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Convocation Address Opens College Year Recent events in the nation pose an important challenge to the liberal arts college, according to President Lockwood. In his annual convocation address opening the academic year (Sept. 5), Dr. Lockwood observed that "Watergate has been a painful reminder of our inability to bring our knowledge and moral sensitivities to bear upon real life situations." In restating Trinity's commitment to the "humanist ideals of deepened understanding and heightened awareness," he stressed that a liberal arts education is more than · simply preprofessional training. Students want the practical, but expect much more, he said. The College's mandate, made even more pressing by recent history, is to provide students with a sense of moral and intellectual responsibility with which to face human problems.



Annual Giving Report Begins On Page 5 ORIENTATION WEEK found 453 new freshmen arriving on campus, The ~lass of 1978 is composed of 245 men and 208 women, who come from 25 states, · the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Jamaica and Italy. When classes began on Sept. 5, the new students brought Trinity's undergraduate enrollment for its 152nd year to 1 ,650.

Grant Supports 4 Professorships Trinity College has received a $ 2 50,0 0 0 matching grant from The Charles A. Dana Foundation of Greenwich, Conn., to establish four supported professorships at the College. The income from the endowment fund created by the grant will be used to supplement the compensation of four full professors. The basic salary of these professorships must be provided out of College operating funds. The supported professorships, combined with other fully endowed chairs, will benefit Trinity in maintaining the high quality of its faculty. The purpose of the supported professorships is to help colleges retain superior faculty members and also to attract new professors with outstanding credentials. Under the terms of the grant, Trinity may choose the particular areas in which the supported professorships will be

awarded. The appointments will be announced as they occur. Trinity is one of 25 colleges and universities participating in the professorship established by Charles A. Dana of New York, an attorney, businessman, and philanthropist.

Internship Program With RPI of Conn Students interested in biomedical engineering will now have the opportunity to study in an actual hospital environment thanks to the efforts of Dr. Joseph D. Bronzino, associate professor of engineering, and Dr. Willard Duff, director of Hartford Hospital's Allied Health Department. An internship program for biomedical engineering students has been established at Hartford Hospital with a grant from the Combined Hospital Fund through a joint undertaking by Rensselaer Hartford Graduate Center (RPI of Connecticut) and Trinity. Bronzino and Duff, who developed the

program, say that they did so in order "to encourage engineering students to apply engineering techniques in a clinical environment and to keep pace with current developments in other areas of medical knowledge and practice." This is the first time such a program has been initiated in an eastern hospital. Dr. Bronzino announced the acceptance of the first student for internship, James Walls, of Branford, a graduate of the University of Connecticut. He will rotate his work assignments through the various operating, laboratory, emergency and other departments during the first year of the internship. During the second year, he will undertake a work project in the area of his particular interest for his RPI master's degree. Instruction will be given by Dr. Bronzino, director of biomedical engineering at both Trinity and R.P.I., together with Dr. Duff, Dr. Harry Kraus and Dr. David Solonche of R.P.I. Students qualifying for internships under the program will have their full tuition paid by the grant plus a stipend of $2,400 per year. Dr. Duff said he hoped to interest a consortium of the eight Hartford hospitals in extending the project to the point where at least six to eight internships will be funded by the start of the 197 5 fall term.

Dr. Lockwood added, however, that the success of a liberal arts education depends as much upon the students as upon faculty and administration. "Ours is an open curriculum ... Do students relate their comparative freedom of choice with their goals as individuals and members of society? Are students prepared to make the question of values central. to tl)eir education?" Students' quests for learning, he said, must go hand in hand with a "sensibility to the meaning of life." In the light of Watergate, Dr. Lockwood said, undergraduate education is clearly faced with the responsibility to find ways to heighten ·the chances that people will "use more successfully their God-given talents to make the hard choices before us, to act with greater ··Qompassion in behalf of humanity and to exemplify greater integrity."

Parents Weekend, Homecoming Events . Set For November Parents Weekend will be held November 1-3, followed by Reunion-Homecoming activities November 8-10. A record turnout is expected for both weekends. PARENTS WEEKEND HIGHLIGHTS Friday, November 1. Frosh football vs. Wesleyan, 2 p.m. Registration, Wean Lounge, 3-5 p.m. Registration, Hartford Hilton, 6-7:30 p.m. Dutch Treat Cocktail Hour, Terrace Room, 6:30-7:30 p.m. Parents Association Dinner, Ballroom, 7:30 p.m. Speaker: President Lockwood. Entertainment: College Concert Choir. Saturday, November 2. Registration and coffee, Austin Arts Center, 8:45 - 9:45 a.m. Speaker: President Lockwood, "Trinity Today," Austin Arts Center, 9:45a.m. Faculty-Student Panel Discussion, Austin Arts Center, 10:30 a.m. Frosh soccer vs. Wesleyan, 10:30 a.m. Parents Association buffet luncheon, Memorial Field House, 11 :30 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. Cross-country vs. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Noon. Varsity football vs. Coast Guard, 1 :30 p.m. Sunday, November 3. Chapel Service. Speaker: Rev. Dr. John E. Booty, 10:30 a.m. Coffee, Lockwood residence, 11:30 a.m. Music at Vespers, Trinity Concert Choir, 5 p.m. (Continued on page 2)

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'The Bantam Oar' Gives History Of Crew Since 1800's

An ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LABORATORY was recently dedicated at the College in honor of the late Dr. Vernon K. K.rieble, who discovered the secret of the now weD-known sealant called "loctite." Dr. K.rieble was.a longtime faculty member, Scovill professor of chemistry and chairman of the Department of Chemistry. After his retirement, he founded American Sealants Co., now Loctite Corp. in Newington, Conn. Taking part in the dedication ceremony, from left, were: President Lockwood; Dr. K.rieble's wife, Mrs. Laura C. K.rieble; Dr. Krieble's son, Dr. Robert H. K.rieble, president of Loctite Corp. and Dr. Henry A. DePhillips, Jr., current chairman of the Department of Chemistry.


CAMPUS NOTES Dr. DORI KATZ, assistant professor modem languages, is acting chairman of Poetry Center Committee for the year while HUGH S. OGDEN, assistant professor English, is on sabbatical.

of the Dr. of

The University of Kuwait in KUwait City, on the northeast tip of the Persian Gulf, will be home for Dr. JOHN EMMETT SIMMONS Ill, associate professor of biology, for the academic year. On ac leave of absence from Trinity, he will be doing research in endocrinology and teaching a course in general physiology.

Barbara C. Mooney, a Triility alumna (M.A. '68), has published two companion books on the Trinity crew, a work she completed after considerable research among old Tripods and copies of the Hartford Courant dating back to pre-Civil War days. This set is now available at the College's bookstore. The first book, "The Bantam Oar," traces the story of crew at Trinity from the early 1800s to the present, mirrors the pageantry of life on the Connecticut River, includes numerous photographs, and features chapters on training and the history of the Henley Royal Regatta. A companion booklet, "Records of the Trinity Crews," lists names, races, and times of the crews throughout the rowing history of the College. and includes comments on major races, with extra pages for racing notes. 路 Mrs. Mooney, at one time a reporter in Europe for the New York Herald Tribune, is a native New Yorker and a graduate of Vassar College. She has lived in the Hartford area for the past 22 years, during which time she has been co-founder of the Alliance Francaise, the Hartford Chapter of the Ripon Society, and is a former president of the Vassar Club. She is the author of "Day Care: A National Proposal." Married to Robert K. Mooney, past

Dr. LeROY DUNN, associate professor of economics, was a member of a panel of three economists testifying before a Senate subcommittee dealing with the question of resources and shortages on September 12. For the meeting Dr. Dunn prepared a background paper entitled "Resources and Shortages: An Economist's View." Also, on the panel were economists from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania.

* * ***

Constance E. Ware

Alfred C. Burfeind

***** Ms. ELENOR REID, director of financial aid, is one of 14 new members elected to the Alumni Council of Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, Pa. The 42-member council is the governing body of the 12,500 member Alumni 路 Association.

***** A recent article by Dr. DONALD D. HOOK of the department of modern languages appears in General Linguistics, published by the Pennsylvania State University Press. The article is entjtled "Sexism in English Pronouns and Forms of Address."

***** Research Corporation of New York has a warded Cottrell College Science Research Grants to two members of the faculty . Dr. HENRY A. DePHILLIPS, chairman of the chemistry department, has been awarded $13,900 for his research program "The effects of ligand binding on the subunit structure of hemocyanin ." His work centers around hemoglobin and protein research. A grant of $5,000 has been awarded to Dr. HARVEY S. PICKER, assistant professor of physics, for his research program "Theoretical Studies of the Proton-Proton Reaction in Stellar Interiors." The grant supports work being done by Dr. Picker and GEORGE N. SERAFINO '75, on the basic thermonuclear reaction believed to be responsible for energy generation in the sun and other stars.

***** Dr. WILLIAM T. BOWIE, assistant professor of chemistry, has been appointed a visiting professor of chemistry at California State University in Los Angeles for the academic year. He will be teaching organic chemistry classes and laboratories, as well as engaging in research.

president of the Trinity Parents Association and vice-chairman of Allied Van Lines, Mrs. Mooney maintained a close tie io Trinity crew through her son Chad, a 1974 Trainity graduate and a member of the varsity crew. Another son, Christopher, is a senior at the College. By recording Trinity's oldest sport, the author hopes to "encourage young men and women to learn more about the fascinating history of their own College." All net proceeds from the sale of the sets will go to the rowing program at Trinity. At $10.00 a set, the books may be ordered from the Bookstore by mail. For Connecticut residents a check for $11.15 will include State tax, postage and handling costs. For out-of-state residents, a check for $10.50 will include postage and handling.

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On September 28, Dr. WARD CURRAN, professor of economics, discussed the national economic scene with John Sablon on "What's Happening" on WFSB Channel 3 (Hartford).

Barbara C. Mooney

Development Office Makes 2 Changes In Personnel Two staff members have been given new duties in the Development Office. Constance E. Ware has been promoted to associate director of development at the College. In her new position she is responsible for handling major gifts to the College. Mrs. Ware, a member of the Trinity administration since 1964, has served as assistant to the director of public information and, since 1970, as assistant director of development. Active in community affairs, she is a member of the board of the Hartt Opera Theater Guild, where she served three terms as president, and a member of the board of the auxiliary of the Institute of Living. In addition, she has also served as vice president and board member of the Hartford Symphony Auxiliary ; vice president of the Coordinating Council for the Arts ; member of the board, Friends of Hartford Ballet; member of the Task Force for Voluntary Action Center of the Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce; member 路 of the presidential search committee, Manhattan ville College; chairman of the Hartford Committee of the Connecticut Child Welfare

Association; member of the scholarship committee, Connecticut Bank & Trust Co.; president of the Connecticut Manhattanville Club, and chairman of the individual subscribers section, United 'Way. Mrs. Ware is a graduate of Manhattanville College. Alfred C. Burfeind '64, director of the Trinity News Bureau since 1971, has been assigned to the Development Office as editorial consultant. In this position he will be responsible for preparation of proposals for major gifts by individuals and philanthropic foundations, and will assist in the preparation of other Development Office material and publications. He retains his title as Director of the News Bureau, and at the completion of this assignment will return to his former duties. Burfeind, who holds an M.Div. degree from the Hartford Seminary Foundation, came to Trinity after working for the Hartford Times, where he was Assistant City Editor. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Council of Churches, and a member of the vestry of St. James' Episcopal Church, Hartford.

REUNION - HOMECOMING Friday , November 8 Registration, Alumni Office 9 a.m . - 5 p.m. Faculty Dining Room, Hamlin Hall, open, 11 :45 a.m.- 1 p.m. Classes open, I - 4 p.m. Speaker: Dr. Ranibir Vohra, East Asian historian, "Prospects in East Asia," Life Sciences Center, 7 p.m. Organ Recital, Mark Kennedy '68, 8: 15 p.m. "She Stoops to Conquer," Austin Arts Center, 8:15p.m. Trinity Club of Hartford, "Parade of Stars," football clips, Hamlin Hall, 8:30 p.m. Saturday, November 9. Art Show, Austin Arts Center, morning. Trinity Education Graduate Alumni. Life Sciences Center, 9 :45a.m. Sahara slides, Speaker: President Lockwood, Austin Arts Center, 10:45 a.m . Varsity soccer vs. Amherst, 11 a.m . Buffet luncheon, Field House , 11 :30 a.m. -1:30 p.m. Varsity football vs. Amherst, 1 :30 p.m. Post game reception, Austin Arts Center, 4-6 p.m. Cocktails, Alumni Lounge, 6 :45 - 7:30 p.m. Annual Reunion-Homecoming Dinner, Mather Hall, 7:30p.m. Dancing, Washington Room, 9:30p.m.


Vol. 5, No.1

Issued nine times a year in October, November, December, January , February, March, April, May, and June. Published by the Office of Public Information, Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 06106 . Second class postage paid at Hartford, Connecticut. Editor, L. Barton Wilson '37 ; Associate Editor, Alfred C. Burfeind '64 ; Assistant Editor, Milli Silvestri; Sports Information, Daniel P. Russo '73 ; Photographer, David R. Lowe ; Alumni Secretary, John L. Heyl '66.

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Class Notes ENGAGEMENTS 1965 DAVID DENBY to Deborah Hohnquist 1970 CUR TIS SHAW to Barbara Tiffany 1972 JAMES STUFFLEBEAM to Lois Elaine Paddock MARRIAGES 1955 EARL H.A. ISENSEE, JR. to Roberta G. Gleason, May 11, 1974 1957 PETER FRANK to Sue Wertheimer, June 23, 1974 1963 KENNETH ALDRICH to Sharon Lee Cook, May 4, 1974. 1963 HENRY WHITNEY to Elisabeth Faugust, August 16, 1974. 1964 MICHAEL TOUSEY to Bobbi Horvath, November 24, 1973. 1967 CHARLES KURZ II to Candice Baldwin, June 9, 1974. ' 1968 JONATHAN BARNES to Elizabeth Crawford, November 24, 1973. 1969 LAURENCE ACH to Susan Sweedler, August 4, 1974. 1970 ALAN GIBBY to Elizabeth Barrett Carter, June 22, 1974. 1970, 1971 PAUL SCOTT MARSHALL to SUZANNE DEFOREST WILSEY, June 30, 1974. 1970 DAVIS S. GILBERT to Arlene J. Solomon, July 13, 1974. 1972 DOUGLAS T. LAKE to Suzanne M. Atkinson, June 22, 1974. 1973 MICHAEL VITALE to Jean Finegan, August 16, 1974. 1973 PATRICIA JEANNE SCOTT to Edward Slater, "June 15, 1974. 1973 DANIEL MICHAEL ROSWIG to Ellen Andrea Cohen, August 4, 1974. 1973, 1974 ROBERT GEORGE GHAZEY to HOLLY FORREST NELSON, June 22, 1974. 1973, 1974 DAVID SHIVELY to CANDACE HACKETT, June 29, 1974. BIRTHS 1951 Mr. and Mrs. EDWARD ROTH, daughter Poppy Lane, March 14, 1974. 1960 Mr. and Mrs. THOMAS WYCHOFF, daughter, Elizabeth Patton, February 14, 1973. 1962 Mr. and Mrs. DOUGLAS ANDERSON, son, Bradford Tyler, May 10, 1974. 1962 Mr. and Mrs. LAWRENCE D'OENCH, son, Russell, November 1, 1973. 1963 Dr. and Mrs. STEPHEN H. TUCKER, daughter, Lacey Elizabeth, January 4, 1974. 1964 Mr. and Mrs. FRED MILLER, son, Eric Scott, December 31, 1973. 1965 Mr. and Mrs. Louis Huskins, daughter, Heather Ann, May 11, 1974. 1966 Rev. and Mrs. Timothy Sniffin, son, Matthew Scott, February 11, 1974. 1966 Mr. and Mrs. MARTIN GALL, son, Ari Ben, October 27, 1973. 1966 Mr. and Mrs. PETER KOEHN, daughter, Nerissa Natalie, December 16, 1973. 1967 Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM ROTH, son, Timothy Jason, May 21, 1974. 1967 Mr. and Mrs. EDWARD ULRICH, son, Peter Matthew, June 15, 1974. 1969 Mr. and Mrs. FRED STROOCK, daughter, Heather, May 27, 1974. 1970 Mr. and Mrs. GRANT BRANSTATOR, son, Nicholas, March 22, 1974, 1971 Mr . and Mrs. RICHARD WOOD, daughter, July 5, 1974. HONORARY 1952 Frazer M. Wilde, chairman emeritus and honorary director of Connecticut General

Life Insurance Company, received a medal of achievement from Connecticut College at its 56th commencement in May. 1960 LESLIE SEVERINGHAUS has been busy since his retirement from the Haverford School in 1965. Volunteer assignments have taken hi!TI to India, Africa, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and South America. He has also been setting up the Severinghaus Language Laboratory in Taiwan for the benefit of Chinese doctors and nurses who are awarded grants for study and research abroad. 1965 ASGER LANGLYKKE has retired from his position as Executive Director of the American Society for Microbiology. ·He and his wife spent the summer months abroad, attending meetings of the International Union of Pure and Applied · Chemistry. Following his return, Dr. Langlykke will embark on a new career. 1966 PHILLIP KAPPEL had an exhibition of his etchings on display from June 1-30 at the Village Green Gallery of Heritage Village in Southbury, Connecticut. ·

MASTERS 1939 MILDRED BARROWS was presented an award by the New Britain College Club, a branch of the American Association of University Women. 1949 MCMILLAN LEWIS retired this June after teaching 22 years in St. Louis, Missouri. 1952 JOSEPH GILMAN has been promoted to professor at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. 1957 DICK LOVELAND and his family have moved to Atherton, California where he is Headmaster of Crystal Springs School ii: Hillsborough. 1963 LEILA CARLSON resigned from the Loomis-Chaffee School in June, 1973 and moved to Jacksonville, Florida. She is now Director of Patient Education at the University Hospital in Jacksonville. GREGORY CURTIS received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Connecticut in May. He is field coordinator of UConn's Middlesex County Extension service in Haddam, Connecticut. JOHN PARDY has been elected president of the Connecticut Valley chapter of Robert Morris Associates, an association of bank lending officers. 1965 HAROLD ANDERSON received his Ph.D. from Syracuse University in June of 1972. 1967 JUDITH SEDGEMAN is working as a general assignments reporter and photographer for the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times. She is currently president of the Sarasota Manatee Press Club. JOANN METTLING RYAN has been named librarian of the Long Ridge Library in Danbury, Connecticut. 1969 Deacon WILLIAM TEDESCO has been named curate at 'Christ Episcopal and All Saints Episcopal Churches in Watertown, Connecticut. · 1970 JOAN MORGAN BRING was married on June 22, 1974. She is sales/service manager at Hopaco, Boise Cascade office supply division in Hawaii. 1972 PETER LEBETKIN was elected president of the New London Education Association, bargaining agent for the teachers of New London. He has taught ninth grade English for the past five years in New London and was on the NLEA Board of Directors for the past year. He has also been appointed editor-in-chief of

Seats Available For Paris Trip A few seats are still available for alumni and their immediate families who wish to take advantage of an exciting one-week trip to Paris, departing from Hartford (Bradley International) on November 11, 1974, the day after Reunion/Homecoming. TWA Chartered jet ... hotel accommodations for six nights at the

(4-star) PLM/St. Jacques ... Continental breakfasts . .. sightseeing .. . and more. Price for the package is $363. If alumni prefer to make their own land arrangements, they can still take advantage of the low, low $245 air fare. Interested? Write or call the Alumni Office, Trinity College, Hartford, CT. 06106 (203) 527-3151.

the "Jewish Leader," a bi-monthly newspaper with a crrculation of 2,000. ROBERT PRATT has been elected director of public relations of Connecticut Disabled American Veterans. JOAN KEMLER has announced her candidacy for State Representative from the 18th Assembly District in West Hartford. RALPH EASTMAN received an M.F.A. in Theatre Arts from UCLA in June, 1974. He and his wife will spend the fall in Europe. RALPH ARCARI has been appointed assistant librarian at Trinity. He is also adjunct p·rofessor at Southern Connecticut State College. 1944 CY CAMPBELL has been working as a mathematician at Convair Astronautics, and didn't know that his co-worker Bob Mador was a 1939 Trinity graduate; and that both of them had studied math with Professor Dadourian! Both Cy and Bob also teach in community colleges in the San Diego area. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION NEWS The area associations began another active year with parties for incoming freshmen from their local areas. The Trinity Club of HARTFORD held a barbeque on June 27 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Mason '34. Ray Montgomery '25 welcomed 58 freshmen and alumni to his home in Woodbridge, Connecticut for the 25th annual NEW HAVEN picnic on August 24. In CHICAGO, 40 alumni, freshmen and parents gathered at the home of area president John Koretz '61 for a "send-off' picnic on August 25. The PHILADELPHIA outing, hosted by president Joseph Colen '61, took place on August 27. Matt Birmingham '42 held a party on August 28 for FAIRFIELD COUNTY freshmen and parents. The Eleventh Annual CAPE COD luncheon was held August 23 at the Wrinkle Point Beach Club in West Dennis, Massachusetts. Hosts this year were Mr. and Mrs. John Wilcox '39. Over 55 people were in attendance.

The Rt. Rev. Robert B. Gooden

02 On Sunday, June 9, The Rt. Rev. ROBERT B. GOODEN, Suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles from 1930-1947, renewed the vows he took 70 years ago when he was first ordained a deacon in the Episcopal Church. Bishop Gooden celebrated his lOOth birthday on September 18 and was presented a citation from the College.


HERBERT EVISON writes that he has been acting as an historian for the National Park Service since his retirement from the Service in 1958. Since 1970, he has tape recorded the reminiscences of more than 200 employees of the National Park Service, involving about 25,000 miles of travel over much of the United States.

Mr. Erhardt G. Schmitt 41 Mill Rock Road Hamden, CT 06514 Your SECRETARY is happy to report that FRANK LAMBERT is recovering well from his broken hip. His wife, Barbara, writes that Frank is sorry he won't be able to show the Trinity football team how to punt and drop kick the way he used to do. I regret to report that another of our number, ELMER TIGER, passed away July 16.


I got this news from JIM ENGLISH, who also told me that SAM BERKMAN has had to have a foot amputated, but is in good spirits as long as he can "fiddle around" on his Stradivarius. While discussing ailments, I must report that your secretary has developed a slight case of. rheumatism in his knee, thereby upsetting his golf game. Please note, GEORGE FERRIS, I'll be needing more "strokes" from you. What other news, folks? Please write!

The Rev. Joseph Racioppi 264 Sunniehohne Dr. Fairfield, CT 06432 On the occasion of his retirement in 1973, MORRIS DWORSKI was honored by his fellow-workers. The annual report of the Will Rogers Memorial Fund was dedicated to Dr. Dworski for his 21 years of excellent service as a scientist at the Will Rogers Hospital in Saranac Lake, New York.



Mr. Thomas J. Quinn 364 Freeman St. Hartford, CT 06106

WILLIAM HAWLEY dropped us a note that he has been retired from the United California Bank since 1965, and that he and his family are in the best of health. DON CHILDS is- retired, and spends most of his time hunting, fishing and jogging. For the last four years, he has run in the Spray Eastern Oregon Half-Marathon, and has won two trophies as the oldest runner participating.

Mr. N. Ross Parke 18 Van Buren Avenue Wes~ Hartford, CT 06107 This will let DR. PETIE HOUGH know that you and your loved ones are in our prayers and hearts, as like most of us when hitting health problems these days - and this goes for NORM and Jean PITCHER's daughter - we're grateful good progress is reported. Of course 2T6 joined with all Trinitarians at the great loss we all suffered at the passing of the truly illustrious man of science, D. R. DADOURIAN - and we sent our deepest sympathy and prayerful love to his loved ones. Gratefully, all in the Hartford area were able, if they so desired, to go to the new Mechanics Savings Bank Building, the week of June 17. On leaving the building, the guests at · their opening were given a package of five prints, original drawings which your SECRETARY was proud to do for the bank. HOWARD TULE tells us that he and Doris saw MERRILL SHERMAN and his family not too long ago, and found them doing well in their home at the Connecticut shore. GRANVILLE FRISBIE has been chosen to travel to Sidney, Australia where he will teach chiropractic medicine to students at a new college there. How about writing in and letting us all share a bit of the joy of your summer vacation?



