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45% Jobs only 29% qualified workers


of the jobs in South Carolina require skills & credentials beyond a high school diploma.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Enroll at TCTC South Carolina is in the midst a skills gap, where there are more middle-skilled jobs than qualified workers, and more jobs are being created every day! Employers are looking for trained applicants with 21st century work skills, technical skills and experience, but there currently aren’t enough qualified applicants to fill those jobs. Now’s the time to take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Get trained and certified through Tri-County Technical College today and be employed in a respected and rewarding career tomorrow!

2020 By 2018

2/3 of jobs will require post-secondary certificate or degree

Tri-County Offers the EDGE You Need

<6,000 jobs


have recently announced


in the Upstate.


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Tri-County: Helping Students Succeed Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow...................................................................4-5 Smaller Classes for More Involved Learning................................................6 Connections with Faculty.................................................................................6-7 Services that Support You................................................................................8-9 At TCTC, our goal isn’t only to train and certify you;

An Education You Can Afford.......................................................................0-11

our aim is to give you the EDGE you need to excel in whatever you do, whether you’re heading directly into the workforce or transferring to a four-year university! By the time you’re finished at TCTC, you’ll have an edge over the competition by being: Employable





Easily Accessible Campuses and Courses.............................................12-13 Involved and Invigorating Campus Life................................................ 14-15 Specialized Programs to Assist All Types of Students.......................16-17 Career Pathways Designed to Help You Succeed................................18-31 University Transfer Programs.................................................................... 32-34 3



For more than five decades, Tri-County Technical College has been equipping students of Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens counties with the skills, abilities, and credentials to go out into the workforce and excel. Since its foundation in 1962, Tri-County has grown into one of the largest technical colleges in the South Carolina Technical College System, spreading to four campuses and two learning centers around the Upstate and educating more than 6,500 students every semester. Tri-County follows an â&#x20AC;&#x153;open doorâ&#x20AC;? admissions policy, providing opportunities for all to achieve a higher education.

Here at Tri-County Technical College, we know that the world is constantly changing, and we work with you to equip you for those changes and prepare you for the future. Tri-County Technical College offers more than 70 programs designed to train and prepare you for going straight into the workforce in your chosen field of study, as well as courses that lay a solid foundation for transferring to a 4-year university. We offer courses during the day, evening, and online in a number of different career clusters including manufacturing, media technology, business, health sciences, information technology, public safety, and more (see pages 18-31). Browse through the following pages to read more about what Tri-County can do for you today!

Tri-County: Helping Students Succeed

Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow 4


In order to best prepare you for your future, Tri-County Technical College is already looking ahead! Here at Tri-County, we regularly collaborate with industry leaders to ensure the curriculum and work-based learning opportunities remain updated and relevant. We also offer a variety of scholar programs, co-ops, internships, and apprenticeships to help produce work-ready graduates that can easily transition from student to employee. Tri-County also prepares students for continued higher education through our University Transfer programs (see pages 32-34). Whatever your future goals, Tri-County can help you achieve them!

John Dewey was ahead of his time when he said, “Without application, principles and ideals have no bearing and no test.” Tri-County’s Work-Based Learning program provides the opportunity to better prepare for your future by giving you the chance to apply classroom teaching with real-world experiences. You’ll be immersed in the culture and training of top businesses and industries in our service area – and earn a salary while you learn.

TCTC students earn on average $15/hour for work-based learning experiences.

Last year 8 companies paid

$440,733.38 to 46 students

76% of our WBL participants are offered full-time jobs stemming from their co-op work in the company.

United Tool and Mold manager Jeromy Arnett says there’s the belief that somehow it’s a failure when a young person doesn’t go from high school to a four-year college. “It’s a stigma that we’re trying to get over, especially in our schools,” Arnett says. “Just because they don’t have a sheet of paper hanging on the wall saying they went to school for four years doesn’t mean that they’re any less important to our country and the economy of our country than anyone else.” 5

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TCTC Student : Faculty Ratio

“The faculty and staff at Tri-County Technical College want immeasurably more for you!” - Mandy Orzechowski

At Tri-County, we know the importance of building strong, lasting relationships. That’s why we’ve intentionally kept our class sizes small to encourage better interaction and collaboration between students and teachers, allowing you the opportunity to connect with faculty who are focused on your success.

