presence at Medica, showcasing innovations in healthcare and medical devices. If you would like to register as a delegate for Medica 2010, please contact Helen Griffiths at IBW:

Arab Health – 24 to 27 Jan 2011 The Arab Health Exhibition & Congress is the largest healthcare exhibition in the Middle East, and the second largest in the world. It provides a platform for the world’s leading manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to meet the medical and scientific community in the Middle East and beyond.

BioWales – 9 & 10 March 2011 BioWales is returning again in 2011 at The Vale Hotel near Cardiff, showcasing the Welsh bioscience sector to an international, commercial and academic audience. It consistently has an unparalleled conference programme with world-class guest speakers, researchers and companies; an exhibition; and runs one-to-one meetings to discuss potential collaboration projects.


annual review and directory 2010

Structure and Management The Team: Gwyn Tudor, Forum Manager: Responsible for strategic direction, business planning and lobbying roles with Welsh and UK bodies. Debbie Laubach, Project Manager: Responsible for events, project management, financial administration and the life science advisory group. Jessica Fisher, Communications Manager: Editor of the MediWales Review; responsible for membership services, the MediWales website, events organisation and market research projects. Jo Daniel, Coordinator: Responsible for advertising and production of the MediWales Review, events organisation and market research projects.

The Directors: Mr Greg Baily – MediWales Chairman, Arjo Huntleigh (Part of the Getinge Group) Huntleigh designs, manufactures and globally distributes a wide range of medical devices. These include pressure relieving surfaces, wound treatment, bedframes, patient monitors, DVT prevention, lifts and hoists.

Professor Paul J Smith, School of Medicine, Cardiff University

Dr Catherine Ramsay, 3M Microbiology

Dr Paul Michael, GE Healthcare

3M Microbiology in Bridgend is a leading manufacturer of rapid hygiene testing and microbial screening products for use in a wide range of manufacturers from food to toiletries, and for other applications including hospital hygiene and biodetection systems for defence agencies. Mr David Ford, Swansea School of Medicine The School of Medicine at Swansea University is Wales’s new second medical school. It runs an innovative graduate entry medical programme, and undertakes a wide range of biomedical, clinical and population research, supported by highperformance supercomputing.

The Cancer Biology and Biophotonics group encompasses basic cellular research, systems biology, anticancer drug discovery and leads the UK Optical Biochips Consortium, developing microand nanotechnologies for the life sciences.

GE Healthcare is a world leader in medical diagnostics and life sciences.  Focussed on enabling molecular medicine, the company works through business areas in diagnostic imaging, protein separations, consumables and cellular technologies.

Observers: Dr Sharon Thomas – Observer, Welsh Assembly Government Technology and Innovation Group supports and encourages technology transfer between companies, creates links between academia and business and helps those seeking to exploit the commercial potential of research and development.


Custom Products and Manufacturing Solutions Here are some very good reasons to talk to Sterilin about your custom product needs: 1 Over 50 years experience in silicone and thermoplastic processing 1 High specification custom products for medical device and diagnostic applications 1 Silicone extrusion, moulding and thermoplastic processing, all from a single source 1 ISO 9001:2000 registered, with clean room manufacturing facility 1 CAD design, material selection, printing, finishing and assembly Contact us to find out how our experienced project management team can work closely with you to take your idea from concept to commercial realisation. Sterilin Ltd, Angel Lane, Bargoed, Caerphilly, CF81 9FW Tel: +44 (0) 844 8443737 Fax: +44 (0) 844 8442373 e-mail:

Sterilin Custom Products Ad 136x190mm.indd 1

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annual review and directory 2010

Annual Review Summary Mission:


To be the representative body and point of contact for the medical and life science sectors in Wales.

To provide a forum for networking and encourage the exchange of ideas, collaboration and supply chain development between businesses, academia, NHS and government agencies. To promote members’ products, services and expertise. To raise awareness of regulatory issues, vendor associations and finance opportunities for members. To aid communication between members and interested organisations worldwide. To work with the Welsh Assembly Government and other bodies to identify and address the needs of the sector.

Joint and Collaborative Events BioWales Conference, Welsh Assembly Government -

Membership Members: 131 Companies: 94

No. of delegates


Academic/NHS/Business Support: 37

E-Health and Health Informatics in Wales Workshop 1 & 2



Office for Life Science and UK Trade & Investment Roadshow


China and East Asian Markets, IBW


Visits per month: 860 (up from 512) Publications MediWales Review: 3 x 2000 (2000 no. people distributed to) Annual Review and Directory:

1 x 2000

Medilink UK Review: MediWales Events

2 x 10,000 No. of attendees

New Technologies in Healthcare Conference, Technium Welsh mission to Arab Health Conference, 25 – 28 Jan, Dubai - 8 companies Welsh mission to Medica 17 – 20 Nov, Dusseldorf, Germany Medilink UK Health Technology Awards 2010

E-procurement 37

Representation on UK Boards

Horizons in Healthcare


Innovation, Funding and Finance


Clinical Access Stakeholders Meeting


UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Ministerial Medical Technology Strategy Group working group on sector metrics

Fighting Infection Webinar


MediWales Innovation Awards:


Total Event Attendance


BIS Ministerial Medical Technology Strategy Group working group on SME competitiveness BIS regional representatives’ quarterly meetings UKTI regional representatives’ quarterly meetings Medilink UK (regional health technology forum and the Health Technologies KTN) quarterly directors’ meetings Welsh Wound Network management committee


• Patents • Designs

• Trade Marks • Domain Names

Offices in Cardiff and Cheltenham Tel: +44 (0)29 2078 6535













3M Microbiology Abel & Imray Aberystwyth University BioCentre Acredian IP Active Signal Ltd Albright Patents Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd AquaHeal Ltd Arjo Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd Axiom Manufacturing Services Ltd Bangor University - School of Chemistry BIC Innovation Ltd Bilcare Biotec Services International Ltd Biotech Pharma Flow Ltd Biplas Boots Centre for Innovation University of Bristol - Clinical Biotechnology Centre Bristol Urological Institute C&G Medicare Ltd Calon-Cardio Technology Ltd Cardiff & Vale NHS Healthcare Trust Cardiff Medicentre Cardiff University - CARE Cardiff University - CBS Cardiff University - CITER Cardiff University - MEC Cardiff University - RACD Cardiff University - Wound Healing Research Unit Catalyst Venture Partners CellPath Ltd Cerebra Chapman Molony Chromogenex Technologies Ltd ConvaTec Ltd Dentron Ltd DeVilbiss Healthcare DTR Medical Ltd E2L Products Ltd Ensinger Precision Engineering Ltd Excalibur Group Exopack Advanced Coatings Finance Wales Firefly Medical Ltd Frontier Medical Fulcrum Direct Ltd Gambit Corporate Finance GE Healthcare Geldards LLP Gen-Probe George James Ltd Giles Insurance Ltd GX Design Engineers and GX Systems Haemair Ltd Heritage Medical Ltd Home Telehealth Ltd HSBC Bank PLC Hugh James Hunter International Associates Ltd Hyderus Cyf Infodream Ltd International Business Wales Invacare (UK) Ltd Isca Healthcare Research Jara Consulting Ltd Kryotrans International Ltd



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Krysium Advisors Ltd Lawrand Ltd MA Consulting Magstim Company Ltd Marks & Clerk MedaPhor Ltd Medical Device Consultancy Melys AFS Ltd Morvus Technology Muscagen Ltd Neem Biotech Ltd Nightingale Care Beds Ltd Norgine Ltd Nubotix - formally Egin Oncomorph Analysis Ltd Orthos Ltd OsteoTronix Ltd Ovasort Ltd Patent Seekers Ltd PDR Penn Pharma Performance Health Products Ltd Phoenix Medical Recruitment Ltd Promove UK Ltd Protherics UK Ltd Q Chip Qioptiq Ltd Reed Scientific Rogue Resolutions Ruskinn Technology Ltd s3 Systems Shakerscope Ltd Silprotect Ltd Simbec Research Ltd Sony UK Technology Centre St. Davids Assemblies Ltd Sterilin Ltd Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory Swansea University - Centre for Complex Fluids Processing Swansea University - Institute of Life Science Swansea University - School of Medicine Synergy Health Laboratory Services Synidor Teamwork Technology Services Ltd Trojan Electronics Ltd TrustTECH TT electronics integrated manufacturing services UK Healthgateway Ltd Ultrawave Ltd United Aeropsace Ltd University of Glamorgan - AIDC UPG Global Manufacturing Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP Venalink Dr Bob Wallis Welsh Assembly Government - DfET Wentwood Medical Ltd Williams Medical Supplies Ltd Withers & Rogers LLP Wynne-Jones, Laine & James LLP xenos - the Wales Business Angel Network Ltd XGEN Zarlink Semiconductor ZooBiotic













annual review and directory 2010

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Directory 2010 3M Microbiology The Science Park Technology Drive Bridgend Glamorgan CF31 3NA Tel: 01656 641 400 Fax: 01656 768 835 Email: Web:

3M Microbiology, Bridgend is a leading manufacturer of rapid hygiene testing and microbial screening products for use by dairy, food and beverage manufacturers, personal care and toiletry manufacturers. The products are also used in other applications including hospital hygiene, monitoring biocide treatment of industrial waters and in biodetection systems for defence agencies. The Bridgend manufactured products are part of a wider portfolio from 3M Microbiology which includes PetrifilmTM sample ready plates for enumeration of microorganisms, TecraTM pathogen test kits and a range of sample handling and media products.

Abel and Imray 23 Windsor Place Cardiff CF10 3BY Tel: 02920 347 030 Fax: 02920 666 637 Web:

Abel & Imray is a leading firm of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys handling all aspects of intellectual property including patents, trademarks and designs. We have expertise in all fields of medical and related technology. Our team of biotechnology and chemistry specialists has particular experience in diagnostics, gene therapy, drug delivery systems, protein engineering, pharmaceuticals and combinatorial chemistry. We have extensive experience of medical devices, including mechanical, optical and electronic medical devices. Our professionals have particular skills in the protection and exploitation of intellectual property relating to those fields, as well as experience in management and development of intellectual property portfolios.

Aberystwyth University – BioCentre Visualistion Centre Aberystwyth University Aberystwyth SY23 3BF Tel: 01970 628 504 Email:    Web:

Aberystwyth University offers a breadth of research activity of relevance to the healthcare and medical sector. Access to these is provided by the Aberystwyth BioCentre (ABC) which offers an interface to businesses and other external organisations with an interest in research and development opportunities, consultancy, licensing and technology transfer in: plant breeding, animal science & nutrition, pharmaceuticals & agrochemicals, microbiology, parasitology, food quality, diagnostic & analytical sciences, environmental management, proteomics, genomics & metabolomics, visualisation and healthcare imaging.

Acredian IP 27 Cudnall Street Charlton Kings Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL53 8HS Tel: 01242 262 183 Fax: 01242 807 881 Email:

We provide IP advice and support to SMEs, companies and Academic Institutions, in particular in the area of medical devices. We offer a proactive service which provides tailored advice so that clients are aware of what possible IP assets they have and how these could be exploited, for example to raise funding.

ActiveSignal Ltd Mindale House Ffordd Hendre Prestatyn LL19 8PG Contact: Warren Ward Tel: 01745 851 111 Fax: 08701 308 342 Email: Web:


ActiveSignal is the first company in the world to exploit the new bioscience of exogenous pathway signalling. ActiveSignal technology is a highly intelligent method of activating cell-to-cell signalling for therapeutic purposes.  Unlike pharmaceuticals, ActiveSignal products have a biological rather than a chemical action, with little or no risk to the patient. The company has demonstrated the effectiveness of the technology with the Ion Extra supplement capsule for humans and the Equiwinner patch for horses. Cell signalling devices are likely to bring radical and rapid improvements in the treatment or eradication of a number of chronic human conditions. Licences are available for cell signalling against specific conditions. Patents worldwide. 

annual review and directory 2010

Albright Patents Eagle Tower Montpellier Drive Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL50 1TA Tel: 01242 691 801 Fax: 01242 692 351 Email: Web:

We are a patent and trade mark attorney firm providing a personal service to individuals, SMEs and larger companies. We advise on all aspects of IP in both the UK and overseas, including patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. We can offer advice on IP strategies to support our client’s enterprises and protect their creative vision and investment. If you would like to meet for a free initial consultation or would like to informally discuss an IP related matter, then please call Robert or Adrian on 01242 691801. We look forward to speaking with you.

Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd The Gwent Group Monmouth House Mamhilad Park Pontypool Torfaen NP4 0HZ Contact: Guido Drago Tel: 01495 750 505 Email:    Web:

Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd (AET) was established in 1994 with core expertise and patents in protein stabilisation, which has resulted in the successful stabilisation of many enzymes and antibodies in a number of medical biosensor devices. AET in partnership with Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd are able to develop and manufacture biosensors for diagnostic, healthcare and point of care applications. Sensors being developed for clients include: glucose, cholesterol, creatine, ammonia, pyruvate, organophosphates, alcohol and cardiac markers. The Gwent Group of companies are capable of manufacturing up to 500,000 sensors per annum.

AquaHeal Ltd OpTIC Technium Ffordd William Morgan St Asaph Business Park St Asaph Denbigh LL17 0JD Email: Web: 

AquaHeal Ltd is a new business spun out from Glyndwr University, Wrexham. Core business is centred around the development of novel hydrogel technologies for use in advanced wound care. Target applications include postoperative, chronic, pressure sores and burns. AquaHeal’s hydrogel systems also have uses in regenerative medicine and biopolymer separations. Consultancy services in polymer and polymerisation process design and optimisation, polymer characterisation and formulation development are also offered.

Arjo Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd Diagnostic Products Division Unit 35 Portmanmoor Road East Moors Cardiff CF24 5HN Tel: 02920 485 885 Fax: 02920 490 170 Email: Web:

Huntleigh, a member of the Getinge group of companies is a leading global provider of innovative and high quality medical equipment for healthcare professionals. The Diagnostic Products Division can proudly boast world leading brands such as Sonicaid, Dopplex and Smartsigns, covering healthcare requirements in obstetrics, vascular assessment and patient monitoring. The ISO 9001 accredited site at Cardiff is the largest manufacturer of foetal monitors in the UK and its position has been strengthened with the introduction of portable foetal monitors, monitors with telemedicine capabilities and electronic viewing and archiving systems. The Smartsigns brand of Patient Monitors compliment the obstetric and vascular business enabling us to offer complete solutions to medical professionals world-wide. The site also offers expertise in electronic components and software that support product lines throughout the entire group.  


Axiom Manufacturing Services Ltd Technology Park Newbridge Newport NP11 5AN Sales office: 01495 242 130 Fax: 01495 242 096 Contact: Jeff Clifford- Sales and Marketing Director Email: Web:     

Located in South Wales, Axiom Manufacturing Services is a highly flexible, customer focused, UK Contract Manufacturing (CEM) Company delivering to the medical sector.  With many years experience of PCB assembly, electro-mechanical assembly, full product box-build and other value added services, Axiom delivers value throughout the supply chain helping to lower your total acquisition costs.  Whilst being specialists in automated drug delivery systems, laparoscopic surgery and vital signs monitoring equipment Axiom has the capabilities and facilities to offer a complete outsourced manufacturing solution to its medical customers. From design support to after sales, extensive test capabilities, a strong quality culture, whilst supported by our teams ’can do’ attitude, Axiom typifies a world of excellence in contract manufacturing.

Bangor University – School of Chemistry Deiniol Road Bangor Gwynedd LL57 2UW Tel: 01248 382 383 Fax: 01248 370 528 Email:

Our research covers a wide range of multidisciplinary areas including nanomaterials, sensors for drugs and explosives, molecular electronics, biological chemistry, polymer chemistry, heterocyclic and carbohydrate chemistry and other synthetic chemistry. A significant proportion of our current research is at the life science interface. We have been developing therapeutic biomolecules and biomacromolecules as intrinsic drugs and/or as carriers/devices for drug delivery and tissue engineering. These include the development of synthetic mycolic acids as potential therapeutic agents in the treatment of asthma and TB, the development of carbohydrate based anti-adhesives as antibiotic-alternatives, and the development of smart photocrosslinkable copolymers as injectable hydrogel materials for drug delivery and wound healing.

BIC Innovation Ltd Pencoed Technology Centre Bridgend CF35 5HZ Tel: 01656 861 536 Contact: Dafydd Davies Prif Weithredwr/Chief Executive Email: Web:

Based in Pencoed Technology Centre, South Wales and Parc Menai, Bangor, BIC Innovation is Wales’ leading innovation services business undertaking wide ranging UK and international project work for clients. An experienced healthcare team in new product development, sales and marketing performance improvement management to help you to drive your healthcare business forward. We offer: • Strategic Innovation and Development • Marketing Research • International Sales & Marketing Management • Technology & IPR Exploitation • NPD Processes and Management • Financial Management Services • Performance Improvement (Manufacturing Advisory Service Wales) • Total Project Management

Bilcare GCS (Europe) Ltd Waller House Elvicta Business Park Crickhowell Powys NP8 1DF Tel: 01873 812 182 Fax: 01873 810 836 Email: Web:


Bilcare Global Clinical Supplies (GCS) is a global provider of Clinical Trial Materials (CTM) services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Bilcare GCS is a business unit of Bilcare Ltd, an innovation-led solutions provider that partners with the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to improve patient healthcare outcomes. Bilcare GCS has global presence in North America, Europe and Asia. With best-in-class manufacturing plants and facilities on three continents, Bilcare GCS delivers end-to-end solutions that support a drug through the entire clinical trial life cycle. Our services for solid, semi-solid, liquid, DEA (CI-V) and biotech clinical trial materials (CTM) satisfy a broad range of requirements from pre-formulation research and development, manufacturing, analytical services and clinical supplies packaging and labelling to IVRS, QP services, controlled-temperature (cold chain) CTM storage, worldwide distribution and returns and destructions accountability.

annual review and directory 2010

Biotech PharmaFlow Ltd 12 Island Farm Close Bridgend CF31 3LY Tel: 0845 676 5920 Email: Web:

Specialist in providing outsourcing and supply-chain management services to the pharmaceutical sector. We help sponsor companies and their key stakeholders to release value, excess cost and risk vulnerability from their supply-chains, as they bring new molecular entities through to market or marketing partners. Utilising appropriate tools, techniques and processes developed over 25 years experience in the industry, Biotech PharmaFlow can deliver compliant, responsive, resilient and cost effective supply-chains at any and every stage of development and commercialisation. Who can benefit from PharmaFlow’s services? If you are a sponsor company in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech or Biopharmaceuticals, a contract manufacturing organisation, a contract research organisation, a third party logistics service provider, venture capitalist or university innovator, Biotech PharmaFlow can help with your value proposition.

Biotec Services International Ltd Biotec House Central Park, Western Avenue Bridgend Industrial Estate Bridgend CF31 3RT Tel: 01656 750 550 Fax: 01656 750 569 Email: Web:

Biotec Services International is a Bridgend-based company that specialises in import, packing, labelling, storage and world-wide distribution of temperature sensitive IMPs and pharmaceuticals. Biotec’s services include: Qualified Person (QP) consultancy and certification, import of investigational medicinal products into Europe, GMP labelling, packing and storage, named patient and compassionate supplies, sourcing of comparators and ancillary supplies, validated temperature controlled storage and shipment of IMPs and pharmaceuticals at controlled ambient, 2-8°C, -20°C, -80°C and -196°C. Working to both US and European quality standards and with regular discussions with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), all of our procedures are managed to the highest possible standards, conforming to cGMP and other relevant regulatory standards.  

Biplas Medical Ltd Mr Richard Bedwell Units 3/4 Llantrisant Business Park Llantrisant Pontyclun Rhodda Cynon Taff CF72 8LF Tel: 01443 237 654 Email: Web:

Innovative design and development company with manufacturing capability in plastic injection moulding. We develop devices using the latest technology in polymer and metallurgy with the required electronics using our associated partner. Offering knowhow and expertise based on our engineering knowledge of a wide range of processes, capable of manufacturing the end product at a cost-effective price. We are currently working on single-use disposable devices in the field of laparoscopy, gynaecology and urology. We are working with leading clinicians in these areas enabling the use of appropriate technology and processes to develop devices with patient need being the priority. Opportunities for partnerships are sought in the medical/healthcare arena enabling early-stage devices and systems be developed, trialled and finally marketed via our distribution partners. We design and develop specialised packaging in the areas of radiology and bioscience.

Boots Centre for Innovation Institute of Life Science University of Swansea Swansea SA2 8PP Contact: Louise Bryce Marketing Manager Tel: 01792 513 722 Fax: 01792 602 679 Email: Web:

Boots Centre for Innovation works closely with early stage companies or inventors to develop innovative new products and technologies within the health and beauty sectors. The principle aim of the centre is to mentor and support these innovators through each stage of product development and eventually launch exciting new consumer products for the shelves of Boots stores. At its base in Swansea University, Boots Centre for Innovation provides business knowledge, access to a wealth of scientific expertise, advice on obtaining funding and a gateway to 2,400 Boots stores in the UK with an introducing to an international distribution and retail network.

University of Bristol - Clinical Biotechnology Centre Langford House Lower Langford Bristol BS40 5DU Tel/Fax: 01873 831 529 Mobile:  07711 447 011 Email:

CBC has been producing biopharmaceuticals for clinical trials on behalf of academic and NHS sponsors since 2000. We provide translational research services to our sponsors as they progress from pre-clinical to clinical trials. CBC holds a Manufacturer’s Authorisation (Investigational Medicinal Products) granted by the MHRA in 2004, for the production of recombinant proteins and DNA plasmids. In 2007 this was extended to cover the GMP importation from suppliers outside the EU. As we are core funded by the DH through its allocation of central R&D funds to the NHSBT, our academic and NHS sponsors are charged at cost for our services.


Bristol Urological Institute - The BioMed Health Technology Cooperative Southmead Hospital Bristol BS10 5NB Tel: 01173 235 690 Fax: 01173 238 830 Web: Web:

The BioMed HTC, based at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, offers in vitro testing and clinical evaluation for innovative products designed to improve the management of urinary incontinence.  With over 5 years experience in this area, we have a team of medical, nursing, scientific and engineering experts who can advise on ideas from concept through to market adoption. Our services include the use of specialised microbiological and biological models for pre-clinical testing and the design and delivery of clinical studies for CE marking or post market evaluation.  We can be engaged on a fee for service basis or as a collaborative partner. As the latter we can assist in obtaining funds for device development and testing.

C&G Medicare Ltd C/o Bevan & Buckland Langdon House Langdon Road Swansea Waterfront SA1 8QY Tel: 08712 181 233 Email: Web:

We manufacture and market our own innovation to control female stress incontinence. We hold the patents for this medical class IIa device. Manufactured in the UK the product is packed and distributed from Wales globally.  We are currently looking for distributors for the product with a view to find a company to eventually licence to. Within the UK our main objective is to supply the NHS. Our target market is aimed at women over the age of 18 (majority being 45+).  

Calon Cardio-Technology Ltd Institute of Life Sciences Swansea University Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP Tel: 01639 602 861 Email: Web:

Calon Cardio-Technology Ltd (CCTL) is developing the next generation of implantable micro blood pump for the treatment of heart failure. Current pumps have clinically proven that heart assist pumps are a safe and effective. However, these devices have failed to exploit their market potential for two reasons: Current products are expensive, and are too large, requiring highly invasive surgery. CCTL’s technology addresses both these problems and promises to realise the vision of heart assist pumps becoming the routine method of treatment for heart failure. CCTL are collaborating with world leaders such as The Texas Heart Institute, The John Radcliff Hospital, Swansea University, The Technology Strategy Board and Welsh Assembly Government.

Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust University of Hospital Wales Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4WX Tel: 02920 742 014 Fax: 02920 742 489 Email:

We offer clinical services in the medical physics area, including medical imaging, vascular (Doppler) ultrasound, nuclear medicine, bone densitometry and body composition determination. We have a dual-head gamma camera system for planar radionuclide imaging and single photon emission tomography, and this incorporates an x-ray CT scanner. Other equipment includes dualenergy x-ray absorptiometers, duplex ultrasound scanners, a niche magnetic resonance imager, a whole body gamma radiation counter and radiation detectors. We provide a very wide range of life-cycle equipment management services for medical equipment in our own and neighbouring trusts. Our mechanical engineering section designs, develops and produces medical devices to take forward collaborative research ideas in a range of medical areas. We provide direct clinical services in rehabilitation engineering, designing, developing and producing engineering solutions to meet the needs of individual clients. We would welcome opportunities for further research and development collaborations in the above areas.

Cardiff Medicentre Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4UJ Tel: 02920 757 744 Fax: 02920 750 239 Email: Web:


The Cardiff Medicentre is a dedicated business incubator, located on the University Hospital of Wales campus and supporting the development of the medical and life sciences sectors in Cardiff. With office and laboratory space ranging from 284 sq.ft. To 1,045 sq. ft, the Cardiff Medicentre offers specialist incubation support and business services for high-growth, early-stage technology companies developing products for the medical and life sciences markets.