Mr. Winthrop H. Segur 34 Onlook Rd. Wethersfield, CT 06109

MARKHAM KERRIDGE writes that the Kerridge Fresh Water Angling Collection at California State University now contains over 3,000 volumes. ·

Mr. James V. White 22 Austin Road Devon, CT 06460 GEORGE TURNEY has recently been made Honorary Canon of St. James' Cathedral in Fresno, California. He also received a D.D. honoris causa from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific at Berkeley.


Dr. Robert P. Waterman 148 Forest Lane Glastonbury, CT 06033 GEORGE MACKIE writes that EUGENE "Y ADDY" DURAND has retired after more than 40 years with Ford, Bacon & Davis in New York City, and has moved to Prescott, Arizona. The Rev. PALAMORE "POP" HARRISON is now spending much of his time teaching Chinese students conversational English.


Julius Smith, D.M.D. 242 Trumbull St. Hartford, CT 06103 Our sympathies go . to HUGH CAMPBELL whose mother passed away in August.


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Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 4

(Continued from page 3) Mr. Ezra Melrose 186 Penn Dr. West Hartford, CT 06119 CHARLES SHEAFE retired July 1 as southern sales manager of the Great Northern Paper Company, after 27 years of service. He plans to stay in Atlanta for now, but is thinking of moving to Florida in the future. TOM MCDERMOTT writes that he has no news except that he has spent another absolutely perfect year of happiness in retirement in Daytona Beach, Florida.


Mr. John A. Mason Box 237 Barnhill Rd. W. Chatam, MA 07669 Affirmative replies for our 40th, scheduled for September 28, were good as this issue went to press. The VAHAN ANANIKIANS, FRED BASHOURS, BILL BASCHS, HAROLD BAYLEYS, HOFF BENJAMINS, AL CIVITTOLOS, JOE CLARKES, COATES COlTS, ED CRAIGS, BOB DAUT, GRAHAM DAYS, ED EL YS, JOHN GODDARDS and BRYANT GREEN. Also, BILL HARRINGS, BERT HOLLANDS, JOHN KELLYS, BILL JACKSON, CHUCK KINGSTONS, JOHN MASONS, ELLIOTT MAYOS, ADE ONDERDONKS, ANDY ONDERUONK,RAY OOSTINGS, WARREN REUBERS, RAY ROSENFIELDS, FRANK ROSTEK, ROBERT SCHMOLZES, BRUCE SCHNEIDERS, ARDEN SHAWS, BEN SHENKERS, SEYMOUR SMITHS, STERLING SMITHS, DON SNOWDONS, CHARLIE TUCKERS, GUS UHLIGS, CLARENCE WA TIERS AND TONY WARDS. AL CIVITTOLO writes that he is feeling better after a siege of illness and is still working. JOHN DONLEY has been vacationing in Alexandria Bay, 路 New York, on the St. Lawrence River. He regrets that he cannot come to our 40th. GENE GANE states that air conditioners are not in evidence in the area he lives in in San Diego, though they are nearby. BILL HARING has moved to 3 Killdeer Lane, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 29928. He is making a good recovery from two serious back operations. CHUCK KINGSTON has retired from the Union Mutual Life Insurance Co., for whom he has been general agent in Hartford since 1952. He will continue to serve his clients from his Hartford office. A year ago, he became .. president of the Association for Advance Life Underwriting and spends much time in Washington, D.C., in areas of tax legislation of the insurance business. A fine letter comes from TONY LOKOT of 路 Rochester, New York. He is well and has compiled a fine legal record there. BILL MCCORNICK will move to 50 East 89th St., New York, N.Y. 10028 in November. He is regaining his health this summer in Brooklin, Maine, after a serious illness. Your SECRETARY was moderator for the Chatham, Massachusetts, summer town meeting in August. Robert's Rules of Order were not needed. Phyllis and I have enjoyed seeing the BASH OURS, the BENJAMINS, the KELL YS and the SHAWS at "Mark Time" on the Elbow this summer. And FRANK ROSTEK has a summer cottage in town. BRUCE SCHNEIDER has moved to 139 Grove St., Cheshire, Connecticut 06410. DON SNOWDON has moved his home and office to Purcellville, Virginia 22132 (P.O. Box 477). He has not retired, but wanted to be closer to his farm in Loudon County, Virginia. CHARLIE TUCKER has 路 been 路named director of the Department of Othorhinotarymology (ear, nose and throat) at Hartford Hospital. Congratulations, Charlie!



Mr. Albert W. Baskerville 73 Birchwood Dr. Derry , NH 03038

JOHN CARSON has retired and is enjoying fishing and sailing in Beaufort, South Carolina.


Mr. Victor E. Bonander 90 Van Buren Ave. West Hartford, CT 06107 ROBERT MCKEE commemorated the 30th anniversary of D-Day by hanging the flag that flew above the Navy landing boat he commanded during the Normandy invasion. The flag was hoisted outside Bob's San Marino {California) real estate office.

Mr. Robert M. Kelly Hartford Board of Education 249 High St. Hartford, CT 06103 HARVEY HARRIS has just returned from four months in Europe where he studied the


art, architecture and archeology of Italy, Greece, Turkey and France. Harvey was on sabbatical from the Fine Arts Department of Louisiana State University. In addition, his paintings will be displayed in Italy at the Arturo Schubert Art Gallery in Milan. JOSEPH GRECO writes that his son, Steve, is a sophomore at Colorado College and received top honors in athletics and academics. Another son, Barry, is a captain in the United States Air Force and has just returned from a year in Thailand. Joe is still teaching Spanish and French in Colorado Springs high schools.


Mr. James M. F. Weir .27 Brook Rd. Woodbridge, CT 06525

JOHN DEMONTE is taking a year's sabbatical leave from teaching and will be doing research work at the University of Arizona. He is also working on his golf game.

Mr. Herbert R. Bland R. C. Knox & Co. P.O. Box 930 Hartford, CT 06101 The Rt. Rev. ROBERT KERR was installed as the seventh bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Vermont on June 29. Air Force Reserve Col. EDWARD L. BURNHAM was awarded the Air Force Commendation medal on retiring after 30 years of military service. JACK WHITE writes that he and his wife, Kay, are raising in the Dragoon Mountains of Arizona, but are suffering from the worst drought to hit the area in 107 years. They have two grandchildren who are "too for away in Connecticut." WALTER FAY has retired from his second career in guidance counseling, and has been touring North America with his wife, Betty. He has begun career number three, as a partner in a picture framing company. He says "for a guy with no art background, I'm having a great time!" At last count, he had six grandchildren.


Mr. Frank A. Kelly, Jr. 21 Forest Dr. Newington, CT 06111 WARREN CLOUGH is now vice president of Shiloh Farms, Inc., a nationwide distributor and manufacturer of foods serving the health food industry. WILLARD SEEDMAN is living in Nevada, where he works for a gambling casino. His daughter graduated from high school as valedictorian and now attends the University of Nevada. HERBERT HUNGERFORD is now doing the final editing and indexing of Volume II of the International Atomic Energy Agency's "Engineering Compendium on Radiation Shielding," to be published later this year. He is also the author of the last section, and is now listed in "Who's Who in the World" as well as "Who's Who in America."


Mr. Martin D. Wood 19 Tootin Hill Rd. West Simsbury, CT 06092 ANDREW WEEKS has retired from the investment and mutual fund business after 28 years, and is now entering the travel business. He led a group tour to Alaska in August. ln his spare time, he is social director of Marina City, organizing parties, cruises on Lake Michigan, bowling and bridge leagues.


Mr. John L. Bonee McCook, Kenyon and Bonee 50 State St. Hartford, CT 06103 ROBERT VINTER has been appointed to the Arthur Dunham Professorship at the University of Michigan School of Social Work. RALPH GULLIVER and his wife are now living in a new home in Boulder Creek, California - a cedar log cabin that they built themselves. JARVIS BROWN is congress manager and coordinator for the 6th Biennial International Senior Citizens Congress which will be held in Los Angeles in October. He is also a consultant with the Los Angeles County Department of Senior Citizens Affairs. JIM CLARKE has been named director of development for the Kettering Medical Center in Ohio. JOHN RESONY has been appointed executive vice president in the executive department at the Travelers Insurance Company in Hartford. Dr. HARRY ANDERSON was the guest minister at the Little Brown Church at Round Pond, Maine on August 4.



Dr_ Harry R. Gossling 558 Simsbury Rd. Bloomfield, CT 06002

"BE" JOHNSTON married the former Florence Watkins Morran in 1970 and is now living in Austin, Texas. He is employed as a special agent for Colonial Life and Accident Co. and is the owner of his own store, the "World of Pets." He hopes to buy a small ranch soon.


Mr. J. William Vincent 80 Newport Avenue West Hartford, CT 06107

FRANK Tl ETZE is doing research in biochemistry at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. He has four ~hildren.



The Rt. Rev. E. Otis Charles 231 East First South St. Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 OREY GRACEY is working as field director for the Red Cross. He writes that he is a proud grandfather for the fourth time. JOE SCHACHTER was recently appointed by Governor Meskill to a special state-wide transportation task force in Connecticut. WILLIAM SINGER was recently re-elected vice president of the Connecticut Valley Council of B'nai B'rith.

Mr. Charles I. Tenney, CLU Charles I. Tenney & Associates 2 Bryn Mawr Ave. Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

ALLEN BRAY was recently named headmaster of Christ Church School in Greenville, South Carolina.


Mr. James R. Glassco, Jr. 313 No. Quaker Lane W. Hartford, CT 06119

WARD VANDERBEEK is marketing development manager for the Allstate Insurance Co. in Northbrook, Illinois. He sends regards to JIM GLASSCO. LEE WILLS has moved to Fairfield, Connecticut and is general manager of the Scarsdale Golf Club. KARL EITEL was recently promoted to vice president of the El Pomar Investment Company in Colorado Springs. JOHN ROBOTTOM was recently appointed executive secretary of the Dallas Community College District Foundation. BERNIE WILBUR has been elected a vice president of the Hartford Insurance Group. HENRY WELLINS has been selected to work on the Hospitality Committee of Sales and Marketing Executives of Greater Boston, a professional association devoted to raising the standard of living through better selling and marketing practices.

Mr. John F. Klingler 344 Fern St. West Hartford, CT 06119 WILSON PINNEY is on sabbatical leave from the College of San Mateo and has won a Doctor of Arts Fellowship at Idaho State University. He is preparing to write his third book. MIKE DALY is now living in Minnetonka, Minnesota with his wife and five children. He is working as assistant program director in the University of Minnesota Medical School's family practice teaching program. DICK DEPAOLIS has been promoted to assistant works manager of Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation's Cleveland works. SIMON BEATMAN is assistant principal at the Rio Real School in Oxnard, California. MARSHALL STUART is vice president and director of Clifton & Co., insurance brokers based in San Francisco. He has three children, and has lived in Orinda, California for 13 years. BEN JENKINS is sales manager for Molded Reinforced Plastics, Inc., in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


GEORGE E. SMITH has been named general sales manager for the Ferroalloys Division of Union Carbide Corporation. He lives in Somerville, New Jersey with his wife and three children. BOB O'BRIEN gave the commencement address on June 5 at the first joint Kingswood-Oxford graduation in West Hartford. DONALD FISHER is project manager for Levi-Strauss & Co. He is living in California with his family , and contends that San Francisco is where God intended people to live. RICHARD McCREHAN is working for Phillips Petroleum, and is having some success finding oil and gas! He says he has been playing tennis with TOM PETERSON. ED MORRISEY has been promoted to colonel in the Air National Guard. He is also a commandant of the ANG Military Education Center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Paul J. Kingston, M.D. Barbourtown Rd., RFD No. 1 Collinsville, CT 06022

AL BOWMAN'S book, "The Struggle for Neutrality: Franco-American Diplomacy During the Federalist Era" was published in March. He is currently working on a sequel. His biographical sketch is included in the latest volume of "Contemporary Authors." WARREN HUNT was recently named controller at Northeast Utilities in Bloomfield.



Mr. Douglas C. Lee 628 Willow Glen Dr. Lodi, CA 95240


Mr. Paul A. Mortell 508 Stratfield Rd. Fairfield, CT 06432

BILL ROMAINE has been promoted to lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. He is assigned to the Air Force Institute of Technology at Arizona State Univeristy, where he is working toward his Ph.D. in computer science. Bill's oldest son, Jeff, is a sophomore at Arizona State. RON MIECZNIKOWSKI was awarded an advanced degree in chemistry at St. Joseph's College in Hartford last May. HAROLD TRAVER received recognition for his 20 years of service at the Gates Rubber Company in Denver, Colorado. BOB BARROWS has been named a partner in the Richard P. Rita Personnel Services in New Haven. The Rev. RALPH MERRILL, rector of St. James Episcopal Church in New London, recently spoke at a special service at the Pequot Church in New London. JOHN PARKER is president of Parker Associates, a real estate firm in Los Gatos, California. He is the father of 6 children. ARTHUR TILDESLEY was recently elected treasurer and a trustee of the General '~ Theological Seminary in New York City. ED ROSOW runs a newsstand at the Greyhound Bus terminal in Florida. BOB OSBORNE is . manager of CBS' KMOX-FM radio station in St. Louis. ED SIMMONS is a counselor at an inner city high school in San Jose, California. He is the father of three sons. JOSEPH GUARDO has received a promotion to assistant vice president, director of marketing at Citizen's National Bank in Southington. JOHN BIRD is living in Alameda, California and is a captain for Trans International Airlines. He says he is still running a mile a day_

Mr. Theodore T. Tansi Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co. 1 American Row Hartford, CT 06103 JOHN CRAIG, executive editor of the Wilmington (Delaware) News-Journal was the winner of the "Editor of the Year Award," given by the National Press Photographers Association. The Rev. GEORGE BOWEN is now administrator of the Episcopal Center of the Diocese of Newark at Delaware, New Jersey. KENNETH STUER has been appointed assistant secretary of the underwriting department at Aetna Insurance Co. in Hartford. GEORGE CLEVELAND is president of his own company, "Wayzata Concept Group," which is an advertising firm. He was also recently elected president of the Wayzata (Minnesota) Chamber of Commerce. He owns a farm and some horses and is the father of four children. PAUL SCHENKER writes that his law firm, Romano & Schenker, has opened a new Rockland county office in Orangeburg, New York. J. SCOTT DUFF has been appointed products manager at Fenner American Ltd. in Meriden, Connecticut. JAMES HILL is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force and is being transferred from Los Angeles to Boston, where he will be finance manager for the Air Force's construction of advanced warning and control systems. CHARLES CHIDNEY is back in Denver after a marvelous year's sabbatical in Milan where he was doing medical research . He is professor of medicine and pharmacology at the University of Colorado Medical Center. RICHARD BENT F IELD is assistant treasurer at Starkweather & Shepley, Inc., insurance agents in Providence, Rhode Island. DICK ADAMS has recently moved back to the Marine Corps air station at Santa Ana, California. In June, he assumed command of


(Continued on page 13)

Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 5

Special Feature Trinity Reporter -October 1974



1973 to JUNE 3o, 1974

I am proud and pleased to report another record year of success in our Annual Giving Campaign. For the year ending June 30, unrestricted gifts from Alumni, Parents, Business and Industry Associates and Friends totaled $506,626. This superior achievement, accomplished during a time of economic difficulties nationwide, not only surpasses our goal but makes this the second consecutive year that annual gifts for the budgeted programs of the College exceeded one-half million dollars! In addition, restricted gifts from other sources totaled $789,280, putting the grand total of gifts to the College at $1,295,986. This magnificent response reflects great credit on those who volunteered their time and abilities and, of course, on everyone who made a gift to this campaign. Such widespread and significant philanthropic support makes it possible to sustain the quality of the academic programs of the College, and for this Trinity is most grateful. Theodore D. Lockwood President

0. E Ci5


~ >

-o 0 0



"' Q)


"u0 0




SUMMARY OF GIVING I. Gifts and Pledges for Unrestricted General Purposes:

Alumni Fund Parents Fund Business and Industry Associates Friends of Trinity Fund

$ 311,060 97,418 66,420 31,728 $506,626

Friends of Trinity Rowing Hockey Association Library Memorial Gifts Scholarships- Fellowships Student Aid Miscellaneous

11,406 6,105 41,632 1,962 66,293 5,137 72,472 $716,366

II. Gifts and Pledges for Restricted Designated Purposes: III. Bequests and Other Deferred Gifts Academic Departments and Faculty Buildings and Grounds Improvements Friends of Arts; Theatre Arts-Trinity College

$ 491,496 5,608 14,255


$ 72,914 $1,295,90~

Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 6

Annual Giving for Unrestricted General Purposes as of June 30, 1974 Alumni Fund Parents Fund Business & Industry Associates Friends of Trinity Fund Foundations

GOAL $300,000 ($275,000) $110,000 . ($ 95,000)

GIFTS NO. GIFTS AND PLEDGES AND PLEDGES $311,060 {$291,702} 3069 (3017) 608 ( 666} $ 97,418 ($109,687}

$ 65,000

($ 65,000)

$ 66,420

($ 65,416)

$ 30.000

($ 30,000} {$ 10,000)

$ 31,728

($ 35,237)



. $506,626


138 ( 118) 76 ( 3891



%OF GIFT AVERAGE GOAL $101 {$ 97} 104% {106%) $160 ($165) 89% (115%) $481 ($554)

102% {101%)

$417 ($430}

106% (117%)

$130 ($129} 100% {106%)

Figures in ( ) = Amount Last Year

Wood '42

Wilcox '39


Bland '40

TRINITY COLLEGE ANNUAL GIVING 1973-1974 ALUMNI FUND Steering Committee National Chairman . . . Vice Chairman . . . . . Distinguished Gifts Chairman Boston Area Chairman . . ., . Hartford Area Chairman . . . New Haven Area Chairman . . New York Area Co-Chairmen Philadelphia Area Chairman . Washington, D.C. Area Chairman Promotion Chairman . . . . . . . Class Agent Chairman . . . . . . . Participation & Telephone Chairman Masters Degree Chairman . . . . . . .

. .. Martin D. Wood .James R. Glassco, Jr. . . . . . John Gunning James P. Whitters, III . . . Donald J. Vie ring . . . . James B. Curtin . Donald R. Reynolds W. James Tozer . ... Eric A. Fowler . . . . Ernest S. Corso S. Anders Yocom, Jr. . Samuel W. P. McGill, Jr. . .. . .. David R. Smith .Matthew M. Sheridan, MA

1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969

'42 '50 '49 '62 '4 2 '51 '51 '63 '54 '38 '63 '51 '52 69

PARENTS FUND Steering Committee National Chairman . . . . . . . Bruce N. Bensley, Morristown, New Jersey Special Gifts Chairman ....... . Rudolph M. Montgelas, Darien, Conn. Past Parents Chairman ........ . .. Ralph J . Taussig, Philadelphia, Pa. Class of 1974 Chairman ........... Chester L. Arnold, Darien, Conn. Class of 1975 Chairman ............. John N. Fisher, Weston, Mass. Class of 1976 Chairman ..... R. Schuyler Lippincott, Philadelphia, Pa. Class of 1977 Chairman . ....... Charles A. Coolidge, Belmont, Mass.

Chairman .

BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY ASSOCIATES . . . . . . . . . . John T. Wilcox '39


Carmine R. Lavieri Louis E. Buck M. Olcott Colton Samuel B. Corliss John T. Fink James J. Rheinberger (deceased) Siegbert Kaufmann Merritt Johnquest Thomas M. Meredith Joseph A. DeGrandi Wendell S. Stephenson Samuel W. P. McGill, Jr. Jacques V. Hopkins, Esq. Elliott H. Valentine James A. Leigh Lee A. Lahey John D. Limpitlaw Frederick M. Tobin, Esq. Brian E. Nelson Dr. William G. deColigny Douglas T. Tansill Thomas S. Johnson Thomas E. Calabrese John N . .Fenrich, Jr., Esq. F. Carl Schumacher, Jr. Robert F. Powell, Jr. Charles Kurz, II Sheldon Tilney Larry H. Whipple Assistant Agents: Laurence E. Ach Edward A. Adler David L. Beatty Michael J. Beautyman Franklin L. Bridges, III Michael J. Cancelliere Michael D. Cleary Theodore F. Cook, Jr. John P. DeLong Peter H. Ehrenberg Peter T. Elvin Carl H. Fridy Jeffrey W. Gordon Joseph S. Hessenthaler EdwardS. Hill Richard H. Lamb John F. Levy Lloyd A. Lewis, Jr. Michael M. Michigami Earl Millard, Jr. Stanton C. Otis, Jr. Michael A. Peck Kenneth R. Phelps Nathaniel S. Prentice Leighton L. Smith William G. Young Rev. Father Scott M. Donahue Assistant Agents: Eric E. Aasen David J. Agerton Fedrico 0. Biven, Jr. John L. Bonee, III W. Stephen Bush Peter N. Campbell Michael A. Chamish Philip J. Davis Tom B. Ewing David W. Fentress, Jr. John F. Gallo, Jr.




Joel R. Greenspan Stephen R. Gretz Norman J. Hannay JohnS. Harrison Michael F. Jimenez PaulS. Marshall Ernest J. Mattei William J. Millard, III Walter F. Moody, Jr. Eugene L. Newell James M. O'Brien William E. Pomeroy David W. Steuber Rev. Warren V. Tanghe James H. Tonsgard John M. Verre William N. Booth Assistant Agents: Peter W. Adams Louis K. Birinyi William P. Borchert Jeffrey R. Clark Margaret C. Clark Ronald E. Cretaro Thomas R. DiBenedetto Christopher L. Evans Arlene A. Forastiere Kathleen L. Frederick G. Keith Funson, Jr. John 0. Gaston James H. Graves Robert V. Haas, Jr. Albert Humphrey Peter J . Jenkelunas Laura J. Kaplan L. Peter Lawrence Alan L. Marchisotto Susan E. Martin George G. Matava Philip M. McGoohan Robert H. Osher John P. Reale John D. Rollins David McB. Sample Richard H. Schaefer Clinton A. Vince Howard Weinberg Kenneth P. Winkler Bayard R. Fiechter Assistant Agents: Whitney M. Cook Robert K. Ferris William E. Lingard Gary L. Mescon R. Thomas Robinson George M. Traver Robert P. Van Der Stricht George C. Sutherland Assistant Agents: W. J . Patrick Curley, III Karen F. Fink Jeffrey P. Harris Michael C. Mitchell Ruth Wiggins Poole 路 Stephen Prudden Stanley A. Twardy , Jr. Andrew I. Wolf

FRIENDS OF TRINITY FUND Chairman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Herbert R. Bland '40 DISTINGUISHED GIFTS SOLICITORS

Class Agents 1902 & 1904 1905 19061908 1909 1910 1911 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921

Frederick C. Hinkel, Jr. (deceased) Allen R. Goodale Frederick C. Hinkel. Jr. (deceased) The Rev. Paul H. Barbour George C. Capen Allan K. Smith William P. Barber, Jr. Richard F. Walker (deceased) Bertram B. Bailey The Rev. Frank Lambert Donald J. Tree Lispenard B. Phister, Esq. Harmon T. Barber Sidney H. Whipple Arthur N. Matthews

1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939

Frederic T. Tansill Sereno B. Gammell R. George Almond George Malcolm-Smith Norman D. C. Pitcher The Rev. Robert Y. Condit A. Henry Moses Morris J. Cutler The Rev. Canon Francis R. Belden Everett S. Gledhill Thomas S. Wadlow Andrew Onderdonk John L. Shaw Albert M. Dexter, Jr. William G. Hull Gregory T. McKee (deceased) Ethan F. Bassford

John C. Gunning '49, Chairman David B. Beers, Esq. '57 Matthew T. Birmingham, Jr. '42 Jacob B. Brown, Jr. '53 James M. Cahill '27 Joseph A. DeGrimdi, Esq. '49 Frank S. Deland, III '66 Edmund F. Dwight, Jr. '53 Hon. Stephen K. Elliott '32 Winthrop W. Faulkner '53 'Leonard E. Greenberg '48 Alfred N. Guertin '22 Brenton W. Harries '50 Charles E. Jacobson, Jr., M.D. '31 Charles T. Kingston, Jr. '34 Bevin D. Koeppel '47 John A. Mason '34

*Founders Society for gifts of $1,000 or more. +Anniversary Club for gifts of $150-$999 to Annual Giving.

