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any of us want to embrace a healthier lifestyle, but are looking for some assistance to keep ourselves on track. Luckily, with today’s technology, there are resources online and offline that can be used to help us stay motivated and track progress. Take advantage of your smart phone. Weight Watchers offers an application for iPhone and iPod Touch users. All users of the free app can view recipes and articles, create shopping lists, learn to make smarter food choices with interactive cheat sheets, and much more. And if you’re following the popular weight management plan and subscribe to Weight Watchers Online or Weight Watchers eTools, the iPhone App lets you access your plan information and track your food and activity from wherever you are - at a restaurant, in the grocery store, on vacation or just out running errands. “As mobile technology advances so do the tools that help enhance your healthy lifestyle, making it easier for you to keep track of your weight loss no matter how busy you might be,” says’s Editor-in-Chief Theresa DiMasi. “These tools help you make healthy choices and help you stay on track which can make a significant difference in your

success.” Track with a variety of tech tools. Along with making better food choices, many factors can help you achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss including exercise and sleep. Keeping track of calories burned is easier by using a pedometer that can monitor how far you’ve walked or run. Sleep is also an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and can play a crucial role in weight loss. There are a number of high tech products on the market today that can monitor your sleeping patterns, helping gauge your sleep quality and pinpoint the factors that affect it. Virtually connect with like minded individuals. Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, offer the opportunity for millions of users to connect with each other based on similar goals and interests including healthy living. Companies like Weight Watchers also have robust, interactive social networking sites. Weight Watchers Community site lets users connect with other people in their quest to better health, and exchange motivational wall posts with friends. The site also offers many challenges, insights from bloggers, and encouragement for anyone striving to live a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about Weight Watchers, visit

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The Aura of Excellence


air can tell you a lot about a person with-out ever having to speak a word to them. It is a form of artistic expression, a political statement, or even a regional standard in some cases. With the trends in hair changing drastically year by year the task to find the perfect style can become very overwhelming, so we seek the helping hands of the men and women that make the world go around by revamping one head at a time, our hair stylist. When in search of a good stylist many variables come into play; the clientele, price, and the overall presentation of the Salon. Atmosphere Salon in Chesapeake has manged to surpass the mediocrity of most Hampton roads salons and jump to the forefront with high class and chic styles. Sirron Ware, owner and stylist, has created an environment that teams with creativity and engulfs you with pure nirvana, truly a unique location. I got the chance to catch up with the very busy owner/stylist to discuss the goings on with Atmosphere. How long have you been doing hair? I’ve been hair care specialist for 23 years. What is your all time favorite style? There’s all kinds of style s that are my favorite. One is the bob. It can evolve from funky to a layered look and it is always sophsticated. In your opinion what makes a good stylist? You as a stylist have to have the background to know your client and what they want. No two heads are the same. To be a great stylist you need personality, good customer service

skills, education in the latest trends and the ability to manage. What are some products that you recommend? Influence hair care products are the products that we use here in the salon. Overall keeping your hair conditioned. You have to have a healthy scalp. Maintaining a healthy scalp and practicing consistant hair maintenance is key. What trends can we expect for the future? I think people will keep it simple, light and airy looks. Movement will be key for summer looks, and different styles of braids. What are some of your specialties? Hair replacement is my specialty. Anything from Cranial Prosthesis (lace wigs), sewins, and relaxers. What can one expect when they come to Atmosphere? The name says it all. We have a diverse talented staff ready to help you with your every need. Atmosphere is located at 1400 Kempsville Rd in Chesapeake, Va. They can be reached at (757)-549-1088 and are open tuesdays- Saturdays from 9am- 7pm. They are also available for special appointments on Monday and Saturday if you are looking for a more private sessions. Don’t forget to check out their website at www. to see a list of prices and services. -Mallory Douglas

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You can always tell when someone is passionate about what they do. You know whether it‘s the firstthing they wake up in the morning thinking about and the last thing they think of before they go to bed at night. This is the feeling you get when you talk to Phattz about the work she is doing in the hair industry. Phattz describes herself as a driven individual who grew up the hard way and didn’t finish school. Although she attended nursing school and was on the verge of graduating; Phatzz began working towards getting her cosmetology license and built her clientele while she was in school and never completed her nursing degree. When she was a little girl, Phattz says she always played school and she was the teacher while other girls were playing with baby dolls. She always knew she wanted to be an educator. Phattz has been privileged to work and hone her skills in some of the top upscale salons in Atlanta. Phattz found ATL to be very fast paced and she learned to adapt. The stylists were very business minded; some where real estate agents and many owned different types of businesses. Phattz knew she didn’t want to be the average stylist. Of course when Phattz returned to Virginia she was surprised to learn that VA was at a stand still compared to the fast pace of Atlanta. This is when Phattz decided to chase after something others weren’t chasing after – education!


