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$12 Million Campaign Launched By Trustees

'CAMPAIGN FOR TRINITY VA LUES' LEADERS CHAT with President Lockwood after he made the announcement launching the $12 million national fund raising campaign. Left to right are : Stuart D . Watson, College trustee, chairman of the business and industry committee and chairman of Heublein, Inc.; Robert M. Blum '50, national campaign chairman and partner, Silberfeld, Danziger and Bangser; President Lockwood '48; and William R. Peelle '44, College trustee, major gifts committee chairman and vice president of Arrow-Hart, Inc.

Annual Giving Outlook- Good Prospects for a successful Annual Giv ing campaign look good as evidenced by the many gifts and pledges received by Trinity's Development Office through January 20 . The Alumni Fund has received $139,015 in gifts or pledges from 1,413 sources, or 46 % of its goal of $300,000 . Last year during the same period, $119,147 had been received. Forty-six per cent of the funds sought for the Parents Fund have also been pledged or received from 330 donors, who contributed $48,640 of the $105,000 needed. Business and Industry Associates have already given $23,791, or 37 % of the $65,000 sought. The largest contributions percentage-wise to date are from 62 donors to the Friends of Trinity Fund, who have given or pledged $21,075, or 70 % of the $30,000 desired. New contributors include 255 alumni, 98 parents, nine friends and 10 business and industry donors. The Anniversary Club, whose membership includes those g1vmg between $150 and $999, has 413 alumni, parents and friends as members this year: There are 110 new members . Thirty-eight persons have joined the Founders Society for 1974-75 contributing $1,000 or more. Six of these members are new . Applications Rise Applications for admission as freshmen to the College are up slightly from last year. To date, 2,880 applications have been submitted. Last year at this time, 2,828 applications had been received. In 1973, 2,302 persons applied.

Editorial Support Considerable editorial support for the national fund raising campaign has been received from Hartford area media . Reprints of several of the articles appear on page 4.

Descartes Meetings Attract Scholars A very successful two-day colloquium on Rene Descartes, the French philosopher, was held on Saturday and Sunday, January 25 and 26 in Wean Lounge at the College . Topic for the event was "Cartesian Coordinates ." The colloquium was sponsored by the Philosophy Department, the lecture committee and the dean of faculty. Participants included faculty from Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Brandeis, Northeastern and the University of Iceland. Saturday's program began at 10 a.m. with a presentation on "Validating Reason: A Locked-Room Mystery." At 2 p.m ., "Cartesian Dualism" was the topic for a second discussion. The evening program was on the topic "Dualism in Descartes: the Logical Ground ." Sunday's program began at 10 a.m. on the subject "Descartes' Denial of Mind-Body Identity. " "The Representational Character of Ideas and The Problem of the External World" followed at 1 p.m. "The Beast Machine" concluded the colloquium .

The College has launched a national fund raising campaign seeking $12 million for faculty and for academic program, for scholarships, for the library, and for improvement of the campus . Achievement of this objective, according to President Lockwood, "will sustain Trinity as a small college of the highest quality. Undeniably, our nation is in need of strong institutions like Trinity where students can¡ come to grips with important moral, ~ocial, and intellectual issues. Our goal is the continued development of this College as a place where sound scholarship is grounded in a concern for the ethical values of life." More than $4 million has already been raised toward the goal. At a campaign kickoff ceremony held Saturday, January 18 at the College, Robert M. Blum , a New York attorney and national campaign chairman, reported that $4,165,025 in advance gifts and pledges have been received. He said "These gifts, totaling just over a third of our goal, are certainly a great expression of confidence in Trinity, especially in light of our nation's unfavorable econom ic situation. " The College expects to raise $5 million endowment for faculty and for academic program; $2.5 million endowment for scholarships; $1 million endowment for campus improvement; $1 million endowment for the library, and $2.5 million for construction of the new library wing . The appeal is being made not only locally, but nationwide to alumni, parents, philanthropic foundations, business firms and other friends o f the College. In announcing the start of this campaign, Dr. Lockwood said "Trinity today enjoys an enviable reputation, not only for the quality of its academic program, but also for the responsible manner in which we have managed our limited financial resources. Our budgets have been balanced each year and we have increased the income yield from our existing endowment funds. We have done this at a time when many colleges and universities are facing deficit budgets. Yet we realize that if Trinity is to continue to remain competitive with the best educational institutions, and if Trinity is to continue to make a significant contribution to society through the quality of the education we provide, it is imperative that we now increase the endowment base supporting our academic program and facilities." "We are in a situation in which our faculty salaries are not fully competitive; in which our scholarship funds are not sufficient to permit us to help enough qualified students from the lower and middle economic levels; in which our library . is severely overcrowded, and in which rising costs of maintenance cut 'ever more deeply into our annual operating budget, " Dr. Lockwood said .

COVER PHOTO: After announcing the $12 million national fund raising campaign, President Lockwood (center) talks with Robert M. Blum '50 (left) national campaign chairman and Dr. George W.B. Starkey '39, chairman of the College's board of trustees.

"This is why the greater portion of this campaign will go into our endowment. Endowment funds, which are held permanently and invested by the College, provide an annual income yield which supports the operating costs of current programs. Endowment incom e, tuition, and annual gifts are the three chief sources of revenue in Trinity's annual budget, the chief source being tuition. Endowment, however , is an essential resource which enables Trinity to maintain enduring programs of high quality without at the same time putting the costs of these programs beyond the reach of most students. " "The College's endowment of about $26 million is modest when compared to the endowments of the other colleges with which we compete for students and for faculty talent ," Dr. Lockwo od said . 'The new endowment we seek will put Trinity in a better competitive position with these institutions. " Recent figures show Wesleyan with $114 million endowment; Amherst with $75 million endowment; Oberlin with $69 million endowment ; Williams with $58 million endowment and Swarthmore with $52 million endowment. "Central to our academic effort is the Trinity College Library, ~hich in recent years has become too small for the number of books it contains and for the increased number of library users . After careful study, we have determined that the library building must be expanded, and are therefore including a $2 .5 million addition as part of this fund raising campaign, " Dr. Lockwood said. The present library building, constructed in 1952, was expanded in 1967 when a basement floor was converted to provide additional shelf and seating space. However, this was not adequate to meet the increased size of the collection and number of users. The planned addition, based on projections for the next 20 years, will create new shelf space for 200,000 volumes, will provide 250 additional seating spaces, and create additional work space for staff. "We recognize," Dr. Lockwood said, "that economic conditions are not favorable for launching a campaign of this magnitude. But, in a real sense, we have no choice . As our campaign motto points out, this must be 'an extraordinary effort' on the part of many people 'to sustain the values of a Trinity education .' Trinity's needs are intractable needs, and we must act now to meet them. We believe our goal is realistic in light of its importance to Trinity and, by implication, to the community at large." "During and after this capital campaign, we will be continuing to make our yearly appeals for unrestricted gifts to our Annual Giving Funds, which in recent years have raised $500,000 toward the annual budget," Dr. Lockwood added. Present at the announcement were trustees, members of the National Campaign Committee, faculty, stu(see CAMPAIGN, page 3)

CAMPUS NOTES Dr. Sonia Lee, assistant professor of modern languages, recently delivered a lecture, in French, at the University of Rhode Island entitled 'The Image of the Mother in the African Novel of French Expression." Alfred C. Burfeind '64, editorial consultant in the Development Office, has joined the Board of Directors of the Greater Hartford Campus Ministry. The Campus Ministry is an ecumenical program serving seven colleges and universities in the area. Burfeind is also on the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Council of Churches. Ms. Stephanie Woodard, acting director of the Trinity dance program and Ms. Wendy Perron, guest artist in dance, have been awarded grants. Ms. Woodward has received $2,500 from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts in collaboration with Ms. Katherine Gallagher of the New Haven Dance Ensemble. The production which will result from this grant will take place February 15 in Crowell Concert Hall , Center for the Arts, Wesleyan. Ms. Perron has been awarded a choreographic fellowship by the National Endowment of the Arts. Ms. Judith Dworin, instructor in dance at the College, appeared on a program on Channel 30 television in December. Entitled "What About Women," Ms. Dworin was interviewed and presented two original works.


