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atience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on annoyance/anger in a negative way; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. Patience is the level of endurance one can take before negativity. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast. Various quotes about patience include: 路 A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains. ~Dutch Proverb 路 Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead. ~Mac McCleary 路 One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life. ~Chinese Proverb I have learned that there is a need for patience in everything that we do if we plan on being successful. Any task that we consider significant will require planning and will probably encounter some type of resistance or obstruction. Being patient teaches us to value the effort and not the success. To get the most from life, we should value the preparation and effort, as much as the success or failure that may result. Patience means we learn not be influenced by the ups and downs of life. Patience brings peace of mind. When we desire certain outcomes, then we will have no peace of mind. Patience means that we can work without expecting a certain outcome. Patience means we will work with an attitude of detachment. It is this detachment that brings peace of mind. I wish that I can say that I have mastered the beauty of patience; but I am proud to say that I am working towards improving my ability to let patience have its way. I encourage our readers to do the same!

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enata Brown… who is she? Why does she grace the pages of this magazine? Renata is a faithful member of New Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. She’s a loving mother, daughter, and sister. Many that know her would describe her as a good hearted person. Renata Brown is also the founder and operator of Rosezanne’s Ark LLC. She started the much needed servicing business in 2008 but it was fully established and running in 2009. Renata Brown stated, “We provide personal care services and residential group homes for mentally challenged individuals. Rosezanne’s Ark has sustained a valuable

relationship within the community. We are permitted to providing quality care for the individuals.” Renata Brown, who has an educational background in Mental Retardation said, “Our staff has many years of combined experience in direct support care, mental health, and management services. We will develop a plan that will address the individual’s personal needs, along with their parents, guardians, case managers, and others who are involved with their lives.” Rosezanne’s Ark has two homes; one in the Western Branch community of Chesapeake, VA and a second location that opened June 2011 in Portsmouth, Virginia. According to Ms. Brown,

“Clients are referred through the Community Services Board for group home placement. Personal care is extended through elderly agencies; like the highrise apartments, various nursing homes, and local hospitals.” Separately from the business, Ms. Brown participates in community servicing. She elaborated, “I do things outside of my agency.” We did a homeless feeding last year for Thanksgiving. For Christmas we also, passed out food baskets to less fortunate families. I will be doing it again this year.” For those that have an interest in volunteering or donating to this year’s charitable drives please call 757-397-1345 to speak with one of the administrative office staff. The founder of Rosezanne Ark’s LLC. Explained how it all manifested. “I received a vision from God. He gave me the vision and I just ran with it. The young lady that was actually going to manage the agency… was named Rosezanne. “After her death, the agency was established in remembrance of her.” A woman respected greatly by Ms. Brown was Shawnta Wright. Ms. Wright was Rosezanne’s right hand person. After her passing, Renata Brown started the business. Shawnta Wright was the program administrator and a valuable asset to the business for the first three years. Renata wanted to inform Seven Magazine readers about the M.R. Waiver services, “These services are all through the local community service boards.” The age to be a participant in Rosezanne’s Ark’s group home is 18 and older. The personal care has no age requirement. Noah’s ark protects… and that’s what Rosezanne’s Ark does for all of their consumers. Renata spoke of her business’ purpose, “We provide a safe haven for our individuals.” Renata Brown runs Rosezanne’s Ark LLC. under strategic priorities: *Helping individuals to efficiently meet their objectives. *Develop and care for our individuals. *Use smart business practices to provide quality care. *Ensure that Rosezanne’s Ark has the right people to embrace our individuals. Renata Brown recited the verse that she says is her inspiration, “Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard nor has it entered into the hearts of those who love the Lord.” She added, “I have always been the type of person that is willing to help anyone. I would give you the shirt off my back; before I even had a business… before I had anything! I’ve always been the type that just gives. I’m a lifetime giver.” Renata explained from her strong ethics came from. Renata Brown [daughter of Jessica Brown] said, “My mother was a single parent. My father passed when I was

