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DRIVER’S LICENCE SHORTAGE $100 million Turks Cay Resort & Marina coming to TCI

By Allie Capron


urks and Caicos Islands is again experiencing a shortage in licence plates for motor vehicles across the country. Based on feedback reaching The SUN, several motorists have complained about being pulled over by police officers for not having licence plates. They are often accosted and reprimanded despite having no control over the island wide shortage of license plates and their subsequent inability to attain one. A driver who requested anonymity told the SUN: “I had some trouble getting the license plate and windshield sticker for my new truck. They just gave me the receipt to hold onto in the mean time. Personally, I think the system is too loose.

An aerial photo of the $100 million hotel and marina project to come in Turtle Cove area, Providenciales. (See page 2 for more details.)

Andrew Mitchell and DPP threaten to sue The SUN newspaper C

ontroversial British prosecutor Andrew Mitchell, QC, has threatened to sue the Turks and Caicos SUN newspaper over an article which called him “Boy George” and for publishing remarks made by the public in reaction to his purchase of a $1.27million mansion in Providenciales. Mitchell, who is the lead prosecutor in the ongoing Special Investigations and Prosecution Team (SIPT) corruption trial, has also engaged the support of Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Jillian Williams, who has also threatened to sue this newspaper over the same article. Mitchell has engaged the services of law form Graham Thompson, whose lead attorney is Stephen Wilson, QC, the owner of the penthouse at The Yacht Club in Turtle Cove, where Mitchell lived before it was damaged by Hurricane Irma in September 2017. The lawyer from the law firm who wrote The SUN on Mitchell’s behalf, is Mr. Tony Gruchot, who has insisted that The SUN makes a retraction,

not have

Tony Gruchot, lawyer for Andrew Mitchell, QC.

Andrew Mitchell, QC

which his law firm must first approve, and apologise to Mr. Mitchell. Publisher of The SUN, Hayden Boyce, has refused to offer a retraction or an apology, saying that every line of his article is accurate and he is prepared to defend it in court.

“It’s hard to believe that Mr. Gruchot was in his right mind and not under the influence of something legal when he wrote that nonsensical letter on Andrew Mitchell’s behalf,” said Boyce. “He (Gruchot) definitely could

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Jillian Williams been fully in charge of his mental faculties when he wrote that silly, flimsy and threatening letter to The SUN. He should really be threatening to sue Andrew Mitchell on behalf of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Continued on page 2


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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018



Continued from Page 1 They need to tighten up. Maybe bring the materials here so they can make the plates on island and shorten the wait time. It takes too long to get everything straightened out. Even when I was trying to get a new driver’s license, I had to wait about 2 months. Something really needs to be done about the process.” The SUN understands that the plates are manufactured in the United States and it takes around 3 to 4 weeks from them to arrive on island once an order is placed. Furthermore, the unavailability of licence plates is

considered to be an aid to some persons who wish to carry out criminal activities as they can use the widespread shortage as an opportunity to move around in vehicles without identification, blending in with the crowd of other unplated vehicles. Using a vehicle without proper identification is a criminal offense which carries a fine of $300. Turks and Caicos law states that an identification plate of such size, shape and character as may be prescribed and bearing the registration number of the motor vehicle in letters and figures shall

be fixed and at all times exhibited on the back of the motor vehicle in the manner and position prescribed. If a motor vehicle does not have affixed to it an identification plate, this fact shall be regarded as prima facie evidence that the vehicle has not been registered and any police officer may detain that vehicle until enquiries have been made. Where a license or identification plate is lost, destroyed or rendered illegible, the owner of the motor vehicle shall obtain from the Director a replacement license or identification plate.

The onus of proving that a motor vehicle has been licensed rests upon the owner of the vehicle. Police Public Relations Officer Takara Bain said Section 42, 50 (a) (b) (c) gives the Police powers to conduct traffic checks. “Section 42 is an arrestable offence. The Public is reminded that once a driver can prove he or she has an up to date vehicle registration, along with vehicle insurance, a ticket will not be issued. The public is hereby reminded to have these documents updated and present, within their vehicles at all times, in the event of a routine traffic stop.”

Andrew Mitchell and DPP threaten to sue The SUN newspaper Continued from Page 1 I now quite understand why known as Boy George, nor has such a people say that Tony Gruchot, who name even been attributed to him”. is a not a top-tier lawyer, is often Commenting on this, Boyce: confused about which bar table he is “It’s a well-established fact in the sitting at.” Turks and Caicos Islands, especially Gruchot, who was recently appointed in Providenciales, that Mr. Andrew as an acting magistrate for a short Mitchell is often referred to as Boy period, said that his client reserves George. He is called Boy George in the right to refer this matter to the the bars and restaurants he visits Supreme Court for “injunctive relief and I’ve heard him being called Boy to prevent the electronic publication George around the courts. It’s really of the edition of the newspaper which not Mitchell’s fault or mine, if people carried the article”. The article is now say he resembles Boy George who is available online. such a talented British music icon.” In the letter, Gruchot said his client “has not had ANY parties at DPP INTERVENES ON Yacht Club or indeed anywhere else, MITCHELL’s BEHALF nor has he associated with people of questionable character or sexual Meantime, in her February orientation, whatever that is supposed 21st letter in which she threatened to to mean”. sue The SUN, DPP Jillian Williams In response, Boyce said: said that “an assertion that he (Mr. “What an unbelievable lie! I invite Mitchell) is known as Boy George (is) and challenge Mr. Gruchot and Mr. something which is wholly untrue Mitchell to put this matter in court and was published by you with where more details about parties and the apparent intention of raising a other things will surely be revealed.” homophobic reaction to Mr. Mitchell The attorney also said and thereby attempting to generate a Mitchell “is not and has never been backlash against him”.

She added: “The potential Prosecutions to intimidate and harass effect of these defamatory and me as a journalist and to obstruct libelous statements in the article me from exercising my democratic is to undermine the integrity of the and constitutional rights of freedom trial process and the standing of of expression. Permit me to say that the prosecution. Such publication is since your note also strikes at the capable of amount to a contempt of heart of freedom of the Press, I will court in those circumstances and even be immediately be informing, and an attempt to undermine or pervert actively engaging the support of, the course of justice...It has the various regional and international potential to have a serious deleterious media organisations about your impact on Mr. Mitchell’s personal, approach to this matter and the family and professional life, let alone full contents of your letter, which the integrity of the trial in the region. common courtesy would not allow me Additionally, another effect is that to describe as contemptibly imbecilic. parties who are interested in doing Likewise, you can do whatever you business in the Turks and Caicos choose with it.” Islands will be deterred from doing so.” The SUN publisher told In his response to the DPP, Boyce Williams there will be no apology or said he found her letter “particularly retraction. inappropriate, highly inflammatory, “If you and others are void of logic and deficient in law”. sufficiently satisfied that there has “It has been a while since I been a breach of criminal or civil have seen such frivolous and puerile law, you are of course free to take correspondence emanating from such the matter before the courts of the high office,” Boyce said. Turks and Caicos Islands where the He added: “There is no doubt truth will be ventilated along with a in mind that you are using the powers vigorous defence that will perhaps be of your office as Director of Public beyond your imagination,” he added.

$100 million Turtle Cove Resort to break ground in July By Todeline Defralien Construction of the $100 million hotel and marina project in Turtle Cove, Providenciales, is expected to start in July 2018. That’s according to Sam Hunt, of NW Hamilton Real Estate, agents for the ultra-modern property, Turks Cay Resort & Marina. Developer for the six Star Resort is Co-owner of the Gansevoort Hotel Group, prominent New York real estate developer, entrepreneur and philanthropist Arik Kislin. In an interview with The SUN, Hunt said sales of the property have been quite encouraging, even before construction has started. He added: “It’s going to basically be built in two phases. Phase one is going to be the main hotel area which is on the main beach in Turtle Cove area and we’re due to break ground according to plan in the end of June, beginning of July of this year. We started doing presales sixeight weeks ago both here on island at our sales office in Grace Bay and also internationally through Savills in London and we’ve been getting a lot of interest so far, already having two reservation bonds on two studio units. We’ve got about 6-7 people interested in other units who we are in discussions with.” Hunt told The SUN that

construction for this project is looking to complete within two years according to the developer and construction guys. The Resort will consist of studio units, one bed room units, two bedroom units, cabanas, swimming pools, four restaurants, bars, spa area, penthouses, 55 seat IMAX cinema and a multipurpose sports facility which will be computerized. “The constructions guys and developer are saying two years is the time frame for this resort to be completed, phase one is a six story hotel and marina complex mainly hotel on the front side. In the complex we have a mixture of studio units, one bedroom units. In phase one for the hotel side we have four six story condo complex building g on the beach side and then we’ve got one on the corner of the cannel and then one on the actual cannel itself,” he explained He said the front side will be all beach front cabanas, swimming pools, high-end luxury resort living and then we will have a main building which will be reception. “We have four restaurants, a number of bars, a large spa area, a 55 seat IMAX cinema and a multipurpose sports facility which is quite unique for the islands because it’s computerized so if you want a tennis court you can type in tennis court and the line will change from a basketball pitch electronically to a tennis court. This

Sam Hunt, of NW Hamilton Real Estate building will be an adult only building with adult swimming pools and on top because the developer is trying to bring in people who work in luxury living, so to make it unique and to help with advertising and marketing, this whole of the fifth floor and the whole of the sixth floor will which is basically 11,000 sq ft of penthouses is going to be unlike anything that has been here before,” he explained. In addition, Hunt stated that the beach is going to be rejuvenated and probably going to go out another 60 ft so that it will make it (the Resort) look a bit more luxurious and exclusive. Hunt also gave an idea of the price range to purchase one of these highend suites, he said, “People can get an entry level at $600,000 and they can

go all the way up to one of the 5,000 sq ft penthouses for $5.95 million. I think that the good thing about the prices is after obviously buying the property, you can make income from it in the long term even if you’re not using it.” Additionally, Hunt expressed that the developer Mr. Kislin who has been visiting the TCI for over 10 years purchased the land keeping in mind that he knew that the Turks and Caicos Islands obviously have a lot of opportunities. “When he bought this land he bought it with the idea of bringing in another hotel and this has been an idea of his for quite a while. With him buying this land and always having the foresight to develop it, he wants to make it luxurious and high-end.” Hunt said this project will be very beneficial to the Turks and Caicos Islands by creating numerous jobs opportunities for locals. “This is kind of promoting the tourism side of the island, obviously when it gets to a construction point of view I’m sure that this is going to be good for the country. This is probably one of the biggest projects that have ever been built in the Turks and Caicos and after the construction begins the most important thing is that there will be a need for a large amount of people to run and operate the hotel. It will be a lot of opportunities for Turks and Caicos Islanders to get jobs,” he ended.

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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Oswald Skippings wants help for Grand Turk

By Oswald Skippings

After weeks of Grand Turk residents not being able to receive any mail from overseas and the family Islands due to long outstanding debts to the local airline, frustration is now escalating as residents feel that enough is definitely enough. This is yet another example

of neglect at unprecedented levels that the people of these Islands are now suffering as tensions are growing and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. A visit to the post office yesterday to check for mail proved to be yet another futile one as there was still no mail transported from

Providenciales, the port of entry and redistribution for international and local mail from the family Islands to the Grand Turk post office. While the internet and private courier services provide for much of todays communications, there are still important business and family communications and transfer of parcels that are done

via air and surface mail through the government post offices in these islands. Let us hope and pray that this problem would soon be solved and Grand Turk people will once again have postal service to and from that island and be relieved of some of the frustration that is now commonplace.

Premier supports Planning Department In her remarks delivered in the House of Assembly recently during the debate on the Planning (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 Premier Hon Sharlene L Cartwright Robinson pledged her full support to the Planning Department and the Ministry of Infrastructure in the challenging work to be undertaken. Premier Robinson stated that “Planning Department gets much criticism and simply on most occasions do not have the tools/resources and legislative authority to carry out their functions as efficiently and effectively.” Premier Robinson boasted of her one year - Government’s show of commitment by stating that “…since coming to Office, my Government has provided Planning with a vehicle for the Development Control Officers in Providenciales, 7 Development Control

Officers which were provided through the Supplementary [ that was] debated and now the legislative amendments needed to empower them to carry out their important work more efficiently and effectively.” In acknowledging the work of the Planning Department in light of the explosive growth of illegal settlements over the many years, Premier Robinson in offering further comments to the people of the country stated: “Much work is to be done in addressing the areas under the remit of the Planning Department and when we think of the number of squatting communities, this work which is only a portion of the responsibilities resting with the Planning Department, is more overwhelming than any other

area. This therefore means that we cannot and should not expect overnight results and changes. We must allow the process to work and to understand what must be done. We must not interfere with the work of the Planning Department in any way to obstruct their legal obligations and we must continue to report illegal activity and refrain from it ourselves.” She added: “I understood that there was commentary on the Strategy agreed earlier by Cabinet as it relates to eradication and containment of illegal settlements where the term regularization appeared in the Cabinet’s communique. I use this opportunity to make it clear – the remedy of regularization can only extend to Turks and Caicos Islanders on crown land and not private

land and only under circumstances where all the criteria needed are met. There is much to be done and persons must take heed to the new provisions. Planning Department like all enforcement bodies will continue to enjoy my full support and resources will continue to be deployed to ensure their effectiveness. This is a critical first step in a long journey but we cannot continue to ignore the issue with the hopes that it will go away. Whilst we note the pessimistic attitude of the Leader of the Opposition, the work must begin and I will continue to support the Department’s initiatives. We must re-establish the laws in too many cases and we must begin to restore it. Persons must abide by laws otherwise we will continue down a path of lawlessness.”

AMANYARA PROVIDENCIALES TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS HUMAN RESOURCES DIRECTOR Amanyara Resort is looking for that special person to fill this position as our HR Director. As a Business Partner to the resort’s General Manager and trusted advisor to the management team, the HR Director supports the delivery of the ambitious business objectives of the resort by creating and delivering a strategic HR agenda focused on attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining talent, ensuring effective performance management, supporting organizational design and workforce planning, and ensuring efficient and compliant HR operations. Organization design & development •Plans and implements an annual budget and manning guide. Supports and coaches the leadership team in any organizational and people topics. Resourcing and talent planning •Maintains and develops a strong employer brand in the local market and beyond. Works with GM & Executives on succession plan and development of internal talent on a consistent basis. •Identifies talents throughout the resort and actively supports their career development. Ensures local talent management program is implemented to maintain the set target of Belonger/PRC holder’s employee’s ratio. Performance and reward •Understands the competitive positioning of the resort as an employer in the market and creates appropriate compensation & benefits structures based on market and internal benchmarking. •Drives strong colleague engagement through employee communication, activities & events. Employee relations •Ensures that corporate and local policies & procedures are reviewed, implemented and communicated consistently. Ensures compliance with local labour & immigration law and handles any legal issues including staff disciplinary actions. •Prepares and shares HR reporting tool findings on a monthly basis with Executives. Minimum job requirements: Education: Relevant university degree, e.g. in law, business administration, economics, HR management. A Master’s degree and/or a relevant professional accreditation would be a plus. Furthered their studies or attended conferences in the HR field in the last 12 month. Experience: At least 10 years’ international experience in HR management

roles in the luxury hospitality industry. Language: Proficiency in oral and written English is a must. If not a native speaker, the individual would have worked mainly in English throughout their career. Other languages (especially Spanish, Creole) would be a plus. Computer literacy: Ability to operate computer and office equipment. Proficiency in Excel and Word. SENIOR EVENT SPECIALIST Amanyara is looking for a Senior Event Specialist, to manage all aspects of guest stays in Amanyara’s Villas, from pre-arrival correspondence to departure. Assist with training of villa staff, Co-ordinate and facilitate all on-site and offsite activities for Villa guests and groups staying at Amanyara. Must work with Front Office to compile itineraries for groups or Villa guests / owners. Actively monitor and communicate ongoing progress of the villa construction and subsequent availability, report and follow-up on all defects. Plan and execute all special events at Amanyara, working closely with event organizers and department heads to facilitate all aspects of functions. Must work with Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Manager to compile menus for special events effectively and communicate information for upcoming groups, villa guests and special events to all departments. Provide assistance in Front Office and Food & Beverage when needed, Compile and maintain up to date information on outside suppliers and vendors that Amanyara will use for special events and group functions. Consistently communicate information to all departments throughout villa and group guest who stays at Amanyara. Conduct site inspections and guest tours to new or potential clients, work with GMs and FOM to generate new ideas to improve operational standards concerning villas and special events. Must work closely with Aman Resorts Sales personnel to follow up on group and wedding business leads pay attention to detail, 3-5 years event experience required must be able and willing to work occasional nights and weekends as the position demands or Bachelor’s Degree. Must provide a professional, efficient, prompt and gracious service at all times, consistently managing and exceeding guest expectations; and complete any further projects and tasks as delegated by the General Managers or Front Office Manager. All positions require a flexible schedule (which may include holidays, weekends and evenings) and extended hours on occasion. Salaries based on experience and qualifications. APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE FROM THE HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE BETWEEN 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM. E-mail

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


Turks and Caicos Islands Community College to offer its own bachelor’s degrees By Todeline Defralien President of the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College Dr. Hubert Fulford recently announced that the Turks and Caicos Community College will soon offer its own bachelor’s degrees. This announcement was made during a press conference held at the Premier’s Office on Wednesday February 21st, 2018. Dr. Fulford said, “Recently our Government has given us approval for the college to offer its own degrees. We’ve been offering bachelor degrees through other colleges through the University of West Indies, the Council of Community College of Jamaica, but now we are developing and we have

developed already two of our bachelor programs which are to be launched in September.” He added: “We are there for the community and whatever the community needs; once they’ve expressed to us we will develop a program to meet that. We are working in conjunction with the education sector plan to ensure that everybody in the Turks and Caicos Islands is accounted for in this plan. The college is all inclusive. No student or person in the Turks and Caicos Islands can say that there isn’t an education development plan for them or this plan does not include them and our college is progressing.” Dr. Fulford said the Turks and Caicos Community college is not only

Public advisory from the department of registration and citizenship The Department of Registration and Citizenship in the Ministry of Border Control and Employment hereby advises that persons currently awaiting the receipt of a first time or renewal of a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) - Turks and Caicos Islands Passport should contact the Passport Office in Grand Turk, to verify and or update their contact details, in the event further information or supporting documents are required and for the purpose of notification on the arrival of their passports.

In recent months, the department has experienced higher than usual failed attempts to reach customers on the numbers provided on the submitted applications, which results in undue delays in the processing of applications and/or the collections of passport books. The Passport Office can be reached on (649) 232-7533 during the working hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Mondays to Thursdays, and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Fridays. The Passport Office is closed on weekends and public holidays.

for those persons who are finishing school but for the entire community. The vision of the Turks & Caicos Community College is to provide quality education for all sectors of the Turks and Caicos Islands Community by equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills and dispositions that would enable them to access emerging and existing opportunities, exercise their civic responsibilities prudently, enhance their social and culture lives and become productive citizens. The College mission is to provide post-secondary and continuing education for school leavers and adults, in order to promote their personal and professional development, and the economic development of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Dr. Hubert Fulford President of the Turks and Caicos Islands Community College

General Notice Regarding “No PO, No Payment” The Turks and Caicos Islands circumstances, accept verbal or Government (TCIG) would like to written order(s) from anyone of remind the general public that all whatever designation on behalf of the financial commitments for goods and Turks and Caicos Islands Government services, procured by TCIG, must be unless a signed copy of a valid TCIG made using a TCIG purchase order. Purchase Order is given. This action is to assist with increasing Transactions outside of the efficiency in the procurement this process will not be recognized/ of services/goods and payment of processed. Additionally, as a part of the invoices across TCIG. The Turks and Caicos Islands “No Purchase Order, No Payment” Government (TCIG) will therefore be policy the supplier/vendor must enforcing its “No Purchase Order, No reference the valid PO number on the Payment” policy. As a consequence, invoice, otherwise the invoice will be all suppliers of goods and services returned to the vendor for completion. to the TCIG must not, under any Qualified Islanders need only to apply copying applications to the Commissioner of Labour& Work Permit Board Zone 2 Salary Range: $6.25 - $7.00 per hour

DATE OPEN: February 19, 2018 POSITION: Houseman


Job Responsibilities:A houseman’s primary job duties include cleaning and maintaining guest rooms, bathrooms, work areas, furnishings and carpets. Cleaning rooms includes duties such as changing bed linens and emptying trash as well as vacuuming carpets and dusting furniture. You’ll also replenish guest supplies, such as hand soap and shampoo. Your duties don’t end with guest rooms, however, because you’re responsible for cleaning common areas, such as banquet and meeting rooms. Secondary duties may include shoveling snow from walkways, assisting bellmen, answering guest questions and helping the front desk person. This position is currently held by an expatriate worker Qualified Islanders need only to apply copying applications to the Commissioner of Labour& Work Permit Board Zone 2 Salary Range: $6.25 - $7.00 per hour DATE OPEN: February 19, 2018 POSITION: Housekeeper


Job Overview: We are looking for a professional Housekeeper able of attending to our facilities with integrity and attention to detail. The goal is to create a clean and orderly environment for our guests that will become a critical factor in maintaining and strengthening our reputation. Responsibilities: •Perform a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and polishing •Ensure all rooms are cared for and inspected according to standards •Protect equipment and make sure there are no inadequacies •Notify superiors on any damages, deficits and disturbances •Deal with reasonable complaints/requests with professionalism and patience •Check stocking levels of all consumables and replace when appropriate •Adhere strictly to rules regarding health and safety and be aware of any company-related practices This position is currently held by an expatriate worker

DATE OPEN: February 19, 2018 START DATE: ASAP POSITION: Kitchen Steward Job Overview: Transport and clean cooking utensils and service ware in order to provide cooks, bus persons and food and food servers with appropriate equipment for guests’ dining experience, also clean physical surroundings while caring enough to do it well by adhering to the hotel standards, A few of their duties would entail promptly and carefully sorting soiled ware so that it can be put through the dish or pot machine properly; quickly washing ware and replacing them in storage areas as designated and ensuring the dish machine is properly cleaned and filled with water per hotel standards. Shifts varies. Full time. Weekend and holiday work may be required. This position is currently held by an expatriate worker Qualified Islanders need only to apply copying applications to the Commissioner of Labour& Work Permit Board Zone 2 Salary Range:$6.25 - $6.75 per hour DATE OPEN: February 19, 2018 START DATE: ASAP POSITION: Pool and Beach Manager Job Requirements: •Manage and oversee pool and beach supervisors and attendants: Plan and organize workloads and staff assignments for staff •Meet regularly with staff for briefing and training •Monitor time sheets and prepare payroll reports •Ensure that all equipment and tools are available and to give the guests the best vacation possible This position is currently held by an expatriate worker Qualified Islanders need only to apply copying applications to the Commissioner of Labour& Work Permit Board Zone 2 Salary Range: $3,500 - $4,000 per month

Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than March 16, 2018 @ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1066 Email: Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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Premier Robinson sets the record straight on alternative facts offered by the Opposition During the recent Debate and passage of the Supplementary Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 1918, Premier Hon. Sharlene Robinson used the opportunity to correct erroneous information put out by members of the Opposition ahead of and during the Debate. She stated: Mr. Speaker I sincerely believe that most of us in this House really do genuinely want to see good for this country. Mr Speaker I equally believe that some of us are not bright enough but dark and are wishing that we fail as Government not grasping the fact that if we fail, we all fail. I find myself over and over drawing reference to some of us who are just determined to use ignorance of facts and laws believing their unlearned and reckless statements are scoring big when in fact once exposed, persons know that they cannot listen to you as an individual. Some comments offered in this House do not adversely impact me personally but it impacts those who do not care to familiarize themselves with the Laws and systems in operation in this country. Mr Speaker I must stress the need for persons to research, read and understand so that you are better able to contribute. Mr Speaker I sincerely get the politics of debate and do understand the role of the Opposition as a watchdog and to offer alternative

remedies and recommendations but never alternative facts. Alternative facts made its way through yesterday’s rantings by many of the members from the other side and like the Opposition’s Appointed Member said before, when you cannot argue the facts, argue the law and when neither are on your side, just make noise. Mr Speaker I am not delighted to be in this Position to have to bring a reduction supplementary. Those whose contribution made it seem that we are happy to be at this place to have to restructure our Budget based on reduced revenues. This Mr Speaker is a setback for my Government in our capital program. Mr Speaker I must correct several statements made up front: 1.No member of my Government has blamed the Procurement Process. 2.The Hon Government’s Appointed Member (Hon Royal Robinson) said that Emergency Powers used by the Governor allowed this Government to spend freely. Mr Speaker this is absolutely untrue. That has never been true. The procurement process must be followed and the Budget as passed must be honored. There could be no spending for new capital projects unless and until the changes were made. There was no large funded line items that was vague enough to carry out


Provo Golf Club is seeking a suitably qualified individual to fill the following opening. Only candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be considered.

GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES •Plan and schedule maintenance processes and procedures •Instruct, train and direct staff in golf course maintenance •Oversees fertilizer, chemical and pesticide applications •Run irrigation systems, including daily setup and maintenance •Proven organizational skills to maintain accurate records of all processes •Responsible for the safe operation, storage and effective use of all equipment •Responsible for the proper use, storage and preservation of all associated materials, supplies and assigned equipment REQUIREMENTS •Must have a Bachelor’s degree or Associate degree in Agronomy or Horticulture plus a minimum of six years experience on a golf course with three years experience as an Assistant Golf Superintendent • Must have at least a Class C Membership with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) • Must have advance knowledge of agronomy and turf grass management practices • Require extensive knowledge of golf course maintenance • Requires knowledge of landscape construction and materials • Ability to analyze data and prepare reports • Strong computer skills using Microsoft Word and Excel • Must have a thorough understanding of the game of golf The remuneration for this position is commensurate with experience and qualifications. Please submit applications to: Veronica Rigby, Provo Golf Club, P.O. Box 124, Regent House, The Regent Village, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, Tel: (649) 946-5126; Fax (649) 946-5191; Email: Interested Belongers must also submit copies of their application to the Commissioner of Labour & Work Permit Board Zone 2. Closing date for application is 5th March 2018.

hurricane 3.I note the Opposition’s vociferous objection to the extension of merchant. We accept that no approach is air tight and I repeat that we deemed it necessary to do so. Mr Speaker what we did not want to repeat was the decision made Post Ike where the Port of Grand Turk was named duty free and where there were high instances of persons importing through the Grand Turk Port and shipping to Providenciales. We stand by our decision which was not decided by me alone but in consultation with Customs, the Attorney General’s Chambers and senior members of Team Finance, ministerial colleagues, former PS Finance and former Minister of Finance. It was not a decision made on whim. 4.I wish to assure the Hon Leader of the Opposition that there was no stubbornness on my part or at any time did I go off on a frolic of my own but at all times was the beneficiary of advice from the same staff that advised him over the past four years. I have no reason to not trust their advice in this Supplementary Appropriation Bill and am indeed grateful for their guidance and hard work. Technical staff were followed to the tee. In fact, Mr Leader of the Opposition much of the delay to give effect to the decision made since late October to was to get input from Accounting Officers and other Government functionaries. I

also benefited from great advice from SPPD on the proper mix of projects. 5.Hon Leader of the Opposition it is late, and for a number of reasons we are and it is certainly not correct and indeed trivial to make the remark that you did about the timing of the Appropriation request was made to the UK. There are persons in Finance that have been dealing with the UK for some time now and I have no reason to doubt that they gave the best advice despite the Opposition’s wish for something less. 6.Mr Speaker I am beyond shock in relation to the frequency with which members contradicted themselves. Procurement times does not allow for a greater level of spending at this time and it cannot be sense to heap up a pile of projects that we know cannot go through the process with a few weeks left in the Financial Year. Yet member after member asked for more projects to remain and for schools to be repaired and all Mr Speaker under reduced revenue. 7.Mr Speaker the simple fact is that we are here with reduced revenue, cuts had to be made after savings were identified as we could not spend what we were not taking in, our reserves which is being flippantly suggested that we run through is beneficial for several reasons which the Opposition members know.

THREE (3) QUALIFIED PADI/ OPEN WATER SCUBA DIVERS/ INSTRUCTORS Seafari Turquoise Ltd is seeking suitably qualified candidates for the above position. Ideal candidate/s must have a minimum of (2) two years experience: must be able to speak French and English and have knowledge of boat operation. Equipment and compressor maintenance would be a plus. Starting Salary $800.00 to $1100.00 per month based on experience and qualifications. Kindly forward resumes and qualification to the below address copy to the Turks and Caicos Islands Labour Department and Immigration Board: Employment Department Seafari Turquoise Ltd Club Med, Gracebay Tel: 649-339-6275 Fax 649-941-4777 Email:

PREMIERE GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION LIMITED. Is inviting suitable applications for the following position: Sales Clerk KEY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 

 • Tasks •Compute and record totals of all daily sales transactions. •Greet customers entering establishments. •Issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due to customers. •Calculate total payments received during a time period, and reconcile this with total sales. •Compile and maintain non-monetary reports and records. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE / QUALIFICATIONS 

 The ideal candidate will possess the following: 

 • Bilingual with 2-3 years of customer service experience • Attention to detail in your job responsibilities
 • Team Player
 • Great communication skills. 
 Salary for this position will be commensurate with qualifications and/or experience. Please submit Applications to: Submission should be no later than March 21st, 2018

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


Conch Farm officially closes

The Caicos Conch Farm on Providenciales, the only conch farm in the world, is now officially closed to the public. There will be no more Conch Farm tours. Most of the employees have been terminated and redundancy payments have been made. Only a skeleton crew remains. This is a decision that was forced upon the Trade Wind Industries Ltd. (TWI) Board of Directors because of the constant and unrelenting obstruction and opposition to TWI farming fish in the TCI by Attorney General Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles, Premier Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson and the PDM Government. TWI’s shareholders have invested over twenty million dollars in the project since 2010, so retreating or giving up because of an uncooperative or temporary PDM Government is not an option. Another round of costly arbitration against the TCIG is very possible but likely to require 5 years and millions of dollars in legal fees. Waiting for the extremely likely change in government (2021) based upon the PDM’s current performance, will only take 3 years, a much more cost-effective approach. Therefore, the Caicos Conch Farm will continue to farm conch at the Leeward site in a very limited way with a low-cost skeleton crew until 2021 when, hopefully, a new PNP Government with more insight and better judgement will be elected and see the virtues and value of supporting a fish farming development that offers 100 new living wage jobs, a sustainable food source and a genuine opportunity to diversify the TCI economy in an emerging and sustainable field. TWI’s fish farm, under the name Caicos Catch Ltd, will now be developed in the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico or another Caribbean island. TWI’s dispute with the TCIG over farming fish has been widely publicized in the Caribbean and TWI has received much exposure and many unsolicited invitations from investors, developers and politicians during the past 18 months, to develop fish farming in the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands. Constant and unrelenting delays and stonewalling by Premier Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson and the PDM Government has prompted TWI shareholders and lenders to authorize and direct the TWI Board of Directors and Chief Scientific Officer to investigate and accept an offer to farm fish in the best of those alternate island locations. In March of 2010 the TCI Bank announced its intention to make a formal demand on the owners of the Caicos Conch Farm, Trade Wind Industries Ltd, (TWI) for full repayment of a delinquent 2.3-million-dollar bank loan on which TWI was the guarantor. That demand would have prompted the bankruptcy, winding down and liquidation of the Conch Farm and the total loss of an important eco-tour on Provo and the TCI’s only opportunity for restoration of the dwindling stock of Caribbean queen conch. In 2010 an in-depth and detailed analysis of the historical financial records of TWI indicated that the Conch Farm had never been profitable and that it would be nearly impossible to ever scale conch farming to a size that it could be profitable without additional and alternative income streams. However, a provision in TWI’s Development Agreement that specifically authorized TWI to farm fin fish and stone crab, in addition to queen conch, was thought to have enough value to support and subsidize the continuation of conch farming. A new TWI shareholder was successfully recruited to purchase the

TCI Bank’s 2.3-million-dollar delinquent loan position and provide additional funding for the payment of delinquent employee wages, delinquent NIB and NHIP contributions, bad debts and operational capital. Thereafter, TWI hired a Worldclass marine biologist and a first-class fish biologist to begin the process of developing the fish broodstock for reproduction of five distinct species of warm water fin fish native to the TCI. From 2012 through 2017 the Conch Farm successfully grew snapper, grouper, pompano, cobia and amberjack in tanks on-shore and many tourists, Turks & Caicos Islanders and local students will remember taking the Conch Farm tour and seeing those fish. They may have even eaten them in our local restaurants. In 2012 former Governor Ric Todd and Attorney General Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles unlawfully breached TWI’s 2010 Development Agreement by refusing to honor TWI’s right to farm fin fish and a legal arbitration was commenced in London. That arbitration proceeding concluded in 2016 with 1.) the TCIG acknowledging under oath that TWI did in fact have a valid Development Agreement that permitted fish farming, and 2.) the Government agreed to pay a financial penalty, and 3.) a portion of TWI’s “costs”, and 4.) interest on those funds and, 5.) to honor the 2010 Development Agreement and TWI’s right to farm fish. It is now February 2018 and Attorney General Rhondalee BraithwaiteKnowles, Premier Sharlene CartwrightRobinson and the PDM Government have made it perfectly clear that despite a valid Development Agreement and an arbitration decision in favor of TWI, they have no intention of honoring TWI’s Development Agreement or allowing TWI to farm fish in the TCI. Attorney General Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles, Premier Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson and the PDM Government have made it perfectly clear by their deafening silence and refusal to act or respond in any substantive way on more than fourteen separate occasions to written requests for clarification, implementation or exercise of issues related to TWI’s Development Agreement and fish farming rights. And, Attorney General Rhondalee Braithwaite-Knowles, Premier Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson and the PDM Government have steadfastly refused to provide any reason or explanation to anybody for their continued obstruction and refusal to honor the terms and conditions of a valid Development Agreement, a valid Development Order or the Government’s commitments and representations to the arbitration panel. They have lost all credibility. When elected Government officials conceal or obscure the reasoning for the illogical or unreasonable government decisions that have been made, or when they rely on or reference false information, rumors, innuendo or hearsay when attempting to justify those decisions, we must be suspect of their motives, credibility and honesty. Even though TWI has provided the PDM Government with an in depth and detailed business plan indicating TWI’s intention to grow 10 million baby conch per year, not for sale but for local stock enhancement at no cost to the TCI Government, they have refused to respond. Even though TWI has committed to the PDM Government to develop fish broodstock for the reproduction of grouper, not for sale, but for local stock enhancement without cost to the TCI Government, they have refused to respond. Even though TWI has advised the PDM Government that fifty-two-

million-dollars in funding has been approved and is available to TWI from institutional investors for the development of fish farming in the TCI, they have refused to respond. And, even though TWI made an offer to donate a 5% equity position in the fish farming enterprise to the fisherman’s co-op or the TCI educational fund, they have refused to respond. The PDM Government has refused to respond to TWI and will not honor the Development Agreement or the Development Order that the TCI Government has already affirmed are valid. And the PDM Government will not honor a development that the TCIG has already declared to be a “Development Enterprise”. Premier Sharlene CartwrightRobinson and her PDM Government have unquestionably and objectively demonstrated their opposition and the fact that they do not support TWI’s fish farming project or the jobs it would create. A fifty-two-million-dollar investment in TCI fish farming without PDM Government support is an unacceptable risk that TWI shareholders and institutional lenders are no longer willing to accept. Consequently, the Conch Farm is now closed to the public but will continue to farm conch at the Leeward site in a very limited way until 2021, while actively lobbying, promoting, marketing and donating to the PNP Party during the next 3 years with the hopes and intentions of encouraging and persuading that party that commercial fish farming can bring quality jobs and value to Turks & Caicos Islanders and the local economy beginning in 2021. It should be noted for the record that Governor John Freeman was formally asked to assist with this matter on more than one occasion, but he refused.

Turks and Caicos Sun Suite#5, Airport Plaza Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands Tel: (649) 339-5879 Fax: (649) 941-3281 Email: Read us online at Publisher & Editor-in-Chief: Hayden Boyce Graphic designer Information Technology and Production Manager: Kelano Howell Todeline Defralien Reporter

The Turks and Caicos SUN is a subsidiary of The SUN Media Group Ltd. We are committed to excellence in journalism, educating and informing our readers, serving and satisfying our advertisers and assisting in the overall development of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Turks & Caicos Islands Red Cross Sam's Building - Downtown Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands Tel: +649 941-8056

TENDER NOTICE The Turks and Caicos Islands Red Cross, Providenciales Office invites sealed bids from manufacturers/reputed firms/ registered suppliers for the supply of: Lot 1 2

Item Description Double Cab Pick-up Truck Accessories

Quantity 2 2

Unit Kit Kit

The Tender document containing the Invitation to Tender, Instructions to Tenderers, specification and our Terms & Conditions can be requested from between Monday 26th February 2018 to Monday 12th March 2018 or from the MyTenders Portal or (under latest tenders). Tenderers are advised to check the web portal regularly as any changes or additional information related to this tender will be updated via the MyTenders portal and IAPG. Tenders must be submitted in a sealed envelope during working days between 10.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m. up to 11am on Monday 12th March 2018 to: Turks & Caicos Islands Red Cross Attn: Winema Sanders Sam's Building Downtown Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands OR online via up to 11am on Monday 12th March 2018 (TCI local time - AST). Tenderers must meet all the requirements specified in the tender documents and therefore are advised to go through the tender documents carefully before submission and be certain that they are able to comply with the specified terms & conditions. Unsealed tenders and any tenders received after the submission deadline will not be accepted. Tenderers are responsible for the submission of their tender on time and in accordance with the instructions within the tender documents. Turks and Caicos Islands Red Cross bears no responsibility for the costs and any delay for submission of the tender. The Turks and Caicos Islands Red Cross reserves the right to increase or decrease the quantity, to accept or reject any or all of the tenders without assigning any reason whatsoever and is not bound to accept the lowest bid. Please quote ref. TCI-VEH1-2018 in all correspondence Turks & Caicos Islands Red Cross Sam's Building - Downtown Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands +649 941-8056

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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alexandra resort | beach house | blue haven resort

take an unplugged vacation. here’s how it looks at our resorts.


Face Time




Morning Commute


Board Meeting

Evening Commute

turks and caicos collection all inclusive resorts

Alexandra Resort +1.800.284.0699 +1.649.946.5807

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


TCI Drug Prevention Unit seeking financial support from the community By Todeline Defralien The Turks and Caicos Drug Prevention Foundation, in an effort to build the very first Half Way House in the Turks and Caicos Islands for recovering addicts, is turning to the community for financial support. As a joint effort between the Drug Prevention Foundation and the Turks and Caicos Islands Government, this Half Way House project has been trying to get off the ground since breaking ground in 2016. The Turks and Caicos Drug Prevention Foundation committee is pleading to the community to help whether by donation of cash, volunteers or by also supporting their annual masquerade ball on April 27th at The Shore Club. Speaking during a press conference at the Half Way House location on Monday February 19th in Providenciales, Dierin Longmire, President of the Turks and Caicos Drug Prevention Foundation said, “It’s been a long haul. We don’t have a roof yet and we’re looking forward to some more support on getting this up and running. I just want everybody to know that the money is not being squandered and it’s been a lot of hard work put into this. We really would appreciate everybody coming forward and helping us in whatever way that they can help. It’s just the finances right now and getting the materials.” She added: “We should be able to house up to 25 persons. However, if the need is there, we can always put

From L-R (Dr. Alicia Malcolm, Edith Skippings Vice President Turks & Caicos Drug Prevention Foundation, Dierin Longmire President of Turks & Caicos Drug Prevention Foundation, Thekkan Poulose, Marilyn Robinson Treasurer Turks & Caicos Drug Prevention Foundation, Edna Cunningham and Mr. Charles Garland. them in a room with bunk beds. I just want everybody to understand that this is not a free ride. When people come into this house, they will be going to work and this is where we’re going to be looking at the community to find some jobs to get these people back into society. Believe it or not, they have suffered, and as a recovering addict I know this.” In effort to help these addicts know how to take care of themselves, Longmire stressed that they will be paying rent at the Half Way House. They will be buying their own food/ groceries and cooking their own meals and importantly communicating and interact with the other recovering addicts. “I am really hoping that the people that come in here adhere to getting clean, sober and change their lives; that they want to do something

and I’ve always said its one addict helping another without parallel. They need to help each other and they will be going to counseling. They will be going to AA and NA meetings. They will be actively involved in doing these things. They will be detected to know if they’ve been using or not and 9/10 times an addict that really wants to get clean doesn’t want somebody in the household using. I just don’t want everybody to think that this is a free ride for somebody to come out of jail and have a place to live. It’s not going to work like that,” she explained. Dr. Alicia Malcolm Director for the Department of Mental Health & Substance Dependence stated that last year the Turks and Caicos Islands Government provided $150,000 towards the Half Way House project and the Government is backing this and very supportive of the Half Way

House. She added: “The Ministry of Health is extremely proud of the Drug Prevention Foundation and the work that they have been doing and the work that they continue to do tirelessly throughout the year. We’re sitting here in the Half Way House and we broke ground last year and as you’ve notice we don’t have the roof as yet but we are far underway. This project is designed to assist in the reintegration of drug offenders that are placed on parole by the courts and to serve as an aftercare program for substance abuse clients who have completed in patient services but also need additional support. It is also intended that this facility will serve as a custodial program for alternative sentencing for first time non-violent drug offenders.” Additionally, Dr. Malcolm noted that this program will increase the client’s ability to function in a socially acceptable manner and to reduce their reliance on criminal behaviour as well as drugs or alcohol and ultimately make their community a much safer place. Other expected benefits of this project include reduction in recidivism among drug offenders, reduction in the number of drug offenders, reduction in drug related crimes, reduction in the level of poverty associated with loss of income recourses to substance abusers and the maintenance of treatment gains by patients sent abroad to rehab. The site for this new facility is on South Dock Road, Providenciales and the Half Way House project is 7,500 sq ft.

Emotional tale of the Diary of Anne Frank to be told by her best friend and stepsister In what is expected to be an incomparable and emotionally moving evening Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss, best friend, and stepsister of Anne Frank, will open up about her experiences, the personal memories of a journey that took her beyond the anguish of Auschwitz to a life dedicated to humanitarianism when she addresses an audience in Provo on March 14. The event ‘An Evening with Eva Schloss - Beyond the Diary’ is set for 6:30 pm at the Shore Club. It is free and open to the public. “Every few years, The Provo Jewish Community, together with a very generous group of sponsors brings to the island someone whose story transcends individual religions or creeds and teaches all of us the real meaning of strength, courage and goodness,” said Rabbi Sholom Bluming. “In the past they hosted Rena Finder, a Schindler’s List survivor and last year, one of the Israeli fencing team athletes who survived the Munich Olympics massacre. This year, said the rabbi,

the presentation will be one which is truly timely and will surely leave an everlasting impact on all those who attend. “Eva Schloss is an amazing woman,” he noted. “She is close to 90 years old and although she is very sharp mentally, re-living the terror and the embers of hope that burned throughout the years of degradation and starvation requires almost superhuman energy. It is therefore a tremendous honor and privilege that we will be having this unique opportunity to host her. Her story of hope and resilience will inspire all of us for its courage and for the example it sets of good outweighing evil.” Mrs. Schloss, who was Anne Frank’s childhood best friend growing up in Amsterdam before the war, became her stepsister after the Holocaust when Eva’s mother married Anne Frank’s father after each lost their spouses. After Anne was murdered, Eva often felt she lived in her friend’s shadow but was determined to make her life count and to use her story to inspire others.

Anne Frank whose diary allowed the world to see the ravages of war through the eyes of a child Being able to hear a firsthand account of Anne Frank’s life is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. She has left behind a diary that allowed the world to see the ravages of war through a child’s eyes and through the daily life of a family being torn apart bit by bit, limb by limb, dream by dream. Eva went on to live in the shadow but also in the light, creating for herself a full and rich life – author, wife, mother, grandmother,

Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss, best friend and step sister of Anne Frank, will share her memories and inspire others with her strength and courage during a presentation open to the public march 14 humanitarian. Mrs. Schloss will address students from several public and private high schools during a presentation at the British West Indies Collegiate prior to her main presentation at The Shore Club on Wednesday, March 14. Doors open 6:30pm and program beings 7:00pm. For more information, contact Rabbi Sholom Bluming at rabbi@jewishtci. com.

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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“My birthstone”

“Capture every moment”

“I love dancing”

“For my best friends”


The Regent Village Grace Bay Road Snake Chain Bracelet System (U.S. Pat. No. 7,007,507) • © 2018 Pandora Jewelry, LLC • All rights reserved

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


Zoe Butler is new Junior Tourism Minister By Todeline Defralien Zoe Butler, of the Clement Howell High School has been crowned the 2017/2018 Junior Tourism Minister after out-speaking several other high school competitors from across the country on Tuesday, February 20th, at Beaches Resort & Spa. The 2018 Youth Congress event was a huge success and this year was under the theme Wellness & Rejuvenation’. Second runner up at this year’s event was Tanishka Constant from the Marjorie Basden High School and third place winner was Micah Dean of Maranatha Academy. Butler told The SUN that she was elated to have been crowned the winner, adding that the win was as a result of the countless hours that she spent preparing her speech. She added: “Honestly I am shocked and I am very much surprised but I’m excited as to the new initiatives that I can put in place for the Turks and Caicos Islands. Preparing for this event was very intense, there was a lot of lunch time, break time and after school time taken away but to be here and crowned the new Junior Minister of TCI is all worth it. I want to grow and help the TCI grow as well.”

From L- R - Flow Country Manager, Mrs. Delleriece Hall, Blythe Clare, the TCI’s Tourism Training Manager at the Tourist Board, Minister of Tourism Hon. Ralph Higgs, 2018 Junior Minister Zoe Butler and Darron D. Hilaire Jr. Marketing Communications Executive for Flow Butler’s advice to other Commonwealth of the Bahamas, students is to “keep going although competing against more than a dozen it’s hard, balancing school and other Caribbean representatives. extracurricular activities but always Minister of Tourism Hon. persevere”. Ralph Higgs added: “I am overjoyed As a result of the win, Butler and it tells me that the future of the will now represent the Turks and Turks and Caicos Islands is bright, Caicos Islands in the Caribbean especially the future of Tourism and Tourism Organisation’s (CTO) State of Hospitality. I think that all of the kids the Industry Conference in the performed exceptionally well, sadly

BUTTERFIELD GOLD GROUP OF COMPANIES POSITIONS AVAILABLE ISLAND PRIDE FUEL One (1) Labourer General cleaning & Relief Gas Attendant Wages from $6.50 per hour


Must experience in catering Must be able to cook Caribbean dishes Must be willing to work long hours including Saturdays Must be willing to do general cleaning, when necessary

Wages: starting from $7.50 per hour

BUTTERFIELD GOLD ONE (1) LABOURER Cleaning the compound, parking Lot and remove garbage and grounds maintenance. Wages: starting from $7.50 per hour ONE (1) LABOURER Applicant must be physical, able-bodied individuals capable of lifting heavy loads and assist with any mason work. Wages: starting from $7.50 per hour ALLEVEIA BUTTERFIELD-CHAN JON CHU’S RESIDENCE ONE (1) DOMESTIC WORKER All aspects of cleaning & other domestic duties including preparing meals for the Owner Applicant must be of excellent character and work ethics. Be able to work independently Applicant must be willing to work flexible hours Wages: starting from $7.50 per hour CORAL QUARRY Concrete Plant requires manager; primary duties include overseeing ALL

there could only be one winner but I think that these kids are going to go very far in which ever area that they choose to pursue as a profession. I think that they will do well and they will continue to make our destination proud. I would hope that some of them will gravitate to the Tourism industry as Managers or whatever different areas but I am very pleased. I’ve been around this event for a very long time and it continues to grow from strength to strength and I am confident that we’ll see this event around for a long time.” Higgs noted that he is looking forward to working with the Junior Minister and also looking forward to having Ms. Butler join them on the road to promote tourism, to meet and interact with her peers around the region. “Tourism is a global event and if she applied herself, in fact, any one of our students who apply themselves or people can take the world on. I want to preach a message to our people and students especially to see the world as their playground or stage that they can be whatever they want to be, wherever they want to be it if they apply themselves,” he said.

plant operations. This includes, but not limited to coordinating and monitoring inventory, staff workload, overseeing drivers and yard/batch operators with responsibility for training and motivating employees towards accomplishing company goals and objectives. Oversee sales and customer service/dispatch. Essential Responsibilities and Duties include ensuring; all products meet 100% total quality requirements; take samples and test as necessary; all equipment is maintained and working properly; complete all required reports timely and accurately; maintain accurate and current reports as required; collect all COD monies and tickets; complete all required reports and deposits accurately and timely; be able and willing to operate equipment and maintain yard and plant as necessary. Position requires an individual to be suitably qualified with background in engineering, 8 years’ experience with minimum 5 years managing a plant, working computer knowledge and at least basic conversational and written Spanish. If interested, email your resume and supporting documents totciconcreteplant@ ONE (1)MECHANIC The employee is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all Company equipment/machinery, and to ensure minimum downtime of same through proper coordination of the preventative maintenance program. Must have least 10 years’ experience Must have the ability to lift and move up to 100lbs Must have vision abilities; close vision, color vision, peripheral vision and depth perception. Applicants must have knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions applicable to the trade. Must have the ability to communicate effectively The employee will be exposed to fumes or airborne particles, extreme heat, toxic or caustic chemicals, risk of electrical shock and vibration, moderate to loud noise levels. To be exposed to outside weather conditions. Applicants will be exposed to hazardous work environments. Salary: from $9.50 per hour Application forms available from Butterfield Gold Human Resource Department. Applicants selected for interview will be notified. Submit applications to by March 12, 2018 to: Butterfield Gold Ltd., Human Resource Department Town Center Mall Providenciales Tel: 649-946-4211

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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Stacy Cox elected President of Hotel Association Executives for next two years Caribbean tourism industry professional Stacy Cox has been elected president of the Caribbean Society of Hotel Association Executives (CSHAE) for the next two years. Cox, who unexpectedly took the top job early last year following an unscheduled leadership change, received a full two-year mandate at the association’s annual general meeting, which preceded this month’s 36th annual Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) Caribbean Travel Marketplace event in San Juan, Puerto Rico. CSHAE is an independent organization aimed at advancing professional development and strengthening networking among Caribbean hotel and tourism association executives. The association’s 2018-20 Executive Board will be chaired by Gilda Gumbs Samuel, Executive Director of the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association, while Brian Frontin, CEO of the Trinidad Hotels, Restaurant & Tourism Association, will serve as Vice President. Miles Mercera, President and CEO of the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association, will serve as Treasurer, while Clarisa Jimenez, President and CEO of the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association, has been appointed Secretary.Other elected CSHAE Board Directors include Avril

The new CSHAE Board: (from left) Tessie Duran Tonaco, Marketing Director of the Belize Hotel Association; Avril Alexander, Executive Director of the British Virgin Islands Chamber of Commerce & Hotel Association; Gilda Gumbs Samuel, Executive Director of the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association; Stacy Cox, CEO of the Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association; Brian Frontin, CEO of the Trinidad Hotels, Restaurant and Tourism Association; Lisa Hamilton, President of the U.S. Virgin Islands Hotel & Tourism Association; Miles Mercera, President and CEO of the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association; and Clarisa Jiménez, President and CEO of the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association. Alexander, Executive Director of the focus on the many pressing issues British Virgin Islands Chamber of facing the Caribbean’s sustainability.” Commerce & Hotel Association; Tessie While in San Juan, hotel Duran Tonaco, Marketing Director of association executives attended the Belize Hotel Association; and Lisa their annual leadership conference, Hamilton, President of the U.S. Virgin sponsored by American Resort Islands Hotel & Tourism Association. Development Association - Resort Cox asserted her mandate Owners’ Coalition (ARDA-ROC) includes increased engagement and facilitated by Adriana Serna, on issues such as education and ASAE (The Center for Association training, advocacy, airlift capacity, Leadership) Facilitator and disaster management and the sharing Communications Manager of CHTA. economy: “It is an honor to continue to The Caribbean Society serve the region’s hotel and tourism of Hotel Association Executives associations and their members and (CSHAE) is a professional association

whose members include executives and senior managers from the region’s private sector led hotel and tourismrelated organizations. Its primary focus is to serve as a network for the region’s associations by supporting the professional development of the staff and voluntary leadership; facilitating the gathering and flow of information; advancing programs in support of regional advocacy and product improvement efforts; and working collaboratively with the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) in achieving mutual goals. The Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) is the Caribbean’s leading association representing tourism interests for national hotel and tourism associations. For more than 50 years, CHTA has been the backbone of the Caribbean hospitality industry. Working together with 1,000 hotel and allied members and 32 National Hotel Associations, CHTA is shaping the Caribbean’s future and helping members to grow their businesses. Whether navigating new worlds like social media, sustainability, legislative issues, emerging technologies, data and intelligence or looking for avenues and ideas to better market and manage businesses, CHTA is helping members on matters that matter most. For further information, visit www.