“A four-year college degree is not always the answer. There are many trades and many applications you can learn in two years with an Associate’s in a lot of job fields.”


- Stephan Irwin

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With an assortment of college supplies ranging

TCTC Programs | Salary Info | Jobs Outlook

A tool that helps you investigate job availability in the upstate, skills related to those jobs and realistic wage expectations.

An internal portal for all things Tri-County.

from textbooks to laptops, the Campus Store Free workshops on topics, such as Career and

has everything you need to succeed at TCTC.

Employability Skills, Personal Growth and

The Campus Store is located on the Pendleton

Development, Navigating Leadership and

Campus, but you can also shop online at

Academic Skills.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Provides support for the technology-based


services for faculty, staff and students.

Personalized career planning, employability skills, job listings.

LIBRARY Access to millions of resources, print and



A student assistance program offering free

electronic, to help you with assignments

24/7 professional counseling services to help

and more.

manage emotional concerns, academic stress,

Whether you’re looking for a delicious and

depression, anxiety, grief and loss, anger

affordable bite to eat between classes or a

issues and more.

place to lounge about while studying with


Available at all our campuses, open labs

friends, the College Café is the perfect option


Tri-County Technical College has an assortment of different services and programs available to contribute to our students’ success.

OPEN COMPUTER LABS offer access to computers, printers and

for you.

t Su


staff assistance.


rt Yo

Free and personalized one-on-one help from qualified tutors in topics including math, science and writing.


DISABILITY SERVICES A resource to help provide academic accommodations, assistive technology and other related services.

STUDENT LIFE AND COUNSELING SERVICES Information about Student Government and other student activities, assistance in goal-setting, help with personal concerns impacting your educational journey, and connections to community resources and referrals.

VETERAN SERVICES Serving Those Who Served We at Tri-County appreciate the service and sacrifices made by the brave men and women serving our country and feel it is our responsibility to repay that service back to our returning veterans. One way we try to do this is by easing the veteran’s transition back into college by offering a number of resources focused specifically on our returning heroes.

ceexclusively a l P le s ea riot’ lounge ar re multip

tes a c o v T) d L A A V s & eam ( r n a r e Vete rship T ated VALT to wfuirtthhveterans de cre em de Lea echnical Collbeygeconnectingutnhity. VALT ionfcfliuces, the m s ty T ans r com ffair oun eter arrio state ran A p e Tri-C udent v t U te W e a V e t l t h s t s a t c n Up re! assis es withi he lo Center, d mo c om t n t r r a f e u , V s o s e e res rvice tativ ty, th n Se esen ocie o r i S t p i s e s r n ilke y Tra nW ilitar Alsto M , s tion Solu

Pacetis a peacefeutlerans. Thereerae, including:

s th Pla nt v s ot’s eran ude i t t r t s e cces a v r P et a for e fo n d d r i e e s r t e n set a s off nd i nitie ter a ing e u m p a s nsel Com Cou area ting e area e y pm tud u s o / r e G g i-fi oun nd w ing l a x a e l e Re coff Free


Tuition Comparison (FOR 2014-2015)






Freshman Year Total ar Last ye s t tuden TCTC s than more ceived



N O I L L I M $23 FREE l Aid Financia





At Tri-County Technical College, you really can get more for less! We are committed to making quality education affordable for everyone through low tuition rates and financial aid. That way everyone has a chance of achieving his or her academic goals.







Lottery Scholarships totaling more than



LIFE Scholarships totaling more than


Pell Grants totaling more than


For information on how to apply for financial aid, grants, scholarships, and more, visit us at:



74 P 7 1 S U CAMP



Offering programs inâ&#x20AC;Ś Computer Technology, IT Emphasis Associate in Science Associate in Arts

Administrative Office Technology

Criminal Justice

Administrative Office Technology, Medical Emphasis

Industrial Electronics Technology

Computer Technology


Early Childhood Development

Practical Nursing

NTE R E C Y G O CH N O L Y S P R I N G S E T L A I D R INDUST HWAY 76, SAN G 5321 HI Home to our Welding and HVAC programs.


Easily Accessible Campuses and Courses At Tri-County Technical College, we want to make getting an education as convenient as possible. That’s why we’ve established multiple campuses all across the Upstate area. With locations in Anderson, Easley, Pendleton, and Seneca, as well as community centers in Sandy Springs and Honea Path, you won’t have to drive far to attend a class in person. We offer courses both during the day and evening to work around any schedule. Additionally, many of our courses can also be taken online so you can enjoy the benefits of attending Tri-County without having to leave your own home.