a baby… an infant.” She additionally stated, “My grandmother raised me for a little while when I was a child because my Mom had taken my father’s passing very hard. She strayed out and got on drugs for a little while. I learned a whole lot from my grandma. One thing that I did learn was that God doesn’t work on our time. He works on his time. “His time is always right on time!” You know he cleaned my mother up at the right time, when my grandmother passed away; when I would really need her the most. God is able and my mother’s life is a living testimony that all things are possible through “Christ Jesus.” This was during the critical years; my teenage years.” She said to Seven Magazine with true conviction, “I’m just thankful that God has blessed me to be in the situation that I’m in; to be able to help people. My vision is to be the leader in aiding individuals through the channeling process of one day becoming self independent. We do have missionaries which we are structured around. “We want to extend love; we want to protect; we want to guide; we want to understand them.” Renata Brown expressed some of the challenges of running a business such as Rosezanne’s Ark. “We get all different types of clients. Renata added, “The employees are always coming and going with the field that we’re in. It’s a very challenging work environment. We still value our people though.” Renata Brown’s support system runs deep! Her list of loving supporters consists of her administrative office employees: Renee Neighbors; Danellie Hart; and Kelly Short-Fuller. Also family has been a big part of Renata’s support: Eric Prunty (Fiancé); Brittany, Bryonna, Ay’rica, Madison, and Destyne (four daughters and one step daughter); and Makesha Brown (sister). She also likes to thank Shawnta Wright (former Program Administrator) for doing a tremendous job while being with Rosezanne’s Ark. Renata stated, “I would also like to give a special thanks to my aunts who really helped me out during my childhood... Thomasine; Debra; Kelly; Wendy; Mae; and Tonya.” Also Renata Brown wished to extend her love and gratitude to her deceased Aunt. “Rest in peace Aunt Carolyn Brown.” You truly will be missed.” Also to the grandmother and grandfather that helped to raise her, Sarah & David, she gives special thanks. “I love you Grandma and Grandad; rest in peace.” And last but most certainly not least Renata would like to thank her mother whom she refers to as her “Roll Cat”. I’ll always love my momma she’s my favorite girl.

Quisqueya Dominican Beauty Salon was founded April 1st 2008, by owners Fernerys and Ysabel Reyes. The name Quisqueya was established by the owners in representation of the island La Hispaniola “Quisqueya (Mother of all Lands) is the Arawak Taino name for the island La Hispaniola, what is now known as the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Dominicans refer to the island as La Isla Quisqueya, and therefore refer to themselves as Quisqueyanos.” Being descendants of African, Spanish, and Tainos the Dominican society is diverse with all types of hair textures; this allows Quisqueya to specialize in all hair types and therefore create a vast multicultural environment in the salon.

Additionally, Dominican stylists are known for their unique hair blow-out, a technique used to straighten all types of hair. This procedure consist of washing the hair, roller setting it, and after it is dry, the hair is then blown out straight using a professional blow dryer. The combination of this technique along with the right professional hair products is how Dominican stylists get the silky-smooth & straight results for their clients’ hair. The blow-out technique is considered to be one of the safer ways of styling and relaxing curly or wavy hair; for the reason, that it doesn’t include chemicals within the process. Where chemical relaxers breakdown the inner layer of the hair cuticle in order to release the natural curl pattern on super curly or wavy hair; receiving a blow-out merely transforms the hair cuticles’ pattern using heat as a releaser. A blow-out can last up to 2 weeks if taken care properly by keeping the hair from moisture and wrapping the hair nightly. Brazilian Keratin Treatment -- Clients who which to achieve optimal results may also opt for a keratin treatment. Quisqueya offers formaldehyde free Brazilian Keratin Treatment formulated to contain natural keratin protein, which rebuilds, restores and rejuvenates all types of hair. Quisqueya Dominican Beauty Salon uses Brazilian Keratin for requesting customers that want to replace the possible loss of keratin in the hair. This is opted because hair’s keratin naturally diminishes from our hair over time. In addition, Keratin will eliminate frizz, unruly curls and temperately relax 50 to 80 percent