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS FINANCIAL SERVICES COMMISSION Regulating with Honesty, Integrity and Transparency The Financial Services Commission, the regulator of financial services business in the Turks and Caicos Islands, is seeking suitably qualified applicants. Job Title: Office Manager Location: Providenciales Salary: Grade 7 JOB SUMMARY The holder of this office will support the Director of Human Resources and Administration, and serve as Assistant to the Managing Director. The Office Manager is responsible for planning, supervising and coordinating office administration, events planning and management, human resources administration, and dealing with vendors providing service to the Commission. SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED The successful applicant should possess sound knowledge of office procedures; good human resource administration skills, including knowledge of applicable legislation; working knowledge of health standards and work place safety and security; knowledge of facilities management; and awareness of disaster preparedness and emergency management. The office holders should possess strong communication skills, written and oral, and be proficient with office computing programs. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE The successful applicant should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/ Public Administration/ Human Resource Management or equivalent qualifications. The applicant must also have at least three years’ experience in the Office/ project management field or working in an HR environment or related discipline. OTHER APPLICABLE INFORMATION Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications, and will be based on the Commission’s salary scale. The duties for the post will be carried out in primarily in Providenciales. Applications should be emailed to no later than 28 February, 2018. The response must state clearly “Application for Office Manager”. A copy can be sent to the Employment Services Department.

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital prepares for Accreditation 2018 Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital is scheduled to undergo a robust independent re-assessment of its performance against recognized standards of best practice outlined under the Accreditation Canada International (ACI) Qmentum Program on June 11th -15th 2018. ACI is one of only three accreditation bodies in the world, which focuses exclusively on health care services, and is acknowledged as the most-sought after accreditation organization for demonstrating a high level of compliance with rigorous standards. Successful facilities are awarded Gold, Platinum or Diamond status in accordance with the quality of service and care delivered to patients. Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital has been accredited at the Diamond level since March 2012 and is currently one of the few Diamond

accredited hospitals in the Caribbean. This is the highest level achievable under the international accreditation program. During an ACI assessment, an external survey team dedicates five days to survey the Cheshire Hall and Cockburn Town Medical Centres. The three surveyors were recently declared to the organization. These trained peer reviewers will examine the hospital’s internal systems and processes, observe activities and gather data through interviews with patients and staff. A full-site survey is carried out every three years to retain accreditation status. The performance of the health care facility is measured against 15 service standards and 32 required organizational practices (ROP’s) with an exhaustive criteria. These performance benchmarks focus on quality and safety throughout all

aspects of the organization’s services including clinical care, governance, leadership and infrastructure. Several readiness assessments were conducted within the past 12 months by an overseas independent consultant specializing in health care accreditation. These are periodically initiated by the local health care organization as an invaluable tool to provide an official measurement of its preparedness and progress related to standards, audits and action plans. During the final months before an international health care accreditation assessment, there is even stronger internal cohesion and motivation to ensure there remains a continued adherence to clinical and administrative service standards and required organizational practices. Interim Chief Executive Officer at InterHealth Canada – Turks and Caicos Islands Hospital,

Gaston Levac commented on the value of the highly anticipated assessment. Levac said: “It is an enormous accomplishment to obtain diamond status over two consecutive accreditation cycles, and our teams are enthusiastic and confident in our ability to achieve the highest ranking once again. These comprehensive reviews demonstrate our ability to remain compliant with best practices established by recognized accreditation bodies.” He continued: “The consumer demand for accredited facilities and quality health care services continues to increase globally due to various industry factors including medical tourism. Therefore, accreditation acts as a quality assurance mechanism for patients, an emblem of distinction for the health care organization, and also ensures that we play our expected role in the national health care system.”

TCI Chevening Scholar Returns Home Ready to Make an Impact Lormeka Williams, the TCI’s Chevening offers the chance to widen 2016/2017 Chevening Scholar, has horizons, to build expertise and come returned home after a successful year back and contribute further to the of study in the UK, where she achieved development of the country,” said a Master’s Degree in Conservation Governor Freeman. Williams expressed that; Biology (Merit) from the University of Kent. “The experience of being a Chevening In recognition of her Scholar was very exciting and to achievement, H.E the Governor, Dr. be an alumnus of this prestigious John Freeman, met with Mrs. Williams programme is humbling. I would like to present her with the Chevening to thank everyone that supported me completion certificate; officially making throughout this time, especially my Mrs. Williams an alumnus of one of husband and family; and the Foreign the most prestigious professional and and Commonwealth Office for this educational networks in the world. opportunity.” “My time in the UK gave me H.E. the Governor, Dr John Freeman commented: “I congratulate many opportunities to broaden my Lormeka on her achievement in being horizons and deepen my knowledge awarded a Chevening Scholarship and and skills: from studying in the for having gone on to gain her Master’s southeast, to field work at the Durrell Degree at the University of Kent in the Conservation Academy in Jersey, UK. The Chevening awards are highly Channel Islands; Environmental prestigious and the subject of great Legislation debate at King’s College and glamping at the Port Lympne competition internationally.” “It is wonderful that a person Reserve. The past year of study has from TCI was able to win through brought lifelong friends, colleagues and and I hope it will encourage others to a network of professionals and experts apply for Chevening awards in future. in their fields; I highly recommend For bright, motivated persons in TCI, that persons apply during the next

application cycle that begins in August 2018. I am excited to be back home and motivated to see how I can contribute to the Turks and Caicos Islands and make a valuable impact.” To be eligible for a Chevening Scholarship, an applicant must: -Be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country, and intend to return there after your studies; -Hold a degree that is equivalent to at least an upper second-class honours degree in the UK; -Have completed at least two years’ work or equivalent experience before applying for a Chevening Scholarship; -Be able to meet the Chevening minimum English language requirement; - Be able to obtain the correct visa, and receive an unconditional offer from a UK university. Further details of the application process are available at www.

Lormeka Williams pictured with H.E. the Governor, Dr John Freeman

The Common Cold: Myths vs. Facts (Infographic) Most people know the signs and symptoms of the common cold – sore throat, runny nose, coughing and sneezing. But did you know that a cold is actually an infection? It’s one of the most common infectious diseases that family medicine doctors treat. And having a cough is among the leading reasons people visit their doctor, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On average, children get 6-8 colds a year, and adults get 2-3

colds a year, contributing to the 62 million colds that sicken people each year in the U.S., the CDC says. As a result, Americans spend several billions of dollars every year on overthe-counter (OTC) medications to treat cold symptoms, according to the Consumer Healthcare Products Association. And 93 percent of adults prefer to treat their minor ailments with OTC medicines before seeking professional care. But when it comes to getting over or healing from the common cold,

health experts note the difference between alleviating bothersome symptoms and ‘curing’ the familiar illness. “We see some patients after they’ve tried to ‘cure’ a cold on their own but find after a few days they still feel sick,” said Nicole Schwenker, an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) with Baptist Health Express Care at Country Walk. “While there may not be a cure for a cold, there are certain things that can be done to prevent it from

getting worse, such as resting as much as possible, staying home from school or work when you have a fever, and drinking plenty of fluids. Warm liquids like hot tea or water can help loosen up mucus and congestion, especially when it’s in the chest.” What do you believe are the reasons people get a cold? And what are the best ways to treat it? This infographic clears up some of the widespread myths about the common cold. See which one catches you by surprise.

䘀伀刀 䄀䰀䰀 夀伀唀刀 䄀䐀嘀䔀刀吀䤀匀䤀一䜀 一䔀䔀䐀匀 䌀伀一吀䄀䌀吀 ⠀㘀㐀㤀⤀ⴀ㌀㌀㤀ⴀ㔀㠀㜀㤀   漀爀   䔀䴀䄀䤀䰀㨀 猀甀渀䀀猀甀渀琀挀椀⸀挀漀洀 䄀昀昀漀爀搀愀戀氀攀 刀愀琀攀猀  簀  䠀椀最栀 瘀漀氀甀洀攀 琀爀愀昀昀椀挀  簀  刀攀氀椀愀戀氀攀  

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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TCI Drug Prevention Foundation annual Masquerade Ball set for April 27th During a press conference on Monday February 19th at TCI’s first Half Turks and Caicos Drug Way House location, Dierin Longmire, Prevention Foundation is looking to host President of the Turks and Caicos Drug its most important event of the year, Prevention Foundation said, “We are their annual Masquerade Ball on Friday now on the premises of the upcoming April 27th, 2018 at The Courtyard at The Half Way House; we’re going to have Shore Club, Long Bay. another masquerade ball this year April This event is hosted every 27th at the Shore Club like there was year to help raise funds to help those last year which was a fantastic event individuals who are suffering from and everyone enjoyed themselves.” Longmire whose been working alcohol, drug addiction and the ones that are constantly going in and out of jail. with the Drug Unit since 1995 stated The Turks and Caicos Drug that every year the event gains more and Prevention Foundation works along more support from the TCI community with the Turks and Caicos Government and they are very grateful for the support on trying to provide some assistance for from everyone. Also commenting on the them. The aim of this event is to raise money to build a Half Way House for upcoming event, Dr. Alicia Malcolm said, recovering addicts. “We want to encourage members of the

By Todeline Defralien

public to support the masquerade ball in April, as you can see where the funds are going and there is no squandering of any funds. It is manifested right here and it’s going towards a great cause because it’s really going to be helping to save lives of persons who struggle with addictions.” Dr. Malcolm stressed that the communities support is greatly needed to make this event a success and she is positive that the community here in the Turks and Caicos is going to continue to give back to the Drug Prevention Foundation. The community is asked to come out in huge numbers with their masquerade/costume attire to this year’s event. There will be live bands, raffles, mask will be provided for individuals,

Dierin Longmire President of Turks & Caicos Drug Prevention Foundation. entertainment by local DJs and organisers of the events want everyone to come out and enjoy the buffet and they will be offering two free drink tickets. Persons interested in purchasing tickets can contact Dierin Longmire on telephone number 2462526.

Seven Stars Resort & Spa is honored by TripAdvisor And U.S. News & World Report Seven Stars Resort & Spa, located on the island’s pristine beach, Grace Bay beach, is honored to be recognized by TripAdvisor in this year’s Travelers’ Choice Top Hotels in the Caribbean and U.S. News & World Report Best Hotels in Turks and Caicos. TripAdvisor ranked Seven Stars Resort & Spa as one of the top 25 hotels in the Caribbean and amongst the top 1 percent of all hotels listed. TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice winners are based on millions of real and unbiased hotel reviews and opinions on tripadvisor. com(tm), and content from across the web. The TripAdvisor community writes over 30 million trusted reviews and opinions that include best and worst vacation descriptions, attraction suggestions and photos.

In addition, Seven Stars Resort & Spa was ranked number four on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hotels in Turks and Caicos list. “Being recognized by our guests through The Travelers’ Choice awards and by travel editors alike for the U.S. News & World Report Award rankings reinforces our incomparable world-class service provided by our committed and fantastic team members,” said Ken Patterson, CEO,Seven Stars Resort & Spa. “We are thrilled to earn these distinctions from travelers who know us best and travel editors who recognize our luxury standard of island hospitality.” Seven Stars Resort & Spa lives up to these prestigious accolades by offering guests top-notch service and well-appointed luxury suites that

A.C.T. Services Ltd. Are looking to employ a fully qualified Chartered Accountant. Must have at least 3 years post-qualification work experience in a Chartered Accountancy firm. Successful applicants: - Must have experience with financial statements preparation - Must be able to analyze financial reports - Must have experience with reviewing various accounting systems and processes - Some audit experience preferred Salary remuneration: $3,500 - $4,000 per month, depending on experience & qualifications Please submit your resume to

CHIBABOU LTD. IS LOOKING FOR THE FOLLOWING: Restaurant Chef •Must be willing to work weekends, nights and holidays •Must be willing to work 6 days per week, clean kitchen after service •Must have a good knowledge of Mediterranean food, grilling/ bbq, sauces, butchery, cooking of seafood and dressing •Must have current Food Safety and Hygiene certification Kitchen Helper •Must be willing to work weekends, nights and holidays •Must be willing to work 6 days per week, clean kitchen after service •Must have good knowledge in food preparation •Must be physically fit to unload trucks and move supplies between work areas Pls call 341 5856 for applications

are among the island’s most spacious. The 167 guest accommodations range in size from junior, one, two and threebedroom suites equipped with ocean views, granite kitchen counters, and marble bathroom floors. Seven Stars is home to Turks & Caicos’ only heated salt-water pool and offers guests private pool deck cabanas for lounging, beach butler service, on-site spa and wellness services and award-winning top gourmet dining options. For more information on Seven Stars Resort & Spa visit www. Framed by white-sand beaches and the marine preserve of Princess Alexandra National Park, Seven Stars Resort & Spa embraces the natural environment and beauty of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Seven Stars Resort & Spa features a magnificent pool that serves as its centerpiece, luxuriously appointed junior, one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites, island-inspired gourmet dining, a tranquil spa, and complimentary water sports such as kayaking, surfing, snorkeling in the calm waters and along the acclaimed Grace Bay Beach. Recent accolades include being named to Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List as one of the World’s Best Hotels and Resorts, a top-ranked resort in the Turks and Caicos by U.S. News and World Report and being named one of the Top 500 Hotels in the World by Travel+ Leisure, among others. For more information on Seven Stars Resort, visit

CUSTOMER RELATIONS OFFICER (MULTI-LINGUAL CLIENT CARE SPECIALIST) Seafari Turquoise Ltd is seeking suitably qualified candidates for the above position for their Dive office. Ideal candidate/s must have a minimum of (2) two years experience and fluent in English, French and Spanish, as well as possess excellent Communication and Customer Service skills. A strong diving knowledge is paramount as all client interactions will involve questions regarding dive courses and scheduling. Precedence will be given to individuals with experience in the diving industry and a diving certification at a professional level. Starting Salary $800.00 to $1000.00 per month based on experience and qualifications. Kindly forward resumes and qualification to the below address copy to the Turks and Caicos Islands Labour Department and Immigration Board: Employment Department Seafari Turquoise Ltd Club Med, Gracebay Tel: 649-339-6275 Fax 649-941-4777 Email:

SLOT/ROUTE TECHNICIAN Elite Gaming Ltd is seeking to employ a Slot/Route Technician with minimum 6 years experience in slot machine operations. The ideal candidate:  Must be able to repair and maintain all types of slot machines.  Must be able to work 6 days a week/shift work  Must be able to work days/nights, weekends and holidays. Salary: $15 an hour. This position is currently held by a work permit holder. Kindly forward resumes and qualification to the below address copy to the Turks and Caicos Islands Labour Department and Immigration Board: Employment Department Elite Gaming Ltd Old Airport Road Tel: 649-339-6275 Fax 649-941-4777 Email:

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


Clearing dark under eye circles By Dr. Marsha Barnett Dark under eye circles or puffiness under the eyes tend to affect many of us especially on mornings after we got little sleep, or when we are stressed and tired. Unfortunately, some persons have these issues regardless of the rest they have had and it seems to be a perpetual problem. There are many over the counter creams for dark circles but its management can be particularly difficult. Additionally, under-eye issues are not limited to only one factor and as such a multi-pronged approach may be needed to bring about improvement in your skin. Unfortunately, as the issues vary, so does the treatment, so what worked for one person may not be beneficial in the next. In choosing creams or even procedures to help tackle the problem, its imperative that you treat each issue appropriately. PIGMENTATION AND SKIN CHANGES The darkness under the eyes many be due to an inflammatory skin condition such as eczema. This is actually quite common especially when the area appears red, dry, scaly or gets itchy. To clear this, prescription creams may be necessary. Also, if it’s a recent condition, ensure you haven’t recently changed your eye

makeup or creams as you could be simply having an allergic reaction in the skin around the eyes. There are lightening creams that can be used for dark spots but because the skin around the eyes are so thin and sensitive, starting with a cream with simple, natural ingredients like vitamin C or licorice which brightens the skin and helps erase dark spots is a good idea. Other lightening agents should not be applied under the eyes unless under the guide of a physician as they can cause thinning of the skin and even rebound hyperpigmentation, thereby making the issue worse than it was to begin with! PUFFINESS AND LAX SKIN Puffy eyes are caused by the extra fluid that pools under the thin skin of the eyes which can call even more attention to under-eye darkness. This can happen for a number of reasons. Here, your lifestyle plays a role as eating too much salt, drinking wine or sleeping face down can all make it worse. This explains why in the mornings your eyes may show the tale of the rough night you had before. Eye creams can help this if they contain caffeine or green tea. Retinols, both prescription and non-prescription varieties can help improve the tone and thickness of the skin, lending a

more youthful appearance to the area. Additionally, laser treatments can help stimulate collagen and make the skin thicker and more youthful whilst erasing fine lines and redness, thereby improving the overall appearance in all skin types. TEAR TROUGHS Unfortunately, if you have folds under your eyes that result in hollowing and dark under eye bags, a cream probably won’t help. These depressions under the eye happen with age and lack of sleep. Genetics also plays a role. However, that hollow caused by age and genetics can be filled with the skillful application of fillers to the under eye. These are gels consisting Dr. Marsha Barnett of hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in the body. When injected by Although they have no real a physician, they will plump the area, effect on the skin and the underline fill the depression and last for about a issues, some of the newer under eye year. creams have light-reflecting particles When trying to treat under eye that blur imperfections and disguise issues, multiple treatment options may darkness, and they can be used alone be necessary to tackle the problems or under your concealer or full coverage that exist. Although some treatments makeup. like the fillers are instantaneous, others such as creams for puffiness *Dr. Marsha Barnett is a general and discoloration may take some time practitioner who also specializes to yield obvious results. in dermatology. For questions Until you have resolved the or comments, please contact at issue, there are some under eye creams or at that can be applied for cosmetic Associated Medical Practices - 946reasons only. 4242.


The main function of the Credit Card Customer Service Representative is to provide information and assistance to all Hallmark credit card customers. This includes assisting all cardholders regardless of the cardholder status, when necessary. Clear and concise communication skills are essential as well as a solid understanding of the entire credit card operation. Communicating with the cardholder is necessary via telephone, email, written correspondence and personal contact. Maintenance of account files, application of cardholder payments and daily balancing are tasks that must be completed in a correct and timely manner. Skills: •Strong written and verbal communication skills •Well-developed computer skills •Strong analytical ability related to problem solving •Time management and organizational skills •Excellent customer service skills •Ability to work in a team environment where the common goal is superior customer service •Excellent interpersonal skills Starting salary is based on experience and qualification. Applications should be addressed to: Attn: Delroy Williams- Office Manager Hallmark Trust Ltd. Courtyard Plaza 2A P.O. Box 656 Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands, BWI Or Email:

Intercaribbean Airways has the following vacancies: 1.Airline Executive: Possess a working knowledge of UK Aviation Regulations for Off-Shore Territories (OTAR), ICAO and IATA aviation practices and standards, US FAA Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), and Dangerous Goods Regulations. Past experience and knowledge of ramp and aircraft operations. Other skills to be determined and evaluated by the Chief Executive Officer, based on prior experience and necessary skills, knowledge and training. Must speak, read, write, and understand the English language. Additional requirements include the ability to physically carry out the work scope involved. 2. Ramp Coordinator: Diploma in Supervisory Management or equivalent AAA Certificate of Achievement Certificate of Achievement in Ramp & Safety for company aircraft Trained and certified in areas of ramp/airside duties, Knowledgeable and experience with Weight & Balance and Load Control Ability to manage and schedule staff to provide adequate manpower coverage for multiple operations running simultaneously. Knowledge of multi carrier operations, Experience in handling jet and prop aircraft To ensure that all ramp staff is adequately trained for the tasks assigned. To oversee the daily ramp operations and provide leadership to all ramp staff. 3. Ramp Supervisor: 2-5 years hands on experience in ramp/airside duties Trained and certified in areas of ramp/airside duties, Knowledgeable and experience with Weight & Balance and Load Control Ability to manage and schedule staff to provide adequate manpower coverage for multiple operations running simultaneously. Knowledge of multi carrier operations, Experience in handling jet and prop aircraft Excellent command of written and spoken English. CXC/ equelivant passes, in English and Maths Computer literate especially in usage of excel Well organized Detailed orientated Strong leadership qualities. 4. Baggage handlers/ aircraft cleaners/Laborers/Domestic Worker: Must be fluent in English language, computer literate hard working, reliable and willing to work weekends and holidays. 5. Ramp agents/security guards:2 years experience, valid drivers license reliable hardworking and willing to work weekends and holidays. Interested persons send resume to Belongers and PRC holders need only apply. Heavy duty driver/driver: Clean police record, excellent command of the English Language,5 years experience, computer literate, reliable, hard working and willing to work on holidays and weekends

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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Unveiling of a public service billboard sponsored by the Pet Food Institute Pet Food Institute-Caribbean recently installed two billboards in Providenciales, highlighting foods that are unsafe for dogs and cats. The billboards are the latest educational tools being used by PFI-Caribbean to advance pet nutrition throughout the region. Pictured l-r: Sandra Kemp, Pet Food Institute representative, Susan Blehr, Director TCSPCA and Dr. Shelley Bridgewater, Chief Veterinary Officer, Department of Agriculture PAWS AND THINK BEFORE YOU FEED THEM THESE FOODS “Our Food. Not Theirs” billboards installed at Beaches and Blue Hillsroundabout to help protect dogs, cats with safe feeding tips Providenciales -- Pet Food Institute-Caribbean, a non-profit organisation that promotes initiatives to advance pet nutrition in The Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks and Caicos, and Jamaica, unveiled new billboards along Leeward Highway today in conjunction with the TCSPCA and the Department of Agriculture. The billboards, featuring a puppy and kitten alongside a display of chocolate, alcohol and cooked bones from table scraps, were erected at the Beaches and Blue Hills Roundabout as educational tools to sensitize the

Pet Food Institute-Caribbean installed two billboards in Providenciales public to foods that can be dangerous, and potentially deadly, for their furry friends. “We’re really excited to get the word out in Providenciales,” said Sandra Kemp, Pet Food Institute representative. “While we love our pets, it is important to keep them safe by providing the right food and following safe feeding habits. We have been spreading the message throughout the region and these billboards in Turks and Caicos are an important part of our efforts. We are thrilled that local authorities wanted to be such an important part of the initiative.” Pet Food Institute-Caribbean was joined by the TCSPCA and the Department of Agriculture. “We’re really happy that Pet Food Institute is taking this initiative and is committed to sharing

the message about safe feeding in Turks and Caicos,” said Susan Blehr, TCSPCA Director. “We see far too many dogs suffering from serious problems, unnecessary conditions and pain simply because someone did not know better and gave them chocolate or bones from table scraps. It’s really important that people are aware of the dangers and we’d like people to take note of the billboards, learn why those foods are dangerous and keep their pets safe.” Each of the foods labelled unsafe poses a distinct possible danger to a dog or cat. Bones from table scraps, for instance, can cause internal abrasions, bleeding or lead to blockage or constipation if a dog chews on the bones unsupervised. An ingredient in chocolate called theobromine can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or even worse including

tremors, seizures and heart attack. As the voice of U.S. pet food makers for nearly 60 years, the Pet Food Institute provides factual information about pet food and treats’ safety, nutrition, and health to pet lovers, and advocates for a transparent, science-based regulatory environment. Its 14 members collectively produce 98% of all U.S. pet food products. “We welcome this initiative of Pet Food Institute to educate people on this nutritional aspect of pet safety,” said Dr. Shelley Bridgewater, Chief Veterinary Officer, Department of Agriculture. “Pet ownership is a serious responsibility and it’s important that the public have access to information that will help them keep their pets as healthy and safe as possible. We’re delighted to support such educational campaigns and look forward to seeing a positive response from the public now having an awareness of the deleterious effects of feeding pets bones from table scraps, chocolate, alcohol and the other foods.” The Pet Food InstituteCaribbean is a non-profit organisation that promotes initiatives to advance pet nutrition and the overall quality of pet food in Turks and Caicos, The Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica. For more information, please visit, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @pficaribbean

The ideal candidate will be professional in attitude and demeanor and must read and speak English fluently. Position requires a flexible schedule which includes holidays and weekends and.Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications. Must be physically fit. Outgoing, positive personality is a necessary job component. High ethical standards a must.

The Somerset Resort Management Ltd. is seeking Labour Clearance for the position listed below. Suitably qualified Belongers who possess the requirements listed are encouraged to apply.


Job Summary: Manages housekeeping, public areas and laundry functions and staff on a daily basis to ensure property guest rooms, public space and employee areas are clean and well maintained. Strives to continually improve guest and employee satisfaction and maximize the financial performance of the department. Responsible for inspecting Guest Rooms and Public Areas providing follow-up for improving results. Requirements: • At least 5 years practical experience in similar position for a luxury 5 star boutique Resort • Adheres to, supports and carries out the strategic Company’s Vision and values • Superior Employee Relations Skills • Displays high commitment to improving customer services • Committed to developing colleagues • Ability to motivate team and build morale • Ability to anticipate and assess issues, risks and opportunities and develop new approaches • Accepts responsibility and accountability • Excellent communication skills in all aspects: verbal, written and nonverbal. • Professional and appropriate business appearance and presentation. • Must possess excellent organizational and administrative skills, interpersonal skills and leadership skills. • Approachable, open-minded and fair. • Flexible work hours to meet the demands of a 24 hour operation. • High energy.

