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APRIL 27TH - MAY 4TH, 2012

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Longstanding and successful businessman Harold Charles is shaping to step into the local political arena with plans to run as an independent At-Large candidate in the next general elections. Charles said though, that he had not fully made up his mind, but he was close to doing so just as soon as he tied up a few business and personal loose ends. The SUN understands that in recent weeks, Charles held several meetings with members of the Haitian community, including their churches and that the Haitians have pledged their strong support for him. Charles, a Haitian by birth, who achieved his Belonger status many years ago making him eligible to run even as a Member of Parliament under the new Constitution - said that not only would he be promoting investment and commerce, but would also run as a unifying candidate since that would be the only way that the TCI would move forward and grow. “I am not going to be a candidate to represent the Haitians; I am going to be a candidate to represent the Turks and Caicos, period. Until we start to put the country first, not our own personal interest, then, it would never work because one is going to build and the other is going to tear down. We need to promote this country,” Charles said. “It (becoming a candidate) is something that I am thinking about but I have not fully made up my mind yet, but I am exploring the possibility big time. There is a strong possibility that I would run as a candidate, but there are a few personal and business plans that I need to put in before making my decision. I know that there is so much that I can contribute to the development of the Turks and Caicos Islands.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 2



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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

Harold Charles to run At-Large (Cont’d) CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

The former owner of Sky King airline told The SUN that a number of persons have warmed to the idea of him throwing his hat into the political ring, while indicating that there were others who believed that he should instead watch from the sidelines. “I have spoken to a lot of people and a lot of them are supporting me and there are others who said that they don’t want any foreigners in their decision-making process, and that is exactly why I want to go in. Until we unite this country, we can have no common goal. United means: the Haitians, the Dominicans, the Jamaicans, the Canadians and everybody else coming together, work for one common goal. If not, then nothing is going to work,” added Charles, who up until recently was an advisor to Haitian president Martelly. “If the Turks and Caicos Islands continues to craft bogus policies just to suit the islanders it is not going to work. We need to have leaders who are going to have vision, who are going to make decisions that are going to work for the country. What I want to see is the country first, not me, not TCI, not Haitian or not American, not anybody, that is what I want to see,” Charles emphasized. He continued: “I need to see a leader that is going to be man enough and say ‘I am going to make policies that are going to work for Turks and Caicos Islands, period’. Let me make it clear, I don’t want any policies crafted for Haitians; I don’t want any policies crafted for anybody. The minute we have the country’s interest at heart, that is when we can truly head for our goals, because there is too many ‘me’, ‘me’, ‘me’, and that has got to change. “Do you know when we are going to be united? It is when we have different voices in government. When

you have a Haitian voice, maybe an American voice, of course this is the TI’s home; they are going to have the majority voice and I fully respect that, I have no problem, but unless they integrate the foreigners who are Belongers in this country, nothing will work. Integrate them; let them be part of the community and the society. “And once the Turks and Caicos Islanders are doing that, we are all going to work towards this common goal. And that is the reason why I am thinking about running because I sense a division that I cannot take anymore. There is a saying that, ‘because we are Turks and Caicos Islanders we are entitled to everything’. “Well, you know what? The entitlement has to go. We are not entitled to anything. We are to educate ourselves; we should go out there, study, get a career and then come back home and earn our living. That is the kind of stuff I want to say, because most of the politicians are afraid to say them because they are afraid to lose votes. “If I don’t get a vote (by saying these things) it does not make a difference to me, but if we continue on the same old course that we have been on for the last 30 years, we are going to fail because the world has changed, and we have to change with it. Our minds have to be open, especially how the Turks and Caicos Islanders talking about going independent. It is time for Turks and Caicos Islanders to start interact with other countries.” He said while he agreed that Belongers should get first preference in whatever opportunities arose in their homeland, it should not be a given, but rather the award should be merited and not come about because of nepotism. On the matter of economics and income for the country, Charles said that in his travels around the world he recognized that the Turks and Caicos Islands could be doing much better economically but there was not enough

effort to tap into the many opportunities that presented themselves on a daily basis. “In my travel all over the world, there are a lot of companies I can bring here for conferences. The problem is, they said ‘Harold, can we get somewhere where we can seat eight hundred or a thousand people?’ that is the problem, I have companies, after companies, after companies that want to come in; we don’t have any place to have conferences. There is so much we can do to grow this economy, but the thing is, who is doing it? I want to get involved because that is what I want to do,” he reiterated. The astute businessman also pointed out that there was much potential in the Indian tourism market, but at this stage it appeared that no one was making any effort to tap into it. “Indians spend tons of money on weddings; when the average Indian is getting married they could spend up to a million dollars on a wedding. This is something that we can promote, and that is why I want them to build the airport in a way so that we can bring wide body jets in the terminal from everywhere in the world. Charles said, too, that he would be promoting education as part of his platform, stating that the state of the education system in the TCI was appalling. “Look at the classrooms; we have hundreds of kids not going to school. What are we going to do about those hundreds of children not going to school? We need to make sure that children go to school because that is the only way that the country can grow,” Charles said. He also pointed out that he would be batting for a cleaner Turks and Caicos, stressing that he continued to be upset at the way people were disposing of their solid waste, and that if he was successful at the polls he would urgently put measures in place to tackle this problem.

“We are making a dump out of this beautiful country. Everywhere you go it is just cans, papers, this, that and the other. We do not have law enforcement in this country. Law enforcement is non-existent in all departments; in the Immigration Department, in the Traffic Department, I can go on and on. People are building shacks everywhere, and it looks like some of these companies have no respect for the Labour Department” He asserted. Charles left Haiti for the Turks & Caicos with nothing and found work as an airplane cleaner. With determination and hard work, he not only fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a commercial pilot, he ended up buying and owning the airline he worked for - Provo Flying Service in l983, which he renamed Charles Air. In 1992 Charles sold Charles Air and two years later he founded SkyKing. He later led the company to become the leading carrier in the Turks and Caicos Islands and the most efficient commuter airline in the Caribbean. He was also responsible for establishing Caribbean Fuel Services which provided aviation fuel for commercial airlines in the Turks and Caicos Islands, which also provided full line maintenance for the major carriers for both piston and turbo prop crafts. More companies followed including Professional Flight Services that provided commercial jet ground handling services for major airlines like Delta, British Airways, Air Canada, WestJet, Continental, US Airways and others. He founded SkyBase FBO, which handled corporate and private executive jets. He also became part owner and VP of the Turks & Caicos Sporting Club on Ambergris Cay- a private island in the Turks & Caicos Islands, as well as Senior Vice President of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Housing Development Project on West Caicos.


APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

e unaddressed link between poverty and education By HELEN F. LADD and EDWARD B. FISKE NO one seriously disputes the fact that students from disadvantaged households perform less well in school, on average, than their peers from more advantaged backgrounds. But rather than confront this fact of life head-on, our policy makers mistakenly continue to reason that, since they cannot change the backgrounds of students, they should focus on things they can control. No Child Left Behind, President George W. Bush’s signature education law, did this by setting unrealistically high — and ultimately self-defeating — expectations for all schools. President Obama’s policies have concentrated on trying to make schools more “efficient” through means like judging teachers by their students’ test scores or encouraging competition by promoting the creation of charter schools. The proverbial story of the drunk looking for his keys under the lamppost comes to mind. The Occupy movement has catalyzed rising anxiety over income inequality; we desperately need a similar reminder of the relationship between economic advantage and student performance. The correlation has been abundantly documented, notably by the famous Coleman Report in 1966. New research by Sean F. Reardon of Stanford University traces the achievement gap between children from high- and low-income families over the last 50 years and finds that it now far exceeds the gap between white and black students. Data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress show that more than 40 percent of the variation in average reading scores and 46 percent of the variation in average math scores across states is associated with variation in child poverty rates. International research tells the same story. Results of the 2009 reading tests conducted by the Program for International Student Assessment show that, among 15-year-olds in the United States and the 13 countries whose students outperformed ours, students with lower economic and social status had far lower test scores than their more advantaged counterparts within every country. Can anyone credibly believe that the mediocre overall performance of American students on international tests is unrelated to the fact that one-fifth


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of American children live in poverty? Yet federal education policy seems blind to all this. No Child Left Behind required all schools to bring all students to high levels of achievement but took no note of the challenges that disadvantaged students face. The legislation did, to be sure, specify that subgroups — defined by income, minority status and proficiency in English — must meet the same achievement standard. But it did so only to make sure that schools did not ignore their disadvantaged students — not to help them address the challenges they carry with them into the classroom. So why do presumably well-intentioned policy makers ignore, or deny, the correlations of family background and student achievement? Some honestly believe that schools are capable of offsetting the effects of poverty. Others want to avoid the impression that they set lower expectations for some groups of students for fear that those expectations will be self-fulfilling. In both cases, simply wanting something to be true does not make it so. Another rationale for denial is to note that some schools, like the Knowledge Is Power Program charter schools, have managed to “beat the odds.” If some schools can succeed, the argument goes, then it is reasonable to expect all schools to. But close scrutiny of charter school performance has shown that many of the success stories have been limited to particular grades or subjects and may be attributable to substantial outside financing or extraordinarily long working hours on the part of teachers. The evidence does not support the view that the few success stories can be scaled up to address the needs of large populations of disadvantaged students. A final rationale for denying the correlation is more nefarious. As we are now seeing, requiring all schools to meet the same high standards for all students, regardless of family background, will inevitably lead either to large numbers of failing schools or to a dramatic lowering of state standards. Both serve to discredit the public education system and lend support to arguments that the system is failing and needs fundamental change, like privatization. Given the budget crises at the national and state levels, and the strong political power of conservative groups, a significant effort to reduce poverty or deal with the closely related issue of racial segregation is not in the political cards, at least for now. So what can be done? Large bodies of research have shown how poor health and nutrition inhibit child development and learning and, conversely, how high-quality early childhood and preschool education programs can enhance them. We understand the importance of early exposure to rich language on future cognitive development. We know that low-income students experience greater learning loss during the summer when their more privileged peers are enjoying travel and other enriching activities. Since they can’t take on poverty itself, education policy makers should try to provide poor students with the social support and experiences that middle-class students enjoy as a matter of course. It can be done. In North Carolina, the two-year-old East Durham Children’s Initiative is one of many efforts around the country to replicate Geoffrey Canada’s well-known successes with the Harlem Children’s Zone. Say Yes to Education in Syracuse, N.Y., supports access to afterschool programs and summer camps and places social workers in schools. In Omaha, Building Bright Futures sponsors school-based health centers and offers mentoring and enrichment services. Citizen Schools, based in Boston, recruits volunteers

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in seven states to share their interests and skills with middle-school students. Promise Neighborhoods, an Obama administration effort that gives grants to programs like these, is a welcome first step, but it has been underfinanced. Other countries already pursue such strategies. In Finland, with its famously high-performing schools, schools provide food and free health care for students. Developmental needs are addressed early. Counseling services are abundant. But in the United States over the past decade, it became fashionable among supporters of the “no excuses” approach to school improvement to accuse anyone raising the poverty issue of letting schools off the hook — or what Mr. Bush famously called “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” Such accusations may afford the illusion of a moral high ground, but they stand in the way of serious efforts to improve education and, for that matter, go a long way toward explaining why No Child Left Behind has not worked. Yes, we need to make sure that all children, and particularly disadvantaged children, have access to good schools, as defined by the quality of teachers and principals and of internal policies and practices. But let’s not pretend that family background does not matter and can be overlooked. Let’s agree that we know a lot about how to address the ways in which poverty undermines student learning. Whether we choose to face up to that reality is ultimately a moral question.

Helen F. Ladd is a professor of public policy and economics at Duke. Edward B. Fiske, a former education editor of The New York Times, is the author of the “Fiske Guide to Colleges.”


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


British gives SIPT $7million more The British Government on Thursday contributed US$7.2million more to help meet the cost of the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team (SIPT) and the Civil Recovery Programme, that have cost more than $33million so far, and which Overseas Minister Henry Bellingham says is a “significant funding challenge” for the Turks and Caicos Islands Government. The $7.2million, which was announced by Bellingham, is in addition to the $7.6million which the Turks and Caicos Islands Government has had to spend on funding the investigation and civil recovery for the 2011 to 2012 financial year. Bellingham was responding to a Parliamentary Question received by Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell, who is the Chair of the TCI All-Party Parliamentary Group, Chair of the Overseas Territories All-Party Parliamentary Group and a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. According to Bellingham, in the financial year 2010-11 the Foreign and Commonwealth Office made a discretionary grant of £6.6m to reimburse the Turks and Caicos Islands Government for some of the exceptional costs of the criminal investigation, including the work of the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team, and related civil recovery and police work. He noted that in financial year 2011-12 the Turks and Caicos Islands Government report that expenditure for the Special Investigation and Prosecution team was US$7.6m, which represents over 4% of expenditure and a “significant funding challenge” for the Turks and Caicos Islands Government. Bellingham noted that the Turks and Caicos Islands Government has introduced a range of new taxes and cut overall expenditure significantly in order to address its structural deficit and put it on course for a sustainable fiscal surplus in financial year 2012-13. Bellingham stated that in view of the exceptional situation, the Secretary of State for Foreign and

Special Prosecutor, Helen Garlick

Commonwealth Affairs, William Hague agreed to make a further grant of £3.8m in financial year 2011/12 to reimburse the Turks and Caicos Islands Government for a proportion of the costs associated with the continuing criminal investigation and associated prosecutions. He said the Foreign Secretary also approved an additional £745,000 contribution to the cost of setting up a suitable courtroom for the trials which will be held as a result of the investigation. In addition to these grants, the British Government spent approximately £86,000 on costs in the UK relating to the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team in financial year 2011-12. His Excellency Governor Ric Todd said: “I stated in December 2011 that we would approach our colleagues in the UK to determine if further financial support for this investigation would be available to us here in the Turks and Caicos Islands. I am extremely pleased, therefore, that we were able to make a successful case.” On Monday, Queen’s Counsel Carlos Simons says if he becomes leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP) and Premier of the Turks

Clayton Greene cases sent to Supreme Court Leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP) Clayton Greene will be tried for a number of criminal cases in the Supreme Court. After hearing submissions from Andrew Mitchell, QC, the lawyer for the Special Investigations and Prosecutions Team and Greene’s lawyer George Missick, High Court Judge Margaret Ramsay-Hale said the court found that the evidence presented to her was sufficient for the accused to be tried before the Supreme Court on the allegations brought. She handed down her decision on Tuesday April 24th. Greene, an attorney who was the former Speaker of the House of Assembly, has been charged with eight offences in relation to North

PNP Leader Clayton Greene

West Point, the Juniper Hole Development in Middle Caicos and the sale of a parcel of land on Water Cay belonging to restaurant owner Aulden “Smokey” Smith

and Caicos Islands, he will fire Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick and her Special Investigations and Prosecutions Team (SIPT). Simons said the SIPT was nothing more than a “gravy train” and that they should really be called the “Garlick Time and Money Team”. The Queen’s Counsel said: “The day I take office is the day Helen Garlick gets laid off. That gravy train they’re riding will not just be stopped; it will be brought to a screeching halt. I will not spend on dime, no not one dime of TCI taxpayers’ money on Helen Garlic. The events they are investigating took place under the watchful eye of their Governor, the investigation was recommended by their Commissioner, it is being conducted by their lawyers, applying laws that they themselves have recently made. But it’s all being paid for with our money. That is not justice and I will see justice done or I will die in the process. So the day I take office, I will be saying to the British Government is relation to Helen Garlic, not in my name and not on my dime. You hired her, you pay her. Otherwise she can pack her bags and go home. ” Meantime, when asked why has the cost of the investigation been so high, Bellingham said: “This remains a difficult and complex investigation working across international borders, and dealing with law enforcement and judicial authorities in a number of countries. The SIPT has had offices in both the UK and the TCI, although the UK office has now closed. There has been a significant travel element moving and rotating individual officers and investigative teams between the UK and TCI.” He added: “Ultimately, the costs of the SIPT and the separate Civil Recovery programme need to be looked at against the recoveries of money and land by the SIPT and the Civil Recovery Team. The SIPT has agreed a civil recovery order with one individual who has paid the sum of US$1.25m. The Civil Recovery team has made in excess of 40 separate recoveries of money and/or land. The monetary element is

US$12m including payments already made, judgments obtained and still to be collected and agreements to pay. More than 900 acres of land have also been returned to the Crown with a value of tens of millions of dollars.” Asked why not leave the investigation to the TCI police force rather than go to the expense of bringing in a team from the UK, Bellingham stated: “The RTCIPF is an experienced and dedicated force. This would be an exceptionally difficult and complex investigation for any police force. It is even more difficult for a small jurisdiction such as TCI, where the RTCIPF still has carry out its day to day policing of the Territory. If this was an investigation in the UK, it would be dealt with by the Serious Fraud Office, because it would need to have a team of officers with specialist fraud squad and major investigation experience. The investigation team consisting of former police officers from the UK provide that experience. “It is important that the investigation is completely independent and that it is seen to be so. The TCI is a very small jurisdiction and an investigation into prominent public figures would raise exactly the same concerns anywhere in the world. In a similar situation in the UK, an outside police force would be brought in to investigate and there is plenty of precedent for this.The investigation team were sworn in as Special Constables under the Royal TCI Police Ordinance.” Asked if the elections should be delayed until all those being investigated have been tried, Bellingham said: “The Joint FCO/DFID Written Ministerial Statement of 9 December 2010 set out the milestones that Ministers judged would need to be met before elections could take place in TCI. They said that they wanted to see “Significant progress with the civil and criminal processes recommended by the Commission of Inquiry, and implementation of measures to enable these to continue unimpeded”. It would not be right to delay restoration of democracy longer than necessary.

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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

Butch Stewart says he tries his best to hire Turks and Caicos Islanders Owner of Beaches Resort Gordon “Butch” Stewart says he takes a “huge number of steps” to try and fill the positions at his resort with Turks and Caicos Islanders, but when all available avenues are exhausted he has to recruit suitable personnel from elsewhere. “The decision to recruit team members (for Beaches Turks and Caicos) from overseas is not a preference, it is an absolute necessity,” Stewart said in a press statement which he said was released to provide a “clearer understanding of the challenges” he faced in staffing his 633-room hotel which can host as many as 2,500 guests at any given time. “The fact of the matter is that we have to fill certain positions in order to run the resort and if Turks and Caicos Islanders are not willing or able to fill them, we have a responsibility to find people who are,” Stewart said. Stewart created a national controversy when he announced in his Observer newspaper last week that he would be hiring 150 Jamaicans to work in the Turks and Caicos, bringing the number to 500. The hotelier said that in accordance with the Ministry of Labour’s immigration ordinance, Beaches look to recruit from the unemployment register in the Labour Department as the first option. He said last year we scheduled a total of 554 interviews from the unemployment register

Gordon “Butch” Stewart

recruiting 154 persons or 46 percent from those interviewed. He stressed that in 40 percent of scheduled interviews, the interviewee failed to attend. “We are operating one of the biggest and most successful resorts in the region bar none but that can quickly change. I ask you that you look at the bigger picture. To operate a resort without enough staff, as is the case at Beaches Turks and Caicos, results in lower standards and subsequently lower demand, not to mention the detrimental effect it has on the existing staff body, whether they are Turks and Caicos Islanders, Jamaicans, or from any other nation.”


Salary: US$45,000 per annum Location: Providenciales

We are looking for a Director who will be responsible for managing Red Cross operations throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands. This requires the development, delivery and sustainability of programmes within an overall strategic framework; including planning, staff and volunteer management, organisational accountability, fiduciary and legal compliance, government, donor and community relations, fundraising and reporting. The successful candidate will be a confident and inspirational leader with a proven ability to lead and manage multidisciplinary teams, able to communicate effectively, sensitive to diversity, with sound planning and analytical skills, and with networking, influencing and negotiating skills. For the full job description and an application form, please contact our Provo office 941 8056 or our Grand Turk office 946 2761 Closing date for receipt of cover letters and completed application forms is 27th April 2012. Belongers only need apply.

