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iving all honor to GOD and if it wasn’t for Him there wouldn’t be me. Thank you for picking up this issue of Seven Magazine. I want to thank all of the advertisers in this issue for having awesome businesses and allowing me to highlight them. We are in our fourth year and are very happy to have made it this far. We’ve had our downs but our ups have made this an excellent journey. Speaking of journey, we have Mr. Detail himself Maurice Wiggins to grace the cover of this issue. I must say that he has to be one of the hardest working men in not only the automobile industry but in business. On the opposite cover we have some of Hampton Roads top musicians, Cheesetown Money Gettaz. These were some of the most talented and business-minded young men in music that I’ve run across in some time. As always, if it wasn’t for the readers and supporters we wouldn’t have been one of the longest lasting publications independently owned in our area and we thank you very much. So sit back, relax and enjoy this issue of Seven Magazine.

5720 Hoggard Rd

Behind the Boston Market & Arbys near Military Circle Mall

Norfolk, Va 23502


ust coming off the stage of Norfolk’s Constant Convocation Center, comedian BruceBruce took the time out to speak with Seven Magazine. The Royal Comedy Tour has been on the road since February and has dates up to late May. When I spoke with the hilariously funny Bruce-Bruce, I wanted to know so much. What started him into the business of making people laugh and how has he sustained for so long in the industry? I knew he had been in the game for a while but he let Seven Magazine know just how long a while has been. “Professionally… I’ve been doing this for 21 years.Yeah-yeah… about 21 years and I’m still having fun!” Though Bruce-Bruce (born as Bruce Church) has traveled all over, as his career has grown into a list with all of the greats, he still carries his southern soul. You can hear it and feel it as soon as he speaks. He said to Seven Magazine, “Yeah, I’m dead country… in a big way.” It was no shock when he told me that he was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He does also have a residence in California. Bruce-Bruce starting out young before it all began on the stage was already a class clown. This all grew into something so grand in the early 1990’s. He had begun performing at the Comedy Act Theater in Atlanta. His natural way that had always made people laugh… at school and everywhere he went, eventu-

ally brought him into the spotlight. He spoke to Seven Magazine of how he felt that first time on stage. Where others may have been nervous their first time, Bruce-Bruce said with an electric energy that showed he still cherished that first moment, “I knew it… I knew it! It came to me!” BET scouts witnessed the determined the comedian’s talent after Bruce had auditioned quite a few times… and BET did take notice! 1992 HBO also took notice. From that point on the comedy circuit exploded for him, and Bruce-Bruce had become a household name in comedy. He’s been asked to do multiple appearances on the legendary Showtime at the Apollo, hosting the BET Comic View and he was also their tenth anniversary host. He has kept himself busy with not only his standup comedy tours and appearances, but also dabbling in commercials, like the one for Popeye’s Chicken. Bruce-Bruce, also known as, “Mayor of Comedy,” seemed to have done it all. He’s been a part of the Laffapalooza Festival (a 3 year run), and Comedy Central Presents: Bruce-Bruce show. Bruce-Bruce has also ventured into the world of hip-hop, doing music videos like Quad City DJ’s, “Come On Ride the Train,” and Outkast’s, “So Fresh, So Clean.” The distinguishably dressed-grand frame of a man has been an absolutely grand and distinguished artist in the comedy circuit. Bruce-Bruce has taken his comedy also to film with his own video, Bruce-Bruce Live; and has carried roles on movies such as The Sunday Morning Stripper, Hair Show, and State of the Union. He has also the autobiography, Baby James Brown. I asked Bruce-Bruce how his comedic demeanor was off the stage, and he replied, “every-everyday… I’m almost like a pimp.” Bruce-Bruce plans to headline his own show and tour. He told Seven Magazine, “I’m going to pick and choose comedians that I want to roll with me that are definitely funny.” Bruce-Bruce stated, “I’m going to bring up-and-coming comedians. I’m going to give them a lot of exposure with the world, people, going on TV, and let them know what it’s all about; how to do it so they can bring up the next people when they come up. ” To see more of what Bruce-Bruce has going on check him out at


