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hank you for picking up the first issue of ENK magazine. it’s been a journey that i’m looking forward to happening every month. We’ve worked extremely hard to deliver something of this caliber to the tattoo and piercing community as well as people wanting to know about the art. So, sit back relax and enjoy.

5720 Hoggard Rd

Behind the Boston Market & Arbys near Military Circle Mall

Norfolk, Va 23502

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rew’s Tattoo Emporium was established in Hampton, Virginia two years ago. The shop owner and tattoo artist Drew has been tattooing for twenty years; this was when he was in his early thirties. Five years before opening Drew’s Tattoo Emporium at 1073 North King Street in Hampton, he worked at a tattoo shop in Petersburg, Virginia. Drew, being a man of many hobbies, has made one of his hobbies a career. He spoke of his love for art. “Art is a good medium.” Drew adds, “Art has always been involved… I was brought up on hobbies.” Some of his hobbies aren’t even surrounded by art, such as his motorized bicycle hobby. Nevertheless, Drew’s wife and partner, is also a lover of art. She has found working with stain glass to be one of her passions. Drew’s Tattoo Emporium does focus on the art side of their service; still the equally focused side for the shop is the assured health safety for the clients. Drew tells Enk Magazine, “We go above and beyond… we pass inspections monthly.” Drew pays attention to every safety detail from foot pedal trash cans to bio-hazard disposals.

part of the body.” One way that tattoo artists and shops publicize their work is to participate in tattoo art shows and competitions. Drew however, doesn’t take that route. He bluntly stated, “I’m not into competitions… it’s too much trouble.” Drew finds success in doing high-quality work; through that he receives repeat customers, as well as new customers that have discovered him through word of mouth.

One of the most popular tattoo trends is the arm sleeves. Many tattoo collectors prefer this and they are many of Drew’s Tattoo Emporium’s repeat customers. Drew informed Enk Magazine that his sleeves can take anywhere from six to sixty hours, depending on the design and coloring. The main images are created first and then it is filled in with the background. Drew finds that his expertise is color work. He stated, “Color work is versatile with style.” Drew added, “My favorites are flowers to accent people’s bodies and so many colors can be added.” Also when people have that mistaken name placed on them and life decides that may no longer be the perfect lifelong tattoo, people usually choose to Drew, having twenty years of tattooing expe- cover up the mishap with roses. Drew rience, still remains conscience of his clients. advises this covering technique, “Roses are He admits it can become stressful because the number one cover-up piece. The shadas a tattoo artist he is permanently marking ing spots scramble it up so much.” someone. He also realizes that some people may not be at ease when receiving a tattoo so Drew’s Tattoo Emporium will be soon he makes sure to talk to his clients. Drew ad- reaching its 3 year anniversary in the vises, “Don’t let pain be a factor. It’s not that Hampton, Virginia area. There you can bad. It’s not going to be much more than an find the 20 years experience that so many aggravation.” Drew expressed to Enk Maga- have found to be their come to spot, as well zine that receiving a tattoo wasn’t as painful as their come back to spot for professional as some dramatic exaggerated tales may go. body art service. He did say, “Some people may go too deep.” Which somewhat explained the difference of receiving an unprofessional tattoo, versus a body tattoo done at a professional establishment with an experienced tattoo artist such as Drew. When he said, “I tattooed my own feet.” I asked about the pain compared to an area of the body with more fatty tissue. He reiterated, “It was no worse than any other

