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Budget proposal for annually funded organizations released Lacrosse funding raises questions by Lauren Ehrler

Staff Writer

More than one motion was able to spark controversy at last Thursday’s Student Senate meeting. The first to stir discussion was a funding allocation for the Drake men’s lacrosse club to attend two tournaments in Winona, Minn., and La Crosse, Wisc. “We’ve done our best to cover costs, but we haven’t had a whole lot of luck,” said senior Andy Woit, a member of the team. Fundraising efforts have included a pasta dinner and charging each member of the team a membership fee. A sponsorship opportunity also fell through at the last minute, Woit said. The Drake men’s lacrosse club has requested money in the past for tournaments, and some senators questioned the team’s sustainability. “You keep coming back for the same thing, and we keep hearing the same thing,” Sen. Michael Riebel said. However, other senators disagreed and applauded the organization for its increased fundraising efforts this year. “They really showed commitment and creativity and effort,” Sen. Kayleigh Koester said. “I think it’s unfortunate if we react negatively to something they couldn’t control.” The allocation of $626.40 passed 17-3 with three abstentions. Member of President’s Council Emily Grimm has been selected to participate as a student lobbyist for the upcoming 2012 Fraternity and Sorority Congressional Visits in Washington, D.C. Her group will be lobbying for the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act, and last Thursday night, Grimm asked Student Senate’s formal support of the


THE FISCAL YEAR 2012-13 BUDGET was served previous notice in last weeks notice. The above graphs were created with information provided by Student Senate. These are the dollar amounts allocated to the annually funded student groups on campus for 2011-12, as well as the proposed amounts for next year. GO ONLINE TO THE TD’S WEBSITE TO COMMENT ON WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THE PROPOSED BUDGET

Senate general elections announced, celebrated on Pomerantz Stage

Improving on Cowles by Bailey Berg

Staff Writer

LAUREN HORSCH | editor-in-chief

FIRST-YEAR NATALIE LARSON (in green) reacts after hearing she was elected as a Senator-at-Large. Current VP of Student Activities Jessica Hamilton (left) and VP of Student Activities-elect Carly Kinzler (hugging Larson) celebrate her win as well. by Ethan Clevenger News Editor

Senate candidates and their supporters gathered around Pomerantz Stage at midnight on Tuesday to get the big news on the big election. Ten senators ran for nine at-large positions. Napoleon Douglas took over 700 votes — the most of any candidate. Zach Keller was close behind with 616. Stephen Slade managed 598,

while Joey Gale garnered a sound 577. Rounding out the bottom half were Emily Grimm, Ekta Haria, Michael Riebel, Natalie Larson and Breanna Thompson — the sleeper candidate campaigning from abroad this semester. But perhaps just as many people arrived at the election results hoping for a reveal from faux-candidate Chad Stephens. While the mystery man’s Twitter feed was active in the moments leading up to the closing of the polls, he remained silent past midnight. His posts included a Four-


square check-in at Pomerantz Stage and a mysterious video splicing cuts from the film “The Dark Knight” with footage of what appears to be the man from the photos walking down Greek Street on a rainy day and “Vote Chad Stephens” papers flying off the press. “The Dark Knight” clips conveyed the message that he is perhaps the senator we need, but not the one we deserve right now. All told, Stephens managed a paltry 206 votes, pacing only Drake Squirrel who managed 174. See page two for full results for all candidates.

Cowles Library will be getting a three-phase facelift starting this summer. The feat, dubbed the Lower Commons project, will center around the creation of a new “after-hours access” entrance, which will allow for a 24-hour space for students to utilize. “During the (planning) process we heard a lot about the importance of a good study space within the library itself and about the need for a safe and comfortable late night study facility somewhere at Drake,” said Marcus Davis, coordinator of library technology. The project will also include the expansion of Cowles Café, installation of high-density shelving towers, expansion and relocation of the teaching classroom, and the addition of consultation offices and meeting rooms. “The Lower Commons project builds on the success of the Cowles Café and the popularity of the group study area adjacent to it,” Davis said. The project will run from the ramp leading to the café and the adjacent study room, including classroom 122, and would extend to the hallway between the University Avenue entrance and the marble stairway up to the Reading Room. Davis said reclaiming the “dead space” of the large hallway creates a buffer between the active social learning space of the Lower Commons and the traditional quiet, individual study space of the Reading Room

and it’s atrium on the second floor. The large, drafty windows along the south and west sides of the study area will also be repaired and improved. Solar film or other window treatments might be used to help regulate temperatures and soften glare and reflections on computer screens. While the project is waiting final approval from the President’s Cabinet and the Board, the current schedule calls for renovations to start immediately after finals conclude. The timeline is set to ensure the space will be ready for the fall semester. This will mark the first major renovation in the library since the 1998 restoration of the grand Reading Room Atrium. Though planning for phase I isn’t completely solidified, the committee is already looking ahead to phase II. That phase will create more group study rooms, a virtual classroom, a digital productions center and presentation rooms. Phase III will call for a relocation of the entrance, adding a second elevator, relocating and expanding the café, relocating of staff operations and Knowledge Commons. Students on campus are anticipating the changes for the library. “I’ve always been able to focus well in the library,” first-year Payton Albrecht said. “Sometimes I want to go to the library later in the evening, but know as soon as I settle in and get some real work starts it’s going to be time to leave, so the fact that I’ll have






Undergrads present for DUCURS today

Is campus letting the diversity debate die?

