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An introduction to buying a home



n our experience, a home isn’t a dream through a floor plan. It’s about how you feel when you walk through the front door. It’s the way you can instantly envision your life unfolding there. This is about more than real estate...It’s about your life and your dreams. We understand you are looking for a new home and we want to be the real estate p rofessionals to help you. We work with each of our clients individually, taking the time to understand their unique needs and lifestyle, and we want to do the same for you. We love matching our clients with the home they have always imagined. It’s incredibly fulfilling to know we are helping you open a new chapter in your life. That’s why we work so hard to not only find that perfect home but also to handle every last detail of the purchase process, from negotiating the terms of sale to recommending moving companies.



What makes us different



ur philosophy! We always put your best interests first! We negotiate strong to get you the best deal and we will go above and beyond, if that’s what it takes. We want you to count on us to take care of all the details so you can focus on your family and your move.

This package contains helpful information for home buyers, including an overview of the entire purchase process, answers to frequently asked questions, and fact sheets to help us discover the home and neighbourhood characteristics most important to you. After you’ve had the chance to review this information, contact our group. We would like to prepare an in-depth, customized package of homes for you to review, high-lighting properties that meet your criteria in neighbourhoods that suit your lifestyle. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.






Our promise to you


s to make the buying process as stress free as possible. We promise to communicate with you and to educate you and we will also provide you with the tools you need to make an informed decision on the neighbourhood you’re considering making your new home. We’re here not to only have one transaction with you, but to have you as a client for life.




Theresa Baird BIO


roker and Team Leader Introducing Theresa Baird, a dedicated real estate professional with over two decades of experience. Hailing from a family deeply rooted in real estate, Theresa’s journey began in 2000, and she has been serving clients across Ontario and internationally ever since. Her extensive qualifications include the CIPS Certified International Property Specialist and RSPS resort and second property specialist certifications, along with expertise in senior real estate transactions as an SRES Specialist. Theresa’s negotiation prowess shines through her MCNE/CNE and AREN certifications, making her a sought-after expert in getting the best deals for her clients. Beyond her professional achievements, she’s actively engaged in her community, having served on the local BIA board for eight years. Transitioning from a successful sales career, Theresa found her true calling in real estate, enabling her to navigate diverse markets across the province and around the world. Client-focused and dedicated, Theresa’s exceptional communication skills ensure every client feels like a priority, even when managing multiple transactions simultaneously. Sharing her wisdom is second nature to her, as she engages in coaching sessions to empower clients and fellow agents with knowledge. Away from work, Theresa relishes quality moments with her husband Bob and cherished times with her two grandchildren, Jack and Morgan. Theresa Baird isn’t just a real estate professional; she’s a guide, a negotiator, and a trusted partner on your property journey. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, looking to scale up or down, or seeking international opportunities, Theresa’s experience, care, and negotiation finesse will be by your side, making your real estate experience truly exceptional.



About our team


t the TB Realty Group, we take great pride in being a dedicated group of professional realtors who strive to deliver the best possible service to our clients. Our team is passionate about inspiring and sharing the lifestyle that comes along with buying or selling a property, regardless of price point. With decades of combined real estate experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide exceptional representation and expert negotiation, all while building the long-lasting relationships and trusted partnerships that set us apart. As members of the Keller Williams Luxury Brand, we have access to a global network allowing us to reach buyers not only locally but also internationally through our affiliation with Who’s Who in Luxury Marketing. This gives our clients a distinct advantage in the competitive world of real estate. Our team is there through every step of the real estate process, holding ourselves accountable to the highest standard of integrity and always placing our client’s interests above all else. We ensure that the experience of buying, selling, or investing in real estate is as easy as possible. By prioritizing our client’s needs we work hard to exceed expectations and are committed to going above and beyond to provide an unmatched level of customer service. We are developing relationships that last a lifetime and invite you to take this journey with us!





