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Introduction "Trinity College: a small, liberal arts college of the Episcopal tradition, located in a metropolitan area of New England ... " Anyone who has ever studied Economics 101 with Professor Richard Scheuch recognizes his familiar description of our beloved Trinity and his particular "vision" of what the College is. However, each student hearing his description has his or her own unique perception of Trinity. Despite these individual interpretations, "Trinity College" evokes an immediate association and affinity towards it by those who have studied and worked 'neath the elms. True, Trinity conforms to Professor Scheuch's addage: it is a Gothic, park-like area on a hill overlooking Hartford where most people model the latest fashions from L.L. Bean. But beyond the physical essence of its architecture, grounds, and wardrobe, a student's view of "Trinity" is much more personalized. Reflections of the people and good times that were shared in four quick years are images of Trinity that will remain for a lifetime. A football rivalry, parties on Vernon Street, dinners at Mather, or a stroll across the Quad on a snowy night all bring to mind times past and a cherished

period in one's life. Reflections of Trinity can be of roommates, hall life in North Campus, "traying" near the Chapel on a January afternoon, gathering at "The View", or of the Chapel bells ringing on a Sunday morning while the effects of Saturday night's festivities still take their toll on a tired body. All of these are "Trinity" in our minds but in a variety of forms, Trinity will remain an integral and lasting part of our lives. As President James English said at the Senior Dinner in May, Trinity "is the one thing about yourself that you cannot ever change; it is a part of you and you are a part of it." The 1985 Ivy is an attempt to recapture a year that is now a part of ourselves. Our theme is "Reflections" and while we have sought to record the 1984-85 year as it transpired, hopefully it will reawaken in you a sense of the years we spent together at "Camp Trin". A college experience is special and unique to each person and so too is the Ivy. Though the Ivy represents a common standard by which all can remember, how and what is remembered will be as different as the many individuals who read it.



!WUE<liUl. ~Q~~I.Jjf.



Reflections: 1984-85

Dedication Shortly after Commencement, Professor James Potter died of cancer. It was a battle he had fought for several months, often displaying the same stamina he expressed in the classroom. Dr. Potter retired in May 1985 after teaching for 30 years in the Trinity English Department, where he consistently sought to initiate and foster new ideas and interests. Whether it was Frost, Hitchcock, or film criticism, Professor Potter stood unsurpassed in his knowledge and his committment to his students. Professor Potter always sought to encourage the best in people and his personal sincerity and integrity, coupled with his love and committment to literature, truly qualify him as one of "the good persons." The Class of 1985 respectfully dedicates our Ivy in memory of James L. Potter for always encouraging us to do our best and for giving his best to us .


On Becoming a Good Person ... What's a retiring old crock good for? Lots of things, but especially the wisdom he has accumulated. So, what I am going to do is teach you all how to be good persons (like me) and to live happily ever after. Start with a basic principle: moderation in all things, including moderation. Everyone should become enthusiastic or simply "let off steam," on occasion. But, Lord preserve us from extremists and fanatics; look at the harm they have done over thousands of years and still do. Moderation includes not making too much of yourself. Don't be too proud of what you are or what you've done- half of it is always some kind of good fortune. Watch out for hubris, in other words or, to put it more positively, count your blessings. Lots of people would be happy in your shoes and you yourself should enjoy what you've got. Never feel sorry for yourself; instead, enjoy your senseswhat you can see, hear, feel; enjoy your emotions - be glad you've got them. Enjoy your mind. Thinking is much more than a tool; it's fun, and that does not mean just doing puzzles. Do the work you have to do (allowing for a normal amount of procrastination) and accept the fact that it's not all enjoyable. Enjoy it as much as you can rather than just complaining about it. Be charitable towards other people. This doesn't mean you should love everybody; there are plenty of people who deserve to be hated. Assume the best until you find out the worst. Make allowances, be magnanimous if you can (even if a driver cuts you off for a parking space) but if you see someone doing something wrong, don't tolerate it - at least say something. As Edmund Burke once said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Don't be cruel. That is, don't inflict pain wantonly or for the pleasure of it. Cruelty is the greatest debasement of the human spirit, the most despicable act a person can perform toward another, human or animal. Instead, go out of your way to help people and animals. Don't pass by an auto accident when it's just happened and don't ignore a cry for help. Get "involved" when necessary: accept your responsibility as a member of the human race, and do what you can. Try to be as complete a human being as you can and try things that are new to you (none of this "Oh, I couldn't do that!"). I first tried scuba when I was nearly sixty and found it was great. Try it - or try writing poetry, or working with a computer. Try lots of things. And, try to achieve or create something. Remember, you are what you do. Don't worry about "finding" yourself; make yourself. Finally, Don't give advice to others. How do you know what's good for them? They're different from you and have to find out for themselves what is good for them. Good luck!! -James Potter



1984-85: Reflections "Where has the year gone?", I thought perhaps unoriginally, as I lugged my two-seater sofa down from the heights of Northam Tower to the awaiting pick-up truck on Summitt Street. It didn't seem like ten months since I had made the back-breaking trudge upward, gasping for breath at each landing and sweating profusely, as I, and nearly half the members of the Class of '85, returned "home" to Camp Trin after a semester in Europe. But now, the comprehensives had been completed, the diplomas bestowed, and the teary goodbyes endured. Dad called impatiently from below, anxious to load up the truck and begin the trek home against the Memorial Day traffic. Roommates and friends had departed for parts unknown, leaving me with an assortment of possessions either too big or too unimportant to be crammed into already tight Volvos and station wagons. Leaving however, was not as easy as Dad was demanding it be. Reflections of a year gone by, of papers, finals, friends, and good times, lingered there before me. 1984-85 had been a great year by most standards. W t: arrived in Hartford in late August with the memories of the '84 Los Angeles Olympics still fresh in our minds. Cheers of "USA, USA" were still echoing across the country. Despite the Soviet-led boycott, the Games were a huge success, with Americans winning a record number of medals and the Games themselves becoming the first in recent memory to run a surplus. America rejoiced in its Olympics and for his efforts, LAOOC organizer Peter Ueberroth was named Time's "Man of the Year" and the commissioner of major league baseball. The patriotic feeling of most Americans carried over into the presidential campaign of the fall. Republicans Ronald Reagan and George Bush were enjoying huge leads in their campaign for re-election, with many feeling there really was no race between the incumbents and Democrats Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro. Ferraro's canidacy was a news sensation however, but as the first female nominee of a major party, she faced increased media scrutiny and underwent an


investigation for familial financial mismanagement. Cries for "Four more years" could be heard as Reagan-Bush scored a resounding victory on November 6th, winning 49 states and 520 electoral votes. Reagan's re-election was followed by the death of Soviet President Konstantin Chernenko, the third Soviet leader to die during our four yea sat Trinity. The world was later surprised by the ascension of Mikhail Gorbachev as the new Soviet leader, who at 54 became one of the youngest leaders in Soviet history and a sharp contrast to his aged predecessors. On campus, the Class of '88 arrived in record numbers, forcing Residential Services to house some reluctant freshmen in lounges until Christmas. Homophobia and South African divestment were the raging debates of the Tripod editorial pages. The Progressive Student Alliance was created, and their "Committee to End Aparthied" three-dimensionalized their protest in the form of a candlelight vigil on the Quad in April and yellow ribbons at Commencement. The famine in Ethiopia grabbed the world's attention in late fall, with the tragedy spurring rock singer Bob Geldof of the "Boomtown Rats" to launch "Band Aid" in December. The all-star British group's "Do They Know it's Christmas/Feed the World" record raised millions for famine relief and triggered a horde of imitators most notably Lionel Ritchie's "USA For Africa" and Live Aid. Although the federal deficit reached record highs, the American economy continued to boom, with unemployment and inflation falling while the Dow-Jones industrial broke the 1200 and 1300 barriers for the first time in history. The economy's growth was overshadowed as a news item, in part, by the continuing spectre of terrorism. Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by Sikh extremists in November; the IRA made an unsuccessful bombing attempt against Britain's Margaret Thatcher not two weeks later. The civil war in Beirut brought more violence to the divided Lebanese and deranged Arabs continued to hijack and kill innocent people

of a Year Gone By on planes, trains, and ships throughout Europe. In the U.S., terrorism manifested itself in the form of southern abortion clinic bombings in December. In New York City, Bernhardt Goetz, the "subway vigilante" made headlines after he shot four black teenagers after a mugging attempt. A supportive New York refused to prosecute him. On a happier note, progress was made in the field of artificial heart transplants as William Schroeder of Ohio became the first person to survive on the J arvik-7 heart. In a related story, doctors in Arizona raised controversy after they implanted a baboon heart into the chest of an infant girl. Despite the implant, "Baby Fae" died a few days later. Controversy brewed in another form as well, as Coca-Cola changed its secret, 99 year formula in April in favor of "New Coke." Consumers protested the change and "Coke Classic" returned in mid-summer. Musically, 1984-85 was the year of Madonna and Springsteen, with each placing several hits on the charts and conducting sold-out national tours. Tina Turner and her "energized" hair made a comeback, winning a Grammy Award in the process. While Trinity B&G was stripping the ivy from the Long Walk, "Amadeus" was sweeping the Oscars and winning "Best Picture" honors. While it won no Oscars, Eddie Murphy's "Beverly Hills Cop" was easily the biggest hit of the year. "Miami Vice" was the surprise TV success, with "Dynasty" still dominating Wednesday night, leaving its fans with the cliffhanger of cliffhangers: the entire cast was machinegunned while at a wedding. (All miraculously survived.) The coup on "Dynasty" however proved no match for "The Bill Cosby Show", which w'as the #1 show for the '84-85 season. 1984-85 was the year that Miss America was asked to resign after the winner, Vanessa Williams, appeared nude in Penthouse magazine. Vanessa had been the first Black woman to win the Miss America crown. On a more unfortunate note, the AIDS epidemic raged on, killing growing numbers of homosexual men and showing signs of spreading to the

general public. On the playing field, the Trinity Bantams won their second straight men's basketball championship and women's field hockey won their first. Senior Quarterback Joe Shield didn't lead the Football Bants to the New England title, though he came close, but he broke nearly every record trying and as a consequence, Joe became only the second Trinity alumnus to be drafted and signed by an NFL team as Joe went to the Green Bay Packers. Speaking of the NFL, the San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowl XIX over the Miami Dolphins in January while the rival USFL struggled to survive. The Detroit Tigers, after a 35-5 start, won the World Series in five games over the San Diego Padres while the Edmonton Oilers, hockey's current dynasty, won their second straight Stanley Cup. Up in Beantown, the Celtics were stopped in their bid to win their second straight NBA title, losing to the LA Lakers in seven games. 1984-85 saw pizza wars, complete with coupons, free liters of Coke (the old stuff, not the new), and chocolate-chip cookies, rage on between Donizetti's and Pizza Casino. "The Grinch" played to packed dorms at Christmas-time despite finals while cries of St. Elmo's "Yo dude, you look mah-velous" reverberated through Mather. The Class of '85 passed the lemon-squeezer on to the Class of '87, a transition that left many clueless underclassmen asking, "What is a lemon squeezer?" Newspaper wars continued between the Tripod and its conservative rival, the Observer, with both papers parodying the other in April. Sigma Nu "fraternity" was denied "official" recognition by the College and was asked to disband. The all-freshman North Campus dorm was "disbanded", after merry '88ers wreaked havoc on the plumbing and decor. And then there was the time that John ... the sounds of a horn beeping from below broke the feeling of nostalgia. 1984-85 was "a very good year", as wine lovers tend to say, a year forever etched in the reflections of our college days.




I 21




Administration and Faculty



Thomas A. Smith Vice President

James Fairfield English, Jr. President

Rev. Dr. Borden W. Painter, Jr. Dean of the Faculty Professor of History


I van A. Backer

Alfred C. Burfeind

Siu-Chim Chan

Paula Chu-Richardson

Director of SINA

Associate Director of Development

Director of Buildings & Grounds

Assistant Dean of Students

William L. Churchill

Margaret F. Collins

Elizabeth Cox

Donald N. Dietrich

Director of Public Relations

Director of Personnel

Internship Co-ordinator

Director of Admissions

Allison Dillon-Kimmerle

Kristina B. Dow

Ralph S. Emerick

Louise H. Fisher

Director of Career Counseling

Director of Residential Services


Director of IDP


Kathleen L. Frederick

Frank Hartman

Anne T. Gushee

Gerald J. Hansen, Jr.

Director of Media Relations

Assistant to the President

Director of Calendar & Special Events

Director of Alumni & College Relations


Joanne M. Miller

David Nagle


Sports Information Director

Jeffrey H. Kaimowitz

Peter J. Knapp

Curator, Watkinson Library

College Archivist

Robert A. Pedemonti

Marcia Phelan

Vice President for Finance & Treasurer


Alan R. Sauer

Michael J. Schweighoffer

Frank W. Sherman

Joseph Tolliver

Business Manager & Budget Director

Director of Security

Director of Annual Giving

Assistant Dean of Students


Alan C. Tull

John S. Waggett

Constance E. Ware

David Winer


Associate Administrative Dean

Vice President for Development

Dean of Students

Anne M. Zartarian Director of Financial Aid



Frank M. Child III

Richard B. Crawford

Donald B. Galbraith

Craig W. Schneider




Associate Professor

John E. Simmons Professor

James M. Van Stone Professor


Edward Bobko

Henry A. DePhillips, Jr.

James K. Heeren

David E. Henderson



Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Ralph 0. Moyer Associate Professor

James R. Bradley

Anthony D. Macro

John C. Williams

Associate Professor

Associate Professor



Robert A. Battis Professor

William N. Butos

WardS. Curran

Assistant Professor


Leroy Dunn

Andrew J. Gold

Gerald A. Gunderson

Charles W. Lindsey III


Associate Professor


Associate Professor



Richard Scheuch

Vincent Smith

Diane C. Zannoni


Assistant Professor

Associate Professor


David Ahlgren

Theodore R. Blakeslee II

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Joseph C. Bronzino

August E. Sapega




Dirk Kuyk

Theodore 0. Mason, Jr.

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor


James A. Miller

HughS. Ogden

James L. Potter

Milla Riggio

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Mark J. Schenker

Paul Smith

James H. Wheatley

Assistant Professor



Not Pictured J. Bard McNulty Diane Hunter Barbara Benedict


Mardges Bacon

Thomas P. Baird

Alden R. Gordon

Michael R. T. Mahoney

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor


Fine Arts

Elizabeth L. Tracy Artist-in- Residence

George E. Chaplin Professor



Phillip C. F. Bankwitz

Eugene W. Davis

Norton Downs

Joan D. Hedrick





Samuel D. Kassow

Eugene E. Leach

Michael E. Lestz

Mark Miller

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor


Robert Palter

Susan D. Pennybacker

Dana Professor

Assistant Professor


Barbara Sicherman

Edward W. Sloan

J. Ronald Spencer

H. McKim Steele



Lecturer Associate Academic Dean


Glenn Weaver Professor

Associate Professor


Marjorie V. Butcher

Walter J. Klimczak

Mario J. Poliferno



Associate Professor


David A. Robbins

Robert C. Stewart

Ralph E. Walde

E. Finlay Whittlesay



Associate Professor


Not Pictured David Mauro


Gustave W. Andrian Professor

Modern Languages

Andrea Bianchini

Michael R. Campo

Carl V. Hansen

Donald D. Hook

Associate Professor


Associate Professor


Dori Katz

Arnold Kerson

Sonia M. Lee

Kenneth Lloyd-Jones


Associate Professor

Associate Professor




Linda Laurent Artist-in-Residence

Gerald Moshell Associate Professor

John Rose College Organist



W. Miller Brown

Howard DeLong

Drew A. Hyland

Helen S. Lang




Associate Professor

RichardT. Lee Professor

Maurice L. Wade Assistant Professor


Karen Erlandson

Leo J. Hamel

Richard J. Hazelton

Assistant Professor


Director of Athletics Associate Professor

Chester H. McPhee

Donald Miller



Robin Shepherd

Robert Shults

Assistant Professor

Associate Professor

Physical Education 48

Robert Lindsay

Charles Miller

Harvey S. Picker



Associate Professor


Albert L. Gastmann

Clyde D. McKee, Jr.

Rex C. Neaverson

Thomas A. Reilly




Associate Professor

Political Science

Ranbir Vohra Professor



Dina L. Anselmi

George W. Doten

Karl F. Haberlandt

George C. Higgins, Jr.

Assistant Professor




Randolph M. Lee

William M. Mace

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Not Pictured Sharon D. Herzberger

Charles Schultz Professor



Leslie G. Desmangles

Ellison B. Findly

John A. Gettier

Ronald Keiner

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

Frank G. Kirkpatrick

Theodor M. Mauch

Associate Professor



Noreen L. Channels

Norman Miller

Associate Professor



Judy Dworin

Carter McAdams

Nusha Martynuk

Roger Shoemaker

Associate Professor



Assistant Professor

Theatre & Dance



Campus Life


Freshmen Arrive "Make room for '88" was the theme of the day in more ways than one as the Class of 1988 made their debut at Trinity. The Class arrived in Hartford in record numbers of well over 500, making the Class of '88 the largest in Trinity history. Residential services had some problems accommodating all these frosh, ultimately housing some in dormitory lounges and other free space.

Parent's Weekend


Resident Assistants

SEATED: (L-R) Holley Bishop, Jody Rolnick, Martin Hancock, Deanna Landry, Ashley Drouet, Andy Merrill, Lou Shipley, Bill Vasil, Andy Bivona. ROW 2: Melissa Andora, Alex Steinert, Kathy George, Chris Battista, Miran Song, Robin Bowmar, Dave Hassard, Tib Miller, Michele Amendola. ROW 3: Franca DeRosa, Lynn Elting, Denise Rosano, Bob Starr, Lori Davis, Karen Rodgers, Victor Rhee. ROW 4: Joy Hayden, Dave Sherrill, Eloise Nurse, Ann Marie Mallat, Robin Silver, Cynthia Phelps, Maria Formisano, Noah Nelson , David Bonomo, Bill Piculell, Howard Sadinsky, Drew Caesar. ROW 5: Jeff Lang, Wayne Gill, Greg Richardson, Angelo Lopresti, Dave Fontaine, Kevin Mason , Tom Regan, Michael Gary. ROW6: Julie Miller, Barbara Elia, Kim Kovage, Julie Kim, Trina Brown. ROW 7: Tom Price, Tom Bailey, Sis Van Cleve, Nina Hoque, Lia Kwee, Lisa Iannone, Jim Loughlin.


Tailgating What football game would be complete without a halftime gathering for Bloodies and beer? The north Broad Street lot was once again the site of these "motorized bashes" as alumni, students, and friends headed out of Jessee Field for pre-game celebrations, half-time debates, and post-game wrap-ups.

