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Winter 2018-19

Heart Behind the Building Women Finding Success at TD, p.9

Letter from CEO Harold MacDowell


In this issue ... Lessons from the LEGENDS

ow do you explain TDIndustries? On the surface, TD is a mechanical contractor and facility services provider. TD can engineer, construct, operate, and maintain the buildings you work and play in. We help build the schools and labs that educate our youth, and the offices that enable great work! More than 300 facility technicians operate and maintain 120 million sf at facility sites, and 400 more perform truck-based service. We also are helping build futures at 200 active construction sites. Dive deeper and you will see the essence of TD: Partners who seek better quality outcomes for our customers, who strive to build trust and maintain lasting relationships, and who passionately pursue excellence in their work. We collaborate with our customers to find better solutions, and often during these discussions, we identify new ways to add value to their facility. At TDIndustries, we see a facility, building, or project as an extension of our customer’s long-term objectives. In this issue, you will see how we have become our customers’ trusted advisor on many successful projects: the construction of an arena that will unite fans from all over Texas; a collection of community improvement programs; and the tools that will help you improve your facility. All of those would not be possible without the help of outstanding individuals who are committed to creating long-term relationships and proving our customers with the best quality product. I hope you enjoy the Winter edition of TDSpirit. As you read, look for the Partners behind the project who have helped change and improve the skylines across the country. These Partners are not just your mechanical builder or service provider, but they are truly working to build and maintain the heart of your building.

Partner SAVING Partner WOMEN Building Careers at TD Tools to EFFICIENTLY monitor a facility

¿Qué es TDIndustries? A simple vista, TD es contratista de ingeniería mecánica y proveedor de servicios para instalaciones industriales o institucionales. TD puede diseñar, construir, operar y mantener tanto los hospitales que salvan vidas, como los centros de datos que alimentan la nube. ¡Ayudamos a construir las escuelas y los laboratorios que educan a nuestros jóvenes y las oficinas que permiten un trabajo excelente! Más de 300 técnicos de instalaciones realizan operaciones y mantenimiento en 120 millones de pies cuadrados de sitios de obras y 400 más llevan a cabo servicios en camiones. También ayudamos a construir futuros en 200 sitios de construcción activos. Si vamos más profundo, veremos la esencia de TD: Los socios que buscan resultados de mejor calidad para nuestros clientes, que se esfuerzan por construir confianza y mantener relaciones duraderas, y que persiguen apasionadamente la excelencia en su trabajo. Colaboramos con nuestros cliente para encontrar las mejores soluciones y, con frecuencia durante aquellos debates, identificamos nuevas maneras de sumar valor a sus instalaciones. En TDIndustries, vemos la instalación, el edificio o el proyecto como una extensión de los objetivos a largo plazo de nuestro cliente. En este número, usted verá cómo nos hemos convertido en el asesor de confianza de nuestros clientes en muchos proyectos exitosos: la construcción de un estadio que reunirá a los fans de todo Texas; una colección de programas de mejoras para la comunidad y las herramientas que le ayudarán a mejorar su instalación. Nada de esto sería posible sin la colaboración de personas extraordinarias que están comprometidas a crear relaciones duraderas y a brindar a nuestros clientes el producto de la mejor calidad. Espero que disfrute de la edición de Invierno de TDSpirit. Cuando la lea, busque a los Socios que están detrás del proyecto y que han ayudado a cambiar y mejorar los horizontes de todo el país. Estos Socios no son Carpe Diem! sólo constructores mecánicos o proveedores de servicios, sino que están trabajando realmente para construir y mantener el corazón de su edificio.

On the cover: Isidro irit TDSp “Chilo” Flores, a Heart piping foreman with Behind e 15 years of construction thBuilding experience at TD 19


en Wom Finding at Success23 TD, p.