hen I call Fuzion Ink a historical tattoo shop I don’t say it because it has been around for hundreds of years. I say it because it has actually made its mark in history. Before Fuzion Ink opened its state of the art facility at 729 Granby Street in Norfolk, Virginia there hadn’t been another city approved tattoo shop for the previous 55 years. This made CNN national news. Owners Tom Glaser Sr. and Tom Glaser Jr. had in mind what they wanted in a tattoo shop and the location was definite. They wanted Downtown Norfolk to have a shop that would be not just a shop but a place to focus on the art of tattooing. It was a challenge for the two due to Norfolk not favoring tattoo shops due to other known shops not living up to the regulated codes and laws. Fuzion Ink proposed and proved their needed assistance and their full dedication for upholding what the city of Norfolk demanded. Three years ago on June 2nd Fuzion Ink was opened… making it the first Tattoo studio of its kind to be established within Norfolk since 55 years. The award winning tattoo studio has made its mark in the area and the artists that have carried their careers through Fuzion Ink have become globally awarded known tattoo artists. The work of Fuzion Ink artists have been exhibited in Europe and all over the United States of America. Co-owner, Tom Sr., has locally made an effort to educate the youth with the safety precautions to take when deciding on having a tattoo applied. Many young people do not take the needed precautions or put full thought into the fact that what they will put on their body should be thought of as a lifelong decision. Fuzion Tattoo has set up art shows at old Dominion University where young people can safely and professionally have tattoos done. The college students are also taught about the importance of sterile and clean tattoos. Fuzion Ink’s tattoo studio showcases wall to wall trophies for their expertise and artistic talent. One of the most grand and nationally


known tattoo events is the Big Richmond International Show that takes place in Richmond, Virginia. Fuzion Ink’s Sean Karn presented an entire back piece of two wolves fighting (with background accented artwork) and he brought home a trophy for the category Most Realistic Tattoo Of The Day when participating in this huge event. Fuzion Ink also does body piercing. They have one of the best piercers in the area. Piercing at Fuzion Ink is done by 17 year veteran Kat and Pu Nastee. The downtown location of Fuzion Ink brings in a variety of clientele. Customers are known to come from even North Carolina to get body art and piercings at Norfolks’s Fuzion Ink. Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. (the owners of Fuzion Ink) are not tattooist themselves. Instead they look at tattoos as an art-form and had a vision to open a tattoo salon that would give customers not just a tattoo, but also an art experience. Tom Sr. said, “I enjoy getting tattoos… the body is the canvas.” He explained, “Tattoos can tell a meaningful story.” The two tattoo shop owners are originally from New York. Tom Jr. worked for the New York Corrections Department and also worked for the Norfolk Police and is now a deputy with the Norfolk Sherriffs Office. While Tom Sr. worked for the New York Fire Department. Though Tom Sr. worked 16 years for NYFD and retired in 1998, he still had many friends lost in the 9-11 Twin Towers tragedy. Tom Sr. wears a tribute to his lost friends. It’s a tattoo with their names and of the saint that watches over firemen. I asked Tom Sr. how he found his talented staff of tattooist and piercers when he opened Fuzion Ink. He stated, “Build and they will come.” It was said as if he knew all along that the colorful vision he had inked within his soul was destined to become… no matter what challenges there would be to face. He fused together his dream with his son’s, and together Fuzion Ink became the first of its kind in Norfolk, Virginia.


elcome to UBX INK, where we specialize in amazing works of body art and body piercings. A tattoo or body piercing should not be done by an amateur, but by professionals who have had years in the business to master the art.

Backed by over 15 years of experience, we have seen it all and done it all. UBX INK is all for self-expression - and what a better way to truly depict who you are, but by getting a tattoo or body piercing. Every tattoo we do and every piercing is special for us because we know that most times the decision to have these done is a long, thought-out process and typically has some significance behind it.

UBX INK does custom tattoos, traditional tattoos, body piercings, dermals and more. We are located in the Hampton Roads area and always welcome new clients. Why not visit us today and see our works of art.


riving west bound down Virginia Beach Boulevard (from the beach going into Norfolk) there’s a large bulletin that reads, “Finders Keepers.” The huge sign that directs all to come visit makes it easy to find the specialty shop, but in no way did that grand sign that stood high in the air prepare me for the utopia of ear piercing that I was about to enter. When I pulled up into the Janaf shopping center (behind Logan’s restaurant) I noticed the diverse clientele coming out and going inside. Some were in small groups and others were rolling solo. This, alone, set Finders Keepers apart from many other piercing establishments I’ve visited. The other thing I noticed was there were no signs on the windows saying anything about tattoos, which is somewhat rare (many shops engage in both forms of body adornment). I hurriedly went inside, not because I was running late for the interview, but I was drawn to see what Finders Keepers was all about on the other side of the door. I walked in and was like, “Wow!” The piercing studio and specialty shop is at first sight so intriguing by its glam but unorthodox style; chandeliers in various colors… walls going from black and white, to pink and white, blue and white, lime and white… honestly I don’t even remember the contrasting colors, but I