The Jamaican hotelier said the result of less demand or even the closure of Beaches Turks and Caicos would create a domino effect that would impact a huge amount of people within the country. “The employment for taxi drivers, tour operators and local contractors not to mention the taxes and duties we provide to the country’s coffers would all drop significantly. Make no mistake about it; an underperforming Beaches Turks and Caicos would have a hugely negative impact on the entire country. Furthermore, less demand at Beaches Turks and Caicos would result in reduced airlift. Airlines currently anchor their schedule to Beaches Turks and Caicos and should that change, it would create a situation that would affect every resort in the country and with it, their staff,” Stewart added. Noting that Beaches Turks and Caicos is the largest private employer in the country with 1,247 team members, Stewart stressed that the resort is currently understaffed by over 13% and has been for over a year. This, he added, has resulted in the existing workforce facing long hours and a heavy work load. “This level of output is not sustainable and unsurprisingly we are now seeing diminishing returns on productivity and reduced job satisfaction. Absences are on the increase and now persons are leaving due to their inability or unwillingness to maintain the increased workload. In the first three months of this year alone the resort has seen almost 2,000 sick days or unplanned absences adding even further burden on those showing up for work. In addition, a reduced workforce can result in a crippling overtime wage bill making such practices unsustainable on a financial level. The Resort desperately needs to close the gap between the current and the actual workforce required and due to the high occupancy the Resort has been running and the quality of service we endeavor to provide, our labour force projections have been revised and we need more staff than ever before. The labour shortage at Beaches simply cannot be eliminated utilizing the employment pool in the Turks and Caicos Islands alone and our need to recruit from overseas is out of necessity,” Stewart added. The Beaches owner said that through his ‘Belonger Firsts’ recruitment policy, the Belonger and PRC workforce has doubled since 2009. Last year, Beaches recruited a total of 219 persons. Some 154 were

Belongers and a further 27 were PRC Holders. This year they have recruited 70 individuals, 61 of them were Belongers or PRC Holders. “We work closely with the Ministry of Labour vacant positions to allow suitable applicants in their unemployment Database to be interviewed. Advertisements displaying are placed in the national news for vacant positions on a monthly basis. In the past 16 months over 40 advertisements were placed in the national newspapers. Every month, the Resort holds at least one ‘Belongers Only’ job fair. The number varies dependent on the volume of applicants. The applicants undertake a an English and Mathematics examination as well a General Knowledge test on the Turks and Caicos Islands. The applicant is then allowed to apply for as many vacant positions they desire. A flyer provides the applicant with a list of vacancies, a brief job description and rate of pay for the position. After completing the personal data form as well, first interviews are conducted by a Human Resources Department representative. The applicant will then interview with all theHead of Departments in the areas they have applied,” Stewart said. He added that Belongers and PRC holders are highly valued at all levels of the Resort’s structure including Executive Managers, Heads of Department, Assistant Managers, Supervisors and Shift Leaders. “The Resort has recruited from the existing work force taking the experienced applicants that have met the Resort’s criteria but also hiring individuals with no experience and providing training however in order to maintain standards this inexperienced work force must be balanced with skilled staff and the formula is a delicate balancing act.” Stewart said he finds the antiJamaican sentiment “quite saddening”. “As a global brand with its roots in the Caribbean, I have the same commitment to Turks and Caicos Islanders as I do Jamaicans in Jamaica, Antiguans in Antigua, Bahamians in the Bahamians and Saint Lucians in Saint Lucia. This is not about providing livelihoods for my fellow Jamaicans and, quite frankly, I find the antiJamaican sentiment very saddening. It is about successfully operating an award-winning hotel resort the best way we can and I am immensely proud of all of our team members at Beaches Turks and Caicos, wherever they are from, for their sterling efforts over the years.”

Ebony Beauty Salon

1 Barber Seeking

Salary $5.00 per hour Contact 332-1775


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


ULTIMATE Private Charters is now accepting applications / resumes for the following three (3) positions. Only highly self driven and motivated, personable and professional individuals, who have the desire to serve others, need apply. The successful candidates must meet or exceed all of the requirements of the positions offered.



REQUIREMENTS • The successful candidate must hold a current USCG or MCA or RYA license suitable to Captain a 60ft yacht • Minimum of ten (10) years boat captain experience on displacement vessels with twin inboard diesel engines with referees available for contact • Hold a Master Instructor dive rating with one of the following PADI, SSI, TDI, IANTD, NAUI, BSAC • Be an experienced Technical Diver with CCR and Tri-mix certification ratings through TDI or IANTD or similar. Other certifications in gas mixing and dive compressors / generators are a bonus • Minimum of ten (10) years as a certified dive instructor with a high level of teaching status in multiple specialties. Underwater photography or video is a bonus • Have a high level of competency and maturity. The position demands the qualifying candidate to be responsible and self motivated with an emphasis on safety of the guests onboard and the necessary skill sets and maturity level required to take charge of a luxury yacht • Must speak, Read, write and understand English as the primary language used in the work place, a second language will be considered a bonus • The successful candidate will have a proven track record of continuous education in both Boat Handling and Scuba Diving at the highest levels including Technical Diving RESPONSIBILITIES • Day to day running of a luxury yacht • As Dive Instructor / Captain the successful candidate will be in charge of crew members and reporting to the owners • General and preventative maintenance of the vessel and equipment • Running the yacht in the waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands and insuring guest satisfaction • Dive operations and management / dive guiding / dive teaching when required • All practical decision making / planning, from charter location through dive and fishing locations on a daily basis due to environmental conditions. • Scheduling and reservations • Overall responsibility for the yacht, its crew, its guests and activities

POSITION 2: CHEF / YACHT STEWARD REQUIREMENTS • The successful candidate must hold a university degree with an education level of B.A or higher • Be educated and hold certifications in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management • Have a significant background in Restaurant Management and Chef / Kitchen Management • Nuevo Cuisine is mandatory • Have a positive and mature attitude with skill sets capable of catering to the guests of a luxury yacht • Hold a minimum certification of Dive Master / Assistant Instructor rating with PADI, SSI or similar. Underwater Photography or Video is a bonus • Have a background of working on Yachts as crew or higher for a minimum of three (3) years and have a healthy interest in water sports including snorkeling / Scuba diving and fishing. • Referees must be available for contact • Maritime license with USCG, MCA or RYA is a bonus • Must speak, Read, write and understand English as the primary language used in the work place and a second language will be considered as a bonus • Must be able to work under pressure and have the confidence and skills to cater to guests of a luxury yacht

RESPONSIBILITIES • Day to day running and management of the Yacht Galley including all preparations from food purchasing through chef duties • Service to the guests. Full steward duties related to service including, interaction with the guests, serving of beverages and food. The finest presentation is a must. • General and preventative maintenance of the vessel, emphasis is put on the Yacht interior • Cleaning duties • Assisting with other crew member as and when required, general yacht crewing • Diving / snorkeling and fishing activities with the guests • Duties of a Dive master or Assistant Instructor as periodically required by the Captain • Equipment maintenance • Emphasis is put on a high level of maturity and etiquette to insure guest satisfaction

POSITION 3: DIVE INSTRUCTOR / UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHER REQUIREMENTS • The successful candidate must hold a current USCG or MCA or RYA license suitable to Captain a 60ft yacht • Hold STCW 95 • Hold an MSDT Instructor dive rating or equivalent with one of the following PADI, SSI, TDI, IANTD, NAUI, BSAC • Have a minimum of seven (7) years dive instructing experience • Be a certified underwater photographer with a proven track record in the industry and a substantial portfolio for review. Underwater video is a bonus • Have a high level of competency and maturity. The position demands the qualifying candidate to be responsible and self motivated with an emphasis on safety of the guests and the necessary skill sets and maturity level required to take charge of a luxury yacht if requested to do so by the Captain. In house training will be given • Must speak, Read, write and understand English as the primary language used in the work place, a second language will be considered a bonus • The successful candidate will have a proven track record of continuous education in both Boat Handling and Scuba Diving • Must have a minimum of one year continuous experience working onboard a Yacht and crewing yachts. Certifications are a bonus. Referees must be available for contact • Must be able to work under pressure and have the confidence to serve the guests of a luxury yacht • Must have a minimum of College education RESPONSIBILITIES • Day to day crewing of a luxury yacht • As a Dive Instructor the successful candidate will teach, guide dives and be fully involved in all aspects of scuba diving inclusive of equipment management and maintenance • Diving / snorkeling and fishing activities with the guests • General and preventative maintenance of the vessel and equipment • Crewing the yacht in the waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands and insuring guest satisfaction • Be designated responsibilities for the yacht, its crew and its guests and activities by the Captain • Have interaction with the guests and the activities on board • Undertake underwater photography of the marine life and guests and process to disc when the service is requested by the guests • General and preventative maintenance of the vessel, an emphasis is put on the Yacht exterior • Cleaning duties • Assisting with other crew member as and when required, general yacht crewing • Emphasis is put on a high level of maturity and etiquette to insure guest satisfaction GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE POSITIONS OFFERED: • All candidates will have a clean cut and tidy appearance • Must be willing to work holidays, long hours and weekends • Must occasionally be willing to work overnight and stay out at sea onboard the yacht • Holidays must be taken in off season and permission requested for prior approval by management • Must have a self motivated and mature attitude and be able to work under pressure in an environment of close quarters • Must have the necessary skills to interact with the guests of a luxury yacht • An attitude of a team player is a necessity • Candidates must be willing to sign a non disclosure agreement related to privacy

Candidates are required to submit their application via email to The deadline for applications being accepted is 5pm on Friday May 4 2012. Only candidates meeting or exceeding the requirements outlined for each position offered will be contacted. STARTING SALARIES TO BE NEGOTIATED WITH THE SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATES Preference will be given to qualified Belongers / Turks and Caicos Island Citizens.


FortisTCI reports decline in most electricity sales Fortis TCI is reporting that all sectors showed a year-over-year decline in electricity sales except for commercial and small hotels, driven primarily by a strong 2011 tourist season. According to a press release from the company, electricity sales for large hotels decreased by one percent mainly due to extended closures for restoration following the passage of Hurricane Irene in the third quarter, while residential sales decreased by two percent as residents increased energy conservation efforts. “The Company continues to manage its controllable expenses well. Although the company reported a four percentincrease in operating expenses against prior year, this was partially offset by decreased energy costs, lower maintenance expenses, and decreased wages and compensation expenses resulting from improved engine heat rate and efficiency at the generating plant. Other influences were, upgraded preventative maintenance procedures, the results of the Company’s 3-year salary freeze and improved unit man-hour productivity,” the press release stated. In March 2012, FortisTCI and AEP Limited submitted their Annual Regulatory Filings for the year ended December 31, 2011 to the Electricity Commissioner including corresponding audited financial statements. FortisTCI and AEP Limited (the “Company” or “FortisTCI”) are required to submit their Annual Regulatory Filings and audited financial statements each year. Reflecting continued economic weakness of the local economy, on a consolidated basis FortisTCI had marginal overall growth of 0.3% in energy demand for the year ending December 31, 2011. The Company registered year-over-year growth only during the months of November and December 2011, with overall annual sales remaining relatively flat at 170.4 GwH in 2011 compared with sales of 170.1 GwH in 2010. The Company’s continued capital investments combined with the current period of low sales growth and no increase in customers’ basic tariff rates, resulted in a lower Return on Rate Base (RORB) and an increase in aggregated Rate Base to $165.7 million, up by 17% from 2010. For year ended December 31, 2011, RORB was 7.5% with an average return over the last 5 years of 9.7%. The Company earned profits of $8.7 million for 2011. FortisTCI Capital Investments totalled $26.37 million in 2011, which incorporated the commissioning of its second Wartsila engine that contributed to improved generating efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and improved reliability.

Eddinton Powell, CEO

Other major projects included completion of the corporate headquarters and customer service centre, and the construction of a state-of–art 800,000 gallon fuel storage facility which significantly increased on-site storage capacity and improved fuel supply security. In addition, the Company invested in a comprehensive Groundwork Management System, the first of its kind in the Turks and Caicos Islands. One of the primary purposes of the Groundwork Management System is to mitigate the amount of water, in a severe rain event, entering Leeward Highway from the Company’s site, a problem that persists up and down Leeward Highway. “Although we had an extremely busy year, the Company and its employees rose to the challenge. Major headwinds included the continuing global recession and the impact of Hurricane Irene which resulted in the temporary closure of some of our commercial customers. Our employees did a magnificent job at restoring service in the aftermath of the hurricane and our annual Average System Availability Index (ASAI) remained above 99.9%. Despite the economic recession, we continued to be a significant investor which provided much needed buoyancy to the local economy. Our investments in both physical and human assets are part of the Company’s long term strategy to ensure that the TCI has one of the best electricity systems in the world.” stated Eddinton Powell, CEO. Mr. Powell added that “the current spike in fuel prices, which has driven up the cost of electricity to our customers, remains one of our biggest challenges. Nevertheless, we have been able to reduce the number of gallons we consumed in the generation of electricity from 12,917,651 gallons to 12,666,431 gallons, year-over-year, through efficiency improvements up and down our system value chain. We are committed to increasing fuel efficiency even further”.

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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

Carlos Simons says he will fire Helen Garlick Queen’s Counsel Carlos Simons says if he becomes leader of the Progressive National Party (PNP) and Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, he will fire Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick and her Special Investigations and Prosecutions Team (SIPT). Speaking on Robert Hall’s Expressions call-in programme on Radio Turks and Caicos on Monday April 23rd, Simons said the SIPT was nothing more than a “gravy train” and that they should really be called the “Garlick Time and Money Team”. The prominent lawyer, who is running for leadership of the PNP at its upcoming convention, said: “Here we have a situation in which the British Government is forcing us to pay millions of dollars to Helen Garlick and their other lawyers to investigate so called crimes that were committed on their watch and to recover land, every acre of which was doled out over the signature of their Governor (Richard Tauwhare). At the same time as we are paying these millions of dollars to Helen Garlick and other British Government lawyers, public servants and others are being laid off and the people of Grand Turk have to line up at the public tank with buckets for water.Now just ask yourself, what is wrong with that picture? And the answer is everything.” Simons said that on the one hand the British are “terrorizing and traumatizing” the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands with their own money and on the other hand they are “driving the rest of us into poverty”. He added: “It is morally wrong. The only reason it is not legally wrong is because the British have made the laws. They call it the SIPT. But it’s really nothing more than a gravy train. Its name ought to be the GTMT- The Garlic Time and Money Team. But I promise you this- the day I take office is the day Helen Garlick gets laid off. That gravy train they’re riding will not just be stopped; it will be brought to a screeching halt. I will not spend on

Queen’s Counsel Carlos Simons

dime, no not one dime of TCI taxpayers’ money on Helen Garlic. The events they are investigating took place under the watchful eye of their Governor, the investigation was recommended by their Commissioner, it is being conducted by their lawyers, applying laws that they themselves have recently made. But it’s all being paid for with our money. That is not justice and I will see justice done or I will die in the process. So the day I take office, I will be saying to the British Government is relation to Helen Garlic, not in my name and not on my dime. You hired her, you pay her. Otherwise she can pack her bags and go home. I just don’t roll like that.” Simons also called on Governor Ric Todd to withdraw the international arrest warrant against former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands Michael Misick. “Imagine issuing an international police warrant with our money as though they’re hunting some kind of genocidal maniac and as though they had nothing to do with the circumstances. It is an affront to this country as a whole. I call upon the Governor to rescind that warrant today.


HAB Management Limited is seeking suitable applicants for the following position:


Candidates must be physically capable of hard manual labour outside on a daily basis. Previous experience is preferred. Candidates must be willing to work holidays and weekends when required. Wages starts at $6.00 per hour.

Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by May 14, 2012 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Suitable applicants will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.

Special Prosecutor Helen Garlick

If he does not I will the day I take office,” Simons added. Meantime, Simons said in a separate press release that he was “outraged” by the recent statement from the owner of Beaches TCI to the Jamaica Observer revealing plans to increase his Jamaican staff in the TCI by 150 workers. “I am similarly outraged that the Interim Government of Governor Todd

could countenance such an arrangement. The quote attributed to Mr. Stewart in the Observer to the effect that he is happiest when he is in a position to provide jobs for Jamaicans who deserve to have employment so that they can take care of themselves and their family”, is at best insensitive and at worst offensive because the jobs he is referring to are being provided in the TCI at the expense of TCI workers, who equally need jobs to feed their families and who have a greater entitlement to those jobs,” Simons said. He said it is clear that the Interim Administration which ought to be protecting the TCI workforce has abandoned its responsibility to do so. “How else can you explain laying off hundreds of public servants but at the same time allowing a private sector employer to import hundreds of foreign workers without first offering those opportunities to the laid off public servants and other unemployed TCI workers? I call upon the Governor to release immediately the details of this scandalous arrangement so the public can see what his government is up to and to forthwith reverse the decision to allow this to happen,” the Queen’s Counsel added.



Main Duties Prepare food items of consistent quality in accordance with production requirements and quality standards while maintaining a safe sanitary work environment. Start prep work on food items needed for the menu of the day. Organize all of the various prep items needed from different areas to ensure that all items are in place and ready for service. Inform the Executive Chef of any shortage of supplies that need restocking before items completely run out.

Requirements Applicants must have a minimum of three-year culinary experience working in a restaurant. Comprehend and follow recipes and cooking techniques. Must have thorough knowledge and understanding of food service sanitation standards. Thorough knowledge and understanding of standard kitchen equipment and its use. Applicants must be willing to work varied shifts, split shifts, nights, weekends and holidays as required by management. Perform other duties as assigned, requested or deemed necessary by management. Applicants will be required to work on a full time basis. Must be able to walk, stand or stoop for the duration of shift (at least 8 hours). Applicants must be able to understand/speak/read/write English proficiently. Applicants must be detail oriented, must be hardworking and a team player. Work with minimal supervision. Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by May 14, 2012 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Only persons selected for an interview will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


Government going full steam ahead with VAT BY VIVIAN TYSON SUN SENIOR EDITOR

As a means of ensuring that the Value Added Tax (VAT) meets its April 1, 2013 deadline, Government will be ramping up it’s public campaign awareness with the planned dissemination of a Green Paper document for discussion. This document, which was already presented to the country, is open to public discussion and feedback until May 25th 2012. On Friday, personnel from the Ministry of Finance, including members of the VAT team staged a media launch of the Green Paper at the Engineering and Maintenance Service (EMS) Office at Butterfield Square in Providenciales. The team used the Green Paper to outline Government's policies and

proposals on the VAT, which is expected to form the basis of the public discussion in the coming weeks. VAT will be used as a replacement for a number of current taxes and provide a reduction on others, according to Government. The Interim Administration believes that the proposed taxation system would help restore fiscal balance and a sustainable economy, while alleviating poverty and contribute to other critical social development with the introduction of a modern and wider tax net. The Governor Ric Todd-led Interim Administration argued that given the state of public finances, the administration could not afford to delay the VAT implementation, and as such, would be focused on implementing tax at the beginning of the 2013/2014 financial year.

The Interim Administration stressed that the decision to make Green Paper a topic for public discussion was in-keeping with Government’s commitment and obligation to transparency, and to consult with stakeholders on major policy issues. During the Consultation period the VAT Implementation Team will host Town Hall Meetings, Focus Group meetings, and Special Interest Group meetings. The dates and times of these meetings will be announced officially at a later date. Government said feedback from meetings will be documented, and the VAT Implementation Team will prepare and publish updates in the media and under the VAT segment of the Government’s Website, Meanwhile, the Government said

Duties Include: • General laborer duties as assigned by the supervisor or manager.

Fitness Trainer


Kitchen Steward

Duties Include: • Clean & sanitize all areas of the kitchen • Operate dishwashing machine in a safe, accident free manner • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts


Requirements: • Experience with, and comfortable preparing a variety of different cuisines in a fine dining environment • Understand the importance of consistency • Knowledge of food preparation techniques and health/safety • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Prepare all food items according to recipe cards and correct handling procedures. • Maintain highest quality and appearance of all foods sent from kitchen and make sure plates are clean and appetizing. • Maintain orderly and clean refrigerators and work areas. • Rotate all foods and correctly fill out production charts.

Room Attendant/Public Area Attendant/Houseman

Requirements: • Ability to work with heavy cleaning machinery. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties include: • Ensuring that standards of cleanliness and organization are met at all times in assigned areas. • Responsibility for care and maintenance of all equipment and machinery • Restock linens and amenities on carts • Run needed items to guest floors • Assist housekeepers as required


Requirements • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts

Requirements: • 5 years experience as a fitness trainer in a high end environment with experience in both personal training and teaching classes. • Certification(s) or equivalent experience in fitness instruction, persona training, Pilates etc. • High level of personal fitness with ability to demonstrate proper usage of equipment and proper exercise techniques. • Ability to communicate and interact with luxury guests • Very energetic person with commitment to ensuring high levels of guest satisfaction. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Create and provide consistent professional fitness classes and personal training sessions in accordance with spa protocols and accepted certification practices. • Provide instruction on safe usage of fitness equipment. • Care for and maintain fitness equipment. • Actively promote the spa, treatments, services and retail as well as any promotions or discounts. Assist in areas of the spa operation as requested by management.