Phattz has worked and traveled with Patrick Antonio, a well respected industry professional who specializes in cuts and coloring; David Fields, a celebrity hairstylist; Mega Hair, who are the originators of the “fusion” technique; and Studio 238 with Marie Antoinette. Phattz has won 1st place recognition in the Milky Way Competition, voted number one out of 471 stylists and has won 3rd place in another national competition. She’s done hair for Patrick Antonio Red Carpet Event in 2007 and in 2009 Phattz styled for T.I.’s clothing line Akoo in Virginia Beach. The Phattz Pretty Hair All the Timez Advanced Training Institute’s grand opening took place in January 2010 and currently has 9 students enrolled. The school is able to license hair professionals in instruction, braids and cosmetology. Beginning in March, their license will expand to license those interested in nails, barbering, and aesthetics. Phattz is committed to keeping classes affordable for her students (so low that we can’t even say in this article) so those who are interested should call and inquire. Since Phattz is a traveling stylist, there are plenty of opportunities for her students to learn and gain hands on experience. There is more to come from Phattz and we are certain that we haven’t heard the last from her.

for the quality of her bath and body products by friends, family, and potential customers. Because she wanted to make bath and body products as well as cakes, she decided to become an LLC. She learned that this would allow her to run both of her businesses. So began Rochelle Naturals, natural bath and body products, and Rochelle’s Cakes, homemade cakes and desserts.

Louis and Kimberly Alston married 4 years ago not knowing what their future would hold. New Year’s Eve 2008, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ariella. She changed their lives forever. Kimberly was born and raised in Hampton Roads. She spent eleven years as a teacher but chose to stay at home when her daughter was born. In the early months of Ariella’s life she developed eczema. Eager to find alternative treatments, Kim began to do a lot of research into natural hair and skin care. At the same time she began to spend much moretime exploring her hobby of cake baking and decorating. After much practice and experimentation, Kim decided to begin her own business. She made her focus natural and healthy ingredients. She had completely cured her daughter’s eczema and had been praised

As Rochelle Naturals, Kim uses only natural high quality ingredients. She knows that ingredients that are close to the way nature made them used safely will create great products. Most of her products are made using fair trade African Shea Butter. In addition all of her products are free of harmful chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, and sulfates. She uses all natural fragrances and essential oils in addition to other natural oils including jojoba, coconut, and olive oil. All of her products are naturally preserved and her most popular line is just for babies or those with sensitive skin. Her products include shea body butters, shea hair butters, and even shea scrubs. As Rochelle’s Cakes, she makes all of her cakes, icings, and fillings from scratch. What tastes better than a dessert just like your mom used to make? Rochelle’s Cakes! She does not design licensed character cakes, but can create the perfect dessert for any event. Consider Rochelle’s Cakes for your next birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower or wedding. Kim has specials for the holidays that can’t be beat. Her scratch made velvet, carrot, or caramel cake would be just what your Thanksgiving or Christmas table needs. You can find out more information or place an order by calling Kim at 757-215-4922 or emailing her at Check out her website for Rochelle Naturals bath and body products launching in October at www.