ANDERSON CAMPUS Offering programs in…

Associate in Arts

Computer Technology

Associate in Science

Computer Technology, IT Emphasis

Administrative Office Technology


AMPUS - 511


Administrative Office Technology, Medical Emphasis

Criminal Justice Early Childhood Development Pre-Pharmacy


Eli Cruze: “I like Tri-


p m

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ounty hington: “Tri-C Desmond Was to adapt used to, easy is easy to get ge, has is a great colle to. Tri-County le here s, and the peop a nice campu g you be lved in helpin really get invo do.” anything you successful in

Nursing : Through the Kelsey Moore t a degree expects to ge program, she ight into ty and go stra from Tri-Coun Triville Hospital. work at Green high different than County is “way s more It’ e fast-paced. school. It’s mor Tri-County d challenging! enjoyable an ersities!” an other univ is cheaper th


County a lot. I like that the classes are small and you can have a one-onone conversations with the teachers. The library

be a Judge ings: wants to Mandi Cumm mates, I love my room or a lawyer. “I students other Bridge love being with son while d going to Clem working towar rience. I i-County expe getting the Tr rs are s. My professo like the classe class genuine. The very nice and big or too right, not too sizes are just name and are t to know your ge ly al tu ac sors small. Profes ally.” out you person ab concerned

is open pretty late. The breaks come in handy between the classes. It’s cheaper to go here than to go to a four-year college. I like the tutoring center a lot. I went in for help on a math test and they helped prepare me. I ended up doing very well on my test.”

Morgan Guarneri, General Engineering Technology major. “I like that it’s a smaller campus than Clemson. There is a

y is small, er: “Tri-Count tz Se n no an Sh ur first t place to go yo but it’s a grea ith a erwhelming w year. It’s not ov t freaking and you’re no huge campus, because ng to classes out about getti . The close together everything is we have ally nice and teachers are re take time s so they can smaller classe with. This u’re working yo t ha w nd ta unders The teachers with you and glad I made it! I’m . on si ci y elective was a good de ctive. Even m pe rs pe ld or d my a real-w orks out towar put things in ness so it all w si Bu d ar w to courses work education.”

maximum of thirty students in my classes. I know people at Clemson who talk about classes that have three-hundred people. Being here has helped me ease into college with smaller classes and a smaller campus. Plus, it’s half the cost at Tri-County.”

ics ns, Mechatron Steven Hoski ly asses are real major. “The cl e teachers ar great and the ndsere is lots of ha awesome! Th e Tri-County. Th on training at as times as long labs are three eat. I gr ly al hich is re the classes, w first y ned more in m feel like I lear even gh school.” St I ever did in hi an th re he k wee rd. “Being a y National Gua rm A e th in r being is a soldie great. For me, udent is really st a d an r ie sold ace. The café the Patriots’ Pl y jo en ly al re I quiet, a solider, ce to have that ud, and it’s ni lo ly al re be can veterans.” that’s just for isolated area

Paige Cook: Nursing student, sophomore. Paige’s goal is to get at least a 3.0 and transfer into the Clemson Nursing program. “Classes are small here so you can connect to

amy, Bridge to Christina Bell the Med. “I love Clemson, Preuch m. This is so m Bridge Progra to going straight cheaper than is the transition Clemson, and ss le t lo hich is a much easier w here is favorite thing stressful. My a high ve to go from that I didn’t ha hundred a class of four to ht ig ra st ze k as a school class si e level of wor I have the sam w no t gh Ri . people The teachers ler class sizes. al sm ith w t n get more university bu ents, and I ca ud st r ei th on sed are more focu assistance.” personalized

om a really lin: “I came fr Alexis Know rvous ol so I was ne small high scho iversity raight to a un about going st are classes. There with their huge ve better s here so I ha smaller classe sors. with my profes relationships ation ally good educ I’m getting a re ng the bank.” without breaki

your teachers. I didn’t want to be just another kid in the class. I wanted to get to know the teacher. I don’t think of Tri-County as just a technical college. I think of it like any college. I’m getting a great education, I’m meeting new people, I have wonderful friends here. And I get that one-on-one relationship with my instructors that I probably wouldn’t get somewhere else.”