Spa Attendant

Requirements: • Must possess and demonstrate the ability to interact with all guests and team members effectively with tact and diplomacy in line with property's service standards. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Ensure that standards of cleanliness and organization are met at all times in the spa area. • Escort guests from reception; provide locker keys, towels, robes, water etc. and assist with guest needs as required.


Requirements • One year experience in fine dining restaurant Luxury Resort as a waitress/waiter • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Server food and beverages to guests in a prompt manner. • Knowledge of food and beverages on the menu upsell and maximize revenue • Prepare, arrange and serve food or drinks that are attractive and appetizing to the guests.


that all questions, concerns, and possible scenarios should be addressed to the VAT Implementation Team, at either of the following addresses:, or The VAT, however, is not welcome by a number of businesses, and consumers. Many fear that it could cripple the TCI economy, since the Turks and Caicos Islands imports most of what it consumes, stressing further that mark-ups on goods could send already expensive goods sky-rocking to record levels. Many business persons argued that Government should have conducted an in-depth study on the TCI economy before deciding to tread in the VAT direction, since the TCI economy was quite different from those of its Caribbean counterparts, and stand the possibility of not working in this jurisdiction.

Requirements: • Must have 3 years experience as a bartender in branded luxury resort • Must have advanced knowledge of beverage preparation and service of alcoholic beverages with ability to mix, garnishes and present drinks using standard ingredient recipes. • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Maintain proper and adequate set-up of the bar on a daily basis and cleaning of bar area on closing. • Requisitioning and stocking of all beer, wine, spirits, paper products, etc. and produce based projections from the daily functions sheet. • Maintaining stock, cutting and storing of all fresh fruit and vegetable garnishes, juices and other perishables daily to insure product quality.

Pool and Beach Attendant

Requirements: • Must be able to work in all outdoor element, rain, sun, etc. as required • Must be able to work long hours on feet • Must be able to lift 30lbs or more • Must be trained and certified in CPR, First Aid. • Life guard experience is a plus • Must be able and willing to work all days and shifts Duties Include: • Creating a luxury guest experience through delivery of high level service for all pool and beach services

Cocktail Server

Requirements: • 3-5 years experience working in a luxury restaurant environment • Throughout knowledge of wines and mixed beverages • Excellent communication skills • Ability to understand the guest, internal and external, and meet and exceed the needs of both the guest and the company • Ability to provide genuine service through actions that display self-confidence, grace and courtesy to guests and colleagues • Must be able and willing to work all days and shift Duties Include: • Offering beverage suggestions and taking guest orders • Exhibit knowledge of all cocktails, beverage items and wine list • Demonstrating knowledge of resort, in-house facilities and local information to respond to guest questions • Maintaining cleanliness and appearance of outlet • Adhere to legal and/or Regent Policies and Standards Interested applicants should apply to Regent Palms and bring along a recent C.V., or by emailing to no later than May 11, 2012.

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The Proprietors of Strata Plan #23 (PSP #23) requires a Mechanic /Maintenance Manager. The suitable candidate must have a minimum Mechanical Maintenance Certificate and a verifiable five years minimum experience in reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment, air condition, pool maintenance, building envelopes etc. This job is not a supervisory position, only hands on work is required in the maintenance and day to day operation of the property. The successful candidate is expected to work a minimum of six days a week at a salary of $22,000.00 per annum. All Resumes should be submitted to Misick Gardiner Attorneys, Suite A1, Windsor Place, Leeward Highway, Providenciales, or via Email: or fax: (649) 941-7211.


APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

Palmer said Palmco is mortgage-free



Responsibilities: The successful applicant will be responsible for the general cleaning of communal areas, sweeping and mopping of floors, cleaning of windows and removal of trash. The applicant will also be responsible for any other duties assigned in regards to general cleaning. Requirements: The successful applicant must be able to work with little to no supervision, capable of performing manual labour outside on a daily basis, should be physically fit, hard working and reliable.

Wages: $6.00 per hour Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by May 14, 2012 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Suitable applicants will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.

The PalmCo Building on the Leeward Highway in Providenciales

Charles Palmer, owner of the PalmCo Building that Government vacated earlier this year, plans to dispose of it entirely, having already planted a for sale sign at the front of the property and indicating also that the structure and the property on which it sits are mortgage-free. The two-storey structure was rented to Government up until January of this year, when they decided to pull up stumps and remove to Butterfield Square downtown Providenciales. He said that funds owed for rent by Government could be solves soon, as the Permanent Secretary for Government Support Services, Wesley Clerveaux said that he would be looking into the matter with a view to bring the matter to a speedy resolution. The Government said it decided to vacate the PalmCo Building because it wanted to bring as many of its departments on the respective islands under one roof, plus financial strains had forced it to look to more affordable locations. But Palmer said that he was asked by the Interim Administration to brush a percentage off the sum which he did, being cognizant of the economy’s downturn. He also indicated that if he was approached further regarding further reduction of the rent, he would have acceded to that request.

Sewerage problems forces closure of FirsCaribbean Leeward Highway branch

A few customers milling outside the CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank on Leeward Highway on Friday

Scores of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank Leeward Highway branch customers were inconvenienced on Friday, April 27, when they turned up to find its doors closed, forcing them to travel to the Leeward Highway branch to conduct their businesses. The SUN was told by staffers the bank was close due to worsening sewerage problem, which caused back-up which created a stench throughout the entire building. The staffers said that workmen, who had been conducting relief work from midweek when the problem was first detected, could not unclog the pipes and so, they decided to conduct an overhaul of the system to clear up the problem. Many customers called this newspaper to find out why the bank had closed, and were told that it was experiencing some problems, then were referred to the Grace Bay branch. Some also complained that they were unable to access cash from the Automated Teller Machines, resulted in them having to drive to Grace Bay. We were told that the bank should open on Monday, April 30.


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


Helcy-Ann Sauver of Raymond Gardiner tops High School Spelling Bee BY VIVIAN TYSON SUN SENIOR EDITOR

Helcy-Ann Sauver of Raymond Gardiner High School IN North Caicos emerged the winner of the 2012 edition of the Rosita Butterfield National High School Spelling Bee Competition, coming out ahead of nine other schools at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Complex Tuesday, April 23. Helcy-Ann took the title after 26 exhausting rounds, during which the top three spellers completed the original list and two supplementary lists. Rose Joseph of Marjorie Basden High finished a close second while Kendace Smith of British West Indies Collegiate ended in third place. An elated Helcy-Ann told The SUN that preparing for the contest was grueling since she had to stay up late at nights and sacrifice a great deal of other vital activities to prepare for the contest. She represented the Turks and Caicos at the Carifta Games in Hamilton, Bermuda earlier this month, and she brought the list

Alleveia Butterfield-Chan Jon Chu, daughter of the Inter-High School Spelling Bee patron, Rosita Butterfield, presents prizes to Spelling Bee champion Helcy-Ann Sauver of Raymond Gardiner High School in North Caicos. The prizes included a laptop computer and a printer.

of the words with her, so that each time she got a break she would study them. “My preparation was being up all night, all day studying the list. My mommy always encouraged me to study the list because she knew that I would


We are currently seeking a qualified applicant to fill the position of


REQUIREMENTS: • Minimum of 3 years experience in waterworks and piping networks. • Must be in good health to meet the demands of physically challenging work • Must be available for emergency maintenance calls on evenings and weekends according to rotational schedule. • Must have a clean driver’s license WORK ENVIRONMENT: • Hot, dusty and muddy conditions including confined spaces • Active roadways and associated traffic noise levels • Remote locations

JOB DESCRIPTION: • The Pipe Labourer is responsible for: • Using hand digging tools to excavate and bury pipes and plumbing fixtures • Installing, repairing and maintaining pies, fixtures and other plumbing used for water distribution in residential, commercial and industrial connections.

MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES ARE TO: 1. Fill pipes or plumbing fixtures with water or air and observe pressure gauges to detect and locate leaks. 2. Reads and follows installation plans and establish the sequence of pipe installations. 3. Measure, cut, thread and bend pipe to required angle, using hand and power tools or machine such as pipe cutters, pipe threading machines and pipe bending machine. 4. Use hand or powered tools to excavate trenches and ditches. 5. Cut openings in structures to accommodate pipes and pipe fittings, using hand and power tools. 6. Repair and maintain plumbing, replacing defective washers, replacing or mending broken pipes. 7. Attend Emergency callout when necessary. 8. Carry out all other duties as directed by the Supervisor. Salary Range: US$ 7.00 - $ 9.75 per hour All applications must be submitted by May 7th, 2012. Turks & Caicos Islanders need only apply. Office Manager PROVO WATER COMPANY LTD. P.O. Box 39, Grace Bay Road Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Fax: (649) 946-5204 Email:

always do well,” she said, while jokingly indicating that some of the words proved challenging. “At one point I thought that the other children were not going drop out because every word that they got they spelled them right, and at one stage I thought to myself that the competition wasn’t going to end today, and some of the words – I don’t believe they were English – but we were able to spell them.” And how she planned to celebrate: “I will go home and show-off”. Helcy-Ann’s coach Cynthia Forbes said that due to the spelling bee

champion’s ability to work on her own initiative, her work with her was basically easy, since she needed almost no prompting to study. “Basically, she did most of the work on her own, she is independent. And even when she went off to the Carifta Games, she had the list with her. I can’t say that I did a whole lot of work with her, in terms of the actual preparation; she did most of it on her own, and I coached her with the pronunciations and testing. She is intrinsically motivated, and I think that has helped her greatly,” Forbes said. Meanwhile, patron for the competition, Mrs. Rosita Butterfield, who was at the event for its duration, said that she felt a sense of gratitude knowing that she would leave a legacy behind for the Turks and Caicos Islands. “Every year that I wasn’t here I made sure that the people running the competition get the money to buy the trophies and all the prizes or whatever. I served on the Community College Board for 15 years, and it was a sacrifice to leave my business but I had to do it for the development of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Today I feel a sense of pride seeing that I am still holding on and still supporting our spelling bee contest. “I thought that the students did exceptionally well this year. I think this was the longest one that I had ever attended, but they were well prepared, and it gives me a sense of gratitude,” she said.

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(Section 3 (2) of the Immigration Ordinance Take notice that I, Governor of The Turks and Caicos, in excercise of the powers conferred on me by Section 3 (2) of Immigration Ordinace, intend to grant a Certificate of Belonger Status to MRS. CHRISTINE SUZETTE JENNINGS of Providenciales, a national of Jamaica, being satisfied by virtue of marriage to a belonger of the Turks and Caicos Islands.


(Section 3 (2) of the Immigration Ordinance Take notice that I, Governor of The Turks and Caicos, in excercise of the powers conferred on me by Section 3 (2) of Immigration Ordinace, intend to grant a Certificate of Belonger Status to MRS. KARLENE ADORNA WILSONof Providenciales, a national of Jamaica, being satisfied by virtue of marriage to a belonger of the Turks and Caicos Islands.


(Section 3 (2) of the Immigration Ordinance Take notice that I, Governor of The Turks and Caicos, in excercise of the powers conferred on me by Section 3 (2) of Immigration Ordinace, intend to grant a Certificate of Belonger Status to MRS. MARJORIE WALTERS -SIMMONS of Providenciales, a national of Jamaica, being satisfied by virtue of marriage to a belonger of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

BELONGER STAUTUS APPLICATION (Section 3 (2) of the Immigration Ordinance Take notice that I, Governor of The Turks and Caicos, in excercise of the powers conferred on me by Section 3 (2) of Immigration Ordinace, intend to grant a Certificate of Belonger Status to MRS. NANCIE JOSEPH-CAMPBELL of Providenciales, a national of Haiti, being satisfied by virtue of marriage to a belonger of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

BELONGER STAUTUS APPLICATION (Section 3 (2) of the Immigration Ordinance Take notice that I, Governor of The Turks and Caicos, in excercise of the powers conferred on me by Section 3 (2) of Immigration Ordinace, intend to grant a Certificate of Belonger Status to MR. ALTON RAY SCOTTof Providenciales, a national of Jamaica, being satisfied by virtue of marriage to a belonger of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

Police search for Graceway Gourmet crooks The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police are awarding $10,000 to anyone who can give information leading to the arrest and charge of three masked men who failed in their attempt to dislodge an automated teller machine (ATM) in the wee hours of March 7 this year. The police said the three remained at large even after a month following their despicable act, and is seeking the community’s assistance in jailing them. According to the police, at about 2:46 a.m., on Wednesday March 7, three men sporting Photo shows a copy of the reward poster disguises, who believed to have stole a white van from Sun Flower Apartments located in the Long Bay region of Leeward Highway, pulled up at the Graceway Gourmet and attempted to rip the ATM out of socket and tow it away, but instead, the firmness of the machine caused the bumper of the van to be ripped off. The men left the scene having been unable to steal the money machine. Police said that one of the suspects, who was wearing a white mask and white gloves is about five feet five inches tall, of slim build and wearing dark colour three quarter sleeve T-shirt, which is similar to a sweat cap. Persons with information are asked to either contact 911, the nearest police, 1-800-8477 or Information would be treated in the strictest confidence.

Fire Department made 37 responses between January and March Between January and March of this year the Providenciales Fire Department responded to 37 calls, with March alone accounting for 16 of those calls, according to information coming from that fire-fighting entity. In January, the Fire Department responded to 11 calls. Of the number, six were road traffic accidents; two were brush fires; one involved house/structure fires, and one was rubbish fire, while the other response turned out to be a false alarm. In February the Fire Department made 10 responses. Two were vehicular/boat fires; two were house/structure fires; two were brush fires and another two were rubbish fires. There was one road traffic accident and an emergency landing each. Of the 16 responses in March by the Fire Department, eight were brush fires. There were two rubbish fires; two house/structures; and two vehicular/boat fires. There was one traffic accident and one revisit to a scene. From the record presented, brush fires and road traffic accident continued to trigger the majority of the responses from the Fire Department, as over the period there were 12 brush fires and eight traffic accidents that required the services of that department to assist with rescue, which often times required the Jaws of Life cutting implement. House/structure fire and the burning of garbage recorded identical responses with five visits each by the Fire Department.


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


Ruth Blackman is new host of Expression BY VIVIAN TYSON SUN SENIOR EDITOR

Former Parliamentary Secretary in the former administration Ruth Blackman will be the new host for the popular Radio Turks and Caicos call-in programme –Expression – taking over from dynamic host Robert Hall, who has decided to slip away from the microphone and plunge into the political pool. Blackman, who had been in the civil for more than 30 years, working in Parliament and the Executive Council before being promoted to Cabinet Secretary, told THE SUN that her decision came after much prayer and contemplation. “When I was approached, I asked them (Radio Turks and Caicos) to give

me some time to think about it because I think that I want to take the show in a different direction because Robert is Robert and I am me. And so, after thinking about it, and after discussions with my daughter, who I rely on a lot for advice and encouragement, I decided to take it on. But I want to take the show in a different direction. “Of course there are going to be days when you will have the politics, and each day I will set aside sometime to deal with the issues that face the country, but I want a wider public participation, maybe dedicate once a week to a panel to discuss social and economic issues facing the country and issues that relate to land and so on. And then, of course, when the political season heats up I will definitely turn most of my attention towards that,”

Blackman said. She also explained that she would also be seeking regional participation, especially from those within the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), to get a feel of what they had been doing to help the cause of Turks and Caicos Islands restore to self rule. “At some stage I plan to have the premier of Bermuda on the show, as we try to encourage Turks and Caicos to look ahead and try and move forward rather than dwell on the past because that is the only way we can move. We can’t do anything about the past,” she said. While in the civil service, Blackman travelled extensively within the Commonwealth to attend meetings and seminars on behalf of the government. She was also regional

Former Parliamentary Secretary in the former administration Ruth Blackman

secretary for the Caribbean Americas and Advanced Region for five year.

More the half million dollars in rent for Governor’s staff in TCI The British Government has paid more than half million dollars on housing for staff in the Governor’s Office in Turks and Caicos Islands over the last three years. In response to the a question from Andrew Rosindell in the House of Commons last week, Overseas Minister Henry Bellingham said 94, 512 pounds sterling was spent on rent in 2009 to 2010, 174, 975 pounds sterling in 2010 to 2011 and 148,144 pounds sterling in the financial year 2011 to 2012. Rosindell also asked Bellingham what was the annual salary is of the lead prosecutor in the Turks and Caicos Islands Special Investigation and Prosecutions Team. Bellingham said the prosecution Counsel is Andrew Mitchell QC who is engaged by the Turks and Caicos Islands Government. He is not a salaried employee but is paid a daily rate in line with normal legal practice. Sources in the local legal fraternity said this could be around $2000 per day. Meantime, Rosindell also asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will set a date for elections in the Turks and Caicos Islands, to which Bellingham replied: “The joint written ministerial statement issued with the Minister of State, Department for International Development, my right hon. Friend the Member for Rutland and Melton (Mr Duncan), on 30 January 2012, Official Report, columns 34-36WS, set out our assessment of progress towards meeting the milestones. I still

hope that the milestones will be met in time for elections to take place during 2012.” When Rosindell asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what steps his Department is taking to ensure a smooth transition from direct rule to locally-elected politicians in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Bellingham stated: “In the joint written ministerial statement I issued with my right hon. Friend the Member for Rutland and Melton (Mr Duncan), on 9 December 2010, Official Report, columns 4041WS, we set out the milestones that we judged would have to be met before elections could take place in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Our statement on 30 January 2012, Official Report, columns 34-36WS, gave our current assessment of progress made towards achieving the milestones. Good progress has been made, although there is still much to be done.” He said a new constitution order was laid before Parliament in July 2011 and that new ordinances on the electoral process and the regulation of political parties are being prepared. He added: “A delegation from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy led by my right hon. Friend the Member for Warley (Mr Spellar), and my hon. Friend the Member for Brigg and Goole (Andrew Percy), visited the Turks and Caicos Islands in March to engage with the Turks and Caicos Islands political parties and community representatives on the scope and


content of the draft elections ordinances. The Turks and Caicos Islands Government have begun a

programme which will enable Turks and Caicos Islanders to both verify their status and register for elections.”


Ambergris Cay Facilities Ltd is seeking a suitably qualified applicant to fill a post on Ambergris Cay. The available post is for a:



• Maintaining all aspects of the Treatment Plant (watering, osmosis station, water heater, pools, lodging) in accordance with international standards; • Check piping for fire system • Check and maintain all water piping system • Daily reading of all water meters • Maintaining all kitchen equipment • Maintain and control safety of all gas (Propane) operating equipment • Control stock of propane • Being responsible for maintenance of irrigation and performing trouble shooting for irrigation system • Ordering of spare parts to ensure consistent functioning without discontinuity;

Requirements - Applicants must have and or be: • At least three (3) years of experience in plumbing • A high school diploma or equivalent • Attentive to details and self-motivator • Able to understand and speak english fluently • Able to work with little or no supervision • Physically fit, dependable and hard working • In possession of clean police record and valid TCI Driver’s License • Willing to reside on Ambergris Cay Closing Date for Applications is Wednesday May 16th, 2012 Salary: $30, 000 to 35,000 per annum. Applications must be in writing addressed to: Ambergris Cay Facilities Ltd Unit 51, Salt Mills Plaza, Grace Bay Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands E-mail: Tel: (649)-941-3777 Fax: (649)-941-3778

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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

Beaches Turks & Caicos Resort Villages and Spa, the only 6 Diamond all inclusive property in the Caribbean is inviting applications from suitably qualified Turks and Caicos Islanders for the following vacant positions.

Come and join our winning team!!! FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Restaurant Manager Supervisor Requirements include but are not limited to: • Three years supervising a restaurant with seating over 100 persons an asset. • Excellent customer service skills • Knowledge of wines The rate for the positions listed above is $6.50 to $11.00 an hour.

Servers Requirements include but are not limited to: • One year’s experience in a restaurant with seating for over 100 persons an asset. • No food allergies • Ability to work in the sun • Physically fit Dining Room Cleaner Requirements include but are not limited to: • No food allergies • Ability to work in the sun • Physically fit

The rate for the positions listed above is $5.00 to $5.75 an hour.

BAR DEPARTMENT REQUIRES: Bartenders Bar Porters Requirements include but are not limited to: • Ability to mix a variety of drinks alcoholic and nonalcoholic. • Outgoing personality • Ability to work in the sun • Physically fit The rate for the position listed above is $5.00 to $5.75 an hour.

