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THE WOMAN IN RED February is the busiest month of the year for this woman in red - Seleese Thompson-Mann. The owner of Precious Memories Florist & Gift Shop in Temple, this wife and mother of four is hard at work playing cupid. She’s made DELIVERING LOVE her business!


BET TIP IN HER BAG “Money smells so terrible. I hate to handle it, so I take a pair of the cardboard air fresheners made for cars and fold my money in between the fragrant cards. When I take my money out to pay for somethingeveryone always comments on how nice it smells. Not only does this little trick work on my cash, but it also keeps my purse and everything else in it smelling nice and fragrant.”

THE ESSENTIALS SHE CARRIES TYLER HAND LOTION This keeps my hands nice and soft. But most of all, my favorite thing about Tyler Hand Lotion is the wonderful fragrance. My favorite scent is HIGH MAINTENANCE.

CLINQUE LONG LAST LIPSTICK The color…no surprise, RED RED RED. Red is my signature color.

CLINQUE BLUSHING BLUSH POWDER BLUSH Silky and always highlights the cheeks naturally. My favorite color is BERRY DELIGHT.

OTHER THINGS I ALWAYS KEEP IN MY BAG… I am known for always having wipes in my purse - and I also keep a box of them in my car. A tooth brush and toothpaste. My Icelandic Glacial Water - I love the fact it comes in an oversized bottle, a full 16.9 oz. to keep me hydrated. At least one Kind Bar. My favorite is peanut and dark chocolate. It’s not only great tasting — it’s a great source of protein and gives me that extra energy I need on a busy day. 18


photographs by JULIE NABOURS

TexAppeal February 2014  

TexAppeal February 2014 Edition

TexAppeal February 2014  

TexAppeal February 2014 Edition