The story behind “Memories in Motion”

Hackbarth to join USA All-Stars in China






news SWISS MISS 10:26 p.m. April 8 Security personnel responded to Stalnaker Residence Hall on a marijuana odor investigation in one of the residence rooms. Security made contact with a Drake staff member, who advised them of the room that the odor was resonating from. Security made contact with the occupants of the room. They were both Drake students: one male and one female. Security questioned the students about the marijuana odor. They stated they were not smoking marijuana and that this was not their room. The resident was a female Drake student. She was contacted, and upon further investigation, marijuana and drug paraphernalia were located in her possession. The Des Moines Police Department responded to the scene and took possession of the marijuana and drug paraphernalia. DMPD will conduct any further follow-up or investigation. The male Drake student was found in possession of a Swiss army knife, which is a violation of campus policy. The knife was taken by security personnel and will be held at the Security Office. The dean of students and the director of residence life were also notified about this incident. file a police report. This incident was reported to the dean of students and to the director of residence life for further follow-up and review. 7:05 p.m. April 3 A female Drake student came to the Security Department and reported she was being harassed via text by another female Drake student. The Des Moines Police Department was called to the scene, but the victim declined to

8:08 a.m. April 5 Security personnel responded to Carpenter Residence Hall on a report of a naked male lying on the floor in one of the residence rooms. The female occupant of the room stated she spent the night at her boyfriend’s last night. When

Election night results >>Senators-at-Large Napoleon Douglas — 772 votes Zach Keller — 616 Stephen Slade — 598 Joey Gale — 577 Emily Grimm — 551 Ekta Haria — 544 Michael Riebel — 544 Natalie Larson — 450 Breanna Thompson — 449 Taylor Crow — 404 Julianne Klampe (Write-in) — 227 Total votes cast: 5128

10:52 p.m. April 6 Security personnel responded to Crawford Residence Hall on a report of a possible overdose. Upon arrival, security personnel located a female Drake student who was intoxicated. Security personnel were advised by the reporting party that she, the intoxicated female, and another female Drake student were out at a local bar and were drinking alcohol. All three involved females were under the legal drinking age. The intoxicated student was also in possession of what appeared to be a fake Iowa driver’s license. The intoxicated student was conscious and breathing but not responsive and alert. The Des Moines Police Department and medics were summoned to the scene. Medics transported the student to a local hospital. The dean of students and the director of residence life were notified and will follow up with the involved students. The Department of Transportation was contacted and will conduct further investigation for the fake identification card. 9:00 p.m. April 8 Security personnel were advised that an assault occurred in the 1300 block of 21st Street (off campus). The suspects were described as a

group of male and female juveniles. The juveniles physically assaulted another juvenile and shot him with a BB gun. Injuries are unknown at this time. Security canvassed the area and located a group of juveniles on Carpenter Avenue, and the group matched the description sent out by the Des Moines Police Department. Security detained one of the juveniles while several others ran from the scene. Security was contacted by a male Drake student, who stated he was approached by the group of juveniles that ran from security outside of Old Main. The student stated the juveniles lunged at him as if they were going to assault him. The student did not wish to pursue criminal action against the juveniles that confronted him. DMPD responded to the scene. The detained suspect was identified as one of the suspects who were involved in the assault of the other juvenile. DMPD conducted a trespass advisement and is conducting the investigation and follow-up with this case.

FROM COWLES, PAGE 2 as much time as I need will be great.” Sophomore Mallory Bonstrom said she is frequently kicked out of the library at closing time, so she will use the 24-hour study space once it’s completed. “College students have wacky sleep and study schedules, so I think this will be a good change,” Bonstrom said.

115 undergraduates to present at DUCURS Staff Writer

Today, many students who have done Drake-sponsored research will have the chance to present their work at the ninth annual Drake University Conference on Undergraduate Research in the Sciences. Likewise, there will be six oral presentations given by students and professors alike who will present their research from this year. While the deadline to enter DUCURS this year has passed, all Drake students are welcome to attend the poster presentations and oral presentations to support their fellow science and math peers. Roughly 115 students have submitted posters for a total of 49 experiments from a variety of disciplines. Judges of the presenta-

Dan Pfeifle — 285 (Arts & Sciences) Ethan Gascho — 185 (CPBA) Josh Abbot — 71 (Education) Michael Terrell — 143 (Fine Arts) Rebecca Mataloni — 44 (SJMC) Natalie Gadbois — 159 (CPHC)

tions include Drake alumni, current Drake professors, and community members. Moayad Baadhaim, a junior biology major with a neuroscience minor, presented last year at DUCURS and felt it was a great experience for him. “I felt that it was a good experience that has helped me personally, and it was definitely beneficial,” Baadhaim said. Although he is not able to present this year, Baadhaim appreciated having the opportunity to present last year. During lunch, Dr. Colin Weeks, assistant professor of the department of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Northern Iowa, will present his research on chemistry. Weeks’ research focuses on synthesizing and investigating the properties

of a new class of materials called coordination polymers. What makes this ninth year different from past DUCURS is the presence of graduate schools. During the first presentation time slot, which is from 9:15-10:30 a.m., representatives from Iowa State, Creighton and A.T. Still University will hold a fair for both presenters and spectators to attend. Likewise, the representatives have the opportunity to watch some of the presentations if time allows, which can give these presenters exposure to graduate schools. All participants and attendees are eligible to win door prizes at the end of the event during the awards ceremony. Awards are given to the top presentations in each poster presentation and among the oral presentations.

Get to DUCURS today for presentations from fellow students

>>Diversity Senators James Ley — 679 Full results will be posted on the door of the Student Life Center in Olmsted today.

amendment. The amendment “eliminates a distinction in existing tax law that would result in allowing tax-exempt charitable and educational organizations to make grants to non-University owned not-for-profit student housing entities that provide collegiate student housing.” Some senators were in favor, while others were not. “While I’m all for lobbying for things that are going to affect us, at the same time if it doesn’t affect us, I think we should just stay out of it,” Sen. Nate Bleadorn said. Sen. Carly Kinzler was one of the senators in favor of supporting the amendment. “I feel like it does have the potential to affect Drake,” Kinzler said.

she returned this morning, she found a naked male lying on her floor. She stated she recognized him as a Drake student but did not know his name. The student was later identified, and after investigation, it was determined that the male student had been drinking (the student is under the legal drinking age) and was invited back to the room by a resident in Carpenter to engage in sexual relations. This incident has been referred to the dean of students and the director of residence life for review.

by Eryn Swain

>>Academic Senators




The motion passed 17-5 with one abstention. The Best Buddies funding allocation passed with much less discussion. The $350 allocation will cover registration costs for an International Leadership Conference over the summer in Bloomington, Ind. “Being at the conference was helpful to learn some different terms and meet different people who are advising,” said first-year pharmacy student Michaeline Buettner, president of the club. The motion passed by acclamation. Student Body Treasurer Zach Keller and Student Body Auditor Ryne Nietert served previous notice on the Drake University Student Senate Fiscal Year 2012-13 budget. The budget will be voted on at tonight’s Student Senate meeting.