Supervisor Requirements include but are not limited to: • Knowledge of stock ordering and maintenance of par levels • Ability to mix a variety of drinks alcoholic and nonalcoholic. • Outgoing personality • Ability to work in the sun • Physically fit The rate for the position listed above is $6.50 to $10.00 an hour.


• Kids Counselor/ Attendant Requirements include but are not limited to: • An outgoing personality required • Certificate in early childhood education an asset • First Aid qualification an asset • Ability to work in the sun • Ability to work swim The rate for the position listed above is $5.15 to $5.75 an hour.

ROOMS DIVISION DEPARTMENT REQUIRES: Concierge Agent Requirements include but are not limited to:

Applicants must have a clean police record and a good command of the English language both written and spoken. In addition candidates must be able to work nights, public holidays and week-ends. The Resort thanks everyone for their interest in advance and advises that only short listed applicants will be contacted for an interview.

• Background in customer service • Ability to go above and beyond for guest

Bellman Minibar Stocker Requirements include but are not limited to: • Physically Fit • Outgoing and friendly attitude

The rate for the positions listed above is $5.00 to $6.50 an hour. STEWARDING DEPARTMENT REQUIRES: Steward Requirements include but are not limited to: o Physically Fit o Ability to carry out labour intensive cleaning task

Beach and Pool Attendants Requirements include but are not limited to: • Keep the pool /beach area tidy and clean • First Aid qualification an asset

All persons in the Watersports Department must have the ability to swim and pass a swim endurance test

The rate for the positions listed above is $5.00 to $5.75 an hour.

The rate for the position listed above is $5.00 to $5.50 an hour.

SECURITY DEPARTMENT REQUIRES: Security Officer Requirements include but are not limited to: • Responds rapidly to all incidents. • Ability to write reports. • Identify and eliminate risk. • Ability to work in the sun • Medically and Physically fit • At least 2 years relevant experience

Room Attendants Housemen Public Area Attendants Requirements include: o One year’s experience in a hotel environment an asset. o Physically fit

LAUNDRY DEPARTMENT REQUIRES: Laundry Attendant Requirements include: • Physically fit • Previous experience in commercial Laundry an assist


The rate for the positions listed above is $5.00 to $5.75 an hour.

Housekeeping Supervisor Requirements include: • Supervises and may participate in housekeeping services including cleaning, mopping, scrubbing, sanitizing the floors and other surfaces The rate for the position listed above is $6.00 to $8.00 an hour.


Entertainment Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • Manage the current entertainment portfolio and improve upon it • Ability to manage a portfolio which includes stage, character and kids Camps. • Maintain or exceed performance targets

The salary for the position listed above ranges from $23,000 to $35,000 per annum CONCIERGE DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

Concierge Manager Assistant Concierge Manager Requirements include but are not limited to: • Three years managing or assisting managing two or more Concierge desk • Excellent customer service skills • Ability to multitask and give the guest more than he or she expects The salary for the positions listed above ranges from $23,000 to $35,000 per annum WATERSPORTS DEPARTMENT REQUIRES:

The rate for the position listed above is $6.00 to $6.75 an hour.

The rate for the position listed above is $5.00 to $5.75 an hour.

KITCHEN DEPARTMENT REQUIRES: Cooks (Grade 1,2 and 3) Pastry Requirements include: • Must have worked in a Resort kitchen or medium to large sized restaurant • Must have over three years’ experience • Professional qualification an asset

The range in the rates for the positions listed above is $5.00 to $10.00 an hour. Applications giving full details of qualifications and experience should be sent to: or Fax to: 941-4870 Attn: M McClean-Vaughn The Human Resources Department Beaches Turks and Caicos P.O. Box 186 Lower Bight Road or

The Labour Commissioner Labour Department Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands and should reach not later than May 13th 2012 Otherwise, please call for additional information tel # 649-946-8000 ext 4138


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


Community College stages annual Native Food Festival BY VIVIAN TYSON SUN SENIOR EDITOR

Patrons who visited the Children’s Park in the Bight, Providenciales on Saturday, April 21, were treated to the best in local culinary preparations courtesy of students pursuing their Bachelor’s Degree in tourism management at the Providenciales Campus where all the hospitality courses are offered. Among the delicacies were crab and rice, chicken and rice, roasted corn, conch stew, stew peas, conch salad, and conch fritters. There was also a wide variety of confectionery, inclusive of Salt Cay Candy. Michelle Hosten, Head of Hospitality Service Department at the TCI Community College Provo Campus, pointed out that as part of their degree programme, the students were charged with staging a major event consistent with their study, and they were encouraged to promote the TCI culture through food, as that was a major part of the course, since that segment carried 100 percent. She said that the majority of the ingredients to prepare the foods came from North Caicos. She said too, that the students were required to include a local artiste in the day’s activities. “Most of the foods we used were really authentic Turks and Caicos; it was just a few items we got out of IGA

that department, at least could become self sufficient. Director for Culture in the TCI, David Bowen, who was involved in the planning of the event, said that he was happy that nowadays, the country was beginning to develop a deeper appreciation for culture in the TCI. He said in the past whenever persons was planning a cultural event, they would ask the Cultural Department to make the planning, but now all they were asking for was assistance from that office to guide them, since they were fashioning their own concept. “I was doing a lecture with the students and they decided that they want to do something for their project. And they passed the idea to me and I thought it was a great idea. And also they wanted me to help them and organize certain things and so we were able to put together Director of Culture David Bowen, who co-emceed the event, is caught beating the drums while telling a nice layout. tales from the Turks and Caicos Islands “Too often people depend on the department to do all the cultural work, Supermarket. Part of the concept is that, response from the public, they were when culture is for the people, so I love it they had to put all of this together and encouraged to make the event an annual when the people are actually doing it, promote it, and they are going to be graded affair, while straightening out the wrinkles because that means the culture will carry at the end of all of this. They are going to in minor areas. on. And that is a great sign, because if you be graded for the planning; the layout; “Our vision is to do this annually; the look at the country for the last two years; marketing; promotion; how they hire and college would be the forerunner, but we the number of cultural events, and I am utilize their staff as well as the execution at would like to have support from the TCI really pleased that the majority of them the end of the day,” Hosten said. Tourist Board and of course, the Cultural always approach us to assist somehow, Hosten explained further that based Department, and with proper planning, and so far everything has been wonderful on the presentation by the students and the we could develop it into events such as the – the Crab Festival for example in Middle Conch Fest and Maskanoo. It can be a Caicos, the Maskanoo and now this – I part of the TCI Tourist Board calendar of am so pleased that people were taking the initiative, and there is more to come this event,” She said. Hosten said that the idea was to make year from TCI culture from the people,” the event an income generating one, so Bowen indicated.



HAB Management Limited is seeking a suitably qualified individual to fill the following opening:

Main Duties Applicants will be required to greet and take food and beverages orders from restaurant guest, serve the orders and accommodate guest requests. Applicants will be required to serve guests’ promptly and according to established restaurant standards, policies and procedures.

Requirements Must have a minimum of three years experience working in a restaurant. Must have a strong working knowledge of dining room procedures, policies and EPOS System. Applicants must be a customer service advocate, maintaining a high level of customer service standards. Maintain a friendly, cheerful and courteous demeanor at all times. Perform other duties as assigned, requested or deemed necessary by management. Applicants must be willing to work varied shifts, split shifts, nights, weekends and holidays as required by management. Applicants will be required to work on a full time basis. Must be able to walk, stand or stoop for the duration of shift (at least 8 hours). Applicants must be able to understand/speak/read/write English proficiently. All applicants must be hardworking team players. Wages for this position is commensurate with experience and training. Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by May 14, 2012 at or by fax 649-9465191. Only candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.



Salary $8.00 per hour Interested persons should contact 231-2763


Provo Golf Club is seeking suitable applicants for the following position:


Candidates must be physically capable of hard manual labour outside on a daily basis. Previous experience is preferred. Candidates must be willing to work holidays and weekends when required. Wages starts at $6.00 per hour.

Interested applicants should contact Veronica Rigby via email by May 14, 2012 at or by fax 649-946-5191. Suitable applicants will be contacted by email or telephone to schedule an interview.

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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

Police gets heart beating machine BY VIVIAN TYSON SUN SENIOR EDITOR

Citing an increase in heart-related ailments involving mostly elderly tourists along the Grace Bay Beach in Providenciales, the Community Policing Department of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force has been equipped with an automated external defibrillator that would assist officers who are trained in first aid, to administer the lifesaving device on those patients. The donation of the electronic equipment by the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) will go down in the history registry since the TCI Police remained the only law enforcement agency in the Caribbean equipped with such a device. The unit, while easy to use by literally anyone, who can follow kindergarten-type instructions, is of the professional series and designed for repeated use. Head of the EMS Patrick Riel explain that, officers would be carrying the equipment aboard their new All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), which was being used to patrol the beach at Grace Bay on a daily basis. He said that five out of 10 persons may survive cardiac arrest if CPR, using the machine was done early, which he said was pretty amazing. He said the assessment was based on a five to seven year study all over the world. The device is used on patients without heartbeat. However, he said that in the event that the machine is attached to someone with a pulse, it would recognize right away and go on standby mode, resulting in no harm to the patient. “The issue here is that the electrical conduction in the heart during cardiac arrest is in disrepair or disorganized, we called it. This unit analyzes that electrical conduction and reorganizes it so that the heart begins to beat on a normal pattern the way it should be. We are excited how safe these units are to the public and how much success we are seeing globally in pre-hospital cardiac arrest. “From my experience they are

Director for the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Patrick Riel (left) and Constable Demitri Green demonstrate to the media on how to use the defibrillator

incredibly effective. From a paramedic perspective, we like them because they help us identify what’s going on with the heart, and we can use drugs and other things to get it back to the point where the defibrillator can work more effectively. “But what it does that is amazing is for the public who does not have training and don’t have drugs and don’t have iv access and all those things. And they are operated by people who have very basic knowledge,” Riel pointed out. Explaining the nexus between the EMS and the police and its reason for donating the device he explained: “A statistical survey of all the cardiac arrests out of hospital from 2009 in TCI to 2011 recognized that of all the cardiac arrests occurred, a significant number of them happened in the marine environment – on the beach, on a boat, something that had to do with the water, and particularly Grace Bay seemed to be a vulnerable area because of elderly tourists and people visiting the TCI with preexisting medical conditions.” He said that when the police patrol the beach on their ATVs with the device on board they would be able to get to a patient quicker that the

Andrew Stevens Seeks

1 Maid $5 per hour Contact 244-4665 WANTED

1 LABOURER Applicant must be honest, reliable & hardworking Contact #232-7040

ambulance service, and so, it was important that they given the piece of equipment to aid them in their work, which he said was able to withstand

ruggedness. For his part, Inspector Nigel Couch, Head of Community Policing said that his department had been working with the paramedics for almost a month to give reassurance patrols along the beach, while working in partnership to provide safety education to people who use the beach. He said all the officers in the unit have been trained to use the device on a voluntary basis. “As officers on the beach and first responders we are going to be able to assist and hopefully save a life,” Couch said. In the meantime, Constable Demitri Green, one of the officers attached to the Community Policing Unit noted: “When there is a call for emergency, generally the police officers are the first responders on the scene prior to the ambulance and the fire department. So having this technology and been able to use this device on people that are in need of it, will be able to save lives.”


Ambergris Cay Facilities Ltd is seeking a suitably qualified applicant to fill a post on Ambergris Cay. The available post is for a:


JOB SUMMARY: Being responsible for managing all facets of the day-to-day operations of the Commissary Kitchen (Employee Cafeteria).on Ambergris Cay. While on duty, work in all locations of the Camp Kitchen and maintain productive shift operations and communications with co-workers and assists in the coordination, planning, organizing and monitoring of activities of the Camp Kitchen within the Food and Beverage Department.

Daily tasks will include, but are not limited to: • Maintaining the standards of professionalism, sanitation and cleanliness within the Employee Cafeteria. • Overseeing all cleaning and maintenance schedules of the equipment by the steward staff. • Maintaining a level of organization up to the suitable standards (correct labeling, proper placement of items in the walk-ins, keeping back storage areas organized etc.) • Overseeing schedules, and menus for the cafeteria. • Assist in creating new menus for the cafeteria.

REQUIREMENTS: • Must have at least three (3) years of experience in a managerial position within the Food & Beverage Hospitality Industry; • Must possess a friendly, professional personality, with strong organizational skills and the ability to multi-task; • Must be reliable, hardworking and enthusiastic and demonstrate excellent customer service skills • Will be required to work and live on Big Ambergris Cay; • Will be responsible for anticipating employee needs and developing a customer service relationship with each employee; • Must be attentive to details and able to work under little or no supervision; • Must produce a clean Police Record and a valid TCI Driver’s License; • Must be able to understand and speak English fluently. Salary: $30,000 – $35,000 per annum (will commensurate with experience). Applications must be in writing addressed to: Ambergris Cay Facilities Ltd Unit 51, Salt Mills Plaza, Grace Bay Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands E-mail: Tel: (649)-941-3777 Fax: (649)-941-3778


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


E. Jay Saunders, Digicel TCI CEO addresses latin american operators E. Jay Saunders, CEO of Digicel TCI returned home late last week from the LTE Latin America 2012 Conference, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 17-18 April 2012. At the conference, E. Jay spoke on the topic of “Leveraging the Need for Internet Connection: How are operators preparing their customers to want all the traffic growth that LTE will bring” and he was also part of a CEO Panel discussing the topic “How Will the Operator Business Model Be Transformed with the Introduction of LTE.” During his presentation, E. Jay stated that since Latin American operators are not constrained by the same issues facing USA operators they are better positioned to financially benefit from LTE. E. Jay highlighted this fact with examples of value added services with high customer experience levels that Latin American and Caribbean operators can roll out in conjunction with LTE that will generate new revenue streams and greater ARPU’s – a win win situation

E. Jay Saunders, CEO of Digicel TCI

for both the operator and the customer. According to E. Jay, when it comes to LTE, business model innovation is going to be critically important due to its large capital requirements, with some USA operators expecting to spend up to US$20 billion dollars to rollout their LTE services. “At LTE Latin America 2012 in Brazil, E. Jay Saunders gave an insightful speech, raising important issues regarding the new technology. Regulators should be more opened to

Career Opportunities

Grace Bay Club is looking for candidates that have the requirements listed along with an outgoing professional manner. They love to work with different types of people, meet challenges with a positive attitude and live the standards of our organization. Their management style is one that balances a commitment to people and their development with business/financial accountability and delivers an exceptional guest experience.

Domestic Worker/Housekeeper

Job Requirements: • Ensure the cleanliness of all hotel areas • Assist in all Housekeeping responsibilities, cleaning of all guest rooms, stocking amenities and linens. • Perform specified server duties, including food and drink orders, preparation and serving. • Ensure inventory is used properly and in supply at all times. • Possess knowledge of proper cleaning supplies and chemical handling. Qualified Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Personal Concierge/Butler

Job Requirements: • Provides a very personal, detailed, seamless service to guests • Take care of guests needs in a highly professional manner. • Be seen by the guests in response to all the guest’s needs and requests. • The attention to detail required and the ability to anticipate the needs of guests needs demand that the butler is a consummate hotel professional with impeccable standards • Strive to create an atmosphere that makes a ‘wow’ impression on the guests • Will not accept anything less that the best available presentation of the suites/rooms and public areas of the floors. • Must take gentle care of all their guests from arrival until departure without imposing themselves on the guest Qualified Belongers need only apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience


Job Requirements: • Middle level culinary skills • Dependable, proactive, organized, team player. • Education from a formal culinary program • At least two to three years cooking experience; preparing international breakfast, lunch and dinner in regional cooking environment. • Sanitation certificate. • Ability to plan, organize and execute meal plans • Must speak and read English fluently. Additional languages an asset.

discuss the excellent points raised by Saunders.” stated Marceli Passoni, research analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media, the company that hosted the conference. Informa estimates that in 2016 LTE will account for 42 million users in Latin America, representing 5% of total subscribers. According to Informa, “LTE is the next mobile change-out which will enable mobile operators to better and more costeffectively transport the rapidly growing data traffic on their networks. LTE will help Latin American operators to deliver new applications and value-added services, boosting data revenues.” E. Jay, who is scheduled to speak next at the LTE World Summit 2012 being held in Barcelona, Spain at the end of May, stated that “…there are companies that are currently spending hundreds of millions of dollars, and in some cases billions of dollars to rollout LTE, and they are not going to make back their investments with the old voice centric business models. With data traffic growing at a faster rate than voice traffic, operators are now

experiencing higher costs to support mobile data than the revenues that they are making from it. This trend is not sustainable, and the only way they can reverse it is by innovating on the business model side.” Some of the other speakers at the 2 day conference were: Ajay Joseph, CTO, iBasis; Anderson André, Latin America Service Provider Director, CISCO Systems; Chris King Sr, Director, Oracle; Daniel Borras, Director Business Development, Samsung; Daniel Locklear, Sr. Director Business Development, Alcatel-Lucent; Emmanuel Coelho Alves, Wireless Product Line Senior Manager, Huawei; Hanna Maurer Sibley, Product Manager LTE, ERICSSON, Sweden; Philippe Leon, Worldwide OSS Director, HP; José Geraldo de Marco, Latin America Technical Marketing, MOTOROLA MOBILITY; Marcelo Gonçalves, Portfolio Planning Manager Latam, NOKIA MOBILE.

Salary Range: Commensurate with experience

Restaurant Servers:

Job Overview: Qualified individuals should have a minimum of 3 years restaurant experience. Individuals must possess strong work ethics; have a working knowledge of fine dining steps of service, and the ability to provide our guests with an outstanding dining experience. Servers should be industry professionals with excellent food and wine knowledge. Job Requirements: • Responsibilities include setup, organization and cleanup of service areas. • Responsible for staying current with daily menu items and changing wine lists. • Must be able to work as part of a motivated, high energy team that takes pride in their work. • Lifting of trays loaded with food, plates and glassware required. • Responsible for responding to any situation at any given time in a professional and courteous manner. This may include answering any questions posed by guests • Stack, lift, and carry trays in a systematic and safe manner. • Clean and retrieve tables in a neat, timely and professional manner. • Receive, process, and present all food and beverage orders according to Grace Bay Club standards. • Responsible for using suggestive selling techniques, when appropriate, and doing so in a courteous manner to up sell and, in turn, increase the average check Qualified Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience

Food Runner:

Job Requirements: • Responsibilities include setup, organization and cleanup of service areas. • Must be able to work as part of a motivated, high energy team that takes pride in their work. • Lifting of trays loaded with food, plates and glassware required. • Stack, lift, and carry trays in a systematic and safe manner. • Clean and retrieve tables in a neat, timely and professional manner. • Remain on assigned duty or station. • Fill water glasses, remove trays or dishes, and serve food when given specific direction. • Responsive to directions of supervisors as to when to serve or clear tables. Qualified Belongers need only to apply Salary Range: Commensurate based on qualification and experience Interested persons can contact our Human Resources Department no later than May 4, 2012 @ (649) 946-5050 Ext. 1050 Email: P.O. Box 128 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies

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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

Sign up today and keep your money in your wallet !


Islandcom Calls 120 MIN 200MB DATA 500 SMS





Bring in your phone and NO CONTRACT required! Contract Contract plans are are for for one year. year. Contract Contract terms terms will not apply if yyou ou br bring ing in yyour our mobile/c mobile/cellular ellular devic device. e. O Other ther tterms erms and cconditions onditions ma mayy apply apply.. SSee ee st store ore ffor or mor moree details details..


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TCI Top Model contestants debut at Infiniti catwalk The infinity pool at the glamorously ultra-exclusive Somerset Resort on Providenciales was alive with culture, colour and beauty over the weekend, as 10 of the most stunningly attractive young ladies took to the grounds to be launched as contestants for this year’s TCI Top Model Contest. The Infiniti Catwalk, ‘a day where beauty is personified’ – was not only heavily anticipated, but the most highly attended launch in the history of TCI Top Model Contest & Fashion Extravaganza – so far, drawing a huge crowd for the early afternoon fashion parade! The contestants captivated the

audience like none other, opening the launch wearing spring floral strapless rompers and short dresses worn with jewelry provided by Tremm Jocale. The audience of sponsors, family, friends, resort guests and media were in awe as each contestant took her turn strutting down and around the infinity pool. Guests commented that the affair debuting the 10 young ladies proved to be electric. “I was completely blown away by the sheer beauty, confidence and sophistication at which these young ladies displayed,” said O’Brien Forbes, Marketing and Operations Manager for Island Rhythms Tours, and host of the

day’s event. The event also featured the collection of international women’s wear designer Oyuna Tuyssuzian. Oyuna presented her 2012 Spring/Summer Collection of tie-died inspired resort dresses that were architectural in shape, with asymmetrical hemlines worn with sterling silver jewelry. The garments were cool, contemporary and Grecian and in the loviest shade of browns, blues, greens and ecru. To close out the Infiniti Catwalk, the 10 TCI Top Model Contestants took to the runway for a final lap wearing blacked Top Model logo’ed T-shirts,

skinny dark jeans worn with super high stilettos – all accessorized with personality and flair. The 2012 TCI Top Model Contest will be held at the Williams Auditorium in Providenciales on Saturday, May 12th - seeing to the catwalk competition, guest appearances by Ashley Smith, 2010 TCI Top Model and Davia Chambers, 2009 TCI Supermodel, along with the Bowen Dance Academy, Leeward Heights, Mike Dizzo, Ryesha Higgs and other noted entertainers. Tickets are already available for sale: General admission is $50, VIP $75 and TopModelSkyLounge is $200.00 each.