ar detailing has become a rather needed service in these busy times. People are so busy trying to work, spend time with their families, and just going through the motions of day to day‌ while that automobile you work so hard to have is steadily being covered with more and more debris (inside and outside); not to mention the accumulating damage to the paint of the car if you get tired and decide not to wax. If you’re anything like me, you keep putting off that extra task to keep your treasured automobile all sparkling like the day you drove it off the car lot. That is where the king of detailing, Maurice Wiggins, and his staff at Wiggins Detailing comes into the picture. For not just that car you plan to keep until the wheels fall off, but also for the car you may one day trade in for another, and will definitely want to get top price‌ It is essential to keep your vehicle in great condition. Maurice Wiggins started Wiggins Auto Detailing and Power Washing in 2002 from his home in Chesapeake with a truck and an idea. He was a long shore-man

with International Long Shore-Man Association, but was seeking extra income. Maurice had started a small cleaning business that he worked on the weekends. Eventually Wiggin’s little weekend gig grew and began to surpass his job at N.I.T.; still he told Seven Magazine, “I was scared to make that move.” Wiggin’s job sent him to Iraq and while in Iraq Wiggins was hurt. At that point, as a disabled veteran, he was unable to continue his career or any of the other trained skills he had acquired while working previous occupations like Norfolk Southern Railroad, Norfolk Public Schools, or his time as a Deputy Sherriff when living in Texas. When Wiggins returned from Iraq he was somewhat surprised that his small side business hadn’t fell off. His wife, Kimberlyn, had continued to uphold the cleaning contracts that Wiggins had with seven Starbucks locations. The tragedy that Wiggins had experienced in Iraq had a way of bringing him and his family, ironically, into a new and positive move. Wiggins began to take his cleaning business and grow step by step. Seven Magazine questioned Wiggins on how it felt to actually take that first step from what was to be only an extra source of income, then to make it into a fulltime business. He admitted that he was like anybody else and did have some fear for the unknown. Nonetheless, his drive didn’t allow him to stop. “Just don’t give up… don’t give up!” His advice to anyone deciding to start a business was also, “Plan and put up… you can’t spend everything you make. You have to have a plan, and with having a plan it has to make sense.” He

made it known that sacrifice is always a part of starting a business. Kimberlyn interjected, “His favorite saying is, ‘There’s a light at the end of the tunnel,’ but when you got bills and you need family time you don’t see that light at the end of the tunnel,” she said. Wiggin’s biggest sacrifice seemed to have been family time. Through the growth of the business Maurice managed to balance it out, and Kimberlyn learned patience and understanding. Though servicing as a commercial cleaning company grew into auto detailing, the business didn’t stunt its growth just there. The president of Wiggins Detailing and Power Washing has also established other business services in the Tidewater area. He volunteered his time also as the sound tech at Bethany Baptist Church and traveled with the group VBIC (putting together a mobile sound set). That has now evolved into Wiggins owning the studio, Wiggins Amazing Sound Studio. Additionally, Wiggins’ business also offers residential & commercial carpet cleaning, auto repair, towing, and a custom screen printing shop located in Portsmouth. He and his family in also run the concession stand at Booker T. Washington High School’s games. Maurice Wiggins gives much thanks to the support he’s had from his wife, Kimberlyn; mother, Vylettuce Wiggins; Anabelle Saunders (consulted with administration); shop supervisor and step brother, Leon Melvin; Bryant McCray; mechanic, Earl Brown; and engineer, Joey Harrison. Maurice Wiggins said, “I sur-

round myself around good people.” When speaking to Wiggins it is apparent that he is a very dedicated man; which makes good for the business. Automobile detailing causes for full dedication; especially if you have the reputation of being the king of detailing. There is a tremendous difference between washing your vehicle in the driveway, and having your vehicle professionally detailed. When we usually pull our hose out, get our bucket, sponges, cleaning products (or once again, if you’re like me, your dish washing liquid) we start with a feeling of pride and anticipating the reward soon to come… hyping ourselves up! I don’t know about you, but within a good ten minutes I’m tired, hungry, and I want to stop. I quickly give my van a good once over, spray it down, and thank goodness that I decided to do the outside first; because at least that will appear somewhat clean (maybe no shine because good wax is hard to get off). I say to myself, “I worked hard all week and I’m tired. I’ll hook Baby up next week for real.” Next week comes and goes… and in two weeks… sometimes a month, it’s the same deal. The problem is my vehicle will have an annoying and embarrassing stench, my floor mats will soon need replacing because the sight of them will discuss me, there will be dust bunnies in the crevices, crumbs in the seats, windows will be smeared, leather seats will began to crack, paint will soon fade… and guess what? I will still be paying a car note on this eye sore.