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Cardiff University - CARE Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine School of Medicine Cardiff University Cardiff CF14 4XN Contact: Tony Wilkes Tel: 02920 744 852 Fax: 02920 743 412 Email:

CARE (Cardiff Anaesthetic Research and Education) is a focus group comprising senior academics and consultant anaesthetists from the joint Cardiff University and Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust departmental section of Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine. We have extensive expertise in evaluating existing medical devices used in anaesthesia and respiratory and intensive care using laboratory-based tests, user assessments and clinical trials. We have formed collaborations with the NHS and industry to develop innovative solutions to particular clinical problems, successfully attracting government grants. We can provide training and education events incorporating a broad range of simulation scenarios. We offer help and advice to industry during the development of novel products.

Cardiff University - Central Biotechnology Services Henry Wellcome Building School Of Medicine Cardiff University Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4XN Tel: 02920 687 004 Mob: 07595 001 657 Email: Monday, Thursday and Friday Web:

Central Biotechnology Services is an ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited provider of laboratory facilities, technical support, academic consultancy and training. Based in Cardiff University, CBS provides customers with accessible advice, training and analysis across the spectrum of the life sciences. We offer competitive services to industry and academia in the following fields: Genomics (qPCR, DNA Sequencing/Fragment Analysis, and Microarraying (Affymetrix and Illumina)); MSD assays; Proteomics; Biacore; Histology; Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting and Imaging.

Cardiff University - Cardiff Institute of Tissue Engineering & Repair (CITER) 51 Park Place Cardiff CF10 3AB Contact: CITER Manager Tel: 02920 870 129 Fax: 02920 870 129 Web:

CITER brings together life sciences and clinical expertise from Cardiff University to advance technological developments in the field of tissue engineering, repair and rehabilitation, and ultimately to improve patient care and quality of life. CITER’s three strands of activity are: interdisciplinary translational research encompassing the biomechanical, regulatory, ethical, physiologic and health service aspects of tissue engineering, repair and rehabilitation; the provision and commercialisation of clinical service technologies; and education, training and knowledge dissemination - including an MSc in Tissue Engineering - an interdisciplinary postgraduate taught scheme which may be of interest to representatives in the healthcare sector. CITER’s range of services is potentially attractive to the NHS and pharmaceutical, biotechnology, engineering, devices and biomaterial companies.

Cardiff University - Manufacturing Engineering Centre Cardiff University Queen ’s Building Newport Road Cardiff CF24 0YF Tel: 02920 874 641 Fax:02920 874 880 Email: Web:

The award winning Manufacturing Engineering (MEC) at Cardiff University has expertise in: • 3D CAD modelling of anatomical structure from CT/MRI data • Manufacturing of biomodels using rapid prototyping techniques such as SLS & SLA • Design and manufacture of personalised implants with biocompatible materials, for cranio-maxillofacial surgery such as cranioplasty and bone tumors • Production of surgical tools to meet specific surgeon’s requirements • Development of surgical training models • Generation of finite element analysis models from CT/MRI data for biochemical research.

Cardiff University - Research and Commercial Division 7th Floor, 30-36 Newport Road Cardiff CF24 0DE Tel: 02920 874 837 Fax: 02920 874 189 Web:

The Research and Commercial Division at Cardiff University supports research, consultancy services and technology transfer activities across all academic schools and research centres. Cardiff University spends approximately £100 million on R&D annually, of which approximately 60% is in biomedical and related technology areas. The division also supports an active programme of patenting and licensing technology and innovations to companies, the establishment of spin-out companies as well as extensive range of consultancy and other knowledge transfer services.


Cardiff University - Wound Healing Research Unit (WHRU) Prof K G Harding, Director School of Medicine Cardiff University Heath Park, Cardiff CF14 4XN Tel: 02920 744 505 Fax: 02920 756 334 Email: Web:

WHRU has three core activities: • Specialist clinical services • Research • Education and Training The research work completed at the unit includes conducting clinical trials to ICHGCP standards; biological research (with a particular emphasis on microbiology and material science); physical measurement (the interface of medicine and engineering/ electronics); and health services research (including HRQoL and health economics). WHRU offers an MSc in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair as well as a range of short courses.  The unit collaborates with a number of other departments within the University of Wales and is part of the Cardiff Institute for Tissue Engineering and Repair. The target markets include health professionals working with non-healing acute or chronic wounds and healthcare companies involved in specialist wound care.

Catalyst Venture Partners 2 Queens Parade Bath BA1 2NJ Tel: 01225 331 498 Email: Web:

We are a corporate finance and fast-growth advisory firm specialising in the health, environmental, media and telecoms sectors. We work with ambitious and entrepreneurial companies who are at the early and expansion stage of their development and seeking to raise between £500,000 and £5 million. We aim to partner with companies over the long term. Our fees come mainly from success.

CellPath Ltd 80 Mochdre Enterprise Park Newtown Powys SY16 4LE UK  Tel: 01686 611 333 DDI: 01686 611 312 Fax: 01686 622 946 Mobile: 07771 531 546 Email: Web:

CellPath has been supplying consumables for Cellular Pathology Laboratories for over 40 years. UK business is primarily within the NHS plus additional customers from private healthcare, universities and commercial laboratories. CellPath works with and supports business partners in European countries with a healthy export order book. Further expansion into foreign markets is planned this year. There are facilities for manufacture, particularly in plastic injection moulding. A range of innovative products are produced to exacting standards, and supplied directly to customers. CellNass is the innovative archive management service arm of CellPath offering the first dedicated Human Tissue Association (HTA) licensed offsite storage facility for archiving pathology samples in the UK, used by well-known private and public hospitals, pathology laboratories and universities. A strong team of professionals bring together extensive expertise in Pathology and logistics, having the resources and ability to transport and archive large volumes of material safely and without inconveniencing customers.

Cerebra Second Floor Offices Lyric building King Street Carmarthen SA31 1BD Tel: 01267 244 200 Fax: 01267 244 201 Mobile: 07879 472 091 Email: Web:

Cerebra is a charity helping brain injured children. It set up its Innovation Centre in conjunction with the Swansea Metropolitan University to provide a research and design service to help children, parents and carers find specialist equipment and adaptations that are not already available to buy. The Innovation Centre is made up of a small team of young and talented engineers and designers who are able to respond to requests to adapt or design and build specialist equipment.  We have expertise in the areas of electronics, design and engineering. We also work with a range of industry partners and other charities in the development of products. This means we are able to make and test products to the highest possible standards.

Chapman Molony Cardiff Business Technology Centre Senghenydd Rd Cathays Cardiff CF24 4AY Tel: 02920 099 999 Fax: 02920 664 319 Email: Web:


Chapman Molony are Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys with offices in Cardiff and Swansea. They are able to provide advice and assistance relating to the protection and enforcement of all aspects of intellectual property, including patents, trade marks, copyright and designs. Chapman Molony ’s technical expertise lies in the field of engineering, electronic and medical technology, however work relating to other technical areas can also be handled. In addition to assisting clients in protecting their intellectual property, Chapman Molony offer in-house consultancy services and can undertake audits to identify protectable intellectual property, including new technology, trade marks, house-styles, brands, designs and copyright.

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Chromogenex Ltd Units 1&2 Heol Rhosyn Dafen Park Llanelli SA14 8QG Tel: 01554 755 444 Fax: 01544 755 333 Email: Web:

Chromagenex design, manufacture, and service lasers and intense light systems for the health and beauty market. Key products are: Ilipo: a body shaping, fat reduction device without the need for pain, needles or downtime. Chromolite/phaser: intense pulse light (ipl) for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and pigmentation. Regenlite: a pulse dye laser for vascular, acne, skin pigmentation The company also sells consumables, service contracts and other anciliary goods. The company has established direct sales operations in the UK. France and Canadian Markets and makes further export sales via a comprehensive network of distributors.

ConvaTec Ltd Harrington House Milton Road Ickenham Middlesex UB10 8PU Tel: 01895 628 400 Fax: 01895 628 455 Email: Web:

ConvaTec is a leading developer and marketer of innovative medical technologies that have helped improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. With four key business divisions – Ostomy care, Wound therapeutics, Continence and Critical care and infusion devices – ConvaTec products support healthcare professionals from the hospital to the community health setting. From its headquarters in Skillman, New Jersey, the company oversees more than 8,000 employees in over 90 countries serving consumers and their healthcare professionals on six continents.

Dentron Ltd Llys Myrddin Clynderwen Carmarthenshire SA66 7XG Contact: Jonathan Copus Tel: 01994 419 792 Fax: 01994 419 796 Email: Web:

Dentron Ltd specialises in innovative medical devices. The best known is the Biogun, a wide spectrum electronic microbicide which kills micro-organisms (including the superbug MRSA) using a concentrated stream of electrically charged air particles applied from a distance of 2-10mm. The devices is used by podiatrists, dentists and dermatologists for a variety of conditions including tooth decay, gun disease, periodontitis, athletes foot, verrucae and other warts, fungal nail infections and foot ulcers. The method is safe, drug free and in most circumstances painless. Dentron is seeking distributors for the Biogun worldwide and also partners for a subsidised research project on wound care.

DeVilbiss Healthcare Sunrise Business Park High Street Wollaston West Midlands DY8 4PS Tel: 01384 446 858 Fax: 01384 446 628 Email: Web:

DeVilbiss Healthcare is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of respiratory therapy products that address the needs of patients in institutional and homecare settings. Our aim is to provide patients with the quality of life that is available to most of us in the world today. We supply our products directly to end users, to NHS trusts across the UK and also to healthcare dealers. DeVilbiss Healthcare specialise in oxygen, sleep and aerosol therapy products. Our oxygen product line includes a range of standard oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen concentrators, homefill devices, conservers and pulse oximeters. Our sleep product line includes a range of CPAP devices (including fixed pressure, APAP, BiLevel S and BiLevel ST), CPAP masks and respiratory screeners. Our aerosol product family consists of nebulisers, compressors, ultrasonic nebulisers and suction units.

DTR Medical 17 Clarion Court Clarion Close Enterprise Park Swansea SA6 8RF Tel: 01792 797 910 Fax: 01792 797 955 Email: Website:  

DTR Medical is an innovative medical device and cleanroom contract manufacturing company, with the ability to design, CE mark, manufacture and sterilise a wide range of medical devices and other healthcare products. DTR Medical’s custom-built facilities include a versatile ISO class 7 cleanroom complex operated by a highly trained team. Experienced in the manufacture and packing of many medical devices used in ENT, Vascular Neurology, Orthopaedic and general surgery, DTR Medical can also handle design files and CE marking. The company already contract manufactures a wide range of custom built products for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic industries. Fully equipped to handle Nelipack thermoform blisters, flow wrapping, and shrink wrapping and vacuum packing. The facility also has specialist expertise in handling liquid filling of medical devices and related products.  


E2L Products Ltd 19 White Swan Court Monmouth NP25 3NY Contact: Lyndon Owen Managing Director Tel: 01600 714 856 Email: Web:

Electronic product designers offering skills in electronic hardware and embedded software, mechanical, biochemical and production engineering. E2L have a track record for original thinking and an in-house philosophy of design simplicity – we are recognised as ‘Ambassadors for Innovation’ by the Welsh Assembly Government. Customers range from multinationals to individuals with ‘the great idea’. A flexible commercial approach encompasses fixed-price contract, joint venture or even product rescue with licensing arrangements. E2L also manufactures and markets its own products. Their major medical sector product is the ‘MegaBee™’ assisted writing tablet for extreme tetraplegic, motor neurone or stroke patients. Contract vacuum forming is also offered for small batch runs.

Ensinger Precision Engineering Ltd Wilfried Way Tonyrefail Mid Glamorgan CF39 8JQ Tel: 01443 678 400 Fax: 01443 675 777 Email: Web:

ENSINGER Ltd is an international organisation and market leader in the manufacture and distribution of thermoplastics for the medical industry, which is supported by the production of precision machined components. We are committed to continued growth and are always at the forefront of technology; ENSINGER Precision Engineering offers 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC routing; 2,3 and 5-axis turning and 3,4 and 5-axis milling. ENSINGER is constantly developing new and unique blends of materials that can be developed for specific applications in the medical field. As certain materials become standard commodities, ENSINGER intends to continually invest in research and development to lead innovations in this exciting industry.

Excalibur Group 33 King Street St James’s London SW1Y 6RJ Tel: 02078 114 020 Mob: 07971 004 424 Email: Web: 

Excalibur Group is the medical science investment house founded by Sir Chris Evans. It has 0.5bn of funds under management and specialises in investing venture capital in the medical sciences sector. Excalibur was formed through the combination of Merlin Biosciences and Merchant Ventures and is a group of 19 professionals with considerable commercial, financial and technical experience. Excalibur recently set up an office in Cardiff as part of its wider strategy of focussing on the Welsh market.

