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TDSpirit Spring 2012 Issue 29 - Summer 2011


Energy Solutions Group

Provides Incredible ROI to Customers

TDSpirit A publication of Energía imparable

Letter from CEO Harold MacDowell Unstoppable Energy

Energy means a lot of things to different people. For some, they think of positive energy, energy ratings, energy savings, energy efficiency or renewable energy just to name a few. Whatever you think of when you think of energy, you probably think about the value it creates. As leaders in the mechanical construction and facilities services business, we think a lot about energy. That’s why we’re dedicating an entire issue of TDSpirit to the topic. You’ll read about cost saving innovation and conservation programs for facilities of all sizes. You’ll see how TD achieved great results for Fairhill School. You’ll learn about our Energy Solutions team that uses utiliVisor to help our customers be proactive in reducing energy costs. We enjoy being able to share these innovations and success stories with you. They demonstrate our unwavering commitment to bringing energy efficiency to the companies we serve. But I am even more excited when I think of the unstoppable energy our TDPartners show each and every day. It’s an energy we believe is more powerful than any other: Human Energy. Without human energy, TD would not be what it is today. In fact, our Partner Profile brings to light the dedication of Alvin Schneider, one of TD’s finest. The people that have had the pleasure of working with Alvin only have great things to say about his attention to detail and positive attitude. And issue after issue it is exciting to see the TDPartners who have given so much of themselves to create success for our customers. Each and every Partner works daily to put energy behind the things that matter to our clients: • • • •

Smart Buildings Energy Efficient Design Conservation Making Our Communities Sustainable

TD is committed to using all the energy we have in pursuit of consistent improvement and innovation. Of course that’s easy when great customers challenge us with work that renews our energy day after day.

La energía significa muchas cosas para diferentes personas. Algunos piensan en energía positiva, clasificaciones de energía, ahorros de energía, eficiencia energética o energía renovable, para mencionar solo unos cuantos. Sea lo que sea que piense cuando piensa en energía, probablemente piensa en el valor que crea. Como líderes en el negocio de la construcción mecánica y de servicios a instalaciones, pensamos mucho en la energía. Es por eso que estamos dedicando una edición de TDSpirit al tema. Leerá acerca de los programas de innovación y conservación que ofrecen ahorros en los costos para instalaciones de todos los tamaños. Verá cómo TD logró grandes resultados en la escuela Fairhill. Aprenderá sobre nuestro equipo de Soluciones de energía que usa utiliVisor para ayudar a nuestros clientes a ser proactivos en la reducción de costos de energía. Nos complace poder compartir estas innovaciones e historias de éxitos con usted. Demuestran nuestro firme compromiso de brindar eficiencia energética a las compañías que servimos. Pero me entusiasmo aún más cuando pienso en la energía imparable que demuestran nuestros socios TDPartners todos los días. Es una energía que pensamos es más poderosa que cualquier otra: la energía humana. Sin energía humana, TD no sería lo que es hoy en día. De hecho, nuestro Perfil de asociado resalta la dedicación de Alvin Schneider, uno de los mejores integrantes de TD. La gente que ha tenido el placer de trabajar con Alvin solo tiene grandes cosas que decir acerca de su atención al detalle y su actitud positiva. Edición tras edición, es estimulante ver a los socios TDPartners que han dado tanto de sí mismos al crear éxito para nuestros clientes. Todos y cada uno de los Socios trabajan diariamente para poner energía en las cosas que son importantes para nuestros clientes: • • • •

Edificios inteligentes Diseño de eficiencia energética Conservación Sostenibilidad de nuestras comunidades

TD se compromete a usar toda la energía que tenemos en búsqueda de un mejoramiento e innovación constantes. Por supuesto eso es fácil cuando nuestros clientes importantes nos retan con trabajo que renueva nuestra energía día tras día.

Carpe Diem!

TDIndustries is changing the face of mechanical construction and facilities services through lifecycle innovations.


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Energy Solutions Group

Provides Incredible ROI to Customers When Ron Tarbutton, Director of the physical plant at Texas Woman’s University (TWU), asked TDIndustries for help managing energy use, he was hoping for some modest savings. What he got was nothing short of amazing. In 2009, TD’s utiliVisor Group completed a detailed survey of TWU’s central chiller plant. They determined that an investment of $75,000 would lead to annual energy savings exceeding that figure. Just two years later, the University has saved $177,827. “This service has the shortest payback period I have ever seen in my career,” said Bob Wilken, TD Executive Vice President. “The return on investment is amazing.” Continuous Energy Oversight, the cornerstone of the utiliVisor offering, is a unique process. It involves live experts monitoring and analyzing energy usage in real time. That’s in contrast to the “computersonly” method that’s been in use since 2003, according to Ken Scheepers, applied systems and energy advisory consultant with TD. Historically, building managers and engineers have relied on software alone to monitor central chilled water plants. That software generates detailed reports on energy use, but they may appear only monthly. Because of this lack of timely reporting—and the lack of human insight—huge opportunities for efficiency have been lost. Savings From TDIndustries’ utiliVisor TWU Denton Crescent George Bush IAH UT Arlington

Rapid Return

Oct 2009-Jan 2012 Jul 2010-Jan 2012 Oct 2010-Dec 2011 Aug 2011-Jan 2012

$177,827 $108,771 $1,022,103 $65,651

In contrast, utiliVisor involves real people monitoring energy use in real time. If a TD expert spots an inefficiency, they recommend a change in operations right away. And 90% of their recommendations don’t involve any additional cost. “There may be 500 different points we measure against each day, giving us insight into exactly where the energy is going,” said Justin Claybrook, TD utiliVisor Systems Engineer. “We’re able to recommend inexpensive fixes that can be implemented immediately.” “Within an hour, we can see the real-time impact on costs.” In addition, utiliVisor is easy to implement. No proprietary software or hardware is required, and set-up time is minimal.