TDSpirit === Winter edition


Our mission We are Committed to providing outstanding Career opportunities by exceeding our Customers’ expectations through Continuous aggressive improvement. Please report any change of address, contact name or additions, to

Our PARTNERS DICKIES: Cowtown’s upcoming landmark TD’s OAK WALL Tradition


Partners on the MOVE

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230 years of ...


ince Jack Lowe, Sr. founded Texas Distributors in 1946, those two principles have been part of TDIndustries. Five longtime Partners have more than 230 years of combined experience, and are exhibits in what it means to truly live the values and mission of TDIndustries. They have helped to build Jack Sr.’s vision to make TD the company that is it today. Last year, TD launched a series of videos which featured TD’s legendary leadership. It includes Jack Lowe, Jr., Ben Houston, Bob Ferguson, Ed Ramsey, and Bobby Cole. They all tell stories of how TD came to become one of the leading mechanical contractors in the Southwest through trust and respect — and the culture of the company that built a stable foundation for growth. Today, TD is well known for its Servant Leadership culture — that the servant leader is servant first. It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve first then a conscious choice to lead. That manifests itself in TD’s five core values: • Build and Maintain Trusting Relationships • Fiercely Protect the Safety of All Partners • Lead with a Servant’s Heart • Passionately Pursue Excellence • Celebrate the Power of Individual Differences As employee-owners of the company, Partners had a role in creating this new standard, but it grew out of two seeds: trust and respect. “I think we have a culture of re-examining ourselves,” said Ben Houston during his interview. “The core values are great; better than what we had, but the cornerstone of it all is trust and respect. As long as we continue to trust and respect (one another), we’ll continue to adapt. We just need to continue to keep getting better.” Jack relayed one example of how trust became an important element between himself, Bob, and Ben. In the mid-80s, TD began sending Partners to an industrial psychologist who


TDSpirit === Winter edition

(From left) Jack Lowe, Jr.; Bob Ferguson; Bobby Cole; Ed Ramsey; and Ben Houston

could help identify working team’s strengths and weaknesses. The trio decided they should attend to improve their working relationships. “Up to that time, we liked each other and respected each other, but we all thought it would be better if each of us were more like themselves,” said Jack. After a day of interviews, tests, and discussions, the psychologist provided the result: all three were equidistantly apart. What it proved to the team was that the team complemented itself by spreading out its strengths. That test gave TD’s leaders the confidence to trust in each other. Jack was always the visionary, Bob could build relationships with anyone, and Ben found ways to get things done. “In a lot of ways, we were co-CEOs,” Jack Jr. said. “That’s how we grew.” To see how these five men viewed their part in building TDIndustries, watch their playlist at

... but the cornerstone of it all is trust and respect. As long as we continue to trust and respect we’ll continue to adapt.” — Ben Houston

TDSpirit === Winter edition


Superintendent immediately jumped into action when he saw plumbing apprentice choking

You were an intern in 2015. Why did you choose to stay with TD? I was working on the Dollar General warehouse project, and everyone explained the employee-owned culture. TD’s core values align with mine, and the people here are great to work with.

Your team does a lot of work using Lean principles. How does that help you in the field? We do one-week and six-week plans, and a lot of production reviews. It reduces constraint in the field, and drives our schedule to be more efficient.

You’re based in San Antonio, but earlier this year you volunteered to work on a project in Arizona. What was that experience like? That was a great experience. We knocked out a job, and Jimmy Richardson (Arizona Special Projects Superintendent) was a great teacher. I learned a lot about different systems. We don’t use swamp coolers (a system that removes heat through water evaporation) much here, so that was good to learn. The plumbers also learned about rigging practices for data centers. It was great for them to share that knowledge to us.

Heimlich maneuver Choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional death, and Charlie’s quick action helped to save his Partner from a possible fatal incident. “Charlie received his Red Cross first-aid/CPR training here at TD from Safety Manager Rodney Lines. As I heard the story it gave me chills to know what could have happened if Charlie did not have that training,” San Antonio Production Manager Todd Ferguson said.

You recently saved your friend’s life. Tell us what happened. Charlie Miffleton (right) used the Heimlich maneuver to keep Joseph Johnson (left) from choking.


harlie Miffleton (right) has been at TD almost three years, and has already made an impact. Besides being a top-tier project superintendent for TD’s San Antonio Construction team, he also saved a fellow Partner’s life.

We interviewed Charlie to learn more about how he lives TD’s core values and demonstrates Servant Leadership:


TDSpirit === Winter edition

I went out to eat lunch with two Partners. Joseph Johnson starting choking. After a few seconds, we realized this was serious and nodded our heads to jump into action. First, I hit him on his back, and that didn’t stop it, so I performed the Heimlich maneuver. It didn’t work at first, but we kept trying, and on the second round, the food dislodged. I was in as much shock as Joseph after he recovered. My adrenaline was pumping so high, I couldn’t even eat. It was a life-changing experience.