Start 8:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 9:15 a.m.

End 9:00 a.m. 9:15 a.m. 10:30 a.m.

10:45 a.m.

11:15 a.m.

11:30 a.m.

1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m.

1:15 p.m.

1:15 p.m. 2:30 p.m.

2:30 p.m. 3:30 p.m.

3:30 p.m.

4:00 p.m.

Session Registration Opening Remarks Poster Presentations I* Graduate School Fair Oral Presentations I

Location Upper Olmsted Conference Rooms Parents Hall South Conference Rooms

Lunch Parents Hall North Keynote Address: Dr. Colin Weeks, University of Northern Iowa Break - Group Photo Poster Presentations II Oral Presentations II Awards and Closing Remarks

Parents Hall North Conference Rooms Conference Rooms

>> CAMPUS CALENDAR WHAT: Sexual Assault Prevention Conference

WHAT: Dogtown After Hours

WHAT: Relays Sand Volleyball Tournament

WHERE: Meredith Hall

WHERE: Olmsted

WHERE: Elite Beaches

WHEN: Friday, April 13, 10:30 a.m.

WHEN: Friday, April 13, 7:00 p.m.

WHEN: Saturday, April 14, 10 a.m.





THE TIMES-DELPHIC While promoting Dogtown After Hours this week, SAB gave away tiny fish. Good luck to those of you who have taken on the challenge of being a fish owner.


Learning to deal with different cultures Call for responsibility and action rather than apathy

Any student of color on this campus leaves here more equipped to deal with different cultures, peoples and races than most white students could ever imagine.

Over the last few weeks, many students have heard of the issues regarding discrimination, and that buzz word we all love: diversity. As a student of color on a predominately white campus, this is a word used often and has become a sensationalized answer to a bigger problem. The issue lies not with increasing diversity, or creating a spirit of tolerance. The issue is simply this: there are frankly too many white students at this school. *Insert GASP* Yes. I said what many think on a day-to-day basis and may be afraid to say or don’t know how to say. When you discuss things such as diversity, discrimination and the changing of mindsets, the key to the issue is summed up very simply. Are there enough people at this institution that do not look like me? A white, Midwestern, middle-class student at this university that is already coming from a predominately white, middle-class, Midwestern area could go their entire four to six years here with little to no contact with another student outside of that same group of people. A student that does not fall into that category of student has the adverse experience. They spend their time here learning the ropes of how to mix and mingle with those students while fighting to maintain semblances of cultural and racial normalcy. Any student of color on this campus leaves here more equipped to deal with different cultures, peoples and races than most white students could ever imagine. Specifically, we leave here with a very efficient knowledge of how to deal with white America, which is key to survival in the modern competitive world. I did not write this column to call Drake’s white student population racist. I simply think it is important to point out how quickly

some of us forget things. Just a week ago, the “campus” was in an uproar as news spread about an incident of racial profiling that took place. Now, a week later, many are in the middle of tackling more important world issues. You know, like purchasing your Relays gear and planning to get as drunk as possible during a tradition over a century old. I challenge you all, regardless of skin color, to ask yourself one question: what have I done during my time here to truly connect with someone else outside of my own background? I think many still believe that the incident that took place on

March 3, 2012 was an isolated incident. Many of the students involved have said publicly and privately that it was not. What we didn’t do was mention the instance early last semester as a group of black students was walking to my car when an intoxicated young lady yelled: “Tell those niggers to shut up. Look at those niggers.” Or the annual occurrence of sitting in a sociology class and being the only black person there as your professor talks about how statistically there have always been more black men in prison than in college. We don’t want you to put yourself in our shoes because frankly many of you couldn’t take one step in them. We want you to act and to aid us in combating these things from within our campus. Kill the apathy. Hold yourselves and your peers responsible.


Martin is a senior public relations and theatre arts major and can be contacted at

Critique on Student Senate election campaigns Lack of originality and fresh ideas ruins campaigns In this season of Student Senate elections, I cannot help but notice all of the campaign posters that now cover this university’s every walk-way and wall space. And all I can think is how incredibly BORING they all are. I have run in two Student Senate campaigns during my time at Drake University. In neither case was I elected to office. And frankly, nor should I have been. With my first campaign for business senator during my freshman year, I was clearly inexperienced, under qualified and more interested in having something to put on my resume than serving students. With the follow-up campaign for the same seat during my sophomore year, I lost to a gentleman who I have a great deal of respect for and who ended up doing a much better job than I ever would have. So, while I cannot give this season’s candidates advice on how to best serve the student body, that does

not mean I do not know how to run a very effective campaign. My sophomore year, yes, I lost, but I lost to the then-president of the school’s largest business fraternity, and it was only by one vote (you know who you are). My campaigning was done completely without affiliation to any social or professional fraternity. And if anyone thinks those things don’t factor in, just take a look at our current Student Senate or any other Student Senates in the past. I was able to stir up a voter base that normally would not even have bothered to vote. I was able to do this because I acknowledged what most students already know: Student Senate is a bit silly. The group has no real power. They can’t lower tuition or get Google or Goldman Sachs to start recruiting here. It is largely an honorary title. And there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t think anyone in Student Senate thinks their seat makes them better than

other students. But then, why, every year, do we have to endure the same dull posters either with Peter Perfect in a suit or Miss Abercrombie with flowers? Joey Gale has a tag, “At least I’m real,” but in the picture, Joey is wearing the same thing as every other guy is in each of their posters and is giving the same plastic smile. If you are differentiating on how genuine you are, then let us see the real you and not some suit. Ekta Haria “refuse[s] to be ‘ordinary.’” But the only thing out of the ordinary about her poster is that she has to put her picture on the left side of the page while everyone else seems to have put their pictures on the right. Chad Stephens, you’re killing me brother. A lot of these tags sound like an old, out-of-touch, white guy trying (poorly) to connect with the youth vote. “My leadership is dope.” Do people still say dope?

