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Time has no divisions to mark its passage, there is never a thunderstorm or blare of trumpets to announce the beginning of a new month or year. Even when a new century begins, it is only we mortals who ring bells and fire off pistols. Thomas Mann




SEPTElVJ:BER Presid e nt Lockwood delivers opening convocation , "Lost In nocenence".

Freshmen Arrive (288 men, 132 women)

9 PRAIRIE OYSTERS dance in Washington Room

Photos in Wean Lounge

ATLANTA (AP) The Kohoulck Com~t.

which wiU be visible lO the

naked eye from late ovembcr until mid-February. wiU be Sl•died by scic:nt~ts at observatones around the world . h is expected to far outshtnc

Military J unta Take over Chile: President Allende Called Suicide Victim

WAS H! GTO (UP I) Vice President Spiro T . Agnew may have di cu ed resigning when he was in a udark mood". bu t he has no pla ns to actually do o, a spokesma n said Tuesday.

the famous Halley's Cornel of 1910 and it may even be bright enough to be seen in daytighl.

Billie Jea n K ing defeats Bobby Ri ggs in three stra ight sets, in th e highly publicized " Battle of the Sexes"

W ASH INGTON (UPI) The lcleV).gd Senate Watagate Hearings re-

sume today with confessed consptralor E. Howard Hun! reponed ly ready 10 lestify he be lieves former White House aide Olarles W . Colson

had prior know ledge of lhe Ellsberg break-in.

WASH! GTON (AP) Vice Presidenl Spiro T. Agnew asked !he HouS<: of Representatives Tuesday to I'IVestigate accusauons that he was lnvolved in political oorruplK>n. Agnew denied wrongdoing in a man -toman meeting with President Nixon . then he took his case to Congress.

WRETCHED REFUSE, an old time string band, is sponsored by the Folk Society

LOS ANGELES (AP) Vice Presidenl Spiro T. Agnew angrily accused !he JU tice Department Saturday of lrying lo gel him as a " Big Tro phy" 10 make up fo r bungling !he Waler· gate investigalion. and declared he would not resign even if indicted.



WASHINGTON (AP) Vice President Spiro T. Agnew resigned from

offia: Wednesday and pleaded No Contest to a Federal lnoomc Tax evasion charge. A judge sentenced him to a $10.000 fine and three years路 probation . The thunderbolt disdosurcr of the resignation , th e sec路 ond by a Vice President in U.S. History. was almost casuatly revealed by a staff secretary here as Agnll!w him路 self was making a surprise appearance in Federal Court in Baltimore.

TEL AV IV (AP) Egypt and Syria battled with Israel across cease fire lines on Saturday in the worst fighting since the 1967 six-day mideast war. Jsraeli Defense Minister Moshe J)ayan called the fighting "the start of all-ou t war again''.

WA SHING TON (AP) President Nixon nominated House Repu blican Leader Gerald R. Fo rd Friday night to become Vice President. and summoned Am ericans to -a new beginning" for the sake of national unity

and strength .

(U PI) U.S. and Soviet involvement in the 1973 middle east war deepened Monday. The United States disdosed it had begun a massive airlift of war materiel to lsrac1- including planes and tanks- to match the Russians' non -stop shuttle flights of supplies to Egypt a nd Syria. and Ru ia told the Arabs it would assis t them

KUWA IT (UPI) Eleven Arab oil-producing nations announced Wednesday they will reduce oil production by five per cent every month until Israel withdraws from occupied Arab territories and the rights of Palestinians are restored.

BEIRUT (AP) King Faisal of Saudi Arab ia Thursday ordered a ten per ttnt cutback in oil production ctfec:-

u. . c immediately, the Saudi state radio annou nced. A royal palace state-

ment broadcast by RIY AJ)H radio also threatened a total halt ofSaudia oil shipments to the United States .. unless the United States government modifies its current p:>sitton in lhc middle east war."

Hartford Mayor George Athanson





rein, Kuwait and Qatar cut off oil deliveries to the United States Sunday to make the Arab Boycott unanimous. Iraq called for even sterner measures to end U.S. support for Israel.

Clocks are turned back one hour, as Eastern Standard Time replaces Daylight Saving Time.





TWO Panel D iscussion on Quota

Thr c n1ajor oi l companies boo ted the price of gasoline one to two cents a gallon Friday. amid prediction the price in Connecticut may soon reach fi fly cents.

Speakers debate US support of Israel


ext" and "The Loveliest Afternoon" initiate the year's eries of lift-One Acts

by Trinity Dance Faculty

N EW YORK (AP) The stock market plunged Friday. sendi ng the j)ow Jones lndu trial Ave rage to its biggest loss in more than eleven years in what ana· ly ts described as a su rge of investory anxie ty over the energy shortage.

300 letters are written in two days in a campaign to mobilize support for the impeachment of President Nixon

TWO spon ors "Taking It Off", a p lay presented by the Rh d Island Feminist Theatre.


Mead lecturer Kenneth Bouldong. Professor o( Economics ill Univer,;ey ol Colorado, spoke at Trinity on 1~

lh<'oty ol hum¥1

Trinity wins 33-16 over Wesleyan


WASHINGTO (A P) ea rl y ,,. ~an. aOer Am~rica,.s riclle)( pool of Qol w db~over<d on Alaska's ortb slope. a bollauthonzmg a pipeline 10 tap it ck.lrod Congress Tues.Uy.


Dr. Carolyn Etheridge of N.Y .U. spoke on "Se ism and the American Undergraduate : The Use of Male and Female as oial

Taj Mahal performs in Wash ington Room

SPEED LIMIT Thanksgiving

WASHINOTO (AP) A Wk11c Hovx 1il....ytt s.ai4 Wcdocsdl)' ~ l'ltC'IIAM WJkl lu• ibn~ lrC OlMt 00ft W4ah01'IICSI

WASIUNGTO (AP> Pr0$idenl Qon Sunday mgh1 ilnnounccd the nolioning of bom< heating oil starting JatJ. I, and L<ked for a volunllty h.tol1 10 Sunday sales or g<lSOiioe beginnin:g Dec. I. pending autboriz.olion or a !llaO.d411lty ban.

spoe. on


Wh.w tlovK WaKrp1t Clpt'S.. b.n I1'IC •pou lq.'C'~nkd no ~- enSU"'U 1111. lk: tsp:L l.a"")'ti J. f-red

tka.haJ:dt lOki • f1:<kraJ COW1 OW. ~ eft ddOO"'trtd by C<diNeuM ~!Ot"' U Ol'IICilkMC-opt: _.h1l< INkntl oopcs of LIM lapq: lor dur roun II -.-. Buzhanh •-bo last week llhsdoKd 1t0 U.1. ,PtiliK't JIMSet Joha


J $v01Ca thai an ~ht('C'n••'* pp t~oi on • '-NOal Watt'rB•lC Ulpt


E 3 JERUSALE M (AP) Syrian

tanks. cannons and mortars battled with 1 raeli artill ery and annor for four hours Sunday in one of tbe heavie 1 Golan Height clashes ince the October war.

Trinity contributes 211 pints to Bloodmobile

WASHI GTON (AP) Gerald R. Ford wa worn in as the nation' fortieth Vice Pre iden t Thu.rsday night, becoming the first mao to take office under th e con litution 's 25th amendment

Offi e of Student Services sponsors Christmas party in Wean

Choir presents Festival of Lessons and Carols in Chapel

WASHINGTON (AP) President Noc.on Sarurd•y signed legislation



puttinr, most of the nation on yearround D•ylight Saving Time to ,.""

energy and •uth<>rized the use of two thousand Internal f<cvcnuc Service agents to en force: fuel aUoeation rules.

The worst ice storm in years left thousands of tate households old, dark, dry and lonely Monday as iceladen tree limbs foul e d elec tric and teleph ne wire .



sian ulf oil producers aid unday they will more tha n double tbeir posted price of rude oil Jan I.




7A 1


2 WASHI GTO ' (AP) The tnt rna! RC'\·cnuc Servu, 1n a ra re dcp:.rturc: from form. db~o:bcd Wc..1 nbd•y 1t b oond~>eting a new ud1t of P.rc-.~dc o t ~on') tax rctunu. The new aud1 t wtU mduck Lh~ Prt"Sidc:nt's t.u. re-

PRI ("F.TO .

J to the final 1973

Gallup Poll mea;uremenl . President

Nix.oo's job rating, a.fitr h.t .. mg ri).l:n shV> tty dQnns Nove mber, lev<lc:d off 11 29 per cent approva l two pomts abovC' his k.w point to date.

turn fO< 1~70 atld 1971 "ho h already hot\"C' been aud1ted once but oou.ld tndu.dc othe.r years as well. an IR !OU«"< ondo<ated.

W SHI GTON (AP) Another round of harp fue l and food price in rea es in .Pccembcr ended the worst annual whol ale price ri c m a quarter ce ntury, the government reported Tuesday.

New Snowstorm Brings Two-Day Total to Twelve Inches

TEL AVIV (AP) Secre tary of State

Henry A. K.issingc:r began critical utks Saturday woth lsracb leade" a~med at working out a pecifx: propuoal for separating "-arring armies .n the Suez anal area, a U.S Offi-

WASiiiNGTO ' (AP) Thr I ·

~IOlJSTO'I 11\old~

(A P) Bog Lany C onka sbrrds of Minnesota' mas)IVC'

<kfcn.w.·c "~II ~ •th a rC\.ord JJ car


ncs and 14S yards unday and vortu..Uy •amed the Mt>nu))olphin< on lu> buU-Iokt should rs 1 a 24-7 v ·lOr) and a ;coond slnloV>t Super

So" I lllk.


rmnuoe gap on a key White Bouse t~J)(' was made by someone pu!!>hing lhc r orJ-.era..(;e button at le-&t fiY(separatc 11m , a panel f l<Chnwal apens trsllfied Tuesday on S, p;,_ v· 1 Court bcrc. They ""'e not permined co v.b ~thtr the acts ""ere deliberate. James ).). St. Ctaor, a new Whltc House auornc.y m the Wate r· &••e "'pe onltO•·er . objec~d to aU ques110ns leading to any con lt,L'10n wh~thrr the: u.pc oould havc been purposely era.ed.

Al l-College meeting discusses the quota on admission of women, method of increasing admission of minorities, and a proposal for tudent representatio n on the Board of Trustees.

Th e Board of Trust s today aboli heel th sex quota, and indicate d a fa vorable altitude toward admining stud ent to e rt ain

JER SALEM (AP) Israel and Egypt reached a comprorru .agreement Thur<d:oy ca tt.ns ~ r a pbase.J pullbock of lsrado forces from the ue< UnaJ i.n c:xt...-h..a ngc ror lim1tat lOn of EsYPua n mitj..,ry trcogJ~ oo lbc .. .. terway's east bank.

Nl.W YORK (AP) Three of tbe na-


t ar~

toil oompaniQ rcportc:d

on Thu rsday large proAl ioerea.<CS in 1973. as debate: oonoinoed ~r tbe 1ndusuy's earnings 1n the mKl.\t of ri.<ing price> aod shonages.

EW YORK ( PI ) In a c i rerun their fi"t fiV>~ Muhamm d Alo p hi.s Kvt.ngc, winning a liose but u.n.aoimous declsl n over JM Frazier be-fore an emotionally charged throng a1 Madjson Square Garden MQOda nJ&hl o(

WA H I GTON (AP) President Noxon urged Wc:d tLe>day night an end to 1hc: y~ r of Walerg.ue. vowed he- v.'lll neve r res.agn . .and pres.c:nLCd lhc: J)em " '"' ooosre Wltb proposals he .. od he can brong the nation "a yc.a r of unprc. c den lrd progr ••




WASHINGTO N ( AP ) Sha rply highe r pri ce and the ene rgy sho rt age will plague th e eco no m y in 1974. Presi dent Nixon told Congre Friday. He said, " I cannot assure the America n peop le o f an easy tim e:·

Feminist Arts Week begins, sponsored by TWO

BERK ELEY, CAL.lF OR lA (AP) Firing at witnesses as they wen t, kidnappe rs dragged newspa per heires Patricia Campbell Hear t, 19. creaming from her a par tment M o nd a night.

ABOARD USS N EW OR LEANS ( P) Sk yla b 3's Ast ro nau t ovc rco me a leaky rocket system pro blem Friday and returned afely to Ea rth , pia hi ng dow n in the Pacific Ocea n to successfully complete a n 4-day nti io n. h istory's longest space voyage.

IIFJl K EL Y, AUf'O R lA (liP I) The Symboon..-e ubcrauon ( ) Nnty Tu«d.iy Stnt the father of kidnapp<d Patri oa ll o•r..t ~ r« ruLDg l-..... (he- W0n1J.n•s voice UTing bim she ""'as '"okay" and a It-ncr demand · ing a froc food bandout to the n..,dy thai cou ld cost more than S300


1 L A G E BROIC H . WEST GERM NY (A P) Ban i hed from h is own co untry . a tired a nd tunn ed Ale and er Solzhen it y n a rri ved he re Wed nesd ay to begi n a new li fe in exi le in the wes t

Valentine Dance sponsored by MBOG


ATLANTA (A P) Atlanca ConslltU · oon Edi10r Reg Murph "'"" r~lcasod unharmed Friday night ancr hi "'""'•paper paid a $700,000 ranSQm d<ma nded by Ills kidnappers. ATLANTA ( PI) Atlanta Conshtu· lioo Editor Reg Murphy said on a t>pe· r«ord ed message T h ursd ay nigh t thll he had b«n kidnapped fo r S700J:X)0 r.1nsom by the "'Anh::riun R.-.·o luhon.ry Army- (AR.A ). Tbe ktdnappcrs. Mu rphy saKI , expectro his newspapaer to buy bts freedom.

WASHl NGTO (A P) &cretary or Sutc Henry A. KJ.S<ing<r Monday \o\111 bc!m a second round of s-huull:

d1plom3C) m the M1dd lc Eas.L thas bme \ed. •ng a formula to ~parate hr..eeb Jnd yntt.n fo rcr~ oo the Go~ lan hcoghl<.

WAS H I G T O ( AP) President ixon sai d M nday night. "I do not expec t to be impeached ". and reno unced re ignatio n as a tep he aid would threa ten th e su rvival o f tile preside ncy itself.


pointmen t mot ions dismi ses Eugene Frankel, overru li ng a favora bl e recom mendation by the Phy ics Depart-

"Streaking" fad hits campuses across the Nation.

HILLSBORO G H. CA LI FOR NIA (A P) AD addtttona l S4 mtllaon '" free food to the neroy ' " Califoroia was pledged on Fnday by the Hear.. t Corporar.too on lhr condition that PTIIO<'ia Ht ~t I.S rlht rC"tc-ascd un-

bannro by her terror"'' kidnappers.

Bloodmobile returns to campu s

23 ATLANTA. G A (AP) At· lanta Cons titu ti n EditOr R eg Mu r ph y pos itively identified hi abdu tor Saturd ay as th e hu band of a co u p le a rrested in the idn ap ping.



c 2 WASIII Gl'Ol\ tAP) H.R. Halde· man. John J> t-r1 1 hman and John &n

M &tchcl t t)ncc lh~ h 1gh c rna nd Ptt,uknt 'J, vn · ... ..tdmiJII .. Ir..\UOO .



1-ndJy "-'lth

olnd !)tnt- tO bloc m\' ug.-uoo<;


the W..erg:.te

Annual Talent how Play to SRO Audi ence in Wa shi ng ton Room

Austral ia defends World Cup S-2 in Aetna Cup tournament.

treaking, that n w fad "-*"ich has re-nude interest in coli g anti aero s the country, i simply an expression of " the silly season" says Dr. john Donnelly, P ychiat rist-in -Chief at the Institute of Living in Hartford.


PRJ. CETO , .J. Pre>tdent "'L,on·~ JOb n.llng tn the l.:atcM Gallllp '-tlt\C at1L'i low tnt to dat The: latcst show< that 25 p<r "''"of the pub~< appro-. of the,.. he \\ handhng h1 dunes ~s Prc:s1den1 v..lule 64 per dLS<tpproH .and I I pet Ot Me Wld ...>dC'd

110 siiJdenls disrupr a fac· ulty meeting in McCook Audi torium, in support oi fovr tvdents presenting il. pelilion stgned by 710 stu· dents, caning for the lmmediale rehiring of Professor Eugene Frankel. A demand was also made for


A. AUS I RIA (AP) 1 he Arab

o1l n.stion., announ(.-ro on Monday ~) arc Hung !heir oil embargo a&ainst Lhc Umted tau~s 1n recogmtton of Unucd Sta~ etforu. 10 pro-mote • s<ltkmell.l wilb l>r•el



.. !rotte.1kcd~· around I he



in Sl.

Pe1· , ·~ Square 1n atte~ n Cuy tod Thr« !ltudt'nts Wl'U' arrl'stc.d, '""'0 of .... hom .... ere Triouy studeoh aue-nd· mg the Rome Campus





WASHINGTO (AP) PreSident ..-on has agreed 10 pa blk-'k in-

Classes Resume

oome t:ues o($432.787.13 plus



that could pu~h lhe tota l to $465.000, the Whtte House an noun<cd Wednesday. 1 he nnounccmmt • ' td tht fntculd.l Rc"YenuC" Sc-r ~ """(I RS) had ruled uon o-.ed the Li cs on mcome dunng has Wh ite H~o.lUSe )'CaT}.. and that tht Prestd~nt




Margaret Mead lec-


tures on "The U nde-

adc:rcd full payme.nt with antercS.L

W Ill G 10 (API The l!oo,e Judu.tary Committee obpocnaed cape~ aod d ·umcnts from Prc-SJI:knt

Connecticut Attorney G neral Robert Kille Trinity

~<on Thur<day. and the While I louse roponded Wllh ·u prom l)C to !'"e the panel " i\-e and

runc.ltJ!IotW .. tn:ucnab regarding lhc Prc.odenl' Watergate rol

SA fRANCIS( 0 (AP) A warrant ror the arrest o( neW!~op:lpcr hcuCSS P.atttaa tlcabt ~a matcrtal 'Wilnt~ 10 a ban robbery was tS ued Mon day ntght It .ays a p<t>OO appeanng to be M i>.\ llear..t "'"'photographed dunng the robbery


The Tnnlly fdculty voted 10 become: .. oonlmtUet of 1he whok. au tom u~ colly •u<pe~dtng lVI<' of ord<r. to dascuss a p roposal to reapp01n1 l'u,gc'RC Funkcl. :t..\: LSLan t professor of Physt<s

(AP) The naoon '

S"olfll} tov.ard r~·e-"" le'c~ m the tiot 'IU ner of the e.u. v.b~< inl\.auon pu.•hcd pn..'C> Pp'\\ ard at an C'\ r· ll'\\:re )tn.g t.ttc~

a."Qnomy lloln


gt)\rmm-C'nt fi,gurt"s rclc:.LS«t 1 hursda}>ll""

S N I RJ\ 0 ('() ( P) Nc" p•per Pat ncaa Hearst t('\'ded hu fa·


thu Wo.Jn6Jay

-.~ J .. ptj(

and het

<~rll' t " .. "\lown" Jnd d«lared she wtlkngly had rob d a bJnk wuh her

S mbionr~e l1bcution wmr _d r\

President lockwood offer Eugene Frankel a two-year reappointment effective September 1, 1974. The Academic Freedom Committee released a stale· menl to the faculty recommending Frankel' s reappointment.



WA HI GTON (AP) Sei:reta ry of State Henry A. Ki.-singcr leave today o n his fifth pea e m is 10 11 10 lhc Middl e E.a I, tryin g to arra nge a co mpromi e ettlement berw.:en Israel and yria in the Golan Heights.

HIW GTON ( AI' ~ h'hua to rao<re._ ht:ti.Ldtal d

biWll lMpt~

......... oud Moocla ""'" ... .. I'~



Com.aunec ud eu

male pubU... oJtLa.t l6aAJL.flpb ol ~lit Ho~ ooaY~n.a.DODS

l.bal td "ar • tk Sharply au.acLna the K .tu.k' w:umony ol (onnc.r c.ot.~tud aod:dutf Walt'r!a.k .ao.-'Ui« JohA W J)f:ll.a 111. IJKla IBCai

Jor a

UtliOD..&I a.udM!I'ICt

b~&~e~! a. &be Mt~ ~he K\1\ollltJ • the Watttp.Lc

'*&kiu&& ud co.ucw~y




WA HI. GTON Shorpl~ >pin 11n~ along p.1n) hn~. the Ho~ 1nl· pe•clunenttnqwry vot<d Wed n<"day ms,ht 10 1 U PrtSKI n1 t\on h hJ'-

'" falled

10 Cl."'Jfllrty•·


• L~


for a.tC"rgacc upcs. The coronutt('(' app ro\C'd 20 to 18 'ttt1th on ly on Rtpubl....-an JOining ..()tmOl~rat 10 \'OC in w SC'Ild 't\oo a ~utr ~ mg th.:u ht hos faded to oompl b pubhd r<· k.1s1ng C'd1tcd tranSl.Y ipl!'l ntht-r l.han t~nu•s "'cr 13 subpoco~cd tape<.

Last Day of Classes MU NCHY NIGHT

WASHI G TON (U PI) The Ho Judi 1u omrn.uet Thur da opened the fir> t Congrcss•onal be r· in~ in a t.'Cn lUI)' anto cht pos._~blt tm a<'hmtnl ra PrCM<knLC' tniD '-C\:rt'l t\·tdcncc ;~bout whether Prcs•-


<knl u;o n had a hand m plann1ng lht Wat<'rgu lt brtal-in .

WASHI GTON - Presi den t N"on ,.,11 noc restgn - under a ny ci rrumstanccs.. He will not surrtnd t"r h1 olfiCX' tottn tt.mporanly ID Va PrtS•dent Gerald R . Ford under the 25th amcndmenL If the House of Repre· xnla.tives sbouJd vote 10 impc:ach. be wal accept th -.rdkt "wnh good gu<:<". He wtll then defend himsel f 10 lbc very end of a Senat< trial.

LOS ANG ELES (AP) Five boJi<" tdC' a c;ou th ·~ nlral Los Aog<l<> house afl< r Hak·Jadcctcd hopmg to l111p mc:mb<" of the )lnbtone<e l. tbcratJOn Army ..·aged an hour-long gu n b:tule wrth tho5e lllSidc. UP I reported that J)ooald J)eFrccze. Ftdd MarshaU C1oqu e o f the SI.A and Camtlla ll all. ano1~er LA leader. had been tden ti ~ed as two of tho5e killed by po~ • we~ found m

e v. paper LOS A~GELES (AP) he-ire ~ PattiC'II HC'a rst w a.~ not among the fi"t \·'JCIIOh of:. 'hootvut bct,..ccn Svmb10nesc l..abu.Jt•on Army (SU.) mcmbc" and pohcc. the coroner >a>d Sat ur day.

LOS A. OELES (AP) h1m:1a ~ a.rtd two Symbtoar.K L•btn· ..,. Arwry (Sl.A) mcmbcn wt:te ac:~ s-day all)l1 ol YKt(atlft, f,ed . c:n.l fircaJ'liU Int. and the f81 •ld dt.c DC"M~l harca wa. bo"J h•k:ld u a:a ·ncnrndy d.&.n8f n:.aJ 1'1 UV<*. Ma Hum. who wu •b-

ducscd (rom her •p•runca l ~'




"10 and later d«\a/cd hc::r aJ. 10 her k'IT'Of"at CIIP'Oft, w~

~ o(

l&ktn& pan:

l ft I lhocMot.IC

l'hundlly n~sfK at a 1...4» Af\&tlo. sport.IR(.



151st .._..,.~ COMMENCEMENT

J ERU ALEM ( PI) lorad and yria

agreed Wcdoe<day night to stop fighting Fnday a nd separate thcir armies unde-r an agt«.fn('Dl ncgoliated b cre tary of State llenry A. K iss· ing<r in 32 days of grueling shuule diplomacy thai at times ' 'crged on b<cakdo'""'


Juliet Balian


Gregory R. Barison

William H. Barney Ill

Paul Acampora

James W. Adams

Christine M. Adrianowycz

john K. Allen

Elaine R. Austin

joyce A. Babb

Peter Barrett

David A. Barthwell

Rebecca G. Adams

Robin Adelson

Elizabeth S. Arnold

Caroline D. Asher

Susan D . Baillet

Margaret C. Bain

Gregory A. Bartlett

Peter Basch

Paul Acampora, 24 Welch Road, orth Haven, Connecticut 06473; B.S. Biology; Student Executive Committee; Board of Inquiry; Board of Reconsiderations ConnPirg; Intramural Softball; Phi Beta Kappa; otre Dame High School. James William Adams, 5 Cennard Court, St. Paul, Minnesota 55106; B.A. Biology; Head Potter; junior Year at Williams; OD Squad; Chorale Society (Williams); Cold Spring Harbor High School. Rebecca Gay Adams, Junction Road, Brookfield Center, Connecticut 06805; B.A. Sociology; Student Executive Committee 3,4; Budget Committee 3,4; College Affairs Committee 4; 00 Squad 1; Ivy 1,2; Tripod 3; Cerb rus, Secretary 3; Brookfield High School. Robin Adelson, 132 Clark Road, Brookline, Massachusetts 02146; B.A. Religion; Brookline High School. Christine Martha Adrianowycz, 3318 Denison Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44109; B.S. Chemistry and Mathematics; Cerberus; Cinestudio; Ivy; Bermuda North Project; MBOG; incoln High School. John Kevin Allen, 189 Frederick Street; Peekskill, New York 10566; B.A. Psychology; lakeland Senior High School. Elizabeth Sue Arnold, 13 Scout Trail, Darien, Connecticut 06820; B.A. American Studies; Darien High School. Caroline Dana Asher, 5417 Falmouth, Washington D.C. 20016; B.A. English; WRTC; Junior Year Abroad, University of Exeter; OD Squad; National Cathedral School. Elaine Ruth Austin, B.A. Studio Arts; Studio Assistant; Woodstock Country School. joyce Arlene Babb, 1618 orth Wilmette, Wheaton, Illinois 60187; B.A. Psychology. Susan Dwight Baillet, 3045 Normandy, Evanston, Illinois 60201; B.S. Psychology; Evanston TWP. High School. Margaret Cooper Bain, 9 Brown Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138; B.A. Psychology; Cerberus; Cheerleading; Buckingham School. Orlando Emilio Baker, 221 Sisson Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06106; B.S. Psychology. Juliet Balian, 155 Warrenton Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06105; B.A. Psychology and French; Hartford Public High School. Gregory Richard Barison, 251 Highland Avenue, Long Branch, New Jersey 07740; B.A. English; Cross Country; Winter and Spring Track; Intramural Basketball and softball; Tripod Sports Staff; Trinity Outing Club; Long Branch High School. William Hadwen Barney Ill, 13 Breeze Hill Road, Northport, New York 11768; B.A. History; Crew; Psi Upsilon; Intramurals; St. Andrew's School. Peter Barrett, Box 532 McCarthy Drive, Furlong, Pennsylvania, 18925; B.A. English; Palos Verdes High School. Elizabeth Pratt Barringer, Box 460, RD #1, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania 19317; B.A. Intercultural Studies. David Anthony Barthwell, 2019 Edison, Detroit, Michigan 48206; B.S. Biology; Student Executive Committee 3,4; Board of Inquiry 3; Academi Affairs Committee 4; T.C.B. 1,2,3,4; Cass Te hnical High School. Gregory Albert Bartlett, 35 Black Duck Road, Concord, Massachusetts 01742; B.A. Political Science; Cross Country; Track; OD Squad; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Concord-Carlisle. Peter Basch, 40 Grenhart, West Hartford, Connecticut 06117; B.A. Psychology; Trinity Draft Counselors; Vote 18; Red Cross Bloodmobile Campus Organizer; Curriculum Committee; Board of Reconsideration; Board of Inquiry; Trinity College Council; Student Executive Committee, Chairperson; ConnPirg, Chairperson; Medical Facilities Advisory Panel, Chairperson; Phi Beta Kappa; Conard High School.