Where did you learn the Heimlich? TD provided me CPR training during orientation. That was the first time I had ever taken first-aid, CPR, or learned the Heimlich.

What’s something all people and Partners should know about critical situations? You should be prepared for any emergency, but it’s nothing you can really expect to happen. We always work in teams at TD, so it’s important to have someone watching out for you on the jobsite.

TDSpirit === Winter edition



n 2018, TDIndustries Chief Financial Officer Evelyn Henry Miller joined TD’s Board of Directors. Known as a strategic business advisor with a successful track record in multiple industries, she has been instrumental in TD’s development. As TD’s financial leader, Evelyn is responsible for managing the company’s finances and enhancing TD’s growth strategy. Her greater goal is focused on sustained profitable growth that will fuel TD and its customers for many years to come. “We don’t want to just grow for growth’s sake; we want to serve our customers Evelyn Henry Miller well, grow careers, and generate wealth that current and future Partners will enjoy,” she said. Her ability to facilitate high-level planning with strategic direction and insight will help improve vision setting. While that is a great start for TD’s 2025 Vision, she knows that all Partners must continually emphasize servant leadership and high performance where responsibility and accountability are key. Fortunately, she has seen Partners take these targets in stride. TD completed its 2020 financial goals years ahead of schedule. “Across our company, our dedicated Partners have taken advantage of great markets and others have overcome challenges to drive profitability,” TD’s Board of Directors: (front row, from left) Board Chair shares Evelyn. “With this continued solid Paul Minton, Dora Ann Verde, and Mike Fitzpatrick; (middle performance, we are optimistic that we will have row) Dr. Barbara Bryson and CFO Evelyn Henry Miller; (top) another great year in 2019.” CEO Harold MacDowell and Noel Garza.

Partners on the Move David Fultz Fort Worth Construction

Gary Roden Business Development

Sheri Tillman General Counsel


David Fultz was promoted to Senior Vice President, and will lead Fort Worth Construction. Gary Roden was hired as Vice President of Dallas Business Development. He will focus on growing design-build relationships and strengthening our work with customers. Nicolas Sfeir was hired as Vice President, and leads TD’s Austin branch. Sfeir brings years of Lean and design-build knowledge to TD. Matt Terry was promoted to Senior Vice President, and now will lead Major Projects. Sheri Tillman was promoted to General Counsel. She will serve as the primary liaison to external legal counsel.

TDSpirit === Winter edition

Nicolas Sfeir Austin

Matt Terry Major Projects

Women Finding Careers at TD


successful company has diversity of thought, and one of TD’s ongoing initiatives is to increase female Partner representation. In Arizona, TD took the next step toward that goal. Arizona’s eight-week program coached women to become pipefitter welder apprentices for their Special Projects and Construction teams through a mixture of on-the-job training and in-class learning. While safety, orientation, and core training were standard lessons, one key to the program’s success was pairing recruits with experienced Partners who were willing to teach, not just give them something to do. “We matched them with the right people in the field,” said Jennifer Ferguson, Professional Services Manager. “They learned how to do their work and why we do it a certain way.” One of those foremen was Deisy Gonzalez, who is passionately leading an initiative to bring more women into the construction industry. She not only helped train these new TDPartners, but also spent time reviewing what they were learning in the field, answering any questions and offering guidance from her years of experience. Program recruits came from East Valley Institute of Technology and Metro Tech. Some are related to current Partners and others seeking a new, or a first, career with TD. As you may have read in the previous TDSpirit, Houston partnered with United Way THRIVE to train women in sheet metal production. Other TD business units are planning for additional programs. To read more about TD’s Women in Trades program, read TD’s blog:

Community Impact

350+ 10,000+

Special Insert


If you want to solve the equation, you need the right tools.

bikes assembled

school supply items donated


pounds of hygiene items donated

$421,000+ donated to organizations through United Way


TDSpirit === Winter edition


Smart Building Tools


Over time, there are always risks of equipment failure and inefficiencies. Here are 3 that require expert maintenance: 1. Check refrigerant levels – poor monitoring could result in total system failure 2. Circuit breaker/switchgear testing an unmaintained switchboard can compromise occupant safety 3. Check for leaking, corroded pipes unaddressed leaks could mean foundation issues Our Facility Risk Assessment can guide your though maintaining your facility.

