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irst I want to thank God for giving me another opportunity to put out this publication. I also want to thank Him for getting us through another year. Happy New Year and thank you for picking up this issue of Seven. I am proud to say that we’re a few months away from our year four anniversary and it’s been a lot of work! We’ve been through quite a few things but let me be another one to tell you, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel if you keep God in the process just trust Him, you’ll see. This issue is the NY meets VA issue where we interview the top move-makers in our area and our of town. Livewire Empire and Faseworld Entertainment talk about their business strategies, up’s and down’s, and success. Waterplus talks to us about the importance of drinking clean water and Mr. Rob Jones discusses grrowth, expansion, success and working with different acts throughout the nation. Ms. Donna Grant Thomas enlightens us about her Organo Gold coffee products and we have an exclusive sit down with N’Keema CEO of the Girls Are Pearls Organizaion. So sit back, enjoy and thank you for reading.



hen Seven Magazine asked water specialist and owner of WaterPlus, if he believed that people were conscious enough about the importance of our needed water intake on a health level, James Tabron indicated he didn’t think most people were aware of its great importance. He added, “More people are now trying to be more conscious. However, many are still oblivious to some of the things we do healthwise and especially not conscious of how water affects our overall health.” James Tabron started his retail water store in 1987 (23 years ago) under a franchise in the Norfolk territory. Later he branched into his own self service store. WaterPlus is currently the only store in the area that distills water. His customers are comprised of 85% homeowners and the rest businesses. I don’t think there is a person that doesn’t know that water is essential to our good health. Still, many of us may not know just how important water is to our body and mind. Did you know that your brain is 80% water? Were you aware that water prevents our organs from sticking together? Water also lubricates our joints. These are just a few of water’s benefits for our lives. I think many of us need to ask ourselves if we have drunk the recommended 6 to 12 glasses of water each today. Even before knowing these facts, I believe many of us would have agreed that drinking water is important to our lives. The controversy comes when one raises the question of why to drink distilled water over tap water from the faucet. Let’s start with the fact that groundwater may contain trace contaminants (arsenic, lead, raw sewage, industrial wastes, radioactive material, etc.). Some may still debate that the water we drink from the faucet is treated and is considered safe. The fact is that treated Continued on next page

Water Plus Continued. water contains added chemicals like chlorine and ammonia. The difference in distilled water is that it simulates rain water’s purity minus the contamination (due to pollution) as the rain falls back to the ground. Rain water comes from what’s scientifically known as nature’s hydrologic cycle. This is when evaporation from the earth’s bodies of water rises into the air forming clouds. The moisture returns to earth as precipitation (rain, sleet, snow, etc.); but, the purity of nature’s water is ruined on its travels back to earth due to our pollution that’s in the air. The distillation system that WaterPlus uses is like a man made model of nature’s original intent. James Tabron informs, “Water is heated until it becomes steam and cooled in a condensing coil. It is then filtered and recaptured as pure water. Contaminates remain in the boiling tank and are discarded.” The WaterPlus five stage process also softens the water, removes chloramines (chlorine and ammonia), and injects ozone (oxygen) to help keep bottles clean and enhance the flavor with a lighter taste. James Tabron states the WaterPlus water he sells to his customers is 99.9 percent pure. This is water not to wash your car, but to transport through the inside of your body… lungs (80% water)… organs (70-80%)… muscle (76%)…

bone (20%))… blood (90% water). To James Tabron, his business is not just supplying a product for consumers; but, he educates his customers as well. He enlightened me with the estimated information, “If humans stopped right now polluting the earth it would take over 200 years to clean our environment.” James Tabron is a Go Green advocate and for 23 years has also been enabling people to also cleanse their bodies. WaterPlus is located at 5950 Poplar Hall Drive #107 (near Military Circle, across from Costco in Dixie Square Shopping Center) in Norfolk. You can bring your own bottles or purchase containers from 8oz to 5 gal bottles. The best part about buying distilled water from WaterPlus is the super price! You can have 99.9% pure water for as little as .55¢ per gallon. I must say when I began to get into a full explanatory discussion with James Tabron I learned probably more than I wanted to. Nevertheless, I’m glad that I was awakened. The New Year is a great time to add good health to our list of resolutions. WaterPlus also sells vitamins, herbal products, skin care products, water distillers, R.O. systems, and shower filters. WaterPlus is open Monday-Friday 10am-8pm, and 10am-6pm on Saturdays. M. Yvette


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he fresh smell of hair product flooded my nose and my ears picked up the soft low hum from the row of hairdryers currently in use. Conversation mixed with laughter rang out in English and Spanish all throughout the salon. I continued to take in the multitude of leather seats, the antiquestyled gold mirrors at each well-stocked hairdressing station, and the overall inviting atmosphere. After introducing myself to the receptionist it was not long until I had the privilege to sit down with the owner of this impressive establishment. Ysabel Reyes was born in the Dominican Republic;she came to the U.S seven years ago, following her husband’s naval career.After working in another salon for two years, she opened Quisqueya Salon(“Quisqueya” being the former name for the Dominican Republic) in Norfolk. When the day came, an apprehensive Reyes prepared to open her doors. Operating on a walk-ins only policy, she did not know how many customers she would actually serve. To her overwhelming surprise, more people showed up on just the first day than she had expected. “The support from the community was overwhelming,” said Reyes. This year as they celebrated their two-year anniversary, the same affirmation remains the foundation of Quisqueya Dominican Beauty Salon. With spring blossoming into view,Quisqueya is more than equipped to offera fresh look toenhance your natural beauty. They carry

a range of products, Alter Ego, Echoline, Alpha Parf, and Salerm (just to name a few) for any hair type and desired improvement (curl enhancement, sleek and shiny, color treated, anti-breakage, etc.). Furthermore, while their stylists specialize in straight and silky blow-dry techniques, these professionals prove excellence in cuts, colors, perms, relaxers, and updos as well. June…the infamous “wedding month” and Quisqueya has you covered. Their spacious and well-organized salon can accommodate 30 people eliminating the need to cut down your wedding party! A quick cut to revive your looks is as little as $20 and updos begin at $45! The salon will consult with brides and formulate a custom-made package consisting of only the services you desire. They can include anything from facials, waxing, hairstyles, cuts, color, and makeup. The hairdressers are committed to making your day as ideal as you can imagine it and the preparation process fun, relaxing, and overall enjoyable! Quisqueya Dominican Salon offers a 10% military discount with proof of ID every Thursday. Add some luster this winter by visiting one of these talented artists! Open 6 days a week even Sunday! You’ll see why word of mouth is their largest form of advertising. For more information call (757) 531-7131


witch It Up Auto is a family owned and operated business. We are conveniently located at 1530 East Little Creek Road Norfolk, VA. We offer reliable preowned vehicles with monthly payments that can fit almost any budget. We also provide guaranteed credit approval through Credit Acceptance, as well as our own in house financing. An extended warranty is available on most vehicles. Our mission is to provide each customer with the opportunity to purchase a dependable preowned vehicle at an affordable price and “You Know Its About Time You Switch Your Style Up�.