Football Games


Head of the Charles Trinity "crewbies" and crew enthusiasts made the annual pilgrimage to Cambridge in record numbers to celebrate the 20th running of the Head of the Charles Crew Regatta in late October. With the Trinity tent firmly positioned by the Elliott Street bridge, the banks of the Charles featured a little more partying than crew watching.


Musical Revue

After Dark

SEATED: (L-R) Chris Chappell, Steve Kish, Tom Baker, Drew Caesar, Christian Luthi. STANDING: Matt George, Andy Campbell, Mark Hildesley, Brent Ambacher, Frank Wearn.

S.W.E. SEATED: (L-R) Elizabeth Arnold, Nancy Senick, Lisa Muik. STANDING: Susanne Hupfer, Kim DiTallo, Jane McDonough, Lisa Bakanas.


Fraternity Feud


Clockwise from bottom left: Ted Coxe, Melissa Brown, Greg Avitabile, Floyd Higgins, S haron Larson , Lisa Howell , Andy Carlson, Laura Jones, Michael Connelly, Jon Potter, Ka ren Biemdeck, Diana Mercer.

The Plâ&#x20AC;˘ peS


S.G.A. Running on a ticket of "experience for a better SGA", seniors Steve Norton and Lee Coffin were easily elected President and Vice President of the Student Government Association in September. Norton and Coffin were joined by Melissa Farley '8 7 as Secretary and 1 ane McDonough '85 as Treasurer. The SGA enjoyed a busy and sometimes controversial year, debating and voting on such issues as fraternities, funding for a ConnPIRG lobbyist, proposed cuts in federal student loan programs, curriculum and housing changes, the alcohol policy and the 21 drinking age, and reported fraternity hazing. The SGA also purchased a new student station wagon for campus organizations.

SEATED: (L-R) Tyler Vartenigian, Patty Chen, Melissa Farley (Secretary), Lee Coffin (Vice President), Steve Norton (President) , John Bonelli, Kathy George, Julia Calhoun. 2nd ROW: Maureen Neylon, Stacy Stamper, Liz Kehrli, Chris Zipps, Liz Cahn, Tara Tracey, Chris Imery, Jamie Sullivan, Ruth Taylor, Jim Sickinger. STANDING: Lynn Walsh, Liz Breiner, Missy Bronzino, Roberta Glaser, Peter Morris, John Maggioni, Bill Vasil, Caroline Carney, Phil O'Brien.


ASIA SEATED: Joyce Chin, Julie Kim, Sui Zee, Lia K wee, Monica Grewal, Brian Wanerman. STANDING: Robert Isaac, Marcy Lee, Young Sui, Rich Freytag, Linda Bay, Paul Heffner.

Debate Society SEATED: (L-R) Young Sui, Elizabeth Heslop, Linda Bay, Brian Wanerman. STANDING: John Stratakis, Tom Madden, Ray Faltinsky, Brian Shea, Rich Freytag.



Above: KNEELING: Corinne Coppola, Tara Lichtenfels, Jennifer Janke. SEATED: Katie York, Debbie Smith, Bridget McCormack, Victoria Cox. STANDING: Dave O'Donnell, Mary Smith, Alex Steinert, Liz Breiner, Marlene Murphy.

Jazz Band SEATED ON FLOOR: John Klimczak, Tom Zoubek, Bill Howland, Chuck Chronis. SEATED: Craig Curry, Steve Balon, Leslie Lucas, Adam Kimmick, Chris Elliott. STANDING: Chris Rossow, Brian Durkin, Mark Jamilkowski, John Mascari.


The Trinity Tutoring Program is a group of students dedicated to helping kids learn. Tutors work at the McDonough Elementary School for one hour every week in either reading or math. Through the program, Trinity students receive a greater awareness of the problems of urban education and the children benefit from the presence of someone who is honestly concerned with their education and welfare.

Big Brothers & Sisters The program is designed to provide an opportunity for young boys and girls in Hartford to develop a close friendship with a mature individual. Emphasis is placed on a one-on-one relationship which extends beyond the family and peer relationships. Trinity enjoyed a large degree of participation in the program this year, with over 30 big brothers and sisters involved in the program. LEFT: Big Brothers and Sisters Co-ordinators Edith Harris and Doug Weisburger.


World Affairs SEATED: Debbie Moran, Phil Wellman (President), Beth McDonald. STANDING: Chris Corbett, Amina Faud, Michele Marte-Abreu, Dan Weick.

Silences SEATED: (L-R) Leslie Lucas, Brian Bohall, Tracey Mastro. STANDING: Gerry Bunting, Lisa Trocki, Squid Lewis, Marie Tanner.


Christian Fellowship RIGHT: SEATED: Pradesh Shrestha, Lisa Roberts, Kristin Illick, Lisa Nigro. STANDING ROW 1: Liz Schick, Rita Barbagallo, Janet O'Connell, Kathleen Strauss , Todd Pederson. STANDING ROW 2: Mark Polinsky, Scott Gowell, Greg Carter, Jeff Beer, Bill Pfohl.


Women's Organization LEFT, SEATED: (L-R) Melissa Andora, Linda Bowerman, Kathleen Strauss, Brenda Kuhn . STANDING: Diane Goldring, Ellen Voynow, John Bonelli, Michael Jacobson, Lisa Bakanas, Martha Lay.

The Cave


AIESEC FLOOR: Harry Gigas, Scott MacColl, Jeff Bowman, Fred Parsons. SEATED: Rikki Niner, Steve Drew, Lauren Hargraves (President), Stephanie Ryan, Maria Markidou. STANDING: Sue Pasieka, Whitney Rogers, Rob Price, Maria Garcao, Mary Wrobleski.

Concert Choir 74

The Observer The Trinity Observer is an independently funded, conservative student newspaper. First published in 1983, the Observer's second year featured interviews with Jean Kirkpatrick, Charles Murray, and Lewis Lehrman. LEFT, SEATED: Lee Coffin, Managing Editor; Elizabeth Heslop, Associate Editor. STANDING: John Stratakis, Associate Editor; Michael Duffy, Editor-in-chief.



Ukranian Festival

The Tripod The Tripod served as the campus' news source for the 83rd consecutive year. The weekly newspaper was guided during the '84-'85 academic year by editor-in-chief Royce Dalby '85 during the fall term and Carol Helstosky '87 during the spring semester.


The College View

WRTC-FM WR TC, the College's radio station, was the first non-commercial station in the Hartford area. Radio Trinity offers a wide selection of programming which includes classical, jazz, progressive rock, and alien music slots. WRTC also broadcasts college sports and shows for the area Portuguese and Polish communities. Keith Waehrer served as the '84-'85 station manager.


Outing Club

LEFT, (L-R) Martin Hancock, Jim Butler, Courtland Sears, Bill Pfohl, Dave Robin, Robert Rosicigno.



BELOW, FLOOR: Lisa VanRiper, Sue Whiting, Betty Anderson, Lisa Muik. SEATED: Gretchen Schappert, Lianne Murphy, Joe Lyons, Mark Hildesley, Herb Emanuelson, Kathy Wholean. STANDING: Steve Brenman, Matt Moore, Ken Festa, Karen Perlow.

Outreach The primary function of the SGA's Community Outreach program is to promote, maintain, and improve relations with the Hartford community through voluntary social service activities. Outreach also tries to promote an awareness of social issues relevant to the community. Outreach was founded in 1981 and successfully developed by senior John Bonelli. BELOW, SEATED: Lisa Lumulcuri, Chris Pastore, Jennifer Janke, Julia Calhoun, Loriann Weiss, Jen Buckley, Maria Garcao. STANDING: Chris Quinn, Laura George, Dave McNaughton, Ben Rhodes, Max Smith, Sydney Trattner, Ann Chynoweth, John Bonelli, Julianna Garro, David Discenza, Jonacki Bose.

Traying One thing is certain: when it snows at Trinity, there will be a run on cafeteria trays at SAGA as students take to the chapel slopes for some impromptu "traying. " While SAGA might lament the loss of some trays, the annual slide is one of the few highlights of a winter in Hartford.

Dance Club


Ultimate Frisbee ABOVE, SEATED: Jim Mancall, Rob Smith, Lucian Snow. STANDING: Jeff Green, Ben Letcher, Jim Graff.

Cricket Society FLOOR: Charles "Skippy" Chronis, Christopher "Searsucker" Elliott. SEA TED: Thorn Wilson, Lisa " Muffy" Bakanas, Mike "Trip" Zikovich, Bozo the Clown. STANDING: Christopher Corbett, Iric Rex, John Triplett Wilson III, Steven Emerson Higglesley Kish IV, David Bayliss.



ABOVE, SEATED: Lauren Whitley, Nancy Popkin, Maria Rosenfeld, Roger Epstein. STANDING: Jamie Sullivan, Sydney Trattner, Patti Sinicropi, Phil Robertson.

Jesse Jackson Earthweek


Tri Delta Gets A House

St. A's Goes Coed

PSA The Progressive Student Alliance made its debut on campus this fall, serving as a voice for liberal or alternative viewpoints in the student body. The PSA organized an antiReagan rally at the State Capitol, formed a committee to end homophobia, and sponsored a candlelight vigil against South African apartheid in April.

Homo Genus

Spring Weekend Trinity capped its 1984-85 social season with the annual Spring Weekend from May 9-11. Sponsored by TCAC, the 1985 event featured a concert by The Ramones and Till Tuesday on the Life Sciences Quad. No food fights erupted in Mather this year but a giant "mudslide," courtesy of a strategically-placed "Slip 'n Slide," went many concert-goers "to the showers." St. Anthony's Hall sponsored the first annual Soap Box Derby down Vern on Street on Sunday mormng.




Soap Box Derby St. A's, in conjunction with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, resurrected the Trinity College Soap Box Derby on May 11th for Spring Weekend. The charity race was the first such event to grace Vernon Street since the early 1960s and was greeted by large crowds. Senior Hall brother Sam Reid masterminded the event, which attracted entries from most of the frats, some dorms, and a few campus organizations.


Intramurals Springtime at Trinity means softball on the Quad and Spring 1985 was no exception as B&G again had to reseed the lawn in time for Commencement. Almost two dozen teams competed in the "Trinity League," which featured four games daily in two divisions.





Football Trinity celebrated its 100th season of football by posting an impressive 6-2 record, the fifth consecutive winning record for the Bantams. The Class of '85 featured some strong players and had the rare privilege of never losing to archrival Wesleyan. Led by senior quarterback Joe Shield and receivers Tim MeN amara and Mike Doestch, Trinity enjoyed a potent offense and a stingy defense that boasted 41 sacks. Shield was particularly awesome in '84, setting season records for pass attempts, pass completions, passing yords, and touchdown passes. He also set career marks in passing attempts, completions, yards, and touchdowns. As a reward for his successes, Shield was drafted and ultimately signed by the NFL's Green Bay, becoming only the second Trinity alumnus to make the big leagues.

FOOTBALL 6-2 Bowdoin 41-6 Bates 55-21 Williams 17-16 Tufts 10-3 Hamilton 15-26 Coast Guard 38-13 Amherst 21-22 Wesleyan 20-14


FRONT ROW (L-R) T. McNamara, S . Elsas, J. McAloon, S. Donaghy, S. Sennett, M. Tighe, P. Finn, J. Shield, M . Harthun, J. Goodman, C. Caskin, M . Shaughnessy, J . Kochnowicz. SECOND ROW P. Troisi, J. Sickinger, P. Castonia, T . Fairfax, F. Funaro, M. Murray, M . Smith, G. VanderZwaag, M. Doetsch, T. Robinson, K. Coleman, M. Green, R. Vyskocil, M. Reilly, S. Okun. THIRD ROW J. Usewick, J . Montgomery, G. Richo, A . Amore, R. Nagy, C. Bramjam, M . DeLuca, T. Nizolek, K. Smith, T. Shannon, B. Zanko, R. Boggs, J. Parmalee, Assistant Coach J . Grace. FOURTH ROW Equip. Mgr. A. Wiggins, J. Rossman, P. Patterson, A. John, D. Tighe, R . O'Neil, D . Banta, J. Burke, J . Calcaterra, B. Cunningham, M . Paladino, W . Pedersen, Ass' t Coach J . Foster. FIFTH ROW Ass't Coach T . Marble, D. MacCaulley, L. Jones, J. Siebert, R . Williams, T. Broderick, W. Wrobel, M. Galley, S. McHugh, S. Butera, M . Newman, T . DeNicola, Ass't Coach M. Darr. SIXTH ROW Ass't Coach D. Marie, M . Mignone, D. Frozaglia, W . Dunning, F. Bonomo, S. Semanchik, B. Ugolik, J . Stag;oamp. T . Kokonowski , Ass't Coach J. McKeon. SEVENTH ROW Ass't Coach A. Pinkston, B. Farnham, M. Polinsky, A. Smith, J. Morrisey, R. Riskin, J. Cataldo, L. Riggs, Coach D. Miller.


ABOVE, ROWJ: (L-R) Coach K. Erlandson, J. Lane, K. Topper, B. McKay, G. Capelletti, S. Fee, V. Avranitis. ROW 2: C. Berkeley, C. Lyford, L. Couch, C. Leydecker, K. Rodgers, P. Horne. ROW 3: B. Karetnick, A. Smith, S. Moss, E. Lacerda, S. Couch, L. Lake, Coach C. McPhee.

Women's Soccer Although Coach Karen Erlandson's team posted a 64-1 record, the team's fourth straight winning season, the Lady Bants failed to make the NIAC playoffs. The team lost four year senior goalie Jeanne Monnes to mononucleosis in midseason but freshman Lisa Lake was able to fill in, shutting out Wheaton in the process. The veteran team was led by co-captains Laura Couch and Criss Leydecker. It also featured seniors Karen Rodgers, Prudie Horne, Tory Avranitis, and Sydney Fee. Rodgers was named team MVP and along with Fee, to the New England All-Star team.


Men's Soccer Seniors Dave Janney, Jeff Pilgrim, and Sandy Monaghan, along with sophomore goalie Bill Eastburn, led the rebuilding Bantams to a 5-7-1 mark, their best since 1977. Chris Hyland, Dave Boone, Janney, and Chris Downes all tied for the team lead with three goals ap1ece.


Field Hockey FIELD HOCKEY Bridgeport Conn College Tufts Fairfield Mt. Holyoke Amherst Williams Smith


Wesleyan Westfield Keene St. Middlebury Williams


10-2-2 2-0 2-1 4-2 2-2 4-0 3-0 0-2 2-0 (OT)1-0 6-1 (OT)l-1 2-3 5-3 2-1

NIAC Champions! Following an 8-2-2 regular season, the field hockey team gained the #2 seed in the NIAC tournament, where they beat Middlebury and then upset top-ranked Williams for the New England championship. The title came after the team had lost in the championhip game in '83 and in the semifinals in '82. "It was

the best field hockey I've seen one of my teams play,", said an elated Coach Robin Shephard after gaining her first title. Co-captains Kat Castle and Chandler Luke were stellar members of a senior-loaded team that also featured Susie Cutler, who led the team with 13 goals and 46 career goals (second most in

Trinity history), MVP Bonnie Adams, Laura Higgs, and Judy Avioli. Sophomore goalie Pam Ingersoll was also an integral component of the Lady Bants' championship season, allowing just 16 goals and recording five shut-outs.

ROW 1: (L- R) S. Cutler, K. Castle, C. Luke, J. Avioli, B. Adams, L. Higgs. ROW 2: K. Simmond, S. Clothier, P. Ingersoll, L. Abrams, P. Altmaier, L. Shaw. ROW 3: Coch R . Shepherd, A. Scribner, E. Boelhoeuwer, B. Jones, N. Perkins.


Women's Tennis Under first-year Coach Wendy Bartlett, the team posted a 7-4 record and a second place finish in the NESCAC championships, one half point behind Tufts, for the second straight year. Junior MVP Claire Slaughter was the undefeated #1 seed and won her third state singles

title, as well as the NESCAC title. Together with senior Donna Gilbert, she also won the NESCAC doubles crown. Seniors Jeanine Looney and Maria Rosenfeld were also key members of Trinity's success.

TENNIS 7-4 UHartford Conn College Wellesley Smith Williams Amherst Tufts UConn Wesleyan Central CT Mt. Holyoke

7-2 9-0

3-6 6-2 5-4

3-6 4-5

6-3 7-2 2-6 7-1

ROW 1: (L-R) A. Smith, K. Kinsley, M. Rosenfeld, K. Johnston , J. Looney, M . Reilly, D. Gilbert. ROW 2: Coach W . Bartlett, P.

Neumann, B. Cottone, C. Pastore, C. Slaughter, P. Katch , P. Payne, C. Sanden, S. Till, M. Driscoll.


ROW 1: (L-R) B. Villari, J. Kapelus, D. Burbank, S. Monaghan, J . Cregan, M. Georgy. ROW 2: Coach S. Heath, J. Conway, B.

Haupfuher, P . Stauffer, A. Strome, B. Doyle, F. Mellish.

Men's Squash Behind All-American seniors Bill Doyle and Michael Georgy, the man's squash team wrapped up an 11-2 record and a #2 national ranking, the best-ever in Trinity history. Seniors Doug Burbank, who owns second place on the career victory list with 47, John Conway, Art Strome, and Sandy Monaghan were also key players in the Bantam squash success.

10 1

Men's Swimming Senior co-captains Rex Dyer and Tim Raftis led the team to a 4-5 record, an improvement over their 2-8 mark in 1984. Dyer continued his record setting ways, posting new highs in the 50 yard freestyle and 100 backstroke. Sophomore Jim Loughlin also left his mark in the record books, setting school records in the 500, 1000, and 1650 freestyles. Both Dyer and Loughlin were members of Trinity's six-man contingent to the New England championships.

SWIMMING 4-5 Fairfield SE Mass Union Wesleyan Brandeis Central CT Holy Cross Amherst Clark

66-46 37-64 57-35 43-52 60-53 48-62 62-47 40-70 46-67

ROW 1: (L-R) C. Rasmussen, R . Dyer, T. Raftis, M. Williams, ROW 2: I. Beck, C. Sears, M. Jamilkowski, C. Muir. ROW 3: P. Drinkhaus, J. Loughlin, K. Brett ROW 4: D. Lamarche, C. Robbins, E. Kawahara, Ass't Coach R. Shepherd, Coach C. McPhee.