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Ms. Sherlonda Collins knows the importance of having life insurance. She grew up seeing her mother pay the insurance man every month no matter how financially difficult it was for them. She is very clear on the reason why people should carry life insurance. The expenses needed to bury someone will be covered and your dependents and family do not have to bare the burden of collecting money to have funeral services for you. She states the factors that determine how much life insurance to carry is based on age and health conditions. She also says that if you can add your children to your policy as a rider, starting at fourteen days or older, any other new children will automatically be added.

have paid your premiums until you are 65, you are done paying for that policy and the policy is and will always be affective. There are 10yrs paid life, 20 yrs paid life, 65 paid life, and 85 paid life policies. This means that if you pay for a policy for 10, 20, til you turn 65, or turn 85 years, once you have reached the maximum, you no longer have to pay on that policy, the policy is paid up. So, if you have a term life policy you might want to speak with someone about changing it to a whole life policy. A few of the reasons why people do not carry life insurance is because they believe

they can not afford it. Another reason is beThere are two distinct types of life insurance. cause it is not tangible. She goes on Term life and Whole life (cash to say that spending approximately $30 in lotvalue) Insurance. Term life tery tickets but will not spend $18 insurance is temporary to 65 years of age, when per month for life insurance are the habits of you turn 65 and you some. People sometimes look for a have not filed a claim, quick way to get money, but hardly ever look you lose the policy at the long term ways secure finances for and any money you when they are no longer here. Ms. Collins put in it. Howgoes on to say, those who need life insurever, with whole ance the most are our young low income life insurance, you individuals and/or families. She says accumulate inter“just a little coverage goes a long way.� est and once you When shopping for life insurance, it is good to get a least three quotes. When choosing a life insurance company, always look at the history of the company. Longevity and no merger history is a good sign that a life insurance company is stable. For life insurance quotes, or for more information, contact Ms. Sherlonda Collins at: 757-971-6634


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Virginia Institute of Boxing Excellence is located at 2436 Ingleside Drive in Norfolk Virginia. When meeting the owners of V.I.B.E. Boxing, it is clear that they are passionate about their business and the services they provide to the community. Rodney Hanks and Kariann Taylor started V.I.B.E. Boxing three years ago. Rodney, a recently retired Police Officer for the City of Portsmouth Police Department, began boxing in the early 80’s while serving his country in the Air force. While serving as an officer Rodney continued to train and began training others to box as well. Rodney describes Kariann as the nuts and bolts of the business, from administration to training. He also credits Kariann for helping to bring what started as a dream into fruition. V.I.B.E. Boxing offers personalized training for all fitness levels for men, women and children of all ages. Their membership has been steadily growing and they are pleased that their gym has a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere. Once gym members enter the gym they know that they are entering a “No Drama Zone”. Rodney and Kariann believe that V.I.B.E. Boxing is unique because of the size of their gym, the large amount of equipment that is available to gym members and the variety of members that frequent their gym. “Our members come from


various social and economic backgrounds and are of different nationalities. VIBE Boxing is a melting pot, where many different people come together to achieve a common goal. We try to make sure that everyone feels like they belong and because of that we have a good mixture and variety (of members)”. There are many reasons why people may decide that they want to join V.I.B.E. Boxing. For this reason, whenever a new member joins V.I.B.E. Boxing, Rodney’s first concern is to find out what that member’s goals are. It is important to identify what they are there for and hoping to accomplish. Some people just want to shed a few pounds while others may want to compete or are interested in going pro. Once they have identified their goals Rodney will then map out a strategy to assist them to get to their goal. Some of the benefits of getting into a boxing training fitness program include improved health and a more physically fit body. Boxing is the best way for you to have a stronger body and gain confidence. Rodney and Kariann say that many people have seen positive results from boxing training. These programs and classes also help you to gain a sense of inner strength and emotional balance. Moreover, these boxing training classes

improve your speed, resistance, and strength. Flexibility and the reflexes of the muscles are also enhanced. Repetitive motion of the arms by sparring and jogging while you punch helps your arms and legs gain strength and power. These workouts also enable your joint movements to build very efficient fitness results. These movements require you to develop balance and coordination that enables your body to be stable and maintain good form. The physical benefits you gain from boxing are just few of the many benefits that you will receive. You will be able to learn more about defense mechanism skills, which you may use in case of unpleasant situations. You will also feel positive satisfaction when you punch or kick. Relaxation and self-motivation is also developed. ”You can’t help but lose weight in these workouts. We have had parents tell us that they have noticed a change in their children’s behavior and in many cases their grades have improved. We

have seen children who struggled with obesity; lose weight which has resulted in improved self esteem. Participation changes the inside as well as the outside”. For this reason, V.I.B.E. Boxing opens its doors to children who show interest in boxing but cannot afford to pay for gym membership. “We are currently in a position to sponsor three more kids and are hopeful that area business will do the same so more children can be given the opportunity to better themselves and their futures.” Rodney says. When asked about V.I.B.E. Boxing’s future goals, Rodney and Kariann stated that they would like to see their business expand and grow so that there will be V.I.B.E. Boxing gyms in every city in Hampton Roads. For more information about V.I.B.E. Boxing call 757-724-7861 or visit their website at