do remember the unique flare and style. Glass cases held a wide selection of various pierced jewelry that I can say made me want to get a piercing done just so I could wear some of the most interesting and fun accessories I’ve ever encountered. The staff members seemed to be rather social with the patrons that browsed the shop, or were waiting for their turn; and also the ones that had just received their piercings. I overheard one of the Finders Keepers’ employees giving detailed instructions to a patron that had just received a tongue piercing. The piercer was clearly knowledgeable, and just as significantly, she was pleasant and responsive to the client’s questions. I was soon approached with a sincere friendly (not over doing it) smile. I said I was looking for Kimberly Summers, the owner of Finders Keepers. The associate pointed into the area where patrons can get their piercings done for an audience. Kimberly, with steady calm hands, was doing an eyebrow piercing using a needle on a patron that was sitting in a wheelchair not even flinching nor screaming for her momma (like one may envision… at least like what I would’ve envisioned). Surprisingly the procedure didn’t really take too long and I was now more eager than ever to speak with Kimberly Summers. I wanted to know her secrete to how she made what could have been a very intense event so natural, fun, and beautiful. I know when

Kimberly Summers stepped into her office with me she was probably thinking, “Why is this lady so excited?” She didn’t look at me strange or anything, it was just that I hadn’t been that taken with a piercing shop before. I didn’t even fully understand… but the energy was good. I soon found that Finders Keepers was able to move so smoothly through the hustle and bustle of the Valentine’s Day weekend because there was experience involved. Finders Keepers has been in operation since 1997. One

of the first comments that Kimberly said to me was obviously the answer to my inquiring mind. She stated, “I love this business… and what makes Finders Keepers so great is the people that work here.” That was it! That was the energy I felt even before I walked through the door. I felt that energy from the parking lot as I watched the patrons come in and I out… all in high spirits. Kimberly has been the owner of the piercing studio Finders Keepers since 1997, and she has customized a great and dedicated staff to bring her clientele the expertise and personal touch that Finders Keepers has become noted for within the field. Her son, Jordan, grew up in the environ

ment since he was 10 years old. Now at 22, he has taken on the skills of his mother and for the last four years he has been one of the shop’s piercers. Another piercer is Jessie who has been with the shop for nine years. Jessica, who has been a part of the team for ten years, is presently a manager there. It comes off evident the respect they hold for Kimberly. The staff of six is like a family. Kimberly, who is from a small town in Northern Michigan, believes in treating all her customers the same and with respect. She was very intense when she said, “What makes Finders Keepers so great are the people that work here.” Kimberly explains, “If they will not do it to themselves then they will not do it to anybody else. That’s the difference… we have a staff that is dedicated and loyal.” She also expressed deeply how customer service skills are a must! “We treat everyone exceptionally well… we treat everyone the way we like to be treated; that’s our number one policy here in the store.” Her natural good heart indicates why she has been known to even assist other piercing studios with the training of running

their business. Her integrity within the shop is the reason for guaranteeing all piercings and jewelry at Finders Keepers. The large sele tion of jewelry at the specialty shop is all hand picked by Summers; only allowing the top quality metals to be available for her customers. They have clients that come from out of the state just to get unique body jewelry and piercings… from as far as Hawaii. The care that she puts into every part of the business has made 80% of her customers to be repeat clientele. Much of her business has been generated from the positive word-of-mouth. “God has been good to me,” Kimberly said as her face blessedly glowed. “The customers I have are fantastic!” She told of how she has seen generations of her clients to grow up coming to her shop. College students… military… corporate all seem to find Finders Keepers as their own little keepsake. The shop consisted of clients of all kinds and ages. I asked what she felt was a good age for piercing. She informed that there are different piercings for different ages. Since Finders Keepers offers piercing from a baby’s first lobe piercing to adult body piercing (such as nipple piercing), her answer was clear. She also ranks this on the maturity of her clients For an example, if a teenager was or wasn’t mature enough to follow the health upkeep during the healing process. Also Kimberly’s staff is very in tuned with not administering piercings for some of the nowadays known