of the curl depending on texture. The keratin acts as a hair health enhancer that isn’t to be confused with a hair relaxer. The technique and application is similar to the Japanese Yuko System in the way that the straightening irons are used to seal the product into the hair cuticle. The professional stylists at Quisqueya Dominican Beauty Salon will analyze the client’s hair and evaluate the type of keratin to be used on each individual. The complete keratin system pricing starts at $125. The keratin treatment is recommended by stylist/owner Ysabel Reyes to be performed no more than every 3 months. Quisqueya Dominican Beauty Salon also features other services for clients of all cultures. They provide relaxers, hair coloring, highlights, haircuts, eyebrow (walk-ins), facials and massages (appt only). Nail services are scheduled to be offered in fall/winter 2011. Quisqueya Dominican Beauty Salon reveals a relaxing environment for their many repeated customers as well as their welcomed new clientele. Clients can enjoy good conversation, and also free Wi-Fi! Children are welcomed as long as they are being attended at all times. At Quisqueya Dominican Beauty Salon each and every one is dedicated to a proactive attitude towards

their customers’ needs. The salon promotes professional hairstyling with clients and it is committed to providing clients with first class customer service and unmatched quality organization. Ultimately, at Quisqueya the main goal is to suffice the customers’ needs by focusing on the repairing and transformation of the hair. Quisqueya Dominican Beauty Salon 7616 Sewells Point Road Norfolk, VA 23513 757-531-7131 SPECIALS: Tuesdays -Wash & Set $20 and up; or $5 off any service Thursday -10% military discount SALON HOURS: Sun -10am to 4pm Mon -10am to 6pm Tues -9am to 6:30 pm Wed -CLOSED Thurs -9am to 6:30pm Fri -9am to 6:30pm Sat -8am to 6pm


even Hair Studio is more than a top notch salon; it is also a private cosmetology school that’s geared to rekindling dreams. Tasha has been a shop owner for 16years [though her previous shop was under a different name]. Seven Hair Studio’s specialties are natural hair and extensions. Salon owner/stylist/instructor Tasha delivers diversity for all cultures. The multi-culture salon gives the client the look they are wishing to achieve while still keeping the hair healthy. The natural ability of designing and maintaining hair has been a passion of Tasha’s from a very young age. She was creating styles for her grandmother’s church friends ever since she was 8 years of age. Tasha stated, “It just stuck with me ever since. That’s all I ever did; cut hair, color hair… always hair!” Tasha attended Hicks Beauty Academy for her cosmetology training and from there she worked at Kappatal Cuts. At that time Tasha was barbering as well. She informed, “I was the first female they had at Kappatal Cuts at the Brambleton Avenue location.” Later, Tasha continued her education in the field of cosmetology when she attended and graduated from Miracle Beauty in Virginia Beach; obtaining her instructor’s license. One of the hair services that are offered at Seven Hair Studio is the Malaysian weaving technique. Tasha gave the unique details of the Malaysian Weave. “It’s a flatter weave technique. It’s the most natural weave technique that’s out right now. It’s put in with links and thread. It is completely flat!” This technique creates one of the most natural looks in weaving. Also it is healthier for the hair because you are able to still get to your scalp making it possible to continue to treat the scalp and your real hair as well. This professional and quality procedure runs at special of $100. The shocker to me was when Tasha explained that with minimal tightening maintenance a Maylaysian Weave will last 3 months! Full head sew-ins are also popular at Seven Hair Studio. The salon’s expertise also consists of cutting and color. Designer cornrows are an additional favored service within the full service hair studio. As briefly mentioned earlier, Tasha is also an instructor, and Seven Hair Studio is also a private hair design school. Tasha stated, “The school is more for the lower income people who can’t really afford to go to school. It’s more