It took TD just one month to route TWU’s usage information to a custom-built dashboard that’s updated with energy data every five minutes. And because it’s web-based, TWU and TD staff can access it anytime, anywhere. Often, they look at data simultaneously, deciding together on the best course. “Every building is unique,” said Scheepers. “Each one has its own DNA. Figuring out the savings opportunities in each one is like a treasure hunt. It’s something a computer alone just can’t do.”

Conserve and Improve

A search for energy savings drove the University of Texas at Arlington to call TDIndustries in early 2010. The university had received $9.9 million in federal funds for capital improvements to achieve energy efficiencies. TD and UT’s contractors went to work: Upgrades to the campus infrastructure included installing high efficiency air handling units and replacing variable air volume boxes, two thermal energy chillers, and domestic hot water pumps. To cap things off, TD implemented Continuous Energy Oversight for the thermal energy plant and HVAC systems, helping the campus tweak its efficiency minute-by-minute. The result? UT Arlington is expected to save $1.1 million in utility costs annually. Energy usage should decrease by 9.8 million kilowatt hours annually, along with measurable reductions in CO2, SO2 and NOx. Payback on the entire investment is estimated in 8.7 years.

Sustained Savings

For most customers, utiliVisor can reduce energy cost by 5–30%. “I’ve seen savings go way beyond what I thought I would see,” said Scheepers. “It’s quite remarkable.” Scheepers believes in letting the numbers speak for themselves. Currently, 67,425 tons and 33.4 million square feet are under TD’s Continuous Energy Oversight. For four clients, the cumulative reduction in consumed power equals 19,753,758 kilowatt hours; the cumulative savings equal $1,540,793. “The traditional paradigm is burning energy needlessly,” said Scheepers. “utiliVisor and TD provide the missing link—human intellect—people who turn data into actionable items for their specific site.” “With utiliVisor, we’re starting to see just how efficient a building can be.”

TDIndustries Takes A Trip to

Dallas-Fort Worth Airport DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TEXAS

Joint venture provides mechanical, plumbing, and general works for terminal renovations Experience is a common thread among the TRIP (Terminal Renewal and Improvement Plan) team at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Experience with large, complex renovation projects. Experience in the air travel industry. And, most importantly, experience in getting the job done while the client’s business goes on, uninterrupted. Such are the needs at DFW, where General Contractor BARC (Balfour Beatty Construction, Azteca Enterprises, H.J. Russell & Company, and CARCON Industries) is leading the total renovation of the airport’s 36 year old, 1-million-square-foot Terminal A. The first of three phases is under way. In this phase, TDPM — a joint venture between TDIndustries and Phillips/May Corporation — and 36

Moving Toward the Paperless Project

Well, not quite yet — but thanks to the Egnyte system deployed by BARC, superintendents on the DFW Terminal A job can access any project drawing or specification on their iPad 2 tablet computers. The benefits include fewer errors, less effort in issuing new drawings, and simplified version control, as well as reduced cost (drawings cost about $1 per page to print) and a break for the environment. Kudos to BARC for bringing this innovation to life!

subcontractors are renovating the terminal’s mechanical and plumbing systems and providing general works support. That means replacing 48 large air handlers, dozens of smaller fan coil units, miles of ductwork, and 8 restrooms worth of fixtures and piping. Not to mention the massive general works scope required to support these new systems. “The players on this job were picked for their ability to do incredibly difficult work” noted Bob Lowe, TDPM Operations Manager. “And to do it surrounded by so many people coming and going, so much baggage coming and going, planes landing and leaving.” In fact, some 156,000 people travel in and out of the airport each day.

Setting the bar

The Terminal A work represents about one-fourth of the total renovation and is expected to take three years. As they settle into the first phase, TDPM team members are keenly aware of the opportunity to set quality and performance expectations for the remainder of the highly visible project. “This work is setting the future pattern for the development of the other terminals (B, C and E, all of similar age and size) over the next seven years,” explained Ben Houston, Project Executive. “What we’re trying to do, as part of the much larger team, is to be the best specialty contractor for the job,” added Terri Covert, Senior Project Manager. “We help everyone else be the best on the job going forward.” That means being part of the solution when plans need to change. “The biggest challenge is keeping the parts of the airport open that need to be open while we’re doing construction, and not interfering in any way with staff or passengers,” said Dean Wright, Project Manager. The original Phase I plan “was pretty complex and difficult,” he added. “Some changes have been made to make it a little simpler.”