Auto Detailing is exactly what it implies. It is all about taking the time to take care of every aspect, detail by detail, with the cleaning and the physical upkeep of the automobile. Detailing consists of first cleaning the inside of the vehicle thoroughly from top to bottom and front to back. Things that people miss, like cleaning the tiny slots of the air vent grills, cleaning around the buttons and knobs, applying leather conditioner, moving seats, etc. These are just a tiny bit of the things that Auto Detailers do to have your prized automobile to be clean and gleam proudly. Maurice Wiggins and his well trained staff do this with dedication. The vigorous work load hasn’t slowed Wiggins down, and he handles his business with pride and finesse. Wiggin’s Detailing operates with dedication and integrity, guaranteeing that your vehicle will definitely return to you fit for a king or queen. WIGGINS Auto Detailing and Power Washing 757-348-3990


he Golden Lady Beauty Salon, which is owned by 76 year old Georgia Shelton, has been around for 33 years. Through the years Golden Lady has been able to keep the home-like feel of the salon and much with the help of stylists Sam, Channel, and Regina. These three ladies have totally different personalities but it all comes together so smoothly. As I sat in the Golden Lady and began to talk to the ladies I was drawn in by their realness. After a few minutes with them it was like I was visiting with my cousins talking about everything under the sun. Though it was in the middle of the week and in the evening it felt like a fun Saturday afternoon with the girls as we discussed hair care, movies, weaves, passions, braiding, childhood, products, books…everything under the sun. Channel, who has been a stylist for 17 years, specializes in weaves and sewn-ins. She also makes wigs and can work on all types of hair. She studied and graduated from what was one of the top cosmetology schools, Hicks Beauty Academy. She is known as the up-lifter of the salon. She has aspirations of putting together an event. Channel stated, “The one thing that I want to do is put together a hair and fashion show of my own.” Channel is admired at Golden Lady Beauty Salon for not being stuck in a box, and is a big part of these three ladies’ mentality with moving forward. Regina has been styling hair since her early

years. She remembers being completely engulfed with playing on her dolls’ heads and soon being the at home stylist for family and friends. When still attending high school, Regina enrolled in the cosmetology course and continued after graduation. She has now been a licensed stylist for 10 years. I asked Regina what was her styling specialty and she answered, “I do it all, but braiding is my passion. That’s what I started off doing.” The Hair Lover’s Beauty Supply is located only a couple of blocks from the Golden Lady Salon on Newtown Road. This makes it easy for patrons to get their braid extensions or tracked hair, and then come to Golden Lady to get their hair braided or weaved at the salon. Sam has been doing hair since her early years as well. As Regina speaks of her co-worker’s experience, “Sam is an old head! She started doing Jeri Curls when she was about 11.” That was truly taking it back! Sam has been a professional stylist for 24 years. She spoke of starting to find her love for hair in the kitchen at the age of 12 doing her mother’s friend’s Jeri Curls. “I was doing braids… I was doing press and curls…I did my first Jeri Curl when I was 12; which was done on my mom. After I did hers she had like seven other girlfriends that worked on her job. All of them had the wet spot, because all of them came to get Jeri Curls.” Sam now has slid a little from her curl days and finds that her specialty is the elegant up-do styles [that is one of 2011’s classier hair styles to have].

All three of these golden ladies believe in keeping in tuned with the ever changing trends and being in the full understanding of the products that they use on the clients. Regina finds Youtube as a helpful tool to see what’s new and upcoming. She also frequent hair shows and seminars to get extended education on hair products, techniques, and also the salon business in a whole. Regina said, “It doesn’t matter sometimes what is in… you could have someone that may want to bring something back.” Regina already sees the return of finger waves, crimps, spiral curls and feathers. Channel is the one that keeps her eyes on the hair magazines and television; that always has what’s up-to-the-minute in the world of hairstyling. She admits that she still gives it that Channel twist, making the styles her own artful creations. Channel states, “I pretty much feel my own way through it… I feel I just got a little gift. I perfect it the more I’ve done it.” Sam in turn, keeps her ears and eyes opened in the streets. She takes in what’s around her and absorbs the sense of what is the newest trend and what is about to happen. She listens to her clients. Sam says, “Most of the time your clients bring new trends to you.” While I had the opportunity to speak with three longtime stylists at once I asked them a question that I really felt On Point readers needed know