convenient… they can come their own hours.” This is possible due to the shop hours extending between 9am-7pm and allowing flexible scheduling. Tasha added, “[Also it’s] for a lot of unlicensed beauticians to get their license as well.” Tasha said with full empathy in her tone, “Most of them feel like because they’ve had kids that they can’t do what they wanted to do. But when it comes down to what they want to do and it’s a passion for them I don’t feel that they should give up. I had to take my son with me when I first started.” Her genuine emotion flowed as she spoke of her obvious inspiration for opening the hair school. “It’s a lot of girls that can do hair really well but they have their kids, [so] they are doing it out of their house. They don’t have the time to go to school, or they’ve messed up financial aid somewhere else and they don’t qualify for any other grant or loan.” The school averages $3000 for 1100 to 1500 hours of accredited training. Payment plans are available for the private and certified school. If you’re looking for a salon that is equipped with professionally trained stylists who will also take extensive consideration to the good health of your tresses you just may need to tread into Seven Hair Studio; located at 4008 Indian River RD. Chesapeake, VA 23325. Also if you have the passion for hair design and just hadn’t found a way possible to make that dream manifest then take a moment to dial 757-717-5360 to speak with Tasha for a personal consultation.


BR Auto has been in business since 1986. The used auto car dealership is located in Suffolk, Virginia. CBR Auto has a full service facility. The dealership is the one-stop place to go for getting your next automobile. CBR has in house financing, a service department, as well as a body shop. CBR Auto also service outside cars for maintenance and body work. Though the Dealership carries economy cars, CBR Auto’s large inventory also specializes in highline vehicles such as the S500, Range Rover, Mercedes, and Lexus 430… a lot of highline toys! Along with the great selection CBR auto additionally has the Buy Here-Pay Here program, which tends to be a perk for customers that need that second chance, or that customer that fits into personal situation like being a single parent. General Manager, Evelyn Horne expressed to Seven Magazine, “We are very versatile. We cover anything from a person needing a $3,995 car to a $50,000 vehicle. “The reason for the range is because we’re servicing anywhere from Buy Here-Pay Here, to selling to the attorney in the neighborhood, to the doctor next door; we want to sell to the local business owners, as well as the people that we are trying to reestablish. We must have a broad range to have something for everyone. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re coming in and you need help, if you’re going to your own bank, or if you’re paying cash. We need to have an inventory to service everyone!”

The CBR in house financing is basically one that makes sense. Evelyn Horne informed us of the criteria for getting a vehicle financed through CBR Auto. “We don’t go based on credit. This makes us a little different. We try to service people within our community; to do things to help people in our area.” The majority of CBR customers are residence of Suffolk, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and some of the North Carolina counties. CBR’s general manager explained, “We base on; do you have the ability to pay? We look for stability. Pretty much if you’ve been in your residence for over a year and if you’ve been on your job for over a year, then you have a great chance at buying an automobile with us.” CBR Auto offers many services such as transportation to and from the dealership, military discounts, credit union financing, and also the fast in house financing program. The rates start at 12.9%, when normally Buy Here-Pay Here starts at the 20% range. CBR Auto has a great history of repeat customers. The establishment has survived off repeat customers and referrals from their excellent customer service. CBR Auto’s general manager proudly stated, “We have been servicing some customers and their families for over 20 years.” Evelyn, who actually has a degree in engineering, has enjoyed her 25 years of being with CBR Auto for the sake of everyday meeting somebody different and helping someone. “The Buy here-Pay here part of the business,” she told Seven Magazine, “is the most gratifying part of the business, because you know that you’re helping someone to get a fresh start. It makes you feel good that you know that it’s more than just a car sell.”

Evelyn gave her pointers for if you are shopping for a new vehicle. “I think when you are purchasing a car you should be concerned about the services that the dealership can provide after the purchase. The time that the business has been established is important. The service records on the vehicle… look for a current inspection. It is important to get some history of the vehicle. I think if you follow those guidelines then you are pretty much covered.” CBR Auto can provide history information on each of their vehicles. There is a 90 day/3,000 miles warranty on all CBR’s used automobiles, plus available at the time of purchase is an extended warranty that is up to 5 years. If you are looking for a vehicle and would like to have a variety of inventory, as well as one of the most lucrative in-house financing programs in Hampton Roads, then take your search to CBR Auto in Suffolk, Virginia.

