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The Life Science Network for Wales

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The Life Science Network for Wales


Our mission is ‘The advancement of human life science in Wales.’ Our focus is creating opportunities for our members. Founded in 1992, MediWales is the independent life science network for Wales, a not-for-profit limited company that creates business opportunities and partnerships for our members. We support over 180 members from the medical technology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries, NHS health boards, university departments and professional services and suppliers. We create collaboration through our publications and a popular programme of events that focus on strategic issues for the life science industry, including regulatory updates, market access, finance and funding, clinical unmet needs, international trade and a range of special interest groups. Highlights in our calendar include the highly acclaimed UK HealthTech, our national conference, bringing key experts from around the UK and beyond to Cardiff for industry updates and networking opportunities. We also host the prestigious MediWales Innovation Awards, an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of life science and the NHS in Wales. Our largest conference is MediWales Connects, the all Wales NHS collaboration conference, bringing together Welsh NHS and industry to connect and collaborate. The MediWales Annual Review & Directory is an invaluable source of information for those in the life science community, providing a summary of the successes from the past year and an overview of the thriving Welsh life science sector.


Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors and University Partner

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We would like to thank our board of directors and partners P R O D U C T D E SI G N VA LU E E N G I N E E R I N G

The Life Science Network for Wales

1st Floor, The Bonded Warehouse, Cardiff CF10 4HF Tel: +44 (029) 2047 3456

Gwyn Tudor CEO

Isabelle Ford Events and Engagement Manager

Debbie Laubach Operations Manager

Sophie Davies Publications

Published by Teamworks Design & Communications for MediWales




The Life Science Network for Wales


strength Market Intelligence

the source of essential sector knowledge, finance and funding advice

Clinical Access

close collaboration with the NHS and support for route to market


engaging with Government to align support with sector needs

As the independent life science network for Wales, MediWales brings together industry, academia and the clinical community to support the advancement of human life science in Wales and create collaborations and business opportunities for our members.

Trade Support

access to global trade opportunities


in life science Communication & Recognition promoting and celebrating success across the life science community


professional development and student recruitment

Our annual directory includes the profiles of 180 members across the life science and health technology community:

The advancement of human life science in Wales


Medical Technology & Diagnostics


Digital Health


Pharmaceuticals & Clinical Trials Services


NHS, Contract Research & Testing and Government


Professional Services & Suppliers

l Academic l Charities



The Life Science Network for Wales


Working on behalf of the Welsh life science sector, MediWales creates business opportunities and partnerships for our members, supports global trade development, improves access to vital clinical expertise and engages with government to align support with sector needs. We recognise and celebrate our members’ successes and promote the strengths of the sector within Wales. Market Intelligence

Clinical Access

MediWales maintains regular contact through email, meetings, events and online, with well over 6,000 named contacts. Our team regularly conducts surveys and consultations with our members to ensure that we are up to date with what is going on in the life science sector, including new companies, mergers and acquisitions, new research studies and trials, and support available for innovation and trade.

MediWales can provide one to one referrals to partners across the academic, business and clinical communities and offer advice on technology adoption, procurement and clinical trials.

Our Advisory Forum and Special Interest Groups give our members the opportunity to discuss and express their needs and concerns. MediWales publishes reports and market data through our website and publications and at events. Our most valuable sources of market intelligence are the regular one to one meetings we have with each of our members.

Access to clinical expertise is an essential part of the product development process for medical devices and pharmaceuticals. We work closely with NHS trusts and health boards, as well as academic and clinical research centres to facilitate collaboration across the NHS and industry. Through collaborating with NHS Wales, MediWales created MediWales Connects - the first All Wales NHS Collaboration Conference. Launched in 2016, this annual event brings together health boards and trusts to highlight and showcase the excellent work and research being carried out by the health and care communities in Wales. It is an excellent opportunity for industry to meet with frontline NHS staff and create valuable connections within the healthcare sector. MediWales also holds clinical unmet need events to help improve clinical innovation by partnering with the NHS, Health and Care Research Wales and university clinical research centres.



in communication

Communication and Recognition High quality communication is essential for a network to operate effectively. By constantly facilitating the exchange of information and offering promotional opportunities to our members, we provide a variety of avenues to choose from to showcase their success and developments, and find new collaborative partners. Our popular events programme provides excellent networking and business development opportunities for our members.

We work hard to recognise and showcase the achievements of our members. One of our most highly regarded pathways for recognition is our annual Innovation Awards competition. With ten awards across industry and NHS categories, the awards offer a platform to identify outstanding achievements in the life science sector in Wales.



The Life Science Network for Wales

in support



Trade Support


The life science sector is a global industry. Whether marketing medical devices, developing new drugs and diagnostics or manufacturing pharmaceuticals, our members’ markets are international.

It is important that MediWales represents the interests of its members. Active representation to both UK and Welsh Governments provides an independent voice for the life science sector in Wales.

Our team regularly attend international trade events, such as Medica in Dusseldorf, Arab Health in Dubai and Bio-Europe events across Europe, to promote our members’ products and services, build international relationships, and gain first-hand experience of which events and markets present the best opportunities for our members.

Our programme of Special Interest Groups, events and Advisory Board meetings helps our team to maintain a thorough understanding of current issues and to ensure that the needs of our members are conveyed to policymakers and support organisations in a timely and collaborative manner.

We work with Welsh Government to advise on the international trade needs of the sector and to publicise government missions, events and opportunities. As a UK Government Department of International Trade, Trade Challenge Partner (TCP) we can guide members to additional support and opportunities in order to engage in UK trade missions and events.

Brexit has been top of the agenda for government and industry alike in recent months. It is important that, during this transition, our members’ views are considered regarding international trade, the regulatory landscape, access to skilled staff, movement of capital and many other issues that need to be addressed appropriately if our sector is to grow and flourish.

We work with partner organisations to offer members the widest opportunity to participate in international trade events. As a Medilink UK partner, our members have discounted opportunities to attend 10 of the largest international trade exhibitions across the globe each year. Our colleagues at BioPartner UK also provide MediWales members with discounted opportunities to attend 8 of the world’s largest biotech partnering events and conferences.

UK Government’s Life Sciences Industrial Strategy has been published and will have a significant influence on the sector in the coming years. In Wales, the Well-being of Future Generations Act and the Prosperity for All: economic action plan are equally as significant. As legislation, strategies and plans are developed, MediWales plays a role in disseminating information to members, consulting and contributing input, either directly to government or as part of our partner organisations and networks.


As a board member of the Council for European Bioregions (CEBR) we have forged relationships with over 40 regional associations and clusters across Europe, allowing our members to make a soft landing in most major European life science centres.



in skills

Skills The life sciences sector is continually changing and therefore must adapt and capitalise on its strengths in order to compete in a challenging environment. The ultimate success of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy is closely tied to the ability to train and recruit the best possible workforce, equipped with a breadth of critical skills. Having technical expertise is vital and there is increasing demand for entrepreneurial skills with commercial experience that can help grow our life sciences sector.

MediWales recognises the need for the development of and access to skills within the sector. Targeting the skills agenda is a priority for us to aid our members’ growth and development. We are increasing our focus on recruitment, student placements and continued professional development through our LifeScience Academy activity.



The Life Science Network for Wales

in our activity




MediWales Connects

UK Lifescience Industry magazine

MediWales Connects is the all Wales NHS collaboration conference. Launched in 2016 in partnership with the Welsh NHS, this annual event brings together health boards and trusts to highlight and showcase the excellent work and research being carried out by the health and care communities in Wales. It is also an excellent opportunity for industry to connect with frontline NHS staff and create valuable connections within the healthcare sector. With over 300 attendees and 35 exhibitors, this growing conference is a highlight in our events programme.

UK Lifescience Industry is our UK publication, with a distribution of 40,000. The magazine offers indepth features regarding sector-wide concerns, specialist columns from sector experts, case studies highlighting industry innovation, digests covering news and developments throughout the UK, and a perfect platform for advertising. Sent out across the UK and at international events, UK Lifescience Industry is the most widely distributed life science publication in the UK.

UK HealthTech The UK HealthTech conference is a valuable day of briefings and networking for those within the life science and health technology communities, and research clinicians from the NHS. Over 250 delegates come together to understand critical strategic trends that will impact on their businesses. The event offers the latest insights from key opinion leaders and the unique opportunity to engage with industry colleagues to network and develop your business relationships. Key themes include digital health and patient-centred healthcare, the challenges of innovation and regulation, accelerated access for new medicines and medical devices, corporate finance for life science and fundraising for R&D and clinical trials.

MediWales Innovation Awards The Innovation Awards are a chance to celebrate the successes and advances of life science and healthtech companies and the NHS in Wales. The competition is open for submissions until late October and the awards evening takes place at the National Museum of Wales. Each member organisation receives two free invitations to attend, with the option to buy a table of 10. As our most prestigious evening of the year, the awards are very popular and dinner spaces fill up quickly, so advanced registration is essential.

LifeStories Lifestories is an annual publication dedicated to promoting the Welsh life science sector to a worldwide audience. The magazine features success stories and case studies from MediWales members across industry, the NHS and academia, covering new technologies and innovations as well as successful collaborations.

LifeScience Academy Developed to address the skills requirement for the life science sector in Wales, the LifeScience Academy is a collaborative approach between MediWales, its members and key strategic partners. The Academy addresses four main areas; skills, recruitment, student placements and training. Working as a point of contact between our industry and academic members, we have been able to facilitate the creation of student placements within our network. Supported by events, we are encouraging members to engage with universities, taking on students and graduates to create mutually beneficial placement opportunities. Over the past year we also have run collaborative training workshops, ranging from sector specific and specialist training to business support, marketing and management. The support that the Academy provides is wide-reaching and we are always keen to hear how members wish for this to be developed. We hold a LifeScience Academy Special Interest Group to bring key stakeholders together to address which areas we should be focusing on and how we can help through our activity.



The Life Science Network for Wales


in Special Interest Groups

MediWales SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS Uniting academia, industry and the clinical community


Special Interest Groups When engaging with our members, we discovered a crossover of concerns and opinions. This led us to launch a number of specific special interest groups, to bring together individuals with a shared interest in advancing a particular area of life science in Wales. We arrange meetings to build collaborations and support for funding bids, establish solutions, aid business development and move forward new ideas. Natural Compounds

North Wales

MediWales launched the Natural Compounds Special Interest Group in 2016 alongside its collaborative partners. This UK wide forum is used to discuss and support the development and commercialisation of natural products for health, wellbeing and disease management. The group share advice on developing routes to market, managing regulatory requirements, achieving relevant product certifications and running clinical trials.

This Special Interest Group is vital in connecting and uniting the views of our members in North Wales and the surrounding areas. This group brings them together to discuss their unique challenges and develop opportunities for collaboration. It also bridges the gap between South and North Wales and allows sharing of news and best practice.


With the increasing developments in Digital Health and growing numbers of members working within this area, this Special Interest Group was set up to bring these stakeholders together, along with the NHS community. With Digital Health companies’ crossing over between MedTech & Diagnostics and Healthcare, it was important to set up this group to address their unique challenges in this ever-evolving sector.

The BioPharma group was formed to bring together members involved in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to collaborate and represent a global force to meet the needs of their international customers from ‘molecule to market’. The Special Interest Group represents an integrated and streamlined service, saving customers time and money whilst delivering the highest quality of service through a network of trusted partners. The group’s aim is to extend each organisation’s visibility on the world stage through promotion at international events.

MedTech & Diagnostics This group was set up to explore factors affecting medical technology and diagnostics companies in Wales. The group discusses areas such as access to medical technologies, clinical innovation, working in partnership with the NHS, NHS staff training, regulatory and procurement updates, credentialing and export and international trade.

Digital Health

LifeScience Academy The LifeScience Academy Special Interest Group was created to support and develop our LifeScience Academy activity. The meetings bring together key industry and academic stakeholders to address which areas should be a focus for future events and engagement activity. Discussing key issues around student placements, recruitment and training between industry and academic partners enables us to help develop opportunities which are then supported through events with wider community.



The Life Science Network for Wales

Life Sci 4th Dec

ence Industry Conference emberstrength 2014, Cardiff, Wales One Conference - Two Essential Streams • Pharmaceutical D Life Science Industry Conference The UK HealthTech evelopment • Medical Technology 4th December 2014, Cardiff, Wales Conference 2014 is to be held

in collaboration

Medilink UK

Council of European BioRegions

MediWales is a founder member of Medilink UK: a national network supporting over 3000 companies across the UK. Confronting the day-to-day issues that face businesses, Medilink UK helps companies from concept through to commercialisation and nurtures collaborations between academics, clinicians and industry. With a team of experts, Medilink UK can provide bespoke market research for companies diversifying into the sector, or investing in research and development. On an international platform, Medilink UK supports global companies investing in the UK market as well as promoting the export of products and services to the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The Council of European BioRegions (CEBR) is a network of biotechnology clusters that support their local biocommunity through direct services including networking, incubation, partnering and cluster promotion. It is the first network of its kind to bring together such organisations and members will develop and implement new biotech support activities across Europe. The CEBR mission is to build a competitive European biotechnology sector on the world stage through networking, collaboration, recommendations for policy and sharing best practice between regional biocommunities.

at the St David’s Hotel, Cardiff. Streams Pharmaceutical Development The one•day event will be a valuable day

• Medical Technology

of briefings and networking for those within the pharmaceutical and medtech Innovate UK communities. Over 300 delegates are Innovate UK helps support business to develop expected to Sciences come together in an new ideas and technologies by creating funding United Life competitions. Our partnership with Innovate UK United Life Sciences (ULS) is a strategic partnership integrated congress to understand means that we help share opportunities with representing over 1240 life science and healthcare members and get them access to first-hand advice organisations across thetrends UK and internationally. The impact critical strategic that will and support. Conference Rates: partnership includes MediWales, the BioIndustry Association Bionow, BioPartner UK, andThe One event on the life(BIA), science industry. Delegate Rate £250 (£175 for MediW Nucleus. The ULS collaboration has members and Department for International Trade wider UK life science at the heart of its willtheoffer both thesector latest insights from DIT helps businesses export and grow into global purpose and is the basis for all joint activities. Exhibitor Packages £850 (£600 for Me from DIT, MediWales can guide keyWeopinion leaders and networkingmarkets. withWith support strive to avoid duplication of effort and members with export and trade advice, support Dinner and Networking: coordinate the founders’ activities whilst Packages from £2,000 companies that are Sponsorship starting to export, promote regulatory authorities and soexecutives recognising each other’s areas of strength international trade opportunities and help facilitate member companies can benefit from more this event international engagement. es Members) fromthat the world’s leading effective and coherentFollowing sector support. industry, there organisations. will be a clinical and research * All prices exclude VAT diWales Members) Dinner and Networkin Conference Rates:drinks reception and dinner. Following this event Delegate Rate £250 (£175 for MediWales Members) there will be a Exhibitor Packages £850 (£600 for MediWales Members) Partner Organisations drinks reception Sponsorship Packages from £2,000 and dinner. * All prices exclude VAT




in our data MediWales Membership

UK Life Science Sector*

233,000 People employed

ÂŁ63.5bn Turnover

5,320 companies

5% 5%


Life Science








NHS Clinical






MediWales Performance

UK HealthTech Conference 200 delegates

Linked In 422 members

Up 3%

Event Attendees 1,312

Annual Awards Dinner 280 Guests

Up 6%

LifeStories Magazine 6,000 circulation

Up 18%

Website 49,258 visits

Up 6%

Connects Conference 270 Delegates

Events 19

UK Lifescience Magazine 40,000 circulation

Annual Review & Directory 6,000 circulation

Twitter followers 3,581




Outside Wales

Up 17%

Up 6%

*Bioscience and health technology database: annual report 2016, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and Office for Life Sciences

25 Years of support for Welsh life science



1992 The Welsh Medical Technology Forum was established

19992000 Paid membership started with 50 paying members




Renamed and rebranded as MediWales

WDA Review and additional government support awarded for first two members of staff

Registered as a company limited by guarantee and advisory forum started

Picture of Health map launched

Swansea University welcomed as university partner

MediWales joins United Life Sciences with: BIA, BioPartner, Bionow, One Nucleus

First Lifestories magazine published

Roche, Abel & Imray and Neem Biotech welcomed as corporate partners











The first MediWales Innovation Awards ceremony

First MediWales Review magazine published

Medilink UK Review rebranded as UK Lifescience Industry magazine, launched in partnership with Medilink UK and distributed nationally

UK HealthTech conference launched

Geldards and GX welcomed as corporate partners

MediWales becomes fully independent and self-funded


Launch of the LifeScience Academy

MediWales Connects: NHS Collaboration Conference launched

MediWales becomes a registered trademark





The Life Science Network for Wales


in membership

MediWales is going from strength to strength with more new members every month. We are helping to build new partnerships and provide new opportunities for our members each day. We welcome organisations from the life science sector in Wales, and any organisations hoping to engage with our community, to join our network and become a member. As a not-for-profit organisation, your support enables us to be proactive in delivering activity to meet your needs from an independent perspective. You can register to join via the form online at

We have a whole range of membership benefits and would be delighted to discuss your aims for getting involved in our network and how we can help support you. Membership Benefits

Online & Publications

l One to one support and advice including referrals

l Company profile in the online members’ directory

and introductions

l Company visits and member meetings l Support with student placements, recruitment,

professional development and skills under the LifeScience Academy

l Company profile in the Annual MediWales

Directory online and in print

l Promotion of news and press releases online l Access to the MediWales website - news, events

and opportunities updated daily

l Receive the monthly newsletter and selected


l Digital magazines: The Review, UK Lifescience

Industry & LifeStories

l Discounted advertising opportunities: online and

Events l 2 delegate places at MediWales seminars l 2 free delegate places at the MediWales Innovation

Awards Ceremony

l Exclusive free exhibition space at MediWales


l Opportunities to present at relevant events l Discounted rates to attend and exhibit at

MediWales conferences

l Opportunities to engage with a range of Special

Interest Groups

l Discount to events and international trade

opportunities run by both regional and national organisations across the UK


l Opportunities for editorial features in monthly


l Job advertisements published via monthly


l Discount advertising space online and in


l Editorial opportunities in LifeStories and UK

Lifescience Industry magazines

Representation l Interests represented on boards and panels across

the UK and Wales

l Engagement with Government, NHS and Academia

to represent sector needs

l Interests represented in consultation and evidence

submission to Government



in our team Mr Greg Baily MediWales Chairman, Huntleigh

Professor Judith Hall OBE Cardiff University, Cardiff & Vale UHB

Leads strategic direction, business planning and holds representative roles with Welsh and UK bodies. Provides sector knowledge and support for members.

Huntleigh designs, manufactures and globally distributes a wide range of medical devices together with associated software systems. These include fetal monitors, pocket Dopplers, patient monitors, cardiovascular assessment and treatment systems.

Judith Hall is both an academic and a Consultant Anaesthetist in the NHS and has worked successful in medical device design, drug/device development and process improvement in the NHS. She also leads the Bill Mapleson Centre, which focuses on clinical innovation.

Debbie Laubach Operations Manager

Andrew Thomas, Rogue Resolutions

Emeritus Professor Paul J Smith School of Medicine, Cardiff University

Oversees all operations, manages events, supports membership engagement and special interest groups. Leads new business partnerships and clinical access initiatives. Board member of Council for European BioRegions (CEBR).

Rogue Resolutions provides integrated equipment solutions and services within the field of Neuroscience and Neurology brain research.

Isabelle Ford Events and Engagement Manager

Professor David Ford College of Medicine, Swansea University

Leads the event programme at MediWales by organising, promoting and coordinating regular events, seminars and meetings. Supports members, business development and digital presence of MediWales.

David Ford is Professor of Health Informatics and leads the Health Informatics Group at the School of Medicine, Swansea University. David is Director of the Administrative Data Research Centre (ADRC) Wales, Director of the SAIL Databank, and Deputy Director of Farr Institute Centre.

DTR Medical is a leading manufacturer of high quality and innovative single-use surgical instruments supported by exceptional service that are used by most surgical specialties.

Dr Paul Michael GE Healthcare

John Roberts Penn Pharma, a PCI company

GE Healthcare is a world leader in medical diagnostics and life sciences. Focused on enabling molecular medicine, the company works through business areas in diagnostic imaging, protein separations, consumables and cellular technologies.

John has more than 30 years UK and international experience in the pharmaceutical industry in a range of commercial and general management roles. He is currently Commercial Director with Penn Pharma, a PCI Company.

Chris Williams Ig Innovations Ltd

Dr Catherine Ramsay

Ig Innovations provides bespoke contract services for antibody production, characterisation, purification as well as direct antibody sales and assay development. The facility serves the research, diagnostic and therapeutic sectors including processing, validation, regulatory and commercial activity.

An Independent Consultant with 35 years experience in development and commercialisation of rapid testing products with clinical, defence and industrial applications. Formerly working for 3M Food Safety in Bridgend, a leading manufacturer of rapid hygiene testing and microbial screening products.

Gwyn Tudor CEO

Sophie Davies Publications Editor of UK Lifescience Industry magazine and LifeStories. Manages digital and social media and supports the event programme.

Recognised leader in advanced cytometry. Research and innovation in basic cancer biology, molecular probe development, anticancer drug design and technologies for the life sciences sector.