RESERVATION AGENT Job Summary: Working under limited supervision, manages customer satisfaction ensuring all incoming room reservations and cancellations are handled efficiently while maintaining an accurate reservation status to preclude an over or under booking situation. Handles the opening and closing extranet sites. Requirements: •Must have working experience in a luxury five-star resorts. •High school diploma or equivalent vocational training. •Minimum of two years customer service experience preferred. •Computer literacy in: •Microsoft Word •Microsoft Excel •Microsoft Outlook •Visual One is a plus •Excellent command of the English Language and second language preferred but not essential •Temporary Position (6-8 months) •Must speak, read, write and understand the primary language (English) used in the workplace. •Must be able to work weekends and holidays. •Must have reliable transportation to get to and from work. Base salary range: $8.00 - $9.00 / hour to commensurate with qualification & experience. Benefits: Service gratuity, vacation & employee meals. The ideal candidate will be professional in attitude and demeanor and must read and speak English fluently. Position requires a flexible schedule which includes holidays and weekends and.Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications. Must be physically fit. Outgoing, positive personality is a necessary job component. High ethical standards a must.

Qualified Belonger candidates can complete an application form in person at The Somerset on Grace Bay or submit a resume by e-mail at somerset@ Tel: 649-339-5900. Fax: 649-946-5839. The closing date for applications is February 28th, 2018.

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018

IMMEDIATE OPENING CORPORATE OPERATIONS FACILITATOR* Primary Responsibilities/Requirements: •Minimum of 15 years’ operational management experience in luxury resort setting. •Must have previous managerial experience directly in hotel pre-openings and a strong understanding of overall hotel business. •Must have a history of delivering high end projects such as 5 Star Hotels/ Resorts and Residential/ Commercial developments. •Must have previous experience working with leading developers, paying exceptional attention to detail. •Ensures that all works are completed, in timely manner, to the highest level and all arising discrepancies are efficiently resolved. •Must have leadership qualities to ensure the job is completed to the client’s high standards. •Must have previous work experience in managing upholstery workshops and have good knowledge of wood finishes. •Assists in the selection and purchasing of supplies and FF&E. Works closely with designers and cabinet makers. •Coordinates and follows up on all the orders assigned and ensures timely and correct installation. •Keeps documentation on all vendors and supplies, fabrics, paint colors, equipment, furniture, etc. •Keeps inventories m and maintains item codes in inventory and maintenance software. •Organizes and sets up back of the house spaces in regards to the departmental needs. •Sets up Standard Operational Procedures for various departments. •Conducts Room Punch inspections to ensure that all the finishes are flawless and to the highest standards; communicates deficiencies to Construction Supervisor and orders replacements. •Designs and executes decorations for variety of hotel functions and events. •Assists in styling various venues for photoshoot sessions. •Performs any other tasks that may be assigned, associated with the preopening and running of the resort. Salary for this position is $75,000.00 and is based on previous experience and qualifications. ASSISTANT RESTAURANT MANAGER* Responsible for ensuring successful operation of the outlet(s) and functions assigned, ensuring memorable, luxury dining experiences for all guests and maximization of revenue and profitability. Areas of Responsibility: •Manage assigned outlet or function during shift to ensure operation is in accordance with standards, ensuring all employee performance meets standard with all duties completed properly and on timely basis. •Ensure all opening and closing checklists for outlet/function are completed correctly and on time. •Monitor employee performance and provide feedback and coaching. •Ensure all charge and cash handling policies and procedures are followed at all times and that cash floats are properly maintained and secured during and after shift. •Ensure staff is well trained, knowledgeable and conversant with all menus. •Assist with employee performance reviews in accordance with hotel guidelines. •“Touch” each table during shift and use knowledge of guest and name to ensure a high level of guest recognition and personalized service. •Assist in conducting physical inventories of all linens, china, beverages and other supplies. •Prepare storeroom requisitions. •Ensure accurate recordkeeping as required and track daily sales. •Establish and maintain departmental communication, maintaining Daily Log Book for shift; keep manager fully informed on a timely basis of any problems or need for action. •Maintain controls of inventory and keys. •Attend all daily briefings, meetings and training as required. Requirements: •Minimum 3 years’ experience in a hotel restaurant preferably in a luxury hotel. •Accuracy and attention to detail. •Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. •Able to stand for long periods of time. •Able to carry up to 20kgs. •Must have excellent mathematic skills. •Able to handle a fast-paced environment and be able to work under pressure. •Must be organized and detailed oriented. •Guest Satisfaction (comment cards, website postings, in-person feedback) •Attendance and timeliness

•Completion of work assignments (safely, timely, completely, correctly) •Achievement of sales and/or cost control goals •Salary range is $36,000-$40,000 per annum and is based on previous experience and qualifications SENIOR EXECUTIVE CHEF* Requirements: •10 years experience as an Executive Chef in luxury resort. •Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience. • Formal culinary degree or formal apprenticeship. •Proven managerial experience in a fine dining environment. •Practical creativity to provide innovative entrees and developing new, unusual market driven menus while meeting profit goals of property and menu engineering. •Previous responsibility for food purchasing, including negotiating prices. •Prior experience standardizing recipes, plating instructions and costing. •Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts. Duties Include: •Participate in the development and implementation of business strategies for Food and Beverage including development of annual budget, monitoring actual versus budgeted expenses and recommending menu pricing. •Develop and implement menu and dining strategies. •Prepare reports summarizing food and beverage profitability, customer satisfaction, etc. •Lead monthly staff meetings. Salary $55,000.00 per annum/Commensurate with qualification and experience. POOL AND BEACH SUPERVISOR * •Must be able to work in all outdoor element, rain, sun, etc. as required •Must be able to work long hours on feet •Must be able to lift 30lbs or more •Must know how to swim •Must be trained and certified in CPR, First Aid. •Life guard experience is a plus •Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts •Creating a luxury guest experience through delivery of high level service for all pool and beach services •Must have 5 years’ experience in luxury resort in similar capacity •Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Starting wage $8.00 per hour not including service charge and tips. PROCUREMENT & LOGISTICS ADMINISTRATOR* Requirements: •Must have construction and/or engineering work experience (preferably within the Caribbean), including project administration, procurement and management of logistics. •Required knowledge and skills:o International procurement. o Shipment consolidation. o Shipping/tracking. o Inventory and stock monitoring. o Material take-offs, quantities and job costing. o Labour allocation and manpower distribution reports. o Involvement in general project administration. o Strong negotiation skills • Working during inclement weather • Must be able to stand and work outdoors for an extended period of time • Weekend and flexible shifts are a must • Must have excellent written and oral communication • Must be proficient with computers, including Excel and Word Responsibilities: • Preparing regular inventory and cost reports. • Plan, direct, and manage the central procurement activities of the company. • Evaluate overall revisions, price and past performance of each purchase order and approve price increases. • Research and evaluate commodity areas and make recommendations for standardization. • Supervise and participate in the preparation of written financial and administrative reports. Establish priorities, assign workloads and review the more difficult and complex assignments. Interpret contract provisions and review purchase orders terms and conditions for accuracy and changes prior to bid and renewal. • Provide liaison between vendors, contractors, and Company department • Demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide targeted service levels. Salary for this position ranges from $3,000.00 to $4,200.00 and is based on previous

*POSITIONS MARKED WITH (*) ARE POSITIONS CURRENTLY HELD BY A WORK PERMIT HOLDER. Interested applicants should apply to The Shore Club, Human Resources Department, Monday through Friday, and bring along an updated resume, or by emailing your resume to careers@theshoreclubtc.comno later than end of day Friday, February 23, 2018.

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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IMMEDIATE OPENING experience and qualifications. FOOD AND BEVERAGE MANAGER* The Food & Beverage manager is responsible for all meal periods in all outlets and In Suite Dining. This individual will have a strong background in service and will lead the service team on the floor. The Food & Beverage manager will work closely with Chef de Cuisine and ensure guest experience is memorable and five-star. Areas of Responsibility: • Timely analysis of Food & Beverage Prices in relation to competition. • Participation and input towards F&B Marketing activities. • Attendance and participation at weekly F & B meeting and Department Head meeting. • Supervision of weekly payroll input. • Assure the maintenance of bar control policies. • Assure completion of requisitions where deemed necessary. • Assure the completion of weekly schedule and shift duties while: a. maintaining a labour cost in accordance with budget b. assuring adequate and consistent service levels • Improvement on guest satisfaction index – comment cards, online reviews, departure surveys • Completion of monthly inventory. • Ensuring that services meet customer specifications. • Work with the Chef, Dining Room Manager, Bars Manager and Food & Beverage Supervisors to ensure all arrangements and details are dealt with. • Establish a rapport with guests to ensure satisfaction and repeat business. • Minimize number of customer complaints. • Ensure a professional attitude and proper business attire when on property, ready to meet or service a client at any time. • Ensure staff have professional attitude and proper appearance and uniform standards. • Teamwork-Relations with co-workers and management. • Recruitment and selection of employees for vacant positions. • Responsible for staff training and development of service team Requirements: • Minimum 6 years’ experience in a hotel restaurant preferably in a luxury hotel. • Accuracy and attention to detail. • Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. • Able to stand for long periods of time. • Able to carry up to 20kgs. • Must have excellent mathematic skills. • Able to handle a fast-paced environment and be able to work under pressure. • Must be organized and detailed oriented. • Achievement of budgeted food sales, beverage sales, labour costs and profitability. • Development and training of all service employees • Salary range is $42,000-$50,000 per annum and is based on previous experience and qualifications

PASTRY CHEF* Requirements: • Must have previously worked as a pastry chef for a minimum of 5 years in a luxury Resort. • Demonstrate understanding of the technical skills for assigned area (all kitchen work stations). • Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience. • Experience with, and are comfortable preparing a variety of different pastries in a fine dining environment. • Understand the importance of consistency. • Knowledge of food preparation techniques and health/safety requirements. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts. Duties include: • Assists in creating and developing dishes for the pastry department • Ensures the highest quality of product within cost constraints by participating in the preparation of baked goods, pastries, desserts, ice carvings and show pieces • Assists in creating daily specials and signature desserts • Assist in producing the production of all pastry items, ensuring the right quantity and the highest standards of quality • Maintenance of pastry equipment • Requisition food with necessary approvals according to policy Starting salary $6.25 an hour not including service charge. HVAC/MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN* • Understand basic refrigeration cycle to include: identifying components in refrigeration circuit, understanding how each component works, diagnosing problems in the refrigeration circuit, using manifold gauge set, pressure/ temperature chart and temperature measuring devices for routine maintenance and to troubleshoot. Understand refrigeration recovery, evacuation and charging. • Understand basic electron theory, how electricity travels, AC and DC currents, single phase and three phase circuits, and series and parallel circuits. Read basic wiring diagrams. • Use multi-meters to read voltage, current and resistance values. Troubleshoot basic electrical circuits. • Understand the process of treating air so as to simultaneously control its temperature, humidity, and distribution. Read and understand mechanical drawings. • Understand basic heating cycle to include: identify components in heating system, understand how each component works, diagnosing problems in the heating system using a gas pressure test and other devices Starting wage $7.75 per hour not including service charge and tips.

*POSITIONS MARKED WITH (*) ARE POSITIONS CURRENTLY HELD BY A WORK PERMIT HOLDER. Interested applicants should apply to The Shore Club, Human Resources Department, Monday through Friday, and bring along an updated resume, or by emailing your resume to careers@theshoreclubtc.comno later than end of day Friday, February 23, 2018.

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


“Change from Within” – intervention programme The Ministry of Education, Youth and Library Services through its Department of Education collaborated with the Clement Howell High School to organize a social intervention programme, Change From Within, to address the increased sporadic disruptions the school has been experiencing since the start of the school year. These disruptions included feuds among a group of twenty-one (21) boys engaging constantly in altercations and fights which have affected the smooth flow in the day to day operation at the school. The feuds were somewhat territorial with boys from one set of communities against another. This social intervention effort is the first programme emanating from the recently approved Alternative Education Policy. It sought to develop an alternative education classroom for behaviour improvement in students exhibiting deviant behaviour patterns which are not in accordance with expected standards and outcomes and regulations of the school. This behaviour improvement classroom is developed in a reduced stimulus environment with a structured learning programme seeking to have students carry out introspection and understanding the reasoning behind their actions and taking responsibility for changing their social direction. CHANGE FROM WITHIN: THE OVERVIEW

The programme is designed for four weeks which started on Monday, February 5 2018 and finishes on Thursday, March 2 2018. It focusses on allowing the boys to come to an understanding of their behaviour and finding positive avenues to channel them. It is believed that the behaviour demonstrated by these boys are directed related to community influences which impact their social interactions with their peers within the school. The students will carry out self-assessments and try to understand how their decisions and actions impact themselves and others. During the course of the programme Parents/Guardians will also participate in sessions on Parenting and Parenting Skills as well as understanding their child/ ward. In order for this robust programme to effect the intended results for both students and Parents, the following Departments and persons have been coopted by the Department of Education to participate with the school: Educational Psychologist; Truancy Officer; Department of Youth; Department of Library Services; Department of Mental Health; Department of Social Development; Turks and Caicos Constabulary Force Over the four weeks the following critical areas will be addressed in the programme: Understanding Self-Without Peer Pressure; Conflict Resolution; Interpersonal Relationships; Critical Thinking; Consequential Thinking; Anger Management; Use of Drugs

(Marijuana) and its Effect on Mental Processing and Social Behaviour; Parenting and Understanding your Child; Safeguarding the Child – Role and Expectation of the Parent. During the programme, the following activities have also been infused daily; Individual Counselling and Group Sessions; Reflective Journaling; Testimonials or Inspirational Talks and Field Trips. These activities complement the structured sessions. COMPLETION OF PROGRAMME At the end of the four weeks, each boy would understand how his behaviour affects others and the consequences to certain behavioural outcomes. He will have acquired the required skills necessary to take responsibility for his own learning outcomes and develop skills to resolve issues without engaging in physical confrontations and fights. Additionally, he will learn how to become a positive change agent in school and his community and finally understand the law and penalties attached to certain actions. Each student will also compile a checklist with role and life changes to be adhered to at school or home after the programme. He will also undergo a case conference to assess what he has garnered from the programme, giving feedback on the sessions and how it has impacted him as well as speak about his daily reflections in the journals. Finally, he will list the role and life changes that he will now use to influence his

decisions and actions. The panel of Counsellors will recommend re-integration into the school environment and if there will be need for internal follow up sessions with the Guidance Counsellors at the school or external sessions with the Department of Mental Health. WEEK ONE (FEBRUARY 5 – 9) Week One started off very well. The sessions were very productive. It started with testing and evaluation of the students to assess their social, emotional, psychological, academic levels and career interests aligned with their personality. Among the sessions during this week were sessions on Who am I; Understanding Adolescence; Peer Influence; My Beliefs; Developing Self Worth; My Crowd; My Character Counts and Personal Grooming. Among the Facilitators were Mr. Devon Cox, Mr. Jarrett Forbes, Fr Alvardo Adderley of St Monica’s Anglican Church and Pastor Bradley Handfield. The first session was also held with the Parents where there were discussions on Parenting and Understanding your Responsibility as a Parent. There were a number of courtesy visits that were made during the week. Among them were the Acting Minister of Education, Youth and Library Services, Hon Goldray Ewing; the Permanent Secretary Mr. Wesley Clerveaux and Director of Education, Mr. Edgar Howell.

Courtesy Visit from Hon Goldray Ewing, Acting Minister of Education, Youth and Library Services

GENERAL PRACTITIONER/EMERGENCY ROOM DOCTOR REQUIRED Session Conducted by Mr. Devon Cox on My Character Counts

Session with Sgt Clark of the TCI Constabulary Force on “My Crowd”.

•General practice with some emergency room work. •Full-time 8-hour working day with varying shifts between 8a.m. – 8 p.m. to meet the needs of the business. •On call duty at least 2 nights per week plus 1 in 2 weekends. •Must have at least 8 years post qualification experience and be registered with the Health Practitioners Board •Remuneration structure available on request Please email resume to

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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At FortisTCI, we know the electricity we provide is vital to run your homes, power your businesses and fuel our economy. And the quicker electricity is restored after a hurricane, the better for the tourism sector. With over $35 million invested in recovery after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, we rebuilt stronger, and restored quickly to help hotels re-open and keep the tourism season on track. | 649-946-4313

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


Kalooki’s Restaurant reopens in Grace Bay

By Todeline Defralien Caribbean dining with a touch of elegance, now describes the newly renovated popular local restaurant Kalooki’s, which is back in business at a new location in Grace Bay at the Le Vele Plaza and ready to serve locals and guests with their famous conch specialty and local seafood menu. Kalookis, a family restaurant which was started in 2014 by the beach in Blue Hills, Providenciales, was destroyed by Hurricane Irma in Sept 2017. The restaurant officially reopened to the public on Saturday February 24th with numerous upgrades. On Tuesday February 20th owners Malaika Williams who co-owns the restaurant with husband Lathareo, hosted a soft opening event to give patrons a sumptuous sneak peak of what to expect on dining day. Malaika Williams told The SUN, “It was very overwhelming, the support and it was just a good feeling to see people who were always rooting for Kalooki’s to come out and enjoy and appreciate all that hard work that has been put into the project. It is a goal of any entrepreneur to have a vision and to see it come to fruition and then to have people appreciate that. It’s something you feel and not just see and I definitely felt it.” Expressing her devastation after the passage of hurricane Irma, she added: “We were all ready to reopen at our Blue Hills location. We had already made plans for how we would make changes to our menu for the new season. We actually had consultants in and we were going to revamp our Saturday night barbeque in a more grandeur way and then the hurricane came and changed the landscape of everything, the restaurant, our

Kalooki’s Restaurant in Grace Bay thoughts and everything.” Williams stated that after the extensive damages sustained to the restaurant after the passage of hurricane Irma, Kalooki’s restaurant was going to be no more. “I must say initially we were going to close Kalooki’s. That was the initial thought, just because sometimes when devastation hits you, you get hit real bad and then you think of all the staff and how much you put into this baby because these projects are like your own children. But then I said no, I am not ready to give up Kalooki’s. I want to try and then we begun to think about a million different ways that we could make the old location work. It is not our own property, so we could only give suggestions and then about a month and a half after we received the news that it was not going to be rebuilt.” Williams said that after she received the news that the restaurant would not be rebuilt, she then brought her idea of moving Kalooki’s to the Grace Bay area to her mother, husband, and the manager on board and they all thought that it was a good idea. “God is amazing. I think that he speaks to us through different type

8th Annual Wine Cellar Golf & Fishing Tournament The Wine Cellar Golf & Fishing Tournament (WCGFT) is a fun-filled, family oriented 3-day weekend event. 100% of proceeds will be donated to local charities: Edward Gartland Youth Centre, CARIFTA TCI and Commonwealth Games Association TCI. Starting Thursday March 8th, 2018 with the Calcutta and Captains’ Meeting (Fishing portion), the pre-party and bidding on boats begin (5:30 pm @ Blue Haven). Then, 2 days of fishing (Friday and Saturday, March 9th and 10th) are each followed by a fresh fish auction of the day’s catch, music, entertainment and kid friendly games are hosted at Salt Bar & Grill at the Blue Haven Resort & Marina (Friday, March 9 th @ approx. 4:30pm; Saturday, March 10th starting at 12pm). Preferred fuel pricing is offered to participants of the fishing tournament by Blue Haven Resort & Marina. Rounding out the weekend is the Golf tournament of the event, at Provo Golf Club, where 4 player teams vie for bragging rights and fantastic prizes as well as a silent auction.

The WCGFT is a not-forprofit charity event hosted every year with all proceeds donated to Charity. This year’s recipients will be Edward Gartland Youth Centre, CARIFTA TCI and Commonwealth Games Association TCI. The last 7 Tournaments have raised an incredible $200,000.00 to help the different youth-oriented charity organizations. This year we anticipate a great number of boat signups. New prizes include a $50,000 prize for Record Wahoo (150+ lbs) .. a $10,000 prize for the first hole-inone on any of 3 Par3 holes of the golf tournament. A pair of his/her Rolex watches or a Weekend Getaway for 2 to New York City can be won by purchasing a $20 raffle ticket prior to the event, all helping to raise funds for the charities. Join in on the FUN! We are looking forward to once again hosting a memorable event! For more information or to sign up for the fun, please visit the website at www.golfandfishingtci. com or Contact: Desmond Williams at 649-946-4536

Malaika Williams who co-owns the restaurant with husband Lathareo so we are really encouraging people when they’re finished working to come over,” she told The SUN. Williams stressed that they have a lot of faith in this new location of ways and this was certainly one and it’s actually a beautiful venue, they of ways in which he spoke to me. I just moved from the sea to the garden. thought to myself that if I didn’t find The owners are encouraging the right location that I was not going old and new customers to come and to do it. It was a bit difficult getting visit their new location and enjoy all people out to our venue before and as that they have to offer. a new venue in a place that is a bit far Williams added: “Our old out is a whole lot of marketing that has customers we miss you, come and to go into that. Especially a venue that visit us and see what we’ve done and has previous businesses that may not allow us to serve you again and to the have feared as well, so it was out of people who haven’t tried us before I sight and out of mind. After we looked think it would be worth your wild. It quite a bit in Grace Bay this came up is so important that I give credibility and we grabbed it with both hands. We to the team around me, the Manager, are no longer a beach side so what are my husband, kitchen staff and my we? We are Caribbean, quaint and we front of house. I just could not have are authentic.” done it without them and for that I am At the newly renovated and grateful.” intimate Kalooki’s restaurant you can In addition Williams told get some very good deals on drinks and The SUN that the most anticipated food that will have you coming back for ‘Legal’ party that was born out of the more. Kalooki’s location will not be held at Le “Our prices really are not Vele Plaza but they will be announcing much different from what they use to the date and location soon and also be. We are actually very cognoscente of promised that this year’s event is going that so we maintained things like our to be off the chain. happy hour every day from 6:00pm- Kalooki’s has been in operation 7:00pm where you can sit in Grace Bay since September 2014. The name and have a cocktail for $5.00. Also as Kalooki’s originates from the Jamaican owners we are working class and so we card game Kalooki, (a version of bearded in mind that customers can’t Rummy), much loved by the founding afford to have a $17.00 lunch every day, husband and wife team.

Premier comments on death of TCI’s oldest resident Premier Hon Sharlene Cartwright Robinson regrets the passing of Turks and Caicos Islands’ oldest resident, Ms Eliza “Ma Lilah” Basden of South Caicos. Ms Basden passed on Thursday, January 19, 2018 peacefully at home in South Caicos at the age of 104 years old. Ms Basden has made outstanding contribution to the Island and is known amongst most for her sterling contribution to her Church and by extension of the Turks and Caicos Islands Baptist Union and the Soroptimist Club. She served as the first female executive member of the Turks and Caicos Islands Baptist Union and to date is the longest serving Recording Secretary. Premier Robinson on her passing says that “Ms Basden has been blessed to enjoy 104yrs and this is testament to God’s blessing on her life and her strength. Knowing her personally, I have seen her strength and her commitment to her beliefs. She was a loyal person and faithful to her commitments

Ms Eliza “Ma Lilah” Basden of South Caicos whether it was to the Church or the wider community. She has left an indelible mark on those who met her. I believe that her life when celebrated on February 3rd, 2018 will speak volumes to this giant of a lady and will inspire many to serve their God, Church and community with passion.”

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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Join Us For An Evening With Eva Schloss

Beyond the Diary

Through The Eyes of Her Childhood Best Friend and Step Sister Join us for a firsthand account that will take you from the anguish of Auschwitz to the resilience of the human spirit. One of the last Holocaust survivors, Eva Schloss, will tell her unforgettable story while adding her own unique perspective as Anne Frank’s best friend and stepsister. Eva’s incredible account of strength and courage will leave its mark on you forever.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 At The Shore Club

6:30pM – doors open | 7:00pM – prograM Begins A question and answer session will follow

The event is FREE and open to the public For more information contact Rabbi Sholom Bluming at A Project of the Provo Jewish Community With Special Thanks To Our Sponsors CARGO EXPRESS SERVICES LTD

Tony & Kerry Lancaster

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Top performers in Hospitality awarded at 10th Annual Star Awards T

he biggest names in the Chef of the Year; Executive Chef of hospitality sector gathered the Year; Hotel of the Year; Hotelier for a night of celebration as the of the Year; Restaurant of the Year; Turks & Caicos Hotel and Tourism Taxi Driver of the Year; Entertainer Association (TCHTA) honored the of the Year; TCHTA Allied Member crème de la crème at the 10th Annual Restaurant of the Year; and the Star Awards. Allied Member of the Year. The event was held at the A new category was also Croquet Lawn, The Palms Turks & introduced this year, the “Above Caicos on Thursday February 22nd and Beyond Award” which was where the top three (3) finalists given to fifteen (15) members of the in each category were honored. community who were considered Entertainment was provided by ‘hurricane heroes’, going above and Prime DJs. beyond the call of duty to help and The 19 prestigious awards aid others in the aftermath of last that were up for grabs this year year’s storms. These individuals included: the Heart of Hospitality were nominated by the public and Award ; the Ambassador Award; received their awards at the event. TCHTA’s Shining Star; Employee of the Year; Supervisor of the Year; These photographs were captured to Manager of the Year; Housekeeper highlight the event. of the Year; Bartender of the Year;

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018



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Highlights from Kalooki’s soft opening event A

fter being closed for over five months, popular local restaurant Kalooki’s has reopened its doors to its old and new customers to come and enjoy its brand new ambiance. On Tuesday February 20th owners hosted a soft opening event to give patrons a sumptuous sneak peak of what to expect on dining day. The official reopening date of Kalooki’s Restaurant, now in Grace Bay at the Le Vele Plaza. Malaika Williams who co-owns the restaurant with husband Lathareo told The SUN that she feels very overwhelmed by the support that they received from the community at the soft opening event and that it’s a great feeling to see people who were always rooting for Kalooki’s to come out enjoy and appreciate all of the hard work that has been put into the new location. The new Kalooki’s will be offering authentic Caribbean Food with a twist in spices, which she guarantees will set it apart from other eateries. The following are photo highlights from the soft opening event.

Photos By: Todeline Defralien and Arya Visual Imaging.


FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018



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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018



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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018

No. 1

in the UK for Value-added (The Guardian, 2017)

Top 10

UK University (Graduate Employability)



Exceptional value — earn an accredited UK MBA or MBM for under US$10,000 • Can be completed in 18 months • Specialisations: Banking, Entrepreneurship, Events, Finance, Health Management, Hospitality & Tourism, HRM, Info. Systems, Leadership & Innovation, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Marketing & Sales, Project Management • Option to earn both an MBA and MBM in under 24 months

100% FLEXIBLE 100% ONLINE 100% RELEVANT Free Apple iPad Mini 4 (Conditions apply)

The Edinburgh Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Regional workshops conducted by Edinburgh Faculty MSc HRM (SHRM Recognised) MSc Data Science MSc Construction Project Management (RICS and ICE accredited) MSc Transport Planning and Engineering MSc Health and Social Care BA Business Management (Top-up) BA Business & Enterprise (Top-up) BA Sales Management (Top-up) Final Year Entry to holders of Associate Degree and/or Diploma Specialisms: Marketing, Finance and HRM BSc Nursing Studies (Top-up) PG Cert. Learning and Teaching Regional Office: 27499 Riverview Center Blvd., Suite 223, Bonita Springs, Florida 34134, USA • Tel +1 239 444 4399 • Fax +1 239 444 4398

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


Is seeking a Hairstylist To work 6 days per week Salary $6.50 per hour Please Contact: 241-4404\ 346-4928




Is seeking Is seeking a a Domestic Diver Worker To work 6 days To wok 6 days per week per week Salary is Salary $6.50 per negotiable hour Please Contact: Please Contact: 347-4220 245-9849

Page 31

GLAMOUR GIRL Is seeking: 1 Nail Technician, ($7.50 per hour) 2 Barbers, ($7.50 per hour) 2 Hairdressers ($7.50 per hour) 1 Helper ($6.25) per hour 1 Facial person ($7.00 per hour) 2 Domestic Workers ($6.25 per hour) I Yardman ($7.00 per hour) To work 7 days per week Please Contact: 347-2707



Grand Turk NEEDS A MAINTENANCE MAN Salary $250.00 per Week To work 6 days per week Please Contact 2326534 (Epic corporate will make deposit in Grand Turk)

Is seeking Two (2) Labourers (1)Fisherman (1)Domestic Worker To work 6 days per week Pay is minimum wage Please Contact: 946-3704

Working 6 days a week Pay Rate $6.50 per hr Contact 231-3617/232-3834

Application closing date: February 28th, 2018. Send resume to:














Is seeking a Domestic Worker To work 6 days per week Salary $6.50 per hour Please Contact: 231-4454

A Handyman With multiple skills To work six days per week in Grand Turk At minimum wage Please Contact Tel: 242 6987/ 241 5189

Domestic Worker

Restaurant Captain Position Available •Minimum of 6 years experience as a Captain/Head Waiter in fine dining establishments. •Hospitality College education with classic silver. •Service skills essential along with world wine knowledge, computer skills and supervisory experience. Pay $9.00 per hour.


Gardner Needed 4 - Days a week Salary negotiable Contact - 241-6190 KISA SERVICES/ KIM BAKER



Super Cuts Barber Shop

Alex Higgs: Looking for Barbers Looking for Cashiers Looking for 2 Labourers Looking for 1 Domestic Worker Looking for 2 Beauticians To work 6 days per week Salary $6.50 per hour Please Contact: 243-5406 #681417

Salomon Morency

Is seeking a Labourer To work 6 days per week Salary $6.50 per hour Please Contact 242-5459 #681430

NORMAN PARKER Sales & Marketing Manager wanted

Is seeking Four (4) Labourers Two (2) Mason One (1) Baber One (1) Plant Worker Two (2) Domestic Workers To work 6 days per week Pay is minimum wage Please Contact: 946-3704




2 Masons needed salary $.10.50 Must work 6 days a week Contact 345:8326


Requiring a certified Nail Technician with over 3 years experience Is seeking a Cosmetologist To work 5 days a week Salary $8.00 per hour Please email:

•Candidates must have at least 5-7 years managerial experience. •Be able to drive sales and have proven record of company growth. •Must have a current network of clients, agents and vendors. •Complete understanding of cost controls, inventories and COG. •Need to be able to manage teams and leadership. •Computer skills are a must, along with accounting and spreadsheet knowledge. Salary base of $10/hr based on experience. Please send resumes to or call 649-245-0127


Is seeking a Store Clerk To work 44 hours weekly Salary $7.00 per hour Please Contact: 946-1269

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018

Directors, Media and other stakeholders as necessary.  Other Responsibilities which may be assigned.

VACANCY- MANAGER OF CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDENCIALES Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified individuals for the position of Manager- Customer Service FortisTCI, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. Description  An Innovative thinking individual with extreme analytical skills. The individual must be able to analyze data and formulate data projections and budgets for future periods. You must be a leader in spearheading projects, audits, monthly reporting, ensuring the growth of team members and overall meeting company objectives. The individual should also possess a high motor for Customer Services and must be forward thinking on how to better serve our customers.  To lead and manage the daily operations of the Customer Service Department to ensure that customer service excellence is consistently achieved across all service territories.  To support the Company’s strategic goal of becoming a “Partner in All Things Energy”. Main Duties and Responsibilities GENERAL:  Assist in accomplishing customer service HR objectives by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counselling, and disciplining employees; communicating job expectations; planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions; planning and reviewing compensation actions; developing and enforcing policies and procedures.  Achieve customer service objectives by contributing customer service information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; preparing and completing action plans; implementing productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving problems; completing audits; identifying customer service trends; determining system improvements and implementing changes.  Develop operations guidelines, performance metrics and reporting, scripts and standards as well as functional requirements of customer service staff.  Meets customer service financial objectives by forecasting requirements; assist in preparing monthly/ periodic reports and an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances and initiating corrective actions.  Assessing various technologies and innovative solutions to improve services for internal and external customers.  Development of a Customer Analytics Framework for the Company.  Promote a service culture of excellence throughout the Service Territories.  Ensure customer service standards, policies and procedures are consistently adhered to throughout the Service Territories.  Assist with leading the Company to obtain Certification in Customer Service Standards.  Support the Customer Engagement Committee in the objectives outlined in the Charter.  Work closely with the Revenue Protection Team to ensure that assets are secured and losses are minimized.  Continuously review security measures to ensure the safety of staff and customers.  Make presentations to Management Team, Board of

CUSTOMER CARE:  Determine customer service requirements by maintaining contact with customers; conducting surveys; benchmarking best practices and analysing information from various sources.  Improve customer service quality results by studying, evaluating, and re-designing processes that includes but limited to customer payments, service requests, credit control and billing.  Establish and communicate service metrics; monitor and analyse results and implement changes.  Investigate Customers’ issues and complaints and provide appropriate course of action. BILLING:  Review and approve billings for all islands.  Prepare various reports and analysis in regards to customer billing and consumption patterns.  Assist in identifying meters for further investigation per policy.  Review and approve customer adjustments prior to processing. CREDIT CONTROL:  Review and approve all service disconnections in accordance with policy.  Ensure that receivable metrics are in line with agreed upon targets.  Ensure that the collections process is escalated up to and including court action if required.  Ensure that receivables balances are accurately and realistically reflected. Academic/Technical/Management: Experience and Qualifications:  Bachelor’s Degree in any business related course is preferred.  At least 5-years working experience related to utility customer \ service.  Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Excellent command of the English language (Spoken and written) Abilities and Skills:  Able to possess and demonstrate the following abilities and strengths: Customer Service, Process Improvement, Decision Making, Managing Processes, Staffing, Planning, Analyzing Information, Developing Standards, Call Center Experience, and Emphasizing Excellence.  Exceptional organizational, coaching, mentoring, leadership and planning skills.  Active team player, confident, and resourceful.  Excellent communication, listening, and writing skills.  Matured individual who values honesty and integrity.  Exceptional multitasking skills; able to meet strict deadlines.  Experienced liaison-builder with external and internal stakeholders and staff at all levels.

Compensation is commensurate with experience and qualifications. Deadline for submission of applications (inclusive of a cover letter, resume and a FortisTCI application form) is Tuesday February 27th, 2018 to: Mr. Avi Adams Manager, Human Resources FortisTCI Limited P. O. Box 132, Providenciales Email address: and

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Region hits 30 million mark in stay-over visitors The catastrophic hurricanes that devastated some Caribbean destination last September slowed down tourism’s progress but did not stop it, according to figures released by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), the authority on regional tourism statistics. Ryan Skeete, the CTO’s acting director of research announced at a news conference streamed to a global audience that the Caribbean reached the 30 million mark in stayover arrivals for the first time ever last year, even as the region battled the effects of hurricanes Irma and Maria, as well as Hurricane Harvey, which lashed parts of the United States, the Caribbean’s primary market. In addition there was record spend by visitors, who contributed US$37 billion to Caribbean economies during the 12-month period, up 2.6 per cent over 2016, Skeete reported.

The tourism researcher explained that stay-over arrivals were on track for a strong performance during the first-half of 2017, growing by an estimated 4.8 per cent, but growth was curtailed in the second half of the year by the storms, which were largely responsible for a1.7 per cent drop between July and December. “These outcomes resulted in an overall increase of 1.7 per cent in 2017, making it the eighth consecutive year of growth, albeit slower than the average global growth rate of 6.7 per cent. The CTO official explained that strong economic performance in the main markets helped spur the region’s performance, with some destinations recording strong doubledigit growth, although the hurricaneaffected countries were down between seven per cent and 18 per cent. The United States continued

Four charged in $52,000 RBC rip-off

to be the primary market, growing by about 0.5 per cent to reach an estimated 14.9 million visits to the region due mainly to solid economic growth, low unemployment and high consumer confidence; while the Canadian market rebounded strongly, recording a 4.3 per cent increase in arrivals, compared to a decline of 3.1 per cent in 2016. However, it was the European market that recorded the strongest growth rate, increasing by 6.2 per cent to 5.8 million visitors, with the United Kingdom up by 2.9 per cent to 1.3 million. The increase in arrivals was not reflected in hotel occupancy, which fell by 1.2 per cent, according to STR (formerly Smith Travel Research), a U.S. company that tracks supply and demand data for the hotel industry. However, both average daily rate and revenue per available room recorded

increases, though slightly. “Notably, the hotel performance indicators excluded most of the hurricane-impacted destinations at this time, due to the disruption in operations caused by the hurricanes,” Skeete said. The cruise sector also set a new high of 27 million passengers, 2.4 per cent higher than 2016, despite the hurricanes. “The cruise passenger performance mirrors the performance of tourist arrivals, as it grew strongly by 4.6 per cent in the first half of 2017, but contracted marginally – by 0.4 per cent - in the second half of the year. Indeed, cruise passenger arrivals fell dramatically in September by some 20 per cent. However, growth resumed in October, which saw a two per cent increase,” the CTO official said.

Ship makes historic call to Port Castries

Kaisprintina Munnings (center), Duran Mackey, Jamaris King, and Chrispen Johnson are escorted to court yesterday Four people, who are suspected of ripping off Royal Bank of Canada of $52,960 in online and ATM scams, were charged in court yesterday. Duran Mackey, 32, of Podoleo Street; Jamaris King, 28, of Fox Hill Road; Kaisprintina Munnings, 35, of Commonwealth Boulevard and Chrispen Johnson, 28, of Elizabeth Estates, appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis on charges of fraud by false pretenses, stealing, acquisition of proceeds of criminal conduct and laundering the proceeds of criminal conduct. They denied all the charges. Mackey, who was represented by Calvin Seymour, denied that he fraudulently obtained $6,000 from the account of CJ Welding, held at RBC, on February 10. It is further alleged that he stole $5,750 from various branches of RBC from February 11 to 13. Mackey is also accused of acquiring $6,000 that represented

the proceeds of criminal conduct on February 10. He is accused of laundering $5,750 that represented the proceeds of criminal conduct from February 11 to 13. He was denied bail and will be tried from April 9 to 13. King is accused of fraudulently obtaining $3,600 from the account of Theodore Taylor, held at RBC, on January 29. He was also accused of stealing $1,500 from Taylor’s account on the same date. King is accused of acquiring $3,600 as the proceeds of criminal conduct on the same day and laundering $3,000. King, who was represented by Tai Pinder-Mackey, was denied bail and will be tried from March 19 to 21. Munnings is accused of fraudulently obtaining $12,160 from accounts held at RBC between February 2 and 4. She is also accused of stealing $16,500 from February 3 to 6.

The mega vessel MS Eurodam 2008 The mega vessel MS Eurodam 2008, of the Holland America fleet, made an inaugural call to Saint Lucia on Feb. 18, carrying about 2000 passengers. It was the first plaque exchange ceremony to take place on board a vessel at the newly-extended Dolphin berth at Point Seraphine, since its formal opening on Jan. 13. The small delegation comprising Tourism Minister Hon. Dominic Fedee and representatives from the Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority and Cox and Company Ltd. was greeted by Captain Eric Barhorst who described the inaugural visit as a special one for the MS Eurodam. “Holland American Line has been regularly coming to Saint Lucia and I have been here many times on my other ships but we found out the Eurodam has never been here. So we are very happy to host this little ceremony to commemorate out first visit to your beautiful island.”

Chief Executive Officer at Cox and Company Ltd, agents for Holland America, Matthew Beaubrun who was present at Sunday’s plaque exchange ceremony, noted that Holland America Line was one of the pioneers which has been very supportive of the cruise industry, having started its journey to Saint Lucia in the 1960s. “So we are very pleased to have you all here, and I wish you well on your journeys. Please do enjoy the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. We are doing a lot of work in terms of developing the port, and this work here is just a start and you are going to see more and more in terms of development in the long- term. It will become a better and better port for your passengers to visit.” Tourism Minister Hon. Dominic Fedee, welcomed the MS Eurodam 2008 to Saint Lucia, and highlighted the broad economic spinoffs from the cruise industry.

Leveraging record tourism arrivals to create greater jobs and business opportunities for Caymanians is among the key aims of a new five-year plan for the industry, according to Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell. The plan, which tourism chiefs will present at a series of public meetings over the next few weeks, also looks at the demands the influx of new tourists is putting on the islands’ infrastructure and attractions.

Mr. Kirkconnell told the Cayman Compass that arrival numbers were likely to continue to grow in the short term, with another new record of 425,000 visitors forecast for 2018. “Part of our responsibility is to make sure our citizens see the opportunities taking place,” he said. “We are encouraging people to come here, we are encouraging people to build more rooms, to go east and do more in those outlying areas. If we do

all of that and we don’t put our people in a position to take advantage of those opportunities, then we have failed.” He said tourism jobs, including jobs at government-owned companies like Cayman Airways, the Cayman Turtle Centre and the airports authority, were already the cornerstone of a strong middle class on the island. But he believes more can be done to link the next generation of Caymanians to careers in the industry. He said the tourism school was

helping to prepare school-leavers for entry-level careers or further education. And the ministry is also partnering with U.S.-based Johnson & Wales University to offer hospitality scholarships. The plan also looks to develop a financial and mentoring model to incentivize Caymanians to seek business opportunities in tourism, as well as creating a better link between scholarships and career paths in Cayman’s tourism industry.

Cayman seeks to embrace tourism boom

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FBI charge British engineer with murdering wife on yacht in Caribbean A British engineer has been charged by the FBI with murdering his wife after she disappeared at sea as they cruised around the Caribbean on a belated honeymoon. Lewis Bennett, 41, who holds dual British and Australian citizenship and is originally from Poole, Dorset, was accused of second-degree murder over the death of Isabella Hellmann, 41, on May 15 last year. He was charged in a Miami court where, according to local television station WPTV, he was also sentenced to seven months in jail for transporting valuable rare coins. After his wife’s disappearance Bennett told Isabella Hellman and her British husband Lewis Bennett. She went missing investigators she was lost at during a honeymoon sailing trip sea when their 37ft catamaran, Surf into Summer, was struck When Ms Hellmann one-ounce silver coins and 77 by an unknown object near the disappeared the couple, who had Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Bahamas. a daughter now aged 17 months, worth about £3,200. According to to the FBI were sailing back from Havana, The coins were among Bennett said he had gone below a batch that had been reported deck and left Ms Hellmann above Cuba to their home in Delray stolen from another boat in to keep watch. Beach, Florida. The daughter St Martin the previous year. He described being was not on the boat. Bennett had been a crew member woken up at 1am by a jolt and Bennett made an SOS on that boat. the vessel was taking on water. call in the early hours and was According to the owner Bennett told later spotted by a US Coast of the boat the total value of the investigators he could not find Guard helicopter. He was coins stolen in 2016 was around his wife and had to abandon ship rescued alone from the life raft. $100,000. on a life raft. The search for Ms After he was rescued In an affidavit FBI Hellmann was called off three Bennett said of his wife: “She is special agent James Kelley said days later and her body was my soulmate. I thought we were the bureau now believed Bennett never found. going to be together forever. “knowingly and unlawfully killed” When Bennett was “I understand why they Ms Hellmann. rescued nine plastic tubes of have to investigate and that is The FBI affidavit silver coins were found in the life fair enough. I have got nothing to claimed Bennett had damaged raft. hide. They have to do what they the inside of the boat causing it They included 158 have to do.” to flood. English “Year of the Horse”

The Bahamas PM announces $4 billion oil refinery project in Grand Bahama Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert Minnis announced that his government has approved Oban Energies to commence an oil refinery and oil storage facility in Grand Bahama. The project is expected to create 600 direct jobs, 1,000 indirect jobs during construction and an estimated project cost of over $4 billion. The Prime Minister’s announcement came at the start of the sitting of Parliament on Wednesday, February 14, 2018. “My Government has recently completed negotiating the Heads of Agreement which paves the way for the commencement of this important project,” said Prime Minister Minnis. “This Heads of Agreement articulates how this development can proceed.” The Prime Minister said the Heads of Agreement will be signed on Monday, and that over the following two weeks, two additional Heads of Agreements will be signed. “We are on the road to revitalizing both Grand Bahama and the entire Bahamas,” added Prime Minister Minnis. “I am advised that Oban Energies Management team has been involved in large energy infrastructure projects around the world and brings over 30 years of large, complex construction experience. Oban Energies has further advised that the first phase of the project will consist of four million barrels of fuel storage, a harbour, and deep-sea loading docks to service large vessels; and the construction of a 50,000 barrels per day refinery. “In addition, Oban will build [an] up to 20 million barrel liquid bulk storage facility and a 250,000 barrel per day refinery. The oil refinery has an estimated project cost of up to US$4 billion and the terminal has an estimated cost of US$1.5 billion. “This is a very significant development for Grand Bahama.” Pointing specifically to some of the aspects of the Heads of Agreement, Prime Minister Minnis noted that the developer will contribute funds in the sum of $100,000 per annum to be used for community projects and development of East Grand Bahama.

Bermuda Premier David Burt presents first budget to Parliament Premier David Burt Friday said his ruling Progressive Labour Party (PLP) government would move away from “austerity” to “stimulus” as he unveiled a US$2.18 billion budget to Parliament that opened the door to increased foreign investment in this British Overseas Territory. Unveiling his first fiscal package since the PLP swept to power last year, Burt told legislators “the results of July 2017’s general election are concrete proof of the rejection of trickle-down economics. “This government accepts the economic realities of Bermuda today, but we are determined to forge a future that defies and shifts those realities and empowers this country’s citizens. “This budget, as should be every budget, is about the people,” Burt said, adding that the payroll tax

for the island’s lowest earners would be cut. He said total expenditure for the year would be US$1.18 billion, an increase of US$2.5 million on the 2017-18 total, while revenues for the year are estimated at US$1.09 billion — $47.5 million or 4.6 per cent higher than the original estimate for the last financial year. Announcing that his administration would move away from “austerity” to “stimulus”, Burt said a longstanding 60:40 rule, designed to guarantee majority Bermudian ownership, would be reversed, even though it would “face opposition from both sides of the political spectrum. “We will increase access to capital for Bermudians by reforming the 60:40 rule to one that only requires 40 per cent Bermudian ownership to operate in the domestic economy.

Premier David Burt We need more economic activity in Bermuda and that means we must welcome investment from nontraditional quarters and not shy away from the competition it may create.” He told legislators that “this

government is determined to create the conditions and opportunities that usher the ‘left behind’ from the stands and side-lines to the playing field. Bermudian entrepreneurs should not have to rely on their inheritance or banks that often refuse to lend to fund their ambitions. In the truly competitive marketplace, the consumer will always be the winner as all Bermudians want and seek lower prices for goods and services.” Burt said employee-rate bands would be adjusted to give tax relief to people earning less than US$96,000 a year. The lowest employee band will reduced by 0.75 percentage points to four per cent. Burt said the payroll-tax bands change would mean a couple earning $48,000 a year each, would get a US$720 annual increase in their take-home pay.

Cops absent from Trinidad Carnival can be jailed While the Police Service is assuring that it is actively probing the circumstances in which 808 police officers either called in sick or were absent from duty during the Carnival weekend, the Police Service Social and Welfare Association has said that apart from disciplinary charges there can also also criminal consequences. Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon, who spoke in Parliament last Friday, said the majority of officers

who failed to report for duty were Special Reserve Police officers, some of whom were not released by other Government agencies which utilise their services as the necessary administrative work was not done. Deputy Commissioner of Police Deodat Dulalchan, at last Thursday’s police press briefing, reported that 16 per cent of officers failed to report for duty during this Carnival. Of the 5000 Carnival strength

there was an absence of 808 officers. Last year, there was a 20 per cent absenteeism rate. Dulalchan said disciplinary action could normally result in a pay cut of a minimum fine. But the association’s president Michael Seales said yesterday that apart from disciplinary action there were criminal charges which could also be instituted. Seales said the Special

Reserve Police Act specially stated that any member which neglected duty when called out by the commissioner could be fined $300 or be jailed for one month if taken before a magistrate. “The association is telling persons that is the dilemma the commissioner finds himself in for persons who fail to release persons for those duties,” Seales said.

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Caribbean Export and CDB partner to provide greater access to finance for women-owned businesses

Accessing finance to fund business ventures has long been an issue across the Caribbean, especially for women. Now that the Caribbean Export Development Agency and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) have joined forces to tackle this challenge, sourcing funds could become easier for women-owned businesses in the Region. The two organisations on Monday, February 19, signed an agreement to collaborate on a new programme, Women Empowered through Export (WE-Xport), to support capacity-building for women-owned businesses to facilitate their access to finance. A key component of the new initiative to be launched in March 2018 by Caribbean Export will be “Access to Finance”, and will include a twoday workshop that aims to increase participants’ understanding of the requirements of financial institutions and how best to meet them. Ongoing technical assistance through regional business support organisations will also be available to participating companies through the CDB-funded component. “CDB recognises the importance of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as contributors to economic growth and development in our Region. We welcome the opportunity to partner with Caribbean Export to give womenowned businesses the support they

Pamela Coke Hamilton, Executive Director, Caribbean Export (left) and Daniel Best, Director of Projects, CDB (right) sign the WE-Xport Agreement, while Alana GoodmanSmith, Legal Counsel, CDB (standing) observes need to gain better access to financing. research it commissioned in 2016, We view WE-Xport as another which identified gender disparities opportunity for the Bank to directly in access to credit across the Region. advance women’s entrepreneurship, As part of its response, the Bank and help women business owners is also collaborating with regional overcome one of the greatest obstacles development financial institutions to they face when looking to grow their develop gender policies. businesses—unlocking financing,” said Pamela Coke Hamilton, Daniel Best, Director of Projects, CDB. Executive Director, Caribbean Export, During his statement at the expressed her gratitude to CDB for signing of the agreement, Best noted catching the vision of WE-Xport that between 2013 and 2017, CDB during the project’s early stages and provided lines of credit to micro, partnering on the critical access-tosmall and medium-sized enterprises finance pillar. (MSMEs) totalling approximately “As we brainstormed ways of USD18 million and benefitting 974 supporting women-owned businesses, MSMEs across the Region. The Bank’s we recognized that we needed to support for interventions targeting address the constraints they face in women business owners builds on applying for funding. The project which

we are collaborating on with the CDB will seek to increase the capacity of women entrepreneurs to better prepare proposals to meet the requirements of the financial institutions,” she said. “Through your support we will be able to provide training and technical assistance (TA) to 10 women-owned MSMEs and 10 Business Support Organisations (BSOs).” Caribbean Export works closely with the European Union to implement a range of activities that support the development of the region’s private sector. Their cooperation for the empowerment of women via WE-Xport is poised to be a game changer for women who participate in the upcoming programme. WEXport aims to strengthen and support women-owned enterprises to increase their access to finance, improve and build their capacity as entrepreneurs, increase access to markets (including networking and being integrated to value chains) and advocate on issues and public policies that negatively affect female entrepreneurs. At the signing, Mr. Luis Maia, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean States, the OECS and CARICOM/CARIFORUM, reminded attendees that the EU Delegation and Caribbean Export have worked together for 20 years to achieve regional development.

ICANN Spearheads Initiative To Build Internet Economy In The Caribbean A group of global and wide range of Internet stakeholders regional technology organisations can take advantage of emerging are partnering to help Caribbean opportunities to offer their services. professionals get more out of the Entrepreneurs with the right vision taking the right action can create new Internet economy. The Internet Corporation and sustainable business ventures,” for Assigned Names and Numbers said Albert Daniels, Stakeholder (ICANN) spearheaded the launch of Engagement Senior Manager for the the Virtual DNS Entrepreneurship Caribbean at ICANN. The initiative was launched Center of the Caribbean (VDECC). The term DNS refers to the domain in Port of Spain on February 19, name system, a core component of the in partnership with the Latin technology behind the Internet. The American and Caribbean Country DNS automatically translates human- Code Top-Level Domain Association readable website addresses into the (LACTLD), CANTO, the Caribbean numeric machine addresses that Telecommunications Union, and the Caribbean Network Operators Group computers use. VDECC aims to open up (CaribNOG), the volunteer-based new money-making opportunities community of computer network in the DNS industry for Internet administrators from across the businesses and entrepreneurs across Caribbean. the region, including Internet service Daniels described VDECC as providers, web hosting companies, the fruit of ICANN’s collaboration with top-level domain operators, domain organisations such as CANTO, CTU name registrars and resellers, web and CaribNOG. Delivering opening developers, digital marketers, remarks at the launch, representatives e-commerce startups and Internet of those bodies also voiced a desire to build strategic partnerships with legal experts. “With the right mindset, a ICANN.