Sp A ec ss i ist al A ize ll T d yp P es rog of ra St ms ud T o en ts 16

Tri-County Technical College offers a variety of programs to assist every student. Whether you are a high school student looking to take some college courses, or youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re an incoming student looking to connect with the College, we have programs specifically designed to help you succeed.



If you are a high school student and already know the technical career you want to pursue, you can explore our Career Pathways. Learn about courses you should take in high school to prepare your transition into a degree or certificate program at Tri-County. These pathways are designed to keep you focused on which courses are relevant to your career goals, potentially saving you from wasting time, energy, and money. Many pathways offer college credit and some will enable you to graduate with a high school diploma AND a college certificate.

For those interested in getting a head start on your general college education coursework, you can take courses at Tri-County as well. Courses are offered on our campuses as well as at some high schools and career centers. All youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll need is permission from your parents/guardians and principal, and you can start earning college credit long before graduating.


Explore our Dual Enrollment Program for yourself at:

Explore our Career Pathways for yourself at:

LEARNING THROUGH COMMUNITY AND CONNECTIONS If you are a first-time college student looking to connect with like-minded individuals, our learning community could be right for you. These linked and thematic courses are designed to provide new students with the skills, habits, attitudes, and connections necessary to succeed not only at TCTC but in life! From freshmen seminars to an assortment of courses focusing on particular topics, Learning Communities are designed to help students develop a better understanding of the learning process and acquire solid academic skills for success.


Fun Fact: Students involved in learning communities are more likely to complete coursework, continue their education, and graduate.


If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re driven by the thoroughness of crunching numbers, the excitement of closing a deal, or the empowerment of being your own boss, a career in business is a great option. Here at Tri-County Technical College, we offer the best educational opportunity in the business fields because we constantly evaluate the needs of real businesses in the Upstate area and update our programs to accommodate their changing needs. That way you know youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re getting an education that truly prepares you for the work force. One of the really great things about our business programs is the partnership emphasis we have with a variety of industries. Our students have the opportunity to work in settings like hospitals, schools, real estate, charities and offices. Because of internships like these, the solid foundational coursework, and specialized training our students receive, our students experience an 85% hire rate.

TRI-COUNTY PROGRAMS: ACCOUNTING Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Payroll Accounting Tax Accounting ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE TECHNOLOGY Administrative Office Technology Administrative Office Technology, Medical Emphasis Administrative Support Data Entry Clerk Office Support Specialist


MANAGEMENT Business Foundations Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management Human Resource Specialist





CAREERS: Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks


Credit Authorizers, Checkers, and Clerks Human Resource Assistants

Administrative Office Technology Management


Medical Secretaries Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks Secretaries and Administrative Assistants Tax Preparers

PROGRAMS: Computer Technology Computer Technology: Information Technology Emphasis

CAREERS: Computer Network Support Specialist Computer Programmer Computer Systems Analyst Computer user Support Specialist


Database Administrator Information Security Analyst Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Information Technology


tion Tec


Technology is everywhere, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s continuing to advance at unprecedented rates. There is an increasing need for skilled and certified workers to design, build, maintain, repair, and instruct the use of advancing technology. If this sounds like something youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d enjoy doing, one of our Computer Technology programs is perfect for you!

Tri-County offers hands-on training that helps students prepare for entry-level positions, from business to industry, education to government. For students pursuing a career in computer programming, we offer the Associate Degree in Computer Technology. We also offer a degree emphasizing Information Technology for students interested in a career as a computer support technician or network support technician.


Corrections Services Criminal Justice Law Enforcement

e c i t s

n i im

u J al

r C

Fun Fact: SC Criminal Justice Academy Credits may be available for qualifying applicants. See website for details.


TRI-COUNTY PROGRAMS: Criminal Justice Technology Law Enforcement and Corrections Service

CAREERS: Correctional Officer Police and Sherriff’s Patrol Officer Security Officer

Serve and protect, uphold the law, and ensure order and security. These are the responsibilities of those working in the public service sector. Such jobs can be challenging and physically demanding, but few other occupations prove as rewarding at the end of the day. And there’s a steady demand for certified officers right here in the Upstate— about 20% of South Carolina’s jobs are part of government or military services. Our program covers an overview of court and corrections systems, as well as education and human service agencies. Not only will you learn practical, theoretical, and technical applications of the law, but you’ll also gain a broader understanding of the overall criminal justice system, truly preparing you for the next steps in your journey.