Exopack Advanced Coatings Ash Road North Wrexham Industrial Estate Wrexham LL13 9UF Tel: 01978 660 241 Fax: 01978 661 452 Email: Web:

Exopack Advanced Coatings produces the inspire™ range of films and foams to manufacturers in the wound care, ostomy and medical device sectors. Films, foams and adhesives can be combined in a variety of ways to create novel features or brand identity. Several composites are available as part of the standard inspire™ portfolio with an added printing facility if required. Carbon-containing films that can be modified with silver or silver/silver chloride are also part of the inspire™ portfolio suitable for a variety of electrode applications including ECG, TNS, biosensors and cosmetic applications. Exopack Advanced Coatings also offers papers, films and specialty substrates for press supplies, electronics and optical technologies.

Finance Wales Oakleigh House Park Place Cardiff CF10 3DQ Tel: 0800 587 4140 Fax: 02920 338 101 Email: Web:


Finance Wales is part of the Finance Wales Group which provides commercial funding to small and medium-sized businesses enabling them to realise their potential for innovation and growth. Managing funds in excess of £300 million, Finance Wales has invested over £145 million through more than 2300 investments in businesses and leveraged more than £344 million of private sector investment. Finance Wales makes commercial debt and equity investments from £5,000 to £2 million in a single round into start-up and early stage businesses, as well as providing investment for more established companies with development capital, management succession or acquisition funding needs.

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Firefly Medical Ltd Unit B Cwm Cynon Business Park Mountain Ash Mid Glamorgan CF45 4ER Tel: 01443 475 539 Fax: 01443 475 379  Web:

Firefly Medical is a new company whose design team have over six years’ experience in the design, development and approval of medical equipment. Having successfully brought over 100 branded products to the medical market, we are able to identify clients’ milestones in line with ISO 13485:2003, to legally bring CE-marked medical devices into the market. Utilising our Solid Edge CAD suite we can quickly turn your concepts into 3D models, prototypes and ultimately full production devices.  We have pro-forma regulatory documentation to speed up the development cycle and offer friendly expert advice to assist you in bringing your product to market.  We also distribute medical products throughout the UK with a dedicated sales team.

Frontier Medical Newbridge Road Industrial Estate Blackwood NP12 2YN Tel: 01495 235 800 Fax: 01495 235 808 Email: Web:

Frontier Medical manufacture and market a range of medical products in four broad business streams: • Sharpsafe is Europe’s leading brand of plastic sharps disposal containers • Repose is a range of inflatable polyurethane pressure redistribution devices for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, manufactured under license from the NHS • eXchange is the brand under which products are made available to organisations for harm reduction purposes amongst the intravenous drug-using community • Multigate is the brand of swabs,dressings,bandages and packs sold to healthcare organisations throughout the UK Frontier are based at two factories in Blackwood with facilities for plastic injection moulding and welding. Core market in the UK is the NHS and private health sector although approximately 50% of production is exported, mostly to the EC.

Fulcrum Direct Ltd Cardiff Business Technology Centre Senghenydd Rd Cardiff CF24 4AY Tel: 02920 647 019 Email:   Web:

We provide effective business planning and marketing services designed to help companies achieve tangible results. Specialising in small and SME companies in the Biosciences and Technology sectors, our mission is to provide high quality support using professionally qualified and experienced marketing associates to ensure profitable business results for our clients. You will benefit from our independent, cost effective approach to helping you understand your markets, develop workable, practical marketing strategies, carry out effective identification of profitable target markets, maintain a pipeline of high quality prospects and develop an integrated approach to marketing communications which maximise your sales, whatever channels you choose.

Gambit Corporate Finance 3 Assembly Square Britannia Quay Cardiff CF10 4PT Tel: 02920 475 500 Fax: 02920 475 501 Email: Web:

Gambit Corporate Finance specialises in advising quoted and unquoted companies with turnover up to £200 million on corporate finance transactions with particular emphasis on acquisitions, disposals, fundraising and management buy-outs. Established in 1992, the firm offers a distinctive partner-led service and has built a strong track record of successful transactions in the medical sector in Wales.  

GE Healthcare The Maynard Centre Forest Farm Whitchurch Cardiff CF14 7YT Tel: 02920 526 000 Fax: 02920 526 348 Email: Web:

GE’s Maynard Centre facility develops and manufactures reagents and reagent systems to support customer research in genomics, proteomics and cell biology. These reagents are frequently designed for use on the company’s instrument platforms. Key target market sectors are the early stages of drug discovery programmes in the major pharmaceutical companies worldwide, in particular high-throughput drug screening, metabolism and distribution studies. The facility also offers a custom manufacturing service.


Geldards LLP Dumfries House Dumfries Place Cardiff CF10 3ZF Tel: 02920 238 239 Fax: 02920 237 268 Email: Web:

Cardiff based law firm Geldards provides a full range of legal services to clients in both the life and bio-sciences industries. The firm’s dedicated healthcare team has a strong track record in medical technology & know how licensing, research and development collaborations, and patent, design and trade mark infringements, which has been built from its prestigious client base including universities, hospitals including medical teaching hospitals, GP and dental practices, pharmacies, manufacturers of life and bio-science products, and medical retailers.

Gen-Probe Cardiff Ltd 5 Chiltern Close Cardiff Industrial park Llanishen Cardiff CF14 5DL Tel: 02920 747 033 Fax: 02920 747 118 Email: Web:

Gen-Probe Cardiff Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gen-Probe Incorporated, San Diego, USA, a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of rapid, accurate and cost-effective nucleic acid tests, used primarily to detect human diseases and screen donated human blood. Gen-Probe Cardiff Ltd manufactures these tests for sale in the European market.

George James Ltd Hotley Bottom lane Great Missenden Buckingham HP16 9PL Tel: 01494 867 655 Email:


George James Ltd offers Talent Management & evaluation, Recruitment, Fundraising, Training, HR and Coaching services. We cover Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Instrumentation, Scientific Software, Fine Chemicals and Chemical Technology companies. With a combined experience of over 150 years in the business areas we support and over 60 years as a service provider we have a global reach and work extensively throughout Europe and also network into the US & Canada. We have a keen interest and track record of providing a broad range of cost effective services to SMEs and have a background of strong partnerships with individual senior managers and with their businesses. We work at a wide range of levels of recruitment, at grades from £35K to £200K. Projects generally cover board level to team leader in general management, sales, business development, marketing, human resources, service, manufacturing, medical/clinical, regulatory, quality and R&D.

Giles Insurance Ltd Magden Park Green Meadow Llantrisant CF72 8XL Tel : 01443 502 511 Fax : 08701 973 285 Email: Web:


Giles Insurance Brokers Ltd are specialists in the lifescience sector, Giles Insurance Ltd acts for more than 200 clients in the UK and overseas from university spin-outs to main market-listed companies, including companies involved in the research, development and supply of pharmaceutical and medtech products, CROs and related service providers.  We are proud to be sponsors of both OBN and the BIA. We offer a range of specialist insurance products and services, including: • Global clinical trials • Pharmaceutical and medical product liability • Bio-medical error & omissions/professional indemnity • Medical malpractice • Intellectual property litigation & protection • R&D and supply chain protection • Marine and goods in transit • Directors' and Officers' indemnity

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GX Design Engineers and GX Systems The Mayfield Usk Monmouthshire NP15 1SY Contact: Claire Banks Business Development Manager Tel: 01291 673 437 Fax: 01291 673 438 Email: Web:

GX Design Engineers is Wales’ leading independent design consultancy with GX Systems a leading automation, control and webbased tracking developer. An exciting team with over 20 years’ experience has proven results in successful global medical device and equipment design and development. GX’s portfolio of specialisms includes optronics, RFID, GPS and GPRS design, micro fluidics, new energy generation technologies and SCADA and PLC systems design. Our multidisciplinary team is at the forefront of emerging technologies and is fully equipped to run projects from conception through to realisation, under one roof. At the heart of everything we do is fresh thinking combined with forward-looking technology and technical excellence. We believe that great projects are borne out of a combination of brilliant ideas, energy and a powerful personal chemistry between our teams and our clients. The result for our clients – unique, commercial and practical solutions to their problems.

Haemair Ltd Unit 212 Digital Technium Swansea University Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP Tel: 01792 602 466 Email: Web:

The Haemair mission is to produce respiratory aids.  These range from devices that support respiration for patients with deficient lungs - via an easily reversible fully external device - to a prosthetic device that may replace human lungs. The basis of the device is a blood/air mass exchanger. This exchanger takes carbon dioxide from the blood and transfers oxygen into the blood. It is compact, portable and suitable for conscious, active patients. The devices are aimed at both acute and chronic lung conditions. In Europe and N. America alone, our device offers hope to over a million people per year who currently die of lung disease or damage. Unlike most conventional treatments for lung deficiency, the devices do not use the lungs; thus they allow deficient lungs to rest and recover, rather than forcing damaged lungs to work harder through mechanically supported breathing. Ultimately our patients should be allowed home.

Heritage Medical Ltd Heolgerrig Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1SQ Contact: Lynn Heritage Managing Director Tel: 01685 720 070 Fax: 01685 720 079 Email:  Web:

Heritage Medical Ltd is to become the regional distribution centre for the UK, Europe and The USA for CellSonic Products which are used in Equine, Wound Healing, Beauty, Podiatry Orthopaedics and Urology. We are increasing production of our C-Trac product, which is used as an alternative to carpal tunnel release surgery. Heritage Medical provides distribution for Ortho-Trauma International. We are continuing to trial products for Biolargo (Los Angeles) USA and are moving toward production facilities for their European Operation.  

Home Telehealth Ltd Saint Line House Mount Stuart Square Cardiff CF10 5LR Tel: 02920 444 795 Fax: 02920 444 778 Email: Web:

HTL is a provider of Telehealth Managed Services dedicated to bringing innovation to health, social care providers, industry and consumers. HTL’s objective is to leverage its experience of working within both the public and private Healthcare markets on the delivery of new value-added services and solutions that deliver new applications generating improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes for our clients. The HTL portfolio of services, products and solutions extends across many segments of health and social care including health and wellbeing, chronic disease management, telehealth, telemedicine, telecare, assistive technologies, eHealth grouped into three segments: technology solutions, managed services, programme implementation.

HSBC Bank Plc Axis Court Mallard Way Llansaulet Swansea SA7 0AJ Tel: 07767 008 798 Email: Web:

HSBC Bank provide International banking solutions for SMEs through our global network of 8,000 local experts in 63 markets and territories. HSBC Bank can help you make the most of global opportunities with a range of products and services, tools and information tailored to support companies with a global network of suppliers and customers.


Hugh James Hodge House 114 - 116 St. Mary Street Cardiff CF10 1DY Tel: 02920 391 045 Email: Web:

Hugh James provides expert corporate legal advice to companies and investors in the life sciences sector. The firm has an established reputation as a market leader having advised major Welsh institutional investors and corporates on numerous life science investments, acquisitions, intellectual property issues and commercial agreements. Our team’s approach is to give commercially focused and practical advice and to understand your business. We can add real value through our comprehensive knowledge of your sector which we have gained by advising a complete range of companies from start ups and spin-out ventures to major industry leaders and AIM listed international organisations.  

Hunter International Associates Ltd Windsor Business Centre Pentre Churchstoke Powys SY15 6SU Tel: 01588 620 062 Fax: 01588 620 093 Email: Web:

‘to identify opportunities for UK companies to enter the Chinese domestic Medical Device Sector through Technology Transfer’  HIA Ltd has been working the Chinese Medical Sector for ten years and has developed relationships with a range of Chinese companies involved with manufacture, logistics, distribution, regulatory compliance and research and development. These companies wish to co-operate with counterpart UK businesses in technology transfer. Recent initiatives by both the UK and Chinese governments have opened up many opportunities for UK products and services, particularly high technology and equipment/devices which relate to an increasing elderly community. Smaller UK companies often lack the resources, experience, expertise and contacts needed to succeed. Additionally the commitment required from senior management can affect the company’s focus on core business. The range of services offered by HIA Ltd can support market entry and development and feedback from our associates in China can help to identify specific opportunities.

