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The COACH Approach A person-centered approach to helping others grow and develop


Connect & Commit

Open with Objectives

Assess, Affirm & Appreciate

Establish trust – create an environment conducive for learning Share expectations of one another in the coaching relationship Define the frequency and duration of the coaching meetings Commit to moving the action forward with structure, feedback & support  Discuss bounds of confidentiality; Seek permission to coach    

 Listen for what is important to/for the person  Person being coached determines the agenda  Believe that person is resourceful, expert in their own life/situation  Clarify the desired outcome of coaching; know what success will look like  Gain understanding of how the person wants you to be as coach

    

Inquire about related peak experience to determine past success Affirm strengths and resources available to apply to future learning Use appreciative process to discover a vision of the preferred future Consider possible strategies to add value… what will create more success Utilize assessments to identify starting point/ capabilities as well as informal tools like scaling questions “On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself on _______?”

Create a Plan

 Identify 2-3 immediate changes that can move the action forward  Use tools such as 4+1 Questions, Action for Success to articulate steps.  Use “micro-initiatives” to help the person climb one step on the staircase”  What does the person do well that they could do a little more of?  Write it down! Include the what, who, by when.  Identify what resources are needed to support and stay strong.

Honor the How

 How will the person know when they have achieved their objective?  How will you as their coach know?  How will the person celebrate their progress along the way?  Provide honest feedback in a supportive environment when requested.  Follow through on commitments to provide resources, etc.  Recognize when coaching is no longer needed or no longer effective and bring closure to coaching activity.

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COACH Approach  

Five elements of the coaching process to help others develop and move toward acheiving their goals.

COACH Approach  

Five elements of the coaching process to help others develop and move toward acheiving their goals.