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Campus Calendar Thursday World Holiday Lunch 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Upper Olmsted Drake Jazz Ensemble II 7:30-9 p.m. Harvey Ingham 102

Friday “Man Up Magazine” app launch Available in iTunes Dead Day Day free for study Campus wide

Saturday Men’s Basketball vs. IPFW 7:05 p.m. Knapp Center Civic Music Association 7:30-9:30 p.m. Sheslow Auditorium

Tuesday Reception for Student Teacher and Mentors 4:30-6:30 p.m. Levitt Hall

Wednesday Project Identity 12-4 p.m. Anderson Gallery

Thursday Project Identity 12-8 p.m. Anderson Gallery

Friday Project Identity 12-4 p.m. Anderson Gallery

Saturday Residence Halls Close at noon Commencement 10 a.m. -12 p.m. Sheslow Auditorium

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Sunday Dec. 9 1 p.m. - 11 p.m. Monday - Wednesday Dec. 10 - Dec. 12 1 p.m. - 11 p.m. Thursday Dec. 13 1 p.m. - 11 p.m. Friday Dec. 14 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Campus Events

Thursday December 06, 2012

Athletics duel to bring holiday cheer Bailey Berg and Ashley Beall News Editor and Staff Writer

Penny Wars officially began between student athletes, coaches and athletic staff members on Nov. 26. Around 450 people partook in this program to help sponsor a family in need. “Penny Wars is a program that our Student Athlete Advisory Committee is doing to raise money for a family in the Des Moines area. Right now we have a four person family, a mom and four boys, and the money is raised to pay for some necessities they have and as well as some presents for the boys,” said Director of Compliance Cody Edwards. Drake’s SAAC paired up with Children and Families of Iowa who picked a family in the area for Drake to sponsor. This is Drake’s first time sponsoring a family through Children and Families of Iowa, and it was suggested by Stephanie Viola, the director of student-athlete academic success services. “What I like about it is that I wanted to find something to support a family for the holidays and instead of asking people for money we can be competitive. And since we’re in athletics, we like to be competitive,” Viola said. “Also, people get to get rid of their change which is helpful.” Edwards and Viola hoped to raise around $1,000 for the family through penny wars. Each sports team and athletic staff members were divided up into three groups, and whichever group had the highest amount of pennies, including the negative points they receive through dollar bills and silver coins, won. “I think the response (from the student-athletes and staff members) has been great, and just the fact that we are doing it all together, it’s not just a student athlete initiative or a staff initiative, and we

Campus Events

Team 1

Team 3

Team 2


-$50 -$100 -$125.69


-$200 -$250 -$253.37 -$262.76


Hanna Bartholic | design editor

ATHLETIC TEAMS paired up for Penny Wars. The totals for teams are negative due to dollar bills and silver coins in each team’s donation cup. A total of $1,216 was raised for a family in Des Moines. are all doing it together,” Viola said. “Our people here have just wanted to give, and I appreciate that and them playing along with the game. To me, it’s the whole ‘Bulldog Way’ and what the athletic department should be about. I think it’s living what we preach every day and to just show the community that we are all in it together.” The family’s wish list included pots, pans, shoes, towels and clothes and some video games for the boys. The SAAC will go out and purchase the items for the families with the money it received through penny wars and present the gifts to Children and Families of Iowa who will then give the gifts to the family. “We are really excited that Drake student-athletes have this

Books for cents

opportunity to help others in the Drake community,” said P3 student and rowing team member Brittney Smith. “We hope that we can raise enough and continue this tradition for years to come.” The plan was that if the goal of $1,000 isn’t met, the senior athletic staff members would cover the remainder to reach the goal. By Nov. 30 it looked like they would have to shell out a lot to make the goal as only $415.17 was raised in the first four days of competition. However, $591.11 was donated on Dec. 1. The final total was $1,216.28, with $1,006.28 coming directly from the Penny Wars and the rest from some additional donors. The winning team was Team Two, consisting of women’s row-

ing, men’s track and field, men’s cross country, women’s soccer, women’s basketball, student-athlete services, facilities, recreational services and ticketing, whose total was the least negative number, totaling at -$125.69. As winners, a few individuals from Team Two will get to go shopping for the family. “I’m very proud of our student athletes for wanting to make a difference in a family’s life around the holidays,” said Athletic Director Sandy Hatfield Clubb.