Brooke Bassett, 224 22nd Street, Santa Monica, California 90402; B.A. English. Dana Ellen Battey, 58 Grandview Terrace, Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109; B.A. Religion; Chaffee School. Isabel lockwood Beers, 214 Southdown Road, Huntington, New York 11743; B.A. English. David John Biggers, 3 Cutter Court, Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945; B.A. Political Science and Environmental Studies. Reid Thompson Birdsall, 26 Father Peter's Lane, New Canaan, Connecticut 06840; B.A. Religion; New Canaan High School. Bruce Nelson Bishop, 129 Allen Place, Hartford, Connecticut 06106; B.S. Mathematics; South Catholic High. David Butterfield Bodine, Lantern Hill Road, Easton, Connecticut 06425; B.A. Interdisciplinary Major: Political Philosophy. Thomas John Bolger, 74 Pleasant Street, Auburn, Maine 0421 0; B.A. English; WRTC; Cerberus; Hebron Academy. Stacie Carlin Bonfils, 4539 Alton Place, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016; B.A. Political Science; Alpha Delta Phi; Immaculate Preparatory School. Anne Clagett Bonniwell, 211 Cates Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey 07042; B.A. American Studies; Tennis Team; Kimberley School. David Currier Bono, 28 West Street, Woburn, Massachusetts, 01801; B.S. Engineering; MBOG, Technical Director; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; A.V. Sound and T.V. work; Browne and Nichols School. linda Alice Borawski, 16 Brightview Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut 06117; B.A. Psychology; Northwest Catholic High School. Francisco Lopes Borges, 36 Augur Street, Hamden,. Connecticut 06519; B.A. Political Science; T.C.B., Treasurer; Freshman Football and Basketball; Board of Inquiry; Student Executive Committee; Millbrook School. David A. Bornn, P.O. Box 1613, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00801; B.A. History; Fencing; Student Executive Committee; All Saints Parish School. Bruce Haig Bossidy, Succabone Road, Mt. Kisco, New York 10549; B.A. Interdisciplinary Major: latin American Studie ; St. Paul's School. Charles Woodbury Bowman, 789 Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, Connecticut 06840; B.A. American Studies; Trinity Corinthian Yacht Club; Trinity Christian Fellowship; Technical Assistant; Lawrenceville. Dean Edward Bowman, 146 Fairmont Drive, Bel Air, Maryland 21014; B.A. Psychology; Bel Air High School. Susan Elizabeth Boynton, 328 East Acacia, Milwaukee, W isconsin 53217; B.S. Biology; U niversity School of Milwaukee. Marjorie Odell Bradford, 50 Selborne Drive, Centerville, Delaware 19807; B.A. English; Westover School. Richard William Brouse Ill, 188 North Willow Street, East Aurora, New York 14052; B.A. Religion; Alpha Delta Phi, Recording secretary; Varsity Soccer 2,3; Nichols School. Aimee Susan Brown, 146 Tudor Oval, Westfield, ew jersey 07090; B.A. Urban-Environmental Studies; Tripod 2; OD Squad 2; T.W.O. 2,3,4; Urban Studies Committee; Westfield Senior High School. Marjorie Carp~nt~r Brown, 12 Welwyn Road, Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087; B.A. Religion. Nancy Anne Bruckner, R.R. #1, Thomson, Illinois 61285; B.A. Psychology; I KA, social sister; Cinestudio; Women's Lacrosse; Thomson High. Alexander H. Bruen, 1088 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10028; B.A. History. Richard Conger Bryan, Jr., 21 Rio Vista Lane, Richmond, Virginia 23226; B.A. History; Alpha Delta Phi, Corresponding secretary, Vice President; Resident Assistant; Wrestling Club; University School. lynne Susanne Buchwald, 325 Whitman Drive, Brooklyn, New York 11234; B.A. Religion; Hillel Society; Sailing Club; Trinity Tripod; WRTC; Folk Dance Club; Brooklyn Friends School.


Dana E. Battey

David C. Bono

David j. Biggers -

Linda A. Borawski

Susan E. Boynton

Richard W. Brouse Ill

Nancy A. Bruckner

Richard C. Bryan, Jr.



Reid T. Birdsall

Bruce N. Bishop


Francisco L. Borges

David A. Bornn

Bruce H. Bossidy


Stacie C. Bonfils

Anne C. Bonniwell

Charles W. Bowman

Dean E. Bowman

Aimee S. Brown



lynne S. Buchwald


Chester J. Bukowski, Jr.

Gail Sharon Burns

Gail S. Buxton

Margaret B. Caldwell

Keith L. Callahan

Lisa B. Carothers

Carolyn R. Cartland

Francis F. Chase Ill

Michael S. Chearneyi

Charlene A. Chiang

Henry R. Clement

Archie Colander, Jr.

Paula F. Colangelo


John N. Clark



Nancy S. Clark

Bruce A. Cholst




Thomas C. Coughlin

June M. Cicerchia

Alice A. Convery

Chester John Bukowski, Jr., 4 Birch Street, Terryville, Connecticut 06786; B.A. History; Pi Gamma Mu; Terryville High School. Gail Sharon Burns, 2 Howard Court, Woburn, Massachusetts 01801; B.A. Studio Arts; Woburn High School. Gail Sarah Buxton, 23 Eggleston lane, Old Greenwich, Connecticut 06870; B.A. Psychology; Concert Choir; Rome Campus; Greenwich High School. Margaret Burgess Caldwell, R.D. 2, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18103; B.A. Intercultural Studies; Men's Varsity Tennis, Manager; Women's Tennis Team; Cerberus; St. Anthony Hall, Social Member; C.O.M.A. Society; Madeira School. Keith laurence Callahan, "Tylers", Kippington Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, England; B.A. Psychology; Freshman Crew; Wrestling; Freshman Football; Varsity Football; Alpha Chi Rho; Suffield Academy. Lisa Booker Carothers, 415 Reily Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215; B.A. Psychology; Hillsdale. Carolyn Ruth Cartland, 32 Stoner Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut 06107; B.A. Comparative literature; Conard High School. Chandler Maynard Caton, Jr., 2 Hamilton Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106; B.A. Psychology. Francis Fessenden Chase Ill, 21 Bridge Street, Norwell, Massachusetts 02061; B.A. History, Soccer 1,2; lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Alpha Chi Rho, Treasurer; Photography Club; Governor Dummer Academy. Michael Steven Chearneyi, 1639 Kirkwood Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21207; B.A. English; Freshman Lacrosse, Manager; Cerberus, President; Trinity Tripod; MBOG; Woodlawn. Charlene Anne Chiang, 15 Briarwood Drive, Glen Cove, New York 11542; B.A. Philosophy; Glen Cove High School. Bruce Alan Cholst, 179 B 142nd Street, Rockaway, New York 11694; B.A. Political Science; Varsity Soccer 2; Debate Club, President 2,3,4; Young Republicans Club, President 2,3,4; Trinity Tripod 3; WRTC 2; Woodmere Academy. June Marie Cicerchia, Anella Drive, Bethany, Connecticut 06525; B.S. Physics; Sigma Pi Sigma; Amity Regional High School. John Newbold Clark, 843 Parkes Run Lane, Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085; B.S. Psychology; St. Anthony Hall; St. James School. Nancy Scott Clark, Depot Road, Boxford, Massachusetts 01921; B.A. English; Masconomet Regional High School. Henry Rawle Clement, Valley Hill Farm, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 19481; B.A. German; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2; Varsity Track 2,3,4; WRTC; St. George's School. Archie Colander, Jr., 825 Kilby Avenue, Suffolk, Virginia 23434; B.S. Biology; Cerberus; Track; Freshman Basketball; WRTC; T.C.B.; Intramural Basketball; john F. Kennedy High School. Paula Frances Colangelo, 33 Neill Drive, Watertown, Connecticut 06795; B.A. Biology; Cerberus 1,2,3; Women's Crew 1,2,3; Trinity Outing Club; Trinity Nordics; Watertown High School. Harry James Conaway, 100 duPont Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19807; B.A. Intercultural Studies; Tatnall School. Alice Ann Convery, 489 Grand Avenue, West Trenton, New jersey 08628; B.A. English and Theatre Arts; Jesters; Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart. Thomas Christopher Coughlin, 450 Ocean Avenue, Stratford, Connecticut 06497; B.A. Philosophy; Alpha Delta Phi; Stratford High School. Pierre Cournot, 12 Woodlawn Drive, Williamstown, Massachusetts 01267; B.A. Comparative Literature; Freshman Soccer and Lacrosse; St. Anthony Hall; Hartford Rugby Club; International Students Organization; Varsity Soccer 3; Lycee Claude Bernard. Fred Courtney, Jr., 110 Radcliffe Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02121; B.A. Psychology.

Pierre Cournot


Wilburn Kendrick Covington, 4093 Feiner Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44122; B.A. Intercultural Studies; John F. Kennedy High School. Hillery Dee Cowan, 4 Leone Close, Scarsdale, New York 10583; B.A. Psychology; Edgemont High School. Leonard Chaffee Cowan, 48 Berwick Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01602; B.A. Theatre Arts and Psychology; jesters, Treasurer; Technical Assistant; WRTC, Chief Announcer; 00 Squad; The Taft School. Steven Julian Crandall, RFD #1, Windward Drive, Westerly, Rhode Island 02891; B.S. Biology. Ronald Edward Cretaro, 58 Colonial Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106; B.A. Religion. Pamela Marie Crimi, Ripley Lane, Oyster Bay, New York 11771; B.S. Psychology. Kathy Donaghey Cruson, 160 New Britain Avenue, Apt. 305, Hartford, Connecticut 06106; B.A. Religion; Varsity Soccer, manager; Concert Choir; White Plains High School. Gary Lee Czajkowski, 17 Craig Court, East Hartford, Connecticut 06108; B.A. Economics; Varsity Track 1,2,3,4; RobertS. Morris Track Trophy 4; A.I.E.S.E.C., Foreign Exchange Program Summer Reception Chairman 1973; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Intramural Baseball 3,4; East Hartford High School. Leonard J. Dack, 85 East End Avenue, New York, New York 10028; B.A. Political Science; St. Anthony Hall; MBOG; Intramural Softball; Intramural Basketball; Intramural Football; The Dalton School. Frederick Allen Dahl, 38 Davenport Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 0611 0; B.S. Psychology; Phi Beta Kappa; Conard High School. Kathy Nelson Dane, 162 Emerson Drive, St. Armand's Key, Sarasota, Florida 33573; B.A. English; Kent Place. Jonathan Comly David, R.F.D. #2, Box 325 A, Westminster, Maryland 21157; B.A. Intercultural Studies. Joan Livingston Davies, Blair Road, Oyster Bay, New York 11771; B.S. Mathematics; Phi Beta Kappa; Westover School. Phyllis Anne Degen, 33 Merriam Avenue, Bronxville, New York 10708; B.A. Psychology; Bronxville High School. Kevin Robert Degnan, 49 Boulevard de Ia Republique, Versailles, France; B.A. Economics. Howard Malcolm Delaittre, Jr., 709 North 57th Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska 68132; B.A. Art History; Psi Upsilon; Freshman Soccer; Freshman Golf; Blake School. David John Doerge, 17866 Lake Road, Lakewood, Ohio 44107; B.A. History; Varsity Swimming, 3 year letterman; Freshman Football; Alpha Chi Rho; University School. Lisa Donneson, 411 East 57th Street, New York, New York 10016; B.A. Music; OD Squad, Folk Society; Wheatley High School. Lynn Janet Dowinsky, 41 Doremus Place, Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407; B.A. German; WRTC, Newscaster; Junior Year in Munich, Germany; Dwight School. Constance Karen Doyle, Deerpath, Garrison, New York 10524; B.A. Studio Art and Art History; WRTC, Radio Announcer; Northam Fine Arts Society; Women's Varsity Crew 4; Marymount Secondary School. David Andrew Duennebier, 126 Thorncliffe Drive, Rochester, New York 14617; B.A. Philosophy; WRTC; Tripod; EEP Industries; Bishop Brownell Memorial Marching Kazo..: Band; Irondequoit High School. Stephen Alan Duennebier, 18 Lincoln Street, Niantic, Connecticut 06357; B.A. Psychology; Bishop Brownell Memorial Marching Kazoo Band; Psi Upsilon; Concert Choir; Theatre; East Lynne High School. Ronald Duckett, 620 North Frazier, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19131; B.A. History; Indoor Track; Varsity Track; Varsity Football; George Sheldon McCook Trophy 4; Overbrook High School. Erica Dumpel, 25 Dorann Avenue, Princeton, New Jersey 08540; B.A. Intercultural Studies; Tennis; Squash; Concert Band; Marching Band; Recorder Concert; Princeton High School.


Wilburn K. Covington

Hillery D. Cowan

Kathy D. Cruson

Gary L. Czajkowski


Frederick A. Dahl

Lisa Donneson

Lynn j. Dowinsky

Leonard C. Cowan

leonard J. Dack

Jonathan C. David

joan l. Davies

Phyllis A. Degen

Constance K. Doyle

Ronald Duckett

David A. Duennebier

Howard M. Delaittre, Jr.

Stephen A. Duennebier

David j. Doerge

Erica Dumpel


Constance C. Eckels

David W. Eckels

laura F. Einstein

Jon H. Entine

Barbara E. Fernandez

George C. Finkenstaedt


William J. Ferns, Jr.

Charles F. Fitter

tonathan W. Emery

Elizabeth A. Endicott

Edward J. Faneuil

William R. Fenkel

Susan l. Ferris

James A. Finkelstein

Steven R. Flom

Ann B. Force


Constance Campion Eckels, 21 Rayton Road, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755; B.A. American Studies; Hanover High School. David Wood Eckels, 21 Rayton Road, Hanover, New Hampshire 03755; B.S. Psychology; Soccer; lacrosse; Hanover High School. Laura F. Einstein, 32 Washington Square West, New York, New York 10011; B.A. History; Girl's Tennis Team; Staples High School. Barbara Tucker Ellinghaus, 312 Suffolk Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21218; B.A. Psychology. Jonathan Willard Emery, 5 Bluewater Hill, Westport, Connecticut 06880; B.A. Economics; Freshman Tennis Team #1, Intramural Squash, Intramural Tennis, Varsity Tennis Team, Sophomore year #5, Junior year #2, Senior year #1 and Tennis Captain; Concert Choir 3,4; Pi Gamma Mu; Staples High SchooL Elizabeth Appleby Endicott, Norton Lane, Farmington, Connecticut 06032; B.A. History; Varsity Squash 2; Miss Porter's School. Jon Howard Entine, 7447 Old York Road, Melrose Park, Pennsylvania 19126; B.A. Philosophy; Freshman Football; WRTC, Editorialist; Founder Trinity Young Democrats; McGovern for President; Cheltenham High School. Theodore Fischer Eynon, 2787 East Asplin Drive, Rocky River, Ohio 44116; B.S. Psychology; St. Anthony Hall; Swimming; Rocky River High School. Edward James Faneuil, 337 Buckminster Road, Brookline, Massachusetts 02146; B.A. Sociology; Cerberus; Alpha Chi Rho 2; Community Affairs; Freshman Golf; lntramurals; Browne and Nichols School. Mark Randall Feathers, Spruce Pond lane, Bedford, New York 10506; B.A. Philosophy and Psychology. William Ralph Fenkel, Cedarbrook Hill Apts. 111-C-704, Wyncote, Pennsylvania 19095; B.S. Economics and Psychology; Freshman Crew; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Intramural Softball; ECAC Outstanding Scholar- Athlete Award 4; Big Brother Program; Cheltenham High School. Barbara Eliana Elisa Fernandez de Peralta, 201 Marcy Place, Bronx, New York 10456; B.A. Economics- Intercultural Studies; Walton High School. William Joseph Ferns, Jr., 642 Roberts Street, Ridgewood, New jersey 07450; B.A. Music; Regis High School. Susan Lee Ferris, 11 Esther Place, Old Greenwich, Connecticut 06870; B.A. French and English; Greenwich High School. Bradley Phillip Fields, 1466 Boulevard, West Hartford, Connecticut 06119; B.A. Psychology. james Bertram Filler, 64 Garland Lane, Willingboro, New jersey 08046; B.A. Economics. James Ar路 thur Finkelstein, 1780 Wedgewood Common, Concord, Massachusetts 01781; B.A. Economics and Psychology; Concert Choir, Manager, Assistant. Director; Chapel Singers; Cinestudio; Student Activities Committee; Student Executive Committee; 150th Anniversary Committee; Freshman Football, Manager; Water Polo Team; Big Brothers, Campus Coordinator; New Rochelle High School. George Caulkins Finkenstaedt, 32 Hendrie lane, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan 48236; B.A. History; Trinity Hockey Team 1,2r3,4; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Golf Team 3,4, Captain 4; Psi Upsilon; Intramural Sports: Football, Softball, Squash, Golf; University-liggett School. Charles Franklin Fitter, 35 Huntington Meadows, Rochester, New York 14625; B.A. Economics; Soccer 1,2; Penfield High School. Shawn Elaine Flavin, 978 West Road, New Canaan, Connecticut 06840; B.A. Psychology. Steven Robert Flom, 815 linwood Street, St. Paul, Minnesota 55105; B.A. Theatre Arts; jesters, Choir, Treasurer; Cinestudio; St. Paul Academy and Summit School. Ann Bridget Force, 133 Forest Avenue, Glen Ridge, New Jersey 07028; B.A. Italian and Spanish; Girl's Tennis Team; Glen Ridge High School.


Gregory L. Forte, 906 East 91st Street, Watts, California 90002; B.A. Intercultural Studies. Mary Ellen Fox, 182 Auburn Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06119; B.S. Psychology; William Hall High School. Frederick Archer Francis, 31 Craig Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 011 08; B.A. Religion; Cross Country 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; Cerberus, two years, Vice路President 2nd year; Technical High School. Jenifer Beth Frank, 7800 Marion Lane, Bethesda, Maryland 20014; B.A. English; Tripod, arts editor; Rtppowam High School. Jonathan White Frank, 706 West Aliens lane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119; B.A. Economics; Ice Hockey 1,2,3,4, Captain 3,4; Albert C. Williams Hockey Cup 4; St. Anthony Hall; Chestnut Hill Academy. Robert Charles Fratini, 19 Rittenhouse Road, Broomall, Pennsylvania 19008; B.A. English; Cinestudio; Audio Visual Center; English Department" Committee on Teaching; Marple Newtown Senior High School. Barbara Lee Frazer, Meyersville Road, Green Village, New Jersey 07935; B.A. Psychology; Northfield School. Bennett David Freeman, 1559 Union Street, Manchester, New Hampshire 031 04; B.A. Psychology; ConnPirg, Board Member; Derryfield School. Andrea Jean Galvin, 112 Brookfield Drive, East Hartford, Connecticut 06118; B.A. English and Religion; Sound Work for MBOG; Sound and T.V. Work for Audio-Visual; East Catholic High School. William Bergh Gamble_, 17 Blythewood Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21210; B.A. History. Joseph Steven Garamella, 167 North 15th Street, Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003; B.S. Biology; Cerberus; MBOG 2; Bloomfield Senior High School. Elizabeth Townsend Alexander Garofolo, Marvewood School, Cornwall, Connecticut 06753; B.A. Intercultural Studies; Mary C. Wheeler. Ty E. Geltmaker, 1003 East Kansas, Peoria, Illinois 61603; B.A. History; Cerberus; MBOG; Rome Campus; Hartford Big Brothers; Spalding Institute. Lise Jill Gescheidt, 1051 Coconut Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33432; B.A. History; Var.sity Swimming, Manager; Girls Basketball Team; T.W.O.; Phi Gamma Mu; C.O.M.A. Society; Pine Crest. Gray Southerland Gibson, 141 Old Church Road, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830; B.A. Intercultural Studies; Varsity Field Hockey 3; Dana Hall. Samuel Solomon Gidding, 3900 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood, New Jersey 08260; B.A. Mathematics; Hun School. Alexander Robert Gillmor, 59 Conz Street, Northampton, Massachusetts 01060; B.A. Economics. Gail Deborah Gingras, 594 Adams Street, Milton, Massachusetts 02186; B.S. Biology; Trinity College Concert Choir; Chess Club; Cerberus, MBOG; Milton High School. Amy Carol Golbert, 9 Old Pond Road, Great Neck, New York 11023; B.A. Psychology; T.W.O.; Ghost Shirt Society; R.A.G., Hillel; Great Neck North Senior High School. Deborah Tully Goldreyer, 790 Lincoln Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06606; B.A. English; Central High School. Paul leslie Gossling, 558 Simsbury Road, Bloomfield, Connecticut 06002; B.S. Psychology; Freshman Baseball and Soccer; Varsity Soccer 1; Varsity Football 2; Varsity Lacrosse 2; Alpha Chi Rho; Suffield Academy. Robert Mark Gottlieb, 19 North Drive, Livingston, New jersey 07039; B.A. German; Intramural Softball; livingston High School. Ruth Evelyn Coverman, 249 New Britian Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06106; B.S. Psychology. Elizabeth Ryan Grady, 2215 Hornet Road, San Marino, California 91108; B.A. Religion; Cerberus; Food Service, Polytechnic School.


Mary E. t-ox

Frederick A. Francis

Andrea J. Galvin

Joseph S. Garamella

路j Ty E. Geltmaker

Samuel S. Gidding


'I ;

J. Gescheidt

Gail D. Gingras

jenifer B. Frank

jonathan W. Frank

Robert C. Fratini

Barbara L. Frazer

Bennett D. Freeman

Deborah T. Goldreyer

Paul l. Gossling

Robert M. Gottlieb

Elizabeth R. Grady

Elizabeth A. Garofolo

Gray S. Gibson

Amy C. Colbert



Byron A. Grant

Le Vaun B. Graulty

Cathy j. Green

Dorothy j. Greenberg

Paul H. Griffith Ill

Cheryl I. Hahn

Richard B. Hall

Catherine L. Harris

Geoffrey T. Harrison

Constance C. Hart

Paula M. Habel

John Hasychak, Jr.

Candace E. Hackett


J, Hawkins

Don C. Hawley

Edward W. Heiderich, Jr.

Richard M. Heithoff

Harry E. Heller

John Christopher Graham 238 Pearl Street, Medina, New York 14103; B.S. Psychology; WRTC 1,2,3,4; Medina High School. Byron Alexander Grant, Cove Road, Oyster Bay, New York 11771; B.A. Economics; Portsmouth Abbey. LeVaun Bell Graulty, c/o John C. Bell Ill, 826 Meredith Drive, Media, Pennsylvania 19063; B.A. Psychology; Cerberus; T.W.O.; Intercollegiate Hockey 1; Intercollegiate Tennis 3; OD Squad; Twelve College Exchange: Dartmouth College, Junior Year; Williams College, 1st semester Senior Year; the Agnes Irwin School. Cathy Jean Green, 43 Butler Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583; B.A. Political Science; Political Science Advisory Committee; ConnPirg, Trinity Board Member; Scarsdale High School. Dorothy Jane Greenberg, 723 East 18th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11230; B.A. Engineering; Budget Committee; Midwood High. Paul Howard Griffith Ill, 5504 Lambeth Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20014; B.S. Biology; St. Anthony Hall; lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Water Polo 4; Landon School. Jane Helen Gutman, 8350 Fisher Road, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania 19117; B.A. American Studies. Paula Mary Habel, 43 Seneca Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06117; B.A. History and Philosophy; William H. Hall High School. Candace Elizabeth Hackett, Box 52 Miss Hall's School, Pittsfield, Massachusetts 01201; B.A. English; Cinestudio 1,2,3,4; field Hockey 1; lacrosse; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Audio Visual Staff 2,3,4; MacDuffie School. Cheryl Imelda Hahn, 49 Pine Drive, Pawling, New York 13831; B.A. Psychology; Dancer; john Jay Senior High. Richard Bradway Hall, 260 Pleasant Avenue, Pleasantville, New York 10570; B.A. Economics; Varsity Ba eball 2,3,4; Tripod 4; Freshman Football; Pleasantville High School. Catherine lawrence Harris, Quail Road, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830; B.A. American Studies; Tripod; Reporter, Arts Editor 1,2; Committee to Create the American Studies Major 2; Madeira School. Geoffrey Todd Harrison, 389 Coldstream Drive, Berwyn Pennsylvania 19312; B.A. Classics; Conestoga Senior High School. Constance Colburn Hart, 563 Spoleto Drive, Santa Monica, California 90402; B.A. History; Westlake School. John Hasychak, Jr., 944 North Main Street, West Hartford, Connecticut 06117; B.S. Psychology; Sigma Nu 1,2; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2; Alpha Chi Rho Eating Club 2; Conard High School. Cynthia Joan Hawkins, 9 Brookside Drive, Darien, Connecticut 06820; B.A. Theatre Arts; Jesters; Darien High School. Don Crocker Hawley, 25 ledgewood Road, Winchester, Massachusetts 01890; B.A. Economics; Alpha Delta Phi, President; Co-Captain Soccer Team, 3 varsity letters; Trixters, 2 years; WRTC; Cerberus, Kazoo Marching Band; Fielding Mellisch Memorial Society; Phillips Exeter Academy. Edward William Heiderich, 1306 Oberlin Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19803; B.A. Economics; Freshman Squash Team; Freshman Tennis Team; Varsity Tennis Team; Mt. Pleasant High School. Richard Michael Heithoff, 2941 N.W. 56th Avenue, Lauderhill, Florida 33313; B.A. History; Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Football; Baldwin High School. Harry Eddy Heller, 3660 Waldo Avenue, Bronx, New York 10463; B.S. Chemistry; Alpha Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Freshman Football; Varsity Baseball 3; College Affairs Committee; Cerberus; Student Executive Committee; Pet Friends Association; Photography Club; Riverdale Country Day School For Boys.