Lindsay Meadwell BIO eal Estate Agent Lindsay’s core belief revolves around nurturing respected and valued client relationships that span a lifetime. Her primary goal is not just to meet, but to consistently exceed client expectations. With a specialization in assisting families throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Lindsay is unwavering in her commitment to delivering an elevated level of service. Her guiding principle places the client’s best interest at the forefront of every decision. Recognizing that these priorities are the key to consistent success, she has honed a winning approach. Commencing her journey in the real estate world as an administrator, Lindsay acquired an intricate and comprehensive understanding of every facet of the industry, progressively building on her expertise from the foundation. As time evolved, so did the depth of her relationships with clients. These connections are a testament to her genuine empathy, unwavering authenticity, and strong work ethic, particularly when navigating the intricacies of buying and selling homes. Having lived in Mississauga, and later raising a family in Oakville with her husband for over 20 years, Lindsay has extensive market knowledge of a wide range of family-friendly neighbourhoods, and has significant involvement and insight into the schools, services, and activities that make these communities an exceptional place to raise a family. Clients will find that she is easy to work with, readily accessible, and deeply committed to achieving their desired outcomes. Driven by her genuine love of real estate and strong professional approach, she is passionate and committed to handling every transaction with the utmost integrity and attention to detail. Lindsay is honoured to work with the group of dedicated, hard-working realtors at the TB Realty Group, who consistently uphold the highest standards of service and professionalism. Lindsay eagerly anticipates the opportunity to embark on a journey of collaboration with you, aiming to forge a relationship founded on trust and mutual success. HOME BUYING GUIDE



Samantha McGrath BIO


eal Estate Agent Samantha has worked in the Real Estate world for the past 8 years, working in two of the Keller Williams brokerage offices in Mississauga. During her time in the brokerage she on-boarded and trained new agents on Keller Williams technology and systems to implement in their business to establish efficiency and consistency. Samantha decided she no longer wanted to be on the outside of the action and completed her Real Estate courses in 2020. Samantha has an unwavering commitment to a high level of client service that she developed while working at one of the world’s leaders in customer service, Walt Disney World. Samantha loves to bring a little Disney to everything she does. Samantha has lived in Mississauga with her 2 children for 17 years, and she knows the neighbourhoods, schools, and after-school programs from the inside as a parent, and can help anyone moving into the area for the first time or moving to another area know the benefits of your new home neighbourhood.




Julia Baird-Oryschak BIO


eal Estate Agent Julia was born and raised in Canada, but her hunger for knowledge (and gastronomy) has taken her on an incredible journey across the globe. One of Julia’s first stops was Australia, where, in between skydiving and surf attempts, she found her place in the startup world. She worked with socially conscious startups to help develop their go-to-market strategies, campaigns, and domestic expansion ambitions (skills that she is keen to deploy in the ever-competitive real estate market). After one too many sunburns, Julia headed home to Canada to pursue an honours international doubledegree business program. Her time in university was divided between Canada and Germany. While in Canada, she competed on her university’s international case competition team and helped run student organizations. Her time in Germany, however, was focused on traveling and trying every dish imaginable. Julia now holds a BSc in the Science of Management from the European Business School in Germany and a BBA in International Business from the Goodman School of Business in Canada. To date, Julia’s passion for business has led her to work with startups, venture capitalists, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies in Canada, Australia, England, and Germany. Her goal is to use her diverse range of experiences to connect with her clients, deliver outstanding customer service, and contribute to the growth of the TB Realty Group. Julia’s key strength is resourcefulness - whatever the ask, she will find a way to make it happen! Her clients can count on her to provide top-tier communication, attention to detail, and a healthy dose of fun (and food!). HOME BUYING GUIDE




Lisa Baird-Oryschak BIO dministrator Lisa joins the TB Reality Group as an Administrative Assistant, born into a family deeply rooted in real estate, with a grandfather as the starting point and a lineage that includes four real estate siblings, a realtor daughter, and multiple nieces and nephews in the field, Lisa’s journey is a testament to the enduring influence of real estate on her family gatherings and professional aspirations. After dedicating years to raising her own family, Lisa returns with a steadfast commitment to contribute her organizational skills, attention to detail, and passion for seamless operations to the team. With a genuine enthusiasm for the team’s growth and a unique blend of administrative expertise and familial real estate wisdom, Lisa is poised to make a significant and lasting impact as she carries forward her family’s legacy in the real estate realm through her role at TB Realty Group.

