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June 2016

“T he customer is given superior and knowledgeable service and delivery, resulting in timely completions of local jobs,” Parker said.

195 lumber


f you’re starting a building project, look no further than 195 Lumber Company. In business since 1966, when A.H. Curtis and other local builders opened a lumberyard, 195 Lumber was started to offer quality building materials, hardware, doors, windows and roofing across Central Texas. Jimmy Parker took over the business in 1994, continuing the tradition of placing strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Unlike larger chain stores, 195 Lumber offers timely service and longtime employees who have an “impeccable accountability to get the job done,” with a high quality of service for homeowners and builders. “The customer is given superior and knowledgeable service and

June 2016

delivery, resulting in timely completions of local jobs,” Parker said. Staff at 195 Lumber has the knowledge to assist with any building-related task – big or small. “We are locally owned by three families who have resided within the community for four generations,” Parker said. By keeping things local, 195 Lumber employs 64 full-time staff members, and works to give back to the community to help it prosper. Through an annual barbecue luncheon, 195 Lumber shows appreciation to nearly 500 contractors and customers. The company also supports the military and participates in various fundraisers for local hospitals and helps with building projects whenever possible. Staff members also work to support the

area’s future by working with youth through FFA, 4-H and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas. To help mark 50 years of serving Central Texas, 195 Lumber is planning a big sale, and will also participate in a fundraiser to support renovations and upkeep at Prairie Haynes Ranch for youth outside Killeen. With 450 years of combined experience, all of the employees at 195 Lumber Company go above and beyond each day to provide the best service possible. “We are a family,” Parker said, adding everyone does an outstanding job for the company. 195 Lumber is at 3032 S. Fort Hood St., Killeen, and is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call 254-634-2188 or 254-519-3667.

Builders’ Showcase


nsurance is something that everyone needs. Every day you go without it is a big risk. When it’s time to buy insurance for your home or business, you want a provider that is trustworthy, reliable and economical. This is where our company, Western Insurance Agency, comes in. We are a locally owned and independent agency that proudly serves Copperas Cove and the surrounding area, including Fort Hood, Harker Heights and Killeen. Our agency was first established in 1976 and has grown to offer a full range of coverage for commercial and personal use. As a full-service agency, we offer life, health, auto, home and business services. We are proud to provide programs to over 600 businesses

by the Killeen Daily Herald. While we are proud of this achievement, we continue to look for ways to better ourselves and enrich the lives of our clients. We take great pride in the community that we serve, which is why we strive to take care of our local businesses and military personnel. We work closely with realtors, local builders and mortgage companies to guide people though the process of buying dream homes. We can provide top-notch services for homebuyers since many of our agents are commercial and homeowner specialists. Providing homeowners with great insurance and support is just one way that we strive for perfection. At Western Insurance Agency, we know our business is only as good as our agents and how efficiently they serve the community. Our agents are here to explain to you the differences in available coverage options. By ensuring that you’re wellinformed when making a decision, you can rest assured knowing that you have a policy that best fits your individual situation. Even more, we continuously review your program to ensure that you’re getting a great deal.

Providing homeowners with great insurance and support is just one way that we strive for perfection.

Builders’ Showcase

and 6,000 families throughout Texas, and we have partnerships with over 50 members of Combined Agents of America, LLC. We were voted the Best Insurance Agency in 2015

June 2016


Find your perfect home at Linnemann Realty

eal estate is a critically important industry to every single American. Whether you rent or buy, hold or sell, flip or refinance, your decisions about real property will have a profound impact on your family and your financial future. At least that’s how we see it. At Linnemann Realty, our mission is to insure that you make the right real estate decision at the right time. With a team of highly-trained and driven real estate professionals, we’re confident in our abilities to guide you through this complex and continually changing process, leaving you more time to spend on the truly important things in life.