hat was once known as The VA House of Comedy is bringing Virginia a new look, a new flavor, and a new name for 2011. The already respected venue has been the hot spot for many renowned comedians, and the evening place to go on the weekend to party for twelve years. It all started in 1999, after Rob Jones had retired from the US Army. The VA House of Comedy catered to patrons that wanted something in the area that didn’t exist. There was no place to see stand-up comedy and in an up close and personal setting. Comics that have graced the stage of the legendary VA House Of Comedy are such greats as Monique,

Katt Williams, Ricky Smiley, Bruce Bruce, Cheryl Underwood, and Nephew Tommy to just name a few. The venue was run in the focus of primarily the comedian circuit. However, Rob Jones had initially planned for the venue to be a multi-functional venue. 2006 the focus began to expand more into the entertainment complex that it is more known for today… well should I say yesterday. 2011 brings even more growth for the already accomplished VA House of Comedy; for starters the name. March of 2011 Rob Jones’ premier entertainment complex will officially be The House.

the hou

International Entertainment Promoter Rob Jones By: M.Yvette

I asked Rob Jones if he saw himself doing anything else besides being not only a club owner but also an international event promoter. His answer was, “No,” plain and simple. Though he has run, what is to be called here after The House, for twelve years, he has been in the business for over twenty-five years. Back in 1983 Rob promoted his first event for a major group. The hot 80’s group Ready For The World was his first contracted group concert. He had rented the Ramada’s ballroom in Illinois, and made it happen. While still in the military Rob met a guy from Washington [state], by the name of David Boyd, who basically trained him in the business of event promoting. When Rob moved to Hawaii so did David Boyd and they promoted events there. Then Rob moved to Germany and so did David; still bringing major events for US artists to establish recognition overseas. These were artist like Freddie Jackson, Da Brat, and R. Kelly; for R. Kelly that was his first time performing overseas. Rob continued as an apprentice with David Boyd for five years. During 15 years while in the military Jones simultaneously contracted entertainment shows. Rob Jones currently does for others exactly what David Boyd did for him. He has apprentice programs and he consults the youth that would like to enter into


the business. “Control your own… always add something and never take away,” Rob Jones advises young people. The House also has showcases that can launch artists’ careers. Tiffany, that went on with Puff Daddy [also known as P-Diddy or Sean Combs], was in participation in one of these showcases. Through the twenty-five years of being in the entertainment business Rob has been the promoter for other famous acts like Aaliyah, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and so many others. The entertainment industry seemed to have been in Rob’s blood. Early on he saw his uncles, the Brooks Brothers, who wrote chart ranking hits for the original legendary group The Impressions. He said, “I can’t see myself doing anything else.” 2011 is bringing Rob Jones’ The House into an even grander dimension. The premier entertainment complex, that is located at 5476 Virginia Beach Blvd., is already known for bringing nationally famed comics intimately to the people, having Jazz On The Boulevard [events that brought in acts like Najee, Walter Beasley, etc.], VA Idol showcases, and all events with top flight security, is now expanding its grandness. There has been a total upscale renovation to The House… custom tiled floors and bar, and artwork on the walls done by Renee [which has done work for Missy Elliot]. The bathrooms have been glamorized with an elegant chandelier in its entranceway, eccentric wall paintings, unique glass tile stalls, and the restrooms are now to be serviced with awaiting attendants. The sophisticated lounge atmosphere of The House is accentuated with leather couches, in addition there are convenient pub tables situated closer to the stage and floor area. The fashionable layout enhances the incomparable entertainment experience of The House. This special events facility opens its doors to the grown and professional clientele [dress code required].

Friday evenings there are live Hispanic bands [23 & up], Saturday nights the island flavor takes over with Reggae and Caribbean [23 & up], and Sunday nights the hip-hop energy of DJ L.E.S. and DJ Jack of Spade can be found in The House [21 & up]. Rob Jones has brought the upscale facility, The House, into the ever growing metropolitan area of Virginia Beach, and has extensive plans in the works to also bring this grand experience into Suffolk and the Newport News area within the 2011 year. Through all the success of The House and the concert productions that Rob Jones has delivered to outside venues [for example the previous Mike Epps event], he remains a down to earth and humble man. Partaking in volunteer work for school fundraisers is an example of his diligence for others. This interview with Seven Magazine was a first for the VA mogul; he prefers for the attention to be placed on the events he caters to people and not on him. Many people have asked for him to bring the comedy events back to forefront of the establishment. He gave his sincerest words to his loyal patrons, “Thank you for your support over the 11 years. It has been ruff; we’ll continue to bring live entertainment to outside venues.” Rob Jones [owner of the premier entertainment complex The House, CEO of his concert production business, also manager for George Wilburn from the Michael Baisden Show], thanks his success to his entertainment consultants [accountants, lawyers, and promoters]. He also thanks his management team which consists of Greg Collier, Bobby Collier [Chicago District/Mid-West Concert Division], Fred Gould, Shelly Jones and Lori Jones. Rob Jones’ words of wisdom, “It doesn’t happen by chance, but by determination.” We at Seven Magazine thank Rob Jones for allowing us an exclusive look into the man and the mogul.