CBR Auto is opened Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. 900-B Portsmouth Blvd. Suffolk, VA 23434 (Interstate 58-Business)


The Intimate Conversation with MALICE By: M.Yvette I just read the book WRETCHED, PITIFUL, POOR, BLIND, and NAKED by Gene Elliot Thornton, Jr... aka Malice from the one-half the Clipse and a 3rd of the Re-Up Gang! When the lyricist, turned author, gave the copy of his first published book to me to review I was excited! I felt this way because I already knew I wanted to buy it. I’m that nosey chick that reads a biography about anyone (forgive me I’m a journalist). However this book took me on an unforgettable emotional and spiritual ride, that I pray will bring me even closer to the destiny that God has for me (not the one I have all planned out). Go to or for your copy. It’s that one to have on every bookshelf! M.Yvette: You have said that you were forced to write this book. What would make you express it that way? Malice: The book was a burden to me because I had a real life changing series of events… not just one. I mean a series of things that were undeniable that happened to me in my life. And when it was all done and said and I sat back and just looked at the story… I knew that the story was something that had to be shared. It was a must, and it was one of the clearest things I had seen in my life. A lot of times you may not know what route you want to go, or you might be indecisive about where you want to go in your life; or just things might not be that clear. But this was one of the clearest things ever to me that this was a story that had to be told. It’s a story that if it was left up to me I would rather not have told it. It was a story that I would’ve rather have kept my cool, and not have revealed some of the things about myself. There was no way to keep those things to myself and still be effective with telling the story. M.Yvette: Would you relate this to a calling? Malice: It’s definitely from Jesus. Anyone that has

read my book and has followed my blogs, or went to my website would know that I am a true lover and follower of Jesus Christ. M.Yvette: Yes, I have felt that. Just with some of the things that are in your music you can tell. Even if it was considered hardcore; but you can tell the basis of that. Your voice as an author as well as your voice as a rapper, is it the same voice? How would you explain each? Malice: Anybody that knows the Clipse and is a fan of the Clipse they know from the very beginning that I’ve always made a reference to my faith. I have so many biblical quotes. Really what people were witnessing and didn’t know was that I was really wrestling with myself. It was just so much money involved that I was willing to overlook God and everything. My family was happy and I was providing for everybody…cousins and parents. It was just a really good time so it was a blinder and definitely put God on the backburner. Then he stripped me down and just showed me what was important, and what I was doing. It’s important that I tell both sides of the story, because everybody seen the Clipse in their glamour; driving up and down Virginia Beach Boulevard in the cars and the homes. I have kids. I think it’s important for the youth that they have a really good grasp on reality. Because television can make things look like that’s what it is and what it’s supposed to be. It can be whatever you portray it to be. People may get frustrated when they’re not achieving what they see on TV. You have to keep in mind that on radio and on TV, that’s a world you can build yourself. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with hip-hop. I still got a real true love for hip-hop. It’s just… I’m definitely going to be conscience of after the song is over what did you get from that song. Without being preachy there are a lot of great lessons to be learned. Without walking away feeling it’s cool to not be in your sober mind, or it’s cool to have a whole bunch of women. Just take a little bit of responsibility. I mean I’ve done it. I’ve been married and had more girlfriends than Hugh Hefner. And I’m here to say now I realize my mistakes. Growing up I had my uncles and people in my family older… I was taught that’s just how it is; A man’s going to do this-do that. I was always under that. I bit on that too but when you realize that you’re actually hurting somebody and you stop and look that there’s no fruit in what I was doing. It was just a rat race… a hamster on a wheel. Nothing great came out it. It was no glory anywhere in that. And it was a train that never stops. Whereas if I stopped that train I could bring more stuff to my house… just flourished a lot better than spreading yourself that thin. M.Yvette: You’re brutally honest in your book? Malice: Yes. And that’s not of me. That’s because of where I’ve been taken. I’ve been taken within inches of my life, now I’m glad to sit here and tell you anything that you want to know. That’s why I can do it. That’s the Holy Spirit. Otherwise I would be too ashamed or cowardly to tell you this. But I know where I’ve been. And to be sitting

