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LEARN MORE ABOUT… Accounting........................................................................... 5 Administrative Office Technology............................. 6 Arts & Sciences................................................................23 Automotive Technology............................................... 21 Business Administration................................................ 6 CNC Programming and Operations......................... 16 Computer Technology.................................................. 13

Helping you reach your career goals is our passion. Want a great career as soon as possible? Done! We can put you on the pathway to earn an associate’s degree, diploma or certificate, paying one of the State’s most affordable tuition rates. Want a bachelor’s degree without a mountain of debt? Done! Start here to complete your foundational courses. The quality of our instruction is top-notch, so you’ll get a great start and save thousands of dollars. Learn more about the many ways we’ll help give you the EDGE you need to succeed!

Criminal Justice................................................................ 14 Dual Enrollment..............................................................24 Early Care and Education.............................................. 7 EDGE APP...........................................................................29 Engineering Design Technology................................ 16 Enrollment Steps.......................................................32-34 Expanded Duty Dental Care....................................... 11 Financial Aid Info........................................................... 30 General Engineering Technology..............................17 Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning................ 21 Honors Experience......................................................... 31 Industrial Electronics Technology............................ 18 Manufacturing Management & Leadership..................18 Mechatronics.................................................................... 18 Media Arts Production................................................... 4 Medical Assisting............................................................ 11 Medical Laboratory Technology............................... 11 Nursing................................................................................ 12 Pre-Pharmacy................................................................... 11 Student Success Center..........................................26-27 Surgical Technology....................................................... 11 Technical Advanced Placement............................... 24 Technical Careers Pathways.......................................24 21st Century Skills....................................................28-29 University Transfer........................................................23 Veterinary Technology................................................8-9 Welding.............................................................................. 21



here are only a handful of colleges in our nation that offer a two-year degree in the exciting field of media arts production, and Tri-County is one of them! Our programs encompass visual media, graphic design, interactive media, computer animation, audio production, broadcast regulations, and more. Courses will prepare you to create media content wherever it is needed and to work in a variety of positions in the growing field of mass communications. You’ll train for careers that include audio and video production, videography, TV and radio production, photo journalism, copywriting, video editing, electronic media, web design, production and direction. You’ll learn to write, light, shoot, interview, record and edit content for multiple media platforms, while developing your personal talent and style as a communicator.

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Media Arts Production (AD) Media Arts Business (C) Audio (C) Digital Photography (C) Digital Production Techniques (C) Graphic Communications (C)



f you’re driven by the thoroughness of crunching numbers, the excitement of closing a deal, or the empowerment of being your own boss, a career in business might be just what you’re looking for. Our programs teach you to plan, organize, direct and evaluate business functions that are essential to productive operations. We offer options in areas of Accounting, Administrative Office Technology and Business Administration.

ACCOUNTING Accounting is a highly-respected profession and one that consistently ranks as one of the top career opportunities in business. You’ll learn to examine financial statements, accounting books, and procedures, to ensure accuracy, compliance and efficiencies. And the really great thing about accounting is it’s a career you can take anywhere, from a small office setting to the exciting world of manufacturing to the medical field to non-profit agencies and more. All companies need someone with exceptional accounting skills!

Accounting (AD)

Payroll Accounting (C)



ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE TECHNOLOGY With new technological advances in today’s modern office, the administrative professional must fill many roles. Through Tri-County’s Administrative Office Technology program, you’ll gain skills in critical thinking, office systems and software, interpersonal relations, and other traits that will make you invaluable to any business office team. We also offer an associate degree in this area with a Medical Emphasis for students wish to work in a heath care setting. This pathway provides training in the complexity of medical terms and procedures, as well as the specialized skills needed in the medical office environment. Administrative Office Technology (AD)

Data Entry Clerk (C)

Administrative Office Technology, Medical Emphasis (AD)

Medical Office Specialist (C) Office Support Specialist (C)

Administrative Support (D)