Andrew Davidson DTR Medical



The Life Science Network for Wales

The Life Science Advisory Forum The Life Science Advisory Forum is a panel of experts and senior personnel within the academic, business and clinical life science communities in Wales, this group advises MediWales on pressing issues within the sector. MediWales uses the forum’s discussions to facilitate communication between academics, businesses and clinicians and advise Welsh Government, as well as to shape its own activities such as international relations, a busy events programme, publications and membership support. The forum actively improves the networking communications identifying and addressing future threats and opportunities for our members.

MediWales’ Directors Greg Baily

Technical Director

Andrew Thomas

Managing Director

Rogue Resolutions

Paul Smith

Emeritus Professor

Cardiff University

Andrew Davidson

Managing Director

Paul Michael

DFSS Black Belt

GE Healthcare

Chris Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Ig Innovations

Catherine Ramsay


John Roberts

Commercial & Manufacturing Director

David Ford

University Director

Judith Hall

Consultant Anaesthetist


DTR Medical

Independent Consultant PCI Pharma Services Swansea University Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

Respiratory diagnostics PulmonIR Ltd was established in February 2016 as a spin-out from Swansea University to develop low-cost, handheld medical devices that are capable of diagnosing and monitoring lung disease. The company’s first commercial target is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The company has recently completed preliminary clinical studies in collaboration with Cwm Taf University Health Board and is backed financially by IP Group, the Development Bank of Wales and the Swansea University Innovation Fund. In December 2016, the company was named as Start-up of the Year at the MediWales Innovation Awards. During 2018, the company will shift its focus towards further product development and regulatory approval.

Contact: Dr Mark Bowman CEO Email:


Advisory Forum Claire Sedgemore

Channel & Business Manager Wales & NI

Tim Hewson

Patent Attorney

Chris Tyson

Chief Information Officer

Gareth Mayhead

Head of Technology Transfer

Helen Howson


Stuart West

Managing Director

Gareth Kempson

Chief Executive Officer

Keith Harding

Dean of Clinical Innovation

Ross Burn Manager Grace Carolan-Rees Director Peter Webber Chairman Dr Jenna Bowen

Senior Project Manager

Kevin Schofield

Global Market Manager - Medical

Richard Thompson

Senior Investment Executive

Lewis Coburn

Global Marketing Manager

Simon Jackson

Group Managing Director

Andrew Evans Partner

3M Healthcare Abel & Imray Aparito Bangor University Bevan Commission Biocatalysts Biomonde Cardiff University CatSci CEDAR Cellpath Cotton Mouton Diagnostics Covaris Development Bank of Wales EKF Diagnostics Frontier Medical Products Geldards

Al Hale

Managing Director

Great Bear Healthcare

Mark Helmich

Managing Director


Bev Luchmun

Industry Lead

James Hindley

Executive Director

Andrew Mearns Spragg Founder & CEO Jeff Bolton

Sales and Marketing Manager

Gary Dowthwaite

Director of Marketing

Martin McHugh

Business and Technology Development Manager

Michael Kruidenier

European Business Development Manager

Katie Bamsey

Senior Scientist

Heather Graz

Commercial Development Manager

Steven Bain

Research & Development Director

Sue Bale

Research & Development Director

Melissa Van Der Bijl

Research & Development Facilitator

Robyn Davies

Head of Innovation

John Geen

Research & Development Director

Keir Lewis

Research & Development Director

Andy Smallwood

Head of Souring

Fiona Withey

Managing Director

Sharon Grimster

General Manager

Ed Littlewood

Marketing Manager

Peter Howell

Centralised Diagnostics Account Manager - Wales

Mark Birchmore

Marketing Manager

Rachel Curran

Commercial Manager

Victoria Norman


Gerald Kelly

General Manager

Peter Philips


Gerry Ronan

Head of Intellectual Property

Matthew Lakelin

VP Scientific Affairs and Business Development

Molly Price-Jones

Senior Technical Associate

Kerry Bailey

Health Lead

Health and Care Research Wales Indoor Biotechnologies Jellagen Kelyon Magstim Microsemi Microsemi Midatech Pharma Neem Biotech NHS - Abertawe Bro Morgannwg UHB NHS - Aneurin Bevan UHB NHS - Betsi Cadwaladr UHB NHS - Cardiff & Vale UHB NHS - Cwm Taf UHB NHS - Hywel Dda UHB NHS Procurement Services PCI Pharma Services Reneuron Renishaw Roche Diagnostics Rocialle Sharp Clinical Services Signum Health Sony UK Tec Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory Swansea University TrakCel Tybio We Predict



The Life Science Network for Wales


in partnership l Electronics and software design l Industrial and mechanical design l Control systems and automation l Patents, trade marks and design rights l Intellectual property, transactions, licenses, assignments l Freedom to operate and due diligence l Practical, commercial legal advice l M&A, joint ventures, collaborations, fundraisings l IP and commercialisation l Personalised healthcare across diagnostics and pharmaceuticals l UK leader in diagnostic solutions l Actionable Health Information provider l Novel antimicrobial development in areas of high unmet medical need l Natural compound extraction

l Part of the Russell Group of universities l A top five university for research excellence

l Welsh University of the Year 2017 l Excellent reputation for the quality of student experience l Undertaking a Campus Development Programme

Over recent years, MediWales has worked very closely with our corporate partners and is delighted to continue a strong alliance for the future, as we maintain effective communication, unrivalled connectivity and a unified approach.



Clinical Innovation Partnership Translating clinical innovation into improvements in health and clinical services

Do you have a great idea? Contact the Clinical Innovation Team 07528 666302


The Life Science Network for Wales

AgorIP supports you from your lightbulb moment the marketplace. AgorIP is a new approach to innovation which can help bring your ideas and innovation to life. Thanks to support from Swansea University, EU and Welsh Government, AgorIP can help you realise the potential of your idea, product or research. The £13.5million AgorIP project is working to capture, protect, develop and commercialise your idea, invention or innovation. Our team of experts based at Swansea University’s School of Management can help you take your “IP” to the marketplace and help make it a commercial success.

We can help you take your innovation from the laboratory, laptop or workbench and into the boardroom - putting you in touch with investors who can help you create a successful business. We can help you navigate your way through experimental and industrial development. We can help you protect your IP, demonstrate proof of concept to potential funders and help you attract further investment. AgorIP is led by Swansea University’s Dr Gerry Ronan and the AgorIP team is made up of technology transfer managers and officers who work to support inventors, researchers, clinicians and academics. AgorIP provides support to NHS, academia and industry along with new and existing enterprises, including multinationals in developing IP.



50% Including more than 25% linked to NHS



More than 50% in Health & Wellbeing sector

Spinout companies can get seed funding from AgorIP. Since January 2016 these have secured nearly 10x of co-investment.

opportunities supported since January 2016.

To find out more about the AgorIP project please contact us


01792 295701


The Life Science Network for Wales

Members’ Directory 2018 Medical Technology and Diagnostics

Digital Health

Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Trials Services

NHS, Contract Research and Testing

Professional Services and Suppliers





Medical Technology & Diagnostics


The Life Science Network for Wales

Roche Diagnostics UK


As the UK leader in diagnostics solutions, we offer a uniquely broad and innovative portfolio of products to patients, physicians, researchers, hospitals, laboratories and universities. Our UK Diagnostics business, headquartered in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, employs approximately 500 highly skilled individuals. Charles Avenue, Burgess Hill West Sussex RH15 9RY 01444 256000

Diagnostics is set to play an increasingly important role in the future of healthcare as genetic knowledge presents new and exciting opportunities. Our desire is to provide clinicians and patients with Actionable Health Information – information that reduces the uncertainty in the medical decision making process, enabling them to choose between available alternatives to prevent or treat disease.


BBI Solutions


The Science Park Technology Drive Bridgend CF31 3NA +44 (0)1656 641400

The Courtyard 73 Ty Glas Avenue Cardiff CF14 5DX +44 (0)29 2074 7232

Cefn Coed Parc Nantgarw Cardiff CF15 7QQ +44 (0)1443 843712

3M Food Safety Bridgend is part of 3M Healthcare which offers innovative products and solutions for skin & wound care, infection prevention, oral care, health information systems, drug delivery and food safety. Bridgend is the development and manufacturing site for rapid hygiene testing and microbial screening products for use by dairy, food and beverage manufacturers. The products are also used in other applications including hospital hygiene, monitoring biocide treatment of industrial waters and in biodetection systems for defence agencies.

BBI Solutions is a leading supplier of biological raw materials and finished test platforms to the in-vitro diagnostic market. With over 50 years’ experience, we have grown from a small specialist company to a global business with manufacturing sites spanning three continents. We deliver exceptional products and services that people ultimately rely on to enjoy a better quality of life. Our range of raw materials includes antigens, antibodies, enzymes and serum and plasma products. We manufacture world renowned labels for lateral flow and ELISA, including our gold nanoparticles, horseradish peroxidase and alkaline phosphatase. Our glucose oxidase is used in over 5 billion blood glucose monitoring test strips every year.

Biocatalysts is a specialty enzyme manufacturer that focuses on enzyme discovery, development and manufacture for a range of industries including API manufacture, diagnostic enzymes and fine chemicals. We differentiate ourselves by being able to offer anything from small scale laboratory samples through to large scale, long term manufacturing of stabilised product. These products are available in a variety of forms, all suitable for global shipment with the appropriate paperwork for regulatory compliance in its target market.

The Bridgend manufactured products are part of a wider portfolio from 3M Food Safety which includes PetrifilmTM sample ready plates for enumeration of microorganisms, TecraTM pathogen test kits and a range of sample handling and media products. 3M Healthcare is part of the 3M Company, a diversified technology company with a turnover of $23.1billion and widely recognised as one of the world’s most innovative organisations.

Aber Instruments Ltd

Unit 5 Science Park Cefn Llan Aberystwyth Ceredigion SY23 3AH +44 (0)1970 636300 Aber is a successful global company supplying thousands of advanced systems for use in the Brewing, Biotech, Biorenewables and Biofuel industries, counting the world’s biggest pharmaceutical and brewing companies – including Glaxo Smithkline, Novartis, ABInBev, Heineken and SAB Miller – as valued customers. Aber is the market leader in producing capacitance sensing technology to measure cellular properties. We are keen to explore what we can offer the medical market next.

We offer end to end outsourced development and manufacturing services across a number of lateral flow and related platforms. Over 25 years, we have successfully completed more than 250 projects. Using the latest technologies and platforms, customers have come to rely on BBI to deliver next generation assay performance.

The company has recently invested over £1 million in new equipment which has added another level of flexibility and scale to our current offering. Further expansion plans are now underway.


Units 2-4 Dunraven Business Park Coychurch Road Bridgend CF31 3AP +44 (0)845 230 1810 BioMonde have three manufacturing facilities; the head offices are based in Bridgend, South Wales with further sites in Hamburg, Germany, and Gainesville, Florida. The company produces larval debridement therapy products for the treatment of sloughy and necrotic wounds. All products are produced in accordance with current European ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP) requirements in state-of-the-art aseptic facilities. Free Range larvae and BioBag® Dressings are BioMonde’s core products. BioBag® Dressings contain larvae that are enclosed in net pouches with spacing to protect the larvae. The BioBag® products can be left on a wound for up to four days. The Free Range larvae are applied directly to the wound so they can seek out areas of slough or necrotic tissue. They are contained on the wound via a sterile retention net system, which is a CE-marked medical device also produced by BioMonde.


5th Floor, Life Science Building 2 Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP +44 (0)7714 029926 Engaged in the development of handheld non invasive platform for the measurement of multiple biomarkers. Biovici is focused on rapid diagnostic testing with a focus on mental health and injuries that contribute to mental health issues.

Business Innovation Consulting

94 Avenue Road London N14 4EA +44 (0)7722526747 Our goal is to commercialise a non-invasive point-ofcare solution that can be used in the early detection of type II diabetes and pre-diabetes through breath samples that can later provide a platform and applied to other diseases. We aim to provide a cost effective and highly mobile platform technology that can be used for screening patients whose integrated analysis is used to determine the next course of treatment.

Calon Cardio-Technology

Institute of Life Science Swansea University Swansea SA2 8PP +44 (0)1792 602811 Calon Cardio-Technology Ltd is developing the next generation of implantable Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) for the treatment of heart failure. Current pumps have clinically proven that LVADs are a safe and effective therapy. However, these devices have so far failed to exploit their huge market potential for two reasons: current products are too large requiring highly invasive surgery and they are expensive circ 115,000 USD. Calon’s technology addresses both problems and promises to realise the vision of LVADs becoming the routine method of treatment for heart failure. Calon have assembled a team of world class suppliers and collaborators to take their vision to market, such as, Texas A&M, The John Radcliff Hospital Oxford, Swansea University, The Technology Strategy Board and Welsh Government.


80 Mochdre Enterprise Park Newtown SY16 4LE +44 (0)2922 406366 CellPath Ltd is a UK based independent company attuned to the needs of Cellular Pathology, specialising in the manufacture and world-wide supply of products, consumables and services to the histopathology and cytology markets. Our name is synonymous with innovative, well-proven products, manufactured to a very high standard. With an in-house state of the art injection moulding capability, we are able to manufacture many of the plastic products that are used in the modern Histology and Cytology laboratories, and our ability to sell direct from manufacture to the end user enables cost-saving without compromise on quality and service. Our sister company, CellNass, is a Human Tissue Authority (HTA) licensed archive management solution. Offering a complete national archiving solution to healthcare providers through administering pathological material in a purpose-built facility, CellNass releases valuable time and space for other uses. CellPath has a continuous improvement process built around a strong desire to maintain a high level of quality, with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 accreditation. Lean techniques are implemented throughout our operations including ‘5S’ philosophy. A recent audit by the HTA declared that the CellNass service is of the highest possible standard.

Cotton Mouton Diagnostics

8 Cae Gwyrdd Greenmeadow Springs Business Park Tongwynlais Cardiff CF15 7AB +44 (0)29 2052 4239 CMD is a South Wales start-up company spun out of the Universities of Exeter and Cardiff to exploit major business opportunities in the field of point-of-care (PoC) diagnostics. Our technology is based upon an innovative magneto-optical sensing system that exploits changes in the rotational behaviour of magnetic reporters that either occur naturally as a marker of a disease or are artificially introduced into a sample. Initially developed as a diagnostic for malaria, CMD’s technology has been shown to be reliable, robust and sensitive, even when challenged with whole blood, through extensive fieldtesting in Africa and Asia. To maximise the impact of this technology, we are now transforming what is a highly efficient but niche single-analyte diagnostic device into a generic, multi-analyte, fit-for-purpose PoC platform. Our primary application for this technology is in the rapid diagnosis of sepsis, a condition that kills one person every few seconds, however we are also interested in applications outside of the healthcare sector (e.g. veterinary, agrifood, pharmaceutical industry).

Coveris Advanced Coatings

CloudCair Ltd

Healthcare House High Street Wrexham Wales LL11 6AG +44 (0)1978437703 CloudCair is the world’s first Smart Pressure Care Mattress System. Built on experience and driven by innovation, the CloudCair mattress utilises the Internet of Things to offer benefits to patient, care givers, administration staff, service engineers and more. With extensive experience of servicing a range of mattress systems, it became clear that many issues were caused by mattress systems breaking down, meaning inconvenience to the patient, as well as expensive call out fees and repair costs. Also, patients were often left on ineffective mattress systems for prolonged periods of time. CloudCair products is designed to overcome these issues, with the ability to repair or mitigate errors remotely, CloudCair offers zero unplanned downtime, releases time to care for clinical staff and improves pressure care.

Ash Road North Wrexham Industrial Estate Wrexham LL13 9UF +44 (0)1978 660 241 inspire® medical components and Sentient hydrophilic foams are designed to deliver the highest performance to the wound dressing market. The range of polyurethane films and hydrophilic foams, conductive films, skinfriendly and breathable adhesives set the performance standard in the market and allow product developers to maximise wear time and efficacy of dressings. inspire® offers an innovative, cost effective businessto-business solution to wound dressing manufacturers seeking a proactive and knowledgeable partner. Whether it is a standard product or a specific design with tailored properties, the team at Coveris Advanced Coatings is eager to discuss your opportunities.


Medical Technology & Diagnostics


Medical Technology & Diagnostics


The Life Science Network for Wales

Creo Medical Ltd

Block B Beaufort Park Chepstow NP16 5TY +44 (0)1291 606005 Creo Medical Ltd is an electrosurgical medical device company headquartered in Chepstow. The company is dedicated to improving patient outcomes by bringing advanced energy to the emerging field of surgical endoscopy, the new frontier of minimally invasive surgery. Working in collaboration with key opinion leaders, Creo Medical has developed a proprietary generator that can uniquely deliver bipolar radio frequency and microwave energy. The company completed its first human clinical trial in 2016 with its Speedboat RS2 device and intends to launch physician training and utilisation in 2017. The company successfully floated on AIM in December 2016.

Curapel Ltd

DTR Medical

17 Clarion Court Swansea SA6 8RF +44 (0)1792 797910 DTR Medical are the surgeons’ choice for high-quality Sterile Single-use instruments that deliver patient and clinical value, combined with exceptional levels of service. Widely used in ENT/MAXFAX, Gynaecology, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedic, Ophthalmic and General Surgery, DTR Medical offer a range to suit the needs of the healthcare professional. An award winning manufacturer, DTR Medical has received recognition for Growth, Innovation, and Export. The company’s core values of Quality, Service and Innovation drive the development of the business which operates in UK, Europe, Middle East and Australasia. As recognised ‘Investors in People’ since 2006, DTR Medical values its staff and are committed to working together to deliver cutting edge products.

EKF Diagnostics

Life Sciences Hub Wales 3 Assembly Square Britannia Quay Cardiff CF10 4PL +44 (0)7866 465414 Curapel is a privately held, natural products skincare company based in South Wales that spun out of the world-renowned Dermatology Centre of the University of Manchester in 2014. It is developing innovative, safe and effective technologies to combat the common and distressing skin conditions psoriasis and eczema as well as various cosmetic applications. Curapel has already demonstrated initial, pre-clinical efficacy and is validating further its patented portfolio of products based on naturally occurring actives which were identified using extensive skin biology and clinical dermatology expertise. Curapel is launching a series of safe and efficacious skincare products onto the market which will be available initially via e-commerce and latterly via high street retailers. Curapel’s product actives, unlike mainstream pharmaceutical treatments, are naturally occurring and have been designated as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Curapel’s proven initial efficacy, IP protection across the portfolio and GRAS active status is an unusual and commercially compelling combination.

Avon House 19 Stanwell Road Penarth Cardiff CF64 2EZ +44 (0)2920 710570 EKF Diagnostic Holdings plc specialises in the development, production and distribution of near patient analysers and clinical chemistry product for use in the detection and management of diabetes, anemia, lactate and sepsis. Our core focus is the Point of Care diagnostics market with over 80,000 analysers in regular use in more than 100 countries running more than 50m tests every year. The EKF range of analysers is unique in their ease of use, accuracy and portability which is why we are a trusted brand in GP surgeries, pharmacies, blood banks, sports clinics, hospitals and laboratories for the measurement of glucose, lactate, haemoglobin, hematocrit and HbA1c. EKF Diagnostics is also a global manufacturer of central laboratory products including Stanbio Chemistry reagents, benchtop laboratory analysers, rapid tests and centrifuges. Our chemistry reagents can be used on the majority of analysers found in hospital laboratories around the world.

Energist Medical Group

Clos Llyn Cwm Enterprise Park Swansea SA6 8QY +44(0) 1792 798678 Energist Medical Group (EMG) designs, manufactures and markets lasers, nitrogen plasma and light-based systems for hair removal, aesthetic skin and body shaping treatments, having sold over 10,000 systems within the medical and beauty markets across the globe. EMG has two design and manufacturing centres; MedArt A/S in Copenhagen who have a +30-year pedigree history of producing high quality lasers, and Energist Limited who were founders of the IPL, responsible for successfully launching Nitrogen Plasma (NeoGen) in Asia and acquiring Low Level Lasers (I-Lipo) from Chromogenex in 2016. Building on the recent success of developing the NeoGen market in Asia, EMG are actively working with industry professionals and distributors to promote NeoGen success in Europe and North America. EMG puts the customer at the heart of everything it does.

Ensinger Precision Engineering

Wilfried Way Tonyrefail CF39 8JQ +44 (0)1443 678500 Ensinger Precision Engineering Ltd (EPE) is at the forefront of precision machining technology in engineering plastics. We are highly focused on application engineering and work closely with our customers on a technical level assisting in developing applications, specifying materials and optimising parts for manufacture. From our factory in South Wales we offer engineering excellence made possible by specialising in plastic precision parts – ranging from oneoff prototypes and small batch production of specialist parts, through to high volume runs. EPE are accredited to ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 for Active Implantable Devices. Backed by the Ensinger Group’s global technical expertise and a stock holding of over one hundred different engineering plastic materials, EPE is your first choice for precision machined high performance and engineering plastic components. Specialities: Machining (2,3,5 axis milling and turning), Application Engineering, Finishing, Kitting, Part Marking (Laser and Machine), Ultrasonic Cleaning, Assembly, Testing

Frontier Medical Group

Newbridge Road Industrial Estate Blackwood Caerphilly NP12 2YN +44 (0)1495 235800 Frontier Medical Group Limited is a market leading group engaged in the manufacture and supply of pressure area care, clinical waste containment and harm reduction products and services to healthcare providers both in the UK and internationally. Frontier’s portfolio of well-established, clinically proven and highly regarded brands include: Repose® (a differentiated range of pressure area care devices); Toto® (a lateral turning system helps clinicians and carers in the regular turning of patients), Sharpsafe® (premium quality sharps disposal containers); and Exchange (specialist harm reduction products and services).