Why are we confident that Linnemann Realty is the right choice for you and your family? First, we bring experience to the table. Having started in this industry in 1993 and as the sitting President of the Fort Hood Area Association of

June 2016

Realtors, I have seen Realtors and agencies come and go. The gauntlet you have to run to last in this business requires hard work and a depth of knowledge that many don’t ever master or possess. We take great pride in the depth of our talent pool, hand selecting our employees and agents to carefully structure a team of seasoned, dedicated professionals. With decades of combined experience in sales, leasing, investments, construction, finance, and development, we know that there are few questions about this industry that we cannot answer. No matter what your real estate needs may be, we’ve got your solutions, and we’ll be here for years to come. We back our experience by being responsive to your needs. Real estate is not an industry that waits. Our clients are moving, either across town or across state lines. Whether they are first-time buyers or seasoned real estate investors, we pride ourselves in being accessible to you every step of the way. At Linnemann Realty we understand the value of your time and will make ourselves readily available to you through the closing and beyond. From the first phone call to handing over the keys, we understand

that every detail matters. Responsive and experienced, while noble qualities, will fall short of meeting your needs unless backed by the strength to be progressive. Our firm continues to reinvent itself and the local real estate industry at every turn and in every possible way. There is no method that is ever “good enough” as we relentlessly strive towards newer technologies and improved processes. All with the ultimate goal of helping our clients get the highest level of service in an industry that is all about customer service. The words home and family are used together so often that they almost share a synonymous quality. That’s because your home has a profound effect on your family life, the memories you will create, and the future successes of your children. Please choose wisely when considering the brokerage that you entrust to help you with your real estate needs. We look forward to working with you. Now, tomorrow, and for years to come. Michael E. Linnemann President/ Broker Linnemann Realty

Builders’ Showcase

rinehart real estate inspection

in the construction industry for 15 years. He presently holds 6 licenses and 22 certifications. Steve Philen is a native of Texas and is a retired 35 year veteran of the fire service. He retired with the rank of Fire Marshall and Fire Inspector. He has been in the construction field all his life and became a Building Inspector in 2006. He formerly held a journeyman electrician license. Michael Beard was born in Kansas City, MS but moved to Texas as quick as he could. He went to work in the construction field right out of high school. In his mid 20’s he worked with at-risk youth for several years. In 2007 he joined the City of Lampasas as a Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer and then became the city’s Building Official. He currently works for the City of Harker Heights. He has performed about 20,000 inspections. He holds 10 licenses. Norma Baker also a native Texas, is from the El Paso area. God blessed them with 2 beautiful children; son, John David, born in Hawaii, and daughter, Kristen Nicole, born in Ft. Lewis, WA. She joined Rinehart Real Estate Inspection Service in July, 2004, as the Office Manager. Her duties consist of scheduling a wide variety of inspections, completing the inspection paperwork, and performing the day to day operations of the office. She enjoys working with the many builders we service and has enjoyed building relationships with the many customers we have serviced over the years.

plumbing, appliances, heating, air conditioning, foundation; we’re looking for any issues the we would want to know about if we were buying the house ourselves.

Meet our All-Pro Team:


uying a home is typically the biggest investment you will ever make. You are always encouraged to get advice from a professional home inspector when making decisions of this size. I’ve always said inspections are like giving the home a physical. There is no pass or fail, just like when you visit the doctor, but there’s always something that you probably need to address. In Texas the inspection is performance-based, it either works or it doesn’t, and is noted accordingly in the report. It’s the advice we give that is valuable to the buyer and often the seller, who is preparing the house to go on the market. A typical home inspection takes three hours or more to perform all the required tasks. It includes everything from being up on the roof to in the attic, all of the walls, doors, windows, electrical,

