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One of Sunbridge’s primary missions is to establish a distinctive and inspiring setting for community living — a community founded on the idea that spending time in nature is essential to living well.

The community’s landscaping reflects this and is designed based on the goals of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program, which focuses on predominantly native plants and protecting water resources.

It is important to use predominantly native, drought-tolerant plants in each home’s landscaping. These selected plants require little maintenance, meaning low water and fertilizer use and minimal environmental impact.

The principles in this guide and the community landscape manual are designed to allow each homeowner their individual style while helping to establish and maintain Sunbridge’s connection to Florida’s natural landscape.



In order to remain in agreement with the community landscaping standards, homeowners must abide by these requirements:

Soil Amendments

Before new landscape plants or trees are installed, the homeowner must add soil amendments like compost to the area to promote proper growth. The organic matter percentage and amendments must add up to at least 4% to improve the soil’s texture, pH balance, water retention and available nutrients.

Approved Plants and Trees

Sunbridge has provided a list of predominantly native, non-invasive, and drought-resistant approved plants and trees that can be planted on your home’s lot with HOA approval. Please refer to this list before planning or altering your landscaping. All landscape modifications must be submitted to the HOA for approval.

Lawn Species

Lawns should be minimal and should not be the focus of the yard. “Argentine” Bahia varieties are the preferred sod standard unless otherwise approved by the review board. Any sod located in the rear yard must be unirrigated. Synthetic turf may be installed in any private yard in lieu of or in addition to sod.


Only mulches made from sustainable resources should be used, and pine straw is the preferred mulch material. Mulching promotes sustainable landscaping by helping keep the plant roots moist and discourage weed growth.

It takes some time for plants to fully establish rooting once they are planted. The municipality’s Water Authority provides 30 days for the establishment of any newly installed plant or tree.

30 DAYS > >

EVERYDAY for 10 days

EVERY OTHER DAY for 10 days

EVERY 3 DAYS for 10 days

View approved Plants and Trees View Community Landscape Manual Scan here for a playlist of videos to guide you through proper Landscape Maintenance

The watering schedule for establishment is as follows: View approved Mulch Materials | 6197 Cyrils Drive, St. Cloud, FL 34771 | (321) 329-8540


All irrigation systems must comply with applicable municipal codes and standards.

The landscape around your home was designed to be drought tolerant and should not require frequent irrigation once established. Florida gets a lot of rainfall and this natural source of water is often all your plants will need to thrive. Beyond the establishment period (first 30 days), less is more. You will want to monitor your plants and make informed decisions about when and how much to water.

Undesirables Management


A weed is any plant growing in an undesired place. We suggest hand-pulling weeds as frequently as possible and only using pesticides or herbicides if needed since this can affect the water quality of our lakes and waterways.

Since your landscaping should include predominantly native-species plants, fertilization should be kept to a minimum, as these plants will thrive on their own. Adding compost to your soil helps to build a healthy living soil which benefits your garden in many other ways.

Lawns and plants should be treated for pests as required to maintain health per best management practices in the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program and requirements for specific plant species.


To keep your plants and trees looking their best, pruning, or cutting off, dead or overgrown branches and stems is needed. Most pruning should be done by hand. Mechanical pruning is not suggested or needed on most of the approved plant palette.


The plants and landscaping at your home does require maintenance to ensure the proper growth and flourishing of plants and trees. Sunbridge requires all homeowners to maintain their property’s appearance at all times either through self-management or by hiring a contractor to manage your landscaping and lawn.

Your landscaping should be maintained in a neat and orderly appearance at all times including but not limited to:

Trees must be maintained in a straight and plumb vertical condition at all times.

Replace damaged or dead material immediately. Use of sealants and regular power washing is recommended for all hardscape elements.

Replenish topsoil, mulches, etc., lost from heavy rains.

Do not cover the trunk crown area of any plant material during the re-mulch.

Keep all weeds out of planted areas and lawns at all time.

Refer to the maintenance section of the approved plant list for maintenance requirements for each species.

Mow as required to keep lawns at a suitable height and in a neat and attractive condition.

Remove grass clippings and mowed grass from pavements. | 6197 Cyrils Drive, St. Cloud, FL 34771 | (321) 329-8540
Scan here for a playlist of videos to guide you through proper Landscape Maintenance

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