the answer to. What should consumers look for when purchasing products at a local drug store? Regina stated, “I usually would go to my distributor and buy those [professional] products for them.” After giving me her ultimate and first option she did state that Olive Oil brand products work very well. She added, “You need to look for something that is a reconstruct for damaged or chemically treated hair… hydrating conditioners and shampoos.” The comparison of professional products versus drugstore products was explained with an example of using a store bought box relaxer. “It doesn’t say on the box relaxers that it has a lot of calcium build up that will make the hair hard…” Regina continued, “And if it has a famous star on the label you will think that your hair is going to be silky like Keisha Cole’s.” Regina does advise her clients that if they do go to a beauty supply store for products, then they should go to Sally’s. “Sally’s is the most professional you can get,” Regina tells On Point Magazine. She also gives the professional brand Influence hair products her highest rating. Sam then added to what her sister-stylist had explained, “You have to know all that is in your product. You have to know if it’s healthy enough to correct the problem that you’re having. You have to know the ingredients… if it’s a water based product. If it’s a water based product it’s not going to do anything but run off the hair. You really need to investigate what ingredients are in the product and why is it in there.” All in all a person needs to know the condition their hair is in specifically in order to know what is needed to reconstruct it or to keep it healthy. This is when we need to go to our professionals to receive a proper analysis. Our stylist is our hair doctor. The down to earth feeling and the friendliness of the Golden Lady Salon has all to do with the golden ladies that I had the privilege to sit down with and get to know. To go visit Channel, Regina, and Sam is more than a trip to the salon… it’s more like a great day at a friend’s house. Golden Lady Beauty Salon (757) 499-1833


velyn Franceschi is well known in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area for her Dominican hair styling techniques, which use natural products and focus on healthy hair styling methods that she perfected while working in the Dominican Republic where she was born and raised. Many members of Evelyn’s family also worked as barbers and cosmetologist who used this Dominican technique. Working for years with family through the years, she became proficient in washing, roller sets, relaxer permanents, women and men’s hair cuts, hair dying and color treatments, highlights, manicures and pedicures, waxing and other hair styling manners. Shortly after finishing college, she came to the United States in order to bring this celebrated technique to Virginia where she then pursued her dream of being the best hair care provider in Virginia. As a graduate of Virginia Beach Beauty

and Barber Academy, Evelyn then began her hair care business. Her reputation as a stylist who aids in the revitalization of damaged hair and then help restore it to its natural and healthier state made her increasingly popular with clients and their counterparts all across Hampton Roads. With her more than ten years in the hair care industry, Evelyn has had extensive experience working with all hair textures and types. Her main goal and focus is for her clients to gain and maintain strong, healthful, and vigorous hair that is easily managed, while still possessing great style and fashion. As a professional hair care provider, Evelyn offers complete customer satisfaction to all of her clients. Evelyn lives with her husband, Julio, of 8 years in the Virginia Beach area. She enjoys cooking, shopping, working out, dancing, riding motorcycles, and spending time with family and friends.


alon FX opened its doors for business in 2000 and they are proud that they are celebrating 10 years in business. Salon FX contributes their longevity to being grateful and humble. They are a no frills, no gossip, warm and cozy, and family-oriented salon. Leita says that she is a second generation stylist that has always been near or around a salon since her mother was a stylist. Leita pointed out that her mother was left handed and she was fascinated by how her mother handled and twirled the curlers. Her mother’s rule was that she had to go to college first and then she could do hair on the side or while she attended school. “You know, when you are not licensed you think you know everything? Oh my God! People were actually paying me! You know, a client may call me and say that they’ve put some color in their hair and now their hair is green…and they don’t know what to do. There’s a science behind why their hair is green. I know why it’s green and I know how to fix it”, Leita laughs. Although Leita had a very successful career, her heart was in hair so she gave it all up to do what makes her happy. “I believe that a person should do what makes them happy”.

“....I try to keep prices affordable.....Even though the cost of products goes up every year, I don’t pass that expense onto my clients. It’s all about my clients....”