Men's Basketball

BASKETBALL 19-6 Clark Amherst 67-68 Conn Coll Williams 67-63 Brandeis Nichols 76-66 Bowdoin Coast Guard 67-54 Colby (OT)49-58 E. Nazarene Yale (OT)72-75 Queens USMMA ECSU 85-56 Amherst Wesleyan 82-75 Westfield St. Wesleyan 52-47 Wesleyan 78-59 Western Ct. Coast Guard Tufts 95-75 Conn Coil WPI 73-63 UMass-Boston


(OT)53-61 76-63 82-66 70-61 70-71 98-84 51-55 82-66 95-69 (OT)79-74 59-58 58-51 68-50

ECAC Champions! I I Despite an opening game loss to Amherst and three tough overtime losses to Yale, Merchant Marine, and Clark, the men's basketball team posted an impressive 19-6 record and brought Coach Stan Ogrodnik a New England championship for the second straight year. The all underclassmen squad won 13 of their last 16 games to gain the #1 seed for the ECAC touranment. tournament. Western Connecticut nearly upset the Bants in an opening round squeaker before an energized crowd at Ferris. The team was led by junior tri-captain and small forward Ken Abere. Abere averaged 20 points per game.

ROW 1: (L-R) T. Steele, B. Pfohl, M. Donovan, K. Abere, C. Hyland. ROW 2: Coach S. Ogrodnik, T. Fitzgerald, T. Blaney, D.

Monaghan, J. Moorhouse, T. Curtis, T. Aloi, M. Langmeade, Ass't Coach G. Carlson, Ass't Coach F. Kine!.


Women's Basketball

ABOVE, ROW 1: (L-R) J. Monnes: K. Rodgers, K. Soley, R. Black, L. Letorneau. ROW 2: Ass't Coach R. White, K. Erlandson, L. Lake, S. Couch, B. Jones, S. Babcock, S. Andrus, S. Mayo, S. Van Cleve, C. Berkeley.


Hurt by injuries, the 1985 women's basketball team finished with a 9-10 record. Led by senior captain Karen Rodgers, the team played competitively all season, losing close games to Bowdoin and Smith and a tough, double overtime win to Amherst. Rodgers set records for most assists in a season with 109 and also became the all-time leader in per game average with a 13.8 mark. BASKETBALL 9-10 Mt. Holyoke 85-71 Yale 39-80 Simmons 76-33 Coast Guard 69-64 Clark 66-74 UHartford 49-72 Eastern CT 51-81 Western CT 53-89 Conn College 64-74 Wesleyan 69-63 Bowdoin 58-61 Colby 36-61 Smith 56-62 Williams 70-44 Tufts 64-81 Amherst (20T)61-59 Wesleyan 69-61 Vassar 67-35 WPI 62-60


"Chet's Chicks" posted a 6-4 record during the 1984-85 season after having reeled off 19 consecutive victories from 1982-84. The Chicks pulled off big wins against Conn College, Fairfield, and Mt. Holyoke that gave them an early 3-0 record. The effects of recent graduations caught up with the team, which dropped four of its last five meets. All-American Lulu Cass continued her winning ways, setting a new Trinity record in the 50 meter flystroke .


Women's Swimming

ROW 1: B. Brennan, S . Cutler, L. Cass, L. Couch, M. Foy, D. Frederick. ROW 2: K. Horstman, J. Roland, C. Snaden, L. Ulrich, C. Voltmer, ROW 3: T. Klaridis, C. Lyford, S. Deer, C. White, G. Finn. ROW 4: D. Lamarche, Coach C. McPhee, Ass't Coach R. Shepherd, P . H argrave.


Women's Squash

Women's squash at Trinity enjoyed its best season ever under new coach Wendy Bartlett, finishing with a 9-2 record and a #2 national ranking. Seniors Kat Castle, Laura

Higgs, and Kathy Klein turned in their usual strong performances. Freshman Ellie Pierce played the #1 seed for Trinity and was ranked ninth in the country.

SQUASH 9-2 Harvard Dartmouth Penn Yale Smith Middlebury Williams Princeton Amherst Brown Wesleyan


7-0 7-0 6-1 7-0 7-0

7-0 1-6 6-1 7-0 7-0

FRONT RO W (L-R) E. Pierce, L. H iggs, K. Castle, K. Klein, P. Horne, N . Perkins. BACK ROW Coach W . Bartlett, J. McLaughlin , J. Calhoun, C. Slaughter, E. LaCerda, C. Conway, I. Hanley.


Ice Hockey A talented 16-8 team took Trinity to the ECAC Championship game for the third time since 1978, although they ultimately lost the title in a 3-2 thriller to Southeastern Massachusetts University. Captain Barney Corning was one of only two seniors on the '85 squad, a team that went 16-3 in Division III play. Corning was the leading scorer among defensemen while fellow senior Mike Sload led the team in offensive scoring. Sophomore goalie Art Fitzgerald, an All-ECAC first team player and the MVP for the ECAC playoffs, allowed fewer than three goals per game and had a personal record of 14-2 in division play with a 2.54 goals against average. Junior co-captain Vern Meyer also proved to be invaluable on offense, becoming the fifth leading scorer in Trinity history.

ROW 1: (L-R) D. Murray, B. Slaney, C. Lorenz, M. Sload, V. Meyer, A. Fitzgerald, B. Corning, T. Sheehy, M. Doyle, H. Robbins . ROW 2: Ass't Coach A. Lacroix, Unknown Zamboni man, M. Keator, R. Shriver, B. Wolman, R. Stetson, P. Worthing, D. Ward , B. Loeber, D. Provost, F. Newark, M. Anderson, A. Filler, Coach J. Dunham, Zamboni Operator Hank, ROW 3: M. Solomita, B. Kenney, B. Bronson, K. Robinson, B. Farnham.

HOCKEY 16-8 Connecticut Amherst Nichols Westfield St W. New Eng Suffolk Iona Framingham Amherst Stonehill St. Michael UConn Bentley Fairfield Army Assumption Wesleyan New Hampshire Connecticut Colby AIC Framingham Amherst SE Mass

4-1 5-2 11-1 1-6 10-1

4-1 4-2 9-0

2-5 6-4 5-6 3-4 5-4 5-1 4-6 5-2 3-1 6-3 5-4 1-2 5-7 7-5 7-4 2-3 113

ROW 1: (L-R) E. Jacobsen, A. McAusland, N . Veronis, J. Lew, J. Madiera, M. Weiland. ROW 2: Ass't Coach N . Martin, T. Moise, P. Zimmerman, J . Adam, W. Thomas, A.

Amore, Coach M. Darr.

Wrestling Trinity has never had a winning season in wrestling and 1985 was no exception as the team went a dismal 011. The team's bright spot was junior Joe Adam, who claimed the New England championship in the 177 pound weight division.


WRESTLING 0-11 W.P.I. Norwich WNEC Amherst UHartford MIT Central CT Wesleyan RIC Springfield Coast Guard

14-31 18-36 12-27 20-21 26-30 20-25 7-44 6-42 11-35 3-47 11-35

Fencing The men's and women's fencing teams completed their 38th season in 1985, although they were once again denied their application to become a varsity sport. Seniors Cathy W allert and Cary Allen were this year's captains. Wallert was Trinity's top fencer, winning 85% of her bouts with a 34-6 record. Freshman

Keith McCabe was second with 47% and a 9-10 record and sophomore Rikki Niner was third with 46% and an 18-21 mark. Chris Harges received the club's "Outstanding Freshman Award" while Wallert was awarded the Marsh Frederick Chase Fencing Trophy.

SEATED: P. Astie, E. Johnson , C. Harges, J. O'Loughlin, M . Sommaruga. ROW 2: R . Niner, J . Blum, C. Wallert, M. Winter. ROW 3: J . Gregg, C. Allen, D. Curran, S. Hallet, K. McCabe, G. Banta.



Softball The softball team completed its second varsity season with a commendable 5-8 record. The Lady Bants waged a competitive campaign in what was a tough schedule for a still-new sport. Led by seniors Jeanne Monnes, Laura Couch, captain Kathy O'Brien, and MVP Donna Gilbert, the team faced Division II teams from Clark and Western Connecticut State. O'Brien led the team with a .529 batting average.


Conn College lJIIartford Wesleyan Wesleyan Bates Coast Guard Clark Clark Wesleyan WESTERN CT Western CT Mt. llolyoke Williams


8-1 3-8 I 0-1 21-5 3-7 2-3 4-5 1-10 12-4 4-18 2-6 I-ll 3-1

BELOW, ROW 1: M. Ollari, J. Mannes, K. O'Brien, C. Gilbert, L. Couch, K. Carney. ROW 2: Coach D. Miller, Ass't Coach D. Ellis, J . Simon, D. Owen, S. Babcock, K. Dowling, A. Robinson, Ass't Coach K. Erlandson. ROW 3: D. Marai, L. Lake, M. Stillwell, S. VanCleve, K. Cadelina, S. Murray, K. Strauss.


ROW 1: (L-R) J. Montgomery, R . Nagy, T. Miller, M. Hamel, A. Bivona, J. Barton, T . Robinson, A. Fitzgerald. ROW 2: Coach R . Shults, Ass't Coach D. Marie, T. Kokonowski, M. VanderVelde, E. Butler, T. Turner, T . Vartenigian, B. Markowitz, Ass't Coach L. Hamel.


BASEBALL 9-17 Hillsdale, MI Union Brandeis Hillsdale Hillsdale Williams Williams Coast Guard Coast Guard Williams Wesleyan Wesleyan WPI UHartford Tufts Tufts Wesleyan springfield Nichols Nichols Clark Central CT Bates Bates Amherst Eastern CT

Despite its 9-17 record, the men's varsity baseball team featured several talented underclassmen who gained valuable experience in this "rebuilding" year. Senior captain Mark Hamel proved to be the ace of the Bantam pitching staff, with a 4-

3 mark and a team-best 3.73 ERA. Sophomore outfielders Murphy VanderVelde, Tyler Vartenigian, and John Montgomery provided a solid defense while Montgomery also notching a team-leading .300 batting average.

5-6 5-1 0-5 5-3 12-11 6-5 4-23 1-3 3-1 7-10 3-6 2-3 3-5 2-1 9-8 4-7 4-10 1-9 3-4 1-4 7-5 5-14 10-9 6-11 4-12 2-9

Men's Track With their third straight NESCAC title in hand, coupled with their second consecutive League MVP in junior Femi Obi, the Bantam track dynasty showed no sign of relenting in 1985. As if this were not enough, the '85 Bantams also set a Trinity record for 20 consecutive games without a loss, with that streak ending with a surprise upset by WPI in the final meet of the season. The 1985 team finished with a 7-1 record. Both Obi and senior Rick Hayber qualified for the nationals, Obi in the 200 and Hayber in the javelin. Senior Steve Drew earned the title of "Mr. All-Around"as he competed in nine different events, placing in seven of them.

NESCAC Champions


TRACK 7-1 Westfield St. Coast Guard Amherst Middlebury Wesleyan Eastern CT Williams NESCAC WPI

76-72 76-68 76-68 76-13 114-40

117-36 98-56 1st 75-93

ROW 1: J. Cregan, P . Deslandes, M. Dylan, D. Moughalian, C. Gemmell, S. Balon, D. O'Donnell, D. Barry. ROW 2: Coach J. Foster,

Unknown, B. Oakley, M. Harthun, R . Hayber, P. Stauffer, K. Coleman, K. Johnson, F. Obi, D. Banta, T. Luciano, Ass't Coach A. Magoun.



ROW 1: Coach J . Foster, M . Lynch, L. McDonald, L. Dow, E. Perugini, A. Mikos, M. Zavisza. ROW 2: L. Brickley, W . Pillsbury, A . Mallabre, J. Looney, E. Thurman, M . Berky, A. Doherty, J. Buckley, J. Elwell, A. Woodford, B. McKay, Ass't Coach A . Magoun.

W oiTien's Track Record-setting captains Erica Thurman and Kathy Klein guided the women's track team to a 5-4 record mark during the '85 season, the team's first winning season. Thurman was undefeated in the 800 and was also a member of the record-setting mile relay team with Jennifer Buckley, Betsy McKay, and Alex Woodford.


Men's Lacrosse

ROW 1: (L-R) Ass't Coach J. McKeon, P. Ferrucci, S . Ryan, S. Chisolm, S. Zoellner, E. Meyercord, R . Hopkins, J. Tindall, S. Hallet, K. Shakelford, S. Stroud. ROW 2: D. Boone, R . Beede, J. Picone, J. Stanley, P. DePatie, B. Rhodes, P. Voudouris, J. Maggioni, C. Clor'ley, J. Linthorst-Homan, J. Self, D. Waxter. ROW 3: C. Smith, D. Smith, J. Burke, S. Poskanzer, L. Purdy, I. Beck, S. Swett, J. Madiera, C. Rasmussen , I. Loring, B. Johnson, G. Richo, Ass't Coach T. Marble.


After an 0-2 start, the team pulled off wins in nine of their next 10 games to finish at 9-4, an amazing about-face from their 3-7 mark in 1984. Coach Mike Darr's squad also qualified for the ECAC playoffs, although they lost in the first round to top-seeded Middlebury. Senior captain Scott Hallet led a strong defense but it was a group of six sophomores that dominated the Bantam offense, all of whom led the team in scoring. Junior goalie Paul Ferrucci was also a key to Trinity's success, turning in a .679 save percentage.

LACROSSE 9-4 6-9 Franklin & Marshall Bowdoin ( 30T) 10-11 Conn Coli ( OT)S-7 Gettysburg 9-4 Tufts 11-9 3-15 Springfield MIT 19-6 Amherst 9-7 Williams 5-4 10-8 Wesleyan New Haven 12-4 11-5 Westfield St. Middlebury 6-15

ROW 1: (L-R) C. Luke, B. Adams, S. Fee, S. Cutler, K. Castle, Ass't Coach S. Bunnell. ROW 2: S. Clothier, A. Stewart, G. Biggar, P. Altmaier, L. Nalle, C. Berkelay, S. Couch. ROW 3: Coach R. Shepherd, P. Ingersoll, S. Mayo, E. Lewis, A Scribner, J . Brewster, E. Pierce, B. Jones. ROW 4: L. Kenney, E. Douglas, D. Mercer, L. VonSeldeneck, D. Cristie, K. Scanlon, E. VanLauren, L. Robinson, A.


An impressive 10-1 record and a third straight NIAC championship were the fruits of another successful season for Coach Robin Shephard's team. The Lady Bants averaged almost 20 goals per game, a 33% improvement over the team's '84 performance. Shepherd's 11-year career record now stands at 81-24-5. Senior tri-captains Susie Cutler, Karen Rodgers, and Sydney Fee played key roles in the team's success, as did Kat Castle and Chandler Luke on offense and Bonnie Adams on defense.


Women's Lacrosse NIAC Champs LACROSSE 10-1 Conn College Tufts Wesleyan Mt. Holyoke Smith Springfield Williams Amherst Holy Cross Middlebury Conn College

16-6 12-14 24-5 19-4 27-5 21-13 22-6 18-5 19-4 12-7 13-6


Golf Behind the solid play of senior captain John Worthington, who averaged 79.44 strokes per 18 holes, the Bantam golf squad turned in a 66-1 season. With Worthington at #1,senior Tony Constanzo at #2, and junior Paul Yablon at a consistent #3, the team played well in the NESCAC championship tournament, finishing third.

(L-R) Coach J . Dunham, P. Yablon, C. Elliott, T. Constanzo, J. Worthington, R . Buchmeuller, D. Smith, J. Lunghamer.


Men's Tennis Although the Trinity men defeated Division I rivals UConn and Army, the team only managed a 4-6 record after starting the season at 04. Peter Appleton played brilliantly as the #1 seed, advancing to the finals of the NESCAC singles championship and guiding the team to a sixth place finish in the overall conference championship. LEFT, Kneeling: E. Newberg, A. Petrikoff, D. Moran. Standing: E. Smith, P. Appleton, A. Strome, J. Lang, Coach S. Heath.


Varsity Heavyweights: (L-R) P. Carney, B. Flanagan, S. Akers, M. Aguero, H . Gigas, T . Clements, J. Durmer, E. Strotbeck, M . Pinto, coxswain.

Crew After adhering to the U.S. Olympic rowing program, the Trinity crews placed among the top crews in the country at the 47th Dad Vail Regatta in May. The JV Heavyweights went undefeated in the regular season while the Varsity Heavyweights and Novice Lightweights lost only once. At Dad Vail , the Novice Lightweights earned a silver medal and the JV Heavyweights a bronze in competition for the Bratten trophy. The JV Lightweights finished fourth and the Varsity Heavies fifth, giving Trinity a fourth place overall finish behind New Hampshire, FIT, and Georgetown. At the post-season awards banquet, seniors Harry Gigas and Andy Merrill shared the Hartford Barge Club Award for sportsmanship while Art Muldoon won the Wicks Award as the Outstanding Freshman.

Varsity Lightweights: (L-R) M. Chabot, J. Butler, E. Granade, S. Merrill, B. Southall, E. Rosow, J. Manson, C. Wilmerding, S. Musicant, coxswain.

J V Lighweights: (L-R) B. Soulliere, J. Doggett, J. Klimczak, N. Watts, A. Boyle, G. Hopley, P. Wise, R. Cleary, S. Blessey, coxswain.


Varsity Women: (L-R) D. Rice, L. Sawyer, S. Weissinger, A. Percy, M. Bonneville, S. Latham, C. Cochran, A. Proctor, M. Hamblett, coxswain.


Sports A wards Winners

(L-R) Susie Cutler, Karen Rodgers, Bill Doyle, Claire Slaughter, Ann Proctor, Linda Letorneau, Matt Harthun, Alex Magoun, Jim Sickinger, Kat Castle, Laura Couch.