COED CAN'T PUT HER FOOT IN_HEILMOUIH at least not with~_this king-sized Dr. Scholl sandal. Susan L. Reeder, a senior majoring in studio art, poses above with a giant sandal which she made for a class in sculpturing. The sandal was a class project which called for making an everyday object big. Susan worked on the project on and off for about a month, and her finished project resulted in the paper and cardboard creation above. At last report, she was willing to sell her masterpiece. Anyone for a size 61/z, foot that is, sandal?

Dr. Clyde D. McKee, associate professor of political science, has been appointed to the Public Policy Committee of the American Society for Public Administration in Washington. The purpose of the Public Policy Committee is to assist the National Council in defining and addressing a set of problems and issues concerning public administration, and to promote an awareness and concern of the tole of public administration in the service of fie nation. Dr. Richard P. Burton, associate professor of English, is the editor of "Poe as Literary Cosmologer, Studies on 'Eureka', A Symposium" which will be published by Transcendental Books in the Spring. Dr. J. Bard McNulty, professor of English, has been appointed Secretary of the Faculty as of January 15, 1975. Dr. Clarence H. Barber, professor and director of the program in music and Ms. Judith Rohrer, instructor in fine arts, conducted a dialogue on music and art with slides and music as illustration in the Austin Arts Center in January. The program which was co-sponsored by the College's Arts Department and the Hartford Symphony Auxiliary also included an exhibition of paintings loaned by friends of the Hartford Symphony and a concert performed by the Hartford Harp Trio. Seventy-nine Trinity students are studying in foreign countries during the present academic year. Students are in Italy, France, Denmark, Israel, England, Spain, Austria, Greece, Scotland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Puerto Rico.

FIFTEEN STUDENTS ARE AT THE CONNECTICUT STATE HOUSE learning the workings of government. The students are there under Trinity's legislative internship program and function as full or part time legislative assistants for representatives or senators. Above, Andrew M. Paalborg (left), a sophomore majoring in American studies, is briefed by his boss, State Rep. Joan R. Kemler M.A. '72 of West Hartford. Paalborg will assist Mrs. Kemler in committee work and in research on sponsoring and co-sponsoring bills for the General Assembly.

Trinity and the Connecticut State Department of Education recently co-sponsored a one-day seminar on Secondary School Computing at the College. Participants were secondary school students from Connecticut and Massachusetts. The seminar was directed by Theodore R. Blakeslee, associate professor of engineering, assisted by Ms. Sharon J. Laskowski '75. Ms. Laskowski, a mathematics major, plans ¡ graduate study in computer sciences. Blakeslee also conducted a computer workshop in January for the Bureau of Elementary and Secondary Education, Connecticut State Department of Education. The College's computing facilities were used heavily during the workshop. Mr. Blakeslee was assisted by David Ahlgren , lecturer in engineering, and Ms. Laskowski. Dr. Donald D. Hook, associate professor of modern languages, reviewed "Kritische Ges-

praeche" by Crean / Berghahn for the German Quarterly. Trinity's Individualized Degree Program (IDP) was recently discussed on "From the College Campus" on WFSB-TV. Dr. Frank G. Kirkpatrick, director of the program, and Ms. Louise H. Fisher, assistant to the director of admissions for IDP and several IDP students were the guests on the program.

Letter to the Editor Dr . Jerome P. Webster As a student at Holderness School from 1904 to 1908, and at Trinity thereafter, I knew Dr. Jerome P. Webster well and greatly appreciated the fine obituary notice given him in the December 1974 issue of The Trinity Reporter. Jerome (known as Jum and Jumbo in his prep-school days and as Dan in college) was one of Trinity's truly great alumni. That obituary should be supplemented, I believe, by some mention of the Dr. Jerome P. Webster Library of Plastic Surgery in the Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital in New York. I know little of its history, but I do know that it is a remarkable, extensive, and almost priceless, collection of the literature of plastic surgery. Some of the rare volumes in it date back as much as 400 years. That fact greatly surprised me, as I had no idea that this surgical specialty had its beginnings so far in the past. Jerome showed me some of these books and other prizes of the collection in the course of an afternoon's visit two or three years ago. He showed me also two of the many series of photographs which illustrate each step of his most notable plastic surgery operations; these, carefully filed and documented, occupied a considerable volume of filing space and , it seemed to me, should be immensely va luable to other plastic surgeons. S. Herbert Evison '13

Immortals Dinner Friday, May 23, 1975 Details coming, so save llie date!

Trinity Clippings Want to become a personal clipping service for Trinity? Alumni and friends are encouraged to clip newspaper or magazine stories containing items about Trinity or alumni and mail these along with the name of the publication and the date published to: News Bureau Trinity College Hartford, CT 06106


TrinityReporter January / February, 1975

Vol. 5, No.4

Issued seven times a year in September, October, November / December, January / February, March / April, May and June. Published by the Office of Public Information, Trinity College, Hartford, Conn . 06106 . Second class postage paid at Hartford, Connecticut. THE REPORTER is mailed to alum ni , parents, faculty, staff and friends of Trinity. Copies are available to students. There is no charge. Letters for publication must be no longer than 200 words and signed. The printing of any letter is at the discretion of the Editor and may be edited for brevity, not substance. Editor, L. Barton Wilson '37; Associate Editors, Alfred C. Burfeind '64, James F. Wilman; Assistant Editor, Milli Silvestri; Sports Information, Daniel P. Russo '73; Photographer, David R. Lowe; Assistant Alumni Director, Kathleen L. Frederick '71.


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Alumni Office Changes Noted John L. Heyl '66, director of alumni relations since 1970, has resigned to accept the position of director of the Harvard Business School Fund. Kathleen L. Frederick '71, who was appointed assistant director of alumni relations in January 1974, will continue in that post and correspondence should be addressed to her. President Lockwood will study the activities of the office of alumni relations to determine how it may best serve the alumni in the future.

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The Alumni Office does not have addresses for some alumni. If you have information on the whereabouts of the alumni listed below, please contact the Alumni Office, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut 06106. Thomas J. Conroy, Jr. '11 Edward T. Macauley '22 Alden H. Crandell '38 Nicholas A. Sica '43 John C. Thompson '46 Henry L. Montgomery '48 Bruce K. Nicholson '48 Charles P. Osborn '49 S. Dickson Winchell '49 Godfrey N. Nelson '51 Hugh M. Billingsley '51 Gedman A. Vedeikis '52 John L. Wentworth '52 John D. Mechling '55 John J. Bonsignore '57 David D. Doolittle '57 John D. Shields '57 Richard D. Polley '58 Samuel W. Sargent '58 Nicholas A. Zessoules '58 Harold E. Strass '59 John W. Foster, Jr. '60 Edward H. Mellor '60 John A. Miller, Jr. '60 Robert S. Morgan '60 Arthur Perrow III '60 Robert L. Puffer '60 Jay B. Howard '63 Barry McCutcheon '63 Guy E. Morrison '63 Peter N. Casadei '64 Robert W. Rudnikoff '64 Thomas A. Kelly, Jr. '66 Robert R. Madama, Jr. '66 Michael Billington '67 Peter L. Milford '67 Robert H. Field¡ '68 William L. Grant '68 William P. Shortell, III '68 Alan S. Winter '68 Van C. Alford '69 Kejen P. Corsa '69 Maurice Cravens '69 Howard H. Harris '69 Robert C. Moore '69 Russell W. Parks, Jr. '69 Michael J. Plummer '69 Zymund Roth '69 Ronald N. Smith '69 Richard E. Tosi '69


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CAMPAIGN (from page 1)

William R. Peelle, Jr.