Hyderus Cyf 34 Maindee Road Cwmfelinfach Ynysddu Newport NP11 7HR Tel: 01495 200 321 Fax: 01495 200 019 Email: Web:

Hyderus is a strategic communications consultancy specialising in: • Influencing treatment decisions and patient empowerment across Europe • Building specialist and general understanding of public health issues • Communicating development and developing country health matters to policy makers, specialist audiences and the general public • Helping Welsh organisations to communicate with stakeholders in Wales and throughout the World. Within these disciplines we provide strategic consulting, qualitative market research (through a partner company), commissioning and management of quantitative research, stakeholder relations and public affairs in Wales and the UK, internal communications, media and public relations in Wales and the UK, media and influencer relations in over 50 countries, and crisis planning and management.

Infodream Ltd Contact: Meryl Cubley, Sales & Marketing Coordinator Cardiff Business Technology Centre Senghenydd Road Cardiff CF24 4AY Tel: 02920 647 010 Mob: 07772 790 496 Fax: 02920 647 009 Email: Web:

Infodream has a strong history of working with the pharmaceutical and medical industries, enjoying successful collaborations with leading companies such as GE, Molnlycke, Trixel, Siomerieux, bioMérieux and many others who have joined our ever expanding client list. Our statistical process control software, SPC Vision, allows you to meet requirements of regulatory bodies such as FDA and ISO, whilst simultaneously giving your company the opportunity to reduce waste and increase productivity.

International Business Wales (IBW) Welsh Assembly Government Plas Glyndwr Kingsways Cardiff CF10 3AH Tel: 02920 828 788 Fax: 02920 442 696  Email: Web:


IBW is the Welsh Assembly Government’s international trade and investment arm.  It forms part of the Department of Economy & Transport, and acts as the driving force in establishing alliances between companies in Wales and their counterparts overseas.  At the same time it actively seeks out inward investment opportunities for client companies looking to Europe and the UK as a preferred business location. Through its International Events programme, IBW actively supports Welsh companies in the healthcare, biotechnology and medical sectors and encourages their participation at international trade fairs and exhibitions such as Medica, Medtrade and Arab Health.

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Invacare Ltd Pencoed Technology Park Pencoed Bridgend CF35 5HZ Tel: 01656 664 321 Fax: 01656 667 532 Web: Email:

Invacare’s UK operations were founded in 1856 and the company now employs 220 people in our new facility in Pencoed. The company is ideally placed to provide the UK healthcare market with a range of products and services that meets both the needs of the public and private healthcare sectors. The product areas that we cover are: • Bathing and Hygeine • Moving and Handling • Beds • Pressure Care : Mattresses and Cushions -- produced at our new Pencoed facility • Mobility Aids • Respiratory

ISCA Healthcare Research Hill House Belmont Hill Caerleon NP18 1JX Tel: 01633 423 641 Email: Web:

Isca Healthcare Research is a specialist consultancy providing expert services in the development of medical devices, pre-clinical / clinical device development and device clinical trials. This expertise is based on more than 20 years experience of working with medical devices and their clinical validation in the UK, Europe and Internationally. Isca Healthcare Research offers the following services: Medical device development and clinical trials design; Medical device development documentation; Clinical trial documentation; Clinical and pre-clinical trial management; Identification of, and introduction to, clinical and pre-clinical investigators;  Clinical literature reviews for regulatory submissions; Clinical documentation for regulatory reviews; Clinical documentation packages for regulatory submissions; Pre-audit review of clinical regulatory submission documentation; Medical device and pre-clinical / clinical trial project management; MHRA submissions; Ethics Committee submissions; Study report writing; Grant applications. Clients who have used / currently use the services offered by Isca Healthcare Research include: US, UK, European and Australasian Medical Device Companies; the NHS; UK Universities and Technology Transfer Offices; Venture Funds; University Spin-Out Companies.

Jara Consulting Ltd Mr John Cable Managing Director 95 Allt-yr-Yn Avenue Newport NP20 5DE Tel: 01633 784 344 Mobile: 07887 944 285 Email:

Jara Consulting Ltd is a specialist business-to-business sales and marketing consultancy with a strong presence in technology and engineering markets, providing: • • • • • • • • •

Marketing strategy formulation and implementation Positioning and branding New product (service) development Market entry and channel strategy Sales strategy development Sales management – performance, lead generation, qualification and conversion Key account management programmes Integration of sales and marketing with other business process Coaching and mentoring for senior management

Jara Consulting - focused sales and marketing support from concept to customer.

Krysium Advisors Ltd P.O Box 16 Leominster HR6 0DD Tel: 01568 610 777 Fax: 01568 780 477 Email:

Krysium assists companies with developing their R&D efforts into commercial products, primarily for bio-diagnostic and processing instrumentation. Their products include bio-detection systems for detecting organisms in food, water and end-product applications.


Kryotrans International Ltd Suite 23 Technium Springboard Llantarnam Park Cwmbran Torfaen NP44 3AW Tel: 07515 421 427 Fax: 01189 325 001 Email: Web:

Kryotrans provides systems for the distribution of sensitive medscience materials within strict audit trails. Kryotrans validates equipment for use by pharmaceutical, biotech and contract research companies in the cold chain. Data produced is traseable to the national standard.

Lawrand Ltd P O Box 51 Pontyclun CF72 9YY Tel: 02071 002 867 Fax: 07092 097 696 Email: Web:

The Operating Theatre Journal is published monthly and is distributed to all NHS and private sector operating theatres throughout the UK. The Journal is also available in electronic format from the publishers website. The journal publishes, news, views, study day, current topics & accepts product and recruitment advertising and is a popular read for all those involved in the operating theatre environment. Its sister web pages at promotes UK and International Vacancies and those from Medical Recruitment Agencies and Medical Companies.

MA Consulting International Ltd Westfield House Ewenny Road Bridgend CF35 5AP Tel: 0845 087 3288 Fax: 01446 774 352 Web:

MA Consulting International Ltd is a management development organisation, with experienced consultants located throughout the UK, all of whom are former CEO’s and MDs of blue chip companies, or have at least 10 years senior management experience, together with a broad spectrum of departmental knowledge. We operate an entrepreneurial structure, our people are teamorientated professionals working together within a culture of trust and mutual co-operation. Few organisations have such a high calibre team as MA Consulting. Our people have chosen to join us and recognise the industry leading service they provide when working as part of a mature and experienced team.


The Magstim Company Ltd Spring Gardens, Whitland Carmarthenshire SA34 0HR Tel: 01994 240 798 Fax: 01994 240 061 Email: Web:

Magstim provides the means for neuroscientists to work with the human brain in awake subjects by manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art clinical and research instruments. Magstim and Neurosign products cover the fields of Neurology, Neurophysiology, Psychiatry and Cognitive Neuroscience as well as ENT, Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery. Magstim maintains a strong commitment to R&D and product improvement. Collaborating with researchers in British and European major centres of expertise (as well as those in North America and Japan) ensures that Magstim remains informed about clinical and medical advances, enabling the company to develop products at the forefront of technology.

Marks & Clerk LLP 27 Imperial Square Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL50 1RQ Tel: 01242 524 520 Fax: 01242 579 383 Email: Web:


Marks & Clerk LLP is the leading and largest firm of patent and trade mark attorneys in the UK. Originating in the Midlands, Marks & Clerk has a strong regional focus with an established office in Cheltenham, covering the whole of the South West and Wales. We offer a comprehensive range of intellectual property services covering patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. We are highly experienced in all fields of medical technology; with dedicated Biotech and Chembio teams having extensive experience in genetics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical implants and bio- diagnostics. Our widely acclaimed annual Biotechnology report continues to generate considerable interest from our clients and contacts worldwide as well as the media. M&C acts for all types of client, from corporations through to university spin-outs and start-ups, SMEs, individuals and leading academic institutions. We are consistently ranked in the top tier for patents and trademarks in the UK by Managing Intellectual Property (MIP), The Legal 500 and Chambers directories.

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Medaphor Ltd Suite 16 Cardiff Medicentre Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4UJ Tel: 02920 756 534 Fax: 02920 750 239 Email: Web:

Medaphor is a leading ultrasound training company, originally formed out of a joint venture between medical educationalists, computer/interactive media specialists and Cardiff University. Funded by Fusion IP, Finance Wales, Cardiff Council and a number of local private investors, the company develops and sells a range of professional ultrasound training products. These include e-learning ultrasound modules, 3-day ‘hands-on’ ultrasound courses in Cardiff for obstetrics and gynaecology and most importantly ScanTrainer, a new, innovative virtual reality simulator to provide core ultrasound skills training without the need of a patient or ultrasound machine. Medaphor products and services are suitable for post-graduate students, gynaecologists, obstetricians, radiographers, midwives and nurses to develop critical knowledge and skills as part of their training. They are also suitable for practitioners for fulfilling their continued professional development (CPD)and for trainers as an indispensable teaching resource for the classroom and lecture theatre. Medaphor is committed to creating high-quality ultrasound training systems for worldwide medical healthcare.

Medical Device Consultancy 7 Pinewood Drive, Ashley Heath, Market Drayton, Shropshire TF9 4PA United Kingdom Tel: 01630 673 737 Mobile: 07739 733 177 Email: Skype trevorlewis2 Web:

The Medical Device Consultancy provides specialist business development assistance for medical device, diagnostic and related companies, including interim management, partner search and selection. Associates have particular strengths in quality system establishment, improvement, auditing and regulatory compliance in the US and Europe; marketing, strategic market research and planning. The Medical Device Consultancy can deliver high quality consultancy advice and assist with implementation where appropriate.

Melys AFS Ltd Whitland Abbey Whitland Carmarthenshire SA34 0LG Contact: Prof Dawood Parker Tel: 01994 240 265 Fax: 01994 241 176 Email:

Melys AFS is a medical devices company specialising in non-invasive technologies.  The company has developed an Atrial Fibrillation Screening Monitor which has undergone clinical trials both in the UK and the US.  Chronic atrial fibrillation (AF) is the commonest arrhythmia seen in medical practice. The detection of an abnormal heart rhythm associated with AF can be achieved in a few seconds with this monitor, and at low cost.

Morvus Technology Ltd Ty Myddfai NBGW Llanarthne Carmarthen SA32 8HZ Tel: 01558 668 111 Fax: 01588 667 199 Email: Web:

Morvus Technology is a privately-owned company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialisation of novel drugs for the oncology market.  The Company was established in 2004 and has offices and laboratories near Llanarthe, South Wales.  Morvus has a broad portfolio of technology which is focused on disease areas for which there is a clear, unmet medical need.  

Muscagen Ltd Welsh School of Pharmacy Redwood Building King Edward VII Avenue Cardiff CF11 9BJ Tel: 02920 875 830 Fax: 02920 874 149 Email: Web:

Muscagen predicts and designs selective therapeutic agents in the G Protein-coupled Receptor (GPR) area with special interest in developing alleviating agents in the fields of alzheimer’s disease, incontinence, cardiovascular disease and asthma.


Neem Biotech Ltd Units 1-3 Willowbrook Technical Units Llandogo Road St Mellons Cardiff CF3 0EF Tel: 02920 794 796 Email: Web:

Low cost extraction of active compounds from plants and marine life, production, research and process development. Current products and research work: garlic; artemisinin; azadirrachtin; barley; horseradish.Future products include: aloe ferox; devil’s claw; hoodia; celery; mussel; blueberries; bluebells; flax; shark liver oil. Relevant targeted market sectors (human and animal): pharmaceuticals; neutreceuticals; OTC; Animal feed additive market; Crop health and pest control. Looking to add to our current commercial relationships with companies and academic institutions, both in the UK and overseas.  

Nightingale Care Beds Ltd Unit 20, Abenbury Way Wrexham Industrial Estate Wrexham LL13 9UZ Tel: 01978 661 699 Fax: 01978 661 705 Web: Email:

Nightingale Care Beds Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of Bariatric Care Systems into the clinical sector. We have brought together a range of equipment to compliment our ProAxis Plus bariatric bed to enable the care of heavier patients with safety and dignity. We offer a 24/7 rental service with average delivery times of under 4 hours within the UK, this has recently been enhanced with our fixed price Bariatric Package scheme which offers all the equipment required with one call at one price. All products are available for sale, with stock held for immediate delivery.

Norgine Ltd 7 Tir-y-berth Industrial Estate New Road Tir-y-berth Hengoed Mid Glamorgan CF82 8SJ United Kingdom   Tel: 01443 812 183 Fax: 01443 816 648  Web:

Norgine Ltd is the UK-based affiliate of Norgine, an independent pan-European pharmaceutical company.  With UK headquarters at Harefield, Middlesex and a manufacturing site at Hengoed, Mid Glamorgan, Norgine conducts an international business.  Norgine employs about 600 people in the UK and a further 400 in its affiliated companies. The company markets a broad range of prescription medicines through a network of daughter companies and distributor partnership in the UK, Ireland, the Nordic region, the Middle and Far East, South Africa, Australia and Latin America. About 80% of sales derive from products used in the treatment of gastro-intestinal illness.  Research and acquisition strategies reflect our interests in gastroenterology and hepatology.