Class of 1985

















Career Neuroses From Don't Jet anyone fool you. Being a senior really stinks. Oh sure, it's nice to get into the 'View without weilding a doctored l.D. but that's small consolation for the other annoyances that accompany our dubious rank . Think of a year in which the better part of one's energies are spent not in concentrating on the present but in worrying and scheming about "next year." Who cares what's going on up on Vernon Street on Friday night? Classes? They're just a nagging technicality at this point. The real question that's been haunting each and every senior since September I st has been the universal query, "What do I want to be when I grow up?" I wish I knew. Take this from someone who changes career plans weekly, sometimes daily. Law school looked good for a while. In fact , it's still a possibility but seventeen years of schooling is beginning to take its toll. Maybe it's time to try something new, "to get out and find a job," at least for a while. Ah, there's a novel idea. Dad loves it. The thought of finally ending our seemingly eternal investment in human capital is a lready making his wallet tingle. But am I ready to be "corporate?" Law school seems to be such an easy route - why not delay the inevitable for three more years. Of course, Jaw school won't be any picnic but it is a challenge. I like challenges. Well, after torturing myself twice with the LSAT, I suppose applying is at least in order. Then again, maybe it's a good idea to cover all one's bases. Wouldn't it be best for April to arrive and still have some alternative courses to pursue? I call this preserving ones options. So, it's off to Career Counseling to talk with Allison DillonKimmerle and Sandy one more time. The office has become every 156

senior's home away from home. At one point in our college careers, we used to go to the library to "scope" and be scoped. Now the Career Counseling Office is the place to be. Anyone who is anybody is there, rummaging through the volumes of job descriptions, interview schedules, corporate catalogues, and "HOW-TO" guides for the forlorn resume writer. It's really a hopping place. If you go at peak hours during the afternoon, you can close your eyes and imagine that you're at one of those crowded frat parties you've been missing all year. All that's missing is the pervasive smell of beer and the slippery sensation of a Busch-soaked dance Ooor. It almost makes you feel like a sophomore again. The computer center is also a favorite hang-out for careeroriented seniors. Those nifty word processors really make a resume look great. Of course, the computer types using the machines are not particularly appreciative of our presence but so far, no major declarations of war have been announced, just a few harmless, dirty looks. Resumes are one of the most important and timeconsuming aspects of the career planning process. The problem involves selling oneself in one page - and what exactly is a "career objective," anyway? Career Counseling comes to the rescue once again and their resume workshops are a veritable "Who's Who" in the senior class, something like a living yearbook. It's always interesting to see who is in your class; some people resurface who haven't been seen since freshman orientation. The thing that really bothers me about being a senior isn't the resume preparation or the daily visits to Seabury. Taken in stride, it can all be kind of fun. The perplexing and frustrating aspect of senior year is

Plague Seniors that seniors change. Although it is hard to explain, it seems as if there were a full moon out every night. People I've known for four years suddenly begin acting in ways I've never seen them act before. Mood swings are frequent and a sense of desperation seeps into people's dispositions. Honor students begin to worry after less-than-stellar performances on any one of the multi-lettered entrance exams, suddenly convinced that their lives and future promise are in jeopardy. Others do amazing about-faces, like the anti-establishment types who apply for jobs in investment banks, thereby seeming to abandon all they espoused and protested for during college. I guess everyone needs a job. There's also a sense of competitiveness in the whole process that gets old really fast. "So-and-so got an interview at IBM" (every seniors dream), "thisone got a second interview at Chase Manhattan," "You-knowwho got a job offer from Salomon Brothers that starts at $28 ,000." Pettiness runs rampant. I guess it's natural to be apprehensive about one's own marketability and a little jealous of those who seem to have their lives in order but it goes against my grain. Talking about career plans and who got what (or more typically, who will get what) has gotten pretty stale. Salaries, applications, and interviews are all well and good but whatever happened to normal conversation? Test scores, starting salaries, recruiter bidding, and grad schools have replaced partying, sports, sex, and idle gossip as conversational fare. The Super Bowl was even transposed into a discussion of how Dan Marino is only 23 years old and already making millions. I wonder how he did on the LSA T? Yes, seniors are a sorry bunch. Last semester was bad; this semester seems worse. Things seem

so much more pressing, a future so uncertain so much more imminent. For the first time, seniors are finally leaving the unwitting security of "school", an enterprise which has consumed the better part of 22 years. This is a pretty big deal. Life in the non-academic world is now perilously close at hand and as such, anxiety seems warranted. It's almost enough to make me drop a half credit and go on Trinity's "five year plan." (Only kidding, Dad.) In a sense, this anxiety has been constru.ctive for it seems as if the class has become a bit closer throughout all of this, despite our various neuroses and irrationalities. Seniors need each other and I, in particular, find reassurance in the fact that my peers are experiencing the same fears and insecurities. What should I be when I grow up? My mother has reminded me that I am already "grown up", a fact of which I am already painfully aware but not yet ready to fully accept. Isn't it just like a mother to end the charade? College has evaded my grasp too quickly and almost without notice. I suppose these are the realities of life but for this moment in the life of every senior, it is a realization that does not rest easily. Oh, to be a freshman again and smile to myself as the seniors traipsed down the Long Walk to their on-campus interviews, all decked out in three piece suits and navy blue business dresses, glad that it wasn't me. Well , now it is me. Difficult decisions need to be made as my life enters a very important transition period. No longer can I ignore the idea of growing up. - Lee Coffin

Reprinted with permission from The Trinity Observer.

15 7



Class of 1985

Gregory Joseph Accetta Cranston, RI Philosophy

Bonnie Elizabeth Adams Gwynned Valley, P A Intercultural Studies

John Weston Adams Dedham, MA Engineering

John Cary Allen, Jr. Newtonville, MA Economics

Marianne Frances Allessio Westfield, MA Theatre & Dance

Joseph Eric Amat Wethersfield, CT Engineering

Lori Eve Anastasia West Suffield, CT Mathematics

Robert David Anderson Norfolk, CT History

Melissa Jane Andora Franklin Lakes, NJ American Studies

Frederick Thomas Andreoli East Hartford, CT Computer & Mathematics


Peter M. Appleton West Hartford, CT Economics

Norma Aresti Hartford, CT Philosophy

Elizabeth Ann Arno New York, NY Theatre & Dance

Elizabeth Robbins Arnold Cumberland, RI Engineering

Victoria Virginia Arvanitis West Long Branch, NJ Political Science

Judith Lynn Avioli St. Louis, MO Philosophy

Lisa Gail Bakanas Bolton, CT Economics

Thomas Nelson Baker Pennsburg, PA History

Brooke Bayard Baldridge Fairfield, CT Computer & Spanish

Michael Wells Bannett Philadelphia, PA Economics & Spanish


Shawn-Laree Barker Hillsdale, MI Religion

Elizabeth Ann Barnett Brookline, MA History

J. Hunter Barr East Grand Rapids, MI Computer & Classics

Linda Susan Barrabee Simsbury, CT Spanish

Letitia Humphreys Barron Timonium, MD Economics

David Michael Barry, Jr. Manchester, CT History

Elizabeth Mary Baumann Glen Rock, NJ Art History

David Wesley Bayliss Chicago, IL Economics

Wade Knight Bennett Paoli, PA Engineering

Alison Jane Berlinger Portchester, NY English

Class of 1985 162

Martin Bowen Bihl Briarcliff, NY English

Andrew Charles Bivona New Paltz, NY Biology

Robin Sheryl Black Beverly, MA Computer & Psychology

Leslie Rae Blair Needham, MA Philosophy

David Montgomery Blyn Rockville Center, NY Economics

Annette Marjolein Boelhouwer Wethersfield, CT History

Brian Lee Bohall Syracuse, NY Economics

Nancy Margaret Bombaci Hartford, CT English

John Gilbert Bonelli Hartford, -cT Religion

Martha Low Bonneville Wenham, MA Psychology


Nicholas Anthony Bordieri Wethersfield, CT Intercultural Studies

Linda Louise Bowerman Middletown, RI Biology

Robert Alexander Boyle Cold Springs, NY History

Matthew Radel Bradley Easton, CT English

Julie Brodie Breene Bryn Mawr, PA English

Steven Craig Brenman Elkins Park, PA Theatre & Dance

Elizabeth Barrett Brown Darien, CT Political Science

Melissa Ellen Brown Leonia, NJ Computer & French

John Peter Bruno East Longmeadow, MA Economics

Douglas Gordon Burbank Mercersburg, PA Studio Arts & Computer


Class of 1985

James Shannon Butler, Jr. Bedford, NH Physics

Nadine Cancell Milburn, NJ Economics & Computer

Claire Elizabeth Capeci Portchester, NY Economics

Andrew Charles Carlson Shrewsbury, MA History

Caroline Francis Carney Chattanooga, TN Political Science

Philip David Carney Worcester, MA Religion

John Wilkins Carter Hingham, MA Political Science

Christopher S. K. Caskin Washington, DC Psychology

Elizabeth Giddens Cass Darien, CT History

Muriel Astrid Castadot Baltimore, MD History


Kathryn Lanktree Castle Gladwynne, PA History

Marc Anthony Chabot Somersworth, NH Economics & History

Diann Catherine Chamberlain Little Silver, NJ American Stds. & Economics

Roland Harry Chinatti, Jr. Falls Village, CT Economics

Gary Constantine Christelis Cranston, RI Political Science

Charles Chris Chronis Arlington, MA History

Susan Elizabeth Ciferni Berkeley Heights, NJ Economics

Susan Carroll Clark Freehold, NJ History

Richard Edward Cleary Newton, MA History

Rachel Elaine Clement Pittsburgh, PA Psychology


Caroline Shannon Coco Wellesley, MA French & Italian

Michael Connelly Needham, MA History

Robert Desire Conrad West Palm Beach, FL English

Lee Allan Coffin Huntington, CT History

Leslie Ann Cohn Wellesley, MA Biology

Sarah Devereaux Compton Concord, MA English

Anthony Robert Constanzo Oxford, MA Political Science

John Michael Conway Greenwich, CT Political Science

Class of 1985 167

Christopher Paul Corbett Warwick, RI Political Science

Christian Cordova Hartford, CT Engineering

Dwight Byron Corning Boston, MA Economics & Computer

Laura Pierce Couch Easthampton, MA Biology

Class of 1985


Victoria Anne Nash Cox Morningdale, MA Psychology

Theodore Stafford Coxe Gladwynne, PA History

Anthony Bruce Craft Hartford, CT Economics

Henry Christopher Crocker Pottstown, PA History & Economics

Craig Clement Curry Woodstown, Nj Biochemistry

Susan Edwards Cutler Concord, MA Psychology

Nadine Claire Dagostaro Westfield, N J Biology

Danielle Mary D'Angelo Bayside, NY History

Gregory Oliver Davis Pacific Palisades, CA Psychology

Lori Ann Davis Avon, CT American Studies

Laura Lee Denette Deep River, CT Biochemistry

Franca Linda DeRosa Hartford, CT English

William Franklin Detwiler Williamsport, PA Political Science & Computer

James Francis Devanney Winsted, CT Biology

Evelyn Morris Day Bryn Mawr, PA American Studies

Joseph Bruno DeDomenico Hamden, CT English

Jeanne Ann Develin Medfield, MA Economics

Catherine H. Dion Raynham, MA French & Russian


Class of 1985


David Frank Discenza Rocky Hill, CT Political Science

Craig Hamilton Dobbs Huntington Beach, CA History

Stephen Bruce Donaghy Wilmington, DE Economics & Computer

Rachel Donham Ca mbridge, MA Biology

John C. Donkervoet Baltimore, MD Psychology

Kenneth LeWinn Doroshow Baltimore, MD Philosophy

Christopher John Doyle Manhasset, NY Economics

William Joseph Doyle Greenville, RI History

Stephen Richard Drew Newton, MA History & Studio Arts

Ashley Drouet Fairfield, CT Philosophy

Michael Thomas Duffy Tampa, FL Economics

Eileen Marie Durkin Worcester, MA Intercultural Studies

Rex R. Dyer, Jr. Haverford, PA Economics

Vasilea Michele Economos West Hartford, CT Political Science

Barbara Christine Elia Winchester, MA History & Economics

Christopher James Elliott Meriden, CT Music & Biochemistry

Mara Elise Eilenberg Flushing, NY English

Scott Paul Elsas Ridgewood, N J Political Science

Peter Ross Eisler Nassau, NY English

Lynn Elizabeth Elting Toronto, Canada Intercultural Studies


Michael David Elwood Columbus, IN Intercultural Studies

Martha Judith Erskine Pasadena, CA English

Miles David Newman Esty St. Thomas, VI History

James Scott Farrin Wyckoff, NJ Philosophy

Sydney Beth Fee Nantucket, MA Economics

Patrick William Finn Torrington, CT Political Science

John Noble Fiske, Jr. Weston, MA History

Thomas Vaughan Fitzpatrick Baltimore, MD History

Robert Daniel Flanagan Stamford, CT English

Sonia Simone Flanders Washington, DC Modern Languages

Class of 1985 172

Kimberly Ann Ford Belleville, IL Psychology

Maria Margaret Formisano Barrington, RI Biology

Barry Alan Frank West Islip, NY Biology

Louise Maria Gabrielle Simsbury, CT French

Michael Youssef Georgy Cumberland, RI History

Kathryn Cameron Gerber Shaker Heights, OH History

William Richard Forte, Jr. Dover, MA Chemistry

Douglas Powling Gass South Hadley, MA History

Mary Ellen Foy Murrayhill, NJ Economics

Alyson Leigh Geller Beverly Hills, CA English


Harald Gigas Madison, CT Computer & Economics

Donna Hatty Gilbert Chevy Chase, MD Art History

Elisabeth Brooke Gilmour Summitt, NJ Psychology

Diane Goldring Evanston, IL Philosophy

Orlando Gonzalez-Rivera Bayamon, PR Psychology & Modern Languages

David Jay Goodman Oakdale, CT Economics

Daniel Paul Goslicki, Jr. Plainville, CT Engineering

Erik Brooks Granade Princeton, NJ Economics

Sarah Helen Granger Kensington, MD Economics

Susan T. Granger Hartford, CT Political Science


Class of 1985

Daniel William Green Rolling Hill Estates, CA ' Biology

Andrew Charles Grimaldi North Haven, CT Engineering

David Michael Gryboski New Britain, CT Economics

Patricia Ann Gunther Rockville, CT Biology

Camille Agnes Guthrie New Canaan, CT History

Theresa Ann Gutkowski South Windsor, CT Biology

Scott Dale Hallett Fayetteville, NY Biology

Mark Rao Hamel Worcester, MA Mathematics

Martin James Hancock Manchester, CT Biology

Jeffrey Loren Handelman New Rochelle, NY Mathematics

17 5

Tracey Lynn Hanley Alamo, CA Sociology

Andrew Barclay Hansen West Simsbury, CT Economics & Religion

Lauren Anne Hargraves Framingham, MA Economics & Computer

Edith Randolph Harris Andover, MA American Studies

Matthew James Harthun Manakin-Sabot, VA Engineering

Richard Eugene Hayber Amston, CT Philosophy

Leslyn Joy Hayden Cambridge, MA Psychology

Jennifer Malone Healy Manchester, CT English

Jean-Luc Helson New York, NY International Relations


Floyd True Higgins Newtown, CT American Studies

Laura Davis Higgs Concord, NH Economics

Nina Naseema Hoque Nova Scotia, Canada Political Science

Julia A. Horky Los Angeles, CA Studio Arts

Lynn Arnold Hillas Gwyn ned Valley, P A Psychology

Christopher Vail Hogan Eastchester, NY History

Robert Brooke Hopkins Baltimore, MD Economics

Prudence Goodrich Horne Winchester, MA Art History

Stimpson Bright Hubbard Madison, CT History

Class of 1985 177

Jean Emmanuel Jabouin, Jr. Laurelton, NY Intercultural Studies

Michael Alan Jacobson Boston, MA Biology & Environmental Stds.