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Whether you’re interested in managing your own projects or teams, developing successful marketing campaigns, working in the field of finance, or finding your own way in the world of business, our NEW Business Administration program offers a number of options to help you meet your goals. With six distinct pathways within a solid business program, we offer training that will help you foster the success of both projects and people. Business Administration (AD) Business Administration, Banking and Finance Emphasis (AD) Business Administration, Entrepreneur Emphasis (AD) Business Administration, Management Emphasis (AD)

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Business Administration, Marketing Emphasis (AD) Business Administration, Operations Management Emphasis (AD) Business Foundations (C) Entrepreneurship/ Small Business Management (C)



orking with children in any capacity requires a mastery of many fields, but there are few careers quite as rewarding. Whether you are helping children to master the ABC song or teaching them their numbers, there’s no greater feeling than experiencing first-hand that “ah-ha” moment when the students get it! If you feel called to work with children, the future of tomorrow, our program and on-site placements will give you the training and tools you need for a rewarding career.

You’ll learn to develop age-appropriate education plans and to create settings that will foster learning for children, and ultimately, become a committed, capable, and compelled early care and education professional. For those who wish to further their education, we can help there, too. We have agreements in place for students to transfer seamlessly to Anderson University, The Citadel and Southern Wesleyan University. Just work with your advisor to establish and work toward your overall goals. Early Care and Education (AD)

Early Childhood Development (C)

Child Care Management (C)

Infant/Toddler (C)


Healthc T

ake your love of animals to the next level. There is no doubt our society is filled with animal lovers. So much so we expect the same state-of-the-art health care for our animals as we expect for ourselves. In the exciting field of veterinary medicine, Veterinary Technicians provide support to veterinarians, biomedical researchers and scientists. From administering anesthesia to assisting in surgery, Veterinary Technicians can be found in veterinarian offices, zoos, laboratories, and pharmaceuticals. We also have an agreement that allows graduates from Tri-County’s veterinary technology program to be accepted in the Animal and Veterinary Sciences program with junior standing at Clemson University.

Hands-On Learning Leads to New Homes

Our students work with animals from animal shelters to prepare them for adoption. Dogs are trained with basic commands on a gentle leader head collar and socialized. Cats are constantly handled to help them enjoy playtimes. All are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and checked for heartworms or feline leukemia. Each semester, the department hosts Adoption Days to help match the four-legged friends with community members. Get the EDGE




Animal Care


Healthc A

ll too often when people think of careers in healthcare, they zero-in on nursing. While that’s a great career, there are many other options to consider! In fact, those working in health professions (outside nursing) make up about 60 percent of the workforce in this industry.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Learn the skills needed to provide medical support and transport to injured or critically ill patients in through Tri-County’s Emergency Medical Technology (EMT) program. When working in a first-responder situation, such as an ambulance service or fire department, EMTs are dispatched to the scene of the medical emergency, which can be as varied as a car accident, a fire, a falling injury, a animal bite, a shooting or stabbing, a birth, or a person who’s suddenly fallen ill. Once at the scene of the emergency, EMTs assess the situation, determine if additional assistance is needed, and, if necessary, order the additional help. The degree and certificate programs prepare students to test for national certifications. Emergency Medical Technology (AD) EMT Advanced (C)

Health Paramedic (C)

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Dental Assistants are multi-skilled dental professionals trained to work in many specialty areas of dentistry, including restorative dentistry and preventive oral health care. You’ll learn the skills necessary to provide patient education, apply pit and fissure sealants, produce intra-oral and extra-oral radiographs, polish teeth and fillings, assist the dentist, prepare dental materials, and manage dental offices.

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) programs typically require two years of undergraduate coursework followed by four academic years of professional study. The Tri-County Pre-Pharmacy program provides students with the same opportunities to enter a school of pharmacy that a four-year college or university does -- at a fraction of the cost. Through effective skills-based training and programspecific preparation, our students are well-prepared for the rigor and demand found at the graduate level. Students earning a 3.0 GPA or better earn an automatic interview with Presbyterian College and Wingate University Schools of Pharmacy.