Download the Facility Risk Assessment:


Need help determining what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should be tracking? Here are 3 for you to consider: 1. Facility and equipment downtime 2. Effective budgeting and capital planning 3. Percentage of reactive repairs performed Our Maintenance KPI Tracker can guide you through recommendations and why they matter.

Download the Tracking Facility Maintenance E-Book:


TDSpirit === Winter edition

Smart Building Tools



Using utiliVisor, TD customers have saved more than $13 million in all life-cycle stages – construction, service, facility maintenance, and renovation. utiliVisor-provided analysis can save up to 20% energy savings for chiller plants.

On this chart, the blue chiller is working harder than the red, indicating that there is an issue with load distribution. The blue chiller will likely need maintenance faster than the red. TD can use this information to make changes to the chillers’ operation, leading to energy savings.

Learn how utiliVisor can help you maximize savings: TDSpirit === Winter edition



Learn the maintenance status of your facility through videos, photos, and documents stored in the cloud. State-of-the-Art Feedback TD’s cloud-based Visual Intelligence Platform leverages current technology to give facility managers and technicians an easy-to-digest overview of maintenance repairs and recommendations. Formats Match Your Preference Receive video and photo reports via text message, email, or service ticket in the app. Everything You Need in a Single Location Video and photos, with PDF manuals and equipment specifications, are stored in a single database and accessible through shared web links. Transparency and Trust Repair and recommendation visuals, paint a vivid, clear maintenance picture for managers.

Careers of Performance



Al Brooks Jr. Dallas Service

Larry Randolph Dallas Major Projects

Donnie Roberts Dallas Major Projects



John Cates Multifamily

Joe Dixon Multifamily

Mark Crockett Dallas Service

Loren Dylla Dallas Service

Tasos Banos Houston Construction

Don Carrell Facilities




Blake Arapis Austin Construction

Harold Blacknold Jr. Dallas Special Projects

Ronell Peters Houston Special Projects

Gail Stephens Professional Services

Mike Torbellin Dallas Major Projects




Greg Foxworth Dallas Service

Earl Hickman TDManufacturing

Gary Lambert Austin Construction

Bob Wilken Corporate

Drew Yaggy Dallas Major Projects

Cheryl Fowler Dallas Service

Juan Garcia Hou. Special Projects

Paul Jenke Dallas Major Projects

Joe Lindsey Dallas Major Projects

Khanh Nguyen Austin Construction

Lisa PeĂąa Austin Service

Aaron Rice Dallas Major Projects

Aurelio Rios Dallas Service

Pat Roberson Facilities

Jose Solis Dallas Major Projects

Antojuan Spoons Austin Service

Denise Stephens Facilities

Kelvin Stephens Facilities

Brian Sutton Multifamily

Rolando Villanueva Houston Special Projects

Larry Zollinger Fort Worth Service

Rogelio Aguilar TDManufacturing

Larry Allen Dallas Service

Aaron Butler Arizona Service

Jeff Creed Dallas Major Projects

Robert Fernandez Houston Construction

Eddie Gamboa Facilities

Romel Garcia Dallas Major Projects

Charles Haynes Dallas Service

Charles Hill Jr. Dallas Service

Jason Hogan TDManufacturing

Virgil Lowrie Process Solutions

Luis Mendoza Dallas Major Projects

Keith Mortenson III Arizona Construction

Ralph Mosqueda Houston Construction

Abraham Alvarez Houston Special Projects

Shannon Annerino Fort Worth Service



Make Cost-Effective Purchases When do you replace? Combine maintenance data with visual reports to help plan for major capital investments.