Janet Lee Hirsch, 605 Cooke Street, Waterbury, Connecticut 06710; B.A. Psychology. Linda J. Holbrook, R.R. #2, Box 33, Higganum, Connecticut 06441; B.A. Psychology. Caroline McCormick Hollingsworth, Farm Street, Dover, Ma sachusetts 02030; B.A. Psychology; Women's Crew; Trinity Nordics; Winsor School. David Charles Hopkins, Scott Road, R.D. #1, Boonton, New Jersey 07005; B.S. Religion and Biology; Mountain Lakes High School. Marianne M. Horoschak, 93 High Street, Ansonia, Connecticut 06401; B.A. Economics; Pi Kappa Alpha; Fencing Club; Ansonia High School. Carolyn Jane Hoskins, 310 Tyne Avenue, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130; B.S. Chemistry; Central High School. Michael Scott Hoskinson, 6 Culver Road, Boulder Hill, Aurora, Illinois 60538; B.A. Psychology; Illinois Scholar; Rome Campus; Alpha Chi Rho, President; Freshman Football, Captain; Freshman Baseball, Captain; Varsity Football 2; Letter 2; Varsity Baseball2,3,4, letter 2,3,4; Ottawa TWP High School. John David Howard, 29 East 64th Street, New York, New York 10021; B.A. English; Trinity School. Jeffrey Hutchinson, 345 Wagar Road, Rocky River, Ohio 44116; B.A. Psychology. Robert Joseph Ingria, 1210 Croes Avenue, Apt. 6D, Bronx, New York 10472; B.A. Classics, Sociology, and Psychology; WRTC-FM, Disc Jockey 1,2,3,4; Assistant Music Director 1,3,4; Music Director 2; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Beta Kappa; Regis High School. Peter Louis lppedico, 40 Cumberland Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06119; B.A. Psychology, Toby Frances Israel, 410 Marlboro Road, Englewood, New Jersey 07631; B.A. English; Resident Assistant; Tutor; Dwight Morrow High. Frederick Henry Jackson, Jr., 22 Mahl Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06120; B.A. American Studies; Hartford Public High School. John Alden James, Jr., 32 Shipman Road, Andover, Massachusetts 01810; B.A. Economics; Alpha Chi Rho; Governor Dummer Academy. Susan Mead Jestin, 4132 Druid lane, Dallas, Texas 75205; B.A. Art History. Carla Johnson, 111 Main Street, Andover, Massachusetts 0181 0; B.A. Psychology and French; Abbot Academy. Roberta Lianne johnson, P.O. Box 225, 2 Reiker Ford Road, St. Clair, Missouri 63077; B.A. Music; Choir; Chapel Singers; Postludes; St. Clair High School. Ralph Curtis Jordan Ill, Box 1566, Columbus, Georgia; B.S. Biology; Psi Upsilon; Freshman Crew; Varsity Crew 2,3,4, Captain 4; Kent School. Elizabeth Ann Kaczmarcyk, 502 Prospect Street, Torrington, Connecticut 06790; B.A. History; Torrington High School. Bruce Meyer Kahn, 4432 Park Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38117; B.A. History; Cerberus; Alpha Chi Rho; Freshman and Varsity Basketball; Freshman Tennis; White Station High School. Elmars Edgar Kalve, 52 York Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106; B.A. English; Pi Kappa Alpha; Hartford Public High School. Ronald William Kaplan, 89 Birchwood Drive, New Britain, Connecticut 06052; B.A. History; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4; Freshman Soccer; Varsity lacrosse; Wrestling; Tripod; Trinity Hillel, College Affairs Committee; Student Speakers Bureau; Kingswood School. Stephen Michael Kasowitz, 2025 Chapel Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06515; B.A. Political Science; Freshman Football; Intramural Football; Basketball; Hopkins Grammar School. Colleen Marie Keefe, 120 Sun Ridge lane, Stratford, Connecticut 06497; B.A. Chemistry; Bunnell High School. Artemis I. Kent, 43 Banstead Road, Purley, Surrey, England; B.A. Music; Concert Choir; Eothen School. james Kerans, Jr., 23 Witch lane, Rowayton, Connecticut 06853; B.A. Mathematics and Philosophy; Tennis Team; Brien McMahon High School.

Caroline M.

David C. Hopkins

Ho II"_mgsworth

Marianne M. Horoschak

John A. James, Jr.




Carla Johnson

Michael S. Hoskinson

John D. Howard

Ralph C. Jordan Ill

Ronald W. Kaplan

Robert J. Ingria

Elizabeth A. Kaczmarcyk

Colleen M. Keefe

Toby F. Israel

Frederick H. jackson, Jr.

Bruce M. Kahn

Elmars E. Kalve

Artemis I. Kent


John j. Kindl

Gary F. Kinsella

james Edward Kjorlien

james G. Knight

Peter G. lacy

Joyce E. Laughlan

Edward M. Leigh


Monique E. Lemaire

Barbara A. Lennon

Albert S. Leveille

joseph P. Liberatore

Saul j. Kupferberg

Phillip S. LaBove

Maurice R. Landry

Arthur E. Larson

Lois S. Kimmelman, 319 South Sterling Road, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania; 19117 B.A. French. John Joseph Kindl, 25 Douglas Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06114; B.A. Economics and Political Science; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Cerberus; Alpha Chi Rho 2; Pi Gamma Mu; South Catholic High School. Susan Dunham King, 1615 Stuckey Street, Apt. 205, Tallahassee, Florida 32404; B.A. Modern Language. Gary Frank Kinsella, 47 North Hillcrest Road, Springfield, Pennsylvania 19064; B.A. Political Science; Trinity College Council; Twelve College Exchange, Smith College; Friends' Central School. James Edward Kjorlien, 1021 Park Avenue, New York, New York, 10028; B.A. Economics; Soccer, Freshman, Sophomore, Varsity; WRTC 3; Business Manager 4; St. Anthony Hall; Choate School. James Gordon Knight, 11735 Greenbay Drive, Houston, Texas 77024; B.S. Physics; St. Anthony Hall; Sigma Pi Sigma; Kinkaid School. Charles David Koncz, 161 Falcon Road, Guilford, Connecticut 06437; B.A. English; Psi Upsilon; Hocley 1,2,3,4; Salisbury School. Peter Kraus, 5 Peter jay Lane, Rye, New York 10580; B.A. Economics. Saul Jonathan Kupferberg, 29-05 214th Place, Bayside, New York 11360; B.A. Rel igion; Band; Cerberus; WRTC-FM; Hillel; Golf Team Manager; Bayside High School. Phillip Stuart LaBove, 68 Brighton Avenue, Deal, New jersey 07723; B.S. Biology; Intramural Sports; WRTC; Asbury Park High School. Peter George Lacy, 36 High Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06510; B.S. Biology and Mathematics; WRTC; Cinestudio; Conard High School. Maurice Roland Landry, 452 Page Boulevard, Springfield, Massachusetts 011 04; B.A. History; Cerberus; Budget Committee; Young Republicans; Debating Society; St. Thomas Seminary. James Adams Larrabee, Taunton Lake Drive, Newtown, Connecticut 06470; B.S. Chemistry. Arthur Erwin Larson, 60 Brook Lane, Cheshire, Connecticut 06410; B.A. Religion; Cheshire High School. Joyce Elaine Laughlan, 9 Gordon Lane, Enfield, Connecticut 06082; B.S. Mathematics and Biology; Enfield High School. Sally Jarvis Lawson, Lukes Wood Road, New Canaan, Connecticut 06840; B.A. English; Shipley S hool. William Homer Lawson, 8921 Durham Drive, Potomac, Maryland 20854; B.A. Mathematics and Urban and Environmental Studies; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4; Peter Fish Most Valuable Soccer Player Award 4; St. Ant~ony Hall; St. Albans. Edward Monroe Leigh, Box 5, Hillsboro, Virginia 22132; B.A. History and Philosophy; St. Anthony Hall. Monique E. Lemaire, 41 Hemlock Drive, Natick, Massachusetts 01760; B.A. French; Natick High School. Barbara Anne Lennon, 16 Oak Drive, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458; B.A. Economics; Student Council Representatives; Tutoring; Program for Incoming Freshmen; Northern Highlands Regional High School. Albert Sylvestre Leveille, 163 Hendrick Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02908; B.S. Mathematics; Phi Beta Kappa; LaSalle Academy. Joseph Palmer Liberatore, 39 Strath Haven Drive, Broomall, Pennsylvania 19008; B.A. Mathematics; Malvern Preparatory School. George Jones Lincoln, IV, 1428 Old Gulph Road, Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085; B.A. History; St. Anthony Hall; Freshman Football and Lacrosse; Var ity Football and Lacrosse; The Haverford School. David Jay Litman, 149 Richmond Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts 01602; B.A. Political Science; Student Representative to Political Science Department; Pi Gamma Mu; Suffield Academy.





William H. Lawson

David j. Litman


Kevin House Loveland, 106 Selden Hill Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut 06107; B.A. History; Sailing Club; Conard High School. Barbara Ann Lundy, 1296 North Edgewood, Lake Forest, Illinois 60045; B.A. Psychology; OD Squad; Alternate Learning Center; Lake Forest High School. Deborah Jean MacArthur, Cider Mill Road, Tolland, Connecticut 06084; B.A. English; Rockville High School. John Mowbray MacCallum, Wyoming Street, Warsaw, New York 14569; B.A. History. Alexander Sterling MacDonald, 40 Neptune Street, Beverly, Massachusetts 01915; B.A. Studio Art; Freshman Soccer and Lacrosse; Hockey Team; Head Resident Assistant; Phillips Exeter Academy. Gordon Baldwin Madge, 20 Dickerman Street, Watertown, Connecticut 06795; B.S. Biology; Royal High School. Denese Berg Mann, 82 High Wood Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06117; B.A. Psychology. Reginald Frederick Martin Ill, 1314 Floral Street, Washington, D.C. 20012; B.A. Political Science. Mary Jo Marguerite Mater, 245 Migeon, Torrington, Connecticut 06790; B.A. English; Dance Concerts 2,3,4; Wykeham Rise School. Dorothy Brown McAdoo, 417 Fishers Road, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010; B.S. Psychology; Cerberus; Hockey; lacrosse; Squash; Shipley School. Philip John McBrien, 3 Wilcox Drive, Durham, Connecticut 06422; B.A. Religion; Xavier High School. Margaret Emma McDonald, Aramco Box 1936, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; B.A. History; Emma Willard School. Thomas Douglas McDonald, 9300 Walnut Drive, Munster, Indiana 46321; B.A. English. Brian Richard McEieney, 37 Travis Road, Natick, Massachusetts 01760; B.A. English and Theatre Arts. William Joseph McGeown, Jr., 130 Warren, Meriden, Connecticut 06450; B.S. Physical Sciences. Susan Marie McMullen, 60 Dorset Lane, Farmington, Connecticut 06032; B.A. Modern Languages; Farmington High School. Margaret Welch Meigs, 53 Castle Howard Court, Princeton, New Jersey 08540; B.A. English; Princeton DayS hool. Christopher Merrow, 53 Arlington Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06107; B.A. Philosophy and Psychology. Stephen Horace Meyer, 5100 Washington Street, Hollywood, Florida 33021; B.A. History; jesters; Phillips Exeter Academy. John Gregory Mezochow, 32 Howland Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06107; B.A. Biology and Psychology; Trinity Crew 1,2,3,4; Competition in 1973 Henley Royal Regatta; WRTC; Conard High School. William Vincent Millea, 8 Cedar Hill Road, Huntington, Connecticut 06484; B.A. Classics; Chapel, Senior Crucifer; WRTC-FM, News Director; Ivy; Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary; Fairfield Preparatory School. Katherine Knox Miller, 815 West lake Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21210; B.A. Philosophy; Garrison Forest School. Mark Miller, 290 Forest Street, Winnetka, Illinois 60093; B.A. History; New Trier High School East. David P. Millikin, 1162 Asbury Avenue, Winnetka, Illinois 60093; B.A. Economics. Richard Jay Moller, 19 Kimball Avenue, Wenham, Massachusetts 01984; B.A. Intercultural Studies and History; St. John's Preparatory School. Matthew Eli Moloshok, 22 Rutledge Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583; B.A. History; Tripod 1,2,3,4, Editor-inChief second semester of 3; Trinity Draft Counselors 2,3; Representative, Academic Affairs Committee 3; Cinestudio 1,2,3,4; Pi Gamma Mu; Ucksters 3,4; New Rochelle High School. Edward Chadwick Mooney, 77 Orchard Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06117; B.A. History; Alpha Chi Rho; Cerberus; Varsity Football Co-Captain; Varsity Crew, Henley Oarsman; Kingswood.


Kevin H. loveland

Philip j. McBrien

Margaret E. McDonald

Mark Miller

Richard j. Moller

Matthew E. Moloshok

Edward C. Mooney

Deborah j. MacArthur

Alexander S. MacDonald

Gordon B. Madge

Susan M. Mullen

Margaret W. Meigs

Stephen H. Meyer



M. Matel

John G. Mezochow

William V. Millea




james S. Morgan, Jr.

Jeffrey S. Morgan

llean L. Motley

Richard A. Norden

Kevin A. North

Barry M . O'Brien

Pamela L. Myers

Dana E. O'Brien

Matthew MeG. O'Connell

Sharon L. Naska

Holly F. Nelson

Mary A. Newman

Stephen L. Newman

Steven C. Newsome

Jefferson D. Parker

Mary E. Parker

James Sill Morgan, Jr., 145 Hewett Road, Wyncote, Pennsylvania 19095; B.A. Intercultural Studies; St. Anthony Hall; Freshman Squash; Varsity Squash; Trinity Christian Fellowship; I.C.S. Committee; Junior Year Abroad, Makerere University, Uganda; William Penn Charter School. Jeffrey Stephen Morgan, 11604 ladve Road, St. louis, Missouri 63141; B.A. Intercultural Studies; Fresh man Squash Team; OD Squad; Tripod; Rome Campus; Exchange Student, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda; Natural Social Science Honor Society; John Burroughs School. llean Leavern Motley, 3605 11th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20010; B.A. History; WRTC; T.C.B.; Cardozo High School. Michelle Ann Moye, 5565 Netherland Avenue, Bronx, New York 10471; B.A. Psychology; T.C.B.; Black Students Psychological Association; Everywhere School; Poor People's Federation; Smith College Representative to the 5 College Committee on Black Studies; Urban Corps; Riverdale Country School for Girls. Yvonne Marie Mullen, 235 Farmington Avenue, Apt. B-4, Hartford, Connecticut 06105; B.S. Psychology. Pafllela Lynn Myers, 76 Rollingmead, Princeton, New Jersey 08540; B.S. Psychology and Interdisciplinary Major; Computer Applications; Women's Varsity Squash; Acolytes; lay-readers; Stuart Country Day School. Sharon Linda Naska, 55 Higbie Drive, East Hartford, Connecticut 06108; B.S. Mathematics and Psychology; Pi Kappa Alpha 1,2,3; East Hartford High. Holly Forrest Nelson, 207 Wendover Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21218; B.S. Biology; Delta Kappa Epsilon; lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Miss Porter's School. Heidi Neubauer, 41 Jefferson Street, New Britain, Connecticut 06051; B.S. Psychology. Mary Ann Newman, 5333 Hyde Park Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60615; B.S. Psychology; Photography Club; MBOG; University of Chicago High School. Stephen lawrence Newman, 21 Vanderbilt Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583; B.A. Biology; Scarsdale High School. Steven Cameron Newsome, 629 Landing Street, Norfolk, Virginia 23504; B.A. English; Student Activities Committee; Student Executive Committee; MBOG; T.C.路B.; Booker T. Washington High. Theodore Paul Noon, 168 Cushing Street, Hingham, Massachusetts 02043; B.A. Comparative Literature. Richard Alan Norden, 350 Central Park West, New York, New York 10025; B.S. Biology; Chess Club, President; Baseball1; Psi Upsilon; Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. Kevin Allen North, 29 Norman Drive, Bloomfield, Connecticut 06002. B.A. Economics; Resident Assistant; Bloomfield High School. Barry Michael O'Brien, 12 Jeffrey Drive, Wallingford, Connecticut 06492; B.A. Political Science; Alpha Delta Phi; Varsity Football 2,3,4; "1935" Most Valuable Football Player Award 4; Freshman Football1; Freshman Lacrosse; lyman Hall High School. Dana Elizabeth O'Brien, 403 Orchard Lane, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034; B.S. Psychology; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Abington Friends School. Frederick Obrock, 11 Carol Road, Westfield, New jersey 07090; B.A. Comparative literature. Matthew McGowan O'Connell, R.D. #1, Center Valley, Pennsylvania 18034; B.A. Classics; The Choate School. Jefferson David Parker, Jr., 6209 Lochraven Drive, Mclean, Virginia 22102; B.A. Classics; Freshman Crew; Junior Varsity Crew; Varsity Crew; St. Albans School. Mary Elizabeth Parker, 65 North Road, Kingston, Rhode Island 02881; B.A. Music; Chamber Music 1; Concert Choir 1,2; Postludes 2,3,4; Teaching Assistant in Music 3,4; Officer of SMA T 4; Northfield School.


James Wolfenden Peckham, 105 Goodspeed Avenue, Meriden, Connecticut 06450; B.A. History; Platt High School. Elizabeth DeLancey Pelgrift, 46 Arlington Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06107; B.A. Economics; Loomis-Chaffee School. Carolyn Ann Pelzel, 251 Main Street, Northfield, Massachusetts 01360; B.A. French and Religion; Trinity Concert Choir; Women's Squash; Northfield School. Stephen Ogden Pember, 448 South Atwood Avenue, Jamesville, Wisconsin 53545; B.S. Biochemistry; St. Anthony Hall; WRTC-FM, Station Manager; Freshman Soccer; Lake Forest Academy. Rayfield Vernon Perkins, Jr., 465 Highland Avenue, Middletown, Connecticut 06457; B.A. History. John Picone, Jr., 26 Beechcroft Road, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830; B.A. English and French; St. Anthony Hall; Brunswick School. Geoffrey Francis Pierce, 1109 West Bradley Avenue; Peoria, Illinois 61606; B.A. English. Nathalie Morrill Post, Wilson Point, South orwalk, Connecticut 06854; B.A. Psychology; The Thomas School. Joanne Beers Pierro, 325 Washington Street, Apt. B-2, Hartford, Connecticut 06106; B.S. Psychology; Hartford Civic Orchestra 3; john H. Glenn High School. Edward Magnus Potter, 1 Ladue Lane,. St. Louis, Missouri 63124; B.S. Biology and Psychology; Varsity Lightweight Crew 1,2,3,4; Psi Upsilon; Freshman Football; Hockey 2; St. Louis Country Day. Stephen Edward Potz, 23 Rentschler Street, East Hartford, Connecticut 06118; B.S. Engineering; Freshman Crew; Band, Manager; Sigma Pi Sigma; George J. Penney High School. Jotm William Powell Ill, 412 Youngsford Lane, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania 19035; B.A. Music; Choir 1,2; Cinestudio 1,2,3; The Episcopal Academy. Glenn Michael Preminger, 401 Whitewood Road, Englewood, New Jersey 07631; B.S. Biology and Psychology; Freshman Soccer; Varsity Soccer; Psi Upsilon; Financial Affairs Committee; Student Executive Committee; Dwight Morrow High School. Charles Wiggins Putnam, 66 Village Avenue, Dedham, Massachusetts 02026; B.A. History; Psi Upsilon; Crew, CoCaptain; Noble-Greenough. Stephen Campbell Radtke, 237 Duncaster Road, Bloomfield, Connecticut 06002; B.A. Economics; Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Manager; Crown Investment League; Bloomfield High School. William Lennox Rafferty, Sammis and Chadsey, 91 Lake Avenue, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830; B.A. Intercultural Studies. Algis Joseph Rajeckas, 5 Connshire Drive, Waterford, Connecticut 06385; B.S. Chemistry; Sigma Pi Sigma; Cerberus; Teaching Assistant; St. Bernard Boys' High School. Sterling Sidney Reese II, 159-44 Harlem River Drive, New York, New York 10039; B.A. English. Jonathan Frederick Reik, 80 Westerly Terrace, Hartford, Connecticut 06105; B.A. History; Hartford Public High School. Lucille Judy Reinhardt, 157 Ledge Drive, Berlin, Connecticut 06037; B.A. English; Pittsfield High School. Alan Dean Rexford, 2323 West 16th Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19806; B.A. Psychology; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Lawrenceville School. Deborah Ann Robinson, 163 West Granby Road, Granby, Connecticut 06035; B.A. English and Philosophy; Granby Memorial High School. Frederick James Robinson Ill, 60 Merriweather Road, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan 48236; B.A. Psychology; Psi Upsilon, President, Treasurer; Phillips Andover Academy. David Lee Roo<:hnik, 79 Fairfield Street, Englewood, New Jersey 07631; B.A. Philosophy; Dwight Morrow High School. Deborah Louise Root, 32 Westwood Road, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 01545; B.A. Music; Concert Choir; SMA T; The Bancroft School.


james W. Peckham

Elizabeth D. Pelgrift

Carolyn A. Pelzel

Stephen 0. Pember

Stephen E. Potz

John W. Powell Ill

Jonathan F. Reik

John Picone, Jr.

Geoffrey F. Pierce

Joanne B. Pierro

Nathalie M. Post

Edward M. Potter



Alan D. Rexford


Charles W. Putnam

Steven C. Radtke

William L. Rafferty



Deborah A. Robinson

Frederick J. Robinson Ill

David l. Roochnik

Deborah L. Root

Joshua T. Rosenfield

Jeffrey D. Saxe

William F. Scully Ill


Elizabeth L. Ross

Stephen A. Saxe

Christopher R. Sehring

Terrie S. Rouse

Patrick C. Scheidel

Amy B. Schewel

Peter A. Schuller

Joseph I. Shabazian

Adelaide M. Shafroth

Douglas j . Sanderson

Elizabeth A. Santos

Robert A. Schumer

Lynne S. Shelnitz

Marc L. Sherman

Joshua Tripp Rosenfield,714 Ladd Road, Bronx, New York 10471; B.S. Biology and Psychology; Freshman Swimming Team; Fencing Team; Trinity Yacht Club; Fieldston School. Elizabeth lyra Ross, 4775 West Outer Drive, Detroit, Michigan 48235; B.A. Philosophy; Concert Choir; Trinity Pipes; Cheerleaders; T.C.B.; Cerberus; Chapel Singers; Modern Dance Repertoire; Cass Technical High School. Terrie Suziette Rouse, 2119 Newton Road, Hampton, Virginia 23663; B.A. Intercultural Studies; T.C.B.; Freshman Orientation 2,3; Resident Assistant 2; Lecture Committee 3; Forest Park School. Robert Earle Russell, 72 Spruce Street, Winchendon, Massachusetts 01475; B.A. Comparative Literature; Pi Kappa Alpha; Cinestudio; Murdock High School. Mohsin Saeed, 6 The Mall, Campbellpur, West Pakistan; B.S. Engineering. Wesley Robert Sager, 189 Hilltop Circle, Trumbull, Connecticut 06611 ; B.S. Psychology; Resident Assistant 2; St. Anthony Hall 2,3,4; College Affairs Committee 2; Trumbull High School. Douglas jay Sanderson, 275 John Knox Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32303; B.A. Economics; WRTC-FM, ews Announcer and isc Jockey; Tripod, Sports Editor and Editor; Freshman Baseball; Oak Park-River Forest High School. Elizabeth Anne Santos, 8 Springbrook Trail, Sparta, New jersey 07871; B.A. History; Emma Willard School. Jeffrey David Saxe, 3 Colonial Drive, East Lyme, Connecticut 06333; B.S. Chemistry; Sigma Pi Sigma; East Lyme High School. Stephen Alan Saxe, 3 Colonial Drive, East Lyme, Connecticut 06333; B.S. Chemistry; East Lyme High School. Patrick Coleman Scheidel, 1035 North Worthy Street, Windsor, Connecticut 06095; B.A. English and Political Science; Pi Gamma Mu; Windsor High School. Amy Beth Schewe!, 3504 Seven Mile Lane, Baltimore, Maryland 21208; B.A. English; jesters; The Park School. Barton Tideman Schneider, Box 196, Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada; B.A. Economics. Peter Appleton Schuller, International College, Beirut, Lebanon; B.A. History; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Golf; Wykoff Golf Award 4; Wooster School. Ruth Schultz, 131 Somerset Street, West Hartford, Connecticut 06110; B.A. History. Robert Adam Schumer, 1040 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10028; B.A. Psychology; Riverdale Country School. William Francis Scully Ill, 163 Newington Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 0611 0; B.A. Economics; Baseball; orthwest Catholic High School. Anne Wilcox Scurria, 8201 Fenton Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118; B.A. Theatre Arts. Christopher Robert Sehring, 181 Ashbourne Road, Columbus, Ohio 43209; B.A. English; Tripod; Lacrosse Team; Intramural Basketball; Columbus Academy. David Seltzer, 7530 Mountain Avenue, Melrose Park, Pennsyvlania 19126; B.A. Urban Studies; WRTC; Tripod; junior Year Abroad, University of Surrey, Guildford, England; Teaching Assistant; Cheltenham High School. Dorothea Adele Seronde, Red Acre Road, Stow, Massachusetts 01775; B.A. French; Concert Choir 1,2; Madrigals 4; Con ord Academy. Joseph lsiak Shabazian, 29 Jeffrey Drive, Farmington, Connecticut 06032; B.A. Religion and Intercultural Studies; Farmington High School. Adelaide Moys Shafroth, 595 Circle Drive, Denver, Colorado 80206; B.A. Philosophy; Photography; Kent School. lynne Susan Shelnitz, 16 Rock View Terrace, New Haven, Connecticut 06511; B.A. American Studies; Hillhouse High School. Marc Lee Sherman, 575 Haddon lane, East Meadow, New York 11554; B.A. Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer; Band, Presi dent; East Meadow High School.


