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About Us OUR VISION: “In 2050, all children in Vietnam will attain an excellent education.” OUR MISSION: “Develop young leaders from diverse backgrounds to build a sustainable ecosystem supporting education.”


Only 55% of students graduating from HIGH school Only 28% of children in remote areas graduated Only 80% young people find the lack of skills needed for the job

From: World Bank (2014) & UNESCO (2014)

The lack of connectivity leads to the challenge that education will not be able to catch up with the development of society. Changing the educational ecosystem is very difficult because it requires the involvement of many “tri-sector leaders”.

HOW WE DO - OUR STRATEGY As a partner in the global education network Teach For All in 50 countries, Teach For Vietnam builds a pipeline of future leaders by recruiting and developing young talents from diverse backgrounds to establish a sustainable ecosystem for excellent education for all children in Vietnam through the Leadership Development Fellowship (LDF) Program in two years.


Through Leadership Development Fellowship (LDF) Program, our Fellows’re equipped with deep local understanding, skills, and expertise to make positive impacts on students, local teachers, parents, and community. Fellows will work fulltime as English/STEM teachers in public schools and commit to community projects in 2 years.


Our Impact in Classrooms 47 schools 61 classrooms

mindset and necessary skills for 21st century ➢

31,964 students

Teachers: To improve their teaching spirit, pedagogical skills and mindset

500 teachers 2,000 parents

Students: To improve their learning abilities, growth

Schools and community: To enhance their support toward education and their children

Local government: To improves their policy and open the space for all sectors to improve education quality.

A sustainable ecosystem has been being built gradually and participated by all stakeholders and yours support will make this faster.

SOME COMMUNITY PROJECTS We actively engage local communities to act towards positive changes with projects that support a sustainable development.

Little Farmers Community-based education project that focuses on rural students. In the project, students will learn about agriculture through planting vegetables, packaging and selling products with applying technology to nurture the love of environment, community and entrepreneurship spirit. Garden 4.0 was a campaign of this project implemented with the mission of giving students the opportunity to access the new style education, garden 4.0 on a small scale in a greenhouse model can help students become "little farmers", and inspire parents, teachers and the community. Follow us: https://nongdantihon.vn/ Direct beneficiaries: more than 300 students from 14 partner schools are applying STEM in Tay Ninh.

"Tay Ninh through my lens" - Photos voice Is a community project that provides a creative experiential learning program through photography and storytelling for secondary students with the purpose of equipping them with leadership mindset, soft skills, and local understanding. Follow us: http://gg.gg/demq6 Direct beneficiaries: 70 students from 4 partner schools in Chau Thanh - Hoa Thanh, Tay Ninh.

Family Day A wrap-up event of talk show series “70 days journey to understand your child�, foundation for a parenting community based in Tay Ninh. A space to foster relationship among family members. Direct beneficiaries: 1200 people in Hoa Thanh, Tay Ninh.

Time to Make it Yours

Your small ACTION can create BIG IMPACT

You can create your own campaign or coordinate with TFV to implement your ideas!

1. Community film screenings In Community film screenings, films/ movies will be selectively related to personal development, inspiring stories, ... Format: no-fee entrance, participants will donate freely.

2. Music night Organize a music night to raise fund with singer’s attendance (eg: Le Cat Trong Ly,..), by the way, put a charity box for the participants to donate., Format: no-fee entrance, participants will donate freely.

3. Workshops Organize some workshops with any topics of your choice (eg: motivations, inspiration, skills or about sustainability,...) Format: Free tickets for participants, have a charity box there to collect ‘right away’ some small donations everyday/every week via some workshops.

4. Fundraising Fair Organize a Fundraising Fair, it’s good to collect second-hand(clothes, books, toys,..) stuffs from students/ young professionals or anyone,... Then sell out at this Fair publicly. Besides, have a charity box to collect the donations right there. Format: Open Participation 5. Email signature Nothing is easier than change your email signature, so your colleagues, partners and friends all know you are doing for a good cause. It will work really well, trust us!

Some Campaigns FACEBOOK FUNDRAISING Nhat Anh is herself a fellow of Teach For Vietnam in Tan Chau district, Tay Ninh. Inspired by her student’s story, she run a small campaign on Facebook through a series of stories and asked friends to help sharing. Nhat Anh raised 27,000,000 VND in 1 month and supported 35 students scholarships. See more here: Storytelling fund CHARITY CYCLE ADVENTURE 2017 The Charity Cycle Adventure 2017 successfully completed after 3 days cycling from “Highlands to Islands” with total distance of 270km, in which climbing 3450m and descending 3350m. More than 1,6 billion VND has been raised for CCA to help Saigonchildren carry out our mission to “remove barriers to education”. See more here: link

LIBRARY FUNDRAISING Ngoc Le with her 3rd grade students ran a fundraising campaign for their Library project. Le supported her students with filming a video and publish it on Facebook. Ngoc Le raised 10,300,000 VND in 1 month. See more here: link

ONLINE AUCTION Ms. Minh and her friends created an online auction event on Facebook, in which items were donated by the participants themselves and people auctioned for 3 days. The result of 2 auctions caused more than 150 million VND for SOS children. From SOS: https://sosvietnam.org/to-chuc-gay-quy

How to Communicate your Campaign

Build your own fundraising story on a platform You can choose your potential platform as per:

Your Location

Your networks

Your currency

Your purpose

Think of your potential target sponsors Reach out from 5-10 people who are close to you and willing to support you. Tell them about your campaign and its meaning first personally. Step 1: Words of Mouth and Email ★ Encourage people to donate by telling them how a little support can make a great change to the children ★ Guarantee that all their money will go straight to the children who need it. Step 2: Social Media ★ Launch your campaign officially on your social media with quotes, and photos ★ Use #hashtag in every single post they update on social media.

#Jointhemovement Step 3: Keep Follow up via all Channels ★ Tell a story to keep your audience engaged and raise their compassion. ★ Show them the statistic or charts ★ Say thank you to all donors individually and add their name into a recognition wall. Tell them to check out your progress to see how far the campaign has gone.

Step 4: Time Reminding ★ Post in your social media channels and send emails to let people know that the time is running out.

Contact Us Address: Headquarters: R4-08, Road no. 2, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh city RO: Youth Center, 30/4 Street, Ward 3, Tay Ninh development@teachforvietnam.org linkedin.com/company/teach-for-Vietnam youtube: Teach For Vietnam facebook.com/teachforvietnam teachforvietnam.org

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Guideline for Fundraising 2019 - Teach For Vietnam  

Guideline for Fundraising 2019 - Teach For Vietnam