Ancient Skeleton Reveals ‘Extinct’ Caribbean Islanders Were Never Really Wiped Out

“The VDECC initiative represents a new wave of possibility for how the Caribbean region is represented on the global DNS marketplace. We have the chance to engage a new cadre of entrepreneurially minded computer engineers, who are interested in playing a part on the global scale but may not fully understand the pathway to getting there,” said Bevil Wooding, Caribbean Outreach Liaison at the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), and one of the founders of CaribNOG. Meeting sessions covered a range of topics, such as the domain name aftermarket, and how to become an ICANN-accredited registrar. Plenary question-and-answer sessions peppered the agenda, creating a rich atmosphere of free-flowing dialogue among an audience that included a mix of technical, policy, legal and business interests. A number of online participants from across the Caribbean and Latin America also joined the dialogue through a live video stream. The open discussion identified a number of potentially

They were called the Taíno, and the “Many history books will tell you that the Europeans who colonised their land took indigenous population of the Caribbean was all but wiped out, but people who selfalmost everything away from them. A half-century after Christopher identify as Taíno have always argued for Columbus set foot upon the New World, these continuity,” says Schroeder. “Now we know they were right all decimated natives of the Caribbean – who once numbered somewhere in the hundreds along: there has been some form of genetic of thousands – had declined to fewer than continuity in the Caribbean.” To show the Taíno had a future, 500, ravaged by disease, enslavement, and worse. Schroeder and fellow researchers had to dig In fact, many thought the indigenous deep into the past – going all the way back Taíno long ago became extinct – a dramatic to a time a half-millennia or more before casualty of historical circumstance – but for Columbus made his fateful landing. the first time, new DNA evidence reveals Buried in a giant cavern called their bloodline yet lives. Preacher’s Cave on the Bahamian island “It’s a fascinating finding,” says of Eleuthera, researchers had previously genetic archaeologist Hannes Schroeder discovered burial sites of ancient Lucayans– from the University of Copenhagen in a branch of the Taíno who were the native Denmark. inhabitants of the Bahamas.

Albert Daniels, Stakeholder Engagement Senior Manager for the Caribbean at the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers speaks at the launch of the Virtual DNS lucrative business opportunities but also pinpointed specific hurdles that have to be overcome. “We have a long road ahead, and this is just the first step,” said Daniel Fink, Stakeholder Engagement Senior Manager for Brazil at ICANN.

One of the skeletons found there belonged to a woman who lived at some point between the 8th and 10th centuries, and her preserved tooth held onto enough intact DNA to enable the team to sequence the first complete ancient human genome from the Caribbean. That analysis showed the woman is genetically most closely related to presentday Arawakan speakers in tribes from northern South America – but it also showed something else. When they compared the ancient genome with those of today’s inhabitants of the Caribbean islands, they found contemporary Puerto Ricans are more closely related to the long-thought ‘extinct’ natives than any other indigenous group in the Americas.

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Two top White House advisers may leave over tensions with Trump

Longstanding friction between U.S. that either National Security Adviser President Donald Trump and two top McMaster or Chief of Staff Kelly, or aides, the National Security Adviser both, might be leaving, White House and the Chief of Staff, has grown spokesman Raj Shah on Thursday did to a point that either or both might not address the possibility. He said, quit soon, four senior administration “the president has full confidence in each member of the team.” Press secretary officials said. Both H.R. McMaster and John Sarah Sanders said on Tuesday that Kelly are military men considered by Trump “still has confidence in General U.S. political observers as moderating McMaster.” Neither Kelly nor McMaster influences on the president by imposing a routine on the White House. They responded to requests for comment have also convinced Trump of the on whether they would remain in the importance of international alliances, administration. particularly NATO, which he has Trump swatted McMaster in criticized as not equally sharing its a Twitter post after his comments at a European conference last weekend burdens with the United States. However, all the officials were that he was certain Russia meddled quick to add that the tensions could in the 2016 U.S. election campaign, blow over, at least for now, as have which Trump has been reluctant to previous episodes of discord between acknowledge. the president and other top officials Kelly and McMaster have who have fallen out of favor, including chafed at Trump’s treatment of them Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and in public and in private, which both at times have considered insulting, said Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Asked about sources saying all four officials, speaking on condition

of anonymity. The current and most potent irritant, they said, is Kelly’s effort, supported by McMaster, to prevent administration officials who have been unable to obtain permanent high-level security clearances from having access to the government’s most closely held secrets. Under pressure to act last week, Kelly strengthened the security clearance process in response to a scandal involving Rob Porter, a former official accused of domestic abuse by two ex-wives. Staffers whose interim clearances have been pending since June would have them revoked on Friday. That would bar Trump’s sonin-law and adviser Jared Kushner from reading the president’s daily intelligence brief, which often contains information on covert operations and intelligence collected from spy satellites, spies, and close U.S. allies. “There have been running

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly stands by as U.S. President Donald Trump holds a meeting on infrastructure with bipartisan members of Congress at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 14, 2018 battles between Trump and his generals,” said one of the officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity. Kelly is a retired Marine general and McMaster an Army lieutenant general. “But the clearance business is personal, and if Trump sets special rules for family members, I‘m not sure if Kelly and McMaster would salute,” the official said.

U.N. pleads for truce to avert ‘massacre’ as strikes hit Syria’s Ghouta for fifth day World leaders called Thursday for an urgent cease-fire in Syria as government forces pounded the opposition-controlled eastern suburbs of the capital in a crushing campaign that has left hundreds of people dead in recent days. The U.N. Security Council heard a briefing from U.N. humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock on what he called “the humanitarian disaster unfolding before our eyes” in the rebel-held suburbs known as eastern Ghouta. Sweden and Kuwait were seeking a vote on a resolution ordering a 30-day cease-fire to allow relief agencies to deliver aid and evacuate the critically sick and wounded from besieged areas to receive medical care. But Russia’s U.N. ambassador, Vassily Nebenzia, who called Thursday’s meeting, put forward last-minute amendments, saying the proposed resolution was “simply unrealistic.” Russia’s amendments would rule out an immediate cease-fire and instead demand that all parties “stop hostilities as soon as possible,”

Civil defence help a man from a shelter in the besieged town of Douma in eastern Ghouta in Damascus, Syria, February 22, 2018 and “work for an immediate and unconditional de-escalation of violence” and 30-day “humanitarian pause.” The Russian proposal would also condemn the “relentless shelling” of Damascus from eastern Ghouta, and deplore “the ongoing attempts by terrorist groups to retake areas and attack civilians and civilian objects.”

Several council diplomats condition of anonymity to protect the who examined the draft, speaking on identity of family members still living condition of anonymity because they in government areas. “At any moment I were not authorized to speak publicly, expect to have to treat my relatives for said it was unacceptable. wounds,” he said. Nebenzia accused global media In the background the deep outlets of a massive disinformation boom of a bomb could be heard campaign that ignored what he claimed exploding as the nurse spoke by Skype were thousands of fighters, including to The Associated Press. He said a al-Qaida-linked militants, that were barrel bomb had fallen less than half a shelling Damascus from eastern kilometer (one-third mile) away. Ghouta and taking refuge in hospitals A spokesman for the Syrian and schools. Civil Defense search-and-rescue Council members said they group said eastern Ghouta was being needed to study the Russian proposals. targeted for “extermination.” “We will try and find a way “This is a war against civilians,” forward that works for everyone,” said the spokesman, Siraj Mahmoud. Sweden’s U.N. Ambassador Olof Skoog “The civil defense is being targeted told reporters, adding that a vote was as they rescue women and children, likely on Friday. evacuate civilians from targeted areas In eastern Ghouta, medical workers and put out fires.” said they hadn’t been able to see their Four rescue workers of the organization, families for days as they worked round also known as the White Helmets, have the clock at hospitals that have been been killed since Sunday, Mahmoud moved underground to protect them said. from bombing, while their spouses and The Britain-based Syrian children stay in shelters. Observatory for Human Rights “You can’t be above ground monitoring group said 400 people, for even 15 minutes,” said a nurse in including dozens of children, have been the town of Kafr Batna, who spoke on killed since Sunday.

Drought-hit Cape Town dreads ‘Day Zero’ when taps will run dry A tough water-saving regime and the generosity of farmers have given South Africa’s main tourist hub welcome respite from a severe drought and helped push back a dreaded “Day Zero” when Cape Town’s taps are expected to run dry. On Tuesday, the city of four million moved its estimate for “Day Zero” to July 9 from June 4 due to a decline in water usage, and after the Groenland farmers association also released 10 billion liters of water from their private reservoirs into the Steenbras storage dam. South Africa has declared a national disaster over the drought afflicted southern and western regions,

including Cape Town, which means the government could spend more money and resources to deal with the crisis. Cape Town, which attracts about two million visitors each year, wants to become more resilient as the effects of climate change are felt, similar to other dry cities including Melbourne and California. “We know that while we are going through a challenging time, we are building a world-class green economy that will be a beacon of hope for many places around,” said Tim Harris, chief executive for Wesgro, a regional trade and tourism agency. The chronic drought is hurting

visitor numbers and knocking a rare economic bright spot, officials said previously. According to the South African Weather Service, two of the driest seasons ever recorded for the city since observations started in 1921 happened in the last three years: In 2015 when 549 mm (21 inches) fell and last year - the driest year on record when annual rainfall totaled 499 mm. But, faced with severe water restrictions and punitive levies, residents of Cape Town have cut collective consumption by more than half in the last three years, as the city targets a daily consumption rate of no more than 450 million liters.

Sand blows across a normally submerged area at Theewaterskloof dam near Cape Town, South Africa, January 20, 2018

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Former U.S. presidential candidate Romney announces Utah Senate bid Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, announced on Friday he would run for a U.S. Senate seat in Utah, confirming months of speculation about a return to national politics. “I’ve decided to run for United States Senate because I’ve decided I can help bring Utah’s values and Utah’s lessons to Washington,” Romney, who is seeking to replace retiring Senator Orrin Hatch, said in a video posted to Twitter. Romney’s video made no mention of Trump but his relationship with the president looms as a major issue in the campaign. Much of the video focused on Utah values versus the Washington culture. “Utah has a lot to teach the politicians in Washington,” he said. “... Utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world. Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion. And on Utah’s Capitol Hill, people treat one another with respect.” Trump has called for building a wall on the country’s border with Mexico and limiting legal migration. Romney, speaking on Friday evening at a Republican Party event in Provo, Utah, called Wednesday’s school shooting in Florida “senseless, debased evil.” “We must take action to prevent this again,” he said, adding that this would best be accomplished at the state and local levels, not in Washington. Republicans hold 51 of the Senate’s 100 seats but that majority is not always big enough to pass the Trump agenda. If Romney wins the Senate race, it could set him up for a direct collision with Trump, with whom he

Former U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks at the Utah County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, in Provo, Utah, U.S. February 16, 2018 has publicly sparred. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Romney excoriated Trump as a “fraud” who was “playing the American public for suckers.” Trump responded that Romney had “choked like a dog” in his race against Obama. However, after Trump won the presidency in November 2016, he briefly considered whether to pick Romney as his secretary of state. Responding to one of a series of written questions, Romney said in his speech he generally approved of Trump’s agenda, but would not hesitate to call out the president if need be. “I‘m with the president’s domestic policy agenda of low taxes, low regulation, smaller government,

Hard Brexit faction in May’s party demands clean break from EU More than 60 Conservative Chequers, on Thursday. They will try lawmakers have written to Theresa come up with a final version of her May demanding a quick, clean break government’s approach to possibly the from the European Union, adding most difficult phase of the negotiations pressure on the prime minister before - settling on a transition phase and her ministers meet to decide Britain’s final agreement. negotiating position. The group of 62 lawmakers Members of the hard-line demanded a tougher approach in European Research Group, a faction a number of areas, including “full in her Conservative Party, wrote regulatory autonomy” outside the EU the letter days ago and have been and the ability to start negotiating adding signatures to bolster demands trade deals “immediately”. for Britain to toughen its position in They represent less than a talks to unravel more than 40 years of fifth of the 316 Conservative members union. of parliament, but after May lost her The letter adds to an parliamentary majority in a snap increasingly divisive and angry debate election last year, she cannot afford to over Britain’s future relationship with alienate them, and she has been wary the EU. Anti-EU campaigners are of setting out too many details of the concerned that those calling for the government’s negotiating position. closest possible ties will force a Brexit The EU wants May to in name only. clarify how she sees Britain’s future “It’s to strengthen the relationship with the bloc. It is government’s position, because the pressing for a status-quo transition EU will read the letter,” Andrew period, which Brexit campaigners fear Bridgen, a Conservative lawmaker will see Britain subject to new EU and member of the ERG, told Reuters. laws that could threaten the status of Pro-EU and pro-Brexit London’s financial centre. campaigners often send letters to May They want a veto over any news to air their views. But the timing of rules or regulations and the ability this letter - circulated widely, and to change British laws without which Bridgen has confirmed - is no authorisation from Brussels from the surprise. moment the country formally leaves May will meet her top the EU on March 29 next year. ministers at her country residence,

pushing back against the bureaucrats. By and large by the way his policies are very similar to those I campaigned on. ... I‘m probably more of a deficit hawk than most Republicans.” “I‘m not always with the president on what he might say or do, and if that happens I’ll call‘em like I see‘em, the way I have in the past, but we can certainly work together and our agenda will be for the best interests of the people of Utah and the people of our country,” he said. On the thorny issue of immigration, Romney said he thought Trump had the right idea about the Dream Act, which lets children of immigrants born in the United States remain in the country. “We have to recognize that we as a nation will honor the commitment made by a prior president. So I agree with the president (Trump). Let’s find a way to have these people be able to stay in our country.” Romney also said he supported Trump’s so-called four pillars of immigration and favored stronger border security and stopping chain migration and the lottery program. Trump had lobbied Hatch to run for re-election in 2018 in what was viewed as an effort to prevent Romney from getting into the Senate. Trump and Romney spoke in January after Hatch announced his retirement, a White House official said. Romney said predictions that Republicans would lose the 2018 midterm elections were wrong because of growing paychecks. “We’re going to hold the House and we’re going to hold the Senate,” he told the Republican audience. After the speech, when asked about whether Trump had taken meddling by Russians in the 2016

election seriously enough, he told reporters: “I agree with the president that they didn’t determine the outcome in any way but what they’ve done is unacceptable, I‘m glad that they’re being held accountable and believe that without question that Russians are trying to interfere with the principles of elected democracy and that’s gotta end.” Romney, the son of former Michigan Governor George Romney, helped found the buyout firm Bain Capital and gained prominence after stepping in to lead the organizing committee for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics after a bribery scandal. He then served as governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007. Romney first sought the presidency in 2008 but lost the Republican nomination to Arizona Senator John McCain. Four years later, Romney won the party’s nomination but was defeated by incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama. Romney is the front-runner in the November election in Republicandominated Utah. According to the Federal Election Commission, the field includes five other people, including a Salt Lake City councilwoman and a Marine Corps veteran. The race will be Romney’s second for the Senate. In 1994, he failed to oust Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy from his seat in Massachusetts. Hatch, 83, the most senior Republican in the Senate, said last month he would not seek an eighth term. Several high-profile Republicans expressed public support for Romney’s bid, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was Romney’s vice presidential running mate in 2012.

Philippines ‘concerned’ as U.S. intelligence tags Duterte a threat to democracy Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte is not an autocrat and is taking seriously a report by the U.S. intelligence community that names the firebrand leader among the threats to democracy in Southeast Asia, his spokesman said on Wednesday. The report, produced by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, places Duterte alongside Cambodia’s Hun Sen, the Rohingya crisis and Thailand’s military-backed constitution as impediments to democracy. “We view this declaration from no less than the intelligence department of the United States with some concern,” presidential spokesman Harry Roque told DZMM radio. Democracy and human rights in many Southeast Asian nations will remain fragile in 2018 because of autocratic tendencies, rampant corruption and cronyism, the U.S. intelligence community said in its Worldwide Threat Assessment report of Feb. 13.(bit. ly/2BYIdoc) “Duterte has suggested he could suspend the constitution, declare a ‘revolutionary government’, and impose nationwide martial law,” it said. Roque dismissed that

assessment. “For one, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is no autocrat or has autocratic tendencies. He adheres to the rule of law and remains loyal to the constitution,” Roque said in a statement. There is no revolutionary government or nationwide martial law, which U.S. intelligence officials say Duterte might impose, he added. Duterte has publicly made such threats on several occasions, however. Philippine lawmakers in December approved a yearlong extension of martial rule in the volatile southern region of Mindanao to suppress threats such as communist insurgents and Islamist militants. This is not the first time the United States has shown concern about Duterte, who is notorious for his defiance of international pressure. Duterte was infuriated by expressions of concern by former President Barack Obama’s administration about drug-war killings in the Philippines. Obama’s successor, Donald Trump, praised Duterte for doing an “unbelievable job on the drug problem,” but refrained from expressing concern about the crackdown during a visit to the Philippine capital last November.

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New British party inspired by Macron seeks to overturn Brexit

A new British party inspired by French President Emmanuel Macron’s movement launched a campaign on Monday to thwart Brexit by convincing lawmakers to block any EU withdrawal deal Prime Minister Theresa May can strike. With just over 13 months left until Britain is due to leave the EU, opponents of Brexit are exploring ways to stop what they call Britain’s biggest mistake since World War Two. The Renew party, founded last year after Macron’s En Marche! movement propelled him to power, said it would target pro-Brexit lawmakers in constituencies with high levels of support for EU membership. “We intend to be tough on Brexit and tough on the causes of Brexit,” said James Torrance, the party’s head of strategy. “We’ll pressure MPs to consider the national interest and put Remain back on the table in a vote on the final EU deal.” The party, founded by an accountant, a former journalist and a consultant, plans to contest seats in May local elections and all 650

Sandra Khadhouri of Renew poses for a photograph at the launch of the new political party in London, Britain, February 19, 2018 parliamentary seats if there is a national election. In the United Kingdom’s 2016 referendum, 51.9 percent, or 17.4 million people, voted to leave the EU

Depraved UK academic who blackmailed victims into sending abuse photos jailed for 32 years A British academic who blackmailed victims into sending him increasingly depraved images which he shared on dark web forums was jailed for 32 years on Monday after admitting 137 offences which included encouraging the rape of a four-yearold boy. Dr Matthew Falder, 29, a geophysicist employed as a researcher at Birmingham University in central England, duped victims by masquerading as a depressed female artist on forums and mainstream online advertising websites. He fooled them into sending him naked or partially clothed images of themselves before blackmailing them into sending more humiliating images by threatening to send the original pictures to their family, friends and employers. Using the names “evilmind” and “666devil”, he then distributed the images on “hurt core” websites, hidden forums devoted to discussing rape, murder, sadism, torture, paedophilia, blackmail and degradation. Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA), said he approached more than 300 people worldwide, with 45 victims represented in the charges against him. The NCA set up a global taskforce with law enforcement officials from the United States, Australia and Europol and enlisted the help of the UK’s eavesdropping spy agency GCHQ during a four-year hunt to track down Falder who had used specialist anonymising techniques to remain hidden. He was finally arrested in June last year and in October pleaded guilty to 137 charges which included encouraging rape, inciting sexual exploitation making indecent images of children and voyeurism. “It is a tale of ever-increasing depravity,” Judge Philip Parker said

Geophysicist Dr Matthew Falder, 28, of Edgbaston, Birmingham as he sentenced Falder at Birmingham Crown Court. “The effects on the girls, women and men were devastating. The damage is ongoing for these individuals. It will never end. Time and again people begged you to stop. Time and again you ramped up the pressure.” At least three of the victims, who ranged in age from early teens to people in their 30s, tried to take their own lives. Falder, a graduate of Cambridge University, also secretly filmed adults he knew when they were in the shower using hidden cameras he had installed at a number of locations. “Dr Matthew Falder thought he wouldn’t be caught,” said NCA operations strategic lead Matthew Long. “He would stop at nothing to exploit (the victims), to make them feel sad, humiliated and unhappy. Ultimately that has devastated some people’s lives.”

while 48.1 percent, or 16.1 million, voted to stay. Blocking any withdrawal deal that May brings back from Brussels in October would probably sink her minority government and prompt a national election that could throw Britain’s exit into doubt. May’s government and party is divided over Brexit. She campaigned for a “remain” vote in 2016, but now insists Britain will leave at 2300 GMT on March 29, 2019. She says there will be no rerun of the referendum. An ICM survey published last month showed 47 percent of voters favor having a final say on Brexit once the terms of the departure are known, while 34 percent oppose a rerun of the referendum. But the survey showed just a two-percentage-point lead for remaining in the EU once the “don’t knows” are excluded. EU leaders, if they voted unanimously, could allow Brexit to be delayed if there was political turmoil in Britain on the eve of Brexit. That would still probably leave investors

uncertain about the nature of the future trading relationship. Among those who have called for Brexit to be halted are former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Goldman Sachs Group Inc Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein and George Soros, who made a fortune by betting against the British pound in 1992. “We have had informal discussions with En Marche,” said Torrance, a former accountant who helped found Renew. “They are providing advice to us about how they got going in France. So we can understand that in more detail and apply some of the lessons from that.” Renew has so far received about 100,000 pounds ($140,000) in donations, including 30,000 from a lawyer and 20,000 from a restaurant owner, according to a senior party official. Supporters of Brexit say attempts to stop Brexit run against the democratic will of the people and could thrust Britain into a constitutional crisis.

Haiti vows abuse review of all charities after Oxfam ‘hid crimes’ Oxfam hid information about sexual misconduct from authorities in Haiti, a senior official in the Caribbean nation said on Monday, and he vowed to launch a wide-reaching investigation into charities operating there. Oxfam officials met Haiti’s planning and external cooperation minister, Aviol Fleurant, in Port-auPrince on Monday to hand over a copy of a 2011 internal report which states that the British charity’s former Haiti country director had admitted to using prostitutes during a relief mission Haiti’s Minister of Planning and External following a devastating earthquake Cooperation Aviol Fleurant speaks during that hit the Caribbean island nation an interview with Reuters in Port-auin early 2010. Prince, Haiti, February 19, 2018 It was the first meeting between Oxfam, one of the world’s we can” in further investigations. biggest disaster relief charities, and Oxfam earlier on Monday the government in Haiti since a recent released the 2011 internal report Times of London report that said some documenting accusations against of Oxfam’s staff paid for sex, triggering Roland Van Hauwermeiren, who ran a scandal that has seriously damaged the charity’s operation in Haiti after the charity’s reputation in the UK and the 2010 earthquake and resigned abroad. in 2011. Hauwermeiren has denied “What hurt me at the end of paying for sex with prostitutes or the meeting is that they admitted that abusing minors. Haitian authorities had, at no time, “We have taken a lot of been informed by Oxfam about the measures to improve our internal commission of such crimes,” Fleurant safeguarding measures. We have told Reuters in an interview. given, as best as we can, explanations “According to the law, someone as to what happened in 2011,” who is aware of the perpetration of a Ticehurst said. crime is obliged to alert the nearest Fleurant said the government authorities,” the minister said. wanted all charities operating in Prostitution is illegal in Haiti. Haiti to reveal more about sexual The minister also said he was looking misconduct by their missions in the into reports, denied by Oxfam, that country. one of the women was under age. “An investigation has been Former Judge Claudy launched into the functioning of all Gassant said that under Haitian law non-governmental organizations, it could be considered illegal to not regarding sexual crimes and abuses,” report a crime to relevant authorities. he said, without giving more details. After the meeting, Simon Ticehurst, Last week, Haitian President Jovenel Oxfam International’s director general Moise said sexual misconduct by for Latin America and the Caribbean, staff of Oxfam was only the tip of an said he apologized to Haiti’s “iceberg” and called for investigations government and people for what into Doctors Without Borders and happened, and said the organization other aid organizations which came to was willing to collaborate “as much as the country after the earthquake.

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Students plan protests, Washington march, to demand gun control after mass shooting Stunned by the deadliest high school shooting in U.S. history, students mobilized across the country on Sunday to organize rallies and a national walkout in support of stronger gun laws, challenging politicians they say have failed to protect them. Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a former student is accused of murdering 17 people on Wednesday using an assault-style rifle, joined others on social media to plan the events, including a Washington march. “I felt like it was our time to take a stand,” said Lane Murdock, 15, of Connecticut. “We’re the ones in these schools, we’re the ones who are having shooters come into our classrooms and our spaces.” Murdock, who lives 20 miles (32 km) from Sandy Hook Elementary School where 20 children and six adults were shot to death five years ago, drew more than 50,000 signatures on an online petition on Sunday calling on students to walk out of their high schools on April 20. Instead of going to classes, she urged her fellow students to stage protests on the 19th anniversary of an earlier mass shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado. Students from the Florida high school are planning a “March for Our Lives” in Washington on March 24 to

supposed to keep our children safe and again and again, our country has let them down,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said on Twitter. The suspect in the Parkland shooting, Nikolas Cruz, 19, faces multiple murder charges in the deaths of 14 students and three staff members, and the wounding of more than a dozen others in a rampage that eclipsed Columbine as the country’s worst mass A senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School weeps in front of a cross and Star shooting at a high school. of David for shooting victim Meadow Pollack while a fellow classmate consoles her at a Cruz was reported to have memorial by the school in Parkland, Florida, U.S. February 18, 2018 been investigated by police and state call attention to school safety and ask Twitter post that the FBI may have officials as far back as 2016 after lawmakers to enact gun control. been too distracted with a Russia slashing his arm in a social media They also plan to rally for gun probe to follow leads that could have video, and saying he wanted to buy a control, mental health issues and school prevented the massacre. gun. Authorities determined, however, safety on Wednesday in Tallahassee, “You can’t blame the he was receiving sufficient support, the state capital. The students were bureaucracy for this when it’s you, Mr. newspapers said on Saturday. expected to meet with a lawmaker who President, who’s overall responsible,” In addition, the Federal is seeking to ban the sale of assault- David Hogg, an 18-year-old Douglas Bureau of Investigation admitted on style weapons like the AR-15 allegedly senior, said in a phone interview. Friday that it failed to investigate a used in the school shooting. The White House said Trump warning that Cruz possessed a gun and The demands for change planned to host “a listening session” the desire to kill. by many still too young to vote has with high school students and teachers A couple who opened their inflamed the country’s long-simmering on Wednesday, but did not specify home to Cruz after his mother’s recent debate between advocates for gun which students or school would be death saw no signs he was planning a control and gun ownership. involved. rampage, according to the Sun Sentinel Students from the Florida Democratic leaders vowed to in south Florida. school have lashed out at political redouble efforts to fight the nation’s Kimberly and James Snead leaders, including Republican powerful gun lobby to reduce violence told the newspaper they knew Cruz President Donald Trump, for inaction from firearms. had guns, and that they made him lock on the issue. Many criticized Trump for “We’re the adults. We’re them in a safe. They thought they had insensitivity after he said in a weekend the leaders in this country who are the only key, they said.