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Psychologists and parents divided on giving kids smart phones Psychologists and parents are divided on putting smartphones and tablets into young hands, a highstakes issue considering how pivotal the first couple of years are to child development. Experts at a panel discussion in New York last month entitled "Baby Brains and Video Games" urged parents to set limits on electronic device use -- while acknowledging the magnetic appeal of iPads in particular. "You can't pull it from their hands," said panelist Warren Buckleitner, editor of the Children's Technology Review. George, who spends a half hour per week with the iPad, first asked for it at 10 months by pointing and cooing in its direction. Both graphic artists, his parents recently developed their first app, which generates fireworklike images to save as screenshots. Though geared toward adults, Mercier lets George play with it, talking softly as he sends yellow stars swirling around the screen. Now they have seen first-hand what toddlers like -- catchy colours, sound, large buttons, simplicity -the pair plan to develop child-friendly apps. "We'll use George as our beta-tester," Mercier said. "We're counting on him to give good advice!" For Katie Linendoll, a CNN technology expert in New York, apps are "the ultimate babysitter". Her favourites for using with her toddler niece -- in moderation -- include "Crazy Piano!" and "Crayola Color Studio HD", a high-tech colouring book where animals move once colored. "If you have an app that's simple to understand, a kid will run with that," Linendoll told AFP. But some parents worry about computer culture interfering with the way their children play with conventional toys. Sarah Rotman Epps, a Boston-based consumer

technology analyst, said her two-year-old son "loves drawing on paper with crayons. "But he gets very frustrated when the pictures don't move, and I think that is really coming from the pervasive culture of video and animation." In a nutshell: a hit YouTube video dubbed "A Magazine is an iPad that Does Not Work" shows a

US scientist claims to have found elusive G-spot A US gynecologist claims to have found the G-spot, a supposed pleasure center on the front interior wall of the vagina, but some critics say not so fast. In a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine on Wednesday, Adam Ostrzenski said he has confirmed the presence of the G-spot after extracting a tiny "well-delineated sac structure" from inside an 83-year-old cadaver. "This study confirmed the anatomic existence of the G-spot, which may lead to a better understanding and improvement of female sexual function," said Ostrzenski, of the Institute of Gynecology in St. Petersburg, Florida. The journal's editor-in-chief Irwin Goldstein said the finding "adds to the growing body of literature regarding women's sexual anatomy and physiology." The G-spot, named after German gynecologist Ernst Graefenberg, who first mooted its existence in 1950, is said to be a highly sensitive area in the vagina that, when stimulated, gives a woman a powerful orgasm. But where the G-spot is located has been clouded by evidence that is subjective or contradictory, and some experts argue it does not exist. Critics have cast doubt on the latest finding as well, noting that the supposed G-spot only seems to provide arousal for some women and that its importance may be overstated by sex product marketers. "It's a single case study involving the dissection of the body of one woman whose sexual experiences are unknown to us," sex researcher Debby Herbenick wrote in a critique on the Daily Beast, an online magazine. "Did she enjoy vaginal penetration? Did she find G-spot stimulation to be pleasurable or erotic or more or less likely to lead to orgasm? We don't know." In 2008, the same journal published an article by an Italian researcher who used an ultrasound to scan the vaginal area on nine women who claimed to experience vaginal orgasms and 11 who said they did not. That study concluded that the anatomical feature exists, but that only some women have it. Critics countered that it was unclear whether the purported G-spot was a new structure or simply an extension of the clitoris. Herbenick insists the verdict is still out, and that the latest finding in itself adds little to the research. "We don't know how many women (if any) have similar structures. And we certainly don't know if the structure has anything to do with G-Spot stimulation, sexual pleasure, erotic sensations or orgasm," she writes. "It's not like body parts come with pre-labeled signs indicating what they are -- and calling this structure the 'G-spot' doesn't make it so."

one-year-old trying in vain to scroll tablet-style through a print publication on her lap. This is what troubles Paris child psychiatrist Serge Tisseron who worries apps fail to teach children to properly apprehend three-dimensional space, a key developmental milestone. "We know the toddler absolutely needs to engage all his senses," he said. Tisseron is by no means anti-technology -- the 64-year-old is himself an avid video gamer -- but until more research has been carried out he recommends keeping screens out of baby hands. In the first two years of life the brain triples in size, synapses forming as young children experiment with objects they sniff, bite and throw. Despite the iPhone and iPad's much-lauded interactivity, Tisseron says they remain limited in terms of sensory experience: they can engage sight, hearing and touch -- to an extent -- but not taste or smell. That's where the simplest of toys, and baby games with no set rules, are crucial, says Texas paediatrician Ari Brown, lead author of a 2011 American Academy of Pediatrics report on screen use by children under two. "There are some pretty good apps and activities that encourage problem solving, memory, ordering, sequencing -- virtual versions of games we used to play as kids," Brown said. But "no app can replace the value in taking two blocks and figuring out how to stack them one on top of the other." The AAP discourages passive television viewing in this age group, but the jury is still out on smartphone use, as the technology is so new that long-term research is not yet available. The app store opened in 2008 and the iPad came out in 2010. Brown suggests the main danger is a kind of opportunity cost: when youngsters play with iPads, they are not engaged in what may be more beneficial. That view is shared by Jean-Philippe Vieira, 46, a Paris-area cook who has neither a tablet nor mobile phone and limits his children's television time to 20 minutes on Friday. He believes toddlers need space to invent their own games, the way he did growing up in Portugal: "There were moments when we had nothing to do, but that was great because when you do nothing, you come up with ways to occupy yourself." "You don't need technology to play," Vieira told AFP in a park full of yelling children.


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Simeon Outten, Washington Williams for Mothers Day concert BY VIVIAN TYSON SUN SENIOR EDITOR

Gospel pioneers Bishop Washington Williams and Pastor Simeon Outten are to headline the Abundant Life Ministries International Mothers Day Tribute Concert to be held at the Church located along the Leeward Highway, Providenciales on the afternoon of Sunday, May 13 beginning at 6pm. The event will also feature local artistes and musicians, including the intriguing TCI Marching Band, the Gospel Pioneers, Mighty Voices of Praise, Carl Lewis, saxophonist extraordinaire Jervon Laporte of Sounds of Sax and the ALMI Praise Team. Pastor for the church Bishop Coleta Alexander Williams III and first lady Chiquita Williams explained that the occasion would be used to honour 14 outstanding mothers across the Turks and Caicos Islands who had or was still playing their part in nation building.

Dear Abby

Bishop Washington Williams of the Cooling Waters fame is no stranger to the Turks and Caicos Islands, as he had performed here on a number of occasions with Cooling Waters and solo, each time drawing a full house. He is expected to deliver another powerful performance, as he never failed to connect with his audience. The awarding winning Simeon Outten has been regarded as one of the most outstanding gospel artistes across the Caribbean and parts of the US. In 1990, at the age of 25 while residing briefly in the United States, Simeon released his first debut album, entitled “Say O”. He then returned to the Bahamas, where he joined a Gospel Group named DECISION, in 1991, as one of the group’s lead singers. Their debut album, “No Turning Back”, went on to win a Marlin Award for Album of the year. They released a second album “On Our Way”, which experienced moderate success. After 10 years with DECISION,

CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE DEAR ABBY: I'm 24 and love my parents. Mom confided to me that she has been seeing a high school flame behind my father's back. She claims she loves this man and said she has slept with him, but she doesn't want to leave the security my father provides for her. She swore me to secrecy about her affair. Meanwhile, my father has started talking to me about their marital problems. He doesn't understand why Mother isn't happy. I feel like I should tell him, but that would betray my mother. At the same time, not telling him what I know is betraying him. What should I do? -- CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE DEAR CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE: Your parents should not be confiding their marital difficulties to you. They should attempt to resolve them by communicating with each other -- preferably with the help of a licensed marriage counselor. That your mother would turn you into a co-conspirator in her affair is despicable. Give her a deadline to level with your father or tell her that you will. He deserves to know the truth.

WORRIED ABOUT JEWELRY DEAR ABBY: I married "Darrel" six months ago. It bothers me that he wears a silver bracelet from a relationship that ended five years ago. He claims that if I were to wear a piece of jewelry from my first marriage, it wouldn't bother him as it is "just jewelry." How do you feel about this? -- BOTHERED IN DAYTONA BEACH DEAR BOTHERED: What I feel about this is not important; it's how you feel. If your husband's wearing the bracelet is a constant, irritating reminder that he was involved with someone else, he should remove it because it isn't "just jewelry" to you. And your feelings should be more important to him than the bracelet, don't cha think?

Simeon, again pursued a solo career. In 2003, he released his second solo effort, “Freedom”, which earned him a Marlin Award for Gospel Rake and Scrape song of the year, for his single from the album entitled ‘Praise Medley’. In 2006, after a devastating hurricane on Grand Bahama destroyed his home along with all his and his families’ possessions, Simeon persevered, and released his third solo album, “Reflections”. A song on the album entitled ‘Thank You’, tells his personal story of the loss of his home during the storm, and how he continues to give thanks and praise to God, despite the devastation. Among the honorees are Lady Irene Williams of Grand Turk; Deaconess Rosalie Glinton and Emily Hamilton of Salt Cay; Emily Saunders and Sister Mercedes Harvey of South Caicos; Edith Gwendolyn Williams and Annis Campbell; and North Caicos; the Providenciales Honorees are Minister Alice Stubbs , Ianthe Pratt and Rev Marion

Pastor Simeon Outten

Williams; and Pastor Shirley Smith and Roselee Robinson of Middle Caicos. And released from the church stated: “Bishop C. Alexander Williams III, and Elect Lady Chiquita Williams have created an occasion, specifically designed to pay tribute to the pearls and heartbeat of the family, the mothers. “ Before the event honorees that are not from ProvidenciaHe's, will be taken on a tour of the island to view its development. They are also expected to make a courtesy call on the children's home during their tour. Adult tickets are $25 and $10 for Children.



HOW TO KEEP OUR SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITIES PEACEFUL AND SAFE. The Turks and Caicos Islands were once considered a safe place but that security is now being threatened with the increase in crime. We all want to keep our children, properties, and ourselves safe therefore I think we need to consider crime a serious problem and find urgent solutions. As a child I want to feel secure and my parents need to have the assurance that I am safe. How can this be accomplished? My first recommendation is to have patrol officers around schools and communities to make regular inspections and watch for suspicious movements; this will deter the acts of criminals. In addition, video surveillance around schools and houses to monitor activities in case burglars come around is another good idea. As we often see on television, videos will give full details of all movements; police and security companies can use the information recorded, for example, zooming on faces to get a better picture of intruders. Alarm systems in schools and houses can help to make an alert in case of a burglary and can scare intruders away and alert police or security. Fire alarms would also be useful to make an alert if there is a fire. When an alarm triggers, everyone will come to help at the flash of a button. To better protect our homes and schools we can also install motion sensors so that when a thief is coming we can know, as the sensors give off some signal at any movement that is not permitted. Installation of burglar bars on windows or doors is needed to keep unwanted people out. People will feel more secure in the house and criminals will have a more difficult time to gain access. The time they take to try and break in they may just get caught. A neighborhood watch is a combined community effort to deter crime in a particular area. When persons see suspicious movements around any house in the neighborhood the watch group can call the police. In addition to feeling safe at home and school, we also need to feel safe on the streets. Speed bumps in all school zones would slow drivers down and allow students to walk without fear of being knocked down. Street Wardens can further help to control traffic when children are dismissed from or arriving to school. The street warden can tell drivers to wait until the children cross at proper cross walk points before starting to drive again. How can business owners protect their property? Businesses in our community can hire security guards to prevent theft and to protect their customers. The installation of metal detectors can also assist in preventing persons from entering the stores with weapons. We can make use of the Crime Stoppers hotline and encourage people to report crimes when they see it. Offering a reward if a criminal is caught is an added feature. Finally I think all of us should encourage young people to join clubs and societies like the Kiwanis and Rotary. When young people are actively engaged in positive community projects, it is highly unlikely that they will become involved in criminal activity. Let’s do all we can to make Turks and Caicos the safest destination on earth – beautiful by nature and safe by choice!

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75 Caribbean Airlines pilots to be made redundant READ ON PAGE 33

Cayman business community nervous over investigation into Premier McKeeva Bush GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, – Police probes into Cayman Premier McKeeva Bush over two alleged cases of financial irregularities and his involvement with an illegal shipment of dynamite has raised concerns from both the Chamber of Commerce and Cayman Finance. However, neither private sector association has got to the point where it is asking for the country’s leader to step down. The continuation of the enquiries and Cayman’s reputation was of particular concern to the Chamber and its 700 members, a spokesperson for the body stated on Tuesday. “As expected, the announcement has generated negative international

media coverage at a time when the local business community is working diligently to improve the economy, increase investment and jobs. It is therefore imperative that these police investigations are completed as efficiently and quickly as possible to confirm or dismiss the legitimacy of the allegations, ” the Chamber stated in response to the revelations by the police last Saturday that the premier was at the heart of three different criminal probes. A statement from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service on Saturday revealed that the premier was now the subject of three different police investigations. Two of those relate to financial irregularities, one of


FINANCE AND BUSINESS PLANNING ANALYST Applications are invited from interested and suitably qualified individuals for the position of Finance and Business Planning Analyst, FortisTCI, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. Description

Responsible to primarily coordinate the organization’s financial planning, budgeting, reporting, cost control and analysis (including management reporting, presentations, capital planning, investment analysis, project reviews, financial modeling and ad hoc financial analysis) while strictly adhering to disciplined financial and strategic objectives.

Main Duties • Serves as Project Leader in FortisTCI transition from IFRS to US GAAP • Oversees and assists in the continued preparation and development of Budgets (5Year Business Plan), produces Monthly Management Rolling Forecasts and monitors implementation. • Drives performance improvements through financial analysis and comprehensive understanding of financial transactions. • Monitors performance indicators, highlighting trends and analyzing causes of unexpected variances in all areas of revenues, expenses and capital. • Ensures that all corporate policy changes are incorporated in the accounting process according to the guidelines set. • Performs contract management including due diligence of proposed and completed projects. • Analyzes complex financial information and reports to provide accurate and timely financial recommendations to management for decision making purposes. • Provides major support in financial reporting as regards compliance with prevailing accounting standards, as applicable, and provides advice on complex technical accounting issues. • Oversees the preparation of financial statements for submission to external auditors and to Fortis Inc. • Performs quality assurance review of all financial information before submission to internal and external stakeholders and responsible for all consolidated reports of FortisTCI and AEP. • Monitors costs of capital and operational projects and identifies and investigates non-compliance with contracts and business plan including fraud related allegations. • Develop and build mathematical and financial models for quantitative analysis and

which surrounds a letter sent by Bush to Texan developer Stan Thomas back in 2004 asking for $350,000 to settle a matter relating to a land deal and zoning. The third police probe, according to the police, is connected with an unlicensed shipment of dynamite that recently arrived in Cayman. Speaking on behalf of Cayman Finance, chairman Richard Coles echoed the concerns of the Chamber. “We hope that the matters being investigated can be concluded with some urgency so that the cases can be closed to avoid any further damage to the jurisdiction's reputation,” he said. So far, the premier has declined to resign, despite calls for him to do so, as

he says he has done nothing wrong and claims the allegations are a conspiracy of UK civil servants seeking to discredit the Cayman Islands. "The continual rumours of investigations without any formal notice to the premier, the possible involvement of certain civil servants in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are reminiscent of – and consistent with – the Operation Tempura fiasco and other attempts over the years, such as the Brian Gibbs and the David Ballantyne operation (both of whom are now employed in the FCO) to destabilize and damage the government of the Cayman Islands,” the premier stated at the weekend, calling the allegations baseless.

financial reporting. • Actively provides key support in ongoing regulatory review process and regulatory reporting. • Works directly with independent consultants as regards the Company's Annual Rate Review process. • Develops and executes improvement plans on the financial reporting process including updating the Finance Operations Manual for new processes. • Provides support in contract reviews and contract management using investment decision tools and methodologies. • Ad-Hoc Reporting and Financial Analysis

Academic/Technical/Management: Experience and Qualifications: • Must be a Bachelor of Science with a degree or major in Accountancy or a Master’s Degree equivalent. • Must be a CPA or CA or ACCA and CMA. Master’s degree, and CFA a plus. • Must possess 5-10 years’ experience in regulatory accounting and finance under US GAAP. • Extensive experience from the big 4 auditing firm a plus.

Core Competency Skills: • Must possess a strong general utility and regulatory accounting background. • Must possess excellent team playing and leadership abilities • Demonstrates strong analytical skills with a high level of competence and proficiency in financial analysis; business analysis; planning; and financial, business and econometric modeling and auditing. • Must possess strong inter-personal, organizational, multi-tasking and written and oral communication skills. • Must possess high level of professional excellence characterized by sound judgment skills, and drive for results. • Must possess the ability to ability to develop, monitor and maintain management information Systems and procedures. • Must possess excellent working knowledge of MS Office software programs, including MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and various databases. • Working knowledge of Bellamy software and other ERP systems a plus Compensation

Grade: 11 (Range US$45,290.00-US$56,610.00 per annum (based on qualifications and ability) Deadline for submission of applications is April 30, 2012. Kindly submit applications stating qualifications and work experience to:

Judy V. Missick Director, Human Resources FortisTCI Limited P. O. Box 132, Providenciales Email address: OR OR by fax: 649946-4532


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Trinidad and Tobago to join CCJ in all jurisdictions PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – The Trinidad and Tobago government Wednesday announced that it would introduce legislation to replace the London-based Privy Council as the island’s final court of appeal. “Consistent with our approach of caution and gradualism, this country has not rushed to surrender the jurisdiction of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council but has rather kept the issue under constant review. “It is perhaps fitting as we gear ourselves to celebrate what is essentially our golden anniversary of independence that we take another step in the furtherance of our national sovereignty now giving the Caribbean Court of Justice jurisdiction as our final Court of Appeal,” Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar said. Trinidad and Tobago, like most of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries are signatories to the original jurisdiction of the Port of Spain-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) that was established by regional countries in 2001 to replace the Privy Council. Only Barbados, Guyana and Belize are members of the appellate jurisdiction of the CCJ that also acts as an international tribunal interpreting the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas that governs the regional integration

movement. Persad-Bissessar told legislators that she was looking forward to bipartisan support when the legislation is brought to Parliament since it would require a special majority. “I am very pleased to announce that my government will be bringing legislation to this honourable House to secure the abolishing of appeals to the Privy Council in all criminal matters so this jurisdiction would then be ceded to the Caribbean Court of Justice,” she said. Prime Minister Persad Bissessar said that as a measure of her administration’s growing confidence in the CCJ “and as a mature and leading world democracy in this year of our 50thindependence anniversary, we will table legislation acceding the criminal appellate jurisdiction of the Caribbean Court of Justice in very much the same way as some other countries have done…” She said there is amply precedence for a phased withdrawal from the Privy Council, adding that she has since held discussions with various stakeholders here including the Chief Justice Ivor Archie and the President of the Law Association Dana Seetahal and the Criminal Bar Association, Pamela Elder. In her statement, Prime Minister

Persad Bissessar defended Trinidad and Tobago’s decision to adopt a deliberate approach to breaking ties with the Privy Council. “It was no doubt thought that given our common law heritage that the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council had the expertise and objectivity to continue to adjudicate on matters from this jurisdiction and this was regarded as valuable for our fledgling independent democracy. “Moreover, the same would also serve during our early independent years to nourish and fortify our democracy,” she said, adding that Trinidad and Tobago has functioned within the framework of a unitary state regulated by a parliamentary democracy modelled on that of the United Kingdom from which country we gained independence in 1962. She said over the years, there has been national and regional dialogue about the retention of the Privy Council, with some arguing that Trinidad and Tobago should follow other Commonwealth countries like India, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Pakistan and New Zealand but to name a few. “Time and again, we have heard comments to the effect that the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) is out of sync with the times

