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The Maintenance Officer Association (MOA) is committed to enhancing the USAF mission by improving the maintenance world. Although comprised primaril of USAF maintenance officers, MOA is not associated with the UnitedrStates Air Force or any other I



From the (New) President byUColDonW~

Wen, the baton has been passed and a new group has taken over the MOA reigns. If you read "Confessions of a Former MOA Basher" (Issue No. 39), you know that I am not only the new president but also a new member of the organization (the bottom line being I was too ignorant to cut and nur when they camelooking for volunteers). Atany rate, my perspectiveonwhatis right andwhat is m n g with the organization may be a little bit limited, but it's fresh. I can tell youthatthe backgroundof allyournewM0Aofflcers is heavily weighted toward field experience, particularly in the operational commands. J now discussionson the future of the organization we all are in agreement that the MOA's goals and agenda have been somewhat ill-defined in the past. We have at times d e r e d by setting overly ambitious goalswhich we then failed to attain. It is ow opinion that we have some holes in the dike that need to be plugged befoxe we can get on with thebusiness of drainingtheswamp. Sowehaveagreedthatthebest course of action is to set a modest agenda for the next year and then achieve it, rather than seaing ow sightstoo highandthen M h g short. There are several adminisrntive up. items which we intend to

First, the membership has a rightto expectanewsletterwithsomedegree of frequency. This involves getting the letter put together and printed, alongwithmainwanup-to-date mailinglist.Thatmay soundsimple, but I am quickly finding out that there is more to that process than meets the eye. Nonetheless, we have to do better in this area, and we intend to. If you read the last edition of the ER, you may have noted the large number of un6lled Advisor, Regional Director and Chapter President positions. Obviously, we can't build a s!mngworldwide organizationwithout active regional and local organizations, and that is anotheritemwe need to improve m the year ahead. Some of you in senior leadership positions inthosel'vacant" locations can be expecting a can from Chris McWilliams or myself in the weeks ahead as we hyto finsome of those positions. One thing which always seems to elicit a strong reaction fmm MOA members is the nominanon process each prospective member is subjected to. I have to admit that there is something inherently distasteful about a letter which begins "Dear Nominee" and thm asks you to mad intwentybucks. In fact, the nomination pmcess is mandated by the

organhion's by-laws and is not subject to arbimry or whimsical change. Stin, there may be some relatively minor adjustmen@we can make (such as a new nomination letter) which would serve to streamline the pmess. Idkewise,ow interactionwithnew Tech School graduates has been somewhat sporadic and needs to be increased.Thiscouldinvolvea comp h t a r y one-year membemhip or some other means of drawing the new folks into the organintion as they enter the career field. The bottom line is that ow m h h i p pnxlessis probablyworthyof at least some minor &ion, and that goes hand m hand with establishing our presence at Lowry and Chanute. That is a shopping list of some adminimah items we intend to tackle in thenext year in an effort to build astrongerorgax&mtionalsmcture. They are important items and willrequire a lot of work to s&+&m out However, all of us recognizethat the administation of this organization is just a vehicle by which we accomplishourbasicgoals-that of providing a fonun for ideas and fostering professionalism within the career field. The fonun has ahvays been there inthe form of thisnewsletter. However, it seans to us that at continncdonplg.


40XX Career Progression Thefollowingis a rpprintof a letterfmm one of ourDCMs.It is reprintedhsowith hispermission. Therehas been some minor editing to delete refemnces top&lar bases, organizationsand individuals. Othe~than that, the letter appears as it was onginally m'on'tten.We are greatly interested in opinionsfmm thefield on this subject.

1.I am concerned with the contlicting signals receivedin the field conce1ning4OXX career progression during the past two years. First and foremost, in a briefingfromAFMPC, it was highlighted that the demand for quality 40XX officers far exceeds the resource. Therefore, it would seem prudent to ensure that (our command) keeps itsbest and brightest, but the signalwe are sendingour careermaintainersis far different. Second only to TAC in authorizations, our maintainers on thelast major's board were selected at a rate 13percent below the average. Couple thiswith the fact that 65 percent of our 40XX squadron commander ~ositionsare Blled with rated suu~lement. Also, se;en to nine prcent of the maintenance officer force is now comprised of crossflow officers from such fields as engineering andmissileoperations. We have two missiliers crossflowine into aircraft maintenance here at [our unit].