Samuel W. P. McGill, Jr. '51 Thomas M. Meredith '48 Andrew Onderdonk '34 Lispenard B. Phister '18 Nathaniel P. Reed '55 J. Ronald Regnier, Esq. '30 George H. M. Rountree, Jr. '40 Frederic B. Sargent '66 David R. Smith '52 Frederic T. Tansill '22 Melvin W. Title '18 Robert Toland, Jr. '44 W. James Tozer, Jr. '63 George A. Tracy '43 Martin D. Wood '42 Vertress Young '15

Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 7 Memoriam), E. Sigmund LeWinn (In Memoriam), Gershon B. Silver (In Memoriam), +Edward L. Sivaslian (In Memoriam)

1973-1974 Alumni Contributors Unrestricted General and/or Restricted Designated Purposes

1883 Frank D. Woodruff- Endowment Income Richardson Wright- Endowment Income 1884 Lawson Purdy (In Memoriam) 1885 Samuel S. Mitchell (In Memoriam) 1887 Howard A. Pinney - Endowment Income 1891 Rev. Charles N. Shepard (In Memoriam) 1899 Adrian H. Onderdonk (In Memoriam) 1901 Cochrane William P. Brown (In Memoriam) James A. Wales (In Memoriam) 1902 Gooden

1919 1919 - Agent - Harmon T. Barber +Armstrong, +Barber , Kenney, Leeke Nirenstein, Partridge, Potter, Pressey, Schartmann, +Silverberg, +Skau, Traub, Tuska, Valentine, Williams, Wyse, Friend of Class 1920 1920- Agent- Sidney H. Whipple +Hartzmark, +Kolodny, Levin, Lyon, Miller, Nichols, Puffer, Sanford, +Shulman, +Whipple, William J. Cahill (In Memoriam), Arthur Tilton (In Memoriam) 1921 1921 -Agent - Arthur N. Matthews Hersey, +Matthews, Neiditz, Newsom, Ransom, Reitemeyer, +Frederic L. Bradley (In Memoriam) 1922 1922- Agent- Frederic T. Tansill +Buckley, Callaghan, Case, Doran, Gable, Graham, +Guertin, Johnson, Kendall, +Kneeland, Miller, Nordlund, *Parker, +Reynolds, Richman, +Tansill, Thomson, Tucker, Charles J. Goetz (In Memoriam)

1905 + Goodale, Harriman

1906 Butler Hill Burgwin - Endowment Income, Thomas A. Myers - Endowment Income, Frederick C. Hinkel, Jr. (In Memoriam) 1907 Taylor , Zoubek, James D. Bowman (In Memoriam) 1908 Karl A. Reiche (In Memoriam) 1909 Anonymous, Barbour, +Buchanan, Gaynor, *Roberts, *R. J. Wean Foundation, Clinton J. Backus (In Memoriam), +William Dwyer (In Memoriam) , Frederic k T . Gilbert (In Memoriam)

1923 1923- Agent - Sereno B. Gammell Calano, Gammell, +Gesner, Hallberg, Jaffer, +Merritt, +Miller, Newell, Newton, Webster, Francis B. Creamer (In Memoriam), Morse S. Allen (In Memoriam), Odell Shepard (In Memoriam) 1924 1924 - Agent - R. George Almond Browning, Dorison, +Morton, Mulford, O'Connor, +Rich, Thomas, +Yeomans 1925 1925 - Agent - George Malcolm-Smith Ainley, Birch, Fleming, Geetter, +Hadlow, Hawley, +Lischner, Malcolm-Smith, +McNally, Montgomery, +Phelps, +Ricci, Samponaro, Smitl::, K. D., +Stone, Thorburn, +Valerius, Weiner, Wilcox, *William H. Merchant (IIl Memoriam) , Samuel S. Fishzohn (In Memoriam)

1910 1910 - Agent - George C. Capen +Capen, Carpenter, Cook, Gamerdinger, *Geer, +McElroy , *Webster, Charles H. Bassford (In Memoriam) William S. Eaton (In Memoriam), George S. Francis (In Memoriam), Albert M. Smith (In Memoriam), *B. Floyd Turner (In Memoriam), Matthew G. Bach - Endowment Income

1926 1926- Agent- Norman D. C. Pitcher Avitabile, +Burr, *Coletta, Cook, Dann Fertig, Ford, Gamble, Hamilton, Hull, Jackson, Keena, Linnon, Loeffler, Messer, Newell, Nicol, Noble, O'Brien, R. J., Parke, Pitcher, Pryor, Roisman, Stuer, Wallad, Whiston, Milton F. Pellett (In Memoriam)

1911 1911 - Agent - Allan K. Smith Christie, Foster, +Maxon, Rosebaugh, Sanford, *Smith, William W. Buck (In Memoriam)

1927 1927 -Agent - Robert Y. Condit Bashour, +Bell, +Cahill, Conran, +Forrester, Hamlin, Hartt, McElrath, Segur, Wilbur

1912 +Breed, Foote, Rankin

1928 1928- Agent - A. Henry Moses Berger, Burton, Condon, Ebersold, Even, FitzGerald, Gibson, Gordon, Gotkis, Gray, Green, +Jackson, Lacy, +Large, Meier, *Moses, Nugent, Platt, Walter, Young, Harry Tulin (In Memoriam)

1913 1913 - Agent - William P. Barber +Barber, Barnett, +Case, Deppen, Fairbanks, McGee, Noble , Robert P. Withington Endowment Income, Raymond H. Bentley (In Memoriam) 1914 Baridon, Barton, Cross, +Ehlers, Moore, Noyes, O'Connor, Walker, A.W.

1929 1929- Agent - Morris J. Cutler Blank, +Cole, Comstock, Cutler, Ellis, +Hey, Kneeland, Koenig, Loomis, May, Rowland, Turney, +Uhlig, Whitney, Zinner, John F. Walker (In Memoriam), Jacob M. Zinner (In Memoriam)

1915 1915 - Agent - Bertram B. Bailey +Bailey, +Chapin, Dorwart, Edsall, Kyle, Peck, +Pressey, Smith, B. L., Stratton, *Young, Charles A. Bennett (In Memoriam), James A. Mitchell (In Memoriam), Louis M. Schatz (In Memoriam) , *Chester D. Thompson (In Memoriam)

1930 1930 - Agent - Francis R. Belden Belden, +Bobrow, *Brainerd, Kenney, Linn, +Lovering, Macinnes, Nye, Petrikat, *Regnier, Rosenbaum, Sayers, Slossberg, Squillacote, Strong, Tonken

1916 1916 - Agent - Frank K. Lambert Baker, Berkman, +Easterby, English, *Ferris, Johnson, +Lambert, Lyon, Miller, *O'Connor, Pierce, +Redding, Schmitt, +Tiger, Townsend

1931 Childs, Dann, Doolittle, +Dunbar, Gooding, *Jacobson, Mackie, Mannweiler, Meeker, Mitchell, Tobin, +Twaddle, Waterman, Weinstein, Wilkinson, Wyckoff, Lauriston L. Scaife (In Memoriam), Robert 0. Muller Endowment Income

1917 1917 - Agent - Donald J. Tree Barnwell, Creamer, Dworski, Fenton, +Gummere , Hasburg, Hungerford, Lang, +McCoid, +McKay, Parker, +Racioppi, Schlier, Schwolsky, Tree, Stanton J. D. Fendell (In Memoriam), Chester B. McCoid (In Memoriam), Richmond Rucker (In Memoriam) 1918 1918 - Agent - Lispenard B. Phister Beach, *Beers, Caldwell, +Carlson, Gaberman, *Griffith, Johnson, +Phister, Pollock, Robertson, Shulthiess, Simonson, *Title, +Silverman, Wessels, John McK. Mitchell (In Memoriam), Louis Noll (In Memoriam), +Sydney D. Pinney (In Memoriam)

1932 1932- Agent - EverettS. Gledhill Abbott, +Adams, Boeger, Burgess, *Campbell, Carlton, Christy, *Funston, Garrison, Geiger, Glassman, Grainger, Greene, +Kibitz, Lawton, Meier, Meloy, Ouellette, +Phippen, Prior, Reynolds, Scott, Sidor, Slater, Smith, J., *Stumpf, Sykes, White, Zazzaro 1933 1933- Agent - Thomas S. Wadlow Carey, Coyle, P. E., Coyle, W. E., Cronin, +Egan, Frothingham, Jones, Lacoske, +Melrose, Ogg, Pratt, +Prutting, Richardson, Sharkey, Sheafe, Steeves, Thayer, Wadlow, L. A., Wadlow, T. S., Zujko, John F. Butler (In

1934 1934 - Agent - Andrew Onderdonk Albani, Ananikian, Arnold, Baker, Basch, Bashour, Bayley, +Benjamin, Bierkan, Bose, Brewer, Civittolo, Coit, Cowles, Craig, Daut, +Day, Dixon, Donley, Eddy, Ely, Ewing, Farrell, Ferris, +Fidao, Gallaway, Gane, +Gay Gladwin, Goddard, +Green, Grenfell, +Haring, Henebry, +Holland, Holst, Jackson, Kelly, +Kingston, *Mason, +Mayo, McCornick, Midura, Mullarkey, Newman, Onderdonk, A. H., *Onderdonk, A., Rankin, Remkiewicz, Reuber, Rollins, Rosenfield, Rostek, Schack, Schmolze, Schneider, Schultze, +Shaw, Shenker. *Smith, S. E., +Snowdon, Souney, Sutherland, +Tucker, +Uhlig, Ward, Zlochiver, +Phi Kappa Educational Foundation, Inc., Francis H. Ballou (In Memoriam), Hyman H. Bronstein (In Memoriam), Orrin S. Burnside (In Memoriam), Nathaniel T. Clark (In Memoriam), Samuel C. Coale, IV (In Memoriam), Frank G. Cook (In Memoriam), George DeBonis (In Memoriam), Joseph D. Flynn, Jr. (In Memoriam), Robert E. Fowler (In Memoriam), Charles A. Fritzson (In Memoriam), Albert W. Hanninen (In Memoriam), Ernest H. Higgins (In Memoriam), John P. Hodgson (In Memoriam), Rex J. Howard (In Memoriam), Lionel L. Long (In Memoriam), Raymond A. MacElroy (In Memoriam), Patrick L. McMahon, Jr. (In Memoriam), John C. Melville (In Memoriam), Joseph G. Merriam (In Memoriam), James V. Shea (In Memoriam), Charles B. Smiley (In Memoriam), Daniel W. Thomson (In Memoriam), James B. Webber, Jr. (In Memoriam) 1935 1935 - Agent - John L. Shaw Amport, Baskerville, Bennett, Buess, +Bullock, Cacase, +D'Angelo, Darrell, Duennebier, Fineberg, +Fleisch, Giber, Gordon, Hagarty, Hart, Hazenbush, Irvine, Jenne, *Johnson, 0. F., Ladd, Lau, +Maher, Marquet, +McCook, McKenna, Ohanesian, +Olson, Parsons, Purdon, Rodney, Slater, Walker, W. H., Wilding, James A. Hanaghan (In Memoriam), *Barclay Shaw (In Memoriam) 1936 1936 - Agent - Albert M. Dexter Benson, Brezina, Buckley, Christensen, +Clark, +Crawford, Dexter, Dunne, Geare, Henderson, Hurewitz, Kelly, Leavitt, McKee, Miller, +More, Nielsen, O'Brien, Ogilvy, +Piacente, Podorowsky, Roberts, +Rogers, L. S., Scott, Scull, Stein, Williams, J. R. 1937 1937 -Agent - William G. Hull +Alpert, Baldwin, Barrows, +Brooke, Brower, Budd, Burdett, Carter, Cramer, D'Angelo, Dexter, Doty, Downes, +Egan, Fanning, +Fien, Gagnon, Haight, Hull, Kelly, Kobrosky, Lehan, Lepak, Lusk, +Lindell, McVane, Musgrave, +Nelson, Onderdonk, Patton, Payne, Paynter, Randall, Sanders, Scenti, Urban, +Wilson 1938 Anderson, + Astman, +Barbour, Barlow, Benjamin, Clapp, Corso, Culleney, Demonte, DiCorleto, Drury, *Fuller, Hodgdon, Hoegberg, +Kenney, Lahey, Lindsay, Lundin, McCafferty, Mixter, +Peterson, +Pfanstiel, Richman, Sherman, +Spring, Tiedeman, Tulin, +Walker, L. M., Zaretsky, Gregory T. McKee (In Memoriam), William H. Pomeroy (In Memoriam) 1939 1939 - Agent- Ethan F. Bassford Anderson, +Barrett, Bartlett, Bassford, Buths, +Clow, Cole, Davidson, Decker, +Driggs, +Flynn, Follansbee, +Gualtieri, *Hall, H. J., Hamilton, Hanson, Harris, R. J., Hart, Heath, Hope, Kemler, Leggett, +Madden, McCarthy, Miller, +Morgan, W. S., +Pickles, Sackter, +Schmuck, +Skelley, Smith, E. L., Spink, +Starkey, Turner, Tulin, Weeks, +Wilcox 1940 1940- Agent- Carmine R. Lavieri +Andrian, Aksomitas, Bengston, Bilka, *Bland, Bodkin, +Burnham, Capobianco, Collins, Essex,

Telephone Solicitors David R . Smith '52, Chairman Rebecca Adams '74 Henry E. Agostinelli '69 David Austin '49 Ethan F. Bassford '39 Herbert R. Bland '40 Edwin W. Bleecker '52 John H. Bloodgood '54 ~ohn L. Bonee, Esq. '43 Robert A. Brian '59 Watter M. L. Brown '56 Thomas E. Calabrese '63 Donald W. Carroll, Jr. '62 Michael Chearneyi '74 M. Olcott Colton '42 Alan R. Coyne '62 Timothy H. Crawford '64 Rodney D. Day, III '62 Julian F. DePree, Jr. '66 Edward Faneuil '74 Eric A.-Fowler '54 Kathleen Frederick '71 Maurice Fremont-Smith '52 Walter A. Frey, III '62 EverettS. Gledhill '32 Steven W. Golann '65 Lewis J. Goverman '68 Elizabeth R. Grady '74 James H. Graves '71 路 John C. Gunning '49 Gerald J. Hansen, Jr. '51 Jonathan L. Haring '64 Harry Heller '74 Richard K. Hooper '53 Joseph A. Hourihan '66 Siegbert Kaufmann '46 Norman C. Kayser '57 Peter Kreisel '61 Ryan A. Kuhn '70 Charles Kurz, II '67 Eugene A. Lindemann '59 Morris Lloyd, Jr. '60 L. Richard Lowe '61 George P. Lynch, Jr. '61 Robert W. MacLeod '62 George Malcolm-Smith '25 Raymond A. Manning '42 Susan E. Martin '71 Richard M. McCrensky '72 Robert D. McDorman, Jr. '69 Charles H. McGill, III '63 Samuel W. P. McGill '51 Ezra Melrose '33 Thomas M. Meredith '48 William T. Middlebrook '42 Brian E. Nelson '59 Robert P. Nichols '42 Andrew Onderdonk '34 Megan J. O'Neill '73 Augustin H. Parker, III '58 Barry R. Plotts '56 Robert F. Powell, Jr. '66 Frederick M. Pryor '62 Scott W. Reynolds '63 Milford F. Rhines '42 Deborah L. Root '74 Elizabeth Ross '74 Thomas L. Safran '67 Benjamin Silverberg '19 Kenneth A. Southworth, III '63 H. Dyke N. Spear, Jr, '57 William B. Starkey '44 Wendell S. Stephenson '50 Thomas H. Tamoney, '42 Theodore T. Tansi '54 Amy Tenney '74 Charles I. Tenney, CLU '49 Sheldon Tilney '68 Frederick M. Tobin '57 W. James Tozer, Jr. '63 Bennett Tribken, Esq. '66 Karen Tucker '74 David A. Tyler, Jr. '43 Gerald A. Vastano '69 Donald J. Viering '42 Charles E. Waddell '66 Charles B. F. Weeks '59 James P. Whitters, III '62 Bernard F. Wilbur, Jr. '50 John T. Wilcox '39 Martin D. Wood '42 S. Anders Yocom, Jr. '63 William B. Zachry , III '72

THE ALUMNI FUND GROWTH RECORD FISCAL YEAR 1960-61 1961-62 1962-63 1963-64 1964-68 1968-69 1969-70 1970-71 1971-72 1972-73 1973-74




$111,203 2,820 $39.43 125,635 3,126 40.19 135,255 42.39 3,191 152,436 3,395 44.90 FORD CHALLENGE CAMPAIGN 173,665 2,448 70.94 187,118 2,251 83.12 242,838 2,489 98.00 2.925 85.00 248,996 287,851 3,017 95.00 311,060 3,069 101.00

CHAIRMAN Robert A. Gilbert '38 John L. Bonee '43 John L. Bonee '43 Harry K. Knapp 'SO John T. Wilcox '39 John T. Wilcox '39 Andrew Onderdonk '34 Andrew Onderdonk '34 Martin D. Wood '42 Martin D. Wood '42

Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 8 Gallagher, Grandahl, Gray, Hamilton, Hazen, +Lavieri, Lindner, McLaughlin, Morris, Moser, Nickel, Onderdonk, Pankratz, Riley, Rinehart, Ritter, Rountree, Shapiro, Stubbs, Tibbals, VanDuzer, Vogel, Wolf 1941 1941 -Agent- Louis E. Buck Adams, K., Barnes, Bennett, Blaisdell, Borstein, +Buck, Butterworth, Callaghan, Carpenter, Chauser, +Conway, Day, +DeBona, Flanagan, Foley, Goodman, Gorman, Harris, J. W., Haskell, Hurwitz, Insley, J esionowski, +Johnson, A. V., +Kaplan, +Kelly, F. A., Knurek, Lavieri, Mancall, +Molumphey, Mulcahy, + Pedicord, Prendergast, Reese, +Roberts, Russo, Sehl, Smith, E. A., Smith, E. S., Welcher, Williamson, Alfred E. Gavert (In Memoriam) 1942 1942- Agent- M. Olcott Colton +Anderson, Ayer, Barber, Beaty, Beidler, Bestor, +Birmingham, Bonsignore, Burnham, +Colton, du Prey, Earle, Eddy, Getz, +Hotchkiss, +Hunnewell, Jacobsen, Jensen, Jerome, Johnson, C. F., +Kloss, Latimer, Madison, Manning, Meshenuk, Morris, +Nichols, North, +Paddon, Pillsbury, Pizzo, Proulx, +Rhines, Rodgers, +Rosenthal, Rothauser, Scully, Siems, +Smellie, Stites, Tamoney, Turley, Tuttle, +Viering, Weeks, +Wilson, +Wood, M.D., Wood, T. B., Wood, W. F. 1943 1943 -Agent- Samuel B. Corliss Ayer, Baxter, Bolton, + Bonee, Brown, +Brinckerhoff, +Bromberg, Burk, Byers, Cobb, +Corliss, Cunningham, Denny, +Dickinson, Douglas, +Fay, +Gager, Glidden, Guillett,M. E., +Healey, Heubner, Hinckley, Jessel, McAndrews, Miller, Nemetz, Peck, Pomerantz, Puffer, Rackemann, Resony, J. A., +Rossi, +Scott, Simpson, +Steitz, +Tamoney , Tribelhorn, Tullar, +Tyler, Upham 1944 1944 -Agent- John T. Fink +Balfe, Baxter, +Bellizzi, Boardman, Borden, +Chambers, Conant, Danyliw, Day, Dexter, +Donohue, Fay, ·Fink, Fried, Ghent, Grimes, Gossling, Harriman, Haskell, Hastings, Kelly, Ohrenschall, +Peelle, Pierce, Roberts, L. H., Root, Rutt, Starkey, Stein, +Toland, Traub, Tweedy, Twitchell, *Vanderbilt, Walker 1945 +Brennan, Dix, Fay, Fredrickson, Frommelt, Gerent, Goodspeed, Graves, Harris, Kapteyn, Meyer, *Milligan, Moyer, Pinsky, Schroeder, Wildman 1946 1946- Agent- Siegbert Kaufmann Ahern, Asbel, Cramer, Ferrante, Golden, Goldfarb, +Hart, Hazen, Holmquist, Kaufmann, Kelly, Laschever, Loomis, D.,Magarian, Marra, Milling, Moskow, Rittner, +Rosen, Ruhf, Shafer, Studwell, Tietze, Vincent, Walker, Wilson ,,. 1947 194 7 - Agent - -Merritt J ohnquest Bonifazi, Dabney, Daly, Dubinsky, Eichacker, Emch, Flynn, Gall one, Gelderman, Godfrey, +Hayes, Hotez, Hunt, +Jennings, +Johnquest, Jones, Kent, Kingston, +Kinsella, *Koeppel, Lorenson, Lorenzo, Lozier, Marr, Neusner, O'Connor, +O'Neil, Piligian, Polce, Poliner, Pope, Reiche, Rosen, Rosenberg, Schroeder, +Tapogna, +Wickenden, Welling, Woodward 1948 1948 - Agent - Thomas M. Meredith Arnold, Brand, Brynga, +Burns, Campo, Casey, +Charles, Claughsey, Cogswell, Colosey, ·Dolan, Dunn, Elam, +Farber, Fenn, Frankel, Gendreau, +Gershman, Glazier, Gleason, Goldstein, Gottesman, Greenberg, Helman, Jacobs, Krinsky, +Kuehn, Lemieux, Leonard, Lichtenberger, *Lockwood, Loegering, Luby, Mancall, Martin, R. S., +Meredith, Minturn, Mitchell, S. M., Nevins, +Nourse, Reynolds, E., +Richman, +Rivkin, Rockwell, +Savoy, Schachter, +Scharff, Schollhammer, Schwartz, Shippy, Stratton, Threshie, +Walmsley, Werner, Wilson, Winquist, *Maurice Greenberg Family Foundation 1949 1949- Agent- Joseph A. DeGrandi Berger, Bingham, Blake, Bowden, Church, Cohen, +Cotter, Coughlin, Crafts, Davis, Duerr, Farrell, Ferrante, Goldberg, +Gunning, Harding, Harper, Holmgren, Howard, Jurczyk, King, Later, Loveland, +Norman, Paddock, Phelan, Prigge, Richardson, Root, Sherman, Simons, Smith, S. E., Straley, +Surgenor, Tenney, Trant, Waugh, Williams, Wilson, W. M., Wolfe, Wood 1950 1950 --Agent- Wendell S. Stephenson Aldeborgh, +Barrows, Bellis, Beirne, Biddle, *Billyou, +Blum, +Brainerd, F. J., Brown, Brundage, Bunnell, Carter, +Chidsey, Corcoran, +Cromwell, DeLuca, +Detwiler, DiLorenzo, Dougherty, +Dowling, Durbas, Gavens, Geiger,

