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VENI VIVE VITAM TOTAM Semester 1 June 2018, Issue 1, Volume 1


VENI VIVE VITAM TOTAM Semester 1 June 2018, Issue 1, Volume 1

IN THIS EDITION Flying The TCC Flag ......................................... 01 Queen’s Honour ............................................... 01 Good Business Sense ......................................01 A Doctor In The House – We Speak to TCC Past Boarder And Student Yvette Mellam (2010)................................................... 02 MPC Rises to Mercy ........................................ 03 Building Big –2009 College Captain Riley Griffin reflects on golden school days as strong foundations ............................ 04 TCC Partners with University of Melbourne ........................................................05 Building Report .................................................05 Go Make a Difference ...................................... 05 Ssshhhhh ..........................................................05

Dear Past Students,

Welcome to the first edition of “Veni Vive Vitam Totam”, the magazine designed specifically for the Past Students of The Cathedral College. I hope you will find it helps connect you with your old school. In late 2017, we made the decision to launch a Past Students’ Association to try to get a greater connection between the College and some 3000 students who have passed through its classrooms. We decided, very deliberately, that we would not be using this Association as a fundraising body, but would use it to establish connection and partnership with our alumni. Today, we have nearly 500 members of the PSA and I ask that you encourage more of your classmates to join. I thought I might give you some quick facts about TCC today. We are in our 28th year of existence and have an enrolment of 1170 students of whom 186 are boarders (106 girls, 80 boys). The College is at capacity in every area of enrolment – boarding and day – and there are waiting lists for entry to the College in all year levels. Year 7, 2019 has attracted over 270 applications for 220 places. We have just over 150 staff, including 78 teachers. Every lesson of the day we conduct between 45 and 50 classes.

Social Pages - Party in The Park ....................... 08

Most importantly, our staff and students are proud to carry on from where you left off. Of course, most of you have never left us, your legacy continues and being a member of the Past Students’ Association confirms this.

Sport ............................................................... 10

Enjoy your magazine’s First Edition & May God Bless You and Your Family.

A Letter from Boarding .................................... 06

VENI VIVE VITAM TOTAM Created twice yearly by the The Cathedral College for the Past Students’ Association this magazine is emailed to registered Past Students and the TCC Community. Stories: Photo editor: Design: Email: Telephone: Cover:

Pauline Crow & Meg Halberstater Pauline Crow MadeKnown (07) 4999 1300 2017 College Captains Anzac Day Parade Anna Crow, Bailey Anderson, Nicholas Lloyd, Chelsea Carroll

The Cathedral College is a Catholic Coeducational Boarding College in the Diocese of Rockhampton. The Cathedral College Community will strive by word and action to respond to Christ’s call to “Come, live life in all its fullness” (John 10:10).

Rob Alexander Principal (2010 - )


Earlier this year several excellently produced short videos by Past Students placed on The Cathedral College Facebook Page helped to launch the Past Students Association. Through their creative good works, word caught on and graduates from across the years registered. Thank you Jessica Hinchliffe, Dominic Jorgensen, Grace Griffin, Mitchell Shephard, Patrick Reddy, Carl Daniels, Jazna Smith, Jenna Batley (Smith), Anna Daniels, Suzy Ryan, Michael Rose and Nathan Ramm for your Gold Star performances!


REPRESENTING QUEENSLAND Jai Hansen 15 Years Rugby League Isabelle Shearer 15 Years Netball Jaymon Bob 16 - 18 Years Touch Boys Ben Farr 16 - 18 Years Touch Boys Lilly Peachey 16 - 18 Years Touch Girls

QUEEN’S HONOUR A most fitting accolade was announced for College legend, Mr Steve Parle OAM. Mr Parle who taught on the grounds of The Cathedral College from 1977 to 2015 was recently named in the Queen’s Birthday Honour List and will receive an Order of Australia Medal later this year for his outstanding contribution to Rugby League. Mr Parle volunteered tirelessly for the development of Rugby League through the many roles he fulfilled. Most notably Mr Parle, sworn in as inaugural President of the Rockhampton and District Secondary Schools Rugby League in 1987 continued in this role until 2014. Mr Parle was instrumental in cultivating Rugby League in Rockhampton and Queensland providing extraordinary opportunities for young people, for well over a generation. His generosity has inspired many lives, and The Cathedral College community, since it’s very inception has benefited enormously.