75 Caribbean Airlines pilots to be made redundant The positions of 75 pilots employed to Caribbean Airlines and based in Kingston are to be made redundant come next month. Trinidad-owned Caribbean Airlines (CAL) announced that the positions of all pilots represented by the Jamaican Airline Pilots' Association (JALPA) will be made redundant next month -- a move one major trade union is likening to union busting. In a statement released to the media, CAL said the Kingston-based pilots were yesterday morning advised by representatives of CAL and their subsidiary CARIBAL Ltd that their positions would be made redundant in May 2012. A JALPA source added that the news followed a claim made on the management of the airline by the association for for representation of the pilots. But in a letter from CAL's vice-president of human resources Charmaine Heslop-DaCosta to JALPA, the carrier informed them that all pilots other than those employed to CARIBAL are represented by Trinidad and Tobago Airline Pilots' Association (TTALPA). "As you are aware, all pilots, as defined in your claim, other than those employed to CARIBAL, are represented by TTALPA as demonstrated by certificate of recognition from the Recognition Board in Trinidad and Tobago as the trade union for the pilots employed by CAL dated 30th November 2009," HeslopDaCosta's letter said. The letter informed further that negotiations between CAL and TTALPA have commenced and once concluded will establish the terms and conditions of employment of all pilots employed by CAL. Of the 75 JALPA members, 64 are currently employed to CAL, which also operates Air Jamaica, following a deal in 2009 for the sale of the Lovebird to the Trinidad Government. It was reported late last month that one hundred workers in Kingston and Montego Bay would have been separated from the airline effective May one. At that time, the Trinidad-based airline said since the integration of the Air Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines brands, it had made several changes and adjustments to its operations in Jamaica to find the right mix of operational efficiency. Additionally Caribbean Airlines said where feasible, it will assist affected employees in obtaining alternative employment and counselling services will be provided. The airline has also promised that separation packages will be offered in accordance with industrial practice.

and our independence and should be replaced with a regional court of last resort,” she said, adding “our experience over the years has repaid our caution and gradualism in treating with this question”. She said the Trinidad and Tobago government under Prime Minister Basdeo Panday had announced in 1999 that it would provide a site to house the court and in 2001, the agreement establishing the CCJ was signed by Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago to be followed in 2003 by Dominica and St Vincent & the Grenadines. She said the CCJ was established at a time when the Caribbean Community sought to forge its own body of jurisprudence and reinforce its right to determine its affairs. “The situation has been complicated by the issue of the death penalty on which the Privy Council, reflecting contemporary English (and EU) mores and jurisprudence has been rigorous in upholding Caribbean appeals in death sentence cases. “It may have always been in the contemplation of the founding fathers that as our democracy grew from strength to strength and our Judiciary developed its confidence and expertise that the time would come when we would have to take responsibility ourselves for the final adjudication of our disputes consonant with the pristine principles of justice and fair play and say goodbye to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council as our final Court of Appeal.”

Washington confirms Cuban complaint about guns in luggage from Miami WASHINGTON– The United States Department of State has confirmed that Cuba twice complained of finding guns in luggage arriving from Miami International Airport two years ago. Since then “we have not been informed of any other incidents,” State Department spokesman William Ostick said on Tuesday. He, however, said: “We don’t know of any instance in which Cuban authorities have charged US citizens or US residents for bringing firearms.” Ostick declined to provide further details on the gun cases. A US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spokesperson in Miami would not comment on details of the Cuba gun cases but noted that “TSA works closely with our Cuban counterparts, as we expand our partnership to provide a high level of mutual transportation security. “While I cannot comment on certain procedural specifics for security reasons, TSA carefully applies security measures in accordance with international standards and TSA requirements,” Sari Koshetz told reporters. Koshetz said TSA regulations permit firearms to travel as checked-in luggage, but require them to be unloaded and locked in hard-sided containers. She said ammunition must be packed separately and the guns must be declared to the airline at check-in, adding that bags checked in for both domestic and foreign flights pass through screening machines designed to set off alarms when they spot items like guns. Koshetz said when a screening machine alerts, TSA tries to resolve the reason for the alarm, which involves checking with the airline and tracking down the passenger if, for example, the gun is not packaged properly. According to TSA regulations, guns declared on foreign-bound flights also must be accompanied by an export license from the US Department of State. In addition, US Department of Treasury spokesman John Sullivan said the half-century-old US trade and economic embargo against Cuba “does not allow export of guns to Cuba”.

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HIGHLIGHTS • Analysts say North Korea's new missiles are fakes • Former Liberian leader Charles Taylor convicted of war crimes

Romanian government toppled, Czechs face test too Romania's opposition torpedoed the center-right cabinet in a confidence vote on Friday, raising the prospect of months of political turmoil and questions over a belttightening campaign that has caused a wave of protests against IMF-backed reforms. Prime Minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu's two-month-old government is the latest in a string of austerity-minded ruling coalitions that have fallen across the European Union in disputes over spending cuts and tax hikes. The defeat came ahead of another confidence vote, in the

Czech Republic, whose budgetcutting cabinet is expected to survive but may find itself hamstrung by infighting among its scandal-plagued parties and widespread public anger over its policies. Having replaced his predecessor Emil Boc, who resigned in January after anti-government protests in Romania turned violent, Ungureanu was defeated by the votes of 235 deputies, four more than required to topple his government. "Today justice was done," said Victor Ponta, head of the opposition Social Liberal Union (USL). "USL is willing to take responsibility to

govern until elections." The European Union's secondpoorest member slashed public sector salaries and raised sales taxes to put its economy on a more solid footing, but the measures have hit the poorest in the country of 22 million, which is only now emerging from a two-year crisis-induced recession. President Traian Basescu, a close ally of Ungureanu, now has to nominate a new prime minister, which could take months. Basescu said he was holding talks already with all parties, seeking to form a government and indicating

Shuttle Enterprise lands after soaring over NYC skyline Welcome home, space shuttle Enterprise. The NASA shuttle soared over the Statue of Liberty and the world's most famous skyline Friday morning before landing safely at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. Hundreds were waiting to greet the aircraft, including NASA dignitaries, fidgety schoolchildren and Leonard Nimoy. "It feels like a reunion," Nimoy told CNN. Nimoy, who played Spock on the 1960s sci-fi series "Star Trek," recalled being photographed with the Enterprise when it was first unveiled as part of a politics-meetspop culture moment. Then-President Ford had ordered the shuttle named after the show's fictional star ship Enterprise following a letter-writing campaign by fans of the series. Before the landing, residents throughout the tri-state area lined the Hudson River, tumbled out onto sidewalks and scrambled onto rooftops in the hopes of getting a glimpse, camera phones held high. The Enterprise was affixed atop a specially modified 747 that had taken off earlier in the morning from Dulles International Airport near Washington. The sight was enough to cause even the most jaded New Yorkers to stop and stare skyward. The Big Apple had been waiting for the moment all week. The Enterprise was

originally supposed to arrive Monday, and then Wednesday. But those plans were canceled due to bad weather. The Enterprise is one of four NASA shuttles that are going into retirement throughout the United States, after a fierce political battle over which cities would get one. Technically, the Enterprise is not a real space shuttle. It was a prototype and a test orbiter that never flew into space. Still, the Enterprise was critical to the tests necessary to verify orbiter aerodynamics and handling characteristics in preparation for flights that followed with space shuttle Columbia. The Enterprise is ultimately headed for its new retirement home at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum this summer in Manhattan. Last week, the space shuttle Discovery was delivered to Dulles, en route to its final destination at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Va. The California Science Center in Los Angeles will get the space shuttle Endeavour, and Atlantis will go to the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex at Cape Canaveral, Fla. After the Enterprise is delivered to Kennedy airport, it will be moved via tugboat up the Hudson River to the Intrepid museum.

he could find a quick solution. The confidence vote result indicates the USL may have enough support for a majority. Failure to back a new prime minister before a general election slated for November would prompt an early vote. "The most likely version is that Traian Basescu will nominate Victor Ponta as prime minister," said political commentator Mircea Marian. "USL has already prepared a government and could appear in front of parliament towards the end of next week."

Newt Gingrich to drop out of race on Tuesday Following his five-state shutout this week, Newt Gingrich will suspend his yearlong campaign for president on Tuesday, multiple sources close to the campaign confirmed. He will return to the Washington area, where he has lived since leaving office, to make the announcement official, they said. Despite an acrimonious relationship during the campaign with presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, the sources close to the former House speaker said Gingrich was “very likely” to endorse Romney on Tuesday. But it remains to be seen just how hard Gingrich will campaign for him. The delay in the dropout announcement is to allow for family and staff spread around the country to travel to Washington to participate in the announcement, a source explained. Now, the only Republican with a serious operation left in the presidential contest is Ron Paul, though he hasn’t won any primaries or caucuses and poses no threat to Romney’s grasp on the nomination. After suffering another round of bruising defeats on Tuesday , Gingrich hinted that he was reaching the end of a seemingly hopeless pursuit to win the GOP nomination. “We’re going to look realistically at where we’re at,” Gingrich said at an election-night rally in North Carolina. “We are going to think carefully about how we can be the most helpful to this country.” In his remarks Tuesday night, the former House speaker — who is deep in debt and recently radically slashed his staff — made a point of saying that he’s not hopping off the campaign trail just yet, even once again talking about the summer convention in Tampa, Fla., and promising to finish the week’s campaign schedule. “I want to be vividly clear, we have 23 events here in North Carolina this week,” he said, in advance of that state’s May 8 primary. “We’re going to be at 23 events in North Carolina this week.”


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


Murdoch blames rogue tabloid for phone-hacking LONDON - Rupert Murdoch called his News of the World tabloid an "aberration" on Thursday, accusing journalists of hiding phone-hacking from himself, his son James and his protegee Rebekah Brooks, and said he wished he had shut it down sooner. "The News of the World, to be quite honest, was an aberration, and it's my fault," the media mogul said in a second day of testimony in Britain's High Court on Thursday. "I'm sorry I didn't close it years before." But he went out of way to defend his Sun tabloid, Britain's top-selling daily. It has not been touched by the phone-hacking scandal, although several of its journalists have been arrested on suspicion of bribery. "I've tried to distinguish, throughout this, the difference between the Sun and the News of the World. You lump them together all the time

and I think it's grossly unfair to the Sun," Murdoch told a judicial inquiry into press ethics. The 81-year-old admitted he had not paid enough attention to the News of the World but did not accept that he had allowed a culture of illegality to flourish. "I think in newspapers, the reporters do act very much on their own, they do protect their sources, they don't disclose to their colleagues what they are doing," Murdoch said. "Someone took charge of a coverup, which we were victim to and I regret," he said. The inquiry's top counsel, Robert Jay, picked up on Murdoch's admission of a cover-up, causing consternation among Murdoch's legal team, and forcing Judge Brian Leveson to ask one of the party to sit down. Asked where the culture of cover-

Israel army chief says other nations could strike Iran JERUSALEM — Israel's military chief said Thursday that other countries have readied their armed forces for a potential strike against Iran's nuclear sites to keep Tehran from acquiring atomic weapons. Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz did not specify which nations might be willing to support or take direct action against Iran. Still, his comments were one of the strongest hints yet that Israel may have the backing of other countries to strike the Islamic Republic to prevent it from developing nuclear arms. "The military force is ready," Gantz said. "Not only our forces, but other forces as well." "We all hope that there will be no necessity to use this force, but we are absolutely sure of its existence," he told The Associated Press, adding that he was not speaking on behalf of any other nation. Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, and that it does not aim to develop atomic weapons. Israel, which views a nuclear Iran as an existential threat, has said it will not allow Tehran to acquire a nuclear bomb. It cites Iranian calls for Israel's destruction, Tehran's support for militant groups and its development of missiles capable of striking the Jewish state. Israel's key ally, the United States, favors diplomacy and economic sanctions and has said military action on Iran's nuclear facilities should only be a last resort if all else fails. U.S. logistical and diplomatic support would likely be crucial to any potential Israeli strike. Washington and other major powers have imposed a series of crippling economic sanctions while opening a dialogue with Iran. Gantz said that in his assessment Iran is seeking to develop its "military nuclear capability," but that the Islamic Republic would ultimately bow to international pressure and decide against building a weapon. The key to that pressure, he said, were sanctions and the threat of a military strike.

up had originated, Murdoch answered: "I think from within the News of the World. There were one or two very strong characters there who I think had been there many, many years and were friends of the journalists. "The person I'm thinking of was a friend of the journalists and a drinking pal and clever lawyer and forbade them ... to report to Mrs. Brooks or to James," said Murdoch. In a response later, the News of the World's former top lawyer Tom Crone called Murdoch's assertions a "shameful lie". The appearance at the inquiry of a man who has courted prime ministers and presidents for 40 years was a defining moment in a scandal that has led to accusations of collusion between British politicians, police and Murdoch's News Corp. The tone of Thursday's hearing

became increasingly heated, as Jay described the culture of phone-hacking as a "cancer". When he suggested that News International, the British newspaper arm of News Corp, had shown a "desire to cover up, not expose", Murdoch snapped back: "Well, to people with minds like yours," before quickly adding: "I take that back." Jay, keeping his cool, assured him: "I'm very thick-skinned Mr. Murdoch. Do not worry one moment." Murdoch was asked whether it had been acceptable for the News of the World to blackmail women who had taken part in an orgy, to make them tell their stories. "A journalist doing a favor for someone in returning for a favour back is pretty much every day practice," he said. "It's a common thing in life, way beyond journalism, for people to say: 'I'll scratch your back if you scratch my back.'" Neil Chenoweth, an Australian journalist who has spent more than two decades investigating Murdoch and has written two books about him, said: "He doesn't get it."

Obama team on guard for bin Laden revenge attack With the anniversary of Osama bin Laden's death coming up next week, Obama administration officials said today they are especially vigilant against a potential revenge attack. President Obama "met today with members of his national security team to review the threat picture as we head into the anniversary of the bin Laden takedown," said White House spokesman Jay Carney. The spokesman added that "at this time we have no credible information that terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda, are plotting attacks in the U.S. to coincide with the anniversary of bin Laden's death. "However, we assess that A.Q.'s affiliates and allies remain intent on conducting attacks in the homeland, possibly to avenge the death of bin Laden, but not necessarily tied to the anniversary," Carney said. The Associated Press reported that it obtained an intelligence bulletin saying that "we remain concerned that terrorists not yet identified by the intelligence community and law enforcement could seek to advance or execute attacks with little or no warning on or about the anniversary of bin Laden's death." The U.S. military conducted the raid in Pakistan that killed bin Laden on May 2.

Ukraine marks 26th anniversary of Chernobyl KIEV, Ukraine — Urging all nations to be extremely cautious with nuclear energy, Ukraine's president thanked donors for financing the construction of a new, safer shelter over the damaged Chernobyl reactor on the 26th anniversary of the world's worst nuclear disaster. President Viktor Yanukovych spoke during a ceremony Thursday inaugurating the initial assembly of a gigantic arch-shaped steel containment building to cover the remnants of the exploded reactor. The structure — weighing 20,000 tons and big enough to house New York's Statue of Liberty — is due to be completed in 2015, allowing the delicate and dangerous job of dismantling the reactor and cleaning vast amounts of radioactive waste still around it to begin. "The Chernobyl disaster underscored that mankind must be extra careful in using nuclear technologies," Yanukovych said. "Nuclear accidents lead to global consequences. They are

not a problem of just one country, they affect the life of entire regions." The April 26, 1986, explosion spewed a cloud of radiation over much of the northern hemisphere, forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes in heavily hit areas of Ukraine, Belarus and western Russia. The Soviet government initially tried to hush up the explosion and resisted immediately evacuating nearby residents. It also failed to tell the public what happened or instruct residents and cleanup workers on how to protect themselves against radiation, which significantly increased the health damage from the disaster. A shelter called the "sarcophagus" was hastily erected over the damaged reactor, but it has been crumbling and leaking radiation in recent years and a new confinement structure is necessary. Yanukovych said 2 million people have been hurt by the tragedy and it was the state's obligation to protect and treat them.

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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

French president Sarkozy swings further right as challenger Hollande holds lead PARIS - French President Nicolas Sarkozy swung further to the right on Thursday, proposing a new license to shoot for police pursuing suspects, in an increasingly frantic quest to woo far-right National Front voters before a decisive election runoff. A new rise in unemployment to the highest level since September 1999 dealt another blow to the conservative Sarkozy's effort to catch up with Socialist frontrunner Francois Hollande before the May 6 second round of the presidential election. Sarkozy is on course to become the first French president to lose a bid for re-election in more than 30 years, in part because of the sputtering economy. The number of jobless rose for the 11th straight month in March to 2.88 million, up 7.2 percent in a year. The latest opinion poll, published 10 days before the decisive ballot, suggested Sarkozy's strategy of courting the 6.4 million electors who voted for far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in last Sunday's first round was making scant impact. The TNS-Sofres poll showed Hollande holding a 10-point lead with 55 percent of voting intentions. Hollande and Sarkozy face each other in the run-off after placing first and second in the first round on Sunday. Le Pen, who has become a potential kingmaker after scoring 17.9 percent, sought to extract concessions

French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Francois Hollande

from Sarkozy before she announces her position on the runoff, challenging him not to block her party's way in parliamentary elections. Both finalists have courted Le Pen's voters but Sarkozy has made the most direct overtures, saying he respected their vote for a party which has long been stigmatized. Le Pen has promised to spell out her view at the National Front's traditional "Joan of Arc" rally on May 1, and she urged Sarkozy to make his position clearer concerning parliamentary polls in June. Building on her record support, the National Front hopes to win its first seats in parliament since 1986, when an experiment with proportional representation gave it 35 deputies.

Hollande, who said he understands voters' exasperation at high unemployment and a widening gap between rich and poor, has blamed Sarkozy for fostering the far right by aping its aggressive stance on immigration and national identity. Sarkozy took up another Le Pen proposal on Thursday, calling for a change in the law to allow policemen on duty who open fire on suspects to be presumed to have acted in "legitimate self-defense" unless proven otherwise. He made the call after hundreds of officers demonstrated in police cars on the central Champs-Elysees avenue in support of a colleague who shot dead an armed fugitive in a Paris suburb and

Analysts say North Korea's new missiles are fakes

was placed under judicial investigation for suspected murder. Opinion polls show supporters of Sarkozy's centre-right UMP party favor a deal with Le Pen, but the president has ruled out any agreement which would give the far-right ministerial positions or help them win seats at June's legislative election. Asked about Le Pen's challenge, Sarkozy said the UMP would have its own candidates in each constituency, so the choice between the National Front and a Socialist would not arise. Were it to repeat Sunday's performance in the parliamentary vote, the National Front could split the rightwing vote in many constituencies, potentially decimating Sarkozy's UMP party. If elected, Hollande has pledged to slap higher taxes on large corporations and the rich, include growth measures in a German-inspired budget pact imposing austerity across Europe, and hire 60,000 new teachers. The prospect of Hollande winning power has sent jitters through financial markets, even though the 57-year-old has insisted he is committed to balancing France's budget by 2017. The British magazine The Economist, which made waves in France by accusing both candidates of being "in denial" about the debt crisis and the need for economic reform, endorsed Sarkozy on Thursday, calling Hollande "rather dangerous".

The missiles, called KN-08s, were loaded onto the largest mobile launch vehicles North Korea has ever unveiled. Pyongyang gave them special prominence by presenting them at the end of the parade, which capped weeks of celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of the country's founding TOKYO — Analysts who have father, Kim Il Sung. studied photos of a half-dozen The unveiling created an international ominous new North Korean missiles stir. The missiles appeared to be new, and showcased recently at a lavish designed for long-range attacks. military parade say they were fakes, That's a big concern because, along and not very convincing ones, casting with developing nuclear weapons, North further doubt on the country's claims Korea has long been suspected of trying to of military prowess. field an intercontinental ballistic missile, Since its recent rocket launch or ICBM, capable of reaching the United failure, Pyongyang's top military States. Washington contends that North leaders have made several boastful Korea's failed April 13 rocket launch was statements about its weapons an attempt to test missile technology rather capabilities. On Wednesday, Vice than the scientific mission Pyongyang Marshal Ri Yong Ho claimed his country is capable of defeating the claims. United States "at a single blow." And But after poring over close-up photos on Monday, North Korea promised of the missiles, Schiller and Schmucker, "special actions" that would reduce A North Korean vehicle carrying a missile passes by during a mass military parade in Pyongyang's whose company has advised NATO on Seoul's government to ashes within Kim Il Sung Square to celebrate the centenary of the birth of late North Korean founder Kim Il Sung. missile issues, argue the mock-ups minutes. indicate North Korea is a long way from "There is no doubt that these missiles were But the weapons displayed April 15 appear to be having a credible ICBM. mock-ups," Markus Schiller and Robert Schmucker, a mishmash of liquid-fuel and solid-fuel components "There is still no evidence that North Korea that could never fly together. Undulating casings on of Germany's Schmucker Technologie, wrote in a actually has a functional ICBM," they concluded, the missiles suggest the metal is too thin to withstand paper posted recently on the website that listed those adding that the display was a "dog and pony show" flight. Each missile was slightly different from the discrepancies. "It remains unknown if they were and suggesting North Korea may not be making others, even though all were supposedly the same designed this way to confuse foreign analysts, or if serious progress toward its nuclear-tipped ICBM make. They don't even fit the launchers they were dreams. the designers simply did some sloppy work." carried on.