Campus News

Ads call for student crowds

Donation to benefit local school Bennett Hansen

Staff Writer

With the holidays approaching, many consider this time of year to be the season of giving. That is why a group of Drake University students are putting on a book drive to benefit children in the community. Members of Mortar Board, a national college senior honor society, will be collecting books and donating them to raise money for King Elementary School, located just a few blocks from campus. The book drive will take place Dec. 10-14, with a table set up in the Olmsted Breezeway and a collection box in each residence hall. Mortar Board is partnering with an organization called “Spread the Care,” which gives money to the school, as well as the organization putting on the book drive for every book donated. Each book is worth zero to five points, based on size and condition, and for every point earned, Spread the Care donates 30 cents to King Elementary and 30 cents to Mortar Board. Senior P2 Chelsea Cave, president of the Drake’s Mortar Board chapter, plans to make sure as much money as possible goes to the elementary school. “Our chapter has decided to donate our earnings to the school as well, making it a 60-cent donation for every point,” Cave said. Cave said Mortar Board decided to do a book drive because many college students have books to get rid of, especially old textbooks. It chose King Elementary to receive the funds because of the school’s


dedication to students’ learning. Cave said King Elementary received a grant this year to begin an after-school tutoring and enrichment program. “I think the fact that King has put so much time and effort into implementing a program like this truly shows their dedication to the education and growth of the students,” Cave said. Members of Mortar Board are excited to put on a philanthropic event and gain publicity at Drake. “I don’t think a lot of people at Drake know about Mortar Board. This will get our name out there, and it’s a great cause,” said senior Nate Bleadorn, a marketing and management double major in Mortar Board. Cave wants Drake students to know that all books will be accepted, no matter the type, size or condition. To donate, students simply have to place their old books in any of the collection boxes located around campus. Along with the residence halls, they will also be in Hubbell Dining Hall and many of the educational buildings. “We are so excited to be able to donate to King Elementary, which upholds the same standards of scholarship, leadership and service which exemplify Mortar Board,” Cave said.


Lauren Horsch | editor-in-chief

NEW BILLBOARDS hope to increase student attendance at home games. Lauren Horsch


As students walked to classes Tuesday morning they noticed large, vertical billboards stationed on campus. The billboards advertised such products as Powerade, Wellmark and Drake West Village. Above the ads was the Drake Relays Logo. By 5 p.m., those ads were switched out for the schedules of the men’s and women’s basketball teams. Brian Brown, associate athletic director and director of the Drake

Relays, said the billboards were to drum up support for events at the Knapp Center. He said the decision to move the advertisements there was made recently between campus administrators and facilities. All the proper protocols were put in place to get them on campus. The advertisements will be on campus until mid- or early March, Brown said. At that point they will be moved back to their spots at the stadium. “This is not to take away from anything else in those areas,” Brown said.


Drake University, Des Moines


Vol. 132 | No. 24 | Dec. 06, 2012



DEC. 06, 2012 | Page 2

Features Shopping


Potential presents Preparing for the colder weather

Gifts only found in Des Moines Simple, inexpensive craft to decorate any room Katherine Hunt

Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, and everyone is trying to find those perfect gifts that are both meaningful and unique. Here are a few gift ideas exclusive to Des Moines. 1. Raygun shirt: Raygun shirts are a good gift for anyone and they all cost $19. Raygun also offers other smaller gifts such as onedollar postcards and a book about the Midwest for $17.50, making this the perfect place to shop on a tighter budget. Raygun is located downtown in the East Village and sells shirts with clever comments and amusing sayings. “We’re the only place that sells them (shirts), and they’re made locally,” said Raygun owner Mike Draper. “Everything is printed and bound in Des Moines, even the book that’s available.” 2. Sticks’ artwork: For the family members who are obsessed with art or collecting antiques check out Sticks. With sale prices starting at $20, Sticks offers a vast assortment of goods from sculptures to furniture to mirrors. Every Sticks items is created from various types of wood. These items are not found anywhere else and can even be personalized according to the needs of the customer. 3. Bella Boutique: Torn between buying a designer purse or saving the money? Look no further. Bella Boutique, located in the West Glen Town Center, offers stylish and fashion forward clothing, accessories and handbags that have the designer look without the high price tag. Bella Boutique also carries a vast assortment of items starting at $20, allowing these items to fit anyone’s budget. 4. Zombie Burger: Need a gift that is totally unexpected that delivers a one-of-a-kind experience? Check out Zombie Burger gift cards that are available in increments ranging from $5 to $100. Zombie Burger is the biggest thing to hit East Village since Raygun, with selections including Garlic Bacon and Blue Cheese Fries or a Mac Dog (macaroni and cheese and bacon on a hotdog). Zombie Burger also has a wonderful drink lab that at times has been known to serve eyeballs in beverages. With so many options, you’ll be “dying” to get a card. 5. Nan’s Nummies: Trying to satisfy the chocolate lover with a suitable gift? Go to Nan’s Numes located at Valley Junction in West Des Moines. Its motto, “Bringing back Grandma’s house, one nummy morsel at a time,” really alludes to the fact that Nan’s Num-