Child Care Management Today’s children are the future of tomorrow. That’s why it’s so vital that our

Early Childhood Development

children receive the proper development early on so they can gain the foundational skills necessary to succeed in life. If you feel called to work with young children and help them succeed, Tri-County’s Early Childhood Development program is right for you. Our program prepares students with a variety of learning tools ranging from on-site labs in local early care and public school settings to interactions with faculty and community professionals.

Infant & Toddler Care

Fun Fact:

Through TEACH, you could earn up to $1000 in Smart Money Bonuses along the way

TRI-COUNTY PROGRAMS: Early Childhood Development Child Care Management Early Childhood Development Infant/Toddler

CAREERS: Public School Teacher Assistants

Early Childhood Development

Director of Early Care Programs Early Care Program Teacher Head Start Teacher


Digital Photography

Digital Production

Graphic Communications

Media Technology and Arts There are only a handful of colleges in our nation that offer a two-year degree in Media Technology & Arts, and Tri-County is one of them! With our program, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll not only learn the technical aspects of operating equipment through hands-on training, but youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll learn to develop your own creative talents and communication styles through media arts. Jobs in this field are plentiful and growing demand has enabled us to offer more certificates in this program. If your passion lies in multimedia, photography, production, or graphic design, the Media Technology and Arts program is perfect for you!

Radio and Television Broadcasting

TRI-COUNTY PROGRAMS: Radio and Television Broadcasting Digital Photography Digital Production Techniques


Graphic Communications

Audio & Video Equipment Technician Broadcast Technician Camera Operator Electronics Technician Graphic Designer Media Production and Director Photographer Radio and Television Announcer Reporter and Correspondent


Sound Engineering Technician


If you’re the type of guy or gal that enjoys repairing or restoring vehicles in your free time, why not do the same thing while getting paid for it? With Tri-County’s Automotive Technology program, you can! With advancing technology and increasingly complex computer systems being installed into the majority of new vehicles, mechanics today have to have a solid understanding of both mechanical and electrical principles. Our program offers just that, all while training students in the testing, diagnosis, and servicing of motor vehicles, and ultimately preparing graduates for employment in automotive dealerships and service centers. Through Tri-County’s Automotive Technology program, your dream of a career as an automotive mechanic is within arm’s reach.

Automotive Technology Automotive Air Conditioning Systems Automotive Braking Systems Automotive Engine Electrical Systems Automotive Engine Performance Systems Automotive Transmission Systems


o n h

Automotive Service Technician

c e T e

Transmission Systems

v i t o

Engine Performance Systems

m o ut

Engine Electrical Systems

Braking Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

y g lo


Fun Fact: Tri-County students majoring in Automotive Technology can apply for a production associate co-op position working part-time at BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC. For more information about this co-op opportunity, visit the Career Services Center located in 140 Miller Hall on the Pendleton campus.


From supermarkets to skyscrapers, HVAC technicians make sure the temperature is just right. In manufacturing, educational, healthcare facilities and more, they keep the air pollutant-free and the systems operating effectively. In residential settings, they make our lives comfortable, keeping us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

TRI-COUNTY PROGRAMS: Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Residential Wiring

CAREERS: Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanic and Installer Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician

Residential wiring is another great way to get started in the construction business. No matter the direction you choose, the hands-on training we offer will prepare you for a great future in a great field!

Electrical Power Line Installer and Repairer Electrical and Electronic Repairer, Powerhouse, Substation, and Relay Electrician

Residential Wiring


t s n

t c ru

o C 24

n io


Welding is ranked as one of the top ten fastest growing career fields in South Carolina by the US Department of Labor, and the number of phone calls we get from area employers looking for skilled welders attests to that! We have dedicated a brand-new space in the state-of-the-art Industrial

Welding Technology Industrial Welding

Technology Center to help train our students for these exciting and high-paying careers.

Multi-Process Welding Operation of Manufacturing Robots SMAW Pipe Welding SMAW Structural Welding

Students are trained in arc, MIG, dual-shielded flux-cored arc welding, and TIG welding, as well as, plasma, acetylene, and carbon arc cutting. Graduates are proficient in welding steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in structural and pipe applications. Co-ops are available in our area for future welders at Duke Energy, BMW and more!