2. The policy of requiring future wing commanders to have DCM experience is noteworthy but will truly test the allegiance of [our]maintainers if not carefully implemented. The command has already 6lled one DCM billetwith a DO withno maintenance experience andmore are coming. I understand several upcoming graduates from the Air War College are headmg for assistant DCM positions and they also haveno maintenance experience. No one should be assigned to a DCM/ADCM billetwithoutat least having earned the basic maintenancebadge. Most operators have a difficult time surviving in the demanding dog-eat-dog enlisted world of maintenance. Those that have succeededhave paidtheir dues, earnedtheirbadges, and carved out a career in aircraft maintenance. We may eventually find ourselves with fully qualified colonels and colonel-selects available and no job to put them in. The sum of thisequationreminds me of the 1970s when the cream of [our] maintenance officer crop jumped ship andwent to the tactical air forces. It took us 10years to get thingsturned around and reestablish

career visibility in [this command]. The other side of the coin is, whatthe impact will be on readiness when we have mquahiied colonels filling our DCM positions.

3. As a DCM I'm supposed to counsel my young officers to help them develop professional goals while building an experience base. Shootingsquare from the shoulder, I no longer see much upward mobility for the maintainers in this Command and neither do my offficers. These guys and gals are hard-charging goal seekers, but they can read the tea leaves. If, in fact, we don't turn the train around and do it soon, our best and brightest will seek their goals in other comman& or worse, the civilianjob market, leavingus to play catch up again.Personally,my watch will be over whenwe reach bottom but I don't want the command to react to a history lesson. 4. Let's stop eating our young and be pro-active and solve the problem now! There must be a better way: establish an operations officer orientation program that will culminate with formal technical @aining and award of the basic maintenancebadge. This would be followed by assignment as an assistant or second assistant DCM at the lieutenant colonel level for a one year tour. The Military Airlift Command's Volant Wrench Program or TAC's GoodwrenchRogrammay be worthy of study. I stand by to help you come up with alternatives.

From the New President times the organization has been unwillmg to put itself "in harm's way" to address some of the more controversial issues. Call it youthful exuberance if you will, but we feel the organization needs to more actively pursue the thoughts and opinions of our senior leaders who define these policies which d e c t the career field in a very big way. This probably will involve interviews and articles from many of our senior logisticians and commanders. In this same publication, you will h i a reprint of a letter written by a DCM on the future of the maintenance officer career field. It's reprinted here not to foster controversy, but rather to address an issue which is ahtady having a profound impact on the career field as a whole. In the months ahead, we intend to solicit the opinions of both our members and our leaders on this and other pertinent subjects. There is a danger that the MOA could become a forum for everyone's petty complaints. However, we believe this is a risk we have to take if we are going to address those issues which are so important to the professional W e r . I personally believe that 99% of the officers in this career field fully understand the relationship between professionalismwithin the maintainance career field and our broader responsibility as officers trying to support a demanding mission. That's a brief synopsis of the MOA as we see it. Basically, in the year ahead we want to shore up some of the administrative weak links while also increasing our involvement with key logistics issues. In that light, we think that this is probably not the best time to attempt to hold a convention. Rather, we would like to accomplish some of the more mundane tasks with a view toward a possible convention in the latter part of 1991. AIl of us look forward to serving the maintenance community. Please feel free to give us a call at AV2274377 or 227-9232.

Darrell B. Davis, Lt Col I pinned on Lt Col 1June 90. I am still the Commander of the 27th EMS also. Selected as 12th Air Force's Aircraft Maintenance Field Grade Manager for 1989, and nominee to HQ/ TAC for theUeutenant General MarquezAward. Robert b Hart, Col Assumed duties as 58TIW/'MAinNov 89 at Luke AFB, AZ.Following inactivation of 474TFW at NeIlis AFB where I had been the MA. Patriva V. Mack On 19 Mar 90, became the DCM for the 1st Helicopter Squadron, Andrews AFB, MD after completinga successfulyear as theMaintenance Supervisor for the 890MS. I'm very pleased to announce that I was the 89th Military Airlift Wing's Company Grade m c e r of the Year for 1989. John S. Wllllamson, Maj PCSto BitburgJuly 89. Commander 36 CRS Jan 90.