MEDICAL ASSISTING If a medical office is where you see yourself, but the long hours that nurses put in give you pause, train for a great career as a multi-skilled health professional. A medical assistant balances duties that range from taking and recording vital signs and medical histories and preparing patients for appointments to drawing blood and maintaining medical records. And this field is red-hot: the US Department of Labor expects medical assisting to be one of the fastest-growing occupations through 2022. MEDICAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY Medical Laboratory Technicians are ranked in the top twenty-five fastest growing career fields in South Carolina by the US Department of Labor. Your training will lead you to great careers in hospitals, clinics, private labs, and even research departments at pharmaceutical companies. No matter your location, you’ll play an important part in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of illness and disease. Plus, we have a seamless pathway to Clemson University’s Microbiology and Biomedicine program.

SURGICAL TECHNOLOGY ln the operating room, surgeons lean heavily on the expert support of surgical technologists. As a surgical technology major, you’ll learn not only how to hand over the scalpel (and other instruments) right on cue, but also how to sterilize and clean equipment, maintain inventory, and perform other tasks that help keep everything functioning safely before, during, and after surgery. Not only is this an exciting and rewarding career field, the job market is wide open -- surgical technologists are ranked in the top ten fastest growing career fields in South Carolina by the US Department of Labor.

Professions 11



ursing is often described as a “calling,” a career that enables you to help others. It is an emotionally fulfilling and personally rewarding career, with excellent job prospects, a wide range of areas to specialize in, and strong salaries. With an aging population and a shrinking nursing workforce, nurses are in higher demand than ever before. Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) have very different roles, and the nursing programs at Tri-County will ensure that, no matter the path you take, you’ll be trained for the specific tasks and settings in your future career. Nursing (AD) Practical Nursing (D) Nursing Preparation (C)

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Our RN and LPN Grads’ NCLEX Scores consistently exceed national averages!

Nursing 12

IT/Com puters W

e have redesigned our Computer Technology programs to prepare students even better for today’s high-tech jobs. While you’ll get a solid computer technology foundation in all pathways, with three distinct emphases, you will have the opportunity to zero-in on the pathway that matches your passion. Through the Cybersecurity/Forensics track, you’ll learn the art of ethical hacking as you develop skills to protect data and systems. The Network Systems Management emphasis is ideal for those who are all about connectivity. Using CISCO technology and systems, you’ll learn how to get data from one point to another, and you’ll learn to monitor and troubleshoot network systems. Our Software and Web Development program combines the logical with the creative, teaching programming, writing code, web design and more. Regardless of the emphasis you chose, each one offers hands-on training that will prepare you for quality and rewarding entry-level positions in a variety of settings.

Computer Technology, Cybersecurity/Forensics Emphasis (AD) Computer Technology, Network Systems Management Emphasis (AD) Computer Technology, Software and Web Development Emphasis (AD)




f you are motivated by the desire to help people and make a difference in the community, a career in the field of Criminal Justice might be exactly what you’re looking for. Ideal for those who thrive on doing something different every day, we offer classroom training and field experiences that prepare students for careers in law enforcement; corrections and detention centers; communications and dispatch; victim and witness advocacy; court clerkships; pardon, probation and parole; loss prevention; and the fast-growing area of private security. We also offer three distinct pathways to help you specialize in the law enforcement area that best suits your interests: Paralegal, Law Enforcement Operations, and Loss Prevention & Security. For students who wish to continue studies at a four-year college, we have transfer agreements with Anderson University and Southern Wesleyan University. Criminal Justice (AD) Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Operations Emphasis (AD) Criminal Justice, Loss Prevention and Security Emphasis (AD) Criminal Justice, Paralegal Emphasis (AD) Get the EDGE

Criminal Justice, Leadership and Management (C) 14

Manu fact uring S

outh Carolina has a strong foundation in manufacturing. Once leaders in the textile sector, we are now a leader in advanced manufacturing. From the production of automobiles, appliances, aircraft and more, no other sector in our state contributes more to our state’s economy, including job creation, high wages and community support. Our state continues to grow in our ability to manufacture complex products, and our area employers pay premium wages for these high-skill, high-demand jobs. Tri-County is pleased to partner with manufacturers in our area to grow right along with their expanding needs and goals, and our hands-on programs train our students make immediate contributions as they begin great careers in manufacturing.