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My name is Eleanor Chaney. I usually go by “Sugar” which was a childhood nickname. Born April 1st, 1990 - Aries. Currently a full-time student at TCC, majoring in Dental Hygiene hopefully at ODU. Aside from being a student, I am a member of Glo Entertainment. We are a group of 5 girls who host/promote events, model, etc. On my free time when I’m not busy with work or school, I am at the beach or hanging out with the girls. Height - 5’0 Weight - 108 Measurements (waist) - 25 (Bust) - 34


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ow long have you been a stylist? I’ve been doing hair for twelve years. In January I celebrated three years in business.

Do you have any areas of specialty? I specialize in short cuts and color. I enjoy doing all kinds of hair: natural, permed, weaves…whatever I can get my hands on! What separates your salon from all the others? Well, Salon403 is one of the few salons that are open on Mondays. From our opening day three years ago, we have been open

on Mondays so that we could offer added convenience to our clients. We are also open on Sundays by appointment only. Where can potential clients learn more about Salon403? Clients and potential clients can visit our website at where they can get discounts for services. We currently offer special rates on Mondays and Tuesdays for relaxers and re-touches. We encourage visitors to our site to email us for information or to schedule appointments. Our staff responds to emails quickly. We also have a salon403 and page. In most salons a client’s hair is normally done out in the open. Are there any special provisions for clients who may want privacy? Certainly, we offer privacy for individuals who do not want to have their hair done around others. On Wednesdays the salon is closed to the public so that we can accommodate their needs. I work with cancer patients through the American Cancer Society, and the clients that we do service that prefer privacy tend to already have situations such as hair loss due to a pre- existing condition. Are you engaged in any type of community service? I currently volunteer at the American Cancer Society. They have a program called Look Better Feel Better. I assist in wig-fitting, teach skin care and make-up application, and I show the ladies how to use scarves to adorn themselves. It’s importantly to give back to the community… the community supports you –so you should support the community. I am also a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Incorporated - where I am involved in other community service projects. Are you associated with any professional organizations? I am a member of the National Cosmetology Association, I have a degree in Business from Norfolk State University and as I mentioned I am a member of Sigma Gamma Ro.

Salon 403 is located at 11747 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News, Virginia, (757) 595check out Seven Tv @ 4430,



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Born and raised in Hampton, Virginia, rising star, Romonta Allen, discovered his niche in the world relatively early in life. At the tender age of six, family functions and small gatherings became the first platforms Romonta knew of. He passionately bellowed out what he believed to be musical bliss at the time. Cheering him on was his audience of encouraging family members and friends who supported his endeavors and instilled in him a strong work ethic and positive attitude. As Romonta matured and his voice developed, his true capacity as a performer was in progress.

Taking with him years of experience and determination to be successful, Romonta started a solo career. He currently has several CD’s and DVD’s circulating in the community containing original lyrics and footage based on his own life experiences. He also gained an interest in television and began hosting a local television show, which serves as a liaison between local viewers and the top moguls of the entertainment industry. This included; Sean “Diddy” Combs, Teddy Riley, Pharrell Williams, Carl Thomas, Tim Reid, Russell Simmons, Bruce-Bruce, and D.L. Hughley just to name a few.

Romonta first began his professional singing career with the formation of a gospel group while in high school. He toured the East coast with the group and further developed his skills as an entertainer. After performing within the local circuit, Romonta moved to New York City to pursue his dreams and earned a chance to compete with other artists in the world famous Apollo Theater. He also was a repeat performer on B.E.T.’s, 106 & Park. From that experience, Romonta was presented the opportunity to be signed with a R&B group through Universal Records. After two years of recording and performing, the group parted ways due to management issues.

In 2002, Romonta graced the silver screen in the Academy Award winning movie, “Cold Mountain”, starring Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger. In 2008, he made another movie appearance in “The Box”, starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden.


