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Failure by the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) to give defence lawyers adequate time to prepare their arguments has resulted in the sufficiency hearing being postponed from Friday February 3rd until March 9th, 2012. The SUN understands that some of the defendants and their lawyers only received the case files, which was hundreds of pages, on Friday January 27th, and others got their much later. This, lawyers said, was insufficient time to prepare any legal arguments for the proper defence. The persons who were scheduled to appear at the preliminary hearings are Jak Civre, Floyd Hall, Lisa Hall, Richard Padgett, Lillian Boyce, Jeffrey Hall, Chal Misick, Samuel Been, Melbourne Wilson, Earlson Robinson and Quinton Hall. On January 25th, Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick wrote a letter to the Registrar of the Supreme Court and the lawyers for the defendants requesting the postponement. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2




Jovon McIntosh, a paraplegic student at the Oseta Jolly Primary School in Blue Hills is now sporting a brand new wheelchair, which serves as a replacement to the rundown unit that he once owned, thanks to a trio of overseas doctors – Debbie Venditti – speech language pathologist from Toronto; Claire Richardson – occupational therapist from Upstate New York; Helen Leonard – Consultant Paediatrician from the UK and charity organization One World Foundation. The presentation was made on Thursday, February 2, at the National Stadium, just before the start of the Oseta Jolly Primary School Sports Annual Sports Day, and witnessed by the entire school population. Jovon’s previous chair had no rubber on the wheel, which prevented him from getting around as freely as he would have wanted. Jovon is seen here quite comfortable in the chair along with from left: mother Blonie McIntosh; Dr. Debbie Venditti; Winsome Fearon, the Oseta Jolly Guidance Cuncillor; Dr. Helen Leonard and Dr. Claire Richardson. The ladies sourced the device while One World Foundation stood the cost. Photo: Vivian Tyson



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SIPT trial put back until March 9th ...Cont’d


The following day, Chief Justice Edwin Goldsborough made an order stating that all of the defendants and their lawyers will be excused from attending the preliminary hearing which was slated for Grand Turk. The Chief Justice also stated that any defendant who wishes to submit that the evidence in their case is insufficient to require them to stand trial shall notify the Court, the prosecutor and all other defendants by no later than 4 p.m. February 29, 2012 together with a skeleton argument and any authorities in support of their submission. He said the prosecution shall

respond to any submissions by no later than 4 p.m. on March 6th 2012. The Chief Justice also ordered that on March 9th 2012 at 10 a.m. or so soon thereafter as lawyers may be heard, the Court will determine such sufficiency hearings as can be determined on that day, and adjourn any such hearing as cannot be determined that day to a further hearing, giving further directions in relation to sufficiency hearings as may be appropriate. “All other matters of law (including the issue of whether this matter shall be tried by judge alone, and the number and order of any trials) to be ruled upon by the trial judge and in any event not until such time at the

Court has concluded all sufficiency hearings,” he added. The Chief Justice also addressed the controversial issue of trial by jury, saying: “For the avoidance of doubt, the prosecution’s application for trial by judge alone is adjourned generally and not to be re-fixed without the giving of at least 2l days notice to the defendants, and it is to be re-listed before the nominated trial judge.” The Prosecution had already written to the court indicating that they intend to seek trial without jury for all of the defendants. Prominent Barbadian attorney Sir Richard Cheltenham, who will be a defence lawyer in the upcoming trials, has already expressed concerned about

Attempted murderer’s life sentence reduced to 20 years A Grand Turk man who was sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted murder and 15 years each for rape and buggery of a Dominican National had one of his sentences reduced when it went before the Appeals Court in January. Elvethan Handfield was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison after a jury found him guilty of the Saturday, June 14, 2008 raping and attempted murder of Carmen Angelis Ferreira, who was stabbed and bludgeoned with a stone then left in bushes to die. During the appeal, Handfield abandoned his quest to have the buggery and rape sentences overturned, but pursued his appeal against life imprisonment since it was deemed excessive. It was reported that Ferreira was walking towards Tigers Bar on the night in question when a man who was identified as Marco, driving a green truck and wearing a white singlet, stopped and engaged her in a brief conversation before taking her number and promised to call later. She later received a call from the man about an hour later while at the bar. He later picked her up and promised to take her home, but instead drove her to a desolate spot at North Creek, along a dirt road. He then brandished a knife, grabbed her hair and threatened to harm her. He then forced her to perform oral sex on him before having sexual intercourse with her, penetrating her anus in the process. He later pulled her by the hair from the truck and stabbed her several times with a knife, then used a rock to smack her in the head. The woman, in an apparent move to stop the attack, played dead. The man then took what he

believed to be her dead body and tossed it deeper into bushes before driving away from the scene. Clad only in her brassiere and blouse, Ferreira, hauled herself from the bushes and dragged along the roadway until she reached a house where a woman assisted her to get medical attention. Ferriera told police that she did not know the man who raped her, but managed to see his face and would be able to recognize him. Woman Constable Chaka Skippings, who gave evidence, said she went the Grand Turk Hospital on Sunday, June 15, 2008, where she saw Ferreira lying in bed with several cuts to her head and parts of her body. Police said while DNA samples collected from the scene matched that of the victim, no DNA did not place Handfield at the scene. The police said however, that on June 17, 2008, they took Handifield to the location where the incident reportedly took place. He told officers there that on the night in question he did not visit the scene with a woman and that he did not know Ferreira. He admitted, however, that he called a Dominican woman that night from his cell phone, telling the police he was wearing similar clothes that the women described her attacker to have been wearing. He initially told police that he did not pick up a Dominican woman from Tigers Bar in his truck, but later recanted. He said however, that while the woman wanted them to engage in sexual activities, which he said would have cost him $200; he declined the offer because he was sleepy. He said he later dropped her off after giving her $40 to buy food.

the whole question of trial without a jury. In a recent interview with the SUN, he stated: “He said: “I’m concerned, as I hope citizens in the Turks and Caicos Islands are, about the fact that with the suspension of parts of the constitution, even if one assumes that there was some basis for that suspension, I do not know that this is any justification for rolling back of the legal processes, like, for example, the entitlement of citizens to be tried in criminal cases by their peers, and to have hearsay evidence accepted in court. I don’t know that these things are justified, so I’m taking a close look at these matters and we will see how they will pan out in the weeks and months ahead.

Handfield later admitted that he remembered the woman performing oral sex on him, but could not recall actually having sexual intercourse with her. He told the police that he recalled having a fight with someone but thought he was dreaming. Pressed further he said he could recall them having sexual intercourse, but said he could not recall hurting the woman, as during the sexual activity he fell in and out of consciousness. Attorney Clinton Clarke who represented Hnadfield at the Appeal said that there was no evidence before the court on which a jury that was properly directed could reasonably have come to a guilty verdict. Clarke said no identification parade was held and the complainant failed to identify Handfield at the trial as her attacker. Clarke also argued that DNA did not link Handfield to the crime. And while conceding that statements indicated that Handfield was at the scene of the attack, he further argued that since DNA did not link him to the crime and neither was Ferreira was able to identify him, it was unreasonable for the jury to convict him. However, the trio of Appeal Court Judges – President Edward Zacca, Richard Ground and Elliot Mottley, said the evidence given by Constable Skippings and the interview by Handfield was enough to convict him. But while they dismissed Handfield’s appeal against the conviction, they also overturned the original conviction from life imprisonment to 20 years. The reason given for the overturn was that the presiding judge failed to inform counsel that he was considering such a sentence, and so, Handifeld was deprived the opportunity to mitigate. According to the panel, where a trial judge proposes to sentence an accused to life imprisonment where the sentence is not mandatory, counsel for the accused or the accused, if not represented, he should informed him so that he could address the court, since such a position would vacate the sentence and instead impose a fixed imprisonment term.

New nightclub, Blue Note Lounge, opening with Valentine’s Party

A view of the bar

A brand new upscale night spot ‘Blue Note Lounge’, is the place to be on February 14th 2012 for a Valentine’s night of remembrance. The evening will feature entertainment from renowned saxophonist Janardo Laporte, a presentation by Saint George Fashion House, following spinning by DJ Techno Sounds, along with other special treats. Blue Note Lounge is a high-end bar in the Atrium Resort, Leeward, Providenciales, which brings something special and interesting to the island’s nightlife on a classy scale. Admission fee is US$35.00 which includes drinks, food and entertainment. For more information and ticket reservation call 1(649) 342 2453.



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e eect of Jamaica breaking ties with UK and becoming a republic BY SIR RONALD SANDERS

What effect will Jamaica becoming a republic and leaving the 53-nation Commonwealth have on the rest of the Caribbean countries? Will they follow Jamaica to become republics and leave the Commonwealth? Those were the questions put to me by the editor of an Internet news website just as I had begun to write a commentary after a two-day seminar at Cambridge University in the UK that grappled with the issue of the Commonwealth and its relevance to its 1.2 billion people after the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Australia last October. I will return to the outcome of the seminar in my next commentary. Suffice to say for now that The Round Table, arguably the oldest journal on Commonwealth matters, is in its 101st year of publication in Britain and the Commonwealth. Over the decades, the material published in the journal has been both a record of Commonwealth events and a serious contributor to the shape and direction of the now 53-nation organisation. After each CHOGM, The Round Table has convened a meeting of representatives of Commonwealth non-governmental organisations, ministers, academics and the Commonwealth Secretary-General to assess the outcomes of the conference. It did so at Cambridge University in the UK on 9 and 10 January with Commonwealth Secretary-General, Kamalesh Sharma and Lord Howells, the British Minister for Commonwealth affairs actively participating. I attended as a member of the International Advisory Board of The Round Table and a member of the Eminent Persons Group that submitted a report to last October's CHOGM in Australia on urgent reform of the Commonwealth. The question that dominated the two-day meeting in Cambridge is whether, as a result of the Australia CHOGM, the Commonwealth is better or worse placed to serve

the needs of the people and to make a meaningful contribution to the international community. I had meant to write about the outcome of the seminar but this matter of Jamaica commands immediate attention. So, this week, I give it priority. The posing of the editor's question shows how misunderstood the Commonwealth is even by journalists whose breadth of knowledge about world events is considerable. It also underscores the necessity for the Commonwealth to improve significantly its own information and education machinery. The editor's question arose because newlyelected Jamaica Prime Minister, Portia SimpsonMiller, in a televised debate on the eve of last month's general election, said quite clearly that she wanted "a Jamaican queen". The remark from the leader of the People's National Party (PNP) was not a new sentiment. The former leader of the PNP and former prime minister, PJ Patterson, had also declared his party's wish to end Jamaica's monarchical status, in which it shares Queen Elizabeth with 14 other countries as its sovereign. What was intriguing about the editor's question was the underlying assumption that if the Jamaican people choose to end Jamaica's monarchical relationship and become a republic, Jamaica would have to leave the Commonwealth of which the Queen is head. This was the same assumption that Ireland made in 1949 when it chose to become a republic. Having made that choice, Ireland departed from the Commonwealth. India was set to follow Ireland in becoming a republic and leaving the Commonwealth, because the government of independent India (1948) was not about to allow the British monarch to continue to reign over it. However, mature and sensible heads worked out a solution which was that India would become a republic and remain in the Commonwealth, recognising the British monarch as "Head of the Commonwealth" and "a symbol of the voluntary association" of independent countries. While the



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Queen is strongest champion of the Commonwealth family of nations, she has no executive authority over the organisation. Other countries that became independent of Britain and chose to become republics have continued as members of the Commonwealth on the same basis as India. Among those countries are three Caribbean ones: Dominica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. Indeed, more recently, other republics that were never colonies of Britain have become members of the Commonwealth. These are: Cameroon, Mozambique and Rwanda. Republican status is not incompatible with Commonwealth membership, and I am confident that Jamaica would not leave the Commonwealth if it becomes a republic. Jamaica derives no disadvantage from its membership of the Commonwealth. Indeed, its membership brings it great benefits, among which are: technical assistance in a range of skill areas in which it lacks sufficient expertise; advocacy for dealing with issues that affect it such as debt and trade; help in training people to deal with HIV/AIDS, and mitigating against the harmful effects of climate change. Additionally, Jamaican professionals, including judges, lawyers, engineers, nurses and teachers belong to Commonwealth organisations that provide them with a vast network of contacts across over 50 nations that help to improve their knowledge and access to resources. The associated question put to me is also interesting: should Jamaica decide to become a republic, will it influence governments of the remaining independent Caribbean countries that are still monarchies, to do the same? The answer is not necessarily yes. Further, the fact that three Commonwealth Caribbean countries have been republics for many years has not encouraged other Caribbean states to follow. In Jamaica, the matter could be decided easily if the two political parties agree that the time has come to cut the monarchical knot. * Sir Ronald Sanders is a business executive and former Caribbean diplomat who publishes widely on small states in the global community.


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National Insurance Board responds to Governor Ric Todd The National Insurance Board (NIB) says it has not been provided with any objective evidence to support the view that it owes the Turks and Caicos Islands Government $10 million in relation to medical expenses associated with providing medical services to persons that sustained work related injuries. In a media statement issued on behalf of the NIB’s Board of Directors by chairman Ervine Quelch, the institution said that based the current size of the TCI economy it is difficult to justify the amount that is currently being requested by TCIG. The NIB was responding to a release from the Governor’s office on January 25th which explained the Governor’s decision to pass new legislation to enable the transfer of $10 million from the National Insurance Fund (NSF) to the Government. The NIB said it has consistently complied with the National insurance Ordinance and regulations and will comply with these revised regulations. According to Quelch, the NIB's former actuary wrote in the third, fourth and fifth Actuarial Reviews of the NIB that the number of employment injury claims were very small (17 claims in one three year period) and that the amounts of funds required to meet such claims were not significant. “The TCIG never made a claim for reimbursement of those expenses until 2009, whereupon they provided verifiable documents to substantiate their request for reimbursement from NIB of an amount totaling $843,000 on account of such claims. The NIB agreed to a final settlement with the TCIG in 2010 to pay a total of

$837,000 as the full and final payment of all costs for the seventeen year period. The NIB always said that if the TCIG could provide claims to the NIB for any additional medical expenses the NIB was willing to accept these valid claims for reimbursement. In conversations with officials in the past, TCI Government officials could not identity even one specific example of an unpaid claim,” Quelch said. “The Directors of the NIB reiterate that they were prepared to reimburse the TCIG for legitimate expenses incurred by TCIG or the NIHP for medical care provided to those persons who suffered employment related injuries under the provisions of the existing law. The Board believes, supported by appropriate legal advice, that the NIB is not empowered under the current legislation to agree to the unilateral transfer of funds without verifiable documentation. The Board has been advised that to do so would be construed as gross negligence on the part of the Directors and subjects them to possible legal action for breach of its fiduciary duties.” Quelch said the NIB recognized the difficult financial situation of the TCIG and offered several alternative ways the organization could legitimately support the Government. As well, he said, the NIB offered to accept binding arbitration to determine the specific amount to be paid for medical expenses for employment injury, but the Governor declined the offers. “While the Governor is technically correct that he is not currently taking money from the Long Term Benefit Branch of the NIF, the requested monies will most certainly come from the Reserves earmarked for the

payment of pensions for Death, Disability and Dismemberment. The 2010/11 Audited Financial statements show that 99% of the funds in the Employment Injury Benefits Branch are allocated to the Death and Dismemberment Pension Reserve and not available for employment injury. Only $205,000 is currently set aside in the Employment injury Reserve (EIR) for use in supporting employment injury cases. There is certainly not $10 million available from the EIR to cover the costs of this transfer, so the monies will need to come from the Death, Disability and Dismemberment Reserve Fund within the EIB,” the NIB chairman added. He explained that the National insurance Ordinance (NIO) established a single National Insurance Fund to be used to finance the range of benefit programs under the Ordinance. “This law, passed by the legislature, sets up a single investment pool and this pool has been managed as such since its inception. The current total in the NIF is approximately $150 million, which is sufficient to meet current demands. The 6th Actuarial Review, however, reported there will be a shortfall of at least $119 million in the NIF under current

circumstances. The amnesty legislation and the Governor’s new legislative change will reduce the current NIF by $21.9 million in the first quarter of 2012 resulting in the deficit rising to as high as $140 million. The Board believes it would be more prudent for any surplus in one Branch to be deployed to other Branches, where needed, to pay for benefits at some point in the next 15 years rather than to spend it for non fund benefits.” Quelch said the Governor indicated in his press release that he had met NIB five times to discuss the matter and work toward an agreement, but the chairman stated that the Governor never once met with Directors of the NIB before his original announcement of the transfer in October, 2011 and subsequently only formally met twice with NIB Directors to discuss his decision to transfer the funds. He said the first such meeting was on November 9, 2011 and the second such meeting was on January 6, 2012. “On both occasions the Governor acknowledged to those representatives of the Board who were present that he had no legal foundation to request the $10 million, but intended to pass any required legislation needed to bring that transfer into effect anyway. The Governor also acknowledged on November 9" that he had not consulted the NIB on the NHIB’s actuarial review or on any matter related to the transfer of funds from the NIB to the TCIG prior to his first announcement,” Quelch added.

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Government wins $9million Emerald Cay judgment

The Turks and Caicos Islands has won a $9.29 million judgment against a former U.S. billionaire and timber magnate who founded an ultra-exclusive resort in the Montana Rockies, officials announced Wednesday. Chief Justice Edwin Goldsborough ruled that Tim Blixseth, founder of the Yellowstone Club, helped conceal the true value of his Turks and Caicos retreat called Emerald Cay and underpaid a stamp duty tax on the acquisition deal. The Chief Justice ruled that $1.7million is owed in stamp duty, $6.9million in penalties on stamp duty and $571,118 in interest on stamp duty owed. “It simply cannot be the case that fraudulent declaration as to the value leading to an under-stamping does not attract a penalty when the true value of the stamping does not take place within the period allowed for that to take place,” the Chief Justice said. “If this transaction is to be stamped, and it must be, it can only be stamped now with the payment of the correct amount of duty, which this and the previous judgment now establishes and only then, with a penalty of four times the value of the duty payable. Attorney General Huw Shepheard said the judgment against Blixseth,

Emerald Cay Emerald Cay Ltd. and Worldwide Commercial Silvestre "for perpetrating Blixseth's Emerald Cay property Properties Ltd. replaces an this fraud on us and the has a nine-bedroom mansion with interim award of $1.25 government," Flynn said in man-made sandy beach, several docks million because of stiffer an email. "We intend to and a retractable bridge linking it with penalties. collect $28M from (him) and the island of Providenciales. Blixseth "We are delighted to have expose his fraud with the had planned to include the island in his obtained this judgment, government." Yellowstone Club World luxury which underlines the Tim Blixseth Flynn has previously residence group before filing for commitment the government said his client would fight bankruptcy. has to ensuring stamp duty is paid, and the case to the highest court in Britain, Blixseth was once proclaimed a to pursue those who do avoid stamp if necessary. duty," said Shepheard. billionaire in Forbes magazine's list of Blixseth bought the 5-acre island the 400 richest Americans. He founded Blixseth's Boston lawyer, Michael in the Turks and Caicos Islands in Flynn, said the defense team was not the Yellowstone Club, a millionaires2005. Government asserted that sure about the possibilities of pursuing only resort that counted former Vice an appeal, but he contended that the Blixseth paid $28 million for Emerald President Dan Quayle and Los Angeles Cay while land transfer documents seller, Gary di Silvestre, was at fault. Dodgers owner Frank McCourt among Blixseth's team will sue Di recorded the purchase at just $10 its members. The ski and golf club fell million. They accused him and other defendants of conspiring to avoid into bankruptcy some three years ago, payment of taxes of $2.73 million and and CrossHarbor Capital Partners of instead paying $975,000. They pressed Boston has since bought the 13,600for outstanding stamp duty of some acre resort for $115 million. Blixseth $1.75 million as well as a penalty of was accused of diverting hundreds of millions of dollars for his own use. roughly $7 million.