CNC PROGRAMMING AND OPERATIONS Virtually all industries depend on precisely machined parts when building their products. Tri-County’s CNC Programming and Operations program was developed to meet the demand for highly skilled technicians in this specialized field of computerized machining operations. Created with employer input each step of the way, our CNC graduates will be in high demand for great-paying jobs with advanced manufacturers in the Upstate who are using the latest technologies to stay competitive in the global marketplace. CNC Programming and Operations (AD) Basic Machining (C) CAD/CAM/CNC Fundamentals (C) Introduction to CNC (C) ENGINEERING DESIGN TECHNOLOGY Love working with computers? Interested in a great-job and greatpaying opportunities in manufacturing? The Engineering Design Technology program prepares students to translate product ideas into engineering models and documentation using computer software. Students also learn how to draw mechanical parts in three dimensions using CAD/CAM software packages such as ProE, CREO, Catia, and MasterCAM. By producing 3D prototypes, students experience the capabilities and limitations of equipment such as mills and lathes. Engineering Design Technology (AD)


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GENERAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Looking for a fast-paced, high-tech career in industry? General Engineering Technology prepares students for 21st century manufacturing. Students will learn how to interface, program, troubleshoot, and optimize complex systems and equipment. Through hands on projects students learn about control systems, sensors, lasers, robotics, programmable logic controllers, and electronics. This multi-disciplinary field provides the necessary skills today’s technicians need. General Engineering Technology (AD) Engineering Science, Transfer (C)

acturing 17



Industrial Electronics Technology will prepare you to pursue virtually any career with “technician” in the description. The program provides a solid foundation in DC and AC electricity and electronics as well as solid state electronics. You’ll learn from hands-on courses in basic motor controls theory, ladder logic, and control wiring progress to advanced motor controls applications such as variable frequency drives, DC drives, and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) integration. The program covers digital logic basics, moves into the foundations of PLCs, and culminates in Advanced PLC applications using a variety of programmable controllers. 

Looking for advancement in your current position as an operator or technician? Are you a team player or born leader? If so, the Manufacturing Management and Leadership program can help you reach the supervisory level by fine tuning your leadership and communications skills. We train students on Lean Manufacturing practices, production scheduling, quality principles, and industrial safety. Manufacturing Management and Leadership (AD)

Industrial Electronics Technology (AD)

Manufacturing Management and Leadership, Manufacturing Production and Operations Emphasis (AD)

Basic Electronics (C)

Introduction to Manufacturing Management Technology (C)

Introduction to Quality Assurance (C) Manufacturing and Continuous Process Improvement (C) Manufacturing Operators I (C) Manufacturing Production I (C) Manufacturing Production II (C) MECHATRONICS Mechatronics is a new interdisciplinary field involving mechanical systems, instrumentation, electronics, robotics, automation, computers and control systems. Systems are networked together to meet the demands of highly automated manufacturing processes. Mechatronics technicians are trained to master the skills necessary to install, maintain and repair this sophisticated equipment. Mechatronics (AD) Technical Operations I (C) Technical Operations II (C) Get the EDGE


acturing Featuring Work-Based Learning Partnerships with Great Companies like: • BMW • BorgWarner • Bosch • Michelin • Reliable Automatic Sprinkler • Schneider Electric


Skilled S

killed trades encompass career paths that require work with hands and minds. The work requires real-world training and certifications to be successful, but it also needs a solid foundation and understanding of processes and problem-solving. Working in a skilled trade is an excellent option for those who enjoy a hands-on approach to work and life.