Drawing from his strong support system, deeply rooted faith, and motivation to convey “real life” messages through his music, Romonta hopes to develop himself into a positive example for other undiscovered talents to follow. Christopher Westray was born to Sheila and Bobby Westray, have two sisters and four brothers raised in Berkley.

Chris is a believer in god,loves his family, and will always be there for them through thick and thin. As a child growing up, Chris would sing when he was home alone, but never in front of his family. He gained confidence in front of an audience in 2007 at a recital and the rest is history. Chris started off practicing in front of an audience at the location “luxury brown” where Lucius Bennett was the host , then later years was introduced to Romonta , ,Romonta is the creator and host of the Romonta and friends talent showcase@ mangos where local artist show their talent in singing rapping or spoken word. Chris and other local artist opened up for rnb singer “Carl Thomas” at Mangos open mic . From attending Lucious & Romontas talent show case, Chris found his place in music. When you hear sing , you hear a orchestrated voice of a ballendier. Chris is harmonious person love make people laugh. Chris look forwards to working on an album towards the end of 2010. He look forward to touching someones heart with his music Along with several great actors Chris was featured this year 2010 in an phenomenal stage play , “Oilsheen” , based on several different individuals going through different issues, seeking a way out through a local beauty salon called oilsheen, Will also be featured in the upcoming stage play “Women who wear blue genes”. .. One of Chris’s many talents are creating and baking making specialty desserts (cheesecakes), you can find many of his displays on the Facebook website. If theres anyone having a special event and wanted to enhance their event with a touch of greatness please contact Chris @ 757-401-1859 “Westrays assorted cheesecake” He thanks God for opening doors and blessing him, and believes when praises go up, blessings come downEvery sunday you will hear Chris talk about being at church on sundays, and cooking sunday dinner afterwards. On a regular day, Chris is at home looking at tv or listening to gospel or rnb music. Chris is a hardworking man, been on his job for almost 7yrs and believe in taking care of his bills first then everything else fall in place.

began singing and rapping at the age of 8. Music was her liberation from the abuse she endured over the years. Native of Brooklyn, New York, Yazmin Denize stage name Q.R.A.Z has performed alongside with several reputable artists in her industry. One of the more prominent hip hop groups that she opened up for was the most critically and commercially successful groups of all time, Wu-Tang Clan, who rose to fame for their uncompromising brand of hardcore hip hop music. Her success with the Wu Tang allowed her to perform with Lost Boys, Kool G Rap, Magoo, Day 26 and performed for Trey Songz and Keisha Cole’s sister Neffe also attending that show Lil Scrappy, Deelishis from Flavor of Love and Terrell Carter from Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Also in a studio in VA called the Hyena Den was in ciphers with Jungle Brothers, J.O. Felony, Lady Saw, Little Vicious, King Jus, Killarmy, and the late Jam Master Jay. Q.R.A..Z has also performed for several upscale venues such as H2O in New York and Sugar Shack in Junction City Kansas. Q.R.A.Z. to rightfully earn a spot in Source Magazine’s Unsigned Hype Tour in Virgina as well as New Jersey hip hop appreciation week STOP THE VIOLENCE MOVEMENT OF 2009 with KRS ONE. In 2010 she performed at KRS ONE HIP HOP APPRECIATION WEEK Along side with Hakim Green from the group Channel Live. She sat on the women of hip hop Panel with many female emcees such as Absolute, Hurricane G and much more... She was a feature artist at Mangos in Virginia Beach. August of 2010 she performed for Cassidy hip hop Artist on Carmelo Anthony Label CrossOver at the Selden Arcade. She also performed along side R& B super star Carl Thomas and she performed on a new reality show called DA GROOVE. Q.R.A.Z recently received a standing ovation when she sang the star spangled banner at the IBC boxing event at Norfolk Scope.

“Why do you sing so loud?” was the quesYazmin Denize a.k.a. Q.R.A.Z. is an American tion asked of a then eight-year old Amara hip hop, neosoul, Gospel, and rock artist. She by a male classmate. Her amplified voice has been intimately involved in the music was noticeable even then, but Amara never check out Seven Tv @ industry since her childhood years as she thought of using her vocal abilities to fur-


ther her career.

he was on the phone booking gigs.