ykema Wright is not just a mother of two… she’s not just a rapper; she is also the founder of a Norfolk based non-profit organization called Girls Are Pearls. The organization (that extends its hand not only to the Norfolk vicinity) is one of the few youth organizations within the Hampton Roads area. Nykema Wright explains the organization’s purpose perfectly within the slogan, “To cultivate our girls into well rounded voluptuous pearls.” May of 2009 Nykema a Wright established Girls Are Pearls in the attempt to give to the young ladies of this generation and woman of the future generations the tools they will need to grow into their destined purpose. The young ladies of Girls Are Pearls range from ages six to seventeen. These are very impressionable years and Girls Are Pearls is there to be a positive influence and allow them to find a strong unity in womanhood as they develop into that role. When Seven Magazine asked Nykema Wright what made her decide to start the Girls Are Pearls organization, she immediately gave her opinion of the challenges that today’s generation has to face. “Each generation seems to get worse,” she said. Nykema is the mother of a five year-old daughter and an eight year-old son. Though she feels girls and boys both face many challenges, she recognized the dire need for young girls to have a certain type of nurturing and guidance. Nykema brought up the point that women roles are a lot bigger. She indicated women are many times left to raise our young ladies and our young gentlemen. A woman’s role sets the tone for the family and as mothers woman are expected to teach the children right from wrong; what is commonly known as proper home training. It’s not to say that the girls in this organization don’t always have this from home. However, with so many negative influences that our girls encounter on a daily basis (whether from


essica Gray(born December 10th 1986) also known as (JAI-E,VIRGINIAN BOSSLADY) is a underground female rapper from Norfolk, Virginia. JAI-E’S mother Katrena Holmes raised her as a single mother and always told her to work hard and follow her dreams. When JAI-E was as young as two years old her family seen that star potential in her. Visitors that came around was so amazed at how she entertained so young. As the years passed she became a member of two groups Xplosion and Highnoon. Xplosion was an all girls group with a couple of her friends. During her experience she learned how to colaborate, format songs and how to perform. A couple years after that JAI-E branched off to rap group called Highnoon. As the only girl and the youngest she played a huge role in the group. The other members really taught her good techiques in the studio and on the stage. Once the group Split she concentrated on her education and another dream of hers. Finally at the beginning of 2010 she wrote a single and perform it at a local club. During that performance she really moved the crowd and realized that music is what she needs to pursue. From then on she has been peforming, networking, and working hard to get in the industry.

M. Yvette

peers in school or television) it is necessary to reiterate as much positive as possible. Girls Are Pearls focuses on etiquette, social skills, and self esteem. Nykema spoke candidly, “Men are sometimes not living up to what they are supposed to do.” The Girls Are Pearls founder added, “Girls get caught up in love when we sometimes don’t know how to love ourselves.” Through her mentoring she teaches the young girls to hold themselves to a higher respect. Some issues in Nykema Wright’s own life implanted a desire to create the organization Girls Are Pearls. “I grew up without my parents; my grandmother raised me and she worked,” She explained. Nykema found herself as a young girl hanging in the streets, she dated drug dealers, and was also sexually assaulted. She had built up anger inside her as a young girl and was lost in understandable pain and confusion. She was blessed to emerge from so much of the childhood turmoil within her adulthood. She was able to see the need for a rebirth and more importantly she realized that it was possible to do so. “I learned as an adult why I had so much anger. I learned to accept and love myself… to love people.” Nykema’s growth allowed her to have a forgiving heart for her mother and father… she was able to put her past in her past and cultivate into a strong woman with a selfless heart


that would help other young girls to maybe not have to face all of the pains she had. Through her mentoring she helps young girls gain the tools to sustain all that life will definitely throw their way; so they can stand strong through the storms and continue to grow beautifully. The young ladies of Girls Are Pearls participate in etiquette classes, car washes, fund raisers, pizza parties, and mentoring sessions. The activities are inviting to any young girl and much of getting into the wrong situations or being around the wrong people is usually due to young people not having other activities to be involved in that could be more beneficial and positively productive. Currently there are twelve girls within the Girls Are Pearls organization. Since Nykema Wright pays for the organization’s expenses out of her own pocket, the number of girls within the organization has been limited. Nykema does wish to see the non-profit organization grow with more girls involved, doing more in the community, having classes weekly, and more mentoring. Through sponsors and awareness the much needed Girls Are Pearls organization can began to be there for many other young girls within our community. Nykema Wright can be reached at for any questions, sponsorships, or donations to the organization.

Livewire Empire by M. Yvette


ivewire Empire seemed to have exploded from out of nowhere, but has made its mark on the entertainment industry in a dominant way. Who are they? The go to people for management and promotions in the entertainment industry. Their purpose? To enlighten people and to create a movement for future leaders. Livewire Empire is bringing innovations to the industry that no other company has done. Seven Magazine has been able to get up with the heads of this conglomerate organization for an exclusive look into today’s entertainment empire and four of Livewire’s key players. Elvis “Excell” Bryan (CEO), Joe Swagg (Co-CEO), Loso (engineer/ producer), and DJ Chino (one of Brooklyn’s and the east coast’s hottest DJ’s)... this assembly of fiery determination and untouchable talent is the back bone of the entertainment industry’s innovative kingdom known as Livewire Empire. The industry possibly hasn’t seen such zeal, drive, and commitment since Sean Combs and

Elvis “Excell” Brayn Bad boy records. Elvis “Excell” Brayn is the CEO of Livewire Empire Inc. and holds this position not just because he founded the company eight years ago. He holds this position because he was able to bring this vision to life and gifted enough to vigorously expand the company’s brand. When I speak with the company’s CEO it’s like I’m speaking to two strong individuals that strengths differ but compliments each other. The combination of his good hearted side (Elvis) and the flamboyant entrepreneur (Excell) creates the completion of what is needed to sustain his position within the industry. When I asked Elvis, where he gets his motivation, he answered whole heartedly, “The purpose of a driven life.” Elvis speaks of his destiny to pursue a particular path. When I inquired with Excell of his aspirations he answered rather confidently, “To be the first business man on Mars.” No, he didn’t go all “Andre 3000” on us. He’s just that man that envisions the impossible and proves it is possible. This works hand and hand with his other side [Elvis], who is all about being a positive influence. He wishes to not just have his success but to inspire others to succeed. Does it all make complete sense now? What better way to do this than to position himself as CEO of a company that can facilitate others with following their dreams?