Beth Anne Shipley, 104 Delancey Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106; B.A. Studio Arts. Melissa Anne Shirley, 591 Tigertail Road, Los Angelos, California; B.S. Psychology, Metairie Park Country Day School. Charles Upton Shreve IV, 1040 Iroquois Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48214; B.A. Political Science; Freshman Football; Freshman Lacrosse; Freshman Hockey; Psi Upsilon, hool. Richard President, Vice President; University-Liggett Thomas Shutran, 193 Tremont Street, New Britain, Connecticut 06051; B.A. Inter ultural Studies; New Britain High School. Alan Campbell Sibert, 39 Kirkland Street, Apt. 204, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138; B.A. Studio Arts; Saga; St. Andrew's School. Diane Carolyn Siedlecki, 22 Rockwood Lane, Needham Massachusetts 02192; B.A. English; Needham High School. Jill Anne Silverman, 937 Dale Road, Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania 19046; B.A. Comparative Literature; Tripod; Abington High School. leslie Starratt Simmons, Popover Farm, R.D., Ghent, New York 12075; B.A. Modern languages; Northfield School. John William Slusarz, 64 Sidney Avenue, West Hartford, Connecticut 06110; B.S. Biology; Phi Beta Kappa; Conard High School. Duncan Emerson Smith, 55 Chester Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02161; B.A. Religion; Fandango; Newton South High School. Gary Austin Smith, 11 DeWolf Road, Old Tappan, New Jersey 07675; B.S. Engineering; Freshman Football; Crew Manager 1,2,3,4; Northern Valley Regional High School. linell Nash Smith, Belfast Road, Sparks, Maryland 21152; B.A. Modern languages; Trinity Pipes; Miss Porter's School. Martha Avery Smith, 41 Mosel y Terrace, Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033; B.S. Biology; Alpha Delta Phi; Glastonbury High chool. Steven Donnan Smith, Box 261, Bridge Road, R.R. # 1, Eastham, Massachusetts 02653; B.A. Political Science; orth Plainfield High School. Willie Otho Smith, Jr., 7723 South Yates Boulevard, Chi ago, Illinois 60649; B.A. History; Office of Community Involvement; T.C.B.; South Shore High School. Steven Joseph Smoland, 215 West 91st Street, New York, ew York 10024; B.A. Economics; Franklin School. David Hays Solis V, 1305 Red Rambler Road, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 19046; B.S. Psychology; Concert Choir; Hillel; Young Demo rats; Cinestudio; WRTC; Research Assistant; Chestnut Hill Academy. Marcia Jean Speziale, 278 Wind-Tree, Torrington, Connecticut 06790; B.A. American Studies; Committee to Establish the American Studies Major; Tripod; Jesters; Torrington High School. David Griffin Stabler, R.D. #2, Winchester, New Hampshire 03470; B.A. Economics; Cross Country; Freshman Squash; Track; Psi Upsilon; Monadno k Regional High School. William Warren Stahl, Jr., "Deerfield", Dalton, Pennsylvania 18414; B.A. Art History; Abington School. John Norman Staples Ill, 394 Poplar Street, Laguna Beach, California 92651; B.A. English. Allan Breed Stark, 1714 West 45th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64111; B.A. Religion; Freshman Football; Varsity Football 2; Varsity Lacrosse 2,3,4; Larry Silver Award 4; Tripod, Reporter; Pembroke Country Day School. Robert Wallace Starkey, 321 North Steele Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06117; B.A. Studio Arts; Conard High School. Frederick Richard Stehle, 734 Sproul Road, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19085; B.A. Economics; Varsity Swimming; John Slowik Most Valuable Swimmer Award 4; The Episcopal Academy. Timothy Parker Stevens, 31 Goebel Road, Hamden, Connecticut 06514; B.S. Biology; Freshman Crew; Junior Varsity Crew; Hockey; Varsity Lacrosse; Mears Prize in Physical Education; Alpha Chi Rho; Mt. Hermon School.


Melissa A. Shirley

Charle U. Shreve IV

Alan C. Sibert

Dunca n E. Smith

Gary A. Smith

linell N. Smith

Willie 0. Smith, Jr.

David H. Solis V

Marcia j. Speziale

David G. Stabler

William W . Stahl, Jr.

Robert W . Starkey

Frederick R. Stehle

Timothy P. Stevens

John W. Slusarz


David T. Taylor

Amy S. Tenn y

Jeffery S. Thompson

Sara R. Throne

David A. Toland

(/ Valerie C. Van Arsdell


Jane L. Veith

David L. Waltos

Charles G. Ward Ill

john C. Warfel

David L. Stiles

Robert D. Swett

David P. Sylvestre

Andrew S. Taussig

Alex S. Trocker

Felicity F. Tuttle

Ronald V. Waters Ill

Edward S. Webster

David Lawrence Stiles, 4008 Staunton Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia 25304; B.A. English; Fencing Club; Charleston High School. Emily Goodwin Holcombe Sullivan, 44 Hebron Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06112; B.A. American Studies. George Clayton Sutherland, 804 Adams Street, Ottawa, Illinois 61350; B.S. Psychology. Robert David Swett, 7 Tanglewood Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06117; B.A. Psychology; Conard High School. David Paul Sylvestro, 36 Oneida Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts 01606; B.S. Psychology; Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball 2; South Campus, N.F.A. Football 2; Intramural Football 2,3,4; Intramural Basketball 2,3,4; Intramural Softball 2,3,4; Assumption Prep. Andrew Steven Taussig, 110 Bruce Street, Mt. Vernon, New York 10552; B.S. Biology and Psychology; Psi Upsilon; Freshman Track; Varsity Track; Varsity Golf; Mt. Vernon High School. David Trueblood Taylor, 44 Holden Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01605; B.A. History; Burncoat Senior High School. Amy Susan Tenney, 884 orth Street, White Plains, New York 10605; B.A. Political Science; Tennis Team; Trinity College Council; MBOG; T.W.O.; White Plains High School. Jeffery Scott Thompson, 38 Cornwall Drive, Windsor Locks, Connecticut 060%; B.S. Chemistry; Sigma Pi Sigma; Windsor Locks High. Sara Ruth Throne, 65 Concord Road, Longmeadow, Massachusetts 01106; B.A. English; Cerberus 1; Resident Assistant 2; Head Assistant 4; Women's Tennis 1,2,3; T.W.O. 2,3,4; Chairperson; Women's Week 2, Coordinator; Feminist Arts Week 4, Coordinator; Longmeadow High. Roger Keith Tillson, 72 Hamilton Avenue, Watertown Connecticut 06795; B.A. Physics and Economics. David Andrews Toland, 1333 Wisteria Drive, Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355; B.S. Psychology; Fandango; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Guilford High School. Alex Solomon Trocker, 174th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11209; B.A. Political Science. Karen Tucker, 749 Hobart Place, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001; B.A. Sociology; Resident Assistant 3; Cardozo Senior High School. Felicity Fairchild Tuttle, 165 Everit Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06511; B.A. Psychology; Miss Hall's School. Valerie Copeland VanArsdell, 3 Sedgebrook Road, Pittsford, New York 14534; B.A. English; Pittsford Central High School. Christina Margaret Van ltallie, 256 ydecker Street, Englewood, New Jersey 07631; B.S. Biology. Jane Lynne Veith, Box K, Leonia, New jersey 07605; B.A. Psychology; Resident Assistant; Leonia High School. .David Lawrence Waltos; 177 Calhoun Street, Torrington, Connecticut 06790; B.S. Biology; The Trinity Pipes; Torrington High School. Charles Gould Ward Ill, 208 Hempstead Lane, Wallingford, Pennsylvania 19086; B.A. Economics; WRTC- FM, News Director, Business Manager, Station Manager; Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice President, President; A.I.E.S.E.C.; Cinestudio; Nether Providence High School. John Convard Warfel, South Hollister Way, Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033; B.A. Economics; Cerberus; Freshman Football, Manager; lntramurals; Bolton High School. Ronald Victor Waters Ill, 82 Fisher Street, Westwood, Massachu ~ setts 02090; B.A. Economics and History; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cerberus; Westwood High School. Edward Slater Webster, MR #1, West Butler Pike, Ambler, Pennsylvania 19002; B.S. Engineering; St. Anthony Hall; Germantown Academy. Lawrence Blaine Weiner, 732 Meeting House Road, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania 19117; B.A. Philosophy.



Ronald Harlan Weissman, 147 Moorland Drive, Scarsdale, New York 10583; B.A. Economics; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball; MBOG; Trinity Draft Counselors; Edgemont High School. Eric James Werner, 227 Terry Road, Hartford, Connecticut 061 05; B.S. Biology; Resident Assistant; Marching Kazoo Band; Crew, lightweights; Intramural Softball; Intramural Basketball; Intramural Football; Hartford Public High School. Janet Sue Wertheimer, 42 Polo Road, Great Neck, New York 11023; B.A. French and Psychology; Great Neck orth Senior High School. James Whitallll, 1133 Park Avenue, ew York, New York 10028; B.A. Studio Arts. jonathan Abney White, 24 Meadow Brook Lane, Reading, Massachusetts 01867; B.A. Political Science; Wrestling; Track; Reading Memorial High School. Jean Teresa Wierzbicki, 51 Ridge Crest Road, Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109; B.A. Psychology; Pi Kappa Alpha; South Catholic High School. Saul Wiezenthal, 6740 S.W. 6th Street, Miami, Florida 33144; B.S. Interdisciplinary Major: Computer Applications; Football; Lacrosse; Baseball; Track; Miami Coral Park Senior High School. John Thomas Wilcox, Jr., 75 Bittersweet Hill, Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109; B.A. Studio Art; Tabor Academy. Nancy Cecil Wilkes, 809 Barrow Court, Columbia, Tennessee 38401; B.A. Psychology; St. Anthony Hall Eating Club; Photography Club; Wheaton Activities Club; Basketball; C.O.M.A.; The Masters School. Jo Anne Williams, Douglas Road, New Vernon, New jersey 07976; B.A. Studio Arts. Robert D. Wilson Ill, 815 Larkspur Lane, Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072; B.A. Economics. Lloyd David Wolf, 6300 Waterway Drive, Falls Church, Virginia 22044; B.A. Politi cal Science; Tripod, Photo Editor 3,4; Ucksters 3,4; Bishop Brownell Memorial Marching Kazoo Band 4; Hong Kong Culture Surplus Exchang路e Program 2; j.E.B. Stuart High School. Stephen Hale Wolf, 9 Phillips Place, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138; B.A. Religion. Richard Harold Wolfram, 13928 Hughes Lane, Dallas, Texas 75240; B.A. Philosophy; St. Mark's School of Texas. Fred Harold Wolinsky, 3369 Park Avenue, Oceanside, New York 11572; B.A. Theatre Arts. Christopher Henry Wright, 4260 Roland Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46208; B.A. Philosophy; Resident Assistant; North Central High School. William Emerson Wright, 35 Sterling Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts 02181; B.A. Economics; Intramural Athletics; OD Squad; Junior Year Abroad; Trinity Christian Fellowship; Wellesley High School. Richard Thomas Wyatt, 11 josan Drive, Waterford, Connecticut 06385; B.S. Psychology and Biology. Christopher Charles Wyle, Cognewaugh Road, Cos Cob, Connecticut 06807; B.S. Biology; lacrosse; Hockey; St. Anthony Hall; Governor Dummer Academy. larysa Maria Wysznewskyj, 209 Ridge Crest Circle, Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109; B.S. Psychology and Biology; Wethersfield High School. Amy Yatzkan, 5550 Raleigh Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217; B.A. Psychology; Jesters; T.W.O., Taylor Allderdice High School. David John Yerkes, 36 Foothills Way, Bloomfield, Connecticut 06002; B.A. Religion. Cathy Clark Young, 1206 Sixth Avenue, Farmville, Virginia 23901; B.S. Psychology; Naugatuck High School. Robert Ziccardi, 63 Dater Street, North Haledon, New jersey 07058; B.S. Biology; Varsity Golf; Freshman Golf; Intramural Sports; OD Squad; Bergen Catholic. Gloria Jane Zieper, 42 Copperfield Road, Worcester, Massachusetts 01602; B.A. Comparative literature; Doherty Memorial High School. Donna Roberta Zito, Pleasant Street, Chester, Connecticut 06412; B.A. Philosophy.

Ronald H. Weissman

Eric j. Werner

Nancy C. Wilkes

Lloyd D. Wolf

William E. Wright

Richard T. Wyatt

Amy Yatzkan

Janet S. Wertheimer

jonathan A. White

Richard H. Wolfram

Christopher H. Wright

Jean T. Wierzbicki

Saul Wiezenthal

John T. Wil ox, Jr.

Larysa M. Wysznewskyj

( Robert Ziccardi


J. Zieper


THE CORPORATION George Wallace Bailey Starkey, M.D., Chai rm a n; Arnold Henry Mo es, B.A., Secretary; Lyman Bushnell Brainerd, LL.D ., George Keith Funston, L.H.D., Ostrom Enders, LL.D., Daniel Alpe rt, SC.D., John Kapp Clark, SC.D ., William Persons Gwinn, C.D., Seymour Ewing Smith, B.S., Mrs. Walter H. Gray, Stuart D. Watson, M.B.A., Charter Trustees; Win throp Waldron Faulkner, B.A. , William Mecklenburg Polk, B.A., William Ravenel Peelle, B.A., Nathaniel Pryor Reed, B.A., Leonard Eli Greenberg, B.S., George Wallace Bailey Starkey, M. D., Mrs. James G. Lowenstein, B.A., George Strawbridge, Jr., PH.D., Term Trustees; Hugh Stewart Campbell, LL. B., Marvin William Peterson, PH .D., Robert Dodge O'Malley, M.D., Martin Demarest Wood, B.S., Douglas Tobler Tansill, B.A., William Thomas O'Hara, J.D., Alu mni Tru tees; Theodore Davidge lockwood, PH.D., rustee and Preside nt; Henry Samuel Beers, LL.D., Joseph Campbell, LL.D., George Mallette Ferris, LL.D ., Allerton Cushman Hickmott, LITT. D., Albert Charles Jacobs, LITT.D ., Robert Barnard O'Connor, D.F.A., John Reinhart Reitemeyer, LL.D., Raymond John Wean, SC.D., Jerome Pierce Webster, M.D., George Warren Wyckoff, B.A.; Vertrees Young, D.SC., Trustees Eme riti; Charles Edward Jacobson, Jr.; M.D., Reid Lonsdale Shaw, B.A., Gerald Joseph Hansen, Jr.; B.A., Edward Alambert Montgomery, Jr., B.A., Arthur Brooks Harlow, Jr., B.A., Douglas Garidel Harvey, B.S., Senior Fellows; David Booth Beers, LL.B., John Charles Norman, B.A., Peter Whitney Nash, B.A., Thomas Stephen Johnson, M.B.A., Ethan Frost Bassford, LL.B., William James Tozer, Jr., Jun ior Fellows

AL'UIW:NI ASSOCIATION John T. Wilcox, President; David R. Smith, Senior Vice President; Martin D. Wood, Vice Pre id nt, Alumni fu nd; George P. Lynch, Jr., Vice President, Campus Activities; Joseph A. Hourihan, Vice President Admissions; Charles I. Tenney, Vice Presid e nt, Area Association ; Frederic B. Sargent, Vice President, Public Relations; Thomas M. Boyd, Secretary; John T. Fink, Treas ure r; Germain D. ewton, Gerald A. Vastano, John C. Chapin, Jr., Robert B. Stepto, David W. Chase, Megan J. 0' eill, Brenton W. Harries (ex officio), Executive Co mmittee; Donald R. Reynolds, Bernard F. Wilbur, Jr., Thomas S. Wadlow, Victor F. Keen, Raymond E. Thorn en, Douglas T. Lake, Nominating Committee; Thomas E. Calabrese, Donald J. Viering_, Raymond A. Montgomery, Athletic Advisory Committee.


Theodore Davidge lockwood, President; Thomas A. Smith, Vice President; Edwin Packard Nye, Dean of the Faculty; James Kenneth Robertson, Treasurer and Comptroller; Carole M. lawson, Administrative As istant to the Dean of the Faculty; Thomas 0. Lips, Assistant to the President; Harry 0 . Bartlett, Director of Administrative Services, Director of Peronnel; Margaret F. Collins, Assistant Director of Personnel; Jean Roncaioli, Personnel Staff; Marion S. Kidder, Administrative Secretary; Helene S. Balandiuk, Irena Balko, lois A. Crovo, Norma 0. Geer, Anastasia Matis, Patricia A. McDonald, Rose C. Zito, Trea urer's Office Staff; Jean H. Van Heiningen, Secretary to Dean of Faculty; Grace l. Borelli, Rosemary D. Brown, Maureen H. Field, Miriam K. Salvin, Development Office Staff.



I llkRET


Del Alan Shilkret, Dean for Student Services; Ellen Mulqueen, Associate Dean for Student Services; M. David Lee, Assistant Dean for Student Services; Theresa C. Costelloe, Master Calendar Coordinator; W. Howie Muir, Director of Admissions; E. Max Paulin, Admissions Liason to the Freshman Class, Assistant Director of Admissions; Susan Elizabeth Martin, Assistant Director of Admissions; Larry Richard Dow, Assistant Director of Admissions; Elenor Gibson Reid, Assistant to the Director of Admissions, Director of Financial Aid; Louise H. Fisher, Assistant to the Director of Admissions for Independent Degree Program; Joyce E. LaPorte, Administrative Assistant, Admissions; fohn Loomis Heyl, Director of Alumni Relations; Kathleen Louise Frederick, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations; John Andrew Mason, Assistant to the President for Alumni Affairs; Lucy E. Myshrall, Secretary, Alumni Office; Bessie M. Keaton, Alumni Office Staff, Music Librarian; Ivan A. Backer, Director for Community Affairs; James Ronald Spencer, Dean for Community Life, Intercultural Studies Lecturer; Elinor Tilles, Assistant to the Dean for Community Life; Mary Lee Curry, Secr.etary, Student Services; Nand Burns, Secretary, Mather Campus Center; Shirley J. Field, Secretary, Admissions Office; Nancy Tobin, Secretary, Admissions Office; Johanna Wolosiuk, Dorothy A. Tracey, Admissions Office Staff; Sondra C. Stevenson, Faculty Secretary, Community Affairs and Urban & Environmental; Mary M. Santomeno, Secretary, Community Life; Marion P. Kyte, Financial Aid Office Staff; Judson Miles Rees, Director of Development; W. Howard Spencer; Associate Director of Development; Constance Everett Ware, Assistant Director of Development; Agatha Kraus Gallo, Administrative Assistant, Development; frank Gloyd Kirkpatrick; Director of Individualized Degree Program; Florence O'Brien, Secretary, Individualized Degree Program.

Alfred C. Burfeind, Director of News Bureau; Amelia Silvestri, Assistant Director of News Bureau; David R. lowe, Manager of Central Services, College Photographer; L. Barton Wilson Ill, Director of Publi Information; Janice 0. Burr, Special Assistant to the Director of Public Information; Gerald S. Fasano, Supervisor of Publications Office; Margaret R. Zartarian, Publications Assistant; Evelyn J. Mandzuk, Secretary, Public Information; Deborah McKenna, Myrtice J, Walton, Central Services Office Staff; Ralph L. Maddry, Registrar; Joanne M. Miller, Assistant Registrar; Marie M. Yanelli, Transcript Secretary; N. Robbins Winslow Jr., Dean for Educational Services; Alan Condie lull, Chaplain; Thomas Percy Norman Devonshire Jones, English Exchange Chaplain; Arlene A. Fournier, Chaplain's Office Staff; George Clinton Higgins, Jr., College Counselor; Randolph Mitchell lee, Assistant College Counselor; Josephine D. Lasnier, Counselor's Office Staff; Paula I. Robbins, Director of Career Counseling; Beverly A. Clark, Secretary, Career Counseling; Mark Whitaker Izard, Director of Medical Office; Ruth Aronson, Mary Ball, Kathleen Kinsella, Marguerite DeFelice, Kathleen Maroto, Infirmary Staff; Robert Alfred Pedemonti, Budget Director and Associate Comptroller; Joseph Thomas Schilling, Assistant to the Treasurer; Ed-



D ward John Kyrcz, Cashier; Ann W. Grieve, Administrative As istant; Elwood Parker Harrison, Director of Construction and Purcha ing; Beverly H. Shamback, Purchasing Assistant





10 John H. Woolley, Admini trator and Technical Dir tor of Austin Arts Center; John Monaccio, Director of Audio Visual; George H. Deford, Gallery Assistant, Austin Arts C nt r; Theresa E. Gleason, Faculty Secretary, Austin Arts Center; Trudy Fierberg, Slide Librarian, Austin Arts Center; Lawrence Robert Stires, Jr., Director of the Language aboratories; Ralph Stephen Emerick, Librarian; Marian M. Clarke, Curator, Watkin on Library; Margaret Frazer Sax, Assistant Curator, Watkinson library; Edith L. Pratt, Library Secretary; Ralph D. Arcari, Chief of Reader's Services; Alice K. Haynes, Cir ulation Librarian; Peter J. Knapp, Reference Librarian; Cheryl A. Martin, Docum nt Librarian; Prudence B. Hinkley, Elizabeth M. Shubert, Circulation Assistants; Gale Elizabeth Eckerson, Head of ataloguing; Janet Rush, Margaret A. Wright, Cataloguers; Cynthia S. Ackerman, Ruth Bochnak, Doris M. Shapiro, Assistant Cataloguers; Ann Hess, Susan Jane Leuchter, Catalogue Assistants; Lee F. McCallum, Order Librarian; Agnes l. Perenyi, Assistant Ord r Librarian; Maureen A. Ahern, Mary A. Curry, Order Assis-

tants; Adolf Seibel, Serials Librarian; Laura J. Searles, Patricia L. Seibel, Serials Assistants; Alfred Anthony Garofolo, Director of Campus Security; Earl F. Moffatt, Assistant Director of Security; Riel S. Crandall, Director of Buildings and Grounds; John Wathne, Plant Engineer; Robert T. Kelly, Custodial Superintendent; Robert E. McGlone, Chief of Grounds and Equipment; Gerre B. Defelice, Barbara J. Flanagan, Buildings and Grounds Staff; Kathleen Ostro, Switchboard; Harold L. Vaughan, Mary Vaughan, Post Office Staff





Professor James Morrill Van Stone, Chairman, BA 1949 (Wesleyan), PHD 1954 (Princeton); Profes or James Wendell Burger, BA 1931 (Haverford), MA 1933 ( l high), PHD 1936 (Princeton); Professor Frank Malcolm Child, Ill, AB 1953 (Amher t), PHD 1957 (California); Associate Professor Robert Hyde Brewer, BA 1955 (Hanover), PHD 1963 (Chicago); Associate Professor Richard Bradway Crawford, AB 1954 (Kalamazoo), PHD 1959 (Roc hester); Associate Professor Donald Barrett Galbraith, BS 1958 (Grove City), SCM 1960, PHD 1962 (Brown); As o iate Profes or John Emmett Simmons, Ill, BS 1957 (Morehou e), MS 1%1 (Syracuse), PHD 1971 (Colorado State); Sonya E. Sydorak, Technical Con ultant; Hilda C. Streiber, Carole Heeren, Faculty Secretaries



BID 0 0 7 69



Professor Henry Alfred DePhillips, Jr., Chairman, B 1959 (Fordham), PHD 1965 ( orthwestern); covill Professor of Chemi try Robert Henderson Smellie, Jr., B 1942, MS 1944 (Trinity), PHD 1951 (Columbia); Profe sor Edward Bobko, BS 1949 (W stern Re erv ), PHD 1952 (Northwestern); Associate Professor James K. Heeren, BS 1951, MS 1952 (Tufts), PHD 1960 (MIT); Assistant Professor Ralph Owen Moyer, Jr., BS 1957, (SMTI), MS 1963 (Toledo), PHD 1969 (Connecticut); Assistant Profe sor William Thompson Bowie, BS 1964 ( rinity), PHD 1969 (Howard); Sterling Bishop Smith, covill Profe sor of Chemistry, Emeritus, PHB 1920, M 1923 (Yale), PHD 1927 (NYU), Ret. 1965; Edward A. Stroniawski, Techni ian; Regina S. Baker, Faculty Secretary







Professor john Carter Williams, Chairman, BA 1949 (Trinity), MA 1951, PHD 1962 (Yale); Assistant Professor Anthony David Macro, BA 1961, M A 1964 (Oxford); PHD 1%9 (Johns Hopkin ); As i tant Professor James Robert Bradley, AB 1957 (Tri nity), AM 1959, PHD 1968 (Harvard); Goodwin Batterson Beach, Lecturer in Latin, Emeritus, BA 1907 (Harvard), MA 1931 (Trinity), LittD 1953 (Leeds), Ret. 1965; Doris Merwin, Faculty Secretary





E Judy Dworin, Dire tor BA

1970 (Trinity); Wendy Perron, BA 1%9 (Bennington), Gue t Arti t; Rita Jaroslow, BA 1969 (Bennington), Guest Artist; Stephanie Woodward, BA 1970 (Mount Holyoke), MA 1974 (We leyan), Gue t Artist


0 DU

ECOKDM:Z:CS Professor Richard Scheuch, hairman, BA 1942, MA 1948, PHD 19 2 (Princeton); Prof or Robert Alden Battis, BSBA 1948 (Rutgers); MA 1952, PHD 1958 ( w York); Urban and nvironmental Studi Program, Intercultura l Stud i Program; Professor Ward Schenk Curran, BA 1957 (Trinit ), MA 19 ~' PHD 1%1 (Col umbia), George M. Ferri L ctur r in Corporation Finance and Investment ; A ociat Profe sor LeRoy Dunn, B 1949 (American Univ r ity), PHD 19 6 (London chool of E onomics), Urban and Environmental Studie Program; As ociate Prof or Andrew joshua Gold, BBA 1962 (CC Y), PHD 1967 ( orthw tern), Director of Urban and Envi ronmenta l Studies Program; Assistant Profe or Fran is Joseph Egan, BA 1963 (Prov idence), MA 1966, PHD 1973 (Fordham); Urban nd Environmental Stud i Program; A sistant Profe or Neil Howard Garston, AB 1965 (Brooklyn), PHD 1973