“‘You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take’ – Eminem.” Thanks for the advice, Dad. What does that have to do with the campaign? And Eminem? Childish Gambino or Tyler the Creator don’t have any words of wisdom you would like to share? The one tag Chad has that is unique and catching is “Live every week like shark week.” But there are no sharks on the poster! What is on the poster is Chad looking up and out. Everyone does this, so why not have a tag making fun of this campaign cliché? “Chad Stephens: He can look directly into the sun.” I do not mean to be cruel in singling out these individuals. In fact, if I did not mention you, it is probably because your campaign was so nondescript that I didn’t even notice it. Campaign posters should be fun. You are trying to get the votes of college kids. We have a sense of humor, and, at the same time, a

strong cynicism for shallow authority. Campaigns are meant to distinguish you from the fray and to connect with voters. If you really are a genuine person eager to bring fresh ideas to Student Senate, then show us that with a genuine, fresh campaign.


Hall is a senior public and business administration major and can be contacted at

Our Two Cents STAFF EDITORIAL • Now that elections are over we get our sidewalks back. Time to say goodbye to all of the campaign posters plastered everywhere. • Friday the 13th is upon us. Beware. • Students have officially lost all motivation. Hang in there, only a few weeks left. • Now that Blitz Day has passed it’s definitely Relays season. Repeat of last year?




BENNETT HANSEN, Digital Editor

KATELYN PHILIPP, Multimedia Editor

HILARY DIETZ, Sports Design Editor


TAYLOR SOULE, Photo Editor

KRISTEN SMITH, Relays Editor

MATT MORAN, Copy Editor

SARAH SAGER, Copy Editor

KAILA SWAIN, Business Manager

• Ashton Kutcher was in DSM this week. Why was he not here? • You all have some interesting things on your bucket lists. Whoever had the idea to put a giant chalk board on campus, props to you. • We dare you...

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JILL VAN WYKE, Faculty Advisor

• Is it just us or have there been a ton of admitted student days this semester? Here’s to looking at you, prospies.


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DEAL’s Earth Jam Saturday @ 6 p.m. The Agora Featuring Clayton Severson and The Snacks

Relays excitement kicks off with Blitz Day SAB Relays Committee hard at work in preparation for Relays by Elizabeth Robinson

Managing Editor

Last Monday students awoke to find campus decked out in brightly colored streamers, a giant, inflatable bulldog and sidewalks plastered with the words ‘Viva la Relays.’ With only two weeks left until the big event, the Relays Committee, part of the Student Activities Board, is working to get Drake’s campus hyped up for the 103rd Drake Relays. Monday’s Blitz Day festivities were only the first steps toward building the anticipation for Relays. At the Blitz Day picnic, held each year in Parent’s Hall, the Relay’s Committee announced the theme for this year’s event – Memories in Motion. “All organizations work to make memories throughout the year and they’re all just kind of moving forward,” Relays Committee Co-Chair

Elizabeth Watton said. “So we thought it was a good fit for a theme and we just thought it was something different.” Each year a different Relays theme is selected by the Relays Committee. The theme is then used throughout Relays and during all activities associated with them. “The theme will be on all of our giveaways, it’s on a big sign that SAB made for the parade, and it will be on the big SAB square down the center of the painted street. It’ll be everywhere,” Watton said. One of the most important times the theme is used is during street painting. Fifty campus organizations are selected to paint a square based on the theme, therefore the theme is written and depicted down all of the Painted Street for a whole year until next year’s Relays. “We try to make it something that a group can make their square off of and something feasible to make a logo for,” Watton said. “We just want-

ed to make it something they could all apply to their organizations.” Aside from planning the theme, the Relays Committee has been working diligently to prepare the various activities that will take place in association with Relays. Events kick off this Saturday with a sand volleyball tournament and will continue through Relays. Other events include singing comedian Brian O’Sullivan, the Relays parade, a hypnotist, the Relays carnival, the Court Avenue concert featuring Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and a pancake breakfast. “I think at this point we’re just hoping that the student body is as excited about everything as we are because we’ve put so much work into it over the course of the year, especially this semester,” Watton said. For a more detailed schedule of Relays events refer to the SAB posters around campus or visit

TAYLOR SOULE | photo editor

STUDENTS GATHERED IN PARENT’S HALL on Monday for the reveal of this year’s Relays theme, Memories in Motion.

Past Relays Themes 1983 – It Can Do Magic 1985 – All That Glitters - 75th Drake Relays 1987 – Stride with Pride 1994 – Explosion of Soul TAYLOR SOULE | photo editor

Students Speak The sun is out, Relays are right around the corner, summer is almost here... Oh yeah, and finals are looming. Students are finding it increasingly difficult to stay focused due to the weather and upcoming excitement. We talked to a few students to find out how they’re dealing with the lack of motivation that has hit many students on campus. “When the weather is this nice it’s hard because you want to be outside all the time. But I have to prioritize and get my priorities straight and get my work done.” — Seth Michaels, sophomore

2006 – If You Build It, They will Run


“I really don’t think about it. I drink coffee, I go out with friends, watch movies, that kind of stuff. But it’s hard because you have exams but you have no choice but to study too.” — Meng Xu, junior

“I don’t have a ton of finals but I’m trying to get stuff done now so once Relays time hits I really don’t have that much to do.” — Phil Jean-Baptiste






Dogtown After Hours hits campus again Activities aimed at completing things on a bucket list

ELIZABETH ROBINSON | managing editor

by Katie Ericson

Staff Writer

Last year Drake became famous after breaking a Guinness World Record for the largest custard pie fight. Over 671 people came, fought and got covered in creamy custard. With this being the second year of the event, Drake’s going even further with 2012’s Dogtown After Hours. “Last year’s even was awesome, but we are hoping that this awesome theme will get students excited about the event.,” DTAH’s Co-Chair junior Jessica Hamilton said. If you’ve passed by Olmsted recently, then you’ve already seen part of the plan. This year’s theme, created by the Executive Councils of Herriott and Crawford Hall, is “Bucket Lists.” A black chalkboard wall was recently constructed outside of Olmsted and students were invited to write their own bucket list hopes on it. Some of the writings were serious, others were more light hearted. “Legalize marriage in all 50 states,” and “Threesome!” were some of the bucket list items. By late Monday the board was covered in brightly colored hopes. Even more dreams are being uncovered on Facebook. Currently DTAH is holding a competition on the site for a $25 Visa gift card. Students post a photo and bucket list accomplishment.