Carambola Grill and Lounge is seeking a suitably qualified individual to fill the following position. Only candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be considered.


Job Description The Chef will be responsible for all aspects of managing the kitchen and kitchen staff, ensuring the quality preparation and presentation of all food for the restaurant.

Main Duties - Responsible for the day to day food and beverage operation of the restaurant. - Develop creative menus and catering packages to assure maximum appeal to customers. - Hire, supervise, schedule, train and develop kitchen staff. - Must maintain a clean and orderly kitchen and conform to all local sanitation standards and regulations. - Oversee the inventory process for food and beverage products.

Requirements - Must have ten (10) years or more culinary experience from an accredited culinary school or equivalent work experience. - Thorough knowledge of food preparation, purchasing and inventory procedures. - Must be proficient in MS Office application and QuickBooks. - Good organizational and administrative skills required. - Excellent oral and written communication skills are required. - Must be willing to work a variety of day/night and weekend shifts. - Excellent people skills in order to communicate well with guests and staff. The salary for this position will be commensurate with experience, training and education. Interested applicants should contact 946-4701 or email


To work six days per week Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 243-2537 Cairsea Services Limited

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THE DOUGLAS ‘DOUG’ Parnell-led Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) is calling on Governor Gordon Page 9 Wetherell to hold a public inquiry into TURKS & CAICOS SUN FEBRUARY 3RD FEBRUARY 10TH, 2012 the failure of the country’s first locally-set-up financial institution – TCI Bank and its nexus to the National Insurance Board (NIB) the launched a territory-wide consultation on the Financial Services Commission. options for a new pathway to Turks and Caicos The request was made personally Islander status. The consultation process will finish during a meeting with the Interim in February. Initial reaction has been favourable. In Administration and the PDM at the the meantime, the backlog of permanent residence Hilly Ewing Building last week. applications has been cleared. Minister State for bank International Alan Commission are also all currently being drafted. The of door to the was shut Development in Duncan haslast again doubt March of year,cast taking withover it allthe possibility of It is expected that drafting of a number of these Significant progress with the civil and criminal elections being in the and Caicos Islands should be completed by the end of March. the savings of aheld number of Turks the banks processes recommended by the Commission of this year. more than four thousand clients. The Establishment of robust and transparent Inquiry, and implementation of measures to enable Inbank a written Ministerial Statement was placed in the hands that of was delivered public financial management processes to these to continue unimpeded. inliquidators the HousebyoftheCommons on January Supreme Court, for a 30th, Duncan provide a stable economic environment and a To date, over 900 acres of Crown Land worth stressed that setbacks year have adversely affected strengthening Theof nowthe deserted BankCaicos Islands approximately Leader process to take provisional liquidationlast TurksTCIand of The PDM, Parnellhas US$150m and Douglas US$2m‘Doug’ in cash progress achieving a budgetofsurplus. place, totowards also include the assessment Government's capacity to manage their public been recovered by the civil recovery team. In to bring peace of mind to all household. only a public inquiry can bring. We He then added: view there remainsenough that the UK finances. prospective buyers. “Our But while December 2011, people, four “They deserve answers on how have toeleven fallen victim be mindful of theincluding persons who Government will only be able set a those persons who have were interested buyers, theto court Expenditure control has been largely former ministers, appeared in court to face criminal to this failed backed their money was handled and what have been directly hit by this failure date for the elections when the milestones have Government ordered the bank to be wound up after re-established. Consolidated government charges. They are due to appear before the Supreme from the happened to their investment. We and to protect their interest at all institution,” a statement been reached.interest It is not–ECIC yet certain when we will be able financial statements the preferred Bank from have been produced and Court in TCI in early February. view the answers to these questions as times. To end all speculation and PDM met, said. but tothe say that all of the milestones have been Caribbean - failed to meet Eastern submitted for noted: audit forseparate three ofand theapart pastfrom fourthe work Implementation of a new Crownthat land policy. that doubt about The statement further the events caused the the Government, with UK-financed technical years. Public reports on the state theInterim requirements of the Central in its of the public Key decisions have beenand taken on thisthe sensitive the liquidators are doing. None of what “Recently, the people of the Turks and bank’s failure to satisfy right assistance, working hard to achieve them. We still finances are being issued quarterly. Rolling 13- issue. A new policy to manage Crown Land better in Caicos to Islands made aware that they are doing will answer the burning for all interested persons to know what hope According that they will bePDM, met inthetime for elections take were to the general week cashflow forecasts are being produced. the to future announced in 2011 after discussion question of what happened thiswashappened be further victimized to their investment in the place publicduring should2012.” be made aware of what they are likely toThe Finance Ministry is being restructured to in the Consultative Forum and Advisory Council. institution which at one time held such by the TCI Bank failure because of the bank, the people are compelled to seek He the saidthe for International be more effective in managing the finances The Crown Land Ordinance will be ready soon. caused collapseDepartment of the bank and great promise,” the statement said. reluctance of the Liquidator to return the truth of the entire TCIBank failure Development and the Foreign anda Commonwealth and newly appointed permanent secretaries how it was allowed to plunge in such Substantial progress in the reform of theand public “We urge the Governor to act to National Insurance Board’s 5.5M from its inception to closure its Office current jointly assess progress towards achieving will be firmly held to account for the sound service. fashion. provide the level of transparency that dollars. dealings into liquidation.” the milestones be theknow following: “The publictoshould that since management of bank finances in their ministries. Plans have been drawn up to reduce the This final investment in the of a new Turkshas and Caicos Islands theImplementation collapse of TCI Bank the PDM Implementation in its final days was made to help of budget measures to put number of ministries from nine to five by the end Constitution Order, in support inquired of the Governor’s Officeofandrecommendations the Turks and But Caicos prevent the bank from failing. it Islands Government on of March. Five new permanent secretaries have ofurged the Commission which good track to achieve a fiscal surplus in the financial been recruited by rigorous open competition and for an accountof onInquiry, how it was that underpins did not prevent its failure. In the final governance andallowed sound to public financial the bank was deteriorate to management. year ending have been appointed on fixed-term, performanceruling on the petition of theMarch FSC to2013 such level with the investment of the A a new Constitution Order was laid before New taxes and fee increases are expected monitored contracts. Technical support to ensure liquidate the bank, judge Richard primeit will people’s pension fundsInasdue thecourse Parliament in July 2011. be brought to boost revenue by 20% compared to 2010/11, the effectiveness of the new ministries is under Williams criticized the fact that almost investment theGovernor, bank. into force byinthe after which elections must reaching US$164m in 2011/12. But expenditure consideration. A voluntary severance scheme, were removed “Our within information suggests that the exact amounts take place 30 days. is expected toleaving be higher than originally forecast which will reduce numbers in the public sector by within a short time thereafter work has been done Introduction of by a external numberforces of new ordinances, leading to a budget deficit of US$26.8m, which 300-400, is due to be completed in February. many unanswered questions in the of the Financial Servicesprovision Commission including those making for: (i) the electoral is considerably higher than the budgeted deficit Summary minds of the people of the Turks and board and to regulation inquire into the FSC’s process of political parties; (ii) integrity of US$3m. Additional revenue measures, a Duncan said much work has been done by the Caicos Islands.” handling of the matter. and accountability in public life; Our (iii) public financial reduction in the size of the public service and TCI Government and by the TCI public service, with According to the PDM, the plight information also suggests that there management. revisions the National Health Insurance Plan the support of the United Kingdom Government. of the more than fourtothousand areAother international legislative draftingorganizations team is working on numerous have been put in place designed to bring the Assistance has also been provided by the European depositors must be addressed since the that have also inquiredenacted into the closure Ordinances (locally laws) relating to TCI budget into surplus in 2012/13. Union and Canada. Good progress is being made bank’s failure had virtually affected of TCI Bank. This including simply ispublic not accountability Government business, Leeward Water Services is seeking highly qualified Implementation of a transparent and fair thanks to the commitment and hard work of the every Turks and Caicos family and

UK MP Alan Duncan casts more doubt over elections in 2012


SAMUEL WILSON SEEKS 1 LABOURER Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 243-5951


and financial management. Ordinances relating to process for acquisition of belongership. candidates for Interim TCI Government and the people of TCI. elections, conduct of political parties and the Integrity In November the TCI Consultative Forum However there is much still to be done, he added. Responsibilities include: and Quick Books Holiday Village - Management of daily operation, - Excellent verbal and written communications maintenance and repairRussell of multiple skills (English) to employ a Rosheeda is seeking Is seeking membrane based seawater desalination and - Undergraduate degree in mechanical or domestic waste water treatment plants at industrial electrical engineering preferred; or different locations equivalent experience - Management of financial, administrative - Undergraduate degree in business topersonnel work 4 days a weekadministration - Salary $5.00 per and aspects of the business or finance preferred; or Weekly Salary: $225.00 - Interfacing, maintaining and developing equivalent experience quality relationships with +200 customershour. - Process logic (PLC) programming and Working hours: 6 days per week - Preparation of timely and accurate technical, troubleshooting experience a plus - 649-946-5862 or administration financial, EHS andContact government regulatory - Technology and business Please contact: 946-5500 reports knowledge and proficiency tests will be given - Ability to work under pressure, multi-task, for final applicants frequent long hours, 24 hour availability for emergencies Applications shall be submitted to: Barbara Falkenrath, Human Resources Director Seven Required qualifications and skills: Seas Water Corporation - Minimum 10 years hands-on experience Applications operating SWRO desalination plants: min. may also be delivered in person to our - 6 days per week capacity 200,000 GPD. Must be expert in all administrative office located at Turtle Cove Landing Apartments. Please see Mr. Narada related process equipment plus medium - Full living accommodation and expense Robinson. All employment decisions will be voltage (460V) experience made by our corporate offices located in the - Minimum 5 years hands-on experience - To care for 3 toddlers USA. Closing date for applications is April 1st operating MBR waste water treatment plants 2011. Salary is commensurate with - Minimum 10 years demonstrated business - $5 per hour experience and applicable credentials leadership and management skills - Proficiency in Excel, Word, Power Point, IFS, - Contact Angela Williams 232-1473


A LABOURER 2 STORE ATTENDANTS Salary $5.00 per hour 6 days per week Contact 243-4659

Full Time Nanny Needed


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Fuel prices rising because of foreign events BY VIVIAN TYSON SENIOR SUN EDITOR

The rise in fuel prices at the pumps in recent weeks are due to a litany of variables both internally and externally, this is the summation of Brian Lightbourne, President and CEO of fuel suppliers Caribbean Energy. In recent weeks, motorists have been complaining that there has been a steady uptick in fuel prices, some even saying that the figure changes on a weekly basis. Some of them were of the view that fuel prices on the international market have seen a modest dip, but locally they continue to inch up. But according to Lightbourne, fuel prices have been climbing on the world market since the latter part of December last year, and the TCI has begun to realize the residual effects. He stressed further that pricing locally was dependent on who was the supplier, as there are varying supply sources and purchasing capability amongst the first and second tier bulk companies in the territory. “Fuel has been pulsating with a modest spike from the second half of December, and it all depends on each individual bulk supplier here, how they acquire their inventory; some may acquire a million gallons at a time, like, say the two larger ones – ChevronTexaco and Sun Oil – they acquire their products from the Bahamas which bunker vast amounts of product. “So their pricing is based on that inventory that was supplied probably a month ago or more ago. And then although they get shipments every other week or every month, it still has the product

Sign at the Shell Service Station along the Leeward Highway showing the prices pricing on it, so it takes a period of time for that product to sell off. For a company like myself, I buy more frequently on the international market. So, I am more susceptible to spikes than anyone else, but I also benefit from market declines, which can happen but have been negated mostly with TCIG duty increases,” Lightbourne said. Lightbourne pointed out also that the fuel supplied Caribbean Energy’s retailer has seen a

variation of between 10 and 12 cents, while their client stations have barely varied their prices that much either over the past 45 to 60 days. “What we need people to be cognizant of is that the price of fuel went up from December 1st because the Interim Administration’s increase in the Customs Fees payable in the form of the processing fee, plus the change to how the duty is calculated from imperial gallons to US gallons, so, all of these little things have affected the cost of fuel here.” Additionally, he said tension between Iran (OPEC’s second largest producer of oil) and the United States over Iran’s nuclear power ambitions and the threat of supply shortages continue to counter what should have been a decline in fuel prices caused from the continued economic woes experienced in the Eurozone, saying “a large economy that struggles to recover often leads to reduced fuel demand”. He also stated that international speculations, as well as demand for distillates in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster were other factors that contributed to increase in fuel prices. The nuclear power plant in Fukushima provided an endless source of power, which drastically cut the demand for fossil fuel, but since many reactors return to service remain questionable, there has been a renewed demand for this distillates and LPG to generate power once again, which contributes to the added cost of fuel. Among Caribbean Energy’s customers are SmithCo, located on industrial Bypass Road; Grant’s Petroleum across from Caicos Lodge, Farrington Gardiner on North Caicos and Durham’s Fuel on Grand Turk.

Position Available

AIRWORTHINESS INSPECTOR The Turks and Caicos Islands Civil Aviation Authority Job Opportunity: Airworthiness Inspector Base: Grand Turk

Airworthiness Inspector and Air Traffic Service Regulator concerning processing, and preparing the application for the executive action.

Line Authority: Applications are invited from suitably qualified and experience persons to fill the post of Airworthiness Inspector in the Turks and Caicos Islands Civil Aviation Authority.

Qualifications • A High School Graduate with at least 3 CXC/GCE passes including Mathematics and English. • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licence issued by an ICAO Contracting State. • At least 5 years experience as an aircraft maintenance engineer, experience should include: o Knowledge of Civil Aviation and Civil Aviation Law o Airworthiness of aircraft o Working knowledge of flight operations procedures o Knowledge of auditing and administrative experience o A reasonable level of tact, firmness, impartiality and integrity o The personality to win the professional respect and confidence of the operators.

Duties • Supervising all civilian aircraft maintenance operators and promotion of airworthiness of aircraft. • Researching and reviewing airworthiness information to ensure international standards of airworthiness are met by aircraft operators within Turks and Caicos Islands. • Inspecting (annually) all aircraft registered in Turks and Caicos Islands and reviewing licences. • Authority to inspect any aircraft operating in the Turks and Caicos Islands. • Annual auditing and re-certification of approved maintenance organizations. • Carrying out ramp checks on foreign registered aircraft. • Liaising and working with international airworthiness and flight operations agencies and auditing teams. • Managing Occurrence Investigations • Examining of Candidates for the issue of TCI Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence. Functional Authority In line functional authority with the flight Operations Inspector,

Salary payable • $50,868.00 – 57,888.00 per annum. Starting salary is dependent on qualification and experience. Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to the Managing Director Civil Aviation Authority, Hibiscus Square, Grand Turk, facsimile 649-946-1659 or email or to reach no later than 17th February 2012.


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Page 11 LOCAL NEWS TURKS AND CAICOS SUN FEBRUARY 3RD - FEBRUARY 10TH, 2012 European-style Grace Bay hotel development falls through LOCAL NEWS

The much talked about European-style resort development that would have been the first of its kind in the Turks and Caicos Islands with a view to attract visitors will no longer be a reality, this according to His Excellency Governor Ric Todd, during an interview with The SUN. Late last year, Governor Todd announced that developers were interested in raising a hotel on the Grace Bay site located next the Seven Star Resort, informing a post Advisory Council news conference in October that talks were far advanced, as the investors were to furnish government with a workable plan that would benefit both the investors and the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. News media were told at the time that the government investment agency – TC Invest – and the developers were in negotiations to land the deal. The administration said at the time that Government would not give the green light to any such projects unless it has sound financial backing

to run the entire project without hiccups. It also said that the development would have bolstered visitor arrivals out of Europe, since those tourists are more comfortable with those kinds of hotels. But following the holding of a Civil Recovery new conference last week at the Office of Disaster Management in Providenciales, Governor Todd said that the developer had lost stomach for the project. “We were in discussion about a hotel on Providenciales; that discussion is temporarily suspended …because the developer, who had a plan to build a hotel there, decided not to go a head and put the development. The plot of land is still there, it is still a prime site, and it now has a new owner,” Governor Todd said. In the meantime, Governor Todd said attention would be shifted to the West Caicos development which has been dogged by financial woes. Last year, Governor Todd announced that there were a few hurdles left to cross, mainly on the side of the

developers, and as soon as that was out of the way, the Government would give it the thumbs up. He expressed similar sentiments when this newspaper engaged him about the project last week. “I think the West Caicos project is under active consideration. The developers have got some plans, and I hoping that we will be able to move the development forward. But it is quite a complex development. West Caicos is a beautiful island, it is quite ecologically fragile, but it has greats things to offer, so I hope we will be able to make progress on that,” Governor Todd pointed our. He was unable to give a timeline as to when he expected the deal to seal, as he said Government was still awaiting on the final plan of action. “I don’t want to give specific dates for fear of being accused of misleading people or creating disappointment. What I would say, in the case of West Caicos, as with every development, I am determined to do everything I can to bring sustainable development to these islands,” Governor Todd said.