Field Director For Campaign William R. Peelle, Jr. has been appointed Field Director for the Capital Campaign in the Development Office. A graduate of Episcopal rligh School, Alexandria, Virginia, he received a bachelor of arts degree from Trinity in 1970. Before returning to the College, he served as executive assistant to the secretary of the Illinois Department of Transportation.

dents, and administrators. Dr. George W. B. Starkey, chairman of the board, read a resolution voted by the trustees at a meeting just prior to the announcement ceremony, which stated in part: "For more than 150 years Trinity College has sought to combine sound scholarship with concern for the moral implications of all learning. Believing this purpose to be in the best interests of society, and believing that Trinity can best continue this purpose by remaining a small college of the highest quality, the Trustees of Trinity College today announce, and give their wholehearted support to, a fund raising campaign for $12,000,000 to sustain the values of a Trinity education." Chairman Blum pointed out that the campaign is now in process of soliciting "maror gifts," of $10,000 or more, and that a general solicitation of alumni and friends of the College would not begin until this fall or later. Publications describing the campaign were also distributed, including a 16-page brochure outlining the scope and purposes of the campaign. The campaign plans were prepared by a National Campaign Committee, headed by Blum, and including Henry

Adrien P. Mally

Tripod Editor' Adrien P. Mally, a 21-year-old junior majoring in urban studies, is the new editor-in-chief of The Trinity Tripod, student newspaper. She is the third woman to hold the post. She succeeds James W. Cobbs, Jr., a junior from Greenwich, Connecticut, who is now business manager of the publication. Editor of The Viking, the student newspaper at Atlantic City (New Jersey) High School before coming to the College, she joined The Tripod as a copy editor in her freshman year. While an exchange student at Dartmouth last year, she was an editor of the Daily Dartmouth. She was also a member of the Dartmouth Outing Club and the Environmental Studies Committee. Ms. Mally plans to change The Tripod's current four column_format to five columns, which she feels will create a more attractive layout and will better reflect the tone and content of the newspaper. She also plans changing headline styles.

S. Beers '18, of Glastonbury, a trustee emeritus and retired chairman of Aetna Life & Casualty; Lyman B. Brainerd '30, of West Hartford, a trustee and retired chairman, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.; Ostrom Enders of Avon, a trustee emeritus and retired chairman, Hartford National Bank & Trust Co.; Mrs. Walter H. Gray of Hartford, a trustee and chairman of the Friends of Trinity Committee; Konrad Kruger '75 of Trenton, Michigan, chairman of the Students Committee; President Lockwood; Robert K. Mooney of Hartford, chairman of the Parents Committee and President of Hartford Despatch & Warehouse Co., Inc.; William R. Peelle '44, a trustee and chairman, Major Gifts Committee, and vice president of Arrow-Hart, Inc.; Dr. Edward W. Sloan III of Hartford, Chairman of the Faculty Committee and associate professor of History at Trinity; David R. Smith '52 of Holyoke, Mass., co-chairman, Alumni Committee and vice president, National Blank Book Co.; Dr. Starkey; Douglas T. Tansill '61 of New York, trustee and co-chairman, Alumni Committee, and vice president, White Weld & Co., Inc.; and Stuart D. Watson of West Hartford, trustee and chairman, Business and Industry Committee, and chairman, Heublein, Inc.

National Campaign Editorial Support The announcement by President Lockwood which kicked off the $12 million national fund raising campaign for faculty and for academic programs, scholarships, the library and for improvement of the campus, has received considerable editorial support.

The Hartford Times

January 26, 1975

Help Trinity College Trinity College is involved in a national campaign to raise $12 million for expansion of its scholarship program, for general campus improvement and for expansion of its library. The campaign is worthy of widespread support from the Greater Hartford community. The college has already raised more than one-third of its goal, but collecting the balance will be no easy task in view of the state of the nation's economy, but it is the very state of the economy that has made the campaign necessary. Trinity President Theodore D . Lockwood finds that Trinity is no longer fully competitive in faculty salaries; scholarship funds are insufficient to help enough potential students from the diverse backgrounds that add much to the college; the library is overcrowded ; and rising costs of maintenance cut CV('r more deeply into the school's annual operating budget. Dr. Lockwood. in announcing the campaign sa1 , Tnmty Colleg~ o ay-

West Hartford News

Printed below, with permission of the respective publishers, are several editorials which appeared in the Hartford area shortly after the campaign announcement was made.

The Hartford Courant

Trinity's Extraordinary Effort As Hartford's own Trinity" College publicly embarks on a national effort to raise $12 million for multi-purpose use, the thought occurs how confidently we could face the future if only money were needed to shape and assure it. Suddenly, we are reminded once again that money is now and evermore will be only the means to an end. It is important that Trinity reaches its monetary goal but it is infinitely more important that its purpose be attained.

enjoys an enviable reputation. not only for the quality of its academic program, but also for the responsible manner in which we have managed our limited . h financial resources." And it ts wort noting that Trinity has maintained balanced budgets at a time when many colleges and universities are facing severe budget deficits. The objective can be spelled out more sueTrinity has beâ‚Źn an integral part of cinctly than the purpose. The objective is simpthe Greater Hartford community for 150 ly to provide new gift capital for the following needs : Faculty, $5 million; scholarships, $2.5 years. There has been a long tradition of million; library, $3.5 million, and campus, $1 cooperation and assistance that has gone million. These priorities, we are assured, have both ways over the decades, and that been carefully allocated and the distribution is cooperation has benefitted the communithe best judgment of the college administration ty culturally, economically. socially and and trustees. So much for the money. educationally. What will really matter in the response to When the community has needed Trinity's fund-raising campaign is the measure assistance that Trinity could offer. Triniof endorsement of its purpose. Nothing could be ty has been there. 1\ow. as in the past. more rewarding, nor bode better for the future, when Trinity needs assist:lnce. the comthan to have the campaign succeed because munity. too. will be there to provide it. givers felt they were contributing as much to The Stlccess of the campaign will dethe dignity of man as to his knowledge. pend on donations both large and small Youth and many of the teachers of today -and none are too small. It is a worthy give hopeful signs that society at last is stirring _campaign dcserving.Q!_ total C01}_1Q.1Unity_ _ _ _ _--'--" support.

January 23, 1975

$12,000,000 Bravery Trinity's brave armouncement that it is going out after $12,000,000 to "sustain Trinity values," has more than an educational message for these parlous times. The decision puts into action the truism that the time to do anything is when it should be done. Unooubtedly the Trinity brass pondered whether this "is the time to ask for contributions." Their answer "yes" is fulfillment of the Trinity leadership's responsibility to its students. The 151-year-old college on the hill in Hartford is conscious of its recognition of the nation's "great and continuing need for welleducated citizens who have also learned to apply their knowledge with integrity." Though Trinity claims this as a "distinctive purpose" of a Trinity education, such a questionably singular attribute does not have to be pursued literally. It is sufficient that the well~ucated citizens who make the decisions at Trinity are applying their knowledge with integrity to the intellectual welfare of faculty and student body. They are going to get them the money needed to enable a small college, rich in its profession of the humanities, to keep on giving full value in the developnent of the young men and women entrusted to it. The twin purposes of enlarging knowledge and sustaining ethical values cannot be advanced by short~hanging the next generation. This calls for increased scholarship help to those unable otherwise to go to Trinity, for strengtbening faculty salaries, for improving the library services and keeping up the campus environment. Many colleges are taking the view that some of these things can go mtdone because the ecooomy is currently tight. But everything is relative, and the deicision by Trinity to plough ahead, even when the soil ahead may be a little rocky, is sound policy-making. It is an attitude which hopefully is contagious.

January 19, 1975

to the magnetism of unselfishness, if not selflessness. It is to this end that Trinity and other colleges of its nature and tradition direct their resources and energies. That we have institutions so dedicated and that we have the means to insure their continued existence give us our best hope for the growth and spread of preciously endowed men and women in whom integrity and responsibility are among the chief endowments. The need for American and world citizens in whom basic human values and academic disciplines are inextricably combined cannot be overstated. Trinity itself describes its course of study thusly: to enable students to perceive the inherent value of knowledge and reason, free from ignorance and prejudice; to experience the joy of learning, and to discover the importance of ethical values in living their lives. Society cannot buy such recruits. It can only seek them from sources such as Trinity ; through thoughtfully rigorous training of young minds, the inculcation of values whose high worth is the worth of the individual, and the final development of character which can well mean the difference between a world of darkness and one of light. Such a goal and product are worth not only generous support but eager sacrifice.