Builders’ Showcase

Steven Rinehart is a native Texan from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He is a 26 year Army veteran as a Maintenance Officer, Test Pilot, and Flight Instructor. The skills he honed in the Army transferred well over into the construction science industry. He has performed more than 25,000 inspections over the last 15 years including Energy Star Certifications, construction inspections for both commercial and residential, accessibility inspections, and infrared inspections. He is currently the Chairman of the Texas Real Estate Commission Inspector Committee, Energy Code Ambassador for the State of Texas, and a member of the committee that develops ICC building inspector exams. He is one of only two home inspectors in the state having earned the ICC MCP designation. Bruce Ebbert is a native of the Sunshine State, specifically Clearwater, FL. He has been in the Central Texas area for over 25 years. He has been employed as a city inspector for 23 years. Previously, he worked

June 2016



urchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions a person can make and securing the services of a full-service mortgage lender—before you start working with a real estate agent—can make the process easier. The SWBC Mortgage team in Killeen can help. Buying a home starts with analyzing your budget to determine what you can afford. Gather the answers to the following questions and give SWBC Mortgage a call: • How much is your gross monthly income (before taxes/deductions)? • What are your monthly debts, i.e., auto loans, credit card payments, student loan payments, child support/alimony/childcare expenses? • How much money do you have available for down payment? • What do you feel comfortable paying in a house payment including principal/interest/insurances and taxes? Based on this information, our loan officers can help you determine what programs would be best. In Killeen, SWBC Mortgage helps many militaryconnected clients secure VA loans, as well as Texas Vet/Veterans Housing Assistance Program funds provided by the Texas Veterans Land Board. In fact,

June 2016

many of the Killeen branch employees are veterans or spouses of veterans who understand the unique nature of the veteran borrower(s) needs. SWBC Mortgage offers other loan programs as well, such as renovation loans, FHA, USDA/Rural Development, and Conventional Conforming and Jumbo loans, and can find the right option to serve your financial goals, including loans that require littleto-no down payment. Before looking at homes, get prequalified for a mortgage to ensure you only look at properties

you can afford. Killeen Branch Manager Leslie Lovett, Assistant Branch Manager Jimmy Alexander, and Regional VP Dave Kuebler have 75+ years’ experience and are here to help guide you to the program that best fits your needs. Call toll-free at 888-454-0337, direct at 254-634-2822, go online to, www.VATexashomeloans. com, or stop by the office to see how SWBC Mortgage can help you finance your dream home today.

Builders’ Showcase

Make a home offer they can’t refuse Sellers won’t want to hear about how ugly a home is or how much money buyers will have to spend to bring the home up to their standards.


uying a home can be very competitive. A wellmaintained property with all of the bells and whistles that today’s buyers demand figures to attract many offers, and buyers who have found their dream homes must be prepared to make an offer that sellers can’t refuse. Standing out in a sea of other potential home buyers is not always so easy, but there are steps buyers can take to ensure their offer is the one sellers ultimately accept.

Get preapproved for a mortgage

Sellers’ patience may wear thin with buyers who are not preapproved for a mortgage when making their offers. Preapproval can speed up the selling process, as buyers won’t need to secure financing afterward. When sellers receive multiple offers on their homes, they are more likely to sell their homes to buyers whose financing is already lined up as opposed to buyers who have to scramble to secure loans.

Establish a strong rapport with the sellers It’s not uncommon for homeowners to develop emotional attachments to their homes, and buyers should keep that in mind when viewing a home and negotiating their purchase. Sellers won’t want to hear about how

Builders’ Showcase

ugly a home is or how much money buyers will have to spend to bring the home up to their standards. While buyers must weigh such variables when making their offers, keep it as cordial as possible and avoid any inflammatory remarks during the negotiation process. Sellers may be more likely to accept a lower offer from a buyer they like than a higher offer from someone they don’t like.

Don’t delay an inspection

When a property is drawing significant interest, buyers can set their offers apart from the rest by arranging for a near-immediate inspection. Some buyers may want sellers to give them a couple of weeks to arrange for an inspection, and that may irritate sellers who want to sell their homes as quickly as possible. Have an inspector ready to perform an inspection within days of making your offer.