Nubotix Technium CAST Ffordd Penlan Parc Menai Bangor Gwynedd LL57 4HJ Tel: 01248 675 185 Mob: 07962 268 461

Nubotix offers bespoke electromechanical solutions to product and process automation issues. With extensive experience of developing instrumentation and automation for the medical device sector we offer a range of services from diagnostic consultancy, system specification and design, to development and prototyping. We combine adept 3D CAD mechanical design with custom electronics and microcontroller systems to deliver reliable cost-effective solutions for a range of industry needs.

Nubotix is a business name of Egin Cyfyngedig Company Registration No. 270 4079 VAT Registration No. 560 245 463

Oncomorph Analysis Ltd c/o Commercialistion and Consultancy Services Aberystwyth University Visualisation Centre Penglais Aberystwyth SY23 3BF Tel: 01970 832 340 Fax: 01970 622 959 Email: Web:


Oncomorph Analysis Ltd (a spin out from Aberystwyth University) is a medical imaging software company. We are developing ground-breaking software to assist radiologists in diagnosing and staging prostate cancer. The company’s technology will automate tumour visualisation and classification, to standardise interpretation of Magnetic Imaging Resonance (MRI) scans. Oncomorph is expanding an IP portfolio in image analysis, generated from a successful product development programme, and aims toward a pipeline of clinical imaging technologies designed for FDA approval. Oncomorph’s automatic interpretation of MRI data will improve the diagnostic accuracy of MRI, reduce the numbers of unsuccessful needle biopsies and standardise patient care pathways.

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Orthos Ltd Unit 29 Technium Springboard Llantarnam Park Cwmbran NP44 3AW Tel: 01275 376 377 Email: Web:

The company is focused on developing materials and devices that provide solutions for surgeons to use in the repair of skeletal defects and in the regeneration of bone. To achieve this the company works in partnership with clinicians and academia. The company’s products are particularly suited to newly emerging surgical techniques such as the treatment of vertebral compression fractures. The company’s core technology is based on the synthesis of orthobiologic materials which respond physiologically when implanted in the body. The company has products approved for sale in both Europe and the USA.

OsteoTronix Ltd Technium One Kings Road Swansea SA1 8PH Tel: 01792 485 705 Email:   Web:  

Our mission is the development and commercialization of our unique magnetic resonance-based technique, MRSS (Magnetic Resonance Structural Spectroscopy), for diagnosing and monitoring a range of important pathologies.

OesteoTronix Ltd is a biotechnology company based in Swansea.

In conjunction with world leaders in medical research, we are developing protocols for the application of MRSS to an everexpanding list of clinical and research applications. Our current product is a research software license.  Future products include clinical diagnostic software with plug-in packages for the full range of medical diagnostic applications and a stand-alone in office device for assessment of osteoporosis progression.       

MRSS makes possible rapid measurement of anatomical changes characteristic of disease, at a scale inaccessible to current imaging technologies. Greatly facilitating drug development efforts, the technique enables in vivo diagnosis and monitoring of treatment in a wide range of disease states including many forms of cancer, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, as well as early stage liver and prostate disease.

Ovasort Ltd The Medicentre Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4UJ Tel: 01404 831 104 Email:

Ovasort Limited is an SME based in Wales, UK that has developed a patented cell sorting process which has provided it with a novel protein discovery platform at the cell surface when used with various mammalian cell lines. Danish Pig Production (Danish Bacon) have a world-wide licence to use the Ovasort technology for breeding offspring of pre-determined sex in pigs, and a major international cattle breeding partner has been granted a licence for this utility in cattle for part of the world.

Patent Seekers Ltd Suite 53, Imperial House Imperial Park Newport NP10 8UH Contact: Timothy Parry (MBA, MCIPS) Business & Finance Director Tel: 01633 816 601 (Direct Line) Fax: 01633 810 076 Email:  Web:

Patent Seekers is now the fastest growing exclusive technology research company in the UK. We provide research for many leading patent attorneys, technology companies, universities and trade journal publications in the UK and USA. We have experience in patent and non-patent literature in areas such as: • Diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, eye diseases, and cardiovascular disease • Treatment of aneurysms • Treatment of various forms of cancer • Wound treatment Our client portfolio has consistently grown and we have maintained our commitment to invest in the most extensive search databases, only employ technically qualified staff and provide flexible services that will be of benefit to you.

PDR – The National Centre for Product Design & Development Research   200 Western Avenue Cardiff CF5 2YB Tel: 02920 416 725 Fax: 02920 416 973 Email: Web:

PDR is an award-winning multi disciplinary design and development consultancy offering genuine leading-edge expertise to medical companies on the full spectrum of activities and processes required to bring new product opportunities to market successfully. For over 15 years, PDR’s talented team has undertaken many projects for medical companies, covering areas such as disposables, medical devices, surgical instruments, safety/waste disposal, hospital seating and beds. Clients vary from small start-up businesses to some of the world’s leading blue chips and medical establishments. Combined with the latest 3D CAD, 3D scanning, prototyping, machining, tooling and batch production technologies, all available in-house, PDR offers a broad spectrum of client support including user observation and reporting; initial idea conception; creative industrial design; mechanical engineering; prototyping and low batch manufacture.


Penn Pharma 23-24 Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate Tredegar Gwent NP22 3AA Tel: 01495 711 222 Fax: 01495 711 225 Email:   Web: 

Penn is a leading provider of integrated pharmaceutical development, clinical trial supply and custom manufacturing services to the international healthcare industry. Our core services include formulation and analytical development, clinical trial, manufacture, labelling, packing, storage, distribution, returns and destruction, specialised contract manufacture, CMC consultancy and Qualified Person release services. Penn also offer High Containment Operations for the formulation and manufacture of highly potent substances for use in clinical trials. Penn manufactures to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and is licensed by the UK’s MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and is FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) inspected.

Performance Health Products Ltd Unit 1 West Side Cambrian Industrial Estate Coed Cae Lane Pontyclun CF72 9EX Tel: 01443 236 530 Fax: 01443 239 355 Email: Web:

PHP is specifically focused on efficacious posture management for wheelchair users. The company coined the phrase ‘posture management’ to clarify the very particular needs of its user profile. It specialises in the design and provision of seating systems which can be configured for the individual characteristics of the varied and complex conditions encountered in the disabled and the elderly. A four year product development programme is extending and refining the current product range. Its products are sold in 22 countries including Japan and Saudi Arabia but are seen in many more as original equipment on wheelchairs from a leading wheelchair manufacturer. Current markets targeted include the former Eastern Bloc countries.

Phoenix Medical Recruitment Ltd 36 Windsor Road Penarth CF64 1YD Tel: 02920 504 040 Email: Web:

Phoenix Medical Recruitment Ltd was formed in 2000 as a specialist recruitment, search and selection agency dealing primarily with sales positions within the pharmaceutical industry. Based in South Wales, Phoenix has established itself placing sales and marketing candidates with many of the major Pharmaceutical,Medical Device,Healthcare Companies in the U.K. The company covers all levels of vacancies from trainee to Director level and is always happy to discuss with clients their current or proposed recruitment needs.  

Promove UK Ltd 72 Geryllan Penrhyncoch Aberystwyth SY23 33HQ Tel: 01970 820 893 Email: Web:

Design and manufacture of manual handling slings to move an incapacitated person when a hoist is not available. Four variants on the design are sold to the Emergency Services (20% of UK fire services have bought, Ambulance Trusts are considering), disabled individuals, schools, theatres and sports venues. Winner of Bronze Medal for medical device at Geneva International Inventions Salon, 2008.

Protherics UK Ltd Ffostrasol Llandysul Ceredigion SA44 5JT Tel: 01239 851 122 Fax: 01239 858 800 Email: Web:


On 4th December 2008, Protherics UK Ltd was acquired by BTG Plc. BTG is an international specialty pharmaceuticals company that is developing and commercialising products targeting critical care, cancer, neurological and other disorders. The company is also seeking to acquire new products to develop and market to hospital specialists, and is building a sustainable business financed by revenues from sales of its critical care products and from royalties and milestone payments on partnered products.

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Q Chip Oddfellows House 19 Newport Road Cardiff CF62 3HX Tel: 02920 480 180 Fax: 02920 484 131 Email: Web:

Q Chip, a biopharmaceutical drug company, is developing Q-Sphera™ a range of injectable sustained-release biogeneric and biotherapy products. Q-Sphera products are biocompatible microspheres containing active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), made using Q-Chip’s patented encapsulation platform the MicroPlant™ device. The key advantages of the Q-Chip Sphera format are: • The microspheres are extremely monodispersed with a high encapsulation efficiency of API • It is API neutral • Fast and inexpensive drug development • Low cost manufacturing for biogenerics Q-Chip’s lead biogenerics products are Q-Leuprolide (primary indication for prostate cancer) and Q-Octreotide (primary indication for acromegaly). Both products are available for out licensing. Q-Sphera is also highly enabling for the encapsulation of fragile proteins for bio-therapeutic use.

Qioptiq Ltd Glascoed Road St Asaph Denbighshire LL17 0LL Tel: 01745 588 000 Fax: 01745 584 258 Email: Web:

The Qioptiq group is a unique, international network of optics companies addressing defence, aerospace, industrial, medical and scientific markets with optical systems, modules, sub-assemblies and components. Group synergies, proven capabilities, customer base and market knowledge have been utilised to develop our compact, automated, electro-optic quality assurance device – ‘Microplate Viewer’. Based on a high resolution CCD sensor the simple to use unit provides full screen high quality real time imaging and, via bespoke installed software, offers image enhancement options which enable users achieve non-subjective pass/fail results of cell and bacterial growth, activity, confluence or other user defined criteria. Non-invasive identification and analysis of live, low contrast cultures such as stem cells is particularly suited to the equipment. The Microplate Viewer is aimed at the Healthcare, Laboratory equipment and Medical Research facilities which seek to better manage and utilise personnel resources, improve overall efficiency and operating costs within establishments.

Reed Scientific 2nd Floor 4 Working Street Cardiff CF10 1GN Tel: 02920 385 140 Email: Web:

Reed Scientific are the specialist provider of permanent and interim recruitment solutions. We offer an industry leading, cost effective service which includes: Search and Selection, Retained Assignments and Branded Advertising Campaigns.

Rogue Resolutions Ltd Sophia House 28 Cathedral Road Cardiff CF11 9LJ Tel: 02920 660 198 Fax: 02920 660 199 Email: info@rogue-resolutions  Web:

Rogue Resolutions provides integrated equipment solutions and services within the Neuromodulation, Neurofeedback and Brain Imaging sectors. In order to achieve this we have developed an extensive portfolio of products that are engineered to function in a semaless manner, maximising the potential of these complimentary devices and offering the customer a fully integrated solution to accomplish their research needs.

Ruskinn Technology Ltd / Ruskinn Life Sciences Ltd Suite 3, Technium Digital Sony Technology Centre Pencoed Bridgend CF35 5HZ Tel: 01656 868 540 Fax: 01656 868 541 Email: Web:

Ruskinn Technology Ltd and Ruskinn Life Sciences manufacture and market a range of anaerobic and modified atmosphere workstations to the medical microbiology and research laboratory market, as well as specifically designed new gas-controlled incubated workstations for the IVF and stem cell markets.


S3 Systems Ltd The Studio 8 Pencaerfenni Lane Crofty Swansea SA4 3SD Tel: 01792 851 744 Email: Web:

S3 Systems is a firm of designers, manufacturers and suppliers of state of the art technology systems for the elderly and disabled. Our product range includes: Powered window and door operators Work surface elevator systems Intelligent lighting control systems Electronic controls State of the art technology for care planning, medication administration in residential care homes and nursing homes Storage solutions for disability scooters and wheelchairs Parking bay protection systems

Shakerscope Ltd c/o UWS Ventures Ltd Digital Technium Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP Tel: 01792 513 219 Fax: 01792 513 370 Email: Web:   

ShakerScope Limited is a spin-out company set up in 2005 by two consultant anaesthetists at Swansea’s Morriston Hospital to develop the ShakerScope®: a unique compact eco-friendly battery-free light source which enables a range of essential medical instruments to be used in developing countries and difficult environments. The ShakerScope® has wide application to general practice, hospital medicine, paramedics, disaster management, veterinary and military use; and has received international awards including the 2008 iF and Red Dot design awards. In November 2008 the directors granted exclusive license for manufacture and distribution to TimesCo Limited. Launch is scheduled for the summer of 2010.