mob or suspension procedures. Finders Keepers isn’t about body modification, but is all about body beautification. The comfor able environment of the shop reflects the lack of intimidation that the staff creates for their clients. While others use piercing guns, Finders Keepers uses piercing needles which makes for a cleaner hole (without otherwise tearing of the skin) and enables quicker healing. The needle can also be run through an autoclave for sterile cleaning, unlike a gun. The original method or using the needle merely takes two seconds. The people at Finders Keepers have perfected their skill to the point that the procedure is rather quick and their clients are in and out. Kimberly stated, “They will say, ‘That was it,’ in astonishment of the quickness.” Kimberly Summers has went from the little girl in Michigan that played store (with only the paperboy as a customer) to being the owner of a spectacular shop that so many love to visit and revisit. Kimberly Summers is member of NAWBO and the Chambers of Commerce. She has followed her heart and has stored it in a quaint piercing and specialty shop called Finders Keepers. So, when you want your bodypiercing and you want it done right; keep Finders Keepers in mind, just as I have. As I walked back to the parking lot I looked back and said, “Wow!” I had just visited the utopia of piercing… Finders Keepers is definitely a keeper.


e all have different personalities as people, but most of us have one thing in common. We are either trying to find ourselves or in an attempt to express who we are to the world. Some of us take this voyage through life by expressing ourselves and telling our story through words, some through fashion, and then there are those that decide to display themselves through the passionate form of body art. Some controversy revolves around body art because some believe that one shouldn’t mark the temple. Nevertheless, many designs display spiritual beliefs and expressions of love. To have the names of love ones, present or past, forever etched beautifully on ones skin [to me] is a powerful testimonial. One of Seven City’s favored tattoo studios is Ocean Mystique. Enk Magazine visited their Norfolk location [Monticello and 21st Street] to get a chance to see first-hand the work of tattoo artist A.J. He has been a tattoo artist for three years and has been with the company since its opening in 1989. The Monticello location actually opened their doors in October of 2009. They recently celebrated their newest location’s one year anniversary with an extraordinary day that had a turn-out of 150 customers. Ocean Mystique started as jewelers then expanded into body piercers. Eventually the company brought in some of the best licensed

tattoo artists and established the tattoo gallery. Since then the company has grown and so have the master tattoo artists. A.J. specializes in the traditional style of tattoo art. The studio also have artist that specialize in all of the various styles of tattoos. Traditional, Asian, Portrait, etc… Since there are different styles of body art it is very important to have the artist accessible for the specific desires of each customer. Ocean Mystique definitely has this area covered within their tattoo gallery. This is also a great asset with the tattoo collectors. Some clients find themselves in the fascination of being tattooed for different reasons. There are those that fancy a certain style, and then there are those that decide to become collectors. A.J. compares tattoo collectors to a person that collect art. An individual may love the artwork of the renowned Vangough as well as the work of the legendary Picasso. A.J. states, “These two artists are totally from the opposite sides of the spectrum, but they are both masters.” Tattoo collectors wish to be the exhibit for the masters of body art. To see a person consumed with tattoo sleeves on their arms or a full body tattoo collage could easily give the impression of a tattoo addiction. However, it is merely a love for the art in its most respected form.