here with you now, I’m glad of that. To come out here and take pictures with the kids and all of that; I’m happy to be here right now. M.Yvette: I know that inside your spirit it feels so much greater! People think it’s harder to be honest. Everybody has issues. Everybody has a past. The best thing that I feel is to learn from your past and to make it so that other people can see that they can overcome. Malice: That I attributed to the redemption power. Maybe I can save someone from having to go through all of the things that I did. If I can do that it makes what I went through even more worth it and not just in vain. M.Yvette: The title of your book… Malice: Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked. I got that from Revelations 3:17. As I was reading the bible… that phrase as I read it I knew that’s what my book had to be titled. That was because when I was at my richest… that is when I was the most wretched, most pitiful… as much as I thought I was rich I was actually poor, blind, and naked. And I mean truly blind. Doing what I wanted to do. Not God’s way but doing it my way. God allowed me to see… I’m going to give you the money that you wanted, now let me see what you do with it. And I almost hung myself. Yes indeed. M.Yvette: Do you think that you’re getting any people out there that may have the feedback like how are you sitting here saying you’re a Christian when you’re a rapper? A lot of people have a misconception of what a Christian is and about the walk… about being a work in the making in the first place. I think that’s what sets a lot of people back from getting to that point. Malice: It is… a lot of people think you got to be perfect. Or I’m not ready to be saved because I got this going on and I got that going on, and things of that nature. And really that’s not what it’s about. I think repentance first starts in the mind. It’s not about your actions right away. It’s about what you think about what you’re doing. Because if you don’t believe some of the things that you do is wrong then you can’t repent from that. So it first starts in the mind. Then when you start agreeing… hey, I might have done that, but was that really right? When you can admit to yourself then naturally the body will start to follow eventually. And it’s a work in progress; you didn’t get to that place overnight. But I haven’t re-


OUNG JAZZ was born in Manhattan, New York Young Jazz started performing at the age of nine. She has amazed audiences in talent shows with her ability to perform at such an early age. Throughout the years she has only gotten better. Winning many contest and talent shows, opening for Keyshia Cole, Carl Thomas and MC Lyte as well as recording several songs. Jasmin’s strong points in music are R&B and POP and she truly loves performing. Listen to her songs and you can hear Star Quality. See her perform and you will see Stage Presents and Confidence. Speak to her and you will know that she is on a mission to be the next great female talent. JASMIN “YOUNG JAZZ” PINELA is the next music Superstar. Now on Battle Music & Entertainment.

ally felt any opposition. But I have a boldness that comes from God and people don’t really want to face to face with me. I’m willing to and I’m willing to talk… and talk Christian-like. But no one can tell me about myself. I’m willing to speak and talk, and hopefully agree with anyone. M.Yvette: There is no type of disagreement… this is a calling of yours. Does any of this scare you? Malice: Not now. Before I was; because I couldn’t deny it. I’m like, Oh no! I knew the things that I was going to come clean about. I knew what I was going to say before I did it, but part of me was like, Are you really about to do that? But I knew that I had to. It’s hard to explain, but it was placed upon my heart like God told me-This is what you’re going to do! And it was so contrary to what I was used to doing, and I knew that I was going to do it before my body was even ready to do it. At that point I was like scared. But that’s when you step out on faith, do what you know he’s telling you

to do… I didn’t have to choose to do that. I mean he told me and I knew it was God and I knew I was going to follow him. So I did it and I stepped out on Faith and he has not let me down not once. And he told me and I read it in the bible, he said… And you will not be put to shame. And I haven’t been. **When talking to Malice he had said something towards the end of our conversation that stuck with me. He said with a humble heart, “Not to portray better than anybody; I had that season too. I was definitely there. And I still got a ways to go. God ain’t finished with me. And it’s a good fight too. It really is. It’s a struggle but I’m enjoying it. Because I’m still learning stuff, I’m still getting signs from God. This whole thing is interesting. I think one of the greatest things is just to know that God is truly still right here! People think that God is Santa Clause or something fictional. No! He’s still right here to this day.”