While speaking to Leita it is very clear that she is passionate about what she does. That same passion is extended to her clients as well. “As women, we really take pride in our hair. So many women have some form of Alopecia. Some from wearing weaves or braids for so many years”. Leita is sensitive to her clients needs so she tries to schedule clients at times when they can have more privacy so they will not feel embarrassed. Being able to make a difference and help to restore their self-esteem makes her emotional. “We are located within the community so I try to keep prices affordable. Would you believe that Salon FX’s prices have been the same for the past eight years? Even though the cost of products goes up every year, I don’t pass that expense onto my clients. It’s all about my clients, especially when they are in my chair, they are number one. A stylist has to be mindful of that in order to have loyal clients”. Leita expresses that she understands that money is hard earned so clients should never feel rushed. Coming to the salon should be an experience that is satisfying after a hard days work. They should feel comfortable as soon as they walk in the door. Leita praises the stylists that work at Salon FX for their commitment to their clients. They never double book and they never talk negative about a client, salon or another stylist. “When we respect what we do, others will respect what we do”, Leita says. For that purpose, Leita is very selective about the stylist that works at Salon FX. Leita explains, “They have to have good business ethics and be a good fit”. Be sure to visit Salon FX. Salon FX 13508 E. Warrick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia 23602 757-875-0939 – Shop


even Magazine has been able to get up with one of VA’s realist groups; Cheesetown Money Gettaz. CMG Records consists of four rappers [Kiko, Killa AKA Prince of Da City, Yung Juan, and Safty The Don], promotional president [Banks], group manager [Victor aka VT Sinclair], and an ever inspiring spirit [Daniel Riddick]. Speaking to the men of CMG is like visiting your cousins and just hanging out; they make you feel just that comfortable. There are no extra put-ons for the media… it’s all just them and who they are individually, as well as what they collectively are as CMG… Cheesetown Money Gettaz. A name like Cheesetown Money Gettaz of cause made one of my first questions to be about the orientation of their name. Safty Da Don, co-CEO, explains the name of their group straight up, “’Cause we get money, and money is cheese. We get money in our town… Cheesetown Money Gettaz.” The town Safty Da Don speaks of is Chesapeake, VA. Though Cheesetown Money Gettaz started in Chesapeake, it’s not just Chesapeake. Safty says, “You get money in your city, then your city is a cheesetown.” At that point I fully understood. CMG’s hustle is tightly knitted through the music they create, their united bond, and their entrepreneur genius when it comes to the business. A rarity found in artists is what CMG possess… the

go getta mentality that drives them to make their organization a one stop shop. Victor aka VT Sinclair heads up the management, Banks heads up promotions, and the artists… Kiko (co-CEO), Safty Da Don (co-CEO), Yung Juan (multi-talented artist), and Killa Prince of Da City (president), all work on solo projects (that still feature CMG members), as well as contributing within the complete CMG movement as a group. Safty and Kiko started the group. Both were already artists. Kiko was already recording, but Safty hadn’t yet experienced the booth at that time. Safty used to freestyle, when he first began rapping at the young age of 14 or 15. Killa and Young Juan

didn’t really take rapping seriously at first. It was more or less something to do. Killa told some of the history before CMG,“Norfolk City Jail is where the group started… It was Chesapeake brothas in Norfolk Jail. They were all in the same block. And from there it turned into a rap thing.” Kiko added, “everybody was rapping but there was no togetherness. We were always together but as far as rapping [together] we weren’t on that level.” When Kiko and Safty had got an apartment together soon they made their musical aspirations official… CMG was born. Safty Da Don, seasoned in his rapping game and doing this for half his life, he has now become very serious about his music. “I know how to put these words together…” the lyrical artist says, “I paint pictures with words.” The years of perfecting his craft has brought him into a place where he is a lot smarter. Safty states, “When I was younger… I didn’t know a whole lot then. But I have been through a lot and have seen a lot. I have done a lot. I have a lot more to talk about. I’ve been around a lil’ bit. I do big sh!t… I talk big sh!t.” Two years ago VT Sinclair or Vic became CMG’s manager. What got Victor interested to step up and work with the management of CMG was his close friend that he refers to as his brother…Daniel Riddick. Vic enlightened on how it all came to be. “He [Daniel Riddick] loved music and everything about the music. He was from the same neighborhood… he passed away. I just went from there. I was like I’m going to do the music too. I can’t rap though, so I’m going to help my brothers… I’m going to help them advance like he was trying to. If he was here we wouldn’t have to worry about this. He would be already on, and we would be right behind him. ” Victor took on where his soul-brother Daniel left off. Victor says, “We always keep him around. I got him tattooed on my chest… so he’s always around. It keeps me motivated.” Cheesetown Money Gettaz are down to earth and easy to joke around with, while still having a charismatic swagger that let you know they have their business all intact. I caught a bit of their flava as I got a glipse of the gleaming timepiece Killa flashed on his wrist. The day of the Sphere magazine photo shoot can be seen on Youtube, where CMG’s true essence flourished in that money gettaz manner. CMG’s grind can’t be ignored… “When we