A.J.’s passion for tattoo art derived from his doodling obsession. From a young age he was always finding himself drawing. He would sometimes even get into trouble at school for doodling during class. Though he started at Ocean Mystique as a jeweler [creating custom made body jewelry] his interest in drawing took him onto the path of something more gratifying to his soul. He trained under an apprenticeship that taught him not only the techniques of the art-form but also the dyer fundamentals needed in order to run a clean and safety conscience tattoo studio. Before graduating and receiving his license, A.J. was to perform his first tattoo on himself. The Asian styled inscription on his left lower calf remains as a reminder of that experience. The Ocean Mystique environment brings you at ease as soon as you enter into the lobby area. There you will find a comfortable waiting area, as well as samples of the original work that the artists design. The reception area is welcoming, with a staff that is open and good spirited. Any questions asked are received without a feeling of intimidation. In fact artist A.J. has a way to give the client a test of his skills to secure trust with his clients. He explains that even the clients that are veterans with receiving tats can be a little nervous, or feel a bit intimidated before the initial procedure. If a client wants, he will use water instead of ink as an example. For the client, this allows one to have a familiarity of the needle’s sensation and to become more relaxed with the tattoo artist. When you enter into the private studios [where the magic actually happens] the walls turn into a rainbow of colorful

energy that lets you know that true artists are in the building. The private rooms are extremely clean and organized for the tattooing process. A.J. informed Enk Magazine of the many safety precautions that the Ocean Mystique’s staff members take to ensure that their customers are receiving not just an artistic experience, but also one with no worries involved. The entire staff is all licensed and experienced. They all have also been trained and certified in first aid and CPR. The sterile condition of the studio is in the same comparison of a doctor or a dentist office; even to the non-porous flooring and walls, and disposable covers for the lamps. I asked tattoo artist, A.J., his take on the sometimes negative controversy that surrounds body piercing and tattooing of the body or temple. His reply was uncomplicated. “The argument for getting a tattoo is the same as the argument for not… This will be on you forever.” He explained some of the history behind the art of tattooing, which dates back into the years of B.C. when markings were placed on the back of the knees. During ancient times the markings on the body was thought of as a form of medicine; to cure pains and illnesses. Today, however, body art is a way to express many emotions, tell stories, to commemorate love, memorialize, and whatever it means to you. Ocean Mystique’s tattoo artist, A.J. added, “To me they are little time stamps.” A.J. and his team of experienced tattoo artist can be found at Ocean Mystique, located at 2100 Monticello in Norfolk [757-625-4658]. Also visit on the web.


tattoo is sometimes a strong statement, and at other times it is a mere desired design. Whether deeply rooted or a surface trinket, it should always be a beautiful piece of art. It is more permanent than a gold band on your left hand’s ring finger… It is more self expressive than a painting hanging on your wall. Art on the body is to be taken into true consideration, because it is meant to be a part of you for life. When one takes that commitment on I would hope one would look for the artist to be one of great skill, creativity, and passion. One of the newest tattoo studios in Virginia Beach has all of this within its intimate walls. Studio Evolve opened to the awaiting public July of 2010. There you will find master tattooist Gabriel CeCe. His artistic flare is not to be duplicated. His signature work is always a one of a kind masterpiece. The colors pop and the technique of shading bring his art to life. Studio Evolve’s owner, Gabriel Cece, spoke with Enk Magazine about the art itself and the reason for body art being his particular passion. A first meeting of the man and the artist, Gabreil, instantly brings forth a certain feeling. I felt I was in the room with someone uniquely designed himself. The collection of tattoos on his arms was a collection of masterful art he had chosen and proof of his fervor for tattoo art. His confidence was evident in his statue, but not at all cocky. He plainly knows his craft and that’s not his own self-perception… it is a fact. He sat in front of a magnificent piece of artistry that at the bottom was signed by Gabreil CeCe.

Throughout the interview I found myself looking at the majestic flower that hung on the white wall. It did not distract me as much as it helped me keep in tuned with the artist. I wanted to hear all he had to say. Because all of it would lead me to the last question I needed to be answered… the question that would define the artist of the great masterpiece I was witnessing in a breathtaking awe. Studio Evolve had their grand opening on July 10, 2010 but the owner and lead tattooist, Gabriel CeCe, has fifteen years of experience. Since he was the age of eighteen it was definite that he wanted to be a tattoo artist. Gabreil stated, “I remember drawing most of my life… from three years old and on. My mom always encouraged me to draw. She’s an artist. I took art classes in high school. I just knew I wanted to get tattooed when I was thirteen. I started drawing tattoos that I thought I would someday get. I eventually did get tattooed at age sixteen. Pretty much, as soon as the needle hit me, I just knew I wanted to do tattoos.” He lifted his shirt sleeve to show me the beautiful sun that rested on his right shoulder, after I asked him about his first tattoo. That was one of many that he wears on both arms. I immediately assumed he was a tattoo collector, still I asked him if he had a preferred style. He confirmed my assumption. “I don’t think I really have a special style in terms of what type of tattoos