Girdzis, +Glassco, Goodyear, Grill, Hadlow, Halasz, +Hall, +Harries, Haselton, *Hickok, +Katzman, Kelly, Knapp, Knight, Long, MacKesson, Mazotas, Mellins, +Meskill, Mullane, Paddock, +Page, Palmer, ·Rankin,__ S,au, Riter, +Robinson, Romaine, Ross, Rosenlof, Rowney, Schear, Segall, Sherman, Snow, Stein, +Stephenson, Stewart, G. L., Stewart, J. M., Sunega, Sutton, Tan sill, Taylor, J. R., +Tiedemann, Torrey, B. H., Tsu, VanLoon, VanWhy, Wadsworth, Warner, Watson, Wetter, White, P. R., Wigglesworth, Wilbur, +Wildrick, Williams, E. G., Wood, +Young, +Zazzaro 1951 1951 -Agent- Samuel W. P. McGill Allen, Anderson, Barber, Behley, Blair, Bomberger, Bridge, Buckley, Bulmer, Byers, +Camilleri, Carey, W. H., Coote, Collier, Curtin, Cutting, Dickey, +Dorman, Dudley, Easterby, Edwards, Elliott, Ferguson, Fiske, W. W., Friday, Fritz, Grady, (!m{ln, Hansen, Harding, Hinkel, Howard, Hurwitz, Kirschner, Lang, Lawrence, Leeds, Loveland, MacDonald, Maher, +Martel. +McGill, Mecaskey, +Minturn, Moore, Muir, Nash, Naud, Nettel, +Oberg, O'Connor, O'Connell, Petrinovic, Pinney, +Quortrup, +Raden, Redden, Reynolds, +Roche, Rosenberg, Shaw, Shelly, Simoni, +Sinaguglia, Smith, L. S., Stuart, +VanHorne, Vaun, VonSchrader, +Weikel, Whelan, White, Wilson, J. S., Young, G. T., +Frank H. Firor (In Memoriam) 1952 1952- Agent -_Jacques V. Hopkins Aiken, Aldrich, Angelastro, Becker, Beers, Bleecker, Bolinger, Brigham, +Buffum, C. C., Buffum, R. C., +Christakos, Clipp, +Cohen, Cowdery, DePatie, Diana, Forte, Foster, G. V., +Foster, J. R., Frost, Fuller, Geary, +Gilliland, Goodwin, Goralski, Gurwitt, Hatfield, +Head, Hoisington, Holmes, +Hopkins, J. V., How, Hubbard, R. G., Hubbard, J. S., Hunter, R. E. T., Hunter, R. N., Keyes, Knapp, Krogman, Kunkel, Laub, MacLean, +McElwee, +Miller, J. H., Milliot, Moller, Morrisey, Nesteruk, Newell, Norman, Oliver, Park, Parsons, J. B., Partridge, Petro, Phelps, Quinlivan, Ratcliffe, Rathbone, Raybold, Ringrose, +Russell, Sawyer, Shapiro, Simmons, +Smith, D. R., Smith, G. E., Spears, Stark, Steck, +Trowbridge, +Welna, Washington, Wiberg, Wilmot, Woodruff, Wynne, Yeomans, Young 1953 1953 -Agent- Elliott H. Valentine Asher, +Astlett, Barnett, T. A., Barrows, Berdick, Berseth, Blackler, Brewer, +Brown, Burns, Campbell, J. P., Clark, D. R., Clem, Clifford, Coulter, Crawford, Davis, Dean, +Dwight, E. F., Dwight, S.A., Faulkner, Fitz-Randolph, Hamblett, Hayward, W. L., +Heller, Holmquist, +Hooper, Howard, Keller, Kunz, Larson, Lauffer, Lecrenier, +Lorenson, Lyford, Marden, Martin, B., McCandless, McGarvey, Michie, Mortell, Moses, Moskow, Nelson, +Nutt, Paquette, Rhodes, Romaine, Rowland, Schloss, Sencabuagh, Shigo, Simmons, Sloane, Smith, L. W., Smith, R. R., Soares, Stewart, Teichmann, Tildesley, Tinsz, Valentine, Werner, D. L., +Whitmarsh.._JVills, Wollenberger 1954 1954 -Agent- James A. Leigh Adams, R. J., Aiken, Ainsworth, R., +Alexander, Anderson, J. R., Anderson, R. C., Atwood, Austin, Backenstoe, Bloodgood, Bowen, C. C., Bowen, G. H., Brown, Bunnell, Butts, +Campbell, Carlough, Carter, Chatfield, Clark, Conner, Cosby, +Craig, D'Abate, Davis, J. J., Dillon, J. C., Dobrovir, Eggert, Engelhardt, Esquirol, Fawley, Floyd, +Fowler, E. A., Franchere, +Gillooly, Gilson, Griffith, Higinbotham, Hill, G. T., Hill, J. J., Hirsch, Hodges, Homa, Howard, Jepson, Johnston, D. F., Kalinowski, Kennedy, D. K., Kimmick, Knight, Knutson, *Koeppel, Lawler, Leigh, *MacColl, +MacKenzie, Mackimmie, +MacLea, Marshall, Mayer, Mazurek, +Mazzarella, McCauley, Mease, Morphy, Muirhead, Murray, Mutschler, Mylchreest, Niemann, Oberender, O'Connor, Oxholm, Potter, Robinson, Russo, +Sauvage, Schenker, Schneeberg, +Schreiber, Scott, Searles, Seufert, Shechtman, Silverberg, +Sivaslian, +Smith, A. L., Smith, E. H., Smith, R. H., Storms, Taft, Tansi, Thatcher, Thomas, G. M., Tompkins, +Vanderbeek, VanLanen, +VonThaden, Waldman, Wallace, Weinberg, West, Wilson, Windesheim, Winner, Wolff, Woodbury, Woodward 1955 1955 -Agent- Lee A. Lahey *Anonymous, Bartlett, H. W., Bittner, Blogoslawski, Bolger, Brody, Brotman, Callen, Carlson, L. D., Catir, Close, Craig, DiBella, Dimling, Eberle, Farnham, Ferraro, +Filewicz, Fisher, A., Gardiner, Gardner, +Geetter, Gelman, Goldberg, Golledge, +Greenleaf, Hatfield, Hoag, Islamoff, Johnson, +Kent, +Kopp, Kozlin, Lahey, Laird, LaPorte, Law, Logan, +Lunt, Magelaner, Maitland, +McGowan, +Mehldau, Merriman, Michelson, Miller, Robert N., Miller, Rupert N., Morgan, Moss, Mountford, Nash, Nelson, Newlin, Nixon, Nyquist, O'Hara, +Ousler, Palshaw, Pedevill,

Peterson, Ralph, +Reed, Reese, Reineman, +Ritter, Roberts, Rose, S. H., Rudy, Shay, Simons, Sind, +Squires, Starr, Stephens, Valentine, Wainman, Welsh, Werner, Wright, Zampiello

Swift, *Tansill, Thomson, Thrower, Turner, Tuttle, Wachtel, Waggoner, Wagner, Waldeck, Watt, Waxler, Werly, Wiener, Wilson, T. A., Wilson, T. B., Wood, Zelley, Zimmerman, +Zousmer

1956 1956- Agent- John D. Limpitlaw Abbott, Ahlberg, Anderson, A. P., Anderson, B. F., Bergerman, Boss, Calbi, Callen, Casale, Coursen, Daley, Diefendorf, Dodds, +Eastburn, Eustis, Fleming, Foley, Guertin, Hammaker, +Huther, Jewett, Johnston, Kelley, +Kotch, Limpitlaw, Luquer, Loveridge, MacDonald, B. N., Martin, 'McCabe, +McCanless, Meister, Montgomery, Muirhead, Murphy, ·Nissi, O'Brien, Pauley, Perens, Piper, Plotts, Renkert, Schader, +Sivitz, Smith, W. R., Smith, W. Rodney, Stehle, Steinmetz, Stiles, Streeto, Stuart, +Swanson, Taylor, D. M., Temple, Townley, Tulk, Vaughan, Warren, Weisburger, Willis, Wood, Woodward, Zito

1962 1962- Agent- Thomas S. Johnson Alberts, Anderson, D. K., Bailey, Baker, Bartol, Bashwiner, Berkley, Bishop, C. H., Borawski, Borus, Boyd, Brown, Bundy, Carroll, Chase, Classen, Cool, Coyne, Cummings, Cu_nneen, Cutler, Daniels, Day, L. V., Day, R. D., D'Oench, Duncan, Elwell, Farnum, Finch, Frey, Gittins, Goodman, Gough, Granger, Hageman, Harris, Harting, Hill, Hoffman, Hopkins, Johns, Johnson, P. A., +Johnson, T. S., Kelleher, Kelly, Kisor, Kroczynski, Kuehnle, Lackey, Leddy, Levy, Lipkind, Lloyd, T., Lockton, Lynde, MacLeod, Mason, McAlister, McCracken, McCurrach, McKnight, McNally, McNamara, Meehan, Mehringer, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, K. G., Mitchell,___W. H. L., Morgan, Myers, Nardiello, Nelson, Niven, Norman, Okazaki, Papa, Perin, +Polk, Pryor, Raymond, +Richardson, Rudnick, Sharpe, Sheley, Stetler, Sweeney, Syer, Synn, Thayer, Traut, Turner, Warren, +Whitters, Wilson, D. E., Wilson, P. M., Wilson, R. S., Wood, Zakarian, Zuill

1957 1957 -Agent- Frederick M. Tobin +Becherer, Beers, Behr, Bennett, Bradley, J. R., Brown, L., Bulkley, Cammarano, Case, / Channell, Christensen, Condon, Couch, +Curran, Darcey, Day, Douglas, Drabowsky, Elder, Finkbeiner, Doherty, Fleishman, Frazier, Gould, Hall, R. H., +Harlow, Jones, *Kayser, Kuiper, Learnard, Letcher, Luke, MacDonald, MacLeod, +Marion, Miner, Morhardt, Morrison, Myerson, +Niness, Percy, Pierce, Pillsbury, Pisetsky, +Raynard, Reichatd, H. C., Richard, Rosenfeld, Shannon, Sill, Slater, Spear, Szamier, Taylor, D. S., Tews, Tobin, Valdati, Varat, Vincent, Webster, Winslow, Wood 1958 +Back, Bailey, Barrett, Berth, Blumstein, Bogert, Bogli, Bouldin, Boynton, Cass, Clarke, +Corbett, Corcoran, Corning, Crowe, J. P., +Crystal, deSola, Edgerton, +Elsas, Farr, Ferrucci, Gibson, Gladfelter, Gleason, Harrison, Jackson, James, Joslin, Kay, Law, E. H., Lorson, +Lowenstein, Mcllwaine, Merrill, Miller, Moser, Muench, Nevins, Newton, Norris, Olsson, O'Reilly, Painter, Park, Parker, Perkins, Porteus, Renard, Repole, +Roschen, Schacht, M. A., Scharf, Schaupp, Shenkan, Shuster, +Simmons, Smith, F. S., Smith, P. C., Spencer, Terry, Thorpe, Tolis, Traut, Trott, Uphoff, Vaughan, +Werner, Williams, B. J., Wittman, Wolk, Wood 1959 1959 - Agent - Brian E. Nelson Abeles, Adams, Belmont, Birney, Borawski, Borus, Brown, C. E., Canivan, Clarke, Coykendall, Dorwart, +Dubel, Elwell, Englehart, Fairbanks, +Fineshriber, +Fischbein, Fitts, Frost, Goodman, Graham, G. R., Graham, W. J., Harnish, Harris, +Harrod, Hartz, Henriques, Hill, Hoag, Horne, Houston, Houts, Hunter, +Jaffe, R. R., Janes, +Joy, Judge, Kingman, Krim, LaRochelle, Lieber, +Lindemann, Mayo, Mcilvaine, Miller, A. B., Moorin, Moreschi, Murray, J. H., Nelson, Nolan, +Olton, Onderdonk, Outcalt, +Paslaski, Pfeffer, Pizzella, Polk, Reopel, +Reynolds, Rewa, Riddell, Rovno, Scheibe, Scheinberg, Schoff, Schram, Schreiner, +Seastrom, Sgro, Smith, A. R., Speno, Spielman, Spivak, +Taylor, Thurston, Ward, W. M., Wassong, +Weeks, Weinstein, Widing, Wyckoff, Zinner 1960 1960 - Agent- William G. deColigny Anderson, H., Bacharach, Bajek, Bassett, Baum, Beaven, Beech, Bergmann, Bjorklund, Black, Bredine, Brink, Broder, Brush, Caple, Casali, Chalker, Chase, Cimbora, Cimilluca, Clahr, Costley, Coxhead, Crane, Curry, Dagata, D'Anzi, Davenport, deColigny, Emley, Filiurin, Flynn, +Fox, Frank, Friedman, J. D., Gage, Gerundo, Golas, Gordon, Green, Greenwald, Haddad, Hammaker, Harland, Hokanson, Johnson, M. E., Johnson, R. G., +Koenig, Kotch, +Kroh, LaMothe, Langen, *LaValle, Lenihan, +Leof, +Levine, +Lieber, Liepis, +Lloyd, M., MacDermott, Mackall, Mason, +McKelvy, Middleton, Palmer, Paterson, Pedemonti, +Peterson, Philips, Phippen, +Plank, Psarakis, Richardson, Riter, Russell, R. N., Ryder, Sallinger, Salm, Schulik, Seifert, Sienkiewicz, Spahr, Stone, +Strawbridge, Strasser, Stockton, Thomas, Tilzer, Tsairis, Turman, +Varbalow, Wachs, Whitelaw, Wilcox, Worthington, Zitt 1961 1961 - Agent - Douglas T. Tansill Alogna, Anderson, Angell, Bernstein, Blanken, Bridge, Cantor, Carter, Coleman, Colen, *Colket, Dinsmore, Dove, Draper, Druckman, Fitzpatrick, Forrester, Gadd, Gerber, Gregg, Gulotta, Guertin, Gummere, Honish, Hoyt, Hudson, Hughes, E. C., Illick, Johnson, Karvazy, Kilborn, Kirtz, Knight, Koretz, Kreisel, Lazay, LeStage, Lord, Lovell, Lowe, Lynch, +MacMillan, MacPherson, Mandell, McCammon, +McRae, Mixter, Morse, Musante, Mutschler, Myerson, D. A., Myerson, P., Odium, Pare, Peatman, Perlman, Phelps, Pisani, Quigley, Ramsey, Rodney, Sanders, +Schnadig, Schumacher, Scully, Shaeffer, Shaw, Shilkret, Sobol, Stempien, Steiner, Stevens, Sullivan,

*Founders Society for gifts of $1,000 or more. +Anniversary Club for gifts of $150-$999 to Annual Giving.

1963 1963- Agent - Thomas E. Calabrese Alvord, Anderson, Bond, Booth, Bordogna, Brewster, Brown, Bylin, Calabrese, Chang, Childs, Clark, Corbin, Cotta, Coxhead, Creighton, Dalzell, Dickson, Emsley, Farring.ton, +Faxon, +Field, Files, Flynn, Foster, Fox, Friedman, Gale, Gardner, Gold, .-•., ,, _ Goodall, Gooden, Goodridge, Haarstick; Haddad, Halloran, Harris, Haskell, Hill, E. B., Hill, M. E., +Holbrook, Howland, Johnson, T. W., Jones, S.P., Keen, Kent, Kraut, Kriteman, LaMotte, Lenicheck, +Linberg, Lundborg, MacGrandle, Marcuss, Marshall, Masius, Mattison, McElwain, McGawn, McGill, Millar, +Miller, A. R., Minifie, Molinsky, Moore, D. T., Moyer, Neulander, Nygard, Ostapko, O'Sullivan, Parlee, Peake, Perreault, Perron, Potter, Raff, Raymond, +Reese, Repetto, Reynolds, L. L., +Reynolds, S. W., Rianhard, Richardson, J. M., Richardson, W. H., +Robertson, Rubel, St. Clair, +Scott, Scull, Sherin, Simzik, Sirianni, Smith, R. B. Southworth, Thomas, +Tozer, Tucker, +Vickery, Viering. Watson. Wetzel, Wicks, Winfield, +Winner, Yeaton, Yocom, Yonov, Zachary, Donald F. Taylor (In Memoriam)

CLASS OF 1964 WINS '34 TROPHY Established in 1949 by the Class of 1934, the trophy is presented to the class who receives the highest point score in the Alumni Fund. Scoring is based on a point system covering percentage of givers, average amount of gifts, total number of contributors, and improvement. The ten leading classes for the Trophy were : CLASS 1964 1934 1954 1925 1969 1963 1918 1955 1950 1970

POINTS AGENT John N. Fenrich, Jr., 94 Esq. Mr. Andrew Onderdonk 75 Mr. James A. Leigh 72 Mr. George Malcolm68 Smith Mr. Larry H. Whipple 68 Mr. Thomas E. Cala67 brese Lispenard B. Phister, 64 Esq. Mr. Lee A. Lahey 63Vz Mr. Wendell S. Stephen- 62 son Rev. Scott M. Donahue 62

1964 1964 -Agent- John N. Fenrich *Anonymous, *Anonymous, Adelstein, Anderson, R. S., Auerbach, Blocksidge, Bobruff, Borden, Brackett, Bralove, Brandt, Burfeind, Burnham, Campbell, W. F., Churchman, Craig, Crawford, Dearington, deVou, Ehrhardt, Ewing, Feingold, Feirstein, Fenrich, Ferrara, Fiordalis, Fish, Francis, Friedman, Gilson, Gordon, Gregory, Grossman, Hallowell, Harrison, Hutchins, Hutzler, Jacobs, Katz, Kellner, Kinzler, Koretz, Lapenn, Leghorn, Levy, Loi, Lucke, MacDougall, Martire, McCann, McLagan, McNeill, McQuaid, Minot, Monahan, Moor, Morris, Mosher, Nelson, Ogden, Orr, Palmer, Pavlech, Pettus, Plass, Pyle, Quarrier, Randmaa, Ratches, Ravizza, Roberts, Rowan, Rushmore, Sachs, Saklad, Sanzo, Schaltegger, Schilpp, +Silansky, Sinicrope, Smith, K. G., Spencer, J. R., Spencer, R . A., Steel, Stevens, B. L., Stevens, T. C., Stowell, Stuart, Tetro, *Thomases, Tisdale, Todd, Tower, Twerdahl, Twining, Wadlow, Waxman, Wenger, Westney, Wiltbank, Wiltsek, Witherington, Yates, Zinser, John M. Heldt (In Memoriam), Peter Jay Schaefer (In Memoriam), +Albert C. Williams (In Memoriam)

Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 9

CLASS OF 1964 WINS '16 TROPHY Established in 1959 by the Oass of 1916, the trophy is awarded to the class, out ten years or less, which achieves the best record in the Alumni Fund. The scoring is based on percentage of givers, average and total gift, and total number of contributors. CLASS 1964 1969 1970 1968 1966

POINTS AGENT 94 John N. Fenrich, Jr., Esq. Mr. Larry H. Whipple 68 62 Rev. Scott M. Donahue Mr. Sheldon Tilney 59 Mr. Robert F . Powell, Jr. 52

1965 1965 - Agent- Frederick C. Schumacher Aron, Arensman, +Arms, Bangert, Basch, Beckett, +Bernstein, Beyer, Born, Bory, Boultbee, Cantor, Carlson, Cook, Cooper, +Deutsch, Dunlop, Ellwood, Freedson, Gamson, Gann, Geetter, Gish, Golann, Goodwin, Gorsky, Gould, Guenther, Henry, Hollenbeck, Hooker, Hopke, Huskins, Jansen, Joralemon, Knapp, P. J ., Knier, Lee, Lemega, Liebowitz, Lodge, Lombardo, Losse, Lynch, Makin, Mason, Meek, Mott, Mozzicato, O'Neil, Oswecki, Parlin, Perkins, B. B., Perkins, S., Potterveld, Richardson, J . E., Rogow, Rohman, +Rorer, Rosen, Roth, +Schumacher, Shea, Silverman, Simonian, Smith, A. D., Smith, R. A., Snedeker, Sotter, Sprague, Stolz, Stone, Swander, Urbanetti , +Wendell, Whalen, Woodcock, Woolfson, +Yavinsky

Barringer, Bartlett, Beers, Bird, Bley, Bodner, Bornemann, Bougere, Boulanger, Boyd, Brachman, Bradford, Burt, Carlson, W. R., Carter, Chaplin, Charney, Oune, Cooper, Cosgrove, Dawes, Deland, DePree, Dixon, Doll, D. F., Dorrier, Draper, Dunham, Dunn, Evarts, Gall, Garrett, Gilley, Golub, Grimes, Gulotta, Harris, G. C., Henriques, Hopkins, Hourihan, +Junod, Kassow, Keane, Kilgore, Kuehn, Lambert, Lawson, Lee, +Lloyd, Locke, Lombardo, MacGregor, Marden, Martineau, Mason , McClure, McNally, Moore, J . J., Murphy, J . J ., Ocko, Peake, Pellerin, Perhonis, Pickett , Pogue, Powell, Rissel, +Sargent, Sartorius, Scarlett, Schlatter, Schmidt, Schoen, Schweitzer, Seckler, Shepard, Siegel, Sigman, Sniffen, +Snyder, Spence, Stepto, Studds, Sulkowski, Tilki, +Tribken, True, Waddell, Waterman, Walmet, Witherwax

Birnbaum, Bishop, Boas, Bose, Bradbury, Brickley, Brosnahan, Burgess, Campbell, Carlson, Carson, Qark, S. J., Oarke, Craven, Cromwell, Crossland, Cummings, Davison, Derderian, Downes, Ebinger, FitzSimons, Fox, J. J., Gardner, Gerber, Gordon, Gulley, Harriman, Heckscher, Henderson, Hevner, Honiss, Hubbard, Hutton, Jacobini, Jacobs, Jenkins, R. D., Kataja, +Kemper, Kirkby, + Kroekel, +Kurz, +Levi, Livingston, Loeb, Miller, R. P., Mullarkey, Nuemberger, 0 Connor, +Oliver, Overbeck, O'Neal, Pavlech, Perrin, Powers, Prevost, Purdy, Rath, Raws, Ray, Rosenbaum, Rubin, Safran, Sanders, Sanger, Sawyer, Scheinberg, +Scott, Seibert, Shapiro, Sjoholm, Smith, Sommer, Speer, Stein, Stultz, Talbot, Trainer, Tuttle, Ulrich, Ward, +Webster, Weinberg, Weinstein, West, +White, A W., Wick, Wild, Wrzosek, Zarr

1966 1966 - Agent - Robert F. Powell Andrews, Armentano, Baker, D. D., +Barrett,

1967 .1967 - Agent - Charles Kurz Anonymous, Anderson , +Barns, Bartko,

1968 1968 - Agent - Sheldon Tilney Angelica, Atwater, Bacon, Barrante, Barrows,


CLASS Before 1910 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920




973-74 Alumni Giving Totals by Class



7,987.44 3,047.50 385.00 275.00 1,522.00 570.00 3,449.07 4,275 .00 1,495.00 9,006.75 1,994.00 1,055.00

5000 400 400 900 700 6500 4500 1500 6500 1700 1100

61% 96% 69% 169% 81 % 53% 95% 99% 139% 117% 96%

$385 72 92 180 71 231 285 80 522 100 99


555.00 2,345 .00 755 .00 535.00 11,865.00 2,336.80 741.75 3,405.00 9JO.OO 6,870.00

800 2500 1200 1000 2300 2000 1600 5500 1500 7200

62% 94% 63% 53% 515% 117% 46% 62% 62% 95%

81 137 73 67 98 124 74 178 57 458

4,530.00 9,557.00 1,516.00 7,890.59 3,690.50 2,405.00 3,085.00 6,201.25 4,995.00 3,350.00

4500 9500 1500 10,000 4500 3000 4500 7000 6000 3700

100% 100% 101% 79% 82% 80% 69% 89% 83% 91 %

282 341 65 115 115 86 83 212 135 105

3,801.24 4,775 .00 3,485.00 3,260.75 1,122.00 1,220.00 3,205.00 10,725.00 2,370.00 7,077.00

8000 5500 4000 5000 1500 1500 3400 10,000 5000 6000

48% 87% 87% 65% 75% 81 % 94% 107% 47% 85%

97 99 94 96 70 47 84 130 59 87

5,932.00 4,792.97 5,509.50 7,175 .00 7,702.00 2,805.00 3,474.00 4,195.00 4,260.00 6,768.19

6800 5500 7500 8000 10,500 3800 4000 4800 5000 7000

87% 87% 73% 90% 73% 74% 87% 87% 85% 97%

79 61 85 66 96 46 59 62 58 78

4,767.98 3,880.00 5,815.69 11,050.00 3,552.50 3,728.00 4,456 .50 2,106.50 3,943 .50 1,617.00

6200 5000 5520 6500 3000 3500 4700 2200 3000 1500

77% 77% 105% 170% lUi% 107% 95% 96% 131% 108%

20% 22% 21%

2,035 .50 1,897.00 1,805 .00

1800 2400 1500

6 End. 1 Fdn. 711. M. 2 F .$256,930.47


Bailey, B. B. Lambert, F. K. Tree, D. J. Phister, L. B. Barber, H. T. Whipple, S. H.

24 9 12 8 9 13 19 20 17 21 20 22

13 7 5 3 7 8 10 15 14 15 16 10

78% 42% 37% 78% 62% 53% 75% 82% 71% 80% 45%

1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930

Matthews, A. N. Tansill, F. T. Gammell, S. B. Almond, R. G. Malcolm-Smith, G. Pitcher, N. D. C. Condit, R. Y. Moses, A. H. Cutler, M. J. Belden, F. R.

16 29 22 25 37 48 34 46 40 44

5 17 10 8 19 26 10 19 14 15

31% 59% 45% 32% 24% 54% 29% 41% 35% 34%

1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940

56 Gledhill, E. S. 58 Wadlow, T. S. 59 Onderdonk, A. 88 Shaw, J. L. 102 Dexter, A. M. 88 Hull, W. G. 88 McKee, G. T. (Dec.) 97 Bassford, E. F. 112 Lavieri, C. 96

16 28 20 67 32 27 37 29 36 32

29% 48% 34% 76% 32% 31% 42% 30% 32% 33%

1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950

Buck, L. E. Colton, M. 0 . Corliss, S. B. Fink, J. T.

39 48 37 34 16 26 38 53 40 81

36% 37% 30% 33% 22% 28% 34% 30% 24% 30%

1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960

McGill, S. W. P. Hopkins, J. V. Valentine, E. H. Leigh, J. A. Lahey, L.A. Limpitlaw, J.D. Tobin, F. M.