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Driver’s safety depends on the diagnosis and repairs made by auto mechanics. With more computerized automotive systems in today’s increasingly complex cars, mechanics must have an understanding of both mechanical and electrical principles. In this exciting skilled trade, many automotive technicians now specialize in a particular area, such as air-conditioning, transmission, or brakes.


Automotive Technology (AD)

From small stores to skyscrapers, HVAC technicians make sure the temperature is just right. In supermarkets, they maintain coolers to help keep your food fresh. In manufacturing plants, they keep the air workers breathe pollutant-free and the systems operating effectively. In homes, they simply make life bearable, keeping us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Whatever the speciality, this skilled trade offers great opportunities!

Automotive Braking Systems (C)


Automotive Engine Electrical Systems (C)

HVAC Apprentice (C)

Automotive Engine Performance Systems (C)

HVAC Installer (C)

Automotive Transmission Systems (C) WELDING The Welding program prepares students for a variety of employment opportunities, primarily in construction and metalworking. Courses offer hands-on, practical training in basic and advanced welding techniques. Students learn to weld steel, stainless steel, aluminum, pipe, and other welding skills needed in the workplace. Welding Technology (AD) Industrial Welding (C) Multi-Process Welding (C) SMAW Pipe Welding (C) SMAW Structural Welding (C) 21



hether your goal is a more affordable start to your four-year college plans or the need for smaller class sizes to help your transition go smoother, at all of our campuses, we offer a variety of quality, transferable courses to help you get started on your educational goals.

Univers Transfe Get the EDGE



sity er

he College has two University Transfer programs, Associate in Arts and Associate in Science, that are designed to transfer to senior colleges and universities. For maximum transfer credit, we urge you to work closely with your academic advisor to review the requirements for your anticipated major at the college to which you plan to transfer. The Associate in Arts program is designed for students who plan careers in business, education, journalism, psychology or another liberal arts field. The Associate in Science program is designed for students who plan careers in computer science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, or another science- related area. Additionally, we have transfer and bridge agreements in place with several great four-year colleges and universities, including Anderson University, The Citadel, Clemson University, Lander University, Southern Wesleyan University, University of South Carolina, USC-Upstate, and more.

We also offer a certificate in University Studies.



ri-County Technical College works with high schools throughout Anderson, Oconee and Pickens. Our partnerships include ways students can receive college credit for high school courses or take college courses while in high school. DUAL ENROLLMENT Tri-County Technical College’s Dual Enrollment Program provides an opportunity for qualified high school students to get a head start on college. Dual Enrollment courses may be taught at a high school, career center campus, or at one of TriCounty’s locations. Online offerings are also available.  University Transfer: For high school students who plan to earn an Associate in Arts, an Associate in Science or a Bachelor’s Degree at a four-year institution, this dual enrollment option offers an opportunity to take college courses while still in high school. Technical Career Pathways: This option enables high school students to earn college credit in a technical field, such as Automotive Technology, HVAC, Industrial Electronics, Mechatronics, or Welding. Some pathways enable students to earn a college credential prior to high school graduation to go to work immediately, while others give students a head start toward completing their associate degree. TECHNICAL ADVANCED PLACEMENT Technical Advanced Placement (TAP) is a great opportunity for area high school students to “TAP” into college credit by taking high school courses in a technical area which overlap with courses in some of Tri-County’s technical programs. A skills evaluation enables students to be placed in the appropriate technical courses without having to repeat content already learned in high school. 

Jacob Ledbetter enrolled in Tri-County’s Mechatronics program this fall having already earned two certificates and a year of college credit while still enrolled at Walhalla High School, all at no cost to him. At just 18, Jacob is taking a full academic course load and is working a 20-hour-per-week paid internship at Shaw Industries.