1967 GEORGE P. WANTY 3rd to Susan Auchincloss Whipple 1972 JOSEPH D. MESSLER, JR . to Patricia Whitney SUSAN J. ECKELKAMP to Stephen C. Townsend 1973 JO ANNE WILLIAMS to Peter James Coutrakon 1974 MART HA TALMADGE CAREY to Dr. David Lawrence Belding Eldredge CHARLES DAVID KONCZ to Holly Elizabeth Hanau 1972-1974 WILLIAM G. SPEED IV '72 to SHARON L. NASKA '74 1973-1974 DAVID HITCHCO CK BARNES '73 to VALERIE CO PELAND VAN ARSDELL 1974-1975 ALBERTS. LEVEILLE '74 to ANN FEIN '75 MA 1968 BARRY N. CURRAN to Peggy Linahan

1962 Mr. a nd Mrs. BAIRD MORGAN, daughter, Hea ther Elizabeth, December 6, 1974 1968 Rabbi and Mrs . MICHAEL KRAMER, son, Gabriel Melech, December 24, 1974 1970 Mr. and Mrs . PETER ORGAIN, son, Nathan Guthrie, September 7, 1974 1968-1970 Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM PO MEROY (JUDITH ODLUM '70), da ughter, W hitney Anne, July 26, 1974

WEDDINGS 1969 FRANKLIN L. BRIDGES III to Carol Lee Neitlich, December 1, 1974 WILLIAM CONWAY KOCH, JR . to Sara h Elizabeth Jones, December 28, 1974 1971 LESLYE DAVIS to Paul C. Jackson, November 13, 1974 1973 ROBERT KEVIN O 'MALLEY to Emilie H un tly Millett, December 14, 1974 1971-1973 ROBERT VICTOR HAAS '71 to NANCY A VIS TO WNSHEND '73, July 20, 1974 MA 1964 CLAYTON JAMES CURTISS II to Mary Bernadet te Fischer, December 21 , 1974


Mr. Robert E. Cross 208 Newberry St. Hartfo rd, CT 06114

JOE EHLERS was recently awarded a gold medal and certifica te of honor by the scholastic honor society of China, Phi Tau Phi . The society celebrated its semi-centennial in 1972 . It was fo unded by Joe when he served as professor of structural engineering a t Pei Yang University in Tientsin. The separately incorpora ted Phi Tau Phi Society of America , composed of Chinese professors at American universities and men prominent in the professions and in research, last year awarded him a commemora tive plaque.


Mr. William B. Pressey 6 Parkway Hanover, NH 03755

T HEO DORE PECK's wife, Ruth Boyer Peck, has retired from medical writing. Ted helped her edit the firs t hardcover book of her poems which have appeared in periodicals and the New York Times. "Magnificent Pursui t" has 55 poems and 64 pages ; Ted's name appea rs in two or three places. With its


bright red jacket and gold-lettered gray cover, it makes a unique gift or personal treasure. Being personally published, the book is available only from the Pecks, at $4.25 for book and handling. If you wish a copy with an autograph, please state the words you would like. The Peck's address is 210 East Fairfax Street, Apt. 421, Falls Church, Virginia 22046.


Mr. Erhardt G. Schmitt 41 Mill Rock Road Hamden, CT 06514

Sorry that you who are still up and around were not at the game, Trinity-Amherst on November 9, not to mention, TrinityWesleyan on November 16 - two great days for those of us still undergraduates at heart (sometimes). Carol and I had a good visit with GEORGE FERRIS who appeared with various and assorted grandsons. I was pleased to receive a very interesting letter from Ms. Nancy T. Searle, assistant director of financial aid at Trinity, telling of some splendid results of our "Class of 1916 Memorial Scholarship Fund" for 74-75. I quote to you her last paragraph: "On behalf of the College, I would like to express our appreciation for the contribution which the Class of 1916 Memorial Scholarship makes to the financial aid program at Trinity. As you know, needy and deserving students would be unable to enroll at the College without such scholarship assistance." I hope you all read the latest Trinity College Bulletin catalog issue 74-75. Note under "Scholarship," page 212, CHARLES BYRON and Ila B. SPOFFORD bequests with preference for upperclass students with financial needs. This bequest is apparently in addition to his other very significant bequests for general purposes. Great man "Hoppie Spofford," how we miss him! What a great message we all just received from TED LOCKWOOD '48 about the alumni fund and annual giving for 1974-75. Don't forget about "matching gifts" from your companies or former companies. Some companies will match your gifts to Trinity even though you are retired. Try it.


Mr. Clinton B. F. Brill RFD #1, Box 227 Tallahassee, FL 32303

ROBERTS. CASEY was recently advanced to life member of the Iowa Engineering Society and is an emeritus member of the Chemists' Club, New York City. He retired as an abstractor for Chemical Abstracts Service after 25 years.



Mr. N. Ross Parke 18 Van Buren A venue West Hartford, CT 06107

Surely DICK FORD speaks for all of us of 2T6 when he says - "Looking forward to celebrating both the Bicentennial and Our 50th in 1976." Thank you, Dick. 2T6 is so grateful to JIMMY BURR and WALT RILEY for their going last September and seeing PETIE HOUGH and Janet in Nova Scotia and giving them our best. Similarly, we're grateful to NORM and Jean PITCHER for after visiting their daughter, Lorna-Jean, and finding her coming along o.k. They had the pleasure of visiting with good ole KEN STUER and finding him also in good order. We're grateful we can make these favorable reports. How about sending in yours, if you please? It was great this Christmas-time to have a good word from the KACK AVIT ABLES, BILL NICOLL and Georgianna, MARTIE CO LETT A and Lettie, HOWARD and Doris TULE; and to hear from our good BOB SHEEHAN's dear wife, Dorothy; and similarly from our good MILT PELLETT's dear wife; which also goes for FRANK ANIK's dear wife, Virginia ; and it's so good to hear from dear Ruth Glatzer. Gratefully, MERRILL and Helen SHERMAN and grandchildren are all doing well and this also goes for FRANC and Marian PRYOR, Kay Hubbard, HERB and Peg NOBLE . It is great to learn that ABO and Marion NEWELL are looking forward to going to Florida. And it's good to hear favorably from McBURNEY's dear Vera, and above all to have the artistic greeting and poem from ours and Trinity's truly illustrious and revered friends, Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs. The best from your Secretary and his dear wife, Vivian. Gratefully we can report to having expressed the 1974 Chri:;tmas card for the Mechanics Savings Bank here in Hartford. What news have you for us?


Dr. Robert P . Waterman 148 Forest Lane Glastonbury, CT 06033

Our best wishes to BOB WATERMAN on his convalescence from open heart surgery. FRANK MATHES has retired as president and general manager of the hardware division of Emhart Corporation, Bloomfield, Connecticut. Frank was with Emhart for 29 years.

Mr. Bert C. Gable 61 Clearfield Rd. Wethersfield, CT 06109

Because many alumni missed the previous notice, I want to let everyone know that the Class of 1922 award for 1974 went to Marcia J. Speziale '74 .


Pennsylvania, a prominent and distinguished business man in Hartford and particularly a great friend of Trinity. We heartily welcome Crampton to the class. Don't forget your 50TH REUNION in late May; dates, schedule and program will be forthcoming.

Mr. Raymond A. Montgomery North Racebrook Road Woodbridge, CT 06525

DAVE HAD LOW is distinguished gifts chairman on the alumni steering committee for the annual alumni fund. CHUCK MORRIS is president of the Milton, Massachusetts Historical Society. He is the author of a book published recently in connection with the national bicentennial celebration, The Story of the Suffolk Resolves, which narrates the incident of Massachusetts Colonists' adoption of resolutions in 1774 submitted to , and accepted by, the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. The resolutions, addressed to the British Crown, condemned suppressions exerted by the Crown not only on Bay State colonists, but also the other twelve colonies. Chuck will be very active in Milton's celebration of the bicentennial, which will begin in that town on the 200th anniversary of the Resolves. Now retired, he was head of the English department at Milton Academy, Milton, Massachusetts. Chuck and his wife, Sarah, are in excellent health and very active in Milton affairs. Our class recently took in a second honorary member (at the Amherst game luncheon) in the person of CRAMPTON TRAINER, a graduate of the University of


Julius Smith, D.M.D. 242 Trumbull St. Hartford, CT 06103

HUGH CAMPBELL writes he saw some friends from Trinity on a business trip to San Francisco. He says he is "getting older and enjoying it. "

can be packed into a one car garage. The birds are for Andy!