Dereck Addie BIO


irector of Marketing Dereck has been working in the graphic design and photography field for over 20 years and has been working with Theresa Baird since 2005. He loves the challenge that comes with designing new and creative elements for Theresa’s digital and print marketing.



THE EXTENDED TEAM MORTGAGE BROKERS Over the years we have gathered a list of trustworthy mortgage brokers to help make your home sale a reality. We send all of the information regarding your sale through to your bank or broker and work alongside them to ensure a successful and smooth closing. If your current bank or broker isn’t meeting your needs we can recommend some trusted advisors who have helped other clients of ours.

RENOVATION / STAGING / MOVING SERVICES With our expertise in the staging business and an inventory brimming with accessory staging items, we orchestrate the entire staging process to ensure that homes are showcased in their absolute best light. Whether your goal involves renovations, staging, or a seamless relocation, our broad network encompasses a wide range of professionals who can cater to your specific needs. From movers to other essential services, we’ve cultivated connections with experts who can assist you throughout your journey. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond staging, as we stand ready to guide you toward the right resources for a successful transition.

LAWYERS Selecting the appropriate lawyer is a crucial step in finalizing the sale of your home. The process of closing a sale involves intricate paperwork and legal documentation. While we are dedicated to facilitating a seamless transaction, having a proficient lawyer by your side can provide added assurance. Should you not have legal representation already, we are here to assist. Drawing from our extensive experience, we can offer recommendations for trusted lawyers who have successfully navigated the transactions of numerous clients.



The advantages of buyer representation 1) WE PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS IN A REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION In a real estate transaction, it’s important to understand that we are bound by a signed agreement to work in the best interests of you, the client. We work exclusively for you, ensuring your interests come first. 2) WE EDUCATE YOU ON CURRENT MARKET CONDITIONS SO YOU DON’T OVERPAY As a buyer, you’ll want to know that you are paying a fair price. As such, we will educate you on current market conditions to help you to understand fair market value based on comparable listings and sales of similar homes before you make an offer. 3) WE NEGOTIATE ON YOUR BEHALF TO ACHIEVE THE BEST PRICE AND TERMS FOR YOU Negotiation of what is likely one of your largest purchases requires experience, skill and expertise. We at the TB Realty Group are masterful communicators who will not only help you decide what to offer, what to include or not include, but also help you decide when it is time to walk away.





LIFESTYLE INTERVIEW LET’S TALK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT... A home is about more than the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. It’s about how you feel when you’re in it. To really pinpoint the type of home you’re looking for, consider the following questions: 1) What makes you comfortable in your current home? Is there anything in particular?

2) What is your primary reason for searching for a new home?

3) Do you have children? What are their ages, interests and activities?

4) Do you entertain a lot? What areas of your home will you primarily use to entertain?




5) How long do you expect to live in the home?

6) Do you have any pets that stay in the house, or outside?

7) Would you consider yourself to be more casual or formal?

8) When you imagine your dream home, what do you see? What comes to mind?



YOUR HOME WISH LIST WHAT’S IN YOUR DREAM HOME? Creating a list of the desired features and amenities for your new home will help us target the properties that meet your criteria. Please consider the following and record any notes or preferences you have.






Number of Bedrooms: Number of Bathrooms?