Great Bear Healthcare Ltd


Hospital Innovations



1 Lambourne Crescent A UK Company – Cardiff Business Park Committed to Urology Cardiff CF14 5GF T h a(0)29 n k y2074 o u f7770 or your +44 support Great Bear is a manufacturer of urology devices – leg & night drainage bags, sheaths and other accessories. We have our own DAC – Nightingale Home Delivery Service which supplies all brands of continence products to customers in the comfort of their own home/ care home. This service is supported by a team of 8 independent Nurse Advisors.


Concept House Talbot Green Business Park Pontyclun CF72 9FG +44 (0)1443 719555 Since its conception in 2008, Hospital Innovations Limited has been supplying specialist products for use in both orthopaedic and corrective surgery. Operating as the largest private Human Tissue Bank in the UK, we have been able to successfully save the NHS in excess of £2 million with our graft return service. Our ever growing, innovative portfolio also includes specialist solutions for use in wound care, dental correction, nerve replacement surgery and joint management.


GE Healthcare

Cardiff Laboratories Forest Farm Road Whitchurch Cardiff CF14 7YT +44 (0)29 2052 6421 GE Healthcare is an Anchor Company in Wales located on a 30-acre Cardiff site, known as The Maynard Centre, which is involved in delivering breakthroughs in research & development and in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The Maynard Centre makes approximately 6,000 products every year with a global sales value of around $180m. These consumable products are used to detect, label, purify, amplify & analyse DNA and proteins. Other products include paper and glass fibre used in basic filtration and clean room manufactured plastic encased membranes used in sample preparation, medical diagnostics and research applications. The company’s 10,000 plus customers include the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, academia, organisations involved in human identification and diagnostics work, and industrial and consumer companies like Coca Cola. The Maynard Centre has a highly skilled global workforce representing one of the most diverse in the area.

Unit 5, Room 403 ILS Phase 2 Swansea University Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP +44 (0)1792 602466 Established in 2005 and based in Swansea, Haemair are developing the next generation Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) device. The initial focus is on post-operative support following cardio pulmonary surgery where it can both improve recovery rates and reduce hospital stays. Respiratory problems cost the NHS over £2,500 million/ annum. The much larger cost to society ranges from lost time at work to long-term support in homes and care homes. In the longer term, ECMO promises to support patients with both acute and chronic respiratory problems. Competitive devices are associated with an increased risk of blood clot formation requiring a level of anticoagulation that significantly increases the risk of haemorrhage. This risk currently limits ECMO use to a small number of high-cost specialist centres. Haemair have demonstrated a device with the potential to reduce the risk of blood clots and hence greatly increase access to ECMO. Haemair has raised over £2million in private equity investment and has also benefitted from grants from the Welsh Government and from the NHS.

Diagnostic Products Division Unit 35 Portmanmoor Road East Moors Cardiff CF24 5HN +44 (0)29 2048 5885 Huntleigh, a member of the Getinge group of companies, is a leading global provider of innovative and high quality medical equipment for healthcare professionals. The Diagnostic Products Division markets its products globally under the ‘Sonicaid’, ‘Dopplex’, ‘Hydroven’ and ‘Smartsigns’ brands, covering health care requirements in Obstetric care, Vascular Assessment and Treatment, and Patient Monitoring. The ISO13485 accredited site at Cardiff designs, manufactures and distributes a broad portfolio of electronic medical products thanks to its extensive R&D capability. These innovative products include market leading pocket Dopplers used for vascular assessment and fetal heart rate monitoring. The factory also manufactures a comprehensive range of fetal monitors for antenatal, labour and delivery applications, together with a range of patient, bedside and vital signs monitors. Huntleigh have recently expanded the portfolio of vascular assessment systems with a range of treatment solutions, by launching a new line of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) products under the Hydroven brand. To enhance the product ranges and provide a seamless electronic data management solution, a range of clinical information systems have been developed, and are available with full technical and clinical support services.


Medical Technology & Diagnostics


Medical Technology & Diagnostics


The Life Science Network for Wales

Indoor Biotechnologies

Vision Court Caxton Place Pentwyn Cardiff CF23 8HA +44 (0) 29 2167 4640 Indoor Biotechnologies, a global immunodiagnostics and biotechnology company, specialises in the development of innovative products and services in the areas of Immunological and Environmental Sciences. The recognised world leader in the assessment of environmental exposure to allergens, offering the world’s largest range of purified natural and recombinant allergens and antibodies, we provide solutions to enable scientists to investigate allergic and other immunological diseases. Our services include custom assay development and provision of testing for allergens, cytokine, endotoxin and mould alongside exceptional customer service. The company offers 20 years of experience in the development of cutting-edge immune based assays in the areas of molecular and cellular immunology, complement biology, cancer immunology, allergy and asthma, immunoassays for allergen and IgE detection, dust sampling devices and consumer tests for allergen detection. We serve the Life Science and biopharmaceutical industries, allergy vaccine manufacturers, indoor air quality, medical device manufacturers, academic and government research institutions.

Invacare (UK)

Unit 4 Pencoed Technology Park Pencoed Bridgend CF35 5HZ +44 (0)1656 776222 Invacare’s UK operations were founded in 1856 and the company now employs 255 people. Based in South Wales, it is ideally placed to provide the UK healthcare market with a range of products and services that meet the demands of both the public and private sectors. Over the years Invacare UK has selected and merged with a number of UK based manufacturers to offer a selection of wheelchairs, scooters, respiratory, community beds, bathing aids, lifting equipment, support surfaces and seating and positioning products. Invacare’s commitment to product design and quality has resulted in a comprehensive product portfolio.

The Magstim Company


Spring Gardens Whitland SA34 0HR +44 (0)1994 240798 Magstim are the brains behind TMS and provide the means for neuroscientists and clinicians to modulate brain activity non-invasively. The Magstim Rapid Therapy system is used for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder and is FDA-cleared and NICE approved. The system offers proven efficacy with no systemic side effects, fast and significant patient improvement and an outpatient procedure with no anesthesia or sedation required. Magstim maintains a strong commitment to R&D and product improvement. Collaborating with the global research community ensures that Magstim remains at the forefront of TMS applications enabling the company to develop products that ultimately impact patients’ lives.

MedaPhor TM

Phase 2 Castlegate Business Park Portskewett Caldicot NP26 5YW +44 (0)1291 435280 Microsemi’s Advanced Packaging Business delivers a competitive advantage for its customers through miniaturising electronic circuits and enabling wireless connectivity. With a track record of success in designing and developing miniaturised electronic modules, Microsemi’s Advanced Packaging Division is at the heart of missioncritical projects in such applications as pacemakers, neurostimulators, sensors, hearing aids and patient monitoring. Technology development is underpinned through TSB and FP7 collaborations with leading research organisations and companies where Microsemi plays a leading role in management and exploitation. Current projects include energy harvesting, In/On body wireless communications and embedded components to drive the next generation of 3D miniaturisation.

Advanced Ultrasound Training

Suite 4 and 16 Cardiff Medicentre Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4UJ +44 (0)29 2075 6534 MedaPhor is a global developer of advanced ultrasound skills training simulators for medical professionals. Founded in 2004, the Company is headquartered in Cardiff, UK and Atlanta, USA, with over 200 customers in over 30 countries around the world. Following its acquisition of Inventive Medical in August 2016, the company now develops three of the world’s leading ultrasound training and examination simulators – ScanTrainer, ScanTrainer Examine and HeartWorks.

Microsens Biophage Ltd

Innovation Village GE Healthcare The Maynard Centre Longwood Drive Whitchurch Cardiff CF14 7YT +44 (0)7930 356905 Microsens is developing new approaches for cancer screening and cancer therapeutics. Microsens also sells products for the detection and monitoring of aggregates in biotherapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies. In addition, Microsens has novel products for the detection and investigation of protein aggregation diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s Diseases.

Momentum Bioscience

Unit 19 Willowbrook Technology Park Llandogo Road St Mellons Cardiff CF3 0EF +44 (0)29 2167 7910 Momentum was founded to develop rapid tests for critically important clinical specimens within the hospital microbiology laboratory, is headquartered near Cardiff and has a R&D facility near Oxford in the UK. The company has created a new innovative technology for in-vitro diagnostic testing supporting the global fight against antibiotic resistance and the need for improved antibiotic stewardship. The technology rapidly and universally detects viable micro-organisms using a unique combination of a phenotypic marker and ultrasensitive molecular PCR measurement. Momentum is developing a number of products and applications for the use of its ETGA® technology. The first of these products, Cognitor® Minus, universally targets the rapid exclusion of bacteraemia and fungaemia, with an NPV of 99.5%, on day 1 vs day 5 in traditional blood culture.

Nordic Care Services Ltd

Unit 7 Tafarnaubach Ind Est Tredegar NP22 3AA +44 (0)1495 723 201 Nordic Care is an independent healthcare equipment provider. Our aim is to supply a range of products to assist caregivers and patients with pressure care, moving and handling and hygiene functions. Best-value is always the foundation for all products offered and world class customer service is the business driver. Nordic is a portal into best-value given with excellent customer service and supported with expert product knowledge.

Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe

Gyrus Medical Limited Fortran Road St Mellons Cardiff CF3 0LT +44 (0)29 2077 6000 As a worldwide leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology, Olympus provides innovative solutions for state-of-the-art medical systems, digital cameras as well as scientific solutions. Our award-winning products are instrumental in detecting, preventing and healing illness, driving scientific research and documenting life with artistic freedom. In the hands of its customers, Olympus’ hightech products help to make people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling. Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe – UK (Gyrus Medical Ltd) joined the Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe group in 2008. We develop and manufacture “see and treat” solutions for minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery. Our technology is used in both diagnosis (“see”) and treatment (“treat”). We have over three decades of experience and a large number of international patents. Our operational areas offer an optimal development and manufacturing environment with the latest production processes (using the TPS/lean manufacturing model), automated and manual production lines, laser applications and clean rooms.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Felindre Meadows Pencoed Bridgend CF35 5PZ +44 (0)1656 778000 Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has an established track record of serving the transfusion medicine community and clinical laboratories around the world. We are a leading provider of total solutions for screening, diagnosing, monitoring and confirming diseases early before they put lives at risk. Our single focus is to help hospitals, laboratories and blood centres worldwide deliver results that help patients experience a better quality of life. The facility at Pencoed, near Bridgend supplies Immunoassay and Immunohaematology products to markets around the world.

Pelican Feminine Healthcare Ltd

Greypoint Cardiff Business Park Cardiff CF14 5WF +44 (0)29 2076 7800 Pelican Feminine Healthcare Ltd is a UK manufacturer of single-use medical instruments. Pelican manufactures a range of single-use instruments, specialising in Gynaecology products, which include the market leading PELIspec®, With state of the art manufacturing facilities and active research and development, the company has been instrumental in bringing many innovative products to the healthcare market. This, together with a positive input from specialist clinicians and other professional customers, ensures that Pelican Feminine Healthcare remains at the forefront of providing clinically and cost effective products. Pelican Feminine Healthcare is passionate about delivering high quality medical products and world class levels of customer service.


c/o REIS, Room 246 2nd Floor Talbot Building Swansea University Swansea SA2 8PP +44 (0)7986 484898 PulmonIR is a Swansea-based, early-stage medical device company focused on the detection and monitoring of lung diseases, including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). PulmonIR’s proprietary technology is based on the work of Professor Paul Lewis at Swansea University. Having secured a significant venture capital investment from IP Group, Finance Wales and the Swansea University Innovation Fund, this technology is currently undergoing clinical evaluation through a collaboration involving Cwm Taf University Health Board. Following completion of these clinical trials, PulmonIR will seek the necessary regulatory approvals before launching its commercial products into the UK National Health Service and international healthcare markets.


Medical Technology & Diagnostics


Medical Technology & Diagnostics


The Life Science Network for Wales

Q5 Healthcare Limited

Cardiff MediCentre Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4UJ +44 (0)7876598640 Q5 Healthcare Limited is a developer of diagnostic tests and associated medical devices that allow for the differentiation between the causative agents of selected infectious diseases without the need for a microbiology laboratory. Our main activity is in the field of acute infections, where the incorrect diagnosis of infectious agents that frequently co-occur often results in incorrect treatment being prescribed and thus poor treatment outcomes.

Renishaw plc

Miskin Business Park Miskin CF72 8XY +44 (0)1453 524529 Renishaw is a British based, global company operating in market sectors as contrasting as medical sciences, industrial and electronic manufacturing, consumer electronics and academic research. We develop innovative products that significantly advance our customers’ operational performance – from improving manufacturing efficiencies and raising product quality, to maximising research capabilities and improving the efficacy of medical procedures. Our products are used for applications as diverse as CAD/CAM dentistry, stereotactic neurosurgery, additive manufacturing (3D printing), Raman spectroscopy, machine tool automation, co-ordinate measurement and a vast range of other measurement activities. In all of these areas we aim to be a long-term partner, offering superior products that meet our customer needs both today and into the future, backed up by responsive, expert technical and commercial support.


Cwm Cynon Business Park Mountain Ash Rhondda Cynon Taff CF45 4ER +44 (0)1443 471300 Experts in the development and implementation of procedure packs, Rocialle won the MediWales award for ‘Partnership with the NHS’ in 2015 for collaboration on development of the All Wales Cannulation Pack, and in 2016 for joint development of SepsisBox. Based in Mountain Ash, with one of Europe’s largest medical clean rooms and on-site sterilisation, Rocialle is a market leading supplier to the NHS, private hospitals and internationally. Rocialle is part of Berendsen Healthcare and sister companies include Guardian, the UK’s only provider of both single-use and multi-use gown and draping solutions. Rocialle’s procedure packs ensure that everything is to hand, facilitating compliance with best practice and enabling healthcare providers to improve efficiency and control infection. Introducing new products within sterile packs that contain all the required supplementary items ensures that the effectiveness of the product is maximised.

Rogue Resolutions

The Creative Quarter 8a Morgan Arcade Cardiff CF10 1AF +44 (0)29 2022 9998 Rogue Resolutions specialises in combining technologies and services for neuroscience. We believe in the importance of developing and maintaining strong links between academia and industry and strive to improve and streamline knowledge transfer between those working in research and those working in the industry. Our portfolio of services and products includes a range of high standard devices in the fields of: - Neuromodulation: TMS, rTMS, cTMS, tDCS, tACS and tRNS - Neuronavigation: TMS navigation and TMS Robot - Neuroimaging: EEG, fNIRS, analysis software and fMRI compatible devices - Neurosensory Systems: Eye-tracking, response devices, stimulus control software, projection systems and tactile stimulation In collaboration with our technical partners and in conjunction with our research customers, we are able to remain at the cutting edge of research and product development both in techniques and technologies. We believe that the key to development within our sector is through collaboration and we will continue drive progress through a collaborative and sharing approach.

Sony UK Technology Centre

Pencoed Technology Park Bridgend CF35 5HZ +44 (0)1656 860 666 Sony UK Technology Centre, based in Pencoed, South Wales is a division of Sony Europe Limited. Headed up by Steve Dalton OBE, we are the only Manufacturing facility for Sony in the UK. The heart of today’s operations at Pencoed is centred on the manufacture of broadcast and professional cameras and camera systems for worldwide markets, as well as a highly successful Contract Electronics Manufacturing Service. With over 40 years of experience, the facility has developed a reputation for manufacturing excellence, which has been recognised through the receipt of number of awards, including the prestigious Factory of the Year award at the 2013 Best Factory Awards (BFA). The centre is certified to ISO 13485 (medical), ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 50001 (energy), includes a class 10,000 clean room facility and bespoke, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Our unique Contract Electronics Manufacturing solutions offering has produced a wide range of commercial successes across a number of industries, including medical, for both locally based and international clients. Our commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and automation makes us highly competitive, and has resulted in successful reshoring stories, including the production of over ten million Raspberry Pi computers to date. The Pencoed facility also houses a Sony Customer Service Centre, a Business Incubation Centre with 32 medium and small companies from related industries, and a 30,000 sq ft filming facility – Sony Ffilm Factory 35.

Surgical Synergy

156 Pentre Nicklaus Machynys Llanelli Carmarthenshire SA15 2DF +44 (0)1554 749303 SSL was established in 2013 to develop an innovative medical product design to market in three complementary versions. It has developed a basic working prototype and is now ready to enter a phase of refinement to readiness for accreditation and full testing. It anticipates its first sales in parallel with its development of the second product variation during 2018.


Unit 4 Hawthorn Farm Business Park Winterborne Stickland Dorset DT11 0NB +44 (0)1258 881600 THAY Medical are an innovative human factors and usability consultancy who offer an exciting & fresh approach to developing medical devices & pharmaceutical products. We believe that usable, efficient and profitable medical devices raise the levels of healthcare, and give a better quality of life to all. By applying the best practices in human factors and usability engineering in medical product developments and post market surveillance projects, we can help you optimise your device to be the best it can be, to the latest standards and with the best possible outcomes.


Medical Technology & Diagnostics

THAY Medical

Eastgate Business Park Wentloog Avenue Cardiff CF3 2EY +44 (0)845 330 4236 Ultrawave has over 27 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Since our formation in 1990, we have produced over 55,000 ultrasonic cleaning systems across a wide range of industries throughout the world. Our client portfolio includes healthcare organisations as well as pharmaceutical, medical device and orthopaedic implant manufacturers, all of whom benefit from improved cleaning and reduced processing time with traceable and repeatable results. The Hygea® range of HTM compliant ultrasonic cleaners offer full cycle validation and are used for pre-sterilisation in dental practices, primary care and CSSD environments within both the NHS and the private sectors. Accredited to ISO13485 and ISO9001, all Ultrawave ultrasonic cleaners are designed and manufactured to the highest standard in South Wales. Our dedicated After Sales Team is on hand to provide full service and product support for all our customers.

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Herschel House 58 Herschel Street Slough SL1 1PG +44 (0)7555 580635 AliveCor develops and manufactures miniaturised ECG devices that work with smartphones, tablets and the Apple Watch. Kardia Mobile can be attached to your phone to provide live diagnostic quality ECG recordings with a real time trace, anytime anywhere, taking just 30 seconds. It accurately detects atrial fibrillation and measures (AF) heart rate too. The recordings can be emailed and stored for review by a clinician. As AF is often intermittent, it can be hard to detect, and an accurate diagnosis can be a prolonged process. However, if a patient carries a Kardia on their phone, it’s always with them and they catch events as they happen. The recordings can then be instantly emailed to the clinician who can make a rapid diagnosis and commence anticoagulant therapy as soon as possible. The risk of an AF related stroke for that patient is therefore greatly reduced.

Balsamee Ltd

Elidir Health

Regus House Falcon Drive Cardiff CF10 4RU +44 (0)7541 652210

Ty Menai Parc Menai Bangor LL57 4HJ +44 (0)1248 675176

Balsamee is a software company working on developing mobile health solutions to support the delivery of health care services in the community. Our technology covers services such as on demand booking, online consultation and cross borders treatment. Earlier this year we were awarded a grant from Innovate UK to develop a special solution for CAMHS community therapy teams and we are working on it with Cwm Taf University Health Board. We have also co-registered a patent for breast cancer detection from mammogram images for early detection and efficient screening.

Elidir Health Ltd (EH) is a software development company with a vision is to create intuitive, intelligent and progressive mobile software systems for the healthcare market. Our key software product, CHAI™ (Connected Healthcare Administrative Interface) has been co-developed with the NHS Wales Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) over a two year period to save nurses 10% of their time in paper based administrative processes, enabling them to spend that time saved in direct patient care. EH develop solutions for hospitals (inc. A&E), doctors’ surgeries, care homes and other health-related environments.

Bond Digital Health Isansys

Aparito 3 Assembly Square Cardiff CF10 4PL +44 (0)7731 087823 Unit 11, Gwenfro Wrexham Technology Park Wrexham LL13 7YP +44 (0)7884 495357 At Aparito we provide wearable devices and disease-specific mobile apps to deliver remote patient monitoring outside of the hospital environment. This brings meaningful, relevant, and real-time data between patients and clinicians in a way that actively supports and enhances diagnosis, treatment and drug development. The Aparito core product is a technology platform encompassing wearable devices, mobile apps, web based study portal and observation dashboard. Supplementing our out-of-the-box capability is our Wrexham based development team who can customise an implementation to any customer requirements, conduct system integration work as needed and for more sophisticated customers, deliver machine based learning components to provide advanced insights and predictive analytics, such as disease progression analysis.

Bond Digital Health evolved from the experiences of an “expert patient” – founder Ian Bond is a long term sufferer of COPD. He created a personalised selfmanagement data record of his condition and daily impact factors to support his treatment, which was later on digitised. In Bond Digital Health, we develop digital healthcare solutions that operate in the “white space” void between patient visits with their health care professionals. Our solutions transform reactive intermittent treatments into real time, proactive, continuous care based on evidence. Our three core business functions: • B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) – we work with clinical device developers to develop front end applications that connect their diagnostic sensors to back end data platforms. • B2C suite of products – for individual sufferers of chronic conditions (such as COPD) who want to become more proactive in self-managing their condition. Each product is based around an easy to use multi platform mobile app that is individually configured for each patient and helps them to record their prescription intake, daily lifestyle indicators, whilst tracking external influences on their condition, like pollen and air quality. • Special products – Our ongoing new technology development includes wearable technology products and better ways to support ongoing care for sufferers of chronic conditions following discharge from hospital.