The photo with the most likes will win the gift card. First-year Elyse Webb is in the lead with 84 likes for her wish: “whale watching and sailing in the pacific ocean with my best friend!” Following her with 37 is junior Katherine Fritcke who recently met Liam Hemsworth. Twenty-seven students have entered the contest so far. Students still have the opportunity to enter their photos on the DTAH Facebook page. This is only a preliminary event, though. You’ll need to turn in photos before April 13. Starting at 10 p.m. in the Olmsted Center, the games will begin. Back in February, posters were put up around campus for students to write their own bucket lists on. After these were collected, SAB chose the favorites. “Everything planned is meant to be an accomplishment for you,” said Vice President of Student Life Matthew Van Hoeck. “We hope you leave Dogtown with a new skill or a new experience under your belt.” Among the top-ranked are Cash Cab, a silent disco, and Minute-to-Win-it. There will also be a room for personal records and one for creating a masterpiece. If these still aren’t on your bucket list then there will also be Henna art, palm readers, and the mentalist Chris Carter. Somehow all of these activities have been fit into Olmsted along with $4000 worth of free food from five different continents. Each activity also offers the

chance to win big, too. Many offer a chance to win raffle tickets, and the first 50 people to each event automatically receive and extra ten tickets. Van Hoeck said many of the wishes students put down on the bucket lists were impossible to do during DTAH. “Because we can’t actually do those things at the event, we decided to give students an opportunity to do this things at a later time.” Up for grabs are a skydiving session, a Des Moines helicopter ride for you and a friend, and a free pass to go on a hot air balloon ride. There will also be two Xbox 360s and an iPad in the raffle. All of these prizes will be won through raffles. After you receive your raffle ticket, you can put it in a drawing for whichever prize you want. Blacklight Dodgeball will also be a feature at DTAH. This is DTAH’s new record to break. Held at the end of the night, the winners of this game will receive a special prize. The event is free for all Drake students to attend.

This weekend in DSM Barry Manilow concert Tonight @ 7:30 p.m. Wells Fargo Arena Admission: $19.99 – $129.99

A Cappella for Autism Tonight @ 6 – 8 p.m. Mars Café Admission: Free

Iowa Cubs vs. Albuquerque Isotopes Today @ 12:05 p.m. Principal Park Admission: $7 – $25

Sub Sonic 11 - Glow in the Dark Blacklight Party Friday @ 9 p.m. People’s Court Admission: $5 – $10

DSM Buccaneers vs. Omaha Lancers Friday @ 7:05 p.m. Buccaneer Arena Admission: $14 or $16 (center ice)

Iowa Crush Women’s Football home opener Saturday @ 3 p.m. Martensdale H.S. Football Stadium Admission: $10

JDRF Central Iowa Walk to Cure Diabetes Saturday @ 8 a.m. Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center Admission: fundraising goal

Travis Porter concert Saturday @ 8 p.m. Val Air Ballroom Admission: $33 at the door

#DTAH at a glance Things to do:

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Our track and field team does not get many opportunities to show off their skills in front of the home crowd. On Friday and Saturday, both men’s and women’s squads will participate in the Jim Duncan Invitational in Drake Stadium. Be there.


Hackbarth selected for USA Women’s All-Star team Will play nine games in 14 days in three different cities in China by Eduardo Tamez Zamarripa

Sports Editor

Senior Rachael Hackbarth has one more accolade to add to her long list of accomplishments this season. Hackbarth was officially selected to play on the USA Women’s All-Star team that will tour China from April 25 to May 9. The announcement came on Tuesday. The team will go on to play nine games in three different cities in China, going up against teams from Australia, China and New Zealand. Hackbarth was one of the 12 seniors selected by the United States Basketball Academy. Joining Hackbarth on the team will be Missouri State’s Casey Garrison. Garrison was selected to the All-Missouri Valley Conference first team this season. “I talked to her on the phone,” Hackbarth said. “She was really excited about it, and then we’ve just been texting.” The squad will play nine games over 14 days. Hackbarth will have to physically prepare for the tough slate of games. The Bulldogs finished their

season about a month ago, and after the departure of head coach Amy Stephens, no one from the coaching staff remains. “I’m sure a lot of it is going to be mental,” Hackbarth said. “I don’t really know what to expect going into it. I’m just training with some of the men’s coaches here since we don’t have any coaches right now, and (with) our strength and conditioning coach.” Despite being named to the AllMVC first team and the All-MVC defensive team, and being named the Jackie Stiles MVC Player of the Year and an AP All-American honorable mention, Hackbarth never imagined she would be part of this squad. “It’s pretty surreal,” she said. “I feel really grateful and really honored. It’s not something that I ever knew was in the cards for me. I didn’t expect it. It kind of just came out of the blue. I figured it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.”