Is a Bedroom in the Basement an option? 2 Piece

3 Piece

4 Piece

5 Piece


Living Room:

Dining Room:

Family Room:


Home Office:



Garage Space:

In-law Suite/Separate Legal Apartment:




Pool Inground

Above Ground:

Age of Property:




Other Requirements or Comments:



THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF YOUR DREAMS When thinking about the type of neighbourhood that is right for you, please consider the following and record any notes or preferences. Areas you would enjoy:

Specific streets you like:

School districts you would prefer. Public / Catholic / French immersions:

Your work locations:

Your favourite shops / conveniences:

Recreational facilities you enjoy:

Additional items to consider when selecting your target neighbourhoods:





REAL ESTATE GLOSSARY OF TERMS What does it mean CHATTELS INCLUDED: In this section of the Agreement, the Buyer would list the items that the Buyer wished to include in the purchase price. Subject to the Seller’s agreement, these might include appliances, and other items that were not attached. To avoid disputes later the items should be described in detail. This might include GE Stove, Kenmore Refrigerator and might involve adding serial numbers. The rule to follow is “when in doubt, spell it out”. COMMISSION: An important section of the Agreement as it sets out the fee that will be paid to the real estate company. It also authorizes the real estate company to cooperate with any other real estate companies in order to sell the property. This section details how the commission paid to the Listing real estate company will be shared with the cooperating real estate company. In addition there is a period after the expiry of the Agreement where the real estate company would be entitled to commission if the Buyer was introduced to or shown the property during the contract period. This is the “holdover period”. COMPLETION DATE: This is the date the transaction is scheduled to be completed. Unless there is a provision elsewhere in the Agreement, the property is to be vacant. This date is not to be on a weekend or a statutory holiday. CONFLICT OR DISCREPANCY: If something is added to the Agreement (usually in a Schedule) then the provision(s) that were added override the text (preset) provisions in the form. DEPOSIT: A Buyer typically submits a deposit on the purchase of the property. It demonstrates the Buyer’s sincerity and good faith in the purchase transaction. When a deposit is to be delivered can vary at the discretion of the Buyer to be accepted or negotiated by the Seller. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES: This clause provides consent if the parties use electronic signatures with respect to this Agreement. FIXTURES EXCLUDED: If the Seller wished to remove an item that had been attached to the home, such as a “dining room light fixture” this would have to be detailed here. HST: This section indicates how the Harmonized Sales Tax will impact the sales price if at all. IRREVOCABILITY: The party submitting the Offer to the other side agrees to allow the other side until this time and date to consider and accept the Offer. The submitting party is not permitted to withdraw their Offer prior to that time. The Seal beside their signature shows that the submitting party has received something of value for this irrevocable Offer. LEGAL, ACCOUNTING AND ENVIRONMENTAL ADVICE: This clause states that no information the Buyer and Seller have been given by the real estate sales people shall be considered to be Legal, Accounting or Environmental Advice. If these factors impact the transaction or valuation, the Buyers and Sellers should seek independent professional expert advice. HOME BUYING GUIDE


MULTIPLE REPRESENTATION: This occurs when the Brokerage represents the Buyer and Seller on the trade. There are certain requirements that the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 requires and this section fulfills those including getting the consent of all the parties. The section goes on to confirm that in these circumstances, there is certain information that will remain confidential. NOTICES: Under the Agreement there will be requirements to deliver notices to the other side. This provision highlights various methods that would be available to deliver notices. RENTAL ITEMS: This has become an important issue in recent times. There are a number of items that potentially are not owned by the Seller but rather leased or rented. The Seller would have to identify these to a Buyer. An important issue these days is the “hot water tank”. These may be rented or more frequently now, on a contract for “lease to own”. REPRESENTATION: This paragraph confirms that the real estate company and the salesperson have explained the different types of agency and other relationships that may occur in a real estate transaction. TITLE SEARCH: There are a number of searches that a lawyer may undertake when working on a real estate purchase. This paragraph sets out the times for those searches to be done. These searches may include the title search or work orders among others. USE AND DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION: The following section gives Salespeople the right under the privacy legislation to use personal information provided to them by the Buyer or Seller in order to assist in making the transaction happen. It also assures the Buyer and Seller that this information will not be distributed to third parties (i.e. pool or moving companies).