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


Former Liberian leader Charles Taylor convicted of war crimes THE HAGUE - A United Nationsbacked court convicted former Liberian president Charles Taylor of war crimes and crimes against humanity, the first time a head of state has been found guilty by an international tribunal since the Nazi trials at Nuremberg. The first African leader to stand trial for war crimes, Taylor had been charged with 11 counts of murder, rape, conscripting child soldiers and sexual slavery during intertwined wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone, when more than 50,000 people were killed. The warlord-turned-president was accused of directing Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels in a campaign of terror to plunder Sierra Leone's diamond mines for profit and to obtain weapons. On Thursday, the court ruled that Taylor, 64, was criminally responsible for aiding and abetting the crimes, and found him guilty of providing weapons, food, medical supplies, fuel and equipment to forces in Sierra Leone which committed atrocities. But it said he was not guilty of either ordering or planning the atrocities - a disappointment for the prosecution and a decision which could eventually result in a lighter sentence. "The trial chamber, having already found the accused guilty of aiding and abetting, does not find the accused also instigated these crimes," Presiding Judge Richard Lussick said. Wearing a dark blue suit and maroon tie, Taylor looked calm and subdued as the presiding judge took more than two hours to read out the charges, evidence and final ruling. The litany of gruesome crimes covered rapes and enslavement, beheadings and disembowellings,

Former Liberian president Charles Taylor

amputations and other mutilations carried out by child soldiers notorious for being high on drugs and dressed in fright wigs. "A civilian was killed in full public view and then his body was disembowelled and his intestines stretched across the road to make a checkpoint. Women and children were raped in public, people were burned alive in their homes," the judge said. "The purpose of these atrocities was to instill terror in the civilian population." And in return for providing arms and ammunition for the conflict, the judge recounted how Taylor had received "blood diamonds", as the stones from Sierra Leone's conflict zones were known, including a 45-carat diamond and two 25-carat diamonds.

Florida man mistakes girlfriend for hog, shoots her A Florida couple was on a weekend camping trip that ended in an airlift to the emergency room. Steven Egan, 52, was hunting with his girlfriend, Lisa Simmons, in the northern part of the state when he mistook her for a hog and shot her. "He saw a hog and thought he shot it and went to look for it," Maj. Steve Clair of the Flagler County Sheriff's Office told ABC News. "He heard her and thought it was a hog and just shot." The mistake was not actually related to her appearance. Rather, Egan had earlier shot at a hog that continued to evade him. He reportedly instructed Simmons to stay at their campsite while he pursued the evasive animal, according to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office However, Simmons ventured away from the campsite, apparently searching for oranges that had fallen from nearby trees. When Egan heard rustling in the woods, he fired in her direction without first making visual confirmation with his intended target. Instead, Simmons was struck in the legs by a .30-caliber bullet from Egan's gun. She was airlifted to the nearby Halifax Health Medical Center where she is listed as being in serious condition. Authorities say they aren't planning to charge Egan in the accidental shooting. "He was very sympathetic that he'd shot his girlfriend," Maj. Clair said. "It was an accident. I think it was just a violation of one of the cardinal rules of hunting which is you never shoot what you don't see."

The trial attracted international attention, not just because of Taylor himself but because supermodel Naomi Campbell was called as a witness by the prosecution in an attempt to show that Taylor was knowingly trading weapons for diamonds. The prosecution said Taylor had sent uncut diamonds to Campbell's hotel room after a dinner given by Nelson Mandela, attended by both her and Taylor. She told the court she had no idea who had sent her the diamonds, which she called "dirty little pebbles". POWERFUL MESSAGE Human rights groups and victims welcomed the court's decision, with some saying it would serve as a strong warning to other leaders responsible for atrocities in conflict zones. "Taylor's conviction sends a powerful message that even those in the highest-level positions can be held to account for grave crimes," Elise Keppler, senior counsel for Human Rights Watch, said in a statement. "Not since Nuremberg has an international or hybrid war crimes court issued a judgment against a current or former head of state. This is a victory for Sierra Leonean victims, and all those seeking justice when the worst abuses are committed." A sentencing hearing is scheduled for May 16, with a decision expected later that month. Court sources said the judges had earlier been in disagreement over the verdict and were not speaking to each other at the end. Taylor has denied the charges, insisting he tried to bring peace to the region and arguing his trial was a politically motivated conspiracy by Western nations.

But the judge said that "the accused was publicly promoting peace, while privately providing arms to the RUF," adding that "There was a constant flow ... of diamonds from Sierra Leone to the accused, often in exchange for arms and ammunition." Taylor, a former Baptist who converted to the Jewish faith, is one of just a handful of former leaders who have appeared before the international courts. The International Criminal Court, also in The Hague, is pursuing several investigations with mixed success. Last year it arrested former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo, who is charged with individual responsibility on counts of crimes against humanity - murder, rape and other forms of sexual violence, persecution, and other inhuman acts. It issued an arrest warrant for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the country's late leader, but is caught in a battle with the Libyan authorities over where Saif, who was captured last year but remains in Libyan hands, should be tried. Former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic died in The Hague in 2006 before the war crimes tribunal for former Yugoslavia could reach its verdict. The Taylor case was closely watched for its security implications, with a U.S. diplomat warning in the WikiLeaks cables that if Taylor was acquitted or given a light sentence, his return to Liberia could threaten "a fragile peace". Taylor's trial was moved to The Hague in June 2006 due to fears that a trial in Sierra Leone's capital Freetown could kindle unrest in Sierra Leone or Liberia.

Pakistan tests missile days after India's launch ISLAMABAD — Pakistan successfully launched an upgraded ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead Wednesday, days after its neighbor and archenemy India conducted its own missile test, the Pakistani military said. The Hatf IV Shaheen-1A missile was fired into the sea, the military said in a written statement. It was described as an intermediate-range missile having a longer range than its predecessor, the Shaheen-1, which is believed to fly up to 750 kilometers (465 miles). "The improved version of Shaheen-1A will further consolidate and strengthen Pakistan's deterrence abilities," said Lt. Gen. Khalid Ahmed Kidwai, who witnessed the launch and is responsible for the country's nuclear program. Intermediate-range ballistic missiles have a range of 3,000 to 5,000 kilometers (1,865 to 3,110 miles), according to the website If the Shaheen-1A is indeed an intermediate-range missile, it would represent a quantum leap from the previous version. Pakistan's longest range missile before Wednesday's launch was believed to be the Shaheen II, with a range of 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles). That is far enough to hit targets anywhere in India. India announced last Thursday that it had successfully test-launched a new nuclearcapable, long-range missile, the Agni-V, which has a range of 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles). Pakistan and India have fought three major wars since they achieved independence from the British empire in 1947. Relations have warmed somewhat over the last year, especially with respect to trade, but the two still consider each other enemies and regularly conduct tests of weapons systems to display their military prowess.

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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


Chrysler has best quarterly profit in 13 years READ ON PAGE 39

Britain slides back into recession Britain was back in recession Wednesday after its economy shrank in the first quarter while Prime Minister David Cameron said the country was being buffetted by the European downturn. Gross domestic product fell 0.2 percent between January and March, after a 0.3-percent drop in the fourth quarter of 2011, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said in a statement. That technically placed Britain in recession, which is defined as two successive quarters of contraction, amid a broader downturn that appears to be taking hold across Europe and notably in members of the eurozone. "We are in a difficult economic situation in Britain," Cameron said in reaction to the data, adding that he stood by government spending cuts despite worries that they undermined growth. "Just as you see now recessions in Denmark, in Holland, in Italy, in Spain, that is what is happening in the continent that we trade with. What is absolutely essential is we take every

step we can to help our economy out of recession," Cameron told parliament. Britain, which is not a member of the eurozone, clawed its way out of a record-length recession in the third quarter of 2009 caused by the global financial crisis. "A second quarter of falling GDP combined with the likelihood of a weak current quarter means we are firmly in double-dip (recession) territory for the first time since the 1970s," said Deutsche Bank economist George Buckley. "Fiscal austerity, private sector debt reduction, European sovereign uncertainty and sticky inflation all present challenges to the recovery," he warned. The ONS said the economy had taken a fresh hit from weak construction and manufacturing output. The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition has implemented huge cuts to public spending and raised taxes in a bid to slash a record deficit inherited from the previous Labour government in 2010.

Labour leader Ed Miliband accused the coalition of implementing a "catastrophic economic policy," adding it was Cameron's "plan for austerity, his cutting too far and too fast, that has landed us back in recession." However, Cameron insisted austerity was vital to keep state borrowing costs low, preserve Britain's top AAA credit rating and avoid the sovereign debt crisis that has crippled the eurozone. "More borrowing, more spending more debt, that is what caused these problems. It cannot be the solution to these problems," the Conservative party leader said. "We must not put at risk the low interest rates that are absolutely essential to our recovery ... These are difficult decisions to get on top of debt and public spending but they are the right decisions," Cameron added. Highlighting the extent of Britain's own debt strains, official data on Tuesday showed public sector net debt as a percentage of GDP -- excluding the

U.S. jobless claims suggest stumbling labor recovery WASHINGTON - The number of Americans lining up for new jobless benefits fell slightly last week but remained above levels posted earlier this year, suggesting improvement in the labor market is stalling. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped by 1,000 to 388,000, the Labor Department said on Thursday. "This was a disappointing number and offers more evidence that the labor market continues to lose traction," said Joe Manimbo, an analyst at Western Union Business Solutions in Washington. Economists polled by Reuters had expected new claims to fall to 375,000. Still, a separate report offered fresh hopes of a pickup in the housing market, which has been a drag on wider economic growth since the 2007-2009 recession. The National Association of Realtors said contracts to purchase previously owned U.S. homes rose 4.1 percent to a near two-year high in March. U.S. stocks rose following the release of the home sales data, while concerns over the labor market pushed yields lower on U.S. government debt. The report on jobless claims was the

latest example of fizzling momentum in the labor market recovery. Employers added 120,000 new jobs to their payrolls in March, the least since October, after averaging 246,000 jobs per month over the prior three months. New claims for unemployment benefits fell sharply over the winter but the improvement has largely reversed over the last month. The four-week moving average for new claims, a closely followed measure of labor market trends, rose 6,250 last week to 381,750, its highest since the week that ended January 7. Many economists believe a mild winter boosted payrolls growth and lowered claims for jobless benefits. They had viewed recent stagnation as payback for those gains. But the longer claims stay elevated, the more likely it is that an underlying deterioration in the labor market is occurring. "It's certainly disturbing that we are not seeing these numbers heading down," said Beth Ann Bovino, an economist at Standard & Poor's Ratings Services in New York.

cost of bank bailouts -- hit a record high 66 percent in March. Britain's total debt stands at ÂŁ1.022 trillion. Wednesday's figures meanwhile confounded most analysts' expectations for growth of 0.1 percent in the first quarter after retail sales rebounded a strong 1.8 percent in March from February. Separate recent data showed that the number of jobless Britons fell for the first time in almost a year. To help Britain exit its last recession, the Bank of England slashed its main interest rate to the current record-low 0.5 percent in March 2009, when it also embarked upon Quantitative Easing. Under QE, the central bank creates new cash that is used to purchase assets such as government and corporate bonds in the hope of boosting lending by retail banks and in turn growing the economy. The Bank of England has pumped ÂŁ325 billion into the economy since beginning the stimulus programme more than three years ago.

Starbucks profit up, but Europe is a challenge Starbucks Corp reported higher quarterly profit but global sales at established coffee shops fell short of analysts' estimates due to weakness in Europe. Sales from cafes open at least 13 months fell 1 percent in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) during the quarter, but were up 8 percent in the Americas and 18 percent in the China/Asia Pacific region. Analysts polled by Consensus Metrix were expecting samestores sales to rise 2.2 percent in EMEA, 8.1 percent in the Americas, and 18.3 percent in China/Asia Pacific. Starbucks Chief Financial Officer Troy Alstead said the economy in Europe is "challenging". Shares of Seattle-based Starbucks fell 4.9 percent to $57.68 in extended trading. Same-store sales were down in Germany, which tends to be very sensitive to economic events, and rose just slightly in France and the United Kingdom, Alstead told Reuters in an interview. Europe has been a weak spot for the world's biggest coffee chain. The region is grappling with debt woes and austerity measures and earlier this week, Britain said its economy had fallen into its second recession since the financial crisis. Starbucks has dispatched an executive who was instrumental in its U.S. turnaround to revive its business in Europe. The Americas account for most of Starbucks' revenue and operating profit, while the EMEA region contributes about 10 percent of company revenue and just 2 percent of operating profit. Although EMEA brings in about twice as much revenue as Asia, it lags that region in operating profit because rent, labor and other costs are higher.


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Amazon’s streak of Fire ignites shares Inc's quarterly earnings beat Wall Street's most bullish expectations as the world's largest Internet retailer brought costs under control and saw early success selling more digital products through its new Kindle Fire tablet, sending its shares up almost 15 percent. Investors cheered first-quarter earnings that came in several times above average forecasts, saying the Internet giant, which has been spending aggressively on expansion, is beginning to rein in expenses. Amazon is spending in three main areas: fulfillment centers to support online retail; video content and other media businesses; and infrastructure for its cloud computing service. Among its latest ventures is the Kindle Fire, the tablet that competes with Apple Inc's iPad, that some analysts say the company is selling at breakeven or a small loss. Executives told analysts on a conference call they were pleased

with growth in sales of the digital content that the Kindle and Kindle Fire are designed to accelerate. Investors have worried about how growth in the volume of goods sold through Amazon was waning. But analysts said the most recent quarter

showed better-than-expected strength in the sales of content from media to games, suggesting Amazon's gradual transition toward digital goods was gaining momentum. "The biggest concern has been margins. A lot of investors have been looking for the company to demonstrate that it could get leverage on all of these investments it's been making," said Caris & Co analyst Scott Tilghman. The situation for Amazon now resembled "what we saw back in the 2004 to 2006 time frame when the company was making a lot of investments and margins got squeezed. Then in the years following, margins expanded and revenue accelerated. It looks like the company is in that position right now." Shares in the company leapt to $225 in extended trading, further swelling the company's already lofty valuation of more than 70 times

earnings. In comparison, the 12-month forward price-earnings ratio for the S&P 500 stands at about 12, while Apple is trading at 13 times forward earnings. Amazon reported net income fell to $130 million or 28 cents per diluted share in the first quarter, versus $201 million or 44 cents a year ago. But that was far above the average Wall Street forecast for 7 cents a share. First-quarter revenue of $13.18 billion, up 34 percent from a year earlier, was ahead of Wall Street estimates for $12.9 billion. Operating income was $192 million, compared with $322 million a year earlier. "This looks like a quarter that has something for everyone, growth and margins to satisfy investors. This was a perfect balance. It looks to me there was a follow-through for the Kindle and Kindle Fire in the re-acceleration of growth in media," said Stifel Nicolaus analyst Jordan Rohan.

Chrysler posts best US rate on 30 year mortgage quarterly profit in 13 years dips to 3.88 percent WASHINGTON — The average rate on the 30year fixed mortgage has dipped to near its record low, keeping home-buying and refinancing affordable. Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday that the rate on the 30-year loan dropped to 3.88 percent this week, down from 3.9 percent. In February, the rate hit 3.87 percent, the lowest since long-term mortgages began in the 1950s. The 30-year loan is the most common financing option for home buyers. The average on the 15-year fixed-rate mortgage, popular with homeowners who are refinancing, dipped to 3.12 percent, down from 3.13 percent last week. The national average hit an all-time low of 3.11 percent two weeks ago. Cheaper mortgages have so far done little to boost home sales. Sales of both previously occupied homes and new homes fell in March. Analysts suspect some of that weakness reflected a warm winter, which pulled sales that would normally occur during the spring buying season into January or February. In addition, some potential buyers are skeptical about purchasing a home with prices still falling. And many Americans are still struggling with damaged credit. To calculate the average rates, Freddie Mac surveys lenders across the country on Monday through Wednesday of each week. The average rate does not include extra fees, known as points, which most borrowers must pay to get the lowest rates. One point equals 1 percent of the loan amount. For the five-year adjustable loan, the average rate rose to 2.85 percent, up from 2.78 percent. The average on one-year adjustable loans dropped to 2.74 percent, down from 2.81 percent.

DETROIT -- Chrysler had its best quarterly profit in 13 years. Not bad for a company that almost died three years ago. The company earned $473 million in the first quarter, mainly from strong U.S. sales, which rose 39 percent from January through March. Customers snapped up Ram pickups, Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs and Chrysler 200 sedans. The profit was more than four times what Chrysler made a year earlier. And it was the best performance since the third quarter of 1998 when Chrysler earned $682 million during the pickup truck and SUV boom. "I have no bad news to tell you." Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said Thursday, adding that trends for the rest of year look positive. Another reason Chrysler made so much money is because it's generating more cash every time it sells a car or truck. It's getting an average of $29,234 per vehicle in the U.S., up almost 5 percent over last year, according to the auto pricing website. When sales and prices both rise, that generates more revenue and profit. Revenue for the quarter rose 25 percent to $16.4 billion. It's a big change from 2009. The recession, which devastated auto sales, brought the company to the brink of financial ruin. Chrysler and its financing arm needed $12.5 billion from U.S. taxpayers to survive. When a government auto task force deadlocked on whether to save the collapsing company, the tie was broken by President Barack Obama. Then things turned around. Chrysler got the bailout, cut costs in bankruptcy and saw sales improve with the economy. It worked overtime to revamp 16 of its models to make them more appealing to consumers. The results have paid off. Sales have increased steadily through 2011 and into 2012. The company is optimistic about this year,

repeating a forecast that it would make $1.5 billion in 2012. Total car and truck sales in the U.S. are running at an annual rate of 14 million so far. That would be a healthy increase over last year's 12.8 million. The average age of vehicles on roads is nearing 11 years, and pent-up demand is helping sales. Chrysler should share in the growth. Last year it raised its U.S. market share to 11.5 percent, from 9.4 percent a year earlier. Chrysler also is about to launch the new Dodge Dart, its first decent compact car since the bug-eyed Neon in the mid-1990s. A refreshed version of the Ram pickup, its top-selling vehicle, is coming later in the year. Marchionne said the Dart takes Chrysler into a market where it hasn't had a presence in a long time. Chrysler also was a big contributor to the earnings of its majority owner, Italian automaker Fiat SpA. Fiat's first-quarter profits more than tripled to $137 million due largely to Chrysler. Excluding Chrysler, Fiat's revenues fell 5.7 percent due to declining European auto sales. Chrysler still faces risks. The company primarily does business in North America, so its fate is tied to the U.S. economy. Chrysler sold 523,000 vehicles globally during the quarter, but only 67,000 were outside North America. Still, international sales were up 80 percent, the company said. Marchionne said 2012 will be a weak year for new products, but said 2013 will be big. Also Thursday, the company said it will not renew its auto financing agreement with Ally Financial Inc. when it expires on April 30, 2013. Ally loans money to Chrysler customers to buy cars, and it loans money to dealers to finance their inventories. Marchionne said Chrysler doesn't want its own finance company. Chrysler says it's negotiating with Ally and other banks for financing options.