To be able to influence others, it is always a great start to practice what you preach. Excell is a motivator for others so I had to find out where he receives his own motivation. He basically gave that credit to God and having knowledge of his destiny. Excell’s five year vision for Livewire is to create more jobs nationally… within ten years to go global. Currently Livewire Empire has the east coast on lock with New York, DC, Maryland, and VA. One of the aspects of Livewire Empire that differs from others in this industry is their vision and outreach into not only the states, but to carry this business global. Excell [who’s heritage is actually from Central America in Guatemala] has expanded to his home with the company’s business affairs. During December Livewire Empire Inc. helps local Guatemalan children with a Christmas drive. Excell also has taken on a Garifuna music artist that goes by the name of Carlos “Styles” Bonilla. Styles is from Livingston [located in Guatemala]. Styles’ music is a popular genre in Guatemala known as Garifuna. This style of music is without a doubt something new to many outside of Guatemala. To bring Garifuna abroad could bring a tremendous growth into the music industry, by merely bringing it into the ears of those in the United States. Hip hop music has been the biggest influence in the building process of LiveWire Empire, so is only right for the company to take part in a culture that help create what Livewire is today. They are doing so by signing one of the best Artist out of NYC in Young Driz! whose album is coming soon and promise to shake the industry into a different direction with his music. Young Driz represents the Bronx New York and already has made a mark in the birth place of hip hop by creating the new anthem for the City that never sleeps. Excell explains how he is chasing history. He says, “In regards of your dreams; people always tells you it’s almost impossible to get them. I believe that is true if your motive to reach your dreams is to make money! Everyone wants to make money, but I rather make history because there aren’t many people in that lane. Everyone is in the money lane, not in the history lane… but I am.” Excell makes it a point to balance his life. The demand of being chief executive of a fast growing business within the entertainment industry could easily turn into chaos and some people even lose themselves in it all. Excell gives his secrete to sanity, “You shouldn’t bring work home and you must remain true to who you really are… stay humble.” If he could change one thing in the entertainment industry Excell would take the business out of it. He elaborated, “People will sell their souls to get a hit record.” Excell also felt at that time to give a shout out. “And shout out to the people who are ignorant.” He continued to speak out to the haters. “People hate what they can’t understand and fear what they can’t conquer.” The

Joe Swagg

haters definitely haven’t fazed Excell because he started all of this relatively eight years ago and his go-getter attitude is apparent to his success. He plainly said, “I’m not going to quit.” It’s amazing to see what started in 2003 as a group of guys getting into the club scene, mainly for fun, has turned into an important piece of the entertainment industry. Livewire Empire has much they are bringing to the table. Additionally to the Garifuna artist, Styles, they also manage one of Brooklyn’s and the east coast’s hottest DJ’s… DJ Chino. The empire also represents the R&B artist Chase. The CEO, Excell, is also a part of the Livewire Empire roster of talent. The events that Livewire promotes have grown from parties to extravaganzas. Such as the November 2010 Gucci- Prada-Louis Vuitton event. Livewire Empire also has something grand in the works for VA that has been a longtime coming. As the Co-CEO, Joe Swagg, puts it… “The Seven Stars Awards will give VA something big to look forward to every year.” Joe Swagg, Livewire Empire’s Co-CEO, modestly explains his role at the company as the executive that handles the background or backend details. Ironically, he is strongly respected by the company as a trailblazer and visionary. When Excell spoke of Joe Swagg he said, “He has an eye for the future.” The two met six years ago while they both were in the military. They both had a love for music and somewhat connected on

those basis. Joe Swagg never knew his niche, but he says, “Excell brought it out of me.” Currently Excell resides in New York city while the company’s Co-CEO residence in Maryland. Though there’s a small amount of difficulty with communicating sometimes, they stay on track and make it happen. The benefit actually out-weighs the con because the networking covers more ground. Excell covers New York; Joe Swagg has Maryland and DC; while two of the other key players of Livewire (DJ Chino and Loso) have things in VA. I asked Joe Swagg to tell me more about what Livewire is doing with music videos. He explained that it all kind of started with Excell [who always has a camera]. They would just shoot videos of themselves and then other people began to ask them to shoot their videos. Something that started so trivial of cause was morphed into Livewire Films status. Joe Swagg laughed, “We just ran with it!” Now they are making videos for artists, as well as managing and promoting. Joe Swagg enlightened Seven Magazine about the initial format designed for Livewire Empire. “We originally were to be a label.” The company still plans to follow that journey to being a record label, but is currently focusing on managing and promoting. Within five years Joe Swagg’s vision is to be continuously building and making a major impact in the industry with a major artist. The ten year vision? He enthusiastically answered as he looked into the future for Livewire Empire Inc. “We will be a serious force to be reckoned with… music, events, videos, fashion…” He gave us all a little peak into the plans of the annual Seven Stars Awards event to be held in Virginia. It will highlight VA artists and will give Virginia what they have been yearning. The talent that is in the state of Virginia is a broad range, due to it being a military

based area. Virginia delivers variety of cultures. It has been a longtime coming for Virginia to have an event of this multitude, and Livewire Empire has the plans in motion to deliver it to us. I passed the magic industry wand over to Joe Swagg and asked him if he could change any one thing within the entertainment industry, what would it be? Joe Swagg being the critical mindedperson that he is, took his time to answer this hypothetical question [with much consideration… as if the imaginary wand really had powers]. “I would change the taking advantage of artist. There’s a difference between promoting and exploiting.” He explained to Seven Magazine of the industry’s 360 deals that can give the labels a percentage of any and everything an artist does; that isn’t even directly related to the CD sales. He was then already thinking of a way to get that magic wand to work. “Knowledge is the answer to that situation.” I wouldn’t be shocked if he now tries to spread that word. He is really a strategic business man, a visionary, and a true person. Once again another reason that Livewire Empire Inc. is heading to become a major name in the industry. Livewire Empire Inc. and Team Chino are banging parties along the East Coast and filling the venues easily to full capacity. Wherever Brooklyn’s finest, DJ Chino, is… whether it’s Chesapeake’s Club Blakeys, Virginia Beach’s Club Mangos, or the Granby Street venues in Downtown Norfolk… he’s guaranteed to keep the party jumping. DJ Chino has a love for music in general, but tends to lean mostly into hip- hop and reggae. His personal favorite artists was a list that went into infinity (the nature of a true music lover), but the tops were Jay Z, Biggie, and Dipset. He also let it be known that even though he is from New York that he does have respect for some of the southern rappers as well.