2012 USBA ALL-STARS, CHINA ROSTER Katie Bussey ReZina TecleMariam Talisa Rhea Casey Garrison Rebekah Gardner Katelan Redmon Jasmin Holliday Natalie Day Jalana Childs Rachael Hackbarth Kali Bennett

5’8” 5’8” 5’11” 6’0” 6’1” 6’1” 6’0” 6’0” 6’2” 6’3” 6’5”

PG Montana State PG Portland G Seattle U. G Missouri State G/F UCLA G/F Gonzaga G/F Oregon F/G Portland F Kansas State F/C Drake C Arizona State

Head Coach: Chris Denker Assistant Coach: Ryan Johnson FILE PHOTO



Rayvonte Rice granted Bulldogs bounce back with win over ISU after three road losses to UNI release from Drake by Taylor Soule

by Matt Moran

Staff Writer

Last Thursday, the Drake men’s basketball team suffered a big hit when it granted sophomore Rayvonte Rice his release from the program. Upon completion of the spring semester, Rice plans on transferring to another institution to continue his college basketball career. It is still unknown as to where Rice will transfer to, but he will have to sit out an entire season before becoming eligible to play, according to NCAA rules. “Rayvonte Rice has informed me of his desire to be released from his scholarship to pursue a transfer to another institution,” head coach Mark Phelps said in a Drake Athletics press release. “I appreciate what Rayvonte has contributed to our program and wish him well. Ultimately, as a coach, you want highly talented players as well as student-athletes who want to be Drake Bulldogs and are committed to the program. I respect Rayvonte’s request to transfer to another institution.” Rice established himself as arguably the Bulldogs’ top player in his two seasons at Drake. Rice was the third leading scorer in the Missouri Valley Conference in 2011-12, averaging 16.8 points per game. He was named to the All-MVC second team for his efforts. “I want to thank Coach Phelps, Sandy Hatfield Clubb and everyone at Drake University for the support they have given me during my time at Drake,” Rice said in the same press release. “This was a difficult decision, but one I feel I must make. I leave the program and the university with posi-

tive memories and good relationships with my teammates and coaches, and hope for good things in the future. I also want to thank the Bulldog fans for all of their support.” Drake was expected to return Rice and fellow All-MVC second-team selection in junior Ben Simons, in addition to junior Seth VanDeest, who missed the entire 2011-12 season due to shoulder surgery. Now, Drake will have to rebuild its identity with the loss of Rice. Redshirt sophomore David Smith and freshman Judd Welfringer were also granted their releases from the program on March 27.


Photo Editor

For the Drake softball team, one fraction is in the forefront: two-thirds. The 2012 campaign is two-thirds completed. Winning two of three games every weekend is atop Drake’s to-do list. “Coach (Rich) Calvert talked about today that on the weekends we want to take two out of three games, and I think we need to continue working towards that,” said senior outfielder Jaimie Duffek. Meshing offense and defense is key entering this weekend’s MVC showdown against Illinois State. “I think we just need to work on having our offense and our defense work together,” Duffek said. Drake stalled offensively and defensively against Northern Iowa last weekend to drop the Cedar Falls series, 3-0. Despite Panther-focused practices, Northern Iowa’s pitching surprised Drake’s offense. “It’s probably the best pitching that we’ve seen thus far,” Duffek said. The Panthers opened Friday’s double-header with a defensive bang, limiting Drake to just one run en route to a 5-1 victory. Freshman Hayley Nybo notched Drake’s lone run in the sixth inning with an RBI single to plate sophomore Nicole Randel. Northern Iowa’s Mackenzie Daigh, the MVC’s leading hitter, didn’t disappoint. Daigh’s third inning run sparked UNI’s offensive drive. One inning later, the Panthers’ Whitney Plein tacked a two-run homer on the scoreboard, giving Northern Iowa a 3-0 advantage. UNI’s offensive drive wasn’t finished just yet, though. The Panthers powered two runs in the fifth inning thanks to a two-RBI single.

Northern Iowa finished game one with key defensive stops down the stretch. After dropping game one, the Bulldogs refocused with retaliation in mind. “For the second game, we were pretty prepared going into it knowing that we were going to see an equally good pitcher as the first game,” Duffek said. Duffek started game two with an RBI groundout to plate sophomore pitcher Jordan Gronewold, giving Drake an early 1-0 lead. Northern Iowa answered with a sacrifice fly in the fourth inning, evening the scoreboard at one run apiece. Plein powered an RBI double in the sixth inning to secure UNI’s 2-1 lead. Gronewold retaliated with a seventh inning run, again leveling the score at 2-2. Gina Brown blasted UNI’s gamewinning run, sealing Northern Iowa’s series victory, 3-2. Despite Friday’s double-header defeat, Duffek applauded her team’s tenacity. “It was just hard losing a one run game,” she said. “Those are always difficult, but I think the fact that we fought and really thought we were going to pull it through and then at the last minute kind of lost, it was really difficult, but we never gave up, and I think that’s what I love most about this team.” Northern Iowa capped the series with Saturday’s 11-2 game three rout. Tuesday marked Drake’s second instate showdown in just five days. This time, though, the Bulldogs earned a Big Four victory, dispatching Iowa State 8-6 at Ron Buel Field. Tuesday’s win improved Drake to 16-19 overall and 8-4 in MVC play. Drake takes on MVC rival Illinois State this weekend in Normal, Ill. The No. 5 Redbirds are just one MVC berth behind the Bulldogs, and Duffek anticipates another competitive contest. “Again, we’re going to see some

good pitching,” she said. “We’re going to see some good hitting. They are definitely a good team all around.” Despite Illinois State’s versatile game, Drake’s all around improvement is promising. “I think they’re going to give us a run for our money, but as long as we stick together and play well and we have our defense going for us as well as our offense, I think we can put up some good numbers against them,” Duffek said. With only four weekends of MVC regular season play remaining, taking this weekend’s series is critical for Drake. “I know that they’re pitching is going to be tough, and we’re going to have to play solid defense because we want to stay near the top of the conference,” Nybo said. “These next few weekends are going to be the tougher weekends of conference play.” The State Farm MVC Championship is just one month away, but Drake isn’t finished improving yet. “We don’t want to have our peak yet,” Nybo said. “We want to peak during conference tournament, and we started off strong, so we want to finish strong.” The Bulldogs take on Illinois State at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday. Sunday’s game is set for 12 p.m.

ON THE ROAD Bulldogs will take on Illinois State SATURDAY, APRIL 14 12 p.m. & 2 p.m. Norman, Ill.