Coming Full Circle

And, perhaps more personally, the project allows TD team members a rare opportunity to see a past project through the lens of their current work. Much of the piping and ductwork now being installed interfaces directly with the airport’s central utility plant, which TD refurbished eight years ago. “We installed the chilled water, hot water, and glycol systems that we’re feeding into now,” said Wright, who worked on the central plant automation system. “We’re kind of finishing what we started. That’s great to see.” “We’re honored to be a part of renovating the finest airport in the world.” -Bob Lowe TDPM Operations Manager

TDPM thanks our great subcontractors: All-Tex Ameritemps Beard Mechanical Butler & Butler ChemCal Cornerstone CT&S Denali Services DFW Movers Echols & Sons Environmental Plumbing Solutions (EPS) Fire Line Services Gabriel Steel GST Mechanical JaCom K Post Company Kahn Mechanical Contractors Kennedale Mansfield Plumbing Metro Cutting and Sealing Milestone Consultants Momentum Native Nations Procurement Systems Phillips/May Precision Demolition Prism Electric Schneider Electric Southwest Insulation SWBC PEO Texas Air Systems Thermal Dynamix Vendigm Wilhouse Sheetmetal Wylie Drilling Zion Contractors

TDIndustries thanks our Partners who are helping to make this project a success: Justin Bowker – Engineer Frank Byrd – Lead Coordinator Richard Castleberry – Safety Manager Terri Covert – Senior Project Manager Tim Edwards – Senior Superintendent Yesenia Garcia – D/MWBE Coordinator Ben Houston - Project Executive Sam Huff – Project Manager Ray Jackson – Sheetmetal Superintendent Matt Johnson – Project Manager Randy Lay – Estimator Mike Lewis – Senior Project Manager Bob Lowe – Operations Manager Jim Bob McGuire – QA/QC Manager Steve McLemore - Plumbing Coordination Pat Mulvihill – Superintendent Christi Neal – Project Assistant Alan Noble – Piping Coordination Bill O’Connor – Sheetmetal Coordination Phillip Richmond – Piping Superintendent Donnie Roberts – Plumbing Superintendent Searn Rodgers – Safety Jody Stallcup – Piping Superintendent Judy Telford – Project Assistant Michael Weber – Sheetmetal Coordination Paul Wiggins – Senior Estimator Dean Wright – Project Manager


Fossil Photo TBD


Takes To The Skies With Shell HOUSTON, TEXAS

Challenges abound in a project where a crane sits atop a 52-story fully occupied skyscraper A rooftop crane, nighttime lifts, and tight quarters create unique challenges in a mechanical construction project. TDIndustries—together with general contractor Harvey—was eager to tackle those challenges. In the heart of downtown Houston stand One Shell Plaza and Two Shell Plaza—two high-rise architectural giants that Shell Oil has leased from real estate firm Hines for dozens of years. When Shell signed another lease for the buildings in 2011, the buildings’ mechanical systems were clamoring for attention.

A Powerful Partnership

Home to Shell’s headquarters and law firm Baker Botts, One Shell Plaza’s 52 stories climb 715 feet up and contain 1.6 million square feet. Emptying the building to complete the renovations was not an option. Enter subcontractor Riggingpro’s derrick crane, brought to the roof by elevator, assembled onsite, and capable of lifting up to 10 tons. That lift capacity is critical for the success of the project, which includes: • Replacing four chillers on the 51st floor by lifting them through a 10-foot-by-25-foot rooftop hatch • Removing three outdated boilers, each about the size of an outdoor garden shed, and installing higher-tech, smaller versions • Replacing nine outside air units which provide fresh air to the building • Renovating the plumbing, tile, and vent lines for eight floors of restrooms

Heavy Duty Hoisting

Since the project start in October, TD has disassembled the old equipment piece by piece. A scrap company shares in the workload, cutting and weighing the scrap for recycling, resulting in LEED credits for the client. Then comes the derrick crane, hoisting the scrap through the rooftop hatch and down the side of the building 52 stories below. And all of this is being done at night. With the building fully occupied, working outside regular business hours is a must. “We have taken extreme measures to ensure our customer is not inconvenienced in any way,” said Senior Project Manager Jim Fawcett, who has two full-time superintendents on the job each night. “When we’re on the job, we protect everything, we do our work, we clean up. The next morning, it should look like we’ve never been there.”


Crucial Considerations

Projects this large—TD has more than 20 Partners on the job every night—yield special challenges. One challenge is the restroom vent line upgrades, taking place in confined chases behind the restrooms, each measuring about 40 feet long and 3 feet wide. TD addressed the cramped quarters with fresh air monitors to regulate the air quality for the TD Partners working in these tight spaces. Another key factor in rooftop work at this elevation is weather. Winter months in Houston can mean wind speeds of up to 20 miles an hour on top of One Shell. That impacts when the team can do lifts with the derrick. “We monitor wind speeds starting in the morning and throughout the day,” Fawcett said. Additionally, since 2008’s Hurricane Ike, both buildings have a new exterior skin and replacement windows. TD has taken painstaking precautions to avoid damage to those during crane lifts.

Award Recognizes TD’s Dedication to Helping Others The Partners at TDIndustries continue to show the depths of their generosity. The United Way recently honored TD by presenting us with the Live United Award for Construction, Architecture, and Real Estate. This award recognized our excellence in all three parts of the United Way’s call to action: Give, Advocate, and Volunteer. TDIndustries is proud to be a partner with the United Way, supporting their mission of providing education, health, and income assistance for struggling families. This award illustrates our commitment to serving the communities where we live and work.

Simultaneous Efforts

Across the street, renovations at Two Shell are also underway. At 26 stories high and with 566,960 square feet of space, Two Shell has been slightly less demanding. Upgrades here include remodeling eight floors of restrooms to meet ADA requirements plus replacing three outside air units. “At Two Shell, we’ve been lucky in that two of the three air handling units are on a garage level,” said Project Manager Tara Gresham. There, a service elevator provides access to the 25th floor, with a gantry crane on 26th floor to hoist the pieces up higher.

Come Rain or Shine

This project has a firm May 1 completion date. One Shell’s new chillers need to be installed and running at full capacity when the summer starts to sizzle. Gresham and Fawcett are confident about delivering on time. “The weather dictates when we’ll get the work done,” Fawcett said, “but we’ll do whatever it takes to keep our customer happy.”