After completing 39 years with Texaco , HENRY SAMPERS has elected to take early retirement at 62. He looks forward to playing golf, fishing, boating and generally travelling to see this country and some of the other world areas. Henry writes that his two heirs, a son and a daughter, are both happily married and have eleven children between them, and part of his travelling will take him to New Jersey and Long Island visiting them. A welcome letter from ED BOEGER says he has installed his new hacienda at 180 Boca Ciega Point Blvd. South, St. Petersburg, Florida 33708 (Shed McCook take note) . Ed retired from the State National Bank in Connecticut and moved all the way down to orange blossom country. your secretary was able to see three games this fall and Trinity won two of these. Talked to GEORGE (CHAPPlE) WALKER at the Wesleyan triumph. He mentioned DENNY FARNELL was also there.




Your Secretary chatted with AL SCHACK who is at his home at 892 North Main Street, West Hartford, Conn. 06117, recovering from a serious auto accident. Also talked with V AHAN ANANIKIAN who also is home recovering from an operation. While in New York City before Christmas, I called on DICK THOMAS who teaches French at the Rhodes School, 11 West 54th Street. We had a pleasant chat and I showed Dick the fine pictures of '34s 40th which GRAHAM DAY and BRYANT GREEN had kindly sent me. Dick is in good health, and was leaving that evening for two weeks in Italy. Have had two good talks with JOHN SOUNEY whose son, Sean, is a senior at Guilford (Conn .) High School, and is applying to Trinity for next September. Phyllis and I called on ANDY ONDERDONK just before Christmas and were amazed to note how many bags of bird seed

Mr. Herbert R. Bland R.C. Knox & Co. P.O. Box 930 Hartford, CT 06101

DICK MORRIS, now consultant in education at Trinity , was recently honored for his many years of service to the department of education and TEGA by 70 TEGA members and spouses at Hamlin Hall. A book award to be given each year has been established in Dick's name. Dick headed the ReunionHomecoming luncheon table of the first graduate alumni group to attend such an affair. BERN SOLYN has been elected president of Local #2733 of the American Federation of Government Employees at the Veterans Administration Hartford regional office.


Mr. Frank A. Kelly, Jr. 21 Forest Dr. Newington, CT 06111

An early retirement (?) was recently celebrated by JIM SPENCER . Jim, who was affiliated with the State Highway Department of Connecticut for 28 years, earned an early retirement as Chief of Hydraulics and Drainage. However, as of November 1st, he began a new career as First Town Engineer of East Lyme, Connecticut. Besides work, Jim enjoys fishing and golfing, and has five children.

Mr. Martin D. Wood 19 Tootin Hill Rd. West Simsbury, CT 06092

BOB ELRICK proudly reports his son, Bill, is a candidate for an M.A. in Education from Trinity this Spring . AL BOWMAN is professor of history at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. His oldest daughter graduated from the Knoxville campus last summer and he has two children at George Washington University. AI has had 'The Struggle for Neutrality: FrancoAmerican Diplomacy During the Federalist Era" published by the University of Tennessee Press.



Dr. Harry R. Gossling 558 Simsbury Rd. Bloomfield, CT 06002


Mr. Andrew W. Milligan 15 Winterset Lane West Hartford, CT 06117

DICK DOTY has been reelected chairman of the board of trustees of Fort Lauderdale (Florida) College of Business and Finance and has been named a trustee of Jones College, Jacksonville, Florida. Dick was awarded the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Fort Lauderdale University (now Fort Lauderdale College of Business and Finance) .

MANLEY GOODSPEED proudly reports his son, Mark, was selected a member of the Kansas City Star's 1974 All-Metro football team, which is composed of the best high school football players in the greater Kansas City area.

Mr. Robert M. Kelly 183 Kenyon Street Hartford, CT 06105

(Ed. Note) - BOB KELLY resigned as superintendent of schools, Hartford, as of December 1974. Bob ends better than 36 years as teacher, counselor and administrator. He says his plans for the future are indefinite .

42 Mr. John A. Mason 564 West Avon Rd. Avon, CT 06001

Mr. Albert W. Baskerville 73 Birchwood Dr. Derry, NH 03038

NICK MOTTO has been reelected to his fourth term in the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut, representing the second district of Hartford.

Mr. John L. Bonee McCook, Kenyon and Bonee 50 State St. Hartford, CT 06103

MAURICE GUILLET has been promoted to director, personnel administration field management department, Aetna Casualty in Hartford. He writes that his son, Ned, played for Boston College and was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the ¡ 8th round.


Mr. J. William Vincent 80 Newport Avenue West Hartford, CT 06107

CHUCK HAZEN was recently elected vice president and editor of the Institute of Home Office Underwriters at their annual convention in Boston. I.H.O.U. is an association of 850 underwriters from 450 life insurance companies in the U.S. and Canada. Chuck continues to head the reinsurance underwriting department at Connecticut General Life Insurance Company in Bloomfield, Connecticut.


The Rt. Rev. E. Otis Charles 231 East First So. St. Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

CHARLES ARNOLD'S soft-coated Wheaten Terriers continue their winning ways. His C.H. Shaughnessy of Sunset Hill was 7th in the U.S. and he says of the top 10, four were Sunset Hill Wheatens and others were out of Sunset Hill dams or sires. Charles started with these soft shaggy Irish dogs when there were only 19 in the United States and actively participated in their rise to AKC recognition in October of 1973. SAM GOLDSTEIN was elected vice president for Region I, which covers the eastern coast from the District of Columbia to Maine, at the recent annual convention of the National Association for Mental Health . He was also appointed to the organization committee and executive committee. PAUL ROEDEL has recently served as national president of Air Diffusion Council and as president of the West Hartford Chamber of Commerce.


Mr. Charles I. Tenney Charles I. Tenney & Associates 2 Bryn Mawr Ave. Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

BILL COUGHLIN writes that his daughter, Laurie, is a sophomore at Central Connecticut State College in New Britain, Connecticut and that his son, Matt, played freshman football at Wethersfield (Connecticut) High School. Bill and his wife, Marilyn, were recently in Bermuda as godparents of Kieran Smith of Warwick, Bermuda .


Mr. James R. Glassco, Jr. 8532 Georgetown Pike McLean, VA 22101

PORTER CLAPP is now president of CMI Equipment, Inc. , Union Beach, New Jersey . CMI specializes in the sales and service of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Porter lives in New York City with his wife Arlene (sister of DON WOLFORD) and four children. JOHN ZAZZARO has been awarded a fellowship in the American Academy of (Continued on page 6)

6 (Co ntinued from page 5)

General Dentistry and is continuing his post graduate studies . WEN STEPHENSON was recently elected a vice president of the Noah Webster Foundation and West Hartford Historical Society.


Mr. Douglas C. Lee 628 Willow Glen Dr. Lodi, CA 95240

BOB HUNTER has been promoted to second vice president in the urban investments division of Connecticut Mutual Life in Hartford.


Mr. Theodore T. Tansi Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co. 1 American Row Hartford, CT 06103

For the past few years, TOM HILL has had his own packaging machinery business, King Sales and Engineering Company . He is active in the Western Packaging Association and will be serving as president during 1975 . Tom, his wife, and two children enjoy sailing, backpacking and cross country skiing.


Mr. Edward A. Montgomery, Jr. 42 Lower Sloane Street London, S.W . 1, ENGLAND

TOM SULLIVAN writes he is still claim attorney for the Aetna Insurance Company, Hartford and continues local political activity. He says he is reading Joyce for entertainment not credit. JIM STREETO is practicing endocrinology in Hartford, and has 5 children. GORDON BATES is director of volunteer services for the Connecticut Prison Association, a private non-profit organization celebrating its 100th anniversary in correctional rehabilitation. Gordon has been in this position since 1969 and says he enjoys every minute of it . He and his wife, Wanda , have four children: Cynthia (14), Susan (11), Kar:en,J7) ancLI inda -15 1..~~--~~---" JIM MURPHY has been elected to the board of directors of The United Bank and Trust Company of Hartford.