come we come deep; so you won’t forget us. We leave a print in your mind,” the group explained, and they did stomp [not just stamp] a print in my mind. So if you’re in the club and you see like a hundred Cheesetown Money Gettaz tees throughout the spot, then you know who’s in the house! The whole team comes together and puts Cheesetown Money Gettaz at the top of their game. Kiko being co-CEO of CMG makes it his business to keep everybody together and always coming up with something new. The other co-CEO is Safty Da Don… not to mention he brings the bass to the group [imagine Blue from the Temptations… but a rapper]. Killa is the president of CMG and lives by his name, Prince of Da City. His too fly personality brings a star flare to the hardcore crew. He is also, as Killa puts it, “The chew a n!gg@ head off, don’t f*ck with my team type of dude.” Aside from being the royal beast of CMG, he also has a lot to do with the marketing aspects of the organization. The youngest member and rapper of CMG at age 21, Yung Juan, spoke on his roles, “I’m the graphic designer, the engineer, video director… et cetera.” The seriousness of their mindset and the drive that they take when they come into their own studio and office is the perfect model of a self-motivated and positively spirited group of young men. The challenge with getting CMG out there to be heard and to let their talent be recognized was dealing with a lot of different emotions and personalities. Manager, Victor [or Vic] explains, “When you’re dealing with different personalities you have to be able to adjust and be flexible. You have to be willing to take on the criticizing by each individual. You have to push your friendship aside

when he was with the Southeastern Job Training Program (summer jobs). Victor explains how his strong work ethics has been a tremendous part of him being able to handle the responsibilities of managing CMG. “Dealing with people at a young age like that; being a people’s person… having two parents helped out a lot too. Having a dad helps out a lot ‘cause it’s a big influence.” Victor remembers his childhood when he says, “I wasn’t a bad kid coming up… I was into stuff; Denise the menace,” he laughs. “When you’re around people… good or bad, it doesn’t matter, at a young age you absorb all of that. You see your uncle that’s doing the bad stuff, you see your uncle that’s doing the good stuff. You might take a little bit out his notebook, then out his notebook, and then you add your own to it. And that’s how you get Victor.” He analyzes the man in the mirror, “I try to deal with less stress and more positive stuff.” Victor states, “I want you to accept us for who we are.” Who is CMG? Cheesetown Money Gettaz! from the business.” A squad as large as CMG is due to have situations to arise. However, the group maintains a glued unity. As Victor admits, “We all in this organization be ready to quit every day. We’re not quitters… don’t get it twisted! I’m just talking about it gets to the point where we get so frustrated.” He gives a scenario, “Banks may get frustrated. I’ll tell him like this… You’re part of the body bro. If we don’t have arms with this body how we going to shake hands… how we’re going to hold stuff? How we’re going to make beats? How we going to do anything without arms? ” When frustrations come about CMG calls a meeting to straighten everything out and continue back on track. “Let’s have a meeting! That’s how we settle our beefs… we have a meeting and we get it in.” The other challenge in managing a group Victor says is when trying to find venues. “A lot of people may tell you, ‘No, we don’t except stuff like this,’ but me being a manager I don’t accept no. You can’t tell me no. You say no… I say why. You tell me this… I’ll tell you that. I just don’t accept no.” He explained his theory that is surrounded by confusion, “I just don’t understand… haven’t you been here before? What did it take for you to get your business started… if you had accepted no from everybody that said I don’t want a club in this building or in this area? Naw… you’re not going to tell me no.” Victor saw himself in real estate, or being a club owner. He still sees himself owning a club one day. Before CMG Victor owned his own detailer business and was simultaneously working for the shipyard. He has been a hard worker since the young age of 12,