ameon Walker could be your everyday guy next door. Living in Hampton, Virginia, he works as a ship builder. However, other than to a few family members, co-workers, and friends, he has not yet exposed all that he is. Dameon Walker is soon to be a name that may not need an introduction. This is what I gathered after listening to the not yet released single, “Love Song.” The authentic melody from his live band alone was enough to prove that Dameon Walker’s music holds up to the standards of what R&B was made. The trueness of this songwriter shows tremendously through his poetic expression. Then the smoothly ranged voice completes the song… Dameon Walker’s love song

sat into my heart personally. I found it touching my own life. I understood the feelings he spoke of when he told of how beautiful it feels when you know that your lovers smile is for you… how strong that can make you love. That’s what a love song is all about; giving listeners the music to express their feelings is what Dameon Walker is about. Dameon started performing young when he was in junior high school. Him and friends had formed a group and decided to perform in talent shows. Then when he was around 16 years old, in high school, the group would do shows at Washington DC’s monument. Dameon spoke of one specific memorable time. “Even one point and time we went on Apollo. That night Keith Sweat was there and he heard us sing.” The legendary Sweat was in applause for the

young group. During that time in Dameon’s life he took on music as an avid hobby. He said, “I wasn’t raised in a church, but when I got older I found I was carrying a tune. A couple of people told me I could hold a note pretty good. So it started from there and progressed on. Then I started singing and learning really how to sing. What to do and not to do. Then I got into church and started singing on praise teams and the choir.” The young Dameon would spend years working a 9 to 5, while always remaining passionate with music. Now at 29 Dameon Walker’s push has matured to having his songs of love and life to be sung on the airwaves of mainstream. Recently, as a solo artist, Dameon Walker has been a part of the Black Label Talent Search that was held in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Currently he is in the studio putting together his upcoming CD. Dameon stated, “I’ve been writing, singing, and recording my own stuff.” He is also a producer for some of his music but still work with other producers as well. He’s worked with Bless (Virginia Beach) and one his friends named Marlo also helps produce some of Walker’s projects. He explained the vision for his current project and his view of the genre of R&B in today’s music industry. “There are a lot of R&B artists out there, but there not really as present as the more pop/ hip-hop artists. You got people like Maxwell, Jill Scott, and Anthony Hamilton… along that line. I’m trying to stay within that path; bringing more of the real music… the love. Not talking about being in the club. Nah! I’m talking about love… marriage, and life.” The direction that the soulful singer is going has a full year ahead of him. He is in the studio and planning out his promotions through the World Wide Web, radio stations, and performances. Between September 24th and 25th

of 2011 Dameon Walker is scheduled to do a live performance with his band at the Rhythm & Blues by the Bay that’s being held in Downtown Hampton, Virginia at Mill Point Park (100 Eaton Street). Dameon Walker said the most amazing thing as we talked about his future plans. He stated, “I’m going to get my album made. I’ll try to go to a label and maybe they will sign me. If not, I’ll just continue myself, because I just enjoy it that much.” So many artists say they do it for the love but this man had no qualms about continuing to do his music no matter what hand he may or may not be dealt. The tone in his mellow voice showed his sincere true love that he has within for music. Dameon’s support system has been strong since his family realized what he was trying to accomplish. Once they really heard him put together his music he had their full support. Dameon discussed the support he receives. “Sometimes you can give a person your vision; you give them a little bit of it and they don’t fully understand it. But once you put it all together they will be like… ohhh-Okay! I get that support from my family; they’re backing me up. They’re ready to put me out there!” Fred Hammond, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton and Maxwell were all on Dameon Walker’s list of favorite artists. All are singers that sing from deep inside. Dameon elaborated, “Music has a way of affecting our hearts. It bypasses all your guards and your senses, and it goes straight to your heart. That’s why music is such a powerful tool. Especially if you hear someone sing the right note, or sing something just out of this world! You feel it in your soul!” Dameon explained his inspiration to his songwriting, “I take my personal experiences, and then you have other people’s experiences that you learn from. I can take a little bit of all of that.” Facebook: Dameon Walker


Seven Magazine: Evelyn Horne  

Multi-Cultural Magazine about businesses throughout the east coast.

Seven Magazine: Evelyn Horne  

Multi-Cultural Magazine about businesses throughout the east coast.