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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


"I don't believe somebody should be banned for life," Mills said. "You should be given a chance to redeem yourself. One would hope the persons who have found themselves in trouble with that would have learned their lessons and operate under the fairness of competition and stay away from drugs. READ MORE BELOW

Bolt can take 100m world record below 9.5, says coach KINGSTON, Jamaica — Usain Bolt has the speed to lower his 100-meter world record below 9.5 seconds, the coach of the reigning Olympic 100 champion said today, but weather could foil his efforts at London. Glen Mills, who has coached Bolt since 2004, said Thursday in a conference call with the IAAF after conducting a workout that Bolt could reach 9.49 or lower and shatter his current world record of 9.58. "I don't think it is impossible," Mills said. "But he would have to have the right conditions. I'm not sure if London (weather) is going to be kind." Mills said that he expects Bolt will be 100 per cent healthy when he runs his first 100 of the season on May

Chanderpaul reaches 10,000 Test runs

Shivnarine Chanderpaul

Veteran batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul on Thursday became only the 10th player in history to make 10,000 Test runs. The 37-year-old reached the landmark when he went to 13 in West Indies' second innings of the third and final Test against Australia at Windsor Park. Chanderpaul is playing in his 140th Test, having made his debut against England in Georgetown in 1994. Going into the current game, he had made 25 centuries, 57 fifties and boasted a top score of 203 not out with an average of 49.83.

5 at the Jamaica Invitational, the same meet where world 100m champion Yohan Blake is set to run in the 200. "Usain is in good condition, doing well," Mills said. "He is ready to run next week. I expect him to do well. He's in good shape. I'm expecting him to run a good race." Denying tales that Bolt hurt himself in a charity football match, Mills said his star pupil has learned from the false start in the final at last year's world championships in South Korea, one that cost him his world title. "The lesson he has learned from Daegu is you can never be too complacent or never take anything for granted," Mills said. "You have to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. "He is quite aware of that going into the Olympics and of not being a victim of a false start." Bolt won 100 and 200 Olympic gold at Beijing in 2008 and helped Jamaica to a 4x100 relay title, all in world-record time. At the 2009 worlds in Berlin, Bolt lowered his world records to 9.58 and 19.19 at 200. Mills, 62, said he sees no problem with Bolt having to potentially race at London against athletes who have served doping bans such as Britain's Dwain Chambers and American Justin Gatlin. "I don't believe somebody should be banned for life," Mills said. "You should be given a chance to redeem yourself. "One would hope the persons who have found themselves in trouble with that would have learned their lessons and operate under the fairness of competition and stay away from drugs. "The rules are that if you commit an offence you are punished and after you serve your time you are reinstated. We have to compete under the rules. I don't really have a problem... Even people who commit murder are given pardons." Bolt has spoken often about

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt

securing his status as a living legend, but Mills said that catchphrase is Bolt's way of focusing on his main goals, defending three Olympic titles. "He has set that 'Living Legend' theme as a motivation to maintain his high standard of training and level of performance," Mills said. "He has set his criteria of defending his gold medals in London as his objective. "That is his ultimate goal." Failing to crack a world record in London will not be a failure if Bolt brings home three gold medals, Mills said. "The world records are what you call a bonus," Mills said. "The objective is the title. If you break the world record in the process, great. But the goal is to get to the line and win the race, not to break the record." That includes a strict race warmup regimen to counter back issues that nag Bolt even on the best of race days. "The problem is not going to go away. It's a lifetime thing," Mills said. "He takes several warm-up preparations before he runs. We stick with several things that have worked over the years." Mills said Bolt had looked at the 4x400 relay for the London Games but his desire to defend Olympic gold and

the programme makes such a bid impossible. While Blake will compete mainly in North America during his run-up to the Olympics, Bolt will focus on Europe with appearances at Diamond League races in Ostraca on May 25, Rome on May 31, Oslo on June 7 and Monaco on July 20 in his final preOlympic meet. "Usain is an experienced campaigner in Europe. He has been doing it for the past six years. He can cope with different climates and etcetera," Mills said. "When he came back last year, Yohan had some problems in his competitions leading into the trials. He was not in top condition and had some injuries. We thought in this Olympic year we would not make him travel too far." Bolt has not dropped his training discipline despite the fame that has made him an icon over the past four years. "Usain is quite aware of what it takes to be a champion and what he needs to maintain this high level of performances," Mills said. "He wants to be a legend in the sport. He is quite aware that his work is not done yet."


1. Stay alert: Keep your mind on your surroundings, who's in front of you and who's behind you. 2. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, leave.


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Digicel Jaguars climb to Sponsors Rugby top; Quality Training Camp Kings reign READ STORY ON PAGE 42


Cheshire Hall in President’s Cup final Cheshire Hall FC have made it to the President's Cup final but their opposition will not be known until after next week's game between Pedagogue FC and AFC Academy. Pedagogue need only to avoid defeat to make it to the final due to their goal difference being better than the Sharks. If they lose, then the Sharks will be in the final. Saturday saw the Sharks win a tight, nervy but thrilling game against the Academy 2-1. Sharks went one up after great work from Jouvelyn Inelus putting in a great cross for Stephens Derilien to head home in the first half. The Academy fought back and put the Sharks under pressure and

eventually scored when Wildens Delva latched on to a poor clearance after a corner with a lovely strike from outside the area. The battle continued with both sides wanting a winner but with the Academy on top, but Stephens Derlien latched on to a rare through ball and scored with an exquisite finish into the corner and the Sharks held on for the win. The second game saw Cheshire Hall up against HAB who could only muster eight men which was a shame for the competition. However, they bravely held out for 20 minutes with Jon Flanagan performing heroics in goal but they couldn't escape the inevitable in the form of a deluge of

Blue Knights leads Bay Bistro Women’s League The Bay Bistro Women’s league completed its fourth week of games with the Blue Knights still leading the way although the chasing pack are closing the gap. For the first three weeks the Knights had remained undefeated although this changed when the Black Warriors fought hard for a 1-0 victory courtesy of Patrice Senior. The Warriors bounced back after losing their first game of the evening 3-1 against the Red Devils. Jessica Lange, Joan Whent and Ruth Francois had given the Devils a 3-0 lead before Senior scored a consolation goal. In the other two fixtures the Knights and the Pink Panthers fought out a 0-0 draw. Both teams created many chances but Marie Dorcelus (Knights) and Crystal Stirling (Panthers) pulled off a series of fine saves to ensure that neither team could break the deadlock. In the final game of the evening an exciting and close encounter was settled in the final minute when Amelie Speer’s shot was deflected into the Devils’ goal to give the Panthers a dramatic late victory. The Devils had several chances in the first half to open the scoring but again Stirling was impressive in goal. However in the second half the Panthers dominated the game and were thwarted on several occasions by Guerline Hall’s heroics in goal. Hall managed to pull off save after save but unfortunately could do nothing as Speer’s shot ricocheted off a defender into the goal to give the Panthers a well deserved victory. Technical Director Matthew Green was very pleased with the level of competition. “The standard of play is improving week by week as the teams are all trying to play attractive passing football. Often in youth leagues and even the senior leagues the style of play can be very direct, but that is not the case here as teams are playing with some skill and composure. The younger girls are benefiting from the older players experience and although the games are fiercely competitive the games are played in good spirits and everyone is having fun. The league is an excellent advert for women’s football and we may look at doing something like this again later in the year.”

goals from Cheshire Hall for the rest of the game, the final score being 130. There were nine different scorers which included Lenford Singh with a hat-trick, Agelus Nickenson and David Archer with two each and also, Samuel

Narcius scored another to bolster his claim for the Golden Boot this season. So, to next week and can Pedagogue avoid defeat against the Academy who have nothing to play for except pride? Please note a 6pm kick off.

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Group photo with President of TCIRFU and scholarship recipients along with Jamie Tait, Development Officer.

APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

Ava-Dayne Fulford makes check presentation to Club President Keith Burant along with scholarship recipients

Digicel Sponsors TCI Youth to Rugby Training Camp Three young aspiring Turks and Caicos Islanders who have developed a passion for the sport of Rugby through the TCIRFU have been given the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Dublin Ireland to participate in the elite Leinster Rugby School of Excellence training camp courtesy of Digicel. The telecommunications, company handed over a check of $6000 to TCIRFU president, Keith Burant on Saturday April 21 which is to be used to cover the expenses of the three young men as they travel to Ireland for the summer camp. The three athletes, Lincoln Outten and Franco Mompremier, both of the Clement Howell High School in Providenciales along with Ken-James Mullins of Raymond Gardiner High School in North Caicos will receive professional coaching over a one week period which will see them developing

Ava-Dayne Fulford makes check presentation to Club President Keith Burant along with scholarship recipients

core rugby skills which they will learn to perform under challenging circumstances.

Head of Marketing for Digicel, Ava-Dayne Fulford says, “Digicel has made a serious commitment to

assisting our young people to develop through education and sports. This programme will not only allow these young men to walk away with invaluable training but it will also give them exposure to the professional rugby world and also broaden their horizon to allow them to see the big picture of what they can aspire to. ” She commended the work of the Turks and Caicos Rugby Football club which has been providing a nurturing environment for young men interested in the sport. President of the TCIRFU, Keith Burant says he is pleased to team up with Digicel and looks forward to a continued partnership The Leinster Rugby School of Excellence training camp will take place at the Kings Hospital Grounds in Ireland July 30 through to August 3, 2012.

Grasshoppers atop Sail Rock U14 Boys League Grasshoppers remained top of the table in the Sail Rock Boys Under 14 League with two wins on the day. They defeated the Tigers 2-0 with goals from Gabriel Diotte and Jackson Pierre and then managed a narrow 1-0 victory over the Eagles with Jamesly Louis scoring the winning goal. The two remaining games were high scoring affairs both involving the Golden Retrievers who managed a 2-2 draw with the Eagles before demolishing the Tigers by a 6-1 margin. Marvin Joseph and Kavon Hamilton found the back of the net for the Eagles but two goals from Jeff Beljour ensured his team received a share of the points. Beljour scored two more goal in his teams win against a depleted Tigers side. Wendy Joseph (2), Tariq Germal and Ras Dimaond also got on the scoresheet. Ericson Homme scored for the Tigers to restore some pride but they will need to improve if they are going to challenge the Grasshoppers for the title this year. Center of Excellence Head Coach Oliver Smith was very pleased with the performance of many of the boys in the league. “The standard gets better week after week and it great to see how much it means to the players to compete in

Sail Rock U14 Boys comingling before their games

this league so that they can be selected for the Center of Excellence. The Sailrock Leagues give our young players a chance to show off their skills in a competitive environment which will

help their development towards our national teams”. MVP for week 2 was Jeff Beljour who attends Clement Howell High School.


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


Flyers take Basketball Championship flight

Champions the Five Cays Flyers celebrate after the win

The Five Cays Flyers crowned themselves champions of the Provo Athletic Amateur Basketball Ball Association by defeating the Harbour Boys 3-1 in the best of five game series at the Gustarvus Lightbourne Complex last weekend. The Flyers scored a 10 point win – 96 to 86 – to secure the top prize of the league Harbour, with one of their star players Anthony Cash registering a season high 28 points, 8 rebounds and 7 steals. He was supported by

Daron Wiliams, who shot 24 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 steals as well as Darado fulford, who registered 17 points and Anthony Pratt, who buried 10 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists. For the Harbour Boys, Kirk Adams shot a team high 26 points and 11 rebounds, was supported by Eahlo Seymour, who scored 21 points and 16 rebounds and Alvardo Parker, who scored 9 points and 16 rebounds. Game four was billed as an exciting affair with the Harbour Boys

The South Caicos Harbour Boys were the losing finalists

bubbling with confidence after a game three blow-out. The Harbour, before game three, trailed the Flyers 0-2, but bounced back in a big way to trounce their opponents 107-87. But in the midst of the exciting in game four, the Flyers regained their composure and held off early challenges from their South Caicos Counterparts, and when it matter most, held their nerves to come away with the 96-86 victory. Cash was voted MVP for the

Jaguars climb to top; Quality Kings reign The Guyana Jaguars, maintained their winning streak as they beat Kischo in a nailbiting finish as the HabGroup / Gansevroot Cricket Competition continued on Saturday April 21, 2012 at the Down Town Ball Park. Jaguars won the toss and invited Kishco to take first knock, and they obliged by chalking up an impressive 169 runs from 18.3 overs. The tournament leading run scorer Pawan Kumar was once again among the runs top-scoring with 35 runs with five 4s and one 6, and Vinod Panikar and Simijo Devassy contributing 26 and 25 runs respectively. Bowling for the Jaguars, Mark Henry claimed three wickets for 29 runs from four overs and Sheldon Henry, who took two wickets for 19 rums off two overs. When the Jaguars batted, with the last two overs to get 28 runs, defeat was staring them in the face, but with some excellent hitting by Winick Caleb they were able to reach the target. Sean Khan took the top score with 41 run, five fours and Winick Caleb made 25 runs, which included four 4s and one six. Bowling for KISCHO Pawan Kumar bagged 3 wickets for 30 runs from 4 overs and Winston Callum and Simijo Devassy took two wickets a piece. Meanwhile, as the competition continued on Sunday 22 April, 2012 at the same venue, there was another exciting match as Quality Kings held on to their nerves to beat KBHOMES. Batting first after being asked to take first strike by KBHOMES, Quality Kings posted 172 runs for 7 wickets from their allotted 20 overs. The principal contributors were Earl Henry with 53 runs, comprising 10 4s and Jitender Gangalani, who also posted a half century with 50 runs, which included eight 4s and one 6. Bowling for KBHOMES, Gareth Butler snatched four wickets for 31 runs from four overs and Neil Coles, who took two wickets for 27 runs from three overs At 11 runs for five wickets, it all seemed a losing effort for KBHomes, but with the large crowd urging them on, they mounted a rearguard action but fell short and reached 168 runs for eight wickets from 20 overs . Gareth Butler with 33 runs, Paul McKenzie with 30 runs and Vickram with 26 runs, were main Contributors Bowling for quality Kings Ian Heath grabbed four wickets for 46 runs off four overs.

finals, as after four games he 98 points, 17rebounds,24 assists and 12 steals. Cash also collected the most assist award with 24. Seymour of the South Caicos Harbour Boys was the top rebounder with 68. His team mate Alvardo Parker ended the competition with most blocks – 10. Most steals went to Daron Williams with 15. Williams was also given the award for shooting the most threepointers, achieving such feat on 15 occasions.

Striking Cheetahs devour Sailrock U15 competition In the Sail Rock Under 15 Girls League, the Striking Cheetahs had an excellent day as they won all three of their games, largely due to Yarielca De La Cruz’s prowess in front of goal. The Wesley Methodist student scored eight goals in total as her team defeated the White Wolves (5-0), Striking Cheetahs (1-0) and the Titans (5-0). Chrystal Stirling scored twice and Jachelle Gardiner added another to her team’s tally as the Cheetahs now find themselves in second place behind the Green Dragons who also had another good day. The Dragons started off with a narrow 1-0 victory against the Red Devils as Sanardia Forbes scored the lone goal. The Dragons then defeated the White Wolves 2-0 with goals coming from Shinaydine Pluviose and Jenny Fluerenvil. However all was not going their way in their final game as the Yellow Jaguars had taken the lead through Jerecia Brown. The Jaguars held on until the final minute of the game when Pluviose saved a point for the Dragons with a well taken goal. In the remaining games the Titans, playing without the injured star duo of Makayla Ellis and Yarileny De La Cruz could only manage a 00 draw with the Red Devils. The Devils claimed a 3-1 win against the Wolves in their final match with Melissa Jean Guy scoring twice and Lryjeanne Lamarre adding another. Waldine Pierre scored the lone goal for the Wolves. The yellow Jaguars made sure they are well placed in the league with a 1-0 win against the Titans, Guerline Hall’s long range strike gave her team three points and 4th spot in the league closely behind the Devils in third place. Technical Director Matthew Green was impressed with what he saw. ”Even the teams that are losing are playing well. The standard improves year after year and this league gives us a chance to spot players that can move up to compete in the Women’s League as well as train with our national development squads”. MVP for week 2 was Yarielca De La Cruz.

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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

Due to an injury, Magics’ Dwight Howard wll be in rehab for the next 3 weeks READ STORY BELOW

Dwight Howard’s Magic teammates already preparing themselves for All-Star’s absence in playoffs ORLANDO, Fla. — While Dwight Howard begins his rehabilitation regimen following season-ending back surgery, his Orlando Magic teammates said they are already preparing for both the mental and on-court adjustments of not having him for the playoffs. For the first time in his NBA career Howard was not in the Magic’s arena for their regular season home finale against Charlotte. Under the advice of his doctors, Howard is remaining in the Los Angeles area to rehab for at least the next three weeks. Dr. Robert Watkins, who performed Howard’s surgery last week, released a statement saying though he’s advised him not to travel,

that his post operation examination “showed significant improvement from his preoperative condition that necessitated mandatory spine surgery.” He will be re-examined sometime this week. By staying out west, though, it means Howard won’t be able to be on the sidelines for the Magic’s playoff run. Though it will be an adjustment on the court without him, Howard’s teammates said they support the decision. “He’s got to do what he’s got to do,” forward Ryan Anderson said. “But the best thing for him is to rehab and get back stronger.”

It was “Fan Appreciation Night” at the Magic’s Amway Center on Wednesday and forward Glen Davis spoke to the crowd before the game, alluding to all the adversity the team has faced this season that reached a peak with Howard’s recent surgery. “I just want to thank you guys for sticking by us this season,” Davis said. “I know it’s been tough, but in spite of everything we play for you guys.” Orlando’s first-round playoff series could begin as early as Saturday and currently the plan is to leave for the site of that series immediately after Thursday’s finale at Memphis. The Magic were 33-21 in the 54 games Howard played in this season,

holding opponents to 43 percent shooting. Entering Wednesday’s game with the Bobcats, Orlando was 3-7 without him, allowing opponents to average 50 percent shooting from the field in those games. Guard Jason Richardson said the good thing is that they have already made several changes since Howard initially was sidelined. “It’s a big adjustment not having Dwight, he corrects many of our mistakes,” he said. “So now we have to do the extra job and the extra stuff ... because we don’t have him back there. “We just have to stay together. That’s all we can do is stay together, as a team and go out there and go play for each other.”

Michael Jordan’s Bobcats could become NBA's worst ever CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest NBA player ever, is poised to become the owner of the worst team in league history. His embarrassingly bad Charlotte Bobcats have one last shot to avoid the title. Heading into Thursday night's regular-season finale, the Bobcats are teetering on the verge of the worst winning percentage (.106) ever and could clinch the dubious distinction with a loss at home to the New York Knicks in the lockout-shortened season. Charlotte is a woeful 7-58 and its record-setting futility would eclipse the 39-year-old mark held by the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers. That team finished 9-73 (.110) in a full regular season. Jordan led Chicago to six NBA championships, but his Bobcats get no respect — Charlotte has become the butt of jokes. "It has been tough, but we are just trying to move forward," guard D.J. Augustin said. "Many people are laughing at us and making (the streak) as a joke, but we take it very seriously. We are just trying to stay positive and play hard until the end." With a loss to the Knicks the Bobcats would finish the season with

a 23-game losing streak — ironically the same number Jordan wore with the Bulls. The streak is a franchise record, topping the 16-game skid from earlier in the season. The NBA record is 26 straight losses set last season by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Coach Paul Silas certainly would like to avoid the embarrassment of being known as the coach of the worst team ever. "If we get a win it will be the best thing that has happened to us all season," Silas said. While Jordan was known as an intense competitor on the court, his team hasn't been very competitive this season. The Bobcats have lost 21 games by 20 or more points and nine by 30 points or more. Staggering numbers but not surprising considering Charlotte is last in the league in scoring and shooting percentage. Jordan told the Charlotte Observer on Wednesday that he knew this was going to be a trying year, but didn't expect it would be this bad. "But did we want to chase the most pingpong balls (in the May 30 draft lottery)? No way," Jordan told the newspaper. "Ever since I've owned the team I think we've made some very positive moves on the business

Derrick Brown, Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker, left to right, are looking to avoid a 23rd straight loss on Thursday.

side. We had to make a difficult decision to turn over the talent. This year the talent we had didn't respond, but that doesn't cause me to turn my back on the plan." The top six players from the Bobcats' lone playoff team two season ago — Stephen Jackson (San Antonio), Gerald Wallace (New Jersey), Raymond Felton (Portland), Boris Diaw (Sacramento), Nazr Mohammed (Oklahoma City) and Tyson Chandler (New York) — all are gone, having either been traded or

waived under Jordan's watch. The Bobcats' current roster is full of inexperienced players. Jordan has asked fans to be patient. The Bobcats should be more than $20 million under the salary cap, which means they could make some noise in free agency. They also have a 25 percent chance of landing the No. 1 pick in the draft, likely to be Kentucky's Anthony Davis.

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APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012


APRIL 27TH- MAY 4TH, 2012

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