I want. It’s more about the artists that I would like to collect a piece of art from; and their style and interpretation of my idea. In terms of what it is that I do… I’ve been trying to define that for a long time. I don’t know if I really can. I think more than anything I enjoy doing colorful tattoos. Tattoos that fit the body well are authentically pleasing, and they look like they are supposed to be there.” Whenever, I meet a tattoo artist I really like to hear their take on the mental portion of the work. To be a tattooist takes on more than the skill to create amazing designs. One of the other skills needed in this type of profession is definitely the expertise of communication with the clients. I wanted to know his method of relieving any anxieties his clients may have before the procedure. He spoke in the same calming tone I would imagine he would to his clients. “I think that the appropriate environment is essential to calm that nervousness. I’m sure that there is an old outdated stigma about tattoo studios and the intimidation factor of walking into one not knowing what it is that you’re getting into… or unsure of what the protocol is and how to go about getting a tattoo. I don’t think any of that exists in here. We’re very family oriented… relaxed atmosphere. We have a custom environment, where we do most of our tattoos by appointment. People have either been referred to us by someone they trust, or are clients that we’ve known for a while. With new people I suppose the best way to calm somebody down when getting their first tattoo is to treat them with respect, be nice, informative and educational. It is not that bad of a pain. I think overall we try to give people an experience more than just a tattoo.” He explained the common reasons for a bad experience. “It is more of a nerves thing. It’s really a very tolerable pain. It’s definitely nothing people should freak out about. People don’t freak out really because of pain or pass out because of the pain. They freak out, pass out, or have a bad experience because of nerves… the

excitement. Did you eat enough that morning? Did you sleep enough the night before? Did you drink too much the night before? It really has nothing to do with pain. The pain is very minimal and tolerable.” You hear a lot of people say they want to go get juiced up before getting a tattoo. I asked Gabreil his advice on that matter. He answered seriously, “It’s really not a good idea to be inebriated to get tattooed. You really need a clear frame of mind. You’re making a decision that’s going to last a lifetime… unless you decide to get it removed. You need to have all your wits about you before you make a decision about what it is you’re going to get tattooed and where you’re going to get tattooed. As far as the actual physical ramifications of getting tattooed; if people are drinking the alcohol will be in the system for 24 to 48 hours it thins the blood and in which the person will bleed more. As far as pain killers… some Ibuprofen.” I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to ask him about the brightly displayed grand flower that hung on the wall behind him. He looked back at his creation. “That’s an old drawing… in 2003. I had it blew up and turned into a banner.” The colors drew me in and I asked him about his technique of using color and shading. Gabreil explained, “I like the color wheel. I use it every day. I’ve got it tattooed on my hand.” Though Gabreil CeCe doesn’t have a favorite style of tattoo, he does master a perfectionist quality in his colorful and dynamic artwork. His experienced staff has their own unique flavor. To walk into Studio Evolve and view some of the sample work within their portfolios is like taking a trip to an amazing art gallery.