CAREERS: Structural Metal Fabricator and Fitter

g n i d l

Welder, Cutter, Solderer, and Brazer

e W Welding Technology Industrial Welding

Multi-Process Welding SMAW Pipe Welding SMAW Structural Welding


Manufacturing is completely different than it was just a few years ago. Today, manufacturing requires high levels of skill, expertise, training, and education. Fortunately, Tri-County offers all of those to students participating in our Manufacturing program. From automotive to engineering to mechatronics, our program covers a vast array of different manufacturing specializations to choose from. And thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no better timeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;or placeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;to get involved in this field. CNC Programming and Operations

Engineering Graphics

General Engineering

South Carolina is one of the best areas to get a job in manufacturing, with big name-brand companies like BMW and Michelin creating thousands of jobs in our area, and more companies are joining them every day! South Carolina is also experiencing phenomenal employment growth rates in aerospace and aviation industries, having created more than 17,000 jobs in our state. The vast majority of these jobs fall under manufacturing, providing high-skill, high wage jobs to qualified workers in our area. Combine that with the current skills gap, where there are more employment positions available than qualified workers, and it seems like there has never been a better time or place to start a lucrative career working in manufacturing!

Manufacturing Management and Leadership


Manufacturing 26

Fun Fact: SC workers manufacturing workers earn 27% higher salaries than nonmanufacturing workers.


TRI-COUNTY PROGRAMS: CNC Programming and Operations

Manufacturing Management and Leadership

Basic Machining

Introduction to Manufacturing Management Technology

CAD/CAM/CNC Fundamentals

Introduction to Quality Assurance

Introduction to CNC

Manufacturing and Continuous Process Improvement

Engineering Graphics Technology

Mechatronics Technology

We have agreements in place that allow qualified Tri-County students to continue your education in chemical, mechanical, electrical, civil, biomedical, or nuclear engineering at a four-year university.

Mechatronics Technology I General Engineering Technology

Mechatronics Technology II

Engineering Science â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Transfer Industrial Electronics Technology Basic Electronics



Designed to help you reach the supervisory level in the manufacturing field by finetuning your leadership and communications skills, the MML program focuses on Lean Manufacturing practices, production scheduling, quality principles, and industrial safety.

Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operator Drilling and Boring Machine Tool Setter, Operator, and Tender Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician Electrical and Electronics Repairer - Commercial and Industrial Equipment Electrical and Electronics Repairer â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Powerhouse, Substation, and Relay Electrical Power Line Installer and Repairer Electrician Engineering Technician Fire Line Supervisor/Manager of Mechanic, Installer, and Repairer First Line Supervisor/Manager of Production and Operating Worder Industrial Machinery Mechanic Inspector, Tester, Sorter, Sampler, and Weigher Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Worker Lathe and Turning Machine Tool Setter, Operator, and Tender Numerical Tool and Process Control Programmer Structural Metal Fabricator and Fitter Tool and Die Maker


Health Science

Allied Health professionals are essential to the healthcare system, making up to 60 percent of the workforce. Here at Tri-County, you can enroll in one of our allied health programs and receive hands-on training in a number of different settings.

Allied Health

From medical laboratories and surgical operating rooms to dental offices and pharmacies, our programs will train and prepare you for a fruitful career working in allied health. Our programs are so effective that other colleges have already taken notice of our graduatesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; success. For example, Clemson University has recognized our ability to prepare graduates for a solid career and invites qualified Tri-County Medical Laboratory Technology graduates to be accepted in the Microbiology/ Biomedicine program with junior standing at Clemson.

Expanded Duty Dental Assisting Medical Assisting Medical Laboratory Technology

TRI-COUNTY PROGRAMS: Expanded Duty Dental Assisting Medical Assisting Medical Laboratory Technology Pharmacy Technician Surgical Technology

CAREERS: Expanded Duty Dental Assistant Medical Assistant Medical Laboratory Technician Surgical Technologist


Pharmacy Technician Surgical Technology

New for Fall 2015

PHARMACY TECHNICIAN Learn pharmacy calucations, aseptic and non-sterile compounding, medication safety and use, and more to work skillfully in a pharmacy setting.