240 236 197 220 232 204 196 212 Nelson, B. E. 232 deColigny, W. G. 275

73 78 65 108 80 61 59 68 74 87

30% 33% 33% 49% 34% 30% 30% 32% 32% 32%

1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970

Tansill, D. T. Johnson, T. S. Calabrese, T. E. Fenrich, J. N. Schumacher, F. C. Powell, R. F. Kurz, C. Tilney, S. Whipple, L. H. Donahue, S. M.

242 264 261 268 271 290 261 291 325 335

86 95 107 104 77 91 93 85 90 87

36% 36% 41 % 39% 28% 31 % 36% 29% 28% 26%

1971 1972 1973

Booth, W. N. 374 Fiechter, B. R. 402 Sutherland, G. C. 398

74 89 82




153 1316

34 117 3

22% 8%



Capen, G. C. Smith, A. K. Barber, W. P.

109 128 122 104 74 Kaufmann, S. 94 Johnquest, M. 111 Meredith, T. M. 175 DeGrandi, J. A. 166 Stephenson, W. S. 267

TOTALS Honorary Masters v -1 2

COMBINED TOTALS 10469 *Does not include 730 inactive alumni




5 End. 20 I. M. 41. M. 11. M. 1 End. 11. M. 41. M. 81. M. 4I.M. 1 F 1 F. 21. M.


11. M. 11. M. 1 I. M. 11. M. 11. M. 11. M. 21. M. 11. M. 41. M. 21. M. 11. M. 51. M.

11. M.

1 Fdn. 11. M. 11. M.

2 I. M. 11. M.

51 ,629.34 2,415.13 85.00 6 End., 1 Fdn. 74 I. M. 2 F $311 ,059.94







10 10,155 25 355 85




360 1,345




















535 5,303




1 1 1

3 1 -

3,830 75 2,282 100 120 325 730 60 100 120 1,019 700



1 2

30 1,144 10 3,844


$7,987 7,072 13,838 275 1,522 570 3,459 14,430 1,520 9,362 2,079 1,055

31% 59% 45% 32% 24% 54% 29% 43% 35% 36%

915 3,690 755 535 11,975 2,337 742 23,503 930 17,483

29% 52% 34% 76% 32% 31 % 42% 30% 33% 34%

5,065 14,860 1,516 11,721 3,766 4,687 3,185 6,321 5,320 4 ,080

37% 37% 33% 34% 22% 28% 35% 31% 24% 31%

3,861 4,875 3,605 4,280 1,822 1,220 3,235 11,869 2,380 10,921 6,137 4,828 6,229 8,250 7,702 3,030 9,466 4,546 4,585 7,698

2 3 3 8 10

225 5,992 351 325 930

55 41 54 103 46 41 48 25 44 19

8 4 1 3 3 1 1 1 5

1,275 350 240 95 375 135 125 135 260 285

39% 38% 41% 39% 30% 32% 36% 30% 28% 27%

6,043 4,230 6,056 11,145 3,928 3,863 4,582 2,241 4,203 1,902

113% 79% 120%

27 21 22

6 3 3

194 755 60

22% 23% 21%

2,229 2,652 1,865




$95 ,103



1512 21 28

5 2

108,651 1,356

25% 9%

160,280 3,771 85







1 1



205 35 720 1,075

78% 42% 37% 78% 62% 53% 75% 82% 71 % 80% 45%

31% 33% 33% . 49% 34% 31% 32% 33% 35% 35%

31. M.



$4,025 13,453



Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 10 Barton, Basch, Behrend, Bellows, _ Borus, Bryant, Callaghan, Cassarino, Center, Cogoli, Covington, Coward, W. G., Coyle, Danks, Dix, Edelman, Elkin, Endersby, +Entwistle, Falcone, Floyd, Fox, Gagnon, George, Giese, Goldberg, Goverman, Greenspon, Hamsher, Harrison, Hesford, +Howard, Hyde, Johnson, P. C., Kauer, Kaufman, P. 1., Kosloski, Lauretti, Levitsky, Maddock, Madorin, Martin, D. G., McCampbell, McClelland, McCrudden, Miles, Miller, J. C., Minukas, Monks, Monti, Morris, Musinski, Neff, Noonan, O'Connor, Pavel, Peters, Pikl, Pine, Price, Prout, Rauh, Richmond, Riker, Rohfritch, Sabloff, Schott, Shepard, Slutsky, Steinemann, Stites, Stuhlman, Swanson, Tilney, Townsend, Tuxbury, White, Williams, E. H., Wilson, J. E., Woodruff, Friend of '68 1969 1969 -Agent -Larry H. Whipple Ach, Adams, Adler,' Allaire, Barkhausen, Barlow, Berger, Brooks, Burnes, Bushueff, Campbell, J. D., Campbell, T. C., Canning, Cantwell, Carius, +Carroll, *Chick, Connors, Davis, Dowd, Doyle, Duane, Dugan, Duncan, A. S., Duncan, W. T., Ehrenberg, Freeman, Forester, Fridy, Friedman, Glahn, Gifford, Goldfrank, Gordon, A. R., Gregg, Gregor, Griffin, +Grinnell, Haynes, Hershey, Hessenthaler, Higgins, Hill, C. P. L., Hough, Jakielo, Johnson, D. S., Jones, Kenworthy, Knight, Lackner, Lenik, Loberg, Low, Lowe, Lynch, MacLachlan, Marimow, Massie, McDonald, McDorman, Mears, Miller, M. E., Osborne, Otis, Pennell, Prelle, Prentice, +Reid, Rice, Rosenblatt, Sample, Schroeder, Sheckley, Sherrill, Siegfried, Simchak, Simon, Soule, Spaulding, Starck, Sweeney, Tewell, Titus, Tyler, Uehlein, Wellcome, +Whipple, Wigder, Wight, Wilkinson, Wrobleski, Zartarian 1970 1970- Agent- Scott M. Donahue Anonymous, Aasen, Ankudowich, Alfred, Baetjer, Baker, Bamberger, Bartlett, Belas, Belida, Bingham, Bonee, Brinckerhoff, Broatch, Cahoon, Campbell, Chapin, Conklin, Cornwell, Dale, R. C., Dale, S. N., Davidson, Davis, P. J., DeArment, DiBella, Dight, Donahue, Duncan, Dworin, Ewing, Farnell, Fentress, Fenwick, Fleisch, Fox, Gallo, E. M., Gallo, J. F., Garofolo, Gibby, Glowa, Gohsler, Gordon, Greenspan, Hackett, Hagaman, Hamilton, S. P., Hannay, Harrison, Helsdon, Hubbell, James, Jimenez, Kerr, Kuhn, Lawrence, Leeson, Luxemburg, Maryeski, McKee, McKinney, Milbank, Munkwitz, Newbury, Peelle, Ramseur, Reed, Reilert, Richards, Robinson, R. T., Russell, Sadayasu, Sager, Schinfeld, Scholes, Shaw, C. S., Sibley, Sobotka, Steuber, Stowell, Tanghe, Tody, Webber, Weinstein, Wells, Wheelwright, Wiles, Willin, Willoughby, Wilson, Wolff, Wyland, Yeterian 1971 1971 -Agent- William N. Booth Anonymous, Adams, Ayers, Basch, Benjamin, Birinyi, Birmingham, Booth, Borchert, Charleston, Clark, J. R., Clark, M. C., Cohn, +Colman, B. E., Coriale, Davidson, Davis, de Rothschild, DiBenedetto, Durland, Drury, Enders by, Frederick, Gaston, Gilbert, Greenblatt, Haas, +Hankin, L. K ., Heffner, Humphrey, Jacobson, James, Jianakoplos, Kaplan, Kelley, Kennedy, Knight, Kowalski, Lanfer, Lawrence, Lewis, Lipps, Loveland, Mann, Marchisotto, Martin, Mason, Mazzuto, McLoughlin, Miller, J. E., Milliken, Moore, Morse, Muller, Nilson, O'Beirne, Phillips, Pratt, Price, Reinsel, Reynolds, Richards, +Rohlen, Ross, Sarasohn, Scott, Slocum, Sturgess, Tarpley, Thomson, Vince, Wentz, Weinberg, Wilsey, Winton, Wood, Woodruff, Woolsey, Wu, Charles Z. Greenbaum (In Memoriam) 1972 1972 - Agent - Bayard R. Fiechter Abendroth, Adelman, Ambrosini, Arceci, Asarnow, Balch, Banash, Bauman, Beau tyman, Blum, Caldwell, Charleston, Chase, Clark, L. H., Clark, T. H., Cohen, R. J., Curtin, Dann, Davis, DeJongh, Earley, Eaton, Ellis, Eysmans, Fass, Ferris, R. K, Fiechter, Fisher, A. S., Fisher, W. A., Gladstein, Gonyer, Graves, L. K., Hails, Hammond, Henry, Holland, Houghton, Jenney, Johanson, Keith, K. M., Keith, Q. B., Kiley, Kolotkin, Kravitz, Kupperman, Lake,


Laskowski, Lawrence, Leonard, Lingard, Livingston, Maletta, Mandt, Marks, McCrensky, Meade, Melcher, Merrill, +Messler, Miller, J. A., Miller, W. J., Munz, Nelson, P. B., Nichols, O'Connor, O'Dell, Preston, Prince, Rogers, C., Sachner, Shaw, C. T., Siegrist, Smith, A. A., Smith, S. M., Smith, T. K., Snyder, Stamen, Sviridoff, Tamoney, Traver, Van Der Stricht, Viering, Vitello, Washburn, Werner, Wheelwright, Whetzel, +Whitehead, Wittman, Zachry, Zendt, Zimmerman, George Coyle (In Memoriam) 1973 1973 - Agent - George C. Sutherland Artas, Brown, B. L., Brown, D. 1., Brown, Q., Brunetti, Bullard, Cameron, Campbell, K. H., Cohen, S., Conee, Coyne, Curley, Daley, DiCorleto, Dubicki, Durkee, Evans, Farwell, Fay, Fink, Fitzpatrick, Gimar, +Harris, J. P., Harrold, Hecht, Hesche!, Huntoon, Johnson, Kahn, Kemelhor, Kirkland, Kittredge, Knapp, M. R., Korengold, Koweluk, Kupferberg, J.P., Kupferberg, L. C., +Laden, Lazares, Mantell, Matthews, Mayer, Miller, E. E., Mitchell, Neuner, O'Neill, Pearlstein, Plagenhoef, Poole, M. F., Poole, R. W., Prudden, Ricci, Robiner, Rosenberg, P., Rosenberg, R. E., Reif, Rogers, M. A., Russo, D. P., Sarubbi, Saunders, Schirmer , Stephenson, Stevens, Stewart, Strogoff, Strong, Suroviak, Symmes, Tuneski, Twardy, Tyler, Vignone, von Mayrhauser, Weiner, Wittemann, Wheeler, White, Wolf, Wynne, Zaccaria, Zivin 1974 Freelander, Harvey, Kelsey, Mann MASTERS DEGREE ALUMNI L. S. Adams, H. E. Agostinelli, N. A. Agostino, B. H. Anderson, H. K Anderson, M. P. Barker, B. Beck, K. A. Berberian, H. L. Berger, E. S. Berger, N. Bestor, S. Biloon, R. M. Bishop, J. J. Boyle, C. M. Brock, P. S. Brown, J. L. Butler, C. A. Butterworth, W. A. Carey, B. S. Carpenter, +M. S. Cheney, J. S. Cohen, H. L. Colvocoresses, E. P. Comerford, P. M. Cross, E. L. Daly, R. E. Darling, T. F. Davoren, L. D. Deephouse, P. B. Deming, J. J. Devery, W. J. Dickson, H. Dickstein, D. M. Dorman, W. L. Eddy, M. W. Elliott, T. L. Fahey, B. T. Fox, J. F. Gallo, B. Gent, R. G. Giguere, B. A. Gilman, R. J. Girard, M.P. Godfrey, H. R. Goody, M. Grabinski, M. Green, G. P. Groft, D. H. Grubbs, V. Harris, C. W. Johnson, L. B. Johnson, M. A. Kane, P. C. Katen, G. Kelly, R. H. Kennedy, L. N. Kezerian, M. L. Kimball, N. V. Kip, R. A. Klenke, D. L. Koch, G. Krawczyk, D. K. Kuehl, W. Kwoka, P. Lebetkin, A. C. Lettiere, F. Levine, M. Lewis, J. G. Luts, C. R. Lyman, M. J. Malina, P. Manciagli, M. M. Manitsas, T. McCabe, S. L. McCann, G. J. McDonald, E. L. McGehan, K. K. McLane, M. L. Meder, J. Millspaugh, B. C. Mooney, H. L. Morgan, J. A. Mozzer, G. H. Murray, M. I. Nabel, N. D. Nellen, R. E. Overbaugh, S. Parkyn, J. A. Patterson, C. H. Perret, M. Perretta, L. F. Pike, +D. L. Quigley, J. J. Reardon, +D. B. Risdon, W. G. Ryba, L. A. Saman, M. S. Savin, R. D. Scheidel, B. T. Sergi, T. S. Sergi, K. W. Severens, B. J. Shallenberger, M. M. Shanahan, M. M. Sheridan, R. H. Sherman, A. H. Shookus, W. G. Sica, P. A. Sidell, B. G. Sinclaire, T. A. Soininen, J. A. Storms, R. Styring, A. Thivierge, *A. T. Turner, M.C.A. Vulcano, E. Walters, K. Weinberg, B. S. Welch, F. E. Whelan, C. E. Woods V-12ALUMNI G W. Burrows, D. A. King, D. J. O'Hare HONORARY DEGREE ALUMNI R. B. Appleyard, +G. W. Baker, G. B. Beach, R. S. Beecher, J. M. Blum, +F. J. Braceland, H. H. Clark, +J.M.K. Davis, *S.C. Davis, +P. Day, *C. W. Deeds, J. F. Enders, *A. J. Feldman, P. M. Fraser, M. H. Glover, F. Goodwin, F. 0. Grubbs, W. P. Gwinn, +T. S. Hamilton, W. B. T. Hastings, *A. C. Hickmott, L. M. Hirshson, H. M. Horner, L. W. Houston, P. Kappel, A. F. Langlykke, W. S. Lewis, J. D. Lodge, *R. A. Magowan, +P. W. Morency, L. C. Ogilby, J. C. Parsons,+ J. W. Randall, L. Rose, *V. D. Roosa, *A. H. Seaverns, *0. D. Smith, *S. D. Watson, C. E. Watters, F. B. Wilde, *R. J. Wean, B. Donald Burke (In Memoriam), Michael Coleman (In Memoriam), Greville Haslam (In Memoriam), Theodore 0. Wedel (In Memoriam)

1973-1974 Parent Contributors Unrestricted General and/or Restricted Designated Purposes Mr. & Mrs. David M. Abbot +Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Abrams Mr. & Mrs. Harold Adler Dr. & Mrs. H. Henry Adler Mr. Ramon Albo Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Alexandre Mrs. Antoinette S. Allegra Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Alogna Mr. & Mrs. Walter Amory Mr. & Mrs. Robert 0. Anderson *Mr. & Mrs. Gilman Angier Mrs. Donald Anthony

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Arms +Mr. & Mrs. Chester L. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Aronne Mr. & Mrs. Russell W. Babb Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Back Mr. & Mrs. H. Norman Baetjer Mr. & Mrs. David C. Bailey +Mr. & Mrs. Loring MacK. Bailey Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Baker Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Baker, k Mr. & Mrs. HenryS. Baker, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Bamberger

THE PARENTS FUND GROWTH RECORD FISCAL YEAR 1960-61 1961-62 1962-63 1963-64 1964-68 1968-69 1969-70 1970-71 1971-72 1972-73 1973-74



$ 38,531 424 $ 93.01 40,739 584 69.74 40,049 630 63.56 50,230 619 8l.l4 FORD CHALLENGE CAMPAIGN 68,958 568 121.40 59,603 468 127.36 84,628 532 159.00 88,099 630 139.00 109,581 665 165.00 97,418 608 160.00

Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Barans Mrs. J. Ru~sell Barlow Mr. & Mrs. William M. Barnes +Mr. & Mrs. C. Minor Barringer Mr. & Mrs. William A. Barron, III +Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Barrows Mrs. Catherine M. Barthwell Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Basch +Mr. & Mrs. Simon Baseman Mrs. Madora S. Bass Mr. & Mrs. R Bruce Bass Mr. Ethan F. Bassford +Mr. & Mrs. Alfred S. Bathke Mr. & Mrs. David I. Baur Mr. & Mrs. George DeB. Bell Mr. Thomas S. Benjamin +Mr. & Mrs. Bruce N. Bensley Dr. & Mrs. Julius J. Bentman '*Mr. & Mrs. Ralph U. Bercovici Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Beren Mr. Jack J. Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. H. Lloyd Beyer, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Bigelow Mr. & Mrs. Wasyl Bileckyj Mr. & Mrs. Harvey W. Bingham Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Bishop Mr. Edward S. Blackwell Mr. & Mrs. Alfred W. Blanken Mrs. Zelda Dichter Bloom Mr. & Mrs. Roger G. Blum Dr. & Mrs. Russell Boles, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William E. Bolster The Rev. & Mrs. John E. Booty +Mr. & Mrs. Bartholomew H. Bossidy Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bourassa The Very Rev. & Mrs. George H. Boyd Mr. & Mrs. John P. Boynton Mr. & Mrs. Joseph 0' Bradford Mr. & Mrs. Lynn J. Bradt *Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas F. Brady Mr. & Mrs. James F. Brayton Mrs. William Brewster +Dr. & Mrs. Willard M. Bright Mr. & Mrs. John H. Brinckerhoff +Mr. & Mrs. Brigham Britton Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Broadus Mr. & Mrs. William Brogadir Mrs. Arthur F. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Howard H. Brown, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John A. Brown Mr. & Mrs. K. S. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Winthrop G. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Bruce Mr. & 1Mrs. Wilber M. Brucker, Jr. *Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Brush Mr. & Mrs. James S. Bryant +Dr. & Mrs. Julius Buchwald Mr. & Mrs. Halleck A. Butts Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Caldwell Mr. & Mrs. Truman Cameron, Jr. The Honorable Joseph Campbell +Dr. & Mrs. Charles 0. Carothers Mr. & Mrs. William H. Carpenter +Mr. & Mrs. Clarence U. Carruth, Jr. *Mr. & Mrs. Steven M. Castle Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Chamberlain +Mr. & Mrs. E. William Chapin Mrs. Frances C. Chapman Dr. & Mrs. Bertram W. Charap Mr. Aaron Charney *Mr. & Mrs. William C. Chick, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Childers Dr. & Mrs. Mortimer R. Cholst Mrs. Aline M. Clark Mr. & Mrs. George J. Clark Mr. & Mrs. John R. Clark Mrs. Ernest T. Clary Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cleary Mr. & Mrs. C. Robert Clements Mr. & Mrs. James W. Cobbs Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm D. Coe Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Coffin Mr. & Mrs. John E. Cogoli Mr. & Mrs. Lee A. Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Sol R. Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Donald J . Cohn Mrs. Elizabeth D. Conwell +Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Coolidge +Mr. & Mrs. John F. Copeland Mr. Thomas B. Coughlin Mr. & Mrs. Caspar F . Cowan Mr. & Mrs. Fairman C. Cowan Mr. & Mrs. Marvin S. Cowan

*Founders Society for gifts of $1,000 or more. +Anniversary Club for gifts of $150-$999 to Annual Giving.

CHAIRMAN Joseph V. Getlin Clarence U. Carruth, Jr. Robert G. Dunlop F. Stanton Deland, Jr. Charles Wright, III A. Dix Leeson Alfred Raws, Jr. Willard W. Brown Bruce N. Bensley Bruce N. Bensley

+Mr. & Mrs. Willis G. Coward +Mr. & Mrs. Frank W. Crabill +Mrs. L. Robert Crandall +Mr. & Mrs. Robert Crimmins Mrs. W. Kennedy Cromwell Mrs. H. Ashton Crosby Lt. Col. & Mrs. Leo V. Crowley Mr. & Mrs. I. Frank Crystal Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Cuminale Mr. & Mrs. Joseph I. Cunningham +Mr. & Mrs. Walter J.P. Curley, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Chester C. d'Autremont Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Davies +Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Frank Davis Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Debevoise Mr. & Mrs. George F. Degen Mr. & Mrs. F. Stanton Deland, Jr. +Mr & Mrs. Warren Delano Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Devendittis Mr. & Mrs. John J. Devery Mr. William H. Dewey Mrs. Paul B. Dickey +Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Dixon Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dodge Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan E. Doolittle Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Doorley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Dow Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Doyle Mr. & Mrs. John F. Duffy Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Dunham, IV *Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Dunlop Mr. & Mrs. David A. Durfee *Mr. & Mrs. Hy C. Dworin Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Eadie Dr. & Mrs. Norman D. Edelman Mr. & Mrs. Hyman Edelstein Mr. George P. Egbert, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Ellinghaus Mrs. Dorothy M. Ellsworth Mr. & Mrs. J. Donovan Emery +Mr. & Mrs. Elric G. Endersby +Mrs. Elizabeth A. Endicott *Mrs. Charles W. Engelhard Mr. & Mrs. H. L. F. Enlund Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Epstein Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Erhart, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John A. Ewing Mr. & Mrs. RobertS. Eynon Mr. Edward A. Fahrner Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo Failla

LEADERSHIP GIFTS SOLICITORS 1973- 74 PARENTS FUND Rudolph M. Montgelas, Chairman David B. Beers, Esq. Bruce N. Bensley Ralph U. Bercovici Charles A. Coolidge Frank W. Crabill Mrs. Pamela S. Crandall George P. Egbert, Jr. Dr. James L. Gamble Frank K. Griesinger Charles E. Hart, III Robert H. Horling Eads Johnson, Jr. Mrs. Robert A. Lawrence Alfred M. C. MacColl Kenneth G. Michel Robert K. Mooney Andrew W. Porter, Jr. Robert H. Precht Alfred Raws, Jr. Charles P. Stewart, Jr. George H. Tilghman Robert Toland, Jr. John W. Warrington

The Rev. & Mrs. Leslie L. Fairfield Mr. & Mrs. Murray H. Falk Mr. & Mrs. JohnS. Fallow, Jr. +Mr. & Mrs. Phillip F. Faneuil +Mr. & Mrs. Umberto Fantacci +Mr. & Mrs. Dawson L. Farber, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Farnsworth +Mr. & Mrs. Leon Fassler Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Fein Mr. & Mrs. Jerome E. Feinberg Dr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Feinberg Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd C. Felton Mr. & Mrs. Samuel M. Felton, Jr.

Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 11 Dr. & Mrs. James J. Ferguson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Mason Fernald Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Ferrara Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Fidao +Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Filler +Mr. & Mrs. William C. Firikenstaedt Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Fish +Mr. & Mrs. John N. Fisher .+Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. Eldra M. Floyd, Jr. +Mr. Horace C. Ford Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Foy Mr. & Mrs. Armin C. Frank Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Freeman Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. V. French Mr. & Mrs. Sherwood H. Friedman *Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Gadsden The Rev. & Mrs. Gordon B. Galaty Mr. & Mrs. Irving Gall *Dr. & Mrs. James L. Gamble Mr. & Mrs. Frederic J. Gardner +Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Garner Mr. & Mrs. Philip Garnick +Mr. & Mrs. Alfred A. Garofolo +Mr. & Mrs. George B. Gascoigne Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Gates Mr. & Mrs. JohnS. Gates Mr. & Mrs. Nathan A. Geetter Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Getz Mr. & Mrs. H. Williamson Ghriskey +Dr. & Mrs. William Gibson Mr. & Mrs. BernardS. Gidding Mr. & Mrs. Jules D. Gittin Dr. & Mrs. Ephraim Glassman Dr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Godick +Mr. & Mrs. Frederick T. Goldberg Kenneth F. Golden, M.D. +Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Goldenberg Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Goldfrank, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Goldich Mr. & Mrs. Alfred S. Goldreyer Dr. & Mrs. Edward Goldstein Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Goldstein Mr. & Mrs. Stanley B. Gomberg Mrs. James A. Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Elias S. Gottlieb Mr. & Mrs. Lyttleton Gould, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John M. Graham Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Graildjean Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Granger +Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Grant Mr. & Mrs. William R. Grant Mr. & Mrs. George W. Graves Mr. & Mrs. James 0. Graves Mr. & Mrs. Lucius K. Graves Mr. & Mrs. Sidney F. Greeley, Jr. +Mr. & Mrs. Stuart H. Green *Mr. & Mrs. Nathan R. Greenbaum Dr. & Mrs. Jack Greenspan Dr. & Mrs. William Greenspan Mr. & Mrs. Maurice E. Greenspon Mr. & Mrs. David Gregg, Jr. +Mr. & Mrs. Frank K. Griesinger +Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Griglun Mr. & Mrs. Eldon A. Grimm Mr. & Mrs. Mortimer Grossman +Mr. & Mrs. JosephS. Grover Mr. & Mrs. C. Barse Haff, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard 0 . Hails Mr. & Mrs. Herman W. Hall Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Halloran Mr. & Mrs. W. Rush G. Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Hamsher +Mr. & Mrs. Morris H. Hankin Mr. & Mrs. David T. Harris +Mr. & Mrs. Irving Harris Mrs. Taylor Harris Mrs. Lester M. Harrison +Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hart, III Mrs. Alvin H. Hartman Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Hartz Mr. & Mrs. William C. Haskins Mr. & Mrs. Alvin M. Hayim Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Heimgartner +Mr. & Mrs. Myron H. Hendel Mr. & Mrs. Frank Henderson +Mr. & Mrs. James J. Henry +Mr. & Mrs. John E. Heppe Mrs. Walter Herrick Prof. & Mrs. Arleigh P. Hess, Jr. +Mr. & Mrs. Wolcott McM. Hey! Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Hilgendorff Mr. & Mrs. Marion E. Hines Mr. & Mrs. BernardS. Hirsch Mrs. Vivian G. Hodges Dr. & Mrs. Paul H. Holinger Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin L. Holland +Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hollingsworth, Sr. Mrs. Hilary H. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Holz Mr: Lyman Hoover +Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Harling Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Hornfischer Mrs. Arthur W. Howe, III Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Howland Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Hunnewell Mr. & Mrs. S. Knox Hunter Mrs. Agnes G. Huntley Mr. & Mrs. Osmo Huoppi Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Hyde +Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Ingersoll Mr. & Mrs. Rene A. Isaac +Dr. & Mrs. Kimishige Ishizaka Mr. & Mrs. Leo Israel +Mr. & Mrs. Paul Jacobson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Jansen, Jr. Mrs. Hilger P. Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. J. Trapier Jervey Mr. & Mrs. Eads Johnson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Johnson

+Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin F. Jones, III Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Webster N. Jones, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Judson +Mr. & Mrs. Sidney L. Kahn, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John J. Kaitz Dr. & Mrs. Edwin Kalan +Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Kalikow Mrs. Zelma Kalnins Mr. & Mrs. J. William Kapouch +Dr. & Mrs. Lester Karafin Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Kassow Dr. & Mrs. Bertram Katz Dr. & Mrs. Jacob D. Katz +Dr. & Mrs. Irwin Katzka +Mr. & Mrs. Genji Kawamura Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Kelly, Jr. Mrs. Betty W. Kelsey Mr. & Mrs. H. Burr Kelsey Mr. & Mrs. Edgar H. ~ent Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kepnes +Mr. & Mrs. Walter A. Kernan Mr. & Mrs. Bayard T. Kiliani Mrs. Margaret King Mr. & Mrs. F. Shallus Kirk Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kirschner +Mr. & Mrs. Clarence J. Kjorlien +Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Kluger +Mr. Nathan Kluger +Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Knapp Mr. & Mrs. John T. Kneeland, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Peter Knowlton *Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Knox, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Geza D. Koncz Mr. & Mrs. Ignacy Konik Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Kosloski Mr. & Mrs. Louis Kruger Mr. & Mrs. Francis C. Kursz +Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Kubicek Mr. & Mrs. George A. Kuhn, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John L. Kuhn Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Kupferberg Mr. & Mrs. Max L. Kupferberg +Mr. & Mrs. Adolph B. Kurz Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kyle +Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Lackner Mr. & Mrs. John D. LaMothe Dr. & Mrs. William W. Lander Dr. & Mrs. Warren W. Lane Mrs. Mary E. Lankester Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Lapidus Mr. & Mrs. John C. Laporte, Sr. +Mr. Norman Lassalle Mr. & Mrs. James 0. Latimer Mr. & Mrs. Loewy S. Latz Mr. & Mrs. George A. Laub +Mr. Robert A. Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. William N. Lazares Mr. & Mrs. Reuben E. Lebeaux Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Lee, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James C. Leigh Mr. & Mrs. Monroe Leigh Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Lenahan Mr. & Mrs. H. W. Lester Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey J . Letchworth Mr. & Mrs. George M. Levine Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Levy Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Lewin +Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Lewis +Mr. & Mrs. Howard Lewis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Brayton Lincoln Mr. & Mrs. George J. Lincoln, Ill Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Lines Mr. & Mrs. Max Lipkind +Mr. & Mrs. R. Schuyler Lippincott Dr. & Mrs. L. Maxwell Lockie Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Lombardo Mr. & Mrs. Franklin 0 . Loveland Mr. & Mrs. RichardS. Lovering Dr. & Mrs. Barry Lipton +Mr. & Mrs. Mortimer F. Luria Mr. & Mrs. Milton I. Luxemburg Mr. & Mrs. John M. Lynham +Mr. & Mrs. E. Kimbark MacColl Dr. & Mrs. Alexander S. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Ian K. MacGregor Mr. A. Mackay-Smith, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. E. Scudder Mackey Dr. & Mrs. W. Brandon Macomber Mr. & Mrs. John Mahder Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Mainhardt Dr. & Mrs. Meyer Malkin Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Mandly, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew K. Marckwald Mr. Robert K. Mardfin Mr. & Mrs. Jay Marimow Mr. Julius J. Marion Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Marsh Mr. & Mrs. Leroy C. Marshall Mr. David Marx Mr. & Mrs. C. Ronald Mather Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Maus, Jr. +Mr. & Mrs. Francis L. McClure Mr. & Mrs. William F . McCrady, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John T. McHugh +Mr. & Mrs. J. David McKinney Mr. James W. McNally Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon C. Meister Mr. & Mrs. William K. Mellon +Dr. & Mrs. Ronald T. Meltzer Ms. Deborah D. Meryweather +Mr. & Mrs. Leon Merz, Jr. +Dr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Messler Mr. & Mrs. John Mezochow Mr. & Mrs. Keith C. Miles +Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Milholland Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Millar Mr. & Mrs. George Miller +Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Miller

t Mr. & Mrs. William J. Miller


*Mr. & Mrs. Gerrish H. Milliken Mr. & Mrs. William Milner Mr. & Mrs. George F. Mohr . +Dr. & Mrs. David W. Molander Mr. & Mrs. Paul Monaghan *Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph M. Montgelas *Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. Mooney Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Moonves +Mrs. Charles L. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. John A. Morris Mr. Joseph P. Martel Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mortell Bencion M. Moskow, Esq. Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert B. Moyer *Mr. & Mrs. William K. Muir Mrs. Stanley N. Muirhead Mrs. Alexander F. Murenia Dr. & Mrs. Charles T. Meyers +Mr. & Mrs. F. Robert Naka Mr. & Mrs. Charles K. Nazarian +Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Newberger +Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Newburger Mr. & Mrs. Willard G. Newell +Mr. John B. Newlin +Dr. & Mrs. Edward A. Newman Mrs. Adamarie L. Newquist Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Nichols Dr. & Mrs. Michael C. Niekrash +Mr. & Mrs. Alexander R. Norden Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Norris Mr. & Mrs. William A. Nygren Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S. O'Brien Mrs. John D. Ogilby Mr. & Mrs: Philip B. Olander +Mr. & Mrs. J'ohn C. Oliver, Jr. Robert D. O'Malley, M.D. +Mr. & Mrs. Norris L. O'Neill Mr. & Mrs. George D. Ornata Mrs. William D. Orr Mr. & Mrs. John R. Orrick Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Osborn Mr. & Mrs. Alfred M. Osgood *Mr. & Mrs. Mandell Ourisman Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Owen Mrs. Jane Paalborg Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Packer Mr. & Mrs. Borden W. Painter Dr. & Mrs. A Seymour Parker Captain & Mrs. Jefferson D. Parker +Mr. & Mrs. William M. Parry Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Patterson +Mr. & Mrs. Murray Pearlstein +Mr. John Peckham Mr. & Mrs. Silvio Pedemonti Mr. & Mrs. Caleb J. Penniman Mr. Lawrence Perin Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T. Perron Mr. John A. Peterson, Jr. +Mrs. John Picone Mr. & Mrs. JohnS. Pingel Mr. & Mrs. Stanley C. Plagenhoef Mr. & Mrs. George H. Plough Mr. & Mrs. Parker Poole, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Poole Mr. & Mrs. William H. Pope +Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Porter, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Post +Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Potter *Mr. & Mrs. Tom R. Potter Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Powell +Mr. & Mrs. John W. Powell, II +Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Precht Mrs. Elizabeth K. Pratt +Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Preminger Mr. & Mrs. David Price +Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Prowell Mr. & Mrs. Converse Prudden Mr. & Mrs. EliotT. Putnam +Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Quigley Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Rack, Sr. *Mr. Byron L. Ramsing +Dr. & Mrs. L. Rebhun Mr. & Mrs. J. Woodward Redmond *Mr. & Mrs. Willis L. Reese +Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Reid Dr. & Mrs. Irwin Resnick Mr. & Mrs. Cyril F . Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. William H. Reynolds Mrs. Dana W. Rhines Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Richards, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John W. Riely Mrs. Martin C. Risse! Mr. & Mrs. F. James Robinson Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Rochelle Mr. & Mrs. David Rockwood, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Victor J. Romanik Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. Rome Mr. & Mrs. Andrew A. Root +Mr. & Mrs. Willet C. Roper Mr. & Mrs. John C. Rosati Dr. & Mrs. Eli A. Rosen +Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Rosen Mr. & Mrs. Milton Rosolowsky +Mr. & Mrs. Hugo Roth +Dr. & Mrs. James L.A. Roth Mr. George H. M. Rountree, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Jack Sabloff Mr. & Mrs. Herbert S. Sachs Dr. & Mrs. Nathan Salky Mr. & Mrs. P. Donald Sanborn Dr. & Mrs. Harold Sanders Mr. & Mrs. William B. Sanders Mr. & Mrs. Gordon W. Sanford Mr. & Mrs. Olinda 0. Santopietro Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey A. Sawyer Dr. & Mrs. Louis P. Saxe Mr. & Mrs. G. Ellis Schaefer Dr. & Mrs. Louis Scheinberg Mr. & Mrs. John Schieman

PARENTS FUND TELEPHONE SOLICITORS Bruce N. Bensley Arthur M. Lewis Robert C. McAdoo Frederick Stehle, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel S. Schoen +Mr. & Mrs. Gordon T. Schofield +Mr. Thomas C. Schuller Mr. & Mrs. F. Carl Schumacher Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Sears Mr. & Mrs. William Seelbach Mr. & Mrs. James B. Seelye Mr. & Mrs. Ervin Seltzer Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Shapiro Mr. & Mrs. Irving R. Shelnitz Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. Shepard Mr. & Mrs. J. Craig Shields, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. William C. Shoff +Mr. C. F. Shultz Mr. & Mrs. RobertS. Shuman Mr. & Mrs. Walter 0. Siegel Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Siegfried Mr. & Mrs. Robert Silver Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Silverman Mrs. MacLeod Simchak Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Simonian Mrs. Reginald P. Sinclaire +Mr. & Mrs. Warren J. Sinsheimer Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Sivaslian Mr. & Mrs. Isidore Slutsky Mrs. Anne D. Smith +Mr. Beams Smith The Rev. Birney W. Smith, Jr. Mrs. E. Eldridge Smith Dr. & Mrs. Hugo D. Smith Mr. & Mrs. John E. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Robert 0. Smith +Mr. William M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Sol Smoland Mr. & Mrs. Harold Smullen, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Marne K. Snyder Mr. & Mrs. Roman Sobol Mr. & Mrs. David H. Salls, -IV Mr. & Mrs. TalbotT. Speer Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Spicer Mrs. Jane G. Sprenger Mr. & Mrs. Gordon A. Stark +The Hon. & Mrs. George Starke +Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Staudinger Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Stell +Mrs. Lenore Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Stern Mr. &Mrs. Justin J. Stevenson +Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Stewart, Jr. +Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Stines Mr. & Mrs. Frank G. Stisser Mr. & Mrs. James C. Stone, Jr. Mr. G. Carroll Stribling Ms. Willa L. Strong +Mr. & Mrs. William B. D. Stroud Mr. &Mrs. Philip J . Stueck, Jr. +Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sturken +Mr. & Mrs. Wyatt Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. William G. Sutherland, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Sutton, Jr. Mrs. Gioia C. Taber Mrs. William R. Talbot Mr. & Mrs. William M. Taussig Mr. & Mrs. George B. Taylor, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Taylor +Mr. & Mrs. WarrenS. Tenney Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Thayer Mrs. Anne Therman +The Rev. & Mrs. J. Moulton Thomas *Mr. & Mrs. Fred Thomases Mr. & Mrs. R. P. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Chester Thomson Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Throne Dr. & Mrs. Aaron Thurman +Mr. & Mrs. George H. Tilghman +Mr. Carl W. Tillmanns +Mr. & Mrs. Norcross S. Tilney +Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Tilney, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Tobin Mrs. Sarah W. Todd Mr. Robert Toland, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Tomlinson Mrs. Ralph L. Tompkins Mr. & Mrs. Earle J. Tonsgard Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Toomey Mr. & Mrs. Ernest A. Tosi Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Towner +Mr. & Mrs. Russell E. Train Mr. & Mrs. George M. Traver +Mr. & Mrs. Glennon J. Travis +Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Tulcin Mr. & Mrs. Stanley A. Twardy Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Twichell Mr. & Mrs. James L. Tyson Dr. & Mrs. Gene Usdin The Rev. & Mrs. Alfred Vail Mr. & Mrs. Michael N. Verdi Mrs. Peter V. D. Voorhees Dr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Wagner Mr. & Mrs. Charles S. Walker Mr. & Mrs. Hawley W. Ward *Mr. & Mrs. John W. Warrington Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Waxman Mrs. Jack Weinstein Mr. & Mrs. John G. Wendler Mr. Thomas L. Wentling +Mr. & Mrs. George Whalen

Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 12 Benjamin B. Whitcomb, M. D-. *Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. White, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John R. White +Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Whitehead, Sr. +Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Williams +Mr. & Mrs. Ralph B. Williams Mrs. John C. Wilmerding Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Martin Wolf Mr. & Mrs. Melvin H. Wolf Mr. & Mrs. RichardS. Wolk Mr. Cornelius A. Wood, Jr. *Mr. & Mrs. Millard F. Wood Mrs. Nancy B. Wood Mr. & Mrs. Orrin Wood Dr. John H. Woodbridge +Mr. & Mrs. William L. Woods

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur V. Woodworth Mr. & Mrs. Theodore D. Woolsey Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wright, III Mr. & Mrs. William Wright *Mrs. Lucien Wulsin *Mr. George W. Wyckoff Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Wyle Mr. & Mrs. John G. Yerkes Mr. & Mrs. S. Anders Yocom Mr. & Mrs. Stanton M. Yusem +Mr. & Mrs. Edmond A. Zaccaria Mr. & Mrs. M. K. Zachariasewycz Mr _& Mrs. Leon Zanger Mr. & Mrs. Valois A. Zarr Dr. & Mrs. Harold E. C. Zheutlin Mr. & Mrs. Paschal Ziccardi Mr. Samuel H. Zimmerman

1973-1974 Friends of----- Trinity Contributors Unrestricted General and/or Restricted Designated Purposes

Mr. George W. Adams Aid Association for Lutherans (Fraternal Benevolences Program) Mr. & Mrs. Buist M. Anderson Mr. Thomas L. Archibald Mr. & Mrs. Joel Aronie *Mrs. A. Everett Austin, Jr. Mrs. Lewis H. Babbitt +Mr. Lvan A. Backer Mr. Jesse M. Bailey Mr. & Mrs. William 0. Bailey Mr. Henry P. Bakewell Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Barrett Mr. Edward B. Bates Dr. Robert A. Battis Mr. Maxwell M. Belding Mr. & Mrs. Sam Belson, Ray & Judy Ms. EllenS. Benioff Mr. William T. Bingham Mr. Evan Bitsaxis Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Black, III Prof. Theodore R. Blakeslee +Mr. John A. Blanchfield Mrs. John A. Blessis Dr. & Mrs. E. B. Boatner *Mr. & Mrs. Clifton M. Bockstoce Mrs. Morgan B. Brainard, Jr. Kenneth F. Brandon, M. D. *Miss Eleanor L. Brewster Mr. William R. Bronson Mr. James L. Brother *Dr. Karl F. Brown Miss Josephine E. Bryant Mrs. John Bunce Mrs. B. Donald Burke +Mrs. C. Charles Burlingame *Dr. Kenneth W. Cameron Mr. & Mrs. J. Leo Carp Ms. Patricia J. Carry Morris B. & Edith S. Cartin Family Foundation *Mr. Edward J. Casey Mrs. Yvette Chabotte Ms. Ruth C. Chapman *Mr. David T. Chase Mr. Kimberly Cheney Mrs. Verner W. Clapp Mr. Brian Clemow Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Cole Mr. & Mrs. William K. Cole *Mr. & Mrs. H. Bacon Collamore Mr. & Mrs. Victor J. Cook Mr. John C. Cooley Mr. Paul W. Cooley Dr. George B. Cooper Mrs. Michael D. Corovillis Mr. & Mrs. Horace M. Cragin Mrs. Warren Creamer Mr. & Mrs. S. R. Cruikshank *Mrs. Richard C. Cushman Dr. & Mrs. H. M. Dadourian Prof. John Dando E. Y. Darbee +Mrs. Robert E. Darling Mr. Henri M. David Dr. Eugene W. Davis *Mrs. J. H. Kelso Davis Mrs. Alice M. DeLana *Mr. James C. Dobbin Mr. Horace W. B. Donegan II Mrs. John Donohue Dr. Harold L. Dorwart *Dr. & Mrs. Norton Downs Mrs. Frederick J. Eberle Mr. C. Manton Eddy Mrs. Arthur F. G. Edgelow Mr. Alfred C. Edwards Mr. John E. Ellsworth Mr. RalphS. Emerick *Mr. Ostrom Enders Mrs. R. J. Englehart Mr. & Mrs. James F. English, Jr. Ms. Isabel S. Fairchild Mr. Francis T. Fenn Mrs. Lion Feuchtwanger Mr. Henry Fishzohn Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Frank, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Marcy Frey Mr. SamuelS. Fuller Mr. Stephen H. Gardner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Gibson

Mr. Daton Gilbert Mr. George H. Gilman, Jr. Ms. Eleanor Gleason Mr. Timothy W. Goodrich II *Mr. & Mrs. Henry Sage Goodwin *Mrs. James L. Goodwin Mr. & Mrs. Norman T. Graf Mr. & Mrs. Ellsworth Grant +Mrs. Walter H. Gray Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Greenbaum Mr. & Mrs. Robert Greenbaum Mr. Arthur W. Gregory, Jr. Spencer Gross, Esq. Mrs. Alice A. Gurney *Mrs. Karl W. Hallden Mr. Walter E. Hanson The Hartford Barge Club The Hartford Recorder Society Mr. Bruce P. Hayden Mr. & Mrs. George W. Headley Mr. & Mrs. Philip Hewes Mr. David C. Hewitt Mr. John W. Hincks Mrs. Homer Adams Holt Mrs. Thurman L. Hood *Mrs. Gertrude S. Hooker Mr. & Mrs, Frederick D. Houghton Ms. Margaret A. Hubbard Mr. E. Harold Hugo +Mr. Godfrey Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hurley Mrs. Donald F. Hyde Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Irving Mr. Robert G. Irving Mark W. Izard, M. D. *Mr. M. C. Jennings Mr. Sherwood F. Jeter, Jr. Mr. Richard F. Jones, Jr. Mr. Robert B. Kaemmerlen Ms. Jessie M. Kenny Mr. & Mrs. Richard Koopman Capt. & Mrs. Wendell E. Kraft *Dr. Robert H. Krieble *Mrs. Vernon K. Krieble Mr. Karl Kurth, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Lasbury, Jr. Miss Mary J. Leahy Mr. Horace B. Learned Mr. W. Harmon Leete Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Lips Mr. Boardman F. Lockwood Mr. John A. Lockwood Mrs. Laurence Lona *Mrs. James G. Lowenstein Mr. James B. Lyon Mrs. Alexander A. Mackimmie, Jr. Mrs. Edward W. Madeira Dr. Michael Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Manoukian Mrs. John A. Mason Miss Patricia J. Mason Mr. William A. Matthews Mr. Frederick C. Maynard, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. McNulty Mrs. George J. Mead Miss Doris Merwin Ms. E. Jane Miller Mrs. Kenneth W. Miller *Mrs. Arthur Milliken Mr. & Mrs. William D. Molloy Mr. Leonard S. Morrison Mr. Gerard Morrissey Mr. William H. Mortensen "Neath the Elms" Garden Club Dr. Rex C. Neaverson *Mrs. William J. Nelson Mr. Robert L. Newell New England Morgan Horse Association, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Howard Nielson Miss Mary D. O'Leary Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Oosting Mr. A. Kimball Page Dr. D. Sergeant Pepper Miss Virginia C. Perkins Dr. & Mrs. Maurice M. Pike Mrs. Sydney D. Pinney Mr. & Mrs. David Pinsky *Mrs. Charles F. Powell Mr. Robert H. Powell Mrs. Elizabeth K. Pratt

*Mrs. Stewart C. Pratt Mr. & Mrs. David G. Pruyne +Mr. Albert D. Putnam Mr. Douglas T. Putnam Mr. Lyonel H. Putnam Mr. Robert E. Rappoli +Mr. & Mrs. Andres J. Rebmann Mr. & Mrs. John A. Reilly, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Irving S. Ribicoff Mr. & Mrs. John H. Riege Mr. A. Lawrence Riker Mr. & Mrs. William R. Robbins Mrs. Edward D. RobertsMr. J. K. Robertson Mr. Barclay Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Barclay Robinson, Jr. Mr. Cedric L. Robinson Henry S. Robinson, Jr., Esq. Mr. Francis F. Ross Mr. Isaac D. Russell Mr. Nicholas J. Russo St. Anthony Educational Foundation Mr. Robert Salter, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Sandwell Dr. & Mrs. August E. Sapega Mr. William F. Sargent The Hon. Max M. Savitt Mr. Nicholas Schauss *Dr. & Mrs. Richard Scheuch Mr. Robert H. Schutz Mr. & Mrs. Carleton F. Sharpe *Mrs. Barclay Shaw Ms. Alice W. Sherman Ms. Marjorie A. Sherwood Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L. Shipman, Jr. Mrs. Hedvah Shuchman

Mr. Joseph R. Slights *Mr. James B. Slimmon, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Alan Smith +Mr. Louis M. Solomon Arthur L. Spada, Esq. Mr. Theodore M. Space Dr. & Mrs. E. Myles Standish Mr. & Mrs. Roger V. Stephenson Ms. Holly Stevens Prof. & Mrs. Robert C. Stewart Major & Mrs. John R. Stoddard Mr. Richard Stroud Mr. Norman H. Strouse Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sugarman Mr. Richard H. Templeton *Dr. & Mrs. D. G. Brinton Thompson Ms. Emily B. Thomson Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Title Mr. Bryant F. Tolles Mr. & Mrs. Crampton Trainer Trinity College Girls Club Leonard M. Troub Foundation, Inc. Mr. Raymond Waraksa Mr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Watkins *Mr. Stuart D. Watson Mr. Elroy Webber Ms. Sylvia Weinberg Ms. Lola S. Wells Mr. & Mrs. Clifton C. West Mr. Edward Whalen Benjamin B. Whitcomb, M. D. Mr .. Charles B. Wood III Ms. Ruth L. Woodford +Mrs. Elsie B. Yeomans Mr. George W. Young *Mr. E. Robert Zenke

Business and Industry Contributors Ace Hardware, Inc~ The Acme Plumbing & Heating Co. A-Copy, Incorporated Aetna Life & Casualty Allied Electric Supply Corp. American Glass Company American Linen Supply Fund, Inc. Ames Department Stores, Inc. Arrow-Hart, Inc. The Arrow Window Shade Manufacturing Co. The Associated Cons.truction Company Associated Spring Corp. Automatic Comfort Corp. Bankers Trust Company Barney's of Hartford, Inc. Bristol Laboratories Burroughs Corporation Burt-Knust-McCabe Associates C & N Auto Service Caval Tool & Machine Co., Inc. Celanese Coatings Co., Devoe Paint Division The Charter Oak Bank & Trust Co. Oark-Watts, Inc. Coleco Industries, Inc. The Connecticut Bank & Trust Co. Connecticut General Insurance Corp. Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co. Consumer Sales Co. Coopers & Lybrand The Covenant Group Data-Mail, Inc. The Dew Construction Co. The Dexter Corporation Dillon Chapin, Inc. Dillon Mailing Bureau, Inc. Dow and Condon, Realtors Drico Corporation Dunham-Bush, Inc. Eagle Sheet Metal Works, Inc. The Ensign-Bickford Foundation, Inc. Environmental Service Corp. The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S. T. D. Faulkner Company FIP Corporation Fisher's Package Store, Inc. Anthony Flamio & Sons General Elevator Co., Inc. General Fireproofing Company Golden Oak Package Store Daniel Goodison, Inc. Gulf Oil Foundation The Hartford Courant Foundation, Inc. Hartford Despatch and Warehouse Co., Inc. The Hartford Electric Light Co. The Hartford Electric Machine Co. Hartford Federal Savings The Hartford Insurance Group Hartford National Bank and Trust Company Hartford Offic~upply Company, Inc. The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company Hartford Wire Works Company The Hartman Tobacco Company The Harvey and Lewis Company Heublein, Inc. M. Frank Higgins & Company, Inc. Hi-Line Products & Paper Company Horn Construction, Inc. Household Finance Corp . Industrial Refractories Corp. INA Foundation

*Founders Society for gifts of $1,000 or more. +Anniversary Club for gifts of $150-$999 to Annual Giving.