Key Players

TD tips its hat to this devoted team of nighttime and weekend workers for meeting demanding expectations on this project: Sergio Alvarado, Pipefitting Foreman Francisco Coronado, HVAC Coordinator Ronnie Dean, Plumbing Coordinator Jim Fawcett, Senior Project Manager Mark Gafford, Production Manager Tara Gresham, Project Manager Eloy Hernandez, Sheetmetal Foreman Chad Hubenak, Superintendent Glen Krahn, HVAC Coordinator David Mirabal, Superintendent Ralph Mosqueda, HVAC Coordinator Alvin Schneider, Plumbing Foreman Megha Vyas, Project Manager

TDSpirit • • • SPRING 2012


Baylor Regional Medical Center — Plano, Texas


Project Gallery Spring 2012 PLANO, TEXAS

Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano

Hospital operating rooms are high on any city’s list of critical needs. TDIndustries had the privilege of working on two new, high-tech operating rooms at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano. Baylor is now the first hospital in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to employ the CleanSuite technology, which incorporates all OR functions into a single system. While installing CleanSuite, TD relied on strong knowledge of the existing systems in the hospital to eliminate unnecessary changes and avoid cost increases. The expansion was completed in February 2012—on time and on budget. Kudos to TDIndustries team members David Fultz, Project Manager; Tommy Stallcup, Superintendent; Karl Johnson, Sheetmetal foreman; Joe Lynch, Piping Foreman; Jose Solis, Plumbing Foreman; and Michael Seabolt, Medical Gas Lead.

BCBS Data Center — Fort Worth, Texas FORT WORTH, TEXAS

BCBS Data Center a Mighty Fortress of Information Security

Safeguarding insurance information may not be like guarding government secrets, but the level of security can be pretty close! TDIndustries’ work with the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Healthcare Services Corporation (HCSC) Tier IV Guided Data Center in Northwest Fort Worth involves a number of security precautions.


TDSpirit • • • SPRING 2012

The entire perimeter of the facility is enclosed by a security fence, and the interior is safeguarded by Access Control and Alarm Monitoring (ACAM), Biometric Readers (BRs), a Fire Alarm and Detection System, CCTV, and an Intercom Communication System. TDIndustries is working on HVAC system additions and modifications for the 176,000-square-foot hightech, LEED-certified facility. The TD Facilities group also provides 24x7 mechanical systems operations and maintenance, with operators working three shifts each day. TD is responsible for mechanical aspects of the site, including cooling 40,000 square feet of data space to ensure 24/7 operations. TDs Facilities group also provided all the custom programming of the MP2 maintenance management system which tracks and documents all aspects of the maintenance process. TD also manages contractors handling other services— chillers, cooling towers, water treatment, and under-floor gas suppression. Charged with installation of the fire sprinkler system, TD’s Fire Life Safety Group also provides regularly scheduled fire and suppression systems inspection and validations on many critical systems. In addition, the TD Fort Worth branch supports inspection of the back flow prevention systems. To accommodate future expansion, the data center is being constructed on 54 acres in the Alliance Gateway area. The initial build-out involves 80,000 square feet of raised-floor computing space. Later, a phased expansion to 160,000 square feet of computing space is planned. AUSTIN, TEXAS

TD Sets Up Highly Secure Data Center for CyrusOne

TDIndustries recently completed a challenging project for CyrusOne . The global enterprise colocation provider offers data migration, business continuity, and disaster recovery services, safeguarding customers’ mission-critical business

applications and data in highly secure data centers. TD installed the mechanical system in a recently constructed 70,000-square-foot shell building for a data center, completing the project in February 2012. The project effort included key TD skills in CAD modeling, piping fabrication, and processes for equipment startup and commissioning. Key features of the system include primary chilled water distribution, two underfloor chilled water piping loops, 40 computer room air handler units, temperature controls system, and a chilled water plant consisting of pumps and air-cooled chillers. To keep the office workers as comfortable as the data, we installed chilled water cooling for the office spaces as well. CyrusOne had previously worked with other TD groups—Dallas Service, CTBU North Construction—and knew of our ability and past success with the challenges of fast-paced mission-critical projects. Our team successfully managed fluctuating manpower requirements and material needs caused by permit delays and availability of power from electrical utility. The Project was led by Kevin Benter, Senior Project Manager; David Smith, Project Manager; Dwight Matthews, VP for Construction Operations, Central Texas; Rick Cassel, Superintendent; Ty Cassel, Piping Coordinator; Kenneth Jorgenson, Piping Foreman; Santos Diaz, Sheetmetal Foreman; and Lisa Pena, Startup Supervisor.

DLR Data Center — Richardson, Texas



Building to Spec for a Global Data Center Giant

TDIndustries outfitted one of the largest data centers for a giant in the industry. Global IT specialist Digital Realty (DLR) provides data center solutions to more than 10% of Fortune’s Global 200 companies. The firm has data centers in 31 markets throughout North America, Europe, Singapore, and Australia. And TD is now working on one of DLR’s largest data centers being constructed in the Dallas area. Three coordinators from our Dallas office oversaw the HVAC, plumbing, and piping. And we didn’t just do the installation. TD’s shop manufactured 95% of the ductwork, 90% of the piping, and 75% of the plumbing. The project was finished in March of 2012. The project was led by David Ausema, Project Manager; Dennis Broyles, Project Superintendent; Jaycee Curry, HVAC Superintendent; Melvin Kelly, Piping Superintendent ; and Tim Walls, Plumbing Foreman. CyrusOne Data Center — Austin, Texas

TD Partners Raise $60K for Breast Cancer Research Four women. Three days. Sixty miles. These elements converged November 4-6, 2011, when four TD Partners came together to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. Cindy Mortenson from Phoenix, Cheryl Hollowell from Payroll, Annie Smart from Dallas Service, and Tina Pomposelli from Dallas Service were part of a team to walk 20 miles a day over three days in support of breast cancer research. Their team—named STEPS, standing for Screening, Treatment, Educational ProgramS—committed to raising at least $2,300 per participant when they signed up for the event. They proudly surpassed that goal, netting $60,000 in donations to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. They are so committed in the fight to end breast cancer that they’ve already recruited more TD Partners to walk in the 2012 event.