Include an escalation clause

When making an offer on a home, prospective buyers can include an escalation clause. Such a clause acknowledges that a potential buyer is willing to increase his or her initial offer by a predetermined amount to exceed any bids that are higher than that initial offer. When sellers trigger such clauses, they are often required to show the other offers they received that triggered the escalation clause. Escalation clauses show the sellers you really want the house while keeping potential buyers’ hopes of buying the home alive when the bids are competitive. Prospective home buyers may find themselves in some stiff competition upon finding their dream homes. But a few simple strategies can make their offers stand out and increase their chances of buying their ideal homes.

June 2016


elebrating three years installing solar across Central Texas, the team at Solar CenTex is rolling out its “Summer of Savings” campaign to provide you a solarsystem at the lowest price ever. “We have the best solar installation leadership in the state and that means when one of our teams comes to your home, they know exactly what to do” says Scot Arey, owner of Solar CenTex

and himself a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional. “One of the best compliments that customers give me is saying that our teams work so efficiently and hard, and this means customers aren’t paying for two or three days of labor when a system can be installed in just one or two days. I

pass this savings directly to customers because it makes the difference between a good deal and great deal for our customers.” Long established supply relationships gives Solar CenTex the very best pricing for the solar components that go on your home. “I’ve been working with the same solar and electrical distributors for three years and I get their best prices – and that means you do, too, “ says Arey. “I buy solar modules with industry-leading warranties directly from the manufacturer and have modules in stock all the time.” The solar industry has improved the manufacturing processes dramatically in the past three years and this means solar is an amazing value. “I’m always looking at somebody’s face when I tell them what the price is for solar because to a person, the typical response is ‘I never knew it cost so little.’” Starting with their Solar Saturday Customer Appreciation event, the team at Solar CenTex will announce the best pricing in Texas: “ZERO down, $99 per month, ZERO risk.” “There is no reason not to have solar on your home,” says the long time Harker Heights resident, “we can install on your roof within thirty days. You will own the system, have the 30% tax credit for next year, and have ultra-low bills that will make your home amazingly marketable if you choose to sell or rent years from now. I hope our visitors see the bills of our past customers; most have low double digit bills and many have single-digit or even no bill. I have not paid an electric bill in 16 months. I love it.”

June 2016

“I have not paid an electric bill in 16 months. I love it.”

Builders’ Showcase

HOw to pay off your mortgage before maturity


omes are the most expensive purchases many people will ever make. While home ownership can be rewarding, firsttime homeowners may experience some sticker shock when shopping for homes and calculating their potential mortgage costs. But as expensive as home ownership can be, there are ways for homeowners to pay off their mortgages long before those loans reach maturity.

Pay extra each month

Factors like home value, property tax and your mortgage loan interest rate determine how much your monthly mortgage payment will be. But there’s still room to save. According to the Chase extra payments calculator, homeowners who borrow $200,000 (after making an initial 20 percent down payment of $50,000 on a home valued at $250,000) at 4 percent interest and pay $4,000 annually in property taxes and homeowner’s insurance can save more than $26,000 in interest over the life of the loan by paying as little as $100 extra per month. In addition, including an additional $100 each month will trim 59 months, or just about five years, off the life of your loan.

Stop paying PMI

If your initial down payment was less than 20 percent of the


Builders’ Showcase

value of your home at the time you purchased it, then you were likely required to pay private mortgage insurance, or PMI. PMI may be costing you a couple hundred dollars per month, but once your mortgage balance falls below 80 percent of your home’s appraised value, you can ask your lender to stop charging PMI. While it might be nice to pocket those PMI costs for a rainy day, continue paying that money each month so you can shorten the life of your loan.

Have your home reassessed

While homeowners would like to think the value of their homes is always on the rise, some homes decrease in value over time. If your home is reassessed at a lesser value, your property taxes will decrease. Put the money you’re saving on property taxes toward your monthly mortgage payment each month.

Refinance your mortgage

Refinancing to a lower interest rate can lower your monthly mortgage payment, but be sure that the costs to refinance do not exceed the savings you will earn. Apply any money you save from refinancing to your monthly payment.