DJ Chino DJ Chino started to DJ at parties when he was only fifteen years old. That’s twelve years of experience of doing what he loves. He emphasizes, “I do this for the love… not the money.” He has turned DJ’ing into not just a business. He has actually branded the DJ Chino experience with Team Chino. Through his networking he has been able to meet connects and expand the DJ Chino product. He says graciously, “I give much thanks to DJ Fontz and DJ L.E.S. from 103 JAMZ; they got my feet in the door.” DJ Chino has been in VA for only four years, and in that time he has branched out in different areas. He has done his thing for eight to nine months at one of The Seven Cities’ more popular club, Club Blakleys. Another --alternative place to party in VA is definitely the Dowtown Norfolk strip of nightclubs. He can be found there as well. The summer of 2010 wasn’t at all cooling down for DJ Chino. Jim Jones, Jewels Santana, Willie Banks, and the Mike Epps show at The Scope was just a taste of what DJ chino was cooking up this past summer. There was also recently the DJ Chino birthday bash that surpassed the capacity at Club Mangos. It’s obvious that there is always a turnout when team Chino is in the place, and this is greatly do to his

mindset when he is at his turntables. “I play what the people want to hear… what they want to dance to.” What he said was the true key to his mastery of his art… knowing what his people want and delivering. I have witnessed first-hand his talent of turning a crowd of wall flowers into a blooming field of wild flowers. I had arrived before DJ Chino was actually doing his thing. Another good DJ was playing good songs and the people were bopping their heads and mingling at the bar. However, the floor was vacant. When DJ Chino made his appearance the atmosphere evolved. Song after song had everyone ready to hit the floor. Even myself, and I was supposed to have been in business mode that night. He was able to even get me out of VIP and shake a little something on the dance floor. I can’t say there was a single time that I wanted to leave off the floor. I was drawn into what was coming out of the speakers. He would switch it up with hip-hop and then some dancehall tracks… but never was it choppy. It was a smooth flow of energy that was felt throughout the club. Everyone was having a good time with no drama. DJ Chino had proven to me that his word was bond. Like each force I met within the Livewire Empire, he is serious about his craft and respects it as a true artist should… gives the crowd a hundred and ten percent [if not more]. The producer within Livewire Empire fits right into the branded style of the company. The determination and focused way they all take on their work incorporates with each other. He is considered the engineering genius. I did get a chance to sit in the studio with the producer and engineer, Loso [A fitting name that means fabulous]. There are definitely no musical boxes for him. He creates tracks that can be within almost any genre. Loso is originally from Brooklyn and the hip-hop scene is quite natural to him. He began dancing, went on to DJ’ing, and then party promoting… all before he began his life as a producer. I had received the chance to visit with Loso inside his private studio. I heard a flare for originality in every track. Loso’s style mixes techno with hip-hop, and layers with smooth R&B. Does that sound impossible? Well, not for Loso. The most amazing part was his skills in the engineering aspects of his creations. Within the studio he demonstrated some of what he does. He was like a magician at his equipment and I was sitting in the audience with wonder on my face. Interestingly producing wasn’t always in the cards for Loso. “I just fell upon it.” He was DJ’ing and started to realize that he liked music so much that he didn’t want to just play it, he wanted to now create it. “It happened about three years ago… around the time that I joined the army.” He taught himself the fundamentals with books and viewing instructional videos on Youtube. Currently his is

preparing to go to school for engineering. He has plans to go to NYU or TCI to fully master this talent he has discovered within himself. Music has always been an outlet for Loso. He told Seven magazine how he always had to have music around him. “Growing up in New York I always had an IPOD; I couldn’t just listen to the streets. I just had to have something to listen to.” Loso went from just having a love for music to discovering he wanted to create the music. He gave his view points. “There are two types of people that make music. There are those people that love to make music and then there are those that are trying to be like somebody else. Me? I just love to do it!” He explained that he likes to have an artist rhyme or sing over a track that he has produced. “Like damn, I made that… something that I did. I leave a mark. You’re proud of yourself.” I wondered did Loso have a signature sound. I asked him this question. He didn’t feel he had a signature sound as of yet. “It takes time for a producer to have that signature sound,” is what he said to me. Still, when I heard his music there was a distinguish flavor. Loso grew up in Brooklyn… Flatbush, which is a West Indies melting pot. “I grew up a lot on reggae.” He gives the break-down of possible influential subjects for his style. “I can listen to reggae all day! Some people just stick to making hip-hop beats or making R&B beats. I try to make everything… it’s more about how I’m feeling.” Loso possesses a talent to switch his musical genre and he prefers it that way. “It’s fun that way,” He said. I then asked the young producer who were some of his musical influences. “Some of my influences are Swiss Beats, Timberland, and an Underground producer by the name of J. Maggs.” Loso met J. Maggs while in Iraq during deployment in the army. “We built a studio in Iraq and on our off time we made music.” I could see why Loso was affiliated with Livewire Empire and Team Chino, but Seven Magazine wanted to know how it all came all together. Loso let us know. “I moved to VA in August, I met Dj Chino at a club in VA.” he said, “he was there with Excell. He was like come chill with us tomorrow. Exchanged phone numbers… after that it was just like every day.” Though Excell lives in New York, they kept in touch. Excell told him that he just had to show that he wanted it and that’s exactly what Loso did. Livewire Empire Inc. is a company that helps each other and thrives on bringing their energy to theworld. The music, the events, and business are all held on an unparalleled level. So listen out for thenext Livewire Empire project, because you definitely don’t want to miss out on a phenomenal event.


he Hampton Roads area has so much hidden talent and it is time for it to be revealed. Seven Magazine caught up with an artist in the area that has been doing his thing in a big way. The rapper Fa$e (no that wasn’t a typo) is not just bringing his music to the forefront, but he is also bringing out other artists within his circuit. The company he has developed is Fase World Entertainment, which is based in Hampton, VA. Initially Fase World was supposed to have just been Chamar “Fa$e” Goodwin, but things moved differently than what he had planned. In fact things began to move quite rapidly for the young rapper. Since August of 2009, when Chamar got out of the Navy, he focused on his ultimate goal to the fullest. Following the shooting of one of Faseworld’s artist, Jerze Jah’s video, Seven Magazine spoke with the CEO. During 2007 Fa$e had a strong project