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Ready to Work

Chase Gagnon took full advantage of the opportunities offered through a partnership between the School District of Oconee County and Tri-County Technical College by enrolling in mechatronics courses while still in high school. “It was a way for me to get a head start on my future career and an economically positive way to start college,” he says. Chase believes in the growing manufacturing businesses in our area and knows he is well on his way to getting a jumpstart into the workforce. “The mechatronics program courses were interesting, like an applied science/math, and better for me than other classes I could have taken in high school,” he added. His goal is to eventually work for one of the many respected advanced manufacturing companies in our area, such as Bosch or BMW. When asked about the best part of his experience at Tri-County, Chase lists two: a flexible schedule and his teacher’s interest in his learning. “The teachers are understanding, interested and involved,” he said.






Student Succes Center Get the EDGE


t ss r

75,000 SQUARE FOOT OF SPACE DEDICATED TO THE NEEDS OF OUR STUDENTS • Learning Commons that houses library collections, flexible meeting spaces for students, computer labs, study areas, computer laboratories, supplemental instruction, and tutoring spaces; • Student Development Offices; • Information Technology Services; • Campus Store; • Campus Café; • Printing Services; • And more!


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by ch r semest GE expe • Earn points s and other ED credit hours pe 6 ie it in iv d ct a lle y ro it n n e u e m GPA and b • Submit com in at least a 2.0 ta in a m st u m • Students Questions, Comments, Ideas? Stop by the Student Engagement Suite 208, Student Success Center, or contact Lori Morrissette at Get the EDGE





Digital Literacy

Integrated Learning

What does “21st Century Scholar” mean to employers & other colleges? Students who have earned the title “21st Century Scholar” will be able to produce an official Co-Curricular Record (CCR) of their experiences at TCTC. This documentation will highlight experiences that showcase 21st century skills. 21st Century Scholars will also be recognized in the graduation program and earn “honor” cords.

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LIFE SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS • Most in all of SC Technical College System • More than any private college in SC • 5th of all SC colleges, behind USC Columbia, Clemson, College of Charleston and Winthrop.

Area Public

Area Private 10000





Tri-County, paying less doesn’t mean getting less. We are committed to making quality education affordable for everyone.

Lowest Tuition in Upstate SC Get the EDGE

Imagine being just 20 years old with a great job in a career field where you have passion and talent – and a college degree with zero debt! This is reality for Avery Holder, a May 2017 graduate from our Computer Technology, IT Emphasis, associate degree program and current employee of Greenville Hospital System’s information security team. Avery has been interested in computers since he was six-yearsold. Coming to Tri-County right out of high school was a practical choice for him. Not only was it more affordable than other options he was considering, he also felt he would gain knowledge that would be more hands-on and more applicable to the type of job he wanted. “Tri-County excels at providing real-world experiences for students. They don’t just deal in the theoretical,” he said.



Degree ≠ Debt


50000 Avery learned through both

classroom settings and online options. He is quick to add, “Just because the class was online didn’t mean I was alone. We used online labs and simulators and a lot of group collaboration, even for the senior capstone project.” Avery is looking into furthering his education, but he is glad to have found his footing in a two-year college. “I have learned a lot. I have a degree that got my foot in the door, and I am not thousands of dollars in debt,” he said.

Honors Experience At

Tri-County, our Honors Experience provides the academic challenge sought by focused students who expect more than a job or transfer credentials from their education. It’s important to know that the courses aren’t harder; they are just different, offering a uniquely honors experience. The program: • Engages students in discussions that take them well beyond the textbook • Expands the students’ critical thinking, analysis, research, writing and speaking skills • Develops new world-views in the students so they may be better citizens and leaders of the global community • Offers specialized externships with community service opportunities • Is available at no additional charge

The application process is open year-round. To learn more about the requirements or to apply, go to