Silprotect Ltd Unit 8 Ystradgynlais Workshops Ystradgynlais Powys SA9 1BS Tel: 01639 841 669 Fax: 01639 841 669 Email: Web:

Silprotect Ltd manufactures and markets silver ion-based disinfectants for use in medical, food and industrial areas. These simple-to-apply products give long term durable protection against microbial growth on almost any surface. They are available as trigger sprays, aerosols and in fogging format.

Simbec Research Ltd Merthyr Tydfil Industrial Park Cardiff Road Merthyr Tydfil CF48 4DR Contact: Alan Woodward Manager, Business Development Tel: 01443 694 309 Fax: 01443 692 499 Email: Web:

Simbec Research, one of Europe’s longest established CRO, provides clinical and bioanalytical contract services to the international pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Simbec conducts early clinical trials ranging from First in Human Phase I studies in healthy subjects through to Phase IIa proof of concept trials in patients, with full bioanalytical back up and related services, and particular expertise in studies involving Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Gamma Scintigraphy imaging. Simbec is a division of Algorithme Pharma which also has Phase I and Bioequivalence facilities in Montreal (Canada) and a global capacity to conduct multi-regional and multi-ethnic studies.

Sony UK Technology Centre Pencoed Technology Park Pencoed CF35 5HZ Tel: 01656 860 666 Fax: 01656 864 906 Email: Web:


We are a manufacturer of Professional and Broadcast Camera Systems for Sony Corporation in the UK with a worldwide customer base. We also operate a Contract Electronics Manufacturer of professional, industrial and consumer electronic devices offering the complete business solution to various market leading companies.  Our facilities include: State of the art SMT facility, Poke Yoke cell assembly, test jig design capability, Award winning Service and Customer Call Centre, EMC / EMI / Safety Approvals Laboratory, SCM services and DFM engineering support. We are also host to Digital Technium @Sony

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St Davids Assemblies Ltd Glasfryn Road St Davids Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire SA62 6RY Tel: 01437 720 555 Fax: 01437 725 500 Email: Web:

St Davids Assemblies Ltd is firmly established as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of complex pressings, close-tolerance plastic mouldings and assemblies. The company’s longstanding reputation for innovation and quality combined with the latest production techniques and prototype development makes it an ideal choice for any organisation seeking a manufacturing partner. From a purpose-built modern 33,000 sq ft factory in St Davids, products are distributed world-wide to customers including Bosch Siemens, Flymo, Philips, Glen Dimplex, Jaguar, Kenwood, Moulinex and Russell Hobbs.

Sterilin Ltd Angel Lane Aberbargoed Caerphilly CF81 9FW Tel: 01443 830 830 Fax: 01443 878 297 Email: Web:

Sterilin specialises in the manufacture of single-ise laboratory plastics and comprises four established product brands: Sterilin Single Use Plastics; Iwaki Tissue Culture Products; Sterilin Silicone Devices; and Sterilin Packaging Products. The Sterilin brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and user safety and offers a wide range of products for the pharmaceutical, clinical and healthcare, medical devices and industrial packaging industries.  All Sterilin products are manufactured at the company’s ISO9001:2008.-accredited plant in South Wales (UK), where a commitment to the improvement in manufacturing processes and product development, and clean room and microbiological research facilities, ensures that every item is made to the highest possible quality.  Our worldwide distribution network ensures access to the extensive Sterilin portfolio from all areas of the globe.

Surgical Medical Testing Laboratory (SMLT) Princess of Wales Hospital Coity Road Bridgend CF31 1RQ Contact: Pete Phillips, Director Tel/Fax: 01656 752 820/30 Email: Web:

The Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory, part of the Welsh NHS, provides a range of testing and technical services to the NHS and the medical device industry worldwide, including but not limited to: • Physical and Biological testing of disposable medical devices to National and International standards; • Dressings testing (fluid handling and affinity, conformability, to BP and BS requirements) and Bandage testing to BS 7505; • Biological testing (cytotoxicity testing to ISO 10993-5, protein testing to EN455-3); • Hosiery testing to BS 6612, 7672 and 7563 and glove testing to EN 455; • Microbiological testing, including bioburden, endotoxin, barrier and antimicrobial testing (e.g., silver dressings); • Environmental monitoring of cleanrooms (to ISO 14644-1 and GMP); • Surgical instrument evaluations (single use and reusable); • Test method development, R&D and incident investigation. SMTL is UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 for test laboratories.

Swansea University - Centre for Complex Fluids Processing School of Engineering Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP Tel: 01792 295 216 Fax: 01792 295 676 Email: Web:

Internationally acknowledged research excellence in the areas of process, chemical and biochemical engineering underpins the Centre’s engagement with industry within Wales and on a worldwide basis, in areas such bioprocessing, foods processing, lubrication and filtration, by building on our expertise in colloids, rheometry and advanced surface characterisation techniques. The Centre is now targeting engagement with the biomedical industrial sector. We have a unique shared laboratory within NHS Hospital Morriston, and we are developing new rheometrical approaches to monitoring and understanding blood coagulation, blood clot viscoelasticity and blood clot structure. We have recently been awarded an A4B Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC). The Advanced Membrane Separation and Surface Technologies KTC will provide expertise in membrane separation processes with biomedically relevant areas of research focused upon  novel surface, polymer scaffolds and membrane fabrication, starting with a collaborative project with a Welsh SME pioneering the development of a novel membrane for use in an artificial lung.


Swansea University - Institute of Life Science Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP Tel: 01792 602 362 Fax: 01792 513 713 Email: Web:

The Institute of Life Science (ILS) is Wales’ premier purpose-built medical research institute. Based at Swansea University, the ILS houses the School of Medicine’s research specialists and offers dedicated business suites for companies in the life science and healthcare sectors. Unique facilities include the EPSRC National Centre for Mass Spectrometry, Centre for NanoHealth, Health Informatics Research laboratories and Blue C – the IBM-built supercomputer. The ILS is adjacent to Singleton Hospital, part of Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, and a new Clinical Research Facility will be available in 2011.

Swansea University - Swansea School of Medicine UCW Swansea Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP Tel: 01792 513 404 Fax: 01792 513 430 Email: Web:

Swansea’s School of Medicine is a dynamic environment dedicated to finding new solutions to old problems in Medicine. The School’s research interests include: medical genetics, cancer studies, medical epidemiology, health services research, clinical trials, health informatics, reproductive biology, neurological and developmental medicine, molecular medicine & diagnostics, medical microbiology, maxillofacial research, cytochromes P450, bioinformatics, public health and population science. The EPSRC National Mass Spectrometry Centre is now incorporated within the School and in collaboration with IBM, the School has a ‘Blue C’ supercomputer facility for use in medical research. The Centre for Nanohealth (a £22million project announced in February 2009 and supported by The Wales European Funding Office) is a collaboration with the School of Engineering at Swansea that will deliver next generation sensors and devices for the benefit of health. It aims to assist business by providing access to its facilities and expertise.

Synergy Health Laboratory Services Ltd Gavenny Court Brecon Rd Abergavenny Monmouthshire NP7 7RX Tel: 01873 856 688 Fax: 01873 858 982 Email: Web:

Synergy Health Laboratory Services Ltd, (SHLS, formerly JMJ Laboratories Ltd and Grendonstar Ltd) was founded over twenty years ago and provides fully accredited analytical services to clients in all industry sectors. Now a division of Synergy Health plc, we specialise in workplace drug and alcohol testing, and general pathology. We offer consultancy, formal training in drug awareness, drug policy implementation and the only UKAS accredited chain-of-custody collection service in the UK. SHLS’s comprehensive analytical portfolio extends to MRSA screening, virology and immunology, biochemical and microbiological environmental monitoring and substance identification.

Synidor Institute of Life Science School of Medicine Swansea University SA2 8PP Tel: 01792 602 697 Email:

Specialising in Patient Monitoring for immobility in beds and chairs.

Teamwork Technology Services Ltd Tredomen Innovation Centre Ystrad Mynach Hengoed CF82 7FQ Tel: 08000 803 003 Fax: 01443 866 310 Email: Web:


Teamwork Technology Services are a leading independent Welsh based provider of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) consultancy and support solutions. We are active in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors and can demonstrate a successful track record of supporting clients through profitable growth. Our independent experienced consultants advise and help implement appropriate ICT solutions and strategies. Our tailored outsourcing service allows clients to focus on their core business, they do not have to worry about the day to day delivery or management of ICT.

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Trojan Electronics Ltd Unit 8, 10-11 Garngoch Industrial Estate Gorseinon, Swansea, SA4 9WG Tel: Sales 0870 787 5667 Tel: Factory 01792 892 221 Fax: 01792 891 119 Email: Web:

Trojan Electronics specialise in supplying electronic sub-contract services. Whether you require a full turnkey solution or you prefer to free-issue your components Trojan can cater for your needs. Our flexible approach means no job is too big or small: whether it is for a new product launch, internal short term capacity problem or scheduled orders we can cater for your specific requirements. Surface mount & through hole placement. Free-issue or full procurement and full product assembly & test service. Prototype to volume production, lead free & leaded assembly. Quick response & turnaround times and full MRP system offering full traceability and competitive prices.

TrusTECH The Innovation Unit 1st Floor Postgraduate Centre Manchester Royal Infirmary Oxford Road Manchester M13 9WL Tel: 01612 765 764 Fax: 01612 765 491 Email: Web:

TrusTECH® acts as an Innovation Gateway for companies seeking NHS expertise. The key criteria are that the technology is innovative, and that it offers a potential benefit to the NHS and our patients. Our experienced commercial team evaluate service or technological innovations offered by industry for their potential impact to the NHS. Our unique access allows us to provide cost effective, tailored market research, whether to refine or develop a business case or map out a route to market. TrusTECH obtains unbiased advice, direct from healthcare professionals, avoiding costly design errors and streamlining your product development. Our insight and experience of the healthcare sector means we can validate your business case, making sure that your assumptions are relevant to current and future aspects of NHS care provision. We project manage product evaluations to build a thorough evidence base, necessary for the acceptance of innovative products by the NHS.

TT electronics integrated manufacturing services Tregwilym Industrial Estate Rogerstone Newport NP10 9YA Tel: 01633 892 345 Fax: 01633 895 755 Email: Web:

Delivering electronic manufacturing solutions. TT electronics integrated manufacturing services is the largest UK-owned provider of comprehensive electronics design, manufacturing and product management services.  With 3 sites accredited ISO13485, in the UK, USA and China, we offer a complete range of value added services covering design services and process optimisation, turnkey manufacturing, system integration and tailored logistics through to after sales support. We provide product life-cycle cost efficiency combining UK and US-based NPI and low- to mid-volume production with a high volume low cost manufacture from our facilities in China and Malaysia, both supported by local programme management.  

UK Healthgateway Ltd 100 Pall Mall St James London SW1Y 5HP Tel: 02076 648 711 Contact: Jon Wilks, Director Email:   Roy Lilley, Director Email: Web:

UK Healthgateway is the specialist UK health market entry expert. We offer: • • • • • • •

Distributor search Regulatory certification (CE all grades) Market research Clinical product assessment & trials Commercial planning Clinical PR and product advocacy Legal and financial planning

Our network of expert Associates are the best in the business and our clients benefit from an unrivalled contacts network and NHS process understanding. Whether your product is equipment, device, consumable or pharmaceutical, we will make your market entry successful.

Ultrawave Ltd Eastgate Business Park Wentloog Avenue Cardiff CF3 2EY Tel: 0845 3304 236 Fax: 0845 3304 231 Email: Web:

Ultrawave are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment and have been supplying the highest quality systems to companies across a wide range of industries since 1990. Accredited to ISO13485 and ISO9001, Ultrawave are suppliers to companies from the Healthcare, Medical, Manufacturing and Processing sectors and have developed a broad portfolio of products tailored to different applications. The hygea™ range of HTM compliant, validated ultrasonic cleaners are used in primary care and HSDU and CSSD environments, decontaminating surgical instruments in both the NHS and the private sector. In addition, Ultrawave are approved suppliers to a number of medical device manufacturers and work closely with renowned companies both in the UK and abroad. Used in almost any application, ultrasonic cleaning improves processing and decontamination results across a wide range of industries and environments.


United Aerospace Ltd Ferry lane Pembroke Dock Pembrokeshire SA714RE Tel: 01646 686 622 Fax: 01646 687 710 Email: W:

United Aerospace Ltd are designers, manufacturers and finishers of composite components for a wide variety of industries. We have the capability to take concepts through the entire design process, and project manage into and through full manufacture all at one location in Wales.