Lack of Commercial Capacity in Current Administration?” BY BILL MCCOLLUM NEWLANDS Since the Interim Government took over we have seen a series of “economists” tripping through and trying to find more ways to tax a shrinking economy. It would do much more good to send a single good performer from Trade and Industry who can work with the private sector to generate activity in the economy. Preferably one who comes from a small town so that he understands the dynamics of a small closely knit population. No macroeconomic theory was ever written based on a population of 25,000 and the standard microeconomic theories are not much help either in our peculiar circumstances. There are five or six ways to generate significant

income but only with the help of a LITTLE action from government. The latest line from the Governor “I am not here to set policy – that is for the next elected government” has really irritated the business community. We need business revenue generating policies and we need them NOW. His staff may be capable of such a thing, they need to take on board realistic proposals that have been suggested. We do want to see some indication that the government offices are beginning to operate properly. For example, the current Land Registrar has done an exemplary job in cleaning house and establishing procedures to the extent that the Registry is now operating better than it has in years. Unfortunately the administration looks like they will let him go rather than renew so that he can crystallize the good work and train staff to


A DomestIc Worker salary $5.00 per hour contact 241-3943

continue in the future. TCInvest has been wound up. It was a lame duck and may not have been not very well run BUT any businessman can tell you that you don’t shut down a critical department until you have designed the replacement strategy. Handing inward investment to the CEO who had only held that post for two days is a complete nonsense. Such is the arrogance of the regime that suggestions from professionals

and businessmen are ignored. Those presenting ideas for improvement of the economy are looked down upon and simply told that these things can happen after the elections. Attendees at the Provo Chamber of Commerce meeting with the Governor were troubled by the avoidance of engagement on any matter concerning economic growth. We hear that even the Consultative Forum who are appointed to represent the people and the communities, are sidelined.

PTV JOURNALIST AD PTV, THE TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS’ MOST WATCHED NEWS STATION IS LOOKING FOR A DYNAMIC, AGGRESSIVE MULTI-PLATFORM JOURNALIST TO ADD TO OUR TEAM. The candidate must know how to advance breaking news stories, use live locations to tell strong stories and connect with the viewer, and fully understand delivery of content as one of the most important pieces of their work. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS * Pitch story ideas to producer/and news director * Monitor and keep track of local news related * Prepare and research stories to cover and questions to ask during interviews as directed by producer and/or news director * Field produce stories by arranging on-camera interviews and stand-ups, etc. * Perform “as-lives” or live hits in the field or in studio as directed * Screen and transcribe field tapes * Prepare reporter’s script in accordance with news director’s approval and deadline POSITION QUALIFICATIONS * Accuracy – ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly. * Communication, oral – ability to communicate effectively with others using the spoken word * Problem solving – ability to find a solution for or to deal proactively with work-related problems. * Technical aptitude – ability to utilize and operate broadcast equipment to perform job duties. * Working under pressure – ability to complete assigned tasks under stressful situations. Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. please forward resume to: kay stubbs at

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Sitting resumes at old Provo courthouse Sitting has been resumed at the once termite and mold-infested courthouse located along the Old Airport Road in Providenciales after the structure underwent a facelift valued a little over a quarter of a million dollars. The SUN understands that sitting at the facility, which is adjacent to the now abandoned police headquarters began on Friday, January 27, by Chief Magistrate Clifton Warner. The total cost for the renovation is said to have cost $260,000 and the job lasted a little over five months, according to the Works Ministry. A statement from the Works Ministry explained that extensive work was done on the building due to it being rendered in a stated of severe disrepair due to its aging structure, which was compounded by further damage sustained during the passage of Hurricane Ike in August 2008. "The renovations have not only started but are now complete and the first court session is due to be held

there this week. The refurbishment was required due to damage from Hurricane Ike as well as damage by termites and some poor original construction on parts of the building. “The works consisted a complete refurbishment of the building which included renewing the roof, rewiring and plumbing, sheeting of the water cistern, and refitting of the inside including installation of new court fixtures and furniture,” a statement from the Works Ministry said. Senior Engineer at the Works Agency Garvin Thomas, in an earlier interview with The SUN, pointed out that extensive repairs were done to both inside and outside the building, which is now sporting a new roof and is outfitted with spanking new hurricane shutters. The air conditioning of the building was also overhauled. He said that the repairs have vastly improved the aesthetics of the architecture, which is overlooking a section of the Providenciales International Airport runway.

According to Thomas, the building was rundown to the point that extensive overhauling had to be done to key sections to get it back up to par. He said at some sections of the building columns had to be rebuilt for reinforcement. He noted, too, that an abandoned water tank located at the back of the premises, and which was allowed to fall into a state of disrepair, was refashioned and was now as good as new. For the most part, the building was connected to city water, but according to Thomas, with the repair to the tank, occupants can now use it independently of, or share with city water connection. In the meantime, the Government Press Office said that the Turks and Caicos Islands now has two new Magistrates. They are Ms. Kalvinder Cheema from the UK , who is assigned to Grand Turk and Mr. Jolyon Hatman from Guyana , who is assigned to Providenciales. Kalvinder was appointed in October 1, 2011, while Hatman was appointed January 6, 2012.

Labour Dep’t announces new rules for business staffing plans The Labour Department has announced a set of new plans that are aimed at ensuring that more Turks and Caicos Islanders are employed. Businesses with an excess of 10 or more employees, will have to submit business staffing plans outlining details on key positions and those held by ex-patriate staff. These plans should include where possible, succession plans for suitably qualified Belongers (Turks & Caicos Islanders) to fill positions held by expats within a set period of time (i.e. the tenure of the Work Permit). “The Labour Department is playing an integral role in keeping abreast with employers’ strategic and

human resource planning process. As a result, we would like your assistance in providing us with your current Business Staffing Plans,” according to a statement from the department. “In order to effectively establish a file for your company and to bring those on hand up to date, we are requesting that you lodge the aforementioned information on or before the 29th February, 2012. Please note that this is important in our decision making process when considering applications for Labour Clearances. Your ability to forecast your HR needs and provide succession plans will go a long way in developing a process that is mutually beneficial to both parties.” Persons requiring any further



• Solid training and in all areas of Accounting from A/P, A/R, General Ledger, Credit, Collections, Audit, Inventory control, Payroll, Budgeting, Costing, P&L preparation and analysis, etc. • Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience • BA/BS Degree or equivalent. • Strong budgetary, projections, and cost control skills with ability to audit complex transactions for adherence to accepted industry accounting principles and policies and direct corrective action on exceptions. • Proven experience at resorts of similar size and quality. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts. Duties Include: • Work closely with Front Office, Reservations, Sales, and Catering Department to assist with identifying optimum ways to drive revenues while balancing market segments. • Supervise and participate in regular periodic reports and inventories. • Performing required audits, review submitted reports and follow up as needed • Oversee training and cross training of accounting staff.


Requirements: • Solid understanding of the reservation process including the role of WRS, distribution channels and reservations flow. • Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience.

information, should contact Keisha Williams, HR Officer, Labour Department in Providenciales on 649946-2801 Ext. 81519/81501. A sample format on how you can present your analysis of current

staffing positions can be requested to assist you with completing this exercise, should you have some difficulty. It is also available to download from our website

Jeommimi Israel Milien Seeks

1 Domestic Worker Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 346-9664 or 342-5802 • Ability to prepare revenue forecasts for department based on business booked to date, current and historical booking pace and impact of special promotions. • Ability to act as project leader for hotel utilization of the HARMONY Product Suite • Ability to develop of business strategies for reservations which are aligned with the overall objectives of the hotel. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts. Duties Include: • Maximize room revenue by utilizing yield management techniques and managing the operation of the Reservations Department • Prepares accurate twelve day, three and six month forecasts, monitors revenue and Yield management and takes corrective steps to improve results. • Develop and implement strategies and practices which support employee engagements. • Work with Systems to manage and monitor inventories, rates and reservations


Duties: • Ensuring luggage handling upon arrival and departure according to Regent’s standards. • Instructing taxi drivers about designated waiting area and pick-up and drop-off procedures. • Maintaining luggage carts, cleaning and polishing as instructed. • Using guests knowledge and information to ensure a high level of guest recognition and personalized service. • Delivers phone messages, mail or packages, faxes, flowers, etc. to guest rooms. • Maintaining the upkeep and appearance of the resort lobby and entrance. • Providing valet parking services when requested. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts. Interested applicants should apply to Regent Palms human resources department in person, Monday through Friday and bring along an updated resume or by emailing no later than Friday, February 10, 2012.


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Government agencies seek cheaper offices BY VIVIAN TYSON SUN SENIOR EDITOR

Furniture and file removing action by workmen from the PalmCo Building on Providenciales on Tuesday, January 31, created a stir among some members of the public who called a number of media houses to tell them that government agencies were being evicted because of non-payment of rent. Government employees who had offices there, as well as officials moved quickly to douse the false rumors, telling media representatives that they were merely relocating to a more affordable office as a means of cutting cost and to centralize the various government agencies. When The SUN arrived at location along the Leeward Highway, workmen could be seen removing furniture and boxes of files from the building into waiting trucks. Even some of the workmen were under the impression that it was an eviction order they being made to carry out. However, we were told by employees at the complex that this was not the case, and were referred to Desmond Wilson, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, for further details on the matter. Wilson told The SUN that the

relocation came about as a means by Government to, as much as possible, to bring the majority of its agencies under one roof and also to cut cost by seeking to move into less expensive locations. ‘We are relocating government offices to Butterfield Square, because we are trying to centralize the number of functions, so that we can me more efficient and effective in our operations, so that we can better serve the public. This (seeking more affordable location and centralizing Government offices) is not something that is going to happen only on Provo; it is going to happen on North Caicos as well; it is going to happen on South Caicos. “That is in addition to reducing rent, because in some cases on South Caicos, we are moving into Government-owned properties. In North Caicos, we are moving to a rented property, but we are centralizing the function; those are the kinds of things that will happen through-out the islands. We are not moving because we owe anybody, and the landlords can confirm that,” Wilsons revealed. There were five separate government agencies that operated from the PalmCo Building. They are Mapping and Survey; the Department of Agriculture; Social Welfare, Gender Affairs and the Crown Land


• A male has been charged for Attempted Murder, Robbery, Conspiracy to Rob, Carrying Firearm with intent to Rob, Discharging Firearm and Discharging Ammunition. Those charges are in relation to the incident outside of RBC on 13th January 2012. He is schedule to appear in the Providenciales Magistrate’s Court # 1 on Friday 3rd February 2012 to be arraigned. • On Wednesday night 1st February 2012 members of The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Marine Division, aboard Police Launch” Sea Defender” working in conjunction with the USCG intercepted a blue & white yacht named “ Yasmin” within the territorial waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands. This yacht had been reported to be the subject of a hijacking in Haitian waters earlier in the day. Upon intercepting the yacht twelve male persons were found aboard. All subjects are being detained as the investigation into this matter continues.

• A male was arrested on suspicion of Wounding. He was later released on Police Bail on his own recognizance to return to the Five Cays Police Station on 13th February 2012 to be further dealt with. • A female was charged for Dangerous Driving in connection with an accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian which occurred in the vicinity of the Gustarvus Lightbourne Sports Complex Downtown Providenciales on Thursday night 19th January 2012. She was later released on Police Bail with a surety to appear in the Providenciales Magistrate’s Court # 1 on 23rd February 2012 to answer to that charge.

Department. Some of the employees that our news team spoke with, said they were ruffled by the nature of how the relocation exercise was done, some of them telling us that they only learned of the move only on the morning that they were supposed to vacate the building. Some of them complained that they had a number of appointments lined up with clients from as far back as two weeks ago, that was supposed

to take place on the morning of the removal; and as a result, had to abruptly cancel those meetings. The Government offices that were sited at the PalmCo Building, The SUN understands, will be relocated upstairs the American Airlines office at Butterfield Square. But that could be a temporary location, as the intended site is the offices that TCI bank once occupied. They are expected to move into that building as soon as repairs are carried out on the building.


STEWARDING MANAGER Requirements: • Prior experience managing the stewarding department of a 5 star Luxury Resort. • Must have an excellent working knowledge of the kitchens, equipment, food productions, sanitation, hygiene and safety. • Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience • Must be able to organize and delegate large banquet functions. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts. Duties Include: • Ensuring the maintenance of a clean, sanitary kitchen by supervising steward employees • Issuing cleaning supplies to stewards, checking usage and making adjustments • Ensuring that kitchen floors and walk-ins are clean • Monitoring cafeteria and providing assistance to kitchen employees during set-up and clean-up • Working closely with the Food & Beverage department • Taking inventory of and ensuring proper amounts of china, dishes etc. are available at all times • Ensuring the training of and proper daily use of all safety, hygiene and sanitation practices Interested applicants should apply to Regent Palms human resources department in person, Monday through Friday and bring along an updated resume or by emailing no later than Friday, February 17, 2012


• On Wednesday 1st February 2012 in The Grand Turk Magistrate’s Court Kenville Prospere was found guilty of Theft and was sentenced to 2 months imprisonment at Her Majesty Prison Grand Turk.

• The Royal Turks & Caicos Island Police also arrested a male for suspicion of Robbery in connection with a report made on 29th October 2011. They also arrested a male on suspicion of Possession of Forged Documents.


North Caicos officers also arrested two males on suspicion of Theft in connection with a report made on 30th January 2012. These subjects were later released on Police Bail with sureties to return to the Kew Police Station on 24th February 2012 to be further dealt with.


• Wayne Tucker who was charged for Assault on a Police Officer and Escaping Lawful Custody appeared in the Grand Turk Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday 31st January 2012. He plead guilty to both charges and was sentenced to 28 days in prison at Her Majesty Prison in Grand Turk.


1 LABOURER Salary $6.50 per hour Contact 243-7785

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Dr. Myles Munroe headlines nationwide leadership conference in TCI BY VIVIAN TYSON SUN SENIOR EDITOR

World renown author, gospel minister and founder of the Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) Dr. Myles Munroe is to host a two-day national leadership conference at Beaches Resort and Spa in Providenciales between March 12 and 13, and which local organizers hope will reshape especially the political, civic and church leadership periphery of the country going forward. Being held under the theme: Empowering leaders to revive the nation: the event, which could become an annual fixture on the TCI calendar, was conceptualized by Pastor Bradley Handfield of the Community Fellowship Centre, located along the Leeward Highway. But Pastor Handfield was quick to clarify that while the conference was his brainchild, it will never be a Community Fellowship Centre event, more rather multi-organizational event, since the planning process will include persons from various sectors of the TCI society. Dr. Munroe, according to Pastor Handfield, will be focusing on how to become a good leader. He said too, that Bible versus Proverbs 29:18 – “Where there is no vision the people perish”; and Habakkuk 1:14 – “You have made men like fish in the sea, like sea creatures that have no ruler” - will be used as platform for the discussions. He said a number of individuals representing numerous bodies in the TCI will be asked to become part of the committee to plan the event. They include the Chamber of Commerce, the police force, the political parties, the Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association, service clubs including as Rotary and Kiwanis and non-profit bodies such as the Red Cross. Pastor Handfield said that so far, no fewer than 40 persons have been identified to be part of the overall planning of the event, saying also that from that number, sub committees would be formed to carry out specific tasks, such catering to logistics, selling of tickets, raising funds of play official roles at the event. Giving his reasons for initiating such a conference, Pastor Handfield said he observed attempts being made to bring the people of the TCI together, but such coalescing was done around issues deemed divisive in nature and unnecessarily riled up emotions. “Those efforts did not really produce much. So, I have been dreaming how I can actually do something that allows our people to come together, and I realize that we have to do something that everybody can agree on. “And I think all of us can agree that we need leadership development

Dr. Myles Munroe

Pastor Bradley Handfield

and training, because one of the downfalls of our country has been that we have had leaders in positions in government and even in the church and various organizations. But not many of us have ever had any form of training in leadership. Some of us have had training in management, but management and leadership is two different things,” Pastor Handfield explained. Pastor Handfield continued: “I was in the Bahamas last year, and on two occasions, I had the privilege of being in a setting with Dr. Myles Munroe and listening to his teaching on leadership. And I realized that he has a lot to offer us by way of training in leadership, and so I approached him and asked him to come to the Turks and Caicos Islands, because I explained to him how I was feeling about our country and what we were going through at this time; and he said that he would be more than happy to come.” Pastor Handfield said that his vision for the conference would be that the people of the country, including the leaders and members of the two political parties, the Interim Government, civic and non profit organizations, the business community, schools and churches would come together and find common ground in achieving success. He said that he would be seeking as many representatives from the various bodies to attend the conference, since it would be focusing on leadership and leadership development. He said so far, the Government, which will participate in the role of a sponsor, was on board, so too were the two political parties. He said also that the Consultative Forum expressed interest, as it’s Chairman, Lillian Missick will be speaking at the event. Explaining what he would like the country to achieve most from the conference, Pastor Handfield said: “At the end of the day, I want this to be the beginning of the coming together of the people around issues that we can

agree on, and I hope that would start a national dialogue on leadership; what is our leadership problem; and how we can fix our leadership problems. “I hope that after this conference, we can have smaller conferences where our own people can sit together and discuss the whole matter of

leadership and how we are going to face it going forward in the future. And also, I hope that, with the success of this conference, we can continue to have a national leadership conference annually, bringing other speakers and professionals in the area of leadership to continue to train us in leadership going forward. “I also hope that it would cause the political parties to come together, and the churches to come together, because I know that one of the things that Dr. Munroe is going to emphasize is the whole matter of unity – that is very essential in leadership. Dr. Myles Munroe is president and founder of a Christian growth and resource center that includes leadership training institutes, a missions agency, a publishing company, a television network, radio and Web communications, and a church community. He is chief executive officer and chairman of the board of the International Third World Leaders Association and president of the International Leadership Training Institute. He is also the author of 23 books.