Krister Frederick Johnson Scarsdale, NY Biology & Religion

Kim Marie Johnston New Canaan, CT Psychology

Class of 1985

Tyler James Jones East Hartford, CT Intercultural Studies

Kirsten Morgan Kimball Marblehead, MA French & German


Miyuki Kaneko Hamden, CT Psychology

Gretchen Genevieve Kimmick Midland Park, NJ Biochemistry

Kate Muysken Kapteyn Richmond, MA American Studies

Paul James Kipnes Marston's Mills, MA Religion

Ann Bradley Kezer Shrewsbury, NJ History

Jefferson Bok Kise Philadelphia, PA Economics

Steven Andrew Kish Bristol, CT History

John Francis Klimczak Newington, CT Economics & Computer

Dominic Michael Lagana Rocky Hill, CT Political Science

Deanna Michelle Landry Bloomfield, CT Studio Arts

Jeffrey Harold Lang Westport, CT Political Science & Computer

Stephen Samuel Lazarus Cincinnati, OH History

John Kochnowicz Buzzard's Bay, MA Political Science

Kimberly Ann Kovage Hoosick Falls, NY Biology

Laura Lee Ledbetter Southbury, CT Psychology

Mark Fitzhugh Lee West Hartford, CT Economics


Class of 1985

Matthew David Lees Ossining, NY Physics

Benjamin Havens Letcher Kingston, RI Biology

Linda Rita Letourneau Lewiston, ME Biochemistry

Susan Catherine Lewis Westport, CT History

Criss A. Leydecker Tiburon, CA English

Jeanine Marie Looney North Brunswick, NJ Economics

Angelo Peter Lopresti Trumbull, CT Economics

Chandler Barnes Luke Yorklyn, DE History

Joseph Lawrence Lunghamer Bloomfield, MI Philosophy & Religion

Rosemary Gloria Maccarone Hartford, CT Economics


Perin Harrison Mahler Cincinnati, OH Philosophy

Ann Marie Mallat Keene, NH Biology

Seth Adam Manaker West Hartford, CT Urban Studies

Michele Mary Marte-Abreu Mount Vernon, NY History

Peter Anthony Marzulli Jamaica, NY English

Kevin DaPaul Mason Springfield, MA Sociology

Tracy Ann Mastro Schnectady, NY Biology

Peter Francis Mathieu Pawtucket, RI Political Science

Patricia Anne Maxon Milwaukee, WI Economics & Spanish

James Earl McAloon Hingham, MA History


Robert Everett McDonald, Jr. Paxton, MA Economics & Computer

Jane Stuart McDonough Baltimore, MD Engineering

Michael James McGowan Bloomington, IL History

Nancy Beth McKeown Cranston, RI Political Science

Timothy William McNamara Ansonia, CT Political Science

Vincent Peter Melvin Durham, CT Physics

Andrew Martin Merrill Randolph, VT English

Jonathan Howard Miller Reyebrook, NY Philosophy

Julie Ellen Miller Auburndale, MA Mathematics & Computer

Thomas B. Miller Canaan, CT Engineering

Class of 1985 182

Catherine Mary Millett West Springfield, MA Economics

John Paul Molner Highland Park, IL History

Thomas Sanford Monaghan Bryn Mawr, PA Economics

Jeanne Elizabeth Monnes Cromwell, CT Biology

Jonathan Tabb Moore Washington, DC Intercultural Studies

Matthew Thomas Moore Braintree, MA Theatre & Dance

Donald Bruce Moran Norwalk, CT History

Robert Allen Moran Dayville, CT Biochemistry

David A. Moughalian Highland Park, NJ Philosophy

Cynthia Dufford Moyle Keene, NH Russian Studies



David Allen Mugford New Britain, CT Biology

Cynthia Ann Munch Allston, MA Art History

John Victor Muntean Lisle, IL Chemistry

Steven Andrew Musicant Brookfield Center, CT Philosophy

Javid Nassiri White Plains, NY Biochemistry

Karin Cynthia Nebiker North Smithfield, RI American Studies

Paul Andrew Newman Delafield, WI History

Pamela Rollinson Nichols Buffalo, NY Political Science

Carl J. Niedmann, Jr. Middlebury, CT Biochemistry

Marissa Rose Nola East Norwich, NY Economics

Class of 1985

Evelyn Duval Noonan Wethersfield, CT Psychology

Alan Edward Norton Boston, MA History

Stephen James Norton West Hartford, CT Political Science

Kathleen Ann O'Brien Wallingford, CT Biology

Phillips Payson O'Brien Newton, MA History & Philosophy

Robert Edward O'Brien Meriden, CT Computer & Mathematics

Stephen Thomas O'Brien Pleasantville, NY Political Science

Janet Elizabeth O'Connell Garden City, NY Computer & Mathematics

Kathleen Erin O'Connor Glen Rock, N J English

David Francis O'Donnell Revere, MA Economics


Nancy Rose Okun Longmeadow, MA Studio Arts & Psychology

Barbara Anne Oles Torrington, CT Span_ish

Karen Lynn Oliver South Thomaston, ME Russian Studies

Stephen John Palluotto Hamden, CT Biology

Christopher Paul Palma Hamden, CT Economics

Ann Weisberger Pankin Albany, NY Economics & Psychology

Mark Godfrey Parker Groton, CT Biology

Frederick Pickering Parson Brooklin, ME Economics

Patricia Susan Bell Pasieka Acton, MA Economics

Lawrence Nicholas Passarelli Lafayette, NJ Engineering


Jeffrey Edward Pilgrim Westfield, MA Biology

John Spencer Pingel San Francisco, CA Economics & Political Science

Anne Christine Patterson Scarsdale, NY Art History

David John Pereles Nutley, NJ Engineering

Karen Jennifer Perlow Tampa, FL Theatre & Dance

John Vincent Picone III Cumberland, RI Philosophy

Marc Robert Pinto Belle Meade, N J International Relations

Karen Theresa Piotrowicz West Simsbury, CT English

Class of 1985 187

Sonia May Plumb Washington, VT Theatre & Dance

Henry Scott Poole Lancaster, P A History

Nancy Jane Popkin Elkins Park, PA Biology

Peyson Woodruff Potter Bronxville, NY Economics

Class of 1985

Rala lsobel Potter New Britain, CT French & Italian

Robert William Powell Westwood, MA History & Philosophy

Norman Tinkham Price Chataugua, NY Biology

Ann Kennard Proctor Concord, NH History

Paula Antoinette Prosper Ballston Lake, NY Studio Arts

Ronald Clair Pruett, Jr. Beverly Farms, MA Political Science

Timothy Justin Raftis Summitt, NJ Economics 路

Sarah Ellen Ragland Larchmont, NY English


J. Christopher Rapp Worcester, MA History & Computer

Laura Anne Rebmann Huntingdon Valley, PA Art History

Mary Clare Reilly Princeton, NJ English

Paul Eric Renaud South Deerfield, MA Biology

Iric Leonara Rex Swansea, MA Biology

Suzanne Rose Rittenberg Englewood, N J History & English

Karen Elizabeth Refalvy Clinton, NJ Psychology

Samuel Seabury Reid Kittery Point, ME English

Maria-Meta Zoe Ritter Palm Beach, FL Art History

Margaret Kimball Robb Brookline, MA Psychology


Class of 1985

David Seth Robin South Hadley, MA Physics

Karen Margaret Rodgers West Hartford, CT Psychology

David Henry Rodney Simsbury, CT Engineering

Maria Rosenfeld Watermill, NY History

Stephen Desmond Ryan Boston, MA Religion

Howard Jay Sadinsky Middletown, CT Biology

Dulce Maria Santos Newington, CT Spanish

James Godfrey Schacht Columbus, IN Philosophy

Elizabeth Ann Schick Glastonbury, CT Religion & Biology


Nancy Je~nne Schneider Minnetonka, MN Psychology

Gretchen Jane Schoppert The Hague, Netherlands Theatre & Dance

Katharine Lambard Schwab Oyster Bay, NY Intercultural Studies

Anthony Edward Schwartz Katonah, NY Political Science

Maria Antonella Scotti Hartford, CT English

Courtland Porter Sears III Manchester, CT Chemistry

Nancy Lisa Senick Middlefield, CT Computer & Engineering

Scott David Sennett Norwell, MA Psychology

Michele Deneen Sensate North Haven, CT English & Philosophy

Kelly Foster Shackelford Ridgefield, CT Economics

Richard Michael Shapiro Dickenson, TX Biology


Joseph Shaughnessy Westport, CT Economics

Omar Aziz Shennib West Hartford, CT History

Wendelyne Ann Sherman Southington, CT Chemistry & Philosophy

David King Sherrill West Hartford, CT Economics

Barbara Jean Siebel Rockford, IL German & Russian

Barry Nathan Silver Woodbridge, CT Political Science


Joseph ~ichael Shield Brattleboro, VT English


Townsend Sload Shaker Heights, OH Political Science

Class of 1985 192

Norman Louis Shipley Simsbury, CT Economics

Kristine Elisabeth Smith Katonah, NY English & Studio Arts

Mary Johannah Smith Hartford, CT Spanish

Sarah VanSchoonhoven Smith New Bedford, MA English & Art History

Thomas Neil Smith New York, NY Economics

Kathleen Clare Soley Livingston, N J History

Kristin L. Soltis Radnor, PA Art History

Brooke Rogers Southall Freeport, ME Economics

Peter Blair Starkey New York, NY History

Robert G. Starr Oceanside, NY Biology

Ann Este Stifel Gloucester, VA Environmental Studies

Laura Turner Stine Wynnewood, .PA Political Science



Elizabeth Anne Stodolink Redding, CT English

Sandra Stott North Palm Beach, FL Computer & Sociology

Arthur Llewellyn Strome Briarcliff Manor, NY History

Chantel Sutcliffe Wayne, NJ Mathematics

Carol M. Szymanski Hartford, CT English

Craig Michael Tateronis Auburn, MA Political Science

Sandra Lee Teece West Springfield, MA Economics

Carol Ann Terry Hartford, CT Religion

Erica Goodman Thurman Wilmington, DE History

Michael Joseph Tighe Lowell, MA Urban Studies

Class of 1985

Betsy EDen Tyson Bronx, NY Urban Studies

Daphne B. Vandenhoeck New York, NY French & Italian

Caroline C. vanHouten Princeton, N J History

William Thane Vasil, Jr. Easton, CT History

Mark William Viklund Manhasset, NY Economics

Carin Maria Vincent Bombay, India Economics

Kirsten Grafin vonMoltke Hartford, CT English

Pamela Wood vonSeldeneck Princeton, N J Political Science

Keith Waehrer Portland, OR Economics

Reid Thomas Wagner Barre, VT History


Catherine Lynn WaUert Wayne, NJ Computer & Engineering

Timothy John Walsh Bristol, CT Economics

Kenneth Donald Warner St. James, NY Biochemistry

Scott Wesley Weaver Malvern, PA English

Helen Schaeffer Wechsler Loudonville, NY History

Jane Rachel Weinfeld Chestnut Hill, MA Economics

Douglas Mark W eisburger West port, CT History

Sally Elizabeth Weissinger Northborough, MA Philosophy

Cary Selden Wells Duxbury, MA Theatre & Dance

. 196

Timothy Lord Whitehouse Chesterland, OH History

Richard Durand Whitesell San Francisco, CA English

Douglas James Williams Thompson, CT History

John Triplett Wilson Concord, MA Economics

Thomas Nathan Wilson Holyoke, MA Political Science

Joseph Marshall Wire Berkeley, CA Economics & Philosophy

Andrew G. C. Whitney Buenos Aires, Argentina History

Louise Williams Haddonfield, N J Economics

Deborah L. Wool St. Louis, MO Biology

Class of 1985 197

John Hurst Worthington Garrison, MD Economics

Louisa Weightman Wright Philadelphia, PA Economics

Thomas Moughan Yablonski Smithtown, NY English

Katherine Leigh York Stowe, MA Psychology

Class of 1985

Michael John Zikovich Hermitage, TN Mathematics & Computer

Theresa Ewa Ziobro Hartford, CT English




The Class of 1985 ended its undergraduate social "career" at the annual Senior Ball on Friday, May 24th. The formal affair was held outside on the Mather-Cave patio and attracted over 600 people. The band "The Trend" performed for an appreciative audience, with the highlight of their act being a medley rendition of 1960s TV show tunes.



Commencement '85 Despite some ominous gray clouds, the College's 159th Commencement proceded, as planned, on the Quad beneath the Bishop. A huge crowd of 4,000 was on hand to congratulate the 451 members of the Class of 1985 as they became Trinity alumni. The Commencement address was given by columnist Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe and Newsweek. In her often witty and humorous speech, she urged the Class to maintain a clear perspective of the "real world" and their relationship to it and in it. Goodman noted that the Class of '85 did seem cognizant of the concerns of the outside world, as evidenced by the yellow ribbons pinned to their Commencement gowns in silent protest to apartheid in South Africa. In his Charge to the Class, President James English told the graduates to "cultivate a mind that roams creation and a spirit that enters the hearts of others" while helping to "create a world in which freedom, opportunity, and selfrespect are the birthright of all."


RIGHT: Class Valedictorian Courtland P. Sears III, left, and Salutatorian Robert A. Moran, right.




RIGHT: 1985 Honorary Degree Recipients, From L-R: President James F. English, Jr.; Jill F. Conway, President of Smith College; columnist Ellen Goodman; William N . Polk '62, headmaster of Groton School; Kenyon J. Wildrick '55, who delivered the Baccalaureate sermon; Walter J. Connolly, chairman of CBT Corp.; Gary Graffman, a concert pianist; and Arthur Banks, Jr., President of Greater Hartford Community College.

RIGHT: Commencement Speaker Ellen Goodman addresses the graduates.



Senior Directory BARROLL, Letitia J. , 734 Chapel Ridge Rd. , Timonium, MD 21093 , Economics. Lacrosse.

ADAMS, Bonnie E., 220 Cathcart Road, Gwynned Valley, PA 19437, Inte ultural Studies. KKG; Field Hockey; Lacrosse; Faculty Honors.

BARRY, David M. Jr. , 473 East Center St., Manchester, CT 06040, History. Cross Country; Track, CoCaptain.

ADAMS, John W. (Jock), 743 High St. , Dedham, MA 02026, Engineering.

BAYLISS, David W., 170 Wynegate Dr., Chicago, IL 60010, Economics. Tripod; Cinestudio; Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament; Cross Country; Track; Hunger Project; Outreach; Offhand.

ADDINGTON, Sarah H., 2708 Lakeview, Chicago, IL 60614, English. ALLEN, John C. (Cary), 61 Morse Rd., Newtonville, MA 02160, Economics. Republican Club; Sigma Nu; Psych Club; Cerberus; Fencing, Captain. ALLESSIO, Marianne F., 113 Shannon La., Westfield, MA 01085, Theatre & Dance. Dance Club, President; Faculty Honors; President's Fellow- Theatre & Dance. AMAT, Joseph E., 71 Ciderbrook Dr., Wethersfield, CT 06109, Engineering. ANASTASIA, Lori E., 1249 North Grand St., W. Suffield, CT 06093 , Mathematics. Orchestra. ANDERSON, Robert D., P.O. Box 582, Norfolk, CT 06058, History. Waterpolo; swimming; History Club. ANDORA, Melissa J., 211 Sagamore La., Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417, American Studtes. Faculty Honors; Cross Country; tutoring; Big Sisters; Earth Week; Outreach. ANDREOLI, Frederick T. (Rick), 24 Piir"kwood Dr., East Hartford, CT 06118, Computer and Mathematics. Ski Team; Football; Sigma Nu, Founder, President; IFC; Republican Club. APPLETON, Peter M., 9 Black Hawk La., West Hartford, CT 06117, Economics. Soccer, Spanish Club; Tennis; Big Brothers; Economics Club; Middle East Club; Faculty Honors. ARESTI, Norma, 14 Evergreen St., Hartford, CT 06447, Philosophy . WRTC, Station Manager; TWO; Homophobia Committee; Faculty Honors. ARNO, Elizabeth A., 47 East 88th St., New York, NY 10028, Theatre & Dance. DKE; Jesters. ARNOLD, Elizabeth R., Birchwood Dr., Cumberland, RI 02864, Engineering. SWE; Cerberus. A VRANITIS, Victoria V. , 22 Palmer Ave., West Long Branch, NJ 07764, Political Science. SGPB; tutoring;路 soccer; softball. A VIOLI, Judith L., 63. Graybridge St., St. Louis, MO 63124, Philosophy. Field Hockey. BAKANAS, Lisa G., 11 Keeney Dr. Bolton, CT 06040, Economics. Cinestudio; WRTC; AIESEC; Film Society; TWO; Economics Club; Faculty Honors; SWE. BAKER, Thomas N ., Perkiomen School, Pennsburg, PA 18073, History. Concert Choir; After Dark; Pi Gamma Mu; Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa. BALDRIDGE, Brooke B., 487 Old Post Rd., Fairfield: CT 06430, Computer & Spanish. Concert Choir; Chapel Singers; SWE.


CT06089, Spanish. Ivy, Spanish National Honor Society; AISEC; tutoring.

ACCETTA, Gregory J., 25 Hazelton St., Cranston, RI 02920, Philosophy. Waterpolo; swimming; WRTC; World Affairs; Model UN; Tripod; World Review; Women's Center; Off-Hand.

BEAVERS, Anthony F., 4629 SE 50th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73135, Philosophy. BENNETT, Wade K., 1893 Fox Hill La., Paoli, PA, 19301, Engineering. St. Elmo's; Crew. BERLINGER, Allison j., 728 King St., Portchester, NY 10573, English. BIHL, Martin B. , 383 Central Dr., Briarcliff, NY I 0510 English. Tripod. BIVONA, Andrew C., 3 Lynn Pl., New Paltz, NY 12561 Biology. Baseball; Football; RA; RC; TAAP. BLACK, RobinS. , 14 Palmer Rd., Beverly, MA01915 , Computer & Psychology. Basketball; softball; rugby; Big Sisters. BLAIR, Leslie R., 65 George Aggott Rd., Nedham, MA 02192, Philosophy. KKG. BL YN, David M., 71 Greystone Rd., Rockville Center, NY 11570 Economics. AISEC; Outing Club; Watson Fellowship. BOELHOUWER, Annette M., 359 Pine Ls. , Wethersfield, CT 06109, History. Barbieri Center. BOHALL, Brian路 L., 312 Terry Rd., Syracuse, NY 13219, Economics. Silences; CHAT; Offhand. tanooga, TN 37405, Political Science. TWO; SGA; RA. BOMBACI, Nancy M., 109 Zion St. Hartford, CT 06106 English. BONELLI, John G., 202 Adelaide St. , Hartford, CT 06114 , Religion . SGA; Outreach , Chairman , Founder; Christian Fellowship; Committee to End Homophobia; Anti-Apathied Committee. BONNEVILLE, Martha L. , 210 Larch Row, Box 456, Wenham, MA 01984, Psychology. Crew, Co-captain; KKG; Big Sisters. BOWERMAN, Linda L., 222 Miantonomi Ave. , Middletown, RI 02840, Biology. WRTC; Tripod; Cinestudio; TWO. BOWMAR, Robin A., Box 1561 , Pittsfield , MA 01202, Mathematics. RA. BOYLE, R. Alexander, Lane Gate Rd. , Cold Springs, NY 10516, History. Crew; St. Anthony's. BRADLEY, Mathew R. , 234 Bibbins Rd. , Easton, CT 06612, English. Concert Choir; Jesters; Faculty Honors; Presidents Fellow- English; Phi Beta Kappa. BREENE, Julie B., 480 Bryn Mawr Ave., PA 19010, English . Swimming; Senior Class Gift Committee.

BARKER, Shawn-Laree, 30 South Manning, Hillsdale, MI 49242, Religion. Trinity Review.

BRENMAN, Steven C., 7012 Mountain Ave., Elkins Park, P A 1911 7, Theatre & Dance. Cerberus; WR TC; Jesters; T AAP; Tripod, Announcements Editor; Barbieri Center.

BARNETT, Elizabeth A., 51 Holland Rd., Brookline, MA 02146 History. Crew; Tri-Delta; tutoring.

BRENNER, Martin P., 721 South Blvd., Evanston, IL 60202, Psyco/ogy. Ivy; Tripod.

BARR, J. Hunter, 2150 Robinson Rd., East Grand Rapids, MI 49506, Computer & Classics.

BROWN, Elizabeth B., 51 Birch Rd., Darien, CT 06820, Political Science.

BARRABEE, Linda S. , 6 Butternut La., Simsbury,

BROWN, Melissa E., 153 Sylvan Ave., Leonia, NJ

02605 , Computer & French. Pipes, Business M anager; Concert Choir. BRUNO, John P., 49 Colony Dr. , East Longmeadow, MA 01028, Economics. Rugby; Psi U . BURBANK, Douglas G ., Mercersburg Academ y, Mercersburg, PA 17236, Studio Arts & Computer. Tutoring; Outreach; Republican Club; Squash; Tennis; DKE, Vice President; Outing Club; Senior Class Gift Committee; TCAC. BURGER, Alexander S. , 139 Ridge Acres Rd. , Darien, CT 06820, Engineering. PKA. BUTLER, James S. Jr., 16 Stonehedge Rd., Bedford, NH 03102, Physics. Outing Club; Ski Team; Crew; President's Fellow- Physics. CANCELL, Nadine, 236 Glann Ave., Milburn, NJ 07041 , Economics & Computer. Cinestudio; DKE. CAPECI, Claire E., 22 Ridge Blvd., Portchester, NY 10573, Economics. KKG; Cerberus; TCAC; Treasurer; Tripod. CARNEY, Caroline F. , 120 McFarland Ave., ChatNY 10538, Economics. CARNEY, Phillip D., 37 Shaffner St., Worcester, MA 01605 , Religion. Crew; Tutoring. CARLSON, Andrew C., 7 Barrows Rd., Shrewsbury, MA 01545, English. Pipes; Senior Class Committee; Chapel Singers. CARTER, John W., 9 Puritan Rd., Hingham, MA 02043, Political Science. Squash; Barbieri Center. CASKIN, Christopher S. K. , 4716 48th St. NW, Washington, DC 20016, Psychology. Football; AXP: Wrestling; Big Btothers. CASS, Elizabeth G. (Lulu), 47 Knollwood La., Darien, CT 06820, History. Class Agent; Waterpolo; swimming, captain; rugby.