TRI-COUNTY PROGRAMS: Nursing (A.D.N.) LPN Transition to RN Health Science Nursing Preparation

Health Science


Practical Nursing

CAREERS: Licensed Practical Nurse Registered Nurse

Whether you’d prefer to be a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse, Tri-County’s nursing program can provide you with the training and preparation you need to achieve your academic and career goal. Our nursing program truly prepares students for the workforce by offering a number of courses covering a variety of relevant topics, from the humanities to biological and behavioral sciences, giving you a well-rounded and complete education. Add to that the hands-on training and individualized assistance from instructors and our nursing program will prepare you for anything you face in the workforce. It’s no wonder, then, that our graduates often meet or exceed state and national averages for pass rates during their National Council Licensing Exam. Additionally, our Licensed Practical Nursing program recently received a continued eight-year accreditation, the highest recommendation a program can receive from its accreditation body, due in part to “our experienced faculty and consistently high student evaluations,” says Practical Nursing Program Coordinator Julie Vernon. We also have an agreement in place that allows qualified graduates from Tri-County’s Associate Degree Nursing program to be accepted in the Nursing program with junior standing at Clemson University.



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CAREERS: Pharmacist

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“The students have really been very successful here at Presbyterian College with their pre-pharmacy work at Tri-County. They’re not just prepared academically, but they’re also involved.


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- Dr. Laura Fox Assistant Dean of Professionals and Student Affairs, Presbyterian College

Here at Tri-County Technical College, we’ve collaborated with other colleges in our region to provide a fully-developed educational program in the Pharmacy field, that enables you to start at Tri-County and complete at a partnering college. Our Pre-Professional programs provide you with the personalized assistance, educational training, and hands-on experience necessary to succeed with your continuing education and in the workplace. We offer a Pre-Pharmacy program that fulfills the prerequisite course requirements for application to the SC College of Pharmacy, Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy, and South University College of Pharmacy. Our Pre-Pharmacy program establishes a strong foundation of knowledge and experience that will aid in your success wherever you continue your education.

Health Science

Veterinary Technology If you have a passion in caring for animals, our Veterinary Technology program could be perfect for you. Our program prepares students for a worthwhile career providing professional and technical support for veterinarians. You’ll learn to do it all, from applying anesthesia to diagnosing images to laboratory procedures, our hands-on training will prepare you for everything you need to know to effectively provide support and care for animals. And if the joy of helping animals wasn’t enough, know that Veterinary Technologists and Technicians are one of the top occupations requiring an associate’s degree with the most openings in South Carolina. With Tri-County’s program, you can be on your way to receiving your diploma and filling up one of those available positions in no time at all! We currently have an agreement in place that allows graduates from Tri-County’s Veterinary Technology program to be accepted in the Animal and Veterinary Sciences program with junior standing at Clemson University.



Veterinary Technology

Veterinary Technician


We’re home to BRIDGE TO CLEMSON:

This invitation-only program offers a unique experience for freshmen who narrowly missed admission to Clemson University. The Bridge program allows eligible students to complete their first year of college at Tri-County and continue on to Clemson University beginning in their sophomore year, so long as they earn at least 30 transferable credits and maintain at 2.5 GPA at Tri-County. While enrolled in the Bridge program, qualified freshmen have access to student life programs and services at both institutions, and Bridge students will live together in a local, off-campus apartment complex. Several other bridge and articulation agreements are in place for seamless transfers to four-year colleges and universities, and some of those agreements have their faculty teaching right here on one of our campuses. One of our skilled academic advisors will help put you on the transfer pathway that’s best for you and your future endeavors. Our Arts & Sciences Division offers full programs designed to give you the opportunity to complete the first two years of college work at Tri-County Technical College and then transfer to a four-year institution to complete your bachelor’s degree. You’ll want to speak with an academic advisor as soon as possible to review the requirements for the college and major to which you plan to transfer with to ensure that all courses work toward achieving those goals.

ASSOCIATE IN ARTS DEGREE: Designed for students who plan careers in business, education, journalism, psychology, or other liberal arts fields.

ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE DEGREE: Designed for students who plan careers in computer science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, or other science-related areas.