U.S. charges Russians with 2016 U.S. election tampering to boost Trump

A Russian propaganda arm oversaw a criminal and espionage conspiracy to tamper in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign to support Donald Trump and disparage Hillary Clinton, said an indictment released on Friday that revealed more details than previously known about Moscow’s purported effort to interfere. The office of U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller charged 13 Russians and three Russian companies, including St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency known for its trolling on social media. The official who oversees Mueller’s work said the investigation was not finished. The court document said those accused “had a strategic goal to sow discord in the U.S. political system, including the 2016 U.S. presidential election.” The indictment said Russians adopted false online personas to push divisive messages; traveled to the United States to collect intelligence, visiting 10 states; and staged political rallies while posing as Americans. In one case, it said, the Russians paid an unidentified person to build a cage aboard a flatbed truck and another to wear a costume “portraying Clinton in a prison uniform.” The surprise 37-page indictment could alter the divisive U.S. domestic debate over Russia’s meddling, undercutting some Republicans who, along with Trump, have attacked Mueller’s investigation. “These Russians engaged in a sinister and systematic

FBI Director Robert Mueller testifies before the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Federal Bureau of Investigation oversight on Capitol Hill in Washington June 13, 2013 attack on our political system. It was a conspiracy to subvert the process, and take aim at democracy itself,” said Paul Ryan, Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives. The indictment is silent on the question of whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin, which Mueller is investigating. In a tweet on Friday, Trump gave his most direct acknowledgement that Russia had meddled in the election, which he has frequently disputed. “Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I would run for President. The results of the election were not impacted. The Trump campaign did nothing wrong - no collusion!” Trump wrote. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced the allegations as

“absurd” and ridiculed the notion that so few Russian nationals could undermine U.S. democracy. “13 against the billions’ budgets of the secret services?” she asked in a Facebook post. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declined to comment on Saturday on the U.S. indictments, telling a security conference in Munich that U.S. Vice President Michael Pence and others had raised questions about the investigation. “You may publish anything you want to. So until we see the facts, everything else is just blather,” Lavrov said. The accused Russians are unlikely to be arrested or appear in a U.S. court on the charges, which include conspiracy to defraud the United States, wire fraud, bank fraud and identity theft, as there is no extradition treaty between the United States and Russia. The indictment broadly echoes the conclusions of a January 2017 U.S. intelligence assessment, which found Russia had meddled in the election, and that its goals eventually included aiding Trump. In November 2016, Trump won a surprise victory over Democratic Party candidate Clinton. Mueller’s indictment did not tie the meddling effort to the Russian government. But the earlier U.S. intelligence assessment said Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign to influence the U.S. election. Trump has never unequivocally accepted the U.S. intelligence report and has denounced Mueller’s probe as a “witch hunt.”

Carnival probes security personnel’s response to brawl in South Pacific cruise Carnival Corp (CCL.N), the world’s largest cruise operator, said on Monday it was investigating the response of its security personnel to a brawl that broke out on one of its South Pacific cruises that resulted in 23 passengers being removed. The American-British company said in a statement that it was investigating “all aspects including the security response” of the incident, which was captured on video and posted on social media. The 10-day cruise to the South Pacific returned to the Australian southern city of Melbourne on Saturday, a day after 23 people were removed in the New South Wales (NSW) town of Eden for what the company described as “disruptive and violent acts”. “The level of excessive behavior experienced on the cruise was unprecedented,” the Carnival statement said, referring to the passengers who were removed from the cruise. “We have apologized to guests who were directly affected by it,” it said. The statement did not say when the investigation will be concluded. Carnival has offered passengers a 25 percent “cruise credit” on future trips. A NSW police spokeswoman told Reuters on Monday that inquiries were continuing with no charges laid yet. The video on social media shows passengers brawling with each other and with security officers. A Carnival spokesman said the company could not confirm the veracity of the video. Several passengers who got off the cruise in Melbourne, including Michael Haddara and Jacob Summers, told local media on Saturday that the security staff made matters worse. Companies and their brands can suffer reputational damage from the actions of their employees. Last April, United Airlines reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum with a passenger who was dragged from a Chicago flight.

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British bank RBS hires ‘digital human’ Cora on probation

A life-like avatar called Cora is being put through her paces by Royal Bank of Scotland, helping customers with basic queries and giving its digital banking drive a more human face. RBS, which recently axed a quarter of its branches and has announced thousands of job cuts in the past year alone as it reduces costs, will only deploy Cora to NatWest customers if the bank’s female avatar passes her probation period. The digital teller, who wears a NatWest branded uniform and has an ear piercing and sparkling teeth, answers simple questions on getting a mortgage or what to do if a customer loses their card. “It could create another way for

our customers to bank with us on top of the usual services we offer and be used to help answer questions round the clock, whilst cutting queuing times,” Kevin Hanley, director of innovation at NatWest, said. Cora, which is undergoing advanced testing as part of a pilot program at RBS, could even be used to train members of staff, Hanley said on Wednesday. The RBS experiment is the latest by an industry trying to adapt to changing customer behavior, rapid technological change and the threat posed by new entrants. Initiatives range from nowcommonplace chatbots or installing tablets in branches to bolder forays

into the future, such as robot door staff. Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan said last year robots could replace 48,000 of the bank’s human employees, who were too error-prone and inefficient. NatWest said its prototype, which can have a two-way verbal conversation with customers via computers, tablets or mobile phones and learn from mistakes, could boost efficiency and provide another channel for customers to get support. Cora could free up human colleagues to deal with more complex issues, the bank continued, adding that testing has suggested customers who have avoided digital services might be more inclined to interact with a “digital human”.

Cora, illustrated above, will be used to answer customers’ basic banking questions during a pilot the bank is running in London, Britain

Netflix, Amazon win new favor after Wall Street sell-off Netflix Inc, Inc and technology companies poised to benefit from U.S. corporate tax cuts are attracting fresh attention on Wall Street after their shares shrugged off recent market turbulence. Amazon on Wednesday rose over 2 percent and touched $1,500 for the first time, while Netflix rose also rose over 2 percent and nearly hit its own record high. Investors, left nervous after major indexes slumped into correction territory at the start of the month but still confident about the health of the U.S. economy, are doubling down on already popular companies expected to post above-average earnings growth. Many of those are businesses poised to benefit from consumers and companies with more money to spend and invest as a result of U.S. tax cuts enacted this year. Among such stocks, Amazon has climbed 2.7 percent since the end of January and Netflix has increased

Analysts on average expect Amazon to increase its adjusted, non-GAAP earnings per share by 82 percent this year. Netflix’s earnings per share are expected to more than triple, according to Thomson Reuters data. That compares with expectations for S&P 500 aggregate earnings to expand by an unusually strong 19.1 percent in 2018, helped by a tax cuts and a stronger economy, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. In terms of their earnings valuations, Amazon and Netflix appear exceptionally expensive compared The Amazon logo with most stocks. Amazon recently 4.9 percent, both outperforming the traded at 155 times earnings expected over the next 12 months, while Netflix S&P 500’s 3.3 percent decline. “Investors are willing to pay a traded at 94 times expected earnings, premium for go-go tech stocks that can according to Thomson Reuters data. As the dust settles from the deliver returns in any environment,” said Jack Ablin, chief investment sell-off earlier this month, investors officer at Cresset Wealth Advisors also remain optimistic about the in Chicago. “People are going to stay technology sector. After leading last home and eat popcorn and watch year’s stock market rally, the S&P movies on Netflix no matter what.” 500 information technology index

in 2018 is in a neck-and-neck lead with consumer discretionary, both about 4.9 percent higher year to date. Amazon is the most heavily weighted stock in the consumer discretionary index and accounted for much of its gain. Following earnings growth of 20.5 percent for 2017, the S&P information technology sector is expected by analysts to expand its earnings by another 17.1 percent this year. Overall S&P 500 earnings grew about 12.8 percent in 2017 and are seen increasing another 17.9 percent this year. While analysts have increased their earnings estimates for hundreds of companies to account for new tax cuts, investors still lack a clear picture of how companies will spend their windfalls. Some companies may reinvest it, including spending on technology like cloud computing and cyber security.

Artificial intelligence poses risks of misuse by hackers, researchers say Rapid advances in artificial Miles Brundage, a research fellow at intelligence are raising risks that Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute. malicious users will soon exploit “There was a gap in the literature the technology to mount automated around the issue of malicious use.” Artificial intelligence, or AI, hacking attacks, cause driverless car crashes or turn commercial drones involves using computers to perform into targeted weapons, a new report tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as taking decisions warns. The study, published on or recognizing text, speech or visual Wednesday by 25 technical and public images. It is considered a powerful policy researchers from Cambridge, Oxford and Yale universities along force for unlocking all manner of with privacy and military experts, technical possibilities but has become sounded the alarm for the potential a focus of strident debate over misuse of AI by rogue states, criminals whether the massive automation it and lone-wolf attackers. enables could result in widespread The researchers said the unemployment and other social malicious use of AI poses imminent dislocations. threats to digital, physical and The 98-page paper cautions political security by allowing for that the cost of attacks may be lowered large-scale, finely targeted, highly by the use of AI to complete tasks that efficient attacks. The study focuses would otherwise require human labor on plausible developments within five and expertise. New attacks may arise years. that would be impractical for humans “We all agree there are a alone to develop or which exploit lot of positive applications of AI,” the vulnerabilities of AI systems

themselves. It reviews a growing body of academic research about the security risks posed by AI and calls on governments and policy and technical experts to collaborate and defuse these dangers. The researchers detail the power of AI to generate synthetic images, text and audio to impersonate others online, in order to sway public opinion, noting the threat that authoritarian regimes could deploy such technology. The report makes a series of recommendations including regulating AI as a dual-use military/ commercial technology. It also asks questions about whether academics and others should rein in what they publish or disclose about new developments in AI until other experts in the field have a chance to study and react to potential dangers they might pose.

Sophia, a robot on display during a presentation at the 2017 “AI for Good” Global Summit in Geneva, Switzerland

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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Uber will aggressively invest in Southeast Asia, won’t let SoftBank rule it

Uber Technologies Inc’s But Dara Khosrowshahi [UBER.UL] chief executive pledged seemed to dismiss that strategy on to continue investing aggressively in Thursday in his first official visit to Southeast Asia even though the U.S. Asia since he became Uber CEO last ride hailing firm expects to lose money year. “We expect to lose money in in the fast growing market due to costly Southeast Asia and expect to invest battles with rivals such as Grab. SoftBank’s 15 percent stake aggressively in terms of marketing, purchase in Uber last month has subsidies etc,” Khosrowshahi told opened up the possibility of combining reporters in New Delhi, adding there is Uber with other ride-hailing assets huge potential in the region thanks to the Japanese group owns across Asia. a big population and fast internet user SoftBank has stakes in Singapore- growth. “From a competitive based Grab and India’s Ola. At the time of the investment, standpoint we think we can improve,” SoftBank said it wants Uber to focus on he said. Khosrowshahi said that a growing in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Australia - not Asia, decade from now he expects 80 percent which has been among the most costly of growth at Uber to be organic and and competitive regions for the ride- some through acquisitions. “We will look at anything .... services firm, a source had told Reuters. Uber is preparing to sell its Southeast But right now the plan for Southeast Asia ride-hailing business to Grab in Asia is to go forward, lean forward and return for a substantial stake in the to invest.” company, CNBC reported earlier this INDIA PUSH Khosrowshahi said SoftBank month, citing sources familiar with the matter. is an investor but Uber, which has a

WhatsApp to go ahead with ‘full feature’ money transfer service in India WhatsApp will launch a “full feature” inter-bank money transfer service in India, its biggest market, after a test involving a million users, National Payments Corp of India said. Friday’s statement marks the de facto official launch of WhatsApp’s new service as NPCI is the body set up by the central bank and lenders to oversee payment services. WhatsApp launched a limited service in India, where it has more than 200 million users, last week. This uses customers’ phone numbers linked to bank accounts to facilitate payments and marks the first global foray into money transfers by the Facebook-owned firm. Four banks will join United Payments Interface (UPI) - which powers the payments service - for

WhatsApp, NPCI said. At present, India’s third-biggest lender ICICI Bank processes the fund transfers on WhatsApp, the application shows. WhatsApp’s popularity in India is likely to pose a threat to established players, but it is entering a competitive market after Alphabet Inc’s Google launched a payments app last year to compete with local players. The country’s cashless economy got a boost after Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned old high-value currency notes in late 2016, leading to a surge in online payment providers such as homegrown player Paytm, the biggest in India. Paytm, which is backed by Alibaba and SoftBank expressed concerns about the security of WhatsApp’s new payments service in a statement released on Friday.

valuation of around $68 billion, will take any final decisions along with the board on mergers and partnerships. He said he does not expect any change in Uber’s India operations following the deal with SoftBank. India is one of Uber’s fastestgrowing international markets and accounts for more than 10 percent of Uber’s trips globally, but it’s not making money yet, Khosrowshahi said. Uber and India’s market leader Ola have been locked in a fierce battle, pumping in millions of dollars of investors’ money for a bigger piece of the country’s $12 billion taxi market. “The greatest value that we can create here is to continue to invest and grow our business here, not just for India but the role it is going to play in shaping our product for the rest of the world,” he said. Khosrowshahi declined to comment on specific investments for India but said “it is a lot” and will continue to increase. “We as a company need to have

a balanced profile in terms of growth and investment. There are developed markets that we are going to continue to invest in that are going to be more profitable ... and we should actively be investing in markets like India and Latin America that have huge growth ahead of us.” Khosrowshahi, who took the helm in August after former CEO Travis Kalanick was asked to step down amid a litany of regulatory problems, driver and consumer scandals and court cases, has pledged to make a clean break with past practices that have lead to accusations of a toxic work culture. Uber has faced bans, restrictions and protests around the world as it disrupts conventional taxi services and Khosrowshahi is tackling this head-on by working with regulators, putting an end to the takeno-prisoners culture he inherited. He said that the company has a responsibility to local governments and regulators, and it needs to have a dialogue with them.

KFC closes most of its UK stores due to chicken shortage

A closed KFC in Coalville, Britain LONDON Fast-food chain KFC said on Monday it had been forced to close hundreds of its British stores because of a shortage of chicken. The problem arose at the weekend after the chain switched its delivery contract to DHL, forcing the majority of its 900 outlets in Britain to shut. “We’ve brought a new delivery partner onboard, but they’ve had a couple of teething problems – getting fresh chicken out to 900 restaurants across the

country is pretty complex,” KFC said on its website. “We won’t compromise on quality, so no deliveries has meant some of our restaurants are closed, and others are operating a limited menu, or shortened hours.” DHL blamed the delivery delays on “operational issues”. “We are working with KFC and our partners to rectify the situation as a priority and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused,” a spokeswoman said.

Slowing U.S. auto sales prompts Japan automakers to rethink discounts A second year of slowing growth in the U.S. auto market is forcing Japanese automakers to look beyond discounts to grow market share and focus more on boosting profitability in their largest market. Global automakers have been battling for dominance in the world’s No. 2 market as annual sales continue to slide from a record high 17.55 million vehicles in 2016. Many have resorted to price cuts to boost market share in the growth segments for SUVs and pick-up trucks, while also shoring up sales in the struggling sedan segment. The costs of U.S. discounting has cut into operating profits at most Japanese automakers, including Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T), and Mazda Motor Corp (7261.T), where North American earnings are poised to fall for the third straight year this year. Nissan Motor Co’s (7201.T) profits in the region are on track to

fall for the second consecutive year. In an interview earlier this month, Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa said that the days of its high incentives would end once the automaker unloads inventories of 2017 models by the end of the financial year in March, as big discounts were unsustainable in a market where growth had stalled. After focusing on growing U.S. sales aggressively since 2011, Nissan is putting the brakes on that strategy, though it is looking to grow strongly in China. While Nissan’s U.S. growth strategy boosted its market share to around 9.2 percent at the end of 2017, up from around 7.8 percent in 2010, it has also raised its marketing expenses to levels which are among the highest in the industry. Figures from data and analytics company J.D. Power show that in 2017, Nissan offered incentives averaging 16.7 percent of the price

of each vehicle sold - higher than an industry average around 10.6 percent. Nissan discounts in 2017 were second highest only to Hyundai Motor Co’s (005380.KS) 18.6 percent, and were higher than 13.6 percent at Ford Motor Co (F.N) and 14.1 percent at FCA. They were also significantly higher than 9.6 percent for Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) and 7.9 percent at Honda Motor Co 7627.T. Nissan says that overproduction of its struggling Altima sedan before the release of the new 2018 model had led to a ramp-up in discounts, while it also cut prices on its Rogue line of SUV crossovers to gain market share in the popular segment. Mazda, one of Japan’s smaller automakers, increased its spending on marketing promotion per car by 31 percent last year, and acknowledged that spending to increase sales can only go so far.

Nissan logo pictured at the North American International Auto Show While automakers flag the need for more discipline on discounts, industry experts are skeptical as to whether they can keep spending in check as an expected 2.3 percent slide in annual sales to around 16.8 million vehicles this year will likely keep the race for market share fierce. Sales dropped 1.5 percent to 17.2 million in 2017.

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018

IMMEDIATE OPENING EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT MANAGER* Job Summary: Functions as the Strategic Business Leader of the resorts’ Front Office, Spa, Youth Program and Retail operations and serves as General Manager as needed. Position oversees the development and implementation of departmental strategies and ensures implementation of the brand service strategy and brand initiatives throughout the operation. The position operation meet the brand’s target customer needs, ensures employee satisfaction, focuses on growing revenues and maximizes the financial performance of each department. Requirements: •8-10 years of management experience in internationally branded luxury hotels/ resort including at least 2 years at Executive Committee Level •In depth knowledge of front office, spa, youth program, and retail •Knowledge of all hotel operations to act as leader of any department when necessary •Knowledge of governmental regulations and safety standards (OSHA, EPA, ADA, CFC, NFPA) •Strong organization skills •Ability to effectively manage labor productivity •Financial management skills e.g., ability to analyze P&L statements, develop operating budgets, forecasting and capital expenditure planning •Ability to use standard software applications and hotel systems – Opera (Fidelio), Micros. •Strategic planning skills •Ability to evaluate business trends, determine applicability to customer profile and modify business strategies accordingly •Ability to take constructive action without relying on directions from others •Ability to network and build relationships to grow the business •Strong problem-solving skills; encourages new innovative solutions when appropriate •Strong communication skills (verbal, listening, writing) •Must be willing and available to work all shifts and days Salary $60,000 commensurate with qualifications and experience UPHOLSTERER/PAINTER* The Upholsterer is responsible for repairing wood and rebuilding upholstered furniture, using hand tools with a wide knowledge of fabrics and upholstery methods. The key responsibilities are: •Operate sewing machine to seam cushions and join various sections of covering materials •Repair seats, sofas, curtains, carpet and mattresses •Gather and assemble specified upholstery materials and accessories for upholstered furniture •Ensure that the upholstery workshop is tidy and clean •Keep inventory record of the stored upholstery items •Maintain machines and equipments in good condition at all times •Maintain upholstery in all outlets, lobby, corridor and guestrooms •Organize and take inventory of all fabric materials and sewing accessories •Ensure that the fabric materials that used in making the upholstery is correct •Assume duties and task assigned by Superiors •Also, responsible for resorting and painting furniture pieces; and •Must have knowledge of paint products and blending techniques. Skills: Education, Qualifications & Experiences The Candidate should ideally have a technical education in upholstery with at least 5 years previous experiences in a similar upholstering role. Experience as an upholsterer in housekeeping or in a hotel and a good command of English is considered an advantage. Knowledge & Competencies The ideal candidate will be a friendly, caring, dedicated individual with good cross cultural sensitivity and the capability to identify priorities with a willingness to put in an extra effort and time when required. You will work well under pressure in a fast paced environment and enjoy working with a multi-cultural team and guests alike, while possessing following additional competencies: Understanding the Job Taking Responsibility Recognizing Differences Customer Focus Adaptability Teamwork Starting salary $9.00 per hour SPECIAL PROJECTS COORDINATOR* Requirements: •Must have advance knowledge of PC computer software programs to include, Microsoft Windows and Office (Photo Escape, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, Movie maker, Photo Paint, Outlook and Word). •Ability to possess effective listening abilities, and demonstrate proven ability to multi-task and handle assignments in a fast passed working environment. •Ability to possess excellent organizational, analytical and project management skills, demonstrate strong problem solving judgment skills and attention to

detail while meeting targeted deadlines. •Have interpersonal skills to deal effectively with all business contacts. •Work varied shifts, including weekends and holidays and after hours based on scheduled special events. •Able to effectively communicate in English, in both written and oral forms. •Service oriented, with professional appearance and demeanor •Maintain professionalism in the handling of all sensitive and confidential information. •Excellent customer service skills. •Bachelor’s Degree Administration and/or related fields. •Previous experience working in a similar resort setting. Duties: •Execute all Special Events with the highest regard to guest service. •Assist other departments with events and special projects as needed. •Coordinates all work at the direction of the Vice President of Sales & Marketing to assist with implementing key special projects that move the institution forward. •Acts as production coordinator on the photoshoot for resort collateral which is used in sales and marketing. •Responsible for reviewing and finalizing island advertisement such as magazine and yellow pages. •Responsible for ordering from the U.S vendor for Sales and Marketing events and other related departments. •Acts as main coordinator and design itinerary and travel for press familiarization trip, travel agents familiarization trip such a F&B preparation, give-away, restaurant reservation, spa treatment, social activities and welcome amenities •Design/creates promotional flyer used as collateral for retail shop and spa sales, F&B special event promos and menu’s such as Glam, gourmet safari, TACC and etc. •Creates a power point presentation for the sales and marketing and other projects •Supervise employees in a variety of work assignments for special event preparation •Prepare all the folders for the strata executives meetings and annual management meeting, ensuring all the meeting preparation is in place such as F&B preparation and set up. •Executes special project such as resort signage project, uniform issuance, selling of old furniture from resort refurbishment, •Responsible for weekly timefax cover, information card and newsletter. •Responsible for office and special project requisition •Responsible for controlling, logging, issuing and printing gift certificate for the resort •Responsible for all administrative work needed by the Vice President of sales and marketing such as monthly expense report, filing, organizing and scheduling. •Assists in planning and coordinating the activities to the department pertaining to special project; monitors actual progress against goals and objectives; coordinates assigned departmental activities. •Responsible for the annual preparation of TCHTA Star award booklets and creating the power point presentations. Salary $22,000.00 - $25,000.00 not including service charge.Commensurate with qualification and experience. EXECUTIVE HOUSEKEEPER* Requirements: •Must have minimum 10-12 years experience as an executive housekeeper in branded luxury hotel/resort •Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience • Must have knowledge of Opera (Fidelio) hotel operating system • Must have knowledge of laundry operations • Must have experience managing large Department(50 or more employees) • Ability to train coach and counsel staff • Ability to determine appropriate staffing levels based on anticipated business, and create staffing schedules which optimize the balance between desired profitability, and guest demands • Thorough understanding of the elements and components of luxury services, set-ups and supplies • Must have financial knowledge and ability to Analyze P & L statements, develop operating budgets, forecasting and capital expenditure planning • Must have advanced knowledge of standard software applications • Good communication and relationship building skills to interact effectively with managers and unit owners. •Must be able and willing to work all shifts and days Duties Include: • Develops and implements business strategies for the housekeeping department • Develops annual operating and capital expenditures budget for department • Directing the operation of the housekeeping department including guest rooms and public space areas and overseeing management staff •Inspecting back-of-the house areas continually and adjusts operations accordingly • Oversees inventory, purchasing, disbursement, cost control for all linens, cleaning supplies and guest room supplies • Adheres to brand marketing, sales and quality standards • Coordinates room availability with the Front Office Manager and room maintenance with Director of Engineering Starting salary $40,000-$60,000 per annum not including service charge. DOMESTIC WORKER* Duties Include:

*POSITIONS MARKED WITH (*) ARE POSITIONS CURRENTLY HELD BY A WORK PERMIT HOLDER. Interested applicants should apply to The Palms, Human Resources Department, Monday through Friday, and bring along an updated resume, or by emailing your resume to, no later than end of day Friday, March 2nd, 2018.

FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


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IMMEDIATE OPENING •General laborer duties as assigned by the supervisor or manager. •Willingness to work varying schedules, split shifts, nights, weekends and holidays. Salary $6.25 an hour not including service charge. MAINTENANCE MANAGER* Duties and Responsibilities: · Establish goals, measurements and results for the department along with the General Manager. · Involvement in the preparation of the Maintenance Operating and Capital budgets. · General operational and preventative maintenance of systems including: Boilers and heating systems; make up air and HVAC systems; Pool facilities; and General plumbing issues. · Maintain hotel guest rooms and public areas by performing routine maintenance jobs and repairs. · Troubleshoot and perform minor repairs on heating, cooling and ventilation systems. · Troubleshoot and perform minor repairs on plumbing systems, electrical systems and appliances. · Maintain the hot tub by ensuring a safe chemical balance through frequent testing. · Organize, implement and track all maintenance projects for guestrooms and public areas. · Monitor and revise as needed, departmental health & safety tools including training programs, policies and practices. · Ensure a safe work environment is maintained at all times and that all colleagues are committed to working safely. · Partner with Front Office Manager to ensure safe guest evacuation during emergencies (i.e. Fire Alarm). · Motivate, train and lead maintenance personnel by personal example with a philosophy of work conduct, enthusiasm and personal development that leads to maximum performance and job satisfaction. · Effective scheduling, vacation planning and department productivity to budget. · Effective and timely interaction with all Hotel & Restaurant departments and positively impact guest experience by effectively and efficiently resolving maintenance concerns. · Effective and timely interaction with HR regarding payroll (i.e. set up new hires, etc). · Occasional maintenance to staff residence as required. · A positive contributor to the leadership team of the hotel. Knowledge, skills and abilities: · Prior Maintenance Management and/or supervisory experience within a operation equal in size and facilities. · Strong communication skills, both written and verbal. Proven ability to motivate and lead employees in a busy, high quality environment. · Background in electrical and or plumbing are essential. · Good English communication skills (both written & oral). · Ability to respond quickly in a dynamic and changing environment. Ability to handle multiple requests in a fast-paced environment. · Good training, coaching and mentoring skills are essential. · Proven experience with budgets and payroll process is essential. · Completion of high school and technical training required. · Majority of work shift requires standing or walking 90% of the work day · Many tasks require sitting, bending, stooping, kneeling, and/or positioning to accomplish tasks · Able to lift and carry up to 50+ lbs. is common and up to 150 lbs with assistance · Reaching is required at all levels throughout the work period · Climbing of stairs is required and may require up to 50% of the time · Previous hotel maintenance experience preferred · Able to work efficiently under time constraints · Able to work independently and with others Starting salary $45,000- $55,000 per annum not including service charge. INTERNATIONAL PROCUREMENT MANAGER* Requirements: • 5+ years experience in international purchasing in a luxury hospitality environment; while negotiating domestic and international contracts, increasing total quality of the goods, and fully organizing proper container shipments. • Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience. • Must be Computer literate, Microsoft Office, MXP, etc. • Must have advanced knowledge of Food & Beverage quality standards, health compliances and specifications. • Must have product knowledge of food, beverage and hotel consumable/durable items. • Knowledge of Marine Exchange Procurement is an advantage. • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in English, with additional other language is an advantage. • Flexible, ability to work independently and under pressure. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts. Duties include: • Forecast procurement needs based on historical data and analysis. • Maintain procurement management database. • Upgrade regularly Marine Exchange Procurement software. • Liaise with brokers and support customs clearances. • Liaise with Accounts Payable Department to ensure accurate and timely payment of invoices • Monitor inventory control and spending in order to make recommendations and identify areas for possible savings. • Conduct physical inventories of the storerooms and prepare requisitions for all departments to bring items up to par stock levels. • Supervising and training of Purchasing and Warehouse employees. Starting salary $40,000 not including service charge.

STEWARDING MANAGER* Requirements: • Prior experience managing the stewarding department of a 5 star Luxury Resort. • Must have an excellent working knowledge of the kitchens, equipment, food productions, sanitation, hygiene and safety. • Must be able to organize and delegate large banquet functions. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts. Duties Include: • Ensures the maintenance of a clean, sanitary kitchen by supervising steward personnel • Issuing cleaning supplies to stewards, checking usage and making adjustments • Ensuring that kitchen floors and walk-ins are clean • Monitoring cafeteria and provide assistance to kitchen personnel during set-up and clean-up • Working with the Food & Beverage Director banquet orders • Taking inventory of and ensure proper amounts china, dishes etc. are available • Ensuring the training of and proper use daily of all safety, hygiene and sanitation Starting salary $35,000 per annum not including service charge. STEWARDING TRAINEE MANAGER Requirements: • Looking for a bright, ambitious and focused person who wants to grow in the field of stewarding. • Must have a passion or interest in working in the kitchens, equipment, food productions, sanitation, hygiene and safety. • Must be willing to work late evenings beyond midnight as major banqueting events and functions require. Must be willing and able to assist in organizing and delegating large banquet functions. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts including Saturdays and Sundays. Duties Include: • Ensures the maintenance of clean, sanitized kitchen by supervising steward personnel • Issuing cleaning supplies to stewards, checking usage and making adjustments • Ensuring that kitchen floors and walk-ins are clean • Monitoring cafeteria and provide assistance to kitchen personnel during set-up and clean-up Working with the Food & Beverage Director banquet orders • Conducting regular inventory of and ensuring proper amounts china, dishes etc. are available • Assisting in ensuring the training of and proper use daily of all safety, hygiene and sanitation HVACT TECHNICIAN* The chosen candidate must be a licensed/certified refrigeration technician with knowledge of different types of refrigerant including R22, 134A and 404A. Must have experience maintaining and repairing low temperature refrigeration, walk-in freezers and coolers, ice machines and direct expansion air conditioning systems. Duties Include: • Perform scheduled preventative maintenance and corrective repair on all refrigeration equipment. • Upgrading equipment as required. • Maintaining inventory of parts needed for designated equipment to avoid down time. Starting salary $7.00- $9.00 per hour plus service charge. POOL AND BEACH ATTENDANT* Requirements: • Must be able to work in all outdoor element, rain, sun, etc. as required • Must be able to work long hours on feet • Must be able to lift 30lbs or more • Must be trained and certified in CPR, First Aid. • Life guard experience is a plus • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Creating a luxury guest experience through delivery of high level service for all pool and beach services Starting salary $6.25 per hour not including service charge. KITCHEN/ LAUNDRY MECHANIC * Requirements: • Minimum 3 years experience of experience. • Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience. • Knowledge and experience in repair and maintenance including preventative maintenance of property systems and equipment. • To be an independent kitchen laundry mechanic, able to analyze problems, to read technical data sheets and diagrams for mechanical and electrical equipment and to formulate plans to get work done quickly, including procurement of materials, parts, etc., and necessary scheduling arrangements with a high degree of quality. • Ability to speak effectively with customers and associates read and write and interpret documents and technical wiring diagram information sheets as well as safety rules (lockout tagout), safety awareness information (MSDS) operating and maintenance and instructions manuals. Duties include: • Maintain proper preventative maintenance to laundry equipment and boilers. • Maintain proper amount of chemical injection on boiler feed tank and proper conductivity at boilers. • Preventative maintenance to steam traps and steam lines Starting salary $7.00 per hour not including service charge.

*POSITIONS MARKED WITH (*) ARE POSITIONS CURRENTLY HELD BY A WORK PERMIT HOLDER. Interested applicants should apply to The Palms, Human Resources Department, Monday through Friday, and bring along an updated resume, or by emailing your resume to, no later than end of day Friday, March 2nd, 2018.

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018

OASIS DIVERS is seeking applications from suitably qualified candidates for the following positions. The successful applicants must:

CERTIFIED DIVERS / LIFEGUARDS/DIVE MASTER -Hold a valid diving certification of Open Water Diver or higher -Be at least 25 years old -Have a clean criminal record -Have a valid passport -Hold a valid certification in CPR and First Aid -Have at least 3 years’ experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. Other experience in the tourism industry would be an asset -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business TOUR DISPATCHER -Have at least 3 years’ experience dispatching tours -Possess the ability to remain calm in a high stress environment -Be well spoken with English as primary language -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business -Have a valid passport -Be at least 25 years old -Have a clean criminal record TOUR GUIDES -Be at least 25 years old -Have a clean criminal record -Have a valid passport -Hold a valid certification in CPR and First Aid -Have at least 3 years’ experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. Other experience in the tourism industry would be an asset -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business CHEF/ RESTAURANT CAPTAIN -Have at least 5 years’ experience in a supervisory position as a chef/cook within a quick pace multiple kitchen operation. -Experience with Microsoft POS system required -Possess the ability to remain calm in a high stress environment -At least 25 years of age. -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business TOUR DEVELOPMENT TRAINER -Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in Tour Development /Safety Standards in a service oriented business. -Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in the management, and training of staff and development of safety standards operating procedures for staff. -Valid Driver’s License -Highly Professional and Ethical standards of Leadership with a passion for nature and the environment. -Positive and disciplined attitude toward work in a fast pace, multi-tasking customer service oriented business, with ability to handle complaints and work under pressure. -Excellent verbal and written communication, with Networking skills -Excellent analytical, inter-personal and customer service skills. -Ability to recruit and appraise staff performance as well as have a strong track record of fostering team work and motivating staff with multi-cultural differences. -Must be willing and able to work outdoors, flexible hours, including on weekends and public holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business SAFETY DIVER -Strong swimmer, life guard training an asset -Be at least 25 years old -Have a clean criminal record -Have a valid passport -Hold a valid certification in CPR and First Aid -Have at least 3 years’ experience in the tourism and hospitality industry. Other experience in the tourism industry would be an asset -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business BOAT PAINTER -Have a valid passport -Have at least 5 years’ experience in boat repair, including working with fiberglass and other dangerous chemicals -Positive and disciplined attitude toward work -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business Cee’s Plaza, Suite No. 1 Church Folly PO Box 86 Grand Turk Turks & Caicos Islands

STEWARD/GUEST SERVICES -Have at least 5 years’ experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. -Competent in Microsoft Computer software with accounting expertise and knowledge in Quickbooks and other accounting software. -Possess the ability to remain calm in a high stress environment -Be well spoken with English as primary language -Have a valid passport -Be at least 25 years old -Have a clean criminal record -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business BOAT CAPTAIN -Have a proven and unblemished track record of employment -Have a valid passport -Have at least 5 years’ experience as a boat captain working in the tourism industry. -Possess a valid grade 2 boat masters license. -Have CPR and first Aid Certification -Basic knowledge of boat engine maintenance and repair -Have a clean criminal record -Positive and disciplined attitude toward work -Excellent verbal and written communication skills -Be at least 25 years old -Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business SALES CLERK/ASSISTANT -Minimum of 3 years general sales and merchandising experience (Sales Assistant) -Proven and unblemished track record of employment -Positive and disciplined attitude toward work in a customer service oriented business (Sales Clerk) -Excellent communication, inter-personal and customer service skills -Trustworthy and reliable disposition Must be willing and able to work flexible hours, including on weekends and Public Holidays, as necessary to meet the challenging needs of the cruise ship schedule and/or reasonable needs of the business SERVER/ BARTENDER/LABOURER/KITCHEN ASSISTANT Have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a similar position -Ability to stand for long periods -Excellent customer service and friendly disposition -Able to lift moderate weights -Speaks good English. WATERSPORTS OPRTATIONS COORDINATOR -High school diploma/ Bachelors -Dive Instructor or higher professional dive rating from an internationally recognized organization -Five years’ experience in a related position -Hold a valid certification in CPR and First Aid -Extensive knowledge of all standards and procedures with regards to international dive regulations -Ability to repair scuba equipment. -Basic knowledge of boat engine maintenance/repair -Basic knowledge of compressor maintenance and repair -Detailed knowledge of dive shop and watersports operation, organization and recording/ logging protocol. -Knowledge of general operation process. -Be at least 25 years old ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OFFICER -Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies or Biology -Two years’ International experience in a similar position -Teaching / trainer experience -Open water PADI certification or higher -Basic accounting background -Computer literate -Excellent written and verbal communication skills -Second language is an asset -Excellent organizational skills -Possess a valid driver’s license

Preference will be given to documented Turks and Caicos Islanders Written applications only and accompanying CVs/resumes must be addressed to the Manager at the following address:

OASIS DIVING, LTD. c/o EPIC Corporate & Consultancy Services Ltd. Phone: 649-946-1128 Fax: 649-946-1128 Email:

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TCIFA Takes On Weston Cup 2018

For the second consecutive year, Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA), entered Youth Teams in Florida’s Premier Presidents’ Day Weekend Football Tournament, the Weston Cup & Showcase. Organized by Weston FC, it is the largest youth football tournament for both boys and girls, in all of Florida, and one of the top 15 youth tournaments in the United States of America. With four options for levels of play; namely showcase (highest level), gold, silver and bronze (lower level, division 2 for recreational and new travel teams), four TCIFA teams took on the competition in the Bronze Division. These teams were the U11 Girls, U10 Boys, U12 Boys and U13 Boys. In seeking to be inclusive and expand the game amongst the sister islands, the TCIFA teams all had at least one youth player from each of the sister islands except Salt Cay. It was an eye opening experience to have so many nationalities, languages, and unique cultures represented; embracing the beauty in the diversity of football, and meeting on one common ground. In reflecting on the Tournament President Sonia BienAime expressed that “at the TCIFA, we recognize that our youth programme is critical to the development of football in the islands, and our aim is to provide playing opportunities for our young players. The Weston Cup is one such instance. We have played against teams that experience competitive games at least once per week for most of the year, but we did not let that intimidate us. We are very proud of every single one of the players and coaches, and we are happy to be able to make a significant difference in the ability of players to access these quality football tournaments.” In 2017, TCIFA boys U12 received the Champions award of the boys U12 Bronze division. This year, both the TCIFA Boys U10 and U12 groups returned as the 2nd place winners of the Bronze Division. Though the two other TCIFA teams did not place in the competition, their improvement throughout tournament was quite evident. Despite a slow start in their first game, TCIFA U11 Girls vs. Real Miami U11 Madrid, our young ladies did not allow this setback to interfere with their performance or undercut their motivation. Instead, they showed a great deal of commitment to their goal, and scored in a tight game against Miami Shores Soccer – Black. The U13 Boys won two of three games, but failed to advance to the finals based on goal difference. TCIFA Tournament Results Boys U10, Bronze (Red) Sat Feb 17: TCIFA (2) vs (3) Fort Lauderdale FC 08 Boys Sun Feb 18: West Pines United FC (0) vs (8) TCIFA Sun Feb 18: TCIFA (7) vs (2) Aventura FC

Standings: MP: 3, W: 2, L:1, D:0, GF:10, GA: 5, Pts: 6 Mon Feb 19: SEMI-FINAL: CES Breakers-White (1) vs (2) TCIFA Mon Feb 19: FINAL: TCIFA (2) vs. CTC Banfits 2008 CTC ITSS Won 2nd place overall

Simon Nicholls (Coach) Arianna Hosein Gabriela Bruton Daisy Nicholls Anjali Saunders Rosaria Talbot Jodee Harvey Kate Blain Erica Parrish Boys U12, Bronze (White) Sat Feb 17: TCIFA (3) vs (0)Parkland 2006 Navy Hannah Chaplin Sat Feb 17: TCIFA (1) vs (0) MST PSG Academy Olivia Park U12 White Angelina Lindenhahn Callie Hall Sun Feb 18: West Pines United FC (0) vs (0) Kayley Hall TCIFA Standings: MP: 3, W: 2, L: 0, D: 1, GF: 4, GA: 0, Pts: 7 Mon Feb 19: FINAL – TCIFA (0) vs (1) Davie U12 Boys AtteHeino (Team Manager) United Sharks 2006 Grey Mark MacCabe (Coach) Won 2nd place overall Andreas Gibbs Boys U13, Silver/Bronze Calvin James Sat Feb 17: TCIFA (0) vs (3) Brevard SA 06 Davaughn Daniel Boys Blue Davin Daniel Sat Feb 17: City of Hallandale Beach PA (0) vs Peterson Saint Fleurant (2) TCIFA HencyGedeon Sun Feb 18: TCIFA (2) vs (0) Martin United Jack Stephens MUSC 06 Gold Kristen Howell Standings: MW: 3, W: 2, L: 1, D: 0, GF: 4, GA: 3, Louis McCabe Pts: 6 Matthew Mc Coy Did not qualify for the finals NadlyAgenor Nelson Heino Girls U11, Bronze (red) Sat Feb 17: Real Miami U11 Madrid (10) vs (2) U13 Boys TCIFA Kim Meehan (Team Manager) Sun Feb 18: TCIFA (0) vs (6) Fort Lauderdale Neil Coles (Coach) FC Zachory Scholar Sun Feb 18: TCIFA (1) vs (3) Miami Shores Harry Schofield Soccer- Black Lucas Coles Standings: MW: 3, W: 0, L: 3, D: 0, GF: 3, GA: 11, Christopher Louisy Pts: 0 Jake Whent Did not qualify for the finals Hayden Williams Kyle Cushing- Meehan TCIFA Travel delegation Joshua Saunders Sam Connolly U10 Boys Carson greatrex Ryan Blain (Team Manager) Vijay Kalliecharan Joan Whent (Coach) KaidanBobb Leishawn Green Davar Lewis Davaurii Daniel Maddox Zaidan Harry Whent For more information, please contact TCIFA Henri Heino Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Candia Jack Blain Ewing, at 946-5532 or Shane Gardiner Max Scholar Address: Liam Hosein TCIFA National Academy Samuel Harvey II Venetian Road Providenciales U11 Girls Turks & Caicos Islands Jennifer Blain (Team Manager) Paul Chaplin ( Coach)

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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2018 – MARCH 3RD, 2018


Jamaicans enjoy their Winter moment in the sun

The much-heralded Jamaican women’s bobsleigh team made their Winter Olympic debut on Tuesday on a night of color and emotion and coming 30 years after the country’s first appearance at the Games in Calgary. At a near-sold out sliding center pilot Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian and brakewoman Carrie Russell made two impressive starts but their steering let them down as they finished in 18th place out of 20 following the first two runs. Topping the timesheets at the halfway point was the German sled piloted by Jamanka Mariama, who had an 0.07 second lead over America’s Elana Meyers Taylor, seeking gold to add to previous silver and bronze medals, with Germany’s Stephanie Schneider sitting just behind in third. They are likely to be fighting for the medals in Wednesday’s third and fourth legs but the headline act on Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian and Carrie Russell of Jamaica in action at the 2018 Winter Tuesday, despite their disappointing Olympics showing, was undoubtedly the they had been using and put them back will analyze it and see where we can Jamaican team. in contention. improve it tomorrow but I know there “It’s just a good feeling to Fenlator-Victorian told is a bigger picture out there,” Fenlatorrepresent our country at this level,” Reuters she had been listening to Victorian added. Russell said. “The road hasn’t ended, Jamaican reggae artist Chronixx in “I am hoping to build upon it there’s far more room for us to improve”. training to “keep the vibes light and in the future. We’re the first women’s The duo had faced unwanted heady” ahead of Tuesday’s race which team from the islands, that’s why distractions ahead of the competition revived memories of their men’s barriers are there to be broken.” when their German coach Sandra bobsleigh team in Calgary in 1988, the U.S.-based Nigerians Seun Kiriasis quit suddenly last week. unlikely inspiration for the 1993 film Adigun and Akuoma Omeoga, both For a while, it looked like they would “Cool Runnings”. track athletes, were also making not even have a sled until Heineken’s “It really means a lot and history as the first African country to Red Stripe beer offered to buy the one though we not happy with our. We compete in bobsleigh at the Games,

though they fared even worse, coming in a distant 20th and last on both runs. “When we came into this whole process it was to bring awareness,” said pilot Adigun. “It was so that people could understand, love and appreciate the sport of bobsleigh, the country of Nigeria, the continent of Africa”. TEAM MICA The Jamaican women’s team had marked their debut with an official anthem, “Run the Track, It’s Bobsled Time,” the proceeds of which went to supporting the Jamaica Bobsled Foundation. Britain’s “Team Mica”, Mica McNeill and Mica Moore, raised 44,400 ($62,000) via an online campaign after their funding was suddenly cut in September last year. “We had to act quite fast and set up a crowd funding page and ask the public to help us get on our journey,” Moore said after Tuesday’s heats, which saw them place an impressive sixth. “It’s been an incredible journey,” said Moore. Canadian pilot Kaillie Humphries and brakewoman Heather Moyse won gold in Sochi and Vancouver but broke up the partnership and, competing in separate sleds, and will start the third run in fourth and seventh places.

Fergie apologises for NBA national anthem performance It’s fair to say Fergie’s jazzy, slowed-down version of the StarSpangled Banner at Sunday’s NBA All-Star game wasn’t a hit with everyone. And now the US singer has apologised for her performance. The singer told TMZ: “I’ve always been honoured and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA. “I’m a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn’t strike the intended tone.”

She added: “I love this country and honestly tried my best.” Social media went into meltdown as people reacted to the former Black-Eyed Peas singer’s unusual version. ESPN journalist Jemele Hill tweeted a clip from TNT’s coverage of the event in Los Angeles, pointing out even NBA player Draymond Green could not keep a straight face. Memes were soon circulating, comparisons to previous singers were abound and #Fergie was trending on Twitter.

Some thought she was copying the breathy style used by Marilyn Monroe when she famously sang Happy Birthday to President Kennedy. It’s not the first time Fergie has sung the US national anthem in public. She performed the StarSpangled Banner in front of the Obamas in 2009 at the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll. Suffice to say, it was a much more traditional rendition and attracted far less attention.

Fergie gives it her all at the Staples Center

Federer cruises past Dimitrov to claim Rotterdam title Roger Federer celebrated Rotterdam. his return to the top of the world Playing flawless tennis, the rankings with his second title of 20-times major winner carried the the season, swatting aside Grigor momentum forward in the second set Dimitrov 6-2 6-2 in the final of the to seal a 97th career title and third in ABN AMRO World Tournament in Rotterdam having won in 2005 and 2012. Rotterdam on Sunday. Federer, 36, who guaranteed The Swiss, who won the becoming the oldest ever ATP world Australian Open last month for number one by reaching the semi- the second year in succession, also final, had won all six of his previous improved his head-to-head record meetings with Dimitrov and was against world number five Dimitrov in command throughout Sunday’s to 7-0. 55-minute final. “It’s definitely one of those He broke the Bulgarian weeks I will never forget in my opponent early in the contest and life,” Federer, who last topped the cruised to a one-set lead at the Ahoy standings in 2012, said.

“It’s unbelievable to get my 97th title and get back to world number one. It’s very special.” Federer said he had expected a tougher afternoon against Dimitrov who will rise from five to four in the rankings. “Grigor is a great player and a great athlete and he’s been playing super well in recent months,” he said. “I thought that this wasn’t going to be the result, but he looked to be struggling a bit and I never looked back. I was able to execute my tennis the way I wanted to. I’m very happy.”

Roger Federer

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Serena says ‘almost died’ after giving birth Serena Williams “almost for six weeks from a series died” after giving birth to her of complications, including a daughter last September, the pulmonary embolism that led multiple surgeries, after former women’s world number one to tennis player wrote in a column her daughter was delivered by for CNN that was published on emergency cesarean section. Tuesday. “I am so grateful I had Williams had previously access to such an incredible revealed some of the complications medical team of doctors and nurses she had after giving birth but at a hospital with stateequipment,” said offered more details about an of-the-art experience that has since inspired Williams. her to speak out about the “They knew exactly how importance of affordable child care. to handle this complicated turn “I almost died after giving of events. If it weren’t for their birth to my daughter, Olympia,” professional care, I wouldn’t be Williams, 36, wrote in the opening here today.” line of her article. Williams said her Williams was bedridden C-section wound popped open due

Mavericks owner fined $600,000 for tanking commentsa Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was fined $600,000 for public statements detrimental to the NBA, it was announced by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on Wednesday. Speaking on Monday’s episode of the House Call with Dr. J podcast, Cuban said it was the Mavericks’ best interest to lose games on purpose and improve their chances of landing a higher draft pick, a strategy known as tanking. “I‘m probably not supposed to say this, but ... I just had dinner with a bunch of our guys the other night, and here we are ... we weren’t competing for the playoffs. I was like, ‘Look, losing is our best option’,” said Cuban. “Adam would hate hearing that, but I at least sat down and I explained it to them. And I explained what our plans were going to be this summer, that we’re not going to tank again. “This was, like, a year and a half of tanking, and that was too brutal for me. But being transparent, I think that’s the key to being kind of a players’ owner and having stability.” The Mavericks are 18-40, tied with the Phoenix Suns for the worst record in the 30team NBA. The NBA has already taken measures to address the problem of teams losing games on purpose late in the season to try to get a higher draft pick. Under the current format, the team with the worst record has a 25 percent chance of landing the number one overall draft pick, followed by 19.9 percent for the second-worst record and 15.6 percent for the third. But last September the league’s board of governors approved changes that, starting in 2019, will see teams with the three worst regular-season records each have a 14 percent chance of winning the lottery.

Myrtle Jolly Is seeking a Gardener To work 5 days per week Salary 6.50 per hour Please Contact: 241-3317

to intense coughing endured as a result of the embolism. She had surgery, where doctors found a large hematoma in her abdomen and returned to the operating room for a procedure that prevents clots from travelling to her lungs. She went on to encourage people to donate to charities that help mothers and newborns around the world. Williams, who has won an Open-era record 23 grand slam singles titles, returned to competition nine days ago when she represented the United States in a Fed Cup doubles match. Serena Williams Ohanian with daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

Woods misses cut at Riviera after eight bogeys A struggling Tiger Woods failed to make the cut at the Genesis Open in California on Friday as he had eight bogeys in a round of five-over-par 76. The disappointing play left the 14-times major champion at sixover 148, four strokes over the projected cut of +2. “I’ve just got to play more tournaments,” said Woods, making his second start of the PGA Tour season after a year-long absence following back surgery. Britain’s Graeme McDowell and American Patrick Cantlay shared the clubhouse lead at seven-under 135. Northern Ireland’s McDowell shot a fiveunder 66, while Cantlay posted a 69. American Sam Saunders also was at seven-under through 15 holes with countryman Ryan Moore another stroke back after a 68. Bad light forced play to be abandoned with about 20 players Tiger Woods during the second round still to finish their second rounds. of the Genesis Open golf tournament They will return on Saturday to at Riviera Country Club finish. \\\\tted to play in next week’s Still troubled by his Honda Classic in Florida, marking driving and putting, Woods the first time in three years he made only three birdies during has entered tournaments on backhis second round and had more to-back weeks. bogeys than scores of par. Despite “I need some tournament his problems, the former world rounds,” Woods said of the event

near his Florida home. Despite the problems, Woods said he believed he was progressing in his comeback. “I haven’t played golf in years,” he said. “I‘m starting to come back and it’s going to take a little time. I am progressing, I‘m starting to get a feel for tournament golf again. I just need to clean up my rounds.” Woods’ troubles began on the front nine and went downhill when he had birdies around a bogey at the fourth hole before three bogeys in four holes from the sixth left him at two-over. A birdie at 10 appeared to give him fresh hope, but it did not last. “I thought I could pump a drive down there at 11 and get to it with an iron and turn the tide around and play a good solid back nine,” Woods said. “But I didn’t do it.” Three successive bogeys and another at 16 followed, wiping out any hope of salvaging the round. Poor putting did not help. “Today was the first day I felt bad with a putter this year,” Woods said, “I didn’t feel very good when I was warming up about putting.”

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