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Local writer Joan Astwood-Sutton holds book signing BY VIVIAN TYSON SUN SENIOR EDITOR

Local writer Joan Astwood-Sutton, will be staging two book sales and signings at separate locations on Tueseay February 14 and Friday February 24, of three books that she recently penned and are now available in limited editions. The February 14 book signing will take place at CIBC First Caribbean Bank on Grace Bay Branch between the hours of 9:00am to 3:00pmm, while the second sale and signing will be held at the Leeward Highway branch from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Sutton told The SUN that the books will be available at introductory prices. The three books are: “Turks and Caicos Islands and our Caribbean Neighbours”; “Our Way of Life in the Turks and Caicos Islands”; and “The Beautiful Treasures of the Turks and Caicos Islands”. Local writer, Joan Astwood-Sutton will be releasing three books that are educationally and culturally-based, and stand the chance of being adapted into the formal school system to educate the country’s students, in, among other things, social, environmental and cultural aspects of the Turks and Caicos Islands. .The book, Turks and Caicos Islands and

Our Caribbean Neighbours, is described by Sutton as a social study and reading book. She told The SUN that she was inspired to pen the book after failing to failing to find a book that incorporate the TCI with other Caribbean countries, while assisting his son with his home work. “And so, I look at a way how to write and incorporate the Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. So incorporate Turks and Caicos in Book One, with the region, and also the physical features of the Turks and Caicos and he Caribbean region,” Astwood-Sutton said. The book highlights the independent and UK Overseas Territories within the region; how the TCI got its name; the natural landscape its fragility; climate; natural disasters; cays, banks that make up the TCI and sunken treasures found on some of those banks. It also comes with a glossary. The second book, which is entitled, Our Way of Life in the Turks and Caicos Islands going through, is, according to AstwoodSutton, is a social study journal. She said it depicts the living of the original West Indians, which is the Arawak Indians; the entry of the African Slaves into the TCI and other groups such as the Bermudians and the Loyalists. She said it also paints a clear picture of how the Turks and Caicos Islands once became part of the Bahamas.

In photo Astwood Sutton displays the three books that she recently wrote


Veranda is currently seeking qualified candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. Our ideal candidates must love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization.

Groups Coordinator

Basic Purpose of Job: Responsible for (with the guidance of the Sales & Weddings Mgr) • Assist the Sales & Weddings Manager • Promotion of the F&B banqueting facilities • Organization and Administration of the events Ensuring that all Group functions are performed flawlessly • Timely and efficient execution of events. Understand and perform all required duties in the Promotion, PreFunction, Function and Post Function of group events Key Responsibilities: • Support and assist the Sales & Wedding Manager • Supporting Groups on property with all aspects of their events • Production of a variety of documents (some of which are confidential in nature) • Handling of correspondence as related to the job • Schedules meetings and appointments • Attend any in-house functions as requested by the F&B Management • To have complete knowledge of local laws, customs and hotel and company policy.

• Liaises with other departments ensuring communication and the resolution of problems. Liaise with TCI Tourist board on upcoming events and promotions. • Assist in developing action plan to GM’s & F&B Director on how to meet banquet budget. • Gather vendor quotes for all outsourced items. • Coordinate the delivery of all goods. Basic Requirements: • 2-3 years experience in luxury resorts • Minimum of high school diploma, bachelor degree preferred • Excellent knowledge of hotel reservation systems Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience Interested persons may contact our Human Resource Manager No later than February 13, 2012 Email: Or hand deliver to our office at Veranda Resort and Residences Princess Dr. Lower Bight, Providenciales

WANTED 1 BABYSITTER Salary $5.00 per hour Applicant must be honest, reliable & hardworking Contact Innocent Pierce at 246-5648


IS LOOKING FOR A MASON Must be able to work 6 days a week Salary $7.00 per hour Contact: 241-7557

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Career Opportunities Grace Bay Club is looking for candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. They love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization. Their management style is one that balances a commitment to people and their development with business/financial accountability and delivers an exceptional guest experience


Job Requirements: Grace Bay Clubs Food and Beverage operation is looking for a Sommelier that will be responsible of all aspects of the hotels wine program. • He/she directs implements and maintains a service and management philosophy, which serves as a guide to respective staff. • Ensuring that dining patrons are able to find a wine within their budget that fits their tastes and complements their food. • You will work with the kitchen to find suitable wines to pair with dishes on the menu. • You will also work on the floor of the restaurant, helping customers to decide the exact wine that best meets their needs. • Must have at least 2 years experience as Head Sommelier in a 4/5 star establishment, International experience required. • Must have worked in restaurants as a successful salesman, worked with wine lists that cover all the regions represented in our wine list (Unites States, South American, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe) and have an education as a Sommelier. Qualified Belongers need only apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience


Position Overview: Reservation sales specialists must be detail oriented, able to handle difficult situations efficiently while always maintaining a friendly helpful manner. Reservation Specialists are responsible for all duties within the reservations /pre arrivals departments, including answering the phone and maintaining a professional manner while achieving mandatory sales and service standards. Specialists are responsible in assisting with reservations and pre arrival questions. Responsibilities & Qualifications: • Duties include answering emails in a timely and professional manner. • Preparing each guest for arrival including making dining, spa and excursion reservations obtaining flight information, preferences and auditing reservations. • Entering tour operator, website and GDS reservations accurately and in a timely manner. • Each applicant must be able to perform multiple tasks quickly and efficiently, able to work flexible hours including additional hours during busy time periods. • They must be a quick learner and able to achieve department and individual goals. • The Reservations Sales Specialist must have prior Sales, Customer Service, and Hospitality or Front Office experience. • All candidates must be fluent in the English language, for both written and oral communication. Candidates should also have excellent grammar and spelling skills. • Opera reservation operating system experience preferred. Applicant must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Applicant should be computer literate and have basic knowledge in Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Qualified Belongers need only apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience


Position Overview: • Public Safety and Security - Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies, procedures, and strategies to promote effective operations for the protection of people, data and property. • Equipment Maintenance - Performing routine maintenance and corrective repairs on all refrigeration equipment and determining when and what kind of maintenance is needed. • Mechanical - Knowledge of machines, computers, tools and

other equipment, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance. Responsibilities & Qualifications: • Applicant must be fluent in the English language, and possess good communication skills (verbal, listening, writing) • The candidate must be innovative, pro-active and reliable. • 2 years Diploma in Trade Course A/C & Refrigeration; minimum 3 to 5 years experience in the hotel engineering and maintenance department is a must. • Assists in the daily scheduling and weekly forecasting of all refrigeration equipment maintenance work. • Ensures the execution of Construction Work Orders, and/ or Repair and Maintenance Order systems applicable to the hotel. • Maintains proper safety/ hygienic conditions in all equipment rooms. • Supports and initiates program for the improvement in procedures and the reduction of the Energy and utility costs. • Assist maintenance crew in ordering the required materials prior to commencing the work and critical inventory • Attend to any kind of urgent break downs during the shift • Attend to guest complaints as well as complaints from other departments regarding break downs or malfunction of equipments, this is not limited to AC units and or refrigeration equipment • Attend to guest room complaints as first priority • Check BMS current status and compare with the set parameters & action accordingly • Check mechanical rooms such as A/C & Ref: boilers, heat exchangers, pumps, AHU's, Pool, HVAC, AV etc. • Check the operation of air compressor, all pumps, chillers, boilers, elevators, fountain, hotel signage, walk-in coolers & and freezer rooms and other commercial/ industrial refrigeration equipments etc. • Check the status of essential equipments such as fire pumps, Fire Alarm, Security systems • Clean all AHU's & FCUs as per schedule • Clean all condensers of coolers, freezers, walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers, chillers on a regular basis • Prepare A/C & Ref report in detail. Qualified Belongers need only apply. Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience


Job Requirements: • Provides a very personal, detailed, seamless service to guests • Take care of guests needs in a highly professional manner. • Be seen by the guests in response to all the guest’s needs and requests. • The attention to detail required and the ability to anticipate the needs of guests needs demand that the butler is a consummate hotel professional with impeccable standards • Strive to create an atmosphere that makes a ‘wow’ impression on the guests • Will not accept anything less that the best available presentation of the suites/rooms and public areas of the floors. • Must take gentle care of all their guests from arrival until departure without imposing themselves on the guest Qualified Belongers need only apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience


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Job Requirements: • Middle level culinary skills • Dependable, proactive, organized, team player. • Education from a formal culinary program • At least two to three years cooking experience; preparing international breakfast, lunch and dinner in regional cooking environment. • Sanitation certificate. • Ability to plan, organize and execute meal plans • Must speak and read English fluently. Additional languages an asset. Salary Range: Commensurate with experience


Job Requirements • Secondary level education is required. Good writing, reading, listening and computation skills are necessary. • Education from a formal culinary institution is required. Kitchen terminology required. • Perform mathematical calculation including but not limited to conversion of recipes, inventories etc • Advanced culinary and artistic skills, cooking methods, knowledge of all different kitchen departments and product identification. • Deputize in the absence of the Chef de cuisine. • Prepare weekly rosters and payroll reports. • Check stock and requisition as necessary; record all stock which is to be discarded. • Ensure that all check lists are completed, Haccp, production, etc. • Assist the Chef de cuisine in the day to day management of the kitchen. • Enforce Health and Hygiene regulations within the kitchen and heighten staff’s awareness of good personal and food hygiene practices and procedures, i.e. cleaning of kitchen, storage, handling of food, etc. • Identify training needs of staff and assist Head Chef with on the job training. Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience


Job Overview: Qualified individuals should have a minimum of 3 years restaurant experience. Individuals must possess strong work ethics; have a working knowledge of fine dining steps of service, and the ability to provide our guests with an outstanding dining experience. Servers should be industry professionals with excellent food and wine knowledge. Job Requirements: • Responsibilities include setup, organization and cleanup of service areas. • Responsible for staying current with daily menu items and changing wine lists. • Must be able to work as part of a motivated, high energy team that takes pride in their work. • Lifting of trays loaded with food, plates and glassware required. • Responsible for responding to any situation at any given time in a professional and courteous manner. This may include answering any questions posed by guests • Stack, lift, and carry trays in a systematic and safe manner. • Clean and retrieve tables in a neat, timely and professional manner. • Receive, process, and present all food and beverage orders according to Grace Bay Club standards. • Responsible for using suggestive selling techniques, when appropriate, and doing so in a courteous manner to up sell and, in turn, increase the average check


Job Requirements: • Performs all the audit of all hotel income, including Food & Beverages. Working and applying mathematical concepts. • Must possess excellent investigative and audit oriented skills. • Handles all functions related to the Front Desk including

cashiering and posting of charges to the guest accounts. • Performs regular spot checks on food and beverage outlets. • Must have knowledge of hotel operating functions. • Applicants must be well groomed, personable and have excellent customer service skills • Full-time, week-end and holiday work required.


Job Requirements: • The candidate must have good communications skills and must be able to work in a fast paced environment. • Individual is responsible for the set up and breakdown of the pool and beach umbrellas & beach beds. • 1-2 year related experience and/or training. • Provide towels/chairs/umbrellas to guests. • Perform side work including the folding of towels, preparing water and fruit skewers • Clean ashtrays, straighten chairs, and keep all outside beach and pool areas free of debris. • Must be friendly and guest service minded. • Must be able to carry heavy loads and work outdoors for long hours. Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience


Job Overview: We are currently seeking a self motivated Pastry Chef. This culinary experienced professional will be responsible for performing various baking-related duties including preparing various types of breads ,rolls, cakes, pastries, cookies, and other dessert items, working closely with the Executive Chef and to determine the type and quantity of each item. This individual must display a positive attitude; have a high level of energy and commitment to quality throughout all aspects of the job. Job Requirements & Qualifications: • Oversee the day to day operation of the Bakery. • Responsible for new product development as well as maintaining existing recipes. • Creates new dessert items • Must be at least 18 years of age. • Requires a minimum of three (3) years pastry experience to include a minimum of one (1) year supervisory experience in the hospitality industry. • Requires working knowledge of methods and materials used in commercial baking. • Must be able to operate various types of ovens, mixers, and other kitchen appliances. Requires the ability to read, interpret, and follow complex recipes and directions. • Must be able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment, meeting strict deadlines, and have good interpersonal skills with the ability to interact effectively with people. • Self motivate, detail orientated professional • Extensive experience with plated desserts, artisan breads and classic pastries. Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than February 3, 2012 @ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1050 Email: or Fax: (649) 946-5758 P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies

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Chairperson of the Consultative Forum should refrain from publicly insulting Turks and Caicos Islanders BY ELERY CORDELL JAMES

I am saddened to have to be responding to a past principal whom I once admired but as a concerned Turks & Caicos Islander, I must comment in an effort to eradicate much of the reckless, condescending and insulting releases that the Chair feels she has the authority to confidently publicize from time to time. First, we all must understand that in an era of modern technology, whatever we choose to write not only makes its way into local news but internationally as well. And if much of these articles are not rebutted or met with any objection, readers in the international and some in our national communities will accept these isolated opinions (which may have ulterior motives other than for a prosperous TCI) as facts, or even more detrimental, as the views or consensus of the vast majority of the people of the Turks & Caicos Islands. I wish to emphasise that Mrs. Misick must understand that her terms of reference as Chair of the Consultative Forum are much different from the terms of reference as a high school principal where insults can be hurled at students whenever she sees fit. She has no authority to be publicly insulting Turks and Caicos Islanders from her office. Such practices must cease immediately. I certainly do hope that we have seen the last of such impertinent statements especially when she doesn’t have the consensus of the people of the TCI (whom she claims she represents) or that of her immediate team of Forum members. It is unfortunate that someone who was once committed to educating, empowering and ensuring that history was taught

to generations, will eventually resort to publicly insulting fellow Turks and Caicos Islanders who feel disenfranchised and are willing to stand strong and firmly for what they believe in. Rosa Parks was a stubborn black woman who felt disenfranchised by having to sit at the back of the bus. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were all people who too felt disenfranchised and fought to change the course designed to further disenfranchise their own people. While I do believe that there were some Blacks in that era who referred to them as mobsters because their alliengence was to their masters, I don’t believe that they were once educators. Howbeit that today we salute and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and the likes for their fight and determination for seeking respect, equality, democracy, a right to determine their affairs and freedom in their era – from which we are benefiting tremendously today. We ensured that this generation knows their name and appreciate them for their bravery, and now when a similar struggle is occurring decades later, it is publicly called belligerent ignorance. Such categorisation makes you question the allegiance of the author. On second thought I believe some of the very same blacks who our early civil leaders where fighting for were also calling the Malcolm X’s and Martin Luther King Jr. mobsters and senseless, but history has been kind to them and we appreciate them. Secondly, the effectiveness of a demonstration is not measured by the size of the participants. Rosa Parks led a one person demonstration that has forever changed the face of the history and the way blacks were treated. Therefore, all efforts to undermine the efforts of those that believe with a play on words such as “small mob” should also be used with deep thought.

How will history treat us? What will be said about us? I don’t totally subscribe to every action that has took place over the past years, as we are all different and will react to things differently, but when I disagree, I seek to speak to persons involved to share my thoughts for an amicable outcome. Mrs. Misick, I am humbly admonishing you to immediately cease the unwarranted public insults and first seek the consensus of the people of this country before wildly hurling invective words from your desk across the nation which are also read internationally and which sends a phony reflection of who we are as a people and our views without first ensuring that you have the consensus of the people. Until there is mutual respect and understanding exhibited, there will always be struggle hurdles in which some will go over and some will go under, all to reach the other side. Rosa Parks, JAGS McCartney Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., the Black Power Movement and the Junkanoo Boys confirmed it. Let us therefore seek to achieve respect and understanding. However I do hope and pray that we have seen the last of such reckless and condescending statements that do not promote unity, forwardness nor respect as they only express’s your views and not the views of the vast majority of us as you perceive. While we haven’t selected or elected you, if you wish to speak on behalf of us you must first talk to us. “A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan.” Martin Luther King, Jr. I will not be a soft-minded man. For God hath not given me the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind 2 Timothy 1:7

Chairlady of the Consultative Forum Lillian Misick has lost her way and is out of touch BY DEVON WILLIAMS

I was shocked when I read the response form the Mrs. Lillian Misick regarding the canceled meeting at the Graceway Sports Centre. First of all the chairlady of the consultative forum should ask the people of the TCI for forgiveness instead of siding against us in this matter. Secondly Mrs. Misick was blatantly reckless in her statement and woefully ill-informed of the true nature of what happened. It is quite sad and discouraging that Mrs. Misick is so busy trying to insult locals that she is unable to find time to come up with a comprehensive solution to empower Belongers and protect the indigenous population of these islands for government debt shackling. The statement made by the chairlady underscores two characteristics that continue to be made manifest throughout here tenure in the interim administration. The chairlady as certainly lost her way, and this tirade proves that she is out of touch. Lost Way Since her appointment Mrs. Misick has never fully managed to put the good of this nation before her own self promotion. What has she done so far to help the people of the TCI? What has she done to elevate the standards of housing and healthcare and provide jobs for the people of these islands? What has she done to amplify the cry of the weak

and helpless? What has she done for the poor and oppressed? The majority of the faces of our indigenous people are marred with hopelessness and despair. Decent hard working TCI men have been reduced to hustling from odd job to odd job, begging for an opportunity to keep roofs over their family’s heads. Single mothers cry out in anguish as the must decide between lunch for their children or a jitney fare to get them to school. Every day scores of families are plunged into darkness because there is no money to pay the ever rising utility bills. Let’s face it if Madam Cheer does not know, our people are broke, our pockets are empty and our standards of living are steadily declining. The ankles of the people of the TCI are shackled to despair. Our feet are being re-shackled to slavery, not physical slavery but financial and governmental slavery. Under the interim government, our people have lost their importance in society, and our children have lost their promise. Out of Touch The belligerent mob the chairlady spoke of included, a former ELECTED Speaker of the Legislative Council (the Council is now deceased), a former ELECTED Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Education, teachers, accountants, business owners and a major contractor among others. The group she called a mob represented a hardworking cross section of our society.

The Chairlady has never held elected office; she has never served this country via the expressed will of the majority. She is a selected leader and has absolutely no moral authority to call distinguished former politicians belligerent; she has never enjoyed the authority that these men had. The very process of her appointment was tainted and goes against every democratic principal known to men. The Way Forward My position on the expansion of the franchise, which has been cleverly renamed Pathway to Citizenship, is that we, the Belongers, must be the ones and the only ones to chart the way forward. And that’s that. Like the process of the chairlady’s appointment, the very process of Pathway to Citizenship is seriously flawed and dangerously tainted. The only proper way to determine the process of enlarging our franchise is via a referendum on citizenship. For far to long our people have been beating their gums in vain at the Sports Centre while the real decisions are being made in Grace Bay. To my fellow Turks and Caicos islanders, especially those who stood with me on the night of January 26, 2012, I leave you with the encouragement found in Psalm 23, “Yea though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we fear no evil, for the Lord is with us.” May God’s blessings ever flow and may our people ever know that He is God. Amen





d. Adverb

Circle the letter A — D which corresponds with 11."Hey! Put that down!" the word or phrase which will make each sentence a. Adverb grammatically correct. b. Verb c. Adjective 1. Mario and Pablo_________ that they are the best d. Interjection spellers in our class. a. believe 12. The apple tart is delicious. b. believes a. Adjective c. believed b. Conjunction d. believing c. Noun l d. Verb 2. Pamela_________ the dinner on Mondays. a. cook LANGUAGE USAGE b. cooked Choose the correct word to correctly complete c. cooks each of the following d. cooking sentences. 3. Neither of the boats __________ safe to sail. a. is b. were c. was d. been 4. Dogs __________ old bones. a. disliked b. dislikes c. dislike I d. disliking

Agent checked our tickets, passports and luggage. _________ 24. My parents decided we would go on a family vacation._________ 25. Father purchased the tickets. ______ BASIC PUNCTUATION Which sentence, A — D, is correctly punctuated? 26.a. go and get your lunch, mother said to tim. b. "Go and get your lunch," mother said to Tim? c. "G0 and get your lunch, mother said to Tim." d. "Go and get your lunch," mother said to Tim.