Mr Steve Parle with TCC 2015 Rugby League Open Players Sam Murphy, Jamie White, Peter Blucher, Jackson Reid, Kobe Hetherington and Brendan Sutton.

Thank you Mr Parle and congratulations.


Our Year 12 Business team won a three-way tie break to claim the title at the CQUniversity Business Challenge. Christian Halberstater, Rose Alexander, Rhett Petersen and Jessica Noakes used their skills and knowledge in accounting, business management, legal studies and current affairs to not only win the trophy but to impressively build their business acumen and will compete in the National competition in July. Congratulations team and best of luck. Semester 1 Ju ne 2 018, Issue 1, Volu me 1 | 1

A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE Y V ET T E MEL L A M: TCC Student & Boarder T I ME AT TCC: 20 0 9 & 2010 HOME TOWN: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


ongratulations Yvette on graduating from Medicine. You are currently an intern at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. Tell us more about this experience and your hopes for the future? Thank you

so much! I honestly can not believe I am finally doing what I have always dreamed of doing. Working full time is certainly a lot different to being a medical student for one, I am a lot more accountable and carry more responsibility than I ever have. I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying my experience at RBWH. The support system here is immense and invaluable, as is the clinical exposure for example, I just finished a 12 week rotation on neurosurgery. It was not something I preferenced, nor had I ever worked in a hospital that had a neurosurgical department, but I am grateful for the experience. I constantly get asked what I want to do when I grow up, what I want to specialise in. Maybe ask me in 5 years? I am still so spoilt for choice.

What led you to choose Medicine and how did you find the study in Townsville at JCU? Ever since my

childhood, I have always wanted to be a doctor. The significance of this career only began to resonate more with me as I got older and was able to appreciate the service health professionals provide to people. In particular, growing up in Papua New Guinea, the lack of access to healthcare due to both a lack of physical resources and human resources. Studying at JCU’s School of Medicine campuses in Townsville and Cairns provided an invaluable opportunity to specifically engage in rural and indigenous health. I have had the opportunity to do medical placements in Sarina, Charters Towers and Barcaldine, living in these communities for


weeks on end. I have also had the pleasure of doing placements back home in Papua New Guinea, and spending 2.5 months in Norway.

I am thankful to the friends who encouraged me to do these things as prior to coming to TCC, I never really wandered much outside of academic pursuits.

Studying medicine was without a doubt one of the most challenging things I have undertaken. It forced me to use my time preciously. But the challenge of medical school was overcome with the support of great lifelong friends I have made.

Treasured/funniest high school memory? Too many to mention! Most of

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Photography and travelling are

my favourite pastimes. Now that I have a full-time job, as do most of my friends, free time is golden time to catch up, and particularly now living in a city as large as Brisbane, it’s a great opportunity to try new things, eat out at new places and go sight-seeing outside the city.

Let’s head back to school briefly…. What House were you in? McAuley What subjects did you study? English, English Extension Literature, Maths B, Religion and Ethics, Information Processing and Technology, Chemistry and Biology. Favourite subject? Why? English and

English Extension Literature were by far my favourite subjects. I have always just had an affinity for words, writing and reading. Also, I had Mrs. Soanes and Dr. Reiman as my teachers respectively, and they were always so encouraging.

Best teacher? Why? Can I have three? In no particular order, Mrs. Soanes, Dr. Reiman and Mr. Stein. I always enjoyed the passion that these three teachers had for teaching, and so I also found learning in their classes to be easy and enjoyable. Did you enjoy any extra curricula activities? I enjoyed very shorts stints in

AFL, netball, rowing and the choir group.

my fondest memories where shared with the Res kids. They were my family away from home.

Lasting impression or great lessons learnt from your time at TCC?

Moving to TCC was my first big lesson in learning to adapt to a new environment, new people and being away from my family, forced me to be responsible for myself. Ultimately, I realised that only I am accountable for my own actions and choices.

You were a Res kid, perhaps you might care to share about your time at Boarding. What are some memories of Boarding at TCC? Maccas runs, the

pool table, Allan our bus driver who was always the sweetest man, Just Dance on the Nintendo wii.