Raised in the little town of White Hall, AR she was not surrounded by a lot of musical talents. She would walk around town with her disc player singing along to Sarah McLachlan. As funny as it sounds, she contributes her love of music to “The Little Mermaid,” the cartoon “Gem,” as well as country singer Dolly Parton and her uncle.

From that point on Amara has secured her place in the industry. She was invited to attend a VH1 event in NYC where she was able to showcase her talent and went on to open for musical legends Envogue and Christopher Williams. After performing at these events, word of Amara’ s talent began to circulate and she was introduced to Grammy-award winning Producer, Nottz Raw. Nottz is responsible for some of the biggest hits in the hip-hop community from Busta Rhymes to Kanye West. The two continue to work on Amara’s debut album which a date has yet to be set.

At the age of 13, Amara’s uncle gave her a guitar and she wrote her first song. It was at that point, her musical talents began to flourish. For years she has studied her crafts, playing the guitar, writing, singing and taking vocal lessons. In 2008, she began developing another talent, playing the piano. The piano was the catalyst between Amara and Neo Soul/R and B music. Once she began to cross that bridge there was no turning back. In 2008, Amara decided it was time to start putting her songs on wax. She sung an original song acappella for a local producer and by the time she was finished


In addition to working with Nottz, she has worked side by side with icons Raw Digga and Asher Roth. Amara never dreamed of being this deep into the game, but her gifts are undeniable. Her four octave vocal range has been compared to greats like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. With a range that wide, the sky is the limit for this young, rising star. So it is safe to say, As Amara continues her career in music, she will b one the great artists that we will always remember.

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“If there were any justice in this world, the definition of music in its rawest form would be a picture with a simple caption that reads: The Fuzz Band. This eight-member indie band under the Peach Fuzz Entertainment label was birthed in the halls of the prestigious Hampton University, back in 1997. Whether Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Funk, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, or Classical, The Fuzz Band can do it; and not just do it, but excel with the unparalleled passion for perfection that drives them to succeed. They do it not just because they can, but because this diversity is who they are; pure unadulterated talent. Dynamic, innovative, and energetic, The Fuzz Band has rocked sold-out crowds Internationally with Grammy-winning artists such as Alicia Keys, Chicago, Morris Day, Outkast, Jill Scott, and Lauryn Hill. They have performed at private engagements in Amsterdam for Tommy Hilfiger, Inauguration, and USO tours through Iraq, and the entire Middle East. Here to give music a much needed facelift is The Fuzz Band.” –

Saunders, always makes for such an insightful look at the FUZZ. His unwavering passion for the band is very admirable. I spoke to him about the direction of the Fuzz Band, new members, success and more! With the success of the Fuzz Band and its continued growing recognition, what is next for the band? The band has achieved great levels of success over the years, but for us, there is always more. We never allow ourselves to become complacent or stagnant by believing that what we’ve done is enough. There’s always room to grow, improve, and evolve. From the beginning, we’ve always dreamt big, and we’ve only reached the tip of the iceberg in terms of achieving those goals and dreams. What’s next? We all want to be musicians, playing our music, full-time. No more 9-5’s to support the dream. We would love for the dream to support us. You have some new additions to the band. Please introduce your new members.

We’ve been very blessed to keep a very solid unit of members in the band over the years, but we’ve recently introduced some Speaking with the Fuzz Band’s manager, Paul (Interview by Rachael Faunce)


new members to the team. We now have Tavis Simmons on Keys, Thomas Rogers on drums and percussion, and Rob White on Guitar. The Fuzz Band has performed with many other elite artists/bands, so who else does the band have their sights set on? We would love the opportunity to perform with Prince, The Black Eyed Peas, and N.E.R.D. If you could name one pivotal moment in the Fuzz Band’s success, what would it be? One of our first major pivotal moments would be in 2005, when we all stood in the lobby of The Dominion Tower building in Norfolk, and decided as a group that we would go to Iraq with the USO. This came on the heels of our sold-out album release party at the Norva, which up until 10 minutes before curtain, almost didn’t happen. It’s been a ride, and we’ve had a variety of moments where we thought “this could be the one”, but we’re still waiting on “the one”. The story continues...