mies is a one-stop sweet shop. From homemade dutch letters to farmer’s market kettle corn to twenty different flavors of fudge — it’s simple to put together a gift for the holiday season. 6. Urban Card: Know that person who just loves couponing and may be just the slightest bit disorganized? Help them out and get them an Urban Card. Priced at $30/year, this little black card gives the cardholder enormous benefits as well as discounts and coupons for local shops. When asked about why it’s a great gift, owner Kari Lantz said, “Everyone has his or her own punch card, but the idea of one card being valid everywhere. It’s real and straightforward. There’s a definite advantage.” 7. Drake apparel: Can’t figure out what to get your parents for the holidays? Give them Drake apparel. The campus bookstore always has shirts on clearance (generally starting at $10), and there are even shirts that say “Drake Mom” and “Drake Dad.” If a shirt seems too simple for a gift, other gift items are available such as golf balls, window clings and travel mugs. 8. Iowa Cubs season tickets: For the sports lover, give them season tickets to see the Iowa Cubs. Tickets can range from weekend games all the way up to Club Box Seats. Prices start at $325 and include parking passes and admission to the 72 home games played at Principal Park in 2013. If a game can’t be attended, those tickets can be traded in for discounts on other games for additional guests or even for a meal discount at Cub Club. 9. Jasper Wine: Need something that is a little more elegant than a crackers and cheese platter for a holiday or office party? Purchase from Jasper’s Winery located by Gray’s Lake. Jasper’s Winery has an assortment of wines available for prices starting at $10. It also offers discounts on buying half cases or more, and will ship to a variety of places, including 16 states. 10. AllSpice gift box: Want to convince someone to cook, or to give that Christmas dish a special touch? Shop at AllSpice, located in the East Village near the Capitol. Gift boxes are a simple, easy way to please anyone. Gift boxes range in prices from $12.50-$48, depending on what’s included. The gift boxes are all also uniquely different, with items like a burning hot collection for the spice fiend to the moviegoer’s popcorn seasonings set.

McKayla Crouss

Staff Writer

The weather is a little chillier, and the stress levels are higher with finals looming just around the corner. So if you find yourself needing a break from all your studying, why not take the time to decorate your dorm room in a festive way? 1. Gather up everything you will need. The easy thing is that you should have most, if not all, of this stuff lying around already: computer paper (or construction paper), scissors, pencils and tape to hang them up. 2. Take one of the rectangle corners, and fold it over so that it makes a triangle. Cut off the extra strip of paper at the bottom, or take a square piece of paper and fold it in half so that it makes a triangle. 3. Now fold that triangle in half so that the pointed sides match up together. From there, you want to fold your triangle into thirds. Make sure that you have the point of the triangle facing away from you and the long end facing towards you. Then fold the other half over the top of the triangle. You will probably have to adjust the folds so that they line up, so

McKayla Crouss | staff photographer

PAPER SNOWFLAKES add a simple touch of festive cheer anywhere. put off creasing the paper until the sides are lined up. 4. Now cut across the bottom so that it is straight. At this point, you can start to cut away different straight and curved lines on your folded paper, or you can look up snowflake patterns and try to create more intricate ones. 5. Using your pencil, you might

want to trace the parts you are planning to cut out. Then, carefully with a pair of scissors, cut out the shaded parts. 6. Now that you have different shapes or patterns, cut out carefully and unfold all the layers. Hang your amazing snowflakes on your widow or door.

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Page 3 | DEC. 06, 2012



Sports Women’s Basketball

Drake topples Chicago State to snap three-game skid Clark, Reid dominate boards as Bulldogs garner second victory of season Ashley Beall

Staff Writer

On Dec. 2, the women’s basketball squad bounced back after a tough loss to Iowa State and defeated Chicago State (1-5) 67-39 at the Knapp Center in front of 1,939 fans. The Bulldogs broke their three-game losing streak and are now 2-4. “Everybody just closed the door on that game (Iowa State). It’s not how we wanted to play,” said sophomore Kyndal Clark. “It’s not us, and we can’t sit here and keep thinking about it. So we said, ‘Here’s a new day, here’s a new game, and let’s go out and show everyone Drake basketball and show them how we can play.’” Clark had a double-double, scoring 11 points and nabbing 11 rebounds. Clark wasn’t the only hot hand. Junior Morgan Reid finished with 12 points and seven rebounds, while senior Stephanie Running scored 10 points. “We wanted to come out and make a statement, prove to everyone that we can turn the knife,” Clark said. “Once we get ahead, we can’t be satisfied. We’ve got to keep

