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Stop it before it starts – 1



Annie Louise James Privacy settings: public Birthday: 12 Jan. ‘02

Make sure your profile is made ‘private’ in the settings. This means only your friends can see your details.

Home: Strafeld, r o e t s r SydneyBo e p o tel: 0010 3211 k u 123 S NEVER share

Only accept friends online that you know in real life. ‘Anon11’ could be someone wanting to hurt you.


Likes: Springfield Swimming Club Playing ‘Bebear online’ with my pet ‘annie-lj’ 1 Friend request:

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Cyberbullies can use your photo to create a fake account or to find you in ‘real life’. Use a picture that doesn’t show a close-up of your full face.

information about your school or sporting clubs, your family, your age, your full name, your phone number, email or address online. This is personal information others could use to find or hurt you.

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you met online. You don’t know who they are – ‘Funkid22’ could be a bully wanting to hurt you.

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messages from people you don’t know. The messages might have a ‘virus’ that gets your personal details or lets someone else control your computer.




- let’s meet up! open


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© R. I . C. Publ i cablock t i ons Anon11 allow Never meet in f orr ev i ew pur posesonl y• Mail: person • anyone

Never tell anyone your passwords – not even your friends!

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R.I.C. Publications® -

(unknown sender) - no message open


- can I have ur password?

instant chat bbp85: Ur page is boring just like u. bbp85: no1 likes U. AnnieLJames: Who is dat? Bullying in a cyber world

Don’t respond to rude or nasty messages. Block or report the sender and tell a trusted adult. 25

Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  
Bullying in a Cyber World: Ages 6-8  

The blackline masters cover the following: What is bullying?, Forms of bullying, Cyberbullying, Targets of bullying, Effects of bullying, Wh...