June 2016

June 2016

Builders’ Showcase


What You Need to Understand About Your Custom Home Builder


Builders’ Showcase

By Mike Blake January 08, 2016 eciding to build your own home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. While buying an existing property is much easier and maybe even less stressful, choosing to custom build your home gives you the ability to get your own design, and incorporate important spaces and elements which will provide you and your family with years of enjoyment now and moving forward. When it comes to deciding to build your own property, you need a custom home builder, but it’s difficult to choose the right builder to work with if you don’t know what they do. Firstly a custom home builder is responsible for managing the subcontractors and coordinating the build at all times. You will work closely with your builder who will be able to keep you updated throughout the process including how far along the build is, any delays, costs and more. They will keep track of all costs, managing and order materials and even liaise with building inspectors, obtaining necessary approvals and ensuring the build goes according to plan at all times. A custom home builder is basically a project manager with extensive building experience who can jump in to ensure the build goes according to plan, on budget and within the given time frame. When it comes to selecting your custom home builder, there are some very important factors to take into consideration to ensure they meet your unique building needs and requirements at all times. The first thing you will want to do is learn as much about them as possible from how long they have been in the business to their achievements, credentials and more. Don’t rely on the reviews you find on their website alone, rather do your own research, search through the independent review sites and


online forums to identify what past and current customers think of their experience with your potential custom home builder. Always choose at least three custom home builders you can work with and then you can use the information you learn about them to narrow down your search until you are left with one company you believe will provide you with the best service during your build. Look at the custom home builder’s track record. How many homes in your area have they successfully completed over the years? Were these properties built on budget and on time? If not, how over budget and how much over the given time period were they completed? Did the owners enjoy working with the builder or were they frustrated with the experience? Was the custom home builder ever fired from any of the projects? These are such important questions to ask yourself when deciding on the best custom home builder to work with to make your dream home a reality. When speaking to them face to face, identify their communication skills. As a custom home builder, they should have outstanding communication skills, enabling them to communicate with sub-contractors, suppliers, officials and more throughout the build. Finally, look at their references. While you may have done your own online research already, always ask the custom home builder for their own references that they want to share. Don’t do this because it’s part of the process; follow up on the references, speak to the clients and get a complete picture of their experience with the builder to see if they are the best match to complete your home on time, on budget and to meet your unique requirements. Article Source: Mike_Blake/2213447

June 2016

June 2016

Builders’ Showcase


KEy Considerations To Keep In Mind Regarding The Type Of Home Loan You Should Choose By William Head March 15, 2016 owadays, people interested to invest in properties are still choosing to get a home loan to pay for this venture. This is because properties can be so expensive that only a small number of people can afford to pay for one in full and in cash. One of the easiest and most convenient ways of getting the house of your dream today is still through a home loan. With the right type of home loan, you can have a property that you can call your own without being too burdened with this investment. There are various types of home loans you can choose from and the available options can be confusing. These options usually depend on their duration, interest, and whether the loan is granted by a private financial institution or a government unit. To make sure that you will be choosing the right type of home loan to apply for, below are some key considerations that you have to bear in mind:


Duration of payment

How long do you want to pay for this loan? Will you be able to pay it in 15 years or longer? Generally, if


Builders’ Showcase

you choose a longer payment term, you will be paying a lower amount every month. However, you will be paying for a long time. If you can work out a higher payment term than the minimum one, you can opt for this, as long as this monthly fee will still fit in your monthly budget.

Low fees or interests

Nobody wants to get a loan that will just cause him or her to be buried in debt. As such, you need to get all the details regarding the interest that your loan will incur and any charges you will have to pay for in case you will be delayed with your payment or won’t be able to pay the minimum fee. Take note of any additional fees as well such as the application fee.

Flexibility of payments

With home loans, you can also choose between fixed repayments or paying the same amount on or before an agreed upon date or variable repayments or paying an amount that is more than the required monthly fee. Other financial or loan institutions though are more flexible and will allow you both options. As such, you will be able to pay your loan in full in a shorter amount of time.