“Yes. It is a big challenge… if my goal as an artist was only in Virginia I wouldn’t be known right now. I built fan base overseas…brought it back to NY.” in the works in collaboration with Pinky (who is highly known for her adult films). The project never was completed due to irreconcilable differences. Mainly, promotional issues made it not happen. While still in the military, Fa$e kept focus and planned things out strategically to build his rapping career as well as his business. When Fa$e ended his military career he was already in motion to began his growth as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry. I asked him did he feel that it was a challenge with him being in the VA area; an area where it is still growing and still branding its mark in the industry. He answered, “Yes. It is a big challenge… if my goal as an artist was only in Virginia I wouldn’t be known right now. I built fan base overseas…brought it back to NY.” Fa$e, being a native of New York, also got his distribution deal in New York with Universal. Being the CEO of Faseworld Entertainment has meant that Fa$e had to single handedly develop his business and financially invest into his projects; that would be everything from promotional flyers to management. However, his wife, Carltissa (who is a model), has been supportive in his endeavors and that has been

a good thing. The rapper’s road to success has primarily been a self motivated venture taking on much responsibility and focus. Seven Magazine asked him about this test of himself. He stated, “Many people say that Fa$e bites off more than he can chew.” It seems that regardless, CEO Chamar Goodwin also known as the rapper Fa$e, can swallow everything he has put on his plate. Who are some of Faseworld Entertainment client’s? The roster has grown fast and furiously in a short amount of time, and it consists of a strong group of artists. Aside from the award nominated Fa$e (with his chart rising single Shoulder Strugg), There is also rapper Jerze Jah. The Newport News filming crew, In The Newz (along with director Lo Torres), recently shot the video for Jerze Jah’s single I Am. Then there is Kryse (who takes on vice presidential duties for Faseworld Entertainment); Kryse has the single I Go Off. The other artist that is a big part of Fase World is Gilles Casanova with his mix tape Private Party. Fase World Entertainment has also done what a lot of entertainment companies neglect to do and that is putting female rappers into the forefront. Fase World has two ladies, Lotoya Parker and Nykima Watts, who make up the rap group Lois Lane. Lois Layne has the single Fly Everything. Fa$e helps the movement by telling the artists, “Be aware of what’s going on in the industry, strategize your career, and pay attention to auditioning for opening for major acts….” Fa$e recommends for artists to attempt to network and open for major artists as a well-built promotional approach.

Fa$e has proven to be a person with a mind to reach his goals and to go for them with vigor. I asked him are there any other areas within the entertainment industry that he would like to branch into? He told Seven Magazine, “I would like to get a movie… I follow 50 Cent… Jay Z….it’s not copying off them, its taking what I’ve watched…” Fa$e added, “My ultimate goal is to go into another income.” I then inquired his view for Faseworld Entertainment within the next few years. The CEO said, “Within the next five years I plan on being signed.” The rate that Fa$e and Faseworld Entertainment is branching into the industry I see this happening well before five years. Fa$e has already been nominated for the 2010 VA Unity Awards as Best Male Rapper. He also has nominations for the two videos, Off Track and Crush. The anticipated VA Unity Awards will be going down January 29, 2011. The second CD for Fa$e in entitled, Fasebook. Fa$e has a concert scheduled in Atlanta at Café Olivia which holds a capacity of 2000. The Rapper and CEO also is the founder of the charitable organization, Jackets And Coats For Gents. Check out for everything Fa$e and Faseworld Entertainment has in the works. M. Yvette

“I would like to get a movie… I follow 50 Cent… Jay Z….it’s not copying off them, its taking what I’ve watched…”


joined OrganoGold in October of 2009 and it has been an amazing discovery for me with new adventures every day. I look forward to sharing, impacting and changing lives with our products and compensation plan. Let me invite you to experience financial freedom at your own pace that will enable you to acomplish the dreams that you have for you and your family. When you join you will be part of a global groundbreaking movement that starts with Organo Gold Coffee. From the Ground To the Cup. We’re a company that is working to improve people’s health, wealth and bring more balance into their lives thanks to the overwhelming power of Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb that has been used for more than 4,000 years to enhance wellness. By infusing Gourmet Coffee and an ever expanding product line with the power of the Ganoderma Lucidum herb, Organo Gold has scientifically developed a healthy alternative to Regular Coffee that not only tastes great, but makes people feel great. And that’s where you fit in. Organo Gold is on a mission, spreading the knowledge of Ganoderma to the four corners of the world and partnering with thousands and thousands of people along the way. Using the cost effective network distribution system to deliver these Ganoderma products, more of every dollar is shared with our growing Organo Gold family world-wide.


ashawn Leary opened his doors on November 4, 2010, and invited all in the 757 [as well as those visiting the area] to home cooking in a southern style and flavor. Jordan’s Southern Cuisine Buffet is the second currently ran restaurant of the young restaurant owner. His other establishment, Country Favorites that’s located in Portsmouth, has been in operation since 2001. When Dashawn leary decided to open his second restaurant in Norfolk he found it only fitting to name it after his beautiful new baby girl, Jordan. The day that I sat down with Dashawn was coincidently the one month anniversary for the restaurant. There weren’t grand balloons or hoopla going on. It was however, a feeling of comfort

as soon as I walked through the restaurant’s door of the Long Shoreman’s Hall [located on Princess Anne Rd.] Preceding the initial face to face meeting with the restaurant owner [as far as I thought at that time] I had decided to anonymously sample the buffet. Before I had a chance to get into the dining area I was distracted by something I hadn’t had in a long while… a sweet potato jack! I was staring down at a part of my childhood. I asked the gentleman behind the counter to add that to my buffet order and a glass of Lemonade. When I entered into the clean and wholesome dining area I was ready to feel my plate with a sample of everything. I wasn’t that hungry, I just had to see if everything actually tasted as good as it looked. The buffet station looked like a reunion at Big Momma’s house. There was everything! The original plan was that I would try fried