The growth of CMG began with them being happy with just making the music and playing it in their rides, but now the drive has taken their expectations to another plateau. CMG’s manager Victor says “Now the music and videos that we make; this is BET ready… this is MTV ready.” I sat in the CMG office and watched the Video for, Clean & Dirty. I was amazed when the guys told me how they were taping and moving in their condo all in the same days. That’s grindin’! Plus they remained so clean… wow! Their dedicated grind is how Cheesetown Money Gettaz has opened shows for Jada, DJ Unk, Gucci [Man], [Young] Gadi, Juelz [Santana], Camron, Young LA, Mr. Magic [from No Limit], Lil Ru, Ron Brownz, Cannabis… the list goes on. The group did a ‘Plethora’ [meaning a lot in CMG lingo] of shows last year. They have been places like NC, SC, ATL, Cali; but Safty Da Don says, “We didn’t promote as much as we should have. We need to promote in other markets and other states.” Before long the talents of CMG Records will no longer be hidden. That’s where grindin’ so hard pays off. CMG gives thanks to DJ Jack of Spade, 103 JAMZ, King Carter, Batman [Travis Porter manger], Blakley’s, … they also give shout-outs to HOT 91 and Z104. Currently CMG is crushing the streets with their mixtapes. Kiko informed the happenings with Cheesetown Money Gettaz, “We have an album coming out… Road 2 Riches Volume II. We have a DVD coming… Road 2 Riches.” CMG in addition have separate projects. Kiko’s mixtape,

I Do This For The Hood and Safty’s, Real Recognize Real, have currently dropped and are available as you read this. The other CMG members have projects: Yung Juan’s, All Green Everything; Killa’s, Went In Real…Came out Realer; and Yung Juan’s & Killa’s, From The Hood To The Stage. Peep out Cheesetown Money Gettaz… Clean and Dirty on… unsigned hype. CMG has mastered the old grind of promoting in the streets and has combined it with the new grind of the web. “We still do the trunk to trunk and fliers at the club. Then we do the promotions on Facebook and Youtube also,” Victor aka VT Sinclair gives a little insight on CMG’s strategic marketing. CMG pushes their music in the Virginia area as well as other areas… not just waiting on radio in Virginia. Vic admits, “It is hard to get on the radio here in Virginia. It’s like an all in who you know game.” Victor’s immediate future plans for Chessetown Money Gettaz is to venture out of state. CMG is involved in a nonprofit organization event for the youth, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. CMG themselves, have somewhat of the same type of nonprofit event for the youth in Virginia, that’s on the works. It will focus on the youth as well as battered women. CMG already has a school supply drive for the youth during back to school time and accept any contributions for this much needed community program. “We are selling CD’s, making T-Shirts, making fliers, we also have a picture booth where people can get their photos done,” Yung Juan lets Sphere Magazine know even more of what CMG manufactures. CMG is definitely not just about their music, they are also very much about their business. CMG are far from pipe dreamers. They don’t just sit back and dream… they grind hard and make those dreams a reality. Safty Da Don says, “When we get together we laugh, joke, and take care of business. We’re all family. They’re like my brothers from a different mother. It’s all love. It’s easy to make music with people you got love for. You feel me?” And yes I did feel exactly where he was coming from with his statement. CMG possess a united front even though I interviewed them primarily separate. Mostly all of CMG has known each other for over 10 to 15 years. When I asked Safty where he sees CMG in the next five years he told Sphere Magazine, “Already established, signing artists, and signing my other dudes that I know is hot... that’s my main goal right now.” Safty speaks in his deep and southern VA tone, “Come rock with us. We’re real dudes. What we talk about we do. We ain’t no lame ass dudes just seeing people do stuff and talk about it; we do it or did it. If I ain’t got it I can get it. Come rock with us.”