27.a. roy, brian, diane and harry are singing in the schools choir. b. Roy, Brian, Diane and Harry are singing in the school’s choir. c. Roy, Brian, Diane and Harry are singing in the school’s choir? 13.The cat licked his __________and went to sleep d. Roy, brian, Diane and harry, are singing in the after drinking his milk. schools’ choir. n a. pore b. paw Choose the letter A — D which corresponds with the c. poor punctuation used at the place marked by a dash (—) d. pour 14.The children are old enough to dress__________ . a. yourself b. ourselves c. themselves d. yourselves

5. Everyone in my class will _______ to remain after dismissal today. 15.The sailor_________ the boat safely to shore. a. has a. road b. have b. row I c. had c. rowed d. have not d. rode 6. Most of the butter____________ used. a. are b. were c. was d. have been

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28."Wow __ What a beautiful dress!" a. : b. , c. ? d. ! 29.There were many fruits in mother’s basket ___ apples, oranges, bananas, pears and mangoes. a. ! b. . c. : d. ;

16.Sally was the_________ of honour at the 30.The ladies ___ dresses were new. surprise birthday party last night. a. ? a. guest b. : b. guess c. ; c. guests d. ‘ d. guessed

PARTS OF SPEECH Choose the correct Part of Speech from A — D 17.The artist painted a _________of my mother as that correctly describes the.word underlined in the a gift to my family. following sentences. a. image b. portrait 7. The bag is leaning against the table. c. statue a. Noun d. postcard b. Preposition c. Conjunction 18.My Language Arts teacher _________me well. cl. Adverb a. teach b. have taught 8. Thomas sadly buried his dead fish today. c. learned a. Adverb d. has taught b. Adjective c. Interjection PARAGRAPHING / SEQUENCING d. Pronoun Choose the letters A — G (A B C D E F and G) and write it on the spaces provided to show 9. We wiII meet at the library at 3 o’clock today. the correct order of for the paragraph below. a. Noun b. Adverb 19. Mother packed our clothing the day before we c. Conjunction left.______________ d. Pronoun 20. Our flight took off and later landed safely in Cuba.________________ 10. KelIy wanted more of the birthday cake, but 21.We decided to go to Cuba. _______ mother told her no. 22.We passed through security and boarded our a. Conjunction flight. __________ b. Interjection 23.On that day, we drove to the airport where the c. Preposition

ALPHABETICAL ORDER Use the following information to answer items 1- 4. The following are listings in the Yellow Pages of a telephone directory. Babers 175- 179 Beauty Salons 180-190 Beauty Salons Equipment & Supplies 191 - 193 Beauty Schools 194 - 196 31.You wish to find the address and telephone numbers for "Eve's School of Beauty -Training offered in Manicure. On which of the following pages would you find it? A. 190 B. 182 C. 176 D. 195 32. You wish to purchase a hair dryer for your salon. Where would you look for the telephone numbers for companies selling this item? A. 175 B. 193 C. 179 D. 185

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As a part of their 10th Anniversary celebrations, the Rock of Jesus Ministry hosted the Ball of the Decade under the theme: “A night of Glitter and Glory”. Held on January 28th, 2017 at Brayton Hall in Providenciales, the ball featured an elegant dining experience by Carambola Catering, a beautiful décor and audience members were thrilled with performances Jervon Laporte, Deitrick Haddon and Earl Tucker. Below are some highlights of the events. Photos courtesy of Rock of Jesus Ministries.

Let’s get the party started!

Yellow Man and Sons from Grand Turk

Brother Tucker begins his performance

Bishop Cox visits the VIP room

Everyone agreed that Brother Tucker’s performance was electrifying

Alex and Joanna smile for the camera

Mr and Mrs Ken Adams

Mrs Beneby being interviewed

Jervon Laporte

Pastor and Bishop Cox stop for a photo before entering the Ball Room

All hands are raised as they praise the Lord

Mr and Mrs Arthur

Bishop and Pastor Cox Pray backtstage with Deitrick Haddon


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Mr and Mrs Morley


Prophetess Miriam Emmanuela and guests from Nassau, Bahamas

Bro Ralston, Sis Karen and Sis Berry

The audience enjoys the show

Joanne Harvey cannot contain her excitement

The beautiful dining room setting

Lupeter Wynter and Lady K enjoy the show

Mr and Mrs Keno Forbes

Psalmist Georgette McIntosh strikes a pose

Deitrick Haddon completes an his outstanding performance

Bishop Cox and Pastor Haddon

The crowd was held enraptured by the performances throughout the night

Who let the worhsippers out?

Members of the audience enjoy the party

Hostess Veronica Clare

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"Soul Train" (which went on for 35 seasons) didn't make history just by influencing the music charts. It served as a pop-culture preview and barometer of fashion, hairstyles and urban patois.

Don Cornelius took Soul Train on pioneering trip NEW YORK — In an era when Beyonce and JayZ are music royalty, when Barack Obama is the nation's chief executive, and when black stars in the cast of a TV show are commonplace, it may be hard to grasp the magnitude of what Don Cornelius created once he got his "Soul Train" rolling. Yes, the syndicated series delivered the music of Earth Wind & Fire, the Jacksons, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder into America's households, infusing them with soul in weekly doses. Yes, it gave viewers groovy dances and Afro-envy, helping get them hip to a funky world that many had never experienced, or maybe even suspected. But it was more than that. Before BET would give African-Americans their own channel, and before black music and faces found their way to MTV videos as well as network dramas and comedies, "Soul Train" became a pioneering outlet for a culture whose access to television was strictly limited. "Most of what we get credit for is people saying, 'I learned how to dance from watching "Soul Train" back in the day,'" Cornelius told Vibe magazine in 2006. "But what I take credit for is that there were no black television commercials to speak of before 'Soul Train.' There were few black faces in those ads before 'Soul Train.' "And what I am most proud of," he added, "is that we made television history."

"Soul Train" (which went on for 35 seasons) didn't make history just by influencing the music charts. It served as a pop-culture preview and barometer of fashion, hairstyles and urban patois. By some measure, "Soul Train" was the equivalent of Dick Clark's "American Bandstand," although belatedly. Arriving on the wave of the Civil Rights Era, it premiered 13 years after "Bandstand" went national, then took a while longer to attract local stations to air it and advertisers to support it. From there, it became a Saturday afternoon ritual as soul and rap artists (and white artists, too, including Elton John and David Bowie) showed off their latest releases while kids responded on the dance floor. "When you come up with a good idea, you don't have to do a whole lot," Cornelius told The New York Times in 1996 in describing his show's formula. "The idea does it for you." For Cornelius, the difference was in the execution, as he told The Associated Press in 1995. "If I saw 'American Bandstand' and I saw dancing and I knew black kids can dance better; and I saw white artists and I knew black artists make better music; and if I saw a white host and I knew a black host could project a hipper line of speech — and I DID know all these things," then it was reasonable to try, he said. On his show, Cornelius was the epitome of

Don Cornelius son says dad called before suicide The son of "Soul Train" creator Don Cornelius said on Thursday his father called him shortly before taking his life, and that he was unhappy and in failing health but kept most of his feelings inside. Don Cornelius, 75, shot himself in the head at his Los Angeles home early on Wednesday, shocking "Soul Train" fans and hundreds of musicians who appeared on the pioneering 1970s music and dance TV show. Tony Cornelius, who worked closely with his father on "Soul Train" told "CBS This Morning" that he had received a phone call from his dad on Wednesday morning. "It was a call of urgency and I came to his home immediately," he said. "He had been very unhappy about some things that had gone on in his life and his health was failing," Tony Cornelius said. But none of his family realized quite how depressed he was. "My father was extremely private and unfortunately, when you're a private person, you keep things inside ... Obviously, me being extremely close to him, I could tell that he was uncomfortable. But our family could never know that he would -- how uncomfortable he really was," he added. Cornelius later issued a statement thanking "Soul Train" fans for their support and asking for privacy. "At this time, we respectfully ask that you allow our family and friends the privacy necessary to get through this difficult time. We thank all the well-wishers and the fans who have supported the Soul Train legacy. Love, Peace and Soul." A spokeswoman for the family said a memorial service was being planned for February 13 in Los Angeles. It was not immediately clear whether it would be private or public. Cornelius created "Soul Train" in 1970 in Chicago and the show ran until 2006, helping to introduce Americans to black pop culture and boosting the careers of such artists as Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and The Jackson Five.

cool, with a baritone rumble that recalled seductive soul maestro Barry White, and an unflappable manner all the way through the hour to his trademark sign-off: "We wish you love, peace, and SOUL." He laced his show with pro-social messages directed at his black audience. But Cornelius never let preaching get in the way of "Soul Train's" hipness — or of his own. Standing by Mary Wilson of the Supremes on another edition, he sported a slim black suit that flared into bellbottoms, a grey shirt with white polka dots, and a huge afro. "What do you do for kicks?" he asked Wilson, who mentioned bowling as one hobby, but said how much she wanted to dance with Cornelius on "Soul Train." "You can dance with me," Cornelius replied. "But not on television."

Don Cornelius was the first to cater to the music tastes of black teens The idea was simple — but groundbreaking: Create a live showcase for black music, modeled on "American Bandstand." Don Cornelius pulled $400 from his own pocket to launch the dance show on a local Chicago TV station in 1970. As host and executive producer of "Soul Train," he was soon at the throttle of a nationally syndicated television institution that was the first dance show to cater to the musical tastes of black teenagers and also helped bring black music, dance, fashion and style to mainstream America. In the process of presenting the soul, funk and R&B of the day, the Afro-haired, dapper Cornelius became a TV icon, his sonorous baritone welcoming viewers to "the hippest trip in America." Cornelius, 75, was pronounced dead at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles Wednesday after a family member found him in his home in Encino with a gunshot wound to his head, according to law enforcement sources. The wound appeared to be selfinflicted, but the death was being investigated by police. Friends say he had been in poor health."With the inception of 'Soul Train,' a young, progressive brother set the pace and worldwide standard for young aspiring African American men and entrepreneurs in TV — out of Chicago," said Aretha Franklin, who appeared on the show, said in a statement. "He

transcended barriers among young adults. They became one." "Soul Train," which moved to Los Angeles and entered national syndication in 1971, featured other legendary artists, including James Brown, Marvin Gaye, the Jackson 5 and Barry White. With its catchy introduction featuring an animated, psychedelic smoke-spewing locomotive, "Soul Train" became destination TV for teenagers across America in the '70s. Magic Johnson was one of them. "Every Saturday morning I looked forward to watching 'Soul Train,' as did millions of other people," Johnson, chairman of Soul Train Holdings, said in a statement. "'Soul Train' taught the world how to dance! Don's contribution to us all is immeasurable." Beyond the music and the artists featured on "Soul Train," much of its popularity was attributed to the young dancers on the show. Cornelius' teen dance party featured the talents of some of the best young dancers in the area, and one of the show's most popular features was the "Soul Train" line, with dancers going down the line and showing off their best moves. Among those who went on to later fame are actress Rosie Perez, singer Jody Watley, rapper MC Hammer and Jeffrey Daniel, who taught Michael Jackson how to moonwalk.

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KFWS • MindGym

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December 13, 2010




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King Features Weekly Service

December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010

King Features Weekly Service King Features Weekly Service December 13, 2010

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Handle a potentially awkward situation by warming up your confidence reserves and letting it radiate freely. Also, expect an old friend to contact you. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) It’s not too early for the practical Bovine to begin planning possible changes for 2011. A recent contact can offer some interesting insights. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) A request for an unusual favor should be carefully checked out. Also check the motives behind it. Your generosity should be respected, not exploited. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Party time beckons, but for some Moon Children, so do some workplace challenges. Deal with the second first, then you’ll be free to enjoy the fun time. LEO (July 23 to August 22) A warm response to an earlier request might be a positive indicator of what’s ahead. Meanwhile, Cupid could pay a surprise visit to single Leos looking for love. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) How you respond to a proposed change in a project could affect your situation. Be prepared to show how well you would be able to deal with it. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) The revelation of a secret could cause some changes in how to deal with



Some problems that arise during the play can be easily resolved with virtually 100 percent confidence in the outcome. But there are other times when you can’t be sure just how you’ll fare, in which case the best you can do is to opt for the action that is most likely to succeed in the long run. Assume —17— you’re East, defending against four hearts, and your partner leads the nine of diamonds. Declarer plays the king from dummy, but, if you’re a careful player, you don’t

a workplace matter. It very likely also validates a position you have long held. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) An attempt to get too personal could upset the very private Scorpio. Make it clear that there’s a line no one crosses without your permission. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) The savvy Sagittarian might be able to keep a family disagreement from spilling over by getting everyone involved to talk things out. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Be careful not to push people too hard to meet your ideas of what the holiday weekend’s preparations should be. Best to make it a cooperative, not a coerced, effort. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) An unexpected request could make you rethink a position you’ve had for a long time. Meanwhile, plan a family gettogether for the weekend. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Someone might find that it was a fluke to try to use your sympathetic nature to get you to accept a situation you’re not comfortable with. Good for you. BORN THIS WEEK: You like challenges that are both mental and physical, and you enjoy always beating your personal best.

• It wa author who gav sage bit ever take you know put up.” • Whe first ran U.S. Ho tatives ( 1946), h paign la he won p serving a mander i World W • From the city Miss., di Fourth of is becaus War, the was surr forces on that was one of th the war. • It was when sna their ve tion they selves, a serpents • There these day ing prob

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automatically win the trick with the ace. Instead, you take time to survey the situation as a whole and, more particularly, your play at this point. The first order of business is to try to decipher the meaning of partner’s diamond lead. You know that the nine is not a fourth-best lead, nor can it be the top card of a sequence, since you have the eight in your hand. In theory, it could be the top of a worthless threecard suit, but it is far more likely to be a singleton or doubleton. If the nine is a singleton, it is right to take the ace and return the suit for partner to ruff. But if the nine is a doubleton, the proper play is to duck, at the same time signaling with the eight to show the ace. Percentagewise, South is far more likely to have four diamonds rather than five. You should therefore let dummy’s king hold the first trick. When declarer next leads a trump, partner wins and returns a diamond to secure the ruff that sets the contract. © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.

David A Telev by Step (St. Ma Review Even cans o David he was change can te fearless took c and pu sion pa He fo listing, provoc and int includi Olivier ers. He newsm man, and Ma to nam Sussk produc His pro debuted TV in it was implied continu decided home. “The Show” until 19



King Features Weekly Service

December 13, 2010


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HIGHLIGHTS • Oil drilling begins off Cuba • Air Jamaica pulling out of Miami

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Elephant Man facing sexual offences charges

Haiti building state-of-the-art 320bed hospital for US$16million Even before the devastating earthquake in 2010, Haiti's public health care system was perhaps the worst in the Western Hemisphere. Then the quake knocked down clinics, killed medical workers and severely damaged the General Hospital in Portau-Prince, the capital. Now, the Boston-based group Partners in Health has set out to build a world-class teaching hospital in what used to be a rice field in the Haitian countryside. Amid much talk about the slow pace of recovery, the hospital is a concrete sign of progress. The project is also being touted as a possible model for international aid in the developing world. Dr. David Walton is overseeing the construction of the National Teaching Hospital, about 35 miles outside the capital in the small city of Mirebalais. Walton is a physician with Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, but on a recent day he looks more like a construction foreman. He says this hospital, which will be part of the public health care system, will

provide services and a level of care that is light years ahead of what is currently available in Haiti. Partners in Health's budget for this massive, 320-bed, 180,000-square-foot facility is $16 million. Walton notes that the group has received another $4 million worth of in-kind donations, mainly medical equipment and construction supplies. The final price tag for this new national teaching hospital will be less than 1 percent of the billions of dollars in international aid that were pledged to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake. "One of the lessons this hospital can provide is how to provide really outstanding infrastructure and construction practices at a fraction of what it may cost in other settings," Walton says, "and I would argue at a fraction of what it may cost versus other projects that are being done here." The Canadian government this month pledged $20 million just to move squatters out of a huge tent encampment in front of the National Palace.

For instance, the hospital will be wired with a fiber-optic data connection. "We'll have cameras in the operating room in the lights so that you can see surgery from anywhere," Walton explains. "That will allow surgeons in whatever country to comment on and assist in the technical details of surgery that's being done right here in Haiti ... leveraging technology to improve care here." When it opens this summer, it will be the largest hospital in the country — with six operating theaters, an emergency room and a neonatal intensive care unit. It will be the only public facility in Haiti with a CT scan machine. In Boston, Walton says, a single hospital is likely to have 12 CT scan machines. In Haiti, the entire country has only four — three of which are in the private sector. The fourth, which will be at the new teaching hospital, will be "for the people of Haiti," he says. The roof will be covered in solar panels, which allow the facility to run

entirely on solar power on sunny days. As a teaching hospital it will help train more Haitian doctors and nurses. And by providing a better work environment, she hopes it will help stem the exodus of Haitian medical professionals who so often decamp for the U.S. or Canada. Paul Farmer, the co-founder of Partners in Health, says he views this hospital project as a model for effective international aid. "The amount of money either pledged or flying around out there is substantial," Farmer says. "If it were marshaled into a coherent system of hospitals, health posts, you could see some big, big improvements in health indices in Haiti, and that's what we expect to happen." The National Teaching Hospital still faces big challenges. Construction is on track but still not complete. At first, the Ministry of Health and Partners in Health will be running the facility together, but eventually the Haitian government needs to come up with an operating budget to keep the hospital running for the long term.