TDSpirit • • • SPRING 2012



Expanding Capacity at HealthSouth Arlington Rehabilitation Hospital

TDIndustries and general contractor Robins & Morton are wrapping up a 12,700-square-foot expansion at HealthSouth Arlington Rehabilitation Hospital ahead of schedule. The addition at this Dallas-Fort Worth regional facility will expand capacity from 65 to 85 patients rehabilitating from accidents or surgery. HealthSouth Rehabilitation Center — Arlington, Texas


TDSets Up Grocer for Continued Growth

With stores in more than 150 communities in and around Texas, H-E-B Grocery Company has been experiencing such rapid growth, that the company needed to expand their data management capacity. Having previously worked with H-E-B, TDIndustries was brought in to assist ESA Engineering with design/ value engineering and construct Warehouse 200, a 35,000-square-foot data center. The April 2008–November 2011 phased project included four packaged air-cooled chillers, a fuel management system, and advanced building systems integration. Despite the complexities of integrating a live Building Management System into the new components without interruption within this 24-hour critical facility, the project was completed on time and on budget. Congratulations to TDIndustries’ Stephen Oakes, PM; Sam Garcia, Superintendent; Jesse Villareal, Piping Foreman; Mike Perez, Sheetmetal Foreman; Omar Ramahi, Automation Energy Advisor; Frank Flores, Systems Integrator; and Mike Morales, Systems Integrator. TDIndustries has also performed the mechanical construction on new H-E-B Plus stores in Pharr and Burleson, Texas. TD is performing several BSI upgrades for the H-E-B industrial plant and is under contract to provide maintenance and repair services for all H-E-B critical facilities. H-E-B Grocery Company — San Antonio,Texas

The HealthSouth expansion was extremely well coordinated by Robins & Morton, who met biweekly with a third-party scheduler and all subcontractors. TD used their coordination group to create a 3D model that was coordinated with other trades. With that information, we used Trimble TotalStation to lay out the underground plumbing. In addition, our internal planning included 6-week look-aheads and 1-week look-aheads. An innovative, time-saving technique employed by TD also saved significant field labor costs: We had the drywall contractor provide studs as we assembled the shower walls in our manufacturing shop. This allowed us to prefabricate entire shower walls in a controlled environment. TD’s scope of work included mechanical (DX VAV rooftop units with air terminal units with electric heat and fully ducted return), plumbing (domestic hot and cold water, sanitary waste and vent, and storm); and a medical gas system (oxygen and vacuum). Kudos to key members of the TD team: Ron Wright, Superintendant; Mark Jones, Senior Plumbing Foreman; Eddie Martinez, Plumbing Foreman; Jim Wall, Sheetmetal Foreman; Tom Fath, Assistant Project Manager; and Matt Terry, Senior Project Manager.


TDSpirit • • • SPRING 2012

Maple Avenue Apartments — Dallas, Texas DALLAS, TEXAS

High-End Apartment Building Boom Continues

With more than 7,000 apartments being built, the Dallas–Fort Worth area is leading the nation in apartment construction. As consumers choose renting over home ownership, demand is strong for sophisticated, environmentally conscious apartment communities. TDIndustries established a strong relationship with builder JLB Partners working on a prime example of such housing in Dallas. The project? The recently constructed Icon at Ross (, a 376-unit upscale project on Ross Avenue.

Now TD and JLB are halfway through another successful collaboration that is running on budget and a month ahead of schedule with an estimated completion date of July 30, 2012. The Maple Avenue Apartments in Dallas will be a four-story, 300-unit LEED-certified apartment community. Features include a parking garage and 308 split-system air conditioners. TD superintendent Jeff Johnson worked closely with the plumbing, electrical, and fire sprinkler contractor to coordinate limited truss space due to the added systems required by LEED, including kitchen venting and outside air ducting and controls. Ducting had to pass strict tightness testing conducted by third-party inspectors, another LEED requirement. Because the Maple Avenue Apartments are less than half a mile from Love Field, special arrangements had to be made with the FAA prior to the project start so that the equipment could be raised to the roof. The Maple Avenue Apartments are a five-minute walk from the Inwood/Love Field Station (Dallas Area Rapid Transit - DART terminal). With Southwest Medical Center and Parkland Hospital also nearby, the apartments are anticipated to be popular with medical professionals looking for convenient, upscale living space.