8c Park Square Milton Park Abingdon Oxfordshire OX14 4RR Isansys Lifecare are the provider of complete real-time physiological patient status systems and services. Isansys first launched the Patient Status Engine in 2013 and a second generation of the technology was introduced in November last year. The system’s hardware comprises wireless body-worn sensors, including the Isansys Lifetouch which measures continuous heart rate, respiration rate, heart rate variability and on-demand ECG, and the Isansys Lifetemp, which measures continuous body temperature. The PSE currently uses third-party devices to collect data on oxygen saturation, PPG and blood pressure.


20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU +44 (0)20 7043 1767 Kelyon was founded in 2008 by a group of young and dynamic ICT and healthcare professionals who decided to put their knowledge and competencies together with the aim of improving the lives of patients and helping shape the future of healthcare around the world. Due to our international experience in the healthcare sector, Kelyon stands as a certified and highly reliable supplier in the booming digital healthcare market, specialised in Software Medical Devices and with specific understanding and awareness of the increasing need for strict compliance to privacy and safety regulations regarding patient data. Kelyon provides comprehensive and complete expertise in developing Software Medical Devices and eHealth applications for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of complex diseases, and offers complete and systematic guidance for SMD and e-Health app needs, covering all phases of the process, from concept development to final roll-out and maintenance, while complying to all regulatory requirements.

Knee Tracker

19 Park Road Lytham St Annes Lancashire FY8 1PW +44 (0)7771 996334 Knee Tracker is a small company registered in December 2015. We aim to encourage patients to do exercises and to remotely monitor their performance and compliance. We currently have two products: Quads AR – An augmented reality app which is currently available on the iOS and Android platforms. Quads AR is designed for patients in primary care. Knee Tracker – This is a patented mHealth device which has won an InnovateUK Smart award. It is designed for secondary care. Knee Tracker measures the performance and compliance of the full range of knee exercises for patients who are about to have, and who have just had, knee surgery. Each patient has his/her own device which they use at home before surgery, in the hospital after surgery, and then post op at home. We are interested in manufacturing at least some of the components and doing all the assembly in Wales.

Salubrious Ltd


1 Clos Coed Hir Whitchurch Cardiff CF14 7BG +44 (0)7768 825559

Swansea Office: Room 504, ILS2 Swansea University Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP

Salubrious is building a suite of mobile apps to help sufferers of long-term chronic illnesses to manage their health – by connecting with medical professionals, family, friends and devices for information, guidance and support. Salubrious’ initial product is Butterfly – Your Thyroid Diary, which will help people who are hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, have thyroid cancer or who suspect they have a thyroid problem.

Signum Health

Liverpool Office: Rubix 1, Liverpool Science Park IC1 131 Mount Pleasant Liverpool L3 5TF +44 (0)1792 606525 Efficient care-monitoring, especially with the growing number of elderly people with chronic conditions, and with multiple NHS providers is challenging. That’s why you need software that isn’t! SymlConnect is a forward-thinking team working cohesively with the sole ambition of creating innovative and disruptive design technology to provide a superior level of patient-specific care delivery.

Britannia House Caerphilly Business Park Van Road Caerphilly CF83 3GG +44 (0)29 2125 9535 Signum Health’s cloud based diagnosis and social prescribing service enables medical professionals to electronically and remotely diagnose, triage and refer patients to a variety of public and private health, social care and well being providers. We offer a range of diagnostic services ranging from dermatology to cardiology, working in partnership with healthcare providers and end users to ensure a complete remote diagnostic service. The Signum Health Solution, complete with emerging AI technology, can be deployed across multiple environments, removing the need for millions of unnecessary GP appointments, providing streamlined care pathways. Signum Health will improve health outcomes whilst reducing the costs and burdens on Primary and Secondary Care. The system will also enable GP’s and Pharmacists to claim revenues due to them from their NHS contracts and fulfil their statutory duties.

The smart processes are co-created and co-designed with reputed academics and clinical specialists. The resultant secured and standards-based interfaces are simple, intuitive and seamlessly integrated to achieve higher clinical efficiency, especially while out and about. Solutions: EMIS accredited DynaForms+ for GP practices. Empower patients. Facilitate patient-clinician remote communication. Syml welcomes collaborative work with NHS organisations and other companies.

We Predict

Ethos Kings Road Swansea SA1 8AS +44 (0)8451 305 521 We Predict helps commissioners and planners deliver improvements in health and efficiency. In areas of increasing costs such as diabetes, frailty and complex care, We Predict have created predictions by geographical areas of interest – much smaller areas than previously available – enabling commissioners and clinicians to predict the impact that any interventions will have. We go beyond data mining or simply creating algorithms; drawing on our background in predictive analytics for global industries, our team of computer scientists and mathematicians work with domain specialists to deliver an innovative, accurate, robust service. We Predict have been working with Clinical Commissioning Groups in UK to produce interactive visualisations of descriptive and predictive analytics. Early identification can improve health for individuals and reduce costs. By monitoring in real time, we assess the impact of interventions and enabling commissioners to make informed and timely decisions.


Digital Health



The Life Science Network for Wales

Pharmaceuticals & Clinical Trials Services

Neem Biotech


Neem Biotech is an Abertillery-based R&D biotechnology SME.

Units G+H Roseheyworth Business Park Abertillery NP13 1SX +44 (0)1495 292700

With significant experience of working with the chemistry of small molecules and the biology of bacteria, our team is well placed to surface fresh understandings about the complex behaviour of these bacteria and to use this new knowledge to create safe and effective solutions for costly real-life healthcare problems. Neem Biotech plays an active part in the campaign to optimise the effectiveness of existing antibiotics whilst new and adjunct interventions to these existing antibiotics are being developed. Our lead technology platform is aimed at combatting the development of antimicrobial resistance. It has touch points across a range of health conditions, with a particular focus on managing chronic bacterial infections. Where capacity allows, we are able to make our in-house process development expertise and facilities more widely available for contract research. Neem Biotech is a Zaluvida company.



The Maltings East Tyndall Street Cardiff CF24 5EA +44 +(0)2920 351571

Institute of Life Science 1 Swansea University Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP +44 (0)1792 606916

AlgiPharma UK Ltd is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company. AlgiPharma’s OligoG technology is based on highly purified and defined oligomer saccharide structures processed and isolated from the alginate polysaccharide, and manufactured in accordance with GMP guidelines, ICH Q7 and ISO standards. The molecule is stable, non-toxic and bio-compatible. The AlgiPharma technology is supported by a young and strong patent portfolio. The primary features of AlgiPharma’s alginate oligomers include, release of stagnant mucus in airway and intestinal mucosa, disruption and prevention of biofilms, reduction in bacterial mobility and virulence, and potentiation of antimicrobial compounds. AlgiPharma is currently in Phase 2 clinical trials for Cystic Fibrosis, and is actively seeking out licensing opportunities in other disease areas such as COPD and the treatment of chronic infections.

Bionema Limited is an established leading independent research organisation, dedicated to the product development, testing and commercialisation of bioinsecticides. We utilise naturally occurring beneficial organisms to address the increasing demand for chemicalfree crop protection products. We are experts in the development of bioinsecticide products for the enhancement of food security, and the reduction of harmful chemical pesticides in crop protection. We currently offer a complete set of precommercialisation services related to bioinsecticides trials, development and implementation, including consultancy, analytical and R&D solutions, glasshouse testing and field trials, aimed at increasing the efficiency of bioinsecticide application and guaranteeing product quality.




Unit 30 Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate Tredegar NP22 3AA +44 (0)1497 847278 BioExtractions Wales provides services to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to isolate target compounds from complex mixtures using state of the art separation technology.

CBTC2 Capital Business Park Wentloog Cardiff CF3 2PX +44 (0)7875202879 CatSci is a process chemistry R&D services provider addressing the needs of Applied Catalysis, Chemical Development and Custom Synthesis & Material Supply. With experience of challenging chemistry demands spanning the drug discovery and development timeline, CatSci is able to deliver tailor-made process development solutions, including reaction troubleshooting, new route design and assessment, process optimisation and scale-up, and tech transfer for manufacture.

Cutest Systems

Pendragon House Caxton Place Cardiff CF23 8XE +44 (0)29 2062 5686 Clinical Research Organisation with over 35 years experience, specialising in human volunteer dermatology research but also including ophthalmologist, dental and other trial types. We work with medical device, pharma and personal care clients globally to test the safety and performance of diverse products that come into contact with skin or other mucosa including wound dressings, skin attached devices, topical skin creams and pharmaceutical compounds. Based in a purpose built environmentally controlled clinic in Cardiff, we offer contract research to ICH-GCP and ISO 14155 standards, utilising our team of registered dermatology nurses, all of whom have a minimum of 10 years experience with the company. Our Medical Director is a consultant Dermatologist and our Principal Investigator has over 30 years dermatology research and 70 publications to his name. We are equipped with a broad range of instrumentation to measure the physiological and mechanical behaviour of the skin, in order to perform skin irritation and allergenicity testing, skin barrier function studies, clinical evaluation of a range of skin conditions and other types of studies.

Denny Bros Ltd

Kempson Way Bury St Edmunds IP32 7AR +44 (0)1284 701 381 Denny Bros is a world leading print company for the highly regulated pharmaceutical and clinical trials market, providing perfect labels on time and to budget. To help include mandatory text needed by these markets we pioneered multi-page labelling technology and have unrivalled expertise and capability in this area. Multi-page labels are a trusted and secure way to meet such legislative demands as the Falsified Medicines Directive (20011/62/EU) for detailed product and user information, by increasing the on-product space, as well as providing tamper evident labels and the ability to incorporate unique serial numbers to identify and authenticate individual products. Amongst other benefits, this can reduce patient risk as information is always kept with the medicine and can help to ensure that vital information remains on pack for the lifetime of the product. Our products can also carry tamper evident protection and anti-counterfeiting features from fluorescent inks, to holograms, to thermochromatic ink, to microtext and much more.

Dynamic Extractions

Essentra plc

Imperial Park Celtic Lakes Newport NP10 8BE +44 (0)29 2010 0561 Essentra is a leading international supplier of specialist plastic, fibre, foam and packaging products with three Strategic Business Units: Component Solutions, Health & Personal Care Packaging and Filtration Products. Our international network extends to 33 countries and includes 53 principal manufacturing facilities, 64 sales and distribution operations and 5 research & development centres.

Jellagen Pty Ltd

Unit G5 Capital Business Park Parkway Wentloog Industrial Estate Cardiff CF3 2PX +44 (0)333 358 3299

Dynamic Extractions Ltd is a spin out of Brunel University. Its objective is to be a global leader in science, engineering and provision of its unique Hydrodynamic Counter Current Chromatography technology.

Maesllyn Llandysul SA44 5LP +44 (0)1239 858972 Ig Innovations Ltd offers bespoke antibody production and supply to the research, diagnostic, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors: from antigen design, peptide synthesis, conjugation, through to antibody purification, conjugation and assay development. We can deliver small volumes to the research customer through to large pools to satisfy assay lifetime requirements of in-vitro diagnostic customers. Ig Innovations offers a large catalogue of antibodies from high volume stocks, available in any format that the customer requires. Employing our wealth of experience we can work with customers to advise and consult on specific antibody requirements and assay development, in particular POC. Examples of our current projects include: therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of Ebola, C.difficile, Colchicine poisoning and viper bites (contract services to MicroPharm Ltd), new diagnostic antibodies for malaria, drugs of abuse, bacterial and plant toxins. Strong collaborative projects with Swansea University ILS for Epigentics and cancer diagnostics. Ig Innovations Ltd is an Alere Company. Experienced and capable partner for grant applications for all antibody development and immunoassay diagnostic projects.


Jellagen Pty Ltd is a Med-Tech business manufacturing next generation collagen products sourced from Jellyfish for application in 2D and 3D cell culture and medical devices. Jellagen’s research grade materials are commercialised with distributors supporting sales into the global cell culture and stem cell research markets. Our collagen is available in solution and dried for any application.

Unit 30 Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate Tredegar Blaenau Gwent NP22 3AA +44 (0)1403268404

Ig Innovations

Jellagen’s collagen products offer the potential of in vitro to in vivo applications as well as batch to batch consistency offering advantages to research and medical applications. Jellagen products enable the researcher to optimise their study through providing an effective starting material for culturing cells which decrease downtime and allow for more effective representation of human model. Jellagen is aiming to produce ISO13485 certified medical grade collagen products in 2017 for bulk OEM opportunities for medical devices and clinical applications. Jellagen also conducts in-house research and development of new collagen technologies to support fabrication of medical devices for innovative approaches to wound management and tissue engineering.

Culham Science Centre Abingdon Oxfordshire OX14 3EB +44 (0)1865 408 554 We specialise in glycomics technology to support development of (a) biologic drugs and (b) early warning diagnostics for inflammatory conditions, cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Our commercial activities include sale of glycoprofiling services for regulatory submissions of biopharmaceuticals and products for drug glycosylation analysis. We have extensive R&D programmes for development of novel high throughput glycomics systems as well as glycomics based clinical diagnostics for stratification of patients with chronic diseases.


Pharmaceuticals & Clinical Trials Services


Pharmaceuticals & Clinical Trials Services


The Life Science Network for Wales

MicroPharm Limited

Unit F & G Station Road Industrial Estate SA38 9BY +44 (0)1239 710529 The Company’s core expertise lies in the raising of ovine antisera containing high levels of specific antibodies directed against toxic molecules or viral targets and the subsequent purification and modification of such antibodies to produce a range of immunotherapeutic products for clinical use. All are designed to treat acute, life-threatening emergencies, have been developed at the request of the medical profession and are required urgently either because no alternative exists or because any alternative is ineffective and/or unsafe.

Midatech Pharma

Oddfellows House 19 Newport Rd Cardiff CF24 0AA +44 (0)29 2048 0180 An international specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercialising products in oncology and other therapeutic areas. Midatech Pharma is commercialising oncology treatment and supportive care products through its US commercial organisation, Midatech Pharma US (formerly DARA BioSciences, Inc.). In Europe, Midatech is developing a pipeline of product candidates in clinical and pre-clinical development for diseases for which there are currently few or no treatment options available. These diseases include rare cancers including brain (glioblastoma, DIPG) and liver cancer. All of Midatech Pharma’s product candidates derive from its three multi-applicable platform technologies that can be used alone or in combination to enable the targeted delivery (‘right place’) and controlled release (‘right time’) of existing drugs. Midatech Pharma’s first platform is a drug conjugate delivery system based on a patented form of gold nanoparticles (GNP) combined with existing drugs for the safe and targeted release of therapeutic payloads at specific organs, cells or sites of disease. The second platform is a sustained release technology acquired with Q-Chip that involves the consistent and precise encapsulation of active drug compounds within polymer microspheres. The third platform is Nano Inclusion, a technology for local delivery of potent therapeutics. The Group has developed a strong intellectual property base and has a wide IP portfolio of 82 granted patents, 81 applications in process and 30 patent families covering a range of technologies.

Midwinter Solutions Ltd.

The Innovation Centre Victoria Business Park Festival Drive, Ebbw Vale Blaenau Gwent NP23 8XA +44 (0)7376363927 Midwinter is a technically driven, solutions focused supplier of comparator drugs and ancillary supplies for global clinical trials. We pride ourselves on our customer service levels and fully understand the need for making comparator supplies as hassle free as possible. Our aim is to build partnerships that quickly add-value, from study planning and budgeting through to GDP compliant delivery of medicines. We have a fully audited, global network of suppliers and established direct-to-innovator relationships that offer unrivaled access to commercial drugs. We serve a broad spectrum of global partners including Pharma/Biotech companies, Contract Research Organisations, GMP Repackers and Hospitals/ Academia. Each one benefits from our core values: ethical, collaborative, trusted and responsive.



New Road Tir-y-Berth Hengoed CF82 8SJ Hengoed Manufacturing +44 (0)1443 812183 Clinical Supply Services +44 (0)1443 865734 Norgine is a European specialist pharmaceutical company that has been established for over 100 years. In 2014, Norgine’s total revenue was €296 million and the company employs over 1,000 people. Norgine provides expertise and ‘know how’ in Europe to develop, manufacture and market products that offer real value to healthcare professionals, payers and patients. Norgine’s approach and infrastructure is integrated and focused upon ensuring that Norgine wins partnership opportunities for growth. Norgine is headquartered in the Netherlands and its global operations are based in Amsterdam and in Harefield, UK. Norgine owns an R&D site in Hengoed, Wales and two manufacturing sites, one in Hengoed, Wales and one in Dreux, France. In 2012, Norgine established a complementary business Norgine Ventures, supporting innovative healthcare companies through the provision of debtlike financing in Europe and the US.

Nutricia Early Life Nutrition Institute of Life Science Swansea University Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP +44 (0)1792 606761 As a vehicle for the advancement of alternative technologies for small molecule discovery and purposing, Moleculomics, a UK university spin-out company formed in 2012, has developed powerful in silico protein structural modelling and ligand docking platforms, at proteome-scale for simulating real-life conditions and molecular interactions at whole system level. R&D is built on a track record of structural modelling research featured in >50 journal publications. Over the past four years Moleculomics have been delivering commercial R&D programs including both Hit-to-Lead and toxicity screening work in prestigious projects with a number of UK and international partners, resulting in a range of technologies described as “world leading”.

Building 7 Chiswick Park 566 Chiswick High Road London W4 5YG +44 (0)7825 625659 Nutricia Early Life Nutrition‘s purpose is to deliver highquality nutritional products to support the health of pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants and young children. Nutrition in early life lays the foundations for health in later life. Our passion is to understand how nutrition impacts growth, development and body composition in babies, toddlers, mothers to be and breastfeeding mums. We use these insights to provide the nutritional products needed to support optimal development for mother and baby, supporting life-long health.

PCI Pharma Services

Biotec House Central Park Western Avenue Bridgend Industrial Estate Bridgend CF31 3RT +44 (0)1656 750550 PCI is a trusted partner to leading companies in the global healthcare industry. We provide proven expertise and a flexible approach in delivering a seamless integrated drug development service, resulting in speed to market and commercial success for even the most challenging applications. Leading technology and continued investment enable PCI to address drug development needs at each stage of the product lifecycle, from molecule to market. PCI features 16 cGMP manufacturing, packaging, storage, and distribution facilities across two continents audited by both the MHRA and FDA. Our highly trained associates are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers, establishing lasting relationships through proven performance and providing exceptional service throughout the life of a project.

Protherics UK

Blawnwaun Ffostrasol Llandysul Ceredigion SA44 5JT +44 (0)1239 851122 BTG is a growing international specialist healthcare company bringing to market innovative products in specialist areas of medicine to better serve doctors and their patients. We are focused in three business areas: Interventional Medicine, Specialty Pharmaceuticals and Licensing. We have a portfolio of Interventional Medicine products to advance the treatment of liver tumours, advanced emphysema, severe blood clots and varicose veins, while our Specialty Pharmaceuticals portfolio offers antidotes that alleviate toxicity and treat rare conditions.

Proton Partners International

A global reach balanced with localised focus allows PCI associates to be a true extension to our clients, providing the leading customer experience in supporting the shared goal of improving patient lives around the world.

Pinpoint Scientific

1st Floor (SMF)North Road Bridgend Ind Est Bridgend CF31 3TP +44 (0)1656 668388 Pinpoint Scientific design and manufacture microbial environmental monitoring equipment aimed primarily at the pharmaceutical market. Our core products are microbial air samplers and monitors used to sample the air collecting airborne microbial particles onto agar which is then incubated so that identification of the organism can be carried out. Pinpoint also produce a surface sampler to aid compliance with the relevant ISO standards as well as a number of cleanroom accessories.

Quay Pharma

Quay House 28 Parkway Deeside Industrial Park Deeside CH5 2NS +44 (0)1244 837000 Quay Pharmaceuticals is experienced in providing a comprehensive out-sourcing service for formulation and analytical development with subsequent clinical trials manufacturing for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies world-wide. Working as a dedicated, pro-active part of your team we apply strong project management and technical expertise to take products quickly and cost effectively from late stage pre-clinical through to the end of phase III clinical trials and commercial manufacturing. Quay Pharma has vast expertise in dosage form design and development and with Professor Mike Rubinstein (CEO), Prof L Gifford (CSO) and Professor John Collett (CSO), Quay Pharma has built a reputation for specialising in the formulation of API’s that exhibit poor solubility and bio-availability and those which require modified or controlled release. We are now a MHRA and FDA inspected and approved company.

ReNeuron Celtic Springs Spooner Close Newport NP10 8FZ +44 (0)1633 810661 Proton Partners International is at the vanguard of advancing cancer care in the UK, building a network of oncology centres known as the Rutherford Cancer Centres. The Rutherford Cancer Centres are at the forefront of providing innovative care for cancer patients. The centres will provide an all-encompassing cancer service, delivering high energy proton beam therapy, imaging, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and a range of supportive care services. The first centre, in Newport, South Wales, has already opened to receive patient referrals for chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and it will be the first centre in the UK to offer high energy proton beam therapy in 2018.