Favourite Res Supervisor? Why? Del Murphy, OBVIOUSLY! She was always, always so nice to me and genuinely so concerned for my wellbeing. Even now, so many years out of boarding school, she still checks up on my sister and I. What were you most known for at Res? Being a nerd. How did your family come to choose TCC? My father used to be a university

academic, and he got offered a job at CQU (one he turned down after I was already enrolled at TCC). Coming from a Catholic family, a Catholic education was important and so TCC was a winner.

MPC RISES TO MERCY CENTRE How did you adjust to life at TCC and Boarding, in Rockhampton Australia after growing up in Papua New Guinea? On day one, 2 Res kids barged

into my room as soon as my mum and sister left me for the first time. I remember wanting to cry because it hit me that I was now in this new place all alone. But, their shock entrance into my room stopped me, and I never felt a need to cry since. The Res kids were my family, and so being so far away from my family was not as challenging as I had anticipated.

The biggest thing I had to adjust to were cultural differences in how I interacted with people. For example, coming from a school where we stood up to greet teachers or any visitors to our classrooms, you can imagine my shock horror at how much more casual student-teacher interactions seemed to be in comparison. Also the accent in “regional” Queensland is a lot heavier than the dulled down impression of what I thought an Australian accent was before moving here. I sometimes felt like people were speaking a whole other language. The slang was especially something to get used to. For example, on “maccas” runs in the “Res” van kids would yell “’shotty/ shotgun” - I did not understand what that meant. Disclaimer, I have since caught up.


n September 2016, special guests from Rockhampton Catholic Diocese, Catholic Education Office, the College, and representatives from local, state and federal government gathered for official opening and blessing ceremonies.

In the year celebrating the College’s 25th anniversary, the dreams and aspirations of the College’s forebears

were further realised with the expansion of the Multi-Purpose Centre. The MPC now includes two commercial kitchens, a restaurant, a deck, a gym and change rooms. In the Year of Mercy and with the College’s deep connections with the Sisters of Mercy, Bishop Michael McCarthy blessed and named the MPC, the Mercy Centre.

Favourite ‘life’ quote or words of advice? Philippians 4:13: “I can do all

things through Christ who strengthens me”- which to me, ultimately translates to “you can do absolutely anything that you put your mind to”.

Semester 1 Ju ne 2 018, Issue 1, Volu me 1 | 3

BUILDING BIG R IL EY GR IF F IN: TCC Student T I ME AT TCC: 20 05 - 20 0 9 OCCU PAT ION: Site Super visor, Grif f in Builders


CC 2009 College Captain Riley Griffin is focused on building a big future, site supervising for GRIFFIN GROUP’s $2.1Million project in the residential suburb of Yeronga on the banks of the Brisbane River. The five, 3 bedroom unit complex, is half way through construction due for completion in October and is the first foray for Griffin Builders in Brisbane with Riley at the helm. The Brisbane project, launched on the back of Griffin Builders’ success in Rockhampton, with Dad Brian in charge, allows Riley to develop his skills independently while continuing his studies in Project Management. “It’s practically like setting up a complete new business, sourcing suppliers and subcontractors and networking and building our GRIFFIN GROUP brand all over again in a new city. I’m working 10-11 hour days and I am loving this new venture,” he said. Once renowned for his beautiful singing, a change in tune has allowed Riley to chase his Construction goals. “It’s always been a dream to develop and build with Dad, and all things going well, I’ll have my own Builder’s Number soon,” he said. Riley, through Griffin Builders has also had a hand in the changing skyline of The Cathedral College involved in the construction of the College’s new entrance and the College’s new library, which is nearing completion.

Riley, let’s head back to school briefly…. What House were you in? Only the best - Rice House.


What subjects did you study?

Maths, Music and Legal Studies were my favourites.

Favourite subject? Well Music of

course but also hard to go past Maths with Mr. Paul Dever. ‘Probability’ lessons might have been taught and rationalized with a deck of cards and the statistics and logic of cricket scores during the summer were highly encouraged. Maths for teenage boys – it worked.

Best teacher? Without hesitation – Mr. Michael Jones. I studied Music and Music Extension under ‘Jonesy’ and you could say he paved the way for me to being accepted to study Classical Voice at the QLD Conservatorium following my years at TCC. I was invariably only ever concerned about the performance side of my Music studies and not the theory component. Mr. Jones always enforced that the two went hand in hand and of course, he was right. Did you enjoy any extra curricula activities? Probably TOO many if you

asked my Mum and Dad. I was a kid who loved to be involved in everything. Any chance to Public Speak and I was there but to represent the College on the sporting field made my heart sing as much as performing did. I guess you could say I was ….. ‘living life in all its fullness’!