Investment in the Caribbean and Latin America on the decline SANTIAGO, Chile – Low levels of current investment by the private and public sectors across Latin America and the Caribbean will prohibit growth when the recession ends. This was the warning delivered by Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Alicia Bárcena, in Chile this week when she addressed the XXIV Regional Seminar on Fiscal Policy. Bárcena said that the investment ratio in the region was not enough to maintain high growth rates because investment was unfortunately prone to being unsustainable during crises. “Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean is not only highly volatile, but during economic upturns, it is also unable to recover from its fall during the downturn,” she told the high-level meeting, which included top officials from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). “Private investment has not been dynamic and public investment has been declining”

Bárcena added. The speakers agreed that the region is currently in a “privileged situation” in the midst of the crisis that some European countries currently face. They underscored in particular, the control of public finances and debt sustainability and regional assets which they stressed, must be maintained. Bárcena said the quality of public finances in the region has improved. “Public debt has been significantly lowered, and its profile and composition are more balanced,” she said. “Tax revenues and the average tax rate (have) increased. The decrease in interest payments has created significant fiscal space, and social public spending has been maintained.” The executive secretary highlighted that the region’s gross fixed capital formation represents almost 20 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), while in some countries in the Asia Pacific it reaches 40 percent. Bárcena urged that investment in the region be aimed at improving infrastructure,

increasing research, science and innovation, promoting banking institutions for development, and developing cleaner matrices from an environmental perspective. She called on regional countries to consolidate a “sustainable and, at the same time, stabilizing” fiscal policy, with a low debtGDP ratio in good times and counter-cyclical expenditure policies during recessive phases. “Fiscal policy must contribute to long term economic growth through stable investment in physical and human capital and innovation,” she said. “It must also have a redistributive impact, which includes progressive tax rates.” The Fiscal Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean (OFILAC) which aims to contribute to the improvement of fiscal policy in the region through the dissemination of studies and debate with different actors participating in this area, was launched as part of the seminar. OFILAC is an ECLAC initiative which involves the participation of OECD, the Inter American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT) and the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IEF)

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Former Stanford employee says financier spent lavishly on projects A former employee for Texas tycoon R. Allen Stanford testified that the financier lavishly spent tens of millions of dollars to develop property and businesses on the Caribbean island nation of Antigua, at one time replacing the hardwood floors at his bank because they weren't the right colour. Arnold Knoche, who worked 16 years in Stanford's real estate development company, testified at the financier's fraud trial that his former boss spared no expense on such projects as a private airport hangar, cricket grounds, an athletic club, two airlines and a dock facility for his boat. Prosecutors allege Stanford masterminded a fraud in which he bilked investors out of more than US$7 billion in a massive Ponzi scheme centred on the sales of certificates of deposit from his bank in Antigua. Authorities allege he used depositors' money to fund his businesses, many of which failed, as well as his lavish billionaire lifestyle. Stanford's attorneys contend the financier was a savvy businessman whose financial empire was legitimate. They have suggested James Davis, the ex-chief financial officer for the financier's company, is the real culprit

behind the financial fraud. Davis has pleaded guilty in the case and is expected to be called by prosecutors this week. Knoche said Stanford was partial to granite and marble finishes and that one time the financier replaced the hardwood floors in his bank in Antigua because he thought "they were too light a shade." Stanford had wanted all of his buildings in Antigua to have the same colour hardwood floors, he said. "He was very upset. He said, 'This shouldn't have happened,'" Knoche said. Knoche, who eventually became president of Stanford's real estate development company, said he grew concerned about where the money came from for these construction projects, which were very expensive because they were built quickly and most of the materials for them had to be brought from outside the island. Knoche said he stopped asking Stanford about the source of the money because he "refused to provide information." "It seemed there had to be some limit to how much money he had," he said. But when questioned by Robert

Scardino, one of Stanford's attorneys, Knoche said any concerns he had about the source of Stanford's funding did not prompt him to quit. Knoche said he left Stanford's company in 2003 because he was travelling too much for work. "What he built there improved the island considerably?" Scardino asked. "Yes," Knoche responded. In a video shown to jurors, Stanford could be seen talking to staffers about how he was willing to "spend millions and millions of dollars" to develop Antigua so he could create an environment that would "literally blow away" potential investors his company flew on corporate jets to the island nation. "We are growing our business with high net worth people and high net worth people are not easily impressed," Stanford said in the video. Prosecutors did not say when the video was taken. Stanford is on trial for 14 counts, including mail and wire fraud, and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. He was once considered one of the United States' wealthiest people, with an estimated net worth of more than US$2 billion. He's been jailed without bond since being indicted in 2009.

Fast ferry service coming to Eastern Caribbean A fast ferry service for the Eastern Caribbean is to be established, according to Trinidad and Tobago’s Transport Minister Devant Maharaj. Maharaj said the company managing the service, Fast Caribbean Ltd, has agreed to provide 100,000 seats per year at a special price of US$10 a ticket but the average price for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago would be between US$25 and US$35 a seat. The ferry will also carry goods. Maharaj said a Cabinet appointed team is in negotiations with the company to set up the ferry service. He stressed though that the initiative was a private sector one and that Government would be putting no cash in the service. "This fast ferry proposal which the team would be reviewing proposes to launch the service in 2012 and it would be headquartered in Port-of-Spain," he said. Phase one of the service will offer trips to the islands of Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia and Barbados. "Fast Caribbean Ltd, Barbados-based consortium, will charter from owners Montrose Global a 112-metre wave

piercing catamaran similar to those operating on the Trinidad and Tobago route," Maharaj said. He said a minimum capital start up of US$12 million was required for the service. But he noted that the private sector team was proposing to raise some US$20 million. "What the government is contributing to this is forming part of the negotiations. It includes how they would like to see our fuel price locked in at a particular rate, facilities at the Port Authority, requests in terms of fuel and lubricant duties and tariffs, corporate tax concessions. The government of Trinidad and Tobago is facilitating. We are not putting in any cash," Maharaj said. The catamarans would leave Port- of-Spain, Trinidad at 6 a.m. and arrive in Barbados (the last stop on its route) at 6 p.m. Maharaj said once commercial viability is achieved in phase one of the project, additional routes will be added. Government first announced its intention to have a ferry service linking Trinidad and Tobago and the Eastern Caribbean in September 2011 and invited proposals from suitable investors in October 2011.

President Martelly says attracting trade is new focus DUBLIN, Ireland – Haiti’s President Michel Martelly says attracting trade to his earthquake-ravaged, Caribbean nation is his new focus. “We’re moving towards a Haiti, where we’re less interested in aid and handouts than in trade,” Martelly told reporters during his first ever visit here on the weekend. “We want hands up over handouts, and invitations to investors who

will create jobs over donations,” he said, adding that his French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country offers “great opportunities to investors”. Martelly, who arrived here on a private jet of the owner of the Irish-based Digicel telecommunication company, Denis O’Brien, said his administration would provide financial incentives, security and land for development to

potential investors. He said Haiti is already attracting big business with a Korean conglomerate planning to create 20,000 garment jobs in the north; Heineken has taken over the local brewery; and Digicel, oneof the biggest investors in Haiti, is building a hotel in the capital, Port-au-Prince, with the Marriott hotel chain. The Haitian president said despite

Air Jamaica pulling out of Miami Less than two months after returning to Miami, Florida, Air Jamaica is pulling out of that gateway again. Tuesday January 31st was the airline's last day in that North American city. The airline returned to the busy airport on December 9 last year, almost three years after cutting the route. It is not clear what has forced the hands of the former national carrier so soon after its return. However, in early December its parent company, Caribbean Airlines, aggressively tried to woo passengers with introductory rates as low as US$79 one-way plus taxes. But at least one of the major travel agencies on the island confirmed that the loads were extremely light, and that affected the airline badly. "They were fortunate if they had 35 or 45 people on board daily," said an agent from the company He said the flight times were unsustainable. "I never even tried to sell that flight because it just wasn't attractive enough. They needed an early morning and late evening return to cut it." On its return, the airline had announced four weekly flights with plans to increase the frequency to a daily schedule come February. It is not uncommon for the airline to drop major United States cities from its roster, having chopped locations like Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and Baltimore from its route in the past. The only US cities now served by the airline are Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, New York and Philadelphia.

the massive devastation caused by the January 12, 2010 earthquake, “things are moving”, but it would take “some time” to improve the lot of ordinary Haitians. “When I came to power last year, Haiti still looked like the earthquake had happened the day before,” he said, adding “now, we’ve returned almost one million children to school, and we’re building thousands of homes. “It’s nothing compared to what is needed, but it sends strong signals when you compare it to what wasn’t done in the past,” Martelly added. Haiti has in the past urged the international community to honour the billions of dollars in aid promised after the earthquake.



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Oil drilling begins off Cuba HAVANA, Cuba – After approval from United States authorities, offshore oil drilling has begun off Cuba, officials here and the US confirmed. The US Coast Guard and environmental safety officials said they inspected and approved the drilling platform under an unusual arrangement designed to allay concerns about a possible spill that could foul the US coastline. US officials said personnel from the US Coast Guard and the US Department of Interior’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) inspected the Scarabeo-9 platform off the coast of Trinidad & Tobago. “The review is consistent with US efforts to minimize the possibility of a major oil spill, which would hurt US economic and environmental interests,” the US Interior Department said. Jorge Piñon, visiting research fellow at the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University, said the Scarabeo 9 giant, semi-submersible rig finished its months-long trek from China and is now visible from the

A Cuban oil pump near Havana. Cuba will soon start drilling in waters 5,000-6,000 feet just 70 miles off the Florida Keys.

shores of Havana, Cuba. He said the Spanish energy company, Repsol, is conducting the drilling. US officials said Repsol is the first of several international companies that will use the Scarabeo 9 to look for oil in the Florida Straits. The US Geological Survey estimates about five billion barrels of

Belize going to polls on March 17 BELMOPAN, Belize March 7, 2012 is Election Day in Belize. Prime Minister Dean Barrow made the announcement, making the country the first in the Caribbean to face the polls for 2012. During a lengthy announcement to the country, Mr. Barrow also announced that the National Assembly will be dissolved on Friday, February 3 and Nomination Day will be on February 17. The announcement also means that the upcoming elections will be held simultaneously with the municipal and city elections around the country. During his address, Mr. Barrow sought to give an account of the ruling United Democratic Party’s stewardship after coming into power in February 2008. “We have accomplished much in this first term. Acting always for the people and with the support of the people, our overall record is a stellar one,” he said during his address. The prime minister stated that the government’s track record included it being able to maintain consistent economic growth, give income tax relief to employees on fixed salaries and write off almost 15, 000 mortgages allowing those families to own their homes free and clear. However, he told citizens that despite government’s achievements there were those who still continued to assault its policies and efforts. “We reject that and know they are wrong. But as proof we want a clear reaffirmation now of the mandate for us to continue and expand our mission. We want you to arm us and support us so we can tell the world that there will be no turning back,” he urged. Mr. Barrow told the electorate that he was confident his government had done well and therefore deserved their trust. However, he appealed to them that while the elections and municipals were on the same day, to allow the country’s record for peaceful elections continue. “I appeal to all political parties and candidates to ensure that we maintain that record,” he said.

oil sit under the ocean floor between the US and Cuba. The Interior Department said inspectors “reviewed vessel construction, drilling equipment, and safety systems” including lifesaving and firefighting equipment, emergency generators, dynamic positioning systems, machinery spaces, and the blowout preventer.

“The review compared the vessel with applicable international safety and security standards as well as US standards for drilling units operating in the US Outer Continental Shelf,” it said. “Personnel found the vessel to generally comply with existing international and US standards by which Repsol has pledged to abide,” it added. Cuba’s plans to drill for oil in deep waters off its northwestern coast have sparked fears among some environmentalists and some US Congress members that oil spilled in Cuban waters could reach US waters and coastlines. The accident last year at the Deepwater Horizon, an offshore drilling rig similar to the Scarabeo platform, killed 11 workers and spilled hundreds of millions of gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico. Repsol has contracted with the Cuban government for the right to explore in a section of the Straits of Florida that is generally deeper than the area where the Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank.

Haiti and DR told to brace for powerful earthquakes PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - A new study has found that Haiti and the Dominican Republic are at higher risk of future devastating earthquakes. It said the January 2010 quake that destroyed much of the capital, Port-au-Prince, may have marked the start of a new cycle of active seismicity. Researchers used 500 years of recorded accounts of the seismic history of Hispaniola, which the two countries share, to evaluate the intensity of past earthquakes and estimate their location and magnitudes. They cite a 6.6 quake that occurred in 1701 followed by three more powerful earthquakes in 1751 and 1770, that preceded the 2010 quake. “The entire Enriquillo fault system ruptured during these 70 years of earthquakes, then it shut off,” lead author William Bakun said. “We're certainly not suggesting that things will repeat precisely as they did in the 18th century, but history tells us that we shouldn’t be surprised if we have intervals, in the 18th century it was 50 years, of quiet before the next one really takes off. “The consensus is that the quality of construction and building practices was not sufficient for the 2010 earthquake. We certainly know how to build buildings that can withstand that kind of an earthquake, but the construction practices that have been in place in the region don’t cut it.” The 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010 killed an estimated 300,000 and left many others injured. According to the report in the February issue of the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, “The entire Enriquillo fault system appears to be seismically active; Haiti and the Dominican Republic should prepare for future devastating earthquakes.”

Popular dancehall artiste facing sexual offences charges KINGSTON, Jamaica – Police have charged popular dancehall artiste Oneil Bryan, 36, better known as ‘Elephant Man’ with sexually assaulting a 31-year-old woman earlier this month. Police said that Bryan was detained on Monday and questioned in the presence of his attorney. Police allege that the entertainer sexually assaulted the 31-year-old woman at his corporate area home earlier this month and that a report was made to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA). He has been charged with grievous sexual assault and rape. Last year, the entertainer appeared before the Corporate Area Court, accused of stealing electricity from the Jamaica Public Service company .

Oneil Bryan aka ‘Elephant Man

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• Pakistan Prime Minister to be indicted • 1 million packets of birth control pills recalled

Iran warns of retaliation over oil sanctions Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Friday Iran would retaliate over Western-backed oil sanctions and any threat of attack, after U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was cited as saying he feared a possible Israeli strike as early as April. Khamenei's defiant speech to mark the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution was the first direct response to tighter sanctions imposed by the West in recent weeks to force Tehran to abandon a nuclear program it says has purely peaceful ends. "Threatening Iran and attacking Iran will harm America ... Sanctions will not have any impact on our determination to continue our nuclear course ... In response to threats of oil embargo and war, we have our own threats to impose at the right time," Khamenei told worshippers in a speech broadcast live on state television. "I have no fear of saying that we will back and help any nation or group that wants to confront and fight against the Zionist regime (Israel)." U.S. media reports said U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta believed there was a growing possibility Israel would attack Iran as early as April to stop it building a nuclear bomb. The Washington Post first reported on Thursday that Panetta was concerned about an increased likelihood Israel would launch an attack over the next few months. CNN said it confirmed the report, citing a senior Obama administration official, who declined to be identified. "Panetta believes there is a strong likelihood that Israel will strike Iran in April, May or June - before Iran enters what Israelis described as a 'zone of immunity' to commence building a

nuclear bomb," columnist David Ignatius wrote. "Very soon, the Israelis fear, the Iranians will have stored enough enriched uranium in deep underground facilities to make a weapon - and only the United States could then stop them militarily," Ignatius wrote. Panetta and the Pentagon both declined comment on the Post report. Khamenei said any U.S. military strike against Iran would backfire and that the "painful and crippling" Western sanctions would only increase the

resilience of Iran. "Americans say all options are on the table even the option of military strike (against Iran)...Any military strike is ten times more harmful for America. Such threats show that they have no sufficient discourse against Iran's logic and discourse." "Such threats show that America has no way but using force and bloodshed to achieve its goals, which further harms America's rulers, international and domestic credibility," he added. Khamenei said the aim of the

UN court gives life sentence to Khmer Rouge torture chief The U.N.-backed war crimes tribunal in Cambodia ruled on Friday that the Khmer Rouge's prison chief should serve the rest of his life in jail, extending a 19-year sentence handed down in July 2010 that outraged survivors of the "killing fields" regime. The Supreme Court Chamber handling an appeal by Kaing Guek Eav, better known as Duch, ruled that the former chief of the notorious Tuol Sleng Prison should take full responsibility for the estimated 14,000 people killed there during the Khmer Rouge's 1975-1979 reign of terror. "The penalty must be harsh to prevent similar crimes, undoubtedly among the worst in human history," the president of the court, Kong Srim, said in reading the verdict. Duch stood up to hear the verdict and showed no emotion as the judge reeled off the crimes he had committed, including torture, murder, execution and enslavement. Kong Srim described Duch as a "shocking and heinous character" who had overseen a "factory of death." Duch, 69, was found guilty in July 2010 in the only ruling by the multi-million-dollar Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia since it was established in 2005.

He had been given a 35-year jail term but that was immediately commuted to 19 years because of time already served in military detention, a decision that caused tears and anger among the families of those killed at the converted school, where thousands were subjected to torture at Duch's behest. Duch, a born-again Christian who hid for two decades in Cambodia's countryside, appealed against the decision, arguing that the court had no jurisdiction to try him because he was not a top commander of Pol Pot's ultra-Maoist Khmer Rouge. The prosecution and civil parties also appealed, demanding a heavier sentence. The prosecutors contended that 1.7-2.2 million people died of disease, exhaustion, starvation and execution under the Khmer Rouge, which drove people out of towns and cities and abolished money, schools and religion. The United States Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes, Stephen Rapp, said the decision was fair, given Duch's crimes. Pol Pot, the French-educated architect of the agrarian "year zero" revolution, died in 1998, having never publicly explained the motivation for the killing spree.