University of Glamorgan - National AIDC Centre for Wales Llantwit Road Treforest Pontypridd CF37 1DL Tel: 01443 654 542 Fax: 01443 654 087 Email:   Web:

The National AIDC Centre for Wales (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) is established as a Knowledge Transfer Centre under the A4B scheme run by the Welsh Assembly Government. Its aim is to help organisations take advantage of cost saving technologies such as bar codes, RFID, smart cards etc  We undertake feasibility studies up to three days FOC under the de minimis rules of the EU, which results in an outline specification for system changes. Help in introducing these changes may be via commercial suppliers, or can be via other University backed schemes such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

UPG Global Manufacturing Cwm Cynon Industrial Estate North Plateau Mountain Ash RCT CF45 4ER Tel: 01443 471 200 Fax: 01443 475 867 Email: Web:

UPG is an innovative global provider of product development and manufacturing solutions servicing the medical market with tooling design and construction, custom injection moulded plastic components, semi-finished sub-assemblies to multifaceted fully finished final products. This includes minimally invasive surgical devices; respiratory, anaesthesia and catheter devices; infusion, diagnostic instruments and devices; and patient monitoring systems. UPG global expertise and processes are tailored to meet the stringent demands for today’s healthcare products.

Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP Churchill House Churchill Way Cardiff CF10 2HH Tel: 02920 642 150 Fax: 02920 340 600 Email: Web:

In an increasingly competitive world and global market, the protection of Intellectual Property is vital to commercial success.  Particularly in the medical sector where many of the major players are based in the US or Japan, Welsh innovators need to keep ahead of the game. UDL is the largest firm of patent and trade mark attorneys in Wales. Through its many years of experience working in the medical field, UDL has the expertise to advise you on all aspects of patents, trade marks and designs. To find out how we can help you protect some of your most valuable assets, visit our website or contact Mark Davies or Vicki Strachan.

Venalink Unit 46, First Avenue Zone 2, Deeside Industrial Park Deeside Flintshire CH5 2NU Tel: 01244 287 050 Fax: 01244 289 175 Email:  Web:


Since 1989 Venalink have been at the forefront of Monitored Dosage Systems in Europe. During this time we have amassed a wealth of knowledge in the choice, setting up and use of systems in the community, nursing/care homes and hospitals. All Venalink packs conform to strict FDA regulations and are barrier-proofed to a minimum of USP class ‘B ’ in terms of moisture and gas permeation. Being a totally disposable system, all items are hygienic and require no cleaning or sterilisation between uses.

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Dr Bob Wallis Llwyn Ifan Porthyrhyd Carmarthen SA32 8BP Tel: 01267 275 205 Email:

My expertise is to add value to research results by targeting future research and exploiting the findings. I can: • • • • • • • • • • •

Audit intellectual property and scientific expertise. Draw up realistic and carefully targeted research plans. Draw up business plans for research based companies. Help with finding finance for good research projects. Manage Research & Development projects. Mentor and facilitate research projects. Participate in Scientific Advisory Board meetings. Participate in Management Board Meetings. Find partners for research collaborations and licence deals. Carry out technical assessment of research projects for either grant applications or commersialisation. Provide operational or interim management support.

Welsh Assembly Government - Department for Economy & Transport Plas Glyndwr Kings Way Cardiff CF10 3AH Tel: 02920 828 712 Email:  Email:

The Technology & Innovation team support individuals in making their businesses more innovative and help those businesses to develop new products, services, processes and embrace technological change. We work closely with other organisations to help businesses access the whole range of support and expertise that is available to support businesses along their journey of innovation. The assistance they provide includes: • • • • • • • • •

Free impartial advice from locally-based specialist advisors Support for research &development and new product and process development Professional help to identify, protect and commercialise intellectual property Access to specialist equipment, facilities and expertise Networking opportunities Strategic innovation support for key sectors Support for innovators Links to internationally respected academic resources in Wales including a Centre of Excellence E-Business programme (deployment of ICT within and between businesses at a range of levels,to enhance and improve business operations).

Welsh Assembly Government - Life Sciences Team Life Sciences Team Plas Glyndwr Kingsway Cardiff CF10 3AH Tel: 02920 442 608 Email: Web:

The Life Sciences Team in the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) focuses on identifying and assisting companies in the life sciences sector to locate and grow their business in Wales. This team consists of experienced sector professionals – who are all scientists with track records in the commercial world, and thus able to talk shop knowledgeably with clients and understand their needs, both from a scientific and a business perspective. Through teamwork and collaboration, the WAG team is exploring the business strategies and supply chains of existing life sciences companies in Wales to enable the development of an strategy that will enhance and grow the cluster in Wales.WAG also supports companies that wish to participate at international trade fairs and exhibitions such as Medica and Arab Health.

Wentwood Medical Ltd Scott Forde - Managing Director The Manse Tabernacle Lane Llanvaches Monmouthshire NP26 3BL Tel: 07748 637 400 Email: Web:

We offer: Strategic Brand Planning Services, including strategic marketing formulation and plan development, integrated customer plan development, customer targeting strategy development and strategy implementation. Operational Brand Management Services, including brand enhancement programmes, pre-launch activities (Market assessment, Market shaping), brand support programmes, patient programmes, aligning to NHS customers, marketing material production, web site design, key opinion leader management and development, NHS funding expertise, NHS Liaison, PCT contact, communication with policy, formulary, funding & commissioning decision makers, government lobbying, sales targeting strategies, sales force re design, alliance management – co-promotional activities. We also offer sales and marketing support, business development activities, customer targeting, contact and coverage, sales activity, warehousing, storage, distribution services. Our media production services include: concept development, video and photography, design and print, electronic media, motion graphics, writing and live events.


Williams Medical Supplies Craiglas House Maerdy Industrial Estate Rhymney Tredegar NP22 5PY Tel: 01685 844 724 Fax: 01685 844 725 Email: Web:

Williams Medical Supplies (WMS) was founded in 1986 and is the leading provider of medical supplies and services to the UK healthcare market. Over 9,000 GP surgeries and other Primary Care providers have trusted us to supply their medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, everyday consumables and family planning products. We also provide a broad range of added-value services including Health & Safety consultations, utilities supply and advice on infection control. Our popular medical equipment testing and calibration service is uniquely endorsed by all the major medical equipment manufacturers. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent, friendly, knowledgeable – and hassle-free service. Williams Medical Supplies can be trusted to consistently deliver quality products at excellent value prices.

Withers & Rogers LLP 1 Redcliff Street Bristol BS1 6NP Tel: 01179 253 030 Fax: 01179 253 530 Email: Web:

We provides a comprehensive range of services in intellectual Property with strong specialist teams in all important technical and legal disciplines. The firm’s Patent and Trade Mark practitioners are evenly spread across three offices in Bristol, London and the Midlands. We have extensive experience in working in the healthcare sector and have an established multi-disciplinary healthcare practice group. Consequently, the healthcare practice group is technically qualified to work in all areas of the healthcare sector including chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, spinal implant technology, surgical instruments and medical imaging.

Wynne-Jones, Laine & James LLP Temple Court Cathedral Road Cardiff CF11 9HA Tel: 02920 786 535 Fax: 02920 786 536 Email: Web:

Wynne-Jones, Lainé & James is a long established firm of Chartered and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, based in Cardiff and Cheltenham.  We act for a large number of Welsh clients, and we have an excellent reputation locally, nationally and internationally. Our client list includes private individuals, multi-nationals, large technology-based companies, SME’s and universities.  We specialise in intellectual property (IP) services, including full spectrum patent services in life sciences, healthcare, medical devices, medical detection techniques, biotechnology, chemistry and nanotechnology. IP plays a vital role in the modern business environment.  Whether it be protecting and realising the value of inventions, proprietary technology, brands or original designs, getting the right advice is key.  We provide a premium quality service and our goal and focus is always on the business needs and objectives of the client.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in Patents, Trade Marks, all aspects of IP licensing and enforcement, and IP audits.

xénos - the Wales Business Angel Network Ltd Oakleigh House Park Place Cardiff CF10 3DQ Tel: 02920 338 144 Fax: 02920 338 101 Email: Web:

xénos is the Wales Business Angel Network - a business introduction service which introduces investors to companies seeking growth funding and who are prepared in return to offer an equity share in the business. xénos is the  Business Angel Network for Wales and facilitates private equity investment from some 120+ high net worth individuals (Business Angels) registered with the Network. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Finance Wales and works closely with the Welsh Assembly Government, the business community, local authorities, banks and professionals. It seeks start up and early stage companies with high growth potential.

XGEN Technium Sustainable Technologies Central Avenue, Baglan Energy Park Port Talbot SA12 7AX Tel: 01792 485 713       Email: Web:


XGEN – a unique amalgamation of the UK’s top micromachining and MNT organisations – has established an international reputation for technical innovation and expertise. Supported by the Welsh Assembly Government, XGENs members solve complex applications problems. By combining their skills, experiences, know-how and technology, XGEN is able to meet specialised customer requirements and enable the development of practical, successful and cost-effective solutions for large and small businesses alike. XGEN is a one-stop-shop that ensures a streamlined service and increased manufacturing efficiency through collaboration and innovation.

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Zarlink Semiconductor Castlegate Business Park Portskewett Caldicot NP26 5YW Tel: 01291 435 300 Fax: 01291 435 291 Email: Web:

Zarlink’s Advanced Packaging Business delivers a competitive advantage for its customers through miniaturising electronic circuits, enabling wireless connectivity and developing novel energy sources for medical devices. With a track record of success in designing and developing miniaturised electronic modules, Zarlink’s Advanced Packaging Business is at the heart of mission-critical projects in such applications as pacemakers, neuro-stimulators, catheters, sensors, hearing aids and patient monitoring. Technology development is underpinned through TSB and FP6/7 collaborations with leading research organisations and companies where Zarlink plays a leading role in management and exploitation. Current projects include energy harvesting, In/On body wireless communications and embedded components to drive the next generation of 3D miniaturisation.

ZooBiotic Ltd Dunraven Business Park Coychurch Bridgend CF31 3BG Tel: 0845 230 810 Fax: 01656 668 047 Email: Web:

Zoobiotic Ltd is based in Bridgend, South Wales and manufactures and markets larvae products for the treatment of sloughy and necrotic wounds.All products are produced in accordance with current European ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP) requirements in our state-of-the-art aseptic facility’Free range’ LarvE® and our BioFOAM® Dressings are Zoobiotic Ltd’s core productsBioFOAM® dressings consist of larvae that are enclosed in net pouches which contain  peices of hydrophilic polyurethane form.  The BioFOAM® Dressings can left on a wound for up to 5 days.  Each dressing is supplied in a plastic oyster as well as a paper/polythene bag which  acts as a microbial barrier and is permeable to air. The ‘free range’ LarvE® are applied directly to the wound and seek ouot areas of slough or necrotic tissue.  They are concealed in a net dressing or similar. ‘Free range’ LarvE® are supplied in a  sterile container with a lid that is permeable to air and acts as a microbial barrier.

Ultrasonic cleaning systems for precision processing across all industries Ultrawave are an ISO13485 approved manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems. Suppliers to the healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical industries, Ultrawave can develop innovative solutions to all your cleaning and processing requirements. T: +44 (0) 845 330 4236 F: +44 (0) 845 330 4231 41

Pivotal to performance

Fulcrum Direct Ltd is a marketing and business consultancy specialising in the biotechnology and life sciences markets. We help clients gain a competitive edge by delivering solutions with real business value. Our experienced team carries out market feasibility studies, early stage business planning and business development support for academic groups with IP, early stage spin outs and SMEs. To find out more about our services visit our website or contact Jeremy Jones on 029 2064 7019 for a more detailed discussion about how we can help. Alternatively email

Fulcrum Direct, CBTC, Senghennydd Rd, Cardiff CF24 4AY

REVIEW gets new life UK Lifescience Industry relaunches the work of the Medilink UK Review, bringing you the best in national science, technology and business. Call now to advertise in the next issue.

Tel: 029 2047 3456 or email:

Widely distributed, widely read

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Published twice annually with a circulation of 10,000 named contacts, UK Lifescience Industry is distributed nationally to:

From knee replacements to nanomedicine, UK Lifescience Industry covers the complete health technology spectrum.

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World-class Healthcare solutions

Invacare is one of the largest manufacturers & suppliers of a comprehensive range of mobility and home healthcare products. • Manual & Power wheelchairs • Bathing & Hygiene • Moving & Handling • Beds & Mattresses • Cushions • Respiratory

Established since 1856

‘Winners of the Working in Partnership with the NHS award’

T: 01656 776222 22






T +44 (0)29 2041 6725 F +44 (0)29 2041 6973 E INFO@PDRONLINE.CO.UK


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