(Brown), Intercultural Studies Program; Assistant Prof s or Martin land berg, AB 1969 ( alifornia), MA 1971, PHD 1974 (Wi con in); Francine D. Blau, Instructor, BS 1966 (Cornell), MA 1969 (Harvard), lawrence William Towle, G. Fox and Company Profe or of E onomic , Em ritus, BA 1924 (Bowdoin), MA 1927, PHD 1 32 (Harvard), Ret. 1%9; Cheryl S. Ten Cate, D partment Seer tary





homa), MEd 1969 (Penn State); Vi siting A i tant Professor Mona L. Rabineau, BS 1950 (Simmons), AM 1953 (Radcliffe), EdD 1966 (Harvard)

BDVCATJ:O Professor Richard Knowles Morris, Chairman, BA 1940 (Trinity), MA 1949, PHD 1951 (Yale); Associate Professor Martin George Decker, BA 1958 (Hartwick), MEd 1959 (Springfield), EdD 1965 (Boston); Assistant Professor Charles B. Schultz, BA 1951 (Penn.), MEd 1961 (Tempi ), PHD 1970 (P nn Stat ); Assistant Professor Richard Allen Shipe, BS 1959 (Lock Haven); MNS 1967 (Okla-





Profes or August Edward Sapega, Chairman, BS 1946, MS 1951 (Columbia), PHD 1972 (Worce ter Polyte hnic); Profe sor Edwin Packard Nye, BS 1941 (New Hampshire), SCM 1947 (Harvard); Associate Professor Theodore Robert Blakeslee, II, BS 1945 (MIT), MS 1952 (lehigh); Associate Profes or Joseph Daniel Bronzino, BSEE 1959 (Worcester Polytechnic), MSEE 1961, (US av~l Postgraduate), PHD 1969 (Worcester Polytechnic); David Ahlgren, Lecturer, BS 1964 (Trinity), MS 1966 (Tulane); David Eric Woodard, Lecturer, Ar h 1%1 (Texa A&M), M Arch 1%2 (Cranbrook Academy of Art); Wendell Everett Kraft, Associat Profe sor of Engineering, Emeritus, BS 1924 (USNA), MS 1929, (MIT), Ret. 1968; Salvatore L. Bottaro, Technician



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.......... "'1-1

~#- 1~.;-,..,~



,~ ~~;......_


lVJ:VSIC Professor Clarence Howard Barber, Director of the Program in Music, BA 1940, MA 1942, PHD 1954 (Harvard); Jonathan Reilly, Instru cto r, Coli ge Organist, BA 1968 (Trinity), MA (Northwestern); Peter Armstrong, Lect urer, BMUS 1968, MMA 1972 (Yale); Profe or Arnold Franchetti, Chairman of the Department of Theory and Composition, Hartt College of Mu i , BA 1929 (lices Michelangelo), M Phys 1930 (Florence), MM 1937 (Mozarteum); Clarence Everett Watters, Profess or of Music, Emeritus, and College Organist, Honorary, MusM 1935 (Trinity), Ret. 1969;








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Associate Professor Ranbir Vohra, Chairman, BA (Punjab), MA 1965, PHD 1969 (Harvard), Intercultural Studies Program; Professor Samuel Hendel, LLB 1930 (Brooklyn Law), BSS 1936 (City College), PHD 1948 (Columbia), Intercultural Studies Program; Professor Rex Charlton Neaverson, BA 1952, MA 1954, PHD 1959 (Harvard), Urban .and Environmental Studies Program; Associate Professor Albert Lodewijk Gastmann, BA 1949, MA 1953, PHD 1964 (Columbia), Intercultural Studies Program; Associate Professor Clyde David McKee, BA 1952, MAT 1959 (Wesleyan), MA 1963, PHD 1967 (Connecticut); Assistant Professor Gary C. Jacobson, BA 1966 (Stanford), MPh 1969, PHD 1972 (Yale); Assistant Professor Thomas A. Reilly, BA 1965 (Queens), MA 1967, PHD 1972 (City University), Intercultural Studies Program; Marion D. Maxwell, Faculty Secretary






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I. - ~



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CIO A o iate Profes or John Darl Brewer, Chairman, AB 1958, AM 1%3, PHD 1968 (Chicago), Urban and Environmental Studies Program; Professor Norman Miller, AB 1942 (Penn State), PHD 1948 (Columbia); Assistant Professor Noreen Dulz, BA 1966 (Hiram), MSW 1968 (Connecticut), PHD 1973 (Michigan State), Urban and Environmental Studies Program; Daniel Cohen, Instructor, BA 1969 (Columbia), MA 1973 (NYU); Edward Goldfrank, Le turer, AB 1966 (Ro hester), Intercultural Studies Program; Hilda C. Streiber, Faculty Secretary; Carole Heeren, Secretary




A Professor George Emory ichols, Ill, Director of the Program in Theatre Art , BA 1938, MFA 1941 (Yale); Assistant Professor David F. Eliet, BA 1%6 (Carleton), MA 1969 (Tufts); John H. Wooll ey, Assi tant in Theatre Arts, BFA 1970 (Art Institute of Chicago)




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By SARA THRO NE and MARTHA CO HE Trinity Women's Organization In the last four years, Trinity has shifted from an all-male intitution with a few women students to a liberal art environment approaching a model of complete co-education where women, as well as men have the opportunity to fulfill their potentials. This certainly is in part due to a change in cultural attitudes towards women's roles as equal participants in the realms of politics, the economy, and education.


Feminism has become a fashionable movement. Let's take a look at women's sports: ten years ago, professional women athletes ould not compete financially with their male counterparts, however in 1973, Billie jean King could partrcipate in a mu lti-mill ion dollar rip-off of the "battle of the sexes"-and win! "Ms.", "chairperson", and "affirmative action" are all "in", and women correspondents on national TV networks, fema le presidential appointees, and VIVA are all marketable commodities. As cynical as our attitude may seem, we do fee l encouraged by the ever-increasing number of women attaining elected office, the onslought of women entering professional fields, and the wide spread phenomenon that women of all ages are seriously re-examining their lives. Legislatively, however, feminism has not reached its golden age! Some of the key legislative goals that promise to precipitate massive cultural change are in jeopardy. Thirty-three states have ratified the Equal Rights Amendment, but by 1977

five more states must act on it affirmatively lest its progressive reforms remain promises only for another fifty years. Although we thought the battle for abortion on demand was fought and won with the Supreme Court' 1973 d cision, the multi-million dollar "Right To Life" campaign has resurrected this issue with constitutional amendments in the House and Senat . And certa inly the present administration's half-hearted efforts toward instituting adeq uate and effective child care legislation are far from encouraging. At Trinity, feminism is more integrated into student life. Affirmative institutional hanges include the abolition of the admissions q uota, the provision of gynecological services, and a subtle increase of women-studies oriented courses. The enthusiastic response to Feminist Arts Week indicated the widespread interest in and support of women's parti ipation in the arts.


necticut 06878; James H . Arnold, 33 White Birch Lane, Cos Cob, Conne ticut 06807; louis J. Aronne, 2955 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, ew York 11229; Edward C. Asche, 720 Glengary Road, Philadephia, Pennsylvania 19118; Richard l. Ashley, 15 West orthern Parkway, Baltimore, Maryland 2121 0;

As fem ini sts, however, w e're keenly aware that problems still exist at Trinity. Of prime con ern is the fate of o ur women faculty. Within the next few month s and years, key decisions concerning the hiring, reappointment and tenure of women faculty will be r ached. h futur of Trinity as an egalitarian in titution ertainly re ts in the wisdom of these decisions. Just as important i the n ed to creat olidarity betwe n th many different segments of women in th e Trinity College community. It i vital that our under tanding of the perspective and needs of white and bla k women alike, whether admini trators, faculty, taff or tudent be attain ed . We think we see demonstrated clea rly at Trinity and through out society that women are perhaps too capable of competing with men. W e do not qu tion the ability of women but the myths are legal barriers that relegate women to se ond-class roles.

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A.R'riCLE By ALISON STODDARD Standing outside the Hartford train station on a cold gra Monday morning, I dreaded the return, after a marvelous weekend, to a week of academic drudgery. My mood matched the dismal weather as I plotz d my elf into an available taxi and mumbled dir ctions to Trinity College. As I began to indulge myself in some good, healthy self-pity, the driver turned to me with a big mile and said, "Well, what's doing at Trinity?" "Oh, not much." Not a terribly articulat r ply fo r a college student. "Oh, come on.", he urged with an even bigger smile, "What are you college kids up to the e days?" "Studying", I r plied adly. In the rearview mirror, I could see my jovial companion give me an incredulous look. "Aw, I know you kid do a lot more than study." He obviou ly refused to be pared a single gorv detail. We hit every red light on Broad Street as I thought about what to say next. In my mind I vi ualized th quad on a hot day with kid unbathing, playing ba eball and fri bee. "A lot of people enjoy playing sports.", I offered. He was clearly unimpressed. " That' nothin new. We did all that when I wa a kid." I told him about the pinball craze, and mentioned the fifties revival in mu ic and fashion, th r turn of horter hair and the jitterbug. The driver offered an unin pired grunt. As we neared the college, it became a challenge to me impress this clown. I decided to bring out om h avy artillery. "Ou r generation is much fr r than pr viou generations in the way we express our feelings. Movies, television, and books are becoming a great deal m re open and hone t about love and s x, or political i ue . P ople aren't afraid to speak out and to be thems elves." "Nah, that' what kids of every generation have said-we're


different, we care.-That's how it was wh n I was a kid." He was a tough guy to please. I ruled out a discussion of changing cultural and ethnic value , and also decided against any further mention of changing views in the entertainment field. He would surely be unimpres d by the trend for travel ; bicycling, hi king, backpacking-"back-to-nature" trends. Suddenly, I had it. The distinction of today's collegiate generation. The fad to top all fad . A we pulled up to my dorm, I blurted out, "ST REAKING ! Everybody takes off all their clothes and runs all over campus, through city streets. Everywhere!" Victoriously, I paid my dismayed companion and got out

of the taxi. I paused to thank him but he just shook his head and mutt red dismally, "Crazy college kids. Why can't they be like we were?" I watched as the taxi drove off. Before going back to my room, I looked up to see the sun beginning to break through tne clouds. It was going to be a great week.

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A.R.T'ICLE By MATTHEW MOLOSHOK Call me Ishmael. I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine, Horatio Alger. Not the Horatio Alger of the 1870's who wrote those awful books about shoeshine boys and their ilk. When that Alger fellow was writing his books, my friend's ancestors were still digging potatoes in Europe. No, this Horatio Alger I'm going to tell you about was born in 1952. He nev~r knew the poverty his parents had faced when they grew up m log cabins on New York's Lower East Side. During the depression, Horatio' father, Paul Bunyan Alger, was the local soda jerk, working every day after school to support his mo~her a_nd father. Horatio's mother, the former Lana Turner L1psch1tz, danced at a local vaudeville and sat in the soda shop waiting to be discovered. Sure enough, Paul Alger discovered her. They got married, but Uncle Sam decided only one of them could have a honeymoon in the Pacific, so he chose Paul. He saw a lot of action and learned how to play poker. Whether it was at this time he became a sado-masochist is unclear, but we do know that when he left the service he went to college (the first member of his family to do that) and took a job with the advertising firm of Stu Mulligan and Associates. This gave Paul enough money to move his whole family in 1956-by then, Little Horatio, little Hortense, and the ubiquitous Lana into the quiet knolls and wooded glades of a brand new suburban New York community. East of Eden, ew Jersey. Life in East of Eden was pretty good for the Algers. They had a split lev~l house with front and back lawns and enough weeds to keep them busy on weekends. Everyone helped out, even young Hortense, who could do a mean job with a set of hedge cliP.pers. But Paul and Lana felt something was wrong. They sudden ly realized one Sunday afternoon that their children were becoming spoiled. Horatio threw a temper tantrum when they would not buy him an IBM 2000 Tape Drive Computer (aCreative Plaything) and threatened to blow up the house with his "Evil Genius Chemistry Set" by Destructo. Hortense stabbed


Mrs. Alger with a knitting needle because Mrs. Alger would not let her purchase seventeen dollars worth of Chocolate Mint Girl Scout Cookies. I he Algers shook their heads sadly, thinking about it, and downed another martini. "These kids don't realize the value of money.", Paul concluded. "We'll just have to force them to accept responsibility." Calling in his eldest son, he said, "Horatio, from now on you must contribute something to the family." "I already do," said the five-year-old. "Be ides my extraordinary intelligence and fantastic good looks, I dig up the weeds on Saturdays." "For your freshness," his father informed him, "your allowance will be cut down to the interest from your AT & T bonds. And, from now on, you must take a paper route." Horatio cried a bit at first, but then realized it was all for the best. "Who wants to grow up a spoiled brat from East of Eden, New Jersey?", he reasoned. So Horatio, now a strapping lad of five, strapped forty pounds of newspaper on his back and tramped sixteen miles through the snow each broiling day of the summer. Whenever his clients saw the lad they said, "What a nice boy! Do you keep a piggy bank?" "Yes, I do.", he responded. "That' where I ke p my municipal bonds." His parents forced him to give up the route as soon as he entered first grade. "If you're going to be a great brain surgeon, you must study very hard and do well in school.", his mother reminded him each day. "You have no time for a job." "Yes, it's very important, son, that you become a great success as a professional.", his father told him. "My father, he was a dirt farmer. Me, I did better than he did. Now I'm making a measly seventy thousand a year and have made it to the top of the corporate power structure. I fully expect you to do even better." "Thanks, Dad", said Horatio.

So, off he went to school. One day, his father sat him down. hat are路 you learning in school these days, anyway?", he ked. "I dunno.", said Horatio. "Transformational grammar. The ew Math." "The Old was good enough for me.", snorted his father. Do you think you'r something p cial?". Actually, Horatio found very little exceptional about himself. e was a good student, but could not live up to his mother's pectations. A teacher wrote of him, "His ability to commute nd associate is extraordinary. But he can't add.". He was a plete washout as a kickball player. Aft r six years of elentary school, he had nothing to how of himself but an ilible handwriting. "I knew h had the making of a doctor!", mother crowed. At age ten, Horatio had entered The Cold Cruel World, a camp in the Berkshir s. Away from home for the first me, the boy developed new interest like inventing the better r.. . ..,.-t..,..~r .... p, cursing, reading Marvel Comic , and feeding chipks to boa constrictors. "I finally figured out why nature is eat dog", the boy confided in a letter to his spiritual men-

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tor, Norman Vincent Peale, "Cod is Dog spelled backwards." By the time Horatio entered junior high, he had begun his search for role models. For a while he flitted with the idea of emulating his mother. He gave up this notion when his parents found him trying on a slip路 in the laundry room and punished him by forcing him to walk barefoot aero a floor covered with anchovies. His second, and more lasting, role model was his father. Horatio's father was an inspirational sort. Embodied in him were the great American virtues: the capacity to tell dirty jokes in rooms full of men, the ability to hold his liquor (all four gallons a day of it), the eagerness to hine shoes, and a curious fetish for backpatting. Horatio's father worked hard, too. He would take the train into work every day, doing his paper work at his seat. Then he'd work a t n or twelve hour day at the office. Coming home, he would have business appointments on the train and clients would join him at home for dinner. In the evening, he would make long-distance calls to Japan~ wher the business days would be getting underway. The following morning on three cups of coff , six ounces of orange juice, and two pieces of dry toast, he would start the whole process all over again. Small wonder Horatio emulated his father and vowed to keep up as best he could with the hectic pace of advertising's twenty-four-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week world. Looking at the luxurious offices of Stu Mulligan and Associates, Horatio said to himself, "Advertising must really help everybody. Otherwise why would everyone work so hard. and get paid so much to sell Eau de Eau Eau? Or th Handy-Oandy-MambyPamby Easy-to-Serve Yammies? Or Fido's Little Cheese Flavored Bite-oes?". He vowed that he too would take the Hypocritic Oath. 'By the time he got into high school, however, Horatio had other things on his mind. like most male teenagers, Horatio had a car fetish. He would 路stroke and lubricate the most delicate parts of a car's body, take it on drives and show it off to his friends.

He tried to do the same with girls. But girls, an ever-present problem, eluded his understanding. He had seen them in junior high, off in the distance with their fishnet stockings and white boots. These days they were dressing more dangerously. At age fifteen, he had his first date. At age eventeen, he asked his parents to explain to him the facts of life. He got so embarrassed and giggled so much, he forgot most of the details and had to have them explain it all over again. According to all the books he had read, though, he should have been thinking about higher things: the revolution; rebel lion. Accordingly, he decided in his eighteenth year not to proceed straight to college. "I don't want to meet just inteUectual and profes ional type people all my life.", he announced to his parents one day. "I want to meet the real people; work with my hands.". Their reaction startled him. "Son," said Paul, taking him by the hand, "I didn't know you had it in ya'. I was getting kind of nervous. Well, if you want to rebel, you just go ahead and re bel. It's good for you. Your mom and I will help you rebel just as best we can." So, with his parents' blessings he sought his second job. At irst, no one would hire him. He was about to go back to hanl:iling a paper route when he got a job as a janitor at a local urger Chef. Working sixty and seventy hours weeks, and emonstrating time and again his willingness to learn, he was romoted to cu todian. But all this time he was casting about for the type of work he eally wanted to do: Carpentry. He applied to the carpenter's nion. "What d'ya want from us, kid? Romance?", asked the local hieftain. "We've had forty-seven hundred applicants through his office this week-all college drop-outs who want to work ith their hands." "But I have good hands.", said Horatio. "I'll give you a break, kid.", said the boss. "Can you type?" " Yessir", said the a pirant. "Then you can serve as a secretary here at union headquarters. You'll get membership in the union. Only don't try to organize the clerical employees. Is that lear?" "Yessir." Horatio wa now a union man. Only it was a bit different than he'd pictured it: He had to work in a coat and tie, commuting every day to an office on lower Madison Avenue. Every day, though, he'd return home from work, put some jazz on the stereo, don a dinner jacket and down a martini, and read the great works of prol tarian literature: Marx, Lenin, ifrotsky, Dale Carnegie and Mickey Spillane. He came to believe that trade unionism was counter-revolutionary and that he owed it to America to join with the toiling industrial asses. So he was delighted to take a poor paying, alienating, unskilled job in a shoe factory. At the plant, a round machine went around in circles. On th circle there were ten metal feet. hree men stood in a circle around the circle that was going around. he fir t man on line put on an unshaped hunk of leather onto the metal foot and then tied it on. Horatio then took a little metal hook and a piece of lace and put the lace around six hooks on the shoe, thus giving it shape. The third man removed the shoe. And so it went. A shoe went by every

nine seconds. Fifteen minutes were allowed for a lunch break. For this, he earned $90.00 a week. At dinner two weeks after he took the job Horatio realized some of the p ychological effects of his work when he tied a shoe on a leg of lamb. He decided that it was time to go to College. "I'll serve the revolution as an intellectual.", Horatio reasoned, "and make a bundle on the side." After looking at some catalogues and getting rejected everywhere else, he decided to go to a small, coeducational college, located in a major city, with a pseudoEnglish atmosphere. In college, Horatio took Anthropology, Biology, Classics, Drugs, Economics, French, Gynecology, History, Insanity, Junk, Karma, Linguistics, Music, ilhilism, Orgone therapy, Political Science/ Quest, Religion, Sociology, Transcendental Meditation, Urban Studies, Venereal Disease, Wine, Xenophobia, Yessiring, and Zeno's Paradox. After graduating with a major in Discipline, a fluent knowledge of lntellectual-ese and Pseudo-lntellectual-ese, and no small experience in talking with plants, Horatio sought work. After six months of watching re-runs of the Lucy Show and checking each day at the state employment office, he decided to look up his old friends at Burger Chef. "I can't promise you your old job back," the manager assured him. "The labor market's tightening up, ya know." "I'm really good with a mop.", Horatio added. 11 We've had seventeen Phds through here this week, all of them special certification in mopping", said the manager, "but I'll hire you if you can type." That was Horatio's lucky day. Working eighty hours a week,


he wa abl to crape up enough money to buy a girl a Whopper from time to time. He realized he'd need a car if he was going to be attractive. So, borrowing money from his parents, Horatio bought him elf a 1960 Rambler Classic in avocado that got twenty mile to the gallon when it moved an inch. Which was seldom. But he fixed it up so that the only thing it needed to ru n was gasolin . This too was hard to find. He took a week's vacation one time and posted hi car on a gas line. Thr e days later he arrived at the pump. "Sorry, bub", said the attendant, "All out. Try u tomorrow afternoon." The next afternoon th re wa enough gas to go around for all fourteen hundred regular customers, but not for Horatio' car at the head of the line. "If you were JUSt a regular customer, I'd give you a break", said the attendant, "But how can I let down the folks who've kept me in bu ine since last week?" "Alright already", said Horatio, "giv m four new tires, an ngine tune-up, and a grease job. When that' done, I'll take three dollar worth. " "O.K.", said the attendant, "But I don't know what you're going to do with a gallon-and-a-half." Horatio realized that to operate his car would take a yearly stipend from the Rockefeller Foundation. Figuring he'd alway had a natural proclivity for di cipline, he entered law school. While there, he met a girl named Bet y Ro s. She was the allAmerican type. Sh took him to meet her parents, who liked the boy immediately. "So you're going to be a lawyer?", they asked him the moment they met him.


He nodded. "Such a nice boy.", said B t y' mom, taking an apple pie out of th freezer, "Why don't you two g t married." "I don't want to get married, Momma.", Bet y aid. Her mother proceeded to hav a heart eizure. "Momma, what's wrong?" "Oh, nothing at all.", her mother responded through clenched te th. "Don't get married. Mak me the laughing stock of the neighborhood. Disregard our family's honor, your parents' welfare, and your own lf-re pect. It' your choi e." later that month, the newly-wed Horatio and Bet y took an apartment near the law chool. Horatio stud ied hard and graduated at the bottom of hi Ia . Pa ing the bar on his fifth try, he couldn't find a job. Somehow calling upon the great American pioneering spi rit, he turned to hi oung wife and said, "Darling, it's time to move on into a la nd of opportunity: Washington, D. C." They packed their bags. After three months of sleeping in a park, they found a re pectable apartment. Meanwhile, Horatio tried to track down a job. Taking cap in hand (for whi h he had to pur ha e a cap), he walked into the offices of a law firm specializing in tax law. "Another lawyer!", xclaim d the interviewer. "What can you offer us?" "Well", aid Horatio, "I took a concentration in Urban Law in law school anrl " "I mean skills, kid.", the interviewer said, "Can you type?" Once again, Horatio's skill and resour efulness got him a job. The firm gave him a great deal of r ponsibility immediately. He had to ave a client with a great deal of problem with his income taxes. Horatio made an appointment to see his client at th client's office , 1600 P nn ylvania Avenue, NW. On his way to the appointment, Horatio ran out of gas, which turned out to be a blessing in disgui e, in th client and all the senior partner of the firm went to jail. So now Horatio was all alone at th top. He'd finally made it into professional America. He got himself a suburban ranch home, a pretty wife, great expectation , and after a few years, a blessed event: a bleeding ul er. Realizing that omething had gone wrong with his dream, Horatio decided there was still time. He could pull him If up by the bootstraps if he could only find a py chiatrist he could depend on. Casting about in the phone book he happ ned on the number of Dr. LeRoi M mory, and et up an appointment. As he walked in the door of the Doctor's office, Horatio realized something. "You're black!", he said. "You noticed!", said the Doctor. "I hope that won't interfere with anything." " o, no", said Horatio,. "should I li down or something?" "As you like it.", said Memory. "Why don't you ju t tell me a little bit about yourself? Without further ado, Horatio pilled hi whole tale to the Doctor. "And if that weren't enough", he added, "I keep having this dream. I'm born in a log cabin and have to support my mother, father, and fourteen broth r and sisters. In spite of this handicap, I manage to scrimp and save and buy my elf a little farm. Then a delegation of Senators comes walking out to my farm one day and tell me that the nation wants me to be the President of the United tates. o I go to the White House.

In exchange, I get a color TV and I sit in the Rose Garden watching the Lucy Show while I bring universal peace and happine s to all th peoples of the earth by giving them freedom of choice and Charmin Bathroom Ti ue. When I retire from the Pre id ency, shu nning a third term, I win the Nobel Prize for Peace, giving the money to an Indian Reservation. I become a r ar h chemi t and work out a cure for cane r, which I sell to Union Confed ra cy to be put into tiny time pills and sold without a prescription. Soon, I get tired of success, and hide in the parking lot of Burger Chef, eating a Whopper. But I can't get any farther away, since I can't get gas for my car, the engine fall apart, and the mechanic cheats me out of my last dime. I decide to go home, but find my family has deserted m . At thi point, I wake up cream ing." "Doc", he concluded, "What d'ya suppose is wrong with me?" "I'd say, Mr. Alger", Dr. M mory concluded, "That you are suffering from a severe case of the American Dream." "Horatio looked worried, "Is it curable?" Dr. Memory laughed, "Probably not for you, honky.", he said. " ow, if you'll excuse me, l'v got some clients with more pressing problems."

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Fraternities aren't all bad. Getting rid of them isn't my (or hopefully anyone else's) top priority, I think of them as a benign rather than a malignant problem. Yet life here could be so much better if they were de-emphasized and gradually phased out. Let us be brave, let us accept the challenge of individualism Why force people to know you as ;~ stereotype? When I entered Trinity as a freshman in 1970, frats were on the way out. It was the general feeling that to join a frat was definitely "uncool". Then a couple of major changes took place. First, the frats started to go co-ed. For some reason (unbeknownst to me), women students started joining frats. Perhaps the attraction was just that something was open to them that was never possible before. Unfortunately, at Trinity as in most other place , one can follow the general rule that "where the girls are, the boys soon follow". So now on could join a frat without being labe led a "fag", or even worse, "antisocial". ~econd, fraternities offered an alternative to "dining" at Mather Hall. Here was the e ond incentive to join - eating clubs. Smaller crowds, less noise, no lines, no waiting, better food consequently, wide appeal. So what do fraternities have to offer to Trinity? I was able to arrive at three "benefits".



