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TPI Corporate Profile Started as a management training service provider 33 years ago, Team Power (UK) Ltd. conducted interactive public and in-house management training programs and workshops (in English and Arabic) for senior executives, middle managers and other categories of professionals in both private and public sectors.

To support the increasing customer demands for strategic and performance management consulting especially in the Government sector, the firm moved to Dubai and established Team Power International (TPI) in 2000 as a management consulting and professional training company. Since then, TPI has worked with most of the government organizations in Dubai and many federal ministries and Abu Dhabi organizations.

About Us Team Power International (TPI) is a team-based,



management consulting firm. TPI has been



Strategy & Planning

Corporate Performance & BSC

Human Resources & Talent Management

Business Excellence

Training & Qualification

Stakeholders Relations & Customer Service Excellence

Leadership Development

Transformation & Change


performance management consulting

and training services for more than 20 years for most of the government organizations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE federal ministries, as well as a large number of organizations in the private sector. Our primary services include the following key areas:

Sustainable Innovation

Corporate Scores (Surveys, Audit, and Assessments)

About Us

Team Power International (TPI)

Team Power International's ability to provide value-added services comes from its broad range of experience in contributing to optimal management practices, coupled with the expertise of its consultants in transferring skills and knowledge across a variety of industries and market segments. Equipped with an impressive track record in strategy and planning, business excellence, stakeholders relations, performance management, and human resources development, TPI has built a strong reputation for its team of Business Excellence experts including qualified Lead Assessors certified to carry out DGEP, EFQM, DQA, and Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award.

With our long track record in delivering value-added consulting projects in the UAE and with our uncompromised commitment to the strategic transformation of individuals, groups and organizations to achieve strategic and operational supremacy, TPI clients are assured of our continued excellence in the delivery of value-added solutions and insights for sustainable success.

Our Consulting Services Profile We provide strategic management consulting services through strategy facilitation & initiative execution, leadership and talent development, Business excellence deployment to transform organizational, functional, team and individual performance.​​

HR & Talent Management

Strategy & Planning

Leadership Development

Training & Qualification

Performance & BSC

Business Excellence

Transformation & Change

Customer Service Excellence

Corporate Scores Assessments

Our BSC Approach to Strategic Planning 11. Strategy Review

1. Strategic Direction

2. Strategic Analysis

10. Strategy Cascading 3. Business model

9. Strategy Execution 4. Corporate Strategy

5. Strategic Objectives 8. Strategic Initiatives

7. Measures & Targets

6. Strategy Map

Strategy Development & Implementation

TPI Integrated HR & Talent Consulting Services 2. Organization Design and Career Development

1. HR Strategy & Planning

4. Training & Development

3. HR & Talent Systems

6. Employee Engagement

5. Leadership Development

Integrated Talent Management System Total Rewards

Strategic Objectives

Orientati on & On boarding

Talent Strategy

Roles & Career Paths

Goal Alignmen t& Metrics

Leadership Developme nt

Training & Developme nt

Strategic Workforce Plan & Talent Segmentation

Selection & Assessme nt


Engageme nt

Core Organizational Capabilities

Sourcing & Recruiting

Talent Life-Cycle


Performan ce Manageme nt


Successio n & Talent Review


Engage & Retain

training & Qualification SERVICES Strategic transformation of individuals, teams and organizations to achieve sustainable performance Excellence.

Our Training Areas of Excellence

Leadership and Change Management

Strategy and Balanced Scorecard

Human Resources and Talent Management

Customer Care and Service Excellence

Business Excellence and TQM

Media and Corporate Communication

Innovation and Knowledge Management

Team and Personal Effectiveness

Marketing and Sales

Finance, Procurement, Project, Statistics and Risk Management

Training Program Categories Training Programs Categories LC

Leadership & Change Management


Strategy & Balanced Scorecard


Human Resources and Talent Management


Innovation & Knowledge Management


Team and Personal Effectiveness


Business Excellence & TQM


Customer Care & Service Excellence


Media and Corporate Communication


Marketing and Sales


Finance, Procurement, Project, Statistics and Risk Management

‫أنواع البرامج التدريبية الداخلية‬ ‫القيادة وادارة التغيير‬ ‫االستراتيجية وبطاقة االداء المتوازن‬ ‫الموارد البشرية وادارة المواهب‬ ‫االبداع وإدارة المعرفة‬

‫بناء الفريق والفعالية الشخصية‬ ‫التميز المؤسسي وادارة الجودة الشاملة‬ ‫التميز في خدمة المتعاملين‬ ‫االعالم واالتصال المؤسسي‬ ‫التسويق والمبيعات‬ ‫ إدارة‬،‫المشاريع‬،‫ المشتريات‬،‫ المالية‬،‫اإلحصاء‬ ‫المخاطر‬

Pearson BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Sample Training Outlines

Organization Capacity Our professional and highly experienced multilingual and hands-on facilitators provide great added value by sharing the latest management concepts, best business practices and proven management tools and techniques that meet today’s business needs and tomorrow’s organizational challenges.

With our long track record in delivering value added training and consulting services in both the public and private sectors and with our uncompromised commitment to the strategic transformation of individuals, groups and organizations to achieve strategic and operational supremacy, our clients are assured of our continued contribution for their sustainable success.

Training Facilities & Resources Type of Program

Training Resources

Public Training Will be conducted in a suitable 5-star hotel training venues in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

In-House Training Venue to be onsite at client conference / training center or in suitable hotels venue

Delivery Language

Handouts: We shall provide attendees with top quality training material, handouts and individual or group exercises.

Certificates: Certificates of Completion shall be provided to participants upon successful attendance of the training program We will be providing trainees/Learners with online resources via our and/or via our partner E-Learning website.





Strategic Partners  We partnered with leading international training and educational institutions to meet the increasing demands for certified programs and accredited learning.  Our partnerships enable us to provide our customers with recognized certification through public seminars, customized in-house training workshops, online learning and blended solutions. Pearson Assured is a service that assures the quality of the processes underpinning the design, delivery, quality assurance and/ or assessment of the organisation’s own education or training programmes. This service quality assures the organisation’s processes, not specific qualifications or training programmes offered by Team Power International.

 Team Power International – the Approved Training And Learning Center by:

Leadership Development






360â ° Leadership Assessment

Leadership Development Program

Mentoring Program

Succession Planning

Sustainable INNOVATION Consulting & Training Services

The Three Categories of Innovation




Customer-facing elements of an organization and its business system

An organization’s core product or service or a collection of its products and services

The innermost workings of an organization and its business system

Innovation is the creation of a viable new offering

The Four Components of An Innovation Capability Approach

Metrics & Incentives Targets, Measures, Incentives

Resources & Competencies Employees, Skills, Training, Budget

Phases, Activities, Deliverables, and Decision Rights

Innovation Capability Organization Teams, Divisions, Leadership

Performance Alignment Vertical Integration Horizontal Integration

Effective & Efficient

Strategy Alignment

Operational Alignment

Cascading the BSC

How will we achieve Mission Success?

Unit Balanced Scorecard How does my division contribute to our Mission?

Employee Balanced Scorecard How do I contribute to Mission Success?

Strategic Direction

Tactical Execution

Corporate Organization Employee

Corporate Balanced Scorecard

Transforming The Organization 2

3 Gaps and Priority Action

Current Reality

1 The Vision STATE

Stakeholders Vision

Stakeholders Vision

Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Objectives & Initiatives

Objectives & Initiatives

Policies & Regulations

Policies & Regulations

Processes, Products & Services

Processes, Products & Services


Leadership Team



Human Resources Information


Finance Partnership

Human Resources

Leadership Team Structure



Performance Measurement


Performance Measurement

Rewards Systems


Rewards Systems

4 Planning & Managing the Transformation Process Design Process

Remove Barriers

Develop Leadership

Tasks Timetable Responsibilities Culture Incentives Structure Leaders Style Communications Commitment

Characteristics of Change TRANSFORMATIONAL


 Cultural

 Cultural

 Strategic

 Strategic

 Long Lasting

 Long Lasting

 Focused

 Slow

 Reasonable Time

 Systematic



 Scattered

 Reactive

 Operational

 Not Structured

 Limited Effect

 Limited Impact

 Burn Out

 External Driven

 Short Term Effect

 Short Lived

Business Excellence


Customer Service Consulting Services Evaluate the services & customers' feedback

Customer Service Excellence Models

Listen to the

customers' voice

Added Value Services

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Deliver the right services as per customers' needs

Design the right services for the right customers

Our Customer Service consulting team offers a variety of diverse services that will help your organization meet the customer service standards established in the UAE overall, as well as specifically for Dubai, and bring your organization to a heightened level of excellence in customer service. Through our approach to customer service we help clients understand their customers’ needs and behaviors, and develop innovative services that will meet those needs. We help your organization define the targeted customers, the touchpoints along the customer journey and maximize your value proposition.

Corporate Scores Services

Surveys & Feedback




Our Customers Value Proposition Accuracy Of Data & Analysis

Relevant Information

Qualified Recommendations


Integrity of Information

Speed & Responsiveness

Our Customer Value Proposition

Competent Team

Effective Communication

Timely & Quality Deliverables

220+ Completed Projects



Excellence Award Winners

Qualified Consultants

40+ Training Facilitators

Our Track Record and Resources

Our clients

Some of Our Customers

The Differentiation Factors

Links to Organization strategy

Aligns with Corporate Values

Focuses on stakeholders

Measures Performance

Identifies value Proposition

Driven by Competencies

Identifies Financial Impact

Strategic and Operational

Why Partner With Team Power International?

Accumulated Know-how

Our Reputation

Quality Deliverables

Knowledge Transfer

Our partners

Our team

Continues Learning

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