Bulldogs close out home slate with a bang by Blake Miller

Staff Writer

With no matches remaining at the Roger Knapp Tennis Center for the 2012 season, Drake heads out of town for its four remaining regular season matches, and it is riding a fivematch winning streak. The Bulldogs will round out the regular season on the road against Missouri Valley Conference opponents Southern Illinois, Evansville, Wichita State and Creighton. The last home matches of the year took place last weekend with Drake defeating both Bradley and Illinois State by a score of 6-1. “This past weekend was great for the program, both for confidence and getting off to a great start in the MVC,” head coach Paul Thomson said. “We still have a good deal of work to do and have to start looking forward again.” Although the recent success is great, this weekend presents a couple of tough opponents, with Wichita

State second in the Valley and with Southern Illinois sitting in third. Despite the tough road ahead, Thomson treats every match the same. “Every ‘next match’ we have is our toughest,” Thomson said. “We aren’t thinking about winning out, just the next three days of preparation for Southern Illinois. We can only play one match at a time. There is no point in looking that far ahead.” Drake’s matches against Southern Illinois and Evansville will take place this Saturday and Sunday, respectively. The Bulldogs take on Wichita State and Creighton on April 21 and 22. Team chemistry might be playing a role in the recent success of the squad, with that being the only facet of the team that Thomson will speak candidly about. “The team chemistry is very good,” he said. “All of the girls know they each have roles to play, and what they do has a direct effect on the rest of the team.” Evansville sits in sixth in the Valley while Creighton is just below them in seventh place, as of Tuesday. After

the match with Creighton, the only event left on the schedule will be the State Farm Missouri Valley Conference Championship, which will be in Omaha, Neb., from April 27-29. The Bulldogs have lost their first-round match in every tournament in the last

three years, but with the team’s recent success, this season looks to be different. It might be too early to think about the MVC tournament, but Thomson knows that his team might have a good shot at advancing with its current style of play.

“We aren’t changing anything at this point,” he said. “We are going to continue to keep working on what we have been doing so far and making those things better.”

ON THE ROAD Bulldogs take on Southern Illinois SATURDAY, APRIL 14 1 p.m. Carbondale, Ill.

TAYLOR SOULE |photo editor JUNIOR MANCA KRIZMAN (left) and senior Gaby Demos (right) high-five after winning a point in the Bulldogs’ match against UNI on March 31. Drake defeated Bradley and Illinois State this weekend in its last two home games of the year.



Drake reaches 20 wins after pair of road victories over Bradley, ISU by Dominic Johnson

Staff Writer

No. 46 Drake notched its 19th and 20th wins of the season with victories over the Bradley Braves and the Illinois State Redbirds this past weekend. The Bulldogs kicked off their weekend with a 7-0 dismantling of Bradley and followed it up with a 6-1 victory over Illinois State. The Bulldogs rushed out of the gate last Friday against Bradley with a solid doubles effort from all three teams. The top duo of juniors Anis Ghorbel and James McKie coasted to an 8-2 win over Bradley’s Justin Abrams and Juan Diego Cuadrado. Junior Jean Erasmus and sophomore Robin Goodman, Drake’s second doubles team, soon followed suit with an 8-3 win over Ahmed Albitar and Hamish Weerasinghe. The only doubles match to go the distance was at the third slot, where senior Cesar Bracho and freshman Alen Salibasic eventually defeated Bradley’s Ashton Kalhorn and Arthur Romanet 8-7 (7) in a tiebreaker to sweep the doubles point. The Bulldogs didn’t let up in singles play either, as freshman Ben Mullis quickly pushed Drake’s lead to 2-0 with a 6-2, 6-0 win over Abrams at the sixth position. Minutes later, it was Goodman who put the Bulldogs within one match of victory, as he beat Bradley’s Romanet 6-2, 6-1 at the fifth position. After battling to get the first set 7-5, Ghorbel clinched the match for Drake at the top singles position with a 7-5, 6-0 win. Despite having no chance to win the match, the Braves didn’t give up in the remaining matches. At the second singles position, Bradley’s Weerasinghe rallied from one set down to push the match to a third set supertiebreaker against McKie. McKie proved he was the superior player in the tiebreaker, though, as he didn’t

drop a single point to win 6-1, 4-6, 10-0. Senior Jonathan Hadash posted a 6-2, 7-5 straight-set win over Bradley’s Kalhorn at the third singles position. Salibasic then made it a clean sweep as he won 7-6 (1), 5-7, 10-6 in the most highly contested match of the day. “It was good to get the sweep going into the match against Illinois State, especially when it is never as easy going on the road,” head coach Evan Austin said. “But give Bradley’s guys credit. They competed hard out there.” Drake’s biggest challenge of the weekend came last Saturday when it took on the Redbirds of Illinois State. Drake, Illinois State and Wichita State are the three frontrunners to take the Missouri Valley Conference title this season, with Drake being the overall favorite. The Bulldogs validated their status as the favorite with a 6-1 win over the Redbirds, and it all kicked off with winning the doubles point. The Bulldogs struck first, dominating at the second and third doubles positions. Erasmus and Goodman led the way for Drake, as the duo quickly captured an 8-2 win over Tuomas Manner and Willi Peter of the Redbirds. Bracho and Salibasic followed that up with an 8-3 win at the third spot to grant the Bulldogs a 1-0 lead. Ghorbel and McKie forced the match to a tiebreaker at the top spot against Alexander Pelaez and Jusso Ojanen, but the Drake duo fell 8-6 in the tiebreaker. In singles play, McKie pushed the lead to 2-0 after easily dispatching of Manner 6-3, 6-1 at the second singles position. Salibasic soon added a 6-2, 6-2 win over Peter at the fifth position to put the Bulldogs on the cusp of their 20th victory of the season. Hadash, playing at the third singles position, clinched the match for Drake with a dominant 6-4, 6-2 win over Illinois State’s Skip Span. Hadash, who had been sidelined much