Additional perks

Lastly, find out if there is a chance you’ll get a 100% offset account and if it also offers a revolving line of credit. Read more tips regarding home loan applications from trusted finance brokers here. Article Source: http://EzineArticles. com/expert/William_Head/1896783

June 2016

southstar bank S

outhStar Bank holds true to its deeply-held 100-year tradition of community service. This means investing in the communities where we live and work, supportingtheir values and developing personal relationships. Allwhile deliveringthe flexible, common-sense financial services you expect from a

ARM and VA notes, or a custom bankheld note designed for your special circumstances. We offer a no down payment program for home purchases to $417,000, and Jumbo mortgages to $850K with just 5% down. Rest assured, we’ll walk you through the loan process to ensure a fast, easy experience using the product that best fits your needs. We also welcome the opportunity to serve neighbors looking to build a home, offering everything from lot or land financing through interim construction to a permanent mortgage.

Mortgages for Special Situations

Ask about our


local institution.Our loan decisions are made here, so you never have to wait for your application to wind its way through an out-of-state loan committee. SouthStar Bank is one of the largest and strongest independent banks in Texas, holding an impressive 5Star rating by Bauer Financial. It is a member of the FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.

Bankers Who Work For You With SouthStar Bank on your side, home ownership may be a lot closer than you think. Our mortgage experts will work with you to source the perfect funding solution using traditional products such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA, Jumbo,

June 2016

SouthStar Bank’s mortgage lenders realize there’s more to your story than a credit report. We take the time to understand your specific situation and structure a deal that works based on flexible, common sense lending criteria. When you don’t quite meet the strict criteria for a traditional mortgage, a private SouthStar Bank loan could be the answer. If one of the categories below describes your situation, a private mortgage may be right for you. • Self-employed • Considering unique or investment property • Building a custom home or purchasing a second home • Starting a new job • Retired • Recovering from blemished credit, foreclosure or bankruptcy

Builder Funding

Developers and builders rely on SouthStar Bank’s commercial lending expertise to fund a broad range of projects, including land acquisition and the construction ofcustom, spec and multi-family residences.We often serve as the ‘designated mortgage lender’ for projects we fund, simplifying your path from initial development to the final sale.

Builders’ Showcase


Read what our customers are saying...

Everyone I know uses these guys, if they don’t, I tell them to fast! They put new units in both my house and my neighbor’s. We got quotes from everyone and these guys blew them out of the water with the same equipment - truly comparing apples to apples. My mother’s A/C went out this past summer and I told her who to call. These guys came out quick and fixed the problem in about an hour, for only $50 too! Don’t hesitate to call these guys! They are the best in town, just ask around. - Johnny2smart at Citysearch “Best prices and quality service! I called almost every A/C business in the area to get a quote after another local business told me I needed to replace my outside unit. Ellis Air was the last to come our to give me a free estimate when they found the problem to be a much less expensive board. Turns out, the other company was just trying to pull one over on me. If you need any A/C work, give these guys a call. They are one of the only honest service companies around.”

“Wow! Incredible service! I was treated very well with dignity and respect. If you want HONEST WORK for an HONEST PRICE, call Ellis Air System. I used another company about a month ago. They told me that I had a leak in my system. They never told my wife where it was. The only thing he said was, “We’ll just add Freon (1 lb.) and that should hold you off for a year or so.” Wrong! Here I am, one month later writing a review for a legit company. Really...this is a great company. They’ve been in business over 25 years in Killeen. Call them today!” - Rich M.

“Great Service I just them for the 2nd time - great price quick service. The last time they came out they even supplied me with a temporary A/C while they were waiting on a part.” - Turbo

- John

Ellis Air Systems, Inc. 3513 Florence Road Killeen, TX 76542 Email us at: Follow EllisAirSystems

2016 Builders Showcase  

A guide to your dream home!

2016 Builders Showcase  

A guide to your dream home!