chicken, collards, and macaroni and cheese… My favorite southern meal and that was to tell me everything I needed to know. Nonetheless, there was no way I wasn’t going to try the catfish, bake fish, bake chicken, yams, spinach, mixed vegetables, and potato salad. Since I was loading up I also put cabbage and liver with gravy and onions on my plate. Now this wasn’t all there was to have; this was just all I decided to tryout. As I walked to my table I saw something I have never seen in a restaurant… chitterlings and pig feet. Alright, I knew then and there without tasting a bite, that Jordan’s Cuisine Restaurant buffet was truly a down south soul food restaurant. I sat at my table and the gentleman that had waited on me at the counter was bringing me over hot buttered rolls. At this point I figured I had been sniffed out. I was getting the fake treatment. Then I noticed he visited other tables as well. A customer from one table actually called him over and I was listening for the complaint. However, the guest had called him over to compliment the food. I tasted my yams and I decided to sit back and enjoy my plentiful plate of good home cooking. The meeting time had approached and quite honestly I didn’t want to stop eating, but I had a job to do. Plus I was eager to meet the owner of this perfect soul food restaurant that didn’t feel anything like an all you can eat, but more like a family gathering. When the gentleman walked over to ask did I want more to drink, I thanked him and asked to speak with the owner, Dashawn. He said, “I am Dashawn.” Doesn’t the owner of not one but two restaurants supposed to be hidden in the office with an assistant that he sends out to tell the crew what to do? Not at Jordan’s Southern Cuisine Buffet. There the owner is just as real as the food. When we sat to talk I found out that he had been opened for one month. The quality of the food and service was spectacular! I wanted to know did he see what I saw. I asked him how he felt the first month had been. He said humbly, “I see potential. It has been very productive this first month. Dealing with the opening and the holiday season. So I was very pleased with it.” As he said this I was looking around at the large room feeling thankful for him that he did have an extremely spacious dining area. It was already a good amount of people in there and Jordan’s had only been opened a month. When word really gets

out, there is no doubt that Jordan’s Southern Cuisine is going to need every inch of that restaurant. It was time to find out Dashawn Leary’s secrete! How was the food so good? Suprisingly he wasn’t one of those that knew since he was five that cooking was his destined venture. He explained, “Actually I was brought into cooking. I used to work out front… serve and wait tables. I went in the kitchen one day and never came out.” Dashawn takes pride in his cooking and in the flavor his food it shows. He comes into work three hours before opening to began to prepare the 26 items for the day [with 17 of the items changing to give a variety from day to day]. He says, “I come in the morning alone and do all the cooking by myself. Then as I bring people in I train them as we go.” Every day he takes three to four hours to get lunch prepared. The Restaurant is just now opening for additional hours. The restaurant will now offer breakfast Monday through Friday 6am-9am. Jordan’s will also began to be opened on Sundays. I can see this as the perfect after church or family spot on Sundays. The Sunday through Saturday lunch/dinner hours will be from 11am to 7pm. Jordan’s also offer catering. I am sure many will use this additional service for the holidays and special events. Miraculously the staff at the quality cuisine is currently at five members. Jordan knows that his staff will need to grow and is preparing to bring the staff to approximately nine members at the Norfolk location. Dashawn Leary has future plans to have a chain of his southern style restaurants. He would like to have five of his restaurants in operation. He told Seven Magazine, “I want to try one in Georgia.” At the young age of 32 he is definitely a veteran; he started doing this at 22. He stated, “I enjoy doing it. I really enjoy cooking. I really get the enjoyment of people coming in saying can they take a look at the buffet, and get half way and turn around and say let me get a buffet. That’s where I get all my smiles from.” Dashawn has a lot of respect for Jordan’s restaurant manager, and also his cousin, Quenesse Edwards. She started with him at his Portsmouth location, Country Favorites, and transferred over to the new location to help out. He describes his manager as a people person, dependable, open minded to learn, takes on challenges and most of all trustworthy. Dashawn also hopes that one day the one that he named the restaurant after will continue the family business…baby Jordan.

Name: Ebony Reed Birth date: December 10 Sagittarius Education: Working on her public Affairs Degree Experience in runway modeling Hobbies are Working out and playing sports Likes Confidence and intellectual people dislikes dishonesty Email:

Name : Pia Marie Birth date: December 14 Sagittarius Education: Graduated from Sheephead Bay H.S in Brooklyn and pursuing a degree in Network Security Like and dislikes: Likes reading and meeting interesting people dislikes; liars and dishonest individuals Email:


movement is to make a change or awareness. The Renaissance movement is to bring awareness that there is always a welcomed new beginning and Renaissance Movement Music is the production company that is bringing us the spiritual lyricists Legin, Angie Barnes, and John Doe… that collectively are best known as The Renaissance. The three rappers have testimonies that explain not just their music but the reason they bring this music to us. As I listen to their mix CD, “I Don’t Need This Mic,” I don’t hear the great spirituals that I’ve heard on Sunday mornings, but I feel the same warmth in my soul with an extra feeling that makes me secure that God loves even me (the not perfect). I was blasting this CD as I drove down the street… feeling the beat and most importantly feeling the words. If you don’t believe me just go to the website and download the FREE mix CD, “I Don’t Need This Mic,” and feel the movement for yourself. It is something your soul will most definitely feel in a deliverance style of today’s voice. The conscience rappers were all from separate backgrounds but were brought together by one common entity. The rapper Legin, born Nigel, explains his testimony through his name. Legin is Nigel spelled in reverse. The rapper explains his chosen name, “God took my life and reversed it.” Without even one detail

of his pained issues, his name says so much. He lived the majority of his life without his father because his father was more captured by the addictions of drugs than the accountability of nurturing his son into a man. The rapper Legin’s story was told in June of 2010 by the 700 Club. He was born in Kansas City, Missouri and after his mother was exhausted with the troubles that his father’s drug addiction had brought onto the family, she moved her and her son back to her hometown in Virginia. His father would call but wouldn’t keep his promises. Nigel, being a young man without that father around to guide him began to take some negative paths in life. After graduating from Bayside High School he attended NSU, but soon quit in order to chase money… however, it all crashed. It took fifteen years for his father to reunite with him. By that time much resentment had built inside the young man. However, looking at his father and the state that his father was in somewhat changed his years of anger into pity. It took about nine months after that meeting, but Nigel found it in his soul to forgive his father. He let his father know that he had forgiven him and one month later his father passed away. The rapper Legin speaks of this in a rap called, “A Letter From Zan.” The song tells of what his father, Zan, may have been saying to his son after his demise. Through the years the young Nigel grew into a remarkable man, husband, and father and God has been his focus that brought him into the right direction. 2009 at the Youth gospel Entertainment Awards (YGEA), Legin was awarded Male Rap Artist of The Year. Like I had previously mentioned, each member has their individual testimonies. For instance the group’s other rapper John Doe. He chose this name because he rather remain anonymous… for people to not know him, but to knowContinued on next page