Treasured high school memory? My

most treasured memory would have to be opening the 2008 Confraternity Carnival hosted by TCC in Rockhampton. I sang the ballad “This is the Moment” to a Browne Park capacity crowd packed with competing College football teams from all around the state. The very next morning I ran out with the Open A TCC Rugby League team to compete in the carnival. You could say I was a bit of a target after that, the ‘Choir Boy’, but I had a great team behind me and a Coach who always had my back.

Lasting impression or great lessons learnt from your time at TCC?

I was very fortunate to have a number of great male role models at TCC who I know undoubtedly shaped me to be the person I am today. Mr. Steve Parle OAM, Mr. Tim Murphy and Principal Mr. Mark Stower to name a few. These great men encouraged me to chase success, be myself and never deny the gifts one is given. They always reminded me that it was okay to be the ‘Choir Boy’ and the ‘Front Rower’ at the same time. That wealth of support has stayed with me forever and I am in no doubt influenced an easy transition for me from Classical Voice student to Apprentice Carpenter when I embarked on my career change 5 years ago.

You were College Captain; did any of your experiences in this role prepare you for what you are doing now?

Definitely! Being College Captain was the culmination of everything I strived to be during my time at TCC. I received the honour in 2009 and am very grateful for the opportunities that followed. Such as being a representative of an institution you have nothing but the greatest pride in, looking to exceptional Role Models for guidance and encouragement, and learning to find your Voice and using it to give respect, contribute, be heard yourself and hopefully gain respect in return. My experiences as College Captain of TCC solidified the very essence of that which I uphold in my work life today and we pride ourselves on at Griffin Builders - Quality. Integrity. Reliability.

Favourite ‘life’ quote or words of advice? That ballad …..’This is the

Moment’ – continues to resonate with me 10 years after I first performed it. ….. “This is the moment …. the greatest moment of them all”. Making each day ‘great’ – that’s the best advice ever!


The Cathedral College and the nations’ brightest minds in education will put their heads together to work on strategies to improve student learning and enhance teachers’ capacity at the College. The College is the only school in Queensland invited to join the University of Melbourne, Network of Schools (UMNOS) for 2018. Miss Rachele Belz is the College’s Success Coordinator to facilitate the initiatives from the 3 year partnership with ground breaking researchers, leading education theorists and collaborative networks. This year’s focus is Reading.

New Library & Student Services Building


$$$: $5.5M (includes old library refurb to Student Services Building). Handover: New Library 15 August 2018, Student Services end of October. Innovative Features: Very flexible learning spaces, Tiered Learning Area to allow 60 students to be at desks working interactively but can also hold House Assembly, talks with parents or presentations to an entire subject group.

Kettle Park, (Elizabeth St)

$$$: $1M. Completion Date: End of August (grass will need summer months to grow). Featuring: Sports: 2 Rectangular Playing Fields & Cricket Nets Track & Field: 400M Running track, Long Jump Pit, Shotput & Discus circle. Amenities: Canteen & Change Rooms.



The St Pat’s Project, a joint venture between The Cathedral College (Quinn House) and Bethany Residential Aged Care to revitalise a courtyard and garden space for residents is well underway and is due to be completed next term. Thank you Bethany for the opportunity to make a difference.

2019 College Musical, ‘How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying’ by Frank Loesser directed by TCC Past student Celeste Hack, PILBEAM THEATRE, August 23 - 25.