COFFIN, Lee A. , 10 Lily La., Huntington , CT 06484, History. SGA, Vice President, Secretary; Observer, Co-Founder, Managing Editor; Cerberus; WRTCNews; Faculty Honors; Barbieri Center; Republican Club; Ivy , Editor; Senior Class Gift Committee; Legislative Intern . COHN, Leslie A., 147 Hampshire Rd., Wellesley, MA 02181 , Biology. T AAP, President; Big Sisters. COLLINS, Michele M ., 232 Highland Ave., Winchester, MA 01890, Psychology. COMPTON, Sarah D., 100 Keyes Rd., Concord, NH 01742, English. CONNELLY, Michael, 61 Whittier Rd., Nedham, MA 02192, History. Concert Choir; Pipes, Business Manager; World R eview; Faculty Honors. CONRAD, Robert D., 1500 North Dixie Highway, #308 , West Palm Beach, FL 33401 , English. St. Anthony's. CONSTANZO, Anthony R ., 129 Old Webster Rd., Oxford, MA 01540, Political Science. Golf, Captain. CONTI CELLO, Laura A. , 21 Ridgewood, Newington, CT 06111 , Computer & Engineering. CONWAY, John M. , 45 Ridgeview Ave. , Greenwich, CT 06830, Political Science. AD; Squash; Barbieri Center. CONWAY, Louise B., 160 Bonner St. CT 06106, Psychology. Tutoring; Psychology Club; Psi Chi; Phi Beta Kappa. CORBETT, Christopher P., 295 Merry Mount Dr., Warwick, RI 02888 , Political Science. Jesters; Concert Choir; Barbieri Center; World Affairs; Tripod, Arts Editor. CORLISS, Vander H. , 175 Woodland Dr., Downingtown, P A 19335, Economics.

CASTADOT, Muriel A. , 619 West University Pkwy., Baltimore, MD 21210, History. AIESEC; World Affairs; Barbieri Center; Ivy; Observer; History Club.

CORNING, Dwight B. (Barney), 20 Kill)y St., Boston , MA 02109, Economics & Computer. Hockey, Captain; lacrosse; soccer; SGA; Budget Committee; RA.

CASTLE , Kathryn L . (Kat), Spring Mill Rd ., Glawynne, P A 19035, History. Squash, All-America; Field Hockey; Lacrosse.

COUCH, Laura P., Williston-Northampton Academy, Easthampton, MA 01027, Biology. Swimming, AllAmerica; soccer, co-captain; softball.

CHABOT, Marc A. , Ill Maple St., Somersworth, NH 03878, Economics. Crew. CHAMBERLAIN, Diann C. , 48 Edgewood Ave., Little Silver, NJ 07739, American Studies & Economics. Concert Choir; Musical Revue; RA; Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa; President's FellowAmerican Studies. CHINA TTl, Roland H . Jr. , P.O. Box 204, Falls Village, CT 06031 , Economics. CHRISTELIS, Gary C. (Cracker), 160 Columbia Ave., Cranston, RI 02905, Political Science. Concert Choir; Tripod; Outreach; Barbieri Center. CHRONIS, Charles C., 12 Hodge Rd., Arlington, MA 02174, History. Jesters; PKA; Jazz Ensemble; Christian Fellowship.

COX, Victoria A. N ., II Kendall Rd., Morningdale, MA 01530, Psychology. Chapel Singers; Cerberus, President; tutoring; Ivy.

CIFERNI, Susan E. , 31 Runnymede Rd. , Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922, Economics. Ivy; ConnPIRG; Big Sisters; Cross Country; Tutoring; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu; Faculty Honors. CLARK, Susan C. , 22 Hilltop Rd. , Freehold, NJ 07728 , History. Observer.

CUTLER, Susan E., Middlesex School, Concord, MA 01742, Psychology. Field Hockey; swimming; lacrosse, Captain; KKG.

CLEARY, Richard E., 216 Waverly Ave., Newton, MA 02158 , History. Crew; St. Anthony's.

DALBY, A. Royce, 1214 Round Hill Rd. , Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, History. Tripod,World Outlook Editor, Editor.

CLEMENT, Rachel E., 920 Wellesley Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15206, Psychology. Tutoring; TAAP; Cerberus; Tri-Delta; Senior Class Gift Committee. COCO, Caroline S., 30 Sawyer Rd. Wellesley, MA 02181, French & Italian. KKG; Tripod, Business Manager; Phi Beta Kappa; Faculty Honors; Barbieri Center.

COXE, Theodore S. Jr. 1423 Monk Rd., Gladwynne, P A 19035, History. Pipes; St. Anthony's; Concert Choir; Chapel Singers. CROCKER, H. Christopher, 274 Concord Dr. , Pottstown, PA 19464, History & Economics. Crew; Sigma Nu; Republican Club; Gaming Society. CROMIE, Claudia A. , 62 Rockland Ave., Larchmont, rugby. CURRY, Craig C., 27 Chestnut Dr. , Woodstown, NJ 08098, Biochemistry. Jazz Band; Outing Club; Jesters; PKA.

DAGOSTARO, Nadine C., 764 Central Ave., Westfield, NJ 07090, Biology.

D'ANGELO, Danielle M ., 29-45 215 Pl., Bayside, NY 11360, History. DKE; Outreach; PSA; Barbieri Center; Ivy. DAVIS, Gregory 0., 444 Surfview Dr., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, Psychology. Carilloneurs; WRTC; Tripod; Jesters; Senior Class Gift Committee.


DAVIS, Lori A., 67 Cotswold Way, Avon, CT 06001, American Studies. SGA; Budget Committee; RA; PC; TCAC; President's Fellow- Modern Languages; Senior Class Gift Committee; Class Secretary. DAY, Evelyn M. (Lynn), 630 Carlsbrooke Rd. Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, American Studies. Crew; Barbieri Center; Senior Class Gift Committee. DeDOMENICO, Joseph B., 53 Second St. , Hamden, CT 06514, English. Football; Bantam Barbells; Sigma Nu; Republican Club. DeMAJEWSKI, Grace E., 20 Satterlee Re. , New Fairfield , CT 06810, Classics. Presidents Fellow- Classics. DENETTE, Laura L., 41 Essex St. , Deep River, CT 0641 7, Biochemistry. Cerberus. DeROSA, Franca L., 66 Mapleton St., Hartford, CT 06114, English. Tripod; RA; Outreach; tutoring; Big Sisters. DETWILER, william F., 1603 James Rd. , Williamsport, P A I 770 I, Political Science & Computer. St. Elmo's; Senior Class Gift Committee. DEY ANNEY, James F., 371 Platt Hill Rd. , Winsted, CT 06092, Biology. Phi Beta Kappa. DEVELIN, Jeanne A., II Nanset St. , Medfield, MA 02052, Economics. KKG; AIESEC; Faculty Honors. DION, Catherine H ., 429 King St. , Raynham, MA 02767, French & Russian. Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa. DISCENZA, David F., 701 New Britain Ave., Rocky Hill, CT 06067 , Political Science. Republican Club, President; Observer; SGA; Sigma Nu . DOBBS, Craig H ., 16421 Barnstable Cir., Huntington Beach, CA, History. DONAGHY, Stephen B., 3903 Ardleigh Dr., Wilmington, DE 19807, Economics & Computer. Football. DONHAM , Rachel, 269 Upland Rd., Cambridge, MA 02140, Biology. Crew. DONKERVOET, John C., 5015 Falls Road Terr., Baltimore, MD 21210, Psychology. DOROSHOW, Kenneth L., 7902 I_vy La. , Baltimore, MD 21208, Philosophy. Pipes. DOYLE, Christopher J. , II Oxford Rd., Manhasset, NY 11030, Economics. DOYLE, William J., 32 West Greenville Rd., Greenville, RI 02828, History. Squash, Captain , AllAmerica 1981-85. DREW, Stephen R ., 19 Cloelia Ter. , Newton, MA 02160, History & Studio Arts. Indoor-Outdoor Track; Sigma Nu; AIESEC; IFC; President's Fellow-Studio Arts. DROUET, Ashley, 999 Burr St., Fairfield, CT 06430, Philosophy. Rugby; RA; Senior Class Committee. DUFFY, Michael R. , 2515 Cozumel Dr., Tam"pa, FL 33618, Economics. Observer, Founder, Editor; SGA; Budget Committee; Legislative Intern; Phi Beta Kappa. DUGGAN, Steven J., 52 Rhodes Ave., Riverside, RI 02915, History.

EISLER, Peter R., Box 403, RDI "Sweets Crossing", Nassau, NY 12123, English. DKE; Ultimate Frisbee; Orchestra. ELlA, Barbara C., 61 Johnson Rd., Winchester, MA 01890, History & Economics. RA; Tutoring. ELLIOTT, Christopher J ., 13 Meadow Way; Meriden, CT 06450, Music & Biochemistry. Jazz Band; Republican Club; Crew; Orchestra; PKA; President's Fellow- Music. ELSAS, Scott P., 280 Greenway Rd ., Ridgewood.Ridgewood, NJ 07450, Political Science. Football; Club; History Club. ELTING, Lynn E., 44 Charles St. , West, #4 109, Toronto, CANADA M4YIR8, ICS. RA. ELWOOD, Michael D., 3422 Grove Pl. , Columbus, IN 47203, Intercultural Studies. RA; Hockey; Psi U; Track. ERSKINE, Martha J ., 1410 Lomita Dr., Pasadena, CA 91106, English. Crew; Barbieri Center. ESTY, Miles D. N., Box 11000, St. Thomas, VI 00801 , History. St. Elmo's. FARRIN, James S., 376 Hampshire Ct., Wyckoff, NJ 07481, Philosophy. PKA; Phi Beta Kappa. FEE, Sydney B. , 45 Center St. Nantucket, MA 02554, Economics. Soccer; lacrosse. FINN, Patrick W., 25 Hotchkiss Pl., Torrington, CT 06790, Political Science. Football, Captain; AXP. FISKE, John N. Jr. , 41 Summer St. , Weston, MA 02193, History. WRTC; St. Anthony's; Senior Class Committee. FITZPATRICK, Thomas V., 9 Devon Hill Rd., Baltimore, MD 21210, History. WRTC. FLANAGAN, Robert D., 395 Chestnut Hill Rd ., Stamford, CT 06903, English. Crew; RA; PKA; Senior Class Gift Committee. FLANDERS, Sonia S., 3714 Harrison St. NW, Washington, DC 20015, Modern Languages. FORD, Kimberly A., 2004 Centreville, Belleville, IL 62221, Psychology. KKG: Tripod; RA. FORMISANO, Maria M., 58 Rumstick Rd., Barrington, RI 02806, Biology. Outreach; RA; tutoring. FORTE, William R., 35 Old Farm Rd., Dover, MA 02030, Chemistry. Sigma Nu; TCAC. FOY, Mary Ellen (Mel), 15 Northview Rd., Murrayhill, NJ 07974, Economics. KKG; Diving. FRANK, Barry A., 9 Davison Lane East, West Islip, NY 11795, Biology. GABRIELLE, Louise M., 331 Bushy Hill Rd., Simsbury, CT 06070, French. GASS, Douglas P., 69 Woodbridge Ter., South Hadley, MA 01075, History. Tripod; Pi Gamma Mu; Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa. GELLER, Alyson L. , 713 North Walden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210, English. Tennis; Review; PSA. GELLMAN , Stephen K., 4674 Garfield St. NW, Washington, DC 20007, Religion & History. Tripod, Sports Editor; WR TC; Senior Class Gift Committee.

DYER, Rex r., Exeter Rd., Haverford, P A 19041 , Economics. Swimming, Captain; AD.

GEORGY, Michael Y., 221 Pine Swamp Rd. , Cumberland, RI 20864, History. Squash; Middle East GERBER, Kathryn C., 2706 Wadsworth Rd., Shaker Heights, OH 44122, History. Women's Center Jesters.

ECONOMOUS, Vasilea M., 6 Cypress Rd. , West Hartford, CT 06117, Political Science. Dance Club; AIESEC.

GIGAS, Harald, 59 Birchwoods Dr. , Madison, CT 06443, Economics & Computer. Crew. GILBERT, Donna H., 3404 Shepherd St., Chevy

DURKIN, Eileen M ., 33 Longfellow Rd., Worcester, MA 01602, Intercultural Studies. Outreach; Crew; tutoring; President's Fellow-ICS; Big Sisters.


ElLENBERG, Mara E., 196-32 53rd Ave., Flushing, NY 11365, English. Tripod; Review, Managing Editor; Barbieri Center; Connecticut Student Poet.


Chase, MD 20815, Art History. Softball; Tennis, Captain; Barbieri Center; Faculty Honors.

HATFIELD, Catherine L., 942 Tirrill Farms, St. Lois, MO 63124, Philosophy. DKE; Tripod.

GILMOUR, Elisabeth B. (Lisa). 18 Devon Rd., Summitt, NJ 07901, Psychology. Crew; Barbieri Center; Faculty Honors.

HA YBER, Richard E., 104 Wellswood Rd., Amston, CT 06231, Philosophy. Basketball; Track.

GLASER, Roberta L., 36 Highland Ave., Fair Haven, NJ 07701, Engineering. KKG; Crew; rugby; SWE; IFC; SGA; Orchestra. GOLDRING, Diane, 1212 Austin St., Evanston, IL 60202, Philosophy. Crew; TWO, President; Phi Beta Kappa; President's Fellow- Philosophy. GONZALEZ, Christina M., 69-17 Olcott St. , Forest Hills, NY 11375, History. Debate Team; Cerberus; Chapel Singers; Tutoring; Tripod, World Outlook Editor.

HAYDEN, L. Joy, 26C Bradbury St., Cambridge, MA 02138, Psychology. SGA: Outreach; RA; Psychology Club. HEALY, Jennifer Malone, 328 Porter St. , Manchester, CT 06040, English. HEEKIN, Christopher R. , 5 Stanley La., Cincinnati, OH 45226, English & Religion. HELSON, Jean-Luc (Luc), 27 East 95th St. , New York, NY 10028, International Relations. Waterpolo; 路 swimming; Barbieri Center; Currency Exchange Club; Ultimate Frisbee; tutoring.

GONZALEZ-RIVERA, Orlando, 15 Calle, H-14, Jar- HERR, David H., 13 Cemetary Rd., Union, CT 06076, dines de Caparra, Bayamon, PR 00619, Psychology Biochemistry. & Modern Languages. Wrestling; Psychology Club; HIGGINS, Floyd T ., Hawthorne Hill, Newtown, CT La Voz Latina; Dance. 064 70, American Studies. Ass't College Organist; GOODMAN, David J. , 96 Lunch Hill Rd., Oakdale, Tripod, Editor; Pipes; Concert Choir; Watson FelCT 06370, Economics. Football. lowship. GOSLICKI, Daniel P., RFD I, 31 Fleetwood Dr. , HIGGS, Laura D., 9 Wildmere Ter., Concord, NH Plainville, CT 06062, Engineering. 03301, Economics. Field Hockey, Squash. GRAFIN von MOLTKE, Kirsten, 80 Wethersfield HILLAS, Lynn A., Box 8, Gwynned Valley, PA 19437, Ave., Hartford, CT 06114, English. Psychology GRANADE, Erik B., 161 Longview Dr., Princeton, NJ HOGAN, Christopher V., 175 Park Dr., Eastchester, 08540, Economics. Squash; St. Anthony's; Crew. CT 06611, Economics. Crew; Ad, President; SGA; IFC, President; President's Fellow- Economics; Big GRANGER, Sarah H., 10400 Montgomery Ave.;:-Box Brothers; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu; RA; Eco31, Kensington, MD 20895, Economics. nomics Club. GREEN, Daniel W., 8 Dobbin La., Rolling Hill EsHOPKINS, Robert B., 45 Warrenton Rd., Baltimore, tates, CA 90224, Biochemistry. MD 21210, Economics. Squash; lacrosse; AIESEC. GRIMALDI, Andrew C., 29 Mansfield Rd., Nortb HOPLEY, George W., 16 Pine Ridge Rd., Greenwich, Haven, CT 06473, Engineering Engineering. CT 06830, Economics . Soccer; AIESEC; crew; GRYBOSKI, David M., 60 Oakwood Dr., New Britsquash. ain, CT 06052, Economics. Crew; PKA; Rugby. ~ . HOQUE, Nina N ., 3 Edenbank Ter., Dartmouth B3A GUNTHER, Patricia A., 80 Hyde Ave., Rockville, CT 353, Nova Scotia, CANADA, Political Science. 06066, Biology. Phi Beta Kappa; Faculty Honors. World Affairs; RA; Barbieri Center. GUTHRIE, Camille A., 968 Weed St., New Canaan, HORKY, Julia A., 638 Kelton Ave. , #3, Los Angeles, CT 06840, History. Tri-Delta, President; Senior CA 90024, Studio Arts. Offhand; Art Club; Barbieri Class Gift Committee, Chairman; Class Agent. Center. GUTKOWSKI, Theresa A., !54 Rosemary La. , South Windsor, CT 06074, Biology. HALLETT, Scott D., 110 Woodberry La. , FayetteNY I 0709, History. Crew; AD; Tripod; Review; Barbieri Center. HAMEL, Marc R ., 51 Forest St., Worcester, MA 01609, Mathematics. Baseball; AXP. HANCOCK, Martin J., 152 Pitkin St., Manchester, CT 06040, Biology. Outing Club, President; Outreach; RA. HANDELMAN, Jeffrey L., 12 Aurora La., New Rochelle, NY 10804, Mathematics. Chess Club; Republican Club; Tripod. HANLEY, Tracey L. , 311 Twin Peaks La., Alamo, CA 94507, Sociology. Outing Club; swimming; Photo Club; Fencing; Jesters; President's Fellow- Sociology. HARGRA YES, Lauren A., 51 Knight Rd. Ext., Framingham, MA 01701 , Economics & Computer. Cerberus, President; AIESEC, President; Big Sisters; PSA; Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa. HARRIS, Edith R., II Dorset Cir., Andover, MA 01810, American Studies. Swimming; Outreach; tutoring. HARTHUN, Matthew J ., Rt. 2, Box 92A, ManakinSabot, VA 23103, Engineering. Football; Track; Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa; Big Brothers.

HORNE, Prudence G., 24 Mayflower Rd., Winchester, MA 01890, Art History. Soccer; squash. HOWARD, Christoher S. (Kip), 24 Mountain Rd., Farmington, CT 06032, History. HUBBARD, Stimson B. (Tim), 39 Sunny Hill Dr., Madison, CT 06443 , History. Outing Club; Ultimate Frisbee. JABOUIN, Jean E. Jr. , 130-57 235th St., Laurelton, NY 11413, Intercultural Studies. Football; TCB, President; Track; Basketball Manager; Outreach. JACOBSON, Michael A., #6, 312 Columbus Ave., Boston, MA 02116, Biology & Environmental Studies. Outing Club; Dance Club; DKE; President's Fellow- Urban & Environmental Studies; TWO. JANNEY, David F., RFD, Lyme, NH 03768, Inercultural Studies. Soccer; crew; squash; Middle East Club. JOHNSON, Krister F. , 27 Fox Meadow Rd., Scarsdale, NY 10583, Biology & Religion. Cross Country; Tripod. JOHNSTON, Kim M ., 42 River Wind Rd., New Canaan, CT 06840, Psychology. Tennis; squash; TriDelta. KANEKO, Miyuki, 182 Knoll Dr., Hamden, CT 06518, Psychology. KKG; ASIA; tutoring; Outreach; Senior Class Gift Committee. KAPTEYN, Kate M., Box 183 State Rd., Richmond, MA 01254, American Studies.