Pencoed Business Park Pencoed Bridgend CF35 5HY +44 (0)20 3819 8400 ReNeuron is a leading, clinical-stage cell therapy development company. Based in the UK, ReNeuron has therapeutic candidates in clinical development for motor disability as a result of stroke, for critical limb ischaemia and for the blindness-causing disease, retinitis pigmentosa. ReNeuron is also advancing its proprietary exosome technology platform as a potential new nanomedicine targeting cancer and as a potential delivery system for gene therapy treatments.


Pharmaceuticals & Clinical Trials Services


Pharmaceuticals & Clinical Trials Services


The Life Science Network for Wales

Sharp Clinical Services


Waller House Elvicta Business Park Crickhowell NP8 YDF +44 (0)1873 812 182

Unit 5 York Park Bridgend CF31 3TB +44 (0)1656768566

Sharp Clinical Services are a leading provider of clinical supply chain services including product development and manufacture, packing, labeling, storage & distribution and QP audit and release services.

Technovent Ltd is a leading suppliers of maxillofacial prosthetics materials which are used to replace facial parts lost through disease or trauma. Technovent is a research led company developing many innovative products in recent years, and has been involved with numerous collaborative projects with UK Universities. Products include custom silicones for prosthetics and the Magna-Cap closed field magnetic retention system for anchoring prostheses to craniofacial implants. The company exports to over 20 countries and has major distributors in USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Russia. Technovent has recently expanded into new product ranges including surgical procedural simulation models, and a sensor to predict the impending blockage of urinary catheters. Facilities include silicone production rooms, R&D laboratories, ISO Class 7 clean room, and training facilities.

Our experienced project management and operational teams bring together years of experience in producing and managing your clinical supply chain across the Globe. All projects are compliant with the highest quality standards spanning Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Good Distribution Practices, and all international regulatory requirements. With Sharp Clinical Services’ experience of managing local and global clinical supply chains, access to the world markets just became easier from clinical production, labeling & distribution to comparator sourcing & EU Qualified Person (QP) audit and release services. We are big enough to deliver your global project while remaining small enough to care for your product like our own. MHRA licensed facility conforming to the EU clinical trials directive, Sharp Clinical Services has the capability to: • Manage the complete manufacturing and distribution needs for all trial phases • Manage solid, semi-solid and large molecule clinical trials materials • Import drug under MHRA wholesaler dealers’ license • Support the preparation of the Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier • QP services including supply chain audits and declaration, QP importation and batch certification and clinical batch release to the trial • Manage controlled drugs for clinical activity under Home Office CD License • Specialised distribution, retrieval and destruction of IMP and clinical material • Audited depot network to support global distribution

TrakCel Limited

11 Raleigh Walk Brigantine Place Cardiff CF10 4LN +44 (0)29 2048 3729 TrakCel is a Clinical Orchestration Platform designed to efficiently safeguard patients and orchestrate processes across regenerative and cell-based therapies. TrakCel’s focus is on ensuring that the right patient gets the right therapy at the right time in a scalable and efficient way. For both autologous and allogeneic matched donor therapies, TrakCel orchestrates the movement of the patient’s/donor’s cellular starting material from the patient to a processing/manufacturing facility and back to the patient for engraftment. TrakCel’s patented, Biometric-based technology efficiently records, tracks and reports all aspects of the ATMP supply chain from Patient registration and collection of cells, through logistics, storage, processing of the cells in manufacturing and delivery back to the cell donor.

World Courier

Unit 1 New Road New Inn Pontypool NP4 0TL +44 (0)7818422978 Incorporated in 1969, World Courier is the leader in specialty logistics for the global life sciences industry delivering fully-integrated GxP-compliant temperature-controlled transport, storage and distribution solutions worldwide in over 10,000 clinical studies. World Courier has a network of over 150 company offices operating in more than 50 countries plus a network of 13 x GMP compliant storage depots in strategic locations. The latest addition to the World Courier network is a purpose build facility in South Wales. Through its company-owned network of offices World Courier provides door-to-door, customs-cleared service to more than 220 countries and territories and set the benchmark for temperature controlled, time sensitive transportation. As Cold Chain shipments face increased scrutiny from internal bodies and international agencies alike, strict adherence to temperature control is critical for compliance with international regulatory, manufacturing and safety standards. With our proven track record in Cold Chain Management, World Courier is the only specialty logistics provider that offers comprehensive and customised temperaturecontrolled transportation services 24/7/365 worldwide.



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The Life Science Network for Wales

NHS, Contract Research & Testing

Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (ABMU) Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board

Research & Development Department 1st Floor Institute of Life Science 2 Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Aneurin Bevan Swansea University University Health Board Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP +44 (0)1792 530888 Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board provides primary and secondary health care services mainly for the 600,000 residents of Bridgend, Neath Port Talbot and Swansea. The Health Board has four acute hospitals Bwrdd Iechyd providing a range of services – these are Singleton Addysgu Powys and Morriston Hospitals inPowys Swansea, Neath Port Talbot Teaching Board of Wales Hospital Hospital in Port Talbot andHealth the Princess in Bridgend – and is responsible for providing a number of specialist regional services including cardiac, burns and plastic surgery and neonatal. Ymddiriedolaeth

GIG Felindre Forensic Mental Health services are provided for the Velindre NHS Tust whole of South Wales, while Learning Disability services are provided from Swansea to Cardiff. A range of community based services are also delivered in patients’ homes, via community hospitals, health centres and clinics.

The Health Board contracts with independent practitioners in respect of primary care services which are delivered by GPs, Opticians, Pharmacists and Dentists. There are more than 300 General Practitioners, around 275 dentists, 125 Community Pharmacies and 60 Optometry premises across the Health Board. The Health Board is a University Health Board and has excellent links with Swansea University with whom it has a number of exciting joint projects currently underway. As a result of these excellent links, we have secured, in partnership, the Wales Graduate Entry Medical degree award. In addition, the development of the Institute of Life Science (ILS) and ILS 2 at the School of Medicine at Swansea University has created a safe and effective environment for an outstanding Clinical Research Facility. The Health Board is a University Health Board and has excellent links with Swansea University with whom it has a number of exciting joint projects currently underway.

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Aneurin Bevan Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol University Board Caerdydd a’r Health Fro Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Research & Development Department St Woolos Hospital Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Block C, Stow Hill Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Newport NP20 4SZ Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol +44 (0)1633 656353 Cwm Taf abb_r&d@wales.nhs.ukUniversity Health Board The Aneurin Bevan University Health Board Research and Development DepartmentBwrdd aims toIechyd provide up-to-date Addysgu Powys advice and a wide rangeBwrdd ofPowys support and services for the Iechyd Prifysgol Teaching Hywel Dda in areas of clinical and promotion of high quality research Health Board University Health Board scientific relevance across the Health Board. Our vision is to develop a sound Research and Development culture in which researchers feel supported within an organisation Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Ymddiriedolaeth that has seamless links inter-professionally and Abertawe Bro Morgannwg GIG Felindre Iechyd Cyhoeddus academically across Departments, Ethics Committees, University Health Board Velindre NHS Tust Cymru Universities and Industry. Public Health Wales

Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Aneurin Bevan GIG Betsi CadwaladrYmddiriedolaeth University University Health Board Cymru Gwasanaethau Ambiwlans Health Board Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Research and Development Office Holywell Community Hospital Halkyn Road Bwrdd Iechyd Addysgu Powys Holywell Powys Teaching Flintshire CH8 7TZ Health Board +44 (0)1745 448681 Betsi Cadwaladr UniversityYmddiriedolaeth Health Board provides a GIG Felindre full range of primary, community, health and Velindremental NHS Tust acute hospital services for a population of around 676,000 people across the six counties of North Wales (Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham) as well as some parts of Mid Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire. The Health Board has three acute hospitals; Ysbyty Gwynedd, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and Wrexham Maelor Hospital. The Health Board actively supports a varied and dynamic research agenda and works with local industry to support the national agenda of increasing both health and wealth in Wales. It encourages staff to develop innovative and creative approaches to the delivery of health care that can be further developed with partners in academic, industry and health care settings and with active engagement with Health and Care Research Wales (formally known as NISCHR) infrastructure. The Health Board provides industry and business partners opportunities to work with mental health, acute, community and primary care services delivered by general practices, dentists, opticians and pharmacists.

Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Caerdydd a’r Fro Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Bevan Commission

Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Cwm Taf University Health Board

Room 238 School of ManagementBwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Swansea University BayHywel Campus Dda University Health Board Fabian Way Swansea SA1 8EN +44 (0)7791024021 Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymru

The Bevan Commission was established in 2008 on the Public Health 60th Anniversary of theWales founding of the National Health Service and has provided independent, authoritative advice and guidance directly to the Minister for Health and Social Services (nowYmddiriedolaeth the Cabinet Bwrdd IechydSecretary Prifysgol GIG for Caerdydd a’r Fro Ambiwlans Health, Well-being andGwasanaethau Sport) on matters relating toCymru Cardiff and Vale Services health and healthcare inWelsh Wales.Ambulance As an independent University NHS Trust Health Board authoritative body of internationally renowned experts the Bevan Commission ensures that Wales draws on best practice and evidence from across the world, while remaining true toBwrdd the principles of the NHS as Iechyd Prifysgol established by Aneurin Cwm Bevan.TafThe Bevan Commission Health Board is chaired by Professor SirUniversity Mansel Aylward and draws its expert members from within Wales, across the UK and internationally. Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Hywel Dda

Health Board Cardiff and ValeUniversity University Health Board

Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymru Public Health Wales

Research and Development Office University Hospital of Wales 2nd Floor TB2 Ymddiriedolaeth GIG Gwasanaethau Ambiwlans Cymru Heath Park Welsh Ambulance Services Cardiff CF14 4XW NHS Trust +44 (0)29 2074 3742 Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is one of the largest NHS organisations in Wales. We employ approximately 14,500 staff and provide health services to a population of around 472,400 people living in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. We also serve a wider population across South and Mid Wales for a range of specialties. We are a teaching hospital with close links to the university sector and together we are training the next generation of healthcare professionals. We support a varied research agenda and work with industry partners on a range of diagnostic and prognostic developments and clinical trials. Our medical physics and clinical engineering services, Rehabilitation Engineering Unit and CEDAR Health Technology Research Centre would also welcome opportunities for research and development collaborations in a variety of areas.

Cardiff University – Bill Mapleson Centre

Cwm Taf University Health Board

Hywel Dda University Health Board Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Hywel Dda University Health Board

Flexicare Medical Limited Cynon Valley Business Park Mountain Ash CF45 4ER +44 (0)29 2074 2575 The Bill Mapleson Centre is a medical innovation business. It is run by senior academics and clinical consultants from Cardiff University’s Department of Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine, putting all profits back into Cardiff University. The Centre has extensive expertise in design, development and evaluation of medical devices used in anaesthesia, respiratory medicine and intensive care using laboratorybased tests, user assessments and clinical trials. We collaborate extensively with the NHS and industry in developing innovative solutions to clinical problems, and successfully attract major innovation funding. We offer clinical and academic advice to industry during the development of novel products. In addition we provide training and educational events incorporating a broad range of simulation scenarios.

Cedar Healthcare Technology Research Centre

Cardiff Medicentre Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4UJ +44 (0)29 2074 4771 Cedar is a Healthcare Technology Research Centre, able to support decision making in healthcare by providing research evidence on the clinical effectiveness and economic impact of emerging health technologies, medical devices, diagnostic tests, healthcare interventions and NHS service configuration. Established in 1977, Cedar is part of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (UHB) and Cardiff University School of Engineering’s Biomedical Engineering Research Group. The Swansea Centre for Health Economics (SCHE) and Swansea University’s Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) are also within the Cedar consortium. Cedar has a contract with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), working in the Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme (MTEP). In addition to its work for NICE, Cedar is able to apply for research grants and undertake bespoke work for other organisations. Cedar works to a quality system that is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and has expertise and experience in: • Systematic evidence review – literature searching and critical appraisal • Project management • Stakeholder engagement • User assessments • Developing and validating Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) • Standards testing for medical/consumer health devices • Running clinical trials of medical devices • Health economics • Report writing

Research and Development Department Royal Glamorgan Hospital Ynysmaerdy Llantrisant Rhondda Cynon Taf CF72 8XR +44 (0)1443 443421 Cwm Taf University Health Board provide an extensive complement of clinical services to a population of circa 300,000 people across Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taf with a variable socio-economic and health demographic. It is the second most densely populated health board area in Wales. Clinical services are also provided to the people of south Powys, north Rhymney, north Cardiff and other adjacent health community areas. In addition, some specialist services are provided to the wider catchment area in south Wales. Acute, intermediate, community and mental health services, to include child adolescent mental health services are delivered across a network of community clinics, health centres, health parks, community hospitals and two district general hospitals. We have an existing strong and well established collaborative research portfolio in anaesthetics, mental health, public health, ENT, respiratory medicine, vascular surgery, paediatrics, diagnostics and primary care. We have ambitious strategic objectives aligned to local, regional and national research priorities. Through the continuous development of our research and development infrastructure, we actively seek opportunities to develop collaborative partnerships with industry and academia across all clinical specialties and the life sciences sector. Our aim in doing so is to facilitate the delivery of a high quality, innovative, patient centred commercial and non-commercial research agenda.

Diabetes Research Unit Cymru

Grove Building Singleton Campus Swansea SA2 8PP +44 (0)1792 602223 The Diabetes Research Unit, Cymru (DRU Cymru) is based at Swansea University and is active in areas of basic, clinical, epidemiological, social care and health services research working with academic and NHS partners across Wales. The Unit’s overarching aim is to support a comprehensive, integrated translational research programme, designed to advance development and implementation of therapeutic strategies for prevention and treatment of diabetes. The Unit has an excellent track record of performing clinical studies and working with industry in primary and secondary care settings throughout Wales and would welcome further collaboration with industry on novel treatments, diagnostics and devices in the area of diabetes.

Ystwyth Building Hafan Derwen St Davids Park Jobswell Road Carmarthen SA31 3BB +44 (0)1267 235151 Hywel Dda University Health Board provides healthcare for over 390,000 people in West Wales covering both Primary and Secondary care and has a Clinical Research Centre in Llanelli. The Health Board’s positive research culture promotes collaboration between academics, clinicians and companies, ultimately improving services to its clinicians, partners and patients.

Public Health England

Business Development Department Porton Down SP4 0JG +44 (0)1980 612 768 Public Health England (PHE) exists to protect and improve the nation’s health and wellbeing, and reduce health inequalities. PHE is an executive agency, sponsored by the Department of Health. We are responsible for: making the public healthier by encouraging discussions, advising government and supporting action by local government, the NHS and other people and organisations supporting the public so they can protect and improve their own health protecting the nation’s health through the national health protection service, and preparing for public health emergencies sharing our information and expertise with local authorities, industry and the NHS, to help them make improvements in the public’s health researching, collecting and analysing data to improve our understanding of health and come up with answers to public health problems reporting on improvements in the public’s health so everyone can understand the challenge and the next steps helping local authorities and the NHS to develop the public health system and its specialist workforce We do this through world-class science, knowledge and intelligence, advocacy, partnerships and providing specialist public health services.


NHS, Contract Research & Testing


NHS, Contract Research & Testing


The Life Science Network for Wales

Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory

Bwrdd Iechyd BwrddPowys Iechyd Addysgu Addysgu Powys Powys Teaching Powys Teaching Health Board Health Board

Velindre NHS Trust

Ymddiriedolaeth Ymddiriedolaeth GIG GIG Felindre Felindre Velindre NHSNHS TustTust Velindre

Princess of Wales Hospital Coity Road Bridgend CF31 1RQ +44 (0)1656 752820 The Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory, part of the Welsh NHS, provides a range of testing and technical services to the NHS and the medical device industry worldwide, including but not limited to: Physical and Biological testing of disposable medical devices to National and International standards Dressings testing (fluid handling and affinity, conformability, to BP and BS requirements) and Bandage testing to BS 7505 Biological testing (cytotoxicity testing to ISO 10993-5, protein testing to EN455-3) Hosiery testing to BS 6612, 7672 and 7563 and glove testing to EN 455 Microbiological testing, including bioburden, endotoxin, barrier and antimicrobial testing (e.g., silver dressings) Environmental monitoring of cleanrooms (to ISO 146441 and GMP) Surgical instrument evaluations (single use and reusable) Test method development, R&D and incident investigation Syringe and pump testing Medical device connector testing to ISO 80369 SMTL is UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 for test laboratories.

Unit 2 Charnwood Court Heol Billingsley, Parc Nantgarw Cardiff CF15 7QZ +44 (0)29 2019 6161 Established in 1994, Velindre NHS Trust (the Trust) provides a range of specialist services at local, regional and all Wales levels. Delivering quality, care and excellence to our patients and donors is at the heart of our organisation. Velindre NHS Trust is comprised of two divisions: The Welsh Blood Service The Welsh Blood Service plays a fundamental role in the delivery of healthcare in Wales. It works to ensure that the donor’s gift of blood is transformed into safe and effective blood components including stems cells which allow NHS Wales and transplant centres internationally to improve the quality of life and save the lives of many thousands of people in Wales every year. Velindre Cancer Centre Established in 1956, Velindre Cancer Centre in Whitchurch, Cardiff, provides specialist cancer services to people living in South East Wales and is one of the 10 largest cancer centres in the UK. The Cancer Centre is a specialist treatment, teaching and research and development centre for non-surgical oncology, treating patients with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and related treatments, and caring for patients with specialist palliative care needs.

Iechyd Cyhoeddus Iechyd Cyhoeddus Cymru Cymru Public Health Public Health Wales Wales

Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust Ymddiriedolaeth Ymddiriedolaeth GIG GIG Gwasanaethau Cymru Gwasanaethau Ambiwlans Ambiwlans Cymru Welsh Services WelshAmbulance Ambulance Services NHS NHSTrust Trust

Vantage Point House Ty Coch Way Cwmbran NP44 7HF +44 (0)7710 152318 The Welsh Ambulance Service was established in 1998, with NHS Direct Wales becoming an integral part of the Trust in April 2007. Our service covers the whole of Wales, about 8,000 square miles, and a population of around three million. We provide two types of service – unscheduled care and planned patient care services, in addition to telephone and web-based advice services through NHS Direct Wales (NHSDW). Our unscheduled care services (Emergency and Urgent Care Services) provide support to patients with conditions that range from those which are immediately life threatening, through to minor injuries. Our planned patient care service (Non-Emergency Patient Transport or NEPTS) helps vulnerable and unwell people to get to their hospital appointments and treatment. The Prehospital Emergency Research Unit is the main contact with MediWales. It is the Research & Innovation arm of the Welsh Ambulance Service and delivers trials and develops innovations in prehospital care.

West of England Academic Health Science Network (WEAHSN)

Welsh Blood Service

Ely Valley Road Talbot Green Pontyclun CF72 9WB +44 (0)1443 622000 The Welsh Blood Service plays a fundamental role in the delivery of healthcare in Wales. The Welsh Blood Service covers the whole of Wales. We collect voluntary, non-remunerated blood donations from the general public. These donations are processed and tested before distribution to hospitals where they support patient care. We also hold blood-derived products (both NHS and Commercial) for purchase by our customer hospitals. We provide an antenatal screening service to several hospitals and offer all customer hospitals specialist laboratory services to assist in the investigation of complex serological problems. The Welsh Transplantation & Immunogenetics Laboratory, within the WBS, provides direct support to local providers of Renal and Stem Cell Transplant Services. It also operates a national panel of unrelated potential blood stem cell donors – the Welsh Bone Marrow Donor Registry. The WBS is authorised and licenced by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, who audit the organisation at defined periods.

South Plaza Marlborough Street Bristol BS1 3NX +44 (0)117 900 2604 The West of England Academic Health Science Network is a vibrant and diverse network of partners (providers of NHS care working with universities, industry, NHS commissioners and a wide range of other organisations) working to put innovation at the heart of healthcare, to improve patient outcomes and contribute to economic growth. We are one of 15 Academic Health Science Networks and our key objectives are to: improve health and generate economic growth through accelerating the adoption of innovation into practice and building a culture of partnership and collaboration. We link universities, the industry sector, local authorities and the third sector with the NHS to adopt new solutions for the benefit of our patients and also to harness the potential of the NHS to deliver economic growth. We facilitate engagement and provide access to partners and collaborators. In addition, we provide advice on available resources including funding opportunities to assist the spread of innovative solutions.


NHS, Contract Research & Testing


accredited partner

NHS, Contract Research & Testing


The Life Science Network for Wales

Health and Care Research Wales

Research Centres Centre for Ageing & Dementia Research Support Centre Castlebridge 4 15-19 Cowbridge Road East Cardiff CF11 9AB +44 (0)29 2023 0457 wales/industry/

Health and Care Research Wales, funded by Welsh Government, supports and increases capacity in health and social care research. Our broad research infrastructure and expert teams focus on Wales’ current and emerging areas of excellence. The Health and Care Research Wales Support Centre provides centralised support for the health and social care research community in Wales. We have dedicated services to facilitate an increase in commercial research in health and social care in Wales, particularly through strong industry engagement. We work closely with national and international stakeholders from, industry, academia and the health and social care sector. The industry team provides a range of services: l Signposting for companies and individuals wishing to discuss commercial research in Wales l All Wales Feasibility coordination service; including early feedback, site identification and site intelligence. All services are coordinated by the industry team and are accessible by emailing l Contracts advice & support which is provided by our experienced contract manager and contract officer. This service is accessible by emailing l Study set-up oversight which aims to improve start-up of studies in Wales and exists to support companies experiencing set-up delays in Welsh sites. l Coordinated oversight of commercial research delivery which includes a trouble shooting service which is responsive to the needs of industry.