Jaymar-Ruby, fnc. Jeter and Cook, Architects Johns-Manville Fund Johnson and Dee Kalart Victor Corp. Kaman Aerospace Corp. The Kessler Construction Company John Leavitt, Inc. Lee Container & Paper Products Corp. The Liner-A twill Company Loctite Corporation Lupachino & Salvatore, Inc. Lydall, Inc. The Magovern Company, Inc. Manafort Brothers, Inc. Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company Marsden & Wasserman, Inc. Maxson Textiles, Inc. Madlyn Shop, Inc. Mark Supply Company, Inc. Mechanics Saving Bank Metal Lathers Local 46 Fund The Munigle Corporation National Typewriter Co., Inc. Neiditz Brothers Onderdonk-Lathrop Associates, Inc. Parma Restaurant & Grill Patrissi Nursery Center, Inc. M. A. Peterson, Inc. Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company The Print-Craft Corp. The Procter & Gamble Fund Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company Purolator Security, Inc., Mercer & Dunbar Armored Car Service Div. Radio Corporation of America Research Corporation Resolute Insurance Group Robel Textile Co., Inc. Rogers Corp. 路 Roncari Industries, Inc. Sage-Allen & Company, Inc. Savitt, Inc. Sears-Roebuck Foundatiun Security Connecticut Life Insurance Co. Simplex Security Systems, Inc. Slossberg's Society for Savings Hotel Sonesta The Southern New England Contracting Company The Southern New England Telephone Company The Spencer Turbine Company Stanadyne, Inc. The Standard Mattress Co. The Star Silk and Woolen Company State-Dime Savings Bank The Stauffer Chemical Co. Foundation The Suisman Foundation The Taylor & Fenn Foundation, Inc., Inc. Tick, Joelson & Coleman, Inc. The Travelers Insurance Companies Tull Brothers, Inc. United Aircraft Corporation United Bank and Trust Company van Zelm, Heywood and Shadford Veeder Industries, Inc. Bernard Vinick Associates, Inc. Walsh Brothers Travel West Hartford Lock Company The Wetherell Corporation The Wiremold Foundation, Inc. Youth Centre, Inc.

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The A. S. Abell Co., Fdn. Abex Corporation Aetna Life & Casualty Co. Allied Chemical Foundation American Airlines, Inc. American Can Company American Metal Climax Foundation, Inc. American Motors Corporation Anaconda Arrow-Hart, Inc. Asarco Foundation Associated Spring Corporation Bank of America Foundation The Becton, Dickinson and Company Bethlehem Steel Corporation Burlington Industries Campbell Soup Company Chase Manhattan Bank Chemical Bank Chrysler Corporation Combustion Engineering, Inc. Commercial Credit Companies Foundation Connecticut General Insurance Corp. Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co. Continental Can Co. , Inc. Continental Corp. Foundation Continental Illinois National Bank & Trust Co. Cooper Industries, Inc. Copley Newspapers Deering Milliken, Inc. Dexter Corporation Diamond Shamrock Corp. Digital Equipment Corporation Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, Inc. Dun & Bradstreet Foundation, Inc. Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U. S. Exxon Education Foundation Federated Dept. Stores, Inc. The First National Bank of Boston First National Bank of Chicago Foundation

First National City Bank Foundation The First New Haven National Bank FMC Corporation Ford Motor Co. Fund General Electric Foundation General Foods Corporation General Mills Foundation Co. General Telephone & Electronics Corp. Gillette Co. W. T. Grant Co. Great Northern Paper Co. Gulf Oil Corporation John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. Harsco Corporation Fund Hartford Insurance Group Hartford National Bank and Trust Co. Haskins & Sells Foundation, Inc. Hercules, Inc. Hershey Fund Heublein Foundation, Inc. Hollingsworth & Vose Company Honeywell, Inc. Hughes Aircraft Co. INA Corporation International Business Machines Corp. International Telephone & Telegraph Corp. Irving Trust Company Johnson & Higgins Johnson & Johnson Kendall Company Foundation Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. Manufacturer's Hanover Trust Co. Foundation McGraw-Hill, Inc . Mead Johnson & Co. Mellon National Bank & Trust Co. Merck Co. Foundation Merit-Saveway Foundation Merland, Inc. Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Mobil Oil Corp.

Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. ofN. Y. Mutual of New York National Biscuit Company National Distillers & Chemical Corp. New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. Northeast Utilities Service Co. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. Norton Co. Olin Corporation Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. Phelps Dodge Foundation Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co. Pitney-Bowes, Inc. Provident National Bank Prudential Insurance Co. of America Raytheon Company Reader's Digest Foundation Richardson-Merrell, Inc. Rockwell International Smith Kline & French Foundation Southern New England Telephone Company Squibb Corporation Stanley Home Products, Inc. State Mutual of America Stauffer Chemical Co. Textron Foundation J. Walter Thompson Co. Time, Inc. Times Mirror The Travelers Insurance Companies Turner Construction Co. United Aircraft Corp. United Parcel Service United States Trust Co. Upjohn Co. Warnaco Fund Co. Westinghouse Educational Foundation Winn-Dixie Stores Foundation Xerox Corporation

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He is the owner of John Barter Associates, an insurance agency in West Hartford.

systems designer for Martin Marietta Corporation in Orlando, Florida. Major DONALD SEASTROM was recently married to the former Allieta Nelson at the U. S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. ALLAN MACDONALD is starting his Ph.D. dissertation in foreign languages at Ohio State University. He has been teaching for two years at the"University.

HMM-161, a tactical marine helicopter squadron.


Mr. E. Wade Close, Jr. 200 Hunter's Trace Lane Atlanta, Georgia 30328

BOB DONAHUE is assistant director of the data processing systems department at the Hartford Insurance Group. OWEN GARNER has been promoted to central office wire chief by Southern New England Telephone in Bridgeport. EDGAR LINDENMEYER is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, stationed at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. He received his master's degree in counseling education in August from Southern Illinois University. He is the father of six boys and one girl.

Mr. Edward A. Montgomery, Jr. Backbone Rd. Sewickley Heights, PA 15143 DICK FLEMING is minister of music at the First United Methodist Church in Richardson, Texas. He will be teaching this fall at Sou them Methodist University's Perkins School of Theology. LESLIE CHARD will be taking a sabbatical this year from the University of Cincinnati and will be traveling to England. GORDON WOOD is living in a new home in Sullivan, Illiri.qis. He is the president of the Wood Insurance Agency and is the father of three children. JOHN SNOW was recently elected to the national board of directors of the American Marketing Association. JOHN RITTER is new model coordinator of the Delco Electronics Division of General Motors. He is serving as president of the Kokomo (Indiana) Swim Club, and president of the Kokomo Photo Guild. John tells us that LYMAN POWELL is a trust officer of a bank in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. RONALD BOSS writes that he is living in Westminster, California, and that his oldest son, Jeff, will attend Indiana University on full scholarship next fall. TOM GUERTIN is technical manager of the color pigments department at American Cyanamid Company . He has a new home in Somerville, New Jersey. FRED SCHUH has entered private practice in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Charleston, South Carolina. DALE NELSON is minister of the First Congregational Church in Topeka, Kansas. He is also chaplain to the Topeka police department, and secretary of the Topeka Council of Churches. JOHN BARTER has been appointed chairman of the Florida Manifesto Committee.



Mr. Paul B. Marion 7 Martin Place Chatham, NJ 07928

JAMES BRADLEY has been promoted to associate professor of classics at Trinity. RICHARD HALL has been named general data systems manager at Southern New England Telephone Company in Connecticut. JOHN SHERMAN moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia in July. He has a new position as European intelligence production manager at the fleet intelligence center in Norfolk.


The Rev. Dr. Borden W. Painter, Jr. 110 Ledgewood Rd. West Hartford, CT 06107

BILL LORSON is moving to Little Rock, Arkansas, where he will be flying for the Air Force. His first son, Eric, was born in October, 1973. Bill has been selected for promotion to lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. CARL PETERSON will be receiving his M.B.A. in June. GERARD VAUGHAN returned from assignment in Southeast Asia in January. He is now senior controller in the headquarters of the military command operations center at Scott Air Force base in Iltinois. He recently received his fourth Air Force medal, and has been the recipient of the . Distinguished Flying Cross. Gerard writes that he recently visited with BILL WARDER and his family.


Mr. Paul S. Campion 4 Red Oak Dr. Rye, New York 10580

DIX HARRIS has been promoted to vice president at E.N.l. Corporation, a nation-wide investment firm . He and his family have been living in Seattle, Washington since 1969. His job involves travel to Hawaii and the Midwest. ANDRE LAROCHELLE has a new job with the Catholic Family Services in Shreveport, Virginia, where he is director. FRED SMITH is an electronic engineer with the U. S. Customs Agency in Washington, D.C. He and his family are living in a new home in McLean, Virginia. JOHN ADAMS has been awarded the highest honor of the International Society of Real Estate Appraisers. John is the owner of John F. Adams Associates in New Britain. JOSEPH SGRO, psychology professor at Virginia Tech, is president of the Virginia Psychological Association, vice chairman of the Virginia Board of Examiners for Psychologists, and chairman of the psychology section of the Virginia Academy of Science. SIMON LEVIT is practicing cardiology and internal medicine in Tulsa, Oklahoma. HARVEY LERMAN is a senior computer


Mr. Robert C. Langen 2 Sachems Trail West Simsbury, CT 06092 MATTHEW LEVINE is now living in two cities. He has a town house on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco and a beach house in Plaza Del Rey, Los Angeles. Matt is president of Pacific Select Corporation, and his wife, Diane, is staff vice president for Advertising and Promotion at Continental Airlines. JOHN TREPL has moved his family to Goldfield, Nevada, where they own a rock shop and mining operation. ROBERT SWEET has been assigned by the International Executive Service Corps to serv'e as a volunteer executive with the Stock Exchange of Singapore in that city. JERE BACHARACH writes that MIKE LIEBER has joined the anthropology department of the University of Illinois in Chicago as an associate professor. COURTLAND FERGUSON is air traffic controller in the Miami Air Route Traffic Control center. RODNEY WHITELOW was written up in the July 4 edition of Cape Codder magazine. Rodney and his family have restored a 1907 Crosby catboat, and they are living in South Orleans, Massachusetts. He is affiliated with the Bass River Savings Bank in Osterville.


Mr. Del A. Shilkret 40 Meryl Rd. So. Windsor, CT 06074

WILLIAM KAHL has been appointed assistant director in the reinsurance department at the Travelers Insurance Company in Hartford. KERRY FITZPATRICK has been elected vice president-finance and treasurer on the board of the George Washington Corporation. He has recently moved to Ponte Vedea, Florida. ALBERT MAYER is now president of Theodore Mayer & Bros. He spends much of his time lecturing and doing consulting work in sales and management. AI was named Realtor of the Year in Ohio in 1973. RICHARD SCHNADIG is counsel to the Department of Personnel for the state of Illinois. He handles labor relations problems, including litigation and collective bargaining. LUCIEN LAYNE has joined the Colorado Surgical Supply Co. as an inside salesman. BUB WILCOX is regional representative in the mid west for the Gunlocke Furniture Company. He has a new home in Prairie Village, Kansas.

Francis Boyer, Hon. '61 George A. Drieu Cyril B. Judge '10 Oarence A. Meyer '16 Clarence I. Penn '12 Sydney D. Pinney '18 Thomas A. Shannon '25 Frederick R. Spitzer '40 Arthur J. Ulmer

Foundations (non-corporate) The Braitmayer Foundation Concordia F-oundation Queene Ferry Coonley Foundation, Inc. The.Charles A. Dana Foundation, Inc. The Henry L. & Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Maurice Greenberg Family Foundation Stella and Charles Guttman Foundation The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Aar.on Hollander Fund Simon Hollander Fund Phi Kappa Educational Foundation The Suisman Foundation The Thomas J. Watson Foundation The Raymond John Wean Foundation

Parent's Weekend November 1-3 ReunionHomecoming November 8-10 Dr. ROGER MACMILLAN was married to the former Carla Duray in Saratoga Springs, New York on July 21. Roger is an associate surgeon at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.


Mr. Barnett Lipkind 8 Union Ave., E-5 Norwalk, CT 06851

GEORGE WILL, Washington editor of the National Review was included in "Time" magazine's portfolio of the top young leaders in America. JOHN DENSEM has been named seniors system analyst at Connecticut General Insurance Co. in Bloomfield. BOB MASON is assistant professor of medicine at the University of California at San Mateo. He is also an established investigator for the American Heart Association. 路 FRANK KING received his M.B.A. from Texas Christian University in May. JOHN WATTS has been appointed chairman of the department of surgery at Kern General Hospital in Bakersfield, California. He is also the director of residency training in general surgery at the hospital. WARREN .KESSLER is entering private practice in urology in San Diego. He has two children, including a son born in January. TOM STOKES is affiliated with Continental Oil Co. in Albuquerque. He has no family yet, which leaves him plenty of time for photography and fishing. DAVID ALBERTS has been promoted to Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of California. CHARLES JOHNS is a copy editor at the Courier-Post in Camden, New Jersey, a daily newspaper serving southern New Jersey. DOUG ANDERSON was recently promoted to operations manager for Butler Manufacturing Company in Kansas.


Mr. Timothy F. Lenicheck 152 Willow Avenue Somerville, MA 02144

RICHARD CHANG is beginning his fifth year as the Rector of All Saints' Church in Kauai, Hawaii. He is also serving as vicar of two small missions on the north shore of the island. Richard's family consists of his wife and two daughters, plus an eight year-old Bassett hound named lpo Hapa Haole Alii! He seldom gets to see any Trinity alumni, but hoped to get together with WILL FILES this summer. MIKE DALY has been appointed associate executive director of Hartford Hospital. WILL FILES of Fort Yukon, Alaska has been elected president of District One Education Association which represents over

(Continued on page 14)

Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 14

(Continued from page 13) 800 teachers in rural and military schools in Alaska. NICK WHITE was ordained a priest in January, 1974. He assumed duties as associate rector of Christ Church in Charlotte, North Carolina in August. BOB POPE moved to a new home in Plantation, Florida, which he shares with his wife and two children. He is a pilot with National Airlines. BOB BYLIN works for Fairchild Camera and Instrument Co. as operations manager. He lives with his wife and two children in Sunnydale, California. STEPHEN YEATON has been named director of community services division of the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, a research organization in Honolulu. BOB PERRIN is an account executive at Merrill, Lynch in Palm Beach. STEVE IMRIE is leaving the Air Force and moving to San Jose. There he will open a private practice in orthopedics. IHOR ZACHERY has a new job as assistant professor of opthaltnology at the University of South Florida in Tampa. He just completed a one year fellowship in corneal and external diseases at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami. IRWIN BERNSTEIN is assistant professor of pediatric's at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is also a member of the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center. DAVID POST is involved in the cement boat-building business. He is afrlliated with Samsen Marine Design, Ltd. of Vancouver, British Columbia, and his headquarters are in Madison, Connecticut. An article about Dave appeared in the July 11 edition of the Branford (Connecticut) Review. STEVE TUCKER is completing his military service in the Army. He will soon enter private medical practice. HAROLD VICKERY wrote your SECRETARY that he has joined Faber Merlin Ltd., a development company in Thailand. Hal's position is deputy managing director.


Mr. Beverly N. Coiner 150 Katherine Court San Antonio, TX 78209

BILL BOWIE will be taking a leave of absence from Trinity's chemistry department and will be a visiting professor at California State University for the coming year.TOM MCKUNE is working on his dissertation at the Center for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Michigan. He will be working on a national study of undergraduate curriculum for the Carnegie Commission this year. Tom's wife, Jane, will complete her work for a masters in social work · this year. ART BOBR UFF has completed his psychiatric residence at Tufts-New England Medical Center. He divides his time between private practice and working for the South Shore Mental Health Center and Dorchester Mental Health Center. Art keeps in touch with BERT FEINGOLD, ED MOSHER and DICK DEMONE. GIL STORMS recently received his Ph.D. in English from Rutgers. He is currently assistant professor at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. ROBERT RODNER is a major in the U.S. Air Force Medical Corps and is stationed at Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Robert Streisand '62 is a cardiovascular surgeon at the same base. JESSE WELLEN is employed by Xerox Corporation in California. He is the father of a new son, Joshua, born in February, 1974. CHRIS MCNEILL will be entering private practice this year in San Diego as a gastroenterologist. He served for one year in the Army as assistant chief of gastroenterology at the Army Medical Center in San Francisco. Chris says this his wife, Janice, and their two boys are delighted about moving to San Diego. PETER KINZLER is working in the Office of Legislation of the Federal 1)ade Commission. He is drafting legislation, doing commentary on bills introduced to Congress, and working to see that the FTC positions are adequately represented in Congress. BRUCE STEVENS is still serving in the Navy and hopes to be released in June, 1975. He recently passed his radiology board examinations. BOB SCHILPP is working for Dupont in Parkersburg, West Virginia where he is a production supervisor. He enjoys gardening and landscaping his five acres, as well as keeping track of his two Airedales. JIM DEVOU is manager of Marketing Research at the ITT-Harper Company in Chicago. He recently bought a townhouse, and is still single. CHARLES FRANCIS is manager of the Providence, Rhode Island office of Ryan, Elliott & Co., a real estate rmn. JIM MOOR is assistant professor of economics at Central Michigan University. He expects to complete his Ph.D. on September 30.

FRED MILLER is presently recuperating from major surgery. We wish him our best.


The Rev. David J. Graybill 213 Cherokee Rd. Henderson, TN 37075

RIESS POTTERVELD is senior minister for the Congregational Church in Northridge, California. He is a Ph.D. candidate in the philosophy of religion at Claremont Graduate School. SEBASTIAN MOZZICATO has completed his psychiatric residence at the Institute of Living in Hartford, where he was chief resident from July of 1973 to June of 1974. He was recently appointed to the medical staff at the institute on a full-time basis. He and his wife, Dorothy, have a baby girl. ERIC MEYERS has joined the law flrm of Shutts & Bowen in Miami, Florida. BOB ORIS is director of drama at Henry Ford Community College in Michigan. He is hoping to do a musical version of "Hogan's Goat" in Dearborn. ALLEN JERVEY will be practicing internal medicine in Skowhegan, Maine. BEN GORSKY has become a diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology. In June, he completed a year on the faculty of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He is beginning a two year assignment as staff anesthesiologist at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. BRUCE WHITE M.D. worked at the Drop-In Drug Rehabilitation Center in Provincetown last summer. He is completing his internship at the Framingham Hospital, where he concentrated on emergency care. RALPH KATZ has moved to Bowie, Maryland and is a major at the U.S. Army Institute of Dental Research at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. SEYMOUR PERKINS is marketing manager for the Joslyn Manufacturing Company. He is living in Hinsdale, Illinois. ROBERT BECK has completed two years in the U.S. Navy at the Naval Hospital at Annapolis, Maryland. He and his family have recently moved to Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Bob has two years left in his residency in orthopedic surgery. GORDON BOULTBEE has been promoted to chief program manager at the Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc. He has recently taught a course in operations research at Golden Gate University Gradu,ate School of Business Administration. He and his wife are expecting . their rust child late in the year. MERRILL Y AVINSKY has been elected president of the Tri-South Management Associates and executive vice president of Tri-South Mortgage Investors. He is still living in Atlanta and is enjoying the South. BRUCE JAY and his family are living in San Pedro Sula, Honduras where he is a trade union advisor. Recently he found himself on the opposite side in a dispute with the local affiliate of TOM GARSON's Lovable Bra Company! Bruce has recently been promoted and given the title of AIFlD's Regional Trade Union Enterprise Development Officer. He expects to be flnished with his assignment in Honduras later this year. DAVID DENBY is engaged to marry Deborah Holmquist, and plans are for a Fall wedding. Dave is employed as a manufacturer's representative. LOU HUSKINS has become a partner in the law fum of lrell & Manella in Los Angeles.

Dr. Randolph Lee Office of College Counseling · Trinity College Hartford, CT 06106 RICHARD LOMBARDO has moved back to Tennessee where he is in p.dvate practice as a G.P. TOM WILLIAMS is a stockbroker with E. F. Hutton & Co. in San Francisco. He was married last February, and is thoroughly enjoying life in California. BEN TRIBKEN has become associated with another laWYer and will have a private practice in Middletown, Connecticut. CHARLES "MAC" McCLURE is managing the Isaac W. Bernheim Forest, a 10,000 acre wildlife sanctuary and arboretum. He is ·also assistant executive director of the I. W. Bernheim Foundation in Louisville. PAUL BRUNDAGE is engaged to marry Paula Trimmer this fall in San Jose. TOM SPENCE is living in Columbus, Indiana where he is senior product planner for the Reliance Electric Corporation. RUSS FAIRBANKS has joined the Hartford law firm of Murtha, Cullina, Richter and Pinney. DAVID CHARLESWORTH is currently in the U. S. Army Medical Corps, and has been assigned to a hospital in southern Bavaria.


PETER KOEHN is presently assistant professor of political science at the University of Montana and project director for a review team on local government forms.

Mr. Thomas L. Safran 3333 West 2nd St. Apartment 6202 Los Angeles, CA 90004 CULLEY CARSON is a flight surgeon at England Air Force Base in Louisiana. . Captain DONALD BISHOP was recently recognized. by the Air Force Chief of Chaplains for his humanitarian work while stationed in South Korea. Don was cited for assisting local missionaries on orphanages, hospitals, and a leper colony during his off-duty time. He is currently a graduate student at Ohio State University, where he is working toward his masters degree in history through an Air Force program. . JEFF BRADSHAW has been appointed director of the Strafford (New Hampshire) County Pre-Natal and Family Planning Program . Jeff received his M.B.A. in health care management from Boston University this year. JIM McCULLOCH has just completed his family practice residence at the University of Nebraska and will be serving two years with the Air Force at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois in the department of family practice. Jim's wife, Kristine, has just received her M.D. degree from the University of Nebraska and will be starting her pediatric residency soon. BEN SOUTHWICK has opened a private law practice in a small farming community in Wisconsin. He is active in Democratic politics in Wisconsin. DAVID GORDON has completed his second year of medical residence at the University of Minnesota. He and his family recently moved to Rochester, New York where Dave will begin a fellowship in hematology and Strong Memorial Hospital. PHILIP MAYER is a Lieutenant in the Navy st~tioned in Newfoundland. He is now applying for orthopedic residencies. Phil is still playing the bagpipes, and was instrumental in organizing the Newfoundland Pipe Band, the only such band in Newfoundland. BOB TRAINER graduated in June from the University Chicago School of Business. He was recently hired by the Continental Illinois Bank in Chicago in the commercial lending _ department.