University Transfer Programs 32

From TCTC to Med School George Krutitskiy has been able to fast track his road to medical school – and save money along the way – by completing the AS to BS 2+2 BIOSCI Articulation Program, a collaboration between Tri-County and Clemson University. He was able to take his first two years here and then transfer seamlessly as a junior in the top pre-med degree at Clemson. He has graduated from both TCTC and Clemson and is working at TCTC as a lab assistant while preparing for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

“Following the completion of the 2+2 program at Tri-County Technical College, I felt the program provided me with several advantages over the students at Clemson University because the number of students in the classes in the TCTC part of the 2+2 program were much smaller. This gave me the opportunity to work with the professors individually and to ask questions on particular subjects to gain a better understanding on the material. I felt the curriculum prepared me for a good start at Clemson University. The transfer over to Clemson University was great, without having any trouble. The 2+2 program allowed me with the opportunity to receive a degree in biological sciences in a year and a half after transferring. The TCTC science staff was always willing to spend extra time with the students to give them a better understanding in the subjects that were part of the curriculum.” - George Krutitskiy




A growing number of high school honors students are enrolling in community colleges throughout the nation, and Tri-County is excited to add an Honors Experience for our high achieving students. The new Honors Experience will provide the challenges sought by academically focused students, and will provide opportunities to learn alongside others who share those high expectations for a college education. To qualify, a graduating senior must meet two of the following benchmarks: combined score of


rs E




3.5 GPA


or better on the critical reading and math sections of the SAT or a score of

25 on the ACT

rank in the top

10% of the studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

graduating class


Important Numbers Main Number...................................................864-646-TCTC(8282) College Information....................................................864-646-1500 Admissions......................................................................864-646-1550 Financial Aid..................................................................864-646-1650 Career Services............................................................. 864-646-1577 Toll Free (within the 864 area code)................. 1-866-269-5677 TDD/VOICE................................................................. 1-800-735-2905 PENDLETON CAMPUS 7900 Highway 76 Pendleton, SC 29670 864-646-8361

ANDERSON CAMPUS 511 Michelin Boulevard Anderson, SC 29625 864-260-6700

EASLEY CAMPUS 1774 Powdersville Road Easley, SC 29642 864-220-8888

OCONEE CAMPUS Hamilton Career Center 100 Vocational Drive Seneca, SC 29672

Passionate people transforming lives and building strong communities one student at a time .

Complete an application for admission, available at


If you need a paper application, contact admissions at 864-646-1550 or

Submit a nonrefundable application fee. • By Mail (Send your check or money order to TCTC Business Office, PO Box 587, Pendleton SC 29670. Be sure to include your full name.) • By Phone (Call 864-646-1802 to pay by credit card.) • In Person (Pay at the Business Office in Miller Hall on the Pendleton Campus, or at our Anderson or Easley Campus locations.) Note: The application fee may be deferred based on economic hardship. The application fee deferral form is available on our website.

ASSESSMENT Provide satisfactory placement test scores

Apply for Financial Aid • Start at Use TCTC code 004926. • Submit all financial aid requirements by the priority date noted on the enrollment calendar to ensure your award is processed in time to pay for classes.

Submit a final, official high school transcript from an accredited or approved institution or official high school equivalency score report. Graduating high school seniors will be admitted without this documentation but must submit the final, official transcript upon graduation and by the deadline posted on the enrollment calendar. If you send proof of an associate degree or higher on an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution, you do not need to provide your high school credential.

(COMPASS writing, reading and math taken within the past three years) or college transcripts showing an earned “C” or better in math and English coursework. Practice questions and additional information are available at under Admissions and Placement Testing. Walk-In testing is available (bring photo ID): Pendleton Campus, Miller Hall: Monday-Thursday 8 am – 5 pm Friday 8 am – Noon

Easley Campus: Tuesday 2 pm – 5 pm

Anderson Campus: Friday 8 am – Noon

Register for Orientation, which will include Advising and Registration.

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Note: A minimum reading score of 37 is required for admission.

Orientation is mandatory at Tri-County, but you can select the option that’s best for you: group or individual. • For Group Orientation, go to the eTC Message Center tab. In the Calendar of Events section, click on Orientation Schedule to register for your preferred date, time, and campus session. Be sure to bring your photo ID to orientation. Spaces are limited, so sign up now! • For Individual Orientation, go to the eTC Get Connected tab and click on Starfish. On the Starfish home page, look for the name of your Student Success Coach on the left side and click “See available appointments.” Find the bolded dates and click on a convenient time. Select the meeting reason and submit. For orientation assistance, call the Student Success Office at 864-646-1502, Anderson Campus at 864-260-6700, or Easley Campus at 864-220-8888.

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