National Centre for Mental Health

National Centre for Population Health and Wellbeing Research

PRIME Centre Wales

Wales Cancer Research Centre

Research Units Brain Repair and Intercranial Neurotherapeutics (BRAIN) Unit

Diabetes Research Unit Cymru

Wales Kidney Research Unit

Clinical Trials Units Centre for Trials Research

Wales Gene Park

Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) Databank

Support and Delivery North Wales Organisation for Randomised Trials in Health (NWORTH)

Swansea Trials Unit

Wales School for Social Care Research

Infrastructure Support Groups Welsh Health Economics Support Service (WHESS) business/swanseacentreforhealtheconomics/

Support Centre

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board abb_r&

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Cwm Taf University Health Board

Hywel Dda University Health Board

Powys Teaching Health Board

Public Health Wales

Velindre NHS Trust

Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust


NHS, Contract Research & Testing


Professional Services and Suppliers


The Life Science Network for Wales



GX is a product design, value engineering and system development company. We have 30 years’ experience of designing innovative products for a range of industries including the medical and life science sector.

The Mayfield Usk Monmouthshire NP15 1SY +44 (0)1291 673 437

Abel & Imray

3 Assembly Square Britannia Quay Cardiff CF10 4PL +44 (0)29 2089 4200


To solve complex and challenging problems we adopt a collaborative approach drawing upon experience gained in one sector to benefit another. Our engineers, with expertise in mechanical, industrial, electronic, software and system design and engineering, work in collaboration with our clients own experts. This allows us to retain control of the entire project and turn brilliant ideas into practical reality. Based in Usk, our facilities include a workshop where we have extensive room to build and develop prototypes, mock up and models. We can even produce low volumes of finished units and reevaluate the design of existing products.


Abel & Imray is a leading firm of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys handling all aspects of intellectual property including patents, trademarks and designs. We have expertise in all fields of medical and related technology. Our team of biotechnology and chemistry specialists has particular experience in diagnostics, gene therapy, drug delivery systems, protein engineering, pharmaceuticals and combinatorial chemistry. We have extensive experience of medical imaging technology and medical devices, including mechanical, optical and electronic medical devices. Our professionals can help you protect and exploit your intellectual property relating to those fields, as well as help you manage and develop your intellectual property portfolios.


Geldards LLP is one of the UK’s leading commercial law firms with offices in Cardiff, London and the Midlands providing a full range of legal services to clients in the healthcare, life science and technologies sectors. Geldards’ technical ability and depth of experience working with a diverse range of clients in these sectors means that we stay at the forefront of developments, providing specialist advice on all aspects of intellectual property, research and collaboration agreements, commercial contracts, disposals, mergers and acquisitions, employment, property, tax, competition, regulation, and commercial and intellectual property disputes. Dumfries House Dumfries Place Cardiff CF10 3ZF 029 2023 8239

The firm’s clients include universities, medical teaching hospitals, privately owned and publicly listed life science and bioscience businesses and medical product retailers. Whether you are a large multinational, a small start-up or spin-out company, or serving the public sector, our team can help guide you in a highly practical and commercial way through the many legal issues facing your business today and in the future.

Acorn Recruitment

Somerton House Hazell Dr Marshfield Newport NP10 8FY +44 (0)1633 660000 Established, honest and reliable, Welsh-headquartered Acorn is one of the UK’s leading, multi-specialist recruitment agencies. Acorn has offices across the UK and internationally, where we employ experienced recruitment consultants that provide award-winning, specialist support - and that’s why 98% of our clients say we understand the industries they work in, and that they would use Acorn again. Acorn’s designated Life Sciences Division is made up consultants who specialise in recruitment only in life sciences and pharmaceutical fields - they provide permanent, temporary and contract recruitment solutions for the full range of technical, scientific and support vacancies.

Arche Innovations Ltd

Aston Currency Management

26 Grosvenor Street Mayfair London W1K 4QW +44 (0)2074 935555 At Aston Currency Management (ACM) we are deliverable, transactional (non-speculative) foreign currency exchange and international payments specialists. We provide these services to private clients, family offices, corporate entities, institutions and charities around the world. We also work with planners, strategists, lawyers, accountants and others involved in financial services, to assist their clients with risk mitigation and maintaining cross currency efficiency. In addition to exchanging and operating freely traded (G10) fiat currencies, we are also able to offer cross currency transaction capability with complex / exotic currencies.


Bevan & Buckland

Langdon House Langdon Road Swansea Waterfront Swansea SA1 8QY +44 (0)1792 410100 Bevan & Buckland are a leading firm of Chartered Accountants based in South Wales. A key focus of our business is providing pro-active tax advice to companies and individuals. We have a particular specialism in the following areas: Research & Development tax relief – Our R&D tax team have assisted many companies maximise their R&D entitlement. This not only includes owner managed businesses, but also university spin outs, FTSE 100 companies and large international groups, and we have a particular specialism in working with companies in the life science sector. The head of our R&D tax team is also a member of HMRC’s R&D Consultative Committee, and thereby has invaluable insight into the operation of this relief. Patent box tax regime – a 10% effective tax rate which can apply for profits derived from qualifying patents. Tax incentives for individuals who invest in companies, including EIS and Seed EIS. Tax incentives for company employees, including EMI.

10 Bradenham Place Penarth Vale of Glamorgan CF64 2AG +44 (0)7986 484898

4 More Riverside London SE1 2AU +44 (0)20 30585800

Arche Innovations Ltd was established in 2012 to offer management consultancy services to both public and private sector organisations operating in the medical, healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Here at Ayming we have 30 years’ experience improving businesses’ operational and financial performance. Drawing on our international expertise, we go the extra mile to realise opportunities to improve your business’ financial and operational performance.

The company has particular expertise in early-stage, technology-focused ventures that are based on strong intellectual property positions, as well as in the project management of economic development initiatives targeted at the life sciences sector. The main areas of activity are market analysis, strategy development, business planning, investment readiness, raising venture finance, solving operational management issues and developing exit scenarios. The Founder, Dr Mark Bowman, is an expert in innovation and start-ups, with over 20 years’ direct experience of identifying, launching, financing, incubating and running technology businesses.

Our focus is to get to know your people, understand your business, and ultimately maximise your profits, operations and funding through services which deliver long-term value and benefits. Knowledge and innovation are at the heart of what we do. In the UK, we offer a range of consultancy and advisory services, covering: R&D tax credits European innovation grant funding VAT Working capital Procurement and supply chain Operational efficiency

Succession and exit planning.

BIC Innovation

Pencoed Technology Centre Bridgend CF35 5HZ +44 (0)1656 861 536 As one of Wales’ leading innovation consultancies, we work with our life science clients to help them innovate, exploit and commercialise their ideas. Our innovation methodology is designed to create an innovative culture as well as a pipeline of exploitable ideas which can be taken to market. We use our strong project and quality management skills, gained in a variety of manufacturing and service organisations, to minimise risk for our clients and reduce time to market. Our life sciences team has worked with leading global companies as well as SMEs, academia and research organisations. From incubating new ideas, to launching new products, BIC Innovation can project manage the whole process, or inject creativity at any point along the way. Our project teams offer a range of specialist skills, helping our clients to achieve their growth ambitions.


Professional Services and Suppliers


Professional Services and Suppliers


The Life Science Network for Wales

Blackwood Embedded Solutions

Britannia House - Suite G Caerphilly Business Park Caerphilly CF83 3GG +44 (0)2921 202098 Blackwood Embedded Solutions Ltd specialise in full design cycle real-time embedded system design, both electronics and software. With a small team of engineers from graduates to experienced consultants, we can provide services from initial design concepts and prototypes, through specification, design, implementation, risk analysis/FMEA, verification and validation. We can offer 25+ years’ experience in medical device design and our recent projects include drug delivery systems, surgical generators and diagnostic medical products. We provide electronic design services including schematic capture, circuit simulation and PCB layout with Proteus design tools and hand-built engineering build prototypes. We also provide software design services for various microcontrollers: ARM, PIC, Fujitsu, Hitachi / Renesas including real time bare-metal software coding (or with operating systems) and removal of SOUP. Programming languages offered include C, C++, C# and Assembler.

Black Mountain Pharma Ltd

3, Quarry Road, Ammanford SA18 1AB +44 (0)1269820020 Black Mountain Pharma Ltd provides highly professional regulatory affairs and quality assurance consultancy services to the medical device, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Whether you are a small business or large organisation, our dedicated consultants will always deliver on realistic promises to meet your overall business strategy and goals. We support CE marking for medical devices, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 17025, ISO 9001 quality management systems implementation and preparations for the new European Medical Device Regulation.

MHA Broomfield Alexander

Centurion VAT

Ty Derw Lime Tree Court Cardiff Gate Business Park Cardiff CF23 8AB +44 (0)29 2054 9939

Merlin House 1 Langstone Business Village Priory Drive Langstone Newport NP18 2HJ +44 (0)1633 415390

Broomfield & Alexander are Wales’ leading independent firm of accountants and professional advisors, based in Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Monmouth. We provide financial and commercial services to owner managed businesses, mid to large corporates, medical practices, private clients and professional practices.

Centurion is an award winning, independent VAT Specialist company, which delivers VAT support, advice and, training to businesses across the UK and beyond. Our advice supports businesses in the life sciences sector, by developing strategies to ensure VAT as a cost is minimised.

As a company in the life science industry, you are facing unprecedented demands with tighter financial constraints and increased regulatory requirements. These demands take you away from your core focus.

Managing VAT and its impact on product pricing, research and development as well as within the business – property and capital projects – exporting goods and services – VAT accounting process issues, are just a part of our service offering.

Our specialist team at Broomfield & Alexander understand your challenges and can help you at every stage of your company’s development. In securing sufficient capital to grow your company, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs, taking your product to market, or meeting increased regulatory demands, we can guide you through the minefield of making the right decisions now and for your future.

Capital Law LLP

Our expert team have over 145 years of VAT experience, which helps our life sciences clients address issues as diverse as how VAT will influence a product offering into the NHS, operating Joint Medical Equipment stores with local authorities, major development plans and VAT issues from international trading. Centurion has a wealth of practical VAT knowledge and experience for you to access both, to enhance competitiveness and reduce exposure to challenge on VAT management within your organisation.

Clarity Compliance Solutions Ltd

Capital Building Tyndall Street Cardiff CF10 4AZ +44 (0)333 2400489 Capital Law is a leading provider of commercial legal services to businesses throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Based in Cardiff and London, our team is diverse and highly experienced. Many have joined us from some of the most prestigious law firms in the country, whilst others have grown up with us. What we all share is a commitment to ensuring our clients receive the highest quality service. For more than twenty years, our clients’ commercial goals have been our focus; that’s how we’ve built so many long-term business relationships. Whether you are in the middle of a complicated merger, trying to resolve a commercial dispute or looking to protect your intellectual property, we aim to deliver more and add value wherever possible. Clients say we’re approachable, provide clarity, give excellent advice and talk plainly. Working seamlessly alongside our fully integrated management consultancy business, we can provide a complete, dedicated and informed service to ensure your business operates to the highest standards.

PO Box 171 Castlewood Llanvair Discoed Chepstow Monmouthshire NP16 9BQ +44 (0)1633 400939 / 07735204233 Clarity Compliance Solutions are an international regulatory compliance consultancy. We operate throughout the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, R&D, Blood, Medical Device industries and their suppliers of equipment and computerised systems. Providing a full lifecycle consultancy for computerised systems and key compliance areas, we ensure our clients have the required knowledge and skills to meet with regulatory expectations. Our services include: Strategic Governance and Consulting Advisory Services Data Integrity Expertise Computer Systems Validation ERP/Business Systems Validation Auditing Open Forum and In-House Training Online Training Packages Specialist Personnel and Project Delivery Teams


Unit 49 Portmanmoor Road Industrial Estate Cardiff CF24 5HB +44 (0)29 2067 8000 CLEARTECHlive your technical solutions and event production company. We operate mainly in the medical and bio-science sectors and we specialise in product marketing through live surgery filming and live web stream or satellite broadcasting to training theatres and university hospitals. We design and supply exhibition stands across the UK and Europe as well as setting up and technically managing; conferences, symposiums, sales meetings, video production and editing, product manufacture and demonstration videos. Our clients consist of end user, manufacturer, pharma events companies, direct sales departments and training providers. We have many years’ experience within the sector and are able to provide a national and international service from our base in Wales at very competitive rates. We attend major medical and bio-science events across Europe and the USA – so if we can help please call. If you are planning meetings or events we can talk to you about the latest technologies to enable maximum return on your marketing and sales investment.

Drumlord Limited

Unit 6 Darren Drive Prince of Wales Industrial Estate Abercarn Newport NP11 5AR +44 (0)1495 249232 Drumlord Limited is Wales’ largest independent provider of 3D printing and rapid prototyping with 35 years experience of supplying exceptionally high quality prototypes and production parts to a wide range of clients in the Medical sector across Wales and the UK. We work with clients to realise their innovative products to deliver impressive presentation models. Whether the project is large or small our attention to detail and quality standards remain the same. At Drumlord we realise that time and effort spent on models can help in the process of getting a product from the drawing board and into production while ensuring clients get maximum value (and profit) from their work. Whether you require a one-off ‘proof of concept’, a fully finished model or small batch production in approved materials, we can help you through the 3D printing and prototyping labyrinth. Call us and talk one of our team through your project requirements, we’d be delighted to help.

Fulcrum Direct

Cardiff Business Technology Centre Senghenydd Road Cardiff CF24 4AY +44 (0)29 2064 7047 Fulcrum specialises in commercialisation and innovation, working with clients in life sciences including universities, industry, government and healthcare. We help your project or organisation succeed whether it’s identifying commercial opportunities, finding new prospects or developing key collaborations – we have the expertise to support you. Our services include market opportunity assessment, market feasibility studies, primary research, lead generation and identification of key collaboration opportunities and we help inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs through higher education programmes. Our team’s expertise, tacit knowledge and network of contacts is extensive; contact us to discuss how we can help.

Grant Thornton UK LLP

The Development Bank of Wales Designworks Windsor

Unit 2 Windsor Business Centre Vansittart Estate Windsor SL4 1SP +44 (0)1753 842404 Designworks is a product design and development company. We have been in business for over 25 years, and have development facilities in the UK and Australia, with a manufacturing/sourcing/development team in both Hong Kong and Shenzhen. We specialise in delivering new products from concept through to production in a range of areas from medical devices, consumer goods, automotive products and childcare products. We also have experience on different types of grant funded projects, such as Innovate UK, Wellcome Trust, Horizon 2020, Medical Research Council & Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

11-13 Penhill Road Cardiff CF11 9UP +44 (0)29 2023 5591 1 Capital Quarter Tyndall Street Cardiff CF10 4BZ +44 (0)800 587 4140 The Development Bank of Wales invests seed and growth capital in high-growth technology businesses. They work with ventures based in or willing to move to Wales. Launched in October 2017, the development bank has a dedicated technology investment team. They offer seed finance for start-up and pre-revenue technology businesses from £50,000 up to £150,000 per round. They can also make first round equity investments from £50,000 to £2 million in start-up and early growth companies. Their technology investment executives are also able to make follow-on rounds and they can support companies for Series A funding up to IPO. Active co-investors, the development bank also has its own angel network – Angels Invest Wales. Through their investment platform they can put sophisticated investors and high net worth individuals (HNWs) in touch with exciting business opportunities. The development bank is also able to co-invest alongside other funders and business angels – including those introduced to them via Angels Invest Wales.

Grant Thornton’s team in Wales works with companies of all sizes. The firm’s nationwide purpose is to help shape a vibrant economy, based on trust and integrity and our regional and local approach means looking beyond our traditional accounting practices and providing additional support, advice and guidance to Welsh life science businesses who want to unlock their potential for growth. We recognise that forward thinking business owners have varied, fluid and progressing requirements and by engaging with entrepreneurial thinkers we provide bespoke solutions to achieve the desired outcomes. Do you recognise your organisation here? If so please get in touch as we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.


Professional Services and Suppliers


Professional Services and Suppliers


The Life Science Network for Wales

Greaves Brewster LLP

Copa House Station Rd Cheddar BS27 3AH +44 (0)1934 745 880 We are a firm of UK and European patent and trade mark attorneys, with our primary focus being in the technical areas of biotechnology, chemistry, engineering and software, making us ideally suited to dealing with medical and life science inventions. Our existing clients range from multinational pharmaceutical, agrochemical and oil companies, to universities, research institutes and start-up companies and our aim would be to expand in these areas or to help any company requiring IP assistance.


The Portland Business Center Manor House Lane Datchett Berks SL3 9EG +44 (0)1753 590932 IDC is a world-leading product design and development consultancy dedicated to applying creativity and expertise to ensure your idea becomes a profitable product. We have led the field for over 40 years with exceptional design, engineering and model making facilities. And today we go beyond this to offer on-site production and links into China through our office in Shanghai. The heart of our business is Healthcare across all arenas.

Our core activities include the following: Invention analysis Filing for patent, trade mark or design protection and prosecution through to grant/registration and handling any oppositions; Exploiting existing IP rights Enforcing existing IP rights against infringers and defending them from attack Third party IP analysis (freedom to operate) IP audits Searches Strategic advice in line with client goals and business needs

IBI Group

Morgan Arcade Chambers 33 St Mary Street Cardiff CF10 1AF +44 (0)29 2044 8900 IBI Group is an award winning practice of architects, planners, landscape architects and laboratory planners. We are committed to providing the best possible support to the scientific community by designing buildings that provide the stimulus and capability for undertaking world leading research, are sustainable and that represent the leading edge in global science design. We recognise global and domestic trends and use this knowledge to influence the shape of future scientific research and manufacturing facilities. We recognise that scientific buildings are highly specialised with very demanding and complex needs. Our team provides a wealth of experience though a network of UK and International studios, giving our clients the confidence that they will always be working with a highly knowledgeable partner with a strong understanding of their values.

Isca Healthcare Research

Isca Healthcare Research Hill House Belmont Hill Caerleon NP18 1JX +44 (0)1633 423641 Isca Healthcare Research Ltd, based near Newport in South Wales, is a leading independent provider of expert services in medical device development, clinical trials and medical writing. Our services include trial design, protocol development, study management, regulatory guidance, audit of clinical trial data, clinical literature reviews and the preparation of Clinical Evaluation Reports to meet MEDDEV 2.7.1 rev 4. Services are tailored to specific needs of clients, who include multi-national corporations, SMEs/start-ups, the NHS, leading UK universities/teaching hospitals/TT offices, IP development companies and VC organisations. We fully understand, and have experienced first-hand, the developmental, clinical and regulatory pathways that have to be followed to take a medical device from concept to routine use on a patient. We also recognise that successfully negotiating these routes can be very challenging for many companies that develop medical devices, the majority of whom are SMEs and do not have in-house expertise to address ever increasing clinical and regulatory requirements.

Just Life Sciences Recruitment

2A Foster Drive Penylan CF23 9BZ +44 (0)7968 551450 Just Life Sciences is a family run Independent Specialist Life Sciences Recruitment Consultancy based in South Wales, providing Permanent, Temporary and Contract staff, at all levels from an Analyst to a Managing Director, within the life sciences sector initially within Wales and the South West.

Languages for Business Ltd 1 Meliden Road Penarth CF64 3UG +44 (0)29 2044 4400 We are a translation company that specialises in the translation of Instructions for Use and package labelling for medical devices. We regularly translate to 31 languages covering Europe and Asia. We are ISO 9001 certified and have been an approved supplier to Johnson & Johnson (Medical Devices & Diagnostics) for such services since 2001. We are looking to find new customers in the Medical Device & Diagnostics sector.


5 Hillside Drive Cowbridge Vale of Glamorgan CF71 7EA +44 (0)1446 774948 / 07714 288232 Product development planning; initial quality and regulatory gap assessments and pre-assessment audits; part-time quality management services; quality systems and CAPA training; implementation and upgrading of quality systems for ISO 9001, ISO 13485, FDA 21, CFR 820 and the EU medical device directives; device classification queries; preparation of technical files and design dossiers for CE marking; liaison with regulatory bodies; field safety corrective action management, EC vigilance reporting and FDA MDR reporting; liaison with notified bodies and other regulatory bodies; internal auditing and vendor quality system auditing; ongoing QA/RA support; EU authorized representative services for non-EU based operations.

RedKnight Consultancy Ltd

Ty Menter Navigation Park Abercynon Rhondda Cynon Taf CF45 4SN +44 (0)1443 742 884 RedKnight’s team of specialists support organisations apply for grants and funding to undertake a range of activities, for example; Research and Innovation; Business Development; Education; and Training. We achieve our aim by offering a range of services, including; identifying grant and funding opportunities, bid writing, project development, partner search and brokerage, staff development training, and project management and administration. For over 30 years our team of specialists have worked with over 100 organisations, accessing in excess of £20m worth of funding, for research and development by providing expert bid writing, advice and support. For a free consultation to discover what grants and funding opportunities are available to support your organisation, please contact us today.