Mr. Joseph L. Reinhardt 1113 Dixon Blvd. Cocoa, FL 32922

DICK O'CONNOR will start work on a masters in social work at the University of Chicago this fall. PETE KAUFMAN has accepted a one year appointment as a teaching fellow at the Meadville/Lorn bard Theological College of the University of Chicago. Pete is completing his Ph.D. dissertation. DON BARLOW has just completed his sixth year of teaching Spanish and social studies at the high school · level. He is also coaching basketball and baseball. BENNETT JAFFEE will attend Columbia Law School this year. HOWARD SHAFFER and his family are living in San Antonio, Texas where he is beginning his ENT residency. He has resumed his favorite hobby of swimming, and will compete in the Masters AAU competition. He sends regards to his old high school buddy, LEW GOVERMAN. KERRY HAMSHER is engaged to marry Carole Roberts. Kerry received his M.A. in · clinical psychology from the University of Iowa in May. He has beeri certified as an associate psychologist in the state of Iowa, and is now working in the neuropsychology laboratories at the University of Iowa. He hopes to receive his Ph.D. soon. JOHN FOX received his masters degree in forest resources from the University of Washington, and is rmishing up his Ph.D. he is employed as assistant professor of land resources at University of Alaska in Fairbanks. John married in 1973, and spent his summer building a cabin. GEORGE BARROWS and his wife, Jane, are the proud parents of a baby girl. George is completing his internship at Vanderbilt, and will be doing a residence in pathology at the University of Louisville next year. SAL GANGI is manager for the Honeywell Information Systems in Phoenix, Arizona. He has two children; ages 4 and 5. STEVE DOME has been elected bond investment officer by the First National Bank of Chicago. He recently bought his rust home in Glen Ellyn, just west of Chicago. AMES NELSON has completed his M.B.A. at the University of Virginia, and is now working toward a masters in journalism. He has recently accepted a job with Fairchild Publications as a correspondent in Paris. JOHN MILLER is presently a branch manager for the Bank of Hawaii in Honolulu. In September, he will begin an M.B.A. program at Harvard Business School.


Mr. Frederick A. Vyn 10 Tomac Ave. Old Greenwich, CT 06870

ROBERT RETHY has received a masters degree in philosophy from Penn _State University. DICK HOFFMAN has been teaching part-time at the Westlake School in New Jersey. He is studying acting with Lee Strasberg, and is hoping to work in and television. His daughter, Quenby, will appear in the rust episode of the "Sunshine" series on NBC. FRITZ LOWE hilS started a new job with CINCOM Systems, Inc., an international computer software vendor. His title is Systems Development Analyst. DICK WELTON has received his M.D. degree from the St. Louis University School of Medicine in Missouri. He will intern at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington. JIM ROBERTSON is finishing his internship at the University of Colorado, and will begin a residence in internal medicine. BOB SHERRILL received his Ph.D. in psychology from the Union Graduate School. He is completing a clinical internship at the Southern Nevada Mental Health_ Center, and will stay on as a staff psychologist. MIKE CARIUS just completed his internship at the Naval Hospital in San Diego. He will be assigned to the Destroyer USS Piedmont as the sole medical officer on board. Mike will soon sail through the Panama Canal for a two year tour of duty at Naples, Italy. NEIL WIGDER will start his residence in emergency medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. JIM JAKIELO writes that last year, he and PAUL CURRIER took a backpack trip to Idaho with their wives. Paul has one more year of study toward his masters at the University of New Hampshire. Jim just passed part 8 of the life actuarial exams, and if he makes it through two more, will obtain his fellowship. DICK DAVIS writes that he and RON KESSLER '70 have teamed up with the Battelle Memorial Institute, a nationally renowned research organization, to seek new ways of transferring science and technology to problems of regional development. Since 1971, Dick has been manager of Battelle's Regional Centers program and Ron has been managing the program's principal center in Atlanta. DAVID SEIDEL married the former Patricia Seastrom on June 29. David is manager of rmancial analysis at Dayton Hudson Properties in Minneapolis. BILL BARRANTE is seeking a Republican nomination for the State of Connecticut -House of Representatives. Bill is an attorney with the Waterbury rmn of Zailckas & Moynahan. LARRY ACH married the former Susan Sweedler in August. Larry is sales manager for the New England region of Sony Corporation:" FRED STROOCK has a new home in South Bend, Indiana, a new daughter, Heather, and a new job at the Stanley Clark School as administrator, math teacher, and athletic coach.


Mr. Peter N. Campell 927 Scott Blvd., Apt. 4-A Decatur, GA 30030

BILL SEARLE has accepted the position of director of instruction at Asnuntuck Community College in Connecticut. JOE ZARAGOZA has been named regional planner for the Northwestern Connecticut Regional Planning Agency. DAVE GILBERT married the former Arlene Solomon on July 13: They will be living in Holbrook, Massachusetts. Dave is working at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company as assistant manager of offlce services. STUART HAMILTON has graduated from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He will begin an internship at Babies Hospital of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center this summer. This summer, he vacationed in Paris, Kenya and Tanzania. BOB _PIPPIN received . his Ph.D. in philosophy from Penn State last May. He has been appointed assistant professor of philosophy at New College in Sarasota, Florida. JENNINGS HOBSON was ordained a priest in the Episcopal church of the Diocese of Virginia. He is now the rector of Trinity Church in Washington, Virginia. ALFONSO CARNEY graduated from University of Virginia Law School in June. He and his wife, Dation, will be living in White Plains, New York. RANDY MAN has accepted a job as rtlm columnist for "D" Magazine. Randy will be teaching a course this fall in esoteric cinema at Richland College in Texas. BRUCE TALBERT is in his last year at Drew Theological Seminary in Madison, New Jersey. He hopes to enter Concordia Seminary in St. Louis in the fall of 1975. Bruce is still playing the piano, and rmally got his B.A. from Trinity in January of 1973! STEVE TREMONT began his internship at Hartford Hospital this summer. O.J. HARM is flnishing graduate school at Vanderbilt University. He has a new job as

Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 15 assistan t professor of psychology at the University of South Carolina. DAVE SHIPMAN is subsystem manager for the advanced instructional system at the Air Force Human Resources Laboratory in Denver. TOM DIGHT joined Dave in Denver in July. He has graduated from the Cornell Hotel Management School and will work at the Denver Hilton. TOM LISK got his masters in English in 1972, and is now working toward his dissertation at Rice University. He and his wife, Susan, have one daughter. CHUCK HOSKING is still teaching math at an inner city alternative high school in St. Louis. He is also working as a soil technician on an ecology project. Last summer, he and his wife were directors of an AFSC summer project building houses in Appalachia. Chuck recently had lunch with STEVE ANDERSON, who just graduated from Washington University Business School and who is now with Citibank in New York. PETER DEPREZ graduated from Indiana University Law School in 1973. He was married last year to the former Debra Stolen. He is practicing law in Indiana in the fum of Terry, Robison & Graebe. Peter was appointed deputy prosecutor of Shelby County, Indiana in February, 1974. MYRON SHERER is living in Grosse Pointe, Michigan with his wife and two children. He is an assistant cashier for City Bank of Detroit. CURT SHAW will marry Barbara Tiffany in October. Both Curt and Barbara are with the fum of Mudge, Rose, Guthrie & Alexander. JIM DEMICCO graduated from Wisconsin Medical University in June. PETER CAMPBELL has been promoted to the actuarial department for the Life Insurance Company of Georgia. Peter writes that DOUG LEIGHT and BILL THOMPSON passed part six of the actuarial exams this past spring. BOB DUNCAN assumed duties as assistant to the dean of the General Theological Seminary in May. He and his family find time to see DICK WYLAND, DAVID ANGELICA , HOWIE JAMES, BOB FRANCKS and ROD DEARMENT. GEOFFREY FRANK has received his masters degrees in mathematics and computer science from Southern Illinois University. GRANT BRANSTATOR is working as a meteorologist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.


Miss Arlene A. Forastiere 1700YorkAve., 1-L New York, NY 10028

KAREN LEWCHIK ROSE is employed by Emory University in Atlanta, doing cancer research for the Southeastern Cancer Study ou_p. Karen was visited by DEBBY IANNITTO in August. BOB TOWNER was married on August 19 to the former Helen Illich. He is administrative coordinator of the Bishop's Episcopal Advisory Commission on Youth in Chicago and works for the Family Service Center in Wilmette. JIM AMIS will begin his final year at Nashotah House Seminary near Milwaukee. He is presently involved in clinical pastoral education at a hospital in Milwaukee. His wife is working as a psychiatric nurse at Rogers Memorial Hospital. MIKE REINSEL is beginning his second year in law school at the University of Denver. Mike has been invited to join the Law Journal at the University. ALEX KENNEDY is in his fourth year at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. He was recently elected to Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Medical fraternity. Alex is planning to specialize in obstetrics-gynecology. ANDY LIPPS has just graduated from Stanford Law School and is headed south for New Orleans. He has taken the California bar exam, and will work for a federal judge for one year. JON MILLER has completed his stint with the Marine Corps, and he and his wife, Karin, have moved back east to Princeton, New Jersey. In September, Jon will begin school at Princeton Seminary. ROY WENTZ graduated cum laude from Northwestern University Law School. He will be assistant to U. S. Senator Joe Biden (Illinois) starting this August. BRUCE COLMAN has been promoted to associate editor of the magazine Not Man Apart, the Friends of the Earth's fortnightly news magazine. MARK ADAIR will be starting his internship in clinical psychology at Nassau County Medical Center in the fall. His paper, "Sublimation of Sexual and Aggressive Drives," was published in the "American Psychological Association Proceedings in 1973, and was reprinted in "Psychiatric Spectator" in 1974. Mark has completed his Ph.D. dissertation, and is presently living in Long Island. ED BOWE is in his last year of medical school at the University of Missouri at Columbia. His research paper took frrst prize at the Midwest Anesthesia Residents' Conference in April. Ed hopes to find a residency in anesthesiology. RANDY WINTON married the former Julia Patterson Burrow in July.

JOHN DURLAND married the former Brooke Dickinson in June, 1972. He is working in the state hospital in Milledgeville, Georgia and will begin a doctoral program in clinical psychology at the University of Tennessee in the fall.


Mr. Jeffrey Kupperman 1629 Jena St. New Orleans, LA 701.25 LEE KAPLAN has joined the staff of the Brookfield (Connecticut) Journal as a reporter. HENRY SMITH has moved to Bermuda where he works in the general banking section of the Bank of Bermuda. RONETTE LOGANZO KOLOTKIN is working .on a Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University of Minnesota. She will be starting a one year internship at Hennepin County General Hospital in the fall. JAY MANDT has just completed his masters in philosophy and is thinking about the next step, his dissertation. OLIVIA HENRY is running an open classroom in Puerto Rico. She is teaching young children English, history, art, dance and drama! OTIS BLACK is working for the National Audubon Society and is studying the migration habits of New England chickadees. GREGG NEIMAN has a new job as an industrial real estate broker with the Hawthorn Realty Group in Chicago. WHITNEY COOK has completed a two-year fellowship at Trinity and has joined the faculty of the Rectory School in Pomfret, Connecticut. NANCY MILNOR received her masters degree in social science from the Boston University School of Social Work. DAVID MCCLOUD has begun graduate studies in political science and economics at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Mr. Lawrence M. Garber c/o BSF, Box 428 Bassaterre, St. Kitts, WEST INDIES DICK MARKOVITZ has been promoted to account executive at Spiro & Associates, an advertising-public relations fum in Philadelphia. MIKE HOLVERSON is now attending the John Marshall Law School in Chicago. JEFF HARRIS has just finished his fust year of law school at Boston University. Last summer, he worked for the fum of Cors, Hair & Hartsock in Cincinnati. AL HENSON in attending Michigan S.tate University College of Human Medicine and worked in a grant program in a Family Practice clinic last summer. JOANNE EPPS has completed her frrst year at Yale Law School. She worked this summer at the fum of Drinker, Biddle, and Realth in Philadelphia. GEORGE MAXTED finished his first year at Wayne State University Medical School in Detroit. MARK ZIVIN is studying for an M.B.A. at the University of Chicago. JOSH KUPFERBERG is at the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago. This spring, he was awarded the MSTP fellowship. DAVE BROWN is working for Conn wood, Inc. , a forest management company in Rockfall, Connecticut. STEVE ROYLANCE directed "In Our Time," an off-Broadway play written by JORY JOHNSON. ERICH WOLTERS has completed his fust year at Ohio State's graduate school of hospital and health services. CHARLES GRISWOLD is working toward his Ph.D. in philosophy at Penn State. Also at Penn State are B'OB RETHY, KARL LUTY, BOB PIPPIN. ELAINE CARDENAS writes that LORE PALIOCHA is working in Springfield, Massachusetts and is taking voice lessons in her spare time. JOHN WHITE received a master of science degree from the Graduate School of Library Science at the University of Illinois last May. EMMETT MILLER has published a book, Selective A ware ness, which deals with self-discovery and do-it-yourself psychotherapy.



James Finkelstein Box 670 3901 Locust Walk Philadelphia, Pa. 19174

CLAIRE COONS will be attending Columbia Law School this fall. She graduated from Williams College last June. PAM CRIMI will be working as a youth counselor on the staff of the Youth Services Bureau in Mansfield, Connecticut. SARA VOGELER graduated in June with a B.S . in Dance Therapy from New York University . She is currently teaching dance therapy in Boulder, Colorado. PAUL ACAMPORA will study this year at the University of Rochester Medical School.

Recent Bequests and Memorial Gifts Trinity acknowledges with a deep sense of loss the passing of alumni and other friends of the College. It seems appropriate to list the bequests and memorial gifts which have been made to honor them. Gifts totalling $10,000 for the alumni fund in memory of William H. Merchant, Jr. '25 A gift of $5,397 for the scholarship fund in memory of Henry E. Bodman, bringing this fund to more than $50,000. Gifts totalling $737 to start a scholarship fund in memory of Professor H. M. Dadourian. Gifts have also been received in memory of the following alumni and friends: Samuel S. Mitchell '85 W. Purnell Brown '01 Albert M. Smith '10 Arthur F. G. Edgelow, M.D. '14 James L. Cole '16 Elmer S. Tiger '16 Col. Chester B. McCoid '17 Louis Noll, M.D. '18 The Rev. Francis B. Creamer '23, Hon. '48

Milton F. Pellett '26 Frederick J. Eberle '27 The Rt. Rev. Lauriston L. Scaife '31, Hon. '48 John F. Butler '33 Ed ward L. Sivaslian '3 3 Deceased members of '34 Donald F. Taylor '63 Professor Wendell E. Kraft Professor Alexander A, Mackimmie, Jr.

IN MEMORY SUSAN BAILEY HUNTER Mrs. Susan Bailey Hunter, who was an exchange student at the College during the 1971-1972 academic year, died July 23. in Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, Mass. after a brief illness. Mrs. Hunter was the wife of Richard E. J. Hunter of Arlington, Mass. and the daughter of Selectman and Mrs. Fred C. Bailey. Born in Pekin, Ill., she had lived in Lexington, Mass. from 1955 until her marriage last year. She was graduated from Lexington High School in 1969 and received a bachelor of arts degree from Wellesley College in 1973. She had been employed as an administrative assistant by Woodland Publishing Co., Bedford, Mass. Funeral services were held on July 25 at "the Church of the Redeemer. JOHN WILLIAM HARRISON, 1911 J. William Harrison died June 29 in Hartford Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Barbara Beneway Harrison; three daughters, Mrs. William Keely, Miss Mary Harrison, and Mrs. Francis Carroll; two sisters, Mrs. Harmon Cook and Mrs. Martha Blake; and nine grandchildren. A Hartford resident for 65 years, he attended Torrington High School and entered Trinity in 1908 with the Class of 1911. As an undergraduate, he was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon and a chapel organist. He earned his Masters Degree from Trinity in 1913 while employed by the College as an instructor in chemistry. Mr. Harrison was an industrial engineer with the Hartford Gas Company, retiring in 1955. Subsequently, he joined the state Highway Department and was most recently employed by Kaerhle Associates, a highway design fum, in West Hartford. For many years, he was an organist and choir director for churches in the Hartford area. His most recent association was with the Broadway Community Church in Hartford. EVERITT H. HALL, 1915

A native of New Jersey, Mr. Tiger entered Trinity in 1912 with the Class of 1916. As an undergraduate, he was a member of Alpha Chi Rho. After graduation, he joined Aetna Life and Casualty and was a branch manager at the time of his retirement in 1953. In the early 1950's he helped found the real estate agency in Glastonbury.

BURTON F. HALL, 1924 Burton F. Hall died June 22, in Andover, Massachusetts. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Hildreth Fleck Hall; two daughters, Mrs. Nancy Rich and Mrs. Marybeth Beston; a sister, Mrs. Bernice Steele路 and two grandchildren. A native of New Britain, Connecticut, he entered Trinity in 1920 with the Class of 1924. He was a graduate of the Pratt Institute in New York. Mr. Hall was a retired construction engineer for the Stone and Webster Company in Boston. He was also a member of the Kenilworth Chib of New Britain.

GLADDEN W. BAKER, HON 1965 Gladden W. Baker, retired director and chairman of the Finance Committee of Travelers Insurance Companies, died July 4 in Hartford. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Marion Williams Baker; a son, Shepard; a daughter, Mrs. Janet Tenney; a brother; and tlrree grandchildren. Born in Fall River, Massachusetts, he received his B.A. from Washburn College in 1916, and his Masters and Ph.D. from Yale University. He joined Travelers in 1920. He was the chairman of Constitution Plaza, Incorporated and was a primary force in the development of the Plaza. He was also a director of Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford Gas Company, a corporator of Hartford Hospital, and a trustee of the Kinswood School. He received an Honorary LL.D. Degree from Trinity in 1965.



! I

Everitt H. Hall died June 5 in Easton, Maryland. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Muriel Mackintosh Hall; three sons, Charles, Robert and John; and four stepsons. A graduate of Phillips Academy, he entered Trinity in 1911 with the Class of 1915. He was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon and the Sophomore Dining Club. After leaving Trinity, he became a career specialist in lumber and building materials sales. At the time of his retirement he was Eastern sales manager for Zegers, Inc. of Chicago. He was a World War I veteran and served with the infantry in France. ELMER TIGER, 1916 Elmer Tiger, founder of the Gorton-Tiger Real Estate and Insurance Agency of Glastonbury, Connecticut, died July 16 in Hartford Hospital. He leaves his wife, Mrs. Cecelia Rebholz Tiger; a daughter, Mrs. Rodney Smith; two stepdaughters, Mrs. Austen Ross and Mrs. Paul Collier; a sister, Mrs. Juliet Murphy; eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

i DONALD OVERBECK, 1967 Donald Overbeck died July 13 in New York City of cancer. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Gail Davidson Overbeck; three sons, Brian, Christopher and Scott; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Overbeck ; a brother, Roy; and two sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Balkite and Mary Ann Overbeck A native of Flushing, New York, Mr. Overbeck prepared for college at New Canaan High School. He entered Trinity in 1963 with the Class of 1967. As an undergraduate, he was active in sports, and was captain of the varsity basketball team. He was only the third player in the history of the College to score over 1000 points during his basketball career. Mr. Overbeck was also a member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. After graduation he entered the United States Marine Corps where he attained the rank of captain. In 1969 he joined the fum of L. F. Rothscheld in New York City where he was a corporate bond salesman. He was also a member of the New Canaan Field Club.




~ I

Trinity Reporter October 1974 Page 16



The varsity football squad has 15 of last year's starters returning (7-0, 8-D) plus an abundance of eager sophomores from Coach McPhee's 4-1, '73 frosh. The squad, number,ng 59, had pre-season scrimmages with W.P.I. Sept. 14 and \. Tufts Sept. 20. The seven returning starters on offense include a strong backfield with seniors Dave Kuncio, Jim Balesano, and junior ]Q_~n Wholley. Last year Wholley averaged 43.6 yards per game and scored five touchdowns. Both of last year's quarterbacks senior tri-captain Harold Gray and junior George Rose are back and will be sharing the duties in '74. In addition, junior John Wiggin switched over from defensive back, will see some action. In the offensive line, senior tri-captain Damien Davis and junior Tony LaPolla are back as guards with juniors John Connelly and Gary LaPlante at tackle. Senior center Tom Lloyd will also be back. Defensively Trinity is strong this year. The entire defensive backfield, Larry Haas '75 and Steve Thoren '76 at cornerback with Rich Tucci '75 and Chris Max '75 at safety have returned. Last _, year Max had six interceptions for 101 yards. The defensive line and linebackers coached by Richard Hazelton, a new member of the Physical Education Department, include tri-captain senior Bill Curren and junior Bob Parzych back as linebackers. George Niland '76 is back as nose man. Vic Novak '76 and Jack Holik '75 are at tackle with John Appler '75 and Pete Silkowski '76 as ends. Junior Mike Maus has returned as Trinity's kicking specialist. Last year as a sophomore _he was quite impressive and received ECAC All-Star Honors for his punting. He averaged 41.1 yards for 47 punts. Coming off a 4-4 season the '74 Bantams have both depth and a flexibility offensively they have lacked in recent years. Defensively the Bantams have experienced personnel. The squad has the potential for a strong showing this season although it will face tough competition. Coast Guard was 8-2 last year, Amherst and Middlebury, new to Trin's schedule, were both 7-1.


TR./NITY SPORTS Williams Game

A PASS AGAINST WILLIAMS by quarterback George Rose (No. 10J was protected by three blockers; left guard Damien Davis (No. 78), right guard Tony LaPolla (No. 66) and fullback Pat Heffernen (No. 31).

CreY# 40 LADY BANTAMS CAME OUT FOR TENNIS this Fall. Although only 16 will remain for season play, the others will play intramurals. To date the Women's Tennis squad has defeated Yale 5-4 and Smith, 9-0, losing to Williams 6-3 and Brown S-4. Shown above, left to right: Deirdre Redden '75, Louise Richardson '75, Mimi Coolidge '77 and coach Jane Millspaugh, who also runs the intramural program.

With only six of last year's squad lost . to graduation, this year's soccer outlook is highly favorable. The '73 team, although only 3-7, was young and injury-plagued until they put things together, winning three of their last four games. Coach Dath has 29 varsity players returning plus 25 sophomores from last year's 5-3-1 frosh squad to increase the pre-season competition for positions. The Bantams opened the season with a 3-1 victory over Bowdoin. Junior forwards Chris Jennings and Bob Fernald plus sophomore Alexander Harvey, also a forward, each scored on the Polar Bears. In their second contest, Trin fell 4-2 to Williams, one of the strongest squads in New England. Down 4-0 late in the second half the Booters came back as junior forward Gino Barra scored on a head ball off a miss head by a Williams fullback. With only two minutes left Bob Fernald pumped a shot into the upper right corner from 15 yards out. The freshman soccer team under Coach Shults started off the season with a strong 3-1 victory over a tough Williams team. In their second game with the Cadets of the Coast Guard Academy, the frosh hooters were again victorious by 2-0.

Over 4,000 attended the Bants home opener on Jessee Field as Williams edged Trinity 17-14 on a 33 yard fourth quarter field goal by Kevin Cramer. The Ephmen drew first blood early in the second quarter on a 62-yard pass from Jim Baldwin to Dave Parker. Cramer kicked the PAT. Trinity came back with a 69 yard drive ending with a one yard run by senior halfback Jim Balesano for the TD. Mike Maus was wide on the PAT so the Ephmen led 7-6. Williams came back just before the halftime to score on another pass. The half closed with the score 14-6. The Bantams took the kickoff and marched 80 yards in 12 plays to score. Junior halfback John Wholley took it in from the six. Trinity tried a two-point conversion to tie the score and connected on a Rose to sophomore fullback Pat Heffernan pass, making it 14-14. In the final period, after holding Williams on the one yard line, Cramer connected on his 33-yard field goal to finish the scoring. Junior Steve Thoren was named to the ECCA team of the week. Chris Max and Bill Curren both received Honorable Mention.

On Nov. 2, Trinity's women's crew will again host the Connecticut Fall Regatta for the Genevieve H. Goodwin Cup donated by Mrs. James Lippincott Goodwin. Heats will begin at 9:00 a.m. off the Bliss Boat House. The women will also compete in the Head of the Charles Regatta, Oct. 27, at Cambridge, Mass., with two eights. The women this year are coached by an alumnus, Rick Ricci, Trinity '73. The Bantam men will enter Head of the Charles with two freshmen eights under assistant coach Gary Caldwell, one in the intermediate and one in the lightweight divisions. A varsity lightweight eight coached by another alumnus, Curtis Jordan, Trinity '74, will compete as will Coach Graf's heavyweight boat in the intermediate division. Jordan is entered in the novice single event and Coach Graf in the "Old Men's Single".

Water Polo

DEDICATION OF THREE ALL WEATHER TENNIS COURTS recently took place. Among the first to test the new surfaces were, left to right: President Lockwood, Trustees Leonard E. Greenberg '48 and William R. Peelle '44, and Megan J. O'Neill '73. Partial funding for the new courts came from Mrs. Irene Braus.

The Trinity water polo team is hoping for a bright season this year boasting an enlarged roster of 22 able swimmers, many of whom have had previous experience in the sport. To date , the team has manhandled the University of New Hampshire, 18-7; sunk the University of Rhode Island, 17-9; been edged by the University of Massachusetts, 24-20; beat Brown, 8-7 and lost to Yale, 12-6.