Mr. Paul B. Marion 7 Martin Place Chatham, NJ 07928

CHRIS PERCY was recently named "Man of the Year" by the Trinity Club of Hartford. He is executive director of the Connecticut Valley Watershed Council. MYRON PISETSKY, who is an assistant clinical professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Connecticut Medical School, also continues as director of the group therapy training program at the Institute of Living in Hartford . Myron was recently nominated for fellowship in the American Psychiatric Association. DYKE SPEAR says the practice of law remains a jealous mistress but in 1974 he promoted three closed circuit TV heavyweight fights in 16 cities. With Ali back on top, he expects more activity in '75. Dyke has been elected president of the Trinity Club of Hartford and has been selected for inclusion in "Who's Who in Connecticut. "


Mr. Robert C. Langen 2 Sachems Trail West Simsbury, CT 06092

TONY VIGNONE was recently promoted to senior vice president of Computer Systems and Education Corporation in East Hartford, Connecticut. Tony is author of a receivable management software proprietary package currently being sold internationally. Adding to his laurels, he has been commissioned an honorary Kentucky Colonel.


Mr. Del A. Shilkret c! o Millbrook School Millbrook, NY 12545

FRANK MORSE, senior vice president of United States Trust Company, has been elected trustee of the Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts. He resides in Newton,

Massachusetts with his wife, 'Nina, and their two sons, Thomas and Peter.


Mr. Barnett Lipkind 8 Union Ave. , E-5 Norwalk, CT 06851

DAVE GATES has been transferred from Exxon's New York headquarters to their principal Japanese affiliate in Tokyo . Dave is manager of business climate analysis which deals with what is happening in the Japanese economy, energy and oil situation. He would like to hear from any of the '62 crowd. His address: c / o Esso Standard Sekiyu, P.O. Box 14 Ahasaha, Tokyo 107 Japan. Dave, his wife, Nancy and their two children (Megan, 5 and Susan, 1) live in Yokohama. CHARLES BISHOP and his wife, Edie, had their first child, Timothy Wyman, on March 22nd of last year. Charles says he enjoys living in Palo Alto, California with -easy access to Stanford University where advantage can be taken of their courses and lectures. For the past two years he has been vice president-controller of Foremost-McKesson Building Products, San Jose, California. DAVE THOMAS has a new job as surgery research coordinator at the Veterans Hospital in Newington, Connecticut.

recently voted down once again a mass transit system . . . they still want their freeways here ). Tom loves Denver- especially its life style with plenty of skiing in the winter and tennis in the summer. He reports that his brother BILL PASTORE is now in San Francisco, California with Hospital Affiliates and shuttles back and forth between San Francisco and Florida . A newspaper clipping from the "Darien Review" in Connecticut indicates that WALTER SEIBERT was recently appointed an assistant secretary of the United States Trust Company of New York. After graduating from Trinity and serving in the U.S. Army, Walter joined the trust company as a college trainee in 1970. He now lives with his wife, Barbara, and their son in Stamford, Connecticut. Congratulations, Walter . Another Walter deserves congratulations. WALTER HARRIMAN received a good Christmas present with his promotion to vice president of U.S. Imports here in Los Angeles, California. At UCLA, where I'm still working part time on an MBA, I ran across MIKE McLEAN's older brother Ephraim who is aft Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Management. He reported that Mike's been in the Bethesda Naval Hospital with a slipped disc. Having slightly injured my back I can imagine how painful it must be. Let's hope you get well soon, Mike . For those of you who want to wish him well, you can write him at his home address at 5523 Mitcham Court, Springfield, Virginia 22151. Incidentally, Mike has decided to make the Navy a career so when he's got his back straightened out he'll be going to Destroyer School in Newport. To get more news I just called RICK STULTZ who's living up north in Palo Alto, California with his wife and is now working just four blocks away from his home for Hare, Brewer and Kelley, a commercial real estate development and property management company. He reports that DAN HADEN has recently come back from an architectural fellowship program in Madrid, Spain and that NATE RA TH is back from the Peace Corps in Tunisia. Where are you now, Dan and Nate? And in case you didn't notice- I've moved - to a condominium in Westwood which is the UCLA area of Los Angeles. It's got two bedrooms so if any of you are coming West you have a place to stay.

as an epidemic intelligence service officer at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. ANDY SHAW has graduated from Rutger's Law School in Newark and is working for Marvin Schondorf in Dover, New Jersey . Andy was admitted to practice on December 10, 1974. DAVID WOLFF is one of four graduate students at the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College awarded a Thomas Gorden and Grace Clarke Murdaugh Scholarship for 1974-1975. DAVE JANKOWSKI, who was admitted to the Colorado Bar in October of last year, has joined the law firm of White & Burke of Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado. Word from JOHN GRZESKIEWICZ is that he graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law last May and is now job hunting. BILL MUDEN is now working for the Hartford Health Department in environmental health.