iffany Bradley is an artist manager that has established the company, TB Management. Seven years ago Tiffany stumbled upon what today she says she could never leave. The entertainment industry had been a part of her life, as far as working promos and being a model. Like many of us, she still worked her nine to five as an administrator, and really didn’t see exactly what her destined future had in store for her. She one day met a writer and artist that needed a little assistance within the business side of the industry. The song writer who was writing for other artists had come into a situation that music had been stolen from her, and she came to Tiffany for help. Tiffany was always networking and growing with her connections, and she had learned quite a bit of the business through her own time in the entertainment industry. She was able to deliver exactly what the writer and artist, Versatile, needed. Tiffany focused on her artist and soon added another

artist to her roster. Since, Tiffany has taken what began as just lending a helping hand into now another dimension. As the CEO of T.B. Management she has the opportunity to extend her hand even further, especially for artists in the Virginia area where she has based the business. Though T.B. Management is based in Virginia she encourages her artists to travel outside of the state’s line to promote in not only VA. That bit of counsel alone is a tremendous piece of advice for all artists. T.B. Management also has the artist Lyrical Goddess, who currently has the singles Whyte Girl (a fun dance track) and Convince (a powerfully uplifting song that’s still an enjoyable dance track). The video for Whyte Girl is coming soon. Both, Versatile and Lyrical Goddess are presently in Atlanta promoting their work. The newest of T.B. Management’s interest is a writer/producer/rapper from Newport News, Capposavere; which Tiffany came upon through the internet (peep Capposavere on youtube; he’s repping VA). Tiffany is also associated with the rock band and label Gorilla Records. She learned a lot of the business while watching them. She told Seven Magazine, “I’m still associated with Gorilla Records but I branched out on my own.” Tiffany added, “I was originally an A&R for them.” Tiffany Bradley is now in search for a girl rock band. T.B. Management handles all the business aspects of the artist’s career from booking the gigs, orchestrating the proper productions, finding the right studio, and getting the artists to their needed connections within the entertainment industry. Tiffany stated, “I tell the artists, you get your music together and I’ll do everything else.” Tiffany Bradley wants her artists to know that once they give it to her they have nothing to worry about. “I recommend that an artist gets a manager so that they have time to perfect what they do. They can put in more work towards the music, instead of trying to find a gig and stuff like that. That’s where I come in.” Unlike most artist managers Tiffany doesn’t believe in contracting an artist until it’s time. What time is that? When she gets her artist signed to a label. “I believe a successful manager has to have contacts,” Bradley explains. “You have to have connects. If you’re here just locally and you are saying well I manage and I can get you on. Artists have to ask, ‘What connects do you have,’ and if the artist can see me call Timberland’s label or can see me call Pharrell’s label and actually get in contact with somebody… as an artist I would want you to be my manager.” Tiffany Bradley has those connects. “I be low key about it. I know a lot of people. I’ll just go and sit back at the talent shows and nobody knows…” What does T.B. Management look for

in an artist? “The leg work,” she says. It’s good to be in the studio cutting tracks, but Tiffany Bradley wants to see that the artist she plans to invest in is investing within them self. She looks for the talent of cause; nonetheless she must see that the artist has motivation by doing talent shows or showcases. T.B. Management wants to see that the artist has cut a CD… et cetera. This is what she has seen in rapper and producer Capposavere. To encourage the artist and to educate the artist is also a big part of T.B. Management. Tiffany Bradley looks at her position to be there for artists as a blessing, she says, “I have a love for it [the industry].” T.B. Management doesn’t limit its clients to only rappers, singers, and models. The management company manages entertainers of all sorts; whether singers, rappers, actors, comedians, or as Tiffany puts it, “if a person has a talent for blinking a thousand times in a minute…” T.B. Management is also planning to do something very special for artists. She wants to set up an open mic showcase at a venue to allow even more exposure for new artists that are trying to break into the industry. The showcases she want to promote would be something that artist can come to perform and not have a fee included. She is working on the plans for something of that sort at this time. She said, “They won’t have to pay and they will have support coming out. If the club owner is about making money, they will make money off the bar. The club is going to be packed because it is free to get in.” Tiffany Bradley, who did attend the Governor’s School for the Arts, has always had the passion for the entertainment industry. “I was always around entertainment. I always believed that is why I’m not so money hungry about it. I just generally love the entertainment business,” she said. Tiffany told Seven Magazine, “I will never leave it.” That type of love for the industry is what makes it natural for her to support and encourage the talents of others. “It’s hard to be a manager sometimes,” she admits, “Because they look at you to be their hope. So I have to be very serious about it.” She handles her clients’ careers as if they were her own. She puts her whole heart into making sure she gives them the best representation and backing. Tiffany Bradley is honored for any artist to want the company to invest in their dream, and T.B. Management plans to make that dream become their reality.

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