of last year and the start of this year due to injury, has been one of the surprises of the conference season for the Bulldogs, as he has been performing incredibly well at the third position in the last few matches. “Last year, Jonathan was in and out with some injuries and that held him back a little bit,” Austin said. “But this year, since day one, he has been able to keep his fitness up, and that has been the big difference for him.” “We knew if he was healthy and confident and where he needed to be mentally, he is capable of beating almost anyone,” Austin added. “A lot of the pressure is off, and he is out there playing well.” Mullis advanced Drake’s lead to 5-0 with a 6-1, 6-2 win over Jordan Badenko. The first singles loss of the weekend came at the top singles slot, where Pelaez defeated Ghorbel 6-2, 3-6, 11-9 in a super-tiebreaker in lieu of a complete third set. The two are the frontrunners for MVC player of the year, and the title will likely be decided by whoever goes undefeated during the conference season and by whoever defeats the other in the MVC tournament. Goodman moved Drake’s final tally to 6-1 with a 6-4, 4-6, 10-6 win over Ojanen. Goodman said that Ojanen is one of the best players in the conference at the fourth singles position, so beating him was a big result for him. Austin said that the win over Illinois State was a big win for his team, but that they could play even better in the future. “This team does a good job for rising to the occasion during the big matches, and we knew we had to pick our level up for Illinois State,” he said. “It’s one that we can build confidence from to finish out the season.” Drake’s next match is this Sunday at the Roger Knapp Tennis Center outdoor courts. The match against the Southern Illinois Salukis starts at 11 a.m.

Jim Duncan invitational set to kick-off on Friday by Rodney Spears

Staff Writer

Everyone knows that the Drake Relays in Des Moines are held on the last weekend in April, but the Jim Duncan Invitational is this weekend at Drake Stadium, and it helps to illuminate all the local talent. The Drake Relays are for elite athletes that use the event to prepare for championship season, whether it is for the NCAA Championships, which will be held at Drake, or the 2012 Olympics for professional track athletes.       The Jim Duncan Invitational, however, is Iowa’s practice run for one of the biggest sports spectacles in the world.        “Typically, (it is) our precursor for the Relays,” said head track and field coach Natasha Kaiser-Brown. “It’s a mock run-through so we are ready for when we have Relays two weeks later.”  As a native of Des Moines and a graduate of Roosevelt High School, Kaiser-Brown expressed the importance of the locality of the Jim Duncan Invitational.  “This meet is pretty much ours; we don’t share with anyone else,” said Kai-

ser-Brown. Junior Marissa Smith is preparing for this meet the same way she prepares for championship meets, but once the gun sounds, she plans to hold down the fort.  “You’re at home, and Jim Duncan is a smaller meet, so there is no reason to not win or at least be in the finals,” said Smith. “I run here every day. This is my house.” Freshman Mariel Fulton is training for her first Jim Duncan Invitational. This is also her first time ever competing on Drake’s blue track because this is the team’s first outdoor home meet of the season.       “It’s my first one (meet) ever at Drake,” said Fulton. “We had one about 10 minutes away in Des Moines for cross-country season, though.” In addition to competing on the Jim Duncan track for the first time, Fulton will also be treading in uncharted waters with her event this weekend.  “I’m kind of nervous because I’ve never done a five-(kilometer race) on a track, and my training has been a little tough,” said Fulton.  The Jim Duncan Invitational is the ultimate showcase of the track and field talent here in Iowa.  

THIS WEEKEND Jim Duncan Invitational FRIDAY, APRIL 13 & SATURDAY, APRIL 14 Drake Stadium

Predicting the winners for the indoor soccer playoffs A collective, bitter-sweet feeling currently occupies the Drake Intramurals program, as our last few weeks of operation are winding down. The floor hockey victors were recently crowned, the initial rounds of indoor soccer playoffs have begun, a few weeks remain in softball, and our volleyball triples tournament is right around the corner (sign your team up by Wednesday). To serve the moderate consistency of the intramurals column, I will lend this week’s theme to the playoffs of our radical indoor soccer season. New rules and regulations molded this year’s indoor soccer leagues to be more competitive than ever. Our corec league was very popular among the ones who approve of integrating genders in athletics, and the original leagues were just as worthwhile. As always, my personal predictions are typically more wrong than right in lieu of the favorable team’s misplaced Drake ID’s, failure to check the right schedule and reluctance

to sign up on Nevertheless, here are my predictions for the 2012 indoor soccer playoffs. SORORITY Winners: Kappa Alpha Theta – I try not to be fooled by first-place rankings, but the Theta girls seem to always bring out the best in their competition and tend to always show up. No one hates commitment. Almost Winners: Delta Gamma – The team’s unmatched 19 participants may outnumber the rest of the teams combined. Fresh feet on the sideline may prove to bring these girls to victory. Potential Upset: Lambda Kappa Sigma – I try not to dismiss any pharmacy teams when it comes to going the extra mile. WOMEN’S INDEPENDENT Winners: Should’ve Played Tennis – After all the independent teams were ex-

tracted from the sorority bracket, a bare three squads remained. This team is already in the championship mainly as a result of showing up to their games. Almost Winners: Phi Delta Chi – If this team can present enough players at its semifinal game, then it can give the top-ranked team a fair match. Potential Upset: No one shows up MEN’S RECREATIONAL Winners: Alpha Kappa Psi – I cannot overlook an undefeated team with all games played in a 12-team bracket. I’m also hoping the business fraternity can help me find employment after graduation. Almost Winners: Plain White T’s – I think these guys sweat more than any other team. Any seasoned senior squad willing to give 110 percent without an alcohol-related reward deserves my vote. Potential Upset: Phi Delt – I have to give it up for the few Phi Delt casualties

still willing to play for the name. MEN’S COMPETITIVE/FRAT Winners: FIJI A/Linghamz – Both teams remain undefeated and have even showed up to a Friday night game or two. Almost Winners: Toe Poke Express – Another committed Friday night squad who has played well under adversity all season long. Potential Upset: SigEp A – We can only hope for another inevitable match between SigEp and FIJI. CoRec Winners: LSD Eindhoven – Their skill is remarkably familiar, but unmatched regardless. Almost Winners: The Gorillas – May have karma on their side with the vast assimilation of freshman to senior team members. Potential Upset: Unreal Madrid –

Their goal differential evened out at the end of the season, and being called an underdog may really light their fire. Tears come as I think about the stark number of columns I have left to express the grace of Drake Intramurals. Keep playing hard; we wouldn’t be here without your stories to tell. Until next time, please play by the rules.

HALEY BOSCO | COLUMNIST Bosco is a senior English and secondary education double major and can be contacted at




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