KEZER, Ann B., 26 Shadowbrook Rd., Shrewsbury, NJ 07701 , History. Concert Choir; Tripod; crew; rugby. KIMBALL, Kirsten M., 83 Beacon St., Marblehead, MA 01945, French & German. Dance Club; Faculty Honors. KIMMICK, Gretchen G., 11 Baldwin Dr., Midland Park, NJ 07432, Biochemistry. Cerberus; Tri-Delta; Chapel Singers; Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa. ville, NY 13066, Biology. Lacrosse; Fencing; Christian Fellowship; Outreach.

MACCARONE, Rosemary G., 117 New Britain Ave. Hartford, CT 06106, Economics. MAHER, Laurie A., 767 Woodtick Rd., Wolott, CT 06716, Studio Arts. MAHLER, Perin H., 8410 Eustis Farm La. , Cincinnati, OH 45243, Philosophy. MALLAT, Ann Marie, 24 Jennison St., Keene, NH 03431 , Biology. RA; Field Hockey. MANAKER, Seth A. , 10 Morningcrest Dr., West Hartford, CT 06117 , Urban Studies. Psi U; Big Brothers.

KIPNES, Paul J., 296 Long Pond Rd., Marstons Mills, MA 02648, Religion. St. Elmos; T AAP; Hillel; Phi MARTE-ABREU , Michele M., 78 Del-Rey Dr. , Mount Vernon, NY 10552, History. ConnPIRG; Beta Kappa. W~rld Affairs; Big Sisters; Pi Gamma Mu; tutoring; KIRKPATRICK, Lori B., 346 Pine Point Rd., HousPhi Beta Kappa. ton, TX 77076, Philosophy. MARZULLI, Peter A. , 175-26 Henley Rd., Jamaica, KISE, Jefferson B., 1213 Waverly Walk, Philadelphia, NY 11432, English. PA 19147, Economics. Crew; Psi U. MASTRO, Tracy A., 2158 River Rd., Schnectady, NY KISH, Steven A., 94 Belridge Rd., Bristol, CT 06010, 12309, Biology. Silences; Offhand. History. After Dark; Phi Beta Kappa; World Affairs; MATHIEU, Peter F., 62 Greenfield St., Pawtucket, RI Faculty Honors; Ivy. 02861 , Political Science. Football; AXP, President. KLEIN, Katherine W., 22 Berkeley Rd., Westport, CT 06880, History. KKG; squash; Cross country; track; MAXON, Patricia A. , 8909 North Lake Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53217, Economics & Spanish. Tennis; ski路 tennis. team. KLIMCZAK, John R., 66 Johnson St., Newington, CT 06111, Economics & Computer. Crew; Jazz Band. McALOON,, James E., 26 Pioneer Rd., Hingham, MA 0~043, History. Football; AXP; Senior Class ComKOCHNOWICZ, John, 15 Lewis Point Rd., Buzzard's mittee. Bay, MA 02532, Political Science. Football. KOVAGE, Kimberly A., RD 1, Hoosick Falls NY McCORMAC, Michael T., 48 Myltiadou, Athens, 12090, Biology. Jazz Band; Concert Choir; RA'; RC; g~;e~~;路 Music. Soccer; Softball; Chapel Singers; Orchestra. McDONALD, Robert E., 33 Keep Ave., Paxton, MA LAGANA, Domenic M. , 11 Fern St., Rocky Hill, CT 01612, Economics & Computer. Football; Psi U. 06067, Political Science. Soccer; Sigma Nu. McDONOUGH , Jane S., 33 Murray Hill Cir., BaltiLANDRY, Deanna M. , 17 Linwood Dr., Bloomfield, more, MD 21212, Engineering. SGA, Treasurer. CT 06002, Studio Arts. Tutoring; RA; TCB; ASIA; McGOWAN, Michael J., 410 East Walnut St., BloomPA. ington, IL 61701 , History. Baseball. LANG, Jeffrey H. , 6 Sprucewood La. , Westport, CT 06880, Political Science & Computer. Squash; ten- McKEOWN, N ancy B., 118 Sinclair Ave. , Cranston, RI 02907, Political Science. Cerberus; tutoring. nis; SGA; AD; RA. LAZARUS, Stephen S., 2 Pinehurst La., Cincinnati, OH 45208, History. Outing Club; Silences.

McNAMARA, Timothy W. , 4 Colony St., Ansonia, CT 06401, Political Science. Football.

LEE, Kathleen V., 86-88 Vernon St., Hartford, CT 06106, Studio Arts.

MELVIN, Vincent P., 488 Cherry St., Durham, CT 06422, Physics. Soccer; Basketball; Ad; Outreach.

LEE, Mark F., 1321 Farmington Ave. , West Hartford, CT 06107, Economics. Soccer; DKE, Treasurer.

MERRILL, Andrew M., Box 404, Randolph, VT 05060, English. Crew; PKA; RA; RC.

LEES, Matthew D., 40 Park Dr., Ossining, NY 10562, Physics. Hillel, President; Cerberus.

MILLER, Jonathan H., 10 Mohegan La. , Reyebrook, NY 10573, Philosophy. Crew.

LETCHER, Benjamin H., 41 Stonehedge, Kingston, RI 02881, Biology. Ultimate Frisbee; Jazz Band.

MILLER, Julie E., 67 Bourne St., Auburndale, MA 02166 , Mathematics & Computer. Crew; RA ; rugby; tutoring.

LETOURNEAU, Linda R., 14 Jeanette Ave. , Lewiston, ME 04240, Biochemistry. SGPB; Softball; Basketball Manager.

MILLER, Thomas B. (Tib), Old Turnpike Rd. , Canaan, CT 06018, Engineering. Baseball; RA.

LEWIS, Catherine S., 15 Coleytown Rd. , Westport, Ct 06880, History.

MILLETT, Catherine M., 198 King's Highway, W. Springfield, MA 01089, Economics. Spanish Club; AIESEC; Barbieri Center.

LEYDECKER, Criss A., 1100 Mar West, Tiburon, CA 94920, English. Soccer, Captain; Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa. LOONEY, Jeanine M. , 942 Linwood Pi. , North Brunswick, NJ 08902, Economics. Tennis; SGA.


MOLNER, John P., 280 Cedar Ave., Highland Park, IL 60035, History. Faculty Honors; Observer; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu.

LOPRESTI, Angelo P., 4765 Madison Ave., Trumbull,

MONAGHAN, Thomas S. (Sandy), 605 Pembroke Dr., Bryn Mawr, PA 19010, Economics. Soccer; AD; squash; tennis.

LUKE, Chandler B., PO Box 323, Yorklyn, DE 19736, History. Tri-Delta; Field Hockey; lacrosse.

MONNES, Jeanne E., Old Colony La., Cromwell, CT 06416, Biology. Soccer; track; basketball.

LUNG HAMER, Joseph L. , 4269 North Willoway Ct., Bloomfield, Ml 48013, Philosophy & Religion. Golf; Psi U; Big Brothers.

MOORE, Jonathan T., 5188 Palisade La. NW, Washington, DC 20016, Intercultural Studies. DKE; Jesters; squash.

LYTE, Laurie A., RR 3, North Scituate, RI 02857, English. Tri-Delta.

MOORE, Matthew T., 3 Windemere, Braintree, MA 02184, Theatre & Dance. Jesters; Ivy; Cinestudio.

in g. MORAN, Donald B., 5 Echo La., Norwalk, CT 06851 , History. Tennis. OKUN, Nancy R. , 154 Magnolia Cir. , Longmeadow, MA 01106, Studio Arts & Psychology. Soccer. MORAN, Robert A., RFD 2, Bailey Hill Rd., Dayville, CT 06241, Biochemistry. PKA, President; Cinestudio路 Christian Fellowship; SGPB; Holland Scolar- OLES Barbara A., 600 Torringford St., Torrington, ship; Jazz Band; Carilloneur; Faculty Honors; Phi CT 06790, Spanish. Softball; tutoring; Spanish HonBeta Kappa; President's Fellow-Biochemistry. or Society. MOUGHALIAN, David A. , 11 Cleveland St. , High- OLIVER, Karen L. , Box 46, South Thomaston, ME land St., Highland Park, NJ 08904, Philosophy. 04858 , Russian & Soviet Studies. ConnPIRG; Cross Country; Outreach; track. CHAT; DKE; Jestors. MOYLE, Cynthia D., 22 Blackberry La., Keene, NH PALLUOTTO, Stephen J ., 50 Old Hartford Tpke., 034 32, Russian Studies. Concert Choir; DKE; Crew; Hamden, CT 06517, Biology. SGA; Republican Faculty Honors. Club. MUGFORD, David A. , 65 Forest St. , New Britain, CT 06052, Biology. Waterpolo; swimming; Ultimate Frisbee. MUNCH, Cynthia A. , 15 Royce St., #23, Allston, MA 02134, Art History. WRTC. MUNTEAN, John V., 5667 Cascade Dr., Lisle, IL 60532, Chemistry. MUSICANT, Steven A. , 23 Meadow Dr. , Brookfield Center, CT 06805 , Philosophy. Hillel; PKA; World Affairs; Crew. NASSIRI, Javid, 189 East Post Rd., White Plains, NY 10681 , Biochemistry. NEBIKER, Karin C., Grange Rd. #2, North Smithfield , RI 02895 , American Studies. NEWMAN, Paul A., 1923 Milwaukee St. , Delafield, WI 53018, History. Budget Committee; Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa; Legislative Intern . NICHOLS, Pamela R., 171 Chapin Pkwy., Buffalo, NY 14209, Political Science. Big Sisters; DKE. NIEDMAN, Carl J ., 1648 Straits Tpke. , Middlebury, CT 06762, Biochemistry. NOLA, Marissa R., 34 Highwood Rd., East Norwich, NY 11732, Economics. Cerberus; Big Sisters; Barbieri Center; tutoring. NOONAN, Evelyn D., 152 Cedar St. , Wethersfield, CT 06109, Psychology. NOR TON Alan E., 63 Charlemont St., Boston, MA 02122, History . Wrestling; AD, Vice President; rugby. NORTON, Stephen J., 16 Garland Rd., West Hartford CT 06107, Political Science. WRTC-News; Con~ert Choir; SGA, President; World Affairs; B~d颅 get Committee, Chairman; Class .Agent; Semor Class Gift Committee, Chairman; Senior Class Committee; Legislative Intern.

PANKIN, Ann W., 684 West Ave., Albany, NY 12203, Economics & Psychology. Tennis; swimming; ski; Tri-Delta; AIESEC. PARKER, Mark G., 244 Shennecosett Pkwy., Groton, CT 06340, Biology. Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa; Cinestudio; Golf. PARSONS, Frederick P., Back Rd., PO Box 95, Brooklin, ME 04616, Economics. AIESEC; Cinestudio. PASIEKA, P. Susan B. , 23 Grasshopper La.; Acton, MA 01720, Economics. AIESEC; Cross Country. PASSARELLI, Lawrence N. , RD I, Box 171 , Lafayette, NJ 07848, Engineering. PATTERSON, Anne C., "Wallisk Close", Scarsdale, NY 10583, Art History. Big Sisters; Crew. PERELES, David J., 99 New St. , Nutley, NJ 07110, Engineering. DKE; Big Brothers. PERLOW, Karen J ., 5104 Redwillow Ct., Tampa, FL 33624, Theatre & Dance. Jesters. PICONE, John V., III, 79 Leighton Blvd., Cumberland, RI 02864, Philosophy. SGA; soccer; T AAP; lacrosse; AD. PILGRIM, Jeffrey E., 718 Holyoke Rd., Westfield, MA 01085, Biology. Soccer, Captain. PINGEL, J. Spencer, 2234 Vallejo Ave., San Francisco, CA 94123, Economics & Political Science. St. Elmo's, President; squash; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu; Faculty Honors. PINNEY, William G., 27 Stonebridge La. , West Hartford, CT 06107, Psychology/ Phi Beta Kappa. PINTO, Marc R., Cairns Pl. , Belle Meade, NJ 08502, International Relations. PIOTROWICZ, Karen R., 12 Lenora Dr., West Simsbury: CT 06092, English. WRTC; Cinestudio; DKE; tutoring.

O'BRIEN, Kathleen A. , 12 Jeffrey Dr., Wallingford, CT 06492, Biology. Field Hockey; softball; SGA; PLUMB, Sonia M ., RFD Box 42, Washington, VT Budget Committee. 05675, Theatre & Dance. Concert Choir; Cinestudio; Dance Club; Vice President; Outing Club. O'BRIEN, Phillips P., 115 Sargent St. , Newton, MA 02158 , History & Philosophy. SGA; Budget Com- POOLE, H. Scott, 1451 Hunsecker Rd. , Lancaster, PA mittee, Chairman; Observer; Tripod. 17601 , History. Tripod; tutoring. O'BRIEN, Robert E. , 109 Buckingham St., Meriden , POPKIN, Nancy J ., 8317 Fairview Rd. , Elkins Park, CT 06450, Computer & Mathematics. Chapel Singcrosse; RC; tutoring. ers; Cinestudio; President's Fellow- Computer CoPOTTER, Peyson W., 43 Elm La., Bronxville, NY ordinate. 10708, Economics. KKG; AIESEC; Cerberus; IFC. O' BRIEN, Stephen T., 6.4 Weskora Ave., Pleasantville, NY 10570, Political Science. St. Elmo's; AIESEC. POTTER, RaJa 1., 366 South Main St., New Britain, CT 06051, Modern Languages. WRTC; Phi Beta O'CONNELL Janet E., 25 Hathaway Dr., Garden Kappa. City, NY 11,530, Computer & Mathematics. Christian Fellowship; DKE; President's Fellow- Math- POWELL, Robert W. , 102 Phillips Brooks Rd ., Westwood, MA 02090, History & Philosophy. Wresematics. tling; AD; rugby. O'CONNER, Kathleen E., 9 Marinus Dr. , Glen Rock, NJ 07452, English. Concert Choir; Class Commit- PRICE, Norman T., Box 886, Chataugua, NY 14722, Biology. Outreach; PSA; tutoring. tee; Musical Revue; Dance Club; Review. O'DONNELL, David F. , 33 Thurlow Ave. , Revere, MA 02151, Economics. Cross Country; Track; tutor-

PROCTOR, Ann K., RFD 2, Stickney Hill Rd., Concord, NH 03301 , History. Crew, Captain; Orchestra;


Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu. PROSPER, Paula A., 20 Cornelia Ave. , Ballston Lake, NY 12019, Studio Arts. RC; Review. PRUETT, Ronald C. Jr., 69 West St., Beverly Farms, MA 01915, Political Science. AIESEC; SGA; Barbieri Center. RAFTIS, Timothy J., 190 Springfield St., Summitt, NJ 07901, Economics. Waterpolo; swimming; AD. RAGLAND, Sarah E., 17 North Chatsworth Ave. , Larchmont, NY 10538, English. Phi Beta Kappa; Faculty Honors. RAPP, J. Christopher, 27 Ostego Rd., Worcester, MA 01609, History & Computer. Track; AXP. REBMAN, Laura A., 2000 Papermill Rd., Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006, Art History. REFALVY, Karen E., 110 Center St., Clinton, NJ 08809, Psychology. REID, Samuel S., Heron Hill, Kittery Point, ME 03905, English. Crew; St. Anthony's; SGA. REILLY, Mary C., 156 Hunt Dr., Princeton, NJ 08540, English. Tennis, lacrosse; Tri-Delta; Barbieri Center. RENAUD, Paul E. , 215 Lee Rd. , South Deerfield, MA 01373, Biology. Concert Choir; Trinity Papers; Jesters. REX, Iric L., 200 Bay Point, Swansea, MA 02777, Biology. RITTENBERG, Suzanne R., 370 Eastwood Ct., Englewood, NJ 07631, History & English. RITTER, Maria-Meta Z., 350 South Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, FL 33480, Art History. President's Fellow-Art History. ROBIN, DavidS., 56 Country La., South Hadley, MA 01075, Physics. Outing Club; Golf. RODGERS, Karen M., 7 Trotwood Dr., West Hartford, CT 06117, Psychology. Soccer; basketball; !aClub. RODNEY, David H., 995 Hopmeadow Rd., Simsbury, CT 06070, Engineering. Waterpolo; ski team; scuba. ROSENFELD, Maria, Bay Lane, Watermill, NY 11976, History. Track; tennis; Earth Week; ConnPIRG; Senior Class Committee. SADINSKY, Howard J., 1011 Arbutus St., Middletown, CT 06053, Biology. Cross Country; Tripod; Ivy, Sports Editor; Jesters; Cerberus; Hillel; Vice President; T AAP; RA. SARGRAVES, Scott G., 318 Commonwealth Ave., New Britain, CT 06053, Biology.

NY 11771 , Intercultural Studies. Concert Choir; KKG; President's Fellow- ICS; Chapel Singers. SCHWARTZ, Anthony E., 21-19 Croton Lake Rd., Katonah, NY 10536, Political Science. DKE, President; SGA. SCOTTI, Maria A., 132 Evergreen Ave. , Hartford, CT 06105, English. SEARS, Courtland P. III, 2 Carter St. West, Manchester, CT 06040, Chemistry. Outing Club, Treasurer; Faculty Honors; swimming; President's FellowChemistry; Phi Beta Kappa. SENICK, Nancy L., Sch~l St., Middlefield, Ct 06455 , Computer & Engineering. Concert Choir; SWE; Chapel Singers. SENNETT, Scott D., 73_ High St., Norwell, MA 02061 , Psychology. Football; AXP; Admissions Interviewer. SENSALE, Michele D., SS.J..,ancelot Dr., North Haven, CT 06473, English & 路Philosophy. Softball; Outp A 19117, Biology. Ivy: ConnPirg; Earth week. SHAKELFORD, Kelly F., 75 Standish Dr., Ridgefield , CT 06877, Economics. SHAPIRO, Richard M., 615 Nottingham La. , Dickenson, TX 77539, Biology. Crew; Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa; President's Fellow- Biology; Jesters. SHAUGHNESSY, Mark J., 53 Sylvan Rd. North, Westport, CT 06880, Economics. Football; lacrosse. SHENNIB, Omar A., 57 Danforth La., West Hartford, CT 06110, History. Faculty Honors; History Club; President's Fellow- History; Phi Beta Kappa. SHERMAN, Elanah R., 757 Cooke St., Waterbury, CT 06710, Religion. SHERMAN, Wendelyne A., 173 Dunham St., Southington, CT 06489, Chemistry & Philosophy. SHERRILL, David K., IS Cedar Ledge Rd., West Hartford, CT 06107, Economics. Cerberus; RA; SGA. SHIELD, Joseph M., 5 Greenhill Pkwy., Brattleboro, VT 05301, English. Football; Baseball; AXP. SHIPLEY, N . Louis, 12 Crestwood Rd., Simsbury, CT 06070, Economics. Hockey; SGA; Christian Fellowship; AIESEC; Faculty Honors; RA; RC; Observer. SIEBEL, Barbara J., 1238 National Ave., Rockford, IL 61103, German & Russian. Track; Cross Country; tutoring. SILVER, Barry N ., 10 Tulip Tree La. , Woodbridge, CT 06525, Political Science. Lacrosse; Hillel; Class Committee; Sigma Nu; IFC; Psychology Club; Phi Beta Kappa; Gaming Society.