Semester 1 Ju ne 2 018, Issue 1, Volu me 1 | 5


CC Boarding is a place of belonging, where you enter as strangers and leave as friends. Assistant Principal: Boarding Ron Armstrong sends his signature warm greetings. Hello and a big ‘Boarding Welcome’ to all, especially our past boarders. This is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with your College and I hope that you will spread the word around to other TCC graduates to become involved in our Past Students’ Association, even if it is no more that to register to receive our newsletters, particularly our past boarders. Boarders have always been a special part of TCC and certainly bring a wonderful ‘flavour’ and extra dimension to our College life and identity as a boarding school. The recognition of the need for boarding was evident from TCC’s beginnings and the expansion into Boys’ Boarding ten years after TCC opened with Girls’ Boarding, reflected


families’ need for a College that could cater ‘for the whole family’ – a tradition that we try to continue honestly and in consideration of the sacrifices that boarders make in separating from their families to be a TCC Boarder (or “Res kid”).

purpose built for our needs. Boys’ Boarding is a two storey building with a large internal courtyard (with seating, giant chessboard and handball court), twin-share rooms for Years 7 and 8 and single rooms for all Years 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Our boarding has grown and developed over these years to be one of the best in the state and is certainly one that is popular and enjoys strong enrolments. Our current Girls’ Boarding (still at 263/265 Agnes Street, The Range) caters for 106 girls from Year 7 to Year 12 now. Thirty-six Year 7, 8 and some 9’s are housed in Genazanno building and seventy girls from Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 are housed in Coolock. All of our dorms are now air-conditioned in Girls’ Boarding. Genazanno enjoys twin-share rooms (with four triple-share rooms) whilst all seventy girls in Coolock have single rooms. The facilities are fabulous and are among the better facilities in the state.

We have attached some photographs for you to see what our boarders now have and how lucky we all feel to have such wonderful facilities, staff and our own TCC Catering to provide fantastic meals.

Our Boys’ Boarding is now located at 104 Derby Street (at the back of the College campus and is a ‘state-of-the-art’ facility,

I would love to encourage you to get in contact with myself or Mrs Pauline Crow (PR) and share some of your positive stories and experiences as a boarder at TCC. I am sure you would have a thousand – please email me and these may be able to be a feature of upcoming editions of our Past Students’ Association. Regards and God Bless

Ron Armstrong

(Assistant Principal: Boarding 2009 - ) E:

Semester 1 Ju ne 2 018, Issue 1, Volu me 1 | 7


inners at TCC’s Party in the Park, Amateurs Day, Callaghan Park.

*Class of 2009 and 1999, plan to celebrate your School Reunion at TCC’s Party in the Park on Amateurs Day at Callaghan Park in May 2019. Great TCC vibe, in relaxed setting with all the excitement of the Rockhampton races guaranteed.


Semester 1 Ju ne 2 018, Issue 1, Volu me 1 | 9


TCC OPEN A 2018 VERSUS TCC OLD GIRLS Saturday 9 June 2018 Mercy Centre

Thank you TCC Old Girls!

It was a homecoming for many, when TCC Old Girls turned up in numbers to briefly relive their school netball glory days and to support the TCC 2018 Open A Girls in the lead up to the QISSN carnival in Townsville. TCC’s Open team were high on good spirits after winning the Rockhampton District Secondary Schools Netball Premiership in convincing fashion against Emmaus College the evening before, making it three back-to-back premierships for Coach Renee Williams. TCC’s Old Girls, laced with past and present Capricorn Claws players, exhibited passion, skill and expertise but could not match the 2018 Premiers, going down 29 to 38. TCC Netball, however was the supreme winner on the day with the match played in good spirit making for heaps of fun. Our Netball stalwart Sue Missellbrook, affectionately known as “Miss Miss”, presented Jane Childes (2017) and Liezel Viljoen (2018) the “Miss Miss” MVP Award medals.


Lily Bartlem Jane Childes Bec Thompson Rebecca Hall Anna Reeve Shanita Smith Ellie Nasser Maggie Gabriel Tori Rouse Erin Saunders Bronwyn Rudd (Jones) Renae Colley (Dunne) Kellie Bell Katie Moger Maddy Reddy Sophie Reddy Jodie Williams (Higlett)

All eyes were on Centre Ring at Beef Australia 2018 when the TCC Show Team led the Parade of Champions. The Parade is the pinnacle of Beef Australia, an international industry event exhibiting all breeds of cattle, and a definite ‘must see’. Thank you TCC Show Team instructor Mr Terry Connor from Timbrel for preparing our students for this significant event.

To Register for The Cathedral College Past Students please visit our website


TCC Old Girls 2018 Squad

Stories, Contributions for December 2018, Issue 2 Magazine please email

Veni Vive Vitam Totam  

A publication of The Cathedral College Past Students' Association

Veni Vive Vitam Totam  

A publication of The Cathedral College Past Students' Association