THE PROCESS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE STARTING THE BUYING PROCESS There are a lot of details to be handled when purchasing a home. This overview is designed to summarize the various steps along the path of qualifying, finding and buying a home. It is our job to streamline the steps for you, ensuring everything is completed according to plan. In addition to this summary, we have included additional information and worksheets to make sure we find the right home, negotiate the best price and terms, and take care of all the details: 1) THE CONSULTATION We conduct your lifestyle interview and discuss your home wish list and the neighbourhood of your dreams. 2) THE FINANCIALS Before searching for properties, it’s important to go through the mortgage and loan process and determine what you’re pre-qualified or pre-approved for. 3) THE PROPERTIES After determining your needs, we select the top properties and book appointments to view them. 4) THE OFFER Once we’ve found your dream home we begin the offer process. 5) THE NEGOTIATION Our favourite part of the real estate transaction, negotiating the best deal for you. 6) THE FINAL MORTGAGE APPLICATION AND LOAN APPROVAL Connecting you to the best bank or mortgage broker. 7) THE CONDITIONAL PERIOD Many banks will require a mortgage loan to be conditional for 5 days. 8) CONDITION ON INSPECTION AND STATUS (FOR A CONDO) We help you avoid any disappointments by getting a firm pre-approval. 9) RE-VISITS AND APPRAISALS We make sure you have the opportunity to see your new home multiple times. The bank typically visits for appraisal purposes. 10) OFFER DEPOSIT You will need to have a deposit ready to submit within 24 hours of an accepted offer this could be as much as $25,000-$100,000. 11) THE TITLE INSURANCE Your bank or mortgage broker will show you the benefits of title i nsurance. 12) THE FINAL STEPS: CLOSING AND MOVING The deal has closed, now it’s time to get the key.



MORTGAGE AND LOANS FUNDING YOUR HOME PURCHASE Financial pre-qualification or pre-approval Work with your bank or a mortgage broker to get pre-approval. Regulations for the self-employed have changed significantly, so be sure you supply all the documentation to your lender. Have your lender review title insurance and mortgage insurance with you.

Underwriting Loan package is submitted to the underwriter for approval.

Loan Approval Parties will be notified of approval. Loan documents are to completed and sent to title.

Why pre-qualify? We recommend our buyers get pre-qualified before beginning their home search. Knowing exactly how much you can comfortably spend on a home reduces the potential frustration of looking at homes beyond your means.

Are you pre-approved?



If not, have a pre-approved TB Realty Group partner contact you: Aida Rahnama Home Financing Advisor 289-937-1209 Denise Pisani Mobile Mortgage Specialist 416-629-5363

For additional help and sound legal advice, contact: Scott E. Higginson Lawyer 905-274-7881



MAKING AN OFFER Once you have found the property that you want to make your home, we will draft an Agreement of Purchase and Sale. While much of the agreement is standard, there are a few areas that we can negotiate in.

The Price The amount you offer on a property depends on a number of factors including its conditions, length of time on the market, buyer activity and the urgency of the seller. While some buyers want to make a very low offer, just to see if the seller will accept it, this type of offer usually isn’t a smart choice, because the seller may be insulted and decide not to negotiate at all. The amount of deposit can make a substantial difference especially if you are in a competing situation.

The Move-In Date If you can be flexible on the possession date, the seller will be more apt to choose your offer over others.

Chattels and Fixtures Often the seller plans on leaving major appliances in the home, however, which items stay and go is often a matter of negotiation. Typically, you will not be present at the offer presentation, we will present it to the listing agent and/or seller. The seller will then do one of the folllowing: • Accept the offer • Reject the offer • Counter the offer with changes By far the most common is the counter offer. In these cases, our experience and negotiating skills become powerful in representing your best interests. When a counter offer is presented, we will work together to review each specific area of the counter offer, making sure that we move forward with your goals in mind while ensuring that we negotiate the best possible price and terms on your behalf. Accepted offers require a deposit to be delivered to the listing brokerage office (held in trust) within 24 hours. If all conditions are not met and the transaction does not become firm, the deposit will be returned to the buyer in full without interest or deduction.