TD choreographs repairs to fix leaky pipes at Texas State University’s (TXST) Theater Center Problem: Deteriorating iron drains and leaking sewer lines didn’t have the theater center’s facility managers doing the happy dance. They turned to TD to choreograph a solution. Situation: The day after signing a service agreement with TD Austin, managers of the lakefront facility called with a plumbing emergency. TD technicians arrived on site to discover they needed boats to get a visual on the sewer lines. With the help of three flat-bottom vessels, 14 sets of chest waders, and anti-shock cordless equipment, TD inspected the pipes. Technicians immediately saw that cast lines were collapsing and the insulation was riddled with asbestos. TD’s Paul Wilson didn’t dance around the challenge: “You could be a plumber all your life and never run into a problem like this.” Solution: TD technicians first installed new above-water pipes that will eventually submerge. Working in chest-high water, technicians replaced all cast iron piping with PVC to prevent rust and corrosion. The pipes were then connected to the campus sewer line. Rust-resistant stainless steel riser clamps and hangers firmly affix the pipes, which are now properly sloped and distanced to ensure drainage to the city manhole. Result: This was the largest service job TD Austin had ever done. It was not only pulled off accident-free, it came in under budget. And it was completed in just eight weeks. The successful result for the theater center received a standing ovation and prompted the university to call on TD to do even more work.

TDSpirit • • • SPRING 2012



A Company Culture That’s Working TDIndustries congratulates our customers and colleagues who were also named a “Best Company to Work For” in 2012: Camden Property Trust DPR Construction The Container Store Balfour Beatty Construction Burns and McDonnell PCL Construction Whole Foods Market Methodist Hospital Deloitte Starbucks Devon Energy Quicktrip Rackspace Four Seasons Cisco

For the 15th straight year, TDIndustries is one of FORTUNE Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For in America” Any company would be proud to be one of FORTUNE Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.” But to achieve that distinction 15 years in a row? To be named an “All-Star” — one of just 13 companies named to the list every year it’s been published? That’s recognition to write home about. It represents so much more than prestige. It’s about who we are, how we’ve earned this distinction, and what it means to our Partners and clients.

How Does This Competition Work?

To find America’s 100 Best Places to Work, FORTUNE and its partner, the Great Place to Work Institute, go straight to the source: a company’s employees. The Great Place to Work Institute surveys employees at each company applying for the award and asks them 58 questions about their work life. Those questions range from job satisfaction, to camaraderie, to management credibility. A full two-thirds of a company’s final score is determined by those employee responses. The remaining third is derived from the company response to a “Culture Audit,” a series of questions covering every imaginable aspect of workplace life.

Happy Partners Make Good Things Happen

With so much of the rating based on employee opinion, “Best Place” status is more than an award. It’s a validation that TD is delivering on its responsibility to provide a workplace where people feel empowered, valued, and trusted. What’s it like to be part of that? “People are engaged,” said Patricia Martin, Human Resources Generalist. “There’s no sense of, ‘Let me just get through the week and get my paycheck.’ People are focused, they’re working, they’re into the mission at hand.” “Our Partners trust their leadership,” added Maureen Underwood, Executive Vice President, People Department. Our leaders continue to find ways to make sure our Partners have careers at TD. They work hard at communicating throughout the company to find projects that meet our Partner needs. Trust is an outgrowth of the servant leadership philosophy that TD follows. Servant leadership was introduced by researcher Robert Greenleaf, who felt that traditional, authoritarian leadership models weren’t working. Servant leadership casts executives as “humble stewards of their organization’s resources: human, financial and physical.” “We have high standards for our leaders,” said Martin. “We don’t believe that just because you’re making money, you’re doing a good job. You also have to be a good servant leader to be a good fit in our culture.”

Results for our Customers

TD’s unique culture translates into real results for our customers: •

Longevity. Turnover at TD is just 15%, contrasted to 60% for the construction industry as a whole. Customers see the benefits of this longevity when they work with the same trusted TD Partners over multiple projects. Quality. Servant leadership involves helping all employees grow in their careers. As a result, TD Partners constantly pursue leading-edge technologies to maintain the highest standards in construction, renovation, and facilities management. Dedication. Our teammates are motivated to do the best work possible—not just to “make a buck”—but because it’s the right thing to do. The right thing for our customers, for one another, and society as a whole.

Martin emphasized that receiving the FORTUNE recognition doesn’t mean that everyone thinks we’re the “bees’ knees.” “We know there’s always room for improvement,” Martin said. “We’re not bragging when we talk about our culture. It’s just who we are, and what we do.”

TOY DRIVE TD Partners Put a Spin on Gift Giving For the Dallas Service Group, the holiday season used to mean a gift exchange with co-workers. That changed three years ago when the group decided to do something a bit different with their exchange. Now when the Partners draw a name, they think of that person as a child and buy a toy for him or her. The 25 who participate each year then donate the toys to Metrocrest Family Services to be given to needy children. The exchange has brought them such joy that they plan to continue it for many years to come.

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Career Milestones

January 2012—March 2012

35 30

John Hogan Major Projects

Karen Albright TDManufacturing Jim Bivins Professional Services Team Tim Feeley Special Projects

Randy Krebs Major Projects Bruce Lane Special Projects Jim Whetstone Dallas Service

25 14

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Gary Barr Major Projects


Jack Deborde Facilities Management Services

Roberta Adams Corporate George Athens Phoenix Jim Brock Multifamily Carl Easy Houston Bryan Francis TDManufacturing


Kevin Gray Dallas Service Mark Jackson Major Projects Mike Murphy Professional Services Team Bill Parten Facilities Management Services Debbie Stephens Houston


Sergio Alvarado Houston Berny Araiza Phoenix John Baker Dallas Service Stacey Brown Major Projects Norman Cox Houston

Brian Craddock Technology Richard Jennings Building Systems Integration Michael Lanier Dallas Service Paulo Lemus Houston

Jorge Ocon Special Projects Rodney Palmore Dallas Service Jacob Petty Dallas Service Jose Rodriguez Major Projects