See how Visual Intelligence can help your business:

Sm + SB = $ 14

TDSpirit === Winter edition

Fausti Gaytan TDManufacturing


Daniel Olvera Arizona Construction

Buster Payne Facilities

Kerry Russell Fort Worth Construction

Tom Thomas Arizona Construction

Mario Zamora San Antonio Service


TDSpirit === Winter edition


Careers of Performance

Retirees Steve Clay

Tim Feeley

Dallas Major Projects

David Fultz Fort Worth Construction

Dallas Service 26 years

22 years

Jared Gaskin Arizona Special Projects

Sylvano Gutierrez Jr. Dallas Major Projects

41 years

30 years

Mike Haga Dallas Special Projects

Dallas Major Projects

David Blair Dallas Major Projects

Brenna Boughton Multifamily

Rafael Camara Austin Construction

Leonard Corriveau Arizona Construction

Andrew Crawford Austin Service

Antonio Cruz TDManufacturing

Alex DeLeon Arizona Construction

James Denman Dallas Special Projects

Osborne Duncan Dallas Major Projects

Chad Duty Dallas Service

David Eichman San Antonio Service

Jose Carreon Facilities

Jamie Dabbs Safety

Arthur Davison Dallas Service

Zoya Fields Dallas Service

Herberth Flores Houston Special Projects

Trent Fullbright Multifamily

Michael Gallagher Facilities

Carlos Garcia Dallas Major Projects

Gustavo Gonzalez Process Solutions

Courtland Graham San Antonio Construction

Fredy Guardado Dallas Special Projects

Joel Diaz TDManufacturing

Wendy Fern Houston Service

Ruben Fierro Dallas Major Projects

Michael Habta Fort Worth Service

Ryan Hamilton Fort Worth Service

Randy Heidrich Dallas Service

Eugene Hernandez San Antonio Construction

Juan Hernandez Arizona Construction

Brandon Hoke Engineering

Torrance Hollins Fort Worth Service

Nolen Houck Dallas Major Projects

Matthew Howard Dallas Service

Dean Huff Facilities

Pedro Ibarra Arizona Construction

Zach Jansky Dallas Major Projects

Michael Johnson Austin Construction

Joseph Johnson San Antonio Special Projects

Michael Jones Dallas Service

Jesus Juarez San Antonio Special Projects

Mark Karmolinski Arizona Service

Dwight Kennedy Fort Worth Construction

Mike Kotubey Corporate

Carlos Lara Process Solutions

Michael Leach Facilities

Danny Lee Houston Special Projects

Hector Linares Houston Construction

Sergio Maldonado San Antonio Service

Joe Martinez San Antonio Construction

Gunner May Dallas Special Projects

Thomas McDonald Facilities

Travis Mendiola San Antonio Construction

Michelle Mohrman Dallas Major Projects

Berty Morales Dallas Service

Omar Morales Houston Construction

Cindy Mullins Dallas Special Projects

Alex Natareno Dallas Major Projects

Evan Nemeth Facilities

Angie Newton Dallas Major Projects

Austin Ogola TDManufacturing


37 years

Craig Hardy

John Hogan

Stan Bevers

Dallas Service

40 years

Careers of Performance

Bill Perry Information Technology 21 years

Joey Hinrichs Houston Service

Valerie Juarez Corporate

Geoff Kennedy Houston Construction

Matt Martin Process Solutions

Jose Mendez Facilities

In Memoriam Tony Murawski Facilities

Eddie Sanchez Facilities

Wade Alexander Arizona Construction

Joshua Neuroth Process Solutions

Adrian Sandoval Dallas Major Projects

Ricardo Arellano San Antonio Special Projects

Mauricio Ostroga Process Solutions

Ken Scheepers utiliVisor

Justin Baggett Process Solutions

Jimmy Richardson Arizona Special Projects

Mike Riley Facilities

Mark Shiflet Facilities

Erek Stone San Antonio Construction

Mandy Bain Fort Worth Construction

Doug Rodriguez Facilities

Fabian Rodriguez Dallas Major Projects

Jim Rutherford Dallas Service


Richard Bain Fort Worth Construction

Kim Ulloa Facilities

Crue Baker Facilities

John Valentine Facilities

Gilberto Banda Dallas Major Projects


Jose Baquera Facilities

Randy Krebs, a 35-year Partner who retired in 2017, passed away in July. Randy moved to Texas in 1982 and joined TD to help create and operate our piping shop. Randy had been the VDC Piping Coordinator.

Larry Skaff, a 7-year Partner, passed away in July. Larry joined TD in 2011 as a Building Tech III working at Denton ISD. He quickly became the go-to electrician for the project. Additionally, Jerry Lindsey, a former longtime Service Partner, passed away Nov. 23 at the age of 81.