It’s an Honor

“Tri-County was one of my only options after graduating high school. I wasn’t very serious about my studies during high school. While my grades were good, they weren’t as great as they could be if I focused more,” says Amani Altwam. While that might not be a typical start to a conversation with an honors student, Amani is a great example of someone who has thrived in the experience offered at Tri-County Technical College. Amani is a self-described introvert, but when she started at Tri-County, she knew that success for her meant that she would have to step outside her comfort zone. She joined and has served as president of the International Student Association and Alpha Zeta Beta, the college’s honor society. “Being in these organizations has greatly impacted my experience at TriCounty,” she said. “It has helped me be comfortable in a college where there aren’t many people like me.” She credits the Honors Experience, though, with her academic success. “Honors classes are not designed to be harder, but more interactive. With the class being smaller and more interactive, you are more likely to participate, ask questions, and be more involved,” she said. Amani can’t say enough positive things about the Honors Faculty, saying that they have made it their mission to be there for each student to help them succeed. Ms. Timeko McFadden is no exception. “With Ms. McFadden’s help and the skills that I have learned from the Honors Experience, I believe that I can be successful with all of my plans after Tri-County. She has personally been my cheerleader from day one, and has always been there for me whenever I needed anything. She has pushed me to succeed in everything I do, and she is one of the main reasons why I am where I am today. Without the Honors Experience, I would truly be lost and struggling to succeed in College,” Amani said. 31


Get the EDGE


ment Steps ❏❏ Complete an application for admission • Apply online at or contact admissions at 864-646-1550 for a paper version.

❏❏ Submit a nonrefundable application fee. • By Mail (Send your check or money order to TCTC Business Office, PO Box 587, Pendleton SC 29670. Be sure to include your full name.) • By Phone (Call 864-646-1802 to pay by credit card.) • In Person (Pay at the Business Office in Miller Hall on the Pendleton Campus, or at our Anderson or Easley Campus locations).

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❏❏ Provide satisfactory placement test scores (Accuplacer writing, reading and math taken within the past three years) or college transcripts showing an earned «C» or better in math and English coursework. • Review details regarding testing hours and locations and preparation including practice questions prior to testing at • If you have a documented hearing, learning, physical, psychological, and/or visual disability that will prevent you from taking the test under standard conditions, you may request reasonable accommodations. For more information, contact the Accessibility Resources Center at 864-6461564 or Note: A minimum score of 5 is required for admission.

❏❏ Submit a final, official high school transcript from an accredited or approved institution or official high school equivalency score report. • Graduating high school seniors will be admitted without this documentation but must submit the final, official transcript upon graduation and by the deadline posted on the enrollment calendar. • An official hard copy may be mailed from the school to Tri-County Technical College, Student Data Center/Registrar’s Office, PO Box 587, Pendleton, SC 29670,or the school may use a secure electronic service like Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, eScript, or Scribbles. If the service requires an e-mail address to send a link, use Transcripts e-mailed from students will not be accepted.

❏❏ Apply for Financial Aid • Start with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at • Submit all financial aid requirements by the priority date noted on the enrollment calendar to ensure any aid is processed in time to pay for classes.

❏❏ Register for Orientation, which will include Advising and Registration. • Orientation is mandatory at Tri-County, but you can select the option that’s best for you: group or individual. You’ll receive registration instructions with your acceptance letter.

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At TCTC, our goal isn’t only to train and equip you; our aim is to give you the EDGE you need to excel in whatever you do, whether you’re heading directly into the workforce or transferring to a four-year university! By the time you’re finished at TCTC, you’ll have an edge over the competition by being:





19:1 At Tri-County, our vision is to transform the lives of those who come here, one student at a time. We know that placing you in a classroom with 300 other students will not enable us to truly connect with you. That’s just one of the reasons we maintain a low faculty to student ratio, 19 to 1, to provide you with the focused attention you may need in your courses.

MAILING ADDRESS: Post Office Box 587 Pendleton, SC 29670 864-646-TCTC (8282) PENDLETON CAMPUS 7900 SC Highway 76 Pendleton, SC 29670 ANDERSON CAMPUS 511 Michelin Boulevard Anderson, SC 29625 EASLEY CAMPUS 1774 Powdersville Road Easley, SC 29642 OCONEE CAMPUS 552 Education Way Westminister, SC 29693

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