Miss Arlene A . Forastiere 1700 York Ave ., 1-L New York, NY 10028 PETER HARTMAN has beeh promoted to instructor at the New England Merchants National Bank in Boston, Massachusetts. All those who were at St. Anthony Hall on Mr. Timothy F. Lenicheck Alumni Weekend are thanked for the warm 152 Willow Avenue welcome which they gave the group "Brian Somerville, MA 02144 MacDonald and The Electric Cowboy. " Sound familiar? If not, listen to the sound EMMETT MILLER recently married . His track album of The Planet of the Apes which wife, Nitza, will be helping him in his selective the group has just completed. ROGER awareness work which Emmett does in BRIGGS has been playing lead guitar with the addition to a very busy internal medicine group since August 1973. They have also just practice in Carmel, California. signed a recording contract with a New York ED TRICKETT, a member of the producer. psychology department at Yale, recently PAUL BASCH is now employed as a continued his folk singing activities with a relocation officer for the Enfield, Connecticut concert at the Joy of Movement Center in Redevelopment Agency which is working on Cambridge, Massachusetts. one of the last conventional Urban Renewal ANDY YOCOM, who has been vice Programs. president of programming for Connecticut BEN FOSTER reports that after a two year Public Television, has begun a new job with stint as a fellow with the Center for the Study the Public Broadcasting Service in Washingof Public Policy, Cambridge, Massachusetts, ton, D .C. He will serve as coordinator of he has returned to the less-than-serene programming for PBS and will oversee the atmosphere of Hartford . Ben is presently planning and evaluation of public television's teaching sociology at Asnuntuck Community national program schedule. College, Enfield, Connecticut while he ==---=~~~~---"'=-~=~~~~~~"""""'-'""' -=-=~"'=-======-!~his d..octor<~kl;:Ie..a.Ddllis wi e,.JiazeL_ have an 8 month old son, Bayete. The Rev . David J. Graybill PHIL McGOOHAN is one of two graduate Mr. Joseph L. Reinhardt 213 Cherokee Rd. students awarded Colgate Marketing Fellow1113 Dixon Blvd. Henderson, TN 37075 ships at the Amos Tuck School of Business Cocoa, FL 32922 Administration at Dartmouth College in New DAVE CARRAD has become associated Hampshire. FRED CASTELLANI has been appointed with the law firm of Mor.ris, Nichols, Arsht & After graduating from Duke Law School assistant director, customer service, in the Tunnell in Wilmington, Delaware. Dave now last May, BILL BORCHERT passed the group pension operations at Connecticut lives at 220 Thomas Drive, Wilmington, Connecticut Bar Exam in September and is General Life Insurance Company, Bloomfield, Delaware 19807. now associated with Halloran Sage, Phelan Connecticut. and Hagarty in Hartford. PAT REDMOND has opened an office for PIETER CRUSON is employed as a dental practice , limited to orthodontics, in programmer-analyst at the Institute ot Living Dr . Randolph Lee Rochester, New Hampshire. in Hartford. Office of College Counseling KEELY COSTELLO writes he is still in the LESL YE DAVIS JACKSON has returned to Trinity College Navy and is presently attached to the naval North Texas State University for a Masters in Hartford, CT 06106 legal service office, naval support activity in counseling. Since graduation she has been Seattle, Washington. He says he recently saw I've heard from three of you since last working in radio and TV commercial Capt. SAM ELKIN in the Philippines and that month - not a very good record for a class of production for a large ad agency and still Sam is presently a military judge with the almost one hundred times that size. BOB freelances some. Leslye's husband, Paul, Marines and is stationed in Okinawa. WHITE writes that after graduating from works for an airline and she says they plan to JIM NATHANSON has finished internship Western New England College School of Law do a lot of traveling. at Hartford Hospital and is now at the last May, he was admitted to the Connecticut National Institute of Health in the laboratory Bar on October 8, 1974. Bob has a new home of neuropharmacology . at 8 Beverly Road, West Hartford . Enjoying an unusual occupation is BILL PHIL MURPHY has moved back to New GRANT who played Santa Claus at Lord & Mr. Jeffrey Kupperman England from Ohio, gladly he says, and is Taylor in Stamford, Connecticut. Bill is a 1629 Jena St. now project leader for all the Lynn, divinity student and hopes to attend Harvard Massachusetts cost systems for General New Orleans, Louisiana 70125 Divinity School this semester. Electric. HAM CLARK has become associate Finally, Connecticut Mutual wrote to director of admissions at the Pomfret School inform us that RAY CAVANAUGH has been in Pomfret, Connecticut this year after serving promoted to associate underwriter at that as an assistant admissions director at company. Ray's living in Middletown, Mr. Frederick A. Vyn Worcester Polytechnic Institute . Connecticut with his wife and son. Where are 10 Tomac Ave . AL FLOYD writes that he has married the the rest of you? Old Greenwich, CT 06870 former Sharon Ann Bingham of Hartford and KEN KOBUS has been appointed manager is now employed as a materials management of the Simsbury, Connecticut branch office of engineer at Hamilton Standa rd Division of Society for Savings. ¡¡ Mr. Thomas L. Safran U.A.C. in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. He 3333 West 2nd St. spends his spare time as an official basketball Apartment 6202 referee in the Hartford area. Los Angeles, CA 90004 TOM ROUSE is the articles editor for the Connecticut Law Review while completing his Mr. Peter N. Campell It's now several days after Christmas and I third year at the University of Connecticut 927 Scott Blvd. , Apt. 4-A have an end of the year deadline to write this Law School. He will become an associate in Decatur, GA 30030 column but with few cards and letters I don't the firm of Ribicoff & Kotkin in Hartford in have much news. We are shocked and saddened to learn of May 1975. I did get several cards, however. One from the death of our classmate, JOE PANT ABILL SPEED is in his third year of law CHARLEY and Candy KURZ; another from LONE, the victim of an auto accident in school at Georgetown University in WashingTOM PASTORE who wrote that he is now Morocco. Our condolences are extended to ton, D.C. and is engaged to SHARON his wife, Betsy, and to his entire family. with the Regional Transportation District in NASKA '74. Denver, Colorado, which was created for the Currently a flexible year intern at Hartford DICK HESS has a thriving band with purpose of developing a mass transportation Hospital in Hartford, JOEL GREENSPAN DAVE TOLAND '74 and DEBRA KORET '73. system for the metropolitan area. (For those writes that he will be joining the Public Health They live at 606 4th Street, Georgetown, Service in July of this year and will be serving of you who didn' t know and do care - LA Colorado 80444 .











As "merely another paper-pushing petty bureaucrat," Commander BOB WHITEHEAD works as a legal research assistant at the Connecticut Planning Committee on Criminal Administration. In his spare time, Bob is completing his third year at the University of Connecticut Law School. RICHARD HALL, an air force 1st lieutenant, is the copilot of a KC-135 Tanker. His address is Box 17415, Rickenbacker AFB, Columbus, Ohio 43217. MIKE SOOLEY works now in Columbia, South Carolina as a systems analyst for Electronic Data Systems. JAY GOODWIN thrives in the beautiful Alp-like valley of Telluride, Colorado. As a ski school instructor during the day, he has just enough energy left to manage his restaurant-night club business at night, but at least he doesn't complain about the skiing any more. CHARLES YEAGER recently opened his own law firm with a partner in Alexandria, Louisiana. He has had only a handful of clients so far but has managed enough fees in order to live on a one acre antebellum estate complete with chandeliers, fireplaces, swimming pool, tennis court, porches, and mint juleps . HARVEY ZENDT works as the soccer, wrestling and lacrosse coach while teaching woodshop, history, and religious education at a Philadelphia area high school. He writes that he is still tempted to take that year or two around-the-world surfing trip.








Mr. Lawrence M. Garber c / o BSF, Box 428 Bassaterre, St. Kitts, WEST INDIES

Word from MICHAEL BATTLE is that he has completed half of his M. Div. program at Duke University's Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina and is doing very well. Mike is studying under a fellowship granted by The Fund for Theological Education. GEORGE SUTHERLAND is now married to the former Donna M . Ryan and is currently working as a graduate assistant in the Trinity ,..--~-=Athletic De artment. HERB SYMMES is attending Teacher's College at Columbia University, New York. For his field work experience Herb is interning at Manchester Community College, Manchester, Connecticut, in administration and counseling. He also teaches a course, "Introductory Sociology." DAVE BARNES is presently attending Cornell Law School and is engaged to VALERIE VAN ARSDELL '74.


Mr. James Finkelstein 3901 Locust Walk, Box 670 Philadelphia, PA 19174

VALERIE VAN ARSDELL is presently working at the Tompkins County Trust Company in Ithaca, New York. JOYCE LAUGHLAN is working as a staff engineer for Southern New England Telephone Company in New Haven, Connecticut. KATHY CRUSON and her husband PIETER CRUSON '71 have a new home at 24 Birdsview Avenue, New Hartford, Connecticut 06057. Kathy is teaching kindergarten in Avon, Connecticut and says she loves it. BOB STARKEY is assistant-director of the Stonington Printmaking Workshop in Stonington , Connecticut and says he shows and sells their art work in a local gallery. SHARON NASKA presently holds a position in the numeric control systems programming department of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford. An October 12, 1975 wedding is planned to WILLIAM SPEED '72. REBECCA ADAMS is studying sociology in graduate school at the University of Connecticut. Her advice to her friends at Trinity is to wait a while before continuing school , since once you are there you are stuck. She says she has seen many Trinity folks at UConn.

named Coach of the Year by the Connecticut High School Coaches Association. DAVE BREWER, after two seasons as a special assignment scout for the Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League, has taken a new position with the New Expansion Kansas City Scouts. He will be the special assignment scout for the New York area, but will continue living in West Hartford and will continue to cover many of the cities having teams in the National Hockey League as well as covering Hartford's new W.H.A. team. JOE DONAHUE has just published his first novel, Someone Watching. It is a suspense novel laid in off-season Cape Cod and he says is described generally by the few who have read it as "terrifying. " He said he managed to get Trinity College on the book jacket by virtue of the fact he did his M.A. thesis on "The Anatomy of the Mystery Melodrama. " Joe says "buy it - and be terrified. " GEORGE MURRAY has been appointed to a two year term on the advisory council of Hartford Cable Television, Inc., West Hartford. MRS. GRETA CHENEY recently presented an illustrated discussion on "The Isles of Greece" at the Berlin (Connecticut) Congregational Church. Mrs. Cheney has traveled extensively in the Near East. GEORGE VANNAH is currently teaching European history at Hopkins Grammar-Day Prospect Hill Schools in New Haven. George has a new home at 29 Westpoint Terrace, West Hartford. BARBARA CARPENTER says she hasn' t anything new to report but is doing the usual things concerned with retirement - club meetings, concerts, plays and travel.

1954 DON BATES, veteran golf coach at Berlin (Conn.) High School, has been

HONORARY 1966 CYRUS VANCE has resigned from the board of directors of Aetna Life and Casualty Company because of increasing commitments to his New York law practice and several other directorships. Mr. Vance is a partner in the law firm of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett of New York City. 1974 EDWARD BATES, president of Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company, has been reelected chairman of the Insurance Association of Connecticut. The L.A .C., organized in 1970, is made up of Connecticut-based insurance companies and represents them in all areas of governmental and public affairs.