THE CLOSING THIS IS OUR SPECIALTY Prepare for It Closing day marks the end of your home buying process and the beginning of your new life. To make sure your closing goes smoothly, you should bring the following: • Provide proof of insurance to your lawyer • Photo IDs • Social insurance numbers

Own It Transfer of title moves ownership of the property from the seller to you. The two events that make this happen, which are covered by both the buyer and sellers lawyer are: 1) Delivery of the buyer’s funds. This is the cheque or wire funds provided by your lender in the amount of the loan.

2) The delivery of the deed. A deed is the document that transfers ownership of real estate. The deed names the seller and the buyer, gives a legal description of the property and contains the notorized signatures of the seller and witnesses. At the end of the closing, the title of the property is transferred to the new owners at the land registry office.



MOVING CHECKLIST New Address: New Telephone Number: UTILITIES




Revenue Canada



Post Office


Water and Sewage




Health Canada








Health and Fitness

Cell Phones

County Club


Golf Club

Finance Companies

Financial Advisor Accountant


Credit Card Companies SUBSCRIPTIONS





Drug Stores/Pharmacy


Streaming Services

Dry Cleaners






WHY CHOOSE US UNMATCHED LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM Julia and the team were a pleasure to work with. From the start and throughout the entire process, she’s shown an unmatched level of professionalism. She’s very responsive, knowledgeable and understanding. She’s very passionate about what she does and that translates in all of her efforts made. I’d eagerly choose to work with Julia again in the future! - Zofia

KNOWLEDGEABLE, CURRENT AND QUICK TO RESPOND Knowledgeable, current, and quick to respond - what more can you want when hiring a real estate agent and broker? Collectively they have years of experience and the right connections to boot. Every step of the process was enjoyable, collaborative and transparent. Bonus points for the Matterpoint edge which makes virtual viewings easy! Two houses sold and one bought with the help of their solid guidance. We are thankful for Lindsay and Theresa and look forward to moving into our new home and community. - Rob and Jen

WE WERE TOTALLY WOWED! We just wanted to send a huge thank you to Theresa and her team, with a special shout out to Lindsay. We were guided through the sale process every step of the way. Our condo looked unbelievably great once it was staged and when it hit the market it sold in under a week for an amazing price. We were totally wowed. After looking after us through the sale, they then found us the ideal rental property and helped us with all the mountains of paperwork involved, something we didn’t even realize they could help with. We couldn’t have done it without them, they definitely went above and beyond, and they will be the team we call for our next home purchase. With their dedication to helping us and making sure we were ok during this stressful time, we would highly recommend the TB Realty Group to buy, sell or rent. - Sarah and Jim

A STRESS-FREE EXPERIENCE If I had to do it again without hesitation I would choose Theresa Baird and Lindsay Meadwell as my real estate agents. Both Theresa and Lindsay demonstrated professionalism, experience, and knowledge of the market from beginning to end. They were most attentive and always had my best interest throughout the entire process. They truly made my experience as stress-free as possible and I would choose The TB Realty Group again. - Martin



WHY CHOOSE US OUTSTANDING SERVICE I would like to thank Lindsay and Theresa for their outstanding service. Their handling of my Real Estate transaction was done in a most professional way, and to my fullest satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I wish you both a successful future and thank you again for your help and service - Theo S.

ALWAYS CLIENT FOCUSED We highly recommend Theresa, Lindsay and their team of experts! They efficiently handled both our purchase and sale. Swooping in and staging everything just right which surely contributed to our very quick sale! They were always client focused and available to answer our concerns in a timely manner. Their professionalism, market knowledge & eye for detail was superb! Thank you all for making our purchase and sale a truly satisfying experience. - J & J

HELPING EVERY STEP OF THE WAY At my age and with never having purchased a home without my husband, you both helped me virtually every step of the way to not only sell my beloved home, but to buy a condo in another city so I could be close to my son and daughter. You negotiated for the purchase of my condo and I was so happy that even though we were competing with 5 offers, that you told me it was actually going to be mine. I am, both so scared to move but so happy that I will be close to my children and grandchildren. Thank you so much for all your help. - Sultana







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