MOA Financial Statement Second Quarter, 1990 Beginning Balance Revenues Expenses Balance

Letter To the Editor Dear Editor: Testingand certification- numerically sequenced membership cards - GIVE ME A BREAK!! I fear there may be "some members" who have forgotten the hMNTENANCE OFFICER in the Association if this is the direction we are taking. While I am working hard to understand the term logistician and now do not reactviolently when anyone refers to me as one (although after this is printed I may not hear it as often) -I am first, foremost, and DAMNEDproud to let anyone know I am aMAINl'ENANCE OFFICER A Maintenance OfFser:

maybenot smart enough to be an-systems qualified, but smart enough to trust the people who h o w their systems andbe with them in the rain and cold nights;

to this end the Exceptional Release continues to do a

tremendousjob. If we arelooldngfor direction or new topics, how about that much digned term management. As we continue to draw down and as that fuzzy concept called stock funding comes into focus, we will have to get much smarter in repairing more at a lower level, without compromising safety. More importantlyl we have to become smart enough to understand what stock funding is and how to use it to our advantage -ifwe can. The MOA shouldbe our forum to exchangethose ideas, pose the questions and collectively come up with the solutions to insure we continue to meet the challenge. Do we need logisticians? Should we Maintenance Officers leam more aboutthe nether world they must operate in? If we don'twe willnever survive!We can't just stand on theline andcomplainbecausesomeone isn't gettingthepartswhen we need them-but certification and numerically sequenced membership cards? I THINK NOT.

knows when somethingisn't just right, be itthejet or someone who works on it;

-Donny R. Jones, Lt Col, USAF Chief, Propulsion Division Headquarters Tactical Air Command

understandswhat a couple of weeks of twelve-hour shifts (on the line or in maintenance there are no back

shops) means to the body, soul, and family;

recognizes that a strong ego is not always a bad thingl itjust may need someredirection on occasion; has the guts to look someone in the eye and tell them they are not meeting the grade, but is able to recognizea mistake and allow someoneto learn from it; knows his/her people, feels what they feel and earns

their trust; THESE are the tests that win give us a "more professional standingin the logisticscommunity." THESE are the "numerical sequences" which will give us a "sense of belonging'' within our organization. Amongpart of our original charterwas to provide mentorship to the younger Maintenance OEcers and to instin a sense of pride some felt was missing and



Share vour commentt reactiins, and requests In Letters to the Edttor. ~t'sfun, it%cheap, and you may get publ~shed.


Members On the Move . . . New Members Col R.J. Arceneaux, 4449 MSS/CC, Holloman AFB Capt Brian J. Babin, 343 EMS, Maintenance Supervisor, Eelson AFB LTC Rodney J. Berlin, ASD/YSLM, B-52 SPO, Wright Patterson AFB Maj Stephen R. Cooper, 401 TFW, Mnt Ops Officer, ~orcejonAB Capt Herbert A. Fisher, Deputy Manager for Logistics, Pahick AFB Capt James W. Jernigan, 376 SW, Asst. DCM, Production, Kadena AB Capt Todd Martin, Emergency Action Officer, Balikesir AB Capt Susan J. Morningstar, 1 6 AF/LGM, Torrejon AB LTC (S) Christine M. Nelson, MC/SDW, Wright Patterson AFB Capt Victor M. Rodriguez, 363 EMS, Asst. Maintenance Supervisor, Shaw AFB Capt Marc A. Sarchet, 432 TFW/M00, Misawa AB LTC David Stevener, 42 FMSICC, Loring AFB Capt Barry S. Wmams, 432 EMSIOIC Munitions Branch, Misawa AB

Moved Col Gary M. Austin, 00 ALC/MMA, Hill AFB Capt Maria L. Badgett, 1550 TCTW, Kirtland AFB LTC James W. Bamhardt, Jr., 406 6 / D C M & 406 CAUS/CC, Zaragoza AB Maj Christine A. Begunich, 5 MMSICC, Minot AFB Maj Ronald R. Blickley, Student, ACSC, Maxwell AFB Maj Gary L. Bray, 111CAMS, Willow Grove ARF LTC (Ret) Arthur F. Briggs, 111, NSA, Inc. Maj Jody A. Bukacek, OC-ALC/hN?M, Special Airlift Division, Tinker AFB LTC (Ret) John W. Carr, McDonneU Douglas Japan, Ltd.,Tokyo Col (Ret) Robert C. Carroll, Air Force Junior ROTC, Wiesbaden, Germany Capt Gilberto G. Chavez, F-5 ETS, La Ceiba, Honduras 1Lt Duane T. Creamer, 8 EMS,Kunsan AB Maj Patricia M. D. Crews, HQ SAC, DC, B-52 Systems Branch, Offutt AFB Maj Marland K. Ellis, 67 CRS/CC, Bergstrom AFB Capt Robert Ethridge, 5071 CSS, Galena Airport, AK Col RobertH. Foglesong, Chief of Maintenance, MoodyAFB LTC Teny Lee Gabreski, Air War College, Maxwell AFB Col Robert L. Hart, 58 TIW/MA, Luke AFB Maj John H. Herd, 90/91 CGSSOCRC, Fort Leavenworth Capt JohnC. Heyne, 401 AGS/614AMU, OIC,Tonejon AB