Middlefield, Connecticut, and was a member of the University Club of Hartford and the Essex Yacht Club.

WINSOR H. SIMMONS, 1948 Winsor H. Simmons died December 12, 1974 while on a business trip in Toledo, Ohio. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Jane Sheedy Simmons, three sons, Bruce, Bradley and Brian; a daughter, Mary Lane Simmons; a brother, Clark; and a sister, Mrs. Marguerite Pomeroy. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mr. Simmons graduated from Cooperstown High School in New York. After graduation from Trinity in 1948, he joined Aetna Life and Casualty in Hartford . At the time of his death, he was a national sales officer with the Marketing Department at Aetna. A World War II veteran, Mr. Simmons was a coach in the West Hartford Boys Football League.

JOHN S. GRISWOLD, 1949 Word has reached the College of the death of John S. Griswold on June 7, 1974. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Luscomb Griswold; a son, Scott; and a daughter, Elizabeth. Mr. Griswold was a graduate of Hall High School in West Hartford. He graduated from Trinity in 1949 with a B.S. degree, and then attended Rensselaer in Troy, New York. He was a member of Delta Phi fraternity. Mr. Griswold served in World War II with the A.A.F. At the time of his death, he was employed by the marketing sales division of Pratt and Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford.


IN MEMORY ORIE LEON PHILLIPS, Hon. "1955 OrieL. Phillips died November 14, 1974 in Naples, Florida. He is survived by a sister, Mrs. Frank Farmer. His wife died in 1968. Mr. Phillips was a retired senior circuit court judge, having served 52 years on the federal bench. He received his undergraduate education at Knox College in Illinois, and his law degree from the University of Michigan. In 1950, he was the recipient of a medal for conspicuous service for the cause of American jurisprudence from the American Bar Association. Trinity awarded him an honorary LL.D. degree in 1955.

WILLIAM ALBERT JACKSON, 1921 William A. Jackson died November 21, 1974 in Framingham , Massachusetts. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Ruth MacLeod Jackson; a daughter, Mrs. Janet Bosworth; a son, Wilbur Jackson; and five grandchildren. A native of Norwalk, Connecticut, Mr. Jackson graduated from Hartford High School and entered Trinity in 1917 with the Class of 1921. He was a veteran of World War I. For many years, Mr. Jackson was associated with the American Cyanamid Company in Westwood, Massachusetts.

HAROLD S. JOHNSON , 1930 Word has reached the College of the death of Harold S. Johnson on March 23, 1973. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Gladys Purinton Johnson; three children, Theodore, Herbert and Patricia; and five grandchildren. A graduate of Hartford High School, Mr. Johnson entered Trinity in 1926 with the Class of 1930. He was employed as an electronic parts wholesaler by Hatry of Hartford.

FRANCIS W .â&#x20AC;˘ MULCAHY, 1941


1967 MARY M. HESLIN has been named state consumer protection commissioner by Connecticut Governor Ella Grasso. Mrs. Heslin was formerly Hartford Deputy Mayor. 1971 LARRY ANDRIKS is presently working as an assistant editor with the Connecticut Law Journal. 1971 ANN SEROW received her Ph.D. in political science from the University of Connecticut last August and has returned to teaching at the KingswoodOxford School in West Hartford . Congratulations to ANNE GENAKOS who received an award as Outstanding Elementary Teacher of America for 1974. 1972 Also congratulations to JOAN KEMLER who was elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives from the 18th General Assembly District. 1973 ALICE ADOLPH is pursuing a law degree at Western State University College of Law of Orange County in Fullerton, California.

Francis W. Mulcahy, vice president for professional services of Goodwill Industries in Houston, died of a heart attack on October 18, 1974 in Spring, Texas. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Hilda Wainwright Smith Mulcahy; two sons, William and Thomas; two daughters, Mary Lynn and Mrs . Patricia Sarver; and one grandchild.

A Ffartford native, Mr. Mulcahy attended Wethersfield High School and entered Trinity College in 1937 with the Class of 1941. At Trinity, he majored in English , and was active in sports and the Newman Club. He served in the U.S. Army in World War II. From 1955 to 1960 he was an administrator and faculty member of the Medical College of Virginia Hospital in Richmond. In 1960, he joined Goodwill Industries, holding prominent positions in North Carolina, Washington D.C., and Houston. Active in many civic organizations, Mr. Mulcahy was a member of the Rotary Club in Washington, and was on the advisory committee of the George Washington University Medical School Rehabilitation Research and Training Center. He was a member of the President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, a consultant to the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, and a member of the National Conference of Christians and Jews.

ROBERT H. SHULTZ, 1946 Robert H. Shultz died on December 30, 1974 in Middletown, Connecticut. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Heber Shultz. Mr. Shultz graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Middletown, and attended Trinity from 1942 to 1945. He was employed as a machine tool technician for Colt Industries, Inc.

HARVEY EDWARD NOURSE, 1948 Harvey E. Nourse died December 23, 1974 in Haddam, Connecticut. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Wynne Holden Nourse; a son, Andrew; a daughter, Kim; and his mother, Mrs. Linda Nourse. A graduate of Hall High School in West Hartford, Mr. Nourse entered Trinity in 1944 with the Class of 1948. He majored in engineering and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. His fraternity was Delta Phi. He received a B.E.E. degree from Rensselaer in 1950. Mr. Nourse was associated with Raymond Engineering as head of the electronics laboratory from 1956-1967. He also was engaged in real estate investments. He was a trustee of the Independent Day School in

John M. Comley, perhaps Rhode Island's best known radio personality, died December 23 , 1974 of cancer. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nancy Rich Comley, and three daughters Mr. Comley was a graduate of Kent School, Kent, Connecticut, and entered Trinity in 1952 with the Class of 1956. While at Trinity, he was an active member of WRTC. He left rinity to work for radio stations in the Hartford area. For eight years, he had his own show on WKNB in New Britain. He moved to Providence, Rhode Island to join WJAR, where he gained a reputation as a witty, outspoken and controversial figure . At the time of his death, he was talkmaster at radio s tation WICE in Providence.

ARTHUR L. KINSOLVING, JR., 1960 Arthur L. l>.insolving, Jr. died December 4, 1974 in Palm Beach, Florida. He is survived by his parents, the Rev. and Mrs . Arthur Kinsolving ; a sister, Mrs. John Talbott; and two brothers, Augustus and Thomas Kinsolving. Mr. Kinsolving graduated from Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia. He entered Trinity in 1956 with the Class of 1960. He left college to pursue an acting career, and appeared on the stage, in motion pictures and television under the name Lee Kinsolving. He was formerly co-owner of Toad Hall, a restaurant in New York City. At the time of his death , he was manager of the Wally Findlay Galleries in Palm Beach. Mr. Kinsolving's father is the retired rector of St. James Episcopal Church in New York City.

JOSEPH JOHN PANTALONE, 1970 U.S. Marine Captain Joseph J. Pantalone was killed in an automobile accident on December 15, 1974 in Kenitra, Morocco. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Betsy Andronaco Pantalone; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pantalone of New Canaan, Connecticut; and a sister, Beverly. A graduate of New Canaan High School, Mr. Pantalone began his college career at the University of Connecticut. He transferred to Trinity in the fall of 1967. At Trinity, he majored in economics ¡and was a member of Sigma Nu. Captain of the basketball team, he was the first Trinity player to score 1,000 points in two seasons, and in 1970, he was selected for the College Division All-America Basketball Team. Mr. Pantalone entered the Marine Officers Training Program in 1967. He was commissioned a lieutenant in May of 1970 and was promoted to the rank of captain only two days before his death.

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ELEVEN MASCOT PLAQUES WERE RECENTLY DONA TED to the College by Raymond A. Montgomery '25 in memory of the late Glover Johnson '22, H '60, a former College trustee. Montgomery researched, and made 11 plaques, one for each of the institutions in the New England Small College Athletic Conference. Above, Karl Kurth (left), director of athletics, accepts the plaques for the College from Montgomery. The plaques are now hung in the Tansill Sports Room at the Ferris Athletic Center.