One, as was stated before, is that frat offer an apparently good alternative to those who can't stomach Mather food. However, one doesn't have to belong to a frat to eat in one. Therefore, this benefit isn't really a true one. Two, fraternities can provide limited hou ing for tho e interested in aving a little money and for those who can't get campus housing but don't want to go through the tribulations of apartment hunting. However, one doe n't have to belong to a frat to live in one. Again, this benefit isn't really a true one. Three, fraternities offer a compromise in social mixing between the intimacy of a one-to-one bedroom cene and the detachment of the masses at Washington Room dances. However, the arne type of social mixing is available at private parties or dorm partie . Again, we have a false benefit. Now for the negative side. First, let us look at the i mage of the frat man (or woman) to the outside world. Consider the following example: you find that two tr es have been uprooted, six houses broken into and all the doorknob tolen, and Vernon Str et painted in gold glitter. Immediate Conclusion: "It's The Frats!" Perhaps the blame is too quickly put on them, but more often than not, it's justified. Con equently, frats are associated with vandalism, rowdiness, and other "bad boy" type activity. Why is this bad? Considering that Trinity' position as a tax-free entity in the City of Hartford is not all

t firm, any antagonism toward city residents is certainly not ng to help our already precarious situation. Second, consider the image of the frats on campus. Where none go for free booze (and plenty of it), pig parties, and a efinite promise of no meaningful communication? Why, a at, of course. Again, perhaps this is factually untrue, but that is the image of the frat and the frat party. In a college where President advocates the teaching of values in the classroom, the "moral bargain basement" of the fraternity has no place. And finally, what individual purpose does the fraternity ve? Who joins the frat? It is my observation that people who in frats are (and most likely due to no fault of their own) the in ecure people on campus, even more insecure than faculty. And what is the easiest way to overcome in. ? That's right, have somebody else decide your identity you. Become a "Deke Freak", or a "St. A's Man". It's all so pie. You don't have to be anybody. You become the p, and the group becomes you. Certainly this prepares the dent for corporate life, but I thought that's what we all are ing to get away from . I agree with the basic concept of fraternities, which is Fraternity equals Brotherhood. My definition of brotherhood is "peoplehood" rather than "malehood". Somewhere along the way, though, the concept of brotherhood got distorted. Instead of increasing the feeling of togetherness and the spirit that we are all the same, fraternities have apparently increased the artificial distance between people. You get the feeling of something akin to European nationalism on Vernon Street. "Yes, I am like my frat brother here, but next door, now that's a different story. Do you know what they do over there?" Do you see my point? Here are people at that delicate age where styles of interpersonal behavior are becoming solidified, and you have this poor schmu k building walls! Brotherhood (m aning peoplehood) is definitely needed. But you don't get it in frats. Instead, you see arbitrariness and pettiness. The world is already in too much of a hole to tolerate any more rifts. let us try to cement differences, to accept others. Fraternalism, not fraternities.

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By MICHAEL ). BARRY Through years of hostility and critici m, fraternities at Trinity College have survived and, in fact, prospered. Though accused of every crime from elitism to irrelevance, they still stand and play an active role in the lives of many Trinity students. Critic have not be n able to kill the fraternities here, evidently, because every year a certain number of students discover that fraternities have something to offer them that they cannot get on campus. The many social b nefits of fraternities are only part of the attraction, and do not alone explain the perpetuation of the fraternity ystem at Trinity. More i mportantly, fraternities offer the student the opportunity to interact with, to tolerate, and to become friends with from twenty-five to fifty other Trinity students who are willing to share with him the fraternity experience. Both the social advantages of fratern ities and this unique chance to b bonded in friendship to such a large number of fellow student hav u tained the Trinity fraternities and broadened the college experience of thousands of Trinity students. The loss of the fraternitie would deprive students of the e opportunitie and thereby reduce the value of tbe overall Trinity education. Although the social benefits of the Trinity fra ternities are only partial determinants of the value of fraternities on this



campus, they are an important aspect of fraternity life and give the fraternity member certain advantages over a non-member. Almost everyone is aware of the fraternity parties and the facilities at the fraternity houses for watching television or playing pool and ping-pong; however, there are many other social advantages of fraternities that are less well known. Faculty programs bring faculty members to the fraternity hou es, allowing members to meet their prof ors on a le formal basi than in the classroom. Underclassmen are also invited regularly to parties and meals, permitting any reasonably outgoing member to meet as many other Trinity students as he would dining in Mather Hall. Many of the Trinity frat rnities, in addition to their larger parties scheduled on weekends, host late night gatherings complete with food and drinks, giving members and their guests a less costly alternative to the Cave or Friendly's. Members get together for trips to New York or Boston, venture to mixer at other schools, and ven occasionally visit amu ement parks or baseball tadiums. The list of frat rnity social activities is almost endle s, and obviou ly gives the fraternity member a much greater social freedom than he could ever enjoy on campus. Although frat rnities do offer many so ial benefit , most fraternity members would b quick to a rt that the e benefits are peripherat and that the most fundamental, most meaningful benefit of the fraternity is the opportunity to live and function in clo e as ociation with a large number of fellow students. Most Trinity students not belonging to fraternities succeed in forming r ally clo e friendship only within a relatively small cadre of friends and roommates. The fraternity member, on the other hand, must constantly associate with a much larger group than the average student, and therefore forms many more really deep friendship than his campus counter-



part. In addition, when non-fraternity tudents find that they cannot get along, they can usually avoid each other. In the fraternity, however, even members who are not on the best of terms with each other must learn to be tolerant, for in the fraternity circle, it is not easy to simply avoid a fellow m mber. Fraternity members must talk out their differences; it is impossible to avoid a conflict in personality by running away. When th fraternity member graduate , h can take with him a ertain ability to get along with many different types of. people, an ability not so well developed in students who never had to reconcile their differences with other students. More importantly, however, he can take with him the memory of many deep and beautiful friendships that he never would have experienced outside of the fraternity. Trinity College has long maintained that campus life is a important to the ov rail Trinity education as classroom instruction. Fraternities are an important part of the Trinity campus life; many fraternity members leave Trinity with just a little more of this extra-curricular education than they would have had the critics succeeded in killing Trinity fraternities long ago. The loss of the fraternity system from the Trinity campus, should it ever occur, will hurt the quality of the education at Trinity a surely as a loss of classroom space, and if Trinity is to continue delivering top quality education to its students, it can afford to lose neither.



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By JIM GOMES Whatever else can be said about the past 365 days, one thing is certain: they have not b en kind to our politicians. Those who are elected to po itions of public trust have never before in America suffered the slings and arrows of public antipathy to quite the extent that they do now. While it is supposedly the dream of every little boy (and now, every little girl) to one day become President of the United States, Mr. Gaflup tells us that a smaller percentage of Americans than ever want th ir offspring to have anything to do with politics, and that the trustworthiness of politicians in the eyes of our citizenry is placed somewhere below that of those paragons of virtues, used car dealers and TV repairmen. This distrust did not arise yesterday, but the inexorable unfolding of the multiple horror stories initiated by the present Administration- neatly subsumed under the ingle heading of Watergate- has brought popular onfidence in their politicians and political ystem to a new low. For the first time in over one hundred years, there is a serious move afoot to impeach the President of the Unit d States, based chiefly upon th suspicion that he participated in an obstruction of justice, a "coverup" of the burglary of Democratic ational Headquarter carried out by member of hi re-election committee. But this was not all. No, to add insult to injury, the Internal Revenue Servi e informed Mr. ixon that he had to pay half a million dollars in back taxes. And lest we forget, we have a new Vice PresidPnt (a Ford, not a Lincoln), our last one barely escaping

% 0 < w

.,.,A. ~

..ANO 'THE. VOIE.S AI<E! AL.L. IN, ~NO HAY~ B~~t'f

'T' A!31A:..AUD.~ .;





MISS PEACH Reprinl d bv permission of Fi eld Ent erpr i se~, Inc.


indictment, resigning his office as part of a plea bargain, and said to be writing a novel under the auspices of Playboy magazine. No, Virginia, it has not been a good year for politician . It is not only political ethics which have b n called into question; th ffectivene s of th political system as a m an of solving problems is in doubt as well. Again, ther ha always been a nagging suspicion that if the y tem really work d, we would not be co.ntinually plagued by the ame i sues, the perennial unsolved problem of our nation - race, poverty, economic wo , and the threat of war. The e are till with u , and no end to them is in sight, but there are new problems as well. Americans have gone through their fi rst real bout with peacetime scarcity, and it ha been a sobering exp ri nee to a the least. We had become accustom d to paying higher and higher prices in the marketplace (our in ome , after all, were rising too), but what was n w and frightening was not having gasoline available at all (or meat, for that matt r), even if one was willing to wait hours on end in line or pay sixty-five cents a gallon or $2.50 a pound. American have also become painfully aware that political terrorism is not con fined to orthern Ireland or the Middle East. A s ries of sen les nip r killings in San Francisco (where they once wore flower in their hair) has shocked and outraged the nation . Kidnapping, which for a long time had b en a means to "get rich qui k", ha instead become a political weapon, a tatement of di ati faction with American capitali m.


~ 1'0LO YOU ' 191:5 W/16 01 THE YeAf2!

f=OR: THA,.

evertheless, if the sy tern eems unworkable and leadership appears lacking, there is no shortage of those who wish to lead. Already potential candidates for Pre ident in 1976 are jockeying for po ition, and political pundits were analyzing the prospect for '76 before the '72 election was over. The great concentration of power in and focus of attention on the President may be unavoidable, but perhaps this is a major part of our dilemma. When former Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox was asked why he believed Watergate happened, h responded in terms of the kind of men who were involved. Many men enter politics, said Cox, who do not have the slightest expertise or interest in the sub tantiv issues of government; their only goal is the acquisition and maintenan e of power. If this is true, perhap the most important ingle thing for those who value democracy to do is to encourage potential leaders to become genuinely interested in human probl ms, and not merely concerned with capitalizing upon issues a a means to insure election. Such calculations on the part of politicians are probably a part of the way the game has always been played, but such an approach to politics in today' uncertain world can only make u all losers in the long run.

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.AR~ICLE By CARY MORGANS One-half-mile gas lines, wage-price controls, tight summer jobs, Arab oil boycott, popcorn shortage, King Faisal, famine in West Africa, recession, home heating oil #6, "cold" dormitories, Saga ".food", energy crisis, paper shortage, zooming meat prices, Federal Energy Office, William Simon, balance of trade surplus, hot dogs, Trinity College Committee on the Environment, inflation, Richard ixon, the major oil companies, 69.9 a gallon, unemployment, $2.00 minimum wage, Phase V, 40¢ Corner Tap beer, and we're all eating a lot more hamburger ... Economics has befuddled the government again. And the American consumer is being caught in the middle.


The year 1974 ushered into popular use a term American are used to hearing only in wartime; shortages. The American economy, in its tremendous industrial expansion, ran short on energy, a prime resource second only to the skilled labor force. To the consumer, this primarily meant a shortage of gasoline for the automobile, a most treasured posses ion, and secondly, a shortage of electricity, an American nece sit . Hence the energy crisis wa destined to become the national issue most on people's minds in early 1974, truly developing into "the cause". It united the country a if it were wartime in a common effort to deal with the problem. American consumers, unwilling to accept the huge price increases which

would have been necessary to reduce consumption of gasoline in the free market, decided instead to voluntarily limit their consumption to levels commensurate with supply. Part of the "urgency" of the crisis was that it seemed to appear so quickly. The year before, it had become apparent to the public and the government that the nation was low on fuel upplies, notably gasoline, and, in New England, home heating oil. The real extent of the crisis was aggravated by oligopolistic oil companies, which withheld oil from their refineries to drive their prices up. In November, the crucial blow was struck: the outgrowth of political developments, the Arab nations began a highly effective embargo on oil to the United States. The country could not continue to consume energy at the thenpresent levels without drastic price increases and severe dislocations in the economy. The federal government was forced to step in with a solution. lhe government embarked on a massive program to reduce consumer demand for energy in all it forms, and to insure equity of energy resource in all areas of the nation. The program was not entirely successful, as severe shortages developed in some ections of the nation. In ew England particularly, the demand for gas rationing was especially strong, as the region was short-changed on gasoline supplies. Moreover, de pite the "wage-price controls" existing at the time, the government fully intended to let the price of gas rise high enough to reduce consumption at the lower income levels, increasing the call for gas rationing. The result was that people lived in colder homes, drove more slowly and less frequently, and read with dimmer lights. It is with these sacrifices that it can be understood why the energy crisis was such a special problem. It owed its unique position among contemporary American proqlems to its closeness to each individual. The energy crisis touched everyone on a personal level, unlike the remote and obscure political corruption happenings in Washington. The American consumer found it very easy to relate to sixty-eight degree rooms, fiftyfive-mile-per-hour speed limits, and hour waits for three dollar worth of ga oline. What House Judiciary Committee Chairman Peter Rodino said today on the news was interesting, but what Federal Energy Office czar William Simon declared at an afternoon news conference was vitally important. The most memorable a pect of the energy crisis was the long lines at gas stations. Hartford, Connecticut was one of the worst hit cities in the nation-despite government claims to the opposite, all Americans did not "suffer equally". People sometimes waited over two hours to get the three dollar maximum many gas stations allowed. Ironically, the gas stations' efforts to pread the supply out only intensified the problem, for the long lines seldom discouraged the persistent and determined American automobile driver from buying gas; they just made it more of an inconvenien e to do so. Other short-lived changes in the American way of life came about with the energy crisis. People felt colder in the winter and warmer in the summer. Streets were darker at night. Automobile company workers sat at home as people bought fewer cars. People traveled less, and killed each other on the highway less. The Indianapolis 500 became the Indy 450. The Shell

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station around the corner topped cleaning car windshield . The railroads became more popular. Probably more important than all the e changes was the spiritual d velopment w ithin Americans- traces of a Spartans nse of elf-denial o that others might have their "fair share" could be een if you looked hard enough. Trinity College had its answer to th n rgy cri is: the reactivation of the Trinity College Committee on the Environment. Through this committee and th Office of Student S rvice , students were asked to turn off light , u e less electricity, and low r th ir thermostats. Students responded to th s imple requests more readily than did the re t of the country, and may have actually driven less. The ommittee di ussed closing the school during som of the winter weeks to save energy, but th Trinity calendar in the end remained basically unchanged from the previous year. Ga lin s at local tation werf' incr diblv long- earching for a service station with any gas left at any price became a popular student acti ity. Being not a dependent upon the ar a th rest of America was, Trinity students did not find their ways of life very threatened by the energy crisis. As 1974 progre d and the oil hortage lack n d, a related conomic i sue took hold of th nation' consciousness. The "creeping inflation" of the past decade xplod d in 1974 to levels which Western culture had heretofore con idered impossibl in peac time. At th arne tim , unemployment continued to ris , yielding a mo t unde irabl combination of price increase and job lo e . Prices rose faster than wag s, a situation American were unaccustomed to. Th e onomy in ion, while inflation roared unabated. 1974 moved into a rec The primary component of the inflationary piral wa the en rgy ri i it elf. The greatly increasing cost of gasoline and electricity made everything more exp n ive. All-electric home in We tch ter County found th m lv s with five thousand dollar a y ar electri bill . Truck driver found themelves in a cost/price squeez and went on trik to demon-

strate their plight. The other main reason for the price rises lay in food costs. Higher 1974 food prices were inherited from the 1973 worldwide food shortage-not enough food was produced to feed the world without large price increases. Food prices, not being covered by any wag -price policy, shot upwards. Meat prices ro e especially high, and Americans consumed a lot more hamburger, chicken, and hot dogs. Caught between rising rvice food prices and a fixed two-year contract, the food had to let the food in the dining hall rapidly deteriorate in quality. Meatless paghetti, meatless lasagna, "hamburger plus", and Saga's famous Shepherd's Pie began to make more frequent appearances. Trinity steak night was abandoned. Cave prices climbed higher, and Corner Tap beer ro e a nickel to forty cent . The 1974 inflation wa not limited to these areas. The cost of a Trinity education rose over three hundred dollars for the year commencing in September 1974. The bookstore, "under new management", seemed to be leading the way with price increase . ationwide, inflation was the worst ince the Korean War. The government's answer to the high rate of inflation was a weak program of wage-price ontrols, a dismal failure. It then tried restrictive fiscal and momentary supply policies, as well a declaring the problem didn't exist, all to no avail. Th result has been political disenchantment within the middle class acros the nation. While inflation was burning away th dollar, the hortages the economy was facing were produ ing rising unemployment, especially in selected industries (notable the automobile). The summer job market tightened again. Overall, however, unemployment was not a serious problem, though the potential was there. Other econom1 developments of the year ar of lesser note. The first half of the year was devoid of strikes, but the second half was expected to witness many more walkouts as workers tried to win wag s that kept pace with inflation. Wom n continued to play an increa ing role in the economy. Graduating Trinity women and minority students found excellent job opportunities overall. G tting a loan grew more difficult by the day, as inflation and Federal Re erve Board pra tices drove int re t rates very high. Home loans and college loans became tougher to find. On th local scene, Trinity's endowment aw larg growth. The ollege ran in the black again by cutting servi . Economics tend to be at the forefront of the nation' consciousness only when it i bad, and in 1974, it wa clearly at the top of everyone' mind. Sin e Novemb r 1972, un mployment had risen slightly while inflation had more than tripled. hortage of many products abounded. As long as the economi it uation ontinue to be o mi erable, it is likely that the "di mal sci nee" will remain as the ountry's major concern. Unfortunately, it will probably remain there for some time to com .



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Many long hours of practice and preparation by both player and coaches resulted in an exciting, hardfought football season. Those who watched Trinity in action during the fall realize that the four and four ea on record wa by no mean an indi ation of the ability which the team displayed. In all forms of competition, there are moments of disappointment, yet Trinity always remained confident and posse sed the determination to fight harder and bounce back. It became obvious at the beginning of the season that dedication and hard work were to be the team' foundation. These two attributes, coupled with an overwhelming sense of unity and team pride enabled Trinity to highlight the season by defeating our long-time rival, Wesleyan, in the season's Homecoming game.


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The Bantams registered victories against Bates 22-15, R.P.I. 30-6, Colby 13-6 and Wesleyan 33-16, losing to Williams 10-15, Rochester 7-24, Coast Guard 7-10, Amherst 740. Varsity letters were awarded to John C. Appler, James E. Balesano, Thomas A. Cangelosi, William D. Curren, Paul L. Gossling, Jeffrey W. Gove, Harold L. Gray, Larry H. Haas, John M. Holik, Gary S. jones, Adron Keaton, Paul Kelley, David Kuncio, Gerald LaPlante, Anthony LaPolla, Phillip Leone, William R. Levy, Michael Maus, Christopher C. Max, Thomas Melkus, Alex R. Murenia, Jonathan Naab, George Niland, Victor Novak, Robert Parzych, George Rose, Peter Silkowski, Stephen Thoren, Richard Tucci, john T. Wholley, john Wiggin, and by special recommendation, John H. Connelly. In addition to winning letters, Thomas Lloyd was presented with the Dan Jessee Blocking Award, Damien Davis won the Laser Award, John K. Allen, Ronald Duckett, and Edward C. Mooney were accorded Gold Awards, and Barry O'Brien wa honored with a Gold Award, the 111935" Most Valuable Football Player Award and the Obfuscator Award. Ron Duckett, Chad Mooney and Barry O'Brien erved as Tri-Captains of the 1973-1974 team, coached by Donald C. Miller, and assisted by Jack Daniels, Dick Taylor and Bill Sferro. Other members of the squad were Geoffrey Lee, Michael Mistretta, Forrest Schofield, Charles Solomon, Robert Toomey, and Rich Trachimowitz. The team was managed by Allan Stark, who al o won the Larry ilv r Award. Ronald Duc kett was awarded the George Sheldon McCook Trophy, and Richard F. Tucci received the Bob Harron Award.





This was a team in the best ense of the word. Although blessed with many player of extraordinary talent, these players took a back seat to teamwork and desire. o soccer team can achieve greatness on individual play alone, and the aim of this year's team wa to work together. With a team lacking in varsity experience, such a goal is not easy, yet by the end of the season this was achieved. Tough opponents, including a University of Hartford team undefeated in three years, and several tournament-bound teams, made the early going rough, record-wise. As the team gained confidence in itself, things began to click better, resulting in some sweet victorie , including decisions over Union and Wesleyan, both teams having received post-season tournament bids. The latter game marked the farewell ong of enior Don Hawley, Peter Schuller, Bill Lawson, Mack Davidson, Ned Leigh, Glenn Preminger, and Dave Pemmerl. Singing the loudest against the Cardinals was goalie Lawson in the clutch. He turned in his finest performance in a season that earned him the PeterS. Fish Most Valu able Player award. The game was a tremendous defensive battle with Trin notching the deciding tally in the final minute on a fine play by Roger McCord. The Wesleyan game marked the third win in four games for th Bantams. This fine finish characterized a vast improvement in the team over the season . With only three starting seniors, early erratic play can be attributed to lack of experience. But this very factor of youth now bodes well for next year's booters. At fullback, junior Jay Morgan and Sophomore Hobi Porter (Co-Captain elect), Chris Harris, and Jim Solomon will return while Co-Captain Don Hawley graduated. Peter Schuller leaves Co-Captain Bob Andrian, Jeff Brown, winner of the Harold Shetter Most Improved Soccer Player Award, and Brad Addi to handle the halfback chores. The forward line remains intact, an increasingly cohesive unit with Roger McCord, Chris Jennings, jeff Chin and Rob Fernald all potential starters. A strong freshman team will supply goal tending to replace lawson along with additional scoring punch including Zan Harvey who broke the freshman goals-scored record. Trin's scrappine s, desire, and youth should mean soccer greatness in the near future. Trinity ended the season with a 3-7 record, posting wins over Union 2-1, Coast Guard 4-1 and Wesleyan 1-0, while losing to MIT 05, Tufts 1-2, University of Hartford 0-1, Bowdoin 1-4, Middlebury 0-2, Williams 0-4, and Amherst 0-3. Members of the soccer team earning letters were Clarkson Addis Ill, Robert K. Andrian, Gino A. Barra, Jeffrey P. Brown, Jeffery C. Chin, Malcolm L. Davidson, Robert H. Fernald, Christopher G. Harris, Don C. Hawley, Christopher J. Jennings, jeffrey E. Kelter, William H. lawson, Roger S. McCord, Jesse J. Morgan, Andrew H. Porter, Glenn M. Preminger, Thomas W. Richards, Peter A. Schuller, James F. Solomon, Charles P. Stewart. Hawley, l awson and Preminger were recipients of Gold Awards. Other members of the 1973-74 squad were John C. Heath, Andrew W. Kaufman, Neil D. Kobrosky, Douglas A. Kuhn, Edward M. leigh, Michael W. lema, David A. Pemmerl and Robert ). Peterson.

Avenue, New York, New York 10028; Dodd R. latimer, 381 Valley Forge Road, Devon, Pennsylvania 19333; Valle P. Lattanzio, 474 Ridge Road, Wethersfield, Connecticut 061 09; John Loewy latz, 6007 Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor, New jersey 08406; Holly laurent, 619 Hunting Ridge Road, Stamford, Connecticut 06903; Walter E. lawn, R.F.D. #2, Pinney Street, Ellington, Connecticut 06029; Frances G. Lawrence, 423 Dandy Valley Road, Westwood, Massachusetts 02090; Mary E. laws, 6 Benenson Drive, Cos Cob, Connecticut 06807; Kay K. lazarus, 5 Hamilton Lane, Simsbury, Connecticut 06089; Elizabeth W. learned, 1334 Chamberlain Highway, Kensington, Connecticut 06037; John I. lebeaux, 269 Walnut Street, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 01545; Peter M. Lebovitz, 427 orth 29th Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104; Jonathan H. Lebowitz, 60 Wildwood Road, New Rochelle, New York 10804; Marvin lebowsky, 604 Wingfoot Road, Orange, Connecticut 06477; Judith P. Lederer, 77-34 Austin Street, Forest Hills, New York 11375; Diana l. lee, Far Hills, New jersey 07931; Geoffrey G. lee, 804 Richard Road, Point Pleasant, New Jersey 08742; Jane E. Leen, 751 Main Street, Woburn, Massachusetts 01901; Joseph V. Leidy, 2 Gillespie Lane, Morristown, New Jersey 07960; Michael W. lema, 305 Loveland Road, Stamford, Connecticut 06905; James E. Lenahan, 409 Dogburn Lane, Orange, Connecticut 06477; Amy B. Leonard, 307 Hope Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02906; Phillip Anthony leone, 3205 White Beech Lane, Youngstown, Ohio 44511; Alexander l. Lepak, Jr., 917 Plymouth Street, Windsor, Connecticut 06095; Theirrie E. Lerner, 20 Trowbridge, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138; Joel M. leskowitz, Mountain View Road, Bethany, Connecticut 06525; Claudia leslie, Brockway Lane, Fayetteville, New York 13066; M. Edward Leverone, 4 Spring Street, Norfolk, Massachusetts 02056; David Mark Levin, 91 Pullman Avenue, Elberon, New Jersey 07741; Anne M. levine, 249-23 Beech Knoll Avenue, Little Neck, New York 11362; Charles Ellis Levine, 350 South Stanwood Road, Columbus, Ohio 43209; Laurence Adan levine, 1SO Hartman Road, ewton Centre, Massachusetts 02159; William Ralph Levy, 26 West Bell Mill Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118; Harry J. lew, 15 Foley Drive, Southington, Connecticut 06489; Ross A. Lewin, 932 Rollingwood Road, Highland Park, Illinois 60035; Belinda L. lewis, R.R. #1 Sunset Drive, Clinton, Illinois 61727; Scott F. Lewis, 135 Mohegan Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut 06117; David W. Lewis, 11 Walnut Street, South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075; Stephen E. lewis, 2750 Alliston Court, Columbus, Ohio 43220; Susan E. lewis, 1709 Martins Lane, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania 19035; Melinda G. Lichter, 5801 Aylesboro Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217; Jeffrey Merrill Liebenson, Deep Valley


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Gwynne MacColl, 2620 S.W. Georgian Place, Portland, Oregon 97201; Catherine C. Mackay-Smith, 1 High Street, Ipswich, Massachusetts 01938; Michael Mackey, 2 Stone Road, Binghamton, New York 13903; Cheryl Madigosky, 12 Bice Drive, Oxford, Connecticut 06483; Michael M. Madore, 350 Blue Hills Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06112; Karen M. Magnuson, 71 Benton Street, Manchester, Connecticut 06040; J. David Mahder, 424 Wol ott Hill Road, Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109; Melissa R. Maier, 8455 Main Street, Eden, New York 14057; Robert J. Mailloux, 24 Benton Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06114; Meredith G. Mainhardt, Lloyd Lane, Huntington, New York 11743; Paul F. Mainuli, 201 Hanmer Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06114; lance Reid Maid, 69 Edgemont Place, Teaneck, ew jersey 07666; Frank Reid Malkin, 47



' J

The women's fall tennis team ended its season with a six and four record. Senior Erica Dumpel played in the number one spot on the singles team, followed by Le lie Hyde, Tracey Wilson and Mimi Coolidg . Vicky Tilney and Karen Skarinka, with a five and two season record, headed Trinity's roster of doubles players. In addition to the regular seasont Trinity s nt four teams to the ew Englands at Yale. Dumpel and Hyde played singles, whil Tilney-Skarinka and Wilson-Coolidge played doubles. Victories were scored during the season over Bridgeport 5-0, Mount Holyoke 6-3, Connecticut College 5-4, UCONN 5-4, Wesleyan 9-0 and Smith 6-3. The team lost to Williams 3-6, Yale 4-5, Brown 4-5 and Springfield 3-4. Letters were won by Erica Dumpel, Leslie C. Hyde, Ellen J. Kelly, Deirdre A. Redden, Karen P. Skarinka, Robin D. Smith, Amy S. Tenney, Victoria M. Tilney and Tracey M. Wilson. Numeral awards went to Mary H. Coolidge and Gwynne MacColl. Other members of the squad were Marjorie 0. Bradford, Elizabeth L. Dean and Mary Carol Monaghan. The team was coached by Jane A. Millspaugh.