Teamworks Design & Communications


The Forge Hendre Pencoed Bridgend CF35 6RA +44 (0)7917 56 8954 Partnering clients to achieve their goals is Tybio’s specialist skill. Past projects have been wide ranging: From integrating acquired businesses to managing business transitions and productivity improvements From mentoring key management personnel to defining product development processes From implementing cost reduction strategies to the timely launch of new products Tybio offer a bespoke service that combines scientific understanding with proven commercial acumen and a depth of board level experience within the life science and food industry sectors. First we listen, so we can fully understand the challenges you face, the resources you have and the constraints on you: only then can we partner with you to help you achieve your goals.


Cwm Cynon Industrial Estate North Plateau Mountain Ash Mid Glamorgan CF45 4ER +44 (0)1443 471200 UPG is an innovative global provider of product development and manufacturing solutions for the healthcare sector. Our products range from custom injection moulded plastic components and semi-finished sub-assemblies to multifaceted fully finished final products. These include minimally invasive surgical devices, respiratory, anaesthesia and catheter devices, infusion, diagnostic devices and patient monitoring systems. UPG’s global expertise, systems and processes are tailored to meet the stringent demands of today’s healthcare products.

Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP

Tybio never forget that confidentiality is important and that you will want your ideas to be out there in the market place first!

UK Healthgateway The Bonded Warehouse Atlantic Wharf Cardiff CF10 4HF +44 (0)2920 473 455 Teamworks provide brand-focused design and communication services to the life science sector. For 30 years, our experienced and skilled design team has delivered strategic creative solutions to the public and private sector throughout the UK. Our flexible approach allows us to work with organisations on design, branding, publishing and communication projects of varying scale and complexity. Outcomes encompass both print and digital media. Clients including Cardiff University, Cwm Taf UHB, DTR Medical, Huntleigh Diagnostics, Imperial College, Jellagen, MedaPhor, Renishaw and Welsh Government comment on our knowledgeable, innovative and reliable team.

23 Cae Rex Llanblethian Vale of Glamorgan CF71 7JS +44 (0)7900 570172 UK Healthgateway is the specialist UK health market entry expert. We offer: Distributor search Regulatory certification (CE all grades) Market research Clinical product assessment & trials Commercial planning Clinical PR and product advocacy Legal and financial planning Our network of expert Associates are the best in the business and our clients benefit from an unrivalled contacts network and NHS process understanding. Whether your product is equipment, device, consumable or pharmaceutical, we will make your market entry successful.

Churchill House Churchill Way Cardiff CF10 2HH +44 (0)29 2064 2150 In an increasingly competitive world and global market, the protection of intellectual property is vital to commercial success. Particularly in the medical sector where many of the major players are based in the US or Japan, Welsh innovators need to keep ahead of the game. UDL is one of the largest firms of patent and trade mark attorneys in Wales. Through its many years of experience working in the medical field, UDL has the expertise to advise you on all aspects of patents, trade marks and designs. To find out how we can help you protect some of your most valuable assets, visit our website or contact Tom Baker or Annabel Hanratty.


Professional Services and Suppliers


Professional Services and Suppliers


The Life Science Network for Wales

VWS (UK) Ltd – Veolia Water Technologies

Windsor Court Kingsmead Business Park High Wycombe HP11 1JU +44 (0)1628 897026 Veolia Water Technologies provide complete solutions for water treatment. Innovating in key areas such as sustainable development, resource and by-product recovery, our differentiating water treatment processes enable us to offer solutions suited to every application. We are experts in water.

Waters Creative Ltd

Axis 13 Axis Court Mallard Way Swansea Vale Swansea SA7 0AJ +44 (0)1792 793352 Waters is creative agency based in Swansea. We are known for our creative approach to solving real business challenges for brands and businesses across the UK. We’re passionate about creating ideas, strategies, and practical solutions that make a difference in the Real World. Real World Creative is more than just a strap-line, it’s what we do. Our work makes people care about a message, a product, a brand, an organisation, or a relationship. We bring together technology and skill to create viable solutions in our specialist client markets – Life Sciences, Medicine and Education. We are currently exploring creative data visualisation methods to assist this client base communicate complex research results, processes and patterns. Our model is simple and proven – we provide clients with on-tap, outsourced senior-level marketing support (removing the need for fixed overhead) ensuring ‘best-brains’ advice to your communication challenges, first class creativity and off the minute innovation and technology to push boundaries and make a difference in your world.

Withers & Rogers LLP

1 Redcliff Street Bristol BS1 6NP +44 (0)1179 253 030 Withers & Rogers LLP is one of the leading intellectual property law firms in the UK and Europe and active with clients in the Welsh medical sciences sector. We specialise in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights including patent protection for inventions, trade mark registration for brands and design rights, (registered and unregistered) for products. We act in patent and design right infringement proceedings. With more than 70 experts with specialist experience in many industry sectors, we enjoy working closely with our clients so we can advise them on the best intellectual property strategy to meet their needs. Our Life Sciences and Chemistry principal practice group is one of the largest in Europe, with a depth of expertise and experience in the chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in academic research. Our highly skilled Medical Device and Medical Imaging specialist practice groups are supported by attorneys from across our principal practice groups.

Wynne-Jones IP

Ground Floor Capital Building Tyndall Street Cardiff CF10 4AZ +44 (0)29 2130 3360 Wynne-Jones IP is the original Welsh intellectual property firm, having been established in Cardiff for over 50 years. Our attorneys have extensive experience in Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, all aspects of IP licensing and enforcement, and IP audits. We are modern and progressive in our business attitudes and we really do understand the Welsh business community having worked with Welsh clients since 1964. We act for a large number of clients locally, nationally and internationally, including private individuals, multinationals, large technology-based companies, SME’s and universities. Our IP experts have extensive experience of working with clients in the life sciences sector. Wynne-Jones IP also co-owns Aipex – the pan-European IP law firm. Aipex acts as regional counsel for companies who are developing and managing intellectual property portfolios across the multijurisdictional landscape of contemporary Europe. We are one of the few firms of UK IP Attorneys to apply Key Account Management principles so you will really know that you are getting first rate IP advice at a very competitive price. If we work with you, we are flexible about how we do it; you can have direct access to all the experts working on your account, or you can deal directly with one expert who will take care of everything on your behalf. We’re happy to fit in with your way of working.

Angels Invest Wales

1 Capital Quarter Tyndall Street Cardiff CF10 4BZ +44 (0)800 587 4140 Angels Invest Wales is the business angel network for Wales. Recently launched as an integral part of the Development Bank of Wales, we connect expert investors to growing Welsh businesses seeking private investment solutions by helping them find each other. Through Angels Invest Wales, Welsh businesses can gain access to a quality network of sophisticated investors inside and outside of Wales who are all passionate about growing Welsh businesses. We can match growing businesses from the med tech sector seeking investment with potential funders Present your investment proposal through our deal share platform to our experienced investor network. Participate in high quality ‘angel investment’ events and networking opportunities. Benefit from strategic ‘investment readiness’ advice and signposting to other support mechanisms in Wales. Angels Invest Wales also provides a personalised service for business angels and experienced investors looking for sound investment opportunities. To help match investors and businesses we have an online investment platform. It allows businesses to upload deal information to the platform, showcasing directly to registered high-net-worth individuals while also providing investors with an easy and accessible source of business opportunities to review at any time.

10EightyCymru Ltd

Sophia House 28 Cathedral Road Cardiff CF11 9LJ +44 (0)7966665660 10Eighty Cymru are employee engagement specialists. We know that better employee engagement leads to increased productivity and lower costs for organisations and better service for their clients. In healthcare, it leads to better patient outcomes. We offer a range of services including Talent and Career Management, Leadership Development, Team Development and Outplacement. Supporting our talent and career development offering we have the CareerCENTRE™, leading edge software that enables organisations to improve implement and manage career development initiatives resulting in increased employee engagement. Secondly, we provide Strengthscope™ one of the world’s top strengths assessment tools at helping individuals, teams and organisations build greater awareness of their strengths and how these can be used to optimise performance and engagement at work. We also offer a range of ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) courses as well as Executive Coaching.


1st Floor School of Management Swansea University Bay Campus Swansea SA1 8EN +44 (0)1792 295701 AgorIP is a new approach to innovation which can help bring your ideas and innovation to life. Thanks to EU and Welsh Government support, AgorIP can help you realise the potential of your idea, product or research. Our team of experts are here to help you take your IP to the marketplace and help make it a commercial success. We can help you take your innovation from the laboratory, laptop or workbench and into the boardroom – putting you in touch with investors who can help you create a successful business. Led by Swansea University, the £13.5m AgorIP project is working to capture, protect, develop and commercialise your idea, invention or innovation. Our team of experts are ready to help you navigate your way through experimental and industrial development to protecting your IP to helping you demonstrate proof of concept to potential funders and support you in attracting further investment. AgorIP provides support to NHS, academia and industry along with new and existing enterprises, including multinationals in developing IP. A pilot phase has already demonstrated the potential to attract significant inwardinvestment with project recently awarded to provide support in establishing over 200 opportunities (including 25+ major projects) over the next 5 years up to 2020.

Bangor University

Research & Enterprise Office The Management Centre College Road Bangor Gwynedd LL57 2DG +44 (0)1248 388847 Bangor University is a research led institution with an international reputation that makes a major contribution to the economic wellbeing of North Wales. Our research has a major impact around the world according to the latest assessment of research quality, the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014. We have close links with the NHS in Wales through the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB). The University is a major provider of training and education for the NHS and is also one of the main partners in the North Wales Clinical School.

Bridgend College

Queens Rd. South Bridgend CF31 3UR +44 (0)1656 302302 Bridgend College is a proud to have received the very rare double ‘excellent’ in our Estyn inspection and offers a wide range of courses, from Level 1 to Degree, in over 20 vocational areas. This award reflects the dedication, innovation and passion of our learners, staff, governors and partners. We are the only college able to offer Higher Apprenticeships in Life Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Food Science. These fully funded Higher Apprenticeship programmes are designed for new entrants to roles which use science and to provide progression and re-skilling routes for existing laboratory, scientific and technical employees. Our apprenticeships are designed around the needs of your business and can help transform your organisation by increasing competitiveness, lowering staff turnover thereby reducing recruitment costs, and creating a more engaged workforce. Contact our Apprenticeship Team to talk through the options and ensure that you and your staff are accessing great opportunities!

University of Namibia The University of Namibia (UNAM) is the largest and leading National institution of higher education in the country. It is a diverse institution with a student population from 43 countries and from all continents. Although a relatively young university, it has grown to support a student population of 24,759 this year. Academic programmes at the University are housed in eight faculties and eight schools. These committed faculties and competent administrative support staff have earned the University a ranking of being one of the top African Universities. As UNAM enters the 25th Jubilee of her existence this year (2017), it also prides herself for having responded positively to the call of our Government where it could. To date UNAM has graduated over 37,085 students who are serving the country in various sectors of the economy with most occupying prominent positions in government and the private sector, as well as worldwide.

University of South Wales

Cardiff Metropolitan University Pontypridd CF37 1DL +44 (0)1443 482482 Llandaff Campus Western Avenue Cardiff CF5 2YB +44 (0)29 2041 6836 University providing education and training at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level across a range of disciplines germane to the broad Life Science sector including Biomedical Science, Healthcare Science, Podiatry, Dietetics, Speech and Language Therapy, Complementary Healthcare, Dental Technology, Environmental Health, Public Health, Food Science and Technology, Product Design, Sports Biomedicine, Sport and Exercise Science. Undertaking world leading applied research in Biomedical Science, Sports Science, Art and Design and Product Design.

The University of South Wales offers business Knowledge – work with our academics to develop creative solutions People – recruit our students as employees or for projects Training & Development – develop you and your staff We have a broad range of knowledge, expertise and facilities on offer; from professional development (training) to consultancy know-how to specialist technological expertise and ideas generation, we will work with you to identify a solution that brings significant benefits to you and your business. Developing partnerships are key. We offer you high quality research expertise, innovative training courses, highly skilled graduates or first class facilities but in order to remain responsive and relevant to the business community, it is vital for us to work in partnership with you and learn together from the challenges we all face. We reassure you that we take the time to understand your organisation’s specific needs and tailor our approach to your requirements, delivering against your brief in a cost-effective manner.




The Life Science Network for Wales

Cardiff University - CITER



Cardiff University 10 Museum Place Cardiff CF10 3BG +44 (0)29 2087 0129 Cardiff Institute of Tissue Engineering and Repair (CITER) brings together life sciences and clinical expertise from Cardiff University to advance technological developments in the field of tissue engineering and repair, regeneration and rehabilitation and ultimately to improve patient care and quality of life. CITER’s three strands of activity are:

Cardiff University and Cardiff & Vale – Clinical Innovation Cardiff College of Biomedical and Life Sciences Cardiff University School of Medicine Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4XN +44 (0)7528 666302 The Clinical Innovation Partnership is a creative initiative aimed at delivering better patient healthcare and wealth creation in Wales. The agreement between Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and Cardiff University strengthens a commitment to deliver better patient healthcare and boost the economy in Wales. It aims to accelerate the translation of clinical innovation into improvements in health and clinical services. Based on a long-standing relationship, the agreement brings both organisations closer to work on a range of challenges including: - tackling dementia – exploiting joint academic and clinical expertise across the UHB and the University - developing innovative products and services for better health outcomes - improving diagnostics linked to precision medicine

- Interdisciplinary translational research encompassing the biomedical, regulatory, ethical, physiologic and health services aspect of tissue engineering and repair; - The provision and commercialisation of clinical service technologies; - Education, public engagement, training and knowledge dissemination – including an MSc in Tissue Engineering, an interdisciplinary postgraduate taught scheme which may be of interest to representatives in the healthcare sector.

Cardiff University – Centre for Medical Education Cochrane Heath Campus Cardiff University Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4XN +44 (0)29 2068 8245 Delivery of the student selected component within the MB BCh at Cardiff University. Activities revolve around developing an Innovation theme within Medical Education, with an introduction to concepts in year 1, potential short placement and engagement activities in year 2, core curriculum development of theme in year 3 and longer industrial placements for interested students in years 3 & 4.

Cardiff University – Wales Research and Diagnostic Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Centre (PETIC) Room 694, Ground Floor ‘C’ Block, Cardiff University, School of Medicine, Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4XN +44 (0)29 2074 3070 PETIC is a cyclotron-based production facility which provides radiopharmaceuticals for both diagnostic and research utilising both clinical and pre-clinical PET CT scanners. PETIC provides research opportunities across the Schools of Medicine, Bioscience, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Psychology and Optometry, in addition to All Wales Research Networks. The provision of the pre-clinical PET facility will be particularly attractive to the pharmaceutical industry. PETIC also offers a clinical scanning facility able to provide scans with FDG (Oncology, Neurology), F Choline (Prostate Cancer), NaF (Bone Scan), Florbetapir (Amyloid Plaque in Alzheimer’s) and F DOPA (Dopamine system and Parkinson’s Disease). PETIC has plans to develop a neurological research focus and introduce scanning of GABA receptors, Glutamate receptors, microglial activation and Tau protein. In addition, PETIC offers novel radioisotopes such as Zirconium 89 and Yttrium 86 with which PETIC is able to label and image monoclonal antibodies.

Welsh Wound Network School of Medicine Room 18, Upper Ground Floor Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4XN +44 (0)29 2074 8293/01443 231456 The Welsh Wound Innovation Centre (WWIC) is the first national wound healing centre in the world. Established as a not-for-profit organization and partnering with the NHS, universities and industry WWIC was formally launched in September 2014 to co-ordinate and improve the prevention and treatment of wounds throughout Wales. Wounds have been estimated to cost almost 6% of the annual budget of NHS Wales and the introduction of effective and

efficient interventions to better prevent or heal faster has the potential to realise large savings for the NHS while improving the quality of care experienced by patients. WWIC also contributes to the Welsh economy by bringing research and commercial activity in wound healing into Wales.

Central Biotechnology Services Henry Wellcome Building Cardiff University School of Medicine Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4XN +44 (0)29 2068 7004 Central Biotechnology Service is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Cardiff University Technology Facility that provides genomics and bioinformatics, proteins and diagnostics and cell analysis/imaging platforms, services, training and expertise to local researchers and external organisations. Externally we also offer opportunities for hosting companies and provide laboratory facilities, technological support, academic consultancy and access to other university resources. Options for contract research and managed services are backed up by our proven track record of working with not-for-profit organisations, start-ups, SMEs and corporates.

Wales Cancer Research Centre Room 1TB2 31 First Floor Main Building University Hospital of Wales Cardiff CF14 4XN +44 (0)29 2184 8970 The Wales Cancer Research Centre (WCRC) is funded by Health and Care Research Wales. It is led from Cardiff University, but with an all Wales brief. We work closely with patients and the public, NHS Wales, academia, cancer charities and the pharmaceuticals industry. The Centre’s vision is to work with cancer patients and other partners to develop and deliver research excellence

benefitting the health and welfare of people in Wales and beyond. The WCRC works with expert teams that develop and deliver research across four broad themes: preclinical, translational clinical and community.

Academic Health Science Partnership for South East Wales 2TB2-41 UHW Main Building Heath Park Cardiff CF14 4XW +44 (0)29 2074 3146; The Academic Health Science Partnership for South East Wales is an alliance with a mission to cooperate and collaborate strategically and operationally, to integrate high quality research and education and enhance the Region’s outputs in developing and applying improvements, innovations and health technologies to benefit the health and wealth of the population of Wales. The Academic Health Science Partnership for South East Wales was formed by the Higher Education Institutions and NHS organisations in South East Wales to reduce fragmentation in R&D and accelerate health improvement in line with Government policies. It will work closely with industry and funders, and bring together researchers, managers, practitioners, patient groups, planners and policy makers to achieve the mission.

Cardiff University School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Redwood Building King Edward VII Avenue Cardiff CF10 3NB +44 (0)29 2087 4783 The excellence of our pharmaceutical science and health related research is recognised internationally. It spans the complete continuum from basic to applied translational science and clinical practice.

We have a diverse research portfolio and a range of research facilities. Research interests embrace themes developed across three disciplines – Experimental therapeutics and pharmaceutical sciences (ETPS), drug discovery, design and synthesis (DDDS) and medicines optimisation and healthcare outcomes (MOHO. The applied and multidisciplinary nature of our work benefits from worldwide scientific collaborations and strategic relationships with global businesses and public sector bodies that enable us to see the real-world impact of our research. We have striving and internationally acclaimed research teams. Our activities involve more than a hundred academic staff, research associates and research students. The school’s external research awards of some £3m per annum are secured through partnerships with a diverse range of funding bodies.

Cardiff University – Research and Innovation Services 7th Floor 30-36 Newport Road Cardiff CF24 0DE +44 (0)29 2087 5834 Cardiff University has an ‘Open for Business’ policy which aims to bring academia and business together through collaborations ranging from a few hours of consultancy or contract research to multi-million pound consortium grants involving numerous industrial and academic partners. Research and Innovation Services is the business facing arm of the University’s central administration and supports business by acting as a single point for initial contact and intermediary to connect industry with those academics having the knowledge and expertise to help with their needs. The Commercial Development section of the department comprises Business Development Team and Technology Transfer teams. The Business Development team facilitates first meetings, the development of collaborative projects, helps gain funding and supports projects to completion. Similarly, within Research and Innovation Services, the Technology Transfer Team exists to identify and develop novel technologies generated out of the University’s world-leading research activities. These technologies are prepared for their transfer, application and exploitation outside the academic environment, often through patenting, licensing and new company formation.




The Life Science Network for Wales

Swansea University Medical School and its Institute of Life Science



Swansea University Leading the way to a brighter and healthier future Swansea University is proud to be the University Partner for MediWales again this year Swansea University has enjoyed a period of tremendous growth due to its ambition to invest in its strengths and has transformed into a UK top 30 research intensive university. Industry engagement is in our DNA as Swansea is home to a thriving cluster of innovative life science and healthcare ventures, offering a full range of support and collaborative opportunities for businesses. Swansea pioneered the co-location of industry, business and research. Our academic staff work alongside industry in shared spaces, speeding up the research and innovation cycles that deliver economic performance. The needs of industry are embedded in our Institute of Life Science medical research facility on the Singleton Parc Campus and at the new Science and Innovation Bay Campus. Swansea University are acting as a catalyst for the growth of high-technology clusters in the region by providing access to cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, together with some of the brightest students to help commercialise ideas. At Swansea University we can: l Help solve a technical or business challenge via focused Research and Development support l Provide training opportunities for you and your workforce l Help you recruit highly qualified graduates and engage with our students on a bespoke research project or placement l Advise on intellectual property, patents, licensing technology and setting up spin out companies

Grove Building Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP Enterprise and Innovation: +44 (0)1792 513718 Swansea University Medical School is dedicated to delivering education, research and innovation in partnership with industry and the NHS. It aims to deliver a curriculum containing research, IP generation, knowledge transfer and innovation and to embed these skills into practice to make a direct and meaningful impact on people and patients. It is home to a Graduate Entry Medicine programme as well as a growing range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The research and innovation arm of the Medical School is housed in the Institute of Life Science (ILS), which is Wales’ premier purpose-built medical research and business incubation facility. This is a partnership between Swansea University, Welsh Government, the NHS and industry. The vision for the ILS is to advance medical science through multi- and interdisciplinary research and innovation for the benefit of human health and the economy. Research is grouped into four broad themes – biomarker and gene discovery; microbes and immunity; medical devices; and patient and population health and informatics – all of which are supported by a collection of platforms including informatics, data science, molecular medicine, nanohealth and a joint clinical research facility with the NHS. Cross cutting these areas are clinical interfaces due to the partnership with the NHS – in particular Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University (ABMU) and Hywel Dda Health Boards.