Studio Evolve currently have two tattooists, and are in the process of hiring two to three more. The studio has a total of six stations for tattooists. The studio has been opened for a few months. However, Gabreil states, “I’m not going to hire just anybody. I’m waiting for the right person, the right personality, the right artwork, and ability.” The studio has an apprentice program that is paced in a way to enhance the individual’s experience. Tattooing is a skilled trade that’s been handed down like many other trades over the years. Gabreil informs Enk magazine of the details for his program. “I currently have an apprentice. So I am full for right now. For me it is a two year process. The first six months of that process is really spent just paying dues… helping around the shop, watching, and learning to understand how tattoo studios work.” Gabreil adds, “After six months if you learn what you’re supposed to do [and have done it well], and seem to have the proper attitude to learn how to tattoo, and seem to have the proper state of mind to carry on a tradition that is thousands of years old… then I’m happy to teach somebody what I know.” The two artists that Gabreil currently have working at Studio Evolve were first his apprentices. When he created Studio Evolve he created what he always wanted in a tattoo studio, but still he also built it with them in mind; in hopes that they would come with him and be a part of his team. After an interesting and actually educational conversation with Gabreil Cece it was finally time for me to ask him the question that would sum up the artist’s soul that fills him. Versatile voices is how I define the existence of art in all its forms. When I asked Gabreil what was his voice, he replied, “My voice is probably trying to scream some kind of happiness… some sort of contentment. I think the art that I do is particularly bright and colorful; spiritual and calming. We all want happiness. We all want to feel good… a sense of well being.” Studio Evolve is located at: 512 S. Independence Blvd. 2nd. Floor, Suite 200 Virginia Beach, VA 23452 You can contact Gabriel Cece at: 757-497-1865

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here are many tattooing studios and many tattoo artists. What brings us to our chosen place and person to deliver us the art that is to embark our body and to tell our inner spirit is all based on the essence of the whole package. The professionalism and sterile environment of the studio should be our first concern. What follows immediately is the trust we have in the artist’s work and the ability to express what you wish for your body art to convey to the world. The 22 year custom tattoo artist David Heydn has made this impact on his clientele for years. Even before he was a professional at his art he was dabbling in a grand way at the age of 14. Then he was creating home tattoos; he was born with a natural gift of art and found his passion early on as a tattooist. Since those early years he became licensed and for 8 of those 22 years of being a professional with his art form, he has owned the I Am Tattoo studio located at 3020 W. Mercury Blvd. in Hampton, Virginia.

Artist, David Heydn, takes the artistry of tattooing, as well as the safety of the procedure to the fullest. He even consults with younger clients and their parents of the serious matters involved. David has three important facts he addresses quite critically. First David advises for the client to be present when the needle for the tattoo machine is being freshly opened from its package. If you have not seen the package opened before your very eyes, request a new needle to be used. Secondly, he enlightens his clients on the waiting time between patrons. David says, “If you are waiting less than 15 to 20 minutes after the last person received a tattoo don’t do it.” He informed Enk Magazine that it takes 12 to 14 minutes for the sanitizers to fully work. If you are jumping into the chair too quickly after the last client, there is a good possibility that things haven’t had enough time to be thoroughly germ-free and becomes a dangerous situation. Thirdly, David insists, “Always be concerned of the artist that you want and the artist’s energy.” David is a very intimate artist that takes on a high standard for the art he presents. He will not do artwork that is extremely offensive spiritually… no portraits of killers or anything racist. He refuses anything of the sort. He says, “There is a magic in

tattooing… an electric magnetic pull.” He speaks very profoundly when he talks of sharing the tattooing experience with his clients. “There’s immediate gratification,” David says. His art is known for its one of a kind honored promise. There are never any duplications done in David’s I Am Tattoo studio ( not by him or his other artist, Terron Simms). The studio has no flash-art displayed on the premises for this reason. He proudly informs Enk Magazine, “We are the only custom tattoo studio in Virginia that doesn’t have drawings on the wall or flash-art.” People come to the I Am Tattoo studio for this individual uniqueness that ensures their work of art is theirs alone. To receive an out of the box creation of imaginary fantasy from the custom artist David Heydn is to have a timeless piece of art. David says, “The challenge makes it exciting.” Through the years of the tattoo artistry field it may have never been such an amazing growth of interested participants than it is today. During the early 90’s more tattoo conventions brought more people into the world of tattoo art. David himself spent five years traveling these circuits. “People change… ideas change… artists improve,” the 22 year veteran speaks with more than two decades of experience. “Artists and the art get recognition through tattoo publications more now… it’s the fifth growing industry in the U.S.” David Heydn is a well