ing Christ. Is this not a twist for a rapper? Mostly every rapper is shouting their names over the microphone like they are Moses on the mountain top; but not to deliver a message of guidance. Instead many rappers are on that mountain waiting for their entourage to worship them. Nevertheless, John Doe is saying for his listeners to know God. He hadn’t always been so humble. Like many people, he had his time where his life was consumed with the world. Born into intense poverty with his mother on drugs and his father incarcerated, he felt no stability. He was many times homeless as a youngster due to his mother’s drug habit. He has told of how one time when his mother was evicted he was sitting on the steps looking up to the sky knowing there was something better. He surrounded himself with what may have brought some temporary substance by hanging in the streets, robbing, drinking, smoking… and he even rapped then. His raps then were all about his life in the streets. Meanwhile, his father was in jail and being changed. God had touched his father’s life. When his father was released he ended up living with his father. His father would take him to church and introduced him into another way of life… a life of being spiritually saved. He was once asked by his pastor what he wanted to be delivered from; his reply was to be delivered from hip-hop music. John Doe eventually became an ordained minister and God did deliver him from the street hip hop music that was once his passion. However, he was refilled with the gift of Christian hip-hop. 2008 John Doe met another spiritual rapper by the name of Legin, and little did they know that God had a tremendous plan. Five to six years ago there was a beautiful young lady that found herself lost and trapped in an abusive relationship. She didn’t know how

to get out… she wanted better. The day that she found the strength to leave she recalls being on the floor with a weapon pointed at her and being told by her longtime abuser that he was going to kill her. Today she thanks God for still having her life. If she ever feels overwhelmed in life I’m sure she can look at that day and have faith that God will always have her. Angie Barnes was always a songwriter but after living through the traumas of abuse and surviving, through God’s grace, she soon saw her calling. Angie Barnes says, “I gave my life to Christ and God started to change my flow.” Corey, a mutual friend of Legin and Angie, introduced the two during a church fellowship. Corey saw the two needed to be acquainted in some way. After this meeting The Renaissance was birthed. It’s amazing how the Lord works! The trio, The Renaissance, is now a spiritual tone in the music industry that is a need for all of us. Three individuals, that through different paths, have all reached to a common place… rapping the gospel. Remember to download the FREE mix CD, “I Don’t Need This Mic,” with additional feature from Christian (Atlanta, GA). Another free mix CD will be available soon titled, “We are The Building.” Signup for the email blast list on and be in the know of what’s new with The Renaissance. Also see the video for the upcoming CD titled single, “The Transition.” Also The Renaissance Movement has an adult skate party every 2nd Friday of the month (10:30PM) at Greenbrier Family Skating Center. 18 years and up can enjoy an evening of skating, Gospel Hip-Hop and R &B, plus exciting giveaways. Contact The Renaissance: (757) 581-3515



ina Jackson, stylist and owner of Pina’s Hair Palace [located at 3405 Sewell Point Road in Norfolk], has been servicing patrons for 22 years. The salon concentrates on getting and keeping the hair healthy. “Stick with me for six months,” Pina said with assurance… in which 22 years of experience renders. “Give me the opportunity and you will have healthy hair.” Pina’s Hair Palace is Ms. Jackson’s second salon. She opened her first Salon in 1989, four years after completing cosmetology school at Hicks Beauty Academy. Since then Pina Jackson has been featured in Extreme Hair and Hair In Motion. Pina has been a participate in various hair shows such as Hair In Motion’s hair show and the Milky Way hair show. Pina told Seven Magazine, “I knew I wanted to do this in my teen years. I was always doing my cousins’ and friends’ hair.” Though she always had a love for hair styling, she didn’t first pursue the cosmetology field as a career choice. Prior to following her true destiny, she found herself attending college for computers. She then studied business. Eventually, she stopped doing what we are all guilty of some time or another… she stopped ignoring what her voice inside always knew since those early teen years [when she did hair for fun]. She awakened to the fact she could have what she loved as her career. Salon owner and stylist said,“My specialty is hair cutting.” Pina explained how she discovered her mastery of talent. “I knew I had a natural talent when I was cutting my instructor’s hair on my breaks.” Pina’s Hair Palace services with waxing/eyebrow arching, eyelashes, weaving, lace wigs, up-dos, and

silk wraps. She dedicates herself to bringing her clients into the world of having healthy hair. She explained that natural hairstyling can be versatile and can last up to three weeks. When weaving hair her preference to keep the hair at its healthiest is to apply the sew-in technique. Pina gave some enlightening information to the theory that sew-ins are good for the hair. She stated, “If kept in too long sew-ins can also break off the hair.” She recommends to not keeping a sew-in for more than two months in order to not allow too much new growth to be unattended. She also strongly suggests to not applying a sew-in until at least three weeks after a relaxer. Pina believes in keeping the hair well moisturized. The texture of the hair depends on how often Pina suggests her clients to condition the hair. “You can over condition hair,” Pina educated. She gave the example of a client with thinner hair may need to have a conditioner applied once a month, while a person with thicker hair may need to have that

service done twice a month. Pina also isn’t a fan of box home relaxers. “Box relaxers aren’t that good and are not usually applied properly.” She does realize that sometimes people do not have the finances to always get their relaxers done at the salon. For those clients she usually gives them pointers of how to properly apply the relaxer to keep from over processing [which causes breakage]. All in all, Pina emphases on trimming damaged ends and keeping the hair well moisturized. Pina tells On Point Magazine, “Influence Natural Oil products can be used on the hair daily without weighing the hair down.” Pina’s Hair Palace currently has booth rentals available. Pina would like to introduce additional services within the next five years; such as braiding, nails, and massages. As we spoke about the future I asked Pina what style did she see taking on as a trend in 2011. Being the master cutter that she is Pina excitedly confirmed, “Razor cuts!”

Seven Jan 2011 Livewire  

Happy New Year and thank you for picking up this issue of Seven. I am proud to say that we’re a few months away from our year four anniversa...

Seven Jan 2011 Livewire  

Happy New Year and thank you for picking up this issue of Seven. I am proud to say that we’re a few months away from our year four anniversa...