Field hockey squeaked through the fall eason with a winning record, 4-3-4. Sophomore Ann Jones was the team's leading scorer with six goals. Freshman Margo Halle netted two while Barbara Clark, Letitia Erler, Barbara Hayden and Carol Powell each talleyed one during the season. Karen Blakeslee, returning goalie from last year, had an outstanding season with a .91 goal against average per game, saving 86% of the shots taken by the opposition. Trinity beat Brown 1-0, Western Connecticut 1-0, Rosemary Hall 2-1, and Chaffee 2-0, while tying Connecticut College, Wesleyan, and Yale at one all, and ending in a scoreless tie with Miss Porter's. Losses were posted with Williams 3-2, Mount Holyoke 2-1, and Smith 1-0. Varsity letters were awarded to Co-Captains Barbara l. Clark and Anne T. jones, Karen S. Blakeslee, Gray S. Gibson, Holly L. Naka, Carol J. Powell, and by special recommendation, Jane R. Schoenfeld. umerals were earned by Mara l. Sentman, letitia l. Erler, Margo l. Halle, Barbara E. Hayden, Carol M. Plough, and Priscilla B. Williams. Also serving on the squad were Aloise H. Buckley, Dawn S. Eberhard, Jane S. lindsay, and Elizabeth C. Smith. The 1973-1974 squad was coached by Jane E. Fox.

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In early fall, a dedicated group of some twenty women, twice the number of last year, began nightly workouts in the boathouse. Undefeated last year, Trinity's oarswomen rowed five days a week to improve technique and conditioning, but ran into formidable opposition in the first scrimmage. at UMass, Trin's varsity boat finished second in the qualifying heat, and third in the final. Second boat came in first in both the qualifying heat and the final. A week later, varsity boat finished third at Wesleyan, with second boat winning its race handily. As the season progressed, it became obvious that the talent in Trinity women's crew had yet to be welded into one boat. At the Head of the Charles Regatta, the premier American rowing event of the fall season, Trin's first boat beat Yale, Middletown High and Wesleyan, but finished behind UMass by 13 seconds. In the overall results, Trinity plqced eighth. Trinity hosted the Connecticut Fall Rowing Championship during Parents' Weekend, and finished second behind Yale in the thousand meter qualifying race. In the final, Trinity started strong, faltered, and finished in fourth place, 2Y2 lengths behind Yale, whose crew was awarded the Genevieve H. Goodwin Cup. Second boat humiliated UMass with a 36 second margin of victory, and a time of 4:35.8, which was better than first boat's time. Varsity boat was crewed by Phoebe C. Kapteyn, Jamie B. Tilghman, Deborah Packer, Captain Eleanor Clements, Caroline Hollingsworth, Constance Doyle, Catherine A. Clark, Cuyler Overholt and Elizabeth W. Learned. J.V. Boat members were Paula M. Klein, Catherine Mackay-Smith, Margaret Erhart, Sandra S. Baker, Karen Magnuson, Susan 8. Curtis, Elizabeth 8. Wysor, Judith L. Owen and Gail P. Andrews. Women's Crew was coached by Gary Caldwell.


The line of cross country runners would stretch through the autumn day like a snake winding its way along inuous, wood d path . Invariably, th nd of the line would be blue and gold. Garbed only in flimsy silk, buffeted by winds and n ar-fr zing temperatures, the harrier harbors his own reasons for participating in o el mental and grueling a competition. Relegated to the periphery of recognition, the only spectators being chance passersby who I vel incredulou gazes at the struggling runners, the team was buoyed not o much by victories a by the genuine sens of camaraderie which uffu ed the team. An exhausting yet strangely exhilerating sport, wherein the only olac for a losing cau e i imply having run. Trinity' ingle win was again t University of Hartford 18-48, while lo ing to Williams 5015, Holy Cross 50-1 5, Bates 50-15, Coast Guard 4816, Union 49-15, Wesleyan 48-18, Worcester Polytech 49-16, Amherst 49-16 and Southern Connecticut 42-19. Lettermen were Frederick P. Clark, james E. Forbes, Peter K. W. Harris, Frank A. Holmes, Richard S. Lovering, and by special recommendation, Captain-Manager Frederick A. Francis. umerals went to David B. Beers Ill and Eric A. Fowler, Jr. Cross Country was coached by Craig Phillips.


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The 17-7 season included wins over Wesleyan 88-83, Amherst 88-60, M.I.T. 96-64, Queens 85-56, New Haven 81-80, Geneseo State 80-70, Eastern Connecticut 63-52, Middlebury 73-63, Coast Guard 70-64, Kings Point 85-69, Colby 67-61, Wesleyan 74-69, Hamilton 99-85, Worcester Polytech 85-81, Bowdoin 5852, Wesleyan 91-76 and Coast Guard 113-100. The seven losse were Central Connecticut 87-91, Brandeis 79-107, Maine 79-97, Williams 73-90, Union 66-77, Hartford 68-72 and Tufts 66-83. Letters were earned by Othar L. Burks, Jr., William R. Fenkel, Robert F. Pickard, Wayne P. Sokolosky, James E. Sumler, Ronald V. Waters Ill, Captain Nathaniel Williams, Robert Williams, and Glenn A. Woods. Other members of the 1973-1974 squad were Roger W. Bowie, Jr., Peter K. Harris, Stephen C. Haydasz, Michael T. Mistretta, Andrew P. Sigal, and M. Steven Williams. Susan C. Thorn was team Manager, and Rebecca C. Dunn served as Assistant Manager.


K At midnight, October 31, 1973, the 1973-1974 Varsity Basketball team held its first official practice with six hundred students and faculty witne ing an intrasquad scrimmage. This " EW" spirit was further apparent with the college's first basketball cheerleader and pep band, not to mention new uniforms. This initial enthusiasm waxed and waned during a year in which Trinity became known as a club not to be taken lightly throughout New England. This year's record was the best under Coach Robie Shults since his first campaign in 1963-1964. It was a season in which the Basketbants won their first basketball tournament under Shults, as they captured the Third Annual Connecticut Yankee Invitational, held at the University of New Haven. The Bants then reeled off three more victories, producing their longest win streak of the year: six games. This year' team combined speed, aggressive rebounding, good shooting, teamwork, and a strong bench to knock off such perennial rivals as Amherst, Coast Guard (twice), and Wesleyan (thrice). The last win over the Cardinals marked Coach Shults' one hundredth victory, earning him a place next to UCLA's john Wooden. Their most satisfying win of the season was probably a triple overtime victory over Coast Guard, to give the Bants their seventeenth victory in their last game. Several of the Bantams were recognized for their performances during the season, having been selected for ECAC weekly honors. Chosen several times were sophomores Othar Burks and Wayne . Sokolosky, and seniors at Williams and Bill Fenkel. Fenkel received the ECAC Outstanding Scholar-Athlete Award. The leading scorers were Burks (18.2 points per game), Sokolosky (14.0 points per game) and Nat Williams (12.0 points per game). The leading rebounders were Fenkel (8.8 rebounds per game), at Williams (8.0 rebounds per game), and Sokolosky (5.7 rebounds per game). Robert "Bo" Pickard was the top foulshooter (84%), while Glenn Woods (53%) and Sokolosky (SO%) had the best field goal percentages. The Arthur Wadlund Most Valuable Player Award went to Wayne Sokolosky, and the Coach's Foul Shooting Trophy was presented to Robert F. Pickard. jim Sumler was elected as next year's captain.


-1 7



Trinity achieved its fi rst winning season this year, as it won twelve of twenty games played. Highlights of the year included wins over Amherst, Division Ill Champion Worcester State, and ew Haven College in the Wesleyan Tournament. Led by high scoring center Sandy Weedon, who scored thirty-seven points, and captain Jono Frank, who had thirty-three points with twenty goals, the Bantams outshot nearly every opponent, even in the games they lost. Mark Cleary, next year's captain, and Jim Lenahan, star sophomore defenseman, provided the mu I for the hard -hitting pucksters, while seniors Chris Wyle and George Finkenstadt were responsible for a great deal of the forechecking. The surprise of the season was in the nets as freshman Frank Judson and Tim Ghriskey played some outstanding games. With Judson in goal, Trinity almost won the Christmas tournament at Wesleyan. Ahead of University of Connecticut 3-2 late in the second period in the final , Judson was inJured and forced to leave the game. UConn came to life and routed the team with six third period goals to win. Perhaps the biggest disappointment was that the team fai led to beat Wesleyan for the third year in a row. In the final game, against Wesleyan, Jono Frank scored three goals to push above the one hundred career scoring mark, a Trinity school record. Playing all year against varsity teams, the Bantams did a commendable job, earning themselves the prestigious, although elf-appointed, position of the Number One Club Team in New England. The Albert C. Williams Award went to Jonathan W. Frank, and the Gold Stick Award was presented to Alexander R. Weedon for high scoring. The Coaches Award went to George C. Finkenstaedt and Christopher C. Wyle. Trinity defeated M.I.T. 7-2, Nichols 7-6, Worcester State 6-4, Springfield 8-1, New Haven 3-2, Western New England 9-7, Roger Williams 8-3, Bentley 4-1, Amherst 4-2, M.I.T. 9-1, Yale JV 5-2 and Assumption 7-0. Games w re lo t to UCONN 1-6, New Haven 4-6, UConn 5-9, Fairfield 4-6, Holy Cross 4-7, Wesleyan 1-5, Babson 2-3 and Wesleyan S-8. The team was coached by John M. Dunham, and managed by Jeffrey Moliter. Member of the 1973-1974 team were Nicholas F. Brady, Mark R. Cleary, WilliamS. Cunningham, George C. Finkenstaedt, John N. Fisher, Jr., Jeffery S. Ford, Captain jonathan W. Frank, Timothy M. Ghriskey, Mark H. Henderson, Richard A. Houppi, Frank Judson, james E. Lenahan, David A. Ludlum, Rudolph A. Montgelas, Alan H. Plough, Francis M . Shea, Morris W . Stroud, Andrew A. Tamoney, William Taussig, Alexander R. Weedon and Christopher C. Wyle.


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Women's squash had a great season with a nine and one record. The only loss was, ironically, to Princeton, the team's biggest rival. Freshman Sophie Bell headed the team's roster, and after th Nationals at Princeton, she was ranked third in the nation intercollegiately. For taking first place in the all college tournament, she received the Virginia M. Kurth Award. junior Vicky Tilney, numb r two on the team, ranked fourth intercollegiately at the Nationals. Her individual record for the season was 13-1. Seniors Erica Dumpel and Dusty McAdoo in third and fourth positions respectively turned in outstanding performances. Erica finished with a 13-1 record, and Dusty cored 12-2. An excellent showing was made by the rest of the lineup, parti ularly Carol Monaghan, Carol Von Stade and rookie Carol Powell. In addition to regular match play and the Nationals, Trinity entered two teams in the Howe Cup Tournament at Yale. The B Tearn, consisting of Beth Dean, Carol Powell and Carol Von Stade took first place, with Trinity's other team taking second place to Princeton. The regular season showed win ov r Rosemary Hall 7-0, Williams 8-1, Bowdoin 2-0, Radcliffe 5-2, Vassar 5-2, Smith 7-0, Wesleyan 7-0, Dartmouth 6-1 and Yale 4-3. The ingle loss was Princeton 3-4. The 1973-1974 team, coached by Jane Millspaugh, was managed by Peter W. Eddy. Members of the squash team were Sophi B. Bell, Barbara L. Brucker, Mary H. Coolidge, Meredith Dixon, Erica Dumpel, Ellen J. Kelly, Diana lee, Dorothy B. McAdoo, Mary Carol Monaghan, Karen P. Skarmka, Vicky Tilney, Caroline Von Stade and Tracey M. Wilson.

w-olVJ:E VA 187

VA The varsity squash season wa the most successful in the College's history, ending with a rec{)rd of fifteen victorie and two losses. In previous years, th best record attained by the Trinity teams had been eleven and six. The single gr atest contributing factor to this year's success was consistent strength over the entire squad, reulting in a depth capable of successfully facing some of the toughest collegiate squash powers in the country. A wealth of talent was based around a core of upperclassmen, Malcolm Davidson, Tom Ricks, Dan Reese, and Lance Maid, to which were added five sophomores coming off their own thirteen and one freshman season last year, Charlie Stewart, Mallard Owen, Hobie Porter, John ate , and Sumner Pingree. Next year should add the best of this year's freshman team, which also fini hed thirteen and one. The strength which allowed Trinity to defeat both Arm and Navy, never before beaten in over twenty-five years of squash competition, should continue to remain the fulcrum of Trin ity's squash success. Victories this season were scored over M.I.T. 7-2, Navy S-4, Army 8-1, Toronto 7-2, Fordham 7-2, Colby 9 ~0, Hobart 9-0, Bowdoin 7-2, Wesleyan 9-0, Stony Brook 9-0, Franklin, & Marshall6-3, Wesleyan 9-0, Williams S-4, and M.I.T. 6-3. The two season losses were Amherst 3-6 and Yale 1-8. Lettermen were John S. Gates, lance R. Maid, Mallard D. Owen, Sumner Pingree, Andrew H. Porter, Daniel W. Reese, Thomas G. Ricks, Thomas M. Shultz, Charles P. Stewart and Captain Malcolm L. Davidson, who also won the Newton C. Brainard Squash Racquets Award . A letter award was made to Timothy A. Cross, by special recommendation of Coach Roy A. Oath. The john Mason Most Improved Squash Player Award was won by LanceR. Maid. Stephen H. Norris also served on the 1973-1974 squad, and the team manager was Katherine B. Epes.


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Under NCAA and ECAC rules, women have been allowed to compete in swimming for the past two years, and this season the squad counts seven coeds on its roster of nineteen swimmers. One division of the swim team that is stronger than in past years is its divers, all of whom were women this year. The season's record of two and eight does not indicate the consistency of Trinity's competition against formidable, well-trained rivals, nor do the scores reflect the excellent performances of individual swimmers. All of Trin ity's meets have been much closer than the scores tend to indicate. Trinity defeated Amherst 57-56 and Holy Cross 69-44, while losing to R.P.I. 47-66, . ufts 51-60, Union 54-59, Bowdoin 3674, Coast Guard 44-67, M.I.T. 35-78, W.P.I. 40-73 and Wesleyan 30-81. Letters were awarded to Steven G. Cecil, Barbara L. Clark, James E. Oevery, Theodore F. Eynon, Michael T. O'Brien, Eugene Y. Shen, JoAnn Simons, Ronald M. Williams, and Manager laurie Blair. In addition to winning a letter, Captain Frederick R. Stehle was presented with the John Slowik Most Valuable Swimmer Award. umerals were awarded to James T. Bradt, Barbara E. Hayden, Robert C. Meyer, Walter l. Stewart, David l. Teichmann, Elizabeth 1<. Tyson and Francis A. Grubelich, who also received the Robert Slaughter Most Improved Swimmer Award. Other members of the squad were Marian Kuhn, Peggy Palmer and Jody S. Scala. The swim team was coached by Robert Slaughter.


1974 was an excellent year for lacrosse at Trinity, as the squad solidified into a coordinated team, providing unequalled entertainment for the Trinity sports fan. Starting off lowly, the laxmen dropped three of their first four decisions. Fortunately, the team jelled into a cohesive unit, and reeled off four successive victorie . The offense ama ed fifty-three goal over this tretch, while the defen e yielded only eighteen goals. Running into stiffer competition at the end of the ea on, th Bantams were overcome in their last three games, ending the season with a five and six record. At times brilliant, breaking the ollege team scoring record with 161 points, in onsistency produ ed letdowns, which proved the difference in the close games. Nick Bensley broke the record for most points accumulated during a single season, scoring 41 points on 26 goals and 15 assists. Following Bensley were Chris Max with 32 points, and Mark Cleary with 30 points. The defense was centered around Jeff Ford, a goalie capable of spectacular performances in the nets. Ford smashed the Trinity record for goalie saves, denying 176 shots. Protecting Ford was a strong defense con i ting of All-American candidate Rip Lincoln, who served as team captain, Paul Griffith, Jerry LaPlante and Bill Curren. Trinity defeated Tufts 5-4, Fairfield 12-5, New Haven 16-3, M.I.T. 11-4, and Rhode Island 14-6, while losing to Holy Cross 6-7, Amherst 6-7, Bowdoin 9-15, Union 13-15, Middlebury 6-12 and Wesleyan 9-14. Varsity letters were awarded to Bruce N. Bensley, Mark R. Cleary, Michael G. Moffitt, Timothy P. Stevens, Francis F. Chase, David A. Ford, Ronald W. Kaplan, David W. Lander, David W. Lewis, Steven E. Lewis, David A. Ludlum, Christopher C. Max, Christopher G. Mooney, A. Robert Murenia, Richard W. Schweikert, Charles A. Soloman, Allan B. Stark, Richard F. Tucci, R. Christopher Adams, William D. Curren, Paul H. Griffith, Peter K. W. Harris, Gerald F. LaPlante, George J. Lincoln, Thomas S. Thatcher, and JeffreyS. Ford. The John Francis Boyer Lacrosse Award went to Christopher C. Max. Timothy P. Stevens was awarded the Mears Prize in Physical Education. Other members of the team were Stephen P. Alpern, Christopher D. Imlay, Robert E. Toomey, and Christopher Sehring. Varsity lacrosse was coached by Chet McPhee, assisted by Brett Hall. Team manager were Debra J. Rochelle, Lucie L. Richards and Jeffrey L. McPhee.


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The 1974 varsity tennis season was not scintillating in term of the team's overall match record, one and eight, but there were many bright spots. Spirit was generally high, despi~e . losses to traditional rivals such as Amher t, Wesleyan and Williams, and despite the fact that very poor weather ke~t prac~ice indoors for the longest time in Trinity history. EspeCially bnght wa the fine crop of sophomor s who added both tal~nt and enthusiasm to the line-up. Jim Solomon played #2 smgles and doubles and came on very strong at the end of the a on with impre;sive single wins over opponent from Springfie!d and Army. "Sols" has a very good future in Trinity tennis. Hob1e Porter was a fine asset in doubles, as he teamed with Solomon at the #2 position. John Porter provided the most pleasant s_urprise of ~he season. John played # 6 single , and wa a unan1mous cho~ce for the Craig Award, given to the player on the team havmg demonstrated the most improvement. john Gould, Bob Purcell, Bob Martin, and Charlie Stewart are four fin sophomores who also worked really hard this year, giving much depth to the team. Another bright spot was the third doubles team of captain Jon Emery, and captain-elect John Lynham. Emery-Lynham complied an excellent record of seven and one in doubles play, and narrowly missed a seeding in the New England tourname~t. In that tournament, standouts were Jim Solomon and Mark Williams who each reached the third round of their respective singles divisions. All in all, Trinity finished about in the middle of the Twenty-four teams that entered. In addition to Emery, ~in颅 ner of the Gold Award, Trinity tennis w ill lose two more semors to graduation, jim Kerans played #4 singles and #1 do~bles with Mark Williams, and his dazzling left-handed shots w1ll be missed. Don Hawley played # 8 singles, and was a very valuable asset to the team as he provided much guidance and leadership assistance to the captain and coach. Th~ <:>utlook for next year's team is good. Solomon, Lynham and W1llla_ms lo~k to be especially strong, and with good support from th1s years sophomores the Dathmen should improve upon this year's record without' too much trouble. Trinity's single win was against Con_necticut College 6-3, with losses to Williams 1-8, Yale 1-8, Amherst 2-7, UConn 1-8, Springfield 4-5 ~ M .I.T. 3-6, Wesleyan 2-7; and Army 3-6. Letters were awarded to Jonathan W. Emery, James J. Kerans, John M. Lynham, Jonathan D. Porter, James E. Solomon and Mark W. Williams. Other members of the squad were John W. Gould, Don C. Hawley, Robert S. Martin, Andrew H. Porter, Robert B. Purcell and Charles P. Stewart Ill. Varsity tennis was coached by Roy A. Oath.


It has been a long time since Trinity has had a winning season in track, but it has also be n a long time since anyone has quit. Trinity's 1973-74 track team wa small in number, but strong in spirit. Each member of the team met the mentally and physically exhausting challenge of a sport which asks its participants to perform beyond their known capabilities. Success was realized in that dedicated, individual members ran well against the best trackmen in New England, finding the glory and the humiliation of a sport wherein competitive participation is a greater reward than victory. In the Easterns, Ron Duckett won first place in the hundred yard dash, Victor Novak placed second in discus, and Gary Czajkowski finished second in triple jump. Ron Duckett qualified for the ew England-Canadian ational Championships at the N w Englands, and became coholder of the 100 yard dash record for the New Englands with a 9.7. Letter were awarded to Donald C. Baur, Jeffrey R. Clark, Henry R. Clement, John H. Connelly, James E. Forbes, Gary A. Morgans, Jonathan Naab, Victor F. Novak, Andrew H. Porter, Harold A. Smullen, Kevin A. Stover, and by special recommendation, Archie Colander, Jr. In addition to winning letters, Gold Award went to Captain Ronald Duckett and Gary l. Czajkowski. Czajkowski was presented with the RobertS. Morris Track Trophy. umerals were awarded to John G. Childers, Anthony J. Trivella and John T. Ziewacz. Members of the track squad were Gregory Barison, Jo eph A. Calabro, Michael C. Cheney, Frederick P. Clark, Randall B. Cole, Thomas P. Heslin, RichardS. Lovering, Peter A. Silkowski and Andrew S. Taussig. Track was coached by Jack Daniels and assisted by Dick Taylor.

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After five and a half months of preparation, Trinity's varsity heavyweight program began its racing season this April with an easy four length victory over WPI. By the time the season had ended, the varsity heavyweight eight had not lost a race. Before going to Philadelphia for the Dad Vail, the Hartford oar men had defeated Coa t Guard and St. Jo ph' in th MasonDowns and President's Cups, respectively. Undoubtedly these two victories had to be the highlights of the ea on for orm Graf's third undefeated heavyweight eight. At the Dad Vail, Trio was able to beat all but three of the twenty-seven boats entered in the heavyweight varsity division. Although rowing one of their finest races of the eason, Trinity was unable to match the progress of St. joe's, the Coast Guard, and winner of the Vail, U-Mass, for the second year in a row. While unable to impro e the 1973 finish in the Vail, this had to be considered another outstanding season for orm Graf and his rew. In six of the seven years of Coach Graf's guidance, his var ity boat ha reached the finals of the Vail, th one xception being in a y ar that had nearly ten potential finalists. The 1974 season will end offically for the Trinity crew at the IRA's in Syracuse, New York, where Trinity hopes to defend its two year owner hip of the pair without cox'n event, thanks to Brown '73 and Ric i '73 then to win the cox d four vent. In the latter event, with nearly the same personnel this year as last, place seventh by winning the petite finals. In addition, the heavyweight program produced a second place finisher in the pair without cox'n event at the Dad

Vail, a third pia e in the freshman division and a junior varsity eight. For the freshmen, the final of the Vail had to be the biggest frustration of the season, for ten strokes into the race, an oarlock keeper opened, allowing an oar to pop out. Before the boat could readjust, they were a solid three length behind the field, but regardl ss of this disadvantage, they were able to come back and finish a strong third. The 1975 season looks again promising, for, under the leadership of Captain-elect Phil Wendler, both var ity and junior varsity boats look strong. From this year's varsity eight, only two members will be lost, Curt jordan and Charlie Putnam, although they have contributed immeasureably as captains and mainstays of the varsity boat. Charlie Putnam has been stroking the varsity for two years and his loss will present a n w problem of finding a stroke. Two boatloads of lower cia oar men, how ver, in the junior varsity and freshman boats, are expect d to add a great deal of competition for varsity seats next year.