respected artist in and out of the Hampton area. He is known for his precise work of detail. Where some may find it hard or impossible to have great detailing and coloring on darker shades of skin, David has no quandary. He is also a highly qualified cover-up artist for those that may have a change of with a present piece of body art. David Heydn has perfected the procedure and uses the latest of machinery to give his clients the quality work they expect from a custom artist of his class. The I Am Tattoo studio uses air driven machines which have immaculate precision and less vibration. This brings 50% less trauma to the skin; in turn it cuts the healing time in half as well. His experience, creativity, and spirit for tattooing are as unique as what conveys on his living canvas, and he invites others to his knowledge of the field. David Heydn welcomes serious artists to his apprentice program without charge. He does state, “My choices are strict and they must be artists!” I Am Tattoo contact: 757-827-1919 / 3020 W. Mercury Blvd. Hampton, VA 23666 *I Am Tattoo studio charges by the hour ($125 per hr & prorated for lesser), as opposed to charging different fees for different tattoos. This allows the customer to receive quality work for their time.


he Middle Eastern old tradition of the Hookah is a steadily fast growing fascination within the US. There are several hookah bars in the Hampton Roads area, but there’s only one definite Hookah Me Up Restaurant & Lounge. The sultry atmosphere of Hookah Me Up sets the perfect scene for a great dinner date while its eccentric flavor makes it an entertaining place for friends to meet up. The intimate hideaway spot (just behind the Lynnhaven Mall Theater) has a contemporary at ease decorum. There are gorgeous tables accented with candles, four huge Flat Screens positioned perfectly, and comfortable leather couches that reached across two whole walls; for relaxing and enjoying the hookah experience. Hookah Me Up Restaurant & Lounge has a full food menu with a selection of beers, wines, and lattes. This is rare to find a Hookah lounge with all these amenities. Hookah Me Up has a certain calming atmosphere that attracts people. Virginia, the day manager says, “People say that they feel comfortable here”. This hookah lounge also has live entertainment on the weekends. Most weekends there are acoustic or reggae entertainers. Since clubs and restaurants no longer allow smoking in their establishments, Hookah Me Up Restaurant & Lounge has become an alternative spot for adults to meet up. Because they only allow the smoking of hookah, a beautiful aroma fills the air. The Middle Eastern tradition of the hookah has always been a socializing thing… and as its culture reached to the US, many are enjoying the latest way to get together with friends. Manager, Virginia, used to frequent other hookah bars in Norfolk and Newport News, but saw where things could be so much better in a hookah bar. She and others expressed their thoughts

to the now Hookah Me Up Restaurant & Lounge owner, Bob. After Bob and others discussed the possibilities and the concept fully, there was no stopping the innovative plan… an upscale hookah lounge! Hookah Me Up Restaurant & Lounge has went in an extensive way to bring their patrons a full experience. The full menu provides specialty dishes that are available to be at an exceptional restaurant status. There are appetizers, salads, gourmet sandwiches, flatbread pizzas… etc. The beverages have a variety of wines and beers. There are Imported and Domestic beers available, as well as seasonal seasoned beers [just to put a little fun into it]. Shisha, which is the molasses coated tobacco leaves that are put into the hookah, also come in many flavors. The shisha offered is from Fantasia, a premium Grade AA tobacco product imported from France producing the best tasting vapors with the longest lasting flavor. There are over 50 different flavors to choose including cocktail flavored drinks that you wont find anywhere else. They also offer the additional Hookah Me Up special blends, creating the ultimate Hookah Experience. . There are also hookah upgrades available such as an ice chamber to create cool vapors, and using juice in the bottom of the hookah to enhance the fruity flavor. The word is getting around about the perfect meeting and socializing spot. Businesses are knownto have meetings at Hookah Me Up Restaurant & Lounge during the day hours. Organizations sometimes have fundraisers set up at Hookah Me Up. Birthday get-togethers would be perfect here! Virginia says, “Hookah Me Up has turned into the after-party place to hang out for weekends.” The Hookah Me Up Restaurant & Lounge also takes reservations for your upcoming event. Call (757) 962-8999 for more information.

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