SANTOS, Dulce M., 147 Ashland Ave., Newington, SLOAD, Michael T. , 2975 Falmouth Rd., Shaker CT 06111, Spanish. Spanish Honor Society; Faculty Heights, OH 44122, Political Science. Hockey; Golf; Honors. RA; Psi U; Legislative Intern . SCHACHT, James G., 4300 North Riverside Dr., Co- SLOAN, M. Hunter, 3 Willow La., Farmington, CT lumbus, IN 47203, Philosophy. Psi U; SGA; Out06032, Intercultural Studies. Jesters, Vice President; reach. ASIA; Barbieri Center. SCHICK, Elizabeth A., 17 Stonepost Rd., Glaston- SMITH, Brian M., 54 Selden Hill, West Hartford, CT bury, CT 06033, Religion & Biology. KKG; Chris06107, English. tian Fellowship; World Affairs; PSA; Outreach; SMITH, Kristine E., Girdle Ridge Rd., Katonah, NY Chapel Singers; tutoring. 10536, English & Studio Arts. SGPB; TWO. SCHNEIDER, Nancy J., 4700 Church La., MinnetonSMITH, Mary Johannah, 73 Vernon St., Hartford, CT ka, MN 55343, Psychology. Psychology Club; Dance 06106, Spanish. Crew; Spanish Honor Society. Club; Faculty Honors; President's Fellow- Psychology; Phi Betta Kappa; Psi Chi; tutoring. SMITH, Sarah V., 122 Hawthorn St., New Bedford, MA 02740, English & Art History. Crew; RA; Art SCHOPPERT, Gretchen J., I Alexander Gogelwag, Club; Barbieri Center. Flat 73, 25 17 JD, The Hague, NETHERLANDS, Theatre & Dance. Jesters, Vice President; Concert SMITH, T Neil, 15 West II th St., Apt. 3A, New York, NY 10011 , Economics. Choir; Faculty Honors; Dance Club; Phi Beta Kappa. SOLEY, Kathleen C., 6 Bennington Rd., Livingston, SCHWAB, Katharine L., 34 North Blvd., Oyster Bay,


NJ 07039, History. Crew; basketball; rugby; History

SOLTIS, Dristin L., Snug Valley, Brower Rd., Tadnor, PA 19087, Art History. SOUTHALL, Brooke R. RR 2, Box 97 Freeport, ME 04032, Economics. Crew; St. Anthony' s; Cross Country; swimming; Investment Club. STAMPUL, Eliane, 601 Maywood Ave., Maywood, NJ 07607, American Studies. Tripod, Editor, Managing Editor; Review; Carillon; Cinestudio; Jester; PSA; Senior Class Gift Committee. STARKEY, Peter B., 109 West 77th St., New York, NY 10024, History. Ultimate Frisbee; WRTC. STARR, Robert G., 3272 Judith La., Oceanside, NY 11572, Biology. RA; Humanist Society. STEELE, John-Henry M., 109 Bentwood Rd., West Hartford, CT 06107, Political Science. Lacrosse; DKE; SGA; tutoring. STIFEL, A. Este, "Purton", Rt. 5 Gloucester, VA 23061, Environmental Studies. Soccer; Crew; rugby; Tripod. STINE, Laurie T., 311 Cherry La., Wynnewood, PA 19096, Political Science. Crew; Tri-Delta; Legislative Intern; World Affairs. STODOLINK, Elizabeth A., 52 High Ridge Re., Redding, CT 06896, English.

dent; IFC: SGA; Senior Class Committee. VOYNOW, EllenS., 315 Farwood Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19151, Psychology. Tennis; Hillel; TWO. WAEHRER, Keith, 2580 NE 31st Ave. Portland, OR 97212, Economics. WR TC; Tripod. WAGNER, Reid R., 110 Nelson St., Barre, VT 05641, History. Tennis; rugby. WA.LLERT, Catherine L., 779 Berdan Ave., Wayne, NJ 07470, Computer & Engineering. Fencing, Captain; tutoring; Ivy, Assistant Editor. WALSH, Theodore S., 38 Skyview Ter., Bristol, CT 06010, Economics. Track; Cross Country; AXP. WA.NERMAN, Brian K., 404 Ralston Ave., Mill Valley, CA 94941, Political Science. PKA. WARNER, Kenneth D., 21 Glenrich Rd., St. James, NY 11780, Biochemistry. Lacrosse; Barbieri Center. WEAVER, Scott W., Jaffrey Rd., Malvern, PA 19355, English. WRTC; Outreach; Tripod. WECHSLER, Helen S., 20 Rose Ct. Loudonville, NY 12211, History. Jesters; Tripod. WEINFELD, Jane R., 170 Brookline St., Chestnut Hill, MA 02167, Economics. Concert Choir; Hillel.

STOTT, Sandra, 532 Anchorage Dr., North Palm Beach, FL 33408, Computer & Sociology.

WEISBURGER, Douglas M., 47 Sniffen Rd., Westport, CT 06880, History. Soccer; baseball; Big Brothers; AD.

STREISAND, Adam F. , 465 Badford Rd., Chappagua, NY I 0514, History. St. Elmo's.

WEISSINGER, Sally E., 16 Pleasant St., Northborough, MA 01532, Philosophy. Crew; Outreach.

STROME, Arthur L. , 290 Macy Rd., Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510, History. Squash; tennis; WRTC: Big Brothers.

WELLS, C. Selden, Box 1975, Duxbury, MA 02331, Theatre & Dance.

SUTCLIFFE, Chantel, 51 Powderhorn Dr., Wayne, NJ 07470, Mathematics. Phi Beta Kappa. SZYMANSKI, Carol M., 187 Seymour St., Hartford, CT 06106, English. Carillon; Women's Center; Cinestudio. T ATERONIS, Craig M., 21 Westchester Dr., Auburn, MA 0 !50 I, Political Science. SGA; Legislative Intern; Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa; President's Fellow- Political Science; Holland Scholarship. TAYLOR, John C., 226 East Rearson, Chicago, IL 60615 , Economics & Religion. TEECE, Snadra L., 61 Pawtucket Rd., W. Springfield, MA 01089, Economics. TERRY, Carol A., 128 North Beacon St., Hartford, CT 06105 , Religion. THURMAN, Erica G., 1410 Fresno Rd., Wilmington, DE 19803, History. Cross Country; Track. reach; RA; Tripod, Arts Editor; Questioner; WR TC; PSA. TIGHE, Michael J., 17 Hoyt Ave., Lowell, MA 01852, Urban Studies. Football; AXP. TYSON, Betsy E., 600 West 246 St., Bronx, NY 10471, Urban Studies. ConnPIRG; SGPB. VANDENHOEK, Daphne B., 300 Riverside Dr., New York, NY 10025, Italian & French. SGPB; AlESEC: tutoring; Barbieri Center.

WHALEY, Lynne A., 47 Russe; St., Manchester, CT 06040, Intercultural Studies. WHITEHOUSE, Timothy L., 13079 Woodcrest La., Chesterland, OH 44026, History. Fencing; Ultimate Frisbee. WHITNEY, Andrew G. C., Florida 142, 2 Piso, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, History. WILLIAMS, Douglas J., Route 193, Thompson, CT 06277, History. Cross Country; Chapel Singers; Track. WILLIAMS, Louise, 159 Upland Way, Haddonfield, NJ 08033, Economics. Tennis; Softball. WILSON, Glenn M., 30 Candlewood Lake Rd. South, New Milford, CT 06776, Biology. WILSON, John T., 422 Elm St., Concord MA 01742, Economics. AIESEC: Ultimate Frisbee; Faculty Honors; Phi Beta Kappa. WILSON, Thomas N., 1687 Northampton St., Holyoke, MA 0 I 040, Political Science. WR TC; Cinestudio; TCAC. WIRE, Joseph M., 2617 Le Conte, Berkeley, CA 94709, Economics & Philosophy. Cross Country. WOOL, Deborah L., 731 Oakbrook La., St. Louis, MO 63132, Biology. Tutoring; Crew; Barbieri Center. WORTHINGTON, John H., 106 Garrison Forest Rd., Garrison, MD 21055, Economics. Golf; Psi U. WRIGHT, Louisa W., 240 West Gravers La., Philadelphia, P A 19118, Economics. Crew; KKG; IFC.

VASIL, William T. Jr., 160 Sport Hill Rd., Easton, CT YABLONSKI, Thomas M., Box 345, Smithtown, NY 11787, English. 06612, History. SGA; PA. VIKLUND, Mark W., 110 Gristmill La., Manhasset, YORK, Katherine L., 32 Middlemost Way, Stowe, MA 01775, Psychology. Tutoring; Outreach; Psi NY 11030, Economics. WRTC-Sports; PKA; FaculChi; Phi Beta Kappa. ty Honors; Observer, Treasurer; Phi Beta Kappa. VINCENT, Carin M., 6 Pali Village, Bandra, Bombay, INDIA 400050, Economics.

ZIKOVICH, Michael J., 629 Highland View Ct., Hermitage, TN 37076, Mathematics & Computers. Cinestudio; PKA; Faculty Honors.

VonSELDENECK, Pamela W., 186 Lambert Dr., Princeton, NJ 08540: Political Science. KKG, Presi-

ZIOBRO, Theresa E., 355 Fairfield Ave., Hartford, CT 06114, English.










~ 路 路: rv







Patrons The Accetta Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Adams Dr. and Mrs. Whitney Addington Mr. and Mrs. John C. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Jose F. Amat Mr. and Mrs. George Arvanitis Mr. and Mrs. Dickson B. Baldridge Mr. and Mrs. RichardS. W. Barroll Dr. and Mrs. JosephS. Bennett, IV Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Bivona Mr. and Mrs. William W. Bonneville Dr. and Mrs. Edward G. Bradley Dr. and Mrs. Arnold King Brenman Mr. and Mrs. Brenner James B. Brown Jr. Dr. and Mrs. James S. Butler Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Caskin Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Cass, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Chamberlain Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy E. Coffin Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Conway, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Couch Mr. and Mrs. William Davis Mr. and Mrs. William Dion Dr. and Mrs. Edward V. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dion, Jr. William Dobbs '51 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Donaghy Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Donkervoet Dr. and Mrs. Louis W. Doroshow Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Elliott The Elsas Family

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Erskine Dr. and Mrs. Georgy Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gerber Dr. and Mrs. Allen S. Goldman Mr. and Mrs. David Goodman Dan W. Green Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hallett Mr. and Mrs. Ralph 0. Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Julian T. Hargraves, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. P. Randolph Harris Luther and Ann Harthun Leslyn A. Hayden Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Heekin Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hopkins Carolyn and John Hopley Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Huberth Dr. and Mrs. Peter G. Kimball Marion and Sy Lang Joseph V. LoPresti William D. Luke, Jr. '57 Dr. and Mrs. L. Marte-Abreu Dr. Vincent F. Marzulli Glenway Maxon Mr. and Mrs. Keniston P. Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Molner Mr. and Mrs. Dace J. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Moran Juanita Newman Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Norton Judge and Mrs. Francis J. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. O'Connor Mrs. Frederick P. Parson Frank Patterson Class of 1950 Robert and Marilyn Pinto

George and Doris Plumb Mr. and Mrs. Ivan M. Popkin Eugene W. Potter Mr. and Mrs. Sam Price Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Pruett Ed and Meg Raftis Dr. and Mrs. P. Randolph Mr. and Mrs. William S. Reid Dr. and Mrs. Ira H. Rex, Jr. Mary Oliver Ritter Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Robin John Ryan H. B. Schacht Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Sensale Mr. and Mrs. John Shaughnessy Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Sherrill Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Shield James & Ingrid Siebel Jay and Bev Sload Mr. and Mrs. G. David Stifel Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Strome, Jr. Dan and Karin Thurman H. Peter Van Houten Mr. and Mrs. William E. Viklund Mr. and Mrs. L. Wood von Seldeneck, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William L. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. F. Wallert Charles and Gertrude Weinfeld Thomas L. Whitehouse Elizabeth H. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Wool Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Worthington Jeanne Yablonski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Handelman


Dear Class of '85, When all you dishes are dirty, And your refrigerator is empty, Remember those crazy days in Mather!

Best of luck always, All your friends from



GOOD LUCK Class of 1985




Unsung Heroes It seems that in almost every venture, there are those people who give of their time and talents without wanting anything in return. The '85 Ivy is no different in this respect. This yearbook could not have been created had it not been for the contributions of ten special people: the administrators and staff of the Alumni and Public Relations offices. Without fanfare or having been asked, these people willingly volunteered their help, advice, and resources to see that there was a yearbook for the Class of 1985. They were a constant source of support and encouragment throughout the entire production schedule. For everything they have done to ensure that this yearbook became a reality, the Class of 1985 honors the staff of the Alumni and Public Relations offices, with thanks and respect, as its Unsung Heroes. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Martha Davidson, Assistant Director of Public Relations; Lucy Myshrall, Alumni Office Manager; Kay Davidson, Publications Assistant; Dave Nagle, , Sports Information Director; Bill Churchill, Director of Public Relations; Jerry Hansen, Director of Alumni and Public Relations; Elizabeth McCue, Secretary, Alumni Office; Ann Crumb, Reunion Co-ordinator; Roberta J enckes, Associate Director ofAlumni Relations.


Endpiece When Edith Harris rather innocently asked me about the whereabouts of our yearbook at Homecoming, I never imagined it was a query whose answer would consume the next four months of my life. After investigating Edith's question , I learned that the 1985 Ivy had been abandoned by its original editor. Since it was then seven months behind schedule, the College was prepared to pay off the account and forget the whole project, which would have given the Class of '85 the dubious dis. tinction of being the first class since 1873 to have no yearbook. More through fate than anything else, I was working in the Alumni Office and soon found my mouth volunteering to salvage the yearbook before my brain had fully contemplated the task. While it has been frustrating at times, I look back at my brief and somewhat unusual stint as an Ivy editor and consider it four months well spent. It is difficult to express the sense of accomplishment one feels while watching a 248 page book emerge from a few ideas and some "begged, borrowed, stolen" photos but suffice it to say that I am proud of the 1985 Ivy and consider it a fitting testament to a terrific class. Getting this yearbook completed before we all retired was an enterprise which involved a large number of people who all gave generously of their time and resources to ensure that this book was produced. Cathy Wallert willingly volunteered to be my Assistant Editor and was always there for me to call upon, to commiserate with, or to lay-out a section. Without her help and all the long, weekend afternoons we spent drawing lay-outs, cropping, typing, and trying to figure out whose smiling mug would be placed in which 3x5 space, my job would have been much more difficult. Vickie Cox, Steve Kish, and Carol Szymanski also


proved to be invaluable to our "staff' as they volunteered to copy lay-outs and proofread copy. Again, their assistance and commitment are the reason we have a yearbook now rather than a year from now, and I thank them. There are also those people who generously gave of their time in ways which surpass the scope of responsibility. Gary Scarpa, my friend and consultant from Herff-Jones Yearbooks, was always willing to contribute his time and insights, not to mention his kitchen table, towards our goal. Gary is, to a large extent, the one person responsible for our success and his enthusiasm and support have been greatly appreciated. Thanks Gary, I owe you a big one! A special thanks must also be extended to Herff-Jones itself. Despite the fact that Trinity missed its entire original production schedule, the company went to added lengths to accommodate our unique situation and to guarantee that our yearbook was completed. Also in this category is Steve Forslund of Yearbook Associates. Through Steve's generosity, we have an Activities section because he donated all the group shots after the originals had been lost. It has been a pleasure doing business with both companies and I extend to them a heart-felt thanks . My biggest thanks however, must be reserved for my colleagues and friends in the Alumni and Public Relations Offices at Trinity. Already honored as our "Unsung Heroes", my co-workers gave me constant support and encouragement while I struggled to assemble this book. Jerry Hansen deserves special praise for allowing me the flexibility to pursue this project as part of my established duties in the Alumni Office. Without that kind of support, I could have never made this Ivy a reality.

I must also thank Bill Churchill, Kathy Frederick, Roberta Jenckes, and Martha Davidson of the PR Office for their always professional assistance and advice. The PR Office gave me complete access to their considerable photography files and many of the pictures in this book have their origins here. Sports Information Director Dave Nagle also deserves credit for contributing the entire Sports section photos and information and for always giving me some needed encouragement. The department has been an invaluable resource for me and I think the entire class owes them a debt of gratitude. I would also be remiss to not mention the secretarial staff at 79 Vernon Street. Lucy Myshrall, Elizabeth McCue, Kay Davidson, and Liz Burns were always a source of moral support and listened to their fair share of my trials and tribulations as the Ivy progressed. Kay and Lucy also gave me their assistance with the tedious task of proofing copy; no typo was safe under their eagle-eyed inspection. Another huge "thank you" to Assistant Dean of Students Joe Tolliver and Lois DiCara . Together we discovered the plight of Ivy '85 and attempted to procur those materials connected with the yearbook that were produced but were not in our possession. Although a frustrating undertaking, it was through Joe and Lois' perserverance that the senior portraits were located and the '85 Ivy made complete. My list of thank you 'sis longer but at the risk of slighting someone, let me extend a general sense of appreciation to everyone who donated pictures, wrote letters of encouragement, or who simply called to voice some moral support. There were times when I wondered if my new-found "assignment" was worth it and I can honestly say

that all those calls and letters gave me the necessary resources to drive forward. In many respects, this 112th edition of the Ivy is a unique work, one produced under some strange circumstances. We overcame this challenge and as I said in my introduction, " ... the/vy represents a common standard by which all can remember," although "how and what is remembered will be as different as the many individuals who read it." It is my hope that the 1985 Ivy fulfills this purpose. It has been a privilege and honor to provide this "common standard " to the Class of 1985; may it always keep alive in you the memories and friends we shared together at Trinity College. Lee Coffin Editor


1985 Ivy Staff

Staff Steve Kish Victoria Cox Carol Szymanski Howard dinsky Lisa Bakanas Jennifer Zydney beth Heslop b Anderson Photographers ue Pasieka, Melissa Brown, Daniello l)i Brenner, Lauren Hargraves, Marc Chabot; Karen Resony, Jennifer Zydney, Laura --~lttueJroa. Barbara Elia, Lori Davis, Micbele John Fiske.


CONTENTS Opening .................. 4 Faculty & Administration ..... 30 Campus Life ........ 54 Sports ................... 92 Class of 1985 ..... 138 Closing ............... 222