Donald Trump endorses Mitt Romney for president The Donald endorsed the well-coiffed Republican front-runner Thursday during a rally at a Las Vegas casino — a seemingly appropriate venue for the self-promoting reality TV star who turns every event into an over-the-top spectacle. While Trump has not always had nice things to say about Romney once touting that his own net worth was far greater than the candidate’s millions - he loudly gave his blessing. “Mitt is tough, he’s smart, he’s sharp,” Trump said at a - where else? - the Trump International Hotel & Tower on the Vegas Strip. “He’s not going to continue to allow bad things to continue to

sanctions was to punish "the Islamic Republic because of Islam." "Such sanctions will benefit us. They will make us more self-reliant ... We would not achieve military progress if sanctions were not imposed on Iran's military sector ... More imposed pressures mean more self-reliance for Iran." "Sanctions are beneficial also because it makes us more determined not to change our nuclear course ... Iran will not change its nuclear course because of sanctions...,"he added.

happen,” said Trump, who later described Romney to CNN as “a warm, tough, smart cookie.” He threw his support behind the Massachusetts governor just hours after a flurry of reports claimed Trump was going to back Newt Gingrich. The endorsement, which came just two days before the Nevada caucuses, was not exactly met with disappointment among Democrats. "I'm not going to comb over that," President Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney quipped in a thinly veiled shot at Trump’s infamous hairdo. "It really wouldn't be surprising if Donald Trump supports Mitt Romney, because they both like firing people

and they've both made millions doing it," Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the head of the Democratic National Committee, told MSNBC. Trump has long flirted with running for President, either as a Republican or, more recently, as an independent. He insisted to reporters in Nevada, however, that he would not run if Romney became the GOP nominee. The star of the Celebrity Apprentice remains popular among the Republicans’ conservative base which could bolster Romney’s popularity with a group that has long been lukewarm to him. Trump, who is a cable TV news

staple, will also offer plenty of free advertising for Romney - which in turn would keep the cash-strapped Gingrich campaign out of the news. But the sight of self-proclaimed billionaire endorsing a millionaire, particularly coming on the heels of Romney’s gaffe about not being “concerned about the very poor,” could become a problem for the exgovernor in a matchup against Obama. There is also risk that the looselipped Trump, who has long questioned the veracity of Obama’s birth certificate, could say something to damage Romney. The candidate himself seemed to note the oddness of the spectacle. "There are some things you just can't imagine happening in your life,” Romney said. “This is one of them." Romney, who is coming off an impressive blowout win in Florida, is leading by as many as 20 points in some Nevada polls


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Russia holds firm against military intervention in Syria As diplomats attempted to craft a compromise, Russia remained firm in its pledge to veto any U.N. Security Council resolution that could open the door for international military intervention in Syria. Meanwhile, fighting raged anew in the troubled Middle East nation, with nearly 70 additional deaths reported by opponents of Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose bloody crackdown on street protests has led to calls from the Arab League and Western powers for him to step aside. After a closed-door meeting, U.N. diplomats said progress had been made to overcome Russia's objections. "But there are a lot of difficult issues and we are not there yet," said British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant, according to the Associated Press. Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said, "I think we have a much

better understanding of what we need to do to reach consensus." But Moscow continues to oppose any U.N. move that calls for Assad to step down or would slap new economic penalties or an arms embargo on Damascus. Behind Russia's resolute stance is its longtime relationship with Assad and his family, who have run Syria for four decades, as well as a web of business and security interests, and deep discomfort in Moscow with the concept of foreign-mandated change in leadership. Russian diplomats say they were deceived last year when a U.N. resolution designed to protect Libyan civilians morphed into a Western-led bombing campaign that doomed the long-ruling government of Moammar Kadafi. Moreover, opposition to the resolution will not cause significant

damage to relations between Russia, the West and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, predicted Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of the journal Russia in Global Affairs. Other concerns, such as the situation in Iran and Afghanistan, keep Washington and its allies engaged with Russia, he said, and Moscow's relations with gulf countries are already bad. "Russia has nothing to lose," Lukyanov said. U.N. action could help determine the future of Syria as it nears the oneyear anniversary of a protest movement that was met by the government crackdown and has since evolved into armed rebellion that has left the country on the precipice of civil war. A draft U.N. resolution circulating in New York would authorize unspecified "further measures" should Syria not comply with its terms,

including a "political transition" in which Assad would cede power. The Arab League and its Western allies, including Washington, are pushing the proposal. But Syria, backed by Russia and other nations, calls the scheme an affront to its sovereignty. Moscow, which last year joined with China to veto a U.N. resolution that would have condemned the Syrian crackdown on dissent, is concerned that the revolt in Syria, along with other "Arab Spring" movements, are part of a Western conspiracy to dominate the Middle East, Russian analysts say. Vladimir Chizhov, Russia's envoy to the European Union, said the current U.N. draft was "missing the most important thing: a clear clause ruling out the possibility that ... [it] could be used to justify military intervention in Syrian affairs."

Romney to get Secret Service protection Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is getting Secret Service protection, according to two people with knowledge of the plans. A Romney campaign adviser said the Secret Service will provide security for the former Massachusetts governor. Romney's campaign requested the protection, an administration official said. The official said the administration determined that Romney met all the conditions for protection. Those include being a major presidential candidate who has raised a certain amount of money. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive security matters. With a win in Florida on Tuesday, Romney is closer to becoming the Republican nominee. His events have grown larger and his campaign team has had more trouble handling security as interest in the race has increased. The campaign had previously paid former Secret Service agents to protect Romney. Two to three former agents would protect Romney at each event. Secret Service protection is given to each major party's presidential nominee but can be provided earlier if the Homeland Security Department approves a campaign's request. ABC News first reported that Romney would start receiving Secret Service protection. When then-Sen. Barack Obama was placed under Secret Service protection in May 2007, it was the earliest ever for a presidential candidate. One of his rivals, Hillary Rodham Clinton, already had a protective detail because she was a former first lady. One of Romney's rivals, businessman Herman Cain, received Secret Service protection in November 2011. He dropped out of the race in December. In the 2004 campaign, Democratic candidates John Kerry and John Edwards received protection in February of that year as they competed for the party's nomination. Federal law allows candidates to seek protection if they meet a series of standards, including public prominence as measured by polls and fundraising.

Doctors will remove the partial body of a twin from 3 year old Isbac Pacunda's stomach

Boy has twin’s in stomach Doctors in Peru said they would operate today on a 3-year-old boy to remove the body of his would-be twin. Isbac Pacunda has the body of his twin inside his stomach – bones, eyes and even hair on the cranium. Dr. Carlos Astocondor, a plastic surgeon at the Las Mercedes Hospital in Chiclayo, told the Associated Press that the partially formed fetus weighs about a pound and a half and is 9 inches long. He and a team of 12 doctors will surgically remove the tissue from the boy’s stomach today. The condition is called fetus-in-fetu and happens in about one out of every 500,000 live births, Astocondor said. Although rare, these cases are not unheard of. In 2008, doctors removed a 2-inch embryo from the body of a 9-year-old girl in Greece. In 2006, doctors found a half-formed twin with limbs, genitalia, hair — even fingernails – in the swollen stomach of a 36-year-old Indian man.

The case spotlights the biological precision needed for twins to develop in the womb. Identical twins form when an egg splits in half right after fertilization. If the egg fails to fully separate, conjoined twins will form, sharing some portion of their bodies. Dr. Jonathan Fanaroff, a neonatologist at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, told ABC News that some conjoined twins can live as “parasites,” relying on the body of the other for a blood supply and organ function. But for fetus-in-fetu, the body of one twin envelops the other during development. “In this kind of situation, because it was inside the other boy, it wasn’t able to survive,” Fanaroff said. Surgery to separate live, conjoined twins is extremely difficult and fraught with ethical complications. Fanaroff said the removal of Pacunda’s twin will likely be much easier.

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Pakistan high court to indict prime minister ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN -- A perilous crisis ensnaring Pakistan's civilian government escalated Thursday, as the country's high court decided that it will indict Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gilani on contempt charges for failing to pursue corruption proceedings against his boss, President Asif Ali Zardari. If convicted, Gilani could be disqualified from office and imprisoned for up to six months, a development that would threaten the ruling Pakistan People's Party's hold on government and further destabilize a difficult but important U.S. ally in the war on terror. Zardari's administration has been under intense pressure from an aggressive Supreme Court and the country's powerful military since taking over in 2008. The Supreme Court initiated contempt proceedings against Gilani last month, when he refused to abide by the high court’s demand that he write a letter to Swiss authorities asking for the revival of a long-

standing corruption case involving Zardari. That case, a moneylaundering charge in Switzerland against Zardari and his late wife, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, was dropped by Swiss authorities at the request of the Pakistani government in 2008. Gilani and other government lawyers have maintained they cannot write that letter because Zardari, as president, has constitutional immunity that shields him from prosecution. Gilani’s lawyer, Aitzaz Ahsan, also argued that his client should not be punished for failing to comply with the court's order because he was following the advice of his legal team. A seven-judge panel hearing Ahsan's arguments disagreed, saying Gilani defied the court's authority by refusing to seek a reopening of the Swiss case. The panel continued the case to Feb. 13, when Gilani is set to be formally indicted. The judges ordered Gilani to appear on that date. Ahsan said he would appeal the court's

decision to proceed with an indictment. The country's judiciary has been at odds with Zardari since the early days of his presidency, when he initially balked at reinstating Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry as chief justice. Chaudhry and other Supreme Court justices had been fired by former military ruler Pervez Musharraf in 2007. Zardari restored them to their former positions in 2009, but only after being forced to do so by Pakistani lawyers who led large protests demanding the reinstatement of the judges. After the panel's ruling Thursday, Ahsan urged the high court to refrain from worsening the already tense relationship between the country's judiciary and its civilian government. "Any collision between constitutional institutions should be avoided," Ahsan said outside the courthouse. "Such collisions and tension isn't good for the country." Thursday's proceedings left

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gilani

unclear just how much immunity Zardari has. The government maintains that Zardari’s immunity means the president cannot be charged with any crime while he remains in office, but some critics contend that the protection applies only to his activities as president. In the last two years, the high court had repeatedly urged Zardari's government to appear before it to legally defend its immunity claim. So far, the government consistently refused, saying there was no need to debate the issue because presidential immunity is embodied in the country’s constitution.

4 UK men admit London Stock Exchange bomb plot LONDON — Four British men fueled by the words of a U.S.-born Muslim cleric pleaded guilty Wednesday to involvement in an al-Qaida inspired plot to spread terror and cause economic damage by bombing the London Stock Exchange at Christmastime. Five other defendants pleaded guilty to lesser terrorism charges. The nine men, from several parts of the country, were brought together through radical Islamist groups and nurtured plans to attack the stock exchange and other high-profile targets. Unbeknownst to them, British authorities learned of the plot and put them under surveillance. They were arrested in raids in December 2010 and all initially denied the charges against them. But on Wednesday, as their trial was due to

start, four of the defendants pleaded guilty at Woolwich Crown Court to involvement in the Stock Exchange plan, and the five others to preparing or assisting planned terror attacks. Mohammed Chowdhury, 21; Shah Rahman, 28; Gurukanth Desai, 30; and Abdul Miah, 25, all admitted preparing for acts of terrorism by planning to plant an improvised explosive device in the toilets of the London Stock Exchange. Prosecution lawyer Andrew Edis accepted that the men had not planned to kill anyone. "Their intention was to cause terror and economic harm and disruption," he said. "But their chosen method meant there was a risk people would be maimed or killed." Chowdhury, from London, was described by prosecutors as the "lynchpin" of the plot. His lawyer, Christopher Blaxland, said Chowdhury admitted

planning to plant the bomb, "with the obvious attendant risk but without any intention to cause death or even injury but with the intention to terrorize, damage property and to cause economic damage." The other five defendants admitted attending planning meetings, fundraising for terrorism or possessing copies of the al-Qaida magazine, Inspire, which contained a feature headlined "Make A Bomb In The Kitchen Of Your Mom." Prosecutors said they had not made any bombs or set dates for the attacks. They said the men were not members of alQaida but had been inspired by the terror network and the sermons of its Yemen-based, Americanborn cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed last year in a U.S. drone strike.

Pfizer recalls 1 million packets of birth control pills About one million packets of birth control pills are being recalled in the United States by Pfizer Inc. because of a packaging error that could reduce the effectiveness of the pills and cause unintended pregnancies. The recall of 14 lots of Lo/Ovral28 tablets and 14 lots of generic Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol tablets was announced late Tuesday after Pfizer discovered that some blister packs may contain either too many or too few active pills and that the pills may be out of sequence. The expiration dates on the recalled packets range between July 31, 2013 and March 31, 2014. The pills are packaged in blister

packs containing 21 active tablets and seven inactive tablets. The packaging error means that the daily regimen for the pills may be incorrect and could leave women without adequate contraception and at risk for unintended pregnancy, Pfizer said in a news release. Experts said the error could pose real problems for women using the pills. "This is extremely important," said Dr. Steven Goldstein, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York City. "It is absolutely essential that birth control pills be taken as intended, with 21 medicated pills in a

row. Otherwise ovulation could take place and an unintended pregnancy is definitely a possibility." Another expert agreed. "Sequence and content of active versus inactive pills is crucial in determining efficacy, including whether or not unwanted pregnancy will be actually prevented," said Dr. Jill Rabin, chief of ambulatory care, obstetrics and gynecology, head of urogynecology at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, N.Y. She said that women who determine that they do have the recalled contraceptive pills should first "ensure that you are not currently pregnant (by taking a pregnancy test) if

you have any symptoms of pregnancy (missed periods/abnormal bleeding, etc)." They should also switch immediately to a non-hormonal form of contraception if they are not pregnant, notify their health care provider of the situation, and return the defective product to the pharmacy. Pfizer has informed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about the recall. In a statement issued Wednesday, the FDA agreed that "patients who have the affected product should notify their physician and return the product to the pharmacy." The cause of the error was identified and corrected immediately, according to Pfizer. The birth control pills were manufactured and packaged by Pfizer and sold under the Akrimax Pharmaceuticals brand. The pills were distributed to warehouses, clinics and retail pharmacies across the United States.



Panetta says US combat in Afghanistan to end next year ABOARD A U.S. MILITARY AIRCRAFT — U.S. and other international forces in Afghanistan aim to end their combat role next year and switch to training and advising Afghan forces through 2014, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Wednesday. Panetta's remarks to reporters traveling with him to a NATO defense ministers meeting in Brussels represented the Obama administration's most explicit portrayal of how the foreign military role in Afghanistan is expected to evolve from the current high-intensity fight against the Taliban to a support role with Afghans fully in the lead. Panetta called 2013 a critical year for the Afghanistan mission that has dragged on for more than a decade with little sign that the Taliban will be decisively defeated. He noted that NATO and the Afghan government intend to begin a final phase of transitioning sections of the country to Afghan security control in mid-2013. "Hopefully by the mid to latter part of 2013 we'll be able to make a transition from a combat role to a training, advise and assist role," he said. He added that this "doesn't mean we're not going to be combat-ready," but rather that the U.S. and other international forces will no longer be in "the formal combat role we're in now." He said no decisions have been made about how many U.S. troops would be required to remain there once the combat role has ended. He suggested, however, that large reductions, below the 68,000 troop level projected for this September, were unlikely in the months

US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta

immediately after the shift. The U.S. now has about 91,000 troops there as part of the International Security Assistance Force. The fact that much military work will remain after 2013 "demands that we have a strong presence there," he said. Although Panetta made no mention of it, U.S. Marines in Afghanistan already are making that transition out of a combat role. They are operating in Helmand province in southwestern Afghanistan, where the Taliban have been greatly weakened, and are on track to reduce their numbers significantly this year. Panetta's remarks indicated that this switch into a support role will be applied across Afghanistan, assuming no major setbacks against the Taliban and continued progress in training Afghan forces. Many U.S. forces already are training and advising Afghan forces.

Man in brain eating case held on $1M bond BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — A Floridian charged with hacking a Connecticut homeless man to death with an ax and eating some body parts has been ordered to remain in custody in lieu of $1 million bond. The judge also ordered a psychiatric evaluation for 35-year-old Tyree Lincoln Smith. Smith stood with his hands chained behind his back during his arraignment Wednesday in Bridgeport Superior Court on a murder charge. The Connecticut Post reports ( that Smith was returned to Connecticut on Tuesday afternoon after having been arrested last week in Lynn Haven, Fla. Police say Smith killed a homeless Bridgeport man with an ax and ate one of his eyeballs and part of his brain in December. Angel Gonzalez' body was found in an abandoned home in Bridgeport. Smith grew up in Ansonia, Conn.

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14000 of American Airlines approx. 88,000 employees may be cut in the latest cost cutting measure by the airline who filed for bankruptcy recently. Management attributes the job cuts to a necessary restructuring process.


Zuckerberg to keep iron grip on Facebook after IPO Facebook unveiled plans for the biggest ever Internet IPO that could raise as much as $10 billion, but made it clear CEO Mark Zuckerberg will exercise almost complete control over the company, leaving investors with little say. The Harvard dropout, who launched the social networking phenomenon from his dorm room, will control 56.9 percent of the voting shares in a company expected to be valued at up to $100 billion when it goes public. Facebook says it has 845 million active monthly users. Wednesday's long-awaited filing kicks off a process that will culminate in Silicon Valley's biggest coming-out party since the heyday of the dotcom boom and bust. In its filing Facebook says it is seeking to raise $5 billion, but that is a figure used to calculate registration fees among others and analysts estimate it could tap investors for $10 billion. That would value the company at $100 billion, dwarfing storied tech giants such as Hewlett Packard Co, while validating the explosive growth worldwide of social media as communication and entertainment. Zuckerberg's economic control of about 28 percent of the shares would be worth $28 billion at a $100 billion valuation, ranking him as the fourthrichest American. The 27-year-old's ownership

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

position means Facebook, a company dissected in 2010's Oscar-winning "The Social Network", will not need to appoint a majority of independent directors or set up board committees to oversee compensation and other matters. The company's ownership structure and bylaws go against shareholder-friendly corporate governance practices put in place in the United States after years of investor activism. As Facebook states in its prospectus, Zuckerberg will "control all matters submitted to stockholders for vote, as well as the overall management and direction of our company." Zuckerberg struck deals with

several Facebook investors that granted him voting rights over their shares in all or most situations. Those included Yuri Milner's DST Global, venture capital firm The Founders Fund, and entities affiliated with Technology Crossover Ventures, the IPO filing shows. Google Inc's Sergey Brin and Larry Page retained control of the search giant through similar arrangements and the Sulzbergers did much the same at the New York Times. "Zuckerberg, at the time, probably had his choice of investors," said Steven Kaplan, a professor at University of Chicago's Booth School of Business, who researches venture capital and corporate governance. "He basically had the ability to say 'my way or the highway.'" "The downside of doing this is that the value of Facebook may be slightly lower than it would be if he were not retaining control." Facebook could make its market debut in the middle of the year based on the usual timetable of IPOs. Its IPO prospectus shows that Facebook generated $3.71 billion in revenue and made $1 billion in net profit last year, up 65 percent from the $606 million it made in 2010. "We often talk about inventions like the printing press and the television," Zuckerberg said in a letter accompanying the documents.