Terry Beasley Multifamily


Andre Benoit San Antonio Service

TDSpirit === Winter edition

Doug Biehle Fort Worth Construction

Rick Bressi Arizona Special Projects

Charles Brooks Facilities

John Canter Fort Worth Service

Luis Castro Fort Worth Construction

Miguel Collazo Fort Worth Construction

TDSpirit === Winter edition


Careers of Performance


Luke Palumbo Houston Service

Felipe Parra Sr. San Antonio Special Projects

Javier Perez San Antonio Construction

Hattie Peterson Marketing

J. Isabel Puente Houston Special Projects

Mike Quirin Arizona Special Projects

Edgar Retiz Dallas Major Projects

Michelle Reyes Houston Special Projects

David Ricks Facilities

David Robles San Antonio Construction

Cary Rolley Dallas Major Projects

Jim Runyon Dallas Major Projects

Sebastian Sandoval Menjivav, Facilities

Jose Sifunetes Austin Service

Kimberly Sims Information Technology

Jon Thomas Dallas Service

Tom Timlin Arizona Service

Bernardo Torbellin Dallas Major Projects

Juan Torres San Antonio Construction

Jason Travis Finance

Lauren Turner Dallas Service

Miriam Villalobos Houston Construction

Elizabeth Welch Engineering

Bobby Wright Arizona Service

Richard Zink Houston Construction

Fred Smith Dallas Service

Brittany Svab Dallas Major Projects

Jim Swinford Dallas Major Projects

Felipe Ramirez Fort Worth Service

John Raner Dallas Major Projects

Ardas Sabuncuyan Engineering

Carlos Salguero Lima Dallas Special Projects

John Terrell Process Solutions

Know someone who’s looking for a career, not a job? Have them join a company that cares about their success.

TDSpirit === Winter edition

TDPartner Roy Castillo and his band provided live entertainment at TD’s annual BBQ cook-off earlier this month. At TDIndustries, we value each individual’s contribution to the whole. Roy, thanks for sharing your gift of music as a #ServantLeader! #CompanyCulture WeWork Barton Springs

3 ABC Awards For Austin ABC Central Texas honored TD’s Austin team with three awards: the Award of Excellence for WeWork Barton Springs, a Merit Award for Baylor Scott & White at Pflugerville, and the 2018 STEP Award of Excellence to pair with its national Platinum STEP Award.

San Antonio wins Regional Safety Awards TD’s San Antonio office earned the 2018 Silver Safety Excellence Award for recognition of TD’s outstanding safety record; the platinum STEP Award for TD’s achievement and ongoing efforts to develop a quality safety program; and its third straight Subcontractor of the Year Award.

Harold MacDowell named to DBJ’s inaugural Most Admired CEOs list The Dallas Business Journal chose leaders who “inspire those around them, hold employees, products, and services in the highest regard, run their companies with integrity, and are excellent examples of how all companies should be run and managed.”

Let’s grow together! Share this link with potential new Partners:


David Thomas Austin Construction


Two Partners Nominated for Luna Award The Regional Hispanic Contractors Association honored Estimator Cindy Mullins (lifetime achievement) and Project Manager Andrea Miille (outstanding professional) for their commitment to the construction industry.

TD and @ TEXOAssociation hosted college professors to discuss current technology used in the workplace. The event had a CEO roundtable, a virtual reality session, a discussion on drone technology and a presentation by Procore. #technology #workforce

TDPartner Dennis Washington’s photo of the new Scottish Rite for Children Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center was recently recognized by Engineering News-Record.

At TDIndustries, we believe that humor and laughter are integral to human expression and help build bridges between people. The first place winners of this year’s Halloween costume contest is a great example of this concept in action! #workhardplayhard #flashback #culture #blog Follow TD online @TDIndustries TDSpirit === Winter edition