Not Pictured

Antonio Adame Major Projects Daniel Alardin Major Projects Johnny Alexander Major Projects Rodolfo Alfaro-Herrera TDManufacturing Jose Arvizu Major Projects Larry Benton Facilities Management Services Eddy Boch Technology

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5 15


Harley Burchard III Central Texas Sue Carmack Central Texas Chad Carruth Central Texas Darrel Collins Dallas Service Henry Daniels Facilities Management Services Bernardo De Leon TDManufacturing

Curtis Easy Houston Jimmy Eixman Central Texas Laurenze Faison Dallas Service Mario Flores Major Projects Guadalupe Garza Central Texas Randall Glass Major Projects Christopher Hendricks Dallas Service

Carlos Hernandez Major Projects David Hurtado Major Projects Kenneth Jorgensen Central Texas Ana Kapitan Multifamily Mauricio Lara Major Projects Daniel Lozano Central Texas Genaro Martinez Major Projects

Not Pictured

Not Pictured

James McKinney III Facilities Management Services Christi Neal Major Projects Abram Perez TDManufacturing Casey Perkins Dallas Service James Poindexter Technology Homero Sanchez Technology

Not Pictured

Not Pictured

Not Pictured

Doug Seay Professional Services Team Terry Shiflet Facilities Management Services Kevin Stacy Special Projects Travis Temple Houston Kristian Vazquez TDManufacturing Charlie Venable Jr. Houston

Sean Vincent Major Projects George Whaley Phoenix Paul Williams TDManufacturing Robert Witt Special Projects


TDPartners are at the heart and soul of our company. We salute our recently retired Partners and wish them all the best following their years of service. Thank you for your many contributions throughout your careers and for helping to make TDIndustries a great place to work!


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Jim Ellis 27 years Sam Lanningham 18 years Jerry Steenson 40 years Ros Tork 24 years

Not Pictured

Not Pictured

TDIndustries Earns Extra Credit At Fairhill School











• Replace the lighting with energy-efficient fixtures • Install an energy management system to control HVAC units automatically • Replace three old HVAC units in the gym with energy-efficient models




In July 2011, TDIndustries volunteered to do a science project for Dallas’ Fairhill School. Fairhill, for its part, was delighted to be the subject of an energy savings analysis. Fairhill serves learning different students in grades 1 through 12 in the Dallas area. The private, non-profit college preparatory school strives to be an academic oasis where students “learn how to learn.” Children struggling with difficulties, such as dyslexia, are taught to overcome challenges and gain confidence in their abilities. TD has had a maintenance agreement with Fairhill for several years and wanted to share its focus on energy. So the school let TD perform an energy audit on its 1970s-era twostory building. The results found three areas of opportunity for conservation:



TD helps Fairhill win a grant for an energy savings project




Fairhill, unfortunately, wasn’t sure it could afford all of the improvements. Private schools typically have to launch capital campaigns to raise funds for such renovations. TD came up with a solution. The lighting project had the fastest payback—and TD knew that Fairhill would qualify for a matching grant. “We knew that the regional energy distributor, Oncor Electric Delivery Company, offered generous incentives for conservation,” said Dan Edwards, a Project Development Engineer with TD Dallas/Fort Worth. “So, we helped Fairhill apply for one of their grants.” The school was awarded 50% of the cost. Students are now studying under energy-efficient lighting while the school is saving $16,830 annually on its utility bill. As for TD’s science project, it became the prototype for TDSaves. This new service is now helping small-to-medium companies save energy like the big guys.

DIVERSITY AWARD TD Brings Home National Diversity Award

TDPartners Mike Gresham, Ed White, and Pete Ybarra accept the award on behalf of TDIndustries.

On February 22, 2012, TDIndustries was proud to accept the 2011 ABC National Diversity Excellence Award for Subcontractors. Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. awards this distinction to companies who exemplify diversity leadership. TD was given this award based on our policies and practices that promote diversity in the workplace. Since the early 1990’s, TD has had a diversity council that guides these policies throughout the company. The council makes it their mission to help TD Partners at all levels reflect the diversity of our communities through systems that recruit, hire, evaluate, and promote only Servant Leaders. Additionally, TD offers diversity training classes and a full day seminar, available to all employees. From the top down, TD emphasizes diversity in all aspects of the company. Ed White, Senior Vice President, accepted the award on behalf of the company at an awards ceremony in Phoenix.

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Makes The Grade With Lake Dallas Schools

2012 marks TD’s 10-year anniversary supporting the Lake Dallas Independent School District TDIndustries hit the books when it launched a service agreement with Lake Dallas Independent School District (LDISD) in 2002. Ten years later—and now in a second multi-year contract—TD is earning straight A’s. Located just north of Dallas/Fort Worth, Lake Dallas ISD has nine school buildings spread across five campuses. More than 4,000 students, pre-K through high school, study in its classrooms each year. And a productive school day for this busy district demands reliable mechanical systems. That’s where TD comes in.