pushing. We’ve got to keep working.” The Bulldogs out-rebounded the Cougars 58-29. Chicago State’s Tierra Williams led the Cougars with 19 points. None of her teammates scored over six points. “We had some great performances. Kyndal Clark got to the rim and did some great things, Alyssa Marschner had six points, eight rebounds and eight assists. I think that’s huge,” said head coach Jennie Baranczyk. “(Redshirt sophomore) Carly Grenfell went 3-of-4 from the three-point range and really did a great job on the defensive end for us. But I think our guards did a phenomenal job, and you look at our posts again and (they’re) both in double figures. It’s something we’re really getting better, and we’re getting a lot more confidence.” The Bulldogs took a 26-17 halftime lead and then went on a 13-0 run early in the second half to put the Cougars away. Baranczyk commented on the crowd’s impact on the game. “I thought our student section was unbelievable today, to have all the student-athletes come out was awesome,” Baranczyk said. “The greatest thing about Drake is

that you get each other’s support in each other, and that’s something that’s so special that you really don’t see at any other place.” The players also noticed the raucous student section. “That’s what every one person dreams of, is getting the opportunity to have those kinds of fans,” Clark said. “Not just fans that come but fans that are just with you in the game. It was so much and I cannot say ‘thank you’ enough.” With a great showing against Chicago State, the Bulldogs are looking forward to tonight’s game against North Dakota State at 7 p.m. in Fargo, N.D. “We have to be ready to play on the road. We have two tough road games coming up, and it’s going to prepare us for conference season because we open up on the road in conference season,” Baranczyk said. “Great teams win on the road, and they understand what it takes to play together on the road, they understand what it takes to win on the road, and that’s something that we have got to make sure to continue to get better, and we have to continue to gain confidence.”

Joel Venzke | staff photographer

JUNIOR GUARD ALYSSA MARSCHNER dribbles down the court against Illinois at Chicago on Nov. 18. The Bulldogs beat Chicago State on Sunday.

Women’s Basketball Calendar NOV. 23 vs UC Irvine L, 69-64

NOV. 24 vs George Mason L, 76-70

NOV. 27 @ Iowa State L, 87-45

DEC. 02 vs Chicago State W, 67-39

DEC. 06 @ North Dakota State 7 p.m.

DEC. 08 @ North Dakota 2:05 p.m.

DEC. 16 vs Iowa 2:05 p.m.

Men’s Basketball

Must-see games over winter break

Eduardo Tamez Zamarripa

Copy Editor

With the last day of classes coming up on Dec. 14, Bulldog fans will have missed 12 men’s basketball games when they return to classes on Jan. 28. Here are the top six games you’ll want to keep up with during winter break: 1. Saturday, Dec. 15 vs. Iowa State (Wells Fargo Arena) 4 p.m. This will be the inaugural Big Four Classic tournament. Iowa State (5-2) will be looking to avenge last season’s 74-65 defeat to Drake. 2. Wednesday, Jan. 2 vs. (24) Wichita State (Knapp Center) 7:05 p.m. After winning the Missouri Valley Conference regular season title last year, the Shockers have reloaded after losing a talented senior squad. Don’t be fooled, WSU


(8-0) cracked the Top 25 this week thanks to the play of Carl Hall and transfer Cleanthony Early. The Bulldogs will hope to re-enact last season’s Knapp Center upset over the Shockers. 3. Saturday, Jan. 5 vs. Missouri State (Knapp Center) 7:05 p.m. The Bulldogs have not defeated the Bears since Jan. 12, 2009, when they toppled Missouri State 88-77. Drake will try to take advantage of the Bears’ 2-5 start to end its fivegame losing streak against MSU. 4. Tuesday, Jan. 8 at (16) Creighton (CenturyLink Center) 7:05 p.m. Drake wants to avenge last season’s MVC quarterfinals loss to its bitter rival, Creighton (it lost three times to the Bluejays last season). Not to mention the fact that the Bluejays (7-1) are No. 16 in the country, and Doug McDermott is getting National Player of the Year

attention. You know redshirt senior Jordan Clarke has this game marked on his calendar. 5. Saturday, Jan. 12 at Illinois State 7 p.m. (Redbird Arena) The Redbirds are the dark horse pick to make a run at the MVC title. After barely falling short of the MVC tournament championship, the Redbirds are 5-2 this season and are led by the talented Jackie Carmichael. 6. Wednesday, Jan. 23 vs. (16) Creighton (Knapp Center) 7:05 p.m. It’s a shame Bulldog fans will miss this one. If Drake can’t nip the Bluejays in Omaha, it will be hungry to even the score. There won’t be a more raucous crowd all year when Drake squares off against its most hated rival at home.




DEC. 06, 2012 | Page 4

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