We would love to collaborate with Chrisette. She has an amazing gift and is an excellent performer, and we’re honored and a bit floored that she places us in such high regard. We find inspiration in a variety of places; God, life, family, relationships, emotions, and of course, from other artists who have come before us such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Queen, EWF, Chicago, Steely Dan, Dave Matthews, Miles Davis, Led Zepplin... For those that don’t know, please tell us about Fuzz’ most recent album. The most recent Fuzz Band project is an EP entitled Change. It was released in 2009 and can be purchased on itunes,, and Where can fans experience the Fuzz Band live in the Hampton Roads area? We do a great deal of traveling, but you can always check us out at Fuzzy Wednesdays, every Wednesday night at

TIme Lounge on Granby Street in downtown Norfolk. After a recent performance with Chrisette Michele at the Norva, she tweeted that “I’m For more information about the Fuzz Band, always inspired by them to b honest in my log onto art.” Possible future collaboration? And who check out Seven Tv @ “inspires” the Fuzz Band?


Plus...her price is very reasonable.

DP Hair Vision is an exclusive mobile styling service that provides an upscale full-service salon experience in your home or preferred location. DP Hair Vision is dedicated to providing high-quality and professional hair service available to a diverse clientele with all hair types. DP Hair Vision’s owner, Devona, is a professionally trained creative stylist who has been styling hair for 18 years. From fashionable hair styles and cutting edge extension , DP Hair Vision offers great services that you are sure to love. In addition to a variety of services, DP Hair Vision specializes in hair extensions, growth and natural hair care. This is A styling services that allows you to look and feel like a celebrity without the expense. DP Hair Vision offers services to clients who are in Hampton Roads or up to 2 ½ hours away. They have transformed their client’s hair in the hospital, at weddings, runway shows, and photo shoots. DP Hair Vision’s owner Devona has worked with clientele who have had Chemotherapy, which resulted in balding, and understands the need for privacy in the comfort of their home. Once people know about DP Hair Vision’s mobile services they are pleased to save money, time and gas. Clients love the convenience and appreciate that they don’t have to spend long hours in the salon to enjoy one on one personal hair care.

Serving the community is important to DP Hair Vision and they are very passionate about doing what they can to give back to the community. For this reason, DP Hair Vision is offering a Backto-School special of $30 off for kids. “A lot of issues that people have are with self-esteem. Think about it. If you look good you feel good. If you are having a bad hair day you are not going to present yourself in the best way possible”. To take advantage of this special, appointments need to be made 5 days in advance. DP Hair vision is available 24 hours a day and 6 days a week. For an appointment call DP Hair Vision at 412-726-1210 or visit them on the web for discounts, specials, photos and hair care tips. hair care Email: devonaprather2@yahoo. com

Testimonial: Devona did my hair yesterday. OMG, I am in awe!!! My hair has NEVER looked this good!!! I have had several “professional braiders”; (found here on Craigslist) do my hair and was very unsatisfied...But Devona got it right!!! The braids are exactly what I asked of her, small, thick and professional looking. She took her time and exceeded my expectations.



lessed be the name of the lord. Monica Curry. My stage name is T.I.C.A, which is an acronym for (Tell individuals Christ Alive).I am a young, aspiring gospel rapper; however, I was not always spreading the gospel. I was featured on the Southwest Cartel collaboration. This project was recorded at “The Kitchen” in Dallas, Texas, a studio that is owned by Two Short. Other artist included were D.M.D- (Dallas Most Dangerous), Lil Flip, UGK, Pimp C, Mr. Luv, and Sean G.

After accepting Christ into my life, I no longer wanted to be a gangster rapper and I knew I had to redo my album, titled “A New Beginning” over. God has been so faithful that I feel obligated to use my gift to spread the gospel as opposed to hustling and violence. It’s important that I maintain a positive role model for my children. I have an Eight year old son-Elijah, and a three year old daughter- Goddess. I am the founder of Ram Services (Reaching All Mankind). I am counselor and have a variety of clients that I have assisted in helping them accomplish their I.E.P (Individual Education Plan) task. My goal is to one day open my own residential treatment facility for at risk youth. Until then, I will continue to work as an Assistant Manager for Boddie Noell Enterprises, Pursue my dreams, trust God, and live my life to the fullest. Contact Info: Monica Renee Curry 757-328-3259

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