Illustration courtesy of Dickies Arena

TD Building Dickies Arena’s Future Success


s the calendar flips to 2019, this year’s dates become more real. Back in 2017 when TDIndustries began construction on Fort Worth’s new Dickies Arena, rodeo enthusiasts may have seen 2020 as a distant goal. Not for Project Manager Ken Luong and the rest of the TD team. They’ve been keeping track of their work to make sure everything is pristine by November 2019. It better be: George Strait, the King of Country Music, is christening the new building with 14,000 fans Nov. 22, 2019. As of January 1, Ken estimates the project is 80 percent complete. TD is performing mechanical and plumbing services, which will include 41 miles of plumbing, 10 miles of HVAC piping, and 14 miles of air duct. “We’re on the downslope of the peak, and a little ahead of schedule,” he said. “All of the central plant equipment and air handlers have been started up. We have just finished the arena bowl ductwork and have conditioned air being supplied to a majority of the building.” The $540 million Dickies Arena will hold 14,000 fans (9,300 for rodeo events), and is perfectly aligned with Fort Worth’s road grid and bridge walkway. It can be configured for rodeo, hockey, and basketball – the NCAA has already assigned first- and second-round men’s basketball


TDSpirit === Winter edition

tournament games in 2022. Primarily built for rodeos, Dickies provides a 12,000 sf underground warm-up section, and a large livestock support building. The equine preparation area will be viewable from the concourse, but inaccessible from outside the pavilion. Terrazzo flooring will impress on the concourse levels. Early in the process, TD met with other subcontractors, The Beck Group, and the owners to discuss ways to improve building efficiency on such an important project. The group decided to bring the architect and engineer design team onsite. TD has worked with many of these stakeholders on previous projects, and those past relationships allowed everyone to trust one another during the planning process. That allowed coordination during preconstruction, and once the project began, quick conversations replaced written requests. That means faster discussions and faster solutions. Part of TD’s role as a mechanical contractor is to improve efficiency for the building’s future maintenance. Apart from its construction divisions, TD also offers integrated facility management and truckbased service, allowing crosstraining for how future maintenance groups will use its systems. As part of the community, it’s important for Ken and TD to think about the full life-cycle of the project. “The plan for this building is to be a 100year cornerstone for Fort Worth. We try to incorporate our service team into the construction phase, so they have a level of comfort with all our systems,” Ken said. “We try to make that transition easier for our technicians and the owners.” Ken is most excited about upcoming concerts, NCAA tournament basketball games, and rodeos, as well as TD’s ability to help add to Fort Worth’s unique culture. “We’ve had a lot of involvement with the community, involvement with minority businesses, and a great partnership with the Bass family (who funded a portion of the TD’s bowl duct crew of (clockwise, from left) Rodrigo Ramirez, Edwin Olvera, Manuel Blancarte, Jaime Garcia, Victor Cortez, arena’s construction). Even years down the Joe Garza, and Candido Rocha sign their names on an end cap. line, our Partners will be able to take pride in this beautiful building.”

TDSpirit === Winter edition



Fort Worth Process Solutions’ Oak Wall, located in its Richardson office

San Antonio

Partners honored on walls have led TD’s growth, culture


ow do you celebrate high-performing Partners from all over the company? At TDIndustries, we put them on an Oak Wall. To celebrate Partners’ contributions to the company, TD created a portrait wall for all Partners with at least 5 years of service. Set on oak paneling, it affectionately became known as the Oak Wall. This year, The Process Solutions Richardson office added its own, completing a goal to recognize Partners in every regional office. Each building has its own take on the practice – Process Solutions selected white oak instead of the standard hue. In all, 73 Partners are currently featured. 22

TDSpirit === Winter edition

The Dallas Oak Wall honors high-performing Partners from every branch: 1,249 in total.

While most regional offices focus on their local markets, Process Solutions offers highgrade, sensitive piping and turnkey service nationally “We wanted our Partners to know we appreciate them the second they walk in the front door. Tenure gets you on the wall and each Partner’s constant pursuit of excellence to support TD as a high-performance company keeps you there,” Vice President

Andrew Kobe said. As of Jan. 1, 2019, more than 1,200 Partners have their portrait at the corporate headquarters, which proudly displays all Partners. In addition, the Legacy Wall honors 215 retired and highperforming individuals, who were nominated by their peers. Can’t make it to a TD office to see the Oak Walls? Here is a sampling from the rest of TD’s offices:



TDSpirit === Winter edition


13850 Diplomat Drive | Dallas, TX 75234

Engage with us, your trusted advisor @tdindustriesInc



Profile for TDIndustries

TDSpirit Winter 2019  

See what's happening at TDIndustries.

TDSpirit Winter 2019  

See what's happening at TDIndustries.