Keeping the “Cool” in School

TD services three critical parts of the district’s facilities: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); refrigeration; and building automation. TD is responsible for planning, maintenance, and repairs for all three systems. “When we started with Lake Dallas, they were just beginning a progressive renovation and retrofit program with their facilities,” said Orland Hilliard, Senior Account Manager. TD’s grade-A service and positive relations with Lake Dallas led to extra credit. “Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped them go through most of their buildings’ systems and either replaced or extensively renovated them,” Hilliard said. TD also installed a state-of-the-art controls system, Tridium Niagra, to monitor the district’s diverse building systems. Tridium’s open platform allows all of the school’s vendors systems to interact with it—not just TD. And its web-based interface gives Lake Dallas administrators a much greater ability to monitor and control systems across the district. “Due to budget constraints we have to run with a tight maintenance staff. TD’s technicians operate like our own employees, they are part of our district and look after our interests just like they work here.” -Wes Eversole, Deputy Superintendent/CFO

Meeting Individual Needs

Over time, these improvements have translated into reduced building energy and lower maintenance costs for Lake Dallas, crucial for a “landlocked” school district with a mature tax base. “We work with Lake Dallas to fulfill their needs within their restricted budget,” said Mark Crockett, Service Manager, who started on the project as an HVAC technician. “We understand their limitations and do everything we can to work within them.” TD’s on-call status results in a speedy response to any emergencies. “Randy Mahone and Charlie Haynes are always willing to jump on any issue we call them with,” said Wendy Konz, Director of Maintenance & Transportation at Lake Dallas. “We receive great service from all our TD technicians.” In addition, the remote monitoring provided by Tridium means that most potential issues can be spotted before they become a problem. That’s especially critical in August when high Texas temperatures and the back-toschool season collide, demanding extra attention from TD.

A Family Affair

“Working with Lake Dallas is like working with family,” said Hilliard, who has a son at Lake Dallas High. “You know where you stand with them. You don’t have to guess how you’re doing. It’s a great atmosphere.” Wendy Konz concurs. “TD has always gone the extra mile to make certain our district is up and operating,” Konz said. “We’ve formed a great relationship with TD that we look forward to continuing.”



Alvin Schneider

Gresham agreed. “Alvin can explain to our customers and facility managers what’s going on with their medical gas systems and plumbing systems, in detail. At the same time, he shares specs with us, but in terms we can understand. So we know what money is being spent on, and when it needs to be spent.”

A Mentor and Servant Leader

Foreman Alvin Schneider tackles renovations … and serves up a mean barbeque It was only because of an oil field crash more than three decades ago that Alvin Schneider took a $5.50-an-hour job as a plumber’s assistant. After gaining a dozen years of plumbing experience, he took the advice of a former coworker: talk to TDIndustries. He lined up an interview and was promptly hired into the service group. “I haven’t looked back since,” Schneider said. Nineteen years later, 53-year-old Schneider finds that driving through Houston is like driving through a portfolio of his work.

Tackling Tough Renovations

He’s been in the Special Projects division since 1998, handling renovations. Renovations can be a trickier business than new construction because of the constraints involved with working around existing tenants. Even more complex is dealing with potentially deadly substances, which is part of Schneider’s day-to-day responsibilities. One of TD’s first licensed medical gas plumbers, Schneider is an expert in installing behind-the-walls pipes for oxygen, medical air, and nitrous oxide. And because he renovates equipment installed by other plumbers, he must be prepared to encounter just about anything. “Alvin has a huge responsibility. If one of those gases were hooked up incorrectly, it could be deadly,” said Project Manager Tara Gresham. Gresham is working nights with Schneider on the Shell renovation project in Houston. “Because of his level of expertise, I feel comfortable whenever I send Alvin into an old hospital,” said Production Manager Mark Gafford. “He gets along well with the customers. He loves to talk, and he’s never at a loss for words to keep a customer updated on the progress.” “And that puts them at ease.”

Schneider is a hands-on servant leader who has mentored TD’s growing ranks of certified medical gas technicians. He is a working foreman, a leader by example. At the Shell headquarters renovation in Houston, “Alvin is the one in the hole every time you look in there,” Gresham said. In addition, Schneider takes pride in a job well done, no matter how small. He once got a call about a renovation at a JCPenney where a urinal hadn’t been installed to ADA height specifications. The customer thought Schneider was going to have to tear down a wall to adjust the plumbing. No—he made a six-inch by six-inch hole, just big enough to get his hands in and adjust the piping. “The customer couldn’t even tell I had been there, but afterward, the urinal was at ADA height,” Schneider laughed. “ I had even gotten some grout and fixed the tile.” Schneider is also known in TD circles as chief of the barbecue competition. The usual lucky recipients of his prize-winning barbecue skills are his wife Robin, and their three children— Danielle, Dustin, and Dillon. Wyndham Hotel Worked in Austin with their Service Department The Houstonian Hampton Inn Saks 5th Avenue The Methodist Hospital Willowbrook Memorial Hermann Heart & Vascular Hospital Christus St. Catherine Hospital Triumph Hospital – The Heights Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus Houston ED at Cypress Park St. Paul United Methodist Church One Shell Plaza Two Shell Plaza

TD’S NEW LOOK TDIndustries recently rolled out a brand new look for our vehicles. These new graphics are already being put onto new vehicles and the entire fleet is slated for completion over the next few years.

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13850 Diplomat Drive | Dallas‚ TX 75234

CRAFT OLYMPICS Construction Competition Lets TD Partners Show Their Skills In November 2011, three TD Partners participated in the ABC Craft Olympics, sponsored by Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. This annual competition tests the speed and skills of technicians in their respective trades. Participants first take a written exam, followed by practical exams in one of 10 craft areas. Hats off to our winning TD partners who excelled in the competition: • David Grissom, Building Technician II, Facilities Team: First place, HVAC category • Bobby Hoover, Plumbing Helper, Fort Worth Construction Team: First place, Plumbing category • Nelson Herrera, Plumbing Helper, Fort Worth Construction Team: Second place, Plumbing category The achievements of Grissom and Hoover afford them the honor of traveling to San Antonio in April to participate in the National competition.

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