There are a number of unique facilities and projects housed at the ILS, these include; the EPSRC UK National Mass Spectrometry Facility, MRC funded Cloud Infrastructure for Microbial Bioinformatics (CLIMB) centre, and the Centre for NanoHealth. The ILS is also home to the Joint Clinical Research Facility (JCRF), which boasts a bedded clinical trials unit and an imaging suite fitted with CT and MRI scanners. The newest research council facility is the Data Science Building which stands adjacent to ILS2. Home to the Farr Institute for Health Informatics; the Centre for Improving Population Health through E-Health Research (CIPHER) and the Centre for Administrative Data Research and Evaluation (CADRE), this world-class centre of excellence in administrative and e-health research, innovation, training and development uses powerful, robust state-of-the-art data linkage and data access facilities.

Swansea University Health Informatics Group Data Science Building Swansea University Medical School Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP +44 (0)1792 295627 The Health Informatics Group at Swansea University Medical School has an outstanding track record and world renowned reputation for excellence in population data science through an extensive tradition of teaching and plays a vital role in the research infrastructure for Wales in the UK. It has active collaborations throughout the UK, with links across academia, industry and the NHS, as well as many international partnerships. The Health Informatics Group is home to the SAIL Databank, the Administrative Data Research Centre Wales, and The Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research brought together to drive the production of novel informatics solutions to underpin the delivery of a better and more targeted service and treatments for NHS patients and wider public benefits.

Swansea University School of Management Bay Campus Fabian Way Swansea SA1 8EN + 44 (0)1792 606220 A focal point of the School of Management’s strategy and vision is to increase its collaboration within the medical and health sectors on a local and global scale. The School houses an internationally diverse range of academic staff who are actively engaging with organisations such as the NHS and other industry partners on large-scale health and medical orientated research projects. The School delivers programmes at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level in the areas of Business Management (with specialisms), Accounting, Finance and Economics. As an establishment the School of Management aims to immerse its students and staff in activity that has genuine social and economic impact.

The School of Management supports industry via 6 and 12 month student work placements, student projects and multi/inter disciplinary research projects coordinated by individual academics or one of our ever evolving research centres. The School undertakes collaborative research activity such as strategic insight programmes (SIPs) and knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs); the School is always open to new and innovative ways of working with industry partner organisations. The School of Management is aiming for its facility on the new Science and Innovation Campus to act as a catalyst for creating the effective health and medical managers of tomorrow while producing world-class, innovative programmes and impactful interdisciplinary research. The School of Management is open to collaborating with all organisations regardless of size, sector or geographical location and welcomes the approach of potential partners.

Swansea University - College of Engineering Swansea University Bay Campus Engineering Central Crymlyn Burrows Swansea SA1 8EN +44 (0)1792 602018 One of the main pillars of the College of Engineering is Health. Our college holds a diverse knowledge base in medical engineering covering bio-instrumentation, bio-mechanics, bio-sensors, bio-fluids etc... Our skill sets lie in mathematical modelling, experimentation, manufacturing and data analysis. We have a strong interest to seek better industrial integration into our medical engineering degree. This could be achieved through level 3 and 4 undergraduate projects, through post-graduate projects, through our Industrial Liaison Committee or through our Year-In-Industry scheme. We foresee that further integration of biomedical engineering industries with our degree schemes will train better-equipped engineers for these industries. Hence, it will create win-win situation for both the educational system and future employers of our students.






The Life Science Network for Wales

Welsh Government Healthcare Technology, Strategy and Innovation Division, Health and Social Services Group Floor 4 West Pillar H02 Welsh Government Offices Cathays Park Cardiff CF10 3NQ The Healthcare Innovation and Technology team is responsible for the policy and delivery of technology and innovation in health and social care. The team is also responsible for industry engagement, strategic Intellectual Property management and maximising EU funding. The team works across government, NHS Wales and with external partners in the academic, business, clinical and investment communities to maximise the benefits of NHS technology and innovation.

Life Sciences Hub Wales

3 Assembly Square Cardiff CF10 4PL +44 (0)29 2046 7030 Life Sciences Hub Wales Ltd is a government subsidiary that supports a growing and prosperous life sciences sector in Wales. The Hub is the front door to the sector bringing together business support, funding, skills, and clinical engagement from the public and private sector to work together to accelerate business growth. Whether your organisation is small with big ambitions or established and looking to achieve further growth, the Hub is here to provide access to advice and support to increase prosperity and grow.

Welsh Government Life Science Sector Team Welsh Government Department for Economy & Infrastructure Llys-y-Ddraig Penllergaer Business Park Swansea SA4 9NX +44 (0)3000 603000 The Welsh Government Life Science team aims to grow the sector in accordance with strategic priorities and sub sector opportunities, supporting life science and healthcare companies and encouraging a network to assist and grow the sector in Wales. We work with companies focusing on sub sectors including medical technology, regenerative medicine, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, neuroscience and e-health and can assist with advice on business finance, international trade, innovation support, business premises and workforce skills. The team aim to maximise the economic impact of the Life Science sector, working with businesses, academia and the NHS, to showcase Wales as an exceptional base for Life Science business.

Alzheimer’s Society Cymru

16 Columbus Walk Atlantic Wharf Cardiff CF10 4BY +44 (0)29 2047 5570 Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading dementia charity. We provide information and support, fund research, campaign to improve care and create lasting change for people affected by dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

ASH Wales Cymru

14 – 18 City Road Cardiff CF24 3DL +44 (0)29 2064 1101 @ashwalescymru We are the leading organisation working for a smokefree Wales. Our mission is to achieve a smokefree Wales by working for strong tobacco control policy. We work to raise awareness of the health, social and economic effects of smoking by working with communities, young people and partners across Wales. We work on projects, campaigns and policy in order to achieve a reduction in, and eventual elimination of, the health problems associated with smoking and tobacco use.

Ataxia and me @ataxiaandme Ataxia and me launched on International Ataxia Awareness Day – 25th September 2016. It was founded by a patient with Ataxia (a rare disease affecting balance, speech and coordination), with the patient at the heart of the organisation. Its focus is “patients helping patients”, bringing benefits of all affected by this rare neurological condition. The patient voice is paramount within all aspects of this campaign/ organisation, and with this in mind, Ataxia and me is the place to get the “lived experience” from the experts – the patients themselves. Although the main focus is Ataxia, to widen the remit we also incorporate associated rare disease and movement disorders. The wider scope of this platform will give a more holistic view of the information available and benefit the health of this community of people affected by this “life limiting” neurological, invisible condition.

British Heart Foundation

Sophia House 28 Cathedral Road Cardiff CF119LJ +44 (0)29 2038 2408 Every month almost 800 people will lose their lives to CVD(cardiovascular disease)in Wales, and from that number more than 200 will be under 75. That’s why the fight for every heartbeat must go on. We’re working hard across Wales to raise funds for our life saving research, support people living with heart disease, and to reduce the heart health risks of future generations. We work closely with the Welsh Government, National Assembly for Wales, Local Government, Health Boards and other Welsh organisations to advise them on health policy and developments in heart and circulatory disease. We are focusing on championing prevention through tobacco restriction and air pollution reduction,improving access to learning CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and improving survival from out of hospital cardiac arrest, influencing improved quality care for people at risk of or who live with heart conditions in Wales whilst ensuring CVD is seen as a priority by government and the NHS.


2nd Floor Offices Lyric Building King Street Carmarthen SA31 1BD +44 (0)1267 244 212 @CerebraUK Cerebra is a charity helping brain injured children. It set up its Innovation Centre in conjunction with University of Wales, Trinity Saint David in Swansea to provide a research and design service to help children, parents and carers find specialist equipment and adaptations that are not already available to buy. The Innovation Centre is made up of a small team of engineers and designers who are able to respond to requests to adapt or design and build specialist equipment. Many of the products serve as daily living aids. We have expertise in the areas of electronics, design and engineering. We also work with a range of industry partners and other charities in the development of products. Some of the products in our portfolio have been commercialised and provide a revenue stream for the charity. Further details and the portfolio can be found on the website.

Funding Neuro Cancer Research Wales

Velindre Hospital Whitchurch Cardiff CF14 2TL +44 (0)29 2031 6976 @cancer_wales At Cancer Research Wales our overriding aim is to reduce the impact of cancer on the people of Wales through supporting world class cancer research and education. We are proud to guarantee that all money raised is spent in Wales. We sponsor pioneering research projects carried out by internationally renowned scientists and PhD students’ at universities and hospitals across the Principality. We also fund Wales’ only specialist cancer library. The Cancer Research Wales research portfolio includes a range of projects that focus on many site specific cancers, these include amongst others, cancers of the prostate, colon, cervix, kidney, breast, head and neck and blood (leukaemia). We have always been keen to promote and encourage the rapid transition of science from the laboratory to the bedside. We are only able to fund such pioneering cancer research projects because of the wonderful support which we receive from the public.

Gleason House 145 North Street Glasgow G3 7DA +44 (0)1415 304424 We are a charity focused on supporting research and treatment of serious neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s and childhood and adult brain tumours. We currently focus on supporting clinical trials that utilise a new system of drug delivery across the blood brain barrier: convection enhanced delivery. Our aim is to support translational work that ensures that the best research becomes viable treatment for real-world patients. We are actively planning the building of the necessary research and treatment infrastructure to support this mission in Wales.






The Life Science Network for Wales

JDRF – The Type 1 Diabetes Charity

5th Floor Queens Gate 121 Suffolk Street Queensway Birmingham B1 1LX +44 (0)7908 155605 We fund research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes. We work with government, academia and industry to accelerate research in the UK and within healthcare policy to ensure that the outcomes of research are delivered to people with type 1 in the UK. And we give support and a voice to people with type 1 and their families. In Wales, we hold fundraising events and Type 1 Discovery Days (where our supporters can meet JDRF-funded researchers) throughout the year. Miranda Burdett works as our JDRF Regional Fundraiser in Wales and can be contacted directly on or by phoning 07908 155605, to find out more about all things JDRF in Wales. Until we find the cure for type 1 diabetes, we are committed to improving lives. This includes providing free support and resources for those living with type 1 diabetes.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Marie Curie

Mamhilad House Mamhilad Park Estate Pontypool NP4 0HZ +44 (0)1495 740818 @mariecuriecymru Marie Curie – care and support through terminal illness. Marie Curie is the UK’s leading charity for people with any terminal illness. The charity helps people living with a terminal illness and their families make the most of the time they have together by delivering expert hands-on care, emotional support, research and guidance. Marie Curie employs more than 2,700 nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals, and with its nine hospices around the UK, is the largest provider of hospice beds outside the NHS. The Marie Curie Cardiff and the Vale Hospice is on Bridgeman Road, Penarth and provides round-the-clock expert care and support. Our Hospice at Home service provides flexible, planned care for patients across the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board area. We also have nursing services across Wales providing care and support to patients and their families in their own homes. If you’ve got questions about terminal illness or simply want someone to talk to, call the Marie Curie Support Line on 0800 090 2309* for free confidential support and practical information on all aspects of terminal illness. *Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones.

1st Floor 1 Oldfield Road Bocam Park Pencoed Bridgend CF35 5LJ +44 (0)1656 867960 More than 130,000 people are living with or beyond cancer in Wales and by 2030 this number will double to 250,000. Macmillan Wales invested almost £7.5m in 2014 to fund Macmillan professionals and improve cancer services in Wales. When you have cancer, you don’t just worry about what will happen to your body, you worry about what will happen to your life. At Macmillan Wales, we know how a cancer diagnosis can affect everything and we’re here to support you through. From help with money worries and advice about work, to someone who’ll listen if you just want to talk, we’ll be there. We’ll help you make the choices you need to take back control, so you can start to feel like yourself again. No one should face cancer alone. We want to reach and improve the lives of every one of those people.

Mothers of Africa

MS Society Cymru

Temple Court Cathedral Road Cardiff CF11 9HA +44 (0)29 2078 6676 MS Society Cymru is the Wales-wide charity dedicated to supporting people who live with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), as well as providing help for their families, friends, carers and colleagues. Our mission is to enable everyone affected by MS to live life to their full potential and secure the care and support they need, until we ultimately find a cure. The MS Society provides care and support through services which includes a national information and helpline service, publications, website, welfare grants, and funding research.

Parkinson’s UK Cymru

Maritime Offices Woodland Terrace Maesycoed Pontypridd CF37 1DZ +44 (0)344 225 3784 Every hour, someone in the UK is told they have Parkinson’s – a brain condition that turns lives upside down, leaving a future full of uncertainty. Parkinson’s UK is here to make sure people have whatever they need to take back control – from information to inspiration. We want everyone to get the best health and social care. So we bring professionals together to drive improvements that enable people to live life to the full. So many women die in Africa in childbirth. Their deaths are unnecessary, Over a lifetime, a Mum has a 1 in in 8 chance of dying through having a baby. In line with our highest authority, the United Nations, Mother of Africa is striving to reduce Maternal Mortality through education. Health Education and Health Promotion are at the heart of what we do. Education in communities and hospitals can really make a difference. We build schools, promote health, educate children and adults, and help build operating theatres, educate their staff and produce curricula for Nurses and Doctors. Mothers of Africa spend no money on administrators and managers, everything is done by volunteers, so please give to Mothers of Africa and your money will be well spent.

Ultimately, we want to end Parkinson’s. That’s why we inspire and support the international research community to develop life-changing treatments, faster. And we won’t stop until we find a cure. Together we can bring forward the day when no one fears Parkinson’s.

St David’s Medical Foundation

ILS 2 - First Floor Swansea University Singleton Park Swansea SA2 8PP +44 (0)1792 604092 @SDMFWales St. David’s Medical Foundation is an independent charity raising funds to support the ground-breaking work in Medical Research and Education at the Medical School in Swansea. St. David’s Medical Foundation supports the advance of the health of people in Wales and across the world. The St David’s Medical Foundation was formed in 2006 to support exciting innovations in medical research and education, under the leadership of Professor Julian Hopkin CBE, the Foundation is in a unique position to support the work of world leaders in their field. We run and manage funds and gifts to maximise the outcomes of groundbreaking research. Significant developments include research to identify the causes of childhood epilepsy, the early diagnosis of blood-clots in strokes and heart attacks and a clinical research centre for diabetes.

Tenovus Cancer Care

Gleider House Ty Glas Road Cardiff CF14 5BD +44 (0)29 2076 8850 If you have cancer or you’re close to someone who has, it can be frightening and stressful. We can help. Tenovus Cancer Care brings practical advice, emotional support and treatment to where it matters most; the heart of the community. Our experienced nurses are here 365 days a year to offer information, support and practical advice. We can help with money worries and if you need someone to talk to, we’re there. We bring treatment closer to home to make life a little bit easier, and our choirs for people affected by cancer lift spirits and improve wellbeing. We’re here to help cancer patients and their loved ones cope, and through our vital research, we offer hope. We’re the leading cancer charity in Wales and, whenever we’re needed, we’re here.

Welsh Hearts

The Old Probate Registry Cardiff Road Llandaff Cardiff CF5 2DQ +44 (0)29 2240 2670 Welsh Hearts/Calonnau Cymru is the leading charity in Wales for placing Defibrillators in communities and delivering free CPR and Defibrillator training. We also provide heart screening for young people who are most at risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We are regarded as the heart charity at the centre of saving lives in Wales. Our mission is to campaign for better awareness of cardiovascular health, to ensure a future where nobody in Wales dies prematurely of heart disease.





The Life Science Network for Wales

The Surgical Materials Testing Laboratory provides a range of testing and technical services to the NHS and commercially to the medical device industry including:

l Dressings testing (fluid handling​, fluid a​ ffinity​and ​conformability to BP and ​EN 13726); l Bandage testing to BS 7505​​and Hosiery testing to​​BS 6612:1985, BS 7563:1999 ​​and BS 7672:1993 l Biological testing to​ISO 10993-5; l Glove testing to EN 455​including protein testing for latex allergy​; l Microbiological testing​or medical devices including antimicrobial testing of silver dressings and viral barrier testing. ​l B​ioburden​ and ​endotoxin ​testing of surgical instruments; l Environmental monitoring of cleanrooms (to​​ISO 14644-1 and GMP); l Test method development, R&D and incident investigation;

For further information, please contact SMTL: SMTL, Princess of Wales Hospital, Coity Road, Bridgend, South Wales, UK, CF31 1RQ

Te l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 1 6 5 6 7 5 2 8 2 0




w w w. s m t l. co. u k




Swansea 20th June 2018 ●

Supported by:

Andrew Goodall Director General, Department for Health and Social Services and Chief Executive NHS Wales



Bringing together Welsh health boards, trusts and bodies within one place to connect & collaborate. How can collaboration lead to change?




Join the only event of its kind in Wales and share ideas, connect with delegates from across Wales & the UK, and enjoy an excellent programme of presentations and interactive workshops. Conference themes: ● Designing Improvement – human centred design, design thinking, leadership for improvement ● Demonstrating Impact – how communicating evidence can successfully influence change ● Transforming the Frontline – the human approach and the technical approach to transforming frontline care ● NHS People – empowering NHS staff and improving the health and wellbeing of the community Feature zones - Exhibition, technology demonstrations and innovations that are transforming patient care. Seminars - Interactive training workshops, celebrating and sharing success and exploring challenges. Industry workshops - Company led training and skills sessions. As an independent organisation MediWales provides the platform for all health boards, trusts & healthcare organisations to come together to share ideas, best practice & build collaborations.

For further information: CARDIFF DECEMBER 2018

Embrace the best of the UK’s health technology sector


M ed i ca l Tech n ol ogy

Bi o Ph a rma Devel opmen t

Over 250 delegates come together to understand critical strategic trends that will impact on their businesses. The event offers the latest insights from key opinion leaders as well as a unique opportunity to engage with industry, UK regulatory, the clinical community, procurement and funding bodies. Attracting delegates from 20 countries and four continents, this valuable day of briefings and networking has global impact and excellent export opportunities.

H ea l t h ca re

With 35 exhibitor spaces, UK HealthTech provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the strength and innovation of the life science and healthcare communities. During the day, you will be able to visit the exhibition to meet leading companies and key opinion leaders from the academic and clinical communities, specialising in medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, across research, manufacturing and healthcare delivery.

Listen to expert speakers, explore the exhibition and embrace excellent networking opportunities at UK HealthTech 2018

For more information visit or contact, +44 (0)29 2047 3456



The Life Science Network for Wales

We innovate healthcare At Roche our aim is to improve the health, quality of life and well-being of people around the world by providing an innovative range of diagnostic solutions and medicines. Roche is a global, research-focused healthcare company with Group Headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. Our strategy is clear - the patient lies at the heart of everything we do and our focus is fitting the treatment to the patient through prescription pharmaceuticals and in-vitro diagnostics. What makes Roche distinctive is our pursuit of excellence in science as we deliver the best solutions for healthcare professionals and improve patient outcomes; this is achieved through our unique combination of Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. Everyday, our products help patients and the healthcare professionals who care for them by detecting, preventing, diagnosing, treating and monitoring diseases. We are proud to have played a pioneering role in UK healthcare since 1908. Today, we are the leading in-vitro diagnostics company in the UK and the leading provider of pharmaceutical treatments for cancer and viral diseases. We are also a major supplier of medicines for the treatment of transplantation, virology, bone and rheumatology and renal anaemia. In total, our UK pharmaceutical and diagnostics businesses employ nearly 2,000 people.

Personalised Healthcare We combine our strengths in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics to better fit treatments to patients. When genetic differences can be identified, the efficacy and safety of medicines can be improved enormously. To this end we have a companion diagnostic strategy for every molecule we develop.

Diagnostics As the UK leader in diagnostics solutions, we offer a uniquely broad and innovative portfolio of products to patients, physicians, researchers, hospitals, laboratories and universities. Our UK Diagnostics business, headquartered in Burgess Hill, West Sussex, employs approximately 500 highly skilled individuals. Diagnostics is set to play an increasingly important role in the future of healthcare as genetic knowledge presents new and exciting opportunities. Our desire is to provide clinicians and patients with Actionable Health Information - information that reduces the uncertainty in the medical decision making process, enabling them to choose between available alternatives to prevent or treat disease.

Tel: +44 (0)1444 256000 At Roche we focus on developing medicines and diagnostics that will help patients live longer, better lives


LifeStories magazine is an annual publication dedicated to promoting the successes of the Welsh Life science and health technology sectors to a worldwide audience. Bringing together news from the academic, clinical and professional service communities including: â—? New innovations in healthcare,

the Welsh life science and health technology landscape â—? NHS Wales clinical collaboration


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The Life Science Network for Wales


By combining science with practical design we help turn brilliant ideas into commercial reality. Over the past thirty years we have taken an innovative


approach to medical and pharmaceutical product design and value engineering. We understand how to harness life science and biotechnology in order to develop practical, commercial products.

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