Varsity boat was comprised of Co-Captains Charles W. Putnam and R. Curtis Jordan, Harold W. Anderson, P. vonRyll Gryska, Philip A. Wendler, Edward L. Berghausen, Burton L. Apfelbaum, Benjamin Brewster and Richard P. Eadie. The Hartford Barge Trophy was awarded to Burton Apfelbaum. Lightweights were Robert A. Sears, Andrew L. Isaac, Geoffrey R. Booty, John Doolittle, John Fisher, Jr., John R. Gowell, Edward M. Potter, Thomas W. Goldberg, and Thomas H. Martin, winner of the Coach's Award. Junior Varsity boat was crewed by William A. Matthews, Michael M. Brown, Stephen 0. Stueck, Anthony J. Mazzarella, John H. Grous, Peter A. Stisser, William J. Boster, Charles D. Cohn and John J, Fennerty, who won the Torch Award. John C. laPorte, Andrew M. Paalberg, Henry C. Riely, Mark J. Salonia arid Henry V. Holz II mad up Four Boat. Freshman boat was crewed by David I. Greenspan, Clark W. Patterson, Charles A. Poole, James E. Plagenhoef, David L Teichmann, James K. Gardner, William M. Shoff, Michael Mackey and James S. Chapin, winner of the Wicks Rowing Prize. Pair was William H. Barney and E. Chad Mooney, and Spares were Kenneth N. Goldenberg, John G. Mezochow and Eric J. Werner, Crew was coached by Norman Graf and Gary Caldwell, with Kevin C. Baker e rving as Manager.

ifornia 94118; Samuel W. M. Thayer, R.O. #2, Beth1 hem, Pennsylvania 18017; Jo Willie Thomas, 565 Quincy Street, Brooklyn, New York 11221; Stephen J. Thomas, 720 West Moss, Peoria, lllinoi 61606; Jonathan S. Thompson, 14 Winthrop Avenue, Middletown, New York 10940; Robert P. Thompson, Jr., 2000 Papermill Road, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 19006; Roderick M. Thompson, 5337 South University, Chicago, Illinois 60615; Walter A. Thompson, 172-24 133rd Avenue, Apartment 50, jamaica, N w York 11434; William D. Thompson, 34 Vernon Street, Hartford, Connecticut 06106; Ellen A. Thomson, 19 Leatherstock ing Lane, S arsdale, New York 10583; Stephen J. Thoren, 29 Amaryllis Drive, Wind or, Connecticut 06095; Susan C. Thorn, 235 Superior Boulevard, Elkhart, Indiana 46514; Joanne B. Tierstein, 1029 Fairview Place, Hillside, New jersey 07205; Elizabeth B. Tilghman, Longwood Crossing, Cedarhurst, ew York 11516; Jamie 8. Tilghman, Longwood Crossing, Lawrence, Long Island, New York 11559; Margaret Tillmann , 7 Pioneer Road, We tport, Connecticut 06880; Susanne G. Tilney, Fowler Road, Far Hills, New Jersey 07931; Victoria M. Tilney, Tanglewood Crossing, Lawrence, Long I land, New York 11559; Phyllis Timm, 51 Shore Drive, Meriden, Connecticut 06450; W. Charles Tomlinson, Brookfield Center, Connecti ut 06805; Robert E. Toomey, Jr., 3 Normandy Road, South Hadley, Masa husetts 01075; Carl G. Torrey, Jr., 134 West Highland Avenue, Philadelphia, Penn ylvania 19118; louis P. Tortor , 43 linwood Street, Andover, Mas achu setts 01810; Robert A. Towner, 280 First Avenue, N w York, New York 10009; Richard J. Trachimowicz, 22 Crestlan Circle, Worcester, Massachu etts 01604; C. Bowdoin Train, 3101 Woodland Drive, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008; John 8. Traino, Jr., 1512 Marsh Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19803; Glennon J. ravis, 8 Exmoor Drive, St. Louis, Mis ouri 63124; Steven D. Triggs, 2501 East Bay Drive, Largo, Florida 33540; Anthony J. Trivella, 216 Highfield Drive, Torrington, Connecticut 06790; Barbara A. Trudeau, 1200 Berlin Turnpike, Wether field, Connecticut 06109; Richard F. Tucci, 97 Jacobs Terrace, Middletown, Connecticut 06457; Ann E. Tulcin, 45 Franklin Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583; Emily N. Twaddell, R.D. 4, We t Chester, Pennsylvania 19380; Deborah R. Tyner, 513-46th Street, ' S.E. #2, Washington, D.C. 20019; Elizabeth K. Tyson, 7 Buttonwood Lane, Darien, Connecticut 06820.

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Trinity defeated Colby 4-2, Coast Guard 8-3 and 5-3, Hartford 6-4, Tufts 4-2, Bowdoin 8-7, and Bates 6-5, while losing to Colby 0-6, Williams 3-4, Coast Guard 1-4, W.P.I. 6-9, Tufts 24, Amherst 3-9, Springfield 7-18, Bate 1-4, and We leyan 3-9, 2-5 and 5-8. Letters were awarded to Robert K. Andrian, Steven 8. Carlow, John M. Holik, John j. Kindl, David J. Kuncio, Stephen J. Thoren, and John 0. Wiggin. In addition to winning letters, Richard 8. Hall, Michael S. Hoskinson, and Captain William F. Scully were pre ented with old Awards, David J. Kuncio was honored with the john Swe t Batting Award, and J. Michael Getz was named th recipi nt of the Dan Webster Most Valuable Player Award. Other members of the squad were Clarkson Addi , Thomas A. Cangelosi, Richard W. Goode, Jr., and Richard T. Wyatt. he team was oached by Robert E. Shults, and managed by Douglas J. Sander on.



The 1974 Trinity baseball team struggled around the five hundred mark for most of April, until a five game losing streak wrecked all hopes of a winning campaign. They managed to end the season on a winning note, however, by capturing two out of three games in a tripleheader with Bowdoin and Bates to finish with a record of seven and eleven. Strong individual performances by juniors Dave Kuncio and Mike Getz led the Bantams offensively throughout the year. Kuncio batted at a torrid .409 clip to lead all hitters, and Getz, who finished second at .375, provided most of the power by leading the team in extra base hits and RBis. In the pitching department, senior john Kind! was the most consistent hurler, registering two wins and a fine earned run average of 2.57. The high point of the season for the Bantams had to be their victory over crosstown rival University of Hartford, to bring home the City Championship for the first time since 1971.



0 The members of the 1974 golf team produced not only the be t re ord of any Trinity varsity during the spring season, but al o compiled the most win ever by a Trinity golf team, ending the a on with a nine and fo ur re ord. The team came in second in th Connecticut State lntercollegiates, and fini hed in eleventh place in the New England lnt r llegiat . In the former event, perennially dominat d by Central Connecticut, Trinity finish d a strong second, led by Peter Schuller' 73, the lowest co re eve r posted by a Trinity player in that event. In the ew England , while fini hing in the top third, eleventh plac wa a di appointm ent. In 1 66, Trin ity golf rs ama sed and eight and two record, the best at that time in the history of the sport at Trinity. Since th en, reco rd s have faltered and general interest in the sport has waned, resulting in a deempha is in go lf as a var ity sport. Despite this, the golf team showed that it ould win and win convinci ngly. Although losing enior Finken taedt, Taussig and Schuller, talented veteran players are expe ted to ontinu the trend, reestablishing the importan e of gol f as a major port at Trinity. The 1973-1974 tea m defeated Rhode Island 4-3, Worcester Polytech 4-3, Connecticut College 7-0, U. Hartford 4-3, Bowdoin S-2, Wesleyan 6-1, Coast Guard 6-1, A.I.C. 7-0 and M.I.T. 7-0. Matche w re lost to Williams 3-4, Dartmouth 3-4, Springfield 3-4, and Harvard 0-7. M mbers of the Trinity golf team wer Henry Bruce, Captain George Finkenstaedt, Chris jennings, Peter Schuller, Tom Shultz, Ed Staudinger, Andy Taussig and alternate Rich Huoppi. The Wykoff Golf Aw짜d was presented to Peter A. Schuller.

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Trinity FENCING closed the season with a three and eight record, finishing in eighth place at the ew Englands, held at Southeast rn Massachusetts University. The Thomas Taylor Fencing Trophy was awarded to Richard M. Dubiel, and the Chase Memorial Fencing Award went to Captain J ffery Martin and Manager Katherine Cogswell. The team defeated Northeastern 16-11, Robinson School15-3 and Holy Cross 1512, while losing to Fairfield 12-15, Brown 8-19, W.P.I. 12-15, Yale 3-24, Southeastern Mass 10-17, Brandeis 13-14, M.I.T. 720, and Yale 4-5. The latter mat h was a women's competition. Women's foil participated in Brown, W.P.I. and Southeastern Mass matches. The memb rs of th team, coached by Ralph Spinella, w re Steven G. Batson, Katherine F. Cogswell, Richard M. Dubiel, Mark D. Farber, Lawrence R. Glassman, Neil B. Glassman, Harold C. Granger, Blair A. Heppe, Honor Lassalle, Jeffery R. Martin, ucien V. Rucci, Roger I. Schreck, and David L. Stiles. In its first full season as a club sport, the Trinity WATER POLO team performed admirably. With Captain Gene Shen and Dave Teichmann as the only experienced water polo players, the Ducks were able to play to a three and three regular season record, and were invited to participate in the New England Intercollegiate Water Polo Championships at Brown. The first week of school saw an initial group of about twenty show up at Trowbridge Pool to come out forth t am. From the tart it was obvious the y ar wa to be exciting. After an exhibition match with Phillip Exeter, the team began to get it together, and while losing an opener to an experien ed power, lost two close games and won the last three straight. Tne highlight of the season was in overtime against UMASS, in which Bill Brown scored two of his game-season high eleven goals, and the defense sternly repelled the Pilgrims, allowing only one goal to clinch the victory. In the postseason tourney, the Ducks fought three strong teams in the round robin, losing each by only one point, to b named fourth in ew England, and placing five men on the All- ew England team; more than any other school in the conference. In regular season play, Trinity defeated UMASS 17-15, and twice beat University of Rhode Island 13-5 and 10-8. The team lo t game to Southern Connecticut twice, 10-11 and 6-10, and lo t to Boston College 4-6. In the New Englands, Trinity lost to Boston College 5-6, Southern Connecticut 4-5 and Bowdoin 4-5. Members of the team were Gene Shen, Dave Teichmann, Bill Brown, Steve Cecil, Ted Stehle, Jim Bradt, Rob Meyer, Jim Finkelstein, Paul Griffith, Larry Levine, Mike O'Brien, Stan Coldich, Paul Saner, Dave Rosen, Charlie White and Ron Williams. Cici Chick served as manager of the water polo team.

PO The I DOOR TRACK sea on wa very brief. The team was able to participat in only three meets, one of which was the Indoor New England Championships. The season was, nonetheless, a success in many respects. The team scored very well in all meets, and they also attracted a number of new trackmen who w re v ry valuable to the outdoor season. The competition wa excellent, and Trinity was able to a hieve many important individual victories, even though no team meet was won. The season led to a team spirit that was to last through the outdoor season. The re ord includ d meet with Williams 31 Y2-73 and Wesleyan 31 Y2-15Y2, Central Connecticut 30~87 and Coast Guard 24-94, and in the New England Championship , Amherst 31 Y2-31. In the latter event, Ron Duckett cored fourth in the sixty yard dash, and Gary Czajkowski placed sixth in triple jump. Members of the 1973-1974 Indoor Track team, coached by Jack Daniels, were Gregory R. Barison, Donald C. Baur, David B. Beers, Joseph A. Calabro, John G. Childers, Frederick P. Clark, Jeffrey R. Clark, Gary l. Czajkowski, Ronald Duckett, James E. Forbes, Gary A. Morgans, Victor F. Novak, Harold A. Smullen, Kevin A. Stover, AndrewS. Taussig, Anthony J. Trivella, John T. Ziewacz. The WRESTLING Team was beset by numerous injuries, and as a result, finished with a rather disappointing eason's record. Impressive individual records, however, were established by Mike O'Hare and Bobby Freeman both of whom will be returning next year. Matches were lost to UCONN JV 21-34, Wesleyan 6-40, W.P.I. 15-37, Massachusetts Maritime 10-46, U. Hartford 7-38, Amherst 6-40, Southern Connecticut 24-28 and Central Connecticut 0-7. The 1973-1974 team, coached by Richard A. Taylor, took thre thirds, Friedman, Doyle and O'Hare, in the JV Tourney of over one hundred wrestler . Members of the team were Joseph A. Calabro, )arne W. Cobbs, Jr., Carey J. Doyle, Robert J. Friedman, David A. Katzka, Steven M. Kayman, Geoffrey G. Lee, Michael E. Leverone, Richard Meier, Philip K. Meister, Michael E. O'Hare, David A. Rosen, John J. Shaskas, Allan B. Stark and Jonathan A. White. last winter, Trinity put together its fir t WOMEN'S BASKETBAll team, coached by Jane Fox. Sophomore Su Thorn wa the tops in accura y with a .40 field goal percentage, followed by Dawn Eb rhard with .31. Paula Klein led the team with an average of 10.3 points cored per game, closely followed by Su Thorn with 9.7 and Meg McGrail with 8.9. The t am nded the season with a four and four record, consisting of wins over Ea tern Conne ti ut 36-32, Mohegan Community 76-22, Williams 39-30 and Miss Porter's School 41-39, and losses to Eastern Connecticut 33-34, Connecticut College 33-39, Wesleyan 32-47 and Yale 23-31. Squad members were Captain Dawn S. Eberhard, Mary A. Keller, Paula M. Klein, Margaret C. McGrail, Susan C. Thorn, and Priscilla B. Williams. The team was managed by Karen Blakeslee, and David A. Solis served as statistician.



The WOMEN'S LACROSSE had a disappointing season which ended in a record of 0-7-1. Trin:ty tied Yale in their firs real game, after splitting with Connecticut College and Mount Holyoke in an opening jamboree. Two freshmen were the top scorers of the team. Second home Barbara Hayden netted seventeen goals, and first home, Letitia Erler, scored ten times. Most of the members of the team were beginner , who gained valuable experience over the season, and who will be returning to form the nucleus of a stronger squad in the coming year. The tie game was Yale 7-7. Trinity was defeated by Connecticut College 4-5, Taft 4-10, Brown 1-3, Rosemary Hall 5-7, Smith 3-14, Miss Porter's 8-12, U Rhode Island 4-5 and Williams 4-10. Members of the squad were Elizabeth A. Barnes, Karen S. Blakeslee, Paula F. Colangelo, Mary H. Coolidge, Katherine B. Epes, Co-Captain Margaret H. Erhart, letitia l. Erler, Mary T. Fish, Margo l. Halle, Co-Captain Barbara E. Hayden, Caroline McC. Hollingsworth, Phoebe C. Kapteyn, Cynthia S. Mohr, Jane Papps, Jody S. Scala, laurie G. Tanner, Sally N. Weber, and Manager Priscilla B. Williams.



RO Mr. and Mrs. Harry Abery M r. and Mrs. Elliot Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Ackert, Jr. Antoinette S. Allegra Mr. and Mrs. john J. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Walter Amory Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Ander on, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Aronne Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Barison Mr. and Mrs. William M. Barnes Dr. and Mr . j .j. and Ada Bentman Mr. and Mrs. Ralph U. Bercovici Miss Robin Aldred Bodell Mr. and Mrs. James Bonfils Mr. and Mrs. john R. Bonniwell Mr. and Mrs. John Bristow Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brodie Mr. and Mr . Solomon Z. Bromberg Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Brush John W. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Alan E. Budnick Bob Buffum Mr. and Mrs. John I. Butterfield George C. Capen Dr. and Mrs. john E. Cartland, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon A. Cassin Dr. and Mrs. Eugene l. Childers Dr. and Mr . Mortimer R. Cholst Mr. and Mrs. George J. Clark Dr. and Mrs. J. Kapp Clark Jame W . Cobbs Mr. and Mrs. J. Ferd Convery, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Cook Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Cuminale Fred Dahl Dr. and Mrs. R. Clement Darling Mr. and Mrs. Richard l. Davies Mr. and Mr . William G. Davis Mr . George F. Degen Mr. and Mrs. John F. Desmond Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Detwiler Dr. and Mrs. George H. Dickinson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Dobrowski Mr. and Mrs. John f . Donnell Mr. and Mrs. O liver L. Einstein Mr. and Mrs. j . D . Emery

Mr. and Mrs. Ostrom Enders Charles H. Erhart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Fa ler Audrey and Irving M . Feinman Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M . Felton Barbara E. Fernandez Mr. and Mrs. Mason Fernald Milton M. Fenner, Jr. George Mallette Ferris Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fink n taedt Dr. Carland M. Fitzpatrick Dr. and Mrs. James l. Gamble, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. john Gianis Mr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Gidding Dr. and Mrs. E. Glassman Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Goldenberg joseph A. DeCrandi Mr. and Mr . Dudley H. Crape Mrs. Walter H.' Gray Mr. and Mrs. Herman W . Hall Mr. and Mrs. David Halle Paul J. Hamby Mr. and Mrs. Charle E. Hart Ill Mr. and Mrs. John Hasychak, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Hobart B. Hewett Mrs. Vivian C. Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hollingsworth, r. Mr. and Mrs. Egmont Horn Osmo Huoppi Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ingria Dr. Kimishige lshizaka George Wellington Jensen II, 77 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robert judd Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Ka he Dr. and Mrs. Bernard l. Kaye Mr. and Mrs. John Kitchen Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Kru z Mr. and Mr . john l. Kuhn Mr. and Mrs. Max Kupferberg Rene and Lucille Lacharite Dr. and Mrs. Joel S. Lawson, Jr. Monroe Leigh Mr. and Mrs. Harry I. Levine Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Levy Mr. and Mrs. Palmer P. Liberatore Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Linehan Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Luria

Bernard S. Mandler Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marvonek Mr. and Mrs. Dan Maus, Jr. Alexander S. MacDonald, Jr., M .D. Mr. and Mr . Robert K. Mardfin Marilyn and Dick Martin Harry McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. McKay Sheldon and joan M i ter Earl M illard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Mill r Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell H. Miller Harold T. M . Millikin Mr. and Mr . William j. Milner Rudolph Montgelas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knapp Mooney A. H nry Moses Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Myers Edward A. Newman, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Obrock Robert B. O'Connor, '16 Dr, and Mr . George M . Olive, Jr. Mr. and Mr . john R. Orrick Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Papel Dr. and Mrs. A. S ymour Parker Mr. and Mr . Paul D. Pasquine Mr. and Mr . Carl A. Pelzel Mrs. John Picone Dr. and Mrs. amuel L. Pollock Mrs. T. Randolph Potter Mr. and Mrs. john W . Powell, 2nd Frank W . and Mary A. Pr j nar Mrs. Byron L. Ram ing Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Resnick Captain and Mrs. Frederic D. Riley Mr. and Mrs. Milton R o hnik Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Root Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rosati Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Ro en Mr. and Mr . Milton Ro olowsky Mason Rowley Dr. and Mrs. Olinda 0. Santopietro Dr. and Mrs. Loui P. axe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W . Schreier Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schumer Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Sear Mr. Irvine R. Shelnitz Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sherman Colonel Charles Upton Shreve, USAR Mr. and Mrs. . Fr d hultz William C. and jessie C. Sibert Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Siedlecki Anthony and Helen Silkowski Mr. and Mr . Robert H. ilver Frank and Mary Slusarz Sol and Rita Smoland Mr. and Mrs. Harold A . Smullen, Sr.

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Staudinger Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Stewart, Jr. LTC and Mrs. Sam P. Stewart Cecil C. Stiles Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Stoddard Mr. and Mr . Rob rt C. Sturk n Wyatt E. Sullivan Or. and Mrs. Pau l W. Sutton, Jr. Mr. and Mr . Le ter Swett Z. Tc heyan Robert P. Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Toland, Jr. Robert E. Toomey john B. Traina, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Veith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. T. j. Walsh Dr. jerome P. We bster Tom W icker Mr. and Mrs. John Wierzbicki Mr. and Mrs. John T. Wilcox Palmer Williams Mr. and Mrs. William M. A. Wilson

Eric W. Wolf Dr. and Mrs. Julius Wolfram Mr. and Mrs. Orrin G. Wood, Jr. William L. Woods, R.P.T. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Anderson Wright, Jr. Mrs. Richard G. Wyland Mr. and Mrs. Vernon C. Wyle William M. Yelenak Mr. and Mrs. Edward Young Vertrees Young, '15 Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Zimmers


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Publi ation of the IVY i made possible, in large part, by the support of our patrons and advert is rs. Trinity student pend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in the Hartford


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~~~~~~:::::·~·-··:~:·~ ·~1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~·~·~~~~-~-~~~~~~~.~-~~· MISS PEACH, Reprinted by permission of Field Enterprises, Inc.

comm unity for goods, services and entertai nment. On th following pages are the merchants and establishments who show their appreciation to Trinity, byhsupportinhg tudent activitie uch a t e IVY. T e e are by no means the only firms that profit from rinity, but these are the people who are willing to financially support our stud ent project , to show their good will and their thanks to the Trinity students. We hope you will continue to favor them with your business.


TS 246-0055

Compliments of Your . . .


General R pairs Jos. Castro, Proprietor






ew Haven-Old aybrook


RAY Free Delivery Service

D & D PACKAGE STORE Delicious Pizzas and Hot Oven Grinders

417 New Britain Avenue


CALL 249-6833 Keg Beer on Ice-Large Selec tion of Liquors, Imported W ine and B er



Across From Ca m pus ew Bri tain Avenue Hartford, Connecticut

Marble Pillar

Pho ne 247-0234

Known For German-American Food Lowenbrau-On-Tap 22 Central Row

Congratulations to the stud nts of Trinity College '




Wine Merchants "Rare Vintages"

ARROW PACKAGE STORE 23 New Britain Avenue Phone 247-2214

Hartford, Connecticut Tom & Bill

Special Consultations By Appointment




242 Trumbull St.

Hartford, Conn.



National Typewriter Co., Inc. OLYMPIA TYPEWRITER DEALE R

Trewhella's Gulf Service 265 WASHINGTON STREET HARTFO RD, CO


Sales, Rentals, Repairs On All Makes of Typewriters, Duplicators, Adding Machine and Checkwrit r Duplicators and Office Supplies Spe<:ial Rental Rates to Stud nt

Car Care Is My Bu siness

Phone 527-11 15 247 Asylum Street


Hartford, Connecticut


Sanitary Engineers and Contractors FORTY ELM STREET HARTFORD CO NECTICUT

DILLON MAILING BUREAU Complete Letter Shop Service 250 PEARL STR EET HARTFORD, CO NECTICUT Telephone 527-5121





. ..


Telephone 289-0221

Flooring Contractors



Ace Hardware, Inc. 394 New Britain Av . Hartford, Ct. 06106 247-9704




LI QUOR Corner BROAD and MAD ISON Streets


Outstanding Landmark in the Greater Hartford area. Symbol of financial protection in literally millions of North American families, homes and businesses. Pioneer in new and needed insurance coverages and ideas.

This is The Travelers, serving the insurance needs of communities coast-to-coast s ince 1864.

THE TRAVELERS Maybe we can help.


~? /3-/L_h TRINITY

0{-ew- '<'ri ..u;~ y. s-

DRUG CO. Ale Goldin Ph.G. 1284 Broad t.



R gi ter d Pharmacist Hart fo rd, onn.



Books of All Publ ish ers



I HARTFORD 65 As lum Street WE T HARTFORD %8 Farmingt n Avenue IN MIODL TOW 45 Broad Street

Printer of the 1974 IVY




"just around the corne r fro m the Hilton" ·

Robert . Knox, Jr. Herbert R. Bland, C. P.C.U. Andrew W. Milligan , f dward J. Casey orman C. Kayser, C.P. .U. E. Robert Zenke H. W . B. Donegan II james B. Slimmon, Jr. lohn K. Luther, C. L.U .

~" CJJnggsPaint C5'lrts Company-


94 AsvLu M sTREET HART FORD . CONN. 06101


Lispenard B. Phister In Memory of Sydney D. Pinney '18

Divi ion of

arnation Company


In beginning a new century of publication, our attempt has been to create a book which does not diminish the tradition of Trinity, but which reflects the mood of 1974. Our hope is that the IVY, in addition to being an accurate record of the yea r, also captures ou r feeling , our opi ni ons and our concerns. In crediti ng those who made the 1974 IVY a reality, we would have to begin with linda Wyland, who served as Business Manager (which means Fundraiser, Bursar, Bookkeeper, Circulation Manager, Advertising Manager and Chief Cynic), but who al o shared the dream , the di appointments, and the work. The IVY owes a special debt of gratitude to the m ~mbers of the faculty and administration, who have re sponsibilities and problems of their own, but who still found time to give su b ~ stantia l assistance to the college yearbook. Bob Pedemonti paid our bills, gave us valuable advice, and helped keep the IVY solvent during a year of some very unique tax and financial problems. David lowe not o nly pushed our requests through Central Services in record time, but also came through with excellent photographs, always in our ho ur of need. Ralph Maddry allowed us underfoot, disrupting the ro uti ne of th e Registra r's Office, and helped us compile the directorie . H i personal assistance, along with that of Joanne Miller and his staff, was invaluable to us. Dan Ru so of the New Bureau opened his sports files to us, and Dick Taylor arranged some eleventh-hour miracles in our sports cove rage. Clara Fish and Irene Renshaw provided us with athletic statistics, and lucy Myshrall served as a tracer of lost persons and a cheerful voice of ncouragement. Lindsay Mann and the TRIPOD staff shared our trauma s, our darkroom and our goals. Michael Barry, Peter Basch, Martha Cohen, Jim Gomes, Matt Moloshok, Gary Morgans, Alison Stoddard and Sarah Throne wrote our feature articles, and Burt Apfelbaum, Greg Barison, Fran Congdon, Mac David son, Ron Duckett, Jon Emery, Bill Fenkel, Jonathan Frank, Don Hawley, Steve Kayman, Rip lincoln, Barry O'Brien, Peter Schuller, Bill Scully and Eugene Shen assisted w ith the sports articles. Doubling as an ad salesman, Jeff Carter worked as the IVY's photography coordinator, and suffered with us through a few deadlines when it seemed w e had more photographers in Antigua than at Trinity. lloyd Wolf and Dave levin gave unselfishly of their time and talents, and Phil Bieluch, David Duennebier, Rick Huoppi, Cindy Joice, Dan Kelman, Peter Lebovitz, Matt Quigley and Jody Scala all put in time behind the camera and in the darkroom. Many of the thankless, but absolutely necessary functions of publishing a yearbook wer~ handled hy letitia Erler. Stacie Hewitt, Julie Horowitz, and Kathi Marks. A special thanks goes to Dougie Clark, who e commitment ran into thP late hours of the summe r evenings,


when everyone else was gone. Our thanks also go to the members of the college community who understood and returned our "q uestionnaire" ... the feedback was essential in determining the specific content of the yearbook. We would like to thank Dave Ward, for hi profe sional photographi c ass i tance, and the Hartford Courant for the "energy crunch" photo on page 12. We are indebted to Courant News Librarian John F. Beegan for opening his offi e and his files to us, and to assistant librarian Ann Garvin, for the hours of resear h, the cooperat ion, and the coffee. Sincere thanks go to Herff )ones (associated w ith Trinity for years under the form r name of Bradbury), whose new associat ion with the Carnation Cow has re ulted in th ir toppin g their previ ous highs. Through HJ, we were able to afford color in the IVY, and th eir cooperation, as istance, and encouragement made possible the format whi h we wanted, within a budget we could afford. We are grat ful most of all to Herff Jone for providing us with Jim Findley, whose title is "G raphic Arts Specialist," but who literally became the conscience of the IVY, in spiring us when necessary, needling us at other times, and pitching in when we became wamped with details. We boun ced our id eas off Jim, and he taught u design, techniques, and graphi cs. He's the best in the business, and we were fortunate to have him with us. Our final thanks are directed to Robin Landy and the Budget Committee, and th e parents, advertisers and friends of Trinity, who very literally, mad possible the publication of the IVY. Sarah C. Detwiler Editor-in-Chief

•. ,