Fed Chairman Bernanke economy faces significant headwinds consumer sentiment. Consumer 'In what has become a familiar refrain from the chairman of the Federal spending accounts for about 70% of U.S. economic activity. Reserve, Ben S. Bernanke described the economic recovery Thursday as Data suggest consumers “frustratingly slow” and said that pulled back a bit in December, and their future spending will “significant headwinds” face depend largely on the job market, consumers and the broader economy. In his first public exchange with as Bernanke said Thursday. The Congress this year, Bernanke told government on Friday will report members of the House Budget the latest unemployment rate and job numbers for January. Committee that while the economy has been improving recently -- with The pace of business consumer spending, manufacturing US Federal Reserve, Ben S. Bernanke spending has slowed recently as and job growth up in recent months well, in part because of concerns - the outlook remains uncertain. in Europe, but Bernanke said there are signs that He said a big question is the ability of business confidence was improving. And should that households to spend, given their stagnant incomes continue, he said, companies are well positioned and wealth, tight credit access and historically low financially to increase both spending and hiring.

"Today, our society has reached another tipping point." "The scale of the technology and infrastructure that must be built is unprecedented." Facebook appointed Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan as its lead underwriters. Other bookrunners include Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital and Allen & Co. Zuckerberg agreed to cut his compensation from $1.48 million last year to $1 effective January 1, 2013, following the example of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Facebook's chief operating officer and Zuckerberg's top lieutenant, Sheryl Sandberg, earned $30.8 million in total compensation last year. Facebook's growing popularity has pressured entrenched Internet companies from Yahoo to Google Inc. In 2011, the social network overtook Yahoo to become the top provider of online display ads in the United States by revenue, industry research firm eMarketer says. A $10 billion IPO would be the fourth-largest in U.S. history after Visa Inc, General Motors, and AT&T Wireless, Thomson Reuters data shows. The $5 billion figure in Wednesday's prospectus was an initial, reference figure -- a basis for registration fees, among other things -- and could change based on investor demand. The prospectus said 85 percent of Facebook's 2011 revenue was derived from advertising. Social-gaming company Zynga, creator of Farmville, accounted for 12 percent of Facebook's revenue last year.

Bernanke also urged lawmakers to take steps to put the U.S. deficits and budget situation on a sustainable path or else face serious economic consequences. He pointed out that the nation’s federal deficit has averaged 9% of gross domestic product -- the value of all goods and services produced -- over the last three fiscal years and that a continuing high level of government debt would reduce productivity growth and subject the nation to greater indebtedness to foreign countries as well as risks of economic shocks. At the same time, Bernanke repeated that it was important for policymakers not to make spending and tax policies that would hurt the current economic recovery. And he urged lawmakers to get past the political divisions to solve the long-term debt problems. “I realize politics is a tough game,” he said, but it’s important to show “cooperation and collaboration” in addressing the nation’s large debts.



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American Airlines may cut up to 14,000 jobs DALLAS — American Airlines wants to cut labor costs by 20 percent and eliminate 12,000 to 14,000 jobs at the third-biggest U.S. airline. American's top labor-relations executive told employees at a closed-door meeting about the expected job cuts, according to a source familiar with the situation. American and parent AMR Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection back in November. The company has about 88,000 workers, including those at short-haul affiliate American Eagle. CEO Thomas W. Horton said the company hopes to return to profitability by cutting spending by more than $2 billion per year and raising revenue by $1 billion per year. "We are going to use the restructuring process to make the necessary changes to meet our challenges head-on and capitalize fully on the solid foundation we've put in place," Horton said in a letter to employees. Horton said cost-cutting moves will include restructuring debt and aircraft leases, grounding older planes, and changing labor contracts. Jeff Brundage, AMR senior vice president for human resources, gave employees the estimate of job cuts,

according to an official who asked not to be identified because the comment was made in a closed meeting. If American and its three unions can't agree on labor cuts, the company could ask a bankruptcy judge in New York to impose changes on workers. But federal law requires the company to make a good-faith effort to negotiate agreements with labor first. Employees have braced for bad news for weeks. Horton said in December that the company would emerge from bankruptcy with fewer workers. "I expect dismay and outrage from our membership as details of the proposal are made public," said Laura Glading, president of the flight attendants' union. More details about job cuts and the fate of AMR's pension plans are expected to be released later Wednesday, when company officials are scheduled to meet separately with the Allied Pilots Association, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants and the Transport Workers Union. The U.S. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. has been warning AMR for weeks that it will oppose

an effort to end the pension plans, unless the company proves it can't survive any other way. If AMR terminates the plans, it will dump obligations for paying benefits on the PBGC. Besides spending cuts, Horton said Wednesday that the company plans to ground older planes and go ahead with orders to buy hundreds of new aircraft. That would cut fuel use — high fuel costs have been a major drag on AMR and other airline companies. The bankruptcy judge hasn't approved those new orders, but he has allowed the company to take delivery of some new jets. Horton said that as part of an effort to increase revenue, American will increase flights in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Miami by 20 percent over the next five years. AMR lost $884 million in the first nine months of 2011, and on Tuesday it disclosed a $904 million loss for December alone. It has lost more than $11 billion since 2001. AMR is the latest of several large U.S. airlines to go through bankruptcy in an effort to reduce costs and debt — United, Delta and US Airways in the past decade, and Continental — now part of United — in the 1990s.


Requirements: • Bachelors Degree to High Vocational Diploma in any field. • 3 years Cost Controller previous experience or demonstrated experience in a related area. • 3 years of hotel working experiences. • Product knowledge of Food & Beverage and hotel consumable/durable items • Proven ability to utilize and develop computerized spreadsheets. • Excellent communication skills. • Ability to work in a team oriented environment. FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEVELOPMENT • Ability to work independently in a time sensitive environment. • Ability to maintain confidentially is mandatory. MANAGER • Ability to communicate clearly, timely and accurately, Requirements: • Several successful years of operating the food and beverage department in • Ability to organize workload, adapt quickly to change, and deliver under the luxury resorts, as well as a thorough understanding of the North American market pressure of deadlines. • Post secondary degree or equivalent qualification by experience • Proven ability to prepare revenue forecasts for department based on business Duties Include: booked to date, current and historical booking pace and impact of special • Monitor inventory control in different areas. • Monitor all requisitions made to the warehouse by different departments. promotions • Understanding of how P&L is prepared and the line items impacted by • Organize Cost Controlling Systems under supervision of Financial Controller. • Track all records of all expenses in different departments, and make department and how to impact results • Exceptional knowledge of different types of cuisine and wine including how recommendations to Financial Controller. • Assist in and coordinate monthly inventories. menus are developed, pricing guidelines and how to improve results • Supervise all supporting documents for in-going / out-going merchandise from the warehouse. Duties Include: • Guiding the teams in reaching its targets for all areas of the F & B team • Verify if Standard Operating Procedures implemented by the Resort are being followed up by the different departments. measures in Medallia comments results and revenues • Constantly keep track of price variance for all major/recurrent purchases. • Has the total overview of all F & B areas • Research inventory and cost of goods variances and prepare monthly internal • Assisting F & B manager in regards to follow up on established procedures cost of product analysis report, using sales and inventory reports from various • Ensuring all sanitation standards and procedures are followed at all times • Communicating effectively to ensure teams provide The Regent Experience to systems. • Assist Financial Controller in verifying implementation of overall internal control all guests at all times • Monitoring guests flow in F & B areas to ensure that food, beverage and service procedures. • Must be willing and able to work all days and shifts are adjusted and at proper levels at all times • Training and supervising the team to up sell and generate revenue • Ensuring restaurant and bar teams are well trained in the company procedures Interested applicants should apply to Regent Palms Monday through Fridays and bring along an updated resume or by emailing to to ensure cost effective operation and The Regent Experience service • Providing ideas and implementing programs to maximize food and beverage no later than Friday, February 17, 2012. revenue • Must be willing and able to work all days and shifts


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HIGHLIGHTS TCIRFU in focus – girl’s rugby

The TCIRFU are excited to continue the growth of Girls Rugby in the TCI a fun and dynamic sport that was introduced to girls from the age of 8 up to 18 in 2011.

M.I.L.L.S Institute School Sports day

Cheshire Hall FC blank Pedagogue 3-0

New entrants Cheshire Hall FC signaled their intentions last weekend in the WIV-sponsored Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) Premier League when they opened their account by blanking fellow new entrants Pedagogue FC 3-0 at the TCIFA Academy field in a lone encounter. Cheshire Hall’s goals came courtesy of a double by ace forward Yohan Grant, who second goal – a direct corner – was a beauty, and national outfit Lenford Singh. That game was Pedagogue’s second, which gave them similar result, only that they scored three times in their first encounter against the SWA Sharks, who outscored them by two goals, in an eight-goal thriller. The opening stages of the encounter were

evenly matched, as both teams made several raids on goal, but were thwarted by stout defending. However, as the game progressed, forwards Carlington Smith and Ian Chang created a number of breaches in the Pedagogue defense, and from then on it appeared the writing was on the wall for a goal against Pedagogue. The goal finally came midway the first half when Singh unleashed a ferocious far post header from a well-taken corner executed by Grant. Following the goal, both teams mounted several attacks, with Pedagogue coming close to scoring on a few occasions. However, the half ended with Cheshire Hall having the one-goal advantage. Early press for even keel on the second half by Pedagogue resulted in a number of their players tiring, and realizing the scenario, Cheshire Hall

began to push more players forward which bore fruits approaching midway the second half. The second came when Navar Cumberland raced down the flank and made a cross into the danger area, which eluded the Pedagogue defense unit and landed kindly for Grant to boot home. Grant then put the lid on things when punched a corner that eluded the entire Pedagogue defense unit, including the goalkeeper and curved into the back of the net. For his double, including the well-taken corner, Grant was adjudged the FA’s President’s Player of the week. Two games were on the cards for Saturday, February. At 4pm., Sharks were scheduled to go up against AFC Academy, while 6pm., HAB were expected to tackle Cheshire Hall.

TCIRFU in focus – girl’s rugby

The TCIRFU are excited to continue the “women’s rugby is an area that is getting a growth of Girls Rugby in the TCI a fun lot of attention in the Caribbean region and and dynamic sport that was introduced we want to harness that attention and grow to girls from the age of 8 up to 18 in 2011. the sport here. Sandra Shaw and TCIRFU President Rugby is a great test for everyone taking Keith Burant launched the girl’s rugby part that requires speed, strength and skill to program at the 2011 TCIRFU President’s succeed.” Burant said that the introduction Dinner. The endeavour was wholly of girl’s rugby had been a great success in endorsed by the TCIRFU and the guest 2011 and the TCIRFU hoped that it would speaker Scott Hastings. continue to grow in 2012. Shaw said that “the focus of the early Shaw thanked Rebecca Hingston, Nik sessions has been improving on passing and Hight and Paul Dempsey who have given catching skills with the oval ball, something their time to help with the girl’s program. that is harder than it sounds when most of “We’re particularly happy to have Franco us are used to a basketball! The girls have Mompremier and Kalem Pratt from the come on a lot in a short period of time and boy’s rugby passing on what they have have successfully mastered non-contact tag learned to the female players.” rugby.” The 2012 Girl’s Rugby season will be Shaw said that while many people’s launched on Saturday the 11th of February first image of rugby may be tough tackles at 10.30 with a Registration Day and BBQ the girl’s program is developing non- at the Meridian Field at the Village at Grace contact rugby as a way of introducing girls Bay where the Girls will also have an to the sport. Keith Burant said that girl’s opportunity to watch a number of the Under rugby and women’s rugby were areas the 19s teams play in league matches. Union was keen to grow. Burant said that New players are always welcome.

Girl’s rugby

Oseta Jolly Primary School sports

On Thursday, February 3, the Oseta Jolly Primary School in Providenciales staged its annual sports day at the National Stadium on that island. A number of competitive races were on run the day, as the children James Gardiner, Lightbourne and Jolly jostled for the top spot. In photo one, female competitors from the four houses contest a long distance race, while in the photo two, male competitions take part in a similar event.

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"There are 11 deaths at my hospital. Two other hospitals include 25 deaths. Three fans have also died in the stadium," Hassan Esnawy, the manager of Port Said's Amiry hospital, said in a televised interview. "Some died of stampede, and others died of suffocation." - REPORT OF A HOSPITAL MANAGER IN THE WAKE OF THE MATCH BRAWL

Egypt soccer match brawl leaves at least 73 dead An Egyptian soccer match between two longtime rivals descended into a violent echo of the bloodiest days of last year's revolution as hooligans supporting the winning team stormed the field, attacking opposing players and fans in clashes that reportedly killed at least 73 people. The fighting on the pitch quickly took on broader political overtones. The Muslim Brotherhood, which controls nearly half of the new parliament, laid blame for the bloodshed on thugs connected to toppled President Hosni Mubarak who are plotting to destabilize the country. The clashes broke out in the town of Port Said after that city's team won a rare victory over the visiting Ahly, a powerhouse club from Cairo. Port Said supporters swarmed the field immediately after the game. Ahly players and fans ran for cover beneath the stadium and into locker rooms as chaos spread. The bloodshed stunned a nation that has been enduring protests and violence since last year's revolution overthrew Mubarak. There have been sharp animosities between the two teams — Port Said fans attacked an Ahly bus last year. But nothing suggested the level of hostilities that erupted Wednesday night, another sign of how combustible Egypt is as it unsteadily attempts to move toward democracy. "The events in Port Said are planned and are a message from the remnants of the former regime," Essam Erian, a member of

Egyptian fans clash with riot police following Al-Ahly club soccer match against Al-Masry club at the soccer stadium in Port Said, Egypt, Wednesday. Dozens of Egyptian soccer fans were killed.

parliament with the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, said in a statement. Security officials feared the riot could provoke retaliation by die-hard Ahly fans, known as Ultras. The group, a mix of university students, workers and democracy advocates, helped defend Tahrir Square against Mubarak loyalists last February, and was involved in the attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo in September. Its members also have been on the front lines in the recent deadly clashes between antigovernment protesters and riot police and soldiers. Ultras, a catchphrase for supporters of many clubs, have become an ingrained, if erratic, phenomenon in the antigovernment

protest movement against the police and the ruling military council. Many regard themselves as protectors of civil liberties who will not hesitate to hurl stones and Molotov cocktails at police, as they did in clashes in November and December that killed scores of people. It is uncertain how they will respond to the soccer melee. Ahly fans have announced a march on the Interior Ministry in Cairo for Thursday. The ministry, barricaded by concrete and barbed wire, is the despised touchstone of the corrupt Mubarak regime and a symbol for many activists of the revolution's failure to force the military from power. Smoke colored by the light of flares

clung to the spectator stands in Port Said's stadium as millions of bewildered Egyptians watched the nation's newest wrinkle of deadly unrest unfold on television. Police appeared both overwhelmed and unwilling to respond, often watching while frantic fans raced past them. One player said the scene looked like a war. "There are 11 deaths at my hospital. Two other hospitals include 25 deaths. Three fans have also died in the stadium," Hassan Esnawy, the manager of Port Said's Amiry hospital, said in a televised interview. "Some died of stampede, and others died of suffocation." Egyptian TV later quoted medical authorities as saying at least 73 people had been killed. Some were beaten, but the Health Ministry reported that most appeared to have died of suffocation, head trauma and stampede-related injuries. TV footage showed fans clashing with knives and other weapons. More than 1,000 people were injured. Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the nation's military ruler, dispatched military planes to Port Said to pick up Ahly players and fans and return them to Cairo. The Egyptian parliament called for an emergency session Thursday. Indications that the situation was unusually volatile came when Port Said fans threw fireworks at Ahly players before the match. Hooligans tried unsuccessfully to rush the field during halftime, but there were no confrontations during 90 minutes of play. Moments after the game, which Port Said won 3 to 1, hooligans sprinted across the field to attack Ahly players and fans. Two Ahly players were injured, and the team quickly blamed police for not preventing the onslaught.

Manny Pacquiao manager says Mayweather declined prize fight deal Floyd Mayweather Jr. told a boxing news website Wednesday that he offered Manny Pacquiao a $40-million guarantee to accept the sport's most anticipated super-fight, also telling that "we didn't even talk about the back end." That sparked a strong reaction Wednesday from Pacquiao manager Michael Koncz, who met privately with Mayweather in Las Vegas and engaged the fighter in telephone conversations before Mayweather officially turned to Miguel Cotto as his May 5 opponent in Las Vegas. "I must break my silence to the media about our discussions, because both Floyd and I agreed not to discuss these dealings," Koncz said. "Since Floyd is unfairly chastising Manny, I can confirm he did offer Manny a $40million guarantee, with $20 million up front.

"But when the back end [pay-perview profits] was brought up, he said we didn't need to discuss the back end, that 'we can discuss it at a later time,' which I took as 'There is no back end.� Richard Schaefer, who has helped Mayweather promote all of his fights since 2007, dismissed Koncz's role as a key negotiator in the process, responding to Koncz's claims by saying, "Michael Koncz? Who ... cares? All those people trying to circumvent and short-cut me, this [Cotto deal] makes it clear we are a team with Floyd. "It's time to realize we are with Floyd, and if [Pacquiao promoter] Bob Arum wants a fight, he knows now who he needs to deal with. Do you think Michael Koncz is going to [do anything] without the approval of Bob Arum?" Mayweather confirmed he had a series of meetings with Koncz. Koncz said he offered, with

Pacquiao's approval, a 55-45 split of fight revenues, with the fight's winner gathering the larger percentage. "Because it's a prize fight," Koncz said. "If you were the better fighter, you get the 10% bonus, $15 million to $25 million more than the other guy. That was my final offer, with a $50-million guarantee to each fighter. That was ... rejected." Koncz said the offer included Pacquiao's acceptance of blood testing up to one day before the fight, and that striking the 55-45 deal would provoke Pacquiao to accept a May 5 fight date. "For Floyd to say Manny never wanted this fight, or ducked it, is totally absurd," Koncz said. "Manny instructed me to meet with Floyd." Koncz praised Mayweather for being "professional and pleasant" during their talks, adding, "He was very firm on the $40-million guarantee, but

he did give me the courtesy of listening." Does the door remain open for a possible November bout between the pair? "We are always willing and able to discuss this fight," Koncz said. "We made headway. Manny and I are still opening the door to the fall. We have to see if Floyd will come to the table again. We're willing to talk. He has our numbers." Koncz will now fly to Texas to meet with Arum and discuss Pacquiao's next fight, likely June 9 against Cathedral City's Timothy Bradley. Koncz said he wants to explore if "three guys are on the table," referring to either Juan Manuel Marquez and Lamont Peterson, whom Arum said will fight in either May or July. "Cotto," said Koncz, "was our first preference."

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