LTC Wm. Michael Hogan, 2855 CLSSICC, Robins AFB LTC Richard K. Kind, HDQTS, Ramstem AB Capt Nancy R. Kirk,908 CAMS, Maxwell AFB Capt David M. Lewis, 355 'ITWiMAFAf, Dams-Monthan

AFB Capt Eric C. Lorraine, 27 AGS/428 AMU, Cannon AFB Capt Robert R. Luchetti, Jr., 18 T F W W T , Kadena AB Col Thomas J. Mackey, EXDIAL, Hanscom AFB LTC Edward L. Mahan, Jr., HQ AFLEYM, Pentagon LTC James C. Mattingiy, 401 AGS, Torrejon AB Col Deryl S. McCarty, HQ TUSLOG, Ankara Gen Charles C. McDonald, AFLCICC, Wright Patterson AFB LTC (Ret) Gene Mertz, Dyn Corp., Operations Auditor, Alamogorda, NM Maj Carmen M. Mezzacappa, XOXFC, Pentagon LTC Wm. A. (Sam) Miller, 9 1 TFS, RAF Woodbridge Capt Catricia L. Mills, 343 AGS, Eielson AFB Capt Re@ Montgomq, 437 MAW/MAS, Charleston

AFB Capt George Cole Monis, USAF Exchange Program, Ottawa, Canada Col John J. Muir, 60 ABG/CV, Travls AFB Maj David T. Nakayama, 376 OMSICC, Kadena AB Capt Stephen E. Newbold, 36 TFW/MAM, Bitburg AB 1Lt Alan J. Northrup, 8 AGS, Kunsan AFB LTC (Ret) Dennis S. Pabich, Honeywell Defense Avionics System Division Capt Walter W. Pollock, 8 6 AGS, Ramstem AB Capt Cathy M. Pugh, Detachment 835, AFROTC, University of Texas LTC (Ret) Raymond L. Reed, 11, Fairfax, VA Col Paul A. Reid, CSAF Chair, ICAF, Ft. McNair Maj Joseph R. Rine, Jr., HQ AFMPC, Randolph AFB LTC (Ret) Charles S. Rizzone, Jr., Beverly Hills, FL Maj (Ret) Pamck C. Russell, Maintenance Supervisor, City of Las Vegas, NV Maj Craig S. Sanders, 7 AF/ZGW, Osan AB Col Dale W. Smith, 432 TFWPCM, Misawa AB Capt Uchele G. Smith, 81 AGS/MAAM, RAF Bentwaters Capt Scott G. Smith, 3246 CRS, Eglin AFB Capt Jack D. Stewart, 7061 MUNSS, Araxos, Greece Col Leroy W. Stutz, 3330 TCHTW, Chanute AFB LTC George A. Tittle, 6 7 TRW, Bergstrom AFB LTC Gary D. Trende, Kuang-Ju AB Capt P.J. Vasquez, Jr., 3340 T C H T G W , Chanute

AFB Col (Ret) G e qW. Wallace, ContinentalAirlines, Director, Power Plant PIng Capt David C. West, HQ USAFE/LGMP, Ramstein AB Col William L. Whitalter, AFSOC/LG, Hurlburt Field Maj Dennis G. Willeck, 24 CAMS, Howard AFB Capt Eric N. Winn, 20 TFW/20 CRS/OIC, RAF Upper Heyford LTCWalter L. Worley, AFLCDPPM, Wright Patterson AFB Col Michael E. Zettler, 8 TFW/MA, Kunsan AB

Maintenance Officer